World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Mr Hardcore vs May Havoc

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: The following contest will now be contended under No Disqualification rules, and is scheduled for one fall!

“Mr. Hardcore!” comes screaming across the speakers just before “Fight Music” by D-12 begins to play. There’s an immediate reaction from the crowd, because this is music they know, this is the music of someone they support. As we hear “Artist with a bomb strapped to my stomach screaming, ‘Let’s get it on!’” across the speakers four red pyro bursts blast up from along the ramp four times. As the last one goes off, Mr. Hardcore steps out from the back dressed in his traditional black jeans and black hoodie, his wrists taped with black tape. Only tonight, tonight there’s a duffle bag slung across one shoulder.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania weighing in at 230lbs...Mr. Hardcore!

The fans are on their feet for the obvious favorite as Mr. Hardcore raises his arms as if to embrace all of them, two more large explosions of pyro going off behind him before he starts his walk down to the ring, pulling the black hoodie off to reveal the white wife beater beneath. When he reaches the ring, the duffle bag gets shoved in first before he rolls in after it, coming to his feet to pace to the center of the ring. He looks out across the crowd for a moment before tilting his head back and throwing his arms out, content to just bask in the adoration of the fans.

Jon McDaniel: It’s always great to see a solid veteran like Mr. Hardcore out here in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Solid veteran? Have you been watching the same matches I have? This guy’s been on a slope longer than Ingemar Stenmark.

Jon McDaniel: Who?

Brian Rentfro: Ingemar Stenmark, Swedish skier, eighty something...nevermind I’m going to need you to brush up on your pop trivia. You’re making me look bad here.

The arena lights slowly fade as the cheers of the fans taper off...

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

The heavy bass and guitar introduction to Five Finger Death Punch’s ‘Meet the Monster’ begins to pulse across the speakers. When the drums cue in there’s a brilliant burst of sky blue pyro that runs down the length of the stage. When the sparks fall and the smoke fades, there stands the leggy blonde Thai, although strangely lacking in her usual smirk. Maybe it has something to do with the stipulation being added to her match, when she wasn’t told about it. That might do it.

Eric Emerson: From Bangkok, Thailand, weighing in at 160lbs...May Havoc!

May doesn’t even bother with her usual theatrics. No, she stalks down the ramp to the ring, jerking off the black trenchcoat to leave it abandoned in a pile midway down the ramp. She is obviously, not pleased. No acrobatic display to show off her clearly superior talent, rather she simply slides into the ring, and rounds on the ref. Obviously we can’t make out everything that’s being said, beyond May’s indignant, “No. No absolutely not. I didn’t agree to this, and I’m not going to--what do you mean I don’t have a choice? Oh. Fine.”

Jon McDaniel: May Havoc clearly less than pleased with the last minute stipulation added to her match this week.

Brian Rentfro: Can you blame her? It’s obviously a ploy by management to help protect Hardcore, putting him in his own element like this. It’s not going to matter, you’ll see. May will come out on top.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think I’d count Mr. Hardcore out that fast. He’s got the advantage of size and experience.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah. And so did Dagger, and we all saw how well that worked for her.

The bell rings, and Mr. Hardcore wastes no time in getting up close and personal. Which really isn’t a good thing for May, because she doesn’t have the size, or the leverage to gain the upperhand, but she’s got to get a few points for trying, twisting and pulling until a heel comes down on his instep. Hard. Which leads to him to let go of her alright, just not quite in the fashion that she probably intended.Because he picks her up and tosses her across the ring like a rag doll. She hits in a tumbling roll that lands her right next to the dreaded duffle bag of doom. Or at least that’s probably how May is regarding the thing. But it does give her an idea, and while she lies there, pretending to be trying to catch her breath, a hand snakes out to seize hold of the strap. And just as Hardcore comes within arm’s reach of her, she suddenly moves, rolling to swing the dufflebag at his head with all her might. Which isn’t much considering the angle, but it’s enough to knock him back a step or two, giving her enough time to get back to her feet, apparently ready to wield the bag like a brick filled purse. The idea that maybe she should actually take the time to unzip the bag and see what’s in it never crossing her mind. Besides, it’s not like she has the time to do that, not with Hardcore closing in on her again. She’s not quiet fast enough to avoid the vicious left hook that rocks her back a step, or the following right. In the end she winds up backed into a corner, barely able to keep her arms up to defend her face, making this a very one sided contest, at least until she finally gets some life back to her, and twists, dropping suddenly to the mat, leaving Hardcore to smash his arm on the turnbuckle as she slides to freedom between his legs, popping back to her feet to shove him chest first into the turnbuckle. She follows up with not one, not two, but three rapidfire kicks to the back of his left knee before she eats an elbow. Literally, recoiling, a hand clapping to cover her mouth, blood trickling between her fingers, an ‘oh how dare you’ look painted across her face. But she gets her own back, because when he pivots to come at her with another lockup, she doesn’t try to struggle out of it this time but instead drags him in closer only to bring a knee up into his groin. Hard.

Jon McDaniel: Oh come on! That was completely uncalled for.

Brian Rentfro: Hey, all’s fair in love and war. Besides, did you see what he did to her face?! Now that, that was uncalled for.

Apparently May is in complete agreement with the whole uncalled for thing, because she slides out of the ring in search of that classic hardcore staple, the steel folding chair. And oh does she ever look ticked off, pausing long enough to split blood, snarling something about her teeth. The chair gets thrown into the ring, and May starts to follow suit, only to get grabbed by the hair and dragged back into the ring to her feet. From this point on, Hardcore pretty much runs the show. May gets the occasional solid hit in, but Hardcore keeps her from getting the momentum that she really needs. Right up until he clocks her full in the face with that chair, leading to the sickening crunching pop of her nose breaking. She’s left seeing stars long enough for him to lift her up in preparation for the Hardcore Beatdown. Lift her up and land the move, hooking a leg for the cover, much to the delight of the crowd. Somehow though, the bloodied May gets a shoulder up, not only that, but succeeds in landing not one, not two, but three solid blows to Hardcore’s head, knocking him away allowing her to come to her feet with that already bloodied chair. Which is then brought across Hardcore’s face with a resounding crash before the chair dropped and she sets him up for the leg trap sunset flip powerbomb she calls the MayDay, driving his head down onto that chair in the process before going for the cover.




Eric Emerson: Here is your winner...May Havoc!

The New Girl*

* Not the show on Fox

The crowd is obviously not pleased, perhaps only slightly less so than the bedraggled blonde who gives her downed opponent a solid kick to the ribs before demanding a microphone.

May Havoc: Really? I must have really pissed someone off right? You know what you people proved to me? That I was RIGHT! You don’t like what I have to say, so you tried to stack the deck in your washed up little pet’s favor. Well we see how well that worked out don’t we? Let me make this perfectly clear to all of you idiots back there in the suits. Do not. Screw with me. Because so help me god, I will see this place go down in flames if that’s what it takes to get through to you. You can’t protect them. You can’t save them. You’ve got talent, and you’re letting it languish. Just look. Look what you did to me. My debut match in your company I beat one of your champions...and you reward me with leaving me sitting on the sidelines cooling my heels...then throwing me this? I don’t approve. I don’t approve at all. You’ve got one chance guys. Once chance to fix it, make it right. Prove to me that you can recognize that talent that you’ve been graced with...or I bring the walls down around your heads. Take your pick.

Chamelion vs Cody Bogard

Singles Match

As has become customary, during Chamelion’s introduction, his brother Raizzor would follow him to the ring. Bogard came out second, looking more determined then before.


Bogard and Chamelion started off the match with a test of strength, but Bogard didn’t stay with it and instead charged Chamelion with a fury of lefts and rights. Chamelion did his best to block them, but Bogard managed a shot to the ribs and a haymaker across Chamelion's jaw. Bogard sent Chamelion into the ropes and Chamelion countered with a powerful lariat. Chamelion went to the top turnbuckle early and connected an elbow drop, but it wasn't enough quite yet to put Bogard away as Chamelion only got a two count. Chamelion got Bogard up to his feet and pummeled Bogard with forearm smashes and finished it off with a european uppercut, backing Bogard into the turnbuckles. Chamelion would go to the opposite corner and then run at Bogard, attemping a corner splash, but Bogard would move out of the way just in time. Bogard would use this opportunity to nail Chamelion with a stalling brainbuster and would get a near pinfall, but it would not be enough to put away Chamelion. Bogard would nail Chamelion with lefts and rights and then bring him up to his feet. Bogard would take Chamelion back down to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. Bogard would use this opportunity to go to the top rope.

A leap off the turnbuckle and Bogard would connect with the canvas only! Chamelion would roll up to his feet and go for another quick Sweet Sound of Success! However, Bogard had the move scouted from last time, and ducked it, instead catching Chamelion with the Hero Time and hooking both legs to be sure.





Winner: Cody Bogard in 7:12

Post match, Chamelion rolled from the ring and dejectedly followed his brother up the ramp while Cody Bogard soaked up the cheers of his adoring fans.

Anna Matthews & Matt Stone vs Justin Case & Some Dude

PWA Tag Team Title Match

OOC: I could have edited out all the "Some Dude" and "Some" references, but they amuse me so they stay.

Just as their opponents slide into the ring, Justin Case and Some Dude are quick to pounce. They both kick and stomp Mathews and Stone as they enter, hoping to render them unconscious with stomps to the back of the head. However, both Anna and Matt fight off the blows and get to their feet. They begin striking with rights and lefts, catching Justin and Some off-balance, swinging momentum back in their favor.

Within seconds, everyone is brawling inside the ring, bringing forth the fact that this is a tornado tag match to the forefront. Justin is paired off with Mathews, who are sending fists back-and-forth to each other, while Stone and Some are exchanging chops, pokes and fists.

Justin whips Mathews into the ropes, while Stone sends Some. Both Mathews and Some return, seeing their rival hunched over, looking for a backdrop. Thinking quickly, Mathews nails a kick to Case's face, whereas Some hits Stone with a knee-lift. Turning quickly, though, Mathews instantly takes Some off his feet with a rapid clothesline attempt!

Much to the joy of the fans, Anna Mathews stands on her feet, the only person to do so, inside of the ring, hovering around Case. Like a vulture, she swoops in, while Case tries climbing to his feet in the corner. Striking with some kicks, Anna soon begins chopping away at the Aggression champ's chest, eventually whipping him across the ring and into the opposite corner.

Grabbing Some, Anna chops him and whips him in after Case, smashing against them. With the roar of the fans, she charges in, expecting to nail a running clothesline into the corner on both opponents, only to have Case push Some out of the way, resulting in Anna running straight into a Bicycle Kick from an angry Justin Case!

Gloating, Case steps around the ring, giving Anna Mathews an occasional kick. However, he doesn't notice Matt Stone getting back to his feet, allowing him to swing Case around and then clobber him with a right hand! From here, Stone latches on to Case's tights and flings him forward, heaving him up-and-over the top rope, landing heftily on the floor!

Seeing this, Some Dude stands behind Stone, waiting for him to turn back around. Once he does, he dashes forward, with him looking to lob his head off with a sudden clothesline. He has other plans, though: as he ducks beneath this attack, jumps onto the middle rope and springboards back, twisting his body around, nailing a Swinging DDT that drives Matt Stone's skull into the canvas!

Some Dude swiftly goes for a cover...


...only to have the count halted by Anna Mathews, who gets to her knees, reaches up, grabs Some's ankles and pulls him off. The fans, thankful for this, stand and cheer for Anna, who pulls Some up with her. Unfortunately, she isn't expecting the cunt-punch from Some, which brings her to her knees.

Stepping to the outer portion of the apron, Some springboards off the top rope, soars through the air and connects with a seated-dropkick to the back of Anna's skull, sending her spilling forward, face-first into the canvas! Getting right back up, Some calls for Case to get back inside.

Obviously, Case doesn't listen to orders, as he gets in under his own means.

Right away, he focuses on Anna Mathews, whom he feels stole the World Title from him. Along with Some Dude, they pluck Anna to a standing base, corner her and begin an all-out assault on her in the corner. Whipping Anna chest-first into the opposite corner, Case watches as she stumbles back, giving him the chance to waistlock her from behind. He goes to attempt a German suplex, but he holds on, waiting for Some Dude. Seeing this, Some Dude and Case actually display some semblance of teamwork, as Some bounces off the furthest set of ropes and returns with a burst of speed, allowing them to nail a combination of a dropkick and German suplex!

And yet Case hangs on, letting him roll through, still clutching onto Anna. Remaining in the waistlock, Anna can only watch as Some bounces off the ropes for a second.

...except she uses a last ditch effort to duck...!

Thanks to this miscue, Some Dude flies directly into Case's face, dropkicking him and sending him flying through the ropes, where he lands on the floor!

Looking confused, Some Dude stands, trying to figure out what just happened. Unfortunately for him, he walks directly into a half-hearted boomerfly kick from Anna Mathews, which stumbles him backward.

The kick may not have gotten him cleanly, but Matt Stone is soon to remedy that. As Some Dude turns around, he stumbles to his feet, moves in and nails the Rolling Cutter! With the fans in frenzy, he makes the cover on Some Dude.


Eric Emerson: Your winner and still tag team champions... Matt Stone and maybe Anna Mathews!

Dagger vs Jethro Hayes

PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match

Sizing the other up, both competitors look for an opening, with Dagger making faux-attempts at attacking Jethro, using some mind games against him.

Despite this false movement, Jethro Hayes doesn't flinch. As a matter of fact, he calmly awaits Dagger to finally come towards him. Once she does, she strikes with a punch to the face, following that up with some chops to the chest.

Jethro calmly laughs at these shots, though. Instead, he fires back with some punches of his own, nailing Dagger upside the skull. But then Dagger replies with punches of her own, yet only to have Jethro return with some forearms.

It's safe to say that we've begun things with a total brawl, as each wrestler exchanges various blows. Eventually, Dagger comes out on top with these shots, knocking Jethro into the corner, much to the joy of the fans! Grabbing Jethro's arm, Dagger whips him across the ring, into the opposite corner.

Following in, Dagger misses her chance at an avalanche clothesline, as Jethro uses the ropes to push himself up-and-over an incoming Dagger. Landing behind the champion, he goes for a German suplex, only to find it unsuccessful, as Dagger holds onto the top rope, negating the attempt!

Alternatively, Dagger nails Jethro in the face with some elbows, which aides her in escaping Jethro's waistlock. Furthermore, Dagger body-scissor sweeps Jethro, taking him down, allowing him to crawl atop him and start hammering him with punches and elbows, much to the delight of the fans!

Flustered, Jethro uses his knees and feet to kick Dagger off him, using this lapse to roll to the floor. He doesn't have long to wait until Dagger is chasing after him, though. Hopping to the outside, Dagger hurries after Jethro, who races around the ring, motioning around two of the corners and then slides inside. Of course, Dagger follows him in, sliding in, as well - only to have Jethro jump up and begin furiously stomping and kicking at the back of his head!

Lifting Dagger up, Jethro uses his right fist to repeatedly jab against Dagger's face, wanting to beat him silly. Knocked against the ropes, Dagger is quickly whipped out, with Jethro also bouncing off the opposite rope. Together, they charge at each other like two roaring trains, with Jethro nailing a bicycle kick to Dagger's chest, pushing her back against the ropes!

Returning back to the attack, Jethro nails a quick palm thrust to Dagger's sternum and whips her across the ring again. This time, Jethro catches her on the rebound with a side-slam, dropping Dagger onto the canvas!

Hayes makes the cover, hoping for the best...


Obviously, Dagger kicks out! Jethro will have to do a lot more to put Dagger away. Not only does she have the desire to retain the title, but she also has her credibility on the line.

Angry, Jethro stands up, lifting Dagger up with him. Clubbing her across the neck with a double-axehandle, he focuses on trying to knock her silly. Applying a cravate, he even tries wearing down Dagger, working on both her head and neck area. This hold brings Dagger down to a single-knee position, with the fans soon rallying behind her, giving a "Let's go Dag!" chant.

With her energy wavering, the chanting of the fans helps her get to a standing base, where she soon sends some elbows into the ribcage of Jethro, who does his best to keep the hold latched on. Nailing some knees to Dagger, while having the cravate applied, Jethro goes for a cravate-suplex, but Dagger is able to safely land on her feet!

Not liking this, Jethro kicks Dagger in the gut and pulls him in with a standing headscissors. Quickly, he rolls Dagger onto his shoulders, placing him into a powerbomb position, which Dagger uses her momentum to slip out of! Landing on her feet, she goes to deliver a kick of her own to Jethro, who halts the foot by clinging onto it. Spinning Dagger around, Jethro is taken aback when he is struck with a spin-wheel kick, taking him completely off his feet!

After that surprising blow, Jethro sits up, trying to comprehend what just occurred. Unfortunately, he's unable to regain his strength, as Dagger strides in, hitting a sit-down dropkick to Jethro’s face, catching him completely off guard.

Getting up, Dagger shakes the previous damage off, while holding her neck/head, and watches as Jethro also goes to rise. Striking with a quick kneelift, Dagger follows this up by kicking Jethro into the corner and whipping him across the ring.

Just like last time, the Challenger vaults himself into the air, expecting to go up-and-over Dagger, but his expectations are clearly wrong. Instead, Dagger stops a few feet in front of the buckles, thus watching Jethro push himself into the air and land on his feet, with his back facing her. Not needing to think twice, Dagger wraps both hands around Jethro's waist and release German suplexes him, dropping him headfirst onto the canvas, sending the crowd into frenzy!

With the fans firmly behind her, Dagger walks towards Jethro's legs. Grabbing his feet, she lifts his legs and prepares to go for the sharpshooter, but Jethro reaches up and inside-cradles her, grabbing a handful of tights, in the process!

The referee sees this pinfall and starts his count...!


Dagger is able to kickout at just the perfect time!

Popping up, Dagger wastes no time in going back at Jethro, making sure to keep him down with a running kick to the face, placing him on his back. Delivering two stomps, she soon drags Jethro up and wails at him with some chops that keep him against the ropes. Blasting herself across the opposite set of ropes, Dagger hustles back, moving at top speed towards Jethro only to have Jethro duck down and try to backdrop her from inside the ring to the outside!

Luckily for Dagger, she's able to contort his body in midair and safely land on the outer portion of the apron! Grabbing onto Jethro, she attempts to suplex him to the floor, but Hayes fights back, hammering her with a stiff forearm to the face!

Stepping out alongside Dagger, Jethro gives her some futile knife-edge chops to the chest, which leave a red mark across her chest. When Dagger goes to fire back with an overhand shot of his own, Jethro uses the ropes to move to the side and dangle halfway off the apron. From here, he knees Dagger and then hoists her upside-down on his shoulder, delivering a Front Powerslam from the apron all the way out to the floor!

The fans are stunned, believing that Dagger is done for. That doesn't stop Jethro from relenting, though. After driving Dagger into the floor, he is back up, kicking and stomping on her and he throws her violently into the ring steps, resulting in Dagger flipping up and over them! Jethro follows the champ around and delivers a kick to her midsection. Smiling, the big man stands back, watching the champ pull herself to her feet. Grinning wider, he lunges forward and smashes her with the Plow!

The champ is hurt badly, but rather than press his advantage, Jethro methodically removes the mats from the hard concrete floor. The crowd is split, some booing some cheering wildly at the carnage they know is coming. Jethro ignores them, grabs and handfull of Dagger's hair and with a yank, hauls her to her feet. Another kick to the midsection doubles her over. With a gut wrench, Jethro flips Dagger into the air before slamming her to the ground with all his might in a massive power bomb. The refree, counting all the while has reached 10 and calls for the bell.

Winner: Double Countout