World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Hey, It's A New Person!

The show suddenly cuts to static, at least for a moment before we find ourselves at what looks to be a press conference, a well polished podium sits in front of a screen. There's a moment before the dramatic beat of drums and orchestra music begin to fill the room, the screen lights up and displays a blue smoke, and through the smoke appear white letters. They cut through the projected fog, and simply read the words "Coming soon to PWA..." and those letters crumble away, and the next group of words begin to emerge "A revolution..." the beat of the music picks up, as those letters are next to crumble away. "Salvation from mediocre entertainment..." appears next, the buzz fills the room more, anticipation for where this is all going. "A revolution lead by a man so great..." and the music picks up a bit more, leading to the crescendo, "It can only be described by one word..." Suddenly, the music stops and silence falls over the room. A word sits in the blue smoke, a little longer than the rest, but then comes rushing into sight. "Awesome". Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold then fills the room, and Lilith comes out from behind the curtain, which leads to some very confused voices considering the video had just eluded to a male's appearance. Lilith takes her place behind the podium, and she doesn't look overly impressed with what's going on as she sets the cue cards down on the podium. As she begins to speak, her voice only seems to confirm the fact that she is indeed, unimpressed. There's a rather audible tone of annoyance in her voice.

Lilith: Ladies and gentlemen, we gather here today on this most monumental occasion, as PWA has just signed its first megastar. A man that vows to revolutionize professional wrestling as only he can, and to save PWA from subpar talent and mediocre standards for what this business should be. This man is someone that I hold a great deal of admiration...and...respect for?

Lilith shoots a glare towards the curtain that she came out from behind, mouthing what appears to be the word "seriously" over and over again. She shakes her head and turns her attention back to the audience.

Lilith: This is a man that I've called a friend for a long time, and he's never let me down, and I truly believe that if we all just aspired to be half as great as he is, then we'd...

She trails off again, shaking her head and flipping through the cue cards, which there seems to be substantial amount off. She shakes her head, and throws the cards to the floor and turns her attention back to the curtain.

Lilith: Seventeen cue cards? Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous, your ridiculous, I'm done. I'm not going through with this anymore.

Lilith then turns and heads back towards the curtain, walking behind it and there's a moment of confusion, and then out from behind the curtain steps someone new. A short blonde mohawk, aviator sunglasses and a black hoodie with black jeans. A chain hangs from the right side, swaying slightly with each step of his cocky stride. But this man takes his place at the podium, and the buzz is back in the room. The man looks towards the curtain, shaking his head for a moment.

???: Thank you for that... Oh so warm introduction Lilly, seriously, love ya to death. Anyway, since someone didn't want to do the job I was paying her to do.

Lilith: You weren't paying me!

???: Not the point! Stop trying to ruin this for me, this is my moment! Not my fault you're not cool enough to warrant a press conference, only I am that cool and your jealousy is very unbecoming of a lady.

He now turns his attention back to the crowd, and the cameras and the smile appears on his face.

???: Sorry about that, anyway, what Lilly was getting at ladies and gentlemen, is my name is Jason Taylor. My goal here in PWA is very simple, I am here to save you all, this company and this business. I look around, and I see a floundering product in a dying business and why is that? It's because the fans have been forced to settle, settle for lackluster stars being marketed as megastars, because that's all this company has been able to get... Until now. I have brought you all here today, to announce that PWA has indeed signed its first true megastar, the savior of professional wrestling, the messiah of awesome, the man who is the perfect combination of good looks, skill and charisma! Me!

Taylor holds his arms out to his side, and there are applause in the room and he smiles, motioning with his hands for the crowd to settle down.

Taylor: You're too kind, keep that up I might get a bit of an ego. But ladies and gentlemen both here, in the arena, and watching at home... Do you not grow tired of being fed a mediocre product time after time, and expected to just simply love it to death? Do you not want something more when you tune in, when you buy those tickets? Well the days of disappointment are over! I'm going to be worth the price of admission, hell, you people are going to pass up next year's Super Bowl, because I am going to be the alternative. I'm the best thing that has ever happened to this business, and PWA is damn lucky to have me. They realized the talent I possess, they realize that they had the opportunity of a lifetime and they grabbed it when they signed me... Now, I agreed because I believe this company can be saved, I see something that could be great... But it's missing the catalyst, you've only got one half the equation that equals greatness... Until now, you take a company like PWA, add one Jason Taylor, and you have the greatest company the world will ever know! That was what I bring to this company, and that's what I'm doing starting now. Just wait a few days, because this is no doubt going to be the highest rated moment of this show. Tell everyone that Jason Taylor is now in PWA, and he's bringing a revolution! It's time to take something good, and make it great, make it awesome... That's why I'm here, and it's what I'm going to do each and every week. Now if you excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I believe that concludes this press conference, I will not be taking any questions today as I will have more to talk about a little later on this week, once I'm provided an opponent.

Taylor smiles, raises a hand to the crowd before walking away and the cameras flash to grab a final picture before the scene cuts back to the arena.

Chamelion vs Mr Hardcore

Singles Match

Before the match begins, Mr. Hardcore is announced and comes to the ring, and then Chamelion comes out with his brother; Raizzor by his side. With Raizzor stalking around the ring, Hardcore and Chamelion prepare for their match.

With the sound of the bell, Hardcore and Chamelion pace the ring around each other, sizing each other up before engaging in a basic collar-elbow tie up. Hardcore with a headlock and push off to the ropes, with Chamelion bouncing clean off, hopping over Hardcore who dropped to the canvas. Chamelion off the other side, and gets hip tossed by Hardcore. Chamelion up, and they repeat the process with Chamelion answering with his own hip toss, followed by a quick succession of elbows to Hardcore’s chest while he’s on the canvas.

Hardcore jumps up, pushing Chamelion away and then drop kicks Chamelion into the corner. Hardcore rushes in, elbow to the face and then a bull dog to the canvas. Hardcore then leg drops Chamelion in the back of the head, pulls him to this feet and whips him into the ropes. Chamelion bounces off, ducks a clothesline and off the other side, spears Hardcore hard with his shoulder. Chamelion covers for a two.

Both men up, lefts and rights exchanged at an equal rate until Hardcore gets in two strikes and backs Chamelion again into the corner. Hardcore pulls Chamelion out and drops him with a DDT and a follow up cover for two. Chamelion kicks out and both men rise, another series of lefts and rights and Hardcore repeats the process of pushing Chamelion into the corner. This time, Hardcore mounts the turnbuckles to go for a series of head punches, but Chamelion grabs him and steps out of the corner with an atomic drop. Hardcore clutches himself in pain and Chamelion wastes no more time, striking with the S.O.S. superkick. The arena is surprised by the quick end as Chamelion pins Hardcore for the Three count.

Winner: Chamelion

After the match, Chamelion helps Mr. Hardcore up and pats him on the back and then slides from the ring. He and his brother converse a moment before heading up the ring together, Jethro Hayes no where to be seen this time.

Black Rose vs Lilith

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

'Call You Out' by Flyleaf now plays through the arena, the lights flashing between pink and purple with the beat of the music, and smoke billows from the top of the ramp. In the smoke stands a silhouette, head lowered and hair swaying slightly. There's only a momentary delay in the arrival of our first competitor, as she begins to walk towards the ring. Her pace is slow, eyes never looking away from the ground as she makes her way down. There's a few boos from the crowd, but they don't seem to affect her, it barely seems as if she hears them at all.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, from Des Moines, Iowa, weighing in at 140 pounds, making her PWA debut... Black Rose!

Rose continues her decent down the ramp, a few people reach their hands over the barricade, but Rose jerks away from the hands, ensuring they can't reach her. She reaches the end of the ramp and slides into the ring under the bottom rope, springing back up to her feet she finally lifts her head, though very little. She heads towards the corner, hoisting herself up on the top rope and sitting down, eyes looking up towards the stage as she awaits the arrival of her opponent.

Jon McDaniel: This woman is... Not all there I think, instructing the entire PWA locker room to simply run.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, it's easy to talk a big game, but she's getting into that ring to fight now. It doesn't matter what she said, it's about what she does now.

Jon McDaniel: Oh I'm well aware, but for her to have that sort of confidence, there's gotta be something to it.

Brian Rentfro: Well between her and her opponent, I'll go out on a limb and say Lilith might be the safer bet when it comes to winning this match. I get much more of a fire from here than I do Rose, that's gonna be her key to success here.

The music dies down for a moment, and the lights return to normal as Rose sits on the top turnbuckle, motionless and expressionless as she looks up the ramp.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent...

The arena lights cut out, total darkness, not even the little emergency runners come up, at least not at first. With the chiming, melodic little intro of Nightmare, lights flicker, just one or two, here and there, and in that flickering light a figure steps out onto the stage, head bowed. Cue in the joining of drums, guitar and bass as the beat picks up and that bent head snaps up, lights flaring with a curtain of red pyro falling just behind her.

Eric Emerson: Also making her PWA debut, from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 165 pounds... Lilith!

Jon McDaniel: Rose is one strange individual, but Lilith... Well, there's just an unsettling look in her eyes. This is a person that just want to hurt people, nothing more.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, and she's gonna do just that, and win in doing so.

Jon McDaniel: Considering this is the first outing for both of these women, I think your overbearing faith in Lilith could be misplaced.

Brian Rentfro: I can pick a winner, Jonny. You just do your thing, don't you worry about me and who I see a star in.

Pale eyes survey the crowd, a vague smile playing at her lips before she starts down the ramp, paying no attention to the people on either side of her. No, Lilith’s focus is purely on the ring. No time wasted on silly things like steps, she slides into the ring on her stomach, coming back up to her feet slowly before taking her corner. Lilith stares across the ring at her opponent, and there's a smirk on Rose's face as she slowly slides down to the mat, standing in her corner as the music dies down. There's silence in the arena, Lilith and Rose standing at opposite sides of the ring, glaring at one another as they await the bell.

Jon McDaniel: I get the feeling this is not gonna be pretty...

Brian Rentfro: Given what we've got in the ring right now? I beg to differ.

As the bell rings, there's no hesitation from Rose whatsoever, exploding out of her corner and driving a shoulder into Lilith's midsection, doubling her over. Rose pushes away, hitting clubbing blows to the back, three blows echo off Lil's back. Rose then transitions into knee lifts, landing two square to the face before the official pulls Rose away, trying to maintain order and instructing her to let Lilith out of the corner. Rose blows off the warning, shaking her head as she pushes past him to go back on the attack, but walks right into a kick straight to the stomach from Lilith! Rose doubles over, and Lilith then fires off another kick, this one to the right knee of Rose, taking it out from under her! Lilith then drives the heel of her boot into the back of the right knee, putting her weight down on the joint. Lilith glares at her fallen opponent, who almost seems to have a smile on her face as the heel digs into her knee, seemingly enjoying the experience. Lilith then grabs a hold of the right knee, Rose quickly rolling onto her back and connecting with a kick to the side of the head that sends Lilith reeling back. Rose gets back to her feet, coming at Lilith with a pair of forearms to the face, sending her back against the ropes. Rose then goes to whip her opponent across the ring, but Lil counters it! She whips Rose, only to pull her back into a nearly decapitating clothesline! Lilith falls to her knees with the force put behind the clothesline, and she looks down with a smirk before going for the cover.


Rose kicks out right at the one count, Lilith looks at her opponent and shakes her head, and the camera just picks up an audible "You're going to regret that" being directed to Rose. Lilith gets back to her feet, grabbing a hold of the right leg again, this time driving the point of her elbow into the side of Rose's knee! Lilith keeps her elbow there, digging it in as she pulls up on the leg of Rose, a hold to simply inflict damage to the part of Rose that she seemingly had targeted from the start of this match. Rose doesn't flail in pain, instead she seems to keep a relatively cool head, gritting her teeth before reaching down and digging her fingers into the nostrils of Lilith and pulling! Lilith lets out a short yelp of pain as Rose pulls, keeping the hold on for a few moments longer. Rose shakes her head, sliding a hand up to simply rake the eyes of Lilith! That causes the hold to break, and Rose pushes herself away and she pulls herself up with the ropes. Lilith runs at Rose, looking for another hard clothesline but this one gets ducked, Rose grabbing the hand and pulling Lilith into a quick DDT that drives her into the canvas!

Jon McDaniel: A very back and forth contest thus far between these two, no one really able to maintain control over the other.

Brian Rentfro: Lilith has done more damage in her offensive than Rose has done with hers, Lilith is focused on one body part, and if she takes that knee out? Well, that's gonna make it hard to execute just about anything.

Jon McDaniel: Rose doesn't seem to showing any lingering effect from those attacks though, so I fear Lilith may still have a long way to go before she's taken any offensive moves away.

Brian Rentfro: We'll see, it's only the start of this match, but one more good shot to that knee, and I think we'll see a drastic change to this match.

Rose opts out of going for the cover, instead picking herself back up to her feet and grabbing a hand full of Lilith's hair, pulling her up to her knees before slamming her face down into the canvas again! Rose lays on the canvas, starting at Lilith as she puts a hand on her face, shaking her head though seemingly more in frustration than to clear her head. Rose however stares for a moment longer, a satisfied smirk on her face before leaping back to her feet. She then whips Lilith into the corner, and again little time wasted as she charges forward, leading into the air for a body splash but Lil sidesteps it! Rose backs out of the corner, and Lilith rushes forward, driving her shoulder into the front of Rose's knee! Rose hits the mat, clutching her knee and rolling out of the ring in pain, and Lilith gets right back to her feet with a smirk. Lilith steps out onto the apron as Rose kneels on the arena floor, there's a grin on Lilith's face, a rare and menacing sight. Lilith then gets a running start, leaping off the apron and putting her boot to the back of Rose's head, driving her head first into the arena floor! There's a "oooh" from the crowd in unison at the impact, Rose laying on the arena floor, motionless and Lilith stands over her with a smirk on her face.

Brian Rentfro: Aaaand your winner is...

Jon McDaniel: I..I might have to agree with you now, all Lilith needs to do is roll Rose into the ring and I think the three count is basically academic.

Brian Rentfro: Like I said, you want a winner? Look no further than Lilith Rose, who just put Black Rose's career to an end, before it even began.

Lilith now tries to hoist Rose up in order to get her back into the ring, but that is proving to be a bit more of a chore than she may have originally planned. Struggling to get Rose up, who is little more than dead weight at the moment. Meanwhile the ref in the ring has begun to count both women out, currently at the count of two. Lilith looks up at him for a moment, before fighting to get Rose up to her feet, wanting the satisfaction of pinning her opponent in this match. Still, there's a struggle for Lilith as the count continues, she manages to get Rose to one knee, but the count is quickly nearing it's end. Lilith is forced to abandon her progress for a moment, rolling into the ring and back out to restart the count. Lilith then goes back to hoisting Rose up, getting her against the apron and finally rolling her into the ring. Lilith slides in after and goes for the cover.



Rose gets a shoulder up! Lilith sits up, pounding a hand off the mat in frustration, knowing she would have won had it not taken so long to get her back into the ring. Lilith gets back to her feet, looking to pull Rose up to her feet again, but this time Rose grabs her by the hair and pulls her forward, sending Lil face first into the second turnbuckle! Lilith turns around, slouched in the corner and Rose gets to her feet. As she runs towards Lil, we notice a bit of a limp in her step now, but she leaps onto the second rope, stopping for a moment when she does and cringing, but Rose then kicks off and hoists her legs into the air, keeping a grip on the top rope and swinging both feet down into the chest of Lilith, the start of the Affliction Trinity! Rose kicks off Lilith's chest, going for the second handstand dropkick, but Lilith springs to life, getting to her feet and catching the legs of Rose as she descends! Lilith has the legs of Rose on her shoulders, straddling her over the top rope and then pulling her down, only to tie the right leg up with the top and middle ropes! Rose hangs upside down, and Lilith fires a series of quick, hard kicks to the knee of Rose! Rose tries to block some of the shots, but Lilith in a position to pick and choose her shots, the ref counting and reaches four before Lilith is basically forced away. The ref now tries to untangle Rose, but as he does, Lil comes back with a baseball slide dropkick right to the side of the head! The ref warns Lilith, getting her to back up and working to untangle her again. This time he finds more success, and Rose tries to get right back to her feet, only to be pulled into a standing face lock. Rose however attempts to fight back, hitting a couple of right hands to the midsection and then breaking out of the face lock! She follows up with a vicious European uppercut, sending Lilith reeling and as she turns her back to Rose, gets dropped with a neck breaker! Rose crawls towards the ropes, sitting there for a moment clutching the side of her head, but Lilith is already stirring.

Jon McDaniel: Rose needs to stay on top of Lilith here, while she has this opening!

Brian Rentfro: I think the damage is done, Rose is just delaying the inevitable.

Jon McDaniel: Well, she's still got some fight left in her, which is more than I thought she'd have after taking the second hard shot to the head from Lilith.

Rose grabs onto the top rope and pulls herself to her feet, Lilith almost back to hers as well. Lilith advances on her opponent again, only this time Rose fights through the pain in order to jump up and wrap her legs around the neck of Lilith! Rose holds onto the top rope as she slides back, hanging over the ropes as she locks in a standing triangle choke! Lilith tries to fight out of it, meanwhile the ref begins to administer his count, almost at five before Rose breaks and drops down to the apron. Rose gets back to her feet, stalking Lilith for a moment before leaping onto the top rope and springboarding off, connecting with a clothesline! Rose hits the canvas and pounds her fist off the mat before grabbing her right knee. Rose's offense nearly self-destructive, but she begins to get back up, and Lilith a little slower in doing so this time. Rose takes a moment to really find her footing, but she limps towards Lilith and grabs her by both arms, crossing both over her chest in a straight jacket. Rose then falls back, driving the back of Lilith's head into the canvas! Rose this time goes for the cover, looking to end this.



Lilith kicks out this time! Rose gets back to her feet, shaking her head as she awaits Lilith to get back to her feet, perhaps having thoughts of finishing this contest once and for all.

Lilith is on one knee, but springs to life as she charges at Rose, picking her up off the mat and driving her back first into the turnbuckles! Lilith fires off a series of right hands, Rose trying to cover up but Lilith just finds a different place to land the next shot. It's hard for the official to get involved, as Lilith hammers away and he's lucky not to get caught with a stray blow. He ducks down, putting a shoulder against Lilith's midsection to try and push her away, and as he does, Rose spits something into the eyes of Lilith! Lilith backs away, a short cry of pain as whatever it is seemingly burns and leaves her blinded. Rose then quickly limps out of the corner, leaping up and grabbing Lilith by the throat, pulling her face first into the canvas with a Rose Petal! Rose rolls her opponent over and goes for the cover.




Eric Emerson: Here is your winner... Black Rose!

Anna Mathews & Matt Stone vs Justin Case & Rocky Logan

PWA Tag Team Title Match

Opponents no showed
The main event was cut short
Try again next week