World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Jethro Hayes vs Mr Hardcore

Singles Match

Long story short: Jethro Hayes beats Mr Hardcore like he (Mr Hardcore) owes him (Jethro Hayes) money. Which, all things considered, he probably does.

Winner: Jethro Hayes

Bet You Didn't See This Coming

Jon McDaniel: And Hayes with a resounding victory!

Brian Rentfro: And this time without resorting to fist-a-cuffs!

Jon McDaniel: Bogard ticked the big man off, it’s something you don’t do, not anymore. Most people would understand that by now.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, who would be crazy enough to rile this darker side of Jethro Hayes??

As if on cue, a figure slides out from underneath the ring. Long dark blond hair drapes his face as he crawls into the ring like a snake.

Jon McDaniel: Who in the hell!?

As Jethro demands the ref raise his hand again, the figure jumps to his feet, throwing his hair back and with his trademark Cheshire Grin spread across his face, Chamelion calls out.

Chamelion: Yo, Hayes!

Jethro turns at the familiar voice, but has no time to react as his chin greets Chamelion’s heel with a powerful Sweet Sound of Success Superkick. Like a sack full of Idaho Potatoes, Jethro’s bulk drops to the canvas. The crowd’s pop shakes the arena with their approval.

Brian Rentfro: Son of a bitch!

Jon McDaniel: More like Most Devious Son of a Bitch!

Chamelion demands a mic, which is promptly handed to him and he drops to one knee next to Jethro.

Chamelion: Hey, kiddo! I know you’re out cold, and all that, so just check the replay later, but anywho… remember a long time ago where I said to watch your back? That I don’t forget grudges? Well, consider Genesis the time for that ole cliché where payback’s a bitch.

Chamelion’s eyes shift around as he takes in the ambience of the arena, having nearly forgotten the feeling of being inside the squared circle, and the crowd’s roar gives Chamelion a strong sense of belonging.

Chamelion: So to sum it up for the slow witted; You. Me. Genesis. Street Fight. (pauses, grins wickedly and whispers) Got it!?

Standing, Chamelion tosses the mic on Jethro’s chest and mounts the turn buckle and soaks of the cheers from the arena for a moment, before dropping to the mat and sliding out, jogging up the ramp and high fiving people along the way.

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion’s back! And he’s challenged Jethro Hayes to a street fight match at Genesis!

Brian Rentfro: Well, aren’t you an astute observer of the glaringly obvious!

Jon McDaniel: What??

Brian Rentfro: It means “DUH”! We know, already! Big news, la-dee-da! Let’s move on!

Justin Case vs Cody Bogard

Singles Match

The sound of the bell wakes Case up as he dominates the early going of the match. Cody Bogard is beaten from pillar to post as he is used as a ragdoll while his lifeless body is thrown around the ring. Everything but the kitchen sink is thrown at CB. Power Slams, sleeper holds, flying round house kicks off the ropes as Justin Case proceeds with a beautiful shooting star press but Bogard kicks out of the pinning situation.

Case's manager gets the refs attention as Justin goes into his trunks and pulls out a pair of nuckle dusters. He goes to hit Cody as Bogard ducks and kicks the object out of Case's hand and onto the ring canvus. Cody Bogard then proceeds to hit all kinds of main event fucking holds and moves that catch Case off gaurd. Suddenly Cody Bogard is having his way with move after move of his speedy momentum granting himself a sure victory, that's when Justin's Masked friend at ringside gets the refs attention.

Suddenly ANOTHER MASKED INTRUDER jumps the rail and enters the ring! Case and this masked man then proceed with a huge double team make shift neck breaker powerbomb! When the ref turns around the second masked man has rolled out of the ring. The ref goes to pin a defeated Cody Bogard as he saw nothing and counts the pin.

"The Chosen One" wins the match by pinfall and celebrates with two masked men and his manager The Wiz. Inside the ring as Legendary Legacary's theme music plays. The Four men celebrate as we cut away.

Winner: Justin Case

The Future, Conan

For Whom the Bell Tolls starts to play and the Pantheon comes out, the Phoenix in front. They climb into the ring and stand back, leaning in the corners or on the ropes while the Phoenix talks.

The Phoenix: For months now I've been saying that I was going to destroy the AOWF. People said I was full of shit. And why wouldn't they think that? How many times have people come and made claims like that? Wasn't the Order of Chaos supposed to do that very same thing?

The Phoenix: Well, the difference is that I'm the Phoenix and when I say I'm going to do something, it fucking happens. So within the last week I've solidified plans to purchase REBEL Pro. If any of you have the lack of taste to watch Aggression, you know the deal. But for our more discerning fans, the short version is that the Kalis family all hates each other and one of them sold out another one and now the entire AOWF is under my control.

The Phoenix: Now, the easy thing would be to just close that cesspit down. But that's not what I've got in mind. I told you I've got a plan and it has obviously been working like a champ thus far.

The Phoenix: So, here's what's going to happen. At Genesis, RPW Aggression Champion Justin Case will defend his title against the PWA's Lucious Starr.

The Phoenix: But that's not all, I've got more announcements to make. After all, Genesis is right around the corner. What is it guys, like four weeks away?

The Phoenix looks behind him and at the Pantheon and they just shrug.

The Phoenix: Anyway, Genesis is coming up and this year it will live up to its name like never before. So what does that mean? What will happen? Well, I'm glad you asked because I'm going to tell you. Now, I'm not going to tell you all everything, but here's a little taste.

The Phoenix: For starters, most people are already aware that Raizzor will be returning for his annual match against Hunter Sullivan. Ok, so that's not news. But this next match is.

The Phoenix: This could very well be my last Genesis. With the impending destruction of the AOWF, my goals are just about complete. One of those goals was to not only main event Genesis but to also successfully defend the PWA World title there. And I'm proud to say that I've done that. And not just once, but twice. I'm pretty sure that I'm the only man that can make that claim. I'm only pretty sure because I can't be bothered to look that stat up. It's times like this I wish Radio Rich was still on the payroll.

The Phoenix: Wow, I never thought I'd be saying that.

The Phoenix: So with that in mind, what should my final Genesis match be? I'd be well within my rights to try my hand in the main event one more time, this time challenging for Matt Stone's World Title.

The Phoenix: Now, I could do that, but I'm not going to. Matt actually asked me if I'd face him at Genesis. I know it would mean a lot to him to defeat the legendary Phoenix at Genesis and walk out with his title still around his waist. Maybe he sees it as a passing of the torch. Or maybe he just knows that the Phoenix is just about the only person in the PWA worthy of facing him.

The Phoenix: I know he's not going to be happy about this, but his opponent at Genesis will be the number one contender, Anna Mathews.

The Phoenix: So where does that leave me? Who is the Phoenix going to fight? I've been thinking about this a lot. I've had some huge matches at Genesis against some of the biggest names to ever set foot in a PWA ring. And if this is the last Genesis I'll be competing at my opponent has to be of the highest caliber. And as far as I'm concerned there's only one man in the world that fits that description.

The Phoenix: Of course, I can only be talking about my good friend, Marvin Wood.

The Phoenix: And that's all I'm going to divulge tonight, boys and girls. There's still much more in store for the biggest show up the year.

For Whom the Bell Tolls starts to play as the Pantheon leaves the ring.

Anna Mathews vs Dagger

Non-Title Match

This match is in the finest traditions of Victory Wrestling. By which I obviously mean it features two women beating each other up. And in the other finest tradition of VW there's tons of action. Which is exactly what you should expect from a match with two of the top three ranked wrestlers in the PWA. Cause the Grizzly Beer champion is ranked number two and the number one contender to the World title would be number three. So that's how I arrived at that.

Dagger starts off fast with an attack as soon as the bell rings. It's a good plan because she catches Mathews off guard and takes her down with a flying head scissors. Mathews is right back up but so is Dagger and then Mathews is right back down from another flying head scissors. Before Dagger can do any more, Mathews catches her with a drop toe hold, a move you don't see enough of.

And that's how the match goes. There's lots of jumping and kicking and flipping and crazy stuff that guys like Matt Stone can't do. The Phoenix could, but he's fucking awesome.

So fast forward past 45 minutes of near falls and crazy spots and maybe a puppet or two and Anna Mathews reverses a roll-up for the win.

Winner: Anna Mathews