World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Jack Spade vs Mr Hardcore

Singles Match

The match starts off rather equal with both men showing their own talents. Mr Hardcore displays some fine strength moves kicking out of a bridge suplex pin by Jack Spades as he holds on and twists Spades into a massive pile driver! However, when Hardcore goes to gloat over his brief success in the ring, the fans try and warn Hardcore but by then it is far too late. Jack Spades gets mr Hardcore up into his finisher and goes for the pinfall.

The ref smacks the mat to the count of three and calls for the bell. With his theme music playing the ref raises Jack Spades arm in victory. Suddenly we pan out to reveal that in a private luxury suite sits Justin Case and his Masked friend with The Wiz. Spades doesn't know he is being watched as we fade out.

Lucy Starr vs TMB

Singles Match

The two started out in the middle of the ring, locking up as the crowd started cheering on Starr, after TMB showed an alliance with Stone two weeks ago, he hasn’t had the same support. He has, however, had the same upper body strength and was able to push Starr back off at the ropes, but he used the momentum to come back quickly and hit TMB with a cross body block. The two men go crashing down to the mat, Starr quickly rolling off and getting to his feet, connecting with a hard kick to Thomas as he was getting back up. With Black stunned, Starr hit the ropes and came back and a front dropkick, propelling Black into the near corner. On the run again, Starr drove his shoulder into Black’s midsection before lifting him up on the top rope. Starr got up as well, but as pushed off by Black, who had just about enough of his shit. Black got up and leapt at Starr for a clothesline, but Starr was able to roll out of the way. Starr stalked his opponent as he started to get up, with Lucious behind Thomas he jumped in the air and drove Black backwards with his Hades’ Flame! Starr covers Black for the 1 2 3.

Winner: Lucious Starr

Jethro Hayes vs Anna Mathews

NoC Match

The energetic Mathews starts the bout out quickly with kicks, ducking a haymaker to get a few shorter kicks in on Hayes. Jethro stumbles back as Anna moves in, trying to wrap her arms around Hayes for a suplex, but the Southern Hero has other plans, catching Anna with a deep knee lift in the process. Mathews backs up, but Hayes grabbed her, pulling her in looking quickly to end the match with the planter. He lifts her up in the air, but Mathews catching him in the forehead with an elbow, causing Hayes to drop her. Like a cat, Anna lands on her feet and hits Hayes with a drop kick, forcing him out of the ring through the ropes. The crowd cheers as Anna gets up, waiving her arms in the air like she just doesn’t care. Hayes starts getting up as Anna runs away, to the far ropes and comes back, diving through with a suicide dive, ramming into Hayes as they both crash to the floor. The crowd cheers as Anna is the first to get up, clapping her hands getting them psyched to see the Puppet Master in control, encouraging all of her Annamaniacs. Anna slides back into the ring, knowing she can win this match by count out and have the same result. Hayes gets up, looking in at Anna, bracing himself for another attack, but it doesn’t come. Mathews invites Jethro into the ring. Instead, Hayes looks under the mat and pulls out a table! The crowd get excited seeing some wood in this match, like having Anna wasn’t enough encouragement.

Mathews sees the table and goes out of the ring, grabbing Hayes’s head and ramming it straight down on the apron. She hops down to the mat and stomps on Hayes’ right foot, then connects with a hay maker, trying to daze the larger man. She reaches down and grabs his legs, lifting him up and rolling him inside the ring. She glances down at the table, but shakes her head and goes back in the ring. With Anna back in the ring, she goes for a chop to Jethro, but he blocks her, wrenching her arm down and lifting her up in the air, flipping her down on her back! Anna holds her back in pain, but Hayes is quick to capitalize with a standing senton splash on her! He makes the cover, but only gets a two. Hayes lifts Anna by the air and picks her up in a fireman’s carry, tossing Anna across the ring with his slam, the Calf Toss. Hayes gets into a 3 point stance, measuring Anna as she starts getting up. Hayes propelled quickly going for the Plow, but Anna rolls out of the way and Hayes makes contact with the turnbuckle! Anna runs at the near ropes and springboards, looking for the Boomerfly kick but Hayes catches her mid air with a Plow! Anna’s down as Hayes makes the cover, hooking her inside leg. 1 2 3-No! Anna got her foot on the bottom rope. Hayes looks annoyed, getting up to argue the count as Anna rolls out of the ring to catch her breath. Hayes, realizing this, goes out as well, but rather than go after Anna, he grabs the table and sets it up on the outside, looking at Anna now with a fire in his eyes. The refere tries to talk Hayes out of it, but Jethro is determined, grabbing Anna and pulling her in, lifting her up in the air and driving her through the table with the Planter! The bell is signaled and rang, declaring Anna the winner.

Winner: Anna Mathews by DQ


The Sun’s last light retreats over the broken and crumbling tombstones littering an old, almost forgotten grave yard in a small backwards down south town. The metal fence abandoned and in disarray no longer keeping out unwanted souls. From the shadow of a large Black Locust tree, steps the familiar form of the Soul-Taker, Raizzor.

He wanders down a withered dirt trail, tall grass flourishing due to the lack of upkeep, as he quietly begins his monologue.

“How is success achieved? Perhaps that’s an unfair question, since there is no true singular fact to back it up, but instead, is usually answered with opinion. Experience can certainly assist in giving the best advice, but it still comes down to the individual’s own desire, drive and determination to find success in whatever goal they set out to reach.

For example: Myself.

Since 1999, I have stood inside the PWA’s squared circle and faced off against countless opponents, and over the years risen in the ranks, earned many accolades and has become one of the most recognizable names in the business. I have accomplished this by forging an identity, a character, that is both recognizable and consistent. Whether you hear my matches called on the radio or read results of my contests, you see me in your head just as easily as if you were watching live or on television. I am truly a fully formed creation of the PWA, and by not deviating from that whom I am, I don’t falter or stumble, attempting to find a way to be successful each time I face a new challenge. That is My legacy.

In laymen’s terms; I am the ‘same ol’ same ol’. This is stated blatantly towards the critics of the Soul-Taker, who find my usual approach to be droll or tiresome.. to which I challenge them to look at their own success in the ring and ask how often they changed who they were to overcome the odds? What I am now, is what made me a six time world champion, among other accolades, and I will not change for any person, save my own desires.

And that includes the seemingly down trodden, self-depreciating Hunter Sullivan. For the man who sits in that chair, drinking whiskey, seems to have more venom towards his own failed history, then against the one he challenged a year ago for a match at Genesis. In fact, so deluged in his own drunken reverie, he momentarily mistakes me for my own brother. Sullivan, I do not make jokes, nor do I childishly insult or bully. I point out faults, I threaten and I promise. No more, no less. I stand here in a place familiar not because of metaphor, but simply to relate to the point I made earlier.

Consistency has its place, don’t you think, Sullivan? 14 years in this business I have walked the precipice, teetering between salvation and damnation, and in that time, the percentages show that it is those who stand against me that fall into the depths of hell while I continue my perilous walk.

I’m sorry, perhaps that was too deep for you, Sullivan… what I am trying to say I will go the very edge, risk it all, to bring the souls of my challengers to the gates of hell, and leave them buried for all time… and yes, we all know that IS metaphor, yet seemingly very apt. Don’t you think?

I admit, when you issued your challenge, I paused to wonder what possible reason motivated you. On that night you failed against Lucious Starr while I nearly ended the career of Mark McNasty. So when you came down after my match and asked to face me at Genesis next year, I was puzzled. Then after contemplation, it occurred to me what may be the reason.

One thing you did not speak of was a very disturbing fact that all others are aware of; you are not capable of winning ‘the big one’. Yes, I know this particular ‘angle’ has been spoken about before, but in truth, Sullivan, you fit the bill with far more credibility then any others who may utilize this particular ‘drama’. Weekly, you are fantastic, a veteran with skill and reverence that is earned, but when pay day comes; you trip, stumble and fall.

This is Your legacy. And what better way to erase that legacy, then to overcome the odds and defeat the one man with the biggest success record in Genesis history? To clarify for the few who will misinterpret me, I did not say I am undefeated. However, I hold 11 victories at Genesis, a mark no other individual can claim. As well as the only one to compete at every Genesis in PWA, and HiC history. Imagine Hunter Sullivan, the perennial loser of PWA PPV’s, besting The Legendary Raizzor on the one stage he has defined as his very own, his Legacy.

In essence, Hunter Sullivan, It does not matter how many battles you lose, win the war and all else is forgotten. Especially since you speak of this being your final hurrah, your last call, as it were, you have no rhyme or reason to hold back anything. You’re a cornered animal, wounded, and I know very well how dangerous that makes you.

However, it also presents a rather quickly piece of irony. The hunter has become the hunted. For challenging me on my turf, My Genesis, the one moment frozen in time where I am my very best, where I do not hold back or prepare half-assed, you have set yourself a goal that is neigh unreachable. It does not matter to me, 364 days out of the year, to step back into a ring anymore… and that is not to offend the PWA or its fandom, but I am comfortable with who I am now, and I have nothing to prove to anyone…except for that one day. On that day I am The Soul-Taker that rose to fame as PWA World Champion, who faced off against monsters, demons and doctors, who survived Armageddon and its Masters… who does not bow down for No one… and that is who you are set to face in mere weeks.

But let’s make sure you understand something, Sullivan. I will not beg you to become what you once were, I will not plead for the return of Hunter Sullivan in his glory days. That man, as you said, lost to Lucious Starr… and yes, that is.. to quote you so eloquently.. ‘fucking disgusting’.”

He pauses, a very brief, flickering movement of his eyes suggests discomfort at the following admission.

“I should know. I have as well.”

He resumes.

“Be it as it may, I don’t want the old Hunter Sullivan, whose legacy is to lay on his back each and every PPV, looking up at the lights as the ref counts his shoulders down 1-2-3. I want the man who will come at me with the knowledge he has nothing left to lose, to bleed out every ounce of blood, sweat, tears and life that he still has left in him, to be willing to die for that tribute and apology you speak of.

Because that is the man…(pause)…I want to bury.

Genesis will be when we continue to define our individual legacies. Together!

This, I promise.”

Raizzor walks back into the shadows.

Matt Stone vs Cody Bogard

World Title No DQ

Before the fun begins, a brief recap. The last few weeks, PWA World champion Matt Stone has been on a roll of throwing the rulebook out the window and doing whatever he damn well pleases and to hell with the consequences. One of those instances cost Cody Bogard and Anna Mathews the PWA Tag Team Titles. This week not only is Cody Bogard facing Matt Stone for the championship, but it is a no-DQ match. So if you're older than six years old you probably know what to expect.

And what you expected to happen starts happening as soon as Matt Stone enters the ring. Because he enters second. Because he's the champ and the champ always enters second. Unless there's a good reason for him not to, which isn't the case tonight.

But back to the action. Bogard charges the champ and starts raining down blows. And just like that, the match begins. The two do some punchy punchy and when one of them falls down they switch to kicky kicky. Just to clarify, Stone is currently on the wrong end of the kicky kicky. But eventually Bogard's feet start to hurt and he decides to try something new, just to mix things up a bit. He bends down to pick up the champ but the champ decides the name of the game is now pokey pokey. Right in the fucking eyes.

That gives Stone the chance to do some punching, kicking, stomping, and attempted arm breaking. The highlight of this exchange, at least for me, is an absolutely beautiful power slam off an Irish whip. That's the power slam that should be put on DVD and sent to every wrestling school in the country. Wanna know how good that power slam was? It got a near fall, that's how good it was. But even the most perfect power slam in the history of power slams wasn't enough to put Cody Bogard away.

The thing is, kicking out of that power slam probably wasn't the best idea in the world. I mean, yeah, great plan if you want to not get pinned. But massively bad idea if you're trying not to set off Stone's hair trigger temper. Which is exactly what happens. The look on Stone's face tells the world what's on his mind. Blood. Probably blood.

Yep, blood. We know because Stone starts taking the cover off a turnbuckle. But this is wrestling and that shit never works out for the guy doing it. And it doesn't this time, either. Bogard grabs Stone by the hair and slams his head into the exposed metal ten times as the crowd counts along. Stone is bleeding and Bogard is smiling.

The sight of his own blood flips yet another crazy switch to the "On" position in Stone's head. He headbutts the challenger and then grabs the tag rope (remember those?) and wraps it around Bogards neck, choking him. The ref tries to stop him but Stone uses his free hand to shove him away. And since there's no DQ that's perfectly legit.

Bogard slumps down, clearly knocked out. But because he's a dick, Stone still does the C-C-C-Combo Breaker on him. Then he picks up the ref by the belt and drops him next to the knocked out Bogard and forces the dazed man to count the pinfall.

Winner: Matt Stone