World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Let the Games Begin

"Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria starts to play and the Phoenix makes his way to the ring, alone. He climbs into the ring and paces back and forth a moment before starting to speak.

The Phoenix: For months now, ever since I returned from my embarrassing defeat at the hand of Thomas Manchester Black I've told you all that the AOWF isn't long for this world. I told you I was going to do what the Phoenix does and make things burn. I've told the PWA and REBEL Pro both that the days are numbered and I'm going to bring this all crashing down and rebuild this business in my image.

The Phoenix: And what have you all done? Not a damn thing. Did you think I was joking? Well, ask Jethro Hayes if I was joking with him when I tore him down to the core of his soul and made him into a better man. Ask TMB is I've been joking with him. I've given you all plenty of time to change your ways and you've squandered it. Even after I introduced you to the new Pantheon, you still have made no efforts to prove yourselves worthy.

The Phoenix: This is a world where Mr Hardcore is a crowned and recognized champion! This is a world where Justin Case is a champion! Well that, ladies and gentlemen, that is not a world I will live in. I refuse. And that is the reason all of this has to be destroyed. There's no saving this pile of shit. There's no turning back the clock. All that's left is to burn it to the ground and rebuilt from scratch. That's what I'm going to do.

The Phoenix: Genesis is coming, boys and girls. And what more appropriate time could there be for my brave new world to be born? The lifespan of the AOWF can be measured in weeks now. I've been accused of making empty threats about this, but have no doubts, I mean every word I say. You'd think by now that people would have learned not to doubt me. But that's fine because I'll just do what I've always done: back up my words with action.

Jethro Hayes vs Cody Bogard

Singles Match

Cody Bogard came to this match wearing his working boots. They're white, by the way. He calmly is able to sidestep a charge from Jethro Hayes. Hayes manages to stop his mass and spin around with a discus punch which Bogard was only barely able to avoid. A dropkick to the knee is a good way to take a big guy like Jethro down and Bogard obviously agrees. Some stomps follow that up just to make sure Jethro gets the hint.

Jethro, however, had some plans this evening and they weren't being Bogard's bitch. After a bit more offense from "The Main Event", Bogard gets a bit cocky, opening up the opportunity for a Hayes fist to the face. Now we see a side of Jethro that Bogard has never seen before. This is a Jethro that fights like a wildcat. A dirty, cheating wildcat. Eye rakes, gouges and chops to the throat are the order of the day as the big redneck exacts his revenge. Jethro fights back hard and brutally, culminating in the Flow. But Bogard, stupid, stupid Bogard kicks out.

Big mistake.

Jethro doesn't like people kicking out of his finisher and makes sure the Bogard learns that lesson. A closed fist beat down ensues and after more warnings than was probably fair, the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Cody Bogard via DQ

Anna Mathews vs Benjamin Dyce

Singles Match

Anna Mathews is the quintessential Victory Wrestling star. Ben Dyce is a classic PWA style wrestler. What happens when they meet? That's hard to say because there's no way in hell I'm digging through the archives to check out any past matches they've had. So let's limit the discussion to the match tonight, shall we?

So, to repeat? What happens when these two face off? A surprisingly technical match, that's what. It turns out that Anna is quite the chain wrestler. Which is good for her, because Dyce is throwing everything he's got at her but she keeps reversing it all. It doesn't take long before she's able to start piling up some offense and throwing Dyce off his game plan. A flying head scissors here, a hurricanrana there and soon Dyce is dazed.

But even a dazed Dyce is able to hit a blind lariat and knock Anna to the mat. He wastes no time working over her legs, clearly planning on taking away her speed advantage. Dyce works them legs over but good. But then he gets sloppy and Anna applies move #813 - armbar.

Dyce is down but not out. He fights out of the armbar and both wrestlers are on their feet. Dyce whips Anna across the ring into a corner where she slumps. Dyce does that thing where he climbs to the second turnbuckle and punches her as the crowd counts along. Then, at 10, he drops off the turnbuckle and lifts Anna up to the top. But Anna doesn't like getting punched in the face so she let's Dyce know how it feels. He hits the mat and bangs his head, hard. Anna stands up and hits Benjy with the Abortion of Giygas for the pin.

Winner: Anna Mathews

Matt Stone vs Justin Case

Singles Match

With the Rebel Pro Aggression Champion and the PWA World Heavyweight Champion in the ring, their showdown was eminent The bell sounds as Lance Weston backs up and the two men lock up, Stone getting the early advantage with a go-behind followed by a quick take down. Matt floats over and locks in a side headlock, Case fighting to his feet and shoving Stone off at the ropes, Matt coming back and connecting with a shoulder tackle. Case drops to the mat and Stone hits the ropes again, Case rolling over as Stone jumps over him, Justin getting right back to his feet and catching Stone on the rebound with a heavy power slam. A quick cover by Case garnishes a two count. Stone rolls over to his feet as Case grabs him, lifting him up all the way and sending him across the ring into the turnbuckle. Case charges in and connects with a shoulder thrust in the stomach of the PWA World Champion. Case lifts Matt up in the second turnbuckle, catching him with a hard uppercut to daze him. Case gets up on the turnbuckle and hooks Stone’s head, lifting him up in the air and driving him backwards with a superplex! Case hooks Matt’s outside leg, but only gets a two count.

After the kick out, Stone rolls out of the ring to try and catch his breath, but it’s more of the same for him as he’s caught off guard by Case connecting with a running baseball slide, knocking the champ on his ass. Case rolled out and grabbed Stone, ramming his head off the guard rail. Case whipped Stone into the apron, hitting his lower back hard against the frame of the ring. Case approached Stone, however he was cut off by a finger in the eye. Matt followed that up by ramming Case’s head into the nearby steps before tossing Case back in the ring, following him back in. starts getting up, holding his head but he doesn’t see Stone’s right leg swinging into his knee, dropping Case down. Stone takes another kick, hitting the Kneel before Zod. Matt rose his hands in the air, getting the crowd behind him, at least in his own mind. Case is getting up as Stone dashes over and connects with the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Matt shoots the half and rolls Case over for the 1 2 3.

No! Case got the shoulder up at the 2 and ¾ point. The crowd erupts as someone kicks out of Stone’s finish. Matt can’t believe it, getting right up and getting into Weston’s face, shouting about how it was a three count. Weston holds up two fingers and stands his ground, all the while Case recovering on the ground. Stone rolls his eyes and turns to Case, only to get rolled up! 1 2 kick out! Matt scrambled to his feet quickly as does Case, but Matt hits Case with a super kick, the Go Go Gadget Foot! Or does he? Justin catches Stone’s foot and spins him around, kicks Stone on the midsection and hooks his arms behind his back looking for the Just 2 Talented, but Matt rolls out to unhook his arm, Case goes for a clothesline but Stone traps his arm, bringing him down into his on submission, the Choice! Stone has Case’s right arm trapped between his legs and rips back with the Crossface! Case is close to the ropes though and reaches out, grabbing them. Matt keeps the hold on, ripping back even more as Lance starts counting. He gets to 4 and Matt still has the hold locked in. Weston tries pulling Stone off but can’t! He calls for the bell.

Winner: Justin Case by DQ

Weston resumes trying to pull Stone off as the crowd boos, Matt’s face just full of anger and hatred. From the back Jacob Figgins and Dagger come rushing out from the back and slide in the ring, pulling Stone off of Case. Dagger stands between the two, holding Stone off as Jacob starts helping Case up, checking on him. Case is holding his neck from the hold, but still raises one hand to signal his victory and he gets clocked by Figgins! Jacob hits Case with a hard elbow knocking Case down. The crowd boos as Dagger turns around with a smirk on her face, heading over and starting to stomp on Case along with Figgins. Stone rolls out of the ring and angrily grabs his World Title from the time keeper and walks around the ring, Figgins and Dagger getting their fill and exiting the ring, walking up the ramp along with Stone, referees and EMTs looking over the fallen Justin Case.

Dagger vs Mr Hardcore

PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match

Dagger vs Mr. Hardcore

With the sound of the bell, the Grizzly Beer championship match was under way. The two locked up, Hardcore having the size advantage was able to back Dagger into a corner. Breaking on four, Hardcore backed up with his hands raised only to get slapped by Dagger. This surprises the champion, but not as much as the tackle that brings him down to the mat. Dagger starts reigning right hands down on his, causing him to cover up. Dagger branches off, grabbing Hardcore’s arm and getting him in an arm bar, wrenching back. Hardcore hit the mat in frustration, pushing Dagger off the arm bar. Hardcore gets to his feet, Dagger as well, dashing at the champ she’s caught and flipped over with a power slam! Hardcore goes for a cover and gets an early two count.

Mt. Hardcore, the Grizzly Beer Champion grabs Dagger by the air and lifts her up, hitting her chest with a chop. The crowd woos along as Dagger backs up, getting struck again by Hardcore. Dagger is in the crner now and gets mounted, giggity, as Hardcore starts reigning down right hands on Dagger, the crowd counting along. After 10, Hardcore got down and grabbed Dagger’s right arm, pulling her in and lifting her up, dropping her straight on her back with his Philly Slam. Hardcore rolled over and hooked the outside leg, getting a two count.

Getting back to his feet, Hardcore picks up Dagger, but is countered and quickly spun down to the mat by his head, Dagger executing a picture perfect neck breaker. She floats over and gets a two count. Not being deterred, Dagger picks up Hardcore who starts fighting back, again sending a right hand her way. Dagger backs up and Hardcore pursues, going for a second, but this time he’s blocked. Dagger sends a stiff kick to Hardcore’s midsection, then springboards off the middle rope and connects with her Beauty No More! Her heel collides with Hardcore’s face and knocks him down and out for Dagger’s pin attempt.

Winner: Dagger