World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Dagger vs Justin Case

Singles Match

Both opponents started out on high spirits, with move after move that would put Cirque du Soleil to shame. After the two go at it with intense action back and forth, suddenly Dagger gets the upper hand blocking a fisherman's suplex into a massive DDT! With Case down and out Dagger goes up stairs and while Dagger stands on the top turnbuckle she soaks up the camera flashes when this happens....

Jon McDaniel: What the heck?! Who the hell is that?!

Brian Rentfro: Looks like a man dressed in black with a mask on!

This unknown man jumps the barricades and climbs atop the apron. Pushing Dagger down as the ref has no choice but to ring the bell. That isn't the last of it!

This masked intruder takes Dagger into his grasp and performs a massive Power bomb! Dagger's head hits hard on the canvus with a huge thud!

Before the offical announcement hits, Justin Case rolls out of the ring as he celebrates with the masked man up the ramp.

Eric Emerson: As a result of a DQ, here is your winner.....DAGGERRRRR!!

Jon McDaniel: And now Dagger is hurt bad! Case warned something like this would happen.

Brian Rentfro: He doesn't care about the result this time, he is all smiles with this unknown man! We should learn to take Justin Case at his word. But I'm in shock!

Jon McDaniel: So is the rest of the PWA!

Jethro Hayes vs Mr Hardcore

Non-Title Match

Two grumpy mothers fuckers square of in the center of the ring. Delaying the match between Mr. Hardcore and Hayes for a full five minutes as the security escorted the two grumpy motherfuckers out of the arena. Once the match actually started Jetro was the first to make the offence. Cause you know, he's a country boy, and they wake up at ungodly hours to whisper to the corn and such. Now Haye's is a big dude, so overpowering the smaller man from Philly wasn't all that difficult. Some shit happened that lead up to a powerslam that shook the earth. Seriously, people were knocked out of their seat and the ring laid there a crater.

But hardcore emerged from the crater wrapped in a golden light. He kind of just stood there screaming for a whole five minutes while some guy with a gravely voice and a widows peak was muttering impossible. Hardcore charged forth with a light speed flurry of punches and kicks, nailing the large country boy and causing him to stagger back. With a great feat of strength hardcore managed to retaliate with an earth shatter powerslam of his own. Some epic shit happened with awesome back and forth trash talk but the plow proved to be too much for Hardcore. Well, the Plow and the Phoenix coming out and hitting the Flame on him.

Winner: Jethro Hayes

Blow At High Dough

We cut to a long haired Hunter Sullivan sitting in a stereotypical dark room, with a stereotypical glass of whiskey. Very Noir.

“Open curtain, hit the lights. Spiraling kaleidoscope of Childhood fantasies, captured by naivety, brought to fruition with bastardized commitment. A man fused with boy, I was foolish. I became a Wrestler.”

Twirl the glass, rub the knee.

“Enthralled by barrelling summersaults, towering men, momentous victory celebrations, I was seduced. Suckered and manipulated I began a career defined by its immortalization of characters, 5 years of my life guided by some sick standard of reward. I conquered, cheated, lied, stole, deceived, lived through greed and reaped from it’s bosom an addiction. I became an addict Raizzor. Not just on some commonplace over the counter pain medicine, but for notoriety, fame in all its denominations. I became addicted to wrestling.”

“Choices were no longer made through the constructs of moral parameters, but rather through what it was I could gain. Matches not fought with pride of sport, but for the high of meaningless abysmal, and arbitrary, ‘accomplishments.’ I was blasting men with bats, chairs, steel and blade, taking livelihoods, shortening careers, so that one day I could sit here and say I was somebody. I removed from my body any semblance of what is considered a ‘man’…. kindness, understanding, gentleness, feelings and caring, all to be some paper-mache king, craving, twitching, surviving off a guttural, feral, passion for meaningless goals.”

A slight chuckle, a sip, smile.

“Spare me your jokes and mockery Sommers. I’m fully aware of how ridiculous I sound. The humour runs dry however when you look at the broken down person in front of you. I was but a man looking for his fix when I fell from the battle dome, crippling myself. I was looking for my addiction when I found myself stabbed with rail road spikes and left for dead.”

“I-I… Me….what a fucking sophisticated joke. I apologize Raizzor, we both know the on and off re-emergences a man going by the name Hunter Sullivan since 2009, have been an ugly misrepresentation of a man who once walked these halls.”

“That man doesn’t even look you in the eye right now, he’s dead. Simple. Don’t ask for his return, don’t plead for his vengeance, his fire, his talent, his commitment. Hunter Sullivan died of his addiction; stabbed in the heart, broken, beaten by the words “not medically cleared.” He withered and passed with each match that kept slipping in quality, spiraling until what you had left was me, A man who lost to Shadow Starr of all people. Which is fucking disgusting.”

“Fuck that guy and everything he became, fuck the flailing, the failed comebacks, the desperate clings to spot lights, fuck the addiction that made him this. I’d also like to extend a ‘Fuck you’ to you Raizzor, for your contribution, fuck the PWA and it’s crass short term memory, Fuck the PWA for turning the man I loved most in the world, the man I trusted, I confided in, into a sorry heap of desires.”

A calm silence, a deep breath.

“But most of all… Fuck me. Fuck what I did to him.”

A stern point to my own chest.

“I challenged you about a year ago Raizzor, and I did it because I hated the name, I hated the broken legacy, the fickle attendance record that I tacked on with an asterix. I could have wept there at genesis, I could have hidden away and never returned, I had betrayed, stabbed in the heart, and finally put to rest the man that brought me to the dance, the name I have been living off of for all these years. There was no Viper anymore, nothing but a shitty cover band. I recognize that, and I want to remedy it.”

“I gave myself one year to do it.”

“Physical therapy, working out, training, mental challenges. I spent a year looking myself in the face and telling myself that if I can do all this damage, all this fucking barbaric terrorism, that maybe I could do one thing positive.”

“Genesis, is a tribute, an apology.”

“Genesis, I come, I show up, and I give Hunter Sullivan one last match, his last match.”

“Genesis, It ends.”

Anna Matthews & Cody Bogard vs Matt Stone & TMB

PWA Tag Team Title Match

Eric Emerson: "This match is scheduled for one fall, with the added stipulation of Tornado rules!"

Brian Rentfro: "All four participants are allowed to be in the ring at once."

Upon learning this news, Stone and TMB stop bickering and exchange an unsure look. Opposite to these two, Mathews and Bogard chat with relaxed expressions. Mathews & Bogard step out of their corner and egg TMB & Stone to meet them at the center of the ring, which they do. Some smacktalk happens but distinguishing what's being said is difficult.


Immediately dropping to a knee from the impact, Bogard unwillingly allows TMB to lift him up off the canvas and hit an implant DDT for good measure. He covers.



TMB gets to his feet, a little pissed, but lifts Bogard up once more but goes to put him into an abdominal stretch, yet Bogard slips away! Right away, Bogard charges, clotheslines TMB into a corner springboard cutter that flattens TMB outward.

On the other side, Mathews stumbles around after three back-to-back brainbusters by Stone, and then Stone locks up with her for a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! Bogard now capable of helping his partner against the PWA Tag Champions, the Hollywood Megastar heads up to the top rope and comes flying off with a high-angled swan dive, landing his ankle HARD across Matt Stone’s head!! The World Champion collapses rather dramatic.

A pin is attempted by Bogard on Stone, but the instinctive World Champ places a foot on the bottom rope. Therefore, Bogard lifts Stone up off the canvas and cracks him across the face by bringing him face-down while shooting his own knee up. Matt Stone drops to his knees and low-blows Bogard as a last resort!! Bogard awkwardly stumbles pass Stone as the Tag Champ rubs his aching face.

Crawling away and then slowly getting to his feet, Stone rushes Bogard but the Boxoffice Hero sidesteps, gets behind Stone, and then reverse DDTs him onto the canvas! Soon as Bogard hooks the leg, TMB (who just overhead belly-to-belly suplex Anna Mathews over the top rope!) missile dropkicks Bogard in the back of his head! Released from his pinned position, Stone rolls out of the ring and scoffs, looking around angrily at the now-collective cheering crowd. It’s at this point we see Anna Mathews run around the corner and powerfully clothesline Stone head-over-heels!!

Back in the ring, TMB immediately attacks Bogard, laying heavy mud-stomps! Next, TMB jumps back and leaps forth, punt kicking Bogard in the god damn skull!!! Mindset-wise, Bogard is a freaking mess as TMB saves Stone once more by suicide diving through the ropes and taking Anna - who was about to lift Stone for a massive powerbomb - down onto his side!!

Brian Rentfro: "How the hell would Anna have lift Stone, anyhow?"

TMB slides in after Stone, to leave Anna struggling outside below. The PWA Tag Champs exchange a high-five, but Bogard sneakily darts off the mat and double clotheslines both of them!! Covering TMB, Bogard doesn't attempt a pin but blasts Thomas thrice with stiff forearms against his chin all the meanwhile spewing profanity only 'the Last of the Famous International Playboys' could!

Stone lunges and cracks Bogard over the head with a hard hammer punch, thus Bogard ceases his action altogether. The crowd is going nuts, but likely because of all this insane nonstop action and not for a specific team! Bogard tries to defend himself but fails because Stone's bionic elbows are enough to jumble Cody's senses and also bust the Boxoffice Hero wide open! The Champs both stand and look at the bleeding Bogard hopelessly stirring on the canvas, with a sickening chuckle. Together, they pull Bogard up and whip him into the ropes. When Cody returns, Stone hoists Cody up into midair: EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!!! Bogard is utterly obliterated, so Stone covers.

OH SHIT! Stone is tackled onto the mat by Anna, followed by Mathews's mounted punching! However, Anna takes a hard thrust kick to the ribs into an implant DDT by Thomas! TMB turns Anna for a small package pin, yet Mathews reverses for a package of her own, but this is so Anna can switch to a mount position and forearm TMB repeatedly in the face, which inevitably draws blood after opening skin along the right brow!!

Brian Rentfro: "A sick amount of blood is spilling from Thomas's forehead right now, Jon."

Yes, Rent. Lifted onto his feet, TMB is shoved between Anna's thighs, who tries to powerbomb TMB into a corner turnbuckle, but a swift counter of hurricanrana throws Anna spine-first into the corner, landing on her head in the process!! Thomas dives for the cover, but when referee Lance Weston counts to two, Bogard scoop slams Stone on top of TMB, albeit also atop Anna but the pin attempt is broken, nevertheless!

Pulling Stone onto his feet by the hair, Bogard ensures fast flooring via gutwrench suplex in order to hurriedly respond to TMB's standing. Pissed off by Bogard's interruption, Thomas spins a backfist at the challenger, though Bogard surprisingly ducks beneath and executes an inverted three-quarter facelock backbreaker! Having taken out both Stone and TMB alone, Bogard keeps the two PWA Champs at bay by serving four stomps to both in sets. This allows Anna Mathews to gather herself, and when she does, an ascension up a nearby turnbuckle happens, and then a high-angle swan dive onto Matt Stone!!

Brian Rentfro: "Hurry up and pin him! Don't they realize victory is a mere inch away??"

As if they overheard Rentfro's complaint, Bogard and Anna both cover Stone! One mere count away from the three, Thomas Manchester Black cannonballs onto the Challengers to halt Weston's count - WHAT! They both moved out of the way, so TMB lands on Stone!! In the midst of Bogard knife-edge chopping TMB into retreat, Anna Mathews heads toward the apron. Opting to risk herself, Anna pulls herself onto the top rope and leaps forth to 'diving seated senton' Stone onto his back, where once more Anna unleashes a ball of violent forearms onto poor Stone's face! Simultaneously, Bogard unloads a set of seven back-to-back snap suplexes on TMB, concluding in a T-Bone suplex! Bogard covers TMB!

Matt Stone barely breaks the pin in time. The ref orders him out of the ring, but the PWA World champion is having none of it and shoves Lance Weston away. Weston is having none of that and calls for the bell.

Winner: Anna Matthews & Cody Bogard via DQ