World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


A Long Time Coming

The opening faux classical guitar from Coheed & Cambria's "Welcome Home" comes through the PA system and the arena lights dim. A voice says, "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds". Pyros explode as the electric guitar kicks in and standing at the top of the entrance ramp is the Phoenix. Standing behind him are the three hooded figures. They head to the ring, walking in formation. One after another they climb the ring steps, stepping through the ropes and gather in the middle of the ring.

The Phoenix: For the last couple of days I've heard people say that the Mayans were wrong. December 21st came and went and the world is still spinning. I saw you're all a bunch of fools. The Mayans never said the world was going to end. The merely said that day would be the end of an era, the end of an age. And afterwards a new era and a new age would dawn. It would be a new start for the world. In other words, the Mayans were very, very right.

The Phoenix: The AOWF has just witnessed the ending of an era, though they weren't aware of it. Do any of you even know what happens when an age ends? Let me clue you all in. When an age ends, the world moves on and the old gods all die. But in their place, in the new age, new gods are born to rule. And that is exactly what has happened. The AOWF just underwent a shift in power. The old gods of the average and of mediocrity have been killed, buried in an unmarked grave, never to be mourned. And right here, right now, the new gods are rising up, ready to take their place and shape the new world. That is why I've been made sacrifices all these weeks. First of myself. Just like another misunderstood man, I died for your sins. Then I sacrificed poor Jethro Hayes. The blood of the innocent was required for the creation of the new gods. And now, tonight, I'll be taking the blood of Thomas Manchester Black, the man that unwittingly started the events that have led to this very moment.

The Phoenix: When I speak of the death and rebirth of gods, I know what I'm talking about. I'm the Phoenix, destruction and rebirth all in one. I've seen the destruction of the old, now I'm here to aid in the birth of the new. And that is why I stand here tonight, before the entire world, standing at the dawn of a new age. That is why I stand here, ready to present your new objects of worship, the new gods of the AOWF. And how fitting this is. After all, isn't this traditionally the time for the birth of gods?

The Phoenix: For weeks now, we've done what we wanted. We've waged war, attacked and injured anyone we wanted. But I clearly haven't been acting alone. There are three men that I view as peers. Three men that are as talented, as smart, and as perfect as the Phoenix. Three men that I respect and want to have at my side as the world ends.

The Phoenix: Ladies and gentlemen... I present to you... the Pantheon.

The crowd boos and the Phoenix smirks.

The Phoenix: You all know me. I'm the Phoenix, Death, Destruction, Fire and hell. I promise you all that this world will burn. All of this will be destroyed. All except the four men standing here tonight. Who stands with me? Who will join me in rebuilding the AOWF? I know the names jumping into your minds. You're all pathetic. You're thinking of Chamelion, Raizzor, Sirus Moran, Matthew Engel. Don't make me laugh. I said these are new gods for a new age. The men behind me are the future, not the past. For now, their identities will remain hidden. Because we don't just want to destroy the AOWF, when we rebuild it we want it to be better than before. And that means mentally as well. So I'll give you all a puzzle to solve. I won't tell you the names of the members, but I will tell you who they are.

The Phoenix: Here is your god of war.

The largest of the men, towering over the others, steps forward.

The Phoenix: The god of wisdom.

The medium sized man, slightly taller than the Phoenix, steps forward.

The Phoenix: And last, but certainly not least, the trickster god.

The smallest of the three, roughly the same size as the Phoenix, steps forward.

The Phoenix: We are your new Pantheon. Worship us or be destroyed. And now... the time for the next sacrifice is upon us.

The Phoenix smiles as Eric Emerson enters the ring.

The Phoenix vs TMB

Last Man Standing Match

Eric Emerson: The following fight is a Last Man Standing match. The first competitor that fails to answer a 10 count, loses. Already in the ring, from St Louis, Missouri... The Phoenix!

The crowd boos because they really don't like the Phoenix. But you probably already knew that.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

The piercing guitar riff of "They Are Lost" by Last Remaining Pinnacle blast over the PA system, as the lights street to flicker red.

Eric Emerson: From Tokyo, Japan by the way of his hometown, The Queen City…Charlotte , North Carolina...

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing baggy Blue jeans and boots. He tops that off by wearing a Grey North Carolina Tar Heels Hoodie with a towel over his head & his forearms and fists taped up. On his fist and forearm tape you see the words “Violent Messiah”. Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air.

Eric Emerson: He is the former AOWF IC Champion, PWA Grizzly Beer Champion & PWA Heavyweight Champion of the World...

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd that are tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn't even look at the ref as he makes his way to the middle of the ring. He folds his arms as Carolina Blue and White streamers flood the ring, Japanese style. TMB bows to the fans and goes to the corner as Ring Hands start to clean the streamers from the ring.


TMB heads to the ring with a look of intense concentration on his face. He quickly rolls into the ring and stares daggers at his opponent.

TMB stands in his corner, holding his chair, while Phoenix is in his corner with an almost trance like stare at TMB. The bell rings, and TMB makes a bee-line for Phoenix. He winds up to strike, but as Phoenix puts his arms up, TMB throws the chair. Phoenix dodges, but can’t focus on the chair and the man, giving TMB an opening to drill Phoenix in the chest with a spinning elbow. Phoenix stumbles back a foot into the corner as TMB continues with a barrage of elbows. After five hard strikes, TMB goes for a standing roundhouse kick. Phoenix ducks the kick though, and pushes TMB so he catches his knee on the top rope as he brings his leg down. Phoenix grabs TMB by his pants and lifts the rest of him up and over the top rope.

Jon McDaniel: Not long into this match and it’s already spilling to the outside.

Brian Rentfro: Phoenix has a bone to pick.

Jon McDaniel: More like a whole museum of bones to pick.

As TMB goes to push himself off the ground, Phoenix jumps to the tub turnbuckle. He stands, holds his arms out sideways for balance, and then jumps. TMB turns to be met by the falling Phoenix’s elbow. The fans jump to their feet.

Brian Rentfro: Jesus!

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix with an elbow of his own.

A few seconds and both men are still pushing up off the ground.

Jon McDaniel: Can we see that again?

We see an instant reply, and it shows the back of TMB’s head slam into the guard rails, and the top of Phoenix’s head slam into it as well.

Brian Rentfro: That explains why they’re both a little loopy.

Getting the lesser of that bump, Phoenix gets to his knees, and seems to shake it off. He turns and crawls to the ring, before lifting up the ring apron. He throws out a trash can, chair, and even a large wrench, but doesn’t come out. Finally, Phoenix stops and crawls back out. He stands and smirks as he twirls a kendo stick with one hand. Phoenix begins taunting TMB, winding the stick up as if to crack him across the head, before pulling back to aim some more. The crowd starts “LETS-GO-BLACK” “HIT-HIM-PHOE-NIX” chants back and forth. Finally, Phoenix holds a finger to his mouth, as if to tell the crowd to be quiet. He winds up, holding the stick behind his head, but in the blink of an eye, he’s bent over with his mouth wide open. The camera pans out to show TMB holding that large wrench up between Phoenix’s legs.

Brian Rentfro: And the Phoenix just got burned.

Jon McDaniel: Well, only the Phoenix would be so cocky this early in a match.

Brian Rentfro: Now that’s hardly fair Jon; I can think of plenty of guys that cocky. Matt Engel, Matt Stone, Simon Kalis, Chamelion…

Rentfro trails off as TMB has gotten back to his feet. Still holding the wrench, he winds up, and cracks Phoenix across the side of the face with it. The crowd lets out a huge “OOOOOOOHHHHHH.” Phoenix stumbles over to the ring stairs, and tries to catch his breath. TMB follows behind, waving the wrench in the air. As he gets to Phoenix, he wastes no time bringing the wrench down on Phoenix’s head. However, Phoenix shoves himself away, and TMB strikes the metal stairs. He lets go of the wrench as we hear a loud clang, and turns only to be tackled by Phoenix; slamming TMB against the ring apron. Phoenix takes a few deeps breathes before backing away from TMB, but TMB swings at him. Phoenix dodges, and sweeps TMB’s legs out, causing him to fall to a knee. Phoenix then quickly staggers over to the entrance ramp. TMB sees Phoenix making a quick exit, and drags himself to his feet. TMB catches Phoenix half way up the ramp, and they begin trading blows.

Jon McDaniel: TMB not too happy to see Phoenix trying to duck out.

Brian Rentfro: Oh please Jon. That was a tactical retreat. Phoenix doesn’t run from anyone.

The two battle to the top of the ramp, throwing punches back and forth with each other. Both men teeter near the edge of the top of the ramp, and finally, TMB lands a hard right that causes Phoenix to stumble. TMB reaches out around Phoenix’s neck.


Brian Rentfro: COUNTER!

Phoenix shoves TMB forward, causing him to fall over the edge of the ramp. The crowd is on their feet groaning as TMB crashes through two tables. Phoenix holds up his arms to bask in the glow of the boos. He stops though to tell the ref to hurry up and count.






Phoenix begins dusting his hands as if to signal he’s done here.



The crowd is cheering. Phoenix doesn’t know why.



The ref and Phoenix both look down the ramp to see TMB has walked around to the bottom. The ref waves the count off as Phoenix looks stunned. Phoenix takes a few steps back, before turning and bolting into the back. TMB takes off after him. Both men disappear into the back; ref chasing after.

Jon McDaniel: Bear with us here folks as they get a camera man back there.

We see a camera running towards the two men fighting in the loading area of the arena. TMB and Phoenix are now trading blows again. TMB ducks a punch and pulls Phoenix in for a high knee. TMB steps back, lining Phoenix up. As Phoenix raises his head, TMB drills him with the Chin Check. Phoenix hits the ground and his legs fold over him. TMB jumps to his feet as the ref counts.








TMB walks past the ref and pulls Phoenix up, and lines up for the Branches of Sin again. However, TMB is attacked from behind by three men in masks and robes.

McDaniels: Not these guys again.

One quickly helps Phoenix regain his footing. Phoenix reaches out for TMB, and slams a hard fist into the side of his face. TMB is knocked sideways, and Phoenix shoulder tackles his knee. TMB falls to the ground, and Phoenix quickly looks off screen before turning to his men.

Phoenix: HOLD HIM!

The three men dog pile on TMB’s arms and legs. Phoenix goes off screen. TMB struggles as the three men have a hell of a time trying to keep him down. Suddenly, the camera zooms out to show Phoenix driving a forklift. He drives it over next to TMB, and brings a wooden pallet down on TMB so that his feet and head are all that stick out.

Phoenix: COUNT!

The ref counts.




Jon McDaniel: Phoenix is a damn cheat!


Brian Rentfro: You mean brilliant!


Jon McDaniel: No, I mean a CHEAT!...but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.





Phoenix jumps down.


Phoenix kicks TMB in the face. His head goes limp.



Dagger vs Lucy Starr

Grizzly Beer Contendership Match

After they entered the ring, Dagger and Starr would curtly nod to each other as the bell sounds, they both go in for a lock up, but it’s Starr who gets the early advantage, able to ground Dagger with a quick snap mare followed by a side headlock. Dagger would fight out of the hold only to find herself whipped into the far corner, followed by a shoulder thrust by Starr. Lucious starts the mounted punches in the corner, but only gets to four before being pushed off. Starr goes in and gets a kick to the face for his troubled. Rocked back, Dagger spring boards off the middle rope and connects with a sun set flip, getting a two count. Starr powers out and scrambled to his feet only to be brought back down by a deep arm drag. Repeating the process, Starr is starting to get more frustrated. Getting up again, Starr blocks the third arm drag and catches Dagger, bringing her down across his knee with a back breaker. Starr would follow up by grabbing Dagger’s legs and wrapping her up, locking in his Claim your Soul submission hold. Starr leaned back, applying as much pressure as he could to the woman, however fortunately for her they were close enough to the ropes for Dagger to break the hold. Starr maintained the hold for a three count, getting admonished by the referee. Pushing passed him, Starr went to grab Dagger only to find himself the victim of a kip-up hurricanranna. Star flipped on his back which gave Dagger enough time to get up and catch him coming in with her Beauty No More heel kick! Starr went down and that was all she wrote after a deep leg hook, the referee found a three count.

Winner: Dagger


The camera shifts backstage, where Bud Adams is standing in front of a large "X-Mas at Ground Zero" backdrop, microphone in hand.

Bud Adams: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, please welcome your PWA World Champion, Emily Corlen.

The camera pans to Bud's right, where Emily Corlen is standing in wait, the PWA World Title over her shoulder and her AoWF Intercontinental Title around her waist. The crowd boos loudly.

Bud Adams: Emily, tonight, you face what will undoubtedly be the toughest challenge of your Championship reign, as you step into the Dome of Destruction and defend your title against -

Emily puts her hand up, silencing Bud while stifling a chuckle.

Emily Corlen: Let me stop you right there, Bud. The toughest challenge of my Championship reign? Where do you get THAT from?

Bud Adams: Well... you're not just defending your title against one person. You've got five people gunning for your Championship tonight, and not to mention, you're -

Again, Emily interrupts Bud.

Emily Corlen: Five people? Big whoop. Let's take a look at exactly WHO I'm defending the title against. Cody Bogard? Beat him. Gabe Shelley? Beat him. Matt Stone? Beat him. Jethro Hayes? Took this title off him back in July. And Anna Mathews? Haven't beat her yet, but after tonight, that's gonna change.

Bud Adams: Right, but -

Emily Corlen: No buts, Bud! Tonight isn't the most challenging fight of my career, or my Championship reign, or anything even remotely close to that. Tonight, I step into the Dome of Destruction against a wave of previous conquests I've already toppled, and I get to showcase my excellence to the world by beating them all one more time. I also get to pay PuppetBitch back for embarrassing me a few weeks ago on Rampage.

Emily's lip curls at the mention of Anna. Bud uses this opportunity to jump back in.

Bud Adams: But, Emily, what I'm trying to say is... tonight, you step into the Dome of Destruction as World Champion... and no Champion has retained inside the Dome. Ever. The odds tonight are calling for the end of your reign as PWA World Champion.

Emily turns to Bud and slowly looks him up and down. She moves closer to him, moving her hands close to his neck. He braces himself for an attack, but relaxes as Emily instead casually adjusts his shirt collar, smirking.

Emily Corlen: Two things to say to that, Bud. One... never tell me the odds.

She chuckles, taking a step back.

Emily Corlen: And two... you're almost correct. No Champion has retained inside the Dome of Destruction... yet. There's a first time for everything, and I do so enjoy making history.

She winks at Bud before turning her attention fully to the camera.

Emily Corlen: Whether any of you idiots in the crowd or knuckle draggers in the back like it or not, Emily Corlen is walking into the Dome of Destruction tonight as the PWA World Champion, and Emily Corlen is walking OUT of the Dome of Destruction tonight as the PWA World Champion. I didn't come this close to my goal of main eventing Genesis XIII only to lose now, and especially not to a loser like Cody or Jethro, a quitter like Gabe or Matt, or an untalented nut job like Anna. Emily Corlen is the best damn thing going today and tonight will not change that. Believe it.

Bud Adams: I see. One more quick question for you, Emily.

Emily Corlen: Shoot.

Bud Adams: You're currently dating one of your opponents tonight, Matt Stone. What will you do if it comes down to the two of you inside the Dome?

Without hesitation, Emily responds.

Emily Corlen: I'll break his neck and end his career. He's not as important to me as this Championship is. A girl has to have her priorities in order, Bud.

Emily laughs coldly.

Emily Corlen: Honestly. What a silly question.

With that, Emily pats Bud on the shoulder and walks off screen. Bud watches her go for a moment before nodding to the camera, sending the feed back to ringside.

Ben Dyce vs Mr Hardcore vs Justin Case

Santas Surprise Match

Jon McDaniel: Look at that tree, Ren.

Jon, of course, is pointing out the exceptionally large tree at the top of the stage, to Jon's right side; standing next to the jumbo tron and a 'Ground Zero' banner.

Brian Rentfro: It looks fit for a town square.

Jon McDaniel: Three big presents sit underneath its hundreds of branches, but for no one in particular.

Brian Rentfro: Sure hope Justin Case knows what he's doing today. The kid needs a Christmas miracle for that career of his.

Jon McDaniel: Competing against Hardcore and Benji Dyce is no easy feat; especially a fellow like Dyce. He's beaten many important persons since he returned.

Brian Rentfro: No kidding. 'AoWF & REBEL Pro World Champion' The Phoenix, 'PWA Hall of Famer' Matthew Engel, 'PWA Icon' Jethro Hayes, 'Former PWA Intercontinental, Tag and Grizzly Champ' Emperor Ian, and as of late, Elena Simonova, the former Grizzly champ!

Jon McDaniel: One hundred-nineteen days she hung on to that gem of a strap. Last person closest to such an achievement was, I believe, El Gringo Tonto back in 2010.

Brian Rentfro: And didn't he defeat Emily Corlen to win that?

Jon McDaniel: Yes he did, Ren!

Brian Rentfro: And Dyce's whole objective is to show-up the Queen of PWA over what a champion should reflect.

Jon McDaniel: In a match like this, how does one retain?

Brian Rentfro: Regardless of how these boys go about it, they're playing Russian Roulette, through and through. First, you got to pin or submit someone, and then you free yourself from the match to pick a present. Yet that victory ultimately may not mean squat depending on the gift you pick. What we do know is one of those boxes contains the Grizzly Beer Championship, another has the 'golden ticket', so to speak, while the remaining is a dud.

Jon McDaniel: For clarification, let's say Benjamin Dyce gets pinned by Mr. Hardcore. Hardcore doesn't necessarily win the Grizzly Beer Championship, right? He merely selects a present, and for all we know, Dyce may end up with the box that holds the championship, despite if he loses?

Brian Rentfro: That's right. Even if Dyce were defeated twice, that holds no direct consequence over the outcome of this match. Think of this as a competitive version of 'White Elephant'.

We hear MR. HARDCORE! yelled over the speakers before Fight Music by D-12 starts to play. As Artist with a bomb, strapped to my stomach screaming, LETS GET IT ON is heard, four red pyro blasts shoot straight up from the ramp three different times. As the last one goes off, the fans begin to cheer as Mr. Hardcore walks out. He is wearing black jeans, a black hoodie, and his wrists are taped. He raises his arms in the air and two more huge explosions go off behind him. Mr. Hardcore then walks down the ramp towards the ring, taking off his hoodie to reveal a white wife beater. He gets to the ring and rolls in before walking to the middle of the ring. He looks out to the crowd, then leans his head back, as he holds his arms out. Mr. Hardcore thrives off the chorus of cheers. Mr. Hardcore then stares up the ramp, waiting for his opponent.

Brian Rentfro: Why doesn't this prick go job elsewhere?

Jon McDaniel: Take your own advice by applying for a job at TGW.

Brian Rentfro: I would if I could, but I hear they're sleeping.

All of the lights by Yeezy hits the P.A. and out comes The Chosen One , Justin Case! He stands at the entrance way, a toy belt around his waist with his manager beside him, as pyro shoots out on either side. Case soaks in boos from the crowd coz they give him power. He raises his arms in the very talented air! Case then struts down the ramp way, as The Wiz lingers behind, with his cane, limping. TCO struts to the squared circle with a cockily arrogance that only he can endeavor upon. Once from inside the ring, he steps to the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd on hand. Whether they like him or not, it does not matter. His manager hits his cane on the apron showing his approval. Jumping off the ropes he prepares for the match by pulling on the upper rope as his music ends.

Jon McDaniel: May be time for some talented action, eh, Brian?

Brian Rentfro: Why do you say it like that?

Jon McDaniel: You're such a fan of his.

Brian Rentfro: Oh okay.

Now We Are Free by Lisa Gerrard begins to play softly over the speakers as Benjamin Dyce steps out.

Eric Emerson: Introducing! He stands in at 6 feet and 6 inches tall, weighing in at 270 pounds...

Benjamin Dyce spreads his arms out as a fog begins to rise around the entrance ramp, following him as he makes his way down. Behind him Maya waves to the fans as she follows closely behind him. His long reach allows him to caress the hands of fans on either side of him as he makes his way, some fans reaching out for his touch while others shriek away. He never once removes his eyes from the ring. Maya never once removes her eyes off of him.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Glasgow, Scottland!

Benjamin Dyce climbs the steel steps and climbs into the ring right over the top rope.

Eric Emerson: Accompanied to the ring by Maya Kalis! He is... BENJAMIN DYCE!

Spectre raises his right fist into the air, Maya wrapping her arms around his waist and chest as he lowers his head as pyros sway upwards behind him in magnificent display.

Jon McDaniel: Why does Emerson only introduce the champion?

Brian Rentfro: You answered yourself.

Daniel Davis doesn't get halfway through reminding all three competitors of the rules because Justin Case cooks up chops for both Hardcore and Benjamin, to the Wiz's encouragement. Yet that was short-lived, thanks to Dyce bicycle kicking Justin Case! The kick connected with Justin's chin, so the 'talented one' flipped backward and rolled to the apron cursing in terrible pain. With Justin out of the way momentarily, Dyce and Hardcore exchange hands, with the Champ eventually jumbling Hardcore's senses through a spine-tingling (for fans, anyway) uppercut! Hardcore staggers badly, and collides with corner turnbuckles. Not a second later, Hardcore is sent over the corner top rope by Dyce's hardcore version of a supposedly 'basic' running dropkick!

Brian Rentfro: God damn, what power from the champ!

Jon McDaniel: It's action like that when you can recognize the effect of Simon Kalis's training.

Brian Rentfro: He's definitely got the spirit of a Kalis.

Looking on, Maya whistles for her man, Benjamin Dyce, who bows in her direction, synchronized with the crowd's uproarious applause. Unknowingly, Dyce has sat himself up for Justin Case, who stood on the apron, and has propelled himself into the air via ropes to now leg drop the nape of Dyce's neck, thus forcing Benjamin face-first into the canvas!! Maya's mouth opens in shock, the Wiz happily shouts 'Yeah!', but more noticeably, Brian Rentfro coldly laughs.

Jon McDaniel: Dyce may be unconscious after that.

Brian Rentfro: Noggin against padded plywood. Hmm, wonder why?

Once turned over, Justin smartly doesn't go for a pin but a cripple crossface is applied instead!

Jon McDaniel: Now, he'll need to escape this rather than simply raise a shoulder.

Though the face plant hurt badly, Dyce kept control over his outward expression to play 'an unconscious possum' as evident by his initial surprising attempt to swing a right hand when Justin grabbed the left arm. Because of the punch, Justin's 'talented senses' commanded him to grab Dyce's right hand and wristlock into the crossface Dyce is currently trapped in. Twice, Dyce rolled Justin over but the submission hold stayed locked. When hope was seemingly gone, Mr. Hardcore returned to the match, finally, by punching the back of Justin's head so hard, the talented one yelled in a weak voice only someone so talented could have.

Released from his submission imprisonment, Dyce retreats to Maya, leaving Hardcore to unload destructive hands into Justin's backside! A whopping eighteen blows landed on Justin, but even so, when Hardcore lifted Justin for a powerbomb, Justin forearm smashed Hardcore's eye socket, which temporarily blinded the Philadelphia cruiser and also unintentionally permitted Justin to 'seated senton' Hardcore onto his back and double leg cradle!!

Brian Rentfro: What do you know?! Talent prevails!

Jon McDaniel: Justin is hightailing out of the ring, now, and rightly so, because Hardcore is livid!

Brian Rentfro: Hardcore is going to complain of another cheap win by Justin, just you wait.

Jon McDaniel: It wasn't cheap at all, to be honest. Justin reversed and proceeded accordingly. Now, he has first pick, and right away, he knows which present he wants!

Brian Rentfro: Ugh. The Shrek wrapping paper one.

Jon McDaniel: But the match isn't over, yet! We got two presents left, and now we're down to Hardcore vs. the champ, Benjamin Dyce.

In the midst of Justin's pinning earlier, Benjamin tried to stop it but was a second too late. Though Dyce did manage to clothesline Justin onto his side after Davis counted the three, there's that little vengeance for earlier. Nevertheless, as Hardcore stood in fury, Dyce remained calm to bash a forearm against Hardcore's chest, thus compelling Hardcore to stagger but not to be clotheslined. And so, nearly avoiding possible decapitation by dropping onto his knees all Matrix-like, Hardcore sharply turns on his knees and shoots off the canvas to half-nelson suplex Dyce!! Landing once more on his head, the Champion may actually be unconscious this time!

Jon McDaniel: Hardcore lateral presses!

Brian Rentfro: But Dyce kicks out! Thank god.

Jon McDaniel: He at least has to have a concussion.

Dyce shoves Hardcore away so he could stand, but clearly, Dyce is dazed. Though it looks like Dyce knows what's going on and what he's doing, there's hesitation in his eyes. When Hardcore swung a hand, Dyce threw two firm punches that busted Hardcore's lip! Blood leaks from the wound but Hardcore stays in the fight, soon connecting two of his own punches into Dyce's gut! Benjamin shoots for an uppercut, but misses! Hardcore swings a spinning backfist, though slips when Benjamin legsweeps! With Hardcore on his back, Benjamin drops an elbow immediately upon Hardcore's falling. Even though the elbow nailed Hardcore heavily, the Philly Cruiser took hold of Dyce's arm and tried to dislocate it! Catching wind of this, Dyce uses his free hand to hammer Hardcore upside his head, in fear!

Jon McDaniel: Hardcore releases his grip!

Brian Rentfro: Benji has opened the left brow of Hardcore!

Jon McDaniel: Blood is now blurring Hardcore's vision!

Daniel Davis intervenes between the two, forcing them to stop and stand. The crowd doesn't like that, and even the commentators are baffled by his decision to do so.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell is he standing them for?

Without delay, Hardcore saw Benjamin's confused stoppage as a moment of opportunity, and so uppercuts the Grizzly Champ in such a superman fashion! Having a dosage of his own medicine, Dyce drops onto a knee, to which practically enables Hardcore to swiftly football kick Dyce in the face, which he does so extremely!!

Brian Rentfro: FUCKING HELL!

Straightforward from that, Dyce drops all dead! Mister Hardcore appropriately turns Dyce over and hooks the leg, and to Maya's dismay, Daniel Davis quickly counts the one-two-three!

Jon McDaniel: Mister Hardcore has pinned the Grizzly Beer Champ!!

Brian Rentfro: Jesus. I mean, JESUS!!!!

Santastic Andy Strickland

Fantastic Andy Strickland comes out dressed as Santa Claus. He's got a large red sack over his shoulder.

Fantastic Andy: Hey, hey... Wait, I think that's copyrighted. Hi, hi, hi. There, I can copyright that myself. Hi, hi, hi, merry Xmas. Well, you three boys have been very... err... present this year. And that means Santastic Andy has gifts for each of you. Let's see... Justin Case, you got to pick the very first present, so let's see what Santastic Andy has for you.

Santastic Andy reaches into his bag and pulls out a small object in a blue case.

Fantastic Andy: Ah, very nice! You get a copy of "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows" on blu-ray! It turns out Santastic Andy accidentally bought an extra one of these, so his mistake is your gain! And... uh... here's a $5 gift card to Borders bookstore! Merry Xmas!

Justin Case doesn't look too thrilled. But hey, he got a free blu-ray out of it.

Fantastic Andy: Hi, hi, hi, let's see what's next. Mr Hardcore, you pinned the Grizzly Beer champion! Very good! What do I have for you? Santastic Andy digs around in the bag a bit more and pulls out...

Fantastic Andy: The Grizzly Beer championship! Congratulations!

Mr Hardcore practically tackles Fantastic Andy to get his new title belt. He holds it over his head and runs down the ramp to take a victory lap or five around the ring.

Fantastic Andy: And that means that Ben Dyce wins the infamous "Golden Ticket". Let's hope it is as good to you as it was to TMB last year. And now, I must be off, for Santastic Andy has to check out the amazing holiday sale currently going on at Fantastic Andy's Side of the Road Emporium! Hi, hi, hi!

Emily Corlen vs 5 people

Dome of Destruction

All eyes - those of the fans in the arena, those of the PWA ring crew and security, those of Rentfro and McDaniel, and those of the fans watching at home - focus on the lowering of the single most physically imposing structure in PWA history...the Dome of Destruction. The PWA ring crew finishes replacing one set of ropes with barbed wire, netting it over itself for structural support, as the Dome finally reaches the floor. A couple of good tugs from whatever members of the ring crew aren't busy with setting the ring itself up to make sure it's in place, and the cameras cut to Eric Emerson at the top of the ramp (shuffling his notecards, of course).

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING, and it is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!


Eric Emerson: The following match is to be contested under the DOME OF DESTRUCTION, and the rules are as follows...

Matching his words, graphics appear on the ADC-Tron listing the rules clearly for those in the arena, and replacing the view of Emerson for those watching at home.

Eric Emerson: The first two participants will enter the cage and have five minutes alone with one another. Following that, the third participant enters, and entrances will occur in two-minute intervals following that. There are no count-outs, no disqualifications, and eliminations can only occur by pin fall or submission once all six combatants have entered the match. Your referees for the evening are Scott Swindell to man the door and senior official Lance Weston inside the ring.

Back to the live view, cue up "Paid My Dues " and the ADC-Tron comes to life with the video for...

Eric Emerson: Introducing first…she is the PWA World Champion…hailing from Chicago Illinois…this is EEEEEEMILYYYY COOOOORLEEEEN!

Brian Rentfro: For the second year in a row, the champion has drawn a starting number in the Dome of Destruction.

Jon McDaniels: Right, she drew number one…

Brian Rentfro: She must have because here she is. Last year Emily started this match with then champion Matt Stone, in fact those two are the only ones who were in this match last year as well, wouldn’t it be something for them to be starting this week too?

Jon McDaniel: Given how their relationship has evolved over the last year, I would think that would be quite interesting.

That match-up, however, was not what was on Emily’s mind as she made her way down and inside the daunting structure, a sledgehammer wrapped in barbed wire in her right hand. All she was focused on here was survival, and getting out of the match still World Champion. Swindell opened the door for Emily to get inside, the crowd booing the Chicago native as she made her way to each corner, getting on the second rope and raising her title in the air. When she was finished, Emily handed the title over to referee Lance Weston who also held the title in the air to show everyone in the sold out arena just what this match was for.

Brian Rentfro: She certainly looks focused here tonight, a different mindset than last year I suspect.

Jon McDaniel: She was desperate to make an impact last year and rid the PWA of the old guard, as she put it. Fast forward a year and Matthew Engel is presumed missing, Simon Kalis is in charge of Rebel Pro and the Phoenix isn’t in the match for the World Title. Instead we get some younger talent in Anna Mathews and Cody Bogard chasing the title, plus returning staples in the new era of the PWA in Jethro Hayes and Matt Stone.

Brian Rentfro: Not to mention the return of Gabe Shelley to the PWA.

Jon McDaniel: Right, I was just getting to that. Emily Corlen has varying relationships with each individual in this match and should prove for some very interesting dynamics tonight.

Eric Emerson: And the man who will be starting the match with Emily Corlen is…

Jon McDaniel: So we know it’s not Anna Mathews

Brian Rentfro: Do we?

That joke was immediately followed up by the cue of “Naked Arms” and the crowd starts cheering as one of their favourites will now be entering the match, Cody Bogard.

Jon McDaniel: It’s Main Event Cody Bogard!

Brian Rentfro: Oh goodie…

Jon McDaniel: You know, I heard a rumor that Phoenix was thinking of adding himself as the sixth man in this match, but realized he didn’t want to be in this structure with Cody.

Brian Rentfro: You did not!

Jon McDaniel: True story.

Eric Emerson: From San Mateo, California, weighing in at two-hundred and ten pounds….COOOOOOODY BOOOOGARD!

Cody Bogard starts making his way from the back. The crowd is cheering for him as he waves to some of the people at ringside, slapping a few hands as he passes by keeping the kendo stick in his possession away from the fans. Swindell nods to him and opens the door for him to enter, Cody looks up t Emily who is pacing in the ring, never taking her eyes off of her first opponent. Bogard made it inside the Dome and started up the steps, sensing that Emily was ready to pounce as soon as he made it to the ring. He hesitated for a split second before walking up the steps and getting inside, the door closing and referee Lance Weston calling for the bell.

Ding Ding

Brian Rentfro: And we’re underway with this year’s Dome of Destruction!

Jon McDaniel: You’ll notice Brian that unlike last year, the competitors are only allowed to brig in their own weapons and there aren’t all those extra dangers that were present last year like tables and the car hood. This was done by Fantastic Andy to try and limit the injuries to the already depleted roster as well as he didn’t want to spend the extra money.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, well that makes sense. Good call by Andy.

We somehow hear Jon roll his eyes as Emily and Cody first lock eyes, each one clutching their weapon of choice. It’s Emily who swings first, nearly missing Cody’s head as he ducks out of the way and swings, hitting Emily’s leg with the Kendo stick. He swings it again and Emily raises her foot, stomping down on the stick. She knees Cody’s jaw with her other leg an kicks the weapon out of the ring, raising her hammer high in the air but before she can bring it down, Bogard reaches up and rakes her eyes. Emily drops the hammer and Cody throws it out of the ring as well. The two lock-up, Emily using her upper body strength to her advantage as she pushes Cody back close to the set of barbed wire ropes. Realizing what was happing, Cody is able to drop down, wrapping his legs around that of Corlen’s and drops her face down with a drop toe hold, Emily’s head just barely missing the barbed wire, however some of her long blond hair gets caught up in it. Emily tries pulling her head away, but she’s caught by her hair and this gives Cody an opportunity to start sending kicks down at her torso. Emily is trying to protect herself as best as she can while still freeing her hair from the barbs. Cody doesn’t seem to care about her predicament as he runs opposite against the set of regular ropes and comes back with a low drop kick, connecting with Corlen’s ribs. Emily cries out as she feels the feet of her opponent dig seep into her side. Emily is able to free herself and rolls under the barbed wire and to her feet outside of the ring so she can catch her breath. She doesn’t get too long though as Cody runs at the far ropes again and takes a mad dash at Emily, jumping through the top and middle barbed wire ropes and hits a Suicide dive on Emily! The crowd erupts as they see this.

Brian Rentfro: What a dumb move! Look, he cut up his back diving through that!

Jon McDaniel: True, but Emily certainly wasn’t expecting it and it worked.

It had indeed worked as it forced Emily back against the steel structure. She fell to the mat below as Cody started to get to his feet, raising his arm in the air as the crowd cheers. He doesn’t even inspect his own body as he grabs a hold of Emily and lifts her up, throwing her into the steel wall once again. The crowd is cheering for Cody now as he bounces Emily’s face off the steel wall a second time. Cody tries to repeat the process, however Emily is quite sick of kissing steel and reaches out to stop the momentum, simultaneously driving her elbow into the side of Cody to get him to release his hold of her head. Cody backs off and is quickly pushed backwards into the apron, now noticing the damage that was down to his back from the barbed wire. Emily lifts Cody up in a seated position on the apron and rears back, slapping him hard across the face, the crowd ‘oohhh’ing at the sight. Emily then presses her hands against Cody’s chest and just pushes him back into the barbed wire ropes! A look pain in etched on Cody’s face as he feels the barbs digging into his back, knowing he still had four more minutes alone with Emily before someone else made their way into the Dome.

Jon McDaniels: Doesn’t look like Emily appreciated the initial surge Cody had coming into this match and now she just wants to cause as much pain as she can on Cody.

Brian Rentfro: Can you blame her? She has to do all she can to ensure she walks out as champion and we still have four fresh challengers to come out.

Emily grabs a hold of Cody and lifts him to a standing position on the apron before launching him over her head into the steel. Cody slides down the wall in pain. Emily yells at a fan to lower their sign that reads “Emily’s going down in flames” and when the man refuses, Corlen picks up Bogard and whips him hard down the side of the ring and into the steel steps! Cody flips over the steps, landing on his neck and back on the other side. Corlen stares at the man in the crowd for another second before heading over to where Cody is.

Brian Rentfro: Emily didn’t take too kindly to that sign. It seems that ever since she won the World Title back at Summer Sizzler people have been waiting for her to lose it. That’s really not fair to her, Jon.

Jon McDaniels: Well ever since she won the title she’s been a self-absorbed and bragging about how she’ll main event Genesis as champion.

Brian Rentfro: Well if she wins here, that’s exactly what will happen, Jon.

Jon McDaniels: That’s a pretty big if

Brian Rentfro: Stop staring at her, pig

Jon McDaniels: Wait, what? What are you talking about?

Brian Rentfro: You said she had a pretty big if. I know what that means on the street.

Jon McDaniels: Idiot.

Emily walks over and picked up Cody, rolling him in the ring. She stops and picks up the steps that are now dislodged and sets them on the apron, pushing them inside the ring as well. She dusts her hands off and gets on the apron, getting in the ring with a sadistic smirk on her face. Referee Lance Weston stays out of the way as he really has nothing to do until the sixth and final entrant makes their way out. Cody is starting to get up, holding his back which is bleeding out of several holes. Emily measures him up ad sends a high kick aimed at his forehead, knocking Cody back down to the mat with her Chick Kick.

Brian Rentfro: Emily connects with the Skull Cracker. Normally she’s go for a cover here, but she can’t.

Jon McDaniels: This isn’t looking too good for Cody here, hopefully he gets some help with the next entrant.

Brian Rentfro: Who would want to help Cody Bogard?

Jon McDaniels: Think of it like this, who would want to hurt Emily Corlen?

Brian Rentfro: Good point there, at least three out of the four would love to do that, and who knows where Stone stands on that front.

Emily starts walking around the ring, looking down at Cody with a smirk across her face.

Jon McDaniels: Emily looks to be wasting time here Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Wasting time like a fox Jon. She’s pacing herself, she knows she has five minutes alone with Cody before the next competitor and then it’s two minutes between the rest of the combatants. That’s eleven minutes she has to be in there before she can even try and eliminate someone, this is going to be a long match ad she doesn’t need to be winded before the action really starts.

Jon McDaniels: When you put it that way, it makes sense.

Cody is stirring now, rubbing his jaw looking up at the top of the Dome and into the lights. Corlen approaches and grabs Cody’s head who quickly snatches her head and rolls her up with an inside cradle. The crowd cheers before they realize that pin falls don’t count yet. Cody quickly releases the hold and uses it to get to his feet first, however.

Brian Rentfro: See that? Cody doesn’t even know the rules of this match!

Jon McDaniel: It was likely instincts Brian, and even still, he was able to get to his feet first.

Brian Rentfro: That’s because Emily’s too busy laughing at him!

Emily wasn’t laughing, though she did look slightly amused at that exchange. That look quickly passed however when as she was getting up, she took a spinning back kick from the Main Event, following by a Northern Lights suplex! Without the bridge, Cody was able to get to his feet relatively quickly. Bogard walked over and started to drag the steel steps towards the center of the ring. The crowd started to buzz sensing that Cody was going to try for something big here. Emily was getting up now, Bogard knows he has to act fast, faster than the champion. He spun around and grappled with Emily, who tries to use her power advantage and lift Cody up with a scoop slam on the steps, but Bogard slides down her back and grabs her hair, pulling her backwards. Cody locks her deck and drives her straight to the mat with a reverse DDT.

Jon McDaniels: Cody is looking more focused here, perhaps the big match jitters have left him.

Brian Rentfro: I’ll give you that, but Emily has been Main Eventing the last four Pay-Per-Views here in the PWA not to mention countless TGW shows, she knows how to handle herself in these situations.

Cody was quick to get around to Emily’s lower body, lifting up her right leg a top the steps. Cody lifts her right leg in the air and drives it straight down on the steps! Emily screams out as the pain shoots from her foot up her leg all over her body. She grabs at her leg, but is cut off by Cody who send a kick straight at Emily’s jaw, knocking the champion back down flat. Bogard with her right foot in hand repeats the same process, lifting it up and then slamming it straight down on the steel steps!

Jon McDaniels: Over the summer we saw Emily taking out various people with her Faith Breaker submission, now it’s her turn to feel the same pain.

Brian Rentfro: That’s all well and good, but I know for a fact that Emily will sooner die than give up her dream to headline Genesis.

Jon McDaniels: She might not have a choice if this keeps up Brian! And remember, it was Emily that first introduced the steel steps into this match, as if we needed more steel involved.

Emily was now backing away clutching her right foot as Cody was now moving the steps towards a corner opposite where Emily was. He lifted them up and leaned them against the turnbuckle. He spun around, looking straight across the World Champion. Without showing fear, Emily supported herself with the turnbuckle she was in to get to her feet, Cody comes sprinting across the ring though and drives his shoulder straight into her abdomen, Emily’s injury severely reducing her speed effectively rendering her a sitting duck. She felt all the air leave her body as the force of Cody’s shoulder colliding with her sternum forced her to exhale deeply. Bogard then quickly grabbed Emily’s head and flipped her over his own shoulder with a snap mare, taking a step back and driving his leg into her lower back. Corlen arches her back in pain as Cody flips over her, grabbing her neck on the way down with him performing a classic neck snap on the Champion. Emily’s head went straight down, then snapped back from the momentum. The crowd cheers more as they see that Cody is currently in control.

Jon McDaniels: The crowd is really getting behind Cody here, Emily seems to be in trouble.

Brian Rentfro: She doesn’t look to be in control, but she’s far from in trouble. Remember, she can’t be eliminated until all six participants make their way to the ring and one of those four remaining participants is Matt Stone.

Jon McDaniels: Judging by what Stone said in his interviews leading up to this match, what makes you so sure Matt would help Emily?

Brian Rentfro: Simple, he can trust her more than anyone else in this match.

Jon McDaniels: What about Gabe Shelley? He and Emily are former Tag Team Champions for eWo.

Brian Rentfro: After Emily left TGW earlier this year; I doubt they’re on the best of terms.

One thing for sure is that Cody and Emily are not on good terms as he once again sends a stomp on Emily’s right foot. The camera picks up on Emily’s pain-riddled face after that stomp. Corlen uses her remaining strength to roll out of the ring, creating some distance between the two of them. Realizing this goes against his game plan, Cody slides out of the ring quickly to keep the pressure up. Emily is limping rather heavily, trying to put pressure on her right foot and doesn’t notice Cody coming up from behind like a child predator. Bogard grabs a hold of Emily’s hair and uses it to ram her head into the apron of the ring, then quickly whips it back so Emily’s head follows her hair right into the steel wall. The crowd is cheering at this, loving that Cody is in control now. Bogard keeps up the pressure, hooking Emily’s head in a front chancery, using it to lift her up in the air and quickly flips her on her back with a snap suplex on the outside, however there isn’t enough room for her body to land on the mat, so her feet collide with the steel wall, causing her even more pain.

Jon McDaniels: Cody is really living up to his Main Event moniker right now, isn’t he Brian?

Brian Rentfro: I will say that he has impressed me so far, but he has a lot farther to go.

Jon McDaniels: With about a minute to go before we get someone else entered in this match, it’s looking worse and worse for Emily.

Brian Rentfro: And better and better for those people still to come.

Cody lifts Emily up and locks her up before whipping her backwards in a make-shift Russian Leg Sweep, only using the momentum to drive Emily into the steel cage wall one more time. The crowd pops again as Cody is really feeling the support from everyone watching the event. Cody lifts Emily up and rolls her back in the ring, looking to put her away as best he can. Cody follows Emily into the ring, measuring the champ up. To her credit, rather than stay down and rest, she starts to get up immediately, even though we can see the pain etched on her face. Bogard lunges quickly, connecting with a Kenta Kobashi Style Lariat knocking Emily right back down on the mat.

Jon McDaniels: Excalibur Slash! Emily goes down.

Brian Rentfro: She might be out from that, she’s taken a beating here.

Jon McDaniels: It’s been close to five minutes of non-stop fighting between these two in possibly Cody’s best showing to date.

Brian Rentfro: I may have spoken too soon, Emily is getting up again!

That’s right, folks. The World Champion is not taking this laying down, she’s getting back up much to Cody’s surprise, who had been taking a moment to catch his breath. With Emily getting up, Cody attacks with a quick kick to her midsection, doubling her over. He then hooks her head, looking for the Ace Crusher, however Emily pulls out of it and quickly traps Cody’s arms behind his head, Bogard struggles to get free but can’t as Emily drives him face down into the Steel Steps!

Brian Rentfro: Forgone Conclusion! She hit it!

Jon McDaniel: On the steel steps, no less. Cody looks out.

Brian Rentfro: Pin him Emily!

Jon McDaniel: Pinfalls can’t happen yet, remember?

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah…

On the ADC-Tron we see a countdown starting at ten and working it’s way backwards, the crowd counting along with it.




Emily uses her upper body strength to push herself up as she looks over at the countdown working it’s way to zero, Cody still hasn’t moved since his head connected with the steel steps, though we can see blood dripping onto the mat, both from his forehead and his back.





Brian Rentfro: I wonder who it will be, Emily still has many enemies left to come out.

Jon McDaniels: And few, if any allies.





A buzzer goes off and we hear the start of “Never the Best” blare throughout the arena as the crowd cheers, Eric doing his job.

Eric Emerson: The next competitor to enter the Dome of Destruction…she hails from the place just left of Parts Unknown….this is AAAAANNAAAA MAAAATHEWSSSS!

Bursting from the back comes Anna, who makes a dash down to the ring, holding what appears to be a common garden weasel. Emily sighs and gets to her feet, ready to meet the next challenger head on. Swindell can barely get the cage door opened in time as Anna rushes right past him and slides into the ring.

Jon McDaniels: Remember that Emily was defeated by Anna Mathews a few weeks back in a non-title match, she looks to capitalize on that momentum here.

Anna drops her weapon, quickly runs at Emily, up the steps that are in the ring and leaps right at Corlen, knocking her down with a Lou Thez Press, starting to hammer down right hands on the champion. Emily is able to push Mathews off and start to get up, but Anna is quicker here and beats Emily to the punch, literally. She connects with a hard right hand to Corlen’s temple, backing her up. Showing she had been paying attention, Anna grabs Emily’s right leg and performs a dragon screw, getting the champion down on the mat in pain once again. Mathews wraps Emily’s right leg around her own and drops down, putting even more pressure on Emily’s right foot and knee, forcing the champion to scream out in pain. Anna keeps the toe hold locked in, pulling back as hard as she can.

Brian Rentfro: Remember, even if Emily taps out here, she won’t be eliminated from the match.

Jon McDaniel: No, but she’ll be a one legged woman in an ass kicking contest.

Anna maintains the hold a little longer just putting more pain on Emily before releasing her foot and looking around for where Cody is. She soon spots him outside the ring, the Main Event had taken a powder to recoup and seeing no immediate reason to pursue him, Anna went back to the World Champion. After picking up her precious garden weasel, Anna approaches Emily and drives the blades of the Garden Weasel down in her face, Corlen reaching out to grab the pole to prevent the razor sharp blades from scathing her beautiful face. Even with Anna’s leverage advantage, Emily is able to hold off the weapon long enough to kick Anna in the stomach, backing her up. Rather than try and get up, Emily rolls out of the ring to create some distance. Anna starts going after Emily, but is struck in the back by a kendo stick held by Cody.

Jon McDaniels: I thought they would work together to take out the champ Brian

Brian Rentfro: Why would they? It’s every person for themselves in the Dome of Destruction.

Cody raises the cane high and brings it down across Anna’s back a second time. Anna cried out in pain as Cody swung again, however Mathews was able to use the garden weasel to block the next shot. The crowd starts cheering as Anna swings the Weasel and connects with Cody’s face! The blades shred some of his cheek, blood dripping down as Cody is forced to drop his weapon, placing his hand to his cheek, stinging in pain. Anna then rams the end of the tool into Cody’s midsection, cutting his abdomen in three separate places. Anna raises the tool in the air before driving it straight down onto Cody’s left foot, the pain shooting right up his leg. With a smirk on her face, Anna drops her weapon and grabs a hold of Cody’s head in a front chancery before driving it straight down into the mat with a DDT.

Brian Rentfro: Was that a wrestling hold?

Jon McDaniels: Yes, those are also legal here.

Anna, seemingly having enough of Cody for now rolls out of the ring and flips open the apron, looking under the ring. Finding what she was looking for, she drags out a table from under the ring with a smile on her face. Anna lifts it up, opening the table legs and setting it up nicely outside the ring. Emily is starting to stir, which Anna catches out of the corner of her eye and Mathews goes on the hunt. Anna stalks Emily from behind, creeping up behind her, Anna grabs Emily’s hair but Corlen quickly spins around and connects with her barbed wire hammer right into the midsection of Mathews! The crowd reacts loudly to the heavy blow, doubling over Anna. Emily grabs her opponent, setting Anna up as she lifts her high in the air for a power bomb, however Emily spins 90 degrees so that she’s facing the ring and lifts Anna up, propelling her backwards right into the steel wall!

Brian Rentfro: Did you see that? Almost a modified Crimson Plunge!

Jon McDaniels: Emily is certainly not giving up here.

Once again, the ADC-Tron shows ten and starts counting down backwards.




Brian Rentfro: What? We just had Anna come out here

Jon McDaniels: It’s only two minute intervals from here on out Brian



Emily looks to the tron and rolls back in the ring, her sledgehammer back in hand. She grips it tightly, anxiously awaiting the next entrant.







A buzzer goes off and we hear the opening of “In fate’s hands” by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus as Gabe Shelley runs out from the back, holding a Singapore Cane in his hand.

Eric Emerson: Now entering into the Dome of Destruction, from Columbus, Ohio…GAAAABE SHEEEEEELLEYYYY!!!

Emily rolls her eyes seeing she’ll have to once again fend off a rival as Swindell opens the door and Gabe shoots through. Emily swings wildly at Gabe with her hammer but Shelley is able to duck under and run at the ropes, coming back and leaping in the air, swinging his cane and connecting right on the top of Emily’s head. Corlen goes down with a sick thwack, but to her credit she rolls over and starts getting up again, only to be hit once again by the Singapore Cane, this time in her right leg which forces her to collapse to the mat, clutching her leg she rolls out of the ring. It’s at this time that Cody is back up, holding his own kendo stick. The two look back at each other, each one clutching their weapon.

Jon McDaniels: What a showdown we look to have here Brian.

Brian Rentfro: I gotta ask, what’s the difference between a Kendo stick and a Singapore Cane?

Jon McDaniels: One is from Singapore and the other is from Kendo.

Brian Rentfro: Really?

Jon McDaniels: Sure

Cody and Gabe start to circle each other, each with their weapon of choice firmly in grasp. They both swing at each other, their weapons connecting with one another, but causing no actual damage. They both back up and try another slash, again each stick hitting the other, causing a loud thwack but no actual contact with the other.

Jon McDaniels: This is like a real life lightsabre battle

Brian Rentfro: You’re such a nerd. Also, I google’d Kendo on my phone and it’s not a country at all

Jon laughs as Cody swings again at Gabe, who backs out of the way and lunges in with his Singapore Cane, hitting Cody deep in the stomach. The air leaves Cody’s body as he’s doubled over and Gabe swings down, hitting Bogard hard in the head. Gabe tosses his Cane to the side and pulls in Cody, setting him up and quickly dropping him straight down with the Jersey Cutter. The crowd cheers, but again Gabe cannot go for a cover, so he tries to pick Cody up to deliver more punishment, but he’s struck from behind by the Puppet Master, Anna Mathews. All the Annamaniacs in the crowd cheer as she starts hammering right and lefts on Gabe who’s covering up, but Anna doesn’t stop. She starts using her knees, connecting a good shot right in his temple. Gabe backs up against the barbed wire ropes and Anna rushes in, hitting a front dropkick propelling Gabe through the barbed wire ropes! As he’s falling through, Gabe’s leg is caught in the wire. He struggles to get himself free, the barbs are digging into his leg as he tries to undo the damage. Referee Lance Weston, who is inside the cage, tries to help free Gabe but is pushed out of the way by Emily before she swings her hammer, connecting hard with Gabe’s midsection. As the air escapes his body, Emily lifts him up and slams him down to the mat, his leg coming out of the ropes as she does.

Brian Rentfro: These two have history here, Emily not forgetting how she was treated in TGW.

Jon McDaniels: That was all speculation Brian.

Meanwhile, inside the ring Cody and Anna have once again locked eyes on one another, Anna has once again retrieved her Garden Weasel. Anna swings the weapon for Cody’s sides and connects! Bogard collapses down to the mat. Anna has a smirk on her face as the ADC-Tron starts up again.




Jon McDaniels: It’s either going to be Matt Stone or Jethro Hayes coming out next Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Either way, this match will get more interesting.




Anna turns her attention to the top of the ramp




Emily picks up Gabe and rams him into the steel wall as the crowd counts down



A loud buzzer sounds and we hear "Ride Through The Country" by Colt Ford and Jethro Hayes starts making his way out to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Now making his way to the Dome of Destruction from Lenox, Georga….this is JEEEEEETHROOOOOO HAAAAAAAYESSSS!!!

Hayes is wearing a new attire of sorts, a pair of black overalls and black boots. Nothing more, however he is dragging a trolley behind him. The camera catches a glimpse of tables, a ladder, some light tubes, a chair and some sort of paddle on that trolley. Swingell stops Jethro, saying he’s only allowed to bring in one weapon and Hayes grabs him, throwing him into the steel wall! Hayes rips the door open and brings in the trolley, a smirk on his face.

Brian Rentfro: Apparently Hayes wants to bring in as much carnage as he can.

Jon McDaniels: Well this can’t be good.

Anna calls for Hayes to enter the ring, but he has his sights on the other woman inside the structure. Emily spits out at him and Hayes just chuckles, grabbing his paddle. His paddle, a boat padde with the flat end wrapped in barbed wire with broken glass and tacs glued to it looks ready to maim and lacerate anyone. Hayes advances on Emily, and to her credit she doesn’t back down, instead she tries to close in on Hayes, but it’s a mistake as Hayes swings the paddle right against Emily’s face! We see blood instantly shoot out of Corlen’s cheek tissue as Hayes throws the paddle to the ground, closing in and just starts hammering rights after rights at Emily’s head. The crowd cheers as they carnage as Hayes’ hand is soon a crimson red from the blood gushing now out of Emily’s face. Hayes then whips Emily ce first into the turnbuckle, the sick thud can be heard as she leans against the post dazed. It’s at this time that Cody starts getting up only to be knocked flat on his back from an Anna Mathews Boomerfly kick! Anna then turns back to Hayes with a smile on her face, enjoying the show. Hayes starts driving his shoulder hard into Emily’s lower back, applying the maximum amount of pain he can on the current PWA World Champion.

Brain Brian Rentfro: Why isn’t Anna attacking Hayes Jon?

Jon McDaniels: I think she likes seeing Emily get taken apart, Brian.

Hayes shoves Emily aside and now turns his attention over to Gabe, who is now getting back up. Grabbing a steel chair from his trolley, Hayes comes over and starts slamming the chair repeatedly down on Gabe’s back. The crowd starts booing as they see Gabe getting hit over and over and over again. Anna grew bored watching that and got out of the ring, grabbing a hold of Emily and sliding her back in the ring, wanting to get her shots in. Across the way, Jethro has set up Gabe’s leg inside of the steel chair and wrapped his other leg around the steel post, locking him in a figure four leg lock! Gabe cried out in pain as Jethro leans back applying as much pressure as he can.

Jon McDaniel: Look at what Jethro is doing to Gabe! That’s sick!

Brian Rentfro: Hayes really wants to take Shelley out of this match, his leg could be broken!

In the meantime, Anna had brought Emily inside the ring, setting her up near one of the turnbuckles. Mathews, with a smirk on her face, climbed to the top of the post, looking down at her opponent. She takes a deep breath and leaps off the post, spinning in the air and rotating 630 degrees before landing hard on Emily’s sternum.

Jon McDaniels: Anna hits her Abortion of Giygas! Emily is out!

Brian Rentfro: But once again, she cannot be pinned until Stone is out here

Anna gets to her feet after rubbing her back, the move hurting her as well. Bogard was starting to get up now, Anna turning her attention to him. Mathews approached the lacerated Bogard who lashed out with his Kendo Stick firmly in hand, leaving a welt on her side. Cody swung again and connected against Anna’s cheek, staggering the woman backwards. Jethro eventually released the hold on Gabe and started getting up, satisfied with the damage he’d caused on Shelley. Gabe was left clutching his leg once he released it from the chair. Cody dashed across the ring and hit Hayes with a baseball slide, knocking the big man into the steel wall! Hayes hit the back of his head on the steel and slipped down the cage, rubbing the back of his head. It’s about this time that the ADC-tron showed off the countdown for the last time.




Brian Rentfro: Well here comes the final participant in this match.



Jon McDaniels: We know who that is, Matt Stone.



Emily rolled out of the ring to recover as Cody got back up





The buzzer sounds as the Straight Shooter came out from the back, a microphone in his hand.

Eric Emerson: The final contestant to enter-

Emerson is cut off by Stone here

Matt: Shut up Eric. No one cares about you or your announcements. I have an announcement that’s going to shock the crowd and my opponents.

The participants in the match turned to see what Matt was talking about.

Matt: The weapon I’ve chosen to utilize here in the Dome of Destruction is a six-time World Champion and a man who was successful earlier tonight…ladies and gentleman, the Phoenix!

Stone smirks as the Phoenix comes out from the back ready to cause as much harm and mischief as possible.

Jon McDaniels: Oh my god, what? This can’t be legal!

Brian Rentfro: This is the Phoenix here Jon, all things are possible.

The Phoenix started running down to the ring making a bee line for Bogard, who stood his ground. Robinson got up and performed a take down on Cody, who was weak from the match thus far. Phoenix started reigning rights and lefts down on his adversary, proving with some finality that he indeed did not fear Bogard. Stone casually strutted down to the ring, entering the cage as well. Matt noticed Emily was laying on the ground and walked over to her, seeing Hayes starting to get up as well. Matt picked up Emily and rolled her back in the ring, stepping up to Hayes and connecting with a forearm to the side of his head, then bouncing Jethro’s head off the apron. Phoenix picked up Bogard and tossed him out of the ring to the floor outside. Robinson slid out of the ring and continued his assault on Cody. Stone and Hayes start hammering on one another, Jethro getting the upper hand with the brute force. Jethro grabs Stone’s head and twirls him back into the steel wall.

Jon McDaniels: Here’s Jethro getting the upper hand on Matt Stone

Brian Rentfro: These two have history, for sure.

Anna starts getting to her feet, and seeing the battered Emily and Shelley sharing the ring with her, she decided to go after Gabe. Anna picks up Gabe who was playing possum, countering Mathews and lifting her up on his shoulders, driving him down with the reVolt! His cradle shock stuns Anna who falls limp. It’s at this time that a well placed rake of the eyes by Matt was enough to allow Stone to get the upper hand on Jethro, whipping him into the steel wall. Matt slides back into the ring, glancing over at Emily who was starting to get to her feet as well. Gabe was looking to put Anna away, setting her up for his Foreshadowing finisher, but he didn’t see Matt coming who connects with his Go Go Gadget Foot, the superkick knocking Gabe back into Emily, who hooks his arms up in the air and drives him straight down to the mat with her Full Nelson face buster!

Brian Rentfro: Emily hits the Foregone Conclusion!

Corlen rolls Gabe over and makes the pin, Matt looking down at the cover but doing nothing about it.




Eric Emerson: And Gabe Shelley has been eliminated.

Emily looks down at Gabe, yelling out “That was for eWo you bastard!”

Brian Rentfro: Emily gets revenger for Shelley leaving her high and dry in a rival promotion.

Gabe is helped out of the ring as Matt and Emily exchange a look. They then turn to Anna who is still out from Gabe’s cradle shock. Matt starts picking Anna up, but Stone is hit in the back from a ladder! Jethro has gotten up and retrieved the ladder from his trolley, using it from the outside to ram Stone in the back a second time. Hayes slides the ladder in and gets inside the ring as well. Emily sees this and runs over, but is pushed back by Hayes’ strong upper body. Jethro picks up the ladder and places it on his head, spinning it into the side of Stone’s head! Matt goes down, but the spinning doesn’t end there as Emily is the next person to be knocked down by the old Three Stooges routine. As Mathews starts getting up, she is nailed as well from the spinning ladder. Phoenix rolls Cody in the ring, who trys to stand up, but he’s hit as well from the ladder. Stone, the freshest of the participants, gets up and is immediately hit a second time, falling flat on his back. Phoenix is the only one smart enough to stay out of the way as Hayes stops, a little dizzy himself.

Brian Rentfro: That was productive; Hayes clearly has the advantage now.

Jon McDaniels: What’s Hayes doing now?

Jethro is setting the ladder up in the middle of the ring, a big grin on his face. Jethro starts climbing the ladder, the crowd starting to cheer as Stone is climbing the other side, not to be outdone. Stone actually climbs faster than Hayes, getting to the top and starting to reign fists down on Hayes. One connects, then a second and then a third. Stone grips the top of the ladder and swings his right foot out to kick Hayes, trying to knock him off the ladder. Hayes keeps his ground though, sending a hard right over at Stone. That hard shot dazes Stone and leaves him open for Jethro to reach under his arms, quickly lifting Stone up high and into the glass ceiling! Stone’s head crashes through the glass, shards falling down to the mat as blood starts spurting out of Matt’s head. Even Jethro is surprised by his own strength, Matt being dazed and confused atop the ladder. Emily is back up now, seeing Stone getting destroyed on the ladder. She starts shoving the ladder over, Hayes being able to react and jump off landing inside the ring, but Stone goes crashing over the top rope and threw the table Anna had set up earlier! Emily is shocked at that, but doesn’t have time to process what she has done as Anna comes off the near ropes and connects with the Boomerfly kick! The crowd pops as Emily goes down. Anna cramples over to make the cover on the World Champion.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniels: Emily pushes Stone through a table and then kicks out of the Boomerfly kick!

Brian Rentfro: This might be Corlen’s night after all!

Phoenix rolls inside the ring and spins Anna around, kicking her in the midsection and pulling her in, locking his hands around her torso and lifting her up, dropping her straight down on her head with the Flame! Jethro sees this and makes an advancement towards Phoenix who rolls out of the ring, eyeing Hayes. Jethro doesn’t pursue though, as he knew knows he has to stay focused on this match. Hayes picks Anna up off the mat, pulling her in and lifting her up in the air, driving her straight down to the mat with the Planter. Phoenix continues to back up the ramp, having enough of this match seeing Stone out of it outside the ring. Jethro gets down and covers Anna.




Eric Emerson: And Anna Mathews has been eliminated.

Jon McDaniels: Anna tried her best, but no one could have prepared for the Phoenix to interrupt.

Brian Rentfro: Stone did.

Anna is helped out of the Dome by officials as we’re now down to four. Hayes eyes Bogard who’s starting to get up. Jethro approaches Bogard, pulling him in towards the ropes and wrapping his left arm in them. Jethro then gets the chair he’s been using and swings in violently at Cody’s arm! Cody screams out in pain as Hayes swings it again, once again driving the chair into Cody’s arm! Jethro starts laughing as he swings a third time, trying to break Cody’s arm! Cody cries out in pain as Hayes now unhooks him and whips him across the ring, but he’s caught by Emily’s Spiral Twister! Cody is planted to the mat as Emily makes the cover.



Emily is pulled off by Jethro!

Brian Rentfro: What did Hayes do that for?

Jon McDaniels: Not sure, exactly.

Jethro picks up Emily with a smirk on his face, but Corlen won’t give in. She swings her forearm, connecting with Hayes’ temple, then quickly lifts her good leg, the left one, up with her Skullcracker kick. Hayes goes down and Emily quickly pins him.



Jethro kicks out. Emily runs her hand through her hair, thinking she had the big Southern boy out of the match. Jethro starts moving as does Cody, who’s holding his arm. Corlen decides to go after Hayes first, kicking him in the midsection, pulling him in and hooking his arms behind his back, looking for her Down in Flames, however she’s interrupted by Cody who clubs Emily in the back with his good arm, spinning her around and doubling her over with a quick kick before driving her straight down in his shoulder with the Hero Time! Emily pops up from the stunner and is immediately sent straight back on the mat from Hayes’ Plow! The spear is enough to knock Emily out as Hayes pins her!



It’s at this time that Stone peeks into the ring, Hayes’ foot inches away giving him enough time to break up the pin, but he elects to go back to resting as Weston makes the third count.


Brian Rentfro: Oh my god, Emily is eliminated!

Jon McDaniels: And we’re down to the final three.

Brian Rentfro: And we’re guaranteed a new World Champion.

Cody immediately kicks Jethro after the three count, still clutching his left arm from the pain. Hayes starts getting to his feet, powering through the kicks. Hayes pushes Cody backwards into the barbed wire ropes, Cody screaming out in pain. Jethro started hammering down on Cody with some right hands, then starts out right choking Bogard. The crowd starts booing as Hayes is taking out all his frustrations on Cody. Jethro stops abrumptly however as from behind Stone hits him with a low blow! Stone spins Hayes around and leaps in the air, driving his knee into Jethro’s face and hits the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Cody is wrapped up in the barbed wire as Matt goes for the cover on Hayes after a moment of rest.




Hayes kicks out.

Brian Rentfro: Oh my god, Hayes kicks out!

Jon McDaniels: I thought that was it for sure.

Stone can’t believe it as he starts to get to his feet again, He turns back to face Cody who has gotten himself free and lunges forward, knocking Stone down and possibly out with his Excalibur Slash! The lariat knocks Matt on the mat and Cody makes the cover on the Straight Shooter, trying to get his proverbial white whale.



Stone kicks out. Also refusing to lose at this point. Cody is upset at this, but knows he has to keep up the offense. He grabs Stone with his right arm, lifting Matt up, however Stone counters with an eye rake, Bogard covering his face he doesn’t see Hayes getting up. Matt does, however and Stone is able to get out of the way of the steel chair Hayes is tossing across the ring. The chair connects with Cody, knocking him down. Stone turns his attention to Jethro, who runs over to clothesline Stone, who is able to duck out of the way and Matt drops Hayes with a quick leg sweep. Stone tries to grasp Jethro’s head and lock in his Set in Stone, but Hayes isn’t giving him the opportunity to lock it in. Jethro elbows Stone in the head twice, Matt rolling away holding his jaw. Jethro starts getting to his feet, looking to chase after Stone, but he’s stopped by a swift chair shot to his back!

Jon McDaniels: Cody’s back up and he’s looking for revenge!

Brian Rentfro: On who, both Stone and Hayes have been focusing on him tonight, not to mention the Phoenix.

Cody lifts the chair in the air and brings it down as hard as he can with his hurt arm across Hayes’ back again and again. The steel colliding with the flesh of Jethro lets out a sickening sound each and every time. Cody has a look of determination on his face as he lifts Jethro up as best he can, Cody gets Jethro's arms locked up in an over hook, lifting Hayes onto one of his shoulders, driving Jethro’s neck to the mat like a Thunder Fire Driver while keeping the arms hooked in the over lock arm lock. With the pin, it looked like Hayes would be the next one eliminated



The pin is broken up by the sickest looking kick to the side of Cody’s head! Stone had charged in and measured his spot, knocking Cody out with his devastating bequeath a boot to the head. Matt was able to hook Bogard’s outside leg and make the cover.




Eric Emerson: Cody Bogard has been eliminated.

Brian Rentfro: We’re down to the final two here

Jon McDaniels: Maybe not, Stone is covering Hayes now!



Hayes kicks out!

Stone rolls over and slams the mat in frustration. He thought for sure he would have had the win there after Cody hit his Gemini Complex. As Cody is helped out of the Dome, Stone starts looking around for a way to finish Jethro. His weapon has already left, but Stone spotted the trolley near the front gate. He remembered the pain that shot through his body when he crashed through the table and spotted three others to use. Wasting as little time a she could, Matt rolled out of the ring and slid in the three implements of Hayes’ destruction. Each table was slid inside the ring, Jethro taking as much time to recuperate as possible. Even though he kicked out, that last move took a lot out of him. Stone rolled back in the ring and started to set up the tables. Stone saw Hayes starting to get up, and that didn’t sit well with the Straight Shooter. Matt reached in his tights and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles, fitting them in his right hand, Stone cold cocked Hayes with the object. Rather than go for the cover through, Stone went back to setting up the tables/ He had two set up beside each other and the third was a top the first two. A nice pyramid of tables. Stone isn’t done there, however He rolls back out of the ring and grabs a smaller object in the trolley, a lighter. He holds it up for the crowd to see, they start cheering not for Stone, but for the sheer torment that the lighter will surely cause. There’s also a small gas container that Matt grabs before going back in the ring. Getting on the second rope of a nearby turnbuckle, Stone pours the contents of the canister over the table, everyone in the arena can smell the gasoline.

Brian Rentfro: Oh my god, is he going to set that table on fire?

Jon McDaniels: Looks that way Brian, this won’t end well for someone.

Matt gets off the turnbuckle and heads over to Hayes, grabbing his thick long hair and bringing him over to the same corner he was standing on a few moments ago. Matt then turns the lighter on and sets it on the top table, almost instantly catching a blaze. Flashbacks of the London’s Burning match came to mind for the both of them. Stone lifts Hayes up in a seated position, slapping him across the face. With a smirk on his face, Stone starts to climb up to set Hayes up for a superplex through the tables. Stone hooks Jethro’s head in a front chancery, however Hayes starts fighting back. Jethro hits Matt with a hard punch to the face, followed by a head butt. Matt starts to wobble off the ropes, but Jethro grabs him and lifts him up, Matt’s legs on Jethro’s shoulders. Hayes stands up in the middle rope, the three tables in front of them as Hayes pulls Stone as hard as he can with the Planter off the top rope through the three tables! The crowd starts chanting ‘Holy Shit’ as both Stone and Hayes are out in the middle of the ring, thankfully the fire is extinguished upon impact so there aren’t any further burns.

Jon McDaniels: Oh my god, that has to be it! Jethro Hayes will be the next PWA World Champion

Brian Rentfro: But can he pin Stone? Both men are out of it, Jon

Jon McDaniels: After a hellacious move like that, it’s hard to imagine either one of them getting up from that.

Brian Rentfro: Jethro is stirring, he’s crawling over for the cover Jon!

Hayes is crawling through the rubble of wood to make the cover, draping an arm over Stone’s chest.



Right before Lance’s hand comes down for three, Stone springs into action, rolling over with Hayes’ arm, wrapping it around Jethro’s head and pulling back as hard as he can, having Jethro Set in Stone with his Anaconda Vise. Matt pulls back as hard as he can, his face a bloody mess, his eyes somewhat glazed over, we can see this is purely on instinct but it’s nevertheless effective. Matt is pulling back, Hayes trying to find a way out, but Stone has the hold in solid. Stone puts maximum torque on Hayes’ neck and Jethro doesn’t have a choice but to tap out!

Jon McDaniel: He did it! Stone has won the Dome of Destruction!

Brian Rentfro: We have a new World Champion!

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner…and NNNNEEEEEWWW PWA World Champion….MAAAAATT STOOOOOONE!!!

Matt releases the hold and just lays back, exhausted. Lance Weston is handed the title through the cage and comes over, handing it to Stone. Matt clutches the title close to his chest, but doesn’t get up. Hayes rolls out of the ring, starting to walk out of the structure, visibly disappointed in the result. Matt still hasn’t gotten up, but now he’s holding the title up in the air from his prone position, most of the crowd booing but he has a few fans out there showing their appreciation for his hard work and the vindication of his 2012.

Brian Rentfro: Well 2013 looks interesting for sure, for Jon McDaniels, I’m Brian Rentfro, thank you for ordering X-Mas at Ground Zero!

Jon McDaniels: I wanted to sign off

Brian Rentfro: Too late

On that note, we fade out on Stone now sitting up, still clutching the PWA World Title in his arms.