World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Justin Case vs TMB

Singles Match

After they both make their way to the ring, Thomas and Justin lock up, Black getting the upper hand with his strength, tosses Case backwards, who rolls through to his feet and dashes over, hitting Black in the head with a forearm. Case doubles Black over with a toe kick and connects with a snap suplex. Justin keeps the pressure on with a side headlock, but Thomas fights to his feet, wrapping his arm around Case and driving him straight back with a back suplex. Thomas rolled over and mounted Case, hammering down at his face, Justin covering up. Referee Lance Weston started counting, Black getting off at the four count. Thomas measured Case and as Justin was getting up, Black knocked him down with a hard clothesline. Thomas it the ropes and came back with a jumping elbow drop. Thomas went for a cover here and got a two count.

After Case kicked out, he started getting up, catching Black’s arm and flipping him over with an arm drag. Justin got him with an arm bar now, synching it in deeper. Black pounded the mat out of frustration and sent an elbow back at Justin. Case kept the hold locked in before he was caught with a second elbow, and then a third. This time Case was forced to release the hold and Black got up, hitting Justin with a fierce big boot. Case hit the mat hard and Black went for a cover, only getting a two count. Case sat up after he was able to kick out, but he got his head kicked again, and once again Black went for the cover to get a two count. Thomas grabbed Case’s head and lifted him up, but Case countered with an inside cradle, netting another two count in the process.

After the near fall, both men got to their feet, Case trying to lock in his cross face, but Black was too powerful, pushing him back against the ropes and catching his head, driving him straight down with the Branches of Sin! Thomas rolled him over and hoked his leg, getting the ne two three.

Winner: TMB

The Phoenix vs Dagger

Singles Match

Dagger starts things off on the right foot, using her superior speed to hit and run, keeping the Phoenix off balance. After a few minutes of this though, he's had enough. He's the Phoenix and he cheats like a motherfucker. Eye gouges, hair pulling, no trick is beneath him. Dagger manages a nice reversal of an Irish whip, knocking the Phoenix into the referee. The ref crumples like a wet paper bag and the Phoenix, experienced bastard that he is, uses this as a chance to kick up the cheating a notch.

The Phoenix pulls some brass knuckles out of his tights and decks Dagger with it. He then spends some time setting up an elaborate series of tables and chairs, periodically pausing to punch Dagger in the face to keep her down. He even punched the ref once for good measure. That was probably a bad idea because that left him distracted so TMB could run in out of the crowd and super kick him right in the face. Dagger sees the cheating bastard laid out, climbs to the top of Mount Doom, which is tall enough to let her leap off and perform the world's first ever 1350 Splash. The shock of the impact wakes the ref who crawls over to count the win.

Winner: Dagger

Emily Corlen vs Mr Hardcore

Non-title Match

You know what happened, right?

Well, you're wrong, fucker.

Actually, you're probably right. And wrong. Right about Corlen fighting like a champion. Wrong about Mr Hardcore being a pushover. Corlen came into this match expecting an easy win and that very nearly cost her the match. Hardcore fought like a man possessed and dominated the early going of the match, going so far as getting a series of near falls. Shocking, I know. In the end, Corlen managed to reverse a roll up to win the match.

Winner: Emily Corlen

Jethro Hayes & Matt Stone vs Anna Mathews & Cody Bogard

Tag Team Match

What's not surprising about this match is that Cody Bogard and Anna Mathews don't work well together. What is surprising is how well Hayes and Stone do. They make use of frequent tags to stay fresh and on the attack. Anna Mathews is smart and also tags out as often as she can, saving herself for the Dome of Destruction.

Even so, the crowd gets several minutes of good, old fashioned tag team wrestling. But then "In Fate's Hands" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus starts to play and the crowd goes nuts as Gabe Shelley runs to the ring to make his presence felt. Hayes and Stone stay back and Bogard eats the brunt of the attack.

Then, without any music, Emily Corlen is sliding into the ring and targets Shelley! Mathews and Bogard and Hayes and Stone keep fighting amongst themselves and the entire ring descends into chaos as the screen fades to black.

Winner: No freaking Contest