World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


The PWA-Tron comes alive from static to the words PRE-RECORDED SEGMENT and then zooms in on a black GTO Charger sitting in front of a nice house. The door of the GTO opens and out steps the former PWA Television Champion, Viktor “The Beast” Stone. Stone reaches into the back seat of the car and pulls out a bat before smiling at the camera.

Stone: Undisclosed location my ass. It’s so fun to have a friend in the front office.

The recording slowly fades back to the arena as Stone walks up the pathway towards the house.

Malicious vs Mike Anigma

Anigma makes a strong debut against the Masked Menace, overpowering and outwrestling Malicious. However, Anigma made a rookie mistake and went for a back body drop, allowing Malicious to DDT him.Anigma kicked out at two and regained the upper hand until the two started fighting at the ropes and Anigma was tossed over the top. Malicious ran across the ring and rebounded with a suicide dive, nearly causing both men to get counted out, but both made it back into the ring at 9. Some more brawling let to Malicious in the middle of the ring while Anigma climbed to the top. Malicious kipped up, ran up the turnbuckles and nailed Anigma with a double underhook powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Malicious


Up on the PWA big screen, a video that has been recorded earlier this week, begins to play. Jethro's voice comes through the camera's microphone.


The crowd cheers, they recognize the voice of Jethro Hayes coming through the microphone. On the screen is a shot of a modest style Spanish hone, the lawn neatly trimmed. The yard, however, has many rose bushes planted and their colors bloom vibrantly in the sunshine.

"We are here at a PWA superstar's house, someone you may recognize; someone who actually is expecting me. This man was injured recently and is especially a favorite of the ladies in the crowd."

The ladies scream "CASANOVA!"

"I don't have to be there to know that the ladies are probably chanting his name, but enough of the suspense, let us get inside and see how The King of Hearts is getting along."

Jethro walks in front of the camera, grinning that big stupid grin, a grin that Jethro would call an oppusum eating briars. The scene cuts to Jethro's big hand knocking on the door, paying no attention to the door bell beside the blurred image of the house number. Inside the house, we hear a female voice.

"I'll be right there."

Jethro and us wait patiently as the door slowly creaks open to reveal a female face peering out at Jethro and the man holding the video camera.

"May I help you, um, sir?"

Jethro: "Yes ma'm, I am here to speak to El Rey."

Woman: "He is ... indisposed right now. If you like though I can tell him you came by and when he is available he can get in touch with you. Can I get your name and number?"

Jethro: "Actualy Ma'm, I came here to check up on him. I'm Jethro, the guy who injured him at Good versus Evil."

The woman nods and opens the door all the way. Montana Rose reveals herself, sweeping her hand backwards welcoming Jethro into the house.

Jethro: "Thank you ma'm."

Montana: "I figured you'd be by or call sooner or later. I'm sorry I didn't recognize you right away but things have been a little stressful to say the least."

Jethro nods, the two begin to walk back into the house. Jethro is following Montana as she leads him into a room. The camera focuses on a couch, widening the view and El Rey is brought into the picture; in the arena the ladies cheer uproariously. Bending down, Jethro grasps the outstretched hand of El Rey, who is sitting on the couch; Montana sits down beside him; Jethro takes a plush leather armchair. The camera zooms back to capture all of the room's occupants in the frame.

Jethro: "El Rey, let me say how."

El Rey speaks some words in Spanish and Montana is there to interpret for all of us.

Montana: "El Rey says that before you finish that statement Jethro, it is not your fault. It's his own fault for taking the high risk moves and trying to impress the officials."

Jethro shakes his head in denial.

Jethro: "But after I threw you to the mat with the planter and you screamed."

As Rey speaks, Rosa translates as the Voice of The King.

Rey/Montana: "It was my choice to dive to the outside all you did was defend yourself by tossing me through the announce table. You reacted as your instincts told you to do, that is the mark of a wrestler coming into his prime."

Jethro again shakes his head, he belives fault lies firmly in his camp.

Rey/Montana: "You went for your finisher, anyone in your position would do just that, try and finish the match."

Jethro reluctantly nods, he cannot help but to agree.

Jethro: "So man, how are you doing? How are you feeling? What did the doctor say?"

Montana and El Rey share a chuckle at Jethro's rapid series of questions and his enthusiasm.

Montana: "Dear Jethro, just calm down. We know that you feel bad and are glad you got a chance to get down here to check on El Rey but only one question at a time."

Another slight chuckle and Jethro turns a light shade of red.

Montana: "Jethro, El Rey is injured, but not permantly so. The doctors have said that there is no problem with him wrestling again. as soon as he recovers. El Rey is in some pain, but it's just from the surgery. He is doing as well as can be expected. The recovery time depends on if he does what the doctor says, his eating habits, the workout routine not to mention Rey's inordinate pig headedness."

She stares directly at El Rey as she says all of this, El Rey in his traditional silver and black mask just smiles.

Jethro: "So does this injury have any bearings on the Grizzley Beer title that you wanted to go for?"

Rey/Montana: "Never! I still intend to pursue that avenue when as soon as The King of Hearts is able to step through those ropes."

Jethro nods wringing his hands in anticipation of the next question that only he knows, but we suspect he is fixing to ask.

Jethro: "El Rey, do you have any idea when you might wrestle again?"

Montana: "He's planning on getting back into the ring for the December pay per view. But who really knows if he will be recovered enough by then."

Jethro stands as does El Rey and Montana. Everyone shakes hands and Jethro gives El Rey a bear hug slapping him lightly on the shoulder. El Rey screams and Jethro quickly drops his hand from the man's back and begins to look worried. El Rey laughs and shakes his head.

Rey/Montana: "Just kidding my friend, remember, it is my lower back."

Jethro sheepishly nods and once again blushes. All three walk towards the front door and stand there in a group.

Jethro: "Hope to see you again real soon man. Maybe I can get them to let me keep checking on you and call it something like Jethro's Updates or soemthing."

El Rey nods as does Montana, although she is holding back a laugh by extreme effort.

Jethro: "Speedy recovery man, God Bless, and I'll keep a check on ya bud."

Again El Rey nods as Jethro shuts the door. The camera pulls back from Jethro's face as he nods.

"I think that went pretty well, what do you think."

On the big screen, Jethro's image blurs out to prepare for the next match.

Jacob Collins vs Emperor Ian

"The New Scottie Snow" Jacob Collins surprises the world by coming to the ring with Raizzor, the Soul-Taker in his corner. The match is even for Emperor Ian's debut, but to the crowd's surprise, Collins starts to get the better of him. With the Emperor on the mat, Jacob Collins heads up to the top rope. Chancellor Maxim distracts the ref while General Jock appears at ringside with a cane. Collins sees this and argues with him. The ref notices what’s going on and yells at Jock. Maxim takes this opportunity to slip the Emperor brass nuckles, which he uses to quickly stun Collins, before hiding them in his singlet. Emperor Ian locks on the Imperial Conquest (Reverse Crucifix Arm-bar with Neck Submission), for the academic submission victory.

Winner: Emperor Ian

After the match, Raizzor enters the ring to help Collins to his feet. Raizzor watches with disgust as Ian showboats inside the ring, starts to leave, then thinks better of it and turns around to chokeslam Emperor Ian to the mat.

Shadow Starr vs Pohatu

Television Championship Match

No sooner does the match start than the arena lights go out for several seconds. When they come back up, both Pohatu and Shadow Starr on laying on the mat, out cold, wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

Winner: No Contest