World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


And You Thought Robinson Was Corrupt

The show opens backstage in current PWA figurehead Fantastic Andy Strickland's office. Strickland is sitting at his desk, talking on the phone.

Fantastic Andy: Hey, Pedro. So, I hear you found a few more cases of Powersauce bars in the warehouse. Go ahead and ship them to the Side of the Road Emporium. They're expired? How expired? Ok, go ahead and send them.

Fantastic Andy hangs up just as Mr Hardcore walks in. Hardcore casually places a very fat envelope on the desk, pats it and steps back.

Mr Hardcore: Looks like you got some mail, Andy.

Fantastic Andy: Uh huh. In my experience people delivering mail like that don't do it out of the kindness of their hearts. This wouldn't have anything to do with the last spot in the Dome of Destruction, would it? Because I'll have you know that I can't be bribed.

Mr Hardcore: Whoa, hold on a second. That's not a bribe. And even if it was, so what? I mean, you're Fantastic Andy Strickland. You'd sell your own grandmother for the leftovers of someone else's lunch.

Fantastic Andy: Depending on the restaurant, sure.

Mr Hardcore: So, just take the envelope and you do what you think is right, okay?

Fantastic Andy eyes the envelope, looks back at Hardcore and then picks up the envelope and slides it into his jacket's inner pocket.

Fantastic Andy: Do what I think is right, huh? Tell you what, Hardcore, you've convinced me. I know exactly what I should do.

Mr Hardcore starts to grin from ear to ear. He stands there, nearly bouncing with excitement.

Fantastic Andy: Is there something else? Cause I've got a lot of work to do, contracts to fill out, that sort of thing.

Mr Hardcore looks slightly disappointed, but is still smiling as he leaves the office.

Emperor Ian Vs Dagger

Singles Match

Both wrestlers make their grand entrances of epicness and immediately square off once the bell rings. Ian starts off throwing his weight around and cornering Dagger. But Dagger is quick to make a comeback by countering a powerbomb into a hurricanranna. Thus she begins her flurry of quick strikes until she nails Ian with "Your beauty no more" and takes the victory.

Winner: Dagger

TMB Vs Scottie Snow

Singles Match

This match really started off evenly with Scottie Snow managing to get one kick in against Black, but it was over pretty much right after that because the kick really pissed Thomas off. TMB went kinda ape shit after that one, but Scottie managed to get outside of the ring, after slapping Black, who quickly gave chase. Snow was able to run around the ring, Black losing a bit of ground because Snow is just used to running, and they were both counted out.

Winner: Draw 10:11

The Phoenix Vs Anna Mathews

Singles Match

Anna Mathews waits in the ring for the Phoenix. But she's in for a surprise, because the Phoenix has zero intention of wrestling tonight, instead sending lackey #2, Mr Hardcore. What do you figure will happen when the top contender for the PWA World championship faces a guy that lives in the PWA Dome's sub-sub basement?

Winner: Anna Mathews

Jethro Hayes Vs. MAIN EVENT Cody Bogard

Singles Match

Collar and elbow, Jethro uses his power to push Cody back into the corner, he slaps the taste out of Cody's mouth before laughing as he backs up. Cody is a bit taken aback, especially as Jethro comes rushing back in to lift a knee into his chest and pound him in the face with a forearm. Jethro with a whip sends Cody into the other corner, coming hard with another knee, Cody manages to flip out of the way and onto the apron. Cody knees Hayes in the ribs, then leaping from the top turnbuckle, delivers a vicious neckbreaker. The announcers are a bit shocked, as is the crowd at Jethro's antics, but they still cheer Cody on. Cody turns around, Jethro pulls him into the corner, Cody manages a knee into the still burned flesh of Jethro. Cody pulls Hayes out of the corner, Jethro wincing from the pain in his burns. Cody with a second and third smash to the face before bouncing off the ropes and delivering a swinging neckbreaker. Cody backs Jethro up into the corner, delivering chop after chop to the big man's chest, knowing it to be injured. Cody climbs up the turnbuckle, sitting on Jethro's shoulders, falling forward with a rollup!



Jethro kicks out, but just barely as his burns are still bothering him tremendously. The crowd is roaring their approval, but Jethro just scowls as he gets up to his feet with Cody there right behind him. Cody rushes forward, Jethro nails him viciously with a big boot right to the face. Cody stumbles back, Jethro charges in, lifting him up and delivering the Southern Unhospitality! Hayes doesn't go for a cover, instead lifts Cody up, first locking in a torture rack, just as he feels Cody is gonna submit, he delivers that stunning neckbreaker. Jethro isn't finished though as he whips Cody into the ropes, bouncing off the opposite one in a spear for a sort of super Plow! But Jethro seems to be having another agenda on his mind, as he doesn't cover Cody again, just looking down at him and back out to the crowd with disgust all over his face, or maybe its just because of the scars and his inability to smile. The crowd continues to cheer their approval, but Jethro just continues to look down at Cody who isn't moving, but is breathing. Jethro turns as to hit the ropes again, but simply climbs out of the ring, looking back at the ring, what he's done as though he's in shock at the violence of his actions. Jethro is visibly shaking his head from side to side in obvious physical pain and as though he may be disgusted in himself with his actions. As Jethro reaches the curtain, he turns to find a Phoenix mask hanging there as though mocking him as laughter is heard over the speakers. Jethro stares at the mask and as he passes, it bursts into flames before turning to cinders and ashes before he can pass.

Winner: By result of a count-out Cody Bogard 14:19

Emily Corlen Vs Benjamin Dyce

Non-Title Match

The match started off with Benjamin Dyce attempting to use his size to his advantage but Emily Corlen has faced down big men like him before and didn’t quite fall for it this time either. Corlen continually crept in quickly and laid in a few heavy shots into Dyce’s chest and stomach before quickly getting back to prevent Benji from counter attacking. Corlen bounced off the ropes at one point and hit a legdrop to Dyce’s knees taking him down to the canvas for a two count, expertly focusing on the weakest point of his body. Dyce however immediately wrapped his right hand around Emily’s throat and pushed her up and off of him, getting to his feet he lifted her in the air. He laid in some heavy shots of his own before chokeslamming her to the canvas, the fans believing Corlen was finished by the Spectre’s Call. However! Dyce only managed to get a two count much to his dismay. He lifted Corlen up but she hit him with a quick European uppercut! He keeled forward and Corlen laid Dyce out with the The Skullcracker! The crowd booed but luckily, Dyce put his left foot on the bottom rope and broke the count before the 3! However this momentum was short lived, Dyce managed to get a clothesline in but after a few quick and heavy strikes Corlen had him keeled over again. This time she executed perfection, taking the Grizzly Beer Champion Down in Flames! She got the 1! 2! 3!!! No problem this time, and stood victorious after a dominant showing.

Winner: Emily Corlen in 12:37

The Sixth Man

Fantastic Andy walks out on the stage, microphone in hand as the crowd sits on their hands.

Fantastic Andy: Well, this is the moment we've all been waiting for. It's time for me to announce the final participant in this year's Dome of Destruction match!

Some of the crowd cheers and some boo, because they know what's coming.

Fantastic Andy: Picking this person was a bigger job than I'd expected. I've been entrusted with the PWA and I've got to make sure to put on the best possible matches, so I take stuff like this very seriously.

Fantastic Andy: Now, everybody in the PWA wants in on this match. After all, anything can happen in that chaos and everyone has a good chance at walking out champion.

Fantastic Andy: But that's the thing, isn't it? The person I pick for this match is someone that could very well be the next PWA World champion! That means I have to be sure to pick a person that the PWA can be proud of. Someone that wouldn't tarnish the legacy of the PWA World title. Someone that, frankly, deserves to be a World champion of the highest caliber.

Fantastic Andy: So, with all that in mind, I proudly welcome...

The lights go out and "The Final Countdown" starts to play. Once again the crowd is split in boos and cheers. Mostly boos.

Fantastic Andy: No, no, no! That's not the right song.

The song stops and several long seconds pass. Then, "In Fate's Hands" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus starts to play. Some of the crowd cheers, but some are silent, puzzled and not recognizing the song. But the confusion doesn't last long as the image of Gabe Shelley fills the PWA-Tron and we fade to black.