World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Justin Case Vs. Dagger

Singles Match

Jon McDaniel: hello everyone, welcome back to the beautiful Rampage arena! What a sight this is to see! The sold out crowd are on their feet, in anticipation for what is to be a great match! With the flamboyant yet very talented Justin Case, going up against one of the great lightweights, in Dagger. This should be a supreme wrestling contest, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: The only thing good about this match is that Justin Case can actually speak english. So if we have a spelling bee, let me know. Other than that, this match is meaningless.

Jon McDaniel: Great, right from the get go, we get Mr. Know it all with some "colorful" language.

Brian Rentfro: Thats why they pay me the big bucks, Jon

Jon McDaniel: Lets just go inside the ring....

From inside the squared circle we see Eric Emerson dressed in a black and white suit. Eric proceeds to introduce the next match up as Dagger's theme music hits up.

Out comes Dagger to a big pop. They respect her abilities, and thats all that matters in wrestling.

Eric Emerson: This match is set for one fall. There is no time limit. Making her way to the ring at this time, she is the deranged air wiz, standing in at five foot eleven inches tall, and weighting in at an even 165, from Anna Mathews' basement...........DAGGER!!

Dagger makes her way to the ring, high fiving her fans as she flys by. Once from inside the ring, she gets ready to meet her opponent.

"The Chosen One's" theme music hits up as out steps Justin Case with The Wiz to an arena full of booing fans! They know his talent is outstanding, but his personality hinges on egocentric. Legendary Legacary makes his way to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring at this time, he is one of the so-called best in the business...Standing in at six foot two inches tall and weighting in at a 215 pound frame......"The Chosen One" JUSTIN CASE!!

Case slides into the ring and prepares for the match to begin.

Jon McDaniel: The Referee for this contest is Scott Swindell as he prepares the wresters for final battle mode.

Brian Rentfro: The ref motions for the bell

ding ding!

The two wrestlers aim to please as they take no time in hooking up into a grapple. Justin Case gets the first break of the match as he slides through the legs of Dagger coming back with an inverted sit down back drop, pulling back on his opponents shoulders. Hooking the leg for a pin. Dagger rolls out of the move and gets to her feet. Again both opponents grapple up, this time Dagger comes up with a head lock into a twisting belly to back arm lock. Case grabs his shoulder in pain. Right away reaching behind him, Justin Case flips Dagger over his head and gets her to the ground with a chin lock sleeper, grinding his knee into the swell of his opponents back. The ref checks on the situation to no doing. Dagger then gets some power from the crowd as she gets herself onto her knees. Following up with two solid elbows to the gut, breaking the hold as both wrestlers decide to run off each opposing ropes, coming back at each other with the same flying drop kick move! No one has the advantage at this point.

Jon McDaniel: These guys know each other well from the looks of it, knowing each other's moves before they even happen. You'd have to think at some point someone is bound to mess up.

Brian Rentfro: I bet you its that none english speaking she devil. she looks like she will pull out a surprise at any turn.

Jon McDaniel: Will you stop?!

The two get into yet another grapple, as this time, Justin Case gets Dagger into the ropes with a head lock and proceeds with an Irish whip into the ropes. Coming back with a clothlesline that Dagger ducks under, and while Dagger bounces off the opposing ropes, she goes for Case with her own clothesline but Case ducks underneath the move, finally both wrestlers come flying off the ropes as they both land a clothesline to each other at the same time! Its still very close in the beginning stages of the match. The ref begins to count as Case makes it up first and walks over to his opponent, thinking two steps ahead he starts off with a standing Hurricanrana that forces Dagger into the ropes while her throat lands on the second rope and her body just lays there. Thats when Justin Case follows up with a running slide through the top and second ropes, nailing his opponents head and throat across the ropes while doing so! Case lands on the outside of the ring as he gloats to the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: Do you believe this guy? What a selfish prick

Brian Rentfro: Love him or hate him, he is Legendary Legacary and AOWF's Chosen One.

Following up Case gets on the apron and balances Dagger on the second rope, he goes to the top rope and hits a flying leg drop on the back of his opponents head, but Dagger moves! Justin Case lands on the apron hard! Dagger has her opportunity! She brings Case into the ring as she proceeds with a tilt the world back breaker, followed up with a standing leg drop as she gets her opponent up into a power bomb! But Justin Case trys to fight back with some stiff blows to the head of Dagger as Justin Case sits on the shoulders of his opponent, suddenly Case uses his weight to drop down and pin his opponents shoulders to the mat.




Justin Case follows up with an irish whip into the ropes and coming back with a flying heel kick to Dagger! Case gets his opponent up and proceeds with a few short shots to the head of Dagger as he loosens her up for a two handed chock lift into a sit down power bomb! Capitalizing on his next move with a modified straight jacket suplex into a pin!




Jon McDaniel: What a beautiful display of moves that was!

Brian Rentfro: Finally, McDaniel is catching on.

Justin Case then gets frustrated with a slam of his fist on the canvus, but comes back while lifting Dagger up for a double underhook butterfly suplex, landing the move perfectly! Thats when he follows up with a dragon sleeper! The ref checks on Dagger with nothing happening! Thats when Case releases the move and ops for a change of pace, getting his opponent into a Tonga Death grip! But before its locked in, Dagger recovers and reverses the move into a Fujiwara armbar! After a few moments with Justin Case growning in pain, Dagger decides to switch it up, throwing her opponent through the ropes and onto the outside. Dagger follows up with a running FLYING SUICIDE DIVE!! Landing the move and hurting Justin Case bad! If thats not enough, Dagger goes up to the top ropes and executes a perfect shooting star press!!

Jon McDaniel: OMG, Brian, this match just got extreme! Taking a page out of Case's move list there!

Brian Rentfro: Can Dagger even spell extreme?

After waiting on Justin Case to get up, Dagger goes outside the ring ready to pick her opponent up while throwing him into the ring. But its blocked! Justin Case manages to explode with a standing drop kick and a standing moonsalt onto his opponent on the outside! Case then gets his oponent up and throws her into the railing that seperates the fans from the action. Justin Case grabs some popcorn and spills it all over Dagger. Case goes up to the top rope and proceeds with a flying CORK SCREW SPIN!! hitting his opponent but getting hurt in the process!! The ref begins to count out both wrestlers!







Justin Case begins to stir as he manages to get Dagger back into the ring. And with his opponent out on her feet, shooting off the ropes but Dagger reverses it into a power bomb while Case comes back with a huge sissor lock choke hold as Dagger falls to the mat! After a few moments of not giving up he lets go and proceeds with a big DDT! Then goes for the cover. Not hooking the leg!




Case follows up with a standing bridge suplex.




Jon McDaniel: What does Justin Case have to do to end this match, Brian?!

Brian Rentfro: I have no f*cking clue!

Justin Case gets annoyed and slams his fist on the mat, and when Case looses his cool, Dagger capitalizes with a modified neck and body choke hold. Case starts to fall asleep. The ref goes to raise his arms.




Case gets some engery and gets to his feet with two blows to the gut of Dagger. Flying off the ropes with a solid tilt the world back breaker! He follows that up with sending his opponent into the corner turnbuckle, ready to land the running brunco buster but Dagger moves just in time! She follows up with a neck breaker as Case's legs hang off the second turnbuckle! Justin Case lays in pain holding his head! Thats when Dagger picks Case up and whips her opponent across the ring into the other turnbuckle, hard! Dagger follows up with a running flying splash as Case comes out of the corner and falls to the canvus in much pain! Dagger jumps to the top ropes and flys off with a perfect 450 leg drop on the throat of Justin Case! She goes for the cover. Not hooking the leg.




Just as Dagger goes to pick up her opponent, Justin Case suddenly gets Dagger into a small package!




Jon McDaniel: A lot of action here in this match, its anyones game. Two smart wrestlers are doing one heck of a job!

Brian Rentfro: Are you watching the same match I am? This match is full of mistakes.

Still winded Case stops to take a breather, thats when Dagger plays possum and as Case picks his prey up Dagger comes up with a masterful firemans carry into a double leg gut buster! Following that up with an STF! The ref checks the situation as Justin Case thinks about tapping! But just when he is to tap he reaches for the ropes and Dagger is forced to release the move! With Case still hurt, Dagger runs to the ropes with a baseball slide to the head of Justin Case. She follows that up with a modified one leg sissor ankle lock, but Case quickly makes it over to the ropes. When Dagger picks him up for a body slam, Case reverses it into a fall away slam. Throwing Dagger almost through the ropes as she gets tangled up. And while Dagger uses the ropes to get to his feet, Case comes back with a spider lock on the ropes! The ref counts to 4 as Justin Case is forced to let go. But the damage is done!

Case comes back with a set up body slam which is reversed by Dagger into a massive death Valley driver! For the pin!




Case suddenly gets this extra wind when kicking out and comes back with a massive face Buster! Followed up by his submisson move "The Choice"! Dagger is about to tap!! Right when she is about to tap, her fingers just reach the ropes! But when Case starts to gloat and pose to the fans, Dagger comes back with a super DEATH POWER RANA BOMB! Followed by "Your Beauty No More" For the pin!





Jon McDaniel: Wow, what a match, Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Case just got backstabbed!

Eric Emerson announces the win as the ref raises Dagger's arm.

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner........DAAAGGGERRRRRRR!!

We end with Dagger's music on the PA as she celebrates in the ring.

Emperor Ian Vs. Jethro Hayes

Singles Match

Jethro Hayes comes out first, doing his usual entrance. Ian is next, and he stalls as much as possible. Finally, Hayes grabs him and starts pounding him in the corner. Ian escapes and starts walking away, but Jethro gives chase, catching up with him and drags him back to the ring. Jethro continues to kick Ian's ass for a bit, before Ian cheap shots him and escapes again. Hayes goes after him again to drag him back to the ring. However, the Emperor apparently shits himself as Jethro backs off, with a "wtf" look on his face. Ian reaches into his pants and pulls out a shit-covered hand, then starts chasing Hayes around the ring. Finally, Jethro takes off, running up the ramp to the back. Ian starts to celebrate, only for the ring announcer to announce a dq win for Jethro. Ian is enraged, and chases after the ref with his soiled hand. The ref runs to the back, and Ian threatens random audience members as the camera cuts away.

Winner: Jethro Hayes

Hardcore Snowfall Vs. Thomas Manchester Black and Cody Bogard

Tag Team Match

What the hell do you think happens? TMB & Bogard beat the hell out of these clowns. Mostly Bogard, though. That guy kicks so much ass that after the match is over, a fan in the crowd buys him a beer. Hell, the whole first row buys him beers. But Bogard, he's cool and gives one to TMB.

Winners: TMB & Cody Bogard

A Very Important Announcement

"Ain't That A Kick In The Head" starts to play over the PA system as the crowd shuts up because they've got no idea who uses Dean Martin for entrance music. As it turns out, it is acting PWA President Fantastic Andy Strickland. Even though he's got a promotion and in theory a massive pay raise, he's still wearing the hideous sports coats he's know for.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: Well, isn't this something? The PWA has been the land of change lately. I'm not going into a recap of what's been going down in terms of who is in charge, you all know the score. Seldon is out, He Who Shall Not Be Named Lest You Get An Ass Kicking ain't gonna do it, so here I am.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: But being the boss isn't all free lunches and and a 25% discount on merch. No, sometimes you've gotta make the hard choices, too. Choices like putting all the Matthew Engel shirts on clearance and then selling for five cents apiece to an unnamed emporium that may or may not be located on the side of a road.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: That's not all, though. It turns out that it's my job to deliver bad news. Depending on how you look at it, I guess. Good for you fans, bad for a couple of other guys, though. See, even though I'm the boss, I still have someone I have to answer to. I'm not going to name names, but you all know who I'm talking about. So here's the order from on high.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: Next week, at London's Burning, we're going to have a London's Burning cage match. That part was probably pretty obvious. But who will compete? First off, we've got the return of former PWA World champion Matt Stone!

The crowd cheers. Odd how that works.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: And his opponent? Hand picked by the big cheese himself, Stone will be facing none other than the Southern Hero, Jethro Hayes!

The crowd really cheers at this.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: Wow, you guys seem pretty happy about this match. You all excited about it?

The crowd makes some more noise cause that's what crowds do.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: You do realize the cage is on fire, right?

You better believe the crowd knows this.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: And both of these men could be seriously injured?

The crowd goes nuts.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought. Ok, I've got some free food to get to, so let's get back to the action!

Emily Corlen Vs. Anna Mathews

Non-Title Match

The match gets off to an exciting start as both women have something to prove. Matthews wants her name seriously considered for title contention and Corlen is the reigning World champion and wants a win going into London's Burning. Corlen's power gives her the advantage early on and she imposes her will on Matthews. For five minutes or so, Anna's world consists of lariats, back body drops and a variety pack of suplexes.

The champ starts getting cocky, which gives the insane Matthews a chance to turn the tables. Speed and agility are her friends. Speed, agility, and puppets. Matthews slips under another lariat and dropkicks the champ. This only makes the bigger woman angry, which only makes the big woman charge her. A low roundhouse to the knee from Anna stops that pretty quickly. Corlen learns that being bigger doesn't mean much when you're flat on your back.

The match goes back and forth like this for quite a while. But, all matches must end and this is no exception. Corlen beats up Matthews for a bit, then whips her into the ropes. Matthew isn't being helpful because instead of bouncing and running back, she jumps onto the ropes and springs back with the Boomerfly Kick. Corlen goes down and Matthews covers for the win!

Winner: Anna Matthews