World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Those Kalis dicks pander like bitches, assuming I'll give a fuck

Outside of the arena, a long black limousine pulls up to the front of the arena, two orange car flags at the head of the vehicle. As it comes to a stop, the driver quickly fumbles his way out of the vehicle and to the rear doors and opens them. Fans who are still coming into the arena all pause to take photographs and such. Out steps Adrian Kalis, and right behind him Lacey Gloria being guided by his hand. He isn’t wearing his usual face scarf tonight, so we can see his coy smile as he and Lacey walk arm in arm forward. Next steps Benjamin Dyce, Maya holding his hand as she steps out as well. The crowd cheers, and the two couples stop and pose for photographs with the fans.

Brian Rentfro: And here comes this “Orange Revolution” to the PWA. I think it’s a crock of TGW bullshit Adrian Kalis is trying to sell to the rest of the AoWF.

Jon McDaniel: I think it was hinted at by Dyce on Rampage last week, and cemented this past week on TGW Animosity by Adrian. These two men are such natural leaders, Brian. I think this is a craze that’ll sweep the AoWF. Just look at all the fans here tonight with orange flags, the cause has resonated with them.

Adrian and Dyce sign autographs as Lacey and Maya pose for pictures with some of the more teenage male fans, who are in pervert heaven at the moment.


Dyce high fives the fan, and it’s at this point Lean Bean Miller comes running out to the front of the arena.

Lean Bean Miller: Adrian! Benjamin! Can I have a word with you two?

Adrian Kalis: Sure! Good to see you again, LBM!

Benjamin Dyce: Call me Benji, lad. You’re a friend!

Benjamin pats LBM on the back and grins.

LBM: First off, gentlemen. Your speech at last week’s Rampage saw the spark of an outpouring of support from the PWA fans, Benji. Adrian you followed this up with a rousing speech on TGW’s Animosity and proclaimed the commencement of “The Orange Revolution”. While most fans are riled up and waving this orange flag of revolution of yours, many of the insiders in this sport are taking a weary look at what you two are starting as another possible community-wide conflict. Your thoughts?

Adrian Kalis: Really? Not surprising, really.

Benjamin Dyce: Not at all lad. Not surprising when you consider the only people who should feel worried are the terrible wrestlers people see at the top of the community.

Adrian Kalis: What you’re really hearing LBM is that these “insiders” are afraid of the change that is about to sweep them off their feet and out of their seats.

Benjamin Dyce: Ay. No one gives a right goodfuck what these gashes have to say anyways.

LBM: Well, my next question is pretty easy. Are you two here to cause violence tonight?

Dyce laughs.

Benjamin Dyce: Well I sure as shit am, LBM. I am booked in a match tonight, lad, that does suggest violence to be had in a half hour or so by me doesn’t it?

LBM: I mean outside of the ring.

Benjamin Dyce: Violence *outside* of the ring? No.

Dyce smirks.

Adrian Kalis: I myself am here merely as moral support for my good friend Benji over here.

LBM: It was publicized that you left the PWA for Victory Wrestling because you didn’t agree with the direction of yourself and the PWA under Elizabeth Davis, and preferred Lisa Seldon’s methods. You were the last face seen on Victory Wrestling Television, and now with Lisa Seldon back in charge of the PWA is there a chance we will see you come back to compete in the PWA?

Adrian Kalis: No. I’m a TGW exclusive superstar, but as a community Champion I figure it’s good if I do show up around the AoWF and keep a strong communal presence in effect. I think it’s good for the PWA that Lisa’s back at the helm, bad for all the poor fucks who work for her though. But I don’t think you’ll see any of the problems we saw with Ms. Davis, with all due respect, who was easily bullied by some of these superstars. Lisa hates all of us equally as well and that’s really a plus.

Benjamin Dyce: Ay but she has an arse that won’t quit.

Maya looks over scornfully at Dyce. He puts his hand over his face and clears his throat.

Benjamin Dyce: It’s been fun lad, but we’ve got a lot of air time to take away from the Bogard’s and TMB’s of the world who think they deserve to be at the top of the PWA.

Adrian Kalis: Yeah. Show’em how it’s done, brother.

Dyce reaches out, his elbows cocked to the sides as if he’s grabbing onto something.

Benjamin Dyce: Grab The Bull By The Horns, boys.

Dyce shoves Lean Bean Miller aside, and Maya quickly rushes to Dyce and smacks him for the Lisa Seldon arse comment. Adrian pats LBM on the back as arm in arm he and Lacey Gloria head into the arena as well.

PuppetLisa vs. Demi Lovato

Singles match

We open on an inside shot of Lisa Seldon's door... which remarkably hasn't been kicked through yet. The reason for that is because the person charged with kicking it only has tiny felt legs, hence the occasional little puff sound coming from the other side.

PuppetLisa: Motherfucker!

A pause.

PuppetLisa: Ok, gimmie a minute.

Nothing happens for the next few minutes but that's fine because we're dealing with it in text form which means you can just rattle across this in seconds... or at least you could if I didn't have a tendency to ramble when I'm doing these. Basically this is just a long stream of consciousness getting thrown down without any consideration in order to give the illusion of length, because everyone knows length is just another word for quality. Also it makes that passage of time we were talking about feel substantial, which is funny because we started down this road we were discussing how nice it was that such a thing wasn't happening. Isn't life grand.

PuppetLisa: Ok everyone step back! I've found a militant lesbian to do my bidding!

Sure enough the door comes in as Alexis Sykes kicks her way through it and everyone cheers because the PWA is apparently a bit like Happy Days. We then pan around to Lisa Seldon, who looks a bit bored. Of course that goes without saying, even though I chose to say it.

Lisa Seldon: This what you do for a living now?

Alexis Sykes: No but you're always talking about kicking doors and I figured it would be a good stress relief.

Lisa Seldon: Good thing you were here then.

Alexis Sykes: Yes it was.

The two share a nod and then Alexis leaves, which is great as it means PuppetLisa can get yet more air time.

PuppetLisa: I'm here for my match! I say me, I'll probably just get your angry wetback sidekick to do it for me. Then she can mow my lawn because that's what they're for.

Lisa Seldon: You don't have a lawn.

PuppetLisa: Then I will buy one with all the money I'm going to earn from being a winner!

PuppetLisa jumps up onto the desk, which she does with ease because she basically weighs fuck all.

PuppetLisa: Debut!

And then she throws a fist in the air... assuming those are actually fists.

Lisa Seldon: Yeah about that.

Lisa takes a deep breath, trying to come up with a nice way to break the news to her little PuppetGanger that such a thing is never going to happen, thus breaking her tiny heart... and then she remembered the time PuppetLisa stapled her hand to her face while she was sleeping.

Lisa Seldon: That match isn't happening so go fuck yourself.

Before PuppetLisa could offer a retort, Lisa kicked the thing so far into the distance that she actually twinkled out.

PuppetLisa: I'll get you you next time, Gadget!

Lisa then sighed and put her head on the desk, knowing that she probably would attempt to get her next time, Gadget. Having an exaggerated version of yourself is awful when you're already basically a massive cunt.

Justin Case vs Mr. Hardcore

Singles match

A spirited affair is how I start nearly all of these recaps and this one will be no different. I mean it makes sense, they're all quite spirited. Probably because of the testosterone... and all the performance enhancing drugs. Not that I'm saying either of these guys take performance enhancing drugs, though considering the record of both men it might be something to consider.

Never the less, for whatever you have to say for either man they both come game for a fight, which is great because that's what they're paid to do.

Case came in looking to turn the match into a straight ground based affair but Mr. Hardcore was having none of it and came in looking to bomb and buster his opponent into non-existence. Case picked up the pace to match him but eventually fell short when Brandon dropped him with the Beatdown. Case put a foot on the ropes but got no joy as the ref called the three before he saw it. Case was annoyed but could do nothing about it, especially when Mr. Hardcore fucked off without caring.

Is this the end between these two?

No, probably not.

This one was called Road to Unification but I'm too lazy to find out why

so you read it... and tell me why

Adrian ashes his cigarette on the floor. He’s inside a locker room, and by the way he’s sitting hunched forward you’d think he was about to get ready for a match himself. He sighs, his breathing is heavy. He looks up across from himself, and as he looks up the camera turns. It’s now we see Simon Kalis, who sits on the bench opposite Adrian. Simon has a briefcase next to himself, and his one good eye is closed. His jaw is wired shut still, so you can bet that he won’t be speaking.

Adrian Kalis: You’ve got to take a look at what you’ve done to yourself and understand why it can’t go on, old man.

Simon claps his hand on his lap, and smiles. Adrian takes a drag off his cigarette.

Simon Kalis:

Adrian Kalis: I can do this. I can force the battle. I will unify them all.

Simon smiles proudly.

Benjamin Dyce: Ay, you’ve my support lad. You know that. If you want to take this minger on yourself and have a battle for high stakes, you do that.

Adrian looks over to Dyce, and as the camera pans we now see Benjamin Dyce has been leaning against the locker room door the entire time. Simon pulls out a notepad and jots a few words down. He gets up and hands it to Adrian, standing over him.

Adrian Kalis: I know.

Adrian stands up now, looking to Dyce.

Adrian Kalis: I know what you want, brother.

Benjamin Dyce: Ay. And I will take what I want.

Adrian Kalis: Then good luck, though I know you won’t need it.

Adrian puts his hand on Simons shoulder.

Adrian Kalis: I take it the briefcase has Emperor Ian’s payment?

Simon smirks.

Adrian Kalis: I figured. You know what you have to do, old man. You’ve got REBEL Pro to take care of. As for me, you both know I’ve got this man. Hopefully he’ll heed the warning.

Dyce nods and opens the locker room door, heading out. Simon lifts the briefcase up and walks out. Adrian finishes his cigarette and drops it in the locker room, putting it out under his foot. As he walks out of the locker room, the camera focuses on the name: Thomas Manchester Black. His name now crossed out in orange spray paint.

Thomas Manchester Black vs Emperor Ian

Singles match

So Ian comes out with a couple of Nazi dudes with him, but it's obvious Ian doesn't want them there. He tries to get them thrown out, but the PWA officials don't listen to him for whatever reason. TMB comes out and he's totally pissed off. Black starts off a house of fire, performing a move that Vince McMahon would call "what a maneuver". Ian tries to take off, but the Nazis make him go back and fight. They distract TMB, allowing Ian to take control. Ian puts on a submission hold, and TMB has to fight to the ropes to break it. The Nazis get in a few shots. Ian retains control, but Black fights back and nails one of his signature moves. He covers but the Nazis place his foot on the rope, and the ref stops the count. Black gets distracted again, and Ian takes control again. Ian locks on a submission hold again, and this time Black can't reach the ropes and has to tap. However, the Nazis start fighting with audience members, which distracts the ref. When the ref is through being distracted, Black is able to take down Ian with one of his finishers, and gets a 3 count.

Winner: TMB

Afterwards, the Nazis attack Black. Ian tries to help his opponent, but the Nazis toss him outta the ring. Several PWA stars run in to chase the Nazis out. Ian runs into Jethro, who does a move to him right on the hard floor.

Lisa Seldon Watches Some Nazis

Lisa Seldon is backstage watching the last few remnants of her once great career go down in flames.

Lisa Seldon: I'm going to get fired for this. Hopefully.

Lisa then nods at the monitor and then leaves. You were probably hoping for something funny to happen, but there's nothing funny about racially motivated assault.*

As if TMB wasn't mad enough as is.

Oh shit we're cutting back to the ring because this shit aint ova!

As Emperor Ian leaves the ring, “Breath of Life” by Florence and The Machines hits over the speakers. Simon Kalis steps out, briefcase in hand and begins walking towards Emperor Ian.

Jon McDaniel: Oh this should be good.

Simon simply hands the briefcase to Emperor Ian, turns around and waves to the PWA fans as he walks away. Emperor Ian places the briefcase on the ring apron and pops it open. He lifts the money out of the briefcase then turns back to look at Simon with a roll of the eyes. Inside the top of the briefcase is a note apparently. It also appears over the ADCTron, courtesy of Simon Kalis.

Dear Emperor Ian;

I offered a $500,000 award for anyone with information on the whereabouts of Matthew Engel. You provided the whereabouts of some random cunt named Matthew Engel, not the legendary superstar we’ve all known and not the REBEL Pro employee I sought. You said this was because I never specified which Matthew Engel I sought, common sense be damned. Happily for me, I never specified what currency the $500,000 would be in. Merely that it would be denoted as dollars. Enjoy your monopoly money, buy yourself Boardwalk, put a hotel there, then jump off the roof and kill yourself with the level of class in death you’ve never possessed in life you faggot.


Simon Kalis

The crowd bursts into laughter as Emperor Ian throws the briefcase, shaking his head.

Dagger vs Jethro Hayes vs Yakov Smirnoff

Triple Threat Match

Everyone involved in this match is a cunt. It's like a massive cunt fest, full of awful cunts that you'd never want to be around. One of them even smells like wet pig...

No sorry I mean one is a wet pig...

No sorry I'm getting mixed up, that's the chick in the main event and that's totally the wrong one.

Either way I don't like anyone involved in this contest and so the idea of them punching each other to death sits fine with me. Sadly that's not how wrestling works and so the match ended with a pinfall.


It was Jethro.

That's it.

... I mean, not that the others didn't try. They totes did, except the Russian thing, who was actually a hilarious and purposeful misspelling gone wrong. Actually he was awful, so bad that when Dagger hit him with the Beauty No More, he actually died.

Like proper dead. Seriously, he's never coming back.

Dagger then applied Godzilla Clutch but was unable to get the tapout as her opponent was dead as previously mentioned. This allowed Jethro to step in and smash up her nasty face. Then he the Powerbomb and got the win. That other guy was on ahdn to break it up, but once again, he was dead.

He's dead.

That's the joke.

Which is now also dead.

Benjamin Dyce vs The Phoenix

Singles match


Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first!

“The Beginning is The End is The Beginning” by Smashing Pumpkins hits and the crowd rises to their feet.

Send a heartbeat to
The void that cries through you
Relive the pictures that have come to pass
For now we stand alone
The world is lost and blown
And we are flesh and blood disintegrate
With no more to hate

Eric Emerson: Accompanied to the ring by Maya, he stands at 6 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs in tonight at 270 pounds!

The arena lights dim, orange strobe lights pan the crowd where many are waving orange flags as the cheers grow.

Is it bright where you are?
Have the people changed
Does it make you happy you're so strange
And in your darkest hour
I hold secrets flame
We can watch the world devoured in its pain

Benjamin Dyce spreads his arms out as a fog begins to rise around the entrance ramp, following him as he makes his way down. Behind him Maya waves to the fans as she follows closely behind him. His long reach allows him to caress the hands of fans on either side of him as he makes his way, some fans reaching out for his touch while others shriek away. He never once removes his eyes from the ring. Maya never once removes her eyes off of him.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Glasgow, Scottland!

Benjamin Dyce climbs the steel steps and climbs into the ring right over the top rope.

Eric Emerson: He is... BENJAMIN DYCE!

Dyce raises his right fist into the air, Maya wrapping her arms around his waist and chest as he lowers his head as pyros sway upwards behind him in magnificent display.

Jon McDaniel: The crowd tonight is really behind Dyce.

Brian Rentfro: Ah they don’t know any better.

Eric Emerson: And introducing, his opponent! Standing in at 6 feet tall, and weighing 230 pounds! He is the AoWF and REBEL Pro World Champion! He is THE PHOENIX!!!!!!

The arena lights shut off and several seconds of silence pass. Then, in the darkness an old man's voice begins to sing...

Oh Death
Oh Death
Won't you spare me over 'til another year?

Pyro explodes around the entrance ramp and stage area. As the flash from the lights fade, we see a figure standing there in a long black robe, his face hidden behind the large hood. In his hand is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. As the fires continue to burn along the ramp, the figure advances to the ring. As he passes each fire, it extinguishes. Finally, he reaches the ring steps and climbs in before pulling back the hood, revealing the Phoenix, wearing a new black and white mask instead of his normal black and red. Dyce looks to Maya, and tells her to get out of the ring. He points to The Phoenix and smiles, the crowd cheering him. The Phoenix circles his half of the ring, pacing back and forth.

Jon McDaniel: This isn’t the first time Dyce has had to face a standing World Champion. He did it against Engel and won.

Brian Rentfro: But this isn’t Engel. This is The Phoenix! The World Champion of the whole AoWF! This rookie is about to be put in his place, time for him to remember just exactly where that is.


Dyce and Phoenix tie up in the middle of the ring, Dyce attempting to use his size and strength to his advantage immediately. Phoenix with a knee to his gut has Dyce keel over in pain, and quickly now The Phoenix lays Benjamin Dyce out with a perfectly executed DDT. The crowd boos as The Phoenix gets to his feet and quickly lifts Dyce’s legs up. He attempts to tie Dyce up into some sort of submission maneuver, but Dyce throws Phoenix to the canvas with the power in his legs and gets back to his feet. Dyce stands up and taps his knee caps, both in braces and smirks. The crowd cheers, orange flags waving as Phoenix carefully and slowly gets back to his feet. Dyce motions Phoenix to step forward, insolence in his body language. The Phoenix steps out onto the ring apron, shaking his head and climbing fully out of the ring. The crowd boos as The Phoenix begins to walk away.

Jon McDaniel: And it looks like we’re getting a repeat of last week. Nobody wants to fight Benjamin Dyce, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Are you kidding me? The Phoenix is merely showing us that Benji over here isn’t worthy to fight The Phoenix, that’s all. Just like he wasn’t worthy to face Emperor Ian last week!

As Phoenix gets to the front of the ring facing the entrance ramp, Maya runs towards him and begins cussing him out. She’s right in his face yelling at the top of her lungs and referee Dwayne Cross is warning her to back away. The Phoenix shoves Maya hard to the ground, shaking his head but with where he is positioned now Benjamin Dyce reaches over the top rope with both arms and grabs the Phoenix by the back of his neck. He lifts The Phoenix right back up and over the top rope into the ring, holding him up with Phoenix’s face facing outward for the world to see. The Phoenix tries to get free but Dyce chokeslams him to the canvas hard and the crowd goes nuts. Dyce bounces off the ropes and drops onto Phoenix’s chest with a hard elbow. He hooks the leg.




Dyce sits back up and gets to his feet. He raises a fist into the air as he steps back, the crowd going nuts.


Brian Rentfro: Oh Lord what a God awful chant that is.

The Phoenix carefully gets back to his feet, and he can tell from the way the fans are cheering that Dyce must be ready and waiting behind him. As Phoenix turns around Dyce goes to grab him by the neck again except The Phoenix kicks him in the gut and grabs hold of Dyce as he keels forward, spinning neckbreaker! Dyce goes down and Phoenix wastes no time going for the legs again as he successfully locks in a Texas Cloverleaf this time. Dyce winces in pain, shaking his head as referee Dwayne Cross asks him if he wants to tap out. He reaches for the ropes but he can barely make it. Maya stands outside the ring, banging her fists on the canvas and yelling for Benjamin to keep fighting and keep reaching. The Phoenix wrenches the hold, nodding his head furiously for Benjamin Dyce just to tap out. He even elbows Dyce in his knees for added pain.

Jon McDaniel: Now we’ll see just how well Dyce has recovered. If his lower back doesn’t snap first, his knees might pop out.

Brian Rentfro: The Phoenix is smart, he’ll target those knees of the big Scottish machine.

Benjamin Dyce however finally reaches the bottom rope and referee Dwayne Cross begins a five count for Phoenix to let go of the hold. At the count of 4, The Phoenix lets go and stands up, walking forward and dusting his hands which elicits some heavy booing from the crowd. He turns around and Dyce is still wincing in pain. The Phoenix grabs Benjamin Dyce by the legs and pulls him into the middle of the ring. Quickly flipping Dyce over, Phoenix joins him on the canvas and locks in an incredibly painful kneebar on Dyce. Dyce writhes in pain as The Phoenix wrenches the move, yelling for Dyce just to quit. Dyce holds his face, sweating profusely and yelling that he won’t give up.

Brian Rentfro: Now! NOW it’s finished, Jon!

Jon McDaniel: Do you think so?

Maya hops up onto the ring apron and jumps into the ring. Referee Dwayne Cross immediately turns his attention to her and she quickly stumbles backwards on purpose, throwing herself hard out of the ring. Dwayne Cross leans over the ropes to make sure she’s okay and she plays up the fake pain well. All the while this is going on, Benjamin Dyce begins to tap out.


Jon McDaniel: Dwayne Cross doesn’t see it!

From the crowd, Adrian Kalis hops the barrier and slides into the ring. The Phoenix lets go of his hold over Benjamin Dyce and rolls out of the way from a stomp by Adrian. Maya climbs back up on the apron and grabs Dwayne Cross’ foot, begging and pleading him for help. Adrian lunges at The Phoenix, who dodges the sudden strike. The Phoenix elbows Adrian across the head, sending the AoWF Television back a moment. The crowd is going NUTS! Cheering WILDLY!

Brian Rentfro: Are these people IDIOTS?! They’re CHEERING for blatant interference against The Phoenix!!!

Jon McDaniel: Probably because The Phoenix has won plenty of times with cheap and dirty tactics.

The Phoenix grabs Adrian and begins choking him but Adrian brings his right knee up into The Phoenix’s gut. Dyce is still down and holding his knee but he begins getting to his feet. Adrian shoves The Phoenix away and then spits an orange mist into The Phoenix’s eyes. The Phoenix is blinded, Adrian quickly rolls out of the ring and jumps back into the crowd laughing and getting pats on the back from the fans as he does. Benjamin Dyce is limping but he grabs The Phoenix and lays him out with his version of the vertaebreaker, The Memento! The Phoenix is down, Maya stands up and shrugs to Dwayne Cross, pointing into the ring. Cross sees the cover and drops!




Jon McDaniel: Karmic justice, Brian.



Eric Emerson: The winner of this match, BENJAMIN DYCE!

“The Beginning is The End is The Beginning” hits and Maya quickly helps pull Dyce out of the ring. The crowd is cheering wildly, as The Phoenix remains on his back and wipes the orange mist from his eyes. Dyce limps up the entrance ramp with Maya, but with each step the limp looks less and less worse.

Jon McDaniel: Hopefully Benji is alright with his knee.

Brian Rentfro: What?! Hopefully DYCE is alright? That’s bullshit, Jon. This was a robbery.

Dyce stands atop the entrance ramp with Maya and raises a clenched fist again to the cheers of the crowd. The Phoenix sits up and looks at Dwayne Cross like he’s a buffoon.

Jon McDaniel: History will show Benjamin Dyce victorious over the AoWF World Champion, Brian. And that’s all anyone will remember.

Brian Rentfro: Nonsense!

Emily Corlen vs Cody Bogard

Main Event

Cody made his way out to the ring to the collective cheers of the crowd. This week, he has an opportunity to get back to the main event level he feels he’s earned over his past few years here in the PWA. There’s only one person in the way, one person whom a victory over would put him in the exact spot he’s looking for, PWA World Champion Emily Corlen. The capacity crowd made no mystery their feelings on the PWA World Champion as she made her way out to the ring, booing and jeering Corlen as she came out. Emily seemed to pay them no mind heading straight down the ramp, up the steps and into the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Emily spoke of Cody’s shortcomings as of late, including his loss at Manitoba Mayhem to Matt Stone. What will she say if Cody is able to get the win here tonight?

Brian Rentfro: That’s like asking what Lisa Seldon will do if she were to lose a match to Justin Case. It doesn’t need an answer!

The bell sounds the two competitors immediately lock up, Emily using her strength advantage to back Cody into the nearest corner, senior referee Lance Weston starts to call for a clean break, which Emily does for about a second before bringing her right hand up and bringing it hard across Cody’s chest with a knife-edge chop. Some members of the crowd ‘wooo’ along, others just boo. Emily does it again and again, connecting with five of these chops in succession. Emily has a confident smirk on her face as Bogard’s chest is starting to turn red. Lance tries to get Emily to back off and in the time it takes Emily to scowl at Weston, Cody grabs a hold of Emily’s shoulders and switches positions with her, driving his shoulder two, three, four times into her midsection. Cody starts his own chop fest, but hesitates when he realizes how hard it is to chop a woman in the chest and that hesitation is enough for a champion like Emily to take advantage, quickly raising her knee right into Cody’ stomach, doubling him over. Emily quickly grabs his trunks and tossing him, shoulder first, into the ring post through the top and middle turnbuckle. A sick smack can be heard as contact is made collar bone to steel. Corlen dusts her hands off and pulls Cody out of the corner, wrapping and clasping her hands together and lifting Cody up in the air, lifting him over her own body and slamming him into the mat with a German suplex. Not releasing her hold, she continues to lift Cody up a second time and lifts him up again, delivering a second German suplex to her opponent. The Crisis Ace tries to fight Emily off with a few back elbows as Emily tries for the third time, but it ultimately unsuccessful in his attempt as Emily is able to power Cody off his feet and into the mat once again, arching her back with a bridging pin.



Cody gets the shoulder up.

Brian Rentfro: See? What did I tell you Jon, Emily has this in the bag!

Jon McDaniel: I won’t deny that Emily has had the advantage thus far, but that doesn’t mean that Cody won’t be able to mount a comeback.

Emily wanted to stifle any attempt by Cody, so right after the kick out, she grabbed him by the back of the head and lifted him to his feet, sending him across the ring with an Irish whip, waiting for his return where she would Powerslam him into the mat - at least, that was her plan. Though successful in lifting him up off the mat, Cody was able to shift his weight, applying a front chancery in midair and driving Corlen headfirst into the mat with a modified tornado DDT. Emily was sprawled out after the move and Cody took advantage with a quick cover netting a two count. Cody stayed on the offense though, mounting Corlen and driving his right hand down to her temple over and over, the crowd cheering this normally illegal maneuver. After several punches landed, Emily was able to force Cody off her with her raw strength. She got to her feet, as did Cody, and she sent a hard right at Bogard. Cody, however, saw the blow coming and blocked, grabbing Emily’s wrist. Corlen tried for a left handed blow, but it was blocked as well. Cody connected with a knee lift, weakening Corlen and giving him the advantage to leverage Emily off her feet and over Cody with his Rage of the Dragons (Premium Bridge/Wrist Clutch Dragon Suplex).



Emily got the shoulder up here, the crowd yelling out “two” in the process.

Jon McDaniel: I think Cody has a shot at this Brian, look at him go!

Brian Rentfro: I wouldn’t go that far Jon.

Cody didn’t relent though and picked up Emily before snapping her right back down with a snap mare before following up with a stiff kick to her back. Emily winces in pain as Cody hot the ropes and came back with a neck snap. Cody came over again and went for a cover, but again only scored a two count. Cody dropped his knee on Emily’s forehead, weakening her up. He picks her up off the mat and takes a step back, going for a knock out shot, the Excalibur Slash (Kenta Kobashi Style Lariat) but Emily ducked it as Cody spun, Corlen looking his hands behind his back for her Foregone Conclusion, but Cody rolled out of it and to his feet, kicking Emily in the midsection and hooking her head but Corlen pushes him off into the ropes, Cody rebounding back into Emily’s foot, doubling him over as Corlen hooks his arms behind his back, leaping in the air and driving him down, head first into the mat with the Down in Flames (Pedigree)! Emily shoots the half and rolls Cody over!




The crowd jeers more as Emily gets up, brushing her hair back with a smirk on her face. Lance Weston hands her the PWA World Title, she holds it high in the air as Eric does his job.

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner….EEEEEMILYYYY COOOOORLEEEEN!!!

Brian Rentfro: Told you so.

Jon McDaniel: Cody put up one hell of a fight here tonight -

Brian Rentfro: Told you so.

Jon McDaniel : Yeah, but Cody really showed me some -

Brian Rentfro: Told you so.

Jon McDaniel: ...nevermind.

Say Laura, got anything to break up the time before we go into our next segment?

Laura Estella: I can juggle but I don't have anything to juggle.

That's cool, guess we'll save that for next time.

Laura Estella: K.


Well that should about do it.

This Is Initiative

Corlen raises the PWA World title in the ring much to the booing of the crowd here tonight. However what she doesn’t notice is Benjamin Dyce stepping over the barricade from ringside among the fans and then sliding into the ring. Their boos turn into cheers. Corlen is surprised by this, but Dyce taps his “Norton 3:16- Spread Cancer” shirt and laughs. The laugh catches Corlen’s attention quickly.


She turns around, but weakened from her match just moments ago Dyce grabs her by the throat and lifts her high into the air. He begins smashing his left fist into her ribs repeatedly, the power of his punches causing Emily to wince as she chokes by her throat in the air. Dyce squeezes her windpipe hard as he continues to lay in the shots to the PWA World Champion before finally choke slamming her to the canvas so hard THE FUCKING RING BREAKS BENEATH THE BOTH OF THEM!



Maya comes in from backstage now, with a massive orange flag on her back. Benjamin Dyce grabs a microphone from Eric Emerson as he pulls himself from the wreckage.

Benjamin Dyce: Ay. Just as last Rampage I took advantage of a wrestler who was tired and just had an exhausting match. I do it again this week, lads. Ya see these lasses, Emily and Elena? They want to dodge me. They want to pretend like what I’m doing doesn’t matter. Ay well I say a right fuck you to Elena, I am beyond that minge.

Maya slides into the ring and waves to the fans.

Benjamin Dyce: Elena took a bad shot to the face from a chair, and ay we haven’t seen the cunt since have we lads? It doesn’t matter. My sights are set higher. I am claiming my right to face Emily Corlen for the PWA World Championship. Fuck your merits. Fuck your set lines of challengers. I’ve the balls, lads, to take what I want. None of you can say that. The whole lot of the PWA sits and bitches and begs, but not a single ned out there does a fuck about it do they? Ay, they don’t. But I do.

Dyce picks up the PWA World Championship and raises it.

Benjamin Dyce: My time has come. Our time has come, lads and lasses. The time for mediocrity is over! The Orange Revolution will sweep the weak away. Whether it’s Adrian in TGW. Myself in PWA. Or any one of you backstage who feels as we feel and wants to see men and women of real stature be the leaders. Not whiners and complainers.

Dyce drops the title onto Emily inside the broken ring.

Benjamin Dyce: This is our future. This is our legacy. It’s time to grab the bull by the horns.

Dyce grabs the flag off of Maya’s back and drapes it over Emily Corlen’s body inside the broken ring. “The Beginning is The End is The Beginning” hits and Dyce and Maya leave the ring. Dyce’s limp isn’t so bad from earlier, so thankfully he isn’t too injured. Dyce and Maya turn around and raise their fists in the air. The crowd stands, cheering with many waving orange flags.


Jon McDaniel: And for a second Rampage in a row… The PWA fans chant his name.

Dyce and Maya disappear, as we fade to the PWA logo with the fans still chanting…


* Unless it's a chink.