World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

And shit

Bad News

There's going to be some bad news.

Laura Estella: Bad news.

Told you.

Lisa Seldon: What?

We open in Lisa's office, where it looks like she sleeps, based on the fact that she's face down on the desk sleeping right now. So that previous what was sort of muffled and not good television.

Laura Estella: Fatty Corlen didn't quit, so now you have to carry on with her as the PWA World Champion.

Lisa makes her opinion on the matter known by reaching into her drawer.

Laura Estella: And no more guns. No killing yourself! Just man up and get on with it. Baby.

Laura walks off, possibly to take her medication or to not take it and then beat someone else to death for something they didn't even know that they were doing. That's her thing by the way. She used to be the normal one but that wasn't silly enough so she got kidnapped and probably raped... for future comedy value.

It'll work, I promise.

Justin Case vs Jamie Shields

Singles Match

The match starts off with a lot of back and forth brawling between both the wrestlers. Shields is well at home in this style as he lobs punch after punch at Justin Case. But Justin Case has seen it all in his career and quickly reverses the power punching of Jamie Shields into a grapple, then a t-bone suplex that snaps the former PWA World Champion to the canvas hard. Shields is back up, bionic knee and all. He takes Case down with a hip toss. Case is back up, short arm clothesline takes Shields down. But Shields is back up and puts Case in a standing side head lock. Case powers out, whips Jamie Shields into the ropes and then as he comes back catches Jamie and hits a lovely body slam on him. Case covers, but only gets a two count. Case lifts Shields back up, and then hits a beautiful half nelson suplex. Shields isn’t totally out of it though as he gets up and dodges a dropkick from Justin Case. He takes a stance and seems ready to go for his move, Annihilation! As Case gets up, Shields charges but Case manages to swiftly dodge it. Shields crashes his shoulders into the metal turnbuckle pole. He stumbles out of the corner, hurt, and right into Just 2 Talented! Case covers! 1! 2! 3!!! Big victory for The Chosen One!

Winner: Justin Case in 6:23

Wrath of the Bitch Queen

♬ Held my head high
Knew I'd survive
I made it, don't hate it ♬

The lights in the arena cut to black and the ADC-Tron comes to life with footage of Emily Corlen as the opening chords to "Paid My Dues" by Jaded Heart begins playing.

♬ I've been knocked down
It's a crazy town
Even got a punch in the face in LA
Ain't nothing in the world that can keep me
From doing what I wanna do ♬

Green strobe lights fill the arena as the name "EMILY CORLEN" amidst a backdrop of flames flashes on the screen. Emily Corlen herself then walks out from behind the curtain, cracking her knuckles as the crowd boos loudly, the PWA World Championship over her shoulder and the RXW Tag Team Championship around her waist.

♬ 'Cause I'm too proud, I'm too strong
Live by the code that you gotta move on
Feeling sad for yourself
Ain't got nobody nowhere ♬

Jon McDaniel: Hey! It's Emily Corlen! She's back!

♬ So I
Held my head high
Knew I survive
Well I made it
Don't hate it
That's just the way it goes ♬

Emily stops in the center of the stage, looking at all the fans in attendance. She sneers cockily, shaking her head in disgust at the people around her, almost lording her success over them.

♬ I done made it through
Stand on my own two
I paid my dues, yeah
Tried to hold me down
You can't stop me now
I paid my dues ♬

Emily then begins walking down the ramp, her gaze fixed on the ring. She stands at the foot of the ramp for a moment, staring into nothingness, and then begins to circle the ring, her gaze never leaving the ring, almost as if she's stalking it.

♬ Now I'm still tested everyday
People try to mess with my jaded heart
Got nothing in common
'Cause I handle mine
And I thought I better let you know ♬

Brian Rentfro: I heard a rumor that she got let go a few weeks ago. Glad to see that isn't the case.

♬ I'm no punk
I can get down
I don't give a damn about who's around
That was just fine 'til now ♬

After making a full circle of the ring, Emily reaches the foot of the ramp where she started. She hops up and down a few times in front of the ring apron before leaping up onto the apron.

♬ So I
Held my head high
Knew I survive
Well I made it
Don't hate it
That's just the way it goes ♬

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, please welcome YOUR PWA World Heavyweight Champion... The Queen of Professional Wrestling... EMILY… CORRRRRRLENNNNN!!!

♬ I done made it through
Stand on my own two
I paid my dues, yeah
Tried to hold me down
You can't stop me now
I paid my dues ♬

The crowd boos loudly as Emily steps between the ropes, then hops up and down in the corner a few times as the music fades. She motions for a mic as the crowd continues booing.

Jon McDaniel: Doesn't sound like the crowd missed her very much.

Brian Rentfro: They're just jealous. Jealous!

The crowd finally settles down and Emily begins.

Emily Corlen: Hi. My name is Emily Corlen. It's been so long, I thought the least I could do was come out here and reintroduce myself. You'll remember me, I'm the current and reigning PWA World Champion.

Emily holds the Championship up in the air, eliciting more boos from the crowd.

Emily Corlen: Oh, shut up. You're not cool, stop pretending like what you say actually matters.

Emily chuckles to herself as the crowd manages to boo even louder.

Emily Corlen: No, truth be told, I don't give a rats behind about any of you. I'm out here because, frankly, I'm sick and tired of being overlooked and underutilized. I am the PWA WORLD CHAMPION! I have held this title for 70 straight days! And yet, ever since this whole power shift thing, Davis getting the can, Lisa Seldon apparently back in control, truth be told, I don't care enough to really know any more details than that... I haven't been so much as mentioned, much less featured! Now, in Lisa's defense, this is only the second show she's been in charge of. It should have been her third, but, well, there wasn't a show last week. I think we got bumped by a repeat of Antiques Roadshow. The rest of you might know it under its other title, "old episodes of Rampage".

Emily laughs. A few fans do as well. Most of them continue booing. They do not like Emily at all.

Emily Corlen: Now, I'm going to state this as plainly as I can, so that not even the great and powerful Oz could possibly misinterpret my words. I am the ONLY competitor in PWA today worth mentioning. When people buy tickets to Rampage? They buy them to see ME. When people order pay-per-views from their local cable or satellite providers? They do so in order to see ME perform. My action figures fly off the shelves, my posters can't stay in stock, my t-shirt sales are through the ROOF, my Playboy issue from last year is STILL on backorder, and the bottom line is simply this. I am a commodity and the PWA is LUCKY to have me as their top-billed competitor. And with that billing comes the perks. The attention. Attention that should be MINE, being wasted on idiotic wastes of space. And who are these wastes of space, you might ask?

Silence as Emily pauses for emphasis.

Emily Corlen: I'll give you a hint. If their last name isn't Corlen? They're worthless.

A sly smirk spreads across Emily's face as the crowd boos.

Emily Corlen: I have defended this Championship once since I won it, but let me tell you, it's not for a lack of trying. Do you know why Elena Simonova is the only person to have gotten a shot at me? It's because she's the ONLY person on this entire roster who doesn't completely suck giant monkey testicles - and who's the one person she couldn't beat? Yeah, that's right... ME. The unstoppable Emily Corlen. How did our announce team so lovingly put it? "A wrecking ball of momentum"?

Emily glances out at Jon and Brian, who nod back at her.

Emily Corlen: I am sick of sitting at home with nothing to do on Sunday night. I am tired of carrying this Championship around without worthy challengers to defend it against. Most of all, I am DISGUSTED by the fact that even SEVENTY DAYS into my reign as World Champion, this show STILL doesn't revolve around me! So tonight, I'm issuing an official edict of war. This is MY show... this is MY company, and I'm going to take it BACK, effective immediately. When I walk into Genesis XIII in February STILL your PWA World Champion, I will not do so as an afterthought. I will walk into that event with my head held high, regarded by all of my peers and even all of you worthless fans as the single GREATEST wrestler to EVER lace up her boots and compete in a PWA ring.

Another pause.

Emily Corlen: Oh, and if you weren't sure, I'll also be walking OUT of that event with this World Championship. As for whom I face next, presumably at London's Burning or whatever event this company has in store for our next big pay-per-view event? I don't care who you are. I WILL beat you. Bring your big boy pants, because the closest you're going to get to the top of the mountain while I'm wearing this title... is staring up at the bright lights while I pin your sorry ass. BELIEVE IT.

With that, Emily tosses the mic down and leaves the ring as "Paid My Dues" by Jaded Heart starts playing again. The boos continue as Emily walks up the ramp.

Jon McDaniel: A declaration of war from our World Champion? She says she's sick and tired of being overlooked!

Brian Rentfro: I don't blame her one bit! The kid's the WORLD CHAMPION, and she keeps getting brushed aside for people she's beaten time and time again! There's a serious lack of respect being shown there for Miss Corlen.

Jon McDaniel: I wish I could disagree with you, Brian, but... she might be right. Either way, I have a strong feeling Emily's not going to be getting overlooked in the near future. If nothing else, taking a few shots at Lisa Seldon very likely saw to that.

Brian Rentfro: You gotta kill a few bees to make some honey, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: I really don't think that's how that saying goes.

Up on the stage, Emily holds the PWA World Championship in the air once more, eliciting more boos from the crowd, before turning around and walking back through the curtain, leaving Rampage to fade to commercial.

More Bad News

Lisa Seldon: Is that a thing? Am I meant to care about Fatty Boombatty, just because she said my name and waved a belt aroun in the air? Is that meant to mean something to me.

Lisa is apparently awake now, and doing! And by doing we mean shouting, not sure who at, though it's probably just Laura since the rest of her loser friends don't come here because the place is a fucking dive.

Lisa Seldon: And am I supposed to be upset because Emily Corlen doesn't think I'm doing enough to promote Emily Corlen? Of course she fucking thinks that! She's a saggy nobody who doesn't seem to get that no amount of pimping is going to get that hog popular. I could saddle her up, ride her into battle against the Taliban and then fist her, and the only thing that anyone would have to say is why is Lisa Seldon trying to help birth a calf.

Lisa Seldon flips her desk, because why not, Rebel Pro people fucked everything up anyway because they're all jealous, homeless nobodies.

Lisa Seldon: Wrestling is stupid, I'm going out to murder a tramp and not worry about the consequences.

Lisa Seldon leaves, because she said she would.

Emperor Ian vs Benjamin Dyce

Someone Else's Grudge Match

Dyce take down Ian with a short-arm clothesline. Ian doesn't bother trying to get up, so Dyce stomps him until Ian rolls out. Jethro Hayes comes out and stands at the top of the ramp. When Ian sees him, Hayes taps his wrist. Ian waves and flashes a big cheesy grin.
The emperor notices the ref counting and with a shrug of his shoulders decides to quit. He goes up the ramp to approach Jethro, who stands his ground. Before anything can happen, Ian flips off the Georgian with both hands, jumps off the ramp and exits through the crowd. Jethro looks confused, while Dyce just wants his arm raised.

Winner: Benjamin Dyce

Jack Spades vs The Phoenix

Singles Match

The match started off with both men staring at each other, Spades trying to figure out who The Phoenix really is, but the cameras picked up Spades mouthing something; immediately afterwards Phoenix connected with a right hook. The match was then underway with Phoenix utterly dominating Spades, not allowing him to get in an offensive move at all. Phoenix then went for his finisher, The Flame(cradle piledriver), early, but Jack was able to counter. Jack then went on his own offensive onslaught whipping Phoenix from pillar to post, or actually corner to corner and showing Phoenix who Jack Spades is. Jack had Phoenix in the corner delivering several chops to The Phoenix, reddening his chest, but Phoenix was able to catch his wrist; however Jack countered Phoenix's move with a Northern Lights suplex. Jack then went for his finisher, "Laughter Kills"(tombstone piledriver), but Phoenix countered instead. The two men then swapped several quick moves, with Phoenix able to hit about five different moves of offense before Jack would counter the next big move. Jack would then go on and hit five moves of his own. The match was getting a bit showboaty as both men wanted to show up the other man, because Phoenix was trying to show Jack Spades who he was and Jack was trying to show Phoenix that he didn't really care. The end came when Jack Spades bent down to yell in Phoenix's face, as he was on the ground, and Phoenix chopped him right in the throat. Phoenix then hit "The Flame" and got the pin for the win.

Winner: The Phoenix 13:33

Shouty Black Man Messes Shit Up

The scene opens backstage in a undisclosed locker room. On the monitor the Rampage show is blaring. In the corner of the room sits the current AOWF IC Champion, Thomas Manchester Black. Next to TMB is a cooler full of beer and laying on his lap is the AOWF IC Championship. He cracks open a beer before speaking.

TMB: Oh what a stormy past few weeks this has been for PWA fans. The smarks are in a uproar about what has been happening behind the scenes and with new players in charge, things have gotten a little shaky. Matches are thrown together with no rhyme or reason. World Championship vacated and...and...things have gone to Hell.

TMB pushes the cooler over and stands up with the belt.

TMB: Allow me to introduce myself to the new heads in charge. My name is THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK. I was one of the most dominate PWA Grizzly Beer Champions in this company's history. I am the current AOWF IC Champion...a belt which I won along with the PWA World Heavyweight championship when I did what no one else in this company could...beat The Phoenix.

TMB: I can understand that with such big names as The Phoenix, Hayes and Engel that someone like me may get lost in the shuffle due to the fact that unlike the men I just named...I only speak in truths. The truth being out of those 3 men...only one has escaped a beating at my hands...Hayes. Which is a small detail that i will remedy soon enough.

Black grabs the beer that he opened and takes a long chug.

TMB: And let's not forget, there is a little thing about me not getting my owed World Title rematch. Which to be a fucking shame. Because truth be told the world title scene is becoming a rerun show. So why exclude the only fresh blood you have had in a long while? Questions, questions. But i understand...I'm not your usual follow the line guy. I show up when i feel like it. I take nights off if I feel like it. I'm unpredictable and that is bad for business. But you know what else is....

TMB finishes off his beer and throws it at the camera.


TMB pushes the camera man out of the room as the scene fades to black.

Anna Mathews & Dagger vs Hardcore Snowfall

Tag Team Match

Tag matches are awesome, except this one, this one is garbage.

The end.

No I'm lying, this one is... it's ok.

Anyway those two hyperactive bitches do most of the leg work, dancing around their opponents like ferrets who have been jacked to fuck on whatever the opposite of ketamine would be. You know, for when what you really want is a horse that wont calm the fuck down.

We've all been there.

Hardcore WhateverItWasICalledThemOneTimeAsAJokeWhichTheyKeptAsTheirNameBecauseThey'reWankersWhoCan'tComeUpWithTheirOwnShit do their best to keep up, but can't because they're not as fast. It's sort of obvious really, don't know why they didn't expect that would happen. It's, like, math and shit.

Anyway, everyone tries their hardest, except for Hardcore Snowfall because if they'd tried their hardest they could have won but they didn't win so obviously they didn't try. What a couple of bastards. Those two bitches meanwhile go on to hit their finisher, which they have despite never being a team before, and win.


Jethro Hayes vs Cody Bogard

Singles Match

Jethro and Cody started off the match staring at each other, Cody trying to show his respect, Jethro not wanting to hear it until Cody could prove it. The bell rang and Cody immediately went after Jethro with his speed and agility, but Jethro having seen this many times before just allowed Cody to get near before grabbing him with a massive bear hug. Cody, was able to quickly bell clap Jethro and cause a release, and even able to keep on the offense. Cody had Jethro in the ropes and working on his legs, doing his best to take the vertical base of the big man away from him. Cody was able to do some springboards to finally get Jethro to one knee where he used some kicks and knees to get Jethro onto his back. Jethro seemed to be a bit off of his game, perhaps due to the disappearence of his partner and friend Matthew Engel, but he still had a match that he needed to compete in. Cody went for a cross body in the match, but Jethro was able to catch him and turn the momentum in his favor with a running powerslam in the corner. Cody rolled out of the ring, in order to prevent Jethro from going for "The Plow"(spear), but Jethro is veteran enough to stay inside the ring. The count got up to 8 because Cody kept running around the ring(keeping Jethro on the move) and slid into the ring just before Jethro reached him. Cody then tried to press his small advantage, but Jethro's power and experience was just a bit too much for him as he was able to catch him and several moves later, Jethro was showing what has gotten him his fame. Jethro then delivered "The Planter"(jacknife powerbomb) for the pin, but Cody showed his resilience and determination by kicking out at 2 3/4. Jethro was a bit shocked at this, which allowed Cody to get his breath and go back on the offense. Cody hit several fast paced moves, keeping just out of Jethro's reach, he knew that danger, and had Hayes on the ropes again. Jethro bounced off and Cody rolled him up for the cover. Jethro rolled through the pin, pinning Cody's shoulders to the mat for the pin and the win, with 7 seconds left to go in the match.

Winner: Jethro Hayes 14:53

Grabbing The Bull By The Horns

“The Beginning is The End is The Beginning” by Smashing Pumpkins hits, and the crowd rises to their feet to greet Benjamin Dyce. Accompanied to the ring by his beau, Maya, they make their way to the ring amongst the cheers of the crowd. Dyce sits on the top rope, his size bringing it down low as Maya stretches over it and then waves to the crowd. Dyce enters the ring, and lights a cigarette casually because fuck your kids this is what we promote apparently. Dyce is wearing a “D.G.A.F” black t-shirt along with his black spandex tights which have the smoke coming from where his boots end.

Jon McDaniel: Benjamin Dyce is a star who is on the rise here in the PWA. And it’s no coincidence considering his connection to the Kalis family.

Brian Rentfro: I don’t think sticking your dingaling into a Kalis counts as a connection.

Jon McDaniel: I was referring to the fact he is another student of Simon Kalis’, not his relationship with Maya.

Brian Rentfro: Tomato, tomatoh. Same difference.

Dyce grabs a microphone and waits for the crowds cheers to fade away.

Benjamin Dyce: Lads and broads, give it up to my lovely girl Maya ‘ere. She has come off of victories against former Victory World Champion, Marvin Wood! Former REBEL Pro World Champion, Johnny Maverick! And now she heads to UX to team up with the last eWo World Champion to take on former AoWF World Champion Allen Chaney and Marina Blue!

The crowd cheers for Maya, who bows graciously and blushes.

Benjamin Dyce: Together with Adrian Kalis in TGW, we are the acclaimed! The righteous! The illustrious! Ay, the distinguished and valorous future of this community. Lads! Broads! We are the wave come to wash away the bullshit you’ve grown weary of!

Dyce pauses for the applause, and a great applause he receives.

Benjamin Dyce: On the last episode of Rampage, I grabbed the bull by the horns. I took the fight to a Champion in the PWA. I looked around, and I saw how every one of the mingers backstage complain they get nowhere in the PWA and I did something about it myself. Yet Elena Simonova has not responded. Not on twitter, not on the Magee Network. She has ignored my direct assault in favor of the hope that I will forget her. And ay, perhaps I shall forget her. I can stand before all of you and make a clear case that all of this is nothin’ more than proof I am aiming TOO LOW!

The crowd cheers again, as Dyce takes a drag off of his cigarette.

Benjamin Dyce: So we shall wait and see if Elena answers The Spectre’s Call. But until then, I say, Emily Corlen!

Dyce points to the back.

Benjamin Dyce: Get the fuck off yer high horse lass, because if you think running circles over a weak roster makes you the greatest Champion of all time you’ve got another thing coming. If you’ve the guts to accept my challenge, then accept it Emily. You. Me. The PWA World Championship.

Jon McDaniel: Oh boy.

The crowd erupts into a chorus of cheers.

Benjamin Dyce: I’m hungry, sweety. I’ve ripped through everyone I’m put against. I say let the mingers keep coming. Bring me your Cody Bogards. Bring me your Thomas Manchester Blacks. And maybe at some point, the two lasses who hold the deck of cards in the PWA will come out of from behind their tampons and face a true God damn challenge. The truth is, looking out at the crowd tonight anyone can see the sad and disgruntled faces of all the PWA fans. The lads and broads of the PWA deserve better. The wrestlers in the back fuck well deserve better.

The crowd rises to their feet now, the chorus of their cheers growing. Benjamin Dyce begins pacing around the ring, pointing out to the crowd.

Benjamin Dyce: This sport deserves a better superstar! A new superstar! Fucking AY!!!!

The crowd roars as Dyce raises his arms in the air.

Benjamin Dyce: Doubt me and taste the heel of my boot, lads! Underestimate me and feel the sting of defeat, ALL OF YOU!

Dyce points to one side.

Benjamin Dyce: All! Of! YOU!

He points to the next side.

Benjamin Dyce: God damn ALL OF YOU!

The crowd is stomping, cheering, yelling, screaming you name it they’re doing it. Dyce points to the back once again.

Benjamin Dyce: And for fucks sake boys, all of YOU! I brought this very bloody ring to flames and ash! I can do it again! And I can bring you ALL down to hell with me!

Maya grabs onto his chest, looking up into his eyes. Dyce looks down into her and smiles.

Benjamin Dyce: WE can bring you all to hell with us!

Maya leaps up onto Dyce, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders as she rests her head on his shoulders.

Benjamin Dyce: THIS IS THE FUTURE!

Dyce moves around just as freely even with Maya locked onto him.

Benjamin Dyce: THIS IS OUR LEGACY!

Flames shoot up from the four corners of the ring, and now the chorus of cheering from the fans is deafening.

Benjamin Dyce: Come at me!

He puts his arms out, classic “Come At Me, Bro” style and the crowd cheers. Maya snuggles up on him more.

Benjamin Dyce: Or don’t! I don’t give a fuck! WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK! Cause once the Spectre Calls! You all shall fall!

Dyce drops the microphone, “The Beginning is The End is The Beginning” hits again as Dyce and Maya exit the ring.

Brian Rentfro: What makes him think he can just challenge whoever he pleases?

Jon McDaniel: I imagine with one on one victories over both Matthew Engel and Jethro Hayes, he believes he has the right to challenge whomever he well likes.

Dyce slaps the hands of fans as he leaves, Maya in his arms right beside him.

Brian Rentfro: Now that’s bullshit.

Dyce and Maya reach the top of the entrance ramp, and standing face to face. The crowd on their feet cheering wildly and loudly, they share a passionate and long kiss as smoke begins to rise all around them.


As the smoke engulfs them the cheers only get louder.


And as the smoke dissipates, Maya and Benjamin Dyce are gone as we fade to the logo of the Pioneer Wrestling Association and the sounds of the fans cheering and chanting...