World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Benjamin Dyce vs Rocky Logan

Singles match

"The Beginning is the End is The Beginning” by Smashing Pumpkins begins to play softly over the speakers as Benjamin Dyce steps out.

Eric Emerson: Introducing! He stands in at 6 feet and 6 inches tall, weighing in at 270 pounds...

Benjamin Dyce spreads his arms out as a fog begins to rise around the entrance ramp, following him as he makes his way down. Behind him Maya waves to the fans as she follows closely behind him. His long reach allows him to caress the hands of fans on either side of him as he makes his way, some fans reaching out for his touch while others shriek away. He never once removes his eyes from the ring. Maya never once removes her eyes off of him.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Glasgow, Scottland!

Benjamin Dyce climbs the steel steps and climbs into the ring right over the top rope.

Eric Emerson: Accompanied to the ring by Maya Kalis! He is... BENJAMIN DYCE!

Spectre raises his right fist into the air, Maya wrapping her arms around his waist and chest as he lowers his head as pyros sway upwards behind him in magnificent display. Maya carasses his rough face with her hands, and he looks down at her and manages to crack a smile. The crowd applauds as Dyce taps his knees before ripping his tanktop off and throwing it into the crowd, raising his arms in the air.

Eric Emerson: And… His opponent!

"Bright lights bigger city" hits up and out comes "Reckless" Rocky Logan to a huge pop from the crowd. Slaps himself a couple times to get his mind right as Pyro shoot out from either side of the stage. He walks to the ring with passion is his eyes. His manager Allan Flick walking behind. Entering the ring via hands on top rope as he jumps over the tops and into the ring. Stopping on the second corner ropes to pose for the adoring fans. Logan jumps off the turnbuckle and prepares himself for the match at hand.

Eric Emerson: “Reckless” … ROCKY LOGAN!!!

Maya and Allan Flick take their places at ringside, eyeing each other as the bell sounds.


Benjamin Dyce approaches Rocky Logan, looking down at his smaller opponent. Logan looks up into Dyce’s eyes, and the men exchange a few words before Dyce cheap shots him with a forearm smash. Logan stumbles back and Dyce grabs him by the arm, pulls him in and short arm clotheslines him to the canvas. Logan rubs his throat and gets to his feet, Dyce calmly watches his every move. Logan charges at Dyce but Dyce swats him out of the way. Logan spears himself into Dyce and manages to take the big man down, putting him to the canvas. He starts elbowing Dyce in the face repeatedly. Maya slaps the canvas from the outside of the ring, calling the referee a moron for letting Logan “cheat”. Dyce tries to strike back but instead gets caught by Rocky Logan and an armbar leglock. Dyce writhes in pain, and Flick applauds Logan on from the outside as Maya yells at Dyce to use his free arm to reach for the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Logan proving the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Jon McDaniel: I wouldn’t count the artist formerly known as Spectre out just yet.

Benjamin Dyce reaches out for the ropes in vain, Logan knows his holds and knows them well and this situation is no different as he expertly tightens his grip on Benjamin Dyce. Dyce however is a big man, and it’s his reach that may’ve just saved him from defeat in this match as he just barely manages to grab the bottom rope. Dwayne Cross the referee officiating this match gives Logan a count to break up the hold, and finally at 4 Logan lets go and gets to his feet, backing away. Allan Flick applauds Rocky Logan’s skill. Dyce gets to his feet gingerly before going at Logan. Logan ducks and tries to spear takedown Dyce again. They both go into the corner turnbuckle. Logan begins pounding his fists into Dyce’s rib cage, the big man cringes in pain. Dyce headbutts Rocky to push him away. Rocky Logan gets scooped up by Dyce, and slammed to the canvas with a blizzard suplex. Benjamin climbs to the top rope and comes off with a flying elbow drop striking hard into Rocky’s chest. He hooks the leg.




Jon McDaniel: Close call for The One and Only.

Brian Rentfro: I doubt it, Dyce looks like that hold did some good hurt on him.

Dyce gets to his feet and shakes his head. Maya slaps the canvas to show support but Rocky Logan out of no where comes up from behind Benjamin Dyce and applies RECKLESS ABANDONMENT! Dyce tries fighting out, and flips Rocky Logan forward and over himself and places him between his leg, dropping for a piledriver! Maya jumps in the air cheering as Dyce climbs to the top rope and comes off with THE GUILLOTINE!!! Dyce quickly hooks the leg.




Logan rolls out of the ring in disbelief.

Eric Emerson: The winner of this match, BENJAMIN DYCE!!!

Justin Case vs Jethro Hayes

Singles match

What do you need me to tell you about this match for? You know what this match is gonna be. I mean, let's get real here. If you're looking for a technical clinic, bust out your Genesis 2009 DVD and watch the Phoenix vs Jamie Flynn. This match, it's going to be what's known as a slobberknocker. See, this is a match between a former REBEL Pro World champion and the guy that could very well be the new REBEL Pro World champion come Aggression. More importantly, these are two guys that don't like each other. Maybe they respect each other. I don't know and I don't care.

Now, the way I heard it, this bad blood goes back a long, long time. Like, at least two months ago. See, it all started one night when Justin Case decides he wants to go out and sample the local night life after he gets down main eventing some wrestling show down in Georgia. So he showers, changes, and heads out in search of adventure. He finds this little dive bar called the Jug and decides to head in because he likes the music blaring out the door, plus its close to his motel.

So he walks in, bellies up to the bar and gets a Pabst. He drinks it down in two or three long swallows because wrestling is thirsty work and orders up another. Just about then, the Rolling Stones song Honky Tonk Women comes on the jukebox. Believe me, it was inevitable. And just as inevitably, all the drunken women in this particular honky tonk decide they want to dance. Now, most of the men in there, they're not real big on dancing. Maybe a little foot shuffling or a slow dance at a wedding, but that's about the extent of it. But not Justin Case. You see, Justin Case loves to dance, or so the legend goes. And the legends also goes that he's pretty damn good at it. Talented, some might say.

Justin, he's no fool, so he dances his way across the dance floor, because that's where the dancing happens, and he sets his sights on the prettiest woman in the whole damn place. She's pretty good looking by any standards, but by Georgia standards? She's a fucking knockout. I'm talking no obvious body hair and she has pretty much all of her teeth. So Justin, he's out there busting many a move and by all accounts, getting quite jiggy with it. And don't think the belle of the ball hasn't noticed, because she most certainly has. She slides up next to Justin and clings to him like white on rice. They keep dancing through a couple of songs, at least one of which you just fucking know was Skynrd. Things are going well and Justin is trying to come up with a good pick up line involving the word "talented", as if he needed one with any woman that would frequent a bar like this.

While they've been dancing, Justin has slowly been edging toward the door, all the better to fulfill his plan of waking up next to a terrible mistake. Just about then, a hand the size of a canned ham taps him on the shoulder, letting Justin know that he doesn't have to wait until morning for that mistake.

Justin turns around and is suddenly face to face with none other than Jethro Hayes! Bet you didn't see that coming. Believe me folks, being face to face with Jethro Hayes isn't pleasant at any time, let alone after he's had a few. And since this is Jethro I'm talking about, I clearly mean a few dozen. Jethro very calmly and politely informs Justin Case that he (Justin) has been dancing with his (Jethro) special lady friend. And to make matters worse, Jethro is double pissed, because if his special lady friend had left with Justin Case, Jethro's momma never would have let him hear the end of it about losing his sister at the bar.

Now, I think we all know this can't turn out any way but ugly. Justin, no fool, knows this, too. He glances at the door and eyeballs it as about seven feet away. He knows he could clear that in right around three steps if Jethro will just give him that much time.

But there I go, rambling. Tonight's fight wasn't as legendary as that one, especially since no cows were harmed during the course of Rampage, but it still ain't nothing to sneeze at. These guys fight for personal reasons. Justin, for the third Pabst he never got to drink and Jethro for the sullied honor of his family name. In the end, honor wins out over booze as Jethro picks up the win.

Winner: Jethro Hayes

A-Squared vs Stolen Hearts

RXW Tag Team Championship

The team of Stolen Hearts comprised of the Rebel Pro World Champion Matt Stone and the PWA World Champion Emily Corlen made their way out to the ring first, talking amongst themselves as a cohesive unit. Out next was Alison James, walking to the ring alone. She has both tag titles over her shoulders as she walks down to the ring, looking apprehensive. She hands the RXW tag team titles to the referee and nods her head as her and Matt Stone start out the match. Stone and Alison lock uo, Matt quickly getting her in a side headlock and flips her over to her back, maintaining his hold. Matt wrenches his forward into her face, but AJ doesn’t give in. She gets Stone in a head scissors as a counter and Matt has to kick out of it, getting to his feet first, but he’s taken over with an arm drag. Matt is up quickly and is brought back down to the mat with a second arm drag. Stone is then hit across the head with a leg drop and Alison goes for a cover. Matt is able to kick out at two, however and looks a little surprised. Alison grabs Matt’s head and tries to get him in a front chancery, but Stone hits her with a knee left before flipping her over 0on her back with a gut wrench suplex. Matt picks AJ up, but drops her straight back down with a snap DDT. With a smirk on his face, he rolls her over and gets a two count. Matt starts getting up, calling for Alison to rise as well, calling out ‘Kneel before Zod’ and swings his foot at her head, but Alison ducks and hops up, connecting with a dropkick to Stone’s back, who stumbles forward and is tagged out by Emily. Corlen gets straight in the ring and charges at Alison for a clothesline, but Alison ducks and runs at the ropes, spring boarding and going for a double axe handle, but Emily catches her in the air and spins her hips, driving Alison to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Alison has the wind knocked out of her as Corlen picks her up by the throat and lifts her high in the air before driving her straight to the mat with a two handed choke slam, the original Seventh Heaven. Emily looks down with a mix of concern and determination as she picks up the youngest James sister, hooks her arms behind her back and drives her straight to the mat with a pedigree, Emily’s Down in Flames. Corlen rolls her opponent over and hooks the outside leg, getting the 1 2 3!

Winners and new RXW Tag Team Champions: Stolen Hearts