World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Nightmare & El Rey (C) vs The O'Connor Boys vs Might & Magic

PWA Tag Team Championships

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall and is a 3 way tag team match for the PWA Tag Team Championship!

A loud guitar riff hits the PWA P.A system and begins to pick up speed, until the voice of Dropkick Murphy's begin singing.

"You say its because we're boisterous
You hate us 'cause we got our dignity "

Eric Emerson: At a total combined weight of 295 pounds, originally from Dublin, Ireland ; now making their home in Boston, Massachusetts, and supposed former members of the IRA, they claim to be the only true Irish tag-team in the PWA.... The O'Connor Boys.

The identical twin brothers walk down to the ring. Behind them the Irish National Flag waves in a breeze on the PWA Big Screen. They stare at the ring and seem to be prepared for any kind of fight.

"We stand together so proud and strong
This is a place where we belong "
"We got loyal friends
We keep our heads held high,
We'll stick together you and I "

They arrive at the ring and roll under the bottom rope and calmly walk to their corner and await the match.

"But the blood that runs right down your wrist
Don't come from a knife, but the cuts on your fist "

Waiting on the entrance music of their opponents to hit the P.A system, the final words of the first verse finish and then the chorus plays:
Never alone...
The city streets are where we roam.
Never alone...
This is Boston it's our home.

Don't need no gang to watch my ass
Just loyal friendship and a pint of Bass
In the midst of the chaos and insanity
I'm a member of the working class society
We'll sweat in the ring and bleed in the streets
But our will and spirit can never be beat

You can shoot and you can kick but together we'll stick
Through thick and thin not stick or stone
Can break the bond that has here grown
Arm and Arm We Fight As One.

Never alone...
The city streets are where we roam."

Jon McDaniel: It has been a while since we have seen Seamus and Sean O'Connor.

Brian Rentfro: Count your blessings.

Jon McDaniel: The must overcome the huge size advantage of both teams tonight. Especially the enormous Moke alone of Might and Magic.

Brian Rentfro: Add in his partner and they are a lethal combination.

Rammstein's "Amerika" cues up, and "Fantastic" Andy Stricklin walks out from behind the entrance curtain, the fans showering his presence with boos. Stricklin
cheers himself on, and then turns around, waving out the giant Moke Doshky - who is carrying Stricklin's famous potted plant - and Dragon. Both members
of M&M are decked out in jeans, boots, and beaters, with Doshky's mohawk not gelled up as it usually is. Dragon adjusts his headband as Stricklin snatches
the plant away from his client, and the trio walk down the ramp.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, being accompanied by "Fantastic" Andy Stricklin, weighing in at a combined weight of 650 pounds, they are the team of Moke
Doshky and the Dragon...MIGHT AND MAGIC!!!

All three reach the ring, and Moke pulls himself up over the top rope as Dragon slides underneath the bottom one, Stricklin rushing around ringside to keep
the ring between himself and the entrance ramp. "Amerika" dies down.

Jon McDaniel: I think Moke gets bigger every time I see him.

Brian Rentfro: It is all of those bratwursts, the man eats like a cow.

Eric Emerson: Now introducing one half of the PWA tag team champions...

The house lights dim as smoke begins to boil up from the entranceway.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now... standing at 6'9" and weighting in at 280 pounds...

A pulsing beat hits the air as "The Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie begins to play as a group of ravishingly beautiful women in hot pants and cropped
halter tops rise from the smoke, moving in a sensuous provocative manner to the music. The arena lights begin to strobe in synchronicity to the music as
the opening guitar riff hits its crescendo, the huge monitors flashing in counterpoint.

~Dig deep down from Planet X, yeah~
~Thirteen ghosts in the devil's head~
~Step right up and feel the fire~
~Hardcore love of the never dead~

Eric Emerson: He hails from Los Angeles, California... he is Jonathon Wehali... he is...

Spotlights pan through the stadium, scanning through the air. Suddenly the entrance explodes with a spike of red Pyros as the monitors begin showing highlights
from Nightmare's previous matches. Icons and champions go down to his kicks and strikes. Superstars and legends tap out to his submission holds. One after
another faces famous, infamous, and unknown are shown, each being driven into the canvas headfirst. The footage then burns away to a single word suspended
in darkness: NIGHTMARE. It then shatters, the monitor going black.

~Call me the American nightmare~
~Call me the American dream~
~Call me your soul corrupted~
~Call me everything you need~

Eric Emerson: NIGHTMARE!!!

As a shower of red Pyros rains down upon the stage, Nightmare steps through the entrance. Red war paint marks his face.

~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Yeah, who do you love~
~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Who do you love, yeah~

Nightmare scans the crowd like a general surveying his troops. His gaze then settles upon the ring. Making his way forward he slaps hands with the fans.
Trailing behind Nightmare are his manager Akira and his bodyguard Dhamballa.

~Black boots stomp and penetrate, yeah~
~Lust and death gone in your head~
~Rat pack mind degenerated~
~Thirteen ghosts sing the body red~

Arriving at ringside, Nightmare selects a lovely young woman out of the crowd, placing his signature Gargoyle sunglasses upon her head then posing with
the fans before turning to once again view the ring.

~Call me the dark intruder~
~Call me the haunted sea~
~Call me your Monster Zero~
~Call me anything you need~

Once at ringside Nightmare springs onto the ring apron, grabs the top rope, and flips over the top.

~Call me the American Nightmare~
~Call me the American dream~
~Call me your soul corrupted~
~Call me everything you need~

Nightmare walks to the center of the ring and pumps his fist into the air. The four corner posts of the ring erupt into an explosion of red Pyros as the
song fades out, the stage once again in darkness as the dancing girls return to the back.

~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Yeah, who do you love~
~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Who do you love, yeah~

Nightmare takes his place in his corner to await the beginning of the match as Akira and Dhamballa take their stations outside the ring.

Eric Emerson: His tag team partner the other half of the PWA Tag Team Champions...

"Baila Casanova" by Paulina Rubio plays over the arena's speakers and out walks El Rey de Corazones (The King Of Hearts).

Eric Emerson: Introducing his tag team partner all the way from Villahermosa , Tabasco , Mexico , he weighs 245 pounds and stands at 6 foot 4 inches... he is the King of Hearts El Rey de Corazones!

El Rey walks down to the ring with his normal bouquet of red roses, he hands them to the ladies in the crowd before making his way into the ring. Both he and Nightmare are ready for the match.


Nightmare, Moke, and Sean are all standing in the ring, they are waiting for one of the other to make the first move. They all move in and Moke quickly takes Sean out with a flying right hand to his face and him and Nightmare tie up in the middle of the ring. Moke hits a well placed knee to Nightmare's gut quickly picking him up over head with a over the head suplex. Nightmare is quickly up, defending his and El Rey's titles, but Moke catches him lifting him again, high up over head; this time, in a gorilla press slam. Moke looks down at Nightmare who is grabbing his back, he shakes his head and laughs at his opponents.

Jon McDaniel: Moke didn't want to take this opportunity, but he is making the best of it.

Brian Rentfro: I see the strategy, that is coming into play, with letting Moke Doshkey start off the match.

Sean climbs up to the top turnbuckle and dives towards Moke's back with a cross body; Moke Doshkey stumbles forward into the dropkick by Nightmare. Moke, who had been stumbling forward, now begins to stumble back into a quick rool up pin by Sean.


TWO! --

Nightmare on top of the action quickly pulls Sean away from Moke, breaking the pin at a count of two.

Jon McDaniel: Near pin there by Sean.

Brian Rentfro: They have been training, maybe it is paying off.

Nightmare has Sean up and whipping him into the ropes. As Sean is coming back, Moke delivers a huge clothesline to the back of Nightmare's head, he delivers a face on clothesline to Sean. Moke, the stronger of all participants, picks up Nightmare and whips him into the ropes. Nightmare, the ring wary veteran, baseball slides under and in between Moke's split legs he delivers a dropkick to the back of Moke's . back. Moke stumbles forwards right into a dropkick of Sean's, same as before, but the roles are just reversed. Both Sean and Nightmare want to get the fresh men into the match, so they tag in their partners. El Rey climbs to the top turnbuckle and dives onto the prone form of Moke Doshkey with a flying cross body splash. El Rey goes for the cover.


TWO! --

Seamus is there to make the save, by stomping on the back of El Rey's masked head.

Brian Rentfro: Seamus with a quick save there to stop the pin.

Jon McDaniel: It is hard to keep up with the action so far. Dropkicks, flying, whew!

Seamus grabs the wrist of El Rey and whips him to the ropes, El Rey hits the ropes and springboards onto the standing Seamus. He goes for another quick pin



-- Dragon in to make the save.

Brian Rentfro: Dragon having to make the save, because if Sean is pinned, El Rey and Nightmare retain the belts.

Jon McDaniel: You mean Seamus.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, how can you tell a difference?

Jon McDaniel: I think it is Seamus, yeah it is. Well, I don't really know. For now, he is Seamus.

Brian Rentfro: Ok, if you say so.

The referee gets Dragon out of the ring and El Rey is on top of Seamus with knife edge chops to his chest. Seamus is backed into the corner from the fierceness of the chops; El Rey jumps up and hurricanranas Seamus across the ring. El Rey runs, jumping onto the middle rope and lionsaults onto Seamus where he makes a cover.


TWO! -

Moke Doshkey stomps on the back of El Rey, reminding the King of Hearts that he is still in the match. To further prove his point, he whips El Rey into the corner back first, quickly following is Seamus. Getting up a head of steam, he begins his charge towards the two in the corner.

Brian Rentfro: He isn't?!

Jon McDaniel: He just did.

Moke walks over to his corner and tags in his partner, The Dragon, who comes in with chops flying to both Seamus and El Rey. Dragon leaps to the middle rope, jumps up and backwards, with a spinning roundhouse heel kick to the temple of Seamus ; Seamus stumbles out of the corner and falls face first on the mat. Using Seamus' body as a leaping board, Dragon takes a running start with a running corner body splash. El Rey counters the devastating move with a heart kick to Dragon, who clutches his chest and falls backwards. El Rey climbs backwards up the corner and dives with a double ax handle smash to Dragon, who is still clutching his chest where the kick connected. El Rey makes the cover.



THR-- Seamus is there to pull El Rey off the pin.

Brian Rentfro: No love lost between Might and Magic and the O'Connor Boys, Seamus just preventing the champs from retaining the belts.

Jon McDaniel: Smart move, he wants to win as bad as the others in this match.

El Rey gets to his feet to meet a charging Seamus, knee to the gut and even flow DDT and the charging Seamus is on the mat. El Rey turns his attention to Dragon as Seamus begins to slowly make his way to his corner to tag in his brother Sean. Grabbing the wrist of Dragon, El Rey climbs to the top rope and delivers a perfect super elbow drop to the exposed shoulder of Dragon. He grabs the wrist again and makes his own way to his partner, Nightmare. He makes the tag and Nightmare dives from the top rope with an elbow drop of his own to the exposed and now reddening shoulder of Dragon. Grabbing the wrist, yet again, of Dragon, he whips the former PWA Japan champion, into the ropes; Seamus is still crawling to his corner.

Jon McDaniel: Recently, OCB hasn't done a whole lot.

Brian Rentfro: They are just out sized, out matched, and frankly out classed.

Dragon rebounds off the ropes right into a spinning back elbow from Nightmare; he hits Dragon with the Requiem for the Fallen.

Brian Rentfro: Its over!

Jon McDaniel: Seamus makes the tag to his brother.

Sean comes in and nails the side of Nightmare's temple with a big soccer kick; it causes Nightmare to roll off of The Dragon. Sean faces the standing Nightmare and begins to back him up into the corner with stiff forearm shots; Nightmare is shocked at the velocity of the blows and does his best to fend off the onslaught. Sean has him backed into the corner and is through the ropes Sean dives with an upside down reverse hurricanrana. Sean is winded from the move and Dragon makes the cover.



THR-- Sean delivers a soccer kick to Dragon's temple making him roll off of Nightmare.

Jon McDaniel: Dragon trying to steal a win there.

Brian Rentfro: Huh, didn't see anything.

Jon McDaniel: You ain't blind, you saw it.

Sean whips Dragon into a corner and charges in after him, but is caught by Moke Doshkey's big boot.

Brian Rentfro: Sean got caught up in the action and didn't realize the corner he whipped Dragon into.

Jon McDaniel: Shame too, they were doing so well.

Dragon, looking winded and exhausted, reaches up and tags in his tag team partner. Moke, steps over the top rope and looks to destroy anyone in his path. Sean gets up, he is ready for any type of fight, he is caught by a massive shoulder block from Moke; Sean goes down in a heap clutching his gut. Moke, unaware of Nightmare for the present, is hit by a spear from Nightmare; for good measure, Nightmare picks up Sean for a sidewalk slam.

Jon McDaniel: That could have caused Might and Magic the belts there.

Brian Rentfro: Cheap shot by Nightmare, hitting a man while his back is turned.

Jon McDaniel: He didn't, Moke was just paying more attention to Sean.

Nightmare charges to the opposite side ring ropes and hits a perfectly executed baseball slide to Moke, who rolls out of the ring from the impact. He bends down, picks up Sean and nails him with his finisher, the Requiem for the Fallen. He makes the cover.


Seamus runs in to stop the pin, El Rey comes in as well and delivers two heart kicks, one to Seamus and one to a charging Dragon.


El Rey looks and protects the pin attempt.


Jon McDaniel: Nightmare and El Rey have overcome the odds in this match and retained the belts!

Brian Rentfro: It wasn't given to them, that is for sure.


Eric Emerson: Winner of the match and still PWA Tag Team Champions... Nightmare and El Rey de Corazones!

Riona Langly & Emperor Ian (c) vs The Order of Chaos

PWA Tag Team Championships

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the PWA Tag-Team Championships!

The arena roars with approval and anticipation!

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, the challengers… from Chaos……Presenting...

"Last Ones Left(Order of Chaos Remix)" by 2Pac & The Outlawz begins to blare over the arena and the fans are quick to jump to their feet. The strobe lights search the crowd, flashing colors of blue and white.

Eric Emerson: The Army of Honor...

The anticipation is building now as the famed skull and bones logo of the Order begins to appear faintly over the tron.

Eric Emerson: Masakazu...

The fans cheer loudly for his name as the skull and bones over the tron becomes clearer and clearer.

Eric Emerson: Simon Kalis...

The fans erupt into an even louder chorus of cheers as the Order's logo finally appears clearly and fireworks are set off in the center of the stage as both Simon Kalis and his son Masakazu now appear from behind the curtains.

Eric Emerson: THE ORDER OF CHAOS!!

Both men now make their way down to the ring, slapping the hands of fans as they pass by and playing to the crowd until they get into the ring and await the coming fight.

Eric Emerson: And their opponents, introducing first…he is one half of the PWA Tag-Team Champions…. Emperor Ian!

"Manic Depression" by Carnivore plays as Emperor Ian walks to the ring as fast as he can, ignoring the fans.

A soft pinging noise fills the speakers, moving across the arena as the lights flicker along with it. As the pinging comes to a stop, the lights in the arena shut off completely, and orchestral intro to "Planet Hell" by Nightwish begins. The crowd doesn't really know what to think as images of angels and death flash across the screen, superimposed with flashes of ring action. The lights begin to flicker along with the beat of the drums. And without a warning, the music stops and a massive explosion of red pyro goes off on both sides of the entrance ramp as the guitars kick in most mightily, the lights coming back on with a fury. Blue lasers fly about the arena as Marco Hietala begins singing.

### Denying the lying ###
### A million children fighting ###
### For lives in strife ###
### For hope beyond the horizon ###

The lasers switch to a reddish hue as Tajra begins to sing....

### A dead world ###
### A dark path ###
### Not even crossroads to choose from ###
### All the blood red carpets before me ###
### Behold this fair creation of God ###

As Tajra's pace and the music calm down considerably, a spotlight bursts out from in front of the curtain as a figure slowly makes its way out in front of it, head tilted down. The figure stops just in front of the light, head tilted down. Her long, black hair flows over her shoulders, bangs at the front hiding her face as she silohettes herself on the light.

Eric Emerson: "Introducing next, she stands 5 feet, 9 inches and weighed in this morning at 142 pounds..."

### My only wish to leave behind ###
### All the days of the earth ###
### An everyday hell of my kingdom come ###

The woman slowly lifts her head up, hair hanging down over her face and obscuring most of it. Finally, as the second of the song begins, she throws her arms out to the side in a crucifix pose and flicks her head back, her hair flying back over her shoulders and revealing her face. A huge pop occurs as a stream of silver sparks fall from the screen above her, the light behind her blacking out. She ignores any sort of minor pain that the sparks would be causing her as three silver fireworks shoot off from the top of the tron to fly off and hit sets above the ring, causing minor explosions and the lasers to switch back to blue.

### The first rock thrown again ###
### Welcome to hell, little Saint ###
### Mother Gaia in slaughter ###
### Welcome to paradise soldier ###

Riona drops her pose and paces each side of the entrance ramp, mentally preparing herself for the match as she loosens her muscles up a bit with a little bounce.

Eric Emerson: "She comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is the Celestial Trigger..."

### My first cry neverending ###
### All life is to fear for life ###
### You fool, you wanderer ###
### You challenged the gods and lost ###

Riona returns to the middle of the entranceway and begins to make her way down the ramp as silver sparks suddenly fly up from either side of the entrance ramp to shower down over her, creating a tunnel of sorts due to the arching shape. Riona's typical neutral gaze not showing much of her thoughts towards the crowd. The arching shape keeps her from specifically reaching out for high fives, but she doesn't bother to stop the few pats on the back she gets through the tunnel of sparks. Riona stops at the bottom of the ramp as the sparks finally dissipate, looking up into the ring for a few moments before walking over to and up the stairs. She quickly climbs up to the top turnbuckle and snaps off a crucifix pose as silver pyro shoots up from the other three turnbuckles with a loud pop as soon as the chorus begins.


### Save yourself a penny for the ferryman ###
### Save yourself and let them suffer ###
### In hope ###
### In love ###
### This world ain't ready for The Ark ###

She holds the pose there while the chorus goes on, the lasers finally ending. Finally, Riona lowers her arms and hops down into to her corner, doing some last minute stretches and getting ready for the match as the lights return to normal.


Brian Rentfro: As the two teams settle and talk strategy, it appears that Emperor Ian and Simon Kalis will be starting the contest!

Jon McDaniel: This should be a good one!

Ian and Kalis each walk to the center of the ring, and Kalis goes for a grapple, but Ian ducks underneath it then turns around and gets leveled with a big right from Kalis before getting the boots put to him.

Jon McDaniel: Kalis with a chinlock.

Ian breaks free of the chinlock and locks Kalis into a standing wristlock, wrenching the hold in and then dropping the big man to a knee. Ian delivers a pair of short roundhouse kicks to Kalis's upper back, and then swings his free arm over Kalis's shoulder to deliver a trio of back elbows to his face. Ian brings Kalis up, and then whips him into the ropes. Kalis holds onto the top rope as Ian goes for a leapfrog, and then charges, lifting Ian up and then spinning down into a spine buster.


Brian Rentfro: Kalis with the advantage now! I think he didn’t expect this from Ian!

Kalis rises to his knees, quickly surveying the pain he has just wrought, and drops a headbutt into Ian's face before making a cover, hooking both legs. The ref drops for the count, and Riona steps into the ring.



Jon McDaniel: And Riona breaks it up by booting P-Kalis in the head!

The ref begins shouting at Riona to get back on the apron, to which Riona just holds up her arms, nodding his head. Kalis gets behind the ref to flip Riona off, prompting Ian to reach up and uppercut P-Kalis low. Kalis bends over as Riona steps back onto the apron, and Ian tags her in. The ref slaps his hands to signify that he saw the tag, and Riona climbs up to the top as Ian gets on all four's behind P-Kalis, who stands up straight.

Jon McDaniel: And Riona with an Over Castle!

Riona jumps to her feet as Ian steps onto the apron, and drops to a knee, bowing to the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: I think Ian is showing off too much here. Wait, look!

Masakazu boots Riona in the midsection, and then grabs her in a loose front facelock, lifting her up and then dropping her gut across the top rope. Riona gasps for air as the ref yells at Masakazu, who stalks back to the apron, ignoring all of the ref's calls. Kalis gets to his feet and comes over to Riona, grabbing her by the head, and then hits her with a big forearm smash to the upper back, bringing Riona flipping back into the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Kalis back in control of the flow now as he brings Riona to her feet. A whip to the corner, and Kalis charges in. Big back elbow!

Brian Rentfro: Haha, watch Riona stumble out and fall on her face! I bet that she won't get any modeling jobs if Kalis keeps this up.

Jon McDaniel: Modeling!?

On the apron, Ian shakes all of the cobwebs out, and watches as Kalis brings the boots to Riona's midsection. Ian claps a few times, and then reaches out for the tag as the ref warns him not to enter the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Kalis brings Riona to his corner, and tags in Masakazu.

Masakazu nods to Kalis, who just steps out onto the apron as Masakazu comes in. He grabs Riona in a half rear waistlock, and then nails a backdrop suplex that sends Riona rolling to the middle of the ring. Masakazu brings Riona back to her feet, and then nails a big right hand before sending her into the corner, following in closely with a running high knee to Riona’s face.

Brian Rentfro: Damn! He’s gonna ruin that pretty face of hers!

Jon McDaniel: Masakazu keeps Riona in the corner, and just PUMMELS her with rights and lefts.

Riona suddenly ducks a big right, grabbing Masakazu's legs, and then lifts him up, dropping him face-first into the top turnbuckle, causing Masakazu to back up clutching his nose. Riona quickly nails a jumping uppercut, and then throws Masakazu into the corner, nailing him with a series of forearms, dropping him to a seat.

Jon McDaniel: And Riona manages to turn the momentum, and she quickly turns to tag in Emperor Ian!

Ian and Riona both charge towards Masakazu in the corner, and nail simultaneous basement dropkicks to Masakazu's face.

Brian Rentfro: Excellent tag double teaming! Not technically fair, but they are Rampage!

The ref gets in Riona's face as Riona steps back out onto the apron, and Riona points to Ian and Masakazu as Ian lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: Ian goes up top with Masakazu..
Ian raises a fist to the crowd......and then leaps up, wrapping his legs around Masakazu's head as he backflips.

Jon McDaniel: Top rope hurricanrana, and Masakazu holds on!

Ian lands on his knees, and then jumps to his feet. He charges towards Masakazu, who blocks a right and then knocks Ian back with one of his own. Masakazu hops down from the top, and Ian turns around only to be scooped up onto Masakazu's shoulder.

Brian Rentfro: Ian’s gonna get buried here!!

Masakazu moves in for a running powerslam. Ian drops down behind the kneeling Masakazu before he can finish the move, and then delivers a pair of forearms to the back of Masakazu's head before hitting the ropes. Ian goes to rebound, but Kalis nails him in the lower back with a kick, causing him to stop in his tracks and hold his kidneys. Ian turns around and swings at Kalis with a big right hand, allowing Masakazu to come up behind him and lock on a rear waistlock.

Ian with a standing switch, Masakazu blocks the German with a pair of back elbows. Front facelock by Masakazu, vertical suplex and Ian crashes to the canvas! Masakazu starts choking Ian, forcing the ref to yell for a break, and Riona begins to step in. Kalis yells at the ref about Riona, who turns to chase her out. With the ref being distracted, Kalis steps into the ring, and then drops a knee across the bridge of Ian's nose, breaking the hold. Kalis begins stomping away on Ian's face before bringing him to his feet, locking him in a chokehold.

Jon McDaniel: And the ref should get his attention back in the game!

Riona exits quickly, seeing her partner being double-teamed by Masakazu and Kalis. Kalis brings Ian to his feet, and nails a vicious knife-edge across his chest, the slap echoing throughout the arena. Masakazu nails Ian with his own knife-edge, prompting Kalis to retaliate with another one of his own.

Brian Rentfro: The Order of Chaos is giving Ian’s chest a whipping!

Masakazu nails another knife-edge, and Riona has had enough, Riona springboards off of the top rope, looking for a dropkick to both Masakazu and Kalis, but they both step out of the way as Riona falls to the mat. Masakazu drops a leg across Riona's throat as the ref turns his attention back to the ring. Kalis smirks, seeing they can really end this, and then drops a leg of his own across Riona's throat.

Jon McDaniel: And now they're trading leg drops to Riona's throat!

Ian pulls himself up to his feet with the ropes, and then charges, nailing Kalis in the back of the head with a diving clothesline, causing Kalis to fall into Masakazu, headbutting him in the forehead in the process. Ian gets up, slapping his own chest, and then brings Kalis to his feet, pummeling him with forearms and toe kicks.

Jon McDaniel: And Ian has snapped!

Ian locks Kalis in a front facelock, draping his arm over his shoulder, and then lifts him up high. Ian's legs start to give out, but Riona gets to his feet, and then helps Ian hold Kalis up straight. Ian nods, and Riona releases as Ian drops Kalis to the mat with a powerslam variation.

Jon McDaniel: Jackhammer by Ian! He hits the ropes...!

Ian comes off the middle rope with a moonsault across Kalis's torso as Masakazu slides in.

Brian Rentfro: What a move from Emperor Ian...but Masakazu sends him out with a big boot!

Riona kicks Masakazu in the back of the knee, hobbling him down, and then delivers a series of mid-level roundhouse kicks to his chest. Riona hits the ropes, and comes back with a huge, stiff enziguri to Masakazu's head.

Jon McDaniel: OUCH!

Masakazu slumps down into the corner, his eyes glazed over, and Riona smiles. Kalis stumbles to his feet behind Riona, The ref finally giving in and letting the four duel it out, and then holds his hand out. Riona turns around, and Kalis nails him with a vicious clothesline.
Brian Rentfro: Short arm clothesline that turns Riona inside out!

Kalis drops down for a cover.



Jon McDaniel: Ian breaks it up!

Ian measures Kalis as he rises, and then lets loose with a sidekick that catches him square in the jaw.



Masakazu grabs Ian by his hair, bringing him to his feet and breaking up the pinfall. He turns Ian towards him, and wraps him up into a special invertabreaker!

Jon McDaniel: The Masadriver!



Riona stumbles to her knees and dives forward, breaking up the pinfall. Masakazu slaps the mat, grabbing Riona by her hair, and brings him up. Masakazu slaps Riona across the face, and Riona replies with a kick to his knee. Masakazu releases Riona's hair, and Riona nails him with a roundhouse kick to the ribs, followed by a rising knee and a downward elbow thrust to the top of Masakazu's head. Masakazu falls to a seated position, dazed, and Riona drops to a knee, shaking out the cobwebs.

Brian Rentfro: Riona had just enough to drop Masakazu, but can’t follow it up!

Jon McDaniel: Here comes Kalis! Riona sees him!

Riona catches Kalis with a boot to the midsection, and then hits the ropes. Kalis drops to a knee as Riona dives for a forearm, and then stands up quick, catching Riona in mid-dive with a Bossman Slam that shakes the ring upon impact.

Brian Rentfro: OUCH! Kalis just planted Riona!

Kalis, shaken by the quick impacts of the match thus far, stands up, and Ian gets to his feet behind him. Kalis turns around and Ian picks him up in a fireman's carry, one hand around Kalis's head.

Jon McDaniel: And he's going for it...!

Suddenly Masakazu is there with the big boot, right into Ian’s face and he falls backwards, taking Kalis with him and both crash painfully! Masakazu spins, and as Riona uses the ropes to pull herself up, Masakazu runs and spears Riona through the ropes and both crash to the floor outside!

Brian Rentfro: Masakazu made the save, and now has taken Riona out of the picture!

Jon McDaniel: This means it comes to whoever can get up first!!

Kalis, dazed from crashing down, rises up and pulls Ian to his feet. At this point, the ref is trying to break up Masakazu and Riona. Kalis sees the opportunity and begins the succession of moves called the Sincerely! Ian is blasted from the moves, his body taking blow after blow. As Kalis begins to finish up the combo, Riona breaks free of Masakazu and slides in, and when Kalis goes for the double feet kick, Riona catches him with a reverse neck breaker!

Brian Rentfro: How the hell did she do that!?

Riona is then pulled out of the ring by Masakazu and they fight at ringside again. In the ring, Ian shakes himself and drops, applying the Imperial Conquest!

Jon McDaniel: This could be it!!!

Kalis struggles, struggles with all his might not to give in to the painful submission move! Suddenly, Masakazu strikes, diving in and breaking the move. Masakazu lifts Ian up and powerbombs him, and as he does this, Riona slips back in and picks Kalis up and quickly puts him back down with the Detanator! She then takes Masakazu over the top rope with a dive, again sending both to the floor!
Brian Rentfro: Ian just needs to cover! That’s all he has to do!

As the ref gets into position, Ian slowly crawls over to Kalis, and rolls onto his back, laying over Kalis and pointing to the air as the ref counts



Suddenly Kalis rolls, grabbing Ian’s arms with his free arm and legs into a cruxify like pin, locking Ian’s shoulders to the mat! The ref scrambles to the new position to see, as Ian struggles!




Brian Rentfro: WHAT!?

Jon McDaniel: Kalis just reversed the pin! Ian didn’t expect it! The Order of Chaos wins!

Eric Emerson: The winners of the match, and NEW PWA TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS! The ORDER OF CHAOS!

Riona hears this and turns, shocked. Masakazu grabs the two belts and hurries Kalis out of the ring, and the two quickly traverse the ramp, laughing and celebrating.

Brian Rentfro: I thought Kalis was out cold!

Jon McDaniel: So did Ian! But it appears Kalis has more in him then the two could have thought possible!

Brian Rentfro: Suffice it to say, the Order of Chaos has taken the titles from Riona and Ian… but I smell a re-match sometime down the line!

Jon McDaniel: Those two deserve it, for all they’ve been through…. But as it stands, Kalis and Masakazu are taking the PWA tag titles to Chaos! I guess that means we have to somehow.. get them back!

Brian Rentfro: Riona and Ian are moving up the ramp slowly, shock still sinking in as to what happened. I feel sorry for them, but we gotta move on! The next match... is huge!


Matthew Engel vs Jethro Hayes

PWA Intercontinental & World Championship

The lights dim down as the crowd begins to settle. The big screen turns to static, and then after a few seconds it cuts to black. The high-pitch guitar of Soundgarden's "The Day I Tried to Live" cuts across the sound system throughout the arena. The video shows a countdown from 5...4...3...2...1. The bass and drums kick in, and just a few seconds later we are shown a clip of Jethro Hayes and Marxx fighting at Night of Champions.

I woke the same as any other day
Except a voice was in my head
It said seize the day, pull the trigger
Drop the blade, and watch the rolling heads

We see Matthew Engel distracting Jethro Hayes and costing him the World Title. Anger fills Jethro's eyes. The scene melts away and shows Engel beating down Jethro Hayes with a lead pipe on Rampage. Sending him a message, a message he will never forget. Hayes is on a stretcher, being taken to the hospital. Bubba speaks with him, waiting for the order to take Engel out.

The day I tried to live
I stole a thousand beggars change
And gave it to the rich

Cut to Bubba interfering in Engel's celebration after defeating Mark Zout and defending his World Title. Bubba is furious, and lets loose on Engel. Bubba gives Engel and Orion the middle finger and walks away with a sick grin on his face.

The day I tried to win
I dangled from the power lines
And let the martyrs stretch

The video now shows Matthew Engel winning his second World Title against Marxx. Euthanasia. Three count. Engel raises his World Title in the air. It cuts to Jethro defeating Hunter Sullivan with the Plow and winning the Intercontinental Title. Jethro proudly raises his title in the air.

One more time around might do it
One more time around might make it
One more time around might do it
One more time around
The day I tried to live

Words you say never seem
To live up to the ones inside your head
The lives we make never seem
To ever get us anywhere but dead

Cut to black. Now, the video shows Engel and his World Title on one side, and Jethro and his IC title on the other side. Both men wear them proudly, both men have a burning passion within them. The screen is splot, and the cameras zoom in on the titles.

The day I tried to win
I wallowed in the blood and mud with
All the other pigs

The words "Who will make history tonight?" flash across the screen.
And I learned that I was a liar
Just like you

The dual images begin to shake, and eventually explode within the video. The lights come back on as Soundgarden begins to fade. The crowd goes crazy, and we cue back to the commentators.

Brian Rentfro: An interesting video to say the least.

Jon McDaniel: I heard Joe BoXeR created it.

Brian Rentfro: I'm sure he did. Let's go to Eric Emerson for tonight's main event!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen... welcome to the MAIN EVENT!

The crowd goes crazy. Eric soaks it in.

Eric Emerson: Tonight's main event features both the PWA World and Intercontinental Titles, and BOTH will be on the line! This match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission, and has a time limit of ONE HOUR!

Jon McDaniel: Knowing Engel and Hayes, they'll need every minute of it.

Brian Rentfro: Hayes is gonna need every second if he thinks he can beat Engel here tonight.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first... hailing from Lenox, Georgia...

"Suuueeeyyy!" blares through the arena's speakers as Korpiklaani's "Journey Man" comes to life immediately following the hog call by Jethro Hayes. The back of the PWA big screen is John Deere green, the yellow outline of a deer runs onto the screen to turn its head to the crowd before it is frozen in mid leap, creating the John Deere logo.

The song hits the seven second mark causing John Deere green and yellow pyros to shoot up from the entrance ramp. Simultaneously with the ignition of the pyros, John Deere green and yellow lights begin to play across the assembled crowd as images of the John Deere logo move around inside the ring.

"I was born in a deep forest"

On the screen is the image of Jethro after his first match here in PWA, a match against Duff.

"I wish I could live here all my life"

Jethro is shown on the screen holding the Grizzly Beer championship, his first championship ever in professional wrestling.

"I am made from stones and roots"

Various clips from his battles both alongside and against Jamie Flynn flash past on the screen.

"My home, these woods and roads "

Jethro driving in his tractor appears as though he is driving through the screen when he bursts from the backstage area on his trademark John Deere tractor.

"All my life I loved this sound"

He stops the tractor to toot the horn to the crowd's enjoyment.

"Of the crowd's sound"

More images flash by on the screen, Jethro holding the PWA Tag Team Championship gold with Jamie Flynn, then Hunter Sullivan.

"Eagles flies where the winds blows free"

Jethro battling against Chamelion, The Phoenix, Viktor Stone, and Riona Langly flow past on the screen.

"Journey is my destiny"

Jethro stands in the center of the ring holding the PWA Television Championship high into the air, sweat pouring down his face.

"Free, free as a journey man "

Images from every one of his matches speed past on the screen.

"Free, heat in the moonlight "

Jethro stops the tractor at the bottom of the ramp to climb down and wave his hat to the crowd.

"Free, free as a journey man "

He lifts the Pioneer Wrestling Association Intercontinental title for all of the fans to see.

"Free, heat in the moonlight"

The images slow on the screen to show Jethro in the Elimination Chamber winning the PWA World Heavyweight Championship. Images of him wearing it for various functions flash past in time with the music.

Eric Emerson: He stands at six feet seven inches, he weighs in at three hundred and fifteen pounds... he is your Pioneer Wrestling Association Intercontinental Champion... Jethro Hayes!

"Ragged trousers, rucksack in my back"

Scenes of Jethro and Hunter in their Full Metal Mayhem match, Jethro bloody, Hunter bloody, and both men beaten.

"Narrow road behind me "

He climbs up the steps and into the ring before pointing again back at the crowd.

"I never look back "

He climbs the turnbuckle to holler to the crowd.

"Long way is in the past "

He runs to the next corner to climb up and holler to this section of the crowd.

"As in front of me "

The third corner is no different as he scales it quickly to cup his hands around his mouth to yell at this section.

"Hunger keeps me going "

On the screen Jethro is shown defeating Hunter Sullivan for the PWA Intercontinental Championship, making him a PWA Grand Slam Champion.

"I don't care where it leads "

Jethro looks at this image as he climbs down from the third corner to scale the fourth and final corner to yell here as well.

"Fire burns under my feet "

He tosses his hat to one section of the crowd before stretching against the ropes.

"Journey men pleasure and destiny "

The image of him defeating Hunter slides past to show Jethro surrounded by a multitude of kids and other fans; it freezes to be the final picture on the screen.

"Sky is black, stars shows me the way "

He stands there to nod his head at the image.

"Moon whispered how to keep my faith "

He spins around with one arm outstretched to point at the crowd one last time.

"Free, free as a journey man "
"Free, heat in the moonlight "
"Free, free as a journey man "
"Free, heat in the moonlight "
"Free, free as a journey man "
"Free, heat in the moonlight "
"Free, free as a journey man "
"Free, heat in the moonlight "

Jon McDaniel: Always a great entrance for Jethro Hayes. Listen to this crowd! They love him!

Brian Rentfro: Haven't you been listening to Engel at all this week? Jethro is a fluke! He's no hero, he just wants that title for himself!

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin....

"No Man Army" by The Prodigy hits the sound system. Out walks Matthew Engel from backstage, dressed in his dark green tuxedo. His World Title is proudly worn around his waist, and his eyes are focused solely on Jethro Hayes. He waits at the stage for a moment as smoke surrounds Engel. Tom Morello's guitar takes over in the song, and Engel is covered by the smoke.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in tonight at 217 pounds... and stands six feet even...

Green pyros shoot off in front of Engel and the crowd is going insane. Everyone is on their feet. Engel walks out of the smoke, eyes still focused on Hayes. Hayes returns the favor from the ring. Engel makes his way down to the ring, ignoring the fans. Most of them reach out for a high-five, but he denies them.

Eric Emerson: He is the PWA World Heavyweight Champion... "THE VIRUS"... Matthew... ENGEL!!!!!

Engel reaches the ring and climbs in via the steel stairs. He removes his World Title from his waist, along with his jacket, dress shirt, and tie. He is now wearing a white wife-beater and his dark green pants. Engel stretches for a minute in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: The intensity brought to the ring by these two is just phenomenal.

Jon McDaniel: I have been waiting for this match ever since it was announced. Right here tonight we are going to have our first PWA double champion! And what better titles to be on the line than the World and Intercontinental Titles?

Brian Rentfro: There's the Global Title.

Jon McDaniel: ...No, because that title is owned by the GWA.

Eric steps out of the ring and head referee Lance Weston takes over. Neither Hayes nor Engel have taken their eyes off each other and Lance asks them if they're ready. Both of them simply nod. Lance calls for the bell.


Brian Rentfro: And here we go!

Engel and Hayes circle each other in the ring. Engel lashes out first and nails Hayes with a right hook. Engel bullrushes Hayes into the ropes, but Hayes locks on with a headlock. Engel shoves Hayes across the ring into the ropes, and Hayes comes back with a shoulder tackle, taking down Engel. Hayes goes into the ropes and comes down with a big elbow drop. Hayes lands a few stomps on Engel and then gets him to his feet. Hayes grabs Engel by the head and slams him face-first into the turnbuckle. Engel staggers back, and Hayes tries for a clothesline, but Engel ducks. Hayes turns around and gets met with a painful kick to the face from Engel. Hayes staggers back and then Engel takes him down to the mat with a dropkick. Engel springboards off the middle rope and connects with a moonsault. He stays on top of Jethro for a cover.


Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Not even a two-count there. Hayes looks in great shape!

Brian Rentfro: So does Engel, Jon. Both of these men obviously worked incredibly hard this past week to get into the best shape they could.

Hayes charges at Engel, but Engel slides away and grabs Hayes' ankle, tripping him up. Engel quickly drops an elbow on Hayes' neck. He does it again, and then goes off the second rope and connects with a guillotine legdrop. Engel stomps Hayes in the chest and backs up for a moment. Hayes begins to move, and Engel hits Hayes with another stomp and a stare. The stare hurts more.

Brian Rentfro: Engel not letting Hayes have ANY breathing room, just like he said Jon!

Jon McDaniel: Hayes isn't going to give in with stomps and stares, Brian!

Hayes gets back to his feet. He cracks his neck, and nods. Hayes and Engel lock up, but Hayes is quick to land an elbow to Engel's side. Hayes follows it up with some hard knees to the stomach and hits a neckbreaker on Engel. Hayes flies into the ropes and comes back with a body splash. He covers Engel.


Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Not even two!

Jon McDaniel: It's too early Brian. Calm down.

Engel is to his feet. Hayes checks him with a quick right, and follows it up with a jaw-breaking left hook. Engel stumbles back and Hayes tries for a running lariat, but Engel ducks underneath him. Hayes turns around towards Engel and Engel comes at him with a side kick, but Hayes catches Engel's foot. Engel tries for the enziguri, but Hayes dodges. Engel crashes to the mat and Hayes is right on him for another assault. He unchambers lefts and rights, and then gets Engel to his feet. Hayes takes him down with a quick hip toss, but Engel is to his feet. Hayes spears him into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: That's gotta hurt! Engel looks in a lot of pain.

Hayes runs to the opposite corner. He raises his right arm for the crowd and the crowd gives him a good pop. He charges towards Engel and tries for an elbow smash.

And misses.

Hayes connects with the turnbuckle as Engel dodges at the last second. Engel wraps Hayes up at the neck and head from behind and drops him to the mat with a reverse DDT. Engel gets to his feet and starts violently kicking Hayes. Engel goes into the ropes and comes back with a high-elevation knee drop across Hayes' forehead. Hayes grabs his head in pain and Engel shouts at him. Engel gets Hayes to his feet and shoves him into the turnbuckle. Engel springboards off the middle rope, twisting in midair and extends his left leg toward Jethro. Engel catches Hayes in the jaw with his foot and Hayes falls to the mat. Engel covers.


Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Just calm down Brian! It's still way too early!

Brian Rentfro: I wasn't even gonna say anything!

Jon McDaniel: Yeah right!

Hayes to his feet. Engel starts to give him some lip, but there's too much of it as Hayes takes him down with a haymaker. Hayes grabs Engel's arm and rushes toward the turnbuckle. Hayes hits a tornado cross arm breaker on Engel. Still holding on to Engel's arm, he rings him up and attempts to kick Engel in the back of the head. Engel telegraphs it and ducks, grabbing his leg and taking him down to the mat. Engel is up and Hayes gets to his feet. Engel kicks Hayes low and uses Hayes leverage to nail him with a single-arm DDT.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Finally a two-count. Engel is really working on that neck of Jethro's. What a strategy! What a gameplan! Engel is a genius.

Jon McDaniel: It is smart, Brian, but also very cheap.

Brian Rentfro: I think it's your cologne that's cheap Jon.

Hayes is a bit groggy now as he gets to his feet. Engel wraps his arms around Hayes' head and then plants his own head under Hayes' jaw. Engel quickly drops to his knees, hitting a huge jaw-breaker on Hayes. He doesn't go for a cover, but flies into the ropes. He springboards off the middle rope, attempting a moonsault. He overshot it. Wait -

He didn't overshoot it, he lands both feet on Hayes' chest for a huge double foot stomp! A quick cover.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Engel is building up some offense here. Hayes is gonna need to power out of this and get back on top.

Brian Rentfro: We'll see if Jethro will be able to eat after that jaw-breaker move!

Hayes cringes and begins to gasp for air. Engel is up to his feet. He lands a few stomps, and gets Hayes up to his feet. Engel drags him over to the corner, accidentally giving Hayes enough time to catch his breath. Hayes slams his elbow into Engel's stomach and then hooks up Engel with a front facelock. He puts Engel's arm over his head and then cradles Engel's left leg. He hits Engel with a big-time fisherman's suplex. Hayes hooks the leg.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Just another two-count. Both of these men want to win badly.

Brian Rentfro: But it's too early still, right Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Oh shut up.

Hayes is to his feet. Engel gets to a knee, but not before Hayes slaps on a sleeper hold. Engel tries his hardest to fight it, but eventually falls to the mat. The referee is down in Engel's face, asking if he wants to give up. Engel shakes his head, and tries to fight back with elbow shots to Hayes. Hayes just tightens the grip, and Engel's face begins to turn red. Engel looks about three feet in front of him, and notices a bottom rope in close proximity. He reaches out, but he's a few inches away. He starts to muscle his way toward the rope as Hayes tries to hold him back. He reaches it, and the ref makes Hayes break the hold.

Brian Rentfro: Thank God Engel got to that rope... Jethro was about to put him asleep.

Jon McDaniel: Oh how clever.

Engel starts coughing and gasping for air himself. Hayes hits a soccer kick on him, and gets him to his feet. Hayes sends him into the ropes and telegraphs a clothesline. He connects this time and sends Engel to the canvas. Hayes climbs to the top rope. He gets a cheap pop from the crowd. He flies off and connects with a legdrop over Engel's throat. He covers.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Good God! Did you see the elevation Jethro got?

Brian Rentfro: That's three hundred pounds coming down on your throat... Engel barely kicked out of that.

Engel is up to his feet as Hayes grins. Hayes lashes out, but Engel dodges it and wraps Hayes up in a hammerlock. Engel dishes out some brutal forearm shots to Hayes's back and neck and then kicks out the back of his knee. Hayes is down to one knee and Engel steps back and unleashes a really hard kick into Hayes' neck. Hayes falls to the mat and Engel is on the attack. He hits Hayes with multiple forearm shots and punches. He gets Hayes up to his feet and lands a huge ace cutter. Engel hooks the leg.



Hayes catches the bottom rope with his leg.

Jon McDaniel: Good ring awareness from Hayes there. Save your energy Jethro!

Brian Rentfro: Cause he's gonna need it!

Engel slams the mat in frustration and gets in the ref's face a bit. He's claiming he had the three count before Hayes got his leg up. Meanwhile, Hayes regroups and knocks Engel down. Engel to his feet, but he's met with a devastating big boot from Hayes. Engel flies into the corner. Hayes mounts and unchambers lefts and rights. He finishes it off with an ice-cold headbutt, and Engel falls to the canvas. Engel to a knee and Hayes grabs him by the hair. Hayes rushes to the corner and hits a big-time tornado DDT. A quick cover.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: We're seeing a lot more wrestling out of Jethro here tonight and the fans love it!

Brian Rentfro: I hate it!

Engel shakes it off and tries to get to his feet. Hayes drops an elbow on his back and follows it up with some stiff kicks to the back of the head. Hayes gets Engel to his feet and works his arm again. Engel falls to a knee, but looks up into Hayes' eyes and gets an adrenaline shot. Engel muscles back up to his feet and flips out of the arm bar. Still holding onto Hayes, Engel nails Hayes with a roundhouse he'll never forget. Engel climbs the top rope - five star frog splash. Perfect. He covers.



3 -- NO! Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: WHAT! NO WAY!

Jon McDaniel: He barely kicked out, Brian, but he DID kick out!

Engel to his feet and Hayes uses the ropes to get up. Hayes rushes at Engel and locks up with him. Engel shoves Hayes out of his grips and into the ropes. Hayes rebounds looking to connect a lariat on Engel, but Engel ducks and Hayes stops on a dime, kicks Engel low, and lifts Engel up and down with a pumphandle slam. Cover.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Phew! That was a close one!

Jon McDaniel: Engel barely survived there... that slam from Jethro was huge!

Hayes goes to Engel's feet and steps to Engel's right side. He wraps Engel's legs around his own right leg and then turns over, wrenching back on Engel's knees and back.

Brian Rentfro: Oh no! Hayes has got Engel in the Combine Seat! Engel looks in so much pain.

Jon McDaniel: Engel is trying to fight out of it, but Hayes' strength is too much for him!

Engel winces in pain and is trying his best to reach for the bottom rope, but Hayes won't let him. Hayes drags him out to the middle of the ring and reapplies the Combine Seat. Engel yells out in pain, and the referee checks with him. Engel yells "NO! NEVER!" to the referee.

Brian Rentfro: Engel is refusing to tap! Jethro is gonna break his back!

Jon McDaniel: If Engel was smart he would give in here and not let Jethro end his career.

Engel digs deep and begins to crawl toward the bottom rope again. He moves, inch by inch, and Hayes is trying to stop it. Engel's strength grows and grows, as he winces in pain, and he reaches further and further.

Brian Rentfro: He's almost there! YOU GOT IT MATT! JUST A BIT MORE!

Jon McDaniel: Engel is almost at the bottom rope...

Engel crawls more and more.. his fingertips grace the bottom rope. The rope shakes a bit. Engel shakes his head as Jethro sits back harder on Engel's back. Engel yells out in pain and tries one more time for the bottom rope before he passes out.

Brian Rentfro: HE'S GOT IT! HE'S GOT IT!

Jon McDaniel: And the World Champion escapes another disaster as he is holding onto that bottom rope for dear life!

Jethro lets go of the hold as instructed by the referee Lance Weston. Jethro gets Engel up to his feet and nails him with a big right hook. Jethro sends Engel into the ropes, who's favoring his back now, and Engel comes back. Jethro tries for a body drop, but Engel unleashes a shin kick to Jethro's face. Jethro staggers back, and Engel nails Jethro with a diving forearm. Jethro goes into the ropes and hangs there for a moment. Engel gets to his feet and nails Jethro with some tough body shots. Engel springboards off the top turnbuckle and hits Jethro with a missile dropkick that knocks Jethro to the mat. Engel gets to his feet, and Jethro rises to his knees. Engel charges at Jethro, but Jethro counters with a punch to Engel's stomach. Jethro nails Engel with an European uppercut from his knees, and Engel nearly gets taken off his feet and goes down.

Jon McDaniel: What an uppercut from Jethro!

Brian Rentfro: He almost took Engel's head off!

Jethro gets Engel up to his feet and kicks him low. Engel is now doubled over. Jethro places Engel's head between his thighs, and then wraps his arms around Engel's waist in a reverse rear waistlock. Hayes then whips Engel up vertically, Engel's legs across either of his shoulders, and then shoves Engel forward, letting the momentum slam Engel down to the mat on Engel's upper back.

Jon McDaniel: THE PLANTER! That's gotta be it!

Brian Rentfro: NO! Come on Matt!

Hayes covers.




Jon McDaniel: ... WOW! Engel just kicked out of The Planter!

Brian Rentfro: Amazing, Jon!

Jethro can't believe it. After softening up Engel's back with the Combine Seat, Engel kicks out of the Planter. Jethro gets to his feet, confused. He doesn't argue with the ref, but asks him a question. Meanwhile, Engel rolls out of the ring to catch his breath and recuperate on the outside.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro is asking Lance Weston about the count he made there.

Brian Rentfro: Jethro better not get himself disqualified!

Engel finally gets to his feet on the outside, using the barricade for help. Some fans give him a pat on the back, encouraging him to go back in the ring and fight Hayes. Engel nods and takes a few steps toward the ring. Hayes looks over at Engel and in mid-conversation with the referee, he charges toward Engel. Jethro dives over the top rope and crashes down on Engel with a cross-body splash! Hayes smashes Engel against the floor on the outside of the ring. The referee begins the count.

Lance Weston: 1!!!!

Brian Rentfro: This can't happen again!

Jon McDaniel: What do you mean?

Brian Rentfro: Remember? Engel versus Bubba J? It ended with a double count-out!

Lance Weston: 2!!!!

Jethro gets Engel to his feet and picks him up, dropping him throat-first over the barricade. Jethro delivers a few hard punches to Engel's back, trying to set up Engel for another Planter. Engel yells out in pain. Jethro gets Engel to his feet, but Engel reverses with a toe stomp! Jethro hobbles around on one foot, and Engel takes Jethro down with a dropkick!

Lance Weston: 3!!!

Jon McDaniel: And Engel quickly has the advantage now!

Engel slides into the ring, and the count is restarted for Jethro. Jethro is still on the ground on the outside. Engel hops up to the top rope, his back turned toward Jethro.

Brian Rentfro: Wait... he's not gonna do what I think...

Before Rentfro could finish, Engel leaps off the top turnbuckle with the Euthanasia and connects on top of Jethro below. Engel bounces up off Jethro and the floor and falls to Jethro's side. Both men are in incredible pain.

Jon McDaniel: The Euthanasia to the outside! UNBELIEVABLE!

Brian Rentfro: Now get him in the ring Matt!

Lance Weston: 1!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Lance has gotta be sick of counting by now!

Lance Weston: 2!!!!

Still no movement from either superstar.

Lance Weston: 3!!!!

Jon McDaniel: We can't have a double count-out... not during possibly the biggest match of the year!

Lance Weston: 4!!!

A little movement from Engel. He's grabbing his back... and trying to bring himself to a knee.

Brian Rentfro: Engel's moving! GET IN THE RING!

Lance Weston: 5!!!

Jon McDaniel: Now Hayes is moving! Unbelievable! I would have thought Hayes would need a stretcher to get back up!

Lance Weston: 6!!!

Engel finally gets up to his knees, and grabs the apron. He uses the apron to help himself up to his feet.

Lance Weston: 7!!!

Engel finally crawls into the ring. Lance restarts the count.

Brian Rentfro: And Lance restarts the count for Jethro.. but I don't think he's gonna have to count long!

Jon McDaniel: Indeed Brian, Jethro is up to his knees!

Jethro crawls up to his feet using the apron like Engel did. He rolls into the ring. Engel gets to his feet and sees Hayes. Engel stomps on Hayes a few times. Engel goes into the ropes and comes back, crashing down on Hayes with a senton bomb. Engel covers Hayes.




Brian Rentfro: You gotta be KIDDING ME!

Jon McDaniel: Even after the Euthanasia to the outside, and that senton bomb, Hayes is still alive in this match!

Engel wastes no time and gets Hayes to his feet and tries to send him into the ropes, but Hayes reverses! Hayes sends Engel into the ropes, but Engel hits Lance Weston accidentally!

Jon McDaniel: Good God! Hayes just took out Lance Weston accidentally with Engel!

Brian Rentfro: That wasn't an accident, Jon! Disqualify Jethro!

Jon McDaniel: He can't, Brian! Lance is out for the moment!

Engel looks down and smiles and slips out of the ring. Jethro comes to the aid of Lance Weston and tries to revive him. We can hear Jethro being apologetic. The crowd begins to boo as Engel grabs a steel chair from underneath the ring. He takes the chair in both hands and smiles, and then smashes it over Jethro's back. Jethro falls to the mat in serious pain. Engel tosses the chair onto the mat, and Engel mounts Jethro and hits him with lefts and rights. Engel gets Jethro to his feet and slams him head-first into the turnbuckle.

Brian Rentfro: Engel is building up that momentum here and --

Jon McDaniel: Oh don't pretend like that just didn't happen!

Brian Rentfro: What are you talking about Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Engel cheated! He used the chair on Hayes! ENGEL should be disqualified!

Brian Rentfro: Well HAYES took out the referee! So that makes them even in my book!

Engel tries to slam Hayes head-first into the turnbuckle, but Hayes stops him. Hayes then slams Engel into the turnbuckle and then takes Engel down with a huge hip-toss! Hayes stomps on Engel a few times.

Jon McDaniel: Are we gonna get another referee down here? Lance is still out!

Brian Rentfro: I've gotten word from backstage that Chamelion is refusing to let any new referee take Lance's place!

Jon McDaniel: That.. that is so cheap!

Hayes is furious and sees the chair that Engel used on him. He picks it up, and begins to wield it in Engel's direction. The crowd is chanting for Jethro not to use the chair. Engel looks up at Hayes with a big smile on his face.


Jon McDaniel: Engel is begging Hayes to use the chair on him. Don't do it Jethro!

Brian Rentfro: If Jethro wants to win he's going to have to break his own rules! Engel told us that!

Hayes lifts the chair high up above him, and hesitates for a moment. The crowd continues to chant "DON'T DO IT!" Jethro yells out and then brings down the chair as fast as I can, but it doesn't connect as Engel nails Jethro in the groin with a stiff kick.

Jon McDaniel: Oh come on! He tricked Hayes so he could sucker punch him!

Brian Rentfro: That was a kick, Jon. And it's called strategy!


Engel gets on top of Hayes again and starts slapping the back of his head and punching him. Finally Lance Weston is awake and gets to his feet. Lance tries to pull Engel off of Hayes, but Engel refuses. Lance begins to count.

Lance Weston: 1!!! 2!!! 3!!!

Engel finally gets off of Hayes. Engel backs away from Hayes as Hayes gets to a knee. Suddenly, Hayes gets into a three point stance and charges at Engel with great speed!

Jon McDaniel: THE PLOW!

Brian Rentfro: NO! ENGEL DODGES!

Jon McDaniel: Hayes goes RIGHT into the ring post!

Hayes connects violently with that ring post. Engel drags Hayes out of the ropes and shoves him to the mat. Engel ascends to the top rope.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Engel is going for the Euthanasia once more. No one has survived two Euthanasias!

Engel has his back to the ring. He leaps off, corkscrewing and somersaulting in midair, and tries to connect with a big splash. Hayes rolls out of the way!

Jon McDaniel: HAYES DODGES THE EUTHANASIA! There's still life in him yet!

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe it.. Why won't that hick just stay down!?!

Engel is grabbing his chest and gasping for air. Hayes gets to his feet and grabs Engel by the hair. Engel kicks Hayes low, but Hayes nails Engel with a right punch. Engel fights back with a punch of his own, and Hayes hits Engel with a running lariat! Hayes pulls Engel up to his feet and tosses Engel into the corner with one arm. Hayes rushes in and tries for a shoulder smash, but Engel moves out of the way. Engel nails Hayes with a jumping roundhouse and Hayes falls to a knee. Engel slams Hayes in the face with punch after punch. Hayes just laughs.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro is just.. laughing.

Brian Rentfro: That's sick!

Jethro Hayes: MORE! MORE!

Engel gives Hayes more punches. Finally, Engel takes a step back and kicks Hayes in the face as if he was kicking open a door. Hayes falls to the mat finally. Hayes is still laughing, but he's now busted open really bad. Blood pours out of Hayes' mouth and nose.

Jon McDaniel: Hayes is busted open pretty bad, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Maybe he shouldn't be laughing then!

Engel backs away for a moment as the referee asks if Hayes wants to continue. Hayes nods and then gets to his feet. Hayes looks Engel dead in the eyes.

Jethro Hayes: Come on!

Hayes taunts Engel, and Engel shakes his head. Engel moves in and tries for a spinning heel kick, but Hayes dodges. Engel quickly to his feet. Hayes nails Engel with a right punch, but Engel fires back with a kick to Hayes' ribs. Back and forth the battle goes, and Hayes gets the advantage with a powerful headbutt. Engel staggers back and Hayes charges. Engel uses Hayes' momentum to deliver a hip toss of his own!

Brian Rentfro: Engel just hip-tossed Hayes! Hayes has easily got 100 pounds on him!

Jon McDaniel: What an amazing feat of strength from Engel... especially this late in the match!

Engel falls to one knee from the strength used for that move. Hayes grabs his back as he lays on the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Engel gets back up to his feet and charges at Hayes!

Jon McDaniel: Hayes slams his elbow into Engel's stomach!

Hayes grabs Engel by the head and throws him into the turnbuckle. Hayes rushes in again, but Engel steps out of the way. Hayes stops and turns around and Engel smashes his right hand into Hayes' broken nose. Hayes falls back into the turnbuckle. Engel uses all of his strength to put Hayes on the top turnbuckle. Engel climbs up to the middle rope and begins to hit Hayes with punches. Hayes blocks the last one, and grabs Engel by the back of the head and headbutts him! Engel almost falls off, but Hayes grabs him. Hayes grabs Engel by the head and pulls him up, and Hayes stands erect on the very top rope.

Jon McDaniel: This.. this is quite dangerous Brian. Hayes could fall and really hurt himself.

Brian Rentfro: I hope he does!

Hayes uses incredible balance and strength to pull up Engel to his waist. Jethro places Engel's head between his thighs, and then wraps his arms around Engel's waist in a reverse rear waistlock. Hayes then whips Engel up vertically, Engel's legs across either of his shoulders, and then shoves Engel forward, letting the momentum slam Engel down to the mat on Engel's upper back from the top rope!


Brian Rentfro: ... Wow.

Engel looks nearly broken in half. Hayes covers.






Eric Emerson: And your winner... still PWA Intercontinental Champion... and new PWA World Heavyweight Champion... The Southern Hero... JETHRO HAYES!

The arena goes nuts. Engel can't believe it, neither can Hayes. Lance Weston hands Hayes both the World and Intercontinental Titles. Orion comes down from backstage and slides into the ring. He helps Engel to his feet as "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" blares throughout the arena.

Jon McDaniel: What an amazing match Brian! Jethro Hayes is the PWA's first double champion!

Brian Rentfro: RE-MATCH! RE-MATCH!

Jethro raises his titles in the air, and then turns to Engel. Engel is being helped by Orion. Hayes, meaning no harm, drops his titles to the mat for a moment and walks over to Engel and Orion. Orion steps in front of Hayes, but Hayes is quick to put up his hands. Engel motions for Orion to step aside. Hayes extends his hand.

Jon McDaniel: Look at the sportsmanship by Hayes! After all Engel put him through, he still wants to shake his hand!

Engel pauses for a moment and hobbles over to Hayes. Engel simply shakes his head. Hayes looks disappointed.

Brian Rentfro: Ha!

Instead, Engel grabs Hayes by the wrist and raises his arm in the air. The arena explodes in cheers for both superstars. Hayes has a big smile on his face.

Jon McDaniel: Wow... that's.. that was nice of him.

Brian Rentfro: I hope he hasn't gone soft!

Engel lets go of Hayes' hand and both him and Orion crawl out of the ring. Orion throws Engel's jacket over him, and they disappear backstage without ever turning back. Hayes stands in the ring with a smile on his face, blood dripping off his chin. He picks up both his titles and raises them in the air. The arena goes nuts, again. Confetti falls from the ceiling and Rentfro and McDaniel continue to wash their accolades over the man who has come so far in such a short time. With the copyright for the PWA appearing in the corner, we slowly fade to black, with the camera firmly on Jethro Hayes, the new PWA World Heavyweight Champion. Fade.

Rayn vs Jethro Hayes

Singles match

"Time for a lil' Southern Justice"

Colt Ford's special remake of this song for Jethro Hayes hits up in the arena's speakers. The youngest Grand Slam Champion in PWA history walks through the black curtain, he looks out to the crowd.

~Down the road where the black top ends, you can find Jethro Hayes with all his friends, we're used to gravel roads, and fishin' with cane poles, wasn't no swimmin' pools, jus swimmin' holes.~

Up on the screen a blacktop road begins to wind away in front of us and we travel along it as though we are in a car. Jethro holds his fisted right hand into the air and the crowd pops for. Jethro begins to walk down the ramp making sure to slap the hands of the fans along his way. Jethro goes from side to side because if they are going to respect him for what he is doing and how he is changed, he will respect them as well.

~We was dirt road poor, and cane switched raised, done came a long way since back in them days, been ‘round the world twice seen all fifty states, ate on thousand dollar china, but love sum paper plates , there aint nuthin wrong with them big city lights, but me, I prefer them slow country nights, where I can see the darkness come and then go~

Along the side of the ropes are buildings erected with the names of the Championships that he has won instead of typical names of businesses. Other such names include "Hall of Fame", "Wrestler of the Quarter", "Face of the Year", and many "Match of the Quarter" buildings are all along side the rode. He reaches the bottom of the ramp.

~Most folks is honest, and they all speak slow, you can leave your door open, aint nuttin' gunna happen, most country folks sing, but I couldn't, so im rappin, I wanna show yall where I come from, and invite yall all down to any country town~

The road winds through a small city, but the image of the very arena in which we are having the PWA show tonight comes into view around a corner. Jethro climbs the steps and is on the apron. He wipes his feet out of respect for the legends in this sport and the respect he has for this sport before stepping through the ropes.

(Chorus with John Michael Montgomery singing)
Now before I pack and things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, to take a ride through the country.

Eric Emerson: From Lenox, Georgia he stands at six feet seven inches, weighing in at three hundred and fifteen pounds... Jethro Hayes!

~Up, dressed, and gone by 5 am, he's country, and he's rappin' we gotta play him, folks been waitin for some one like me, to give ‘em some hot beats and spit that country~

Jethro hits the ropes, bouncing off to get the blood pumping a bit before his match. The blacktop road in front of us enters the arena's door and heads somewhere inside.

~His overalls don't sag, they fit, they kinda tight, got on a John Deere t-shirt, no nothin' but work. Daylight til dark, that's how I was bread, and I'll keep bein' country til the day I'm dead~

Jethro climbs the turnbuckle that faces the majority of the crowd, holding up his fisted right hand before pointing to them. Just in front of the blacktop road is a black curtain, we sit here waiting as though it is the end of our ride.

~See, country folks eat biscuits called cat heads, bar-b-q, baked beans, sweet tea, and white bread, we like to fish and hunt, aint scared of a fight, love the Good Lord and believe in doin' right,~

He drops down, rushing to the opposite side of the ring to climb up and point to that section of the crowd.

~Got 4-wheel drives, some got mud on ‘em, you can keep your rolls roice, cuz baby, we don't want 'em! So now yall all know exactly who I am, and if you aint into that, i don't give a damn!~

Jethro drops down, heading to the third corner and once again climbs up, pointing out to himself before he points to the crowd.

The chorus hits up again...

~Now before I pack my things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, take a ride through the country.~
Jethro climbs the final turnbuckle, and points to this section of the crowd.

~You might have seen me on your t.v, but honey, that don't mean a thing, you see, I'm still that same ‘ol country boy, and that's all I'll ever be, and sometime, those bright lights blind me, and make it hard for me to see, but when I need to be reminded, I take a ride through the country~

Jethro drops down, he heads to center ring where he looks down to gather his thoughts before the match.

~At about 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, them country boys head down to the local saloon, you welcome to stop in and have a cold bottle, big city boys and stuck up super models, we don't care where ya from, as long as you polite, cuz push come to shove and every one of us will fight~

Even through the roar of the crowd, Jethro nods as he listens to the song and allows it to remind him of things in the past. It reminds him of the times he's been pushed around and how he will not let it happen anymore.

~We mostly easy like Sunday morning, ol' Colt came here to give yall fair warnin', country folks wont be pushed around, and theres some of us livin' in every town, we believe in the Bible, and the U.S.A, work hard for what you want, it's the American way, no body owe you nothin' supposed to earn your keep, but in a hard days work, get a good nights sleep,
I know some of yall think Colt's kinda odd, but I'm loud, proud and country by the grace of God!~

Jethro points to the crowd one last time as the blacktop view on the big screen seemingly flies through the screen, showing that Jethro considers those fans in attendance friends.(it goes back to the very first line in the first verse). Jethro turns to face the entrance ramp, raising his head up so that he can see it clearly.

Jon McDaniel: Big match up here next folks. This match will decide who faces Riona Langly next for the PWA Undisputed World title.

Brian Rentfro: Yep! And The Order has their entrant...

"Evolution" by korn begins to play, the bass rumbling the building as the main lights die out, leaving nothing but green lasers and green strobes going near the entrance, as gren search lights circle through the crowd. The first verse of the song beings as Rayn steps through the curtain, looking at the fans in attendance before slowly making his way to the ring. He stops at the end of the ramp, looking around for a moment before running at the ring and sliding inside under the bottom rope.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in at two hundred thirty two pounds, from Chicago Illinois, he is a seven time world heavyweight champion, The Acidic One, RAYN!

Rayn climbs a turn buckle, raising both his arms into the air and tossing up the horns to the fans before hopping back into the ring. He leans against the turn buckles, then slouches down, letting himself fall onto his ass in a sitting position against the ropes. He motions for a championship belt around his waist as Hayes makes a cut throat motion with his own hands. Rayn steps forward without fear, stomps his foot down and salutes Jethro with a cocky smirk in The Order style.


Hayes and Rayn meet in the center of the ring and Hayes launches the first attack, taking Rayn to the canvas with a well timed hip toss. The younger Kalis brother is quick to his feet and hits a sharp lariat on Hayes. Hayes immediately strikes back with a big fist to the back of Rayn's head, sending The Acidic One stumbling forward into the ropes. Hayes goes for a reverse powerbomb but Rayn flips himself over The Southern Hero and russian leg sweeps the big man off of his feet. Rayn rolls away and gets to his feet as Hayes pulls himself back to his feet as well. Rayn charges and slides down onto his back to avoid a big boot from Jethro, but as he dodges that, Jethro counters his counter and simply drops his elbow hard on the sliding Rayn and nails Rayn in his throat as he slides forward. Rayn clutches his throat as Hayes lifts Rayn up by his long hair and chucks him into the corner. Hayes rushes and slams his body against Rayn, crushing Rayn against the turnbuckles. Hayes backs up and as he does Rayn throws a swift thrust kick into Jethro Hayes' inner thigh. Hayes grimaces but keeps the pain in check. Rayn hops up onto the middle rope with his feet and jumps off, grabbing onto Hayes and spinning him around for an incredible DDT that plants the Southern Hero to the canvas hard.

Jon McDaniel: Great back and forth fighting going on in the ring. It's so perfectly executed you'd think wrestling was staged.

Brian Rentfro: Wrestling? Staged? Hah. You're thinking that MMA stuff Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Of course!

Rayn points to a fan in the crowd and throws a smile and a thumbs up as the burn victim fan holds up a sign that says "I shouldn't have ****ed with The Acidic One!". Hayes takes this moment of distraction and grabs Rayn, wrapping him up in his armpit with his face in the armpit. Hayes lifts Rayn up into the air for a suplex but drops vertically into an awkward piledriver that sends Rayn shaking in the ring. Rayn holds his head and bangs his feet on the canvas as he buries his head in his arms and hair. Jethro is back up on his feet and begins climbing the top rope. The fans stand up as the giant flies off with a leg drop! BUT Rayn rolls out of the way on instinct and Hayes lands hard on his ass and legs. Rayn flips himself in one fluid motion off of his stomach, onto his back and sends a devastating thrust kick into Hayes' face sending the big mans full body to the canvas. Rayn jumps to his feet and begins stomping down on Jethro's head, neck and shoulders. Rayn holds onto the ropes and thrashes his head as he stomps away on Hayes. Referee Swindell forces Rayn to stop after a few moments, but Rayn lands one more good kick in for measure.

Brian Rentfro: Just when you think he's down and out... He comes back to life. A true Kalis!

Jon McDaniel: I thought you were talking about Jethro?

Hayes is helped to his feet by Rayn who drives his elbow hard into Hayes' skull as he gets to his feet. Hayes fights back! Hayes sends a strong fist into Rayn's gut. Rayn stumbles back, his body in shock from the hit. Then another hit forces Rayn to let go of Jethro. Jethro swings a uppercut up and sends Rayn flying into the ropes. Rayn comes bouncing back and Hayes nails him with a pump handle slam to the canvas. Hayes goes for the pinfall!




Rayn kicks out and spits in Jethro's face. Jethro wipes his face clear but Rayn is already rolls away and on his feet. Rayn with a flying forearm smash pushes Hayes back a bit. Rayn locks in a chinlock on Hayes as he gets Hayes to one knee. Hayes reverses it smoothly into a wrist lock, but Rayn follows up that counter with his own reversal and pulls Hayes into an arm bar. Hayes slaps his arm and turns himself around, latching onto Rayn and placing him deep in a waistlock. Rayn tries to use momentum and does, pushing himself up over Hayes and as Rayn slides over Hayes' head, Rayn lays Hayes down with a reverse DDT to the canvas. Rayn hooks the leg quickly!




Jon McDaniel: All this back and forth is making my head spin!

Brian Rentfro: Here, have a Grizzly Beer. It'll make you feel better.

Rayn looks at Swindell in shock but Swindell holds up the two fingers confirming its just a two count. Rayn wastes no time attacking Hayes as he lunges forward with a fury of fists, catching Jethro Hayes off guard. Rayn lands each left and right with Hayes unable to counter. Rayn whips Hayes into the ropes and bounces himself off the opposite ropes at the right moment, springboarding himself forward and body splashing Jethro Hayes except one problem... Hayes catches Rayn and spins him around, slamming his body against the canvas. Rayn is still much quicker to his feet than Hayes but before Rayn can do anything Hayes is up and nails him down with a belly to belly suplex. Hayes headbutts Rayn as he lays on the canvas and grabs him by the neck, lifting him up and chucking him into the turnbuckle. Rayn winces as he holds his side in the corner but then rushes forward from the turnbuckle like he's on fire but gets nailed with a big boot sending him crashing to the canvas. Rayn hops back up but Jethro with a clothesline takes The Acidic One down again. Rayn doesn't relent! He gets back to his feet and this time as Hayes goes for another big boot Rayn ducks, spins him around and kicks him in the gut. X MARKS THE SPOT! The crowd erupts as Rayn takes Hayes down with one of his signature moves. Rayn, exhausted and panting, throws himself over Hayes and hooks the leg.




Rayn can't believe it and gets himself to his feet, realizing this time against Hayes will be much tougher. Hayes is not going to go out easily as he gets to his feet and dusts himself off. Rayn gets himself up and Hayes attempts to hip toss Rayn who lands himself on his feet and reverses the move, turning it into an armbar on Jethro Hayes. Hayes winces as he slaps the arm Rayn has locked up, but Hayes uses his overpowering strength to get himself free. Rayn goes for a quick swift kick but Hayes stops him, throws him against the ropes and as Rayn comes barreling towards him grabs him, spins him and brings him DOWN with the GEORGIA SLAM! The crowd can't believe it and Hayes drives his elbow into Rayn's neck for good measure, before hooking both legs.




Hayes is surprised as he looks down at Rayn, who's all smiles as he throws Jethro a middle finger. Rayn quickly rolls himself onto his shoulders, twists his body upwards and grabs onto Hayes' head with both his legs. Rayn inverts his knees inward, driving them into Jethro's neck as he then slams Jethro to the canvas, from the canvas. Rayn gets to his feet and salutes the cheering Pro-Order crowd. Hayes is up though so Rayn keeps an eye on the ADCTron to let the cameras tell him when to look back, as any true veteran would. It doesn't help though as Hayes throws a heavy left hook which throws Rayn into the turnbuckle with force. Hayes charges Rayn in the corner but Rayn throws both of his legs up into Hayes' face sending Hayes stumbling back. Rayn props himself onto the apron and then springboards himself back into the ring, throwing a spinning mule kick which catches Hayes completely off guard and sends him to one knee!

Rayn moves quickly, driving a knee into Jethro's head. Rayn grabs him between his legs and the crowd errupts! THE EPIPHANY! Rayn immediately hooks the legs on Hayes as Swindell drops for the count!





Eric Emerson: The winner of this match... Daniel "RAYN" Kalis!

Rayn has his arm raised Swindell but shoves the referee out of the way. Simon and Masakazu come down to ringside from the back and slide into the ring. Hayes gets to his feet and looks at them but Simon shakes his head as Hayes slides out of the ring. A few words are exchanged as Simon and Masakazu raise Rayn onto their shoulders, and both brother and nephew make hand signals to display a Title around Rayn's waist as the family celebrates happily in the ring. Hayes looks back, signaling things are far from over...

Chamelion & Randal Moran vs Lucious Starr & Simon Kalis

Control of the PWA

Jon McDaniel: And now, folks. Our main event. The literal grip of control over this company we so love and hold dear to our hearts is on the line.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah. It isn't any one championship title on the line. This match will shape the future of the PWA, and whether we continue the way we have our whether a new order reigns.

Jon McDaniel: Let's pray that Chamelion and Randal Moran can stop this....


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our MAIN EVENT! The following tag team match is schedueled for one pinfall, and will be for TOTAL CONTROL OF THE PIONEER WRESTLING ASSOCIATION!

The crowd here in Winnipeg, Manitoba cheers vigorously as Emerson stands in the middle of the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first...

The lights dim, and strobe lights begin to flash around the entrance stage when the following lyrics explode over the arena speakers.

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me!


Eric Emerson: The team of PWA Owner and General Manager of Chaos CHAMELION AND RANDAL MORAN!

Walking confidently out onto the stage, Chamelion, attired in dark green wrestling tights and a black fishnet shirt, looks around the arena, aware of everything. Randal Moran stands by his side, searching the crowd which boos and cheers mixed.

You got your rules and your religion
All designed to keep you safe
But when rules start getting broken
You start questioning your faith

They stand there, silently for a few moments as the music swells around them. Their eyes lowered to the ring.

I have a voice that is my savior
Hates to love and loves to hate
I have a voice that has the knowledge
And the power to rule your fate

At that point, Chamelion and Randal Moran whip their heads up, Chamelions hair flying back and he has the look of a hunter about him, as he moves towards the ring with focused determination. More focused than ever before.

I hear voices crying
I see heroes dying
I taste blood that's drying
I feel tension rising

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me! They Talk to me!
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)

As the chorus fades into the second verse, Chamelion arrives at the ring apron, a slow smile creeps across his features. Sliding into the ring on his belly, his hands propping his chest and head up, he stares intently at Emerson. Randal Moran slides into the ring and looks around at the crowd, so many of them wearing Order of Chaos t-shirts to his dismay.

All the lawyers are defenseless
All the doctors are disease
And the preachers all are sinners
And the police just take the grease
All you judges you are guilty
All the bosses I will fire
All you bankers will have losses
Politicians are all liars

Jumping to his feet, Chamelion offers a wink and turns and moves towards the corner turnbuckle.

I see darkness falling
I hear voices calling
I feel justice crawling
I see faith has fallen

Launching himself onto the second turnbuckle, Chamelion stretches his arms out, his fingers wiggling in a come get me motion as his head lowers and his Cheshire smile appears.

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me! They talk to me!
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)

As the music fades, Chamelion drops down and turns, but his smile doesn’t leave his face, and his head remains lowered as he sways a little from left to right, as if in a trance, ready to face the obstacle in front of him. Randal Moran looks onward at the entrance ramp and nods as the crowd rise to their feet and begin chanting "ALL HAIL". Chamelion doesn't let it bother him as he his head remains lowered. Aubrey Jones, the former Chaos ring announcer enters the ring and grabs the microphone from Eric Emerson he bows out as he shakes hands with Chamelion and Mark Sommers. Aubrey scoffs as she smiles and winks at Emerson leaving the ring.

Aubrey Jones: And their opponents.

The arena lights dim as "Seizure of Power" by Mariliyn Manson, the official theme song to The Order of Chaos begins to play over the speakers. The lights pan the audiance and they all stand up and cheer. The entire crowd salutes towards the entrance ramp to the amazement of Chamelion and Randal in the ring.


Lucious Starr and Simon Kalis step out from behind the curtains. Starr is equipped for battle in his wrestling gear, while Kalis stands with his hands clasped in his black robe, hood and mask.

Aubrey Jones: Accompanied to the ring by Daniel "Rayn" Kalis, Travis Green, Bronx Williams and Masakazu....

Starr and Kalis begin walking forward. Starr smirks as he points at Chamelion in the ring while Kalis drops his robe and hood and removes his mask, giving it to Masakazu to hold onto for him. Starr begins signing autographs for his adoring fans as Kalis gives out hugs and takes photos with them. Chamelion and Randal slide out of the ring as the entire Order enters.

Aubrey Jones: They are THE ORDER OF CHAOS!

Pyros explode in the middle of the ring as all of the men salute the crowd, with the crowd saluting them back.


Kalis and Starr raise each others hands and embrace in the ring, with Starr remaining in as the obviously injured Simon Kalis holds his sides as he steps out onto the apron. The rest of the Order encircle ringside with their arms crossed as Chamelion and Randal Moran re-enter the ring. Chamelion shakes his head as "Cowboys from Hell" by Pantera interrupts and begins to play on the speakers.

Jon McDaniel: Well then! Let's just set the stage right here folks! THIS IS WAR!

Brian Rentfro: Argh!

Vulgar Display of Power stands at the entrance ramp, leaving Chamelion with a satisfied smile. Scott Nash Strader stands at the forefront, surrounded by Meghan and Tamika at his side with Duff and Hayes at the sides of Tamika and Meghan. Even Aubrey Jones is upset as she throws the microphone and exits the ring but not before wishing Starr and Kalis the best. Moran enters the apron as the Order of Chaos on the outside of the ring crowd to one side, with Vulgar Display of Power here to balance the evening at the other. Chamelion laughs, but neither Starr nor Kalis seem upset at all. In fact.

Jon McDaniel: Starr and Kalis are laughing? Why?

Brian Rentfro: They are just that great, Jon.


Starr and Chamelion start things off as Chamelion hip tosses Starr to the canvas. Starr is up quickly and takes Chamelion down with an arm drag to the canvas. Starr bounces off the ropes, lands a quick leg drop over Chamelion's throat. Starr is up and he lifts Chamelion up by the neck. Chamelion throws an elbow out into Starr's gut and grabs onto him. Chamelion goes for a DDT but before he can drop Starr reverses it and hits a northern lights suplex on the PWA Owner. Moran is reaching out for a tag desperately trying to come in while Kalis remains sedentary on the apron watching the match unfold quietly. Starr takes Chamelion back up and whips him into the ropes. Starr bounces off the opposite ropes himself and flies up with a dropkick but Chamelion grabs Starr by the legs and slams him to the canvas in an awkward powerbomb that shakes the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Some good back and forth here between Chamelion and Lucious, a reminder of Summer Sizzler.

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah.

Chamelion tags Randal Moran in and the crowd goes nuts, even for a Pro-Order crowd they know and respect Randal Moran strongly. Starr sees this and goes over to tag in Simon Kalis. Kalis is tagged in and gingerly steps into the ring. Moran with a left! Then a right! Kalis is already shaking as Moran whips him into the ropes and lays out Simon Kalis with a shoulder block. Moran locks in a figure four leg lock on the canvas and Kalis looks as if he's been knocked unconscience! The crowd can't believe it, and referee Dwayne Cross is checking Kalis but he is not even moving. Cross lifts Kalis' arm up and drops it. 1. Starr looks on in disbelief and can't believe what he's seeing as Cross lifts up Kalis' arm again, dropping it down for a 2. Suddenly Kalis breathes life back into himself as flips himself over onto his stomach, reversing the figure four leg lock on Randal Moran. Moran shakes his head refusing to tap as Kalis lets go of the hold and rolls away in pain. Moran is up and so is Kalis. Moran with a hip toss of his own on Kalis sends the former Tag champ to the canvas. The crowd is on their feet as Kalis spins on his shoulders and back and throws out two thrust kicks from the ground and takes Moran down to the canvas. Kalis is on his feet and so is Moran. Both men grapple and lock horns. Moran has Kalis in a wrist lock which forces Simon to one knee as he slaps his other hand against Moran's. Kalis reverses it and locks in a waistlock and suplexes Moran onto the back of his head. Kalis is up slowly as is Moran. Kalis with a left which Moran blocks! Moran kicks Kalis in the gut and DDTs him into the canvas hard.

Brian Rentfro: Kalis looks more sluggish than Moran! I'd have figured it'd be the reverse!

Moran tags Chamelion in and just before Kalis can tag Starr in, Chamelion drags Kalis to the middle of the ring then drives a hard elbow into the back of his head. Chamelion mocks the pro-Order of Chaos crowd here in Manitoba but Kalis quickly rolls him up in response!







Starr leaps in and breaks the count by kicking Chamelion in the back of the head. Chaos lets loose as Moran goes into the ring and takes Lucious Starr down with a clothesline. Kalis crawls away from the fighting but Chamelion follows him and doesn't relent as he stomps down hard on Kalis. On the outside The Order of Chaos members remain still as they stare over across at the Vulgar Display of Power members across them. Tensions are obviously high as Moran superplexes Starr off the top rope to the astonishment of the crowd! Camera flashes everywhere as Kalis gets to his feet and BANG! SWEET SOUND OF SUCCESS BY CHAMELION! Moran stomps down on Starr to keep him out of it as Chamelion hooks a leg on Simon Kalis and Cross hits the canvas for the count!


Starr tries to push Moran out of the way but Moran lays him out with a death valley driver.


Starr remains down on the canvas as Moran raises his arms.




Moran gets low blowed by Lucious Starr and crumples to the canvas as Chamelion argues with Dwayne Cross. Cross holds up two fingers and tells him Kalis got his foot on the rope. Moran makes his way to the corner and back onto the apron as does Starr. Starr reaches over the top rope and puts his arm out as far as he can for Simon. Kalis leaps forward and tags Lucious Starr in. Starr hops over the top rope like a man on fire and clotheslines Chamelion to the canvas. Chamelion back up and they grapple. Chamelion with a snap suplex on Lucious Starr but Starr hops back up to his feet immediately. Chamelion rushes forward but Starr takes him down with a drop toe hold drag. Chamelion throws his arm out as he falls and tags in Randal Moran! Moran gets into the ring and unleashes a flury of stomps onto the Fury of Hades himself! Starr tries blocking his kicks with his arms but Moran lays them in good. Chamelion yells from the apron as Kalis heads to the top rope! Chamelion jumps back into the ring and pushes Moran out of the way as Kalis leaps off the top rope and hits a missile dropkick onto Chamelion, sending him out of the ring. Kalis rolls out of the ring after Chamelion as Moran lifts Starr up by the neck. Starr throws an elbow into Morans gut, slides himself behind him and hits a stunning reverse neckbreaker which sends the crowd to their feet! On the outside of the ring Chamelion low blows Simon Kalis and slams his face against the ring post. Rayn looks ready to interfere but Bronx Williams holds him back from ruining the match.

Brian Rentfro: Madness all around! The importance of victory here is so vital to the PWA folks.

Jon McDaniel: You're talking sense this time, Brian. It is.

Cross tries to tell Kalis and Chamelion to return to their corners and both men agree and do so. Starr inside the ring irish whips Moran into the ropes but right into Chamelion who tags himself in. Moran comes flying back and spears Starr to the canvas as Chamelion gets inside the ring. Starr tags Kalis in himself as he leaps up. Kalis flies into the ring but is met with an immediate body splash from Chamelion. But Kalis catches Chamelion and body slams him to the canvas quickly. Kalis heads to the top rope and throws his arms into the air as Lucious Starr tags himself in by slapping Kalis' leg. Kalis flies off with a corkscrew shooting star press! RETRIBUTION! Moran comes into the ring and goes right for Kalis, but only the referee Dwayne Cross realizes Starr is the legal man. Starr hops into the ring and covers Chamelion, hooking both legs!


Moran takes Kalis to the outside of the ring!


Moran moves to break up the count when he realizes whats going on but Kalis grabs his legs from the outside of the ring and sweeps him off of his feet.



The crowd goes NUTS as Starr leaps up in the ring and Dwayne Cross raises his arms. Bronx Williams, Rayn, Travis Green and Masakazu slide into the ring and embrace with Lucious Starr in the ring as Moran slides out in disbelief.


Chamelion can't believe his eyes as he rolls out of the ring. Kalis slides into the ring and Masa helps him to his feet. Lucious Starr and Simon Kalis are all smiles as they embrace in the ring and raise each others hands. Chamelion on the outside yells at Scott Nash Strader to attack. Strader nods, uncharacteristically and slides into the ring with Tamika, Meghan, Duff and Hayes. Now they all stand across from each other and the crowd is on their feet.

Brian Rentfro: This is going to EXPLODE folks! The Order of Chaos has ultimate power and there's nothing VDP can do about it!

Scott Nash Strader steps forward. Simon Kalis steps forward, both men staring each other down since Summer Sizzler. Suddenly a crack emerges as Kalis begins smiling. Kalis lights up a cigarette in the ring, as does Strader. Strader smirks back at Kalis and...


Jon McDaniel: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?!?!


Suddenly The Cowgirls from Hell turn on Duff Cote D'Ivoire and Jethro Hayes. The Order of Chaos rushes forward and joins them in beating Duff and Hayes down. Hayes gets himself out of the ring quickly and quickly grabs Duff out of there. Starr and Strader nod at each other as Masakazu high fives the Strader sisters. The fans can't believe it, but are loving every second of it. Chamelion stares on in absolute shock as he retreats up the entrance ramp with Randal Moran.

Simon Kalis: Yeah... Screw you Corey! You traitor! You think we need your money now?! You think we need YOU now? You FOOL! I only used you until I was sure I wouldn't need you, in order to usher in the true ORDER OF CHAOS! SIMON KALIS! LUCIOUS STARR! SCOTT NASH STRADER! MEGHAN NASH STRADER! TAMIKA NASH STRADER! RAYN! BRONX WILLIAMS! MASAKAZU! TRAVIS GREEN! WE ARE THE ORDER OF CHAOS! WE ARE IN CONTROL!

Kalis throws his arms up, still obviously weak as he is held up by his brother Rayn and son Masakazu. SNS holds onto his girls and smiles as he looks around at the cheering crowd.

Simon Kalis: I think Starr would like to have a few words with his loyal subjects here in Manitoba!

The crowd cheers as Kalis throws Starr the microphone.

Lucious Starr: Yes, Simon. I would. Since you and I are now in absolute control... I am booking a match, right now. Right here. Riona Langly! You must come out right now and defend the PWA UNDISPUTED WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! Against ME! Right... NOW!

Lucious drops the microphone as The Order of Chaos all slide out of the ring. Strader and Kalis share a cigarette on the outside as the bell sounds.

Jon McDaniel: Hey... Wait a minute. Riona isn't even here tonight.

Lucious Starr: If you don't show up your championship will be FORFIT and I will be the new Champion!












Lucious holds the microphone to Eric Emerson's face...

Eric Emerson: Uhm... The winner as a result of forfit and NEW PWA UNDISPUTED WORLD CHAMPION.... LUCIOUS STARR!

The crowd goes nuts as The Order of Chaos swarm the ring again and raise Lucious Starr onto their shoulders. Masakazu and Travis Green hold Starr up on their shoulders as SNS looks at Simon Kalis with his eyes wide open. Kalis nods and puts his mask back over his face as Dwayne Cross comes back to ringside with the PWA Undisputed World title and hands it to Lucious Starr.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my god this is DISGUSTING! This is a coup d'etat!


Kalis raises Starr's hand in the ring and points to him as Starr raises the World title with pride and a huge grin.

Jon McDaniel: We're out of time folks... May God help us.

Lucious Starr vs Simon Kalis

Grudge Match

On a long and lonesome highway
East of Omaha
You can listen to the engine
Moanin' out his one note song
You can think about the woman
Or the girl you knew the night before

The lights in the arena are dimmed, all that remains is a blood red lantern shining down in the pattern of a star. A small shadow enters the beam of light, kneeling at the center. He traces the tip of the star, then stretches his arms outward. An explosion of fire on the ramp; the little cloaked figure taken for a moment before shaking it off.

But your thoughts will soon be wandering
The way they always do
When you're ridin' sixteen hours
And there's nothin' much to do
And you don't feel much like ridin',
You just wish the trip was through

Lucious Starr walks out onto the entrance ramp, tapping the shaded figure. The figure stands, loyally following Starr to the ring. The arena is filled with jeers as Lucious and the smaller figure make their way down the ramp, Starr in random intervals lowering to speak to the figure. He assures him with a pat on the shoulder, looking to the ring.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell...

Here I am
On the road again
There I am
Up on the stage
Here I go
Playin' star again
There I go
Turn the page

Well you walk into a restaurant,
Strung out from the road
And you feel the eyes upon you
As you're shakin' off the cold
You pretend it doesn't bother you
But you just want to explode

Lucious and the figure stop at the bottom of the ramp, the cloaked figure looking up to Lucious. Starr nods, the figure walking to the ring steps and starting up. Lucy turns back to the ring, taking a step back before launching himself up to the ropes. He watches the smaller figure walk along the apron, making its way over. Lucious sits on the middle rope, allowing the cloaked figure to enter the ring before sliding in himself. The two makes their way to opposite ends of the ring, raising their arms in an "X" as they taunt the crowd.

Eric Emerson: Introducing one half of the PWA World Tag Team Champions, the Untamed Fury, LUCIOUS STARR!!

Most times you can't hear 'em talk,
Other times you can
All the same old cliches,
"Is that a woman or a man?"
And you always seem outnumbered,
You don't dare make a stand

Lucious and the cloaked person drop, meeting in the center of the ring. Lucious drops to one knee, nodding to the cloaked figure. The little one runs over, jumping up on Lucious' knee and propelling himself up onto Starr's shoulders. Lucious stands, raising one arm in the air while the other holds the cloaked person safe.

Brian Rentfro: Wait a second...

Here I am
On the road again
There I am
Up on the stage
Here I go
Playin' star again
There I go
Turn the page

The cloaked figure throws his arms in the air, which allows the hood of his cloak to fall behind him.

Jon McDaniel: IT'S BRIAN KALIS!!


Lucious and Brian raise their arms in the center of the ring as "Turn The Page" dies down, Lucious lowering Brian as he focuses on the entrance ramp. Brian is then helped out of the ring and he quickly makes his way backstage, smiling and waving for the fans.

Jon McDaniel: This man is sick. Starr has disappointed us all.

Brian Rentfro: You kidding? He bought Simon to his knees, Starr is great!

We fade backstage. The camera focuses in on the locker room door, and it clearly reads SIMON KALIS. The cheers from the fans in the arena can be heard all the way back here even, as a number of Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrive just outside, all of them with their right hands to the guns on their holster. The door swings open and Simon Kalis steps out as “Game of Thrones(Heavy)“ by White Noise Lab hits. He’s decked out in his black wrestling tights. “OUTLAW” down his left leg, “KALIS” down his right. He turns his head about, his left eye is covered by an eye patch but we can clearly see the fire in his other. He taps the AoWF Tag Team Championship around his waist.

Jon McDaniel: He’s back in a PWA ring…

Kalis begins walking through the hallways, the RCMP officers escorting him. Kalis crosses his arms, his fists arching over his throat as he shows his elbow pads. On one elbow pad, “VICTORY”, on the other, “REBEL”, making his allegiances very clear.

Brian Rentfro: The General of the PWA doesn’t love us anymore. How sad!

Jon McDaniel: I’m sure you’re broken hearted over it.

Kalis turns into a small corridor and the police escort leaves his side. We switch to a view from ringside.

Eric Emerson: And introducing, his opponent!

A golden arch of pyros begins at the entrance ramp, engulfing Simon Kalis in its brilliance as he steps through and his theme now restarts. At the sides of the entrance ramp, two RCMP officers on horseback gallop forward slowly. One holds a Canadian flag high in the air, and the other holds a black and red flag commissioned by The Order of Chaos. The entire crowd stands on their feet, yet not cheering. They remain deathly quiet.

Eric Emerson: He is the GENERAL of the Order of Chaos!

Kalis remains amidst the arch of gold pyros, his head tilted up and his AoWF Tag title shimmering in the light.


The crowd is THUNDEROUS, chanting in unison, each and every single one of them.

Eric Emerson: He is one half of the AoWF Tag Team Champions…

Simon steps out from the arch of pyros, spitting at the ring as he shoots his arms up and breathes out the smoke from his nostrils and mouth.


Starr looks around him, his eyes widening as he gauges the support Simon Kalis has in this building. Kalis stomps his foot.

BANG! Pyros shoot up.

Kalis slaps his chest.

BANG! More pyros shoot up on the stage behind him.

Kalis salutes the crowd, and the entire building salutes him back.

BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG the pyros explode with a thunderous roar.


Simon begins walking down to the ring, but not before high fiving the two RCMP officers on horseback.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Montreal, Quebec… CANADA!!!!!



Kalis circles the ring, and stops at a young fan in an old school “Killa Kally” t-shirt. He removes his eye patch and puts it on the child, placing his head to the young fans head and parting a few words of wisdom. The crowd stops their chants and now fills the arena with thunderous applause and cheers. Kalis drops his title off at ringside and circles the ring, Starr keeping his gaze set on The Last Superstar. Simon runs his hand along the ring apron, getting a feel for the PWA ring.

Jon McDaniel: I can’t even hear myself think! Let alone talk!

Brian Rentfro: WHAT?

The cheering and applause continues to shake the arena itself.

Jon McDaniel: WHAT?

Simon slides into the ring and now he and Starr are right in each others faces, nose to nose, exchanging a few heated words. Simon takes a step back, and removes his fake glass eye from his head and throws it into the crowd. He steps back up to Starr, and looks him dead in the eyes.

Simon Kalis: I’ll show you what it is to be a legend.

Lucious Starr: I’ll show you what it is to die like one.

The referee, Dwayne Cross pushes himself between the two and then as he gets them separated…


Jon McDaniel: HERE WE GO! Where it ALL began!

Brian Rentfro: It shall END!

Kalis strikes first, going old school Killa Kally on Starr with a series of lefts and rights. Starr doesn’t know how to react as his head is bounced around like a punching bag, Starr stumbles back into the corner. Kalis runs at him, leaps up with both knees to Starrs face! Starr slides down the turnbuckles, and Kalis grabs onto the ropes and begins stomping a mudhole straight into Starr’s face and chest. The crowd is going nuts. Kalis throws a middle finger in Starrs face and then continues stomping down on him. He puts his boot to Starrs throat and pushes into it, choking him.

Jon McDaniel: This is a No Holds Barred match folk, it’s all legal.

Brian Rentfro: This is going to get bloody, real quick.

Kalis yells and screams obscenities at Starr as he backs off, grabs Starr by the hair and takes him down with an arm drag. Kalis begins kicking him in the back, shoulders and back of his head and Starr quickly rolls out of the ring to regain his composure.


Kalis’ face is frightening, especially with the gaping hole where his fake eye should be.

Jon McDaniel: That’s psychological right there. He’s trying to get into Starrs head.

Simon slaps his chest repeatedly and hollers at the crowd to keep cheering. Starr pulls his hair back, running his hands through his hair as he looks around shaking his head. Fans at ringside cuss him out, and boo him as he paces. Kalis backs up, then makes a run and throws himself through the middle and top ropes with a suicide dive, crashing into Lucious Starr. Starr capitalizes now, wrapping his legs around Simons waist as he begins wailing away with rights as he uses his left arm to wrap Simons head up. He continues to wail on Kalis before throwing him off of himself. Starr gets to his feet and ignores the booing crowd as he begins stomping down all over Simon, kicking his black face in. Kalis covers up so Starr begins stomping down on his chest and ribs.

Brian Rentfro: The tides have turned! GO PWA!

Simon rolls under the ring to escape the attack. Starr quickly grabs a bottle of beer out of the hands of a fan and as Simon comes back out from under the ring, he cracks the bottle over Simons head. It shatters, sending shards of little glass and beer all over the place. As Simons head rolls around on his shoulders, Lucious grabs a female fan from ringside and takes her right over the barricade. She has a new Victory Wresting Simon Kalis t-shirt on, he rips it off her and then wraps the shirt around Simons neck and begins choking him. Simon reaches out to his fan, who is crying and covering her huge tits. He doesn’t know whether to be horny or worried as Starr straddles him with the shirt over his neck. She gets angry and takes her high heels off and smashes Starr in the face. Starr lets go of Simon and he falls into the arms of his big titted female fan, who comforts him as he uses her breasts as pillows for his face.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my… Maybe we should pan away from that.

Brian Rentfro: …Uh, no.

Simon finally takes his face out of her breasts and gets to his feet, only for Starr to hit a reverse neck breaker onto him. That fan by the way, gets helped back into the crowd. She’s still basically topless, and the camera seems to be focusing on her too much as the action continues at ringside. Finally Starr smashes Kalis’ face against the ring apron a few times and then whips him into the corner post, his head bangs off it and we hear the “PING” as it does.

Brian Rentfro: I think we need to see that fan again, make sure she’s okay.

Jon McDaniel: Relax.

Kalis wobbles around on his feet and walks right into an implant DDT from Starr. Starr picks Kalis up and throws him into the ring. Starr rolls in after Kalis and hit’s a leg drop over the back of Simons head and neck, rolling him over and covering.




Brian Rentfro: Starr is now in total control of this match.

Starr cracks Kalis over the head with an elbow and covers him again.



Kalis throws Starr off of him and rolls away, quickly getting to his feet as does Starr. SPEAR! SPEAR! SIMON SPEARS LUCIOUS AND TAKES HIM DOWN HARD! Kalis grabs Starr on the canvas and then locks in The Eyes of Eternity! The Eyes of Eternity! Starr screams in pain, as Kalis screams with anger for him to tap out.

Jon McDaniel: YOU REMEMBER THAT MOVE DON’T YOU?! Kalis won the PWA World title with that move!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, no. No one remembers that.

Kalis applies more and more pressure, trying to rip Starrs head clean off his body. Starr knows there are no rope breaks in this match, and so he tries rocking his torso to get free from the inverted STF. Simon falls off of Starr, but immediately goes to him and puts him in a headlock. He wrenches his arms tighter and tighter as Starr struggles to keep himself conscience.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell is he doing? Anything goes in this match. Yet he’s resorting to boring submission moves like he’s Marvin Wood or something. GET’EM STARR!

Jon McDaniel: Oh god look!

Joshua Danielson comes running out from backstage, steel chair in hand. He gets right up behind Simon and cracks the chair over his head not once, not twice, but thrice! Simon lets go of the hold and falls back, before getting the chair across his face.

Brian Rentfro: Danielson with the equalizer!

Jon McDaniel: Equalizer?! Are you kidding me?

Danielson continues to crack Kalis over the head with the chair till Simon’s bleeding from his forehead as he tries to escape the onslaught. Starr is up and both him and Danielson lift Simon up, whip him into the ropes. Starr lifts Kalis up into the air, dropping back and Danielson connects with a neck breaker!!! The crowd BOOS loud as Starr rolls Simon over and pins as Danielson puts his boot to Simons throat.




Brian Rentfro: OH SHIT!

Kalis kicks out, just as Thunderwolf comes running down to the ring and slides into the ring, clothes lining Danielson over the top rope and out of the ring. Starr gets up, stunned as Thunderwolf catches Starr, spine buster! Starr rolls out of the ring to regain his composure as Thunderwolf checks on his old pal Simon, who laughs as he sees him. Thunderwolf helps Simon to his feet and they both receive a thunderous applause.

Jon McDaniel: Thunderwolf with the rescue!

Brian Rentfro: That should tell you how much Starr was kicking his ass, so bad he needed to be rescued. And where is Masakazakhstan? You’d think his ingrate son would be the one doing it.

Starr and Danielson circle the ring, as Thunderwolf and Simon watch them. Simon wipes some blood from his face as he leans against the ropes, flipping himself over the top rope and to the outside as Danielson rushes into the ring. Danielson and Thunderwolf begin brawling it out until Thunderwolf hit’s the Vapor Transmission on Danielson!!! Kalis has a kendo stick from under the ring and he jumps onto the ring apron, runs along it then hops off, cracking it over Lucious Starr’s face. Starr stumbles back, as Kalis takes the edge of the kendo stick and uppercuts him with it. Thunderwolf in the ring takes Danielson by the neck and drags him out of the ring. He high fives Simon, and Danielson steps back away from him and watches the action from ringside. Thunderwolf circles around, keeping an eye on Danielson.

Brian Rentfro: Oh how nice of Kelser, he’s gonna be a nice guy and watch Simons back.

Jon McDaniel: Yes. This match should go down with no interference from outside parties.

Brian Rentfro: Bit late for that, isn’t it?

Kalis goes under the ring in search of fun things as Starr regroups with Danielson. Thunderwolf seems to be chatting with Simon as Simon chucks a bunch of random shit out from under the ring, like a trash can, a reel of barbed wire, a few chairs, some tables and then he stops as he pulls one massive thing out. It’s covered with a black sheet, he peeks under it and cocks an eyebrow. Thunderwolf kneels down to see what’s under the sheet and both men have a good laugh at whatever it is.

Brian Rentfro: I wanna know! I wanna know!

Jon McDaniel: We all do!

Danielson and Starr search under the ring at the opposite side as Simon begins wrapping a bit of the barbed wire around his REBEL Pro elbow pad. He flexes, the barbs on the inside cut into his arm but he shrugs it off as he keeps an eye on Starr who has a bat and a lead pipe he’s debating over. Simon looks at Thunderwolf, Thunderwolf looks at Simon.

Simon Kalis: Something’s missing, eh?

Thunderwolf: But what?

Simon looks around and sees a young fan, a small girl. She has a bouquet of flowers with her! Simon walks over and smiles, high fives the young fan in a “Kalis” t-shirt. He even signs an autograph, Thunderwolf also signs an autograph. She’s quite happy. Starr and Danielson look on in disbelief as Starr decides to go with the lead pipe. Kalis then points to his Victory elbow pad and the girl picks out some flowers and helps Simon tuck them into his Victory elbow pad.

Jon McDaniel: So barbed wire for REBEL…

Brian Rentfro: And flowers for Victory?

Jon McDaniel: Well, they are a bit silly over there.

Rentfro face palms as Kalis lifts up the big unknown object covered in a black sheet and slides it into the ring. Starr slides into the ring, and we’re FINALLY back to the action at hand! Kalis leaves this mysterious large weapon on the canvas he stands to face Starr, who twists his lead pipe around. Starr swings at Kalis, in a downward motion. Kalis steps to the left. Starr swings again, Kalis steps to the right. Starr swings again, but changes the direction of the pipe at the last second and cracks Kalis over the ribs with it. Kalis keels forward and Starr swings again, this time in an upwards motion and clocks Kalis over the head. Simon hit’s the canvas and Starr goes to town on him with the lead pipe, Kalis rolling back and forth to try to protect himself as much as possible but failing to do so. Danielson seems to want to join in, but Thunderwolf wags his finger and smiles at him.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah! Yeah! BEAT HIS ASS, LUCY!

Jon McDaniel: Starr is doing well, I won’t lie.

Starr mounts Simon and puts the lead pipe to his throat, and begins choking him with it. Kalis struggles to push Starr off of him as he struggles for air. Starr with a cover!




Starr puts the pipe back against Simons throat and begins choking him again. Kalis realizes he can’t power out of this, and quickly begins swaying himself around. Thunderwolf slams his fists on the ring apron, yelling at Simon to get free.

Jon McDaniel: So we all know why Danielson would come out to help Starr. But what’s the deal with Thunderwolf?

Brian Rentfro: You obviously don’t know your history.

Kalis begins slamming his feet on the canvas, and smiling at Starr.

Jon McDaniel: What’d you mean?

Brian Rentfro: Thunderwolf and Simon Kalis go WAAAAAAAY back, and in fact Thunderwolf initially told Simon about the PWA in 2006. And according to Simon, this is when he began plotting his arrival here.

Jon McDaniel: So you’re saying Thunderwolf is why he ever came here?

Kalis rolls himself up onto his shoulders, twists his legs as far forward as he can and grapples Starrs neck with his knees, twisting Starr off of him. The crowd goes nuts!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, basically.

Kalis rolls and gets to his feet. As Starr gets up Simon charges him. REBEL Elbow! The barbs cut into Starr’s face! Victory Elbow! The flowers fly around and serve to confuse Starr, and smell pretty. REBEL Elbow! Barbs! Victory Elbow! Flowers! REBEL Elbow! BARBS! Victory Elbow! FLOWERS! Starr’s head is spinning as he stumbles around, dazed and confused and now bleeding profusely from many cuts over his face. Kalis jumps, bringing both his knees crashing into Starrs head. As Starr falls back, Kalis drives his knees into Starr’s throat and the impact on the canvas is throat crushing! Kalis covers!




Brian Rentfro: That was too close for comfort!

Kalis gets to his feet.

Simon Kalis: Think it’s time?

Thunderwolf: Yes. Do it!

Kalis laughs, wiping his own blood from his face as he pulls the sheet off that mysterious item and…


Brian Rentfro:

Kalis hoists it up, it’s a KITCHEN SINK! Starr wipes the blood from his face, pulling his hair back and looks up. Starrs eyes widen in shock as Simon throws it down over his head, the sink shattering over Starrs face into a bunch of pieces. The crowd goes nuts, Simon drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring for a cigarette break. He sits on the ring apron, calls out to a vendor for a beer. Thunderwolf grabs a beer himself, and leans against the barricade separating fans from the action, smirking in Simons direction.

Thunderwolf: You could’ve pinned him and won just now.

Simon chugs his beer, smokes his cigarette and nods. Danielson meanwhile rolls into the ring to check up on Lucious.

Simon Kalis: Yeah, but… I want him to suffer.

They clash their beer cans together and toast, before both chug their beers. Danielson helps Starr sit up, and he’s still quite dazed from having the kitchen sink dropped on his head. Kalis and Thunderwolf begin chatting with fans, signing autographs and doing other awesome stuff cause they’re awesome guys. Danielson and Starr slide out of the ring and begin setting up a few of the tables outside the ring. Simon finishes his cigarette and slides a table into the ring. He grabs the top half of the steel steps, lifting it up and sliding that into the ring as well. Starr slides back into the ring, and Danielson seems ready to do the same but again Thunderwolf yells out to him to remind him why that is such a bad idea.

Brian Rentfro: God he’s so unprofessional.

Jon McDaniel: Yes, what Starr has done is some of the most vile and evil I’ve ever seen.

Brian Rentfro: I was talking about Simon taking a smoke break!

Jon McDaniel: I stand by my statement.

Kalis and Starr grapple in the middle of the ring now, and a power struggle ensues. Starr gets the upper hand and whips Simon into the corner turnbuckles. Starr quickly picks up a big fragment of the kitchen sink and smashes it over Kalis’ head. Simon is immediately looking dazed. Danielson quietly puts some chairs onto the tables set up just outside of the ring. Starr turns Simon around and begins climbing up to the top turnbuckle, Simon climbing up with him very gingerly. Starr holds onto Simon… The crowd stands on their feet.

Jon McDaniel: No… No, he isn’t.

Brian Rentfro: Yes… YES HE IS!

STARR SUPERLEXES KALIS OFF THE TOP ROPE, TO THE OUTSIDE AND THROUGH BOTH THE TABLES AND CHAIRS!!! The crowd can’t believe it! Both men are laid out in the wreckage, barely moving. Thunderwolf quickly circles the ring before Danielson can strike, but Danielson isn’t being intimidated anymore. Danielson lifts out one of the chairs from under Kalis and begins bashing him with it repeatedly. Thunderwolf rushes him, clotheslines him to the ground and begins stomping away at him. Danielson rolls away and gets to his feet, and the two begin an all out brawl over the wrecked bodies of Lucious Starr and Simon Kalis.

Jon McDaniel: All hell has broken loose now, folks.

Starr is up first, and he sits up in some obvious pain. Simon seems knocked the fuck out at this point. Thunderwolf gets a chair shot in the head, wobbling around until Danielson hits him with another chair shot. Thunderwolf drops to a knee but then charges Danielson, spearing him right through the barricade and into a group of fans! The fans love it! Starr sees his chance, lifting Simons listless body and throwing him into the ring. Starr rolls in after him, and drapes his arm over Kalis.





Starr looks up at Dwayne Cross, who shakes his head. Kalis’ eye is still shut, and Starr looks down at his face with disgust at his open left eye socket. Lucious does a stronger cover, putting his feet up against the ropes to add pressure.




Brian Rentfro: This match is NO HONOR! STARR WINS!


NO! AGAIN! KALIS KICKS OUT, SOMEHOW! SOMEWAY! Starr can’t believe it! Thunderwolf returns to ringside, while some of the fans help Danielson up. Canadians are nice folks. Starr pulls Simon up by the legs… I CLAIM YOUR SOUL!!! I CLAIM YOUR SOUL!!! STARR HAS IT LOCKED IN, THERE IS NO ESCAPE FOR SIMON! Kalis writhes in pain, his eye rolling around in his head and he refuses to tap… Dwayne Cross asks him again, he refuses to tap. Thunderwolf is at the ring apron, yelling at Simon not to quit. Danielson is side by side with Thunderwolf now, yelling at Starr to show no mercy. Kalis holds his head, shaking his head but the pain is great.

Jon McDaniel: Oh no…

From the entrance ramp, young Brian Kalis begins walking to the ring, looking very concerned for his father and “Uncle Lucy”. Simons hand is raised, his fist clenched as his arm shakes and he seems ready to tap out… Then he sees Brian, his eye widens. He reaches out and holds his sons hand, biting his bottom lip.


The revival begins, as Kalis begins nodding his head. Thunderwolf grabs Brian and pulls him aside. Kalis pulls his legs, throwing Starr off of him. Starr stumbles forward and Kalis begins getting up.


Kalis stomps, shaking both his fists as his eye widens with fire and passion. He turns intensely to Starr, pointing at him before taking his thumb and running it across his throat. Starr rushes Kalis, Kalis strikes with a thrust kick. Starr goes for a punch, Kalis blocks and hits another thrust kick into Starrs other thigh. Starrs legs begin to wobble. Kalis with a left! With a right! With another left! With another right! Kalis grabs Starr… THE PIONEERING SPIRIT! THE SPINNING KAMIKAZE RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL STEPS! Starr is REELING! Kalis covers!





Kalis looks up in utter disbelief, and down at Starr who forces a smile. Kalis sits up, and looks over at Brian and smiles. The crowd is on their feet, many in shock as well.

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe Starr managed to kick out. That was incredible.

Brian Rentfro: ABOUT DAMN TIME you gave Lucious some credit, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: I never didn’t give him credit for his ability in the ring, but what he’s done outside of it has been deplorable.

Simon grabs the table he put into the ring and sets it up right over those steel steps.

Kalis picks Starr up and whips him into the corner turnbuckles. He rushes towards him, and proceeds to climb to the top rope, lifting Starr up onto his back. The cameras flash wildly…. SENTENCING OF THE DAMNED THROUGH THE TABLE ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!!!! STARR IS KNOCKED OUT, COLD! Kalis covers.





Kalis rolls off of Starr and breathes heavily.

Eric Emerson: The winner of this match… SIMON KALIS!!!!

Brian slides into the ring and hugs his dad, Kalis hugs him back and smiles. Danielson helps Starr out of the ring, but it’s at this point the RCMP officers return to ringside and surround Lucious Starr. Starr looks around, bleeding, dazed, and barely able to stand. Kalis is helped up in the ring by Thunderwolf, and the two men laugh as Starr is put into handcuffs.


Brian Rentfro: FOR WHAT?

Jon McDaniel: What’d you think?!

Kalis hoists Brian up into his arms, as his son wipes the blood off his fathers face.

Jon McDaniel: A beautiful moment.

Panzadise vs Matthew Engel

PWA World Championship

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event. Tonight we are going to witness history. Will Matthew Engel be able to continue his record-breaking title reign? Or will Panzadise join four other PWA legends as a five-time PWA World Champion?

The lights go out as we hear a familiar distorted voice play throughout the arena...

“New-new-new-new-new New Age Panzies”

Just then, red lights shine down on the entrance ramp as the speakers begin to play a synthesized beat and tribal drumming (Linkin Park’s “When They Come For Me”).

Jon McDaniel: “I’m not exactly sure what this is all about.”

Eric Emerson: “Coming to the ring at this time, the challenger...”

“I am not a pattern to be followed
The pill that I’m on is a tough one to swallow
I’m not a criminal
Not a role model
Not a born leader
I’m a tough act to follow”

Eric Emerson: “From Cleveland, Ohio, standing six feet eight inches tall and weighing in 285 pounds...”

“And I’m not a robot
I’m not a monkey
I will not dance even if the beats funky
Opposite of lazy, far from a punk
Y’all ought to stop talking, start trying to catch up motherfucker”

Eric Emerson: “The leader of the New Age Panzies...


Panzadise steps out onto the entrance ramp as the crowd explodes.

“And all the people say
Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah

Try to catch up motherfucker
Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah”

Dise begins making his way down to the ring. He’s wearing black leather pants with “Dise” written down the right leg and a pair of red six-sixed dice on his left thigh.

Brian Rentfro: “Look at this, Jon! Dise has got a brand new entrance song! The NAP is constantly reinventing themselves!”

Jon McDaniel: “I will say this, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dise look this focused.”

He climbs up onto the ring apron and steps over the top rope.

“I am the opposite of whack
Opposite of weak
Opposite of slack
Synonym of heat
Synonym of crack
Closest to a peak
Far from a punk
Y’all ought to stop talking, start trying to catch up motherfucker”

Dise aggressively throws the NAP sign into the air and screams as silver pyro begins pouring down from the rafters into the ring behind him. The crowd explodes in cheers.

“And all the people say
Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah

Try to catch up motherfucker
Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah”

Dise stands in the center of the ring, staring directly down the entrance ramp eagerly awaiting Matthew Engel's arrival.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...

The lights go out inside the arena as "Sympathy for the Devil" performed by Guns N' Roses hits the sound system. Green and silver pyros shoot off as spotlights around the PWAtron move to the rhythm of the song. Matthew Engel steps out from behind the curtains as one of the moving spotlights shines down on him. He is in his usual dark green tuxedo. The magnificent voice of Axl Rose comes to life.

"Please allow me to introduce myself..
I'm a man of wealth and taste.

I've been around for a long, long year..
Stole many a man's soul and faith."

The crowd is already on their feet, a mixed reaction of cheers and boos - but it's a very loud reaction. Engel unstraps the WHC from his waist and raises it high in the air with his right hand. He throws it over his right shoulder and begins to make his way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet tall and weighs in tonight at 210 pounds...

"Pleased to meet you.. hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game."

Engel remains focused on the ring, and reaches the steel steps. He ascends onto the apron, and climbs into the ring between the top and middle ropes.

"I watched with glee..
While your kings and queens..
Fought for ten decades..
For the Gods they made."

Eric Emerson: He is the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion of all time... MATTHEW... "VIRUS"... ENGEL!!!!

"Just as every cop is a criminal..
and all the sinners.. saints..
as heads is tails, just call me Lucifer..
'cause I'm in need of some restraint.

So if you meet me..
have some courtesy..
have some sympathy..
and some taste.

Use all your well learned politesse
or I'll lay your soul to waste."

After handing off his World Title to the referee, Engel has removed his jacket, tie, and dress shirt, revealing his standard white undershirt. He begins to stretch in the ring and prepare himself for the match.

Jon McDaniel: We're going to see history tonight Brian, no matter what happens!

Brian Rentfro: Welcome to Panzadise!

Eric Emerson: And our special guest referee of the evening ordered by the new Chairman of the AoWF Championship Committee and President Rob Robinson...

Brian Rentfro: Special what?!

Jon McDaniel: It seems our esteemed World Champion did have a surprise for Panzadise after all.

Dise doesn't look surprised however, he shrugs his shoulders. And then a familiar song comes over the PWA sound system. "We Strike First" by Bad Religion hits the sound system as Joe BoXeR comes out from backstage! The crowd erupts into cheers!

Jon McDaniel: So THAT'S why we saw that RPM 3 trailer earlier tonight!

Brian Rentfro: Isn't he dead?

Jon McDaniel: Didn't we think the same about Monkey McDee?

Brian Rentfro: True.

Joe BoXeR walks down the rampway waving to the fans. He's in a nice pair of black slacks, a form-fitting referee shirt, and a nice pair of black shoes. Joe looks like he has lost about 25 pounds, but he still looks good. His hair is short, but it's dark brown as opposed to the salt and pepper look he had going in Victory. He climbs into the ring, as Panzadise looks on a little worried. Joe and Virus shake hands and Joe walks up to Dise, offering a hand of respect.

Jon McDaniel: It seems Panzadise doesn't want anything to do with the classiest man in all of wrestling.

Brian Rentfro: Pfft, classy. You know who's classy? Rob Robinson.

Jon McDaniel: I think he's the opposite of classy.

Joe shrugs his shoulders and Dise refuses to shake his hand. Joe requests a microphone.

Joe BoXeR: Good evening Pioneer Wrestling!

The crowd erupts as Joe gives the crowd an honest smile.

Joe BoXeR: Now you're all probably surprised to see me, and I would be too if I was in your shoes. The truth is... I'm all better now.

Joe says it as non-chalant as possible.

Joe BoXeR: Yeah, that whole cancer thing? Totally killed it.

Joe lets out a laugh.

Joe BoXeR: I had some ups and downs... it was quite a battle, but I won. And even though the AoWF and its companies won't let me wrestle anymore, they aren't about to throw away my other talents as well. That's why the AoWF CC elected me as their new Chairman!

The crowd explodes again. More BoXeR time it seems.

Joe BoXeR: And so, I'm here tonight to let you all know that my first task as the new Chairman was to organize a tournament to decide the best man or woman to take the place of Trevor Knight as our AoWF Television Champion. Task number two? Making sure that this PWA World Title match - arguably the biggest one of the year - goes down without a hitch.

Dise doesn't look too pleased. Engel is giving his brother a round of applause.

Joe BoXeR: Now Robinson didn't like the idea, but it grew on him. After all, he didn't have much say in the matter. Unfortunately when it comes down to it, the owners of the AoWF promotions work for the AoWF Championship Committee, and since I am the Chairman... Rob really has to go with it. So, Rob, thank you for your patience and cooperation. This World Title match, which the AoWF CC has a lot of invested interest in, will be fought with integrity and it will be starting right now!

Joe throws the mic away and signals for the bell.


Dise charges out of his corner immediately going after Virus. He tries for a big boot, but Virus ducks underneath. Dise quickly turns around and gets met with a quick left right punch combination from Virus who finishes it up with a high knee to the chin of Dise. Dise gets rocked in the corner and Virus springboards from the middle rope and connects with another knee to the chin. Virus attacks Dise in the corner with shots to the body and then proceeds to choke Dise with his bare hands! BoXeR remains firm and tells Virus to back off, then gives him the count.

BoXeR: 1! 2! 3!

Virus breaks the choke and then gives Dise a spin kick to the gut, then dropping him to the mat with a DDT. Virus goes against the ropes and tries for a moonsault off the middle rope, but Dise gets his knees up and Virus crashes right on top of them. Dise gets up to his feet and gives Virus an european uppercut then whips him into the ropes. Virus comes back and Dise grabs him for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Dise doesn't let Virus drop as he picks him up again and gives him another back-breaker! Dise stands Virus up and then whips him chest-first into the turnbuckles. Dise charges and crushes Virus in the corner, and then gives him repeated kicks to the back over and over. Dise throws Virus out of the corner with a german suplex and then makes a cover.




Brian Rentfro: Dise is destroying the Virus right now!

Jon McDaniel: He's definitely going to work on that back of Virus to set up for the Panzadise Bomb. Smart move on his part.

Dise gets to his feet and Virus gets to his feet a moment after. Dise tosses Virus in the corner and gives him a couple of giant knife-edge chops to the chest. Virus gets set up on the top turn buckle and Dise climbs up to the middle. Dise hits Virus with a superplex right in the middle of the ring! The crowd is going crazy. Dise gives Virus a vicious kick to the jaw that puts Virus on his stomach. Dise goes to the ropes and nails Virus with a double knee drop right on his back! Virus cries out in pain.

Jon McDaniel: That might have done some damage right there, Brian!

Brian Rentfro: You bet it did. Virus looks like he's about to cry.

Dise brings Virus up to his feet and sends Virus into the ropes, but Virus springboards off the middle rope and catches Dise right in the temple with a heel kick! Dise is stumbling back and Virus nails him another heel kick this time right to Dise's sternum and it sends Dise into the ropes. Virus charges and connects with a big clothesline on Dise, sending them BOTH over the top rope and to the outside! The new Chairman of the AoWF CC, Joe BoXeR, begins his count.

BoXeR: 1!

Virus is up to his feet, about the same time as Dise. Virus gives Dise a spinning backfist and then slams Dise face-first into the apron!

BoXeR: 2!

Virus kicks out Dise's left knee and then gives him a running bulldog right on top of the steel steps! The crowd is going nuts!

BoXeR: 3!

Virus flips Dise over on the steel steps and connects with a standing leg drop right over Dise's throat!

BoXeR: 4!

Dise is trying to get to his feet and Virus charges, ducking a wild punch from Dise and nailing Dise with a reverse DDT on the arena floor!

BoXeR: 5!

Virus gets Dise up to his feet and rolls him into the ring.

BoXeR: 6!

Virus gets on the apron and climbs to the top rope. Dise is getting up to his feet. Virus leaps off tucking his legs as close to his chest as possible. He's in a shooting star press form but right as Virus comes face to face with Dise he extends his feet out as much as he can connecting with a drop kick to the chest of Dise!

Jon McDaniel: What a move by Matthew Engel! A shooting star dropkick!

Brian Rentfro: Weak sauce.

Virus makes the cover, BoXeR drops to the mat.




Dise kicks out with authority sending Virus a few feet off of him. Virus shakes his head and gets on top of Dise unchambering lefs and rights, trying to mess up Dise as much as he can like he did to his younger brother. Dise is trying to defend himself and manages to fight back with a few punches of his own! Virus gets off of Dise and to his feet. Virus ducks a big boot attempt from Dise again and turns around, only to get hammered by a running lariat from Dise! Virus nearly got turned inside out from that one!

Brian Rentfro: Yes! What a clothesline from the soon-to-be World Champion!

Jon McDaniel: You're counting Virus out already?

Brian Rentfro: I had him counted out after Sizzler, Jon!

Dise brings Virus to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Sidewalk slam from Panzadise! Dise drops on top of Virus with an elbow drop. Then another! He brings Viru up to his feet and slams his giant fist into Virus' back as many times as he cans. He shoves Virus forward, who turns around and just ducks a roaring elbow attempt from Panzadise. Virus delivers another heel kick to the ribs of Dise! Dise fights back with a big headbutt to Virus knocking him to the mat. Virus bounces back up and gets sent back down to the mat with the big boot finally!

Brian Rentfro: That HAD to hurt! I think Virus' nose is bleeding!

Jon McDaniel: The World Champion might be in trouble here Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Good! It's about time!

Virus is getting up to his feet and Dise whips him to the corner turnbuckles. Virus smashes chest-first and then Dise spears his back in the corner! The crowd is going apeshit over these two guys giving it all they got, and Virus is in a lot of pain from that spear from Dise. Dise turns Virus around, giving him a kick to the gut.


Jon McDaniel: We might have a new World Champion!

After Dise drops Virus to the mat, he yells at BoXeR to make the count. He does.




Brian Rentfro: WHAT?!

The crowd is going crazy! Virus kicks out of the Panzadise Bomb! Dise can't believe it!

Jon McDaniel: Unbelievable Brian! The resiliency of Matthew Engel is legendary but I did not think he was going to be able to get up from that after what Dise has done to his back so far.

Dise brings Virus up to his feet, giving him another kick to the gut. Dise is going for another Panzadise Bomb, but Engel fires away on top of Dise at his head, trying to get him to drop him. Dise can't take it anymore and drops Virus to the mat. Virus lands on his feet but stumbles a bit. Virus fires some more lefs and rights to Dise's face. Virus sends Dise into the ropes, and Dise comes back only to get drop kicked right in the face! Virus is up to his feet and springboards off the top rope and connects with High Voltage!

Jon McDaniel: And Virus is back in the match just like that!

Brian Rentfro: Don't you think BoXeR counted slow on that?!

Jon McDaniel: No, I don't. It was a fair count, and BoXeR is an honorable guy.

Virus makes the cover on Dise after hitting High Voltage.




Virus gets up to his feet and gives Dise some kicks to the gut and ribs. Virus brings Dise up to his feet and goes toe to toe with him, leveling him with lefts and rights. Dise blocks one of Virus' right punches and gives Virus another headbutt. Dise slams his elbow into Virus' chin and then slams him to the mat with a butterfly suplex. Dise goes into the ropes and comes crashing down on Virus' head with a knee drop. Virus attempts to get up to his feet but Dise grabs him by the head and runs his face over the top rope giving him a little friction burn! Virus grabs his forehead trying to shake off the friction burn and Dise clotheslines him in the corner. Virus stumbles out of the corner and Dise hip tosses him to the mat. Dise from the middle turnbuckle with a knee drop - misses!

Dise rolled away from Virus who's on his feet. Virus connects with a kick to Dise's gut and then a quick roundhouse to the head! Virus slams his fists repeatedly into Dise's chest and ribs and then underhooks both of Dise's arm in a front headlock and DDT's him to the mat! Virus quickly ascends to the top rope.

Brian Rentfro: Oh no! Come on!

Jon McDaniel: I think you know what's coming next Brian!

Virus leaps off the top rope with the Euthanasia and connects! The crowd erupts! Joe hits the mat as Virus stays on top for the cover.




Virus gets up to his knees and looks over, he can't believe it! Dise's height and long legs just saved him!


Jon McDaniel: I gotta give it to Panzadise. Virus has been working on his ribs and chest all night long, like Dise was doing to Virus' back, and for Dise to know where the ropes were as he was getting the life knocked out of him... a lot of credit to the biggest Panzy there.

Virus brings Dise up to his feet and gives him a jawbreaker, sending Dise back a couple of steps. Virus slams his boot into Dise's chest a couple of times and goes for a third, but Dise grabs his boot. Virus immediately goes for the enziguri but Dise ducks right underneath it, even though Virus aimed too high on it anyway. Dise puts Virus in an ankle lock!

Brian Rentfro: Wow! Dise with the submission move! The same one Virus used on Vicious in Victory Wrestling!

Jon McDaniel: Dise has done his homework and now he wants to put Virus away in a way that will hurt his pride the most.

Virus isn't giving in that easy though. Joe is down on the mat and asking Virus if he wants to give up but he's just shaking his head. Dise locks in that ankle lock even harder and Virus is trying to scramble to a nearby rope. He's less than a foot away from the nearest bottom rope, trying desperate to grab ahold of it before Dise does some real damage.


Virus shakes his head again, and lunges for that bottom rope as Dise holds on tighter. We can hear Virus scream out in pain but Virus doesn manage to get to that bottom rope. BoXeR tells Dise to break the hold and then gives him the count.

BoXeR: 1! 2! 3! 4!

Dise lets go and gets up to his feet, backing away for a moment as BoXeR checks in on Virus.

Jon McDaniel: Dise did a number on that ankle and you wonder if Virus is going to be able to attempt the Euthanasia again.

Brian Rentfro: He was able to do the Euthanasia on one of those damn Kurtis brothers after Marvin nearly tore his knee apart at Honor Bound!

Jon McDaniel: Be careful Brian. You're cheering for Engel right now.

Brian Rentfro: Crap! I mean... Engel is totally not gonna be able to do the Euthanasia now!

Virus is back on his feet as the crowd is on their feeting, cheering as loud as they can. It's essentially split down the middle.

Crowd: N-A-P! N-A-P!

Crowd: VI-RUS! VI-RUS!

Virus charges at Dise even with the bum ankle and does a barrel roll underneath Dise's wild clothesline attempt, coming up behind Dise and nailing him with the Images & Words! Dise is nearly knocked out from the attack, leaning against the ropes, and Virus walks over only to get a boot right to the gut! Virus slams his fist into Dise's chin, but Dise retaliates with a shoulderblock tackle sending Virus to the mat. Virus is up to his feet and ducks a haymaker from Dise.

Brian Rentfro: Dise is just playing with him, he's got him right where he wants him!

Jon McDaniel: I'm not so sure!

Virus slams his forearm into Dise's side and then a quick knee to the ribs. But Dise manages the strength to drop his elbow right on top of Virus' head and shove him away. Virus comes back at him, but gets kicked in the gut. Dise delivers ANOTHER PANZADISE BOMB, RIGHT INTO THE CORNER TURNBUCKLES!


Virus looks almost dead and falls to the mat. Dise is exhausted, but manages to drag Virus to the middle of the ring and make the cover.





"When They Come For Me" by Linkin Park hits the sound system as Dise rises to his feet, his face a giant smile as he raises his arms in the air.

Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match... your new PWA World Heavyweight Champion... PANZADISE!!!

The whole NAP comes down to the ring to celebrate with Panzadise. Joe checks in on his brother Matthew as the crowd is split between boo's and cheers for the new World Champion.


Jon McDaniel: Panzadise does the unthinkable here tonight and upsets Matthew "Virus" Engel to become the PWA's new World Champion! And Matthew Engel's record breaking title reign ends at 147 days...which I believe is not only the longest World Title reign in history but the third longest of any title reign in PWA history as well!

Monkey McDee, Not-Stryker, Tony Danza, Scott Baio, Carlos Baerga, Jojo the Monkey and others we're forgetting to mention all surround Panzadise as he is handed his new World Championship. He raises it high in the air as Virus and his brother BoXeR walk up the rampway, never turning back and disappearing backstage.