World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

X-Mas @ Ground Zero


PX might send this to you as well with any changes he made to it, but just incase he likes it and doesn't change anything, here it is.

Before the show...

The scene opens up outside Wings Stadium, where a limousine sits parked outside at the far back. Its all black with chrome trim, and tinted windows. Into the parking lot drives a Ford Fiesta. As the car gets closer to the limousine we can see the infamous mask of Project X. He parks and gets out slowly, as the limousine's back window starts to roll down.

???: Ford Fiesta? I thought Robinson is paying you a lot of money for your match?

PX: What can I say, I got some rental insurance, and before this night is through this baby will see more air time then Jordan in his hey day.

The voice chuckles. PX probably looks annoyed under his mask, as he walks towards the limousine.

PX: What do you want Strader?

We can see in the window now and there sits Strader, scotch in one hand a cigarette in the other. His sister Vanessa sits beside him. Strader opens the door and PX slowly gets in. PX looks back and forth at the two before speaking up again.

PX: Seriously, your message said to meet me here that you have an offer I can't refuse.

Strader nods at Vanessa and she produces a briefcase that was out of our view. She clicks it open and reveals roughly one million cold hard cash, on freshly printed bills. PX rubs his chin.

PX: What's that for?

SNS: You, if you choose to accept my proposal...

PX motions for Strader to go on.

SNS: This is one million dollars X. To do with whatever you want, but I want you to hurt someone.

PX: Who?

SNS: Corey Fucking Lazarus. Do it in this match, do it after this match. By the New Year I want him finished. Oh, and if you feel like hurting Robinson a bit you'll receive a handsome Christmas bonus.

PX: I think that is a excellent proposal Strader.

Strader sneers his trademark as he extends his to Project X. They shake and PX exits the limousine with his briefcase of cash. Scott looks at his sister and smiles.

SNS: They're going to wish it was me in that Ambulance last March Vanessa.

Fade into the show

Shadow Starr vs Jacob Collins

#1 Contender to the TV Title


Eric Emerson: The following contest is our first event of the evening, it is scheduled for one fall and is a number one contender’s match for the PWA Television Championship!

The jam packed arena is buzzing with anticipation, which overloads into a massive cheer; X-Mas @ Ground Zero is finally underway.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, weighing in at 190lbs, he hails from Portland, Oregon.. here is JACOB COLLINS!

As "Cells" by The Servant begins over the arena speakers, Jacob Collins walks out to the stage, a concentrated look on his face. Attired in a standard black spandex wrestling outfit, he moves at a brisk pace to the ring, high fiving the kids on each side of the entrance way. Once he reaches the ring, he climbs the stairs and steps through the ropes, hopping back and forth to loosen up.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, weighing in at 253lbs, he hails from Cleveland, Ohio… SHADOW STARR!

"Voices" by Rev Theory plays as Starr walks down to the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Ya know, Jon, I’m hard pressed to admit, but this Collins kid has been improving at a record pace since his return full time to the PWA. If it hadn’t been for Emperor Ian’s assist with the brass last week, the outcome may have been vastly different.

Jon McDaniel: I’m surprised to hear you say that, Brian; have you been replaced with a pod person??

Brian Rentfro: Nah.


As the bell rings, the two competitors nod to each other and circle. Collins steps forward and the two lock up, with Starr twisting Collin’s arm behind his back and then slipping his leg in front to trip Collins face first to the canvas. Starr drops quickly on top to apply a headlock, leaning his body over Collins to apply extra pressure.

Brian Rentfro: Starr gets the early advantage. Of the two he’s the veteran in this match.

Jon McDaniel: He is, but Collins has the training and resources of the Sommers Brothers, which could be to his advantage.

With a brief struggle, Collins shoves Starr off and rolls to his feet, backing up and feeling his head. Starr stares back and both circle each other again. Another lock up and this time Starr throws Collins to the ropes, Collins bounces off, ducks Starr and on the return, Starr goes for a clothesline, but Collins dives below the arm, turns and kicks Starr in the back of the knee. Starr stumbles, and Collins turns him around and throws him to the ropes, and as Starr bounces off, Collins catches him in a Tilt-a-whirl back breaker, and Starr finds himself rolling painfully on the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: I see what you meant, Jon. Excellent execution.

Jon McDaniel: Collins put a lot of pressure into that move, and now he’s aiming at Starr’s sore spot!

Collins wastes no time and comes in with some sharp kicks to Starr’s back and kidneys. Starr defends himself by grabbing Collin’s attacking leg, but Collins shakes him loose and brings his fist down against Starr’s shoulder and forces him back. Starr gets to his knees and Collins immediately grabs him by the hair, pulls him up and rams his forhead into the corner turnbuckle. Collins then grabs Starr by the hair and runs him into the next turnbuckle, using the run for momentum. Three body shots and then Collins whips him down and over, and then applies a back arm bar, wrenching it over his head. Starr struggles, gets up and tries to lift Collins up and over but Collins hits a knee and backs Starr up a bit. A second knee drives Starr into the ropes and Collins uses that to whip Starr across the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Collins has a tremendous momentum going here.

Jon McDaniel: It appears his Uncles have really ground the training into him for this all important match.

As Starr comes off, and Collins runs in, Starr gets his arm up and hits a forearm over Collin’s forehead, knocking him hard to the canvas. As Collins tries to stand, a second forearm shot takes him back to the mat. Collins rolls over shaking his head as Starr now stalks him from behind. Starr goes off the ropes and Collins ducks, but Starr leap frogs him and turns and comes in. Collins is confused for a moment and Starr jumps and hits a hurricarnna, sending Collins bouncing along the canvas. Starr rushes over and tries to cover.




Brian Rentfro: Close! Collins lost his advantage and now Starr needs to execute some hard moves, if he’s going to keep Collins from re-attacking his injured ribs and kidneys.

Jon McDaniel: Starr realizes now that Collins has a plan, and he has to avoid that!

Collins pulls himself up by the ropes, facing to the center of the ring as Starr stands and comes in for the attack. However, a knee lift from Collins halts Starr’s approach and Collins throws him into the corner. An uppercut, followed by a whip to the other corner, causes Starr to hit the corner with his back. Collins comes in, but Starr hits him and dizzies Collins who is forced to back up. Starr then hops the corner, going high and aiming for Collins.

Brian Rentfro: High Risk Move!

Jon McDaniel: May be too early to try this!

Collins runs in as Starr jumps but Collins ducks it and Starr lands on his feet in the middle of the ring. Collins turns and runs out, but Starr twists and answers with a drop kick, crashing Collins down.

Brian Rentfro: It didn’t work as he planned, but Starr thought on his feet.

Jon McDaniel: As well as off his feet!

Starr the drags Collins to the corner and goes to scale the turnbuckle to the top rope. Allinging himself, Starr soars with an attempted splash, but Collins gets his knees up and Starr impacts solidly on them, falling away holding his gut in pain. Collins rolls the other way, also hurt from the impact. Collins gets up first, using the ropes and limping as he moves over and begins stomping on Starr in his injured stomach. Collins watches as Starr moves around the ring and follows with kicks and punches. Collins comes in again, but Starr manages to swipe at him with a weak punch, which is Just enough to let Starr jump up and come in for an attack of his own. However, Collins swiftly kicks him in the gut, still aching from moments ago, and then sweeps Starr up hits a perfect back suplex on Starr. Collins then rolls him over for the cover.



Shoulder Up.

Brian Rentfro: A lot of effort to get out of that pin!

Jon McDaniel: Starr is making Collins waste his energy.

Collins has a focus that borders on cockiness as he kicks at Starr a few times to injure him more. Dragging Starr up, Collins hooks him into a front face lock and lifts him vertically into the air, before dropping Starr over the top rope, hanging him to dry. Collins then takes a few steps back and hits a huge drop kick to the side of Starr’s face, dropping him down onto the canvas. Collins with another cover.



Shoulder up.

Brian Rentfro: Close!

Jon McDaniel: Collins resumes control! He needs to attack those ribs more!

Dragging Starr up, Collins quickly wraps him into an abdominable stretch, wrenching his body and stretching the already injured gut and ribs from the earlier splash. In the stretch, Collins uses his free arm to punch the wounded ribs, while Starr, all the while moans but refuses to tap out.

Brian Rentfro: He may have heard you there!

Jon McDaniel: Excellent weardown tactic!

Starr finally manages to turn to break out so Collins lifts him up for a slam but the momentum is too much and Starr shifts and lands on top of Collins, covering him.



Shoulder up!

Brian Rentfro: NICE reversal!

Jon McDaniel: Collins can’t afford to make those kind of mistakes!

Collins whips out from the cover and jumps to his feet and kicks Starr in the gut again, putting more pain on the injured ribs. Collins then whips Starr into the corner, chest first and when Starr bounces back, Collins drives his elbow and forearm back into Starr’s ribs yet again. Two shots to the kidneys follow and Collins senses victory. Lifting Starr up, Collins shoots him over for a back body drop, but behind him Starr lands on his feet. Collins turns fast and runs in, only to find himself crashing to the canvas from a perfectly executed belly to belly suplex.

Brian Rentfro: He’s rushing too much, not keeping himself in control.

Jon McDaniel: This is a side of Collins we’ve never seen before. He’s looking angry, vicious.

Still, as a deperation move, it doesn’t allow Starr to follow the advantage and Collins jumps up quicker and again, more rib attacks. Collins knows he has to stay forcused on the injury to bring Starr down for a possible win. Collins pulls Starr up by the head, but Starr breaks free and punches Collins in the cheek. Collins backs to the ropes, holding his mouth and Starr waits for Collins to come back in and hits a kick to his mid section.
Starr then follows up with some solid punches, finally finding his momentum, and then a chop, a forearm and a chop. A whip to the ropes and as Starr returns, Collins drops and back body drops Starr. Again, however, Starr lands on his feet and spins around, bringing his foot into the air and hitting a heel kick to the side of Collin’s temple. Starr quickly covers.



Shoulder up!

Brian Rentfro: Man, check out Starr, he has the reflexes of a cat!

Jon McDaniel: It’s throwing Collins off his simple game plan, to injure Starr and keep him down.

Aching, Starr sighs and follows Collins to the corner, where the smaller man is grabbing the ropes for leverage. Starr executes his own kick to Collin’s kidneys and then a sharp forearm chop that puts Collins vertical against the corner. The ref orders Starr to get Collins out of the corner, and Starr obliges with a fast whip across the ring to the other corner and then comes in with a hard splash! Confident, Starr again whips Collins across the ring to the previous turnbuckle, comes in for a splash but Collins manages to move out of the way and Starr hits the empty padded corner. Starr comes out and ducks Collins huge clothesline and answers with an enziguri! Collins is down and Starr crawls over for the cover.



Collins grabs the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Collins with the presence of mind to find the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: That’s a veteran move, right there!

Starr picks up Collins, hits two knife edge chops and backs Collins to the ropes. Starr goes to whip Collins, but Collins reverses it by twisting Starr’s arm and brings him in fast, lifting Starr up into a fireman’s carry, but Starr gets his feet up around the shoulders of Collins, sitting on his shoulders and falls forward to roll Collins up into a small package. However, Collins blocks the last part of the move, sitting on top of Starr and grabs the ropes as the ref drops to count the shoulders down.





Brian Rentfro: HA! Now that’s a sign the man’s a true Sommers!

Jon McDaniel: An underhanded tactic, but it got the job done!

Not sure how Collins did it, Starr rolls from the ring shaking his head. Collins grins as his hand is raised, ignoring the response from the crowd who didn’t appreciate that such a solid match ended in such a way.


Kyle Stevenson is shown hitting the heavy bag in the gym of the Wings Stadium. He strikes the bag three times in a combo before bobbing and weaving. He then hits the bag again before stopping to look at the PWA Cameras.

Stevenson: “Dumb cunt, really Hunter. Are you lacking that much in vocabulary that you would resort to a word such as cunt? And I thought I had a dirty mouth, boy was I wrong.”

“But I digress…”

He walks to a bench and takes a seat.

Stevenson: “Hypocrisy, you’ve been throwing that word around a lot here lately. And ask you, have you any clue of what you’re becoming? You’re becoming what you’ve apparently had no problems calling me for Flynn during our taped war of the words. Do I need to spell it out for Hunter? I think I might just have to because your mind is so inane to the fact that you’ve become a HYPOCRITE!! You and Jethro have become what you two have called myself and Jamie all week.”

“Apparently, common sense doesn’t rank too highly on your meter of knowledge.”

He takes a towel and wipes the sweat off his forehead.

Stevenson: “Despite the fact that Flynn and I may sound arrogant, we’ve never changed our position on the subject. Unlike the two of you. You two change your minds more than a cow takes a dump. And a cow drops a deuce a lot. So imagine that won’t you?”

“Yeah, I was beaten by Jacob Collins. But look at both of our careers, I’m in a match for the tag titles and he’s struggling for a number one contendership shot. So I would say that I got the better end of the deal. But the fact that you had the time on your hands to bring that up…makes me laugh. I guess you have taken your hands off Jethro’s dick long enough to complete a full thought.”

Kyle stands up and heads towards the door. Before he opens it, he turns to look back at the camera.

Stevenson: “Boys, tonight, what you think is going to happen is not going to come to fruition. I’m going into this match tonight with nothing to lose. And everyone knows what happens when a man as nothing to lose…”

He cracks a smile.

Stevenson: “People get broken.”

He tosses his towel over the camera as we hear the sounds of the door closing.

Mike Anigma vs Emperor Ian vs El Rey

Santa's Surprise Match
Grizzly Beer Title Match

Jon McDaniel: X-Mas at Ground Zero is off to a solid start.

Brian Rentfro: And why stop the excitement now!

Jon McDaniel: No good reason I can think of.

Brian Rentfro: Awesome. Lets keep this Murder train a rollin!

McDaniel looks at Rentfro with a “What the Hell” look.

Brian Rentfro: You must not have heard Adult Swim was endorsing us now.

As Jon shakes his head, we hear Eric Emerson.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a “Santa’s Surprise” match. The rules are as follow. At ring side, a Christmas tree has been placed. Underneathe, three presents have been placed. Inside two of these boxes are coal. Inside the final present is the Grizzly Beer title. To obtain a present, a competitor must beat one of his opponents via pin or submission.

We pan to ringside and see the tree. Three boxes, all the same sizes, but wrapped different, sit under the tree. Suddenly, “Scum of the Earth” by Rob Zombie plays.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, hailing from Miami Flordia, standing at 6’ 1’’ and weighting in at 211 pounds, he is “The Riddler” Mike Anigma!

The crowd becomes an ocean of bright light as a wave of camera flashes start. Out from the back walks Mike Anigma. Mike is wearing a blue robe that hangs open with a blue belt hanging down untied. Mike has his head down, his face covered by the hood of the robe. Finally, he looks up; we can see a black question mark, with dot, that is around his left eye. As Mike walks down the ramp, he’s met by boos and cheers alike.

Jon McDaniel: Mike Anigma in the ring, set to take on Emporor Ian, and The King of Hearts El Rey.

Brian Rentfro: But the question is, is The Riddler up to the challenge?

Anigma makes his way to the corner, where he hands his robe to a man on the outside.

As the latin rhythms of "Baila Casanova" by Paulina Rubio begin to play El Rey de Corazones emerges from the entrance curtains in his ring gear along with a black sombrero and toreador jacket.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t know about Anigma, but I don’t this man is always up for a good challenge.

Eric Emerson: Next, hailing from Tobasco Mexico, weighing in at 245, and standing tall at 6’4, El Rey de Corazones, “The King of Hearts!”

Holding the curtain open for Montaña Rose (who is holding a large bouquet of flowers) El Rey then takes Rosa in his arms and they dance a brief Muñeiraon onstage before El Rey begins dancing a Bolero down the ramp as Rosa follows tossing flowers out to the crowd.

When they reach the bottom of the ramp Rey turns and takes the bouquet (Which is all roses now) from Montaña and then proceeds to pass them out to the women in the front row. Tonight, a little old lady in the front row seems to be feeling lucky, as she stands up, grabs El rey’s face, and plants a huge smooch on him. The fans who see this begin cheering on the elderly lady. As she lets go, El Rey has bright red lip stick smeared on his lips. Montana can’t help but laugh at El Rey who tries to play off the incident. A quick pan of the announcers booth shows both men laughing intensely. Back at ring side, El Rey removes his jacket and hat and hands them to Rosa before he climbs into the ring and waits for the starting bell.

Brian Rentfro: Montana looking quite nice tonight…giggity.

Jon McDaniel: Stop that.

Brian Rentfro: Fine, piss off our endorsers. But if you lose Robinson money, you might as well jump in a lake with cement shoes on.

Jon McDaniel: *sigh*

"Imperial March" by John Williams begins to play over the PA system.

Eric Emerson: And finally, hailing from Imperial Country, California; weighing in at 202, and standing at 6’1, he is EMPOROR IAN!

The arena is bathed in golden light as a ton of purple confetti drops from the ceiling. Chancellor Maxim, Lord Spalding, and General Jock come out first, followed by a harem of beautiful young women who line the entryway with flowers. Next come the Imperial Legion, carrying the imperial throne, upon which sits Emperor Ian. The Emperor sits proudly basking in the adoration of the fans (at least what he thinks is adoration).

As they reach ringside, the throne is lowered to the ground, and the Emperor is led by the ladies to the ring, where they remove his fancy robe and whatever headgear he might have on his head (His outfit varies from show to show, usually incorporating aspects of Roman, German, Japanese, Ottoman, and other Imperial dress). His wrestling attire is usually an amateur-style singlet with The letters "E" and "I" written in a fancy golden font on a black eagle.

The Emperor stands with his arms crossed glaring at his opponents with a smug grin on his face. As usual, Ian goes for the mic. He goes to speak, but he gets nothing. A few laughs from the crowd, but Ian gives them a death stare. He goes to speak again, but that’s when the lights cut out.

Brian Rentfro: Someone didn’t pay their bills!

The lights flash back on, and Ian is out cold; mic still in his hand. However, a Guy Fawk mask sits on his face. His minions at ring side flip out.

Jon McDaniel: This guys getting good. He got past the peanut gallery, into the ring, and back out without being stopped.

Emperor Ian’s group throws the mask into the crowd before taking their fallen leader up to the back.

Brian Rentfro: And just like that, we have a singles match.

El Rey stands at the ropes, watching the group carry one of his potential opponents away; unlike Anigma who stands in his corner smiling.

Jon McDaniel: We can truly see the different between these two men in this moment. El Rey is disappointed in losing competition, while Anigma just sees it as being that much closer to the Grizzly Beer title.


El Rey turns to see Mike Anigma smiling. The two begin circling, both keeping their eyes on the opponent. They both glance outside the ring at the tree that the GB title is hidden under, before looking back at each other again, then going into a lockup. Anigma grunts before he delivers a hard headbut to El Rey, followed by a quick hip-toss. El Rey pops back to his feet quick enough that he gets a forearm up to block a punch from Anigma. Anigma swings with his other hand, but El Rey leans back. Anigma stumbles forward just enough for El Rey to grab him in a full nelson and pulls backwards on Anigma. As Anigma goes backwards and down, El Rey jumps in the air and pulls his knees to his chest. When Anigma’s head hit’s the mat, El Rey brings his knees down on Anigma’s face. The crowd half cheers, and half groans.

Brian Rentfro: And El Rey is bringing the pain.

Anigma begins rolling around, holding his face, letting out a few profanities. However, El Rey doesn’t give him much time to recover, as he grabs him by the head and picks him up. Anigma puts his arms between El Rey’s and pushes them apart. He then grabs El Rey, and drops him with a leg sweep. As El Rey falls, Anigma grabs his arm, and throws himself across El Rey.

Jon McDaniel: Nice armbar from Anigma.

Anigma cranks on El Rey’s arm, as we cut to Montana Rose on the outside, slamming the ring apron to cheer on El Rey. El Rey uses his free hand to grab the foot of Mike Anigma, and twist. Anigma grits he teeth, trying to hold out. But he finally lets go of the hold to kick El Rey in the face with his other foot. Anigma scoots away from El Rey, as Rey rolls to the ropes. The king of hearts pulls himself up, as Anigma is standing; distracted as he makes sure his ankle isn’t sprained from the torque El Rey twisted with. Rey holds an arm up to the crowd, getting a pop from them. The random cheers break Mike’s concentration, and he turns to see what’s going on. He is met by El Rey’s boot, pointing at his face. El Rey nails a missile dropkick into the chest of the Riddler. Anigma doesn’t fall, but he stumbles backwards into the ring ropes, getting his arms caught in them as the ropes twist. As the ref tries to help Anigma, El Rey holds his arm in the air, and spins as he attempts to get the crowd riled up. El Rey then darts for Anigma. He clotheslines the man, and both flip up and over the top rope.

Jon McDaniel: El Rey helping Mike Anigma out of the ropes after he was the one to tangle him up in them.

El Rey hits side first. This isn’t made any better when Anigma comes crashing down on El Rey.

Brian Rentfro: Owie.

A replay of the clothesline over the top is shown. We flash back to outside to see Anigma roll off El Rey. Anigma picks up Rey and throws him into the ring. Anigma goes for his triangle choke, but El Rey sits up quickly, and thrusts his loose hand straight up into the throat of Mike Anigma. Anigma grabs his throat and stumbles back a few feet, as El Rey jumps up. He runs to the opposite rope, and comes back with another clothesline. But, Anigma gets the strength to kick El Rey in the gut. Anigma acts quick, picks up El Rey, and hits the cradle shock. The ref counts.




Jon McDaniel: And we have the first fall of the match.

Brian Rentfro: This means Mike Anigma gets to go ring side to pick out a gift. But has he been a good boy?

Anigma staggers up to his feet. He rubs his throat and coughs a few times as he rolls out of the ring. As he comes close to the tree, he smiles. Anigma bends down, and picks up a gift. He then brings it close to his ear, and shakes it.

Jon McDaniel: Anigma wasting a lot of time. If he doesn’t pick right this time, that means he’s just giving El Rey a better chance of recovering.

Anigma looks out to the crowd, and holds up the box in his hands. He gets a mix of cheers and boos, but just suddenly shakes his head and puts the box down. He grabs a new box, rolls into the ring, and gets right next to El Rey. Rey is sitting, and doesn’t look pleased as Anigma is talking trash in his face.

Brian Rentfro: Shut up and open it already!

Anigma rips off the paper, and smiles as he pulls the lid off. The smile disappears as he pulls out a small tied bag of coal.

Jon McDaniel: Oh man, Anigma’s face is priceless. I think he really thought he had it there.

The ref tells the time keeper that the match will continue. Anigma quickly stands, and swings down with the bag of coal.

Brian Rentfro: HOLY CRAP!

El Rey barely dodges. He braces himself on his back, and kicks Anigma in the gut, causing him to drop the bag of coal.

Jon McDaniel: And remember folks, even if Anigma had connected with the coal, he couldn’t be DQed based on the match rules, which are: a participant can only gain a win based on pin or submission.

El Rey leaps to his feet and grabs the stunned Anigma. El Rey puts his foot forward, before falling backwards for a hard DDT. He rolls Anigma over for a pin.




Anigma quickly sits up, looking quite pissed. As El Rey is on a knee, Anigma stands, and grabs El Rey. He puts his head under his arm, and lifts up for a vertical suplex. Anigma walks around, looking at the fans, and huffs as he falls straight back. El Rey puts his hand on his back, and again we see Montana Rose cheering at ring side. Anigma stands, and kicks El Rey in the gut twice. Anigma bends over to pick up El Rey, but Rey pulls him into an inside cradle.




Jon McDaniel: Anigma has to calm down. His emotions are making him sloppy.

Anigma quickly picks up El Rey and throws him to the ropes. When El Rey comes back, Anigma knees him in the stomach. Anigma then swings behind El Rey, violently jerks his head up by grabbing his hair, and finally hooks him for and connects with an inverted DDT. Montana screams for El Rey as Anigma covers and hooks a leg.




Anigma stands. He walks a few steps away from El Rey and looks down. He runs his hand through his hair as he seems to be thinking. Suddenly, a smile creeps onto his face. Anigma picks up El Rey, and walks him to the corner. A few chops across the chest *with the mandatory WOOOO in reply*, and El Rey slumps down. Anigma then turns, and walks to the other side of the ring. He runs full speed at El Rey, and jumps, holding a boot out; towards El Rey’s face. But El Rey throws himself down and under the bottom rope, just as Anigma’s leg goes through the rope. Anigma’s momentum carries him along, and a collective male groan comes from the audience as Anigma sits straddled in the corner. El Rey quickly slips back in and comes behind Anigma. He pulls him out of the corner, grabs Anigma, and throws him down into La Majistral Cradle! The ref counts.




El Rey lets Anigma slump off. El Rey Rolls out, and walks over to the two remaining presents. He suddenly stops, and turns towards where Montana Rose stands. He waves her over and waves towards the gifts. She smiles as she looks down at them. She then picks up, and holds it up to El Rey. He smiles and thanks her. El Rey then uses the apron to holds the gift up as he tears off the wrapping paper. Montana stands right next to him; after the lid comes off, she begins jumping up and down. El Rey suddenly spins, holding the Grizzly Beer title in his hand. As the bell rings, we see El Rey holding the belt high in the air.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, you’re winner, and NEW Grizzly Beer Champion, El Rey de Corazones.

Mike Anigma is trying to sit up in the ring, but as he sees El Rey holding up the title, he doesn’t bother. He lets his head fall to the mat, as he puts a hand on his face. On the outside, Montana holds up the other arm of El Rey.

Jon McDaniel: Potentially the sleeper match of the night. Both these men gave forth effort worthy of a champion.

Brian Rentfro: But only one man could walk out champ, and it happened to be the King of Hearts tonight.


We're backstage in President Robinson's office. He is sitting at the desk filling out some paperwork, dressed in a suit when Scottie Snow walks in.

President Robinson: What is it, Scottie? I'm pretty busy here.

Scottie Snow: You've been ducking me all week, Rob. Your secretary keeps saying you're in meetings, you don't return my calls, but I knew I'd be able to find you here and now I want some answers!

President Robinson: Yeah, I'm sure you do. It was an accident, accidents happen, get the hell over it.

Scottie Snow: You piledrive me and all you can say is accidents happen?

President Robinson: What, you want a card? Scottie, you're an adult, get over it. Or don't, I don't really care. Like I said, I've got a lot of work I've got to get done before my match tonight.

Scottie Snow: Wait, what? What kind of work do you have to do that trumps preparing for your match?

President Robinson: Well, Scottie, if everything goes to plan, this will be my last night as President, so I've got to make some final arrangements

Scottie Snow: You're retiring again? Like, for good?

President Robinson: (sighs) No, Scottie, I'm not retiring. Quite the opposite, in fact. When I win the title tonight, I expect the Board of Directors will force me to resign as president, just like they did Chamelion. But unlike Mark, I can see it coming and I'm making preparations to ensure the immediate future of the PWA.

Scottie Snow: And if you don't win?

President Robinson: Then I guess I get to take Monday off.

Scottie Snow: Are you going to tell me what you're doing?

President Robinson: Why the hell would I do that? I didn't get to the top by telling ever single person my plans. Now go on, I've got to finish this up.

Malicious vs Pohatu

Television Championship Match

Eric Emerson: The following match is for the Television champion and is for one fall. Introducing first, the PWA Television champion...Pohatu!

As the double bass pedal that Devil Driver was known for started pounding out a rhythm on the sound system, the lights began to pulsate, the pulsing and pounding synching up after two or three. A figure could be seen with his back turned to the crowd, standing at the center of the entrance with his arms laying at his sides. With the cut out of the bass pedal, a single flash of yellow lighting along the edges of the big screen, temporarily blinding those near by. When the lighting gave out to the normal lights of the arena, none other than Pohatu could be seen, having turned around during the flash. Snapping his head up, the light heavyweight grinned and pumped both of his fists up into the air.

From the coast of gold, across the seven seas
I'm travellin' on, far and wide
But now it seems, I'm just a stranger to myself
And all the things I sometimes do, it isn't me but
someone else

Dropping his arms to his sides, the Electric Enigma started walking down the entrance ramp, making a point to stick to the center of the aisle. Not reaching his arms out to the fans, the athlete instead watched the ring carefully, though a cocky grin was on his face.

Brian Rentfro: Look at the crowd, Jon!

Malicious runs out from the crowd, jumps the guardrail and attacks Pohatu from behind as the champion reaches the ring. Malicious slams Pohatu into the ring post, then grabs his head and slams it repeatedly into the ring steps.

Jon McDaniel: Malicious isn't wasting any time here!

Malicious grabs the back of the TV title, pulls it off Pohatu and clocks him in the head with it, then rolls Pohatu into the ring, then follows himself. The referee calls for the bell.


Brian Rentfro: If all that happened befor ethe match even started, what should we expect now?

With the match started, Malicious slings himself up to the top turnbuckle and comes off it with the Broken Straight Jacket. Malicious hooks the leg...


Jon McDaniel: I can't believe it! Malicious attacked before the match to win the Television title!

Brian Rentfro: You'd better believe it, Jon. That belt is a ticket right to the the World title and Malicious has it!

In the arena concourse...


The lovely, soothing voice belongs to none other than PWA Radio intern, Mr. Hardcore. Rob Robinson is walking by, ignoring the fans that are stopping and taking pictures. He spots Hardcore and walks over.

Rob Robinson: Looking good, Hardcore.

Mr Hardcore: What's the deal, Rob? Why you got me selling these dawgs?

Rob Robinson: Maybe you'll show up on time for the show from now on.

Mr Hardcore: Aw, come on, you have any idea how hard it is to do an interview when you're as hung over as I was?

Rob Robinson: Sadly, yes. But don't sweat it, I started out in the company doing the same thing.

Mr Hardcore: Really?!?

Rob Robinson: No, not really. I started out as the president. What are you, stupid?

As Robinson walks away, Hardcore pelts him in the back of the head with a hot dog.

Hayes & Sullivan vs Flynn & Stevenson

Tag-Team Title Match

Jon McDaniel: Our next match is going to decide the Tag-Team Championship, as Jethro
Hayes and his new tag partner, Hunter Sullivan take on…

Suddenly, as if there is any other way, McDaniel is cut off as the lights through out the arena flicker a couple times. Then, quickly, a single spot light
flashes onto the center of the stage area and the following words echo out from the arena speakers;

“The world is a vampire…”

And a musical beat chimes in as the words continue on.

“Sent to drain.”

The spotlight begins to pulse with the beat of the drum.

”Secret destroyers.”

The fans stand as one, curious as they’ve not heard this music before, and what it could mean.

“Hold you up to the flames.”

On the ADC-Tron, the screen begins to flicker also along with the music’s pulse.

”And what do I get? For my pain?”

And a figure, wearing a dark green pullover, the hood covering his face walks out into the spotlight, his hands clasped together.

”Betrayed desires! And a piece of the game!”

The drum beat picks up and the figure raises his head, still his visage is hidden by the hood. He lifts his hands up to grasp the edge of the hood.

”Even though I know - I suppose Ill show
All my cool and cold-like old job!”

And rips it back to reveal Chamelion’s devious grin!

Despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage (2x)
Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved
Despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage

The noise factor in the arena goes through the roof as Chamelion becomes alive, moving from one side of the stage, to the other, playing to the crowd and
basking in their reactions. As the music settles into the second chorus, the Devious one makes his way down to the ring.

”Now I’m naked, nothing but an animal
But can you fake it, for just one more show?
And what do you want, I want to change
And what have you got when you feel the same.”

Slapping hands as he moves down the ramp, Chamelion slides into the ring on his stomach, looking all around, his Cheshire Grin well in place. He then jumps
to his feet and mounts the closest turnbuckle.

”Even though I know - I suppose Ill show
All my cool and cold-like old job
Despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage (2x)
Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved
Despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage”

While his music continues, Chamelion motions for the mic from Eric Emerson and stands in the center of the ring. Bullitt with Butterfly Wings by the Smashing
Pumpkins fades out and is replaced by loud chanting.

Fans: Chamelion! Chamelion! Chamelion!

His eyes dart left and right, his grin genuine on his face, and he lifts the mic up.

Chamelion: What else is there to say, really, except that…

He pauses, listening to the crowd as they tense for his next words.

Chamelion: I’ve been cleared to wrestle.

An outbreak of cheers spreads through out the arena like wild fire.

Chamelion: This means, for those of you who may not have been keeping score, that I have some unfinished business to attend too. Now, I could have pulled
the cliché ‘run down at the end of the match and attack Sullivan” angle, or maybe do what happened to me and follow the “Attack Sullivan backstage and
take him out of the PWA” plan. But it’s more ‘Devious’ to announce my return, my intentions, just before Hunter comes down here to defend his newly earned
PWA Tag-Team Title.

He chuckles.

Chamelion: And it will be even more ‘me’ to stand over there by the announcers table and watch the next match from the best vantage point anyone could
have. I’d love to talk more about being back, but you all came to see some wrestling. So, Emerson, by all means; let’s see some tag-team action!

Tossing the mic back to a startled Emerson, Chamelion slides out of the ring and saunters over to the announcers table and leans against it, just to the
right of Brian Rentfro. Both announcers are startled but as professionals, continue with their job.

Brian Rentfro: This is surreal, the former owner of the PWA is back, and he’s standing right here to watch the man who allegedly took him out of the PWA,

Jon McDaniel: It’s good to have Chamelion back, but I don’t see how he will keep his paws out of this match!

Brian Rentfro: I think Lizards have claws.


Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall with a 30 minute time limit, it is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association Tag Team Championship!

The lights dim as the intro to "Blind" by KoRn begins to play throughout the arena. As the bass line kicks in the strobes pulsate
in time to the song.

Eric Emerson: "Making his way to the ring...from Huntington Beach, California."

The song picks up as Kyle Stevenson makes his way from behind the curtain. He stands at the top of the ramp looking out at the crowd as a spotlight shines
on him.

Eric Emerson: "This is KYLE STEVENSON!!!!"

The song hits the verse as Kyle makes his way to the ring. He climbs in and goes to his corner. "Blind" fading away.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, from Seattle, Washington...

The house lights dim, as the image of a red ouroboros flashes on the monitor...

Amidst the cheering, "The Pot" subtly begins to play over the arena.

Who are you to wave your finger?
You must have been outta your head
Eye hole deep in muddy waters
You practically raised the dead

Rob the grave to snow the cradle
Then burn the evidence down
Soapbox house of cards and glass so
Don't go tossin' your stones around

You must have been... high
You must have been... high

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at two hundred and five pounds...

As the sounds of Tool kick up and the bass begins to resonate, Jamie Flynn appears at the top of the ramp to the ovation of his fans. Wearing his trademark
Aviators and a black hoodie, he raises his arm to them and begins his walk to the ring.

Foot in mouth and head up ass
So whatcha talkin' 'bout?
Difficult to dance 'round this one
'til you pull it out. boy,

You must have been... so high
You must have been... so high

Eric Emerson: He is... JAMIE FLYNN!!

He slides under the bottom rope and rolls into the ring. He walks briskly to a corner and hops up, throwing one arm up into the air and soaking in a few
more moments of the crowds' admiration.

Now you're weeping shades of cozened indigo
Musta got lemon juice up in your... eye!
When you pissed all over my black kettle.

You must have been... high! high!
You must have been... high! high!

Removing his shades and sweater, he hands them off to an official outside the ring and moves to his corner, where he stretches out a few last-minute kinks
and waits for the match to begin.

Eric Emerson: Now introducing your PWA Tag Team champions!...

Eric Emerson: The first half of Pain Carnage Power from Corner brook Newfoundland Canada, he is the Viper, HUNTERRR SULLIVVAAAAN"

The lights begin to fade, dimming to a calming light. Green and purple start to glow and flash, the arena looking to the stage as A Perfect Circle starts
to play and blare. Sullivan is waiting in the gorilla position for the lyrics to hit before bursting out onto the stage. Fans are already responding in
a harsh chorus of Jeers.*

Don't fret precious I'm here, step away from the window
Go back to sleep

Lay your head down child
I won't let the boogeyman come

*With the signal of the beginning lyrics Hunter storms out of his position, of course to a series of discriminating chants and boos. Hunter?s artier showed
off as he started moving his way across the stage. The green and purple lights reflected and caused glimmer on his body. A cool, calculating smirk seemed
steady and planted on his face, an unnerving confidence, a form of malevolence shines through. The ramp was laid out before him, en route to his goal.*

Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Pay no mind to the rabble
Pay no mind to the rabble

Head down, go to sleep
To the rhythm of the war drums

*Sullivan walked calmly and professionally down the ramp. The steel ramp under Hunter's feet reacted with a clank, none of which could be heard over the
music and jeers in unison. Soon Sullivan found himself on the matting surrounding the ring. He reacted quickly, rolling into the ring and heading towards
the turnbuckle that was closest. Soon climbing up it he merely looked around and reacted with a combined smirk-scoff.*

Pay no mind what other voices say
They don't care about you, like I do, like I do
Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils,
See, they don't give a fuck about you, like I do.

*The music died off and Sullivan dropped back to the mat, looking around the ring, making a few last mental notes.

The cranking of a tractor is heard throughout the arena and the video entrance of Jethro Hayes begins playing over the big screen.
Cows moo, on the screen cows are shown in a green pasture. Pigs are oinking, on the screen pigs run around in mud within a fence. The scene on the screen
goes to rolling hills, showing combines in the field harvesting crops, tractors harrowing the ground preparing for the new crop; semi trucks are hauling
off the harvested crop. A man walks up the 3 steps and opens the door on the cab of his John Deere tractor, he is wearing a John Deere trucker hat, and
is missing a few teeth, evident by the grinning face he turns to the camera, he waves at the camera; it is part of a family video. He climbs on into the
cab of the tractor; along with the cranking of the tractor on the screen, the beginning of Thank God I'm a Country Boy by John Denver begins to play over
the speaker system.

~Well life on the farm is kinda laid back
~Aint much an old country boy like me cant hack
~Its early to rise, early in the sack
~Thank God Im a country boy

The curtains are pulled back by two people and the front of a John Deere 4720 tractor is seen in the backstage area, smoke boiling up from the muffler.

~Well a simple kinda life never did me no harm
~A raisin me a family and workin on a farm
~My days are all filled with an easy country charm
~Thank God Im a country boy

When the words "kinda laid back" are heard, the tractor begins moving forward slowly down the ramp the tractor is moving at about 3 miles an hour.

Eric Emerson: "From Lean Ox, Ga; weighing 315 pounds and standing at 6' 7"... Jethro Hayes!"

With the mentioning of his name, Jethro toots the tractor's horn inside the cab and waves to the crowd, he revs the tractor's engine slightly in response
to the crowd.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy

The tractor arrives at the bottom of the ramp and Jethro stops the tractor, toots the horn while reving the tractor to full power; then he shuts the tractor
off. Jethro climbs out of the tractor to a huge pop, he waves and climbs down. Jethro is wearing overalls with a yellow John Deere shirt underneath, brown
Wolverine boots, and a John Deere hat.

~When the works all done and the suns settlin low
~I pull out my fiddle and I rosin up the bow
~The kids are asleep so I keep it kinda low
~Thank God Im a country boy
~Id play sally goodin all day if I could
~But the lord and my wife wouldnt take it very good
~So I fiddle when I could, work when I should
~Thank God Im a country boy

He touches a few fans hands on his way to the ring steps. He climbs up the steps and gets into the ring He walks to one corner and waves to those fans.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy

He walks to another corner and waves to those fans, nodding along with the music.

~Well I wouldnt trade my life for diamonds and jewels
~I never was one of them money hungry fools
~Iid rather have my fiddle and my farmin tools
~Thank God Im a country boy

He walks to the third corner and waves to those fans with thumbs up in the air, still nodding along with the music; he mimics playing a fiddle.

~Yeah, city folk drivin in a black limousine
~A lotta sad people thinkin thats mighty keen
~Son, let me tell ya now exactly what I mean
~Thank God Im a country boy

Reaching the fourth corner, he takes off his hat and throws it into the crowd; shaking his head he prepares for the match.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy
The song fades away slowly with the chorus repeating while it dwindles into silence.

In both corners the two teams discuss who starts the match; Jamie starts for his team as Hunter starts for his team. At the As they go to lock up in the
middle, Chamelion stands up catching Hunter's eye; allowing Jamie to come up behind Hunter with a rear waistlock. Hunter back elbows Jamie, but he avoids
the backward blows with ease.

Brian Rentfro: Smart move there Cham.

John Jon McDaniel: Not getting involved?

Mark Sommers: Not yet, waiting.

Forearm to the back of Hunter's head as Jamie lets go of the hold; quickly following Hunter is whipped into the ropes. He comes flying from the opposite
ropes into a clothesline from Jamie. Hunter stumbles backwards but not down to the mat. Gaining his equilibrium Hunter charges at Jamie, who ducks under
the clothesline attempt wrapping his arms and legs around the back of Hunter's outstretched arm. Jamie tries to fall back, but Hunter falls on Jamie for
a pin attempt.

ONE...--Jamie kicks out with ease.

Brian Rentfro(sarcastically): Close call there.

John Jon McDaniel: Hunter back up with a stiff right hand.

Jamie is backed up into a neutral corner; receiving multiple blows from Hunter. Jamie backs up the turnbuckle, Hunter having seen this before backs up.
Jamie leaps with a spinning diving DDT from the middle turnbuckle. Both are down, but Jamie back up to his feet quickly and begins to stomp away at Hunter.
Grabbing the wrist, he drags Hunter over to his corner tagging in Kyle. The two begin to work over Hunter in the corner until the five count. The ref finally
breaks up the double team with some effort as Kyle wails away at Hunter's head with right fists and swift kicks to his temple.

Brian Rentfro: Hunter in a bad way early.

John Jon McDaniel: He needs to make a tag and quick.

Kyle places his boot across the throat of Hunter pressing him into the middle turnbuckle until the ref breaks it up with a five count. Kyle reaches up
and tags in Jamie once again, he climbs to the top turnbuckle as Kyle holds the legs of Hunter still. Jamie dives with a double foot stomp to Hunter's
midsection and then pushes off with effort over Kyle landing on the mat. Kyle dives out of the ring to the apron as Jamie runs back at Hunter with a dropkick
to Hunter's chest. Hunter is gasping for breath in the corner and tries to look past Jamie to Jethro but sees Chamelion clapping for the teamwork of Kyle
and Jamie. Another tag and another double team effort as the two pound away at Hunter in the corner. Jethro has had enough as he charges across the ring
but is stopped by the referee before he reaches his partner in the corner. Jamie and Kyle take this opportunity to double team more as the ref's back is
turned to them. Kyle backs up charging at Hunter with a shoulder block into the downed man's chest; Hunter is in a really bad way now as his gasps become
more and more fierce in the effort to breath. Jethro climbs back through the ropes, and the ref turns to find the double team in progress. He places his
hands on Jamie and forces him out of the ring but not before he has to issue another five count to the pair. Both Kyle and Jamie are sweaty from the effort
being put into beating down Hunter and the only really fresh man in the match is Jethro who has yet to be involved in any wrestling. Kyle leans down to
lift the beaten Hunter to his feet; low blow unseen by the referee. Kyle grabs the area in between his legs as his eyes begin to bulge from the withheld
scream of pain. Hunter up and charging with a clothesline and now both are down; Kyle is near his corner, but too far away for Jamie to tag himself into
the match.

Brian Rentfro: Low blow from Hunter.

John Jon McDaniel: How come it is a low blow from some guys but a smart move from others?

Brian Rentfro: What are you talking about John?

Hunter begins to crawl towards his corner, Jethro slapping the turnbuckle adding to the momentum. Hunter is on his elbows inching towards his goal, his
eyes locked on that turnbuckle. Kyle is up and tagging in Jamie. As Jamie enters the ring, Kyle crawls through the ropes clutching his crotch his face
still red and showing pain. Hunter is an inch away from tagging in Jethro, nearly there a lunge and Jamie jerks on his ankle bring him further away from
his partner. Jamie smirks up at Jethro, looks down at Hunter, and begins to stomp away at his neck. Bouncing off the ropes, he falls down with a knee drop
across the back of Hunter's neck. Jamie runs, hitting the opposite ropes, he comes back with a leap over Hunter springboarding off the near ropes with
a moonsault onto Hunter's back. Roll over and a pin.

ONE! TWO...-- Jethro in to break up the count and Jamie looks up into the smirking face of Jethro. Jamie just nods knowing he would do the same.

John Jon McDaniel: Almost new tag champs there.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, really close.

Mark Sommers: Hunter is getting a little of what is in store for him from me.

Jamie lifts Hunter to his feet, Irish Whip and Hunter reverses the whip Jamie into the ropes. Jamie tries to catch the rope and stop himself but just misses
the opportunity and hurtles back at Hunter. Dropping to one knee Hunter shoves back up flipping Jamie up and over the top rope to... the ring apron. Jamie
caught himself on the ring apron, he shakes his head in denial. Jamie turns from a tap on his shoulder to find Jethro's right hand coming right at his
face. Jamie crumples to the apron and rolls to the outside looking up at Jethro. Hunter stumbles over as Kyle storms into the ring to prevent the tag.
The referee is too slow to get in his way and Kyle hits Hunter in the back and right...

*THWACK!*-- The sound of Hunter's hand meeting the meaty palm of Jethro's hand is heard loud and clear in the arena. Kyle backs up but not for being scared,
he is welcoming Jethro into the ring, eager to fight. Jethro obliges and charges in to meet Kyle with rights and lefts, Kyle is out sized by Jethro and
quickly down. But Kyle isn't the legal man and Jamie slides back into the ring behind Jethro. He turns to meet Jamie with rights and lefts, turning back
to Kyle he punches away at Kyle too. He goes from Kyle to Jamie throwing rights and lefts. Jethro is on a roll and the crowd is going wild as hell for
their loveable redneck; kick to Jethro's knee and he goes down but is still throwing punches. Jamie with a snuck in right hand, Jethro dazed another right
hand and Jethro is leaning. Kyle kicks Jethro back upright into a springboard spinning kick from Jamie and the big man is finally down on the mat. Kyle
is forced to his corner and climbs back through the ropes, the ref admonishes him for interfering when he shouldn't be inside the ring. Jamie picks him
up whipping him into his and Kyle's corner and he comes back out stumbling. Jamie quickly scales up the turnbuckles and dives with his finishing move.
Jethro turns just in time to catch Flynn in mid leap pressing him high up over head in a gorilla press slam that he turns into a running powerslam in his
and Hunter's corner. Jethro tags in the waiting Hunter, who once again, is distracted as Chamelion stands up at the announce table. Hunter turns and it
is just enough to catch Jamie a break. Roll up and a pin

ONE! TWO!-- Jethro stomps on the back of Jamie's back breaking up the pinning combination. Hunter is up and furious at Chamelion for being at ringside
and interfering with his concentration in such an important match. He begins to take out his frustration on Jamie with forearm shots, fists, and a Russion
leg sweep; Jamie is on the mat. Hunter bounces off the ropes delivering an elbow drop under Jamie's chin. The roles are reversed from earlier in the match
as Hunter begins to stomp away at Jamie's body now. Jamie rolls under the bottom rope to the outside where he gets to his feet quickly. He shoulder blocks
Hunter as Hunter pounds on his back trying to slow Jamie down and keep him grounded. Shoulder block again and Jamie backs up from under the top rope to
stare up at Hunter. Knee to the gut and Jamie bends over; over the top rope suplex... Jamie is down on the mat. He lifts Jamie up and another knee to the
gut and another over the head suplex. Jamie comes crashing down to the mat. Hunter lifts him up once again placing his head under his arm pit and lifts
him delivering a vicious spike DDT to the canvas. Hunter doesn't pin Jamie but intends on delivering as much damage to Jamie as Kyle and Jamie did to him

John Jon McDaniel: Hunter finally getting his foot in the door, no thanks to chamelion here.

Mark Sommers: Hunter deserves everything that’s come to him in this match.

Brian Rentfro: You tell 'em Cham.

Hunter looks a little pissed at that Jamie, pulling Flynn up by his hair and letting go, only to lock his arms together and swing them both up for an Axe-Handle
EuroCut! Flynn stumbles back a step, but doesn't go down, instead throwing a Dropkick right into Hunter’s knee! The Viper drops to one knee, Flynn quickly
running to the ropes and coming back with another Dropkick, this one right into the side of Hunter's head, sending him rolling over on the mat. Jamie crawls
over to the corner, quickly climbing to the outside and beginning to ascend the turnbuckles, but Sullivan gets up to his feet before he can make it all
the way, quickly coming over and stunning Jamie with a EuroCut before climbing onto the ropes himself, setting Jamie up for a Superplex. Jamie's partner
makes the save, though, aiming a kick right into Sullivan’s lower back. Kyle pulls Sullivan off the ropes, locking his arms up in a Full Nelson and backing
him away from the corner, obviously wanting Jamie to launch a move from the top. Sullivan is just too strong to be kept in the hold by Stevenson, though,
and breaks out of it, grabbing Kyle and shoving him into the corner, causing Flynn to crotch himself from the motion. Stevenson drops to the mat and rolls
away, holding his mid-section while Hunter climbs the ropes once again, this time locking his arms around Jamie's waist, diving backwards and turning in
mid-air for a SUPER 180 SPINEBUSTER!!! The ring shakes from the force of the impact, Jamie arching up in agony as Hunter hooks his leg. "1...2...THR-NO!"
Kyle manages to break it up, to the crowd's distaste. Jethro has gotten tired of the interference, though, and grabs Kyle to toss him out of the ring,
following him outside for more disciplinary measures.

John Jon McDaniel: Some of the action heading to the outside here, a lot of potential for a lot of bad things.

Mark Sommers: The damn ref isn’t keeping everyone where they should be, urrggh Rob has got to get better staff.

Brian Rentfro: Agreed, ever since you left, the PWA has gone down hill.

Jethro whips Stevenson into the barrier while Hunter whips Flynn into the corner, but as Sullivan charges forward for a Spear in the corner, Jamie dives
to the side, sending Sullivan's shoulder straight into the ring-post. Hunter shifts out to drop to a seated position in the corner, clutching his arm while
Jamie quickly moves to the opposite corner. Leaning down to slap his knees, Flynn charges forward, Hunter looking up far too late to avoid the high violocity
knees! Sullivan’s face gets smashed in between Flynn's knees and the turnbuckle, the crowd bursting into jeers as he slumps out of the corner onto the
canvas. Jamie isn't done, though, quickly getting up to his feet and letting out a yell of victory, the crowd jumping up to their feet as they recognize
Flynn looking to finish this match. Jamie pulls Hunter up into a Standing Head Scissors, locking both of his arms behind his back and wrapping his arms
around him. The crowd is shocked at Jamie attempting to dead-lift him, but Jamie certainly has the heart for it, and after a few tries, manages to get
Hunter off the ground, lifting him up for the STRAIGHT JACKET POWER BOM-NOOO!!! Jethro interrupts this, grabbing Flynn from behind and shoving his head
under his arm, pulling him away from Hunter into a vicious backdropper! The crowd cheers loudly, having thought they might be seeing a win for Flynn and
Stevenson, Jethro walks over to the side of the ring and kicking Kyle back out of it as he tries to get in. Sullivan goes for a pin as Jethro heads back
to his corner. "1...2...THR-NOOOO!!!" Somehow, Flynn manages to get a shoulder up. Sullivan hooks both his legs this time, rolling him up in a cradle for
a better pin. "1...2...THR-NOOO!" Kyle breaks it up!

Mark Sommers: and it was looking so promising, Hunter almost found himself in a very bad way.

John Jon McDaniel: That powerbomb would have surely spelt the end of the match for PCP.

Brian Rentfro: Jethro said they were addictive, like a sleeping pill, they always put you to sleep.

Hunter and Kyle get back to their feet fairly quickly, the Viper bashing Kyle with a few EuroCuts. Kyle doesn't go down, though, instead psyching himself
up and launching into a kick flurry, slamming them into Hunter's mid-section and hamstrings, finally ending it with a roundhouse kick right into the side
of his head. Hunter doesn't go down either, but he's noticeably stunned, enough for Kyle to run back to the ropes, coming off with the SPEAR!!! This takes
Hunter down quite effectively, but also sends a shockwave down through Kyles's back, leaving him rolling on the mat next to Hunter in pain. Finally, Kyle
manages to get out of the ring. Flynn is still recovering from the last attack, though, and isn't able to get up in time to prevent Sullivan from rolling
over and tagging out to Jethro. The Big man enters the ring, quickly moving over to Jamie and pulling him up by his arm, Jamie still looking too out
of it to counter. Jethro pulls him into a Front Facelock and sends a quick knee up into his mid-section, then lifts him up for a suplex, turning him in
mid-air to bring him down with a sl- Fylnn breaks loose and slides down behind Jethro, swinging his arm back as Jethro whips around and felling the giant
with a Enzuguri! Neither man seems to want to get up after that one, both finally pushing themselves up at the same time. Jamie attacks first, though,
slamming into Jethror with another Enzuguri! With the Big man stunned, Flynn quickly runs to the ropes, coming off with a LARIATOOOOOO- VIPER SNAP!! Charging
in to hit the lariat Hunter intercepts nailing a high momentum Kick, meeting a speeding Jamie adding to the shot.

John Jon McDaniel: HOLY! Flynns head is nearly decapitated from that SICK KICK!

Mark Sommers: That’s enough.

Brian Rentfro: Where is he going?!

Hunter and Kyle both see Mark leave the announcers booth and they both know what might happen. Trying to prevent a DQ Kyle starts mouthing off to Mark
on the outside of the ring, telling him to get his ass back in the seat. Mark refuses, and goes to get into the ring, Kyle retaliates and pushes Cham back.
Taking exception to the shove moves in to mouth off back at Kyle….. ONLY FOR THEM BOTH TO BE TAKEN OUT WITH A CORCKSCREW!! Hunter had climbed to the top
rope and proceeded to take both men out of the game, Mark took the brunt of the shot being knocked to the matting hard. Jethro in the ring starts to take
advantage of the situation pulling Jamie back to his feet lifting the smaller man onto his back Jamie quickly shifts off the giants back and quickly rolls
Jethro up with a school boy.



Hunter see’s it and dives under the bottom rope leaping to beat the count!!! CHAMELION GRABS HIS LEG!


The bell rings and Hunter rolls into the ring meeting Jethro with a look of dissipointmeny and let down. Jethro slams his fist down on the matting being
out done by Flynn once again. Kyle goes and grabs the tag team championship belts handing one to Flynn and walks up the ramp celebrating the victory. Jethro
walks around the ring before leaning in the corner and letting out a sigh.

Eric Emerson: Here are your winners and NEW PWA tag team champions, Jamie Flynn and KYLE STE-

Before the announcement is finished Hunter is clubbed hard in the back by an enraged Chamelion! Jethro who was depressed in the corner was unaware right
away. Mark gets in a few hard right and left hands on the hurt Viper pounding him into the ground. Immediately after finding the predicament His partner
is in, Jethro jumps from the ropes to make the save. Mark rolls from the ring and backs up, Jethro rolls out of the ring and makes small chase after the
attacker, following Cham to the barricade He finds himself knocked brutally to his back by a Clothesline from a fan?

Briin Brian Rentfro: What in the world is going on here?! It’s totally Chaos!

John Jon McDaniel: is… is that Oh lord almighty!

The fan steps over the barricade removing his hood to reveal none other then RAIZZZIOR!! Cham starts laying in the boots to Jethro who is trying to get
back to his feet, Hunter now back to his feet is out on the matting trying to return he favor to his tag team partner. Cham fires back to hunter who enters
with a flurry of shots. The two men go back and forth with shots, Raizzor goes to enter his hand in things but is only clubbed in the back by Jethro. Raizzor
staggers forward being attacked once again, causeing him to trip into the steel poll. Hunter backs Cham into the barricade sending hard left and rights
ending with a clothesline sending him over and into the fans. Hunter turns around to see Jethro uppercutted to the matting, moving into help out find himself
in the same position. Hunter stagger back to the barricade where Cham meets him with a right hand, pulling him over thuggishly. Raizzor pulls Jethro to
his feet and rams his head into the barricade, getting a shot to the stomach in return.

John Jon McDaniel: I don’t believe what I’m seeing here, Cham, Hunter, Raizzors back, Jethro, Hell has been unleashed here in this aftermath!

Brian Rentfro: They are brawling each other here violently we need people down here to break these guys up before something bad happens.

John Jon McDaniel: Raizzors already back, what worse do you expect?”

Chamelion picks up a chair and swings it at Hunter missing and hitting the barricade. Hunter sends in desperate punches pushing Cham back, with a hard
drop kick Cham falls into the Steel chairs deserted by fans. Hunter take his turn with the steel chair and grabs it from the floor. Lifting the weapon
above his head Hunter looks ready to swing when the chair is snatched from over the barricade by Raizzor. Looking in confusion Sullivan leaves himself
wide open for a brutal chair shot. Hunter falls and leaves Jethro basically by himself. Jethro takes on the Chair wielding monster and big boots him over
the barricade. The brawl has officially reached the fans. This is when Security finally inserts their hands in the brawl and rushes in to restrain Jethro
and Raizzor. Mark moves to his feet and looks furious, only to be restrained by the security before he does anything drastic. Hunter is left dazzed with
a little trickle of blood running down from his brow.

Project X vs Matthew Engel vs Viktor Stone vs Corey Lazarus vs Riona Langly vs The Phoenix

World Title Match - Dr. Remo's Dome of Destruction

Eric Emerson: The following is your X-MAS @ GROUND ZERO MAIN EVENT, and it is for the PWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD. It will be contested inside DR. STEVEN REMO'S... DOME... OF DESTRUCTION!!!!!

The crowd erupts into cheers as the massive Dome of Destruction starts to lower from the ceiling. The Dome stands at about 25 feet tall at it's sides, with a low slope on the roof leading to a plateau in the middle of the Dome's roof. In the middle of the roof, there is a circular opening covered with a glass plate. Eric Emerson looks a little intimidated as he stands inside the structure.

Jon McDaniel: That is one massive, intimidating structure right there.

Brian Rentfro: Dr. Remo would be proud, that's for sure!

Eric Emerson: The rules of the match are as follows... Two men, as decided by President Rob Robinson to be Corey Lazarus and Matthew Engel, will start out inside the Dome. Every 4 minutes, a new combatant will enter the cage. Eliminations can be scored by pinfall or submission, but there can be NO Eliminations until all combatants have entered the Dome. The last person standing will be crowned the NEW... PWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

"Nutshell" by Alice in Chains takes over the sound system. The smooth and undeniable guitar of Jerry Cantrell takes over your mind and body. His riffs are simple to begin the song, but they speak volumes. The crowd is a little confused.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda, he stands six feet even...

The vocals of none other than Layne Staley kick in. His voice is unique, his tone is melancholy, but his message is pure.

We chase misprinted lies
We face the path of time
And yet I fight, yet I fight
This battle all alone
No one to cry to, no place to call home

Eric Emerson: ...and weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds...

Matthew Engel appears from backstage on the ramp way. Cantrell's guitar becomes amplified, as the song sinks deeper. Matthew Engel is wearing a dark green tuxedo, as usual. He has a black silk shirt, black tie, and black Oakley's. Silver and Green Pyros shoot off as he makes his way down to the ring. He is alone.

Jon McDaniel: And here comes The Virus, looking to regain the championship that some feel he should have never lost.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, but you gotta know he's looking forward to this more to beat Corey's face in.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen... THIS IS "THE VIRUS" MATTHEW ENGEL!!!

My gift of self is raped
My privacy is raked
And yet I find, yet I find
Repeating in my head
If I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead

Matthew Engel is completely focused on the ring. He ignores the fans as he enters through the ropes. Cantrell's guitar takes it to high gear as the song comes near its end. Engel takes off his jacket, tie, and shirt to reveal a white beater underneath. He looks up at the massive Dome in front of him and nods his head as the door is opened for him. He steps into the Dome and carefully enters the ring.

The lights in the arena die, and the ADC-Tron shows nothing but a black and white film countdown...

A massive drumroll cues up The Crown's "Crowned in Terror," and brutal metal riffing pours from the PA system. The riffs build and then die as one guitar plays, with the drums and other instruments coming in to accent. The 35-second mark cues...


...and Corey Lazarus emerges from the entrance curtain, his eyes hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Ban's, his arms hanging at his sides after he runs his fingers over his moustache and goatee.

Eric Emerson: Introducing at this time...

A primal scream covers the music at the 44-second mark, and Lazarus steps further onto the stage, turning around slowly to take a quick look at the ADC-Tron before stopping at the end of the stage, his back to the ramp and the ring before turning around.

Oh, it's not over yet
Consuming flames of the faceless one
There's no time to repent
As you bow before the serpent god

Eric Emerson: He weighs in tonight at 230 pounds...

Lazarus jogs in place at the end of the stage, shaking out his limbs, and then begins walking solemnly down the ramp. He points up at the ADC-Tron, focusing everybody's attention to images of his glory: dropping Phoenix on his head with the Mercury Driver to win the 2008 Who's The Man tournament; kicking out after being drilled with Raizzor's Tombstone Shoulderbreaker at Revolutions Per Minute; rolling out of the way of Sean Moro's Near Death Experience and kipping up to his feet, lifting Moro up and dropping him head-first to the mat with the Mercury Driver to capture the DRWF Eternal title, capturing the PWA World's Heavyweight Championship against Lex Demise, and an image of him holding the PWA World Championship high as he does the same in the current.

There's no turning back
Festering demons to hatred sworn
And ready to attack
The jaws of death are hungry like a war

Eric Emerson: And standing at 6-foot-1...

Corey turns around to face the ring as he reaches the bottom of the ramp. Unlike Virus, Corey's come prepared for the hardcore environment as he rocks a pair of acid wash jeans, a black long-sleeve Cannibal Corpse Tomb of the Mutilated shirt with the sleeves rolled up, HEAVILY taped hands, and a pair of combat boots. He hands off the PWA World Championship to an attendent and enters the Dome, walking up the steps and carefully entering the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Corey sure looks prepared.

Brian Rentfro: Well, Corey IS known for the hardcore style. Still, even I don't think it was a good idea to piss off as many people as he's done going into this match. It'll be like Lazarus season, and nobody out there is as dumb as Elmer Fudd.

Songs of death shall kill the lies forever, and ever
Baptized, burning, cold flames will purify my soul
Our hearts are rotten to the core

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...

Lazarus steps into the ring and then walks to the middle, his hands on his hips and his trademark devilish smirk on his face. The music keeps pounding away as Corey drops to a knee, his head bowed and a single fist placed on the mat, his other hand resting on his knee.

Behead the prophets
Their skulls: trophies in the final war

Eric Emerson: He is "The Premiere Attraction"...

Lazarus bobs his head quickly to the beat of the song, breathing heavier and heavier as he does so.

The plague of man, crowned in terror
Hate and soulless might

Corey leaps to his feet as the main riff returns at the end of the chorus, his arms spread out to his side after he rips his Ray Ban's off, turning his body around to all sides of the arena as flashbulbs go off everywhere.

Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!

"Crowned in Terror" fades into silence as Corey backs up to his corner, removing his Ray Ban's and handing them off to a ringside attendant. He adjusts the tape on his hands, stretching out a bit in his corner as Eric Emerson leaves the Dome. Virus stands in his corner as there is no ref in the ring, since he will not be needed until Rob Robinson enters the cage.


The match begins in a hurry as Virus immediate tackles Corey down to the mat, furiously raining The Hollywood Kid with hammerblows to the skull. Surprised by the quick start, Corey disrupts Engel's hammerblows with a rake to the eyes, before he rolls to his feet and delivers a nasty front-kick to the face. Virus staggers down, but quickly gets back to his feet and catches a charging Lazarus with a Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker. Corey arches his back on Matthew's knee, but he quickly recovers and stands back up, where he gets smacked by a right hand from Virus. Corey retaliates with a right of his own, and it soon descends into a full-on slugfest as both Corey and Matthew pound on each other. Corey begins to get the advantage, so he grabs Virus' arm and makes an attempt to whip him right into the barbed wire, but Virus reverses and throws Laz into the wire instead. Luckily, Corey realizes what's going on and slides clear under the bottom strand of wire, only causing a long rip on the back of his shirt. Lazarus winces a bit as he stands up, but he has no time to recover as Virus comes flying clear over the top with a suicida senton! Both men crash into the side of the cage, and Matt is the first to recover, reaching under the ring and pulling out a steel chair, which he turns and delivers a wicked chairshot to a rising Laz. Corey crumples down to the mat, and Virus continues on the warpath, tossing the chair into the ring before he grabs Corey with a handful of hair and rams his face right into the side of the cage.

Jon McDaniel: These two starting off quickly... There's NO hatred in this cage that can match how much these two want to kill each other.

Brian Rentfro: That may not be a good thing. If they waste too much energy starting out, then they may not have enough for the long haul.

Jon McDaniel: Probably exactly what The Phoenix wants here.

Corey elbows out of Matt's grasp before he could do bash him again, and spins around, whacking Virus in the gut with a nasty front kick. Virus drops to a knee, and Corey takes advantage of this by charging forward, grabbing Virus and ramming his back right into the steel. Quickly acting as Engel's breath is knocked out, Laz slams his knee into Matt's stomach, already making an attempt to injure Virus. After two more knees to the gut, Corey lets Matt lean against the cage wall as he grabs the steel chair and spins, trying to take Matt's head off with a wicked chair shot, only for the steel to meet steel as Matt dodges out of the way. Dropping the chair from the vibrations, Matt rises to his feet and grabs Corey once more, throwing him into the ringpost. Corey staggers backwards, right into Engel's waiting arms as he forces him into a reverse front facelock before dropping him to the ground with a reverse DDT. Virus doesn't relent, as he returns to his feet and begins to relentlessly slam his foot into Laz, stomping him indescriminitely before pulling him by his shirt and sliding him into the ring. Virus reaches back under the ring for more weapons, and pulls out a Singapore cane, throwing that and the steel chair into the ring before going to get back in himself. Unfortunately for him, as soon as he get to his feet, Corey dropkicks him right back into the barbed wire. Reaching for the kendo stick, Corey grins and swings it, cracking it right onto the side of Virus' head. Virus staggers out of the grasp of the wire, and Corey just whacks him again with the cane to drop him to the mat. Corey goes to attack again, but backs off as he hears the crowd chanting.


The crowd jeers as "Hysteria" by Muse hits and Project-X walks out with the slightest of limps, and carrying a pair of steel pipes. Corey shrugs and turns back to Virus, who returns by smashing Corey's skull with a nasty elbow. Expecting this, Corey drops the Singapore cane and roars back with an elbow that sends Virus back into the ropes. Corey lets loose with a few stiff elbows to the face with a sadistic smile on his face, but Virus is quick to cover his face. Seeing Virus looking a little woozy, Corey stands back to get a little running room, but his plans are interrupted as Project-X enters the ring and crashes one of his steel pipes right down onto Corey's back. Corey drops to his knees, and PX continues on, smashing the pipe overtop of Corey's skull to drop him to the mat. PX would continue the assault, but he doesn't take the knee clip that Virus hits him with well at all. Buckling down to one knee and dropping one of the pipes, the back of PX's head is left completely open for the wicked roundhouse kick that he delivers, sending him right to the mat. Corey gets back to his feet and comes charging in at Virus, but the former World Champion is having none of that as he drops down into a quick toe-hold that sends Corey face first into the mat, only to add to that by rolling over and locking him into a quick Fujiwara Armbar. PX quickly breaks this up as he slams his foot down onto Virus. Both Corey and Matt get back to their feet and look at each other... and they start to slug it out with one another once more, completely ignoring PX. He doesn't take this slight very well as he grabs the pair of them by the throat. Both of them quickly start to gasp for air before they swiftly kick him in the balls.

Brian Rentfro: Evil monster or not, that shit has got to HURT!

Jon McDaniel: I feel for you man, I feel for you.

Releasing them and dropping to his knees, Corey starts to wail on PX with a series of painful rights, until Virus smashes the Singapore cane into Laz once more. Virus grins and picks him up only to get his arms knocked away, Corey quickly coming in with a series of right hands into the side of Engel's head before pulling him into a front facelock and lifting him up to hit a Vertical Suplex. Corey rolls his hips and pulls Virus up while still in the front facelock, then drops back and pulls him down into a DDT. Corey rolls over and pulls Virus to his feet as PX gets to his. Smiling, Corey throws Virus into PX, and PX reacts quickly, grabbing Virus and dropping him right into the mat with a powerslam. Hanging back, Lazarus waits until the utmost moment and then leaps into action, going for a tackle on PX's right knee as he turns around. However, Corey swiftly scoops up Laz for another powerslam and slams her right into Virus. PX stares down at his opponents, and thinks for a moment, before sliding out of the ring and looking under the ring apron for a weapon. Pulling another chair out from underneath, this time wrapped in barbed wire, he tosses it into the ring and on top of Corey, who rolled off of Engel pretty quickly. Duff takes another look underneath the apron, pulling out a baseball bat, but drops it as Virus slides to the outside and whacks PX in the knee with one of the steel pipes. PX drops to a knee, but Virus isn't able to do anything as Corey smashes him in the back of the head with a baseball slide that sends him face-first into the cage. PX rises to his feet and grabs Engel's hair before grinding it back and forth against the steel a bit to try and open him up. PX holds Engel in place to drive his elbow into his skull, but Corey stops that with a baseball bat shot to the already injured knees of the monster, before Virus drops him to the floor with a dropkick. Corey and Matt look to start fighting once more, but the crowd's chant cuts them off.


Viktor Stone runs right out to "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" by Grinspoon, looking to be wearing a pair of brass knuckles, as Matt and Corey begin to slug each other once more. Entering the cage, Stone immediately comes to the aid of his ally Lazarus, tackling Virus from behind after he throws Corey into the cage. Viktor immediately gets to work, slamming his knees into Engel's back as Corey adds in a foot to the face as well. Not feeling left out by the attack on Matt it seems is PX, who takes this breather in order to grab more weapons from under the ring, throwing a stop sign, a bag full of who knows what, and a staple gun into the ring before triumphantly pulling out a florescent light tube. PX walks over to where Engel is now being held against the cage as Stone drives his fists into Engel's kidneys as Laz holds him up, and breaks up the affair by smashing the light tube right over Stone's head. Leaping over his fallen ally to attack the monster, Laz ends up on the floor as well as PX leans over and gorrila presses Laz high into the air before throwing him in an attempt to get him back in the ring, but Corey gets stuck halfway on the barbed wire. Even with his clothes being selected to prevent the wire from getting to him, it still hurts as he pulls himself out of the ropes and into the ring, with PX following him in. Engel is the first to recover on the outside and he goes on the offensive, slamming Stone's head right into the ringpost before grabbing a large piece of the light tube. He swings, hoping to shatter it on the back of Stone's head, but Stone elbows backwards, smashing the tube in Virus' hands and causing his elbow to start bleeding with the pieces of glass imbedded in it. Engel drops what's left of the glass and instead grabs Stone in a half-nelson, looking to suplex him into the shards of glass on the floor, but Stone saves himself by dropping down out of the hold and grabbing Engel, hitting him with an Exploder Suplex right into the side of the cage!

Brian Rentfro: DAMN! Engel just about landed on his fucking head there!

Jon McDaniel: I doubt that's the last we'll see of that sort of violence tonight partner.

Meanwhile, in the ring, PX stalks Laz as the Hollywood Kid grabs one of the steel pipes and throws it at the giant. PX casually catches the pipe, but this turns to be a distraction as Corey rushes up, bringing X face-first into the mat with a well-placed dropkick to the knees. Rolling through, Corey immediately grabs the staple gun and as PX gets back onto his knees, Corey drives a staple into the back of X's head. PX seems to scream and gets back onto his feet, where Corey tries to attack again, only for the former 2-time PWA Champ to grab his hand and twist, causing him to release the gun, before PX pulls Corey forward and slings him backwards with a release belly-to-belly suplex that sends Corey back into the barbed wire, where he hangs upside down. PX grabs the barbed wire chair and places it against Corey's face before looking to smash it into his face, but as he runs up, Viktor Stone stops his momentum with a Singapore cane shot right in the gut. Viktor leans over to try and pick up PX into a fireman's carry, but the giant is too big for Stone and he unleashes a hammer blow to halt Stone's attempt. Stone drops to his knees and PX grabs him, pulling him into a standing head scissors. X leans over and picks Stone up on his shoulders, powerbombing him right into the barbed wire chair, which slams into Corey's face. Laz finally is untangled from the wire and both him and Stone don't look very well, but PX's celebration is cut off as Virus leaps and whacks him in the head with a steel chair. PX crumples to the mat as Virus pounces, unleashing a torrent of right hands as the crowd starts to chant.


"Planet Hell" starts off with the first verse as Riona Langly runs out from the back, carrying a steel chain as she immediately enters the cage and starts to attack Viktor Stone, dropping the chain and a brutal knee into Stone's kidneys as Viktor rolls off the chair, with lacerations already forming on his back. Riona doesn't relent as she picks Stone up and pushes him into the corner, where she starts to bash his skull in as Virus drags PX into the opposite corner. The two partners look at each other and nod, pulling their opponents out of the corner and looking to whip them into each other. Stone and PX both reverse, sending Riona and Engel at each other, but Riona leapfrogs over Engel as he ducks and they both surprise with dual Stinger splashes! Engel looks to continue his assault on Viktor Stone, but Corey Lazarus interrupts him, with cuts all over his face, as he whacks Engel with the barbed wire chair right into his back. Stone drags himself out of the corner, and grins as he puts Engel into the ground with a stiff overhead elbow. Corey drags Engel into a reverse waist lock, and Stone gets his idea as he steps back before superkicking him, then Laz follows up with a release German suplex that drops him right on his head! Laz grabs a handful of Engel's hair and pulls him into the barbed wire, raking him back and forth across the ropes as Stone turns, looking to find Riona, only to find her on the outside holding her own in a slugfest with Project X. Grabbing the stop sign, Stone turns the momentum onto PX's side as he tosses it right into her face. Riona is staggered by the sudden attack, and this goes against her as PX grabs her wrist and slings her behind him into the ring steps shoulder-first.

Jon McDaniel: Riona's a tough, tough, tough competitor, but I have to show some concern over her in this match. She's the smallest person in it by far, and that doesn't bode well for her chances as the match continues.

Brian Rentfro: Look, Riona's been in matches like this before and came out ahead. She's done stuff like this in Japan... Riona Langly can handle herself out there. Anyway, if it keeps going, maybe we'll get to see her breasts again!

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe you.

Brian Rentfro: What? I'm a guy, and last time Riona was around barbed wire, she won the match topless. Why can't I expect the same this time around?

PX grins and grabs one of his pipes that had rolled out of the ring, looking to inflict some more damage to the IC Champion, but that's quickly stopped as Stone whacks him in the back with one of the steel chairs. PX turns around, and Stone gives him a face-full of steel as the monster is whipped right into the cage mask-first. PX turns around to face Stone and gets a mask full of steel as he just hammers him with the chair. PX nearly crumples to the mats on the outside and Stone smiles down at the monster before turning to Riona, and this becomes a big thing as Riona levels Stone with a with a giant Yakuza kick. Picking up the much heaver competitor by his skull, Riona starts to wail on Stone with some stiff elbows, but Stone fires back with some elbows of his own and soon enough the pair are just stiffing the fuck out of each other for the hell of it. This allows Project-X to get back to his feet and hit some revenge on Stone as one of Riona's elbows staggers the Beast backwards, right into the waiting arms of PX as he lifts Stone into a Torture Rack before slamming Stone face-first into the ringpost! PX maintains his grasp on Viktor before he shifts him onto his shoulder and lifts him onto one shoulder and then rams him right into the cage. Seeing a small trickle of blood from Stone's nose, PX exaserbates the situation and lawndarts him into the cage, which opens the fausets for the blood to come forth. PX turns to Riona, and catches her by the throat as she tries to hit him with a flying forearm. Riona attempts to kick out of X's grasp, but the giant merely throws the IC champion right through the barbed wire, gashing up her jersey as the clock appears on the Tron.


"The Final Countdown" by Europe hits as The Phoenix, making his return to the ring, walks out to a smattering of cheers and boos dragging along a ladder. He gets into the cage and immediately gets into the action as he rams the ladder right into Matthew Engel's face as he hangs against the wire. Referee Tim Schlock enters the cage right behind Phoenix and locks the door.

Eric Emerson: Now that all the competitors have entered the ring, all pinfalls and submissions will count for eliminations!

Corey, Riona, Phoenix and PX are all up by this time, and all four of them look around the ring at each other, Corey glancing outside the ring at Virus for a few moments, which costs him as Riona sprints across the ring and drives him into the mat with an STO. Riona pops up to her feet, only for her to be taken off of hers with a Crecent kick by Robinson. Robinson rolls to his feet, and PX drops him for the first time with a spear! PX stands tall amongst the other three competitors, but it doesn't last long as Viktor Stone, blood flowing from his nose, jumps back into the match and clips PX from behind with a nasty shouldertackle to his injured knees. Stone gets to his feet and grabs the staple gun, ramming it right into Riona's face as she gets back to her feet before pulling her forward and down to the mat with a belly to back suplex onto the barbed wire chair. Riona arches her back from the pain, and both Corey and Phoenix get to their feet, looking down at Riona. With all four surrounding her, Corey grabs her by the neck and drags her over to the barbed wire, as he barks out orders. Stone reaches into Corey's trash can of plunder and pulls out a pair of handcuffs, followed by a pair of wirecutters and a pair of Kevlar gloves. Stone hands over the gloves and Corey puts them on before he ties Riona up in the barbed wire, leaving her back open to those in the ring, lacerations forming along her arms as PX shuts up her curses and screams with a well-placed right hand to the kidneys. Stone clips one strand of barbed wire off of the opposite side of the ring and Corey walks over, picking it up and slinging right against Riona's back. Riona SCREAMS as the wire cuts open her jersey.

Jon McDaniel: Come on! This isn't right!


Phoenix grabs the barbed wire chair and slams it against Riona's back, wiggling it a bit to induce more pain and suffering on Riona before ripping it out, taking chunks of her shirt and what looks like her bra with it. PX next take a turn, as he grabs the barbed wire bat and whacks Riona in the back with it as well, ripping out more blood and clothing with it as the crowd jeers uncomfortably as Viktor slams the bloody back of Riona with a pair of fists with his brass knuckles. This assault looks to continue, but out of nowhere, Matthew Engel runs up and dropkicks Project-X in the back, causing the big man to stumble forward and push the crowd into Riona and into the barbed wire... WHICH SNAPS FROM ALL THE FORCE! Riona, Lazarus, and Stone fall out of the ring as Engel, PX, and Phoenix manage to stay in the ring. Engel grabs the barbed wire chair that Robinson dropped, holding up to fend off both PX and Robinson. Robinson and PX don't seem too intimidated however, and quickly run forward to rush Engel at the same time, making Virus try to decide which one to hit. Of course, Virus decides to go after Robinson, quickly bringing the chair up to swing at Phoenix's head, but this proves to be a mistake. PX, despite him being the biggest wrestler, gets there a bit quicker than Rob, and manages to hit a Yakuza Kick onto the chair, knocking it out of Virus' hands and leaving him empty handed as Rob comes in to nail a Flying Clothesline, knocking Virus down hard to the mat. Robinson kips up and calls out something to PX, both of them nodding as PX brings Engel to his feet. Grabbing Virus into a gorilla press, PX tosses Virus into the barbed wire chestfirst. Virus rips himself off of the wire, blood flowing from his open chest, and Phoenix brings him back down to the mat with a bulldog. Robinson gets to his feet triuphantly, but it's short-lived as PX whacks him in the back with one of the steel pipes.

Brian Rentfro: Well, that alliance didn't last very long.

Jon McDaniel: There are no alliances in this match, just more bodies.

On the outside of the ring, Riona is left at the mercy of Stone and Lazarus as they both begin to pulverize her against the cage, her blood staining the steel as it drips down her back. Stone grabs Riona and holds her against the cage as Laz grabs one set of steel steps and rams her in the chest with them before pinning her against the cage with the steps. Dramatically allowing Stone a chance here, Stone takes it as he runs up the steps and whallops Riona with a nasty knee to the side of her skull. It's all domination by the heels here as Corey takes his shots, grabbing a steel chair and whacking Riona in the head, with Riona barely getting her arms up to deflect some of the blow. Stone steps up onto the steps and starts to wail on Riona with his brass knuckles as Laz takes his time, going under the ring and pulling out chair after chair after chair, throwing them all into the ring as PX takes advantage, catching one of the chairs and smacking Virus as he gets off his feet in the ring. Corey calls out to Stone to drag an unconscious looking Riona into the ring, which Viktor seems to question a bit but complies as he pulls Riona out of the steps and drags her by her hair and into the ring. Corey doesn't follow as he continues to throw chairs into the ring. Riona tries to get to her knees, but Stone scoops her up and holds her in place, telling PX to hit Riona with the chair in his hands. The giant nods and rushes forward to do so, but Riona manages to break Stone's grip and Stone gets whalloped right in the skull, dropping the former MMA fighter down to the mat. Riona gets back to her feet, and nearly runs right into the feet of a dropkicking Phoenix, but Riona halts her momentum, causing Rob to fall flat on his back. Riona turns and ducks another chairshot from PX and turns, hitting the Reality Check right into the chair that drops PX right onto Robinson!

Brian Rentfro: WOO! KILL THEM RIONA!

Jon McDaniel: Why the Riona bias?

Brian Rentfro: I get hate mail from internet smarks.

Jon McDaniel: Ahh.

Riona and Virus are the only ones standing in the ring as Corey finishes throwing chairs into the ring and looks in, almost turning red from fustration as he slides into the ring and looks down his enemies, who are both looking the worst for wear in this match so far. Corey grabs one of the chairs he's thrown into the ring and throws it at Virus, hoping it would distract him for a second as he rushes Riona, but Riona hits him with a drop-toe hold, sending him face-first into the barbed wire chair! Engel quickly adds insult to injury as he rushes over and curb-stomps the back of Virus' head, sending it deeper into the barbed wire. Riona turns to Stone and pounces on her rival, attacking him with the same sort of mounted punching that was seen regularly in her rivalry with Jamie Flynn. However, after taking a couple blows, Viktor shows his MMA training by grabbing ahold of Riona's leg and pulling her out of the mount and into a knee hook. This would be good for Stone, except Virus comes into the picture and pulls him into a Dragon Sleeper, which pulls the Beast off of Riona's knee. As this goes on, PX grabs Corey out of the barbed wire chair, his face now about a .5 on the Muta scale, and starts to wail on him with his big, oversized fists. Robinson gets to his feet and takes a shot at Riona as he rushes up and drops an elbow right onto her chest. He gets to his feet and drops the elbow again quickly, but his third attempt is foiled as PX uses Corey as a weapon, throwing him into Robinson and sending both men sprawling. Stone manages to get out of Engel's grasp and grabs a chair, rushing over and helping his partner by slamming the chair into PX's right knee.

Brian Rentfro: Damn! Corey's busted the fuck up!

Jon McDaniel: Not the first time, nor shall it be the last... in this match I expect.

Brian Rentfro: WOO! MORE BLOOD!

Stone pulls Corey out of the line of fire as everyone begins to regroup. Riona and Engel, watching the other competitors, each grab chairs from the pile that Corey threw into the ring. They stand together, drawing together strategy as PX and Phoenix stare at each other, before grabbing chairs of their own. Looking at the 5 others with chairs, Laz looks down and grabs the bent up barbed wire chair that had just adorned his face. He looks over to Stone, and quickly swaps chairs, not wanting to deal with the same piece of steel that had just brutalized his face. Everyone looks around at the Mexican standoff that's developed, and it's Viktor Stone that breaks it, as he rushes forward and and swings at Riona. This turns out to be a big mistake as Riona ducks and Images and Words punish him with a Con-Chair-To as he turns around. Stone drops down to the mat and Riona jumps up with her own chair, dropping it under her as she sits on Stone before going for the match's first pinfall attempt, but it only gets a two as Corey rushes in to save his ally and pushes Engel on top of the cover to break it up. Phoenix and PX rush over and start swinging their chairs as Riona and Virus fall to the mat in the carnage. Phoenix and Stone fall to the outside in the mess, with Robinson taking advantage of Stone's weakness and starts to ram him against the cage. In the ring, Engel, Riona, and Corey all have chairs as they stare down PX, who has the barbed wire baseball bat.

Brian Rentfro: Y'know, I don't see this ending very well for PX.

Jon McDaniel: For once, I agree with you. Big he may be, but invincible he is not.

Brian Rentfro: Thanks Yoda.

PX takes a swing at Laz, who blocks with his chair, surprised that PX would attack him. Riona and Virus give a nod to each other, and both quickly bash Project-X, Matt's chair going into his face while Riona's goes into his gut. PX stops walking, as Corey gets back to his feet with a dented chair, and looks at the other two. Nodding, all three slam their chairs in a 3-way Con-Chair-To! PX is somehow STILL standing from this, so all three hit again, and PX starts to wobble, almost going to a knee. Another two shots from the trio, and finally, Project-X drops down to his knees. Each of them looks at the other, right before Riona smashes PX with her chair, Virus and Laz following up, as all three of them begin to hit chair shot after chair shot onto the top of X's head. Finally, Corey just breaks the top of his chair off from how hard he smashes it over PX's head. Riona frowns and gives her chair one big heave, smashing her chair over his head as well! Virus looks at the two of them and adds in the exclamation point as he breaks his chair on PX, all three chairs sitting on PX's neck as he just stares up at them at the three of them.. and then falls to his stomach limply, the crowd popping huge as Riona, Corey, and Matt slump down, all three having expended huge amounts of energy there, and also out of relief they could actually get PX to go down. The peace doesn't last very long as Corey renews his attack on Virus, leaping over the prone form of PX to tackle Virus down onto the mat. Riona immediately goes to pull Corey off of her partner, but Corey elbows Riona right in the face, opening her nose up as she staggers backwards!

Brian Rentfro: For those of you keeping score, Riona probably just broke her nose.

Jon McDaniel: A sore spot for the Intercontinental Champion all year.

The momentary distraction allows Virus to manage to get out of Corey's grasp, as he picks up the staple gun and just chucks it at Laz, who takes the shot right in the face. Meanwhile outside of the ring, Stone is getting the upper hand on his former manager as he drives his knees into Rob's face as he takes a seat against the cage. Grabbing ahold of Rob's mask, Stone pulls him to his feet, only to be surprised as Riona flies over the barbed wire with a tope con hilo! All three of them get to their feet and start to throw fists between each other! Wait, here comes Virus with a CORKSCREW PLANCHA!!! All four wrestlers lie there, out of it with Virus looking to hold his knee a bit, but each of them seem to get to their feet and begin to start throwing punches with one another again! Virus and Riona pin Stone and Robinson against the cage, but in the ring, Laz grabs one of the chairs he threw into the ring and sets it up close to the wire as PX begins to stir, pulling the chairs off of his head... SPRINGBOARD 450 PLANCHA!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! Everybody but X on the outside as Corey Lazarus stands tall, putting the boots onto Riona Langly...and now... PROJECT-X WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!!! Everyone's down and Project-X is the first to make it to his feet and he grabs one of the steel chairs, setting it up near the cage door before grabbing Viktor Stone and dragging him over to the chair,knocking him down into it with a few chops and forearms. Stone slumps down into the chair, leaning against the cell door to stay upright. PX runs back to the pile as they start to move, Corey pulling Virus into the ring, then dashes forward, bringing his leg up as the crowd stands up and hits a YAKUZA KICK INTO THE SIDE OF STONE'S HEAD THAT BUSTS THE CAGE DOOR OPEN WITH THE FORCE!!!

Brian Rentfro: HOLY SHIT!

Jon McDaniel: I think that takes Stone out of the match.

Brian Rentfro: Please. He'll be back.

Stone lies motionless outside of the ring, his head completely busted open from the impact as the action shifts to the inside of the ring as Corey Lazarus grabs the barbed wire strand that he used to whip Riona earlier and grabs another chair, wrapping it around the chair as he unfolds it, setting it up. He turns to grab Laz, but gets a staple right to the face as Virus plants a staple right onto his face. Laz staggers backwards, almost into the chair, but he holds back as Virus rushes forward... AND COREY SPINEBUSTERS HIM RIGHT INTO THE UNFOLDED CHAIR!! The strand of barbed wire hangs onto Laz as he rolls off the broken chair, and Laz smirks, sliding to the outside of the ring and pulling out 4 florescent light tubes, which he slides into the ring. He doesn't get very far into his plans as Phoenix throws a chair, smacking Laz in the side of the face. Corey staggers backwards as Riona goes to get the wire off of Virus, only to be cut off at the pass by Project-X, as he grabs Riona by the remains of her shirt and pulls, nearly tearing off the remains of her PWA jersey as PX pulls her into a reverse waist lock. Riona attempts to elbow out of his hold, but even with all the damage everyone has taken, his grip is too strong as he German Suplexes Riona off the apron and right into the steel cage! PX is emotionless behind the mask as he steps into the ring... but he doesn't get very far as Virus cracks PX right in the head with a steel pipe, sending him with a flat back bump to the floor below him. He turns around, and is suddenly booted in the gut by Laz as he sets him up... BOX OFFICE BOMB SE II... RIGHT ONTO THE LIGHT TUBES!! Corey makes the cover... 1... 2... 3!!!!!


Eric Emerson: Matthew Engel has been eliminated!!

Jon McDaniel: That's a huge elimination for Lazarus. Getting rid of his rival so early.

Brian Rentfro: That also leaves Riona with nobody to rely on in this match. As much as I like her, she's toast.

As the Hollywood Kid sits in the ring, resting, his joy at eliminating Virus from the match doesn't last very long as Phoenix rushes out of nowhere and grabs his head, hitting a neckbreaker that sends Laz into the pile of broken glass! Robinson goes for the cover... but Laz manages to kick out! As officials help Virus to the back, at ringside, Project-X gets back to his feet and drags Riona to the outside, where he flings her into the barrier. PX rushes forward to attack Riona, but he gets a knee right to the gut that stops his momentum. Grabbing PX in a Front-Facelock, Riona climbs onto the ringside barrier... AND DDTS PX'S FACE RIGHT ONTO THE BARRIER! Riona holds her back a bit from the move as PX lies on the floor on the outside. Meanwhile, Lazarus has taken Riona's chain from the ring and tied it around Robinson's neck, dragging him all the way outside the cage, then wraps the other end of the chain, which is about 15 feet long, around his hand, and slowly begins to scale the cage. The crowd watches this, wondering what exactly Laz has in mind, but Corey grins as he reaches the top, grabbing the end of the chain and pulling up, which pulls The Phoenix off his feet, Laz walking up the slightly slanted part of the dome, towards the middle of the cage and the plateau, pulling Rob farther up, the crowd realizing what's going on as Robinson clutches the chain, realizing that Corey's intent is to HANG THE PHOENIX WITH THE CHAIN!!! Corey laughs maniacally as he pulls up, finally stopping once Robinson's about seven feet off the ground, the chain getting tighter as Rob clutches his neck, the crowd seriously scared for the President's welfare. Riona takes this time to climb up the cage herself, deciding to also take out one of her competitors, sneaking up behind Lazarus and launching himself forward with a REALITY CHECK TO THE BACK OF LAZARUS' HEAD THAT SENDS HIM FLYING OFF THE CELL AND THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!

Brian Rentfro: OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!



The Phoenix lies on the outside of the ring, clutching his neck as Riona stands tall on the top of the cage, as Project-X starts to climb the cage to go after Riona. Riona stands there, waiting for PX as he climbs to the top... PX climbs to the middle of the cage, rushing Riona as she dodges, dropping down onto the steel as she drop-toe holds Project-X down face-first into the top of the cage, before sliding across and locking PX IN THE PAINKILLER OVERDOSE! While the submission cannot count on top of the cage, it does do damage as Riona wrenches on the hold. Unfortunately, the size difference is too much as PX gets to his feet, even with Riona on his back, and drops down, hitting a variant of a backpack stunner that causes Riona to drop the hold. PX grins as he looks down on Riona, and tears at her jersey some more, trying to pull it off as he pulls Riona to her feet. Grabbing Riona around her neck, PX moves Riona over to the glass portion of the roof of the Dome, looking to chokeslam her through it. However, Riona recognizes what is happening as she kicks PX right in the knee, before wailing on him with a nasty series of elbows to break his grip on her as Viktor Stone starts to climb the Dome and Corey Lazarus starts to stir on the outside of the ring. Viktor reaches the top and begins the uphill walk as Riona and PX trade elbows, with PX driving Riona towards the edge of the cage himself. Grabbing ahold of Riona's neck once again after a rather nasty shot to the side of her head, PX looks to chokeslam Riona off the Dome... BUT VIKTOR STONE SAVES HER WITH ANOTHER CHOP BLOCK! Riona and Stone look at each other, and then at PX, and START TO ATTACK HIM WITH MORE STIFF ELBOWS! Riona and Stone push PX towards the glass, and PX realizes this as he clotheslines them both onto the Dome.

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and Gentlemen, it's crazy to think about, but Corey Lazarus is actually getting up.

Brian Rentfro: Does he have his own Lazarus Pits or something?

Jon McDaniel: Wow, that's a Dorkgasm level reference there.

Brian Rentfro: Dork-what?

Jon McDaniel: Nevermind...

Meanwhile, Laz pulls himself out of the wreckage of the announce table as The Phoenix also starts to stir, each of them heading back into the Dome as the three fight above them. Laz rolls into the ring and begins to set up some massive structure, with The Phoenix actually HELPING him even after trying to choke him. The two of them set up this massive pyramid of chairs... 6 unfolded on the bottom, 4 unfolded on top of those, and 2 folded on top of them... And The Phoenix adds to the nightmare by using the Kevlar gloves to wrap this structure in barbed wire. The two of them look on with pride at the pure pain that they've put together... and of course, turn on each other! Phoenix, being the fresher man in the match and having lost no blood so far, starts to win the battle as he hammers him with right hand after right hand, pushing Laz into one of the remaining intact sets of barbed wire. Grabbing the ladder that he brought into the match, Phoenix rushes Lazarus and rams him, sending him over the top and to the floor, onto a pile of glass that was left from the light tube that was smashed earlier. Rushing to the other side of the ring, Phoenix reaches underneath and pulls out a table... and another one! Pushing the two tables into the ring, Phoenix grabs the Singapore cane and walks to the other side of the ring... WHERE LAZ CRACKS HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH THE BARBED WIRE BASEBALL BAT! The bat sticks into Phoenix's mask and Corey grins as he boots Robinson in the chest, pushing him against the Dome before pulling the bat out. The blood is flowing out of Rob's mask as The Hollywood Kid poses, the crowd booing him unmercifully before gasping as the action above the Dome comes to a head! PX has got Riona and Stone both by their throats, looking for another chokeslam... Simultaneous boots to the gut and the rivals each put PX in a front facelock... OH MY GOD!!!! VERTICAL SUPLEX!!! PROJECT-X GOES CRASHING THROUGH THE GLASS AND 20 FEET ALL THE WAY DOWN INTO THE RING!!!!

Jon McDaniel: *completely speechless*


PX lands on the same light tubes that Virus landed on earlier in the match, nearly putting a hole in the ring and almost causing the pyramid of chairs to come crashing down. As it is, Corey Lazarus leaves The Phoenix bloody at ringside and slides into the ring, quickly making the cover on Project-X. 1...2...3!!!!!


Eric Emerson: Project-X has been eliminated!!

Brian Rentfro: Bodies are flying left and right and I LOVE IT!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Careers may be ended tonight! How can you enjoy this?

Brian Rentfro: ASK THE CROWD!!!

The crowd is still chanting HOLY SHIT over and over again as Riona and Stone look down at the carnage in the middle of the ring. Taking a look at each other, they both walk to opposite sides of the Dome, not wanting to take a fall like they just put Project-X through as PX is slowly helped to the back. Riona is the first one back into the cage of the two as Corey stands in the middle of the ring, beckoning her to enter. Riona grins as she grabs the barbed wire baseball bat that Corey abandoned when he rushed in to pin Project-X. Taking a swing against the Dome, Riona slides into the ring and the two of them circle amongst the weapons and destruction in the ring. Finally, Riona is the first to strike, going for a home run swing at Corey's legs, but Laz jumps out of the way, allowing Riona to spin around before grabbing her in a full-nelson... AND HITS RIONA WITH HER OWN DETONATOR! Riona's injured back takes the brunt of the move as Corey rolls around in pain, having landed on the remants of the broken glass in the center of the ring. He slowly crawls over to Riona, hooking the leg for the pinfall... 1... 2... KICKOUT! Corey sits up in irritation as Viktor Stone reenters the Dome. Viktor and The Phoenix both enter the ring, looking down at Corey as he pulls Riona to her feet, and begin to slug it out. Meanwhile, Lazarus kicks Riona in the back of her leg, causing her to fall back to one knee. Corey then grins delivers a stiff kick to her chest, and then another stiff kick to her upper back. Corey then hits the ropes, and charges at Riona, kicking off of their thigh, turning around in mid-air, and RIONA DUCKS THE BIG KICK TO THE SIDE OF HER HEAD! Corey rolls to his feet as Riona stumbles to hers, and he tackles her to the mat, raining down punches.

Jon McDaniel: I'm trying to catch my breath here...

Brian Rentfro: While you do that, I'll let everyone know that evading Corey's Coming Attractions isn't often done. Corey may have underestimated Riona here.

Meanwhile, Stone has Phoenix in the corner as he rams down knees on the PWA President. Bringing him to his feet, he drags Phoenix out of the corner and sets him up for an Exploder Suplex right next to the pyramid of chairs! The crowd comes to their feet at this, but thier anticipation is cut short as Phoenix elbows out of the hold and instead shifts himself, lifting Stone into a Uranage and slamming him down on the remants of the chair that Virus went through! Pointing to the ladder to the cheers of the crowd, he grabs Stone and throws him on top of it before running the ring and leaping up, hitting a STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS ONTO STONE! Phoenix pops up from the impact and pulls Stone off of the ladder before opening it up on it's stide and putting Stone's knee into the opening... AND SLAMS IT DOWN ON HIS KNEE! Stone's screams cause Corey to falter in his punches, and this allows Riona to roll the two over, where she begins to rain punches down on Corey! Phoenix looks at the situation of the ring, and grabs one of the tables, setting it up in the corner. Walking over to Stone, he boots him in the face to keep him calm before pulling him out of the ladder and dragging him over to the table. Standing Stone up against the table, Phoenix pulls back and rushes forward going for a DROPKICK THROUGH THE TA...STONE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY, AND PHOENIX CRASHES THROUGH! Seeing how Phoenix isn't getting up for a while, Stone limps his way over to Riona and pulls her off of his ally, receving a knife-edge chop for his troubles. Riona chops Viktor down to a knee, but Viktor reaches up and rakes Riona's eyes, causing her to stumble as Corey gets to his feet. The two allies look at each other and attack, Viktor going high and Corey going low with kicks as Riona faces TOTAL ELIMINATION! Viktor goes for the cover, hooking both legs... 1... 2.... KICKOUT!!!!

Jon McDaniel: How did she kick out of that?!?

Brian Rentfro: Simple, she just used energy to get her shoulders off the mat.

Jon McDaniel: I know how to kick out, I meant how she got the energy to do it!

Brian Rentfro: She's crazy psycho?

Viktor and Corey can't believe the tenacity of Riona Langly as they drag her to her feet once more, and then look over at the pyramid of chairs that Laz and Phoenix constructed. Giving each other a signal, Viktor stands by the pyramid as Corey prepares Riona to be bodydropped into it. However, as Corey throws her into Stone, Riona stops her momentum, kicking Viktor in the gut, and going for the DEVOLUTION!!! Corey quickly rushes in and forearms Riona in the back of the head, breaking the standing head scissors. Riona stumbles backwards into the pyramid of chairs, but doesn't knock them over as Viktor and Corey tell Riona to bring it on. Riona obliges, rushing the pair, who miss a chance at a clothesline. Riona slides to the outside on the ropeless side as Viktor and Corey smirk at her... and then both get in IMMENSE pain as they're both given low-blows by The Phoenix! Riona slides back into the ring and grabs the barbed wire bat, smacking Viktor Stone in the ribs with it as Phoenix grabs Corey Lazarus and pulls him into THE FLAME! Corey, however, manages to wiggle out of the hold and back-bodydrops Phoenix right to the mat. Riona pulls Viktor Stone over to the chairs and looks to slingshot him into the pyramid, but Corey clotheslines Riona to save his ally! Grabbing ahold of the barbed wire bat, Corey whacks Riona right in the chest, ripping off the rest of her PWA hockey jersey and leaving her in just her sports bra, which is barely hanging by a thread anyway. Corey leers a bit at Riona, but it doesn't last very long as he tells Viktor to get back in position to put Riona through the pyramid of chairs once again. Viktor ignores Phoenix as he gets into position, but he probably shouldn't of as Phoenix suddenly gets to his feet and HITS VIKTOR RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH POWDER!

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix with a dirty trick! That snake!

Brian Rentfro: Who cares about the powder? RIONA'S ALMOST SHOWING BOOBS!

Jon McDaniel: Don't you have the internet?

Brian Rentfro: They're all whores... This is one of the rare chances I'll get to see them.

Viktor stumbles a bit, and right into the grasp of Phoenix as he lifts him up for a Death Valley Driver. Corey sees this and immediately shoves Riona to the floor and rushes back, pulling Stone out of the hold and clubbing Phoenix in the back of the head. The two of them look at each other and gutwrench Phoenix onto their shoulders before running and THROWING THE PHOENIX THROUGH THE PYRAMID OF CHAIRS AND BARBED WIRE WITH A FLAPJACK SPINBUSTER! Rob Robinson lies in the pile of steel, as Corey and Stone look proud of themselves. This doesn't last very long as Riona Langly comes back into play, running into the ring with a steel pipe! WHAM! Stone takes the pipe right to the skull! Corey takes a swing at Riona, but Riona ducks! She drops the pipe and kicks out Corey's knee, locking him into a reverse face lock. Laz tries to squirm out of the hold, but Riona's grip is too strong as she lifts him FOR THE BOMB DROPPER REMIX! RIONA MAKES THE COVER... 1.... 2.... 3!!!!!


Eric Emerson: Corey Lazarus has been eliminated!!

Jon McDaniel: The Hollywood Kid is done!

Brian Rentfro: I gotta say, I'm a little shocked here man... I expected Laz to last longer.

Jon McDaniel: In a match like this, we can't be surprised at anything.

The crowd cheers as Riona rolls off of Corey, breating heavily, but she doesn't get much time to rest as Viktor Stone starts on the attack, wailing on Riona with a nasty set of elbows for removing his ally from this match. Phoenix still lies in the mess of steel chairs as Corey is dragged to the back, screaming out Riona's name in hate. Viktor picks up Riona by her hair and throws her through the barbed wire, sending her sprawling to the mat, the rest of her bra being cut off and her chest being exposed. Viktor pulls Phoenix out of the wreckage of the steel chairs and goes for a cover... 1... 2... NO! Rob Robinson manages to kick out at the last second. Stone sighs as he realizes that he needs to do more to get rid of either of the people left in this nightmare of a match. Dragging himself over to the unfolded table, Stone sets it up and pulls Robinson to his feet, yanking him by his mask over to the table before throwing him onto it. Slamming his head with a nasty set of elbows, Stone hops onto the table with Robinson and lifts him up for A TOMBSTONE PILEDRI-NOOO!!! Phoenix manages to fight out of this, hitting a boot to the gut of Stone before grabbing him around the shoulders and under the waist and flexing backwards, turning in the air and THROWING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A RELEASE POWERSLAM!! The crowd pops huge as Phoenix falls to the mat, taking a moment to get his energy back as Stone lays motionless outside the ring. Looking down at Stone on the floor, Phoenix sighs as he realizes he's going to have to do everything to win and leaps off the table, hitting THE ASHES RIGHT ONTO THE FLOOR!!!


Brian Rentfro: WOO! FULL BOOBAGE! Oh... Yeah, well, I guess he really wants to win the title or something. Meanwhile... BOOBS!

Jon McDaniel: Get laid, will you?

Both men lie in a heap on the floor as Riona slides into the ring, getting catcalls from the crowd as she carries a guitar she retrieved from under the ring. Grabbing ahold of the bag of mystery thrown in earlier in the match, Riona opens it, emptying THOUSANDS OF THUMBTACKS AND PIECES OF BROKEN GLASS INTO THE GUITAR! Seeing both her opponents on the outside of the ring, she carefully places the guitar onto the mat and rolls outside as both Stone and Phoenix start to get to their feet. All three meet on the outside of the ring... AND IT'S A SLUGFEST! Riona is the weakest of the trio, having lost the most blood, but she's got the most fire as she fires off fist after fist onto Stone and Robinson. The wiley veteran he is, Rob escapes the fight between Riona and Stone and slides into the ring... Stone's size advantage and style would seemingly give him the advantage in such a fight, but Riona holds her own as her strikes are stiff and precise to Stone's wilder, angry brawling. However for the IC champion, Stone's advantage is too much and he starts to push her back into the cage, where he starts to hammer on her with viscious body shots. Riona kneels over, and Viktor doesn't let her get too much of a break as he slams her into the cage with a big running shoulder. Riona gasps for breath, and Stone smiles at his handiwork as Riona falls into a sitting position, which is just perfect for him as he takes his boot and starts to choke Riona out against the side of the cage. He would get far with this tactic to take Riona out of the match, but Phoenix flies back into the scene with a wicked shot with a Singapore Cane!

Jon McDaniel: Why would Robinson save Riona there?

Brian Rentfro: Riona's more damaged. Phoenix is looking out for himself here, and if saving Riona works for him, then he'll do it.

Stone drops from the shot, and Phoenix looks at Riona, smirking a bit at her topless state before grabbing Stone and throwing him into the ring. Phoenix twirls the cane a bit before he starts to beat on Viktor Stone with it. Riona picks herself back up and slides into the ring, only to be met with a cane shot to the face for her troubles. Smiling at his good fortune, Phoenix grabs the ladder and sets it up against the corner, before slinging Riona into it face first with a handful of hair. Turning around to grab Viktor Stone, Phoenix throws him into the corner with the ladder as well, a smile on his face as Stone rams Riona in her injured back. Phoenix gets a little running room, and leaps for a Stinger Splash, but Stone turns around and boots him in the gut! WHIPPERSNAPPER! Stone looks at Phoenix twitching, and then at Riona, and makes a choice, ramming Riona in the kidneys with a pair of stiff knees before he pulls her out of the ladder and throws her into the barbed wire. Riona nearly pulls the wire out of it's socket from the impact, as she cries out in pain shooting up her back, but it's not enough to deter Viktor Stone as he grabs the ladder and rushes forward, right into one of Riona's Reeboks as she gets a foot up to stop his progress. Painfully ripping herself off of the wire, Riona limps forward right into Viktor's Front-Facelock! Stone moves Riona towards the middle of the ring... and RIONA REVERSES, HITTING VIKTOR WITH A BRIDGING NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! 1... 2... NOOOO!

Brian Rentfro: Riona's caught alot of people sleeping with that suplex in the past.

Jon McDaniel: Well, this isn't exactly an ordinary match.

The crowd can't believe Viktor kicked out of Riona's surprise suplex, but cheer as both Viktor and Riona roll away from the mess, each grabbing a weapon as Riona grabs her guitar and Stone grabs the barbed wire baseball bat... STONE SWINGS FOR THE FENCES... STRIKE! RIONA DUCKS AND KILLS VIKTOR STONE WITH A MASSIVE GUITAR HIT, SENDING THUMBTACKS AND GLASS EXPLODING ALL OVER THE RING! Stone falls like a redwood tree and Riona collapses on him... 1.... 2.... 3!!!!!!


Eric Emerson: Viktor Stone has been eliminated!!


Jon McDaniel: Jesus! The ring is covered in glass and tacks!

Brian Rentfro: This is gonna make the ending all the sweeter my friend. TIME FOR MORE BLOOD!

Riona is breathing super heavily as the exertion of this match is taking it's toll on her. As Stone is helped out of the ring, both Riona and Robinson slowly make their way to a vertical base. Riona tosses aside the remnants of her guitar, and we see the ring is covered in tacks, broken glass, broken tables, steel chairs, and blood. Riona is covered in the red stuff, especially her back, and Phoenix isn't looking too good either as lacerations are open all over his body, with head wounds evident in his mask. The crowd is still crazy for this match, as everyone is on their feet, chanting P W A, P W A... Both Riona and Phoenix circle each other and rush in for a lockup! Phoenix, still the freshest person in the match, manages to get the upper hand quickly, grabbing Riona in a hammerlock and quickly suplexing her down into some of the shards of glass! Riona arches her back, but Phoenix drops down, going for a quick cover... 1.... 2.... THR... NO! Riona kicks out at about 2.9999 or so, just before Schlock's hand touched the mat for three. Some fans don't even know that it wasn't a three at first and begin to celebrate, but when Tim raises to fingers into the air and says it was only a two many in the crowd are stunned as is Robinson who pushes himself back up onto his knees before pounding his fist on the ground, noticing a puddle of Riona's blood on the ground moving from this. Slowly Robinson stands back up to a vertical base with a smirk on his face before pulling Riona up off the ground once more so she is facing away from him. The fans in the arena rebound after the last disappointment and come to life as Robinson places Riona up onto his shoulders in a Torture Rack position before turning to hit Langly with a BURNING HAMMER into a puddle of her own blood... NOOOO! Somehow Riona is able to roll backwards off Rob's shoulders before hooking Phoenix's arms with one of his arms and his legs and hitting Steve with a CRUCIFIX DRIVER!! The roof almost blows off the arena as cheers rain down on the blood covered soaked Riona who rolls on top of Phoenix after hitting this dangerous move, 1...2...2.999 count!!!


Jon McDaniel: Well, Phoenix IS a veteran of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: I know, but both of these wrestlers have GOT to be ready to give by now.

Jon McDaniel: It's the PWA World Heavyweight Championship... For these two, they'll do anything to win it.

Phoenix kicks out to the shock and joy of the fans even after almost seemingly having his neck snapped in two. An angry, blood drenched Riona slowly sits up to her knees as Tim Schlock crawls over from counting to check on Phoenix who has barely moved besides when he kicked out of that last move. Riona slips out to the outside, looking under the ring as Phoenix slowly gets to his feet, dazed after Riona's last move. Rob now turns around, expecting to see Riona but instead just finding a bloody pile on the floor from where Riona’s face had set. Robinson just catches a glimpse of what he thinks is Langly on the outside and walks over to the barbed wire strands nearest where Riona was laying. Phoenix is shocked to not find anything but ends up more shocked when a limping Riona comes up from behind Phoenix and nails him with a can of gasoline! Phoenix falls forward and into the barbed wire ropes, his abdominal and chest flesh ripping on the wire as this happens. Riona doesn’t bother with Phoenix though but instead grabs the barbed wire baseball bat and opens the canister of gasoline, pouring it all over the bat. With the crowd going absolutely insane, Riona closes the container and throws it to the outside before reaching into her left pocket and pulling out a lighter! More screams of shock and joy come from the crowd as Riona grabs the handle of the baseball bat and lifts it up into the air. Phoenix begins to get to his knees, holding his chest as Riona flips open the top of the silver lighter. Holding the lighter and baseball bat away from her, Riona gets the lighter to light and the fumes of gas explode immediately, lighting up the arena quickly before going out and leaving Riona to set the barbed wire baseball bat on fire!!


Brian Rentfro: SHOW NO MERCY RIONA!!!


Brian Rentfro: MAKE ME!

Phoenix is now up to his feet and sees this, not knowing what he can do to combat it. He sees a steel pole behind him and turns to grab it but instead gets a shot from the BURNING BARBED WIRE BASEBALL BAT TO THE BACK!!! Rob yells out in pain and falls face first down to the mat, holding his back. Riona just screams though and yells at Rob to get up. Rob slowly struggles to get up but as soon as he gets to his knees Riona nails him with the flaming barbed wire baseball bat AGAIN. Robinson screams in pain and Riona loves it, staring at the flame in awe. Riona goes for one more strike, but instead gets a a wicked chair shot from Robinson as he manages all he can into the strike! Riona falls to her knees and drops the flaming baseball bat which is promptly picked up by Rob. Riona continues to try and recover from the chair shot, which has opened her up big time, as Robinson pushes himself to his feet and tees up with the flaming baseball bat before swinging it like a golf club and DRIVING IT INTO RIONA’S FACE!! The crowd jeers heavily as Robinson tosses the bat aside, letting it burn in the pile of chairs left from Corey Lazarus, as he pulls Riona into a standing head scissors and hits THE FLAME! Riona's head spikes off of the mat as The Phoenix drops down, going for the cover... ONE.... TWOOO... THRE.... KICCCCCKKKKOOOOUUUUTTTTTTT~!!!!!! Phoenix cannot believe it as Riona manages to kick out of his finisher. Looking over at the ladder, Phoenix has a great idea as he pulls himself to his feet and drags ass over to the ladder setting it up in just the right position.

Brian Rentfro: This is NUTS! They're gonna kill each other for the title!

Jon McDaniel: I don't think either of them cares what you think.

Slowly, The Phoenix starts to climb the ladder as the crowd begs and pleads for Riona to get to her feet. After what seems like an eternity, The Phoenix get to the top of the ladder, looking down on Riona... AND PHOENIX FLIES OFF THE LADDER WITH THE ASHES!!! HE QUICKLY MAKES THE COVER!!! ONE.... TWOOO.... KICKOUT!!!!!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix can't believe it!

Brian Rentfro: Aw, come on! How did she kick out of that, she's damn near dead!

In the ring ,the Phoenix is wondering the same thing and starts to argue with the ref, slamming his hand on the mat repeatedly to make his point. The referee gets back in Phoenix's face and holds up two fingers. Phoenix throws his hands in the air and gets to his feet, then bends down to pull Riona up by the hair. Riona sends Robinson down to his knees with a low blow and he slowly slides down into a fetal position as she crawls to the ladder to pull herself up. She slowly starts to climb the ladder as Phoenix lays on the mat, writhing in agony. She gets halfway up the ladder when Phoenix gets to his feet and starts to lurch towards her. Abandoning her previous plan, she flies off the ladder with a flying cross body before Robinson can get to her. Phoenix manages to catch her, but staggers backwards and nearly collapses. However, he finds his footing, spins her 90 degrees and hits the Flame before collapsing on top of her! ONE......TWO.....THREE!!!!!!


Jon McDaniel: God damnit!

Brian Rentfro: The Phoenix shows why he's the smartest man in wrestling again!


The Phoenix hops to his feet in joy as Tim Schlock is handed through the Dome, the PWA World's Heavyweight Championship, as well as a towel for Riona. The towel is draped over Riona as Phoenix grabs the PWA World Championship and holds it up high as fireworks shoot across the arena, confetti and streamers falling from the sky as one of the most grotesque, violent matches in PWA history ends with a new, PWA World Champion.

Jon McDaniel: Rob Robinson, PWA World Champion for the fourth time.

Brian Rentfro: We're never going to hear the end of it on PWA Radio, are we?

Jon McDaniel: Probably not, probably not.


The Final Countdown cuts out for a the moment the crowd is still buzzing... however Xmas @ Ground Zero does not go off the air...

Brian Rentfro: “Now I know this is the end of the show, but I haven't gotten the word that we're off air!”

Jon McDaniel: “Maybe something else is supposed to happen?”

The Phoenix kind of strides around the ring alittle before “Voices” By Rev Theory hits the ADC Tron! The Phoenix stops dead in his tracks and turns around slowly... the music cuts out almost as soon as it

Jon McDaniel: “Or maybe we're having Technical Difficulties...”

Brian Rentfro : “After such a great show! Damn I knew it was too good to be true...”

The champ just laughs it off and then begins to step out of the ring... then “Whatever You Became” By Cold hits the ADC TRON!

Jon McDaniel: “What the! Thats the Retired Mark McNasty's Theme Music!! Now I know we're having Technical Difficulties...”

Phoenix stumbles back into the ring as the music plays, it then cuts out, a loud buzzing sound fills the arena... as if a microphone cable had been unplugged. Then buzzing sound cuts away and the champ looks around as if their moment in the sun had been blocked out by clouds... when it rains it pours... the crowd begins to shout and cheer as up on the Stage, someone, standing in all black clothing, Black Dress Pants, a black button up shirt, black long sleeve undershirt and a “Guy Fawkes” Mask looks down on the new champion... a chair in his hand, and a microphone in the other...

Jon McDaniel: “WHOA! Is that?! IS THAT WHO I THINK IT IS?!”

Brian Rentfro: “Its “The Talent is a Lie” Guy! What is he doing here! The Talent here is all true!”

Jon McDaniel: “But look what he has! Does that mean we'll get to hear his real voice today right here!”

The Masked man brings the microphone up to where his mouth would be and over the speakers is the familiar choppy female voice.

“You thought you could be rid of me, but I finally have found the true lie... it is that piece of trash down In the ring...”

The crowd Ooo's as the Phoenix begins to the step out of the ring...

The figure points the chair at him.

“Tonight... You will pay for your crimes... and you will pay for the crimes this entire company has suffered... this entire federations Judgement has come... The Talent is a Lie! THE TALENT IS A LIE!”

The Champ stops for a moment as the figure walks down to the ring, followed by many others in masks and the same kind of attire... from over the barricades, fans wearing masks join them ring side, Even men in Security jackets wearing masks are helping fans over the barricades, and they themselves follow behind them... it wasn't long before the entire ringside was filled by people, circling the new champion the ring.

Jon McDaniel: “This is Anarchy out here! The champ is going to get torn to pieces out there!”

The circle of people stops, then the lone figure in the mask wielding the chair rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring.

His voice can be heard under the mask.

“You knew this was coming, I'm just sorry it had to be you”

The Man hoists up the chair and is met with a right hook to the gut, the Phoenix brings him down with a quick side take down, he pulls the masked man into a head lock and rips the mask off his face. To reveal no one of real significance, just a man in a mask...

The champ backs up and turns around, he looks around, everyone still wearing their masks. Then same female voice comes over the speakers.

“Everyone must reveal their true selves at some point... tonight, every man and woman in masks will show their true selves... it is only a matter of time till everyone else shows their true faces...”

Every ring side begins to take of their masks, Phoenix looks around, their all nobodies, just fans and everyday joes.

Phoenix then spins around and comes to face with one last person in a mask. The Phoenix steps backwards and bumps into Scottie Snow, who has appeared behind him. The Phoenix cocks his fist back but stops just before he swings at Scottie. Snow and Phoenix look at each other, nod their heads and rush the figure in black. Phoenix stops after a couple of steps, letting Scottie Snow run into the figure, who backs up and quickly kicks Snow in the gut, before you Could say “Canadian Destroyer” the figure pulls off the most perfect Canadian Destroyer, cracking the Panther's skull off the canvas... the last masked man looks over at the Phoenix and walks over to shake his hand before lifting his head up high, slowly pulling off his mask..

Jon McDaniel: “Who is it?!”

Brian Rentfro: “I can't get a good look!”

The masked man pulls the mask off and brings his face down, the camera gets a good look at the shaggy looking “Grade A” Alex Wilkie!

Jon McDaniel: “OH MY GOD!”

Brian Rentfro: “ALL THIS TIME IT WAS HIM!”

Jon McDaniel: “NO WAY!!”


The crowd explodes into cheers as Alex tosses the mask out of the ring and into the crowd, he just grins as the Phoenix raises his arm in the air.

Xmas @ Ground Zero goes off the air.