World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Cody Bogard vs Jack Spades

Singles Match

The bell sounds as Jack darts towards Cody for an attack but is met with a stiff forearm shot which takes him down. The camera zooms in to show that right off the bat Spades is bleeding hard way from that first attack from Bogard. Spades uses the sight of his own blood to amp himself up as he mounts an offence on Cody with rights, lefts, and clubbing blows. Spades is in control and has Bogard down as he climbs to the top for his pants down moonsault but Cody moves out of the way and catches Jack with the Kikosho Driver after he gets up, pinning Spades for the win.

Winner: Cody Bogard

After the match ends, Cody Bogard celebrates his hard earned victory, but that celebration is cut short as "Cult of Personality" hits the ADC-Tron and PWA World Champion Emily Corlen walks out onto the stage, amused.

Emily Corlen: Cody, Cody, Cody. I'm glad you found the time to put down your Yaoi collection and remember that you're a professional wrestler long enough to actually win a match.

She golf claps for Bogard, clearly unimpressed. Cody, meanwhile, motions for her to come to the ring before motioning for the belt around his waist.

Emily Corlen: Oh, no, honey, I'm not out here because of MY title. You haven't done anything to earn a shot at this Championship. No, I'm out here as an official RXW Ambassador to inform you that your match at Manitoba Mayhem against my boyfriend, Matt Stone... will NOT be for the RXW World Championship.

The crowd boos as Cody yells in Emily's direction.

Emily Corlen: I'm not completely heartless, Cody, so here's what will be happening. At Manitoba Mayhem, you face Matt in a non-title match. If you win, you will receive a future shot against Matt for the RXW World Title and you can pretend like you matter for a few weeks until he turns you into a fine paste once the title's on the line. But if you lose, Cody... then you can NEVER challenge for the RXW World Championship again, as long as my man holds that title. Those are the terms. Take them, because you don't have a choice.

She pauses for a moment.

Emily Corlen: And good luck at Manitoba Mayhem, Cody. Trust me when I say you will need every single ounce of it you can get.

Emily winks and blows a kiss at Cody as "Cult of Personality" kicks in and Emily walks backstage as the scene fades to commercial.

Emperor Ian vs Justin Case

Singles Match

Justin Case and Emperor Ian locked up in the middle of the ring, Case connecting with a knee lift doubling Ian over before snapping him over with a suplex. Case floated over and went for a cover, getting a one count. Ian fought his way to his feet, connecting with a hard elbow to Case’s head. Justin backed up and Ian grabs him, dropping him on his back with a scoop slam. Ian dropped his elbow down across Case’s chest and went for a cover, only netting a two count. Ian grabbed Case and lifted him to his feet, grabbing his head in a front chancery, however Case spun out of it and delivered a stiff clothesline to Ian, knocking him flat on his back. Case hit the ropes and came back, leaping in the air and driving his knee into the forehead of Ian. Case picked the Emperor up and dropped him straight back down with a reverse DDT. Case hooked his outside leg, but Ian was able to kick out. Case was annoyed, picking Ian up and looking to set him up with the Just 2 Talented, however Ian countered with a back body drop. Case landed hard on his back as Ian turned around. As Case was getting up, Ian hit the ropes and went for a hard clothesline, however Case countered, grabbing his arm and forcing him down to the mat, trapping Ian’s arm between his legs as Case pulled back, locking in his Choice. Ian tried to fight to the ropes, but he wasn’t able to make the crawl and was forced to tap out

Winner: Justin Case

Country Boy's Gunna Burn

The PWA-tron pops to life and the crowd immediately roars their joy and approval for Jethro Hayes, standing beside the "Southern Hero" is none other than intrepid reporter Bud Adams.

Bud: "Jethro, you requested this interview, but first I have a question. How do you feel about what The Phoenix did in costing you the PWA World Title?"

Jethro curls his lip in disgust.

Jethro: "Normally it wouldn't bother me, but the fact that people say he cost me the title is bullshit Bud. I cost me that title by giving in to him and giving chase; not once but twice."

Bud goes to speak, but Jethro isn't finished.

"Not only that, but someone undeserving is now PWA World Champion, unworthy to hold this company on her shoulders, unable to hold up to the pressure, unable to do more than brag about the fact that she's finally done it. All I've got to say is bitch, I did it first and better."

Bud nods.

Bud: "Harsh words for Emily Corlen, current PWA World Champion."

Jethro laughs.

JH: "Not to mention paper Tag Team Champion over in Rebel Pro, but as soon as they get the guts... they won't have them belts any longer; not when a true team takes them away from them. And before Emily says anything smartassed, I'm talking about S2N taking them belts away honey."

He nods.

"But I'm not quite finished about that night. Phoenix pulled the rope out of my reach and that cost me the Grizzly Beer Championship that night; a secondary prize, but a belt never the less. However, the thing is this; Phoenix wants to make others miserable like him when Thomas Manchester Black lucked his two belts from him. He wants others to suffer the humility of defeat like he did."

Bud just stands there listening.

"He wants to tear down the PWA. He wants to burn down the PWA. He wants it to rise up from the ashes of the remains... I've heard all of that shit before Bud. And let it be known that he'll be stopped like every other jackass that's tried this same old game before."

Bud: "How do you feel about what he did to Scottie Snow, in your place, and the fact you can't touch him?"

Jethro smiles coldly.

JH: "What he did to Snow... was deserved, but not in my place. He deserved it because Scottie Snow is much better than he has shown in the past. He deserved it for being a Phoenix lacky. But as far as him being a sacrifice in my place? I say bullshit Bud, Phoenix is just mad and crazy, looking for someone to take out his aggressions on, because he can't hack it in this business anymore."

Bud: "And.... thisinterviewisover!"

Jethro turns at the alarm in his voice and sees a bandaged Scottie Snow standing right behind him.

Scottie Snow: And the Phoenix rose from the ashes and he said, "I am created, Shiva the Destroyer, the breaker of worlds."

The lights in the arena go out and the Phoenix's new entrance music, Oh, Death starts to play. After several seconds, the lights come on and standing in the ring are Scottie Snow and Jethro Hayes, along with Might & Magic. Moke Doshky is holding Jethro's arms behind him is punching a now bloody Jethro in the face. The Phoenix comes out in his black hooded cloak and makes his way to the ring. He steps inside and stands face to face with Jethro before pulling back his hood.

The Phoenix: Listen to this crowd, Jethro. Do you hear how they're cheering? It isn't for me, we both know that. But it isn't for you, either. These people, they don't give a damn about you. They're cheering because you're bleeding. That's all they care about. They just want you to bleed for them, Jethro. And you know what? For once, I'm more than happy to make that happen for them.

The Phoenix takes his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat and rakes it across Jethro's face.

The Phoenix: Now you're finally paying for your sins, Jethro. You've finally taken responsibility for your actions. True, it wasn't your choice to do so, but the important part is you've done it. Look at me, Jethro. I've taken everything from you. I own your house. I've kept you away from the PWA title belts. I've made you watch me beat an innocent man with a baseball bat in your name. And now, I've made you bleed just because I wanted to see your blood. I've broken you, Jethro. You may not realize it yet, but I have. And now, I'm going to reach into the ashes and create you anew. At Manitoba Mayhem, you're going to face me in a Last Man Standing match. Everything will be legal, Jethro. Use any weapons you want. Use any moves that you want. You'll get your chance to beat me to within an inch of my life. I want you to understand one thing right now, Jethro.

The Phoenix rakes the bat across his face again.

The Phoenix: Just wanted to make sure you're paying attention. Understand this, Jethro. I can give you everything you want or I can take it all away. I've been proving that these last few weeks. I've taken everything from you and now I'm giving you the only gift you really want. But this gift isn't free, Jethro. Not by a long shot. This blood, your blood, is just the down payment. In Manitoba, that's where I'll collect the full price, Jethro. And when I collect it, you'll know, have no doubts about that. And when that moment comes, remember what I've said tonight. Remember how this crowd cheers for your blood. And remember that this could have gone so much more badly for you tonight.

With that, the Phoenix swings the bat into Jethro's midsection and the big man collapses as the Phoenix and his lackeys leave.

Simon Kalis Appreciation Month

Week 1

Jon McDaniel: Let us now take you back to the debut of arguable the most controversial figure in the entire AoWF...Simon Kalis!

The scene opens now on the PWA arena almost three years ago to the month.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The Following match is a Table’s match! On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 215 pounds, from Memphis, TN, Scottie Snow!!!

[Scottie Snow comes to the ring making claws at the crowd as the swing cat version of The Pink Panthers theme plays throughout the arena. ]

Tamara Christopher-Onassi : Introducing...

"Talk" by Coldplay begins to play and the fans jump from their seats, cheering wildly in anticipation.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi : Weighing in at 100 and 80 pounds, standing an even six feet tall...

[The arena begins to tint a blood red, and as the music starts full steam Simon Kalis swaggers out in baggy black Avirex jeans tucked into his military style black boots with a black bandana tied in the front on his head and another black bandana covering his face. ]

Tamara Christopher-Onassi : Hailing from Montréal, Québec... Please welcome!! SIMON KALIS!!!!!!

[ He swaggers out from the back, mockingly using his arms like an airplane as he steps out bobbing his head to the music. He snaps himself back into a straight posture, and rushes towards the ring, sliding in underneath the bottom rope before heading to the corner and jumping onto the top rope, throwing his arms up in the air. Kalis undoes the bandana from his face and throws it into the cheering crowd as he stretches his arms out while moving his body to the beat of the rhythem of the song. He heads for each corner and climbs up to the top, throwing up the westside hand sign to the roaring cheers of the fans. He finally jumps down from the fourth corner, and stomps his feet in preparing for battle.]

[Dwayne Cross is the referee for this contest. Dwayne Cross checks Kalis's boots and knee pads then does the same to Scottie Snow. (ring, ring, ring) The Panther bites Simon Kalis's arm out of desparation. The Panther grabs Simon Kalis's head and bites him in the face. Simon pins Scottie Snow against the ropes and chokes him with his forearm. Kalis kicks Scottie Snow in the stomach. Scottie Snow grabs Simon's leg and takes him down. Now Simon is back standing. Scottie Snow tries to execute a headlock takedown but can’t as Simon overpowers him. Simon dropkicks Scottie Snow to the outside of the ring. Kalis is hit with a backward kick as he jumps off the ring apron. Kalis is up again. Simon delivers a kick to the head of The Panther. The Panther gets back to his feet. Scottie Snow gets hit with a back heel kick. ]

Jester Jay: The Panther takes a back heel kick. I don’t like either of this guys.

[ The Panther gets back to his feet. Kalis takes The Panther down with a thrust kick to the back of the knee. ]

Tear Gutter: Scottie Snow takes a knee.

[ The Panther kicks Simon Kalis in the stomach and executes the sitdown face slam. The Panther stands up. Simon Kalis gets back to his feet. Scottie Snow hits Simon Kalis with an earringer and follows up with a corkscrew armdrag. Simon Kalis hits a spinning leg lariat on Scottie Snow sending him to the concrete. Scottie Snow moves back to his feet. Kalis kicks Scottie Snow in the groin. ]


[ Simon legsweeps Scottie Snow. Scottie Snow climbs to his feet. Simon Kalis kicks Scottie Snow in the gut, takes a few steps back, and scissor kicks him to the concrete. Kalis knee drops Scottie Snow. Simon is up again. Simon takes Scottie Snow into the ring. ]

Jester Jay: Kalis is really taking it to Scottie Snow.

[Scottie Snow moves back to his feet and into the ring. The Panther takes Kalis off his feet with a short-arm clothesline, Kalis is knocked on the mat and Scottie Snow tries to flip onto him. Kalis moves back to his feet avoiding Scottie’s flip atttempt. Simon Kalis executes a ropeflip hiptoss on The Panther. Kalis fist drops Scottie Snow on the mat. Kalis is back on his feet. Scottie Snow gets up. Kalis grabs The Panther by the arm and breaks it over his shoulder. Simon Kalis hits The Panther with a heart punch. Now The Panther standing. Scottie Snow executes a spinning back suplex on Simon. The Panther is up again. Scottie Snow takes Simon out to the floor. ]

Tear Gutter: Don't you dare switch the channel! This is getting truly intense!

[ Simon gets back to his feet. Kalis punches Scottie Snow in the gut. Simon starts choking Snow on the ring apron. Kalis tosses Snow back into the ring and follows. ]

Jester Jay: Damn, never seen anyone use the ring apron like that before!

[Simon Kalis executes a jumping sidekick on The Panther. The Panther is up again. Scottie Snow throws Simon Kalis off the ropes and hits him with a diving shoulder block. Simon Kalis gets up. Simon jabs Scottie Snow. Scottie Snow climbs to the top and tries to hit Kalis with a flying clothesline. Scottie Snow is back on his feet after he misses. Simon uppercuts a rising Scottie Snow back to the mat. Kalis hits a spinning mule kick on Snow.
Jester Jay: Scottie Snow takes a spinning mule kick.

[Scottie Snow gets hit with a diving elbow smash from Kalis. Kalis is up again. Scottie Snow climbs to his feet. Simon Kalis superkicks Scottie Snow. Kalis executes a corkscrew legdrop on Scottie Snow. ]

Tear Gutter: corkscrew legdrop! Damn that looked like it hurt.

[ Kalis climbs to his feet. The Panther gets back to his feet. The Panther uses a cradle suplex on Kalis. The Panther stands up. The Panther takes Kalis into the ring. Kalis hiptosses Scottie Snow. Simon knees The Panther and rolls back to his feet. The Panther executes the brain buster on Kalis. The Panther chants start. ]

Tear Gutter: That brain buster was very good.
Jester Jay: Surprising coming from Snow.

[Now The Panther standing. Scottie Snow takes Simon out to the floor. Scottie Snow hits Simon with a flying senton. ]

Tear Gutter: The Panther executes a flying senton, maybe Robinson taught him something afterall.

[ The Panther gets up. The Panther takes Kalis into the ring. The Panther puts Kalis in an arm grapevine submission. The Panther stomps Simon Kalis. ]

Jester Jay: Simon takes a stomp.

[ Kalis moves back to his feet. Simon mule kicks The Panther. Simon rolls onto The Panther connecting with a knee. The Panther stands up. Simon Kalis with a headscissors takeover on Scottie Snow. Scottie Snow is up again. Kalis uses a closed fist on The Panther. The Panther hits a flying karate chop right to Simon's neck. Simon hits The Panther with the back of his elbow. Scottie Snow hits Simon with a rolling elbow smash to the face. Kalis gets hit with a diving elbow smash from The Panther. The Panther executes a corkscrew legdrop on Simon. Now Simon standing. Scottie Snow monkey flips Kalis onto the mat. The Panther rolls onto Simon connecting with a knee. Scottie Snow executes a flying knee drop right to the gut of Kalis. Scottie Snow gets back to his feet. Scottie Snow goes off the top and hits a flying sitdown splash on Simon Kalis. Simon Kalis climbs to his feet. Simon Kalis leg lariats Scottie Snow, sending him to the mat. Simon follows The Panther to the floor. Simon Kalis leg drops The Panther. Simon Kalis takes Scottie Snow into the ring. Now Scottie Snow standing. Scottie Snow uses a snap mare takeover on Simon Kalis. Simon Kalis climbs to his feet. Kalis kicks The Panther in the gut, takes a few steps back, and scissor kicks him to the mat. Simon fist drops Scottie Snow on the mat. Simon executes the Sincerely knocking Snow right out. ]

Tear Gutter: I think this may be over.

Jester Jay: it seems that way, look Kalis has brought a table into the ring finally.
[ Kalis sets up the table to the thunderous roar of the crowd. He sets up near the corner turnbuckle. He takes Snow up top with him and hits him with a devasting invertabreaker through the table.]

Tear Gutter & Jester Jay: SENTENCING OF THE DAMNED!

Ding Ding Ding

Tamara Chrisopther-Onassi: The winner of this match, Simon Kalis!!!

Dagger vs Mr. Hardcore

Singles Match

The match starts with Dagger and Hardcore meeting in the ring, Dagger ducking under a right hand and chopping Hardcore’s ribs. Dagger then connects with a pump kick to her opponent’s head. Dagger locks up with Hardcore, who’ still the stronger of the two and backs Dagger up in a corner. Referee Scott Swindell starts counting and Hardcore backs up, not expecting the reverse elbow that meets his face. Dagger sits atop the turnbuckle and dives off with a dropkick, sending Hardcore backwards to the mat. Dagger gets to her feet first, grabbing Hardcore’s head and driving it straight down with a DDT. Dagger went for a cover and got a two count. She picks up Hardcore and whips him into the corner, but he reverses and Dagger hits the corner. Hardcore follows up, going for a big splash, but Dagger evades the contact, Hardcore bouncing off the top turnbuckle. Dagger quickly climbs to the top and leaps off, spinning slightly, her heel connecting straight with Hardcore’s face! Your beauty no more connecting and Hardcore is down for the count, Dagger hooking his outside leg and getting the 1 2 3

Winner: Dagger

Major Announcement

Happenstance recap

Moments before the main event is set to begin, "Cult of Personality" hits the RXW-Tron and Emily Corlen walks out onto the stage, her PWA World Championship over her shoulder and a smile on her face.

Nick Webb: Earlier in the day, rumors broke of a huge announcement that would affect RXW and even the AoWF as a whole! Are we about to find out what that announcement is?

Rayne: I hope so! I can't wait! I bet they signed some HUGE talent! I hear Jonathan Cage is looking! Imagine if Corlen signed a Kalis! Phoenix! Second 2 None!

The music fades and Emily adjusts her Championship as she lifts the mic in her free hand to her lips.

Emily Corlen: TORONTO! Is Happenstance kicking your ass tonight?

Loud cheers from the crowd.

Emily Corlen: Wicked! Now, we have a stellar main event for you all in just a minute here, Matt Stone defending the RXW World Championship against Outlaw with the Happenstance Crown up for grabs... but before we get to that, I have a major announcement to make regarding the future of RXW.

She pauses for emphasis as the entire arena goes silent.

Emily Corlen: ...I now own Revolution X Wrestling.

The crowd explodes.

Nick Webb: What!?

Rayne: No way!

Emily Corlen: Late last night, I met with the True Glory Board of Directors and convinced them to sell the entirety of Revolution X Wrestling to me. That means there's no more Gabe Shelley, there's no more Board to answer to... every single thing that happens from this point forward in RXW will be one hundred percent because of ME.

She smiles widely as the crowd continues cheering.

Emily Corlen: So, with that being said... I have made the decision to officially sell all RXW assets to the highest bidder.

The crowd goes silent. Murmurs begin to fill the arena. The fans aren't sure what to think.

Emily Corlen: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the new Owner of Revolution X Wrestling... PWA President Elizabeth Davis.

"Mr. Night" by Kenny Loggins hits the RXW-Tron as Elizabeth Davis walks out onto the stage. She smiles and waves before giving Emily a friendly hug.

Nick Webb: Elizabeth Davis?! I don't get it! She and Emily have been at each other's throats for the last several days online!

Rayne: I... don't know what to think about all of this, Nick. What does this mean for RXW?

Liz is handed the microphone by Emily and she clears her throat before speaking.

Elizabeth Davis: Thank you, Emily.

Liz looks out at the crowd before continuing.

Elizabeth Davis: Hello out there. As many of you know, my name is Elizabeth Davis and I am the President of the Pioneer Wrestling Association. It's true that I was the highest bidder for the assets of RXW, and I'm not just buying these to close up shop and send everyone on their way back home. While I plan on moving everyone into the PWA, I will not be removing any of the championships or accolades that are earned tonight. Those championships will be defended in the PWA much like the other titles are, bringing PWA's full Championship count, at least after tonight, up to six. While we may not be as localized as RXW has been in the past, you will all get to see your favorite wrestlers each week on Rampage, rather than every two weeks as was the schedule here. This will provide you twice the action as normal and while the PWA does have a different set of basic rules, I am always open to spicing things up in favor of you all, the fans! PWA has its own Pay-Per-View coming up in just over two weeks and I am pleased to announce that there will be RXW action held in Manitoba. As for the wrestlers who are currently contracted here in RXW, I now own each and every one of them; however, if they would like to back out given the surprise nature of this announcement, I do understand and my door is always open for communication. I don't want to waste too much time here as I'm sure you're all super excited for the main event, so I'll close with this. While the RXW doors are technically closing after tonight, the spirit with which it has been carried will live on in PWA. Thank you all, and enjoy the show!

The crowd cheers again as Toronto's own President Davis smiles and waves again to the crowd before turning around and walking backstage. Emily bows as well and the crowd starts a "Thank you" chant as she turns and follows Liz backstage.

Nick Webb: Wow... I don't...

Rayne: I know. Well, we don't have time to worry about the future, Nick! It's time to crown a new Happenstance King!

Second 2 None(c) vs M&M

PWA Tag Team Title Match

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to start our title match of the evening.

Brian Rentfro: Yes, the ever-boring team that doesn't seem to be going away any time soon is taking on the best team in the world. Should be a squash.

Jon McDaniel: Let's hope we get an actual match tonight, Brian.

"Hard Rock Hallelujah" hits the sound system as Might & Magic come out from backstage to a chorus of boos and nasty jeers. Dragon and Moke don't give a damn though as they march down the rampway toward the ring proudly.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission and is for the PWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS! Introducing first, from the pitiful state of Florida... I think...

Moke and Dragon reach the ring and climb in, raising their arms for more jeers and boos, but they love it.

Eric Emerson: They are former three time PWA Tag Team Champions, MIGHT AND MAGIC!

The crowd continues to boo as Moke and Dragon talk strategy in their corner. Ha, that's a good one.

Brian Rentfro: Here we go, Jon, now it's about to get interesting.

Eric Emerson: And their opponents...

"All Nightmare Long" by Metallica hits the sound system as the crowd erupts in cheers for their beloved tag team heroes.

Eric Emerson: At a combined weight of 525 pounds... one hails from the hard knocks of Georgia and the other from the sandy rough shores of Bermuda...

Matthew Engel and Jethro Hayes emerge from backstage as the vocals of Metallica kick in. It's a great song and the crowd is loving it. Both guys have their belts around their waists and head toward the ring, Jethro fixated on Might and Magic and nothing else. Engel decides to give a few fans some high fives and shit, because why not?

Eric Emerson: They are the current PWA Tag Team Champions with a record of 15 wins and one loss... THEY ARE SECOND 2 NONE!

Engel and Hayes enter the ring and take their tag title belts off, raising them in the air as the crowd continues to roar with cheers and approval. Metallica dies down and Eric takes the tag title belts with pleasure out of the ring by the timekeeper. The referee gets between the two teams.

Jon McDaniel: And starting out for Might and Magic will be The Dragon while Jethro Hayes starts it off for Second 2 None. Let's get it on!


Hayes walks right over to Dragon and punches him in the face! Hayes isn't messing around as he keeps brutalizing Dragon and backs him up against the turnbuckles. Hayes hits Dragon a few times with some shoulder thrusts to weaken him up for the Plow, but Dragon comes back with a few double axe handles to the back of Hayes. Dragon with a right and a left and then takes Hayes down with a snapmare. Dragon takes in Moke Doshky who tries to land a big leg drop on Hayes but Hayes rolls out of the way just in time.

Jon McDaniel: Just as Moke and Dragon were about to get something going, Hayes finds a way out of it.

Brian Rentfro: He's a crafty fellow, that Hayes.

Hayes rolls up to his feet and headbutts Moke a few times and then sends him into the ropes. Hayes tries for a clothesline but Moke dodges it. However Jethro catches Moke on the rebound with a flying cross body! Amazing agility from the former PWA World Champion.

Jon McDaniel: Quite a move by Hayes there taking Moke down.

Hayes gets Moke up to his feet and goes punch for punch with Moke's face, before kicking him the gut and taking him down with a double arm DDT! Hayes rolls up to his feet and tags in Matthew Engel, who hops to the top rope and takes down a rising Moke with a missile drop kick to the face!

Brian Rentfro: Oh man that was his face!

Jon McDaniel: It did look quite painful.

Engel brings Moke up to his feet and delivers some hard chops his chest, then slams his flying knee into Moke's jaw. Moke gets rocked hard and falls back into the ropes, but manages to tag his partner in. Dragon hops to the top rope and catches Engel by surprise with a flying clothesline. Engel pops back up and gets taken down again by another clothesline. Engel gets back to his feet and Dragon picks him up for a scoop slam and gets it done. Dragon goes against the ropes and comes back with a high impact elbow drop right on Engel's throat.

Dragon goes for the cover!




Brian Rentfro: Barely a two count as Dragon was probably going for the surprise win there more than anything.

Jon McDaniel: That doesn't really work on Virus.

Brian Rentfro: No, it certainly doesn't.

Dragon brings Engel up to his feet, but Engel breaks loose and nails Dragon with a left, then a right! Engel goes against the ropes and nails Dragon with a flying forearm smash. Dragon is down and Engel signals Jethro. Jethro nods and tags in, as Engel flies across the ring and yakuza kicks Moke in the face!

Jon McDaniel: Oh man! That was just unnecessary!

Brian Rentfro: Unnecessary, and yet, absolutely delightful.

Hayes is preying on Dragon, who's getting up to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: THE PLOW!

Brian Rentfro: DESTROYED!

Engel doesn't hesitate to finish Dragon off with the Euthanasia!

Jon McDaniel: Oh my God talk about overkill, but that's what Second 2 None promised!

Meanwhile, Moke is trying to get back to his feet as Jethro Hayes covers The Dragon.


Moke slides into the ring!


Engel nails Moke with a roaring elbow!



Eric Emerson: And the winners of this match... still your PWA Tag Team Champions... SECOND 2 NONE!!!!

The crowd erupts in cheers for Second 2 None, who slide out of the ring to collect their belts.

Jon McDaniel: A resounding victory for the tag team champions as they continue to dominate the PWA tag team division.

Brian Rentfro: Earlier this week Second 2 None made demands for stiffer competition, we shall see if those demands are met.

Engel and Hayes walk up the rampway holding their tag titles as Moke and Dragon collect themselves in the ring.

Emily Corlen vs. The London Express

RXW action comes to PWA for the very first time, as PWA World Champion Emily Corlen steps into the ring against the young, brash London Express from RXW, Jack Smith and Jacob Wilson. Before the match starts, Emily asks for a mic.

Emily Corlen: I just want to thank President Davis for this very special 'tune up match' ahead of my first Championship defense in two weeks at Manitoba Mayhem.

She grins and tosses the mic as the bell rings and Jack offers a hand to Emily. She looks him up and down before spearing him, turning him inside out! The crowd utters an audible "ooh" as Jacob tries punching Emily in the back of the head, causing her to turn around in anger!

Jon McDaniel: Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned!

Emily lifts the smallish Jacob without much effort and hits an exploder suplex on him. Jack has recovered a little at this point and tries to attack Emily, but she sees him coming, catching him with a stiff kick to the gut before dropping him with the Down in Flames Pedigree! She drags him to the center of the ring on his back as Jacob staggers to his feet. Emily grabs him from behind while he's still dazed and hits him with the Foregone Conclusion Skull Crushing Finale right on top of his partner! She rolls him onto his back as well and lays him across Jack before covering both men simultaneously and getting the 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Emily Corlen, via Pinfall

After the match, "Cult of Personality" cues up as Emily rolls out of the ring having not even broken a sweat and grabs her Championship. She walks over to the announcer's table and leans over, stating loudly enough for Jon and Brian's mics to pick her up.

Emily Corlen: I don't care if it's Black, Wagner or Simonova at Manitoba Mayhem. I'm walking into Manitoba with this title and I'm walking out with it. BELIEVE IT.

She then walks up the ramp, all confidence, as Rampage fades to commercial.

Vic Wagner vs Elena Simonova vs TMB

Triple Threat

The three finalist of the impromptu tournament were in the ring with the bell sounding, each one looking at one another. Thomas is the first to make a move, going after the much smaller Elena Simonova. Black goes for a reverse elbow, however Elena side steps and backs away from the corner, Vic charging in and connecting with a shoulder thrust on Black! Vic rams his shoulder in a few more times, trying to weaken the bigger man. Black pushes him off and Elena comes charging in, hitting with a leaping forearm! Simonova mounts Thomas in the corner, reigning fists down as the crowd counts along. Black pushes her off and Vic comes in again, but he’s caught with a big boot! Vic goes down and Thomas looks pissed. Black picks Vic up and spins him around, tossing him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Elena comes over and she’s caught with a stiff clothesline from Black. Vic comes out of the corner and kicks Thomas’s right calf, hitting another one trying to wear the legs down of the bigger opponent. Vic hit the ropes and came back, hitting Black with a dropkick knocking Black down on the mat. Wagner scampers over and grabs hold of Black’s right leg, looking to lock in a single leg crab. Vic pulls back on Thomas’ leg until he’s caught in the back of the head with a vicious kick from Elena. Vic releases his hold and stumbles forward, Elena rushing ehind him and connecting with a double axe handle to the back of his head, hitting her Hammer and Sickle combo. From the force, Vic is propelled out of the ring. Thomas is getting to his feet now as Elena faces him, kicking his leg to weaken his base and she hooks his arm, using her strong legs to propel Thomas off his feet in a front flip, Elena flipping backwards and driving Black right into the mat with her Reverse Psychology! Elena makes the cover and get the 1 2 3, Vic unable to break up the pin in time.

Winner: Elena Simonova