World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Heeeeeeeeeee's Baaaaaaaack

Jon McDaniel: "Welcome everyone to another episode of PWA Rampage! We are coming to you live from Green Bay, Wisconcin tonight and what a show we have for you tonight."

Brian Rentfro: "That’s right, we have Second 2 None here tonight, we have Emily Corlen taking on Jacob Figgins in the main event and we have-"

C-c-c-c-combo Breaker!

"Sound of Madness" starts playing throughout the area as the crowd stands up, some cheering, some jeering.

Jon McDaniel: "And we have former PWA World champion Matt Stone returning right now!"

The RXW and RPW World Champion (and the RPW Tag champion) Matt Stone came out from the back wearing a #6 Chicago Bears jersey, belonging to Jay Cutler. Stone holds out his jersey to the Green Bay crowd who are now unanimously booing him, he shouts out "Superbowl Baby!" Matt made his way to the ring as Eric Emerison introduced him.

Eric Emerson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome at this time, he is a former PWA World Heavyweight Champion, the Straight Shooter…Maaaaatt Stooooone!"

Stone doesn't have any of his titles with him as he walks up the steps and gets in the ring. He forcibly takes the microphone from Eric and ushers him out of the ring before speaking to the crowd, his theme dying out.

Matt Stone: "Helllllooooo Chicagoooooo!"

The crowd boos down more as the cocky Canadian smirks.

Matt Stone: "Oh, what's wrong? I figured you'd all love to see this, it's the jersey of a professional football player, you love football here, right? Well sadly for you guys, I'm not here to talk about football, I’m here to talk wrestling."

Stone takes off the jersey to reveal his 'Shut me up' shirt underneath. He's also wearing the RXW World title underneath, the crowd boos seeing the title. Matt undoes the strap and slings the title over his shoulder.

Matt Stone: "There has been some speculation over the last couple of days surrounding the Happenstance tournament, will I be there, have I left RXW, blah blah blah. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t shy away from a fight, I am a true champion and I proved that here in the PWA more than anyone else. Since my debut, no one has spent as many days as a champion in the entire AoWF than I have. That’s a fact. Some people like to attack me with that fact, saying I need championship gold to validate me, to validate my career, and to those people, I say 'So do you.' You are not relevant in this business unless you’re striving for the best each and every time you come out to this ring. To any ring. Victories and title wins are the foundation that wrestling is built on. You can add all those accessories like Who’s the Man, Kingdom of Death, Dome of Destruction, what have you, but the bottom line is all of those things lead to titles. Titles that I have or have had. I’ve been the top, hell I’m still at the top and rest assured Outlaw, Allen and Funkytown, I will be at Happenstance and I will be leaving with this title wrapped around my waist. Four days there after, I’m in Rebel pro where I take on Xan Vaxman, a former tag partner of mine and yes, I will retain then as well. I’m not going anywhere AoWF, so you better get used to it.

As for the PWA specifically, I still have the Intercontinental championship in my hotel room and I’ve heard some rumblings about it’s return to relevancy here and when that day happens, I will be coming with it, because that title belongs to me. I won it at Who’s the Man and I plan on keeping it until I retire, like it should be. Speaking of Who’s the Man, I also have a contractually obligated PWA World Title shot owed to me and it should have occurred at Summer Sizzler, but due to maybe a slight over reaction on my part, that didn’t happen. Now Emily holds the title and I’m somewhat reluctant to take it from her. I’d have to live with that nagging. I haven’t forgotten about my title and I will be coming after it Emily, just not yet. Keep in mind though, I could be back any time I want, and when I do? No one, and I mean no one, will be able to SHUT ME UP!"

With that, Stone’s music plays as he exits the ring, holding up his RXW World title in the air as he does, more jeers follow.

Jon McDaniel: "Well, what do you make of that?"

Brian Rentfro: "I can’t wait for him to return to the PWA! Imagine Emily and Stone at Genesis for the World title! How great would that be?"

Jon McDaniel: "Oh say it ain’t so…"

Parker vs Scottie Snow

Singles match

Parker and Scottie are in the ring to start the match, Parker getting a little more aggressive than she has been in recent weeks and meets Snow with a stiff elbow to the side of his head, followed by a second and a third. Scottie is backed against the ropes, but he's not out as Parker approaches him, he catches her in the right knee with a kick. He follows it up with a second one and Parker backs up. Off the ropes, Scottie charges her and it flipped overhead with a hurricanranna! Parker hooks his legs and gets a two count. They both get to their feet and Parker runs at Snow, ducking a clothesline and jumps on the middle rope as Scottie turns around only to be caught with a springboard cross body. Another two count and Parker is to her feet. With Scottie getting up, she goes for a straight kick, but Snow catches it. Parker quickly catches Scottie with an Enziguri. Scottie waivers as Parker is to her feet and this time he’s caught with the straight kick and Parker sets him up for the Classy as Duck, lifting him in the air before driving him straight to the mat, face first. Parker rolls him over and gets a 1 2 3.

Winner: Parker

Vic Wagner vs Justin Case

Singles match

Vic and Justin met in the ring, locking up, Case goes behind Wagner and takes him over and to the mat, rotating around and locking in a front face lock. Vic quickly to his feet, catching Case with a drop toe hold and floating over with a side head lock. Like Vic, Case would get to his feet, but Vic flipped him over quickly to maintain the hold. Case slammed the mat, frustrated. He would push Wagner’s head back and catch him with a head scissors, but Vic kicked out of it, both men scrambling to their feet to a stand off. Both men equally matched this far, but Case was the first to realize that grappling might not be the best idea and slapped Vic across the face. The Black Magic Bastard was not amused, glaring back and Case and sending a quick kick to his gut, then a strong European uppercut. Case was backed up and Vic charged in after him, but Case had the awareness to drop down, low bridging the top rope and Wagner went crashing over the top to the floor.

Justin looked down at Vic who was starting to get up and hit the opposite ropes, running back and diving through the ropes with a suicide dive! He knocks Vic back into the guard rail before the both hit the mat outside. Case was up first, sending a few kicks at the downed Wager. Case picked him up and rolled him into the ring, following in. Wagner was up, going for a straight right, bit Case ducks out of the way and hooks his head, spinning back and driving him straight down with the Benchmark! Case went for a cover and got a two count. Justin would pick up Wagner, who quickly caught him with an inside cradle, pinning Case’s shoulders down to the mat for the two count! Case was up first, going for a hard right hand, but Wagner moved out of the way, driving Case straight back to the mat with a Russian leg sweep. They got back up, Case a little slower this time as Wagner doubles him over with a kick and picks him up, driving him straight down with a pile driver. Vic went for a cover and got a two count.

With Case still dazed, Vic picks him up on his shoulders, Case in no man’s land, looking out at the crowd. Wagner then quickly propels Case forward onto his knees! Justin falls victim to The Fall of Cthulhu! Wagner rolls Case over and makes the cover, but Case kicks out after a long two count! Showing the intestinal fortitude of a former Rebel pro World Champion, Justin Case refuses to lose. Vic measures Case and doubles him over with a knee lit as he’s getting up, hooking Justin’s arms behind his back, lifting him up and flipping him in mid air before driving him down on his knee, scoring with The Flayed Man. Rather than go for a cover, Wagner picks up Case and gets him in a Tonga grip, driving him straight down to the mat with an STO, the Mouth of Madness connecting and Vic is able to hook Case’s leg for the 1 2 3.

Winner: Vic Wagner

Next week on Rampage

"Mr. Night" starts playing as Elizabeth Davis comes out from the back while Vic still stands in the ring. Davis claps and brings the microphone in her right hand up to speak.

President Davis: "Congratulations Vic, you have now won the third match to determine the participants in next week’s triple threat match. Joining you will be Thomas Manchester Black who defeated Matthew Engel two weeks ago and Elena Simonova winning her match against Emperor Ian last week. Of course, the winner of that match will meet Emily Corlen for the PWA World Title at Manitoba Mayhem. Good luck."

Liz doesn't waste any time in heading backstage after the announcement.

A Classic

The title of this segment flashes up on the screen, showing a classic 1966 Chevrolet Corvette rag top complete with white wall tires, shiny red paint, leather interior... but immediately the scene cuts to find Jethro and Matthew kneeling down in the hallway of the arena.

Jethro: "This is going to be hilarious."

Matthew: "He'll never expect anything."

Jethro: "He'll drink it all."

Matthew: "Within the first three minutes ofs hipment received confirmation."

Jethro: "Game over and all."

Matthew: "A red flashy "Ready Player 1" logo on the screen and everything."

Jethro and Matthew laugh, the sound of something being gently squeezed is heard.

Jethro: "To be replaced by "Game Over".

Matthew laughs.

Jethro: "So, what ya think? Good?"

Matthew nods, but also speaks.

Matthew: "As I told you... its brilliant, you can't tell."

Jethro: "I'm nearly... nearly... finished."

Matthew: "Well, hurry up..."

Matthew looks around.

Jethro: "I said I was finished."

Matthew: "You said nearly... nearly... finished."

Jethro looks a bit confused.

Jethro: "Yeah, cause the two nearlys meant I wasn't quite done and finished meant I was done."

Matthew: "So, the nearlys were almost and the finished meant finished?"

Jethro nods.

Jethro: "Exactly."

Matthew nods.

Matthew: "Want me to go and get the delivery guy?"

Jethro looks down at his watch.

Jethro: "He should be here any minute... maybe we should leave?"

Matthew looks at Jethro's watch.

Matthew: "How do you know?"

Jethro points at the watch.

Jethro: "The hand is nearly touching the "Delivery guy is here" place."

Matthew: "Damn nice watch Hayes."

Jethro nods, Matthew looks down at his own watch.

Matthew: "Time to leave man."

Jethro looks a bit curious, but Matthew points to his own watch; Jethro and him quickly leave.

Jethro: "Where'd you get your watch?"

Matthew: "Same place you got your's."

Jethro(as they rush out of the hallway): "Impossibilities N Reality?"

Matthew and Jethro high five.

Matthew: "You go online or the store?"

Jethro: "Online, never could find the store."

Matthew: "Me either."

They round the corner, sliding into a door and entering in their locker room just as Kramer did on the sitcom Seinfeld. The door shuts, just seconds before the delivery man walks past.

~Cut inside the S2N room~

Matthew: "That was close."

Jethro nods, both look at the other's watch.

Watch: "Too Close."

They wipe their foreheads, sighing with relief, and smiling broadly. They stand there, before looking at the watches again.

Watch: "Time to sit, get some drink, and a light snack."

They do just that, as though the watch is controlling their every movement or something like that.

~Scene change to follow the delivery man.~

The delivery man is walking down the hallway when he comes on a large cardboard box marked with the Yoo Hoo logo and with a large label reading: "To: Mr. The Phoenix". The delivery guy looks at the label and then around, before puffing out his chest.

"I'll deliver this to The Phoenix and he may give me a huge raise. After all, he loves Yoo Hoo."

Grunting, he lifts the box up and totes it towards The Phoenix's office.

~Back to the S2N locker room~

Jethro and Matthew are still sitting back and relaxing, when their watches beep with an alarm.

Watch: "Time to get rid of evidence box."

Both slap their forehead in mock forgetfulness.

Matthew: "How could we have forgotten?"

Jethro: "I've got no clue!"

He is seemingly frustrated and worried, frantically looking around for the evidence. Matthew is frantically looking around as well.

Matthew: "Did you already get rid of it?"

Jethro shakes his head.

Jethro: "No, the watch didn't tell me too."

Matthew: "Got to follow the watch's instruction Jethro... so..."

They continue looking around, Matthew reaches into his pocket.

Matthew: "Oh, here it is."

He tosses it into the trash can, the front of the box is in clear view.

"Ex-lax, for those times when you can't go, we'll make you."

Jethro: "That was really close."

Matthew nods.

~Scene change to the delivery guy~

Outside of The Phoenix's office, the delivery guy kicks on the door because his hands are full. Scottie Snow comes to the door, looking like Scottie Snow always looks.

Delivery Man: "Delivery for The Phoenix."

Scottie: "I'll take that!"

He pulls the box out of the man's hands, nearly toppling with the weight of the case.

Scottie: "Hardcore! Come help."

Mr. Hardcore comes around the corner, helping Scottie tote this case as they kick the door in the delivery man's face, who is standing there seeing his raise go down the toilet.

~Scene change to inside Phoenix's office~

The Phoenix is sitting at his desk, feet up on the top, laying back in his chair, and doing Phoenix type of things. Scottie and Hardcore walk into the door, struggling under the weight of the case of Yoo Hoos.

Phoenix: "Awww guys, you shouldn't have."

Scottie goes to say "That they didn't" when Hardcore kicks him in the shin and he stumbles.

Phoenix: "Scottie, drop that box and it'll be the end of you... you won't be able to clean a toilet around any arena that we visit."

Scottie gulps as Hardcore speaks.

Hardcore: "I got this for you boss, in hopes that we could patch things up... sort of a "Thank you for Being Totally Awesome" present."

The Phoenix nods, just staring at the Yoo Hoo label and licking his lips.

Phoenix: "Open it up... open it up!"

They do and its those little cardboard boxes of Yoo Hoo.

Phoenix: "Hardcore... they are my favorite... did you chill them too?"

Hardcore hands him one, it is chilled.

Phoenix: "Not only chilled... but vintage too?"

He looks up to Hardcore, anticipating the Yoo Hoo bing coming on.

Phoenix: "From the first year of the PWA?..."

Hardcore: "I thought it would bring back memories of what you want this place to be again."

Phoenix waves at the box, then the desk.

Phoenix: "Line them up Hardcore... you are well on your way to getting back in my good graces."

Hardcore makes a pyramid of boxes, readying them for The Phoenix.

Fade back to ringside.

Very Important Stuff

We are ringside with Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel, the all-star commentary cast of Pioneer Wrestling.

Jon McDaniel: Well Brian, this is the moment where we're going to find out just what all the fuss is about with Second 2 None's appearance tonight.

Brian Rentfro: I hear they're breaking up, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: From who?

Brian Rentfro: Uhh... that kid at AoWFMedia The Org! What's his name...

Jon McDaniel: Danny MacMadden?

Brian Rentfro: Yeah! What the hell kind of name is that?

Jon McDaniel: No confirmed reports have been given as to why they're here tonight, but it must be very important stuff.

"All Nightmare Long" by Metallica kicks up on the sound system as the PWA Tag Team Champions roll out from backstage, both dressed to impress with suits and colors and all kinds of fanciness. The crowd eats it up, roaring for Second 2 None, as they make their way down the stage.

Jon McDaniel: The crowd loves them tonight, Brian, you can't deny that.

Brian Rentfro: Are you kidding? I LOVE THEM!

Jon McDaniel: Oh God.

Engel makes it to the ring first, as Jethro Hayes stops to give some fans high fives and do more Jethro Hayes fan stuff. Even took a picture with a little kid. How nice. Engel grabs a mic as Metallica's "All Nightmare Long" comes to a crashing halt. Engel signals Jethro to get into the ring.

Matthew Engel: Ladies and gentlemen, the man who blew his chance at staying PWA World Champion - JETHRO HAYES!

Jethro shakes his head, but the crowd pops. He tears the mic out of Engel's hands.

Jethro Hayes: And my partner - the only guy in America that can't beat Thomas Manchester Black - MATTHEW ENGEL!

Engel drops his head in shame. For shame. Jethro tosses him the mic. Engel is about to switch topics.

Matthew Engel: Well --

Engel turns to Jethro.

Matthew Engel: I have beaten him before, you douche.

Jethro laughs and Engel cracks a smile.

Matthew Engel: But let's get down to very important stuff here. See, Jethro and I have had one goal ever since we captured the PWA World Tag Team Championships.

Engel's belt is around his waist, but he takes a moment to display its brilliance as Jethro lifts his up in the air.

Matthew Engel: We want to take on the supposed best team in this community and defeat them. I guess what we're trying to say is...

Engel tosses the microphone to Hayes.

Jethro Hayes: We want CAKE!

Engel looks at him funny and takes the mic away from him. The crowd laughs.

Matthew Engel: What my partner and I are trying to say is... we want Anna Mathews. We want what she's got and here it comes, officially from the mouths of one of the best tag teams in this community. We hereby challenge the AOWF Tag Team Champions to a championship match. Wherever they want it! We don't care if it's here or in Rebel Pro. If she wants to do it in the Revolution thing? That's fine too.

Engel gives the mic back to Jethro after telling him to behave.

Jethro Hayes: We understand she ain't got a partner right now, but we trust that she'll pick someone. She's going to have to do it soon though, because Matty and I want an answer in 24 hours... or else.

Matthew Engel (from a distance): Or else what, Hayes?!

Jethro Hayes: If 24 hours pass and we haven't heard from Miss Anna? Well, this guy and myself are going to visit some bakeries. We're going to max out our credit cards. We're going to buy up every single cake we can find in Anna's hometown and wherever the hell we want!

Hayes tosses the microphone to Engel.

Matthew Engel: And we won't eat them, dear Anna. No, no. We will throw each and every cake away! We will fill dumpsters sky high with your precious flour and sugar!

The crowd gasps in awe!

Jon McDaniel: Aw, that's just mean.

Brian Rentfro: Drastic measures are needed for drastic times!

Matthew Engel: You've got twenty four hours, sweetie. Starting now. It's nothing personal, you've just got what we want.

He gives the camera on the ring apron a smirk and then drops the mic. Metallica's "All Nightmare Long" hits the sound system as they exit the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Well there it is, folks, the moment we've been anticipating all week - or if you're in the know, you've been anticipating it since Second 2 None came back in June.

Brian Rentfro: And I'm in the know, Jon. These guys have been wanting to make this challenge for awhile, but they were waiting to shake off the ring rust and keep working hard in tag action. They feel they're ready.

Jon McDaniel: I just hope whoever Anna partners with is ready too, Brian, because this could be the makings of an epic tag match battle that would be a step in the right direction for our dying tag division.

Less important stuff

We cut backstage to the Rebel pro Tag Team champions, Stolen Hearts sitting on a leather couch watching Second 2 None in the ring.

Matt Stone: “You hear that? Best tag team in the AoWF my ass. I hate how arrogant Engel is, I can’t wait to get my hands around his neck.”

Emily Corlen: “I hate how Jethro smells.”

Stone smirks and checks his watch.

Matt Stone: “You have a match to get ready for, don’t lose.”

Emily gets up to get ready, looking back at Matt.

Emily Corlen: “Unlike some people, I haven’t lost on Rampage since I came back”

She winks playfully and Matt just shakes his head.

Matt Stone: “You know I threw that ladder match.”

Emily laughs.

Emily Corlen: “More like I threw you out of the way Tiger.”

Matt turns back to the monitor as Emily walks over and kisses his cheek before continuing to get ready.

Elena Simonova vs Mr. Hardcore

Singles match

Hardcore and Simonova are in the ring, the bell sounding and we’re under way. Elena and Hardcore lock up, Hardcore getting the upper hand with a deep knee lift, followed by a gut wrench suplex. Hardcore floats over with a side headlock, trying to wear down the Grizzly Beer champion early on. He keeps it locked in until Elena is able to fight her way to her feet, pushing Hardcore off at the ropes and catching him with a drop kick on his way back. Elena gets to her feet, shaking her head trying to get the blood flow back going and as Hardcore gets up, he’s quickly brought over with a deep arm drag. He recovers quickly, as doe Elena and he’s quickly brought down a second time with an arm drag. Visibly frustrated, Hardcore gets up and catches Elena in the face with a big boot, not to be caught a third time. Elena is down and Hardcore goes for a cover, getting a two count.

Keeping his advantage, Hardcore picks up the champion and delivers a snap ddt, dropping her straight on her face. With a roll over, Elena manages to kick out at two again. She looks dazed as she starts getting to her feet, Hardcore capitalizing on this by pulling her in, lifting her high in the air and dropping her right on the back of her head with the Brain Breaker. Hardcore goes down for a cover and gets the three count! However, it’s quickly waived off as referee Danny Davis notices that Elena’s foot was indeed on the bottom rope. Hardcore gets even more frustrated and picks Elena up, only to catch a quick uppercut for his efforts. Elena grabs his arm, raises her right foot to his face and falls back, his jaw bouncing right off the bottom of her boot. Elena quickly goes to Hardcore’s right leg and sticks her foot in the back of the knee, lifting Hardcore backwards in the process, locking in her Arm of the Kremlin, known to many others as the Haas of Pain. Hardcore cried out in pain. He scratched and clawed towards the ropes, needing to carry both his own weight as well as the modest hundred and fifteen pounds of Elena along with him. Hardcore makes it to the ropes and Elena is forced to break the hold. She gets to her feet, calling for her opponent to get up, which he does. She backs hardcore against the ropes and whips him, however Hardcore reverses and sets up a back body drop for the champion, however as Elena is going over, she grabs Hardcore’s waist, wraps her legs around his head and carries the momentum for her Vodka Tonic, the Canadian Destroyer! Hardcore is out of it as Elena makes the cover, getting the 1 2 3.

Winner: Elena Simonova


The Final Countdown begins to play as once again, Scottie Snow comes out dressed in his white suit, carrying a scroll in one hand. He heads to the ring, climbs in and unrolls the scroll before reading it aloud.

Scottie Snow: And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder. One of the four beasts saying, "Come and see." And I saw. And behold, a pale horse. Its rider was Death and hell followed close behind.

The arena lights shut off and several seconds of silence pass. Then, in the darkness an old man's voice begins to sing...

Oh Death
Oh Death
Won't you spare me over 'til another year?

Pyro explodes around the entrance ramp and stage area. As the flash from the lights fade, we see a figure standing there in a long black robe, his face hidden behind the large hood. In his hand is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. As the fires continue to burn along the ramp, the figure advances to the ring. As he passes each fire, it extinguishes. Finally, he reaches the ring steps and climbs in before pulling back the hood, revealing the Phoenix, wearing a new black and white mask instead of his normal black and red.

The Phoenix: Judgement has been passed on the PWA and my wrath will be terrible. I have sacrificed for this company and this sport. I've spilled my blood and broken my body for it and how have I been repaid? I sacrificed the life of the man you knew as Rob Robinson upon my alter to wash away your sins in his blood and what do I find? You don't appreciate all that I've done for you. You spend your time worshipping false idols. So tonight I'm offerring one more chance at redemption. Tonight I will make a sacrifice of one of your false idols and he shall pay for your heresy.

The Phoenix: Jethro Hayes, last week my herald warned you of my arrival. You were told to come out and bow at my feet to show these people the error of their ways. Seven days you've had to prepare yourself, Jethro. Now, come out and do what is right.

The Phoenix waits for several seconds as nothing happens. He hangs his head down, as if in sadness.

The Phoenix: This... this is what you can expect from your so-called "hero". A coward, a liar, a man that refuses to bow to his betters. So be it. Scottie, is the alternate sacrifice prepared?

Scottie Snow: Yes, sir.

The Phoenix: Very well. Jethro Hayes, what is about to happen falls upon your shoulders, not mine. I demand my payment in blood and if you're unwilling to pay your debts, then someone else will have to pay for you.

Scottie moves to stand in front of the Phoenix, facing away from him. Then he sinks to his knees in a praying position, hands in front of him, face slightly tilted up. The Phoenix steps forward and lays the barbed wire covered bat on Scottie's forehead.

The Phoenix: I accept this payment in Jethro's place.

With that, the Phoenix violently rips the barbed wire across Scottie's forehead, ripping the skin open, causing blood to stream down his face. The Phoenix steps back as the crowd boos and throws trash at the ring. He winds up like he's about to hit a home run and the boos get louder, which causes him to smile.

The Phoenix: Oh, the price hasn't been paid yet. That was just part of what I'm owed. But don't blame me, this is entirely on you and Jethro.

The Phoenix prepares to swing when he's interrupted by the PA saying "Time for a lil' Southern Justice" as Ride Through the Country starts to play. Jethro Hayes wastes no time and runs full speed down the ramp, but before he can get to the ring, the Phoenix starts to talk.

The Phoenix: Wait right there, Jethro. You had your chance, you could have prevented this before it even started. You heard what Scottie said last week, if you touch me, you're fired. And even more, I'll have you arrested for assault.

Jethro considers this for a moment as the Phoenix winds up his swing again, which makes up his mind for him. As he starts to make for the ring again, the Phoenix interrupts a second time.

The Phoenix: You have no idea how happy that makes me, Jethro. I can feel you hatred radiating off you. You want to hurt me. I don't blame you. I kept you away from the World title, I've attacked you twice, and now I'm beating the life out of Scottie Snow in your name. You want to put me down and these fans would cheer you on. There's nothing in the world that would make you happier right now than wrapping your hands around my neck and squeezing until I stopped kicking. But you won't do that, we both know it. You're not strong enough, not yet. But you will be, Jethro. You will be.

The Phoenix: That's why you're going to watch the penalty that Scottie is about to pay, a penalty he's paying for you. Because you're weak, Jethro. But this moment, this will make you stronger. If you stop me from doing this, you'll stay weak, Jethro. And you'll never get another chance to make me suffer like I'm making Scottie here suffer. I'm making you a promise, Jethro. You'll get your shot at me. No rules, no holds barred, the last man standing is the winner. You can destroy me if you want. And if you're able. You'll be able to take out all of anger on me, you'll be able to make me bleed, you can break my bones. You love the sound of that, don't you, Jethro? I know you do because I'd love the sound of it if I was in your place. I'm offering you your heart's desire, Jethro. And all you have to do is...

The Phoenix swings the bat, hitting Scottie full across the back, ripping his suit jacket and flinging him forward.

The Phoenix: Nothing.

Jethro takes a hesitant step forward, but stops when the Phoenix points the bat at him.

The Phoenix: Now be strong, Jethro. Just...

The Phoenix pounds the bat down across Scottie's back.

The Phoenix: walk...

And again. Blood is seeping through the fabric.

The Phoenix: away.

One more shot across Scottie's back as the arena roars in disapproval. Blood is pouring out of the ripped jacket and Scottie is barely moving. Jethro clenches his fists, glaring at the Phoenix, who is smiling and standing in a growing pool of blood. The Phoenix drops the bat.

The Phoenix: And now your debt has been paid and you've been forgiven.

Jethro unclenches and clenches his fists again, then spits at the Phoenix before turning a stomping up the ramp to leave.


We're backstage of SUNDAY NIGHT RAMPAGE where we see the brooding Thomas Manchester Black, our current AOWF Intercontinental Champion, roaming the halls backstage of the arena. He's looking to inflict some pain on some people.

Thomas Manchester Black: Time to board the pain train, Matt!

A surprised Matthew Engel who was just coming out of his complimentary locker room for the evening (he didn't have a match) gets decked in the face with a steel chair from Thomas Manchester Black! Oh my God! Engel starts bleeding from the forehead and was knocked on his ass from that chair shot.

Thomas Manchester Black: Yeah, bet you thought you got me good last week?

TMB slams his boot into Engel's chest.

Thomas Manchester Black: I gotta admit, that move on top of the car hurt like a bitch.

He does it again and again and Engel isn't reacting much at all.

Thomas Manchester Black: But I wasn't the one who had to go to the hospital, Matt, and now it looks like your medical bills are going to keep piling up. Hope you got good insurance!

TMB goes for the killing blow (punt kick to the face), but Engel moves out of the way just in time! TMB slams his foot awkwardly into the wall and he's in immediate pain. Engel staggers up to his feet and lands a few punches to TMB's face. Left, right, left, and then DDT's TMB to the tile floor of the hallway!

Jon McDaniel: And we finally have our mics back, folks. If you're just joining us, Thomas Manchester Black and Matthew Engel have once again engaged in a battle backstage here on Rampage!

Brian Rentfro: TMB had the upper hand but now Engel is making him hurt pretty good!

Engel spits blood out of his mouth that was from his forehead. Fucking gross. Engel laughs.

Matthew Engel: God Damn, Thomas! I'm startin' to enjoy this!

Engel smashes his knee into TMB's face and then picks him up to his feet. Engel slams TMB against the wall and tries for a roundhouse kick to TMB's face, that would certainly devastate him, but TMB moves out of the way just in time. Luckily Engel is able to land his foot on the wall and not injure it, but TMB picks Engel up by the waist and leg and drives him down hard onto the hallway floor. Engel fights back as best as he can, slamming his fists into TMB's head and chest while TMB tries to choke the life out of Engel!

Jon McDaniel: Thank the Lord, security is here!

Brian Rentfro: You mean there? Because they're not right here.

Jon McDaniel: Oh shut up! What is WITH these guys?

Brian Rentfro: Well, Thomas beat Engel. Engel hates losing. Engel faked congrats and attacked Thomas, a revenge plot from when Thomas --

Jon McDaniel: OKAY, OKAY! I know all that! But seriously, they're just going to beat the hell out of each other each week until what... one of them is dead?

Brian Rentfro: Probably. Neither guy at this point wants to man up and challenge the other.

Security finally separates the two AOWF superstars as we cut back to ringside finally getting a glimpse of the commentators and not just hearing their voices.

Brian Rentfro: These guys just hate each other at the moment, but someone is going to make some big money off of that.

Jon McDaniel: No doubt there will probably be a third match between these two in the near future as tensions rapidly rise in this on-going grudge.

Jacob Figgins vs Emily Corlen

Singles match

The main event of Rampage begins with the PWA World Champion, the queen of Professional wrestling Emily Corlen making her way down to the ring. Odd for the champion to come out first, even for a non-title match and the reason is simple, because they don’t want this t happen. Emily is hit from behind by Jacob Figgins, who didn’t wish to wait for the bell before the match started. Emily falls down to the ground, but she doesn’t stay there long as Jacob picks her up and tosses her into the guard rail. Emily’s lower back collides with the steel and Jacob grabs her blonde hair rolling her into the ring. Figgins follows up and senior referee Lance Weston backs Jacob up and asks Emily if he can compete and she answers with an emphatic yes. Lance calls for the bell and the match gets started.

Emily pushes Lance out of the way and charges at Jacob, who’s taken by surprise and covers up and Corlen drives her fist into any part of Figgins’ face that she can find. Lance makes the count and has to pull Emily off at four. Corlen isn’t amused, but restrains herself from clocking Weston and turns back to Jacob who is getting up. Figgins catches Emily with a for arm to the face and wraps his arms around her chest, lifting her over himself with a belly to belly suplex. Jacob rolled over and only got a one count as Corlen powered out. Emily got back to her feet and side stepped a charging Jacob, pushing him into the corner sternum first and grabbing his waist, lifting him back with a German suplex, showing she knew how to suplex as well. Jacob got to hois feet along with Emily, Figgins connecting with a back elbow to Emily’s face, then grabbed her head and snap mare her over his shoulder, sending a swift kick to her back. Emily winced in pain as Jacob hit the ropes and came back with a neck snap. Jacob scampered over for the cover and got a two count.

Figgins picked Emily up again, but Corlen pushed him back Jacob took a step forward and was blasted by a head kick from Corlen, the Skullcracker. Jacob fell back and Emily went for a cover, getting a two count before Jacob kicked out. Emily grabbed Jacob’s long hair and pulled him up to his feet, setting him up between her legs, lifting him in the air and pushing him off, driving his head face first into the mat with her Crimson Plunge. Emily rolls Jacob over and gets another two count, this one even closer. Emily frowned slightly and picked up Figgins again, but this time she was caught right in the jaw by a vicious lariat, That Small Spark of Revolution connecting and Jacob goes for the cover, the crowd counting along. One! Two! Thr-kick out! The crowd moans as Emily is able to kick out. She starts getting to her feet, holding her jaw. Jacob is weak, but also gets up with her. He measures the World champion and with her back to him, he ducks down and lifts Emily up on his shoulders. Emily looks around as she’s on Figgins’ shoulders, she starts hammering right hands into the top of Jacob’s head. Emily slips down Jacob’s back and hooks his arms, lifting him high into the air. Jacob shakes his head, trying to squirm free, but he’s brought straight down on his face with Emily’s Catalyst. Corlen rolls him on his back and sits on his chest, hooking the leg as Lance counts the 1 2 3.

Winner: Emily Corlen.