World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Cody Bogard vs Dagger

Singles Match

Dagger, fresh off a debut loss to Jack Spades, looked to impress this week as she went one on one with former multiple titleholder in PWA, Cody Bogard, who had been having some struggles of his own in recent weeks. Cody controlled the action early on, doing his best to keep Dagger from gaining any momentum, but with a quick counter, she did just that, reversing Bogard's Basura Bomb into a hurricanrana pin for a close two count. From there, Dagger threw everything she had at the veteran Bogard, keeping him dazed and off his game, before finally connecting with her Your Beauty No More directly on the button, knocking Cody out long enough for Dagger to pick up the three count and the victory.

WINNER: Dagger, via Pinfall

The Virus Gets A Little Payback

We're backstage as Sunday Night Rampage roars on in another sold out arena. We see Thomas Manchester Black, with the AOWF Intercontinental Championship around his waist and a smile on his face, heading into the arena from the parking lot. Of course he's in a good mood, why wouldn't he be?

Thomas Manchester Black: "Damn I'm in a good mood."

See? TMB heads on inside as the camera crew follows him. However, he's stopped abruptly by the formidable presence of a certain individual.

Matthew Engel: "Black, I just wanted to say congratulations."

Engel steps forward towards Black, who doesn't move and is obviously anticipating some kind of violent act out of The Virus. Black and Engel stare at each other for a moment, and then Engel eyes up that AOWF Intercontinental Championship.

Matthew Engel: "You finally made a step toward making yourself worthy to hold that belt. Do me a favor though and don't be bragging about how you beat a little no-named bitch like AJ Adams. Tell the world you out-smarted The Virus for five seconds while you were an AOWF champion."

TMB scoffs. He obviously didn't like that, but The Virus does make a point whether Black likes it or not.

Thomas Manchester Black: "If the pieces fall together, Matthew, maybe one day I'll be able to beat you with the title on the line."

Engel laughs.

Matthew Engel: "Yeah, wouldn't that be something? Listen, I don't want to take up any more of your precious time. I only came down here to give you the credit you deserve, face to face."

Black nods his head. Engel continues.

Matthew Engel: "And one other thing, too."

Before Black can react, Engel with great speed slams his fist repeatedly into Black's throat and then knees him right in the face. Black is thrust against the wall, holding his throat and gasping for air. Engel tries for another knee but Black blocks it, shoving his shoulder into Engel's gut and slamming Engel up against the wall. The commentary team's audio comes to life.

Brian Rentfro: "Yeah! Payback sucks, Black!"

Jon McDaniel: "TMB is getting a little dose of his own medicine, but only perhaps because TMB beat Virus last week."

Engel's got Black down to a knee with fists and knees getting bulldozed into Black as quick as lightning. Engel spots a large office window.

Matthew Engel: "Eye for an eye, bitch!"

Engel grabs Black by the head and tosses him through the office window. It shatters completely as Black goes through it. Engel wipes his hands off, peering through where the window used to be to check out his work. The camera joins Engel and gets a shot of TMB, who is laid out.

Matthew Engel: "The Virus is back, Thomas. After you peel the glass out of your face, get ready for a fucking war, son."

Engel walks off as TMB comes back to life, scrambling over the broken glass. We cut back to ringside.

Words of Wisdom

The Final Countdown starts to play to a mixed reaction from the crowd. However, instead of the usual suspect coming

out, here comes Scottie Snow, dressed entirely in white. He's wearing a white suit with a white shirt and vest and a white

tie. The only bit of color is his red hair. He walks out to the ring, carrying a rolled up piece of paper in his hand.

Scottie Snow: Hear ye, hear ye. These are the words of the mighty Phoenix who has been gracious enough to share them with


Scottie unrolls the scroll and start to read.

Scottie Snow: Let it be known that Jethro Hayes is to be known as an enemy of the Phoenix and the shall be the first

sacrifice upon his alter. He shall serve as an example to all that oppose the mighty Phoenix. For the sin of being beloved

by the fans of the PWA, you have all selected Jethro Hayes to pay the ultimate price. To repay the mighty Phoenix for your

lack of faith and devotion, his price shall be nothing more nor nothing less than Jethro Hayes's very soul.

Scottie pauses for a second, clearly looking uncomfortable. He takes a second to compose himself before carrying on.

Scottie Snow: The mighty Phoenix wants Jethro to be aware that he has, through completely legal means, acquired the balance

of Jethro's mortgage from his bank. As the Phoenix is a just and caring man, he wants to make it very clearly that although

he now owns Jethro's home, he will not take that away from Jethro so long as he continues to make the payments. All he

desires is for Jethro to know that the very roof over his head is there only due to the good graces of the Phoenix.

Scottie Snow: However, the Phoenix cannot let trespasses go unpunished. For the crime of no showing his match last week,

Jethro must be disiplined. This punishment shall take the form of a monetary fine. After extensive thought and

consideration, the Phoenix has decided that six month's salary is a sufficient penalty for such a grevious trespass.
Again, Scottie looks uncomfortable.

Scottie Snow: (to himself) How's Jethro supposed to pay his mortgage?

He shrugs and continues.

Scottie Snow: But as the Phoenix is a just man, he will offer Jethro a chance to redeem his actions. Next week, the Phoenix

will come to this ring and wait for Jethro, for five minutes, no longer. If Jethro comes out, kneels before the mighty

Phoenix and kisses his boot, the Phoenix will reduce his fine to a mere four month's salary instead.

Scottie Snow: Finally, Jethro is not allowed to lay his hands on the Phoenix at any point without explicit permission. If he

does, Jethro will be immediately fired. This is the will of the Phoenix and so shall it be.

The Final Countdown starts to play again as Scottie leaves the ring.

Elena Simonova vs Emperor Ian

Singles Match

This contest begins with Elena repeatedly striking her opponent, then using her speed to avoid retribution. However, Ian is able to grab her leg and apply a reverse ankle lock. She powers out and and continues to control the match. She executes a ddt and goes for a cover, getting a two count. She keeps up the attack and pulls off a full nelson slam. She only gets two again. She whips the paraplegic into the corner and follows up with a running knee strike, but Funk Dogg pulls him out and she collides with the post. She looks to be in some pain but shakes it off and continues to attack. Elena put Ian in an abdominal stretch, which he struggles to escape, but finally does. The Russian American decides to pull out the big guns and heads to the top rope for the KGB, but Funk Dogg is there to grab her foot as she jumps, causing her to fall awkwardly. She tries to go out and kick his ass, but she is overcome with pain and clutches her lower leg. She engages Ian with a battle of punches, eventually gain the strength to go for the hammer and sickle. She nails the hammer but the sickle part proves to be problematic as Ian blocks and reverses into an ankle lock, twisting the already injured leg. She fights to escape but has no choice but to tap out, however a couple of drunken fans have gotten past security and Daniel Davis has to help Funk Dogg subdue them until security gets its act together. Ian gets pissed off and Elena is able to escape. She bravely plays through the pain as she unloads a ddt on her foe. She sets him up for the Vodka Tonic, and hits it. She covers and now the ref is there to count the one...two...three! Elena grimaces from the pain, but still appears relieved to have gotten away with a victory.

Winner: Elena Simonova

Matthew Engel vs Might & Magic

Singles Match

This was a great match, for one person. The Virus came out in his usual entrance, and the crowd was eating it up. Might and Magic came out and got utterly booed. Then they got utterly annihilated by The Virus. It was like watching LeBron James play one on one basketball against a six year old. Might and Magic managed to get some offense in, and even tossed Virus out of the ring at one point in a double team effort. However, the Virus nearly broke Dragon's jaw with a superkick sending him through the ropes and out of the ring. Then Engel managed to finish Moke Doshky off with the Euthanasia for the win.





Winner: The Virus in 7:12

Emily Corlen vs Thomas Manchester Black

Singles Match

The main event begins as Emily immediately takes TMB down with a spear. Emily wails into TMB with a series of mounted punches, leading to the referee pulling her off of TMB. After arguing with the official for daring to touch her, Emily picks TMB up and whips him into the ropes, waiting to catch him with the Spiral Twister on the return, but TMB sees it coming and counters with his Get Down or Lay Down kick, sending Emily down to the mat hard. TMB goes for the cover, but only gets two as the crowd cheers for the former World Champion.

He pulls Emily to her feet and grabs her by the chin, saying something inaudibly to her, but Emily counters that with a slap to the face and a lightning quick Skullcracker kick. The crowd boos loudly as Emily applies a Dragon Sleeper to Black. The ref asks TMB if he submits, but he loudly shouts “No!”, which causes Emily to crank back harder. After struggling, TMB finally extends his legs enough to kick Emily several times in the head, forcing her to release the hold.

Both competitors make their way back to their feet, with Emily getting there first. She picks TMB the rest of the way up and whips him into the corner. Emily moves over to the opposite corner and then charges at TMB, leaping up for a corner splash, but Black moves and Emily eats turnbuckle! Black tries to capitalize with his Chin Check clothesline, but Emily catches him and finally hits her Spiral Twister for a two count. Ready to put this match to bed, Emily pulls Black to his feet again and goes for her Down in Flames Pedigree, but TMB backdrops the Champion, knocking her hard to the mat. He motions for the Branches of Sins as the crowd starts cheering louder, and as Emily reaches her feet, he goes for it - but she counters it and hits TMB with a Skull Crushing Finale! She rolls Black over and covers - 1... 2... 3!

WINNER: Emily Corlen, via Pinfall

After the match ends, "Cult of Personality" starts playing as Emily rolls out of the ring near the announcer's table. Jon McDaniel catches her attention and says "Emily, what WAS that?" Emily grabs her titles from the timekeeper, smirks and says to him "Like me winning every one of my matches... you can call that the Foregone Conclusion." All smiles, she makes her way up the ramp, the crowd booing, with TMB still out in the ring.

After the Match

As Emily reaches the stage, her music dies down and she finds a mic waiting for her beneath her feet. She picks it up and smirks before beginning.

Emily Corlen: Do you still doubt me? Do you doubt what I'm capable of?

The crowd boos loudly.

Emily Corlen: I just took a man who SWORE that he would be my reckoning and I turned him inside out like a little bitch! It was a Foregone Conclusion! I want to make one thing perfectly clear to each and every single one of you right now, and I'm not just talking to the idiotic fans, I'm talking to every single one of you cum stains sitting in the back.

The crowd boos louder and a "you suck!" chant breaks out.

Emily Corlen: Yeah, I do, and I'm a fucking pro at it! Ask my boyfriend!

More boos.

Emily Corlen: With all due respect to President Davis, I RUN this company! After tomorrow night, when I conquer the Kingdom of Death, I'll run REBEL Pro Wrestling! And hell, I LITERALLY run RXW! Maybe you haven't figured it out yet, but the AoWF has officially become Emily Corlen's personal playground! Jacob Figgins wants to call me out for a match? I don't need Davis accepting matches on my behalf; I'll gladly turn that poor excuse for a wrestler into a pile of broken bones and shattered dreams. Everything happens for a reason, and him getting yanked out of the massacre that happened to Virgil Keenan last week on Aggression was a warning from the universe not to cross me. He chooses to make that mistake anyway? I can't and won't be held responsible for what happens to him.

She smirks as the crowd continues railing against her.

Emily Corlen: And as far as my first defense of this Championship goes, I don't give a damn who I defend this belt against at Manitoba Mayhem. There is not a soul alive who can stop me from doing exactly what I said I would do; walk into Genesis XIII your PWA World Champion... and walk OUT of Genesis XIII STILL your PWA World Champion.

Emily holds the Championship high in the air.

Emily Corlen: I'm not going to stand up here and coin stupid phrases like the "Summer of Corlen" or the "Year of Emily" or the "Era of What-the-fuck-ever". What I will say... is that starting now, and continuing for the foreseeable and indefinite future... a lot of people are going to get hurt in the AoWF. And it's all going to happen at my hands. I'm not taking anybody's shit anymore. BELIEVE IT.

With that, Emily drops the mic and turns on her heel before walking back through the curtain, the crowd giving her a near-nuclear negative reaction.

Cause I'm T-M-B! Oi! Oi! Oi!

We're backstage as Rampage is finishing up. We spot TMB, sorely aggravated and tired out from his match. Well, the aggravation is more than likely caused from Engel's attack earlier in the night. TMB has a sledgehammer. TMB is angry. This can't be good.

Thomas Manchester Black: "You motherfucker!"

He slams the sledgehammer into a really nice rental car's driver side window. He grabs the person and drags them out of the window. It's none other than Matthew Engel himself!

Thomas Manchester Black: "You won't walk away from this!"

TMB throws every strike imaginable at Engel, slamming him up against the rental car. Engel is bloodied and battered, but fights back considerably with a lot of his own strikes. TMB and Engel keep lashing out at each other, and TMB's got the sledgehammer!


He slams it into Engel's gut, and he tries to go for another. However, Engel grabs TMB by the arms and stops it, then gives him a headbutt and uppercuts TMB with the sledgehammer! TMB and Engel keep going blow for blow with the sledgehammer.

Brian Rentfro: Dear God this is madness! I love it!

Jon McDaniel: These two are going to kill each other. We need security out there damn it!

TMB whacks Engel in the head with the sledgehammer, and Engel is laid out on the hood of his rental car. TMB tries for the Branch of Sins on the rental car, but Engel throws TMB off of him. ENGEL DRIVES TMB THROUGH THE HOOD OF THE CAR WITH THE SONS OF PLUNDER!

Brian Rentfro: HOLY SHIT!


Jon McDaniel: Damn it, Brian. This isn't HBO.

Engel and TMB are both down, and surprisingly TMB is moving. He's a tough son of a gun, but so is Engel. Engel gets back up to his feet and grabs TMB by the head.

Matthew Engel: You're fucking done, Black. Done! I'm going to end you right the fuck now!

Engel goes for the sledgehammer and gets it. He brings it up, and is about to deliver a killing blow. BLACK PULLS OUT A PAIR OF BRASS KNUCKS AND NAILS ENGEL IN THE FACE!

Brian Rentfro: The Virus is busted wide open!

Security finally fucking arrives on time. They're so slow.

Jon McDaniel: Security's here. It's about time!

Engel and TMB are separated, and they're both just messed up real bad. Ambulances are pulling up to the parking garage as security has trouble restraining Black. Both of them are cursing at each other, and we fade.