World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Dagger vs Jack Spades

Singles Match

The battle between the psychotic clown Spades and the Adorable Psychopath Dagger started off how many imagine it would. Very explosive and quick strikes from Dagger came in rapid succession to try and slowly chop the tree that is the larger opponent in Spades. Her speed being a great advantage to keep the clown held back. As the match progressed the strikes became more methodical aiming for the chest area more and more. This let Spades finally see the pattern in her attacks and suddenly shoot low and plant Dagger to the mat with a POWAHSLAM!!
1! T-shoulder up!
Of course, with sadistic glee, Spades did not let his momentum die there. Quick time power moves and heavy strikes was the name of the game, and spades was playing it quite well. But Dagger seemed to do a great job of angering the clown by giggling after each of the big moves and actually asking for another. The level of masochism in the girl was quite astounding. Finally getting tired of the laughter of his opponent, he silenced her with a mat reverberating Moonwalk.
1! 2! Thr! KICKOUT
A close call that whittled more at the patience of the clown caused him to be wide open for retaliation. When Spades leaned down to scoop up Dagger she suddenly shot to life and caught the clown with a kip up rana. Quick to work upon her downed opponent she locked in SUBMISSION TIME! Wrenching back she held the clown in the hold. It seemed like almost an entire minute the clown stayed in the hold while Dagger mercilessly stretched her opponent.
But even with the extended time in the Hold Spades managed to will him out and kick Dagger straight in the face. From there he scooped up Dagger and went for the Power Nap but was once more caught in a hurricanranna. Hooking the neck of the stunned Spade she dashed forward and went to nail the Hoodie Heritage but that was countered. Spades was able to capitalize on his counter and turn the stunned Dagger around. From there he scopped her up and hit Laughter Kills

Winner: Jack Spades

Parker vs Emperor Ian

Singles Match

The match begins with Ian in his corner supporting himself with the ropes. Parker approaches him, stops and asks him if he really wants to go through with this. Ian nods his head yes, and after shrugging her shoulders, she backs up and charges at him. Ian drops to the mat and she collides with the turnbuckle. Ian rolls her up and gets a one count, before she powers out. He crawls over to keep her down, but she pushes him away and gets to her feet. She kicks him in the chest, and follows with a dropkick. She tries to pick him up, but Ian cradles her and gets one again. She gets away from him and executes a second dropkick. Parker follows up with a knee drop. She runs to the ropes and attempts to ends this thing with the C.A.F. However Funk Dogg is there to trip her up. She yells at him while the Emperor rolls her up again. She kicks out at one again. She tries to get away but Ian gets a handful of her hair and pulls her to the mat. Ian puts on a headlock while grinding her face into the canvas. Parker fights back with a few punches and dropkicks Ian again. She picks him up and executes a belly to belly suplex. She runs the ropes and comes back with a leg drop. She covers but gets one. She knee drops him and picks him up for a sitout facebuster. Parker attempts the C.A.F. again, but Ian rolls out of the way. He locks in a chickenwing. Parker struggles to escape, but Ian wraps his free arm around her neck making it a crossface chickenwing. She eventually escapes the hold and takes him down with a jumping knee attack. She picks him up for a clothesline. She picks him up again and unloads a snap suplex, covering for a two count. She comes off the ropes for a body splash. Parker attempts the C.A.F. for a third time. She connects, and covers for the one, two, three. She helps Ian up.

Winner: Parker

Cody Bogard vs Elena Simonova

Grizzly Beer Championship

At the start of the bell, Bogard quickly shows his hunger as the challenger by initiating the starting grapple and pushing Elena into the corner. But Elena is quick to get herself out of that situation with a quick kick to the midsection. But not much more offence can be mounted when Bogard hits with a sudden arm drag. The beginning is pretty much a show of back and forth academic wrestling, until Bogard finally uses his size advantage to take Elena into the mat with an arm bar. Simonova pounded the mat out of frustration,, but she fought to her feet nevertheless. Cody caught her in the chest with a hard kick as the arm bar was broken, Elena backing up. With a quick dash, Cody went for a back elbow, however a simple side step by Elena meant he missed and he was open for her snap neck breaker. A quick pin only scored 2. Elena followed up with a forearm to the face, grinding it back and forth. Cody struggled to get out from under her arm and the ref stopped the illegal hold at four. The crowd starting to get behind Cody more and more. Bogard got up dropped Elena down with a sidewalk slam, getting a two count. Bogard followed up with a snap suplex, again with a two count. Elena was starting to look out of it as Cody went for Hero Time, but Elena squirmed out and caught Cody in the back of the head with a high kick. Cody stumbled back against the ropes and as he came off them, Elena doubled Cody over with a toe kick and grabbled him, flipping over and spiking his head into the mat with her Vodka Tonic finisher. Elena rolled Cody over and hooked his leg as the referee made the 1 2 3.

Winner: Still Grizzly Beer Champion, Elena Simonova

Might & Magic vs Jethro Hayes

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a two on one handicap match. Introducing first...the Southern Hero...Jethro Hayes!

"Ride Through The Country" by Colt Ford as the crowd cheered, getting to their feet A few moments passed and there was no sign ofJethro, His music cut out and Eric started again

Eric Emerson: "Jeeeethro Haaaayes!"

Again, "Ride Through The Country" by Colt Ford played out and the crowd cheered again, but there was still no sign of Jethro. Suddenly, the cameras shift backstage and we see Hayes is down surrounded by the Dragon and Moke, beating him down. Jethro is bloodied and we see a lead pipe on the ground. You don't need to be a master of Clue to figure out what happened. We hear shouting from down the hall and PWA Tag Team Champion Matthew Engel arrives on the scene as M&M bail out. Matthew checks on his fallen partner. Referee Daniel Davis comes up to the two, doctors are now here as well checking on Jethro

Daniel Davis: "Mr. Engel? President Davis has said we're moving on to your match now, you're needed in the ring."

Engel grits his teeth, wanting nothing more than to crush M&M right here right now, but he does as he's instructed and heads for the ring

Brian Rentfro: "Looks like it's been a bad few weeks for Jethro"

Jon McDaniel: "I hope he's alright, no man deserves what he's gotten lately."

Matthew Engel vs TMB

No Disqualification

The begrudged Matthew Engel came down to the ring followed by TMB. Matthew had to push the past ten minutes out of his mind to focus on his opponent. Thomas and Matthew locked up and started brawling, the two of them knew this wasn’t going to be a wrestling classic. Engel threw a right Thomas threw a right, the crowd getting behind Engel. Matthew knees Thomas in the ribs and spins his head around with a neck breaker. Black hits the mat as Engle mounts him, reigning down fists. With each blow, Engel looked angrier and angrier. Thomas had been covering up, but knew he had to get out of this spot and reached up, raking Matthew’s eyes. Black then caught him with a right hand in the face to back him off.

Black got to his feet and caught Engel in the head with his right foot. Matthew backed up against the ropes and Thomas charged in, hitting the strong clothesline knocking them both over the ropes and to the mat. Thomas and Engel got to their feet around the same time, Black a little faster. Thomas grabbed Matthew’s head and went to ram him into the steps, but Engel reversed and smashed Black’s head into the steps instead. Matthew repeated this twice more and tossed Black into the ring. Matthew then picked up the steps and slid them under the bottom rope, straining just slightly.

With Matthew getting back in the ring, Thomas was struggling to his feet. Black is up, but he’s brought right back down by a scoop slam by the Virus. Engel used his strength to position the steps towards the center of the ring, but he was caught by behind with a back suplex as Thomas was back up, Black followed up with a pile driver an went for a cover, only getting a two count. Black pressed on, setting Matthew up for a power bomb, aiming him right at the steps, but Engel is able to counter, catching Black’s head and driving him into the mat, nearly missing the steps with a DDT. Black was able to kick out of a near fall after that, but the Virus wasn’t discouraged. After having faced Thomas’ pile driver, he set TMB up for one of his own, however on the steps. Engle attempted to lift Thomas up, however Black slipped out and without missing a beat, he leapt up and hit Matthew with the Branches of Sin right on the steps! Black rolled him over and hooked his outside leg for the 1 2 3!

Winner: Thomas Manchester Black

Just Another Brick In The Wall

Brian Rentfro: This is the moment we've been waiting for the entire show! It's time to hear from the new PWA World Champion!

Jon McDaniel: Yes, lucky us.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen... at this time, please welcome... your NEW PWA World Champion... the self-proclaimed Queen of Professional Wrestling... EMILY... CORLEN!!!

Loud boos fill the Rampage arena as "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour starts blaring across the ADC-Tron. As red spotlights swirl around the crowd and stage, Emily Corlen walks through the curtain. The boos grow louder as she stops on the stage, her PWA World Title in one hand and her REBEL Pro Tag Team Title in the other, and holds both of her Championships in the air. With a confident smirk on her face, Emily makes her way down the ramp and circles around the ring once before climbing the steps and stopping on the ring apron. She motions for Eric Emerson to come over and when he does, she tells him to hold the ropes open for her. Always a gentleman, Emerson does so and Emily enters the ring before hitting each corner to more boos from the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: Listen to that ovation! The Champion of the people has arrived on Sunday Night Rampage at long last!

Jon McDaniel: Champion of the...? Will you listen to yourself? These people DETEST Emily Corlen, and rightfully so! She stole the PWA World Title from Jethro Hayes at Summer Sizzler!

Brian Rentfro: Please, Jon. Jethro was an idiot and it cost him. Did Emily make Jethro leave the ring and chase Phoenix up the ramp? No, she did not. She hit Elena Simonova with the Catalyst and covered her 1, 2, 3. No shenanigans, no cheating, 100% legit. The only person who screwed Jethro was Jethro. And maybe The Phoenix.

Jon McDaniel: Maybe The Phoenix my ass.

The music dies down and a ring tech hands Emily a microphone as she hoists both of her titles over her shoulders. She stares out into the crowd, smirking proudly, as the crowd boos louder.

Jon McDaniel: Oh God, she's gonna milk this, isn't she?

Brian Rentfro: As well she should! You earned it, kid! BASK in it!

Slowly, Emily turns to each section of the crowd, merely staring out at them with a smug look of superiority on her face. Every time she turns, the section she faces boos louder, almost as if the crowd is competing with each other to prove who dislikes Emily the most. This goes on for a good minute, Emily soaking in every last bit of negative energy the Rampage crowd lobs her way.

Jon McDaniel: Come on, say something! Anything!

Brian Rentfro: I think she's doing just that, Jon.

After milking the crowd for a good while, Emily lowers the microphone to her side and holds the PWA World Championship high in the air, eliciting more jeers from the crowd. She holds the title up for what seems like an eternity before finally, "Cult of Personality" cues up on the loudspeakers again and Emily drops the mic before exiting the ring.

Jon McDaniel: I don't get it! Where's the "I told you so"? The "you all said I couldn't do it, I proved everybody wrong"?

Brian Rentfro: Jon, she already won the title; everybody knows how legit she is. What can she possibly say that can't be accomplished simply by HOLDING that title?

Jon McDaniel: I guess... I just thought she'd... y'know, rub it in our faces more. It always seemed to be her style.

Brian Rentfro: Why bother? She doesn't have anything to prove to anybody! She's the World Champion of the PWA! And if she has it her way, she's going to hold onto that title for a very, very long time.

Jon McDaniel: As much as I hate to agree with you when it comes to HER... there might not be anybody right now who can stop her.

As Emily reaches the stage, she stops and looks up at the ADC-Tron. The logo for Genesis XIII appears on the Tron and fades into the background before we see a graphic for Hunter Sullivan vs. Raizzor. The crowd pops for this. After a moment, that image fades and we see "PWA World Championship Match" under the Genesis XIII logo pitting a mystery figure (complete with giant question mark) against a defending Emily Corlen. She turns to the crowd again and grins as she holds the Championship high in the air, getting the loudest boos yet.

Jon McDaniel: Did Emily Corlen just tell the world that she intends to hold onto that Championship until GENESIS?!

Brian Rentfro: And beyond, Jon! Emily just laid claim to the main event of PWA's biggest show of the year!

Jon McDaniel: But... that's SIX MONTHS away! That's ludicrous!

Brian Rentfro: Like you said before, Jon... who's gonna stop her?

Jon furrows his brow silently as Emily continues holding her title high in the air, grinning from ear to ear, triumphant, as Rampage fades to the AoWF logo, and then to black.