World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


The Opener

The screen shows pictures of the participates in Summer Sizzler, Emily Corlen, Second 2 None, The Phoenix, recaps the win of Allen Chaney on the last live episode of Rampage, Adrian Kalis’ win at Prove Your Worth. We hear the voice over guy.

VO guy: “On a night where scores will be settled, championships will be defended and possibly the fate of the PWA will be decided, one man stands atop of everything. One man holds the PWA World Title and one half of the Tag Team Championships. Jethro Hayes, preparing for his match with Matt Stone, that was all taken away by a shocking turn of events that say the Hall of Famer walk out on the company he has been a part of for three years. Taking his spot, his girlfriend Emily Corlen, another hungry challenger for the World Title. But she brings someone with her, Elena Simonova, a woman who earned her shot at the Grizzly Beer title by defeating all comers in the Battle Royal. She gets more than she bargained for with a chance to walk out with the richest prize imaginable. Another man, back from retirement looks to get that one accolade he has never had when he faces newly crowned AoWF World Champion Allen Chaney. What will happen when their worlds collide? Axe Body Spray: Phoenix presents…PWA Summer Sizzler!”

Pyro goes off as the live crowd cheers. The camera pans over and we see several signs supporting Jethro Hayes, Allen Chaney and of course, the “Phoenix fears Bogard” signs are there too.

Jon McDaniel: “What a show we have for you tonight folks, you don’t wanna miss it!”

Brian Rentfro: “Four championship matches with five titles on the line in total. I can’t wait, Jon.”

Jon McDaniel: “And we start off with Johnny Kennedy facing off against Lucious Starr, both these men looking to get to work towards getting back in the title hunt!”

Lucious Starr vs Johnny Kennedy

Singles match

Johnny Kennedy and Lucious Starr, two PWA icons, both come out with extravagant and pointless entrances that amazingly keep the crowd from rioting and demanding to get their money back. Starr and Kennedy meet face to face in the ring, before Starr slaps Kennedy so hard that Johnny loses his balance and gets ripped wide open from a spear from Starr. Starr doesn't back off and dives in with several punches to Kennedy's face. Starr kept on the offensive, delivering some brutal striking and threw in a pointless five star frog splash for good measure. Pointless, because Kennedy got his knees up just in time to connect with Starr's face.

So, Starr would lose his advantage by being stupid and getting kneed in the face by Johnny. Johnny followed it up with a Tony Jaa and a cover, but only got a two count~OMG!

Johnny wasn't playing around anymore, at least not until after he pulled out his cell phone, started sexting, and then got it kicked out of his hands by Starr. That pissed Johnny off, and Johnny kicked STARR in the stomach so hard that Starr fell to his knees. Johnny FINISHED HIM with the Perfect Armbar as Starr tapped out after spending several minutes getting his arm ripped up trying to escape or get to the rope. Starr didn't come close, and Kennedy scores the win.

Winner: Johnny Kennedy by submission in 7:12

Earlier Tonight...

The scene opens to the backstage area as a Black GTO pulls up. Out steps a very tall, well built black man. The man is dressed in a Black Armani suit with a white button up shirt w/ the top button undone. The man hits the alarm button on his keys and begins to walk towards the entrance doors to the arena. As he gets to the door he is stopped by a security guard, too busy looking at his phone to realize who is in front of him.

Guard: Sorry sir, but only PWA stars are allowed....

Man:Excuse me!?!

The guard actually takes a look at the man and realizes who he is talking to.

Guard: Sorry Mr. Black, go right in.

TMB: Thank you. Oh yes…one more thing.

Guard: Yes?

TMB quickly grabs the guard by the neck and lifts him up off the ground and slams him against the door. The other guards freeze up, not knowing if they should attack, worry about the safety of their co –worker.

TMB: If you ever…ever stop me as I’m coming to an event without a Hell of a good reason, it will be the last time that you do so. You hear me boys…

The guards behind him nod.

TMB: Do you hear me?

The guard in front of him nods his head as TMB places him back down on the ground. TMB smiles and dusts the guard’s shoulder before disappearing though the entrance door into the arena.

Second 2 None on Star Wars, Gambling, and Ignorance

Jethro and Matthew sit in their locker room, in individual comfortable armchairs, a table in between them both as they face each other.

Jethro Hayes: "Now, you say that Chewbacca is not as good as Vader?"

Engel nods.

Matthew Engel: "Imagine the body odor, he'd smell like a wet dog... like the way that Emily claims you smell."

Jethro makes a big production of sniffing himself.

Jethro Hayes: "Its cool, she can talk all that game, but we both know she can't walk that PWA World Championship walk."

Jethro motions to the table.

Jethro Hayes: "Now make your bet."

Engel looks at the cards in his hand, before dropping down a $50 Monopoly bill; Jethro looks at it with some concern. Noticing his look, Engel taunts the World Champ and his own Tag Team partner.

Matthew Engel: "Too rich for your blood?"

Jethro shakes his head.

Jethro Hayes: "No, I don't have anything that small."

Matthew Engel: "Bullshit."

Jethro smiles, laying a $100 Monopoly bill.

Jethro Hayes: "I raise you another fifty."

Jethro laughs, Engel looks at the bill with some concern.

Jethro Hayes: "What, you ain't up to the challenge, Ms. Corlen?"

That does it, Engel plops down a fifty, sitting back to look a bit smug.

Matthew Engel: "Your call big man. So, why didn't you record another promo?"

Jethro shrugs before contemplating a minute. and looking at his cards.

Jethro Hayes: "What would be the point? I mean I said all the things I needed to say, they were just trying to beat the dead horse, they weren't taking me seriously, even though the hypocrits said I wasn't taking them seriously."

Engel nods, Jethro looks at his cards again, judging what to do.

Matthew Engel: "That whole pot calling the kettle black line?"

Jethro nods.

Matthew Engel: "And how you are a tobacco chewing automaton... or something stereotypical from Emily."

Jethro laughs.

Jethro Hayes: "Yeah, I mean pa fucking thetic, is what I'm going to continue to say about Emily Corlen. Here, TGRXBWF, and in Rebel Pro. Her Championships, outside of one Agression title reign, I think an IC reign in PWA, and her Grizzly Beer title reign... are a fucking joke. I mean come on, she's so power hungry that she's gobbling the cock of Stone, who used to be managed or is still managed by Davis."

Engel nods, but Jethro continues.

Jethro Hayes: "Supposedly I'm not World Championship material..."

He pats the PWA World Title.

Jethro Hayes: "I think this begs to differ, cause this ain't my first rodeo."

Engel nods, motioning for the table and the sizeable pile of Monopoly money.

Matthew Engel: "Are you gonna make a bet?"

Jethro looks at Engel, laying down another $100 before shrugging.

Jethro Hayes: "Its the smallest thing I have."

Matthew Engel: "Damn it!"

Engel looks at his cards before glancing at his pile of money as well, then back to Jethro."

Matthew Engel: "Asshole."

Jethro smiles.

Jethro Hayes: "After all, they are just going to repeat the same old same old shit, just a different flavor."

Engel laughs, laying down a fifty, 2 twenties, and 1 ten; equalling a hundred. After a brief contemplation, he pushes another hundred dollars worth across.

Matthew Engel: "I raise you a hundred."

Jethro smiles.

Jethro Hayes: "I see your hundred and raise you... another hundred."

Engel looks a bit worried, but then so does Jethro, the pile in the middle is getting large and their piles are getting smaller and smaller.

Jethro Hayes: "Remember the fight at RPM II, where we damn near destroyed each other?"

They both sit back fondly remembering the match.

Matthew Engel: "Yeah, and you couldn't beat me."

Jethro Hayes: "I did beat you though."

Matthew Engel: "Did not."

Jethro Hayes: "Did too."

Matthew Engel: "Well, no you didn't and if you don't bet... I win by default."

Engel is smiling, they are messing with each other, they both know the result of said match.

Matthew Engel: "And she thinks that she's better and can destroy you, so that you can't compete anymore?"

Jethro nods, placing 3 one hundred dollar bills in the pile. Engel looks and gulps.

Matthew Engel: "Damn you Hayes."

Engel digs under his pile, coming out with 2 five hundred dollar bills, Jethro's turn to gulp.

Matthew Engel: "I see your money and raise you 800 more!"

Engel laughs, Jethro gulps then reluctantly reaches into his pile and evens it up. He looks down, only a handfull of bills remain; Engel does the same, t hen they glare at each other... competition burning bright.

"Knock Knock"

A man walks in, bringing in some water, chicken strips, and fries; both look at it longingly.

Jethro Hayes: "Not until after our match and then after my match."

Matthew Engel: "But you should build your strength up now, while you've got the chance."

Jethro nods, taking a chicken strip and acting as though its a cigar and talks around it as he contemplates his next move.

Jethro Hayes: "If Emily is motivated to piss people off, what is she going to do when I beat her?"

Engel smiles.

Jethro Hayes: "Quit?"

Jethro pushes some more bills over, the last but for two bills which he hides from Engel.

Matthew Engel: "Twenty six dollars Hayes, seriously?"

Jethro nods as Engel goes through his money.

Matthew Engel: "Can I borrow a dollar?"

Jethro laughs, tossing him a dollar bill.

Matthew Engel: "Thanks."

Jethro Hayes: "Not a problem."

Jethro palms the bill, ready to place it onto the pile... its a single dollar.

Jethro Hayes: "This will mean that I win, you know that right?"

Engel looks around...

Matthew Engel: "Not so quick Hayes, I had dropped a bill... it might... damn, it's only a dollar."

Engel pushes it across, Jethro smiling broadly.

Jethro Hayes: "I see your dollar and raise you..."

He looks at the bill.

Jethro Hayes: "Damn it, thought it was at least a fiver."

Engel laughs with Hayes.

Matthew Engel: "So, pass a chicken strip."

Jethro hands him the plate, he removes a strip.

Matthew Engel: "So, you ready?"

Jethro nods, returning to his cards.

Jethro Hayes: "You know how I prepare, even going so far to train with you down in Bermuda."

Engel smiles.

Matthew Engel: "It was nice to step back into the ring and spar with you. Good times, bro."

Jethro smiles.

Jethro Hayes: "Sure was."

They both study their cards.

Jethro Hayes: Do you have a red 2?"

Engel smiles.

Matthew Engel: "Go fish."

Jethro yells a bit.

Jethro Hayes: "Damn it!"

Jethro reaches into the pile, pulling out a black 2.

Matthew Engel: "Do you have a black 3?"

Jethro smiles..., before handing it over. Engel laughs triumphantly as he rakes the money over.

Matthew Engel: "Come to papa! I need a new pair of shoes."

Jethro raises his eyebrow in surprise.

Jethro Hayes: "Really? Did you really?"

Engel nods.

Matthew Engel: "Damn sure did."

Jethro smiles, pulling out another carton of Monopoly money, ready to begin again with a brand new order of money.

Matthew Engel: "You know, it isn't really playing for wins and losses, if we can both open up a new package of money after we go bankrupt."

Jethro nods.

Jethro Hayes: "I know, but they don't... besides... it's still fun."

Cut back to ringside.

Thomas Manchester Black vs Cody Bogard

Singles match

“Electric Worry” by Clutch starts up over the PA system, as the PWA crowd begins to buzz a little bit. Some in the crowd stand up out of their seats and look towards the entrance ramp. Smoke slowly spills through the entrance ramp as the lights go a dim Purple. The man known as TMB comes out from behind the curtains. TMB makes his way out to the top of the rampway and looks out into the crowd.

TMB: (Off Mic) can you hear the clock ticking!?!

TMB makes the crucifix sign as pyros explode behind him. TMB grins and begins to make his way down the rampway. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn't even look at the ring announcer as he makes his way to the far right corner. He smirks at the crowd before ascending the turnbuckle and lifting the AOWF Intercontinental Championship in the air. TMB hops off the turnbuckle and is handed a mic.

TMB: I’ve come out here to tell Jethro Hayes, that I am watching his match tonight. And I’m hoping that you walk out with the title, Jethro. I hope your smug face is smiling at the end of the night. Because I want to be the one to rip that smile off your face…remember that.

TMB paces the ring for a moment before continuing.

TMB: As for you, Cody. This will be our last time meeting each other. I hope you are prepared to make the most of it, because I promise you I will. I promise you that you invite into Deadman’s Wonderland will be a one night only thing. Within your invite, the truth will be told about you. The truth about your propose and your role in this company’s destiny. I promise you that your eyes will be open …

TMB’s grin widens.

TMB: And the truth will set you free…

TMB drops the mic aas Cody's theme hits and they get ready for their match

Thomas and Cody lock up and the bigger TMB pushes Cody into the corner. The ref steps in to break the two up and TMB slowly steps back and looks like he chuckles a bit. Cody walks right out from the corner and gets right in TMB’s face. Cody seems to be throwing some very strong words TMB’s and Black just yawns at him. Tired of the disrespect, Cody fakes a punch to the face, causing TMB to cover up for the shot, not realizing he was set up a quick knee shot to the ribs, forcing the big man to stumble back. Double leg take down by Bogard, who rolls back to his feet and starts to stalk TMB. TMB is shaking the surprise off and is getting to his feet.

TMB spins around to see where Cody is at and is greet it with a whirlwind of kicks and stiff elbows causing the big man to stumble back into the ropes. And Cody doesn’t waste any time as he gets a running start and leaps into the air. Black tries to put on the breaks, but it doesn’t work as Cody nails a hurricanrana that takes the current AOWF IC Champion over the ropes and to the outside of the ring. TMB hits the floor hard and starts to pull himself up on the guard railing. Cody is waiting for the right timing and springboards off the ropes looking to nail another hurricanrana, but this time as soon as Cody makes contact, TMB falls forward…powerbombing Bogard onto the ring apron. TMB pauses himself in order to get a bit of breathing room as he rolls back into the ring to break up the ref’s count. As soon as the ref restarts his count TMB rolls back outside of the ring.

TMB grabs cody and rolls him back into the ring. AS he slides back into the ring he picks Cody up and begins to pepper him with strikes of his own. As soon as it looks like TMB’s strikes maybe taking a toll on Bogard, Cody starts to fire shots of his own, this time aimed at the tree trunk of the larger Black. It’s now plain to see what Cody is doing, he targets the ribs, making it hard for TMB to breathe, cause the bigger man to try to cover up. As soon as TMB goes to cover his ribs, Cody leaps up and nails a freakingly brutal looking DDT. TMB’s neck compacts as Cody quickly slaps in a triangle hold, wrenching TMB’s neck! Dangerous place to be and TMB is trying his best to try to roll over. Black start to punch at Cody’s ankles with his free.

Bogard knowing that he is going to need to stay mobile, let’s go of the hold. TMB stumbles back into the corner and Cody stays on him, running and leaping on top of Black. Bogard is pounding away at Black’s head, but suddenly Black nails the low blow. TMB lets Cody drop down and goes for the Branches of Sins, but Cody is able to spin him around. TMB tries to wind up for a clothesline, but cody is just a second faster and is able to put down the AOWF IC Champion with his varation of the Ace Crusher….HERO TIME. Cody drops the arm over TMB for the cover. The bell rings and Cody just looks down at Black before leaving.

Winner: Cody Bogard

Backstage Announcement

We cut backstage and we see PWA President Elizabeth Davis talking on her cell phone.

President Davis: “Yes, everything is going fine. I understand…good luck tomorrow night, I know you’ll do fine. I gotta go, bye.”

She hangs up and smiles at the camera, fixing some papers on her desk.

President Davis: “Well that was certainly impressive. Cody Bogard going out there and defeating former PWA World Champion Thomas Manchester Black. That has gotten me thinking, I like being impressed. SO much so that next week on Rampage, Cody will be taking on whomever the Grizzly Beer champion happens to be after tonight…and it will be for the title. No rest for the wicked, as they say. Congratulations Cody, now sit back and keep an eye on that Main Event.”

Liz winks to the camera before continuing.

President Davis: “Another announcement, I have decided that starting next week, I will be looking for someone to challenge for the PWA World Title. I could round up the usual suspects, but I’ve decided to go a little bit differently. Starting next week, 1 match a week will be a qualifier into a triple threat match taking place on the August 26th edition of Rampage to determine the next challenger. Here’s the kicker though, you won’t know what match is the qualifier. So I want everyone out there doing their best and you will find out August 19th whom has qualified. That’s all for now, good luck everyone.”

Liz smiles at the camera as we fade back to ringside.

Jon McDaniel: “What a great idea, trying to motivate the entire roster to go hard for the next three weeks. I cant wait to see who we end up with in that triple threat!”

Brian Rentfro: “Should be interesting…but when did you become so interested in kissing President Davis’ ass?”

Jon McDaniel: “Have you seen…wait, what are you talking about? I’m just agreeing with a good idea.”

Brian Rentfro: “Sure, sure.”

Adrian Kalis vs Parker vs Justin Case

AoWF Television Championship


Eric Emerson: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and is a triple threat for the Alliance of Wrestling Federations Television Championship! Introducing first!

Everything is dark.

Music plays, “Pretty Handsome Awkward by The Used” .

Eric Emerson: Representing the PWA, PARKER!!!!!

Parker strolls out and begins trotting towards the ring. Lights flash on as she walks, each one activated as she passes it by. She walks up the steps of the side of the ring, grace in all her actions. She enters the ring, walks around the outer, one arm raised. She climbs the turnbuckle of the ropes, stands and raises both of her arms. She climbs down from the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring, waiting for her opponent.

Eric Emerson: Her first opponent! Also representing the PWA!

"All of the lights" by Yeezy hits the P.A. and out comes " The Chosen One " Justin Case! He stands at the entrance way, TV Championsip Title around his waist with his manager beside him, as pyro shoots out on either side. His PWA TV Title around his waist. Case soaks in the boos of the crowd as they give him power. He raises his arms in the very talented air!

Eric Emerson: Justin Case!!!!

Case then struts down the ramp way, as The Wiz limpingly lingers behind, with his cane. "TCO" struts to the squared circle with a cockily arrogance that only he can endeavor upon. Once from inside the ring, he steps to the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd on hand. Whether they like him or not, it does not matter. His manager hits his cane on the apron showing his approval. Jumping off the ropes he prepares for the match while handing off the title belt and pulling on the upper rope as his music ends. Its time for some talented action, by yours truly!

Brian Rentfro: God, I just realized this match is full of Canadians.

Jon McDaniel: Gold will go to Canada tonight then.

Brian Rentfro: Probably the only time during this summer Olympic season.

Eric Emerson: And their opponent...

"Seven Devils" by Florence and The Machines begins to play.

Eric Emerson: Entering this match as a FREE AGENT! Accompanied to the ring by Lacey Gloria!

The crowd boos as the lights go out in the arena.

Eric Emerson: He is the AoWF Television Champion, ADRIAN KALIS!

Seven devils all around you!
Seven devils in my house!
See they were there when I woke up this morning!
And I'll be dead before the day is done!

The entrance explodes with fireworks. Suddenly, walls of flames gush up from the left side of the entrance ramp. A platform begins to raise.

Seven devils all around you!
Seven devils in YOUR house!
See I was dead when I woke up this morning...
And I'll be dead before the day is done!

The flames circle Adrian and Lacey, who is in Adrians arms holding herself close to him. The crowd jumps to their feet, boos echoing through the arena. Adrian and Lacey share a passionate kiss in the midst of the flames, and then she slides herself behind Adrian as Adrian steps forward through the flames, lifting his face mask back up. Fireworks pop off all along the entrance ramp beside him, with every three steps he takes. The flames dissipate and Lacey quickly follows Adrian, right behind him smirking. Adrian stops at the ring, looking up at Parker and Justin Case.

They can keep me alive!
'Till I tear the walls!
'Till I slave your hearts!
And they take your souls!

Adrian circles the ring, before jumping up on the ring apron and entering. The referee asks Parker and Case to remain in their corners as Adrian moves to the center of the ring.

And what have we done?!
Can it be undone?!
In the evils heart!
In the evils soul!

Adrian lifts up the AoWF Television title with both hands as flames shoot from the four corners of the ring, and the arena is lit by pure fire.

Seven devils all around you!
Seven devils in YOUR house!
See I was dead when I woke up this morning...
And I'll be dead before the day is done!

Adrian hands the belt to the referee and bows to his opponents.

Before the day... is.. Done.


Case and Kalis rush each other, Parker keeps a close eye on things having anticipated this. But Adrian throws himself over the top rope and outside onto the ring apron. He hops onto the top turnbuckle and ignores Justin Case completely as he hits a missile dropkick on Parker! Parker hits the canvas, as does Adrian however and Case is there to capitalize. Case grabs Adrian and lifts him up to his feet. Case with a spinning neckbreaker takes Adrian to the canvas hard. He follows it up with a sleeper hold, locking it on tight on Adrian. Adrian struggles to get free but that's where Parker comes in, she comes with a springboard moonsault and crashes into both of them. The C.A.F.!!!

Jon McDaniel: Parker with a perfectly executed moonsault gets the boys down that she calls the Classy As Duck.

Brian Rentfro: I wouldn't mind her going down on me if you know what I mean.

Parker pushes Adrian away and hits a swift heel kick on Case from the canvas. Case rolls away, as does Adrian. Parker and Case are up first and Case goes to grapple Parker. He lifts her up into the air for a powerbomb but she reverses it and turns it into a hurricanrana. Adrian rushes at her and goes for a clothesline, but she reverses that too and hits an armtrap DDT, taking Adrian down quickly. She covers the Champion!




Justin Case shows up and hits a leg drop on Adrian as Parker gets thrown off of him. Parker with an elbow drop on Case now, who's on top of Adrian. Adrian pushes them both off of him and rolls out of the ring. Lacey Gloria comes up to him and he rests his head on her... chest area, she smirks. Case leans over the ropes and yells at Kalis to get back into the ring. Parker rolls him up from behind!




Parker gets to her feet but Adrian slides back into the ring and quickly gets to his. He spears her from behind and takes her to the canvas. Case is up, and grabs Adrian! One fishermans suplex! A second! A third fishermans suplex! Lasting Impression! Case makes the cover this time!





Jon McDaniel: Pure gut instinct from the TV champion.

Brian Rentfro: The *real* Television Champion.

Parker comes in and grabs Case, but he cracks her in the ribs and sweeps her off her feet. He locks in the Tap or Snap! But Adrian immediately breaks that up. Adrian and Case lock up and Parker takes this moment to recover and watch carefully as Case sends Adrian into the ropes. Adrian clotheslines Case to the canvas, Case gets right back up. Adrian goes for another clothesline- but Case catches him and flips him over the top rope to the outside! Parker lunges at Case and hits a spinning heel kick. Case stumbles back and then grabs Parker and hits her with Just 2 Talented!!! Case rolls her over and covers!


Adrian slides back into the ring.


Adrian stomps down over the back of Case's head, breaking up the count. Adrian jumps over Justin Case and locks in The Raizzor's Edge!!! Case struggles to escape, Parker is still out of it from Case's Just 2 Talented. Case reaches out with his free arm and grabs Parker by the leg to try and seemingly snap her out of her daze. She does and she knocks Case's hand away, unaware of the fatal mistake. Adrian tightens the grip, and Case is forced to tap out.


Eric Emerson: The winner of this match by submission... And stillllllllllllllll AoWF Television Champion!!!! The General of The Order of Chaos! ADRIAN KALIS!

Dwayne Cross hands Adrian the belt as Lacey Gloria slides into the ring to jump him. She pulls down his face mask and they kiss, and she raises his arm into the air- title belt and all.

Jon McDaniel: Back to back title defenses, back to back wins for Adrian.

Adrian scoffs at Case and smirks at Parker as he leaves the ring, the Television title over his shoulder and Lacey Gloria in his arms.


The camera moves backstage, where Emily Corlen is standing in front of a large Summer Sizzler backdrop, sans interviewer, with the Grizzly Beer Championship over her shoulder and a mic in her hand.

Emily Corlen: Just over two years ago, I made my professional wrestling debut in this company. The Pioneer Wrestling Association. While this place and I haven't always been on the best terms, it's always held a distinct place in my heart and no matter how many times I may wander off to another company, somehow, someway, I always make it back here to the PWA.

She pauses.

Emily Corlen: In the time since I debuted, I've made friends. I've made enemies. I've met lovers, and I've become better for the experience. Summer Sizzler, in particular, holds special meaning to me. In 2010, alongside my sister Jen and the James sisters, I formed Bound by Blood at this very event. Just last year, I competed in the main event, my first PWA pay-per-view main event, alongside Matthew Engel and Matt Stone for the PWA World Title. Now, in 2012, I find myself in familiar territory; the main event of Summer Sizzler, thrown up against the wall versus two determined competitors, both spouting the same rhetoric I've been hearing since the day I debuted in this company; Emily Corlen will never be PWA World Champion.

Emily gazes into the camera, a determined look in her eyes.

Emily Corlen: Tonight, I defy the critics. I do what David Slayton never had the pull to do. I go out there, I put on a career performance and I walk out of Summer Sizzler your new PWA World Champion. Not to earn some idiot's respect. Not to prove anything to anybody. Certainly not to impress you people.

The crowd boos.

Emily Corlen: No. I'm going to take the richest prize in the PWA simply because I can... and because NOBODY tells me I can't do something.

Emily smirks evilly.

Emily Corlen: I'm trading up... from the Grizzly Beer Title... to the PWA World Title. Some say I can't get it done. I say I'd like to see anybody stop me.

Emily sneers before walking off, leaving the scene to cut back to ringside.

Hardcore Snowfall vs Second 2 None

PWA Tag Team Championship

*I didn't give Hardcore Snowfall much offense(I did a little) because they didn't RP and this match isn't what it could have been. I also wante to write it up now and its still a ecent match.

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall and is for your Pioneer Wrestling Association World Tag Team Championships...

The familiar intro of the Pink Panther theme starts to play as the arena lights dim slightly. Scottie ?The Panther? Snow runs out to the top of the entrance ramp, does a bad kung fu pose, then high tails it to the ring.

We hear "MR. HARDCORE!" yelled over the speakers before "Fight Music" by D-12 starts to play. As "Artist with a bomb, strapped to my stomach screaming, ""LETS GET IT ON""" is heard, four red pyro blasts shoot straight up from the ramp three different times. As the last one goes off, the fans begin to cheer as Mr. Hardcore walks out. He is wearing black jeans, a black hoodie, and his wrists are taped. He raises his arms in the air and two more huge explosions go off behind him. Mr. Hardcore then walks down the ramp towards the ring, taking off his hoodie to reveal a white wife beater. He gets to the ring and rolls in before walking to the middle of the ring. He looks out to the crowd, then leans his head back, as he holds his arms out. Mr. Hardcore thrives off the chorus of cheers. Mr. Hardcore then stares up the ramp, waiting for his opponents.

Matthew and Jethro come out dressed in their Star Wars costumes, the crowd are in to this fun loving and fun having Second 2 None.

"All Nightmare Long" by Metallica hits the sound system as Matthew Engel and Jethro Hayes walk out from backstage to a mixed reaction of cheers and boos. The guitars and drums of All Nightmare Long take over the ambiance, however, and Hayes and Engel make their descent to the ring. Engel is in his usual dark green tuxedo attire, and Jethro Hayes is sporting his overalls and John Deere hat once again. Both men keep their eyes on the ring, not letting the crowd distract them or make them lose focus. -Luck.. runs... out- -Crawl from the wreckage one more time Horrific memory twists the mind Dark, rutted, cold and hard to turn Path of destruction, feel it burn- -Still-life incarnation Still-life infamy Hallucination, heresy Still you run, what's to come? What's to be?- Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring at a combined weight of 527 pounds and a combined 18 PWA title reigns... -Cause we hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long Feel us breathe upon your face Feel us shift, every move we trace- -Hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long, yeah! Luck.. runs.. out You crawl back in, but your luck runs out- Hayes and Engel make it to the ring. Engel slides in, and Hayes takes the steel steps and climbs into the ring through the ropes. Both men keep their focus, and Hayes gives a look of anger to some of the front row near him. Engel begins to take off his jacket, tie, and dress shirt, leaving his wife-beater white shirt on him. -Then you crawl back in Into your obsession Never to return This is your confession- (inhale) -Hunt you down without mercy! Hunt you down all nightmare long! Feel us breathe upon your face Feel us shift, every move we trace- -Hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long, yeah! Luck.. runs.. out You crawl back in, but your luck runs out- -CAUSE LUCK RUNS OUT!- Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you two PWA Hall of Famers...Jethro Hayes...Matthew Engel... SECOND 2 NONE!!! "All Nightmare Long" dies down but the roaring disapproval from the crowd does not. Hayes and Engel remain focused, Engel giving Hayes a little pep talk before the match.

Brian Rentfro: This is utterly ridiculous.

Jon McDaniel: Everyone else seems to love it.

They remove their Star Wars costumes and prepare for business.

Ding Ding

Engel starts off this match with a collar and elbow, but manages to slap Scottie Snow in the face for good measure, as a way to taunt him a bit as the match is opening up. Snow with a slap back, but Engel ducks under quickly bringing a knee into Snow's ribs causing him to bend over towards his left side. Engel with a grab os the wrist sends his foot into Snow's face before whipping him into a neutral corner. Engel with a charge runs up Snow, making sure to plant both feet into his face as he flips backwards out of the corner. Engel with another dive in, catching the wrist, arm drag brings Snow to the canvas. Engel is back up, pulling Snow with him, whip into the ropes causes Snow to bounce back; Engel with a back body sends him back down to the canvas. Engel with an elbow drop, Snow rolls out of the way just in time, tagging in Mr. Hardcore before rolling under the bottom rope. Hardcore comes in, Engel with an arm drag takes him down. Hardcore back up, another arm drag brings him back down. Up again and a third arm drag brings him back to meet the canvas. Engel with an elbow drop to the back of Hardcore's neck before rolling over to pull him up and whip him into the S2N corner. Engel grabs the wrist, tagging in Jethro Hayes. Jethro comes in, kicking Hardcore right in the ribs, a second kick, and a third before the count reaches five, causing Engel to step out of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Second 2 None totally dominating here early in the match.

Brian Rentfro: Its stupid for Jethro to even be in the match right now, he's got another match later.

Jethro whips Hardcore into the corner, following in with a forearm to the throat, a spin and an elbow to the chest, before leaping up and kicking him right in the face with some sort of karate kick. Hardcore stumbles out, Jethro off the ropes with a bulldog takes him down. Jethro pulls him back up, whip off the ropes, Jethro goes for The Plow... misses as Hardcore spins out of the way to tag in Scottie Snow. Snow, a bit reluctant to step into the ring finally enters as the referee count reaches nine.

Jon McDaniel: Snow a bit reluctant to tangle with the PWA World Champion.

Brian Rentfro: You mean for now... right?

Jon McDaniel: Do what?

Brian Rentfro: I mean the PWA World Champion... for now.

Jon McDaniel: That is yet to be determined.

Hardcore out of the corner nails Jethro in the skull with a running forearm, sending him down to one knee, Snow completing a DDT to put Jethro on the canvas. Snow makes a cover, but Jethro kicks out before the count of one. The referee runs over as Engel steps through the ropes, pointing at Hardcore, who has just entered the squared circle. Hardcore stomps on Jethro's skull, before a double whip sends him into the corner. Hardcore with a hard choke as Snow plants several kicks and shins into Jethro's ribs; possibly softening him up for his later match. Jethro tries to fight back, but Hardcore with a double finger to the eye blinds Jethro and both men work him over with punches, kicks, forearms, elbows, and Hardcore starts the choke back. The referee runs over, counting feverishly to five, but Hardcore orders Snow to step out, lying about them having made the tag. Hardcore with a shoulder into Jethro's gut doubles the World Champion over and climbs him for the mandatory ten punch count.


Brian Rentfro: Here we go!


Jethro with a massive sit-out spinebuster plants Hardcore center of the ring, himself sitting back to gasp for some breath. Jethro's face is red and its obvious that the choking and double teaming did take a bit of a toll on his large frame. Jethro rolls over, Snow with a punt kick at Jethro's skull. Jethro grabs the ankle, spins, and launches Snow out of the ring over the top rope before bouncing off and delivering a leg drop across Hardcore's throat. Hayes up...

Brian Rentfro: Damn it, they've got to be cheating.

Jon McDaniel: I don't see how, they haven't choked anyone out.

Brian Rentfro: Neither has Hardcore Snowfall.

Jon McDaniel: Have too.

Brian Rentfro: Prove it.

The scene bounces back to show Hardcore choking Jethro out.

Brian Rentfro: The video quality is a bit grainy and fuzzy at that; its been doctored obviously.

Jethro is making the tag to Engel. Matthew coming iin, delivering fast paced kicks to Hardcore's ribs, before spinning and delivering a boot to his skull as Jethro steps through the ropes to the apron. The referee is right there, but no need for a five count, as Engel is taking over and Jethro is on the outside. Jethro whips Hardcore into the corner, entering with the point of his elbow into Hardcore's chest; but Snow is in there telling the referee that they never tagged; so he distracts the referee; Jethro is after Snow. Hardcore, with a double balled fist, clocks Engel right in the gut, swinging neckbreaker, and a stomp on his genitals for good measure. Hardcore lifts him up, dropping his throat across the bottom rope.

Brian Rentfro: Get them dirty cheaters!

Jon McDaniel: How can you call Second 2 None cheaters when they've not cheated.

Brian Rentfro: Prove they haven't

Jon McDaniel: Watch the entire match.

Brian Rentfro: Its obvious we aren't watching the same match.

Jon McDaniel: No more obvious than you just made it.

Hardcore is sitting on Engel's back, pulling up on the bottom rope as the referee is checking on Snow and Jethro. Snow runs in, Jethro giving chase and as Snow slides out of the ring... Jethro nails Hardcore in the back of the skull with a vicious running knee; getting him off of Engel. Jethro spins around, Snow leaps off the top turnbuckle, nailing Jethro with a missile dropkick that rolls the big man over Engel, right into a full nelson slam from Hardcore. Jethro rolls back out of the ring, but Snow is still there as the refere is quickly losing control of this contest. Snow and Hardcore work over Engel, taking turns holding and kicking him over with great precision when Jethro reaches under the bottom rope and pulls Snow out of the ring. Hardcore looks over the top rope at Snow.

Brian Rentfro: See what I mean?! They are cheating!

Jon McDaniel: I know they are, what else do you expect from Phoenix's goonies?

Engel with a torture rack spin delivering Hardcore onto the center of the canvas. Engel hurriedly leaps up to the top turnbuckle as Jethro whips Snow into the ring steps. Jethro looks up at Engel, telling him to hold on just for a second. He rolls back in, lifting Hardcore up, nailing The Planter with precision as Engel leaps off with the Euthenasia, for the cover.

Brian Rentfro: Look at the double teaming!

Jethro steps out of the ring.




Ding Ding Ding

The Star Wars theme hits back up in the speakers as Eric Emerson, having a bit of fun tonight, gets on the mic.

Eric Emerson(Darth Vader's voice): ... Winner... and... still PWA World... Tag Team... Champions... the team of... Matthew Engel and... Jethro Hayes... Second 2 None!....

Jethro hands Engel his half of the PWA Tag Team gold, they both holding them high into the air, their light sabres crossed chest high in victory.

The Phoenix vs Allen Chaney

AoWF World Title Match

Welcome Home by Coheed & Cambria begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and green pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix walks out to the entrance ramp and heads to the ring.

'Zombie Barricades' by The Company Band played out as Allen Chaney came out from the back to a round of applause and the AoWF World Title over his shoulder. He walks down to the ring and gets up, holding his title high. As Chaney starts getting in the ring, Phoenix hits the middle rope and catches Allen with a dropkick to the head. The crowd boos as the bell sounds.

Ding Ding

The Phoenix begins kicking Chaney while he's on the canvas. Chaney rolls around putting his arms up and protecting his chest. The Phoenix doesn't relent as he lifts Chaney up by the neck. Chaney fights back, throwing an uppercut and then he snap suplexes Rob-Rob to the canvas. Chaney is up and bounces off the ropes, dropping down hard on The Phoenix' neck with an elbow drop. The Phoenix rolls himself onto his shoulder and grabs Chaney by his neck with his legs and slams him to the canvas. When Chaney hits the canvas, The Phoenix lifts his feet up and brings them down but Chaney rolls away to avoid the hit. Chaney gets to his feet but so does The Phoenix. The Phoenix with a roundhouse kick which Allen Chaney dodges! Allen Chaney hits the former PWA World Champion with a flying lariat that knocks The Phoenix to the ground. Chaney goes down to begin pounding The Phoenix but Robinson surprises our AOWF World Champion with a triangle choke bringing Chaney down. The Phoenix repeatedly lands heavy elbows into Chaney as he chokes him but Chaney throws a foot on the ropes and Dwayne Cross forces The Phoenix off of him.

Brian Rentfro: Did you hear the rumors about The Phoenix involved with the gay and lesbian community?

Jon McDaniel: No from what I understand that was Bob Bobinson. Some guy trying to wreck The Phoenix’s good name!

Chaney is free and The Phoenix is back up. The Phoenix attempts a Enziguri Chaney dodges it and hits him with a German suplex. Chaney bounces off the ropes and lands a heavy leg drop on Rob-Rob, but The Phoenix rolls away and gets to his feet ready to bounce back. The Phoenix throws himself off the ropes and towards Chaney. The Phoenix spears Chaney but Chaney reverses it and before he hits the corner Chaney forces himself and The Phoenix down, turning it into a DDT which puts The Phoenix' head into the bottom turnbuckle awkwardly. Robinson holds his neck and head as Chaney gets to his feet and begins stomping down on The Phoenix' neck. The Phoenix rolls out of the ring to find some rest but Allen Chaney goes to the top rope and jumps out of the ring for a flying forearm smash but The Phoenix moves out of the way, grabs Chaney's head and smashes it on the barricade on the outside of the ring. Chaney holds his face and stumbles back as The Phoenix hits him with an Enziguri kick sending him to the ground. The Phoenix slides back into the ring as referee Dwayne Cross begins the ten count.

Brian Rentfro: I really hope Rob-Rob wins this!

Jon McDaniel: Allen could surprise the Phoenix like he did Matt Stone and Anna Mathews!

Cross gets to four by the time Chaney slides back in the ring. He's immediately met by The Phoenix' feet as the welcoming committee and gets stomped on his shoulders and neck. The Phoenix picks Chaney up and Irish whips him into the corner. The Phoenix follows it up with a kick to Chaney which sends him stumbling forward. The Phoenix super kicks Allen as he turns around. He drops for a quick pin.




The Phoenix looks up at Dwayne Cross who’s holding two fingers up and he can't believe it. Chaney grabs The Phoenix by the neck and takes him down, moving over him quickly and locking in another elevated Boston crab to The Phoenix' dismay. The Phoenix flat out refuses to tap as he pulls himself closer and closer to the ropes. The Phoenix gets his hands on the ropes and Dwayne Cross forces Chaney to let go of the move. Rob-Rob gets to his feet using the ropes but Chaney latches onto him and hits jumping DDT to the canvas. The Phoenix is up and he grabs Chaney from behind and spins him around for a lovely neck breaker. Chaney whips The Phoenix into the ropes as Chaney comes flying off with a cross body! The Phoenix dodges and Chaney lands on his feet. Surprising for a big man I know. Robinson lashes out with a right forearm followed by a left one The Phoenix then immediately gets Chaney up and hits him stiff with a gargoyle suplex!

Brian Rentfro: The Phoenix hasn’t lost a step has he Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Doesn’t seem as such.

Chaney shakes everything off but The Phoenix isn't done laying in the hurt. The Phoenix picks Chaney up by his neck but Chaney fights back! Chaney grabs onto The Phoenix quickly and hits a northern lights suplex! Chaney backs up as The Phoenix comes to and this time Chaney rushes forward and spears Rob-Rob to the ground. Chaney is up on his feet and nods approvingly of his tactics as The Phoenix is on his feet unamused. The Phoenix comes rushing in but Allen Chaney scoops Rob-Rob up and runs forward for two feet, spins and brings The Phoenix DOWN with a stunning power slam to the canvas. Chaney is up and is not relenting and as he picks The Phoenix up he drills him back to the ground with a stunning spine buster! Chaney is ready to finish the match as he lifts Rob-Rob The Phoenix into a fireman’s carry. The Phoenix fights his way out and down. The Phoenix knocks Chaney in the face with a series of punches and elbows pushing The AOWF World Champion into the corner. The Phoenix with a roaring elbow sends Chaney up and over onto the outside of the ring once again!

Jon McDaniel: Just when you think he's done, Robinson fights back. And somehow manages to push that monster of a man out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Bringing back AOWF gold to the PWA is what Robinson wants. You know it I know it. It don’t matter how big the other guy is.

Chaney and The Phoenix begin brawling on the outside as Dwayne Cross begins the ten count. Robinson with a roaring elbow sends Chaney into the barricade. The Phoenix whips Chaney to the apron but as Robinson comes at him Chaney grabs onto the ropes and throws himself up, both his feet nailing an oncoming The Phoenix in the head. Chaney rolls himself into the ring with great strength and The Phoenix comes in after him. Chaney falls to the canvas purposely and then grabs ahold of The Phoenix and rolls him up!



REVERSAL! The Phoenix reverses the roll up and now has Chaney pinned!




Chaney isn't playing anymore as he grabs The Phoenix and knees him in the gut, putting him between his legs. Chaney lifts Robinson up for a power bomb but Robinson lands behind Chaney, flipping himself over. Chaney turns around quickly only to be met with a kick to the gut as The Phoenix picks Chaney up and begins running, mind you not as quickly as he would with say… Nightstryker? Sure, Nightstryker. Robinson runs right for the corner and power bombs Chaney into the turnbuckle! The Phoenix pulls Chaney closer to the middle of the ring. Chaney throws a kick upward and sends The Phoenix stumbling back. Chaney to his feet but shaky. The Phoenix rushes forward for a grapple but Chaney spins himself around The Phoenix and goes for a fireman’s carry! Robinson grabs onto the top rope while up on Chaney and fights and wiggles preventing Chaney from completing the move. The Phoenix with an Oklahoma roll!




Chaney is up quickly and goes for a lariat on a determined Rob-Rob but The Phoenix catches him, brings Chaney down to the canvas for a cross face hold! Robinson has it just locked in when Chaney reverses it, rolls The Phoenix up and pins!




Allen gets up quicker than Phoenix and connects with a clothesline on Rob. Chaney hits the ropes and jumps up, going for a splash, however Phoenix is able to roll out of the way. Allen starts getting up holding his chest, however Phoenix quickly hooks him up and picks him up, quickly falling back with the Flame! Allen’s head bounced off the mat and Phoenix goes for the cover, hooking the far leg.




Jon McDaniel: “He did it! The Phoenix wins the AoWF World Title!”

Brian Rentfro: “The PWA takes another championship! We would have them all if not for Matt Stone”

Phoenix gets off and is handed the AoWF World Title. He goes to celebrate in the corner, getting on the second rope and holding it high in the air.

The Reckoning

The Phoenix stands in the middle of the ring, looking down at the AOWF World title belt in his hands. He takes a moment to admire it before strapping it around his waist, smiling as he watches Chaney head backstage. Once he's got the belt fastened, he calls for a microphone.

The Phoenix: It took long enough, but finally all of you will have no choice but to acknowledge me as the greatest champion in the history of wrestling.

The crowd is split, some cheering, some booing.

The Phoenix: I told Chaney I was going to beat him and that's exactly what I did. I'm a man of my word, you see. When I say something is going to happen, it will happen. That's why I stand before you as the AOWF World champion.

More noise from the split crowd.

The Phoenix: So let me tell you all something else. How does that sound?

You'd think the crowd would pick one side or the other, but they haven't yet.

The Phoenix: The Phoenix talks a lot about rebirth, about "rising from the ashes". That's what I do, that's what the mythical bird does. So I tell you all today, that the PWA is about to be reborn!

The crowd isn't mixed on that, it's all cheers.

The Phoenix: You like that, huh? Good, because I'm not giving you a choice in the matter.

Back to being split.

The Phoenix: But that's only half of the story. Before you can rebuild, before something can be reborn, it has to be destroyed. And in the case of the Phoenix, destroyed by fire. So before the PWA can be reborn, I'm going to burn it to the ground.

Now the crowd is firmly on the side of booing.

The Phoenix: Don't you dare boo me! I've been the cornerstone of this company since day one. I built it, it's my shoulders it has been resting on. And what I built, I can damn sure destroy. Bit by bit, piece by piece, I'm going to watch it all burn. And when it does, I'll rebuild the PWA, bigger and better than ever.

The Phoenix: But first... the flames must come. And it all starts tonight

He drops the microphone and walks out, head high as the crowd showers him with boos.

Elena Simonova vs Emily Corlen(c) vs Jethro Hayes(c)

PWA World Championship/PWA Grizzly Beer Championship


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your Summer Sizzler main event... and it is a Two Falls Match for the PWA World and PWA Grizzly Beer Championships! The rules are as follows. The first fall will be a Triple-Threat Match and will be contested for the PWA World Championship. The only way to win is by pinfall or submission, and when an individual does that, they will leave the match and the second fall will be contested as a Singles Match for the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship.

"Hot Blooded" by Foreigner hits the ADC-Tron as the lights in the arena turn a shade of crimson as Elena Simonova walks out onto the Summer Sizzler stage.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, hailing from New York City... weighing in tonight at 115 pounds... she is ELENA... SSSIIIMMMOOONNNOOOVVVAAA!!!

She looks to her left, then her right, and then stretches seductively before making her way down the ramp. She slides into the ring and paces around, ready for the match to begin.

Jon McDaniel: Elena Simonova is the only individual entering this match without a Championship, and yet, she's also the only undefeated competitor in this match tonight. A victory in either fall would go a long way in cementing Simonova as a real threat in the PWA.

Brian Rentfro: You mean a month plus of victories over some of the best PWA has ever seen hasn't already done that? Remember, Simonova has never been pinned. She's never submit. She's UN-DE-FEA-TED. She could easily be walking out of here as the new PWA World Champion tonight.

Jon McDaniel: Not if either of her opponents have anything to say about it.

The lights in the arena cut to black and the ADC-Tron comes to life with slow, black and white footage of Emily Corlen as the opening chords to "Broken Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest begins playing. Emily's own voice picks up where the artist's normally would as the footage continues playing.

♬ What's that metronome I hear?
Perhaps the end is drawing near
You never hear the shot that takes you down

Now your dreams are memories
Seems more true from far away
Just like smoke that fades and makes no sound ♬

The black and white footage fades to black and color footage starts playing on the ADC-Tron. Green strobe lights fill the arena as the name "EMILY CORLEN" amidst a backdrop of flames flashes on the screen. Emily Corlen herself then walks out from behind the curtain, holding the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship high above her head as the crowd boos loudly.

♬ Out of time, so say goodbye
What is yours now is mine ♬

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, hailing from Chicago, Illinois...

♬And I dream broken dreams
I make them come true
I make them for you
I make them for you ♬

Emily stops in the center of the stage, looking at all the fans in attendance. She sneers cockily, shaking her head in disgust at the people around her.

♬ Almost to the mountain top
You slip and fall just like a stone
Rolling ever faster to this nightmare you have sown
You had it all right in your grasp
But in a breath your minute passed
Now at last, the end has come, you are all alone ♬

Emily then begins walking down the ramp, her gaze fixed on the ring. She stands at the foot of the ramp for a moment, staring into nothingness, and then begins to circle the ring, her gaze never leaving the ring, almost as if she's stalking it, the Championship resting in her hands lazily.

♬ Out of time, so say goodbye
What is yours, now is mine ♬

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at 140 pounds...

♬ And I dream broken dreams
I make them come true
I make them for you
I make them for you... ♬

After making a full circle of the ring, Emily reaches the foot of the ramp where she started. She hops up and down a few times in front of the ring apron before leaping up onto the apron.

♬ All your dreams are just illusion
Based on nothing and confusion
Don't you look behind the curtain
No more time, the end is certain ♬

Eric Emerson: She is the current and reigning PWA Grizzly Beer Champion... she is EMILY… CCCOOORRRLLLEEENNN!!!

♬ And I dream broken dreams
I make them come true
I make them for you ♬

The crowd boos loudly as Emily steps between the ropes, then hops up and down in the corner a few times as the music fades, Corlen still clutching the Grizzly Beer Title tightly as she glares across the ring at Elena.

Jon McDaniel: This is the second straight Summer Sizzler main event for Emily Corlen, but Sizzler 2011 has to be weighing heavily on her mind right now. Remember, Matthew Engel pinned Emily in last year's main event to retain the PWA World Title.

Brian Rentfro: Tonight is all about redemption for Emily Corlen. She's got a chance to do what everybody said she would never do - become PWA World Champion. With her change in attitude and her new killer instinct, I gotta go with her to win the first fall. I think tonight will finally be Emily Corlen's night.

Jon McDaniel: I find it hard to disagree with you, Brian... but I just can't vote against the Southern Hero with his proven track record in big match situations! And speaking of...

"Time for a lil' Southern Justice"

Colt Ford's special remake of this song for Jethro Hayes hits up in the arena's speakers. The youngest Grand Slam Champion in PWA history walks through the black curtain, the PWA World Championship over his shoulder, as he looks out to the crowd.

~Down the road where the black top ends, you can find Jethro Hayes with all his friends, we're used to gravel roads, and fishin' with cane poles, wasn't no swimmin' pools, jus swimmin' holes.~

Up on the screen a blacktop road begins to wind away in front of us and we travel along it as though we are in a car. Jethro holds his fisted right hand into the air and the crowd pops for. Jethro begins to walk down the ramp making sure to slap the hands of the fans along his way. Jethro goes from side to side because if they are going to respect him for what he is doing and how he is changed, he will respect them as well.

~We was dirt road poor, and cane switched raised, done came a long way since back in them days, been ‘round the world twice seen all fifty states, ate on thousand dollar china, but love sum paper plates , there aint nuthin wrong with them big city lights, but me, I prefer them slow country nights, where I can see the darkness come and then go~

Along the side of the ropes are buildings erected with the names of the Championships that he has won instead of typical names of businesses. Other such names include "Hall of Fame", "Wrestler of the Quarter", "Face of the Year", and many "Match of the Quarter" buildings are all alongside the road. He reaches the bottom of the ramp.

~Most folks is honest, and they all speak slow, you can leave your door open, aint nuttin' gunna happen, most country folks sing, but I couldn't, so im rappin, I wanna show yall where I come from, and invite yall all down to any country town~

The road winds through a small city, but the image of the very arena in which we are having the PWA show tonight comes into view around a corner. Jethro climbs the steps and is on the apron. He wipes his feet out of respect for the legends in this sport and the respect he has for this sport before stepping through the ropes.

(Chorus with John Michael Montgomery singing)
Now before I pack and things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheap thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, to take a ride through the country.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Lenox, Georgia... weighing in tonight at 315 pounds... he is one half of the PWA Tag Team Champions and the current and reigning PWA World Champion... he is the Southern Hero... he is JETHRO... HHHAAAYYYEEESSS!!!

~Up, dressed, and gone by 5 am, he's country, and he's rappin' we gotta play him, folks been waitin for someone like me, to give ‘em some hot beats and spit that country~

Jethro hits the ropes, bouncing off to get the blood pumping a bit before his match. The blacktop road in front of us enters the arena's door and heads somewhere inside.

~His overalls don't sag, they fit, they kinda tight, got on a John Deere t-shirt, no nothin' but work. Daylight til dark, that's how I was bread, and I'll keep bein' country til the day I'm dead~

Jethro climbs the turnbuckle that faces the majority of the crowd, holding up his fisted right hand before pointing to them. Just in front of the blacktop road is a black curtain, we sit here waiting as though it is the end of our ride.

~See, country folks eat biscuits called cat heads, bar-b-q, baked beans, sweet tea, and white bread, we like to fish and hunt, aint scared of a fight, love the Good Lord and believe in doin' right,~

He drops down, rushing to the opposite side of the ring to climb up and point to that section of the crowd.

~Got 4-wheel drives, some got mud on ‘em, you can keep your rolls roice, cuz baby, we don't want 'em! So now yall all know exactly who I am, and if you aint into that, i don't give a damn!~

Jethro drops down, heading to the third corner and once again climbs up, pointing out to himself before he points to the crowd.

The chorus hits up again...

~Now before I pack my things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheap thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, take a ride through the country.~

Jethro climbs the final turnbuckle, and points to this section of the crowd.

~You might have seen me on your t.v, but honey, that don't mean a thing, you see, I'm still that same ‘ol country boy, and that's all I'll ever be, and sometime, those bright lights blind me, and make it hard for me to see, but when I need to be reminded, I take a ride through the country~

Jethro drops down, he heads to center ring where he looks down to gather his thoughts before the match.

~At about 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, them country boys head down to the local saloon, you welcome to stop in and have a cold bottle, big city boys and stuck up super models, we don't care where ya from, as long as you polite, cuz push come to shove and every one of us will fight~

Even through the roar of the crowd, Jethro nods as he listens to the song and allows it to remind him of things in the past. It reminds him of the times he's been pushed around and how he will not let it happen anymore.

~We mostly easy like Sunday morning, ol' Colt came here to give yall fair warnin', country folks won't be pushed around, and there's some of us livin' in every town, we believe in the Bible, and the U.S.A, work hard for what you want, it's the American way, no body owe you nothin' supposed to earn your keep, but in a hard day's work, get a good night's sleep, I know some of yall think Colt's kinda odd, but I'm loud, proud and country by the grace of God!~

Jethro points to the crowd one last time as the blacktop view on the big screen seemingly flies through the screen, showing that Jethro considers those fans in attendance friends.(it goes back to the very first line in the first verse). Jethro turns to face his opponents in this main event, raring to go, as the music fades.

Jon McDaniel: This is Jethro's second match of the night, following a successful Tag Team Title defense earlier tonight, and he's looking to make it two for two and leave Summer Sizzler with both Championships he came in with. If anybody can do it, it's Jethro Hayes.

Brian Rentfro: I think you're seriously discounting the two ladies competing in this match! Jethro Hayes is good, nobody is disputing that, but Emily Corlen and Elena Simonova are NOT Hardcore Snowfall, and there's no way Jethro is going to tear through either of them the way he and Matthew Engel tore through Snow and Hardcore earlier tonight.

Jon McDaniel: I have no doubt that Elena and Emily will provide a challenge for Jethro Hayes. I just believe Hayes is the best in the PWA right now, and if you need proof, just look at the title over his shoulder.

Brian Rentfro: If he still has that title at the end of the night, I'll eat my words. I'll say one thing; the odds aren't in his favor.

Jon McDaniel: That much, we can both agree on.

The referee takes the titles from Jethro and Emily before calling for the bell.


The three competitors all look at one another, each wrestler not sure about who to go after first. Finally, Emily charges at Jethro, unleashing a series of right hands. She follows up with a quick dropkick, and Jethro stumbles backwards into the corner. Elena goes for Emily, but she gets hit with a boot to the gut. Emily pulls Jethro out of the corner and hits a snapmare, followed by a quick kick to the back of Jethro's head. Jethro is dazed on the mat and Emily hits him with a running knee smash.

Jon McDaniel: Emily Corlen is wasting no time asserting herself in this match!

Brian Rentfro: But she doesn't have eyes in the back of her head!

Elena grabs Emily’s hair from behind and picks her up and goes for a Full Nelson Slam, but Emily rolls through, sending Elena forward. Jethro pulls down the top rope and Elena goes over, onto the apron. Emily runs at Jethro, but Jethro launches her over the top as well. Emily collides with Elena, sending both women crashing to the floor! Emily gets up first and rolls back into the ring, wasting no time as she locks up with Jethro. Jethro uses his strength as a super heavyweight to push Emily back into the corner. The referee breaks it up, but Jethro quickly hits a shoulder thrust on the Grizzly Beer Champion, knocking the air out of her.

Jon McDaniel: Emily is freakishly strong, but Jethro Hayes is one of the few men on the PWA roster who she isn't going to beat by overpowering.

Brian Rentfro: You act like that's all she brings to the table!

Jon McDaniel: When she can do half the farm work that Jethro does on a near daily basis, we'll talk.

Jethro follows up as Emily stumbles out of the corner by hitting a sidewalk slam. Jethro picks her up and Irish whips her across the ring. Emily bounces off the ropes and ducks under Jethro’s clothesline and goes behind him before hitting a German Suplex!

Jon McDaniel: Did she just German suplex a man nearly three times her size...?!

Brian Rentfro: Yes, she did. Normally, she'd do three in a row, but the fact that she could even get one off on Jethro is amazing on its own merits!

Emily gets up and Elena slides back into the ring. Elena is on one knee, still recovering from the tumble earlier. Emily sees her and runs forward before going for a step-up enziguiri, but Elena blocks it with her arms. Emily falls to the mat and Elena quickly gets to her feet. She runs off the ropes and catches Emily with a vicious clothesline as she rises. Elena takes a moment to catch her breath before stomping away on Emily. She then goes to Jethro and picks him up before hitting a quick DDT to keep the World Champion down for a while longer. Elena turns around, only to find Emily on the top rope! She leaps off with a cross body, connecting on Elena, but Elena catches her and slams her hard onto the mat before delivering a stiff kick to Emily's back.

Jon McDaniel: You don't see Emily Corlen going to the top rope often... and that is why. High risk moves are dangerous enough without so much on the line like there is in this contest!

Elena maneuvers herself into an attempted Arm of the Kremlin (Haas of Pain) on Emily. She frantically tries to get out of it, delivering punches to Elena’s head, but Elena won’t let go. Jethro finally gets back up and runs the ropes. He leaps into both women, hitting a splash and breaking the submission hold! Elena gets to her feet first and Jethro quickly follows up with a big spinebuster! Jethro grabs Elena's legs and attempts to lock in his own submission, The Combine Seat (Sharpshooter), but before he can clinch it in, Elena pulls him down into a small package!



No! Jethro kicks out and the crowd cheers loudly.

Jon McDaniel: This Sizzler crowd is definitely behind Jethro Hayes tonight!

Emily slowly gets to her feet as Elena begins laying into Jethro with a series of stiff punches to the skull. Emily watches, amusedly, as Elena takes out her frustrations on Hayes' head. After a few more shots for good measure, Elena looks up and spots Emily, quickly jumping to her feet. As Jethro stirs, Emily walks up to Elena and the two quietly exchange words. Emily suddenly slaps Elena hard, sending her staggering backwards! Emily follows her, but Elena replies with a hard slap of her own, causing Emily to stumble! The crowd cheers as Emily and Elena start brawling with one another, neither one willing to let the other get an advantage, but their catfight is cut short as a recovered Jethro grabs both females by the backs of their heads and cracks them together! Emily and Elena collapse to the mat as Jethro laughs and the crowd cheers along, though a few boo due to the catfight being broken up prematurely.

Brian Rentfro: Well, that's one way to stop a catfight, I suppose!

Jethro kicks Emily hard in the gut, and then turns his attention to Elena. He pulls her up by her hair and says something to her before lifting her up and dropping her to the mat with a big scoop slam. Jethro runs to the ropes and hits a running leg drop on Elena before hooking the leg.



No! Emily breaks up the pin!

Jon McDaniel: It looked like Elena was about to kick out, but still, in a match like this, there's no taking chances!

Emily pulls Jethro to his feet and punches him several times in the face before whipping him into the ropes. She leans down to backdrop him, but Jethro stops on the rebound and kicks Emily hard in the head, sending her reeling. He grabs her and lifts her over his head for a Gorilla press slam, but Emily slips off of his shoulders and catches him on the way down with an Edge-O-Matic style neckbreaker! She rolls to her knees and starts kneeing Jethro in the head several times. With Jethro properly dazed, Emily runs to the ropes and jumps, hitting him with a Shining Wizard! She covers!



No! This time, Elena is there to break the pin up, even though Jethro was about to kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Nobody wants to lose this match; it's for the richest prize in the entire PWA!

Elena grabs Emily by the hair and pulls her to her feet, whipping her into the ropes before catching her on the rebound with the Hammer and Sickle (Running double axe handle followed by Buzzsaw kick). However, on the kick portion of the move, Emily ducks, and when Elena spins around from the momentum of the move, Emily jumps up and hooks Elena's arms!

Jon McDaniel: Are we about to see a Catalyst from Emily Corlen?

Emily starts to lift Elena up for the move, but Elena counters in mid-air, hooking her legs around Emily's head and dropping her with a hurricanrana that sends the Grizzly Beer Champion flying neck first onto the second rope! Elena runs to the other side of the ring, comes back and leaps between the ropes, hooking her arms and swinging through to hit Emily with a 619! Elena moves over to the top rope as Emily stumbles in the middle of the ring, but before she can do anything, Jethro hits the ropes, crotching Elena on the top rope! She yelps in pain as Jethro moves towards the dazed Emily.

Brian Rentfro: Male or female, those ropes are made from steel! That's gonna hurt no matter what gender you are!

As Elena falls into the ring, Jethro sizes up Emily and grabs her by the hair before setting her up for The Planter (Jackknife Powerbomb)! He almost looks grossed out, having Emily's head between his legs, but fights through it as he lifts her up and nails the move to a large reaction from the crowd!

Jon McDaniel: Elena's down in the corner, and Jethro just hit Emily with the Planter! This one HAS to be over!

Jethro stands over Emily's downed body, taking a moment to soak in the first successful defense of the PWA World Championship, but just as he starts to drop down to cover, "Thing of Beauty" by the Hothouse Flowers hits the ADC-Tron and Jethro stops to stare at the stage as the new AoWF World Champion The Phoenix walks out, smirking and shaking his head!

Brian Rentfro: Hey, we're being joined by our new AoWF World Champion!

Jon McDaniel: No "Hey, we're being joined by our new AoWF World Champion"! There's a match going on, a pay-per-view main event title match! Robinson has no business out here!

The Phoenix walks to the ring as his music fades, talking inaudibly at Jethro. Hayes walks over to the ring apron and motions to Phoenix, and Robinson obliges, jumping onto the apron and slapping Hayes hard across the face! The crowd boos loudly as Jethro touches his cheek, almost stunned, before rolling out of the ring and chasing Phoenix up the ramp!

Brian Rentfro: Run, Rob, run!

Jon McDaniel: I still want to know WHAT Robinson is doing out here... and why he just assaulted Jethro!

Brian Rentfro: Who cares? It's a triple-threat! No disqualifications! Let 'em go at it!

Robinson reaches the stage, but Jethro catches him, spinning him around and punching him hard! Phoenix and Jethro start exchanging heavy blows on the stage - and in the ring, Elena Simonova has come to and has noticed the scenario laid out in front of her! After processing it for a moment, she runs over to the still laid out Emily and hooks her leg!

Jon McDaniel: Not like this!



.....NO! At the absolute last second, Emily Corlen gets her shoulder up and the crowd erupts!

Brian Rentfro: WOW! I can't believe she kicked out of that! I thought Elena was about to steal this match for sure!

Jon McDaniel: You and me both!

Elena pounds the mat in frustration as Phoenix and Jethro continue brawling on the stage, each man trying to gain the upper hand on the other. The Russian American starlet decides not to waste any more time and pulls Emily up to her feet before positioning her for the Vodka Tonic (Canadian Destroyer). Emily counters it, though, lifting her over her head and sending Elena crashing down to the mat. Emily waits for Elena to stand up and when she turns around, sends her crashing to the mat with a Spiral Twister (Black Hole Slam)! The crowd is booing as Emily calls for the end!

Brian Rentfro: I think Elena Simonova is about to go Down in Flames!

Jon McDaniel: Jethro! Get your ass back to the ring NOW!

Elena staggers to her feet and Emily kicks her hard in the gut before setting her up for the Down in Flames (Pedigree). On the stage, Jethro finally takes the Phoenix off of his feet with a stiff right to the jaw. Back in the ring, Emily starts to jump for the move, but Elena counters the same way Emily just countered her Vodka Tonic, reversing with a backdrop. However, Emily flips through the move and lands on her feet, spinning around quickly and hooking Elena's arms behind her back! Jethro finally looks back at the ring and sees what is happening as Emily lifts the surprised Elena into the air and sends her crashing down to the mat with an emphatic Catalyst (Glam Slam)! She rolls Elena over and hooks the leg as Jethro races down to the ring!


Jethro reaches the ring!


Jethro slides inside! He dives to break up the pin............

..............and barely misses!



Jon McDaniel: No!

Brian Rentfro: YES!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the first fall as the result of a pinfall... and the NNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW PWA World Champion... EMILY CORLEN!!!

Jethro drops to his knees, stunned, as Emily rolls out of the ring and scrambles over to the timekeeper before grabbing the PWA World Championship. She holds it high above her head as the crowd boos loudly, Emily grinning from ear to ear. The Phoenix, now standing at the top of the ramp, looks pleased as Emily makes her way around the ring and up the ramp. She stops when she reaches Phoenix and Robinson merely nods at her before making his way down to ringside. Emily heads back through the curtain, World Championship in tow, as the referee tells Jethro to keep his distance while Elena recovers before the second fall begins.

Jon McDaniel: What an absolute miscarriage of justice! Jethro Hayes had this match won, until Rob Robinson stuck his nose into things for God knows what reason and now... and now... I can't believe I'm about to say this... but...

Brian Rentfro: Let me save you the trouble, Jon! And now... EMILY CORLEN IS THE PWA WORLD CHAMPION!!!

Brian laughs heartily and Jon looks dismayed as Elena slowly makes her way to her feet, however she falls back to the mat from the energy she's expended, Robinson still stalking things at ringside, and the referee calls for the bell to start fall number two for the Grizzly Beer Championship!

Jon McDaniel: “So Emily just won the PWA World Title, but we’re not done yet Brian.”

Brian Rentfro: ‘That’s right, we still have the match for the Grizzly Beer title, but Elena hasn’t recovered yet.”

Ding Ding

Jon McDaniel: “Too bad, here comes Jethro”

After disposing of Phoenix, Hayes was back in the ring now, upset that he had just lost his World Title, Jethro is determined to get at least the Grizzly Beer title out of this. Hayes immediately goes for the cover on Elena, who was still down from the Catalyst.




Elena was able to get her shoulder up at the last second, Jethro glaring a bit. He wants to get the match over with in case Phoenix gets back up. Hayes picks up Elena from the mat and slams her down with a sidewalk slam. The crowd starting to get behind Hayes, who hits the ropes and comes back, jumping in the air and driving his leg across Elena’s head. Jethro goes for another cover.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: “Elena kicks out again! She’s not going down that easy, brother”

Jon McDaniel: “I’m uhh…not your brother.”

Jethro looks more annoyed and goes to pick Elena up again, however The Phoenix is back up on the apron again. Growling, Jethro charges over and swings for the AoWF World Champion’s head, but he’s too quick and hgets out of the way. Jethro goes back over to Elena and grabs her head, but Simonova isn’t finished yet. She slaps Jethro across the head, hits him with a quick back kick aimed at this stomach and hooks him up, flipping over his body and bringing him with him, a rotating pile driver! Elena’s Vodka Tonic!

Jon McDaniel: “Oh my god! Jethro’s down!”

Brian Rentfro: “We could have a new Grizzly Beer champion!”

Elena hooks Jethro’s leg, looking for the upset.



Thr-Kick Out!

Jon McDaniel: “He kicked out! He kicked out!”

Elena was as surprised as McDaniel, but didn’t give up. She grabbed Jethro and locked him inside her Octopus Stretch, the Iron Curtain. Jethro has a pained look on his face as he tries to get to the ropes. We see Phoenix standing there, and the camera picks up his yelling.

The Phoenix: “Tap! Tap out you Southern bastard! Tap!”

Using all his strength Jethro took a few steps towards the ropes, carrying all of Elena’s bodyweight on top of his own. As he approached, he has to use his left arm as his right arm is hooked to try and reach the middle rope, but as he does Phoenix pulls the rope back. Jethro grasps desperately for it, but he’s unable to get his hands on it, fading fast. Elena pushes down with her leg against Hayes’ neck as he does so, trying to get Jethro to give up, but the Southern Hero refuses. Unable to reach the ropes because of the Phoenix’s interference, he has to try and power his way out. Unfortunately, all of his strength is slowly being sapped away as he falls down to one knee and then both. Elena forces Hayes to the mat and turns her Iron Curtain into a head scissors combined with an arm bar. She wrenches more and more, we still hear Phoenix in the background yelling at Jethro to give it up, but Hayes can’t hear him, or anyone.

Jon McDaniel: “Jethro looks out!”

Brian Rentfro: “So Elena wins then, right?”

The referee checks Hayes’ free arm, raising it and lifting it once.

A second time.

Then a third.

He calls for the bell as Phoenix smirks behind his mask. Elena releases the hold as the bell rings.

Eric Emerson: “Here is the winner of the second fall……Eeeeeleeeenaaaaaaa Siiiiimonooooovaaaa!”

Elena is handed the Grizzle Beer title and rolls out of the ring, holding it above her head. Phoenix gets in the ring and stands over Jethro, looking down at him

Brian Rentfro: “We have a new World Champion and a new Grizzly Beer champion…the women are taking over!”

Jon McDaniel: “Jethro never gave up and he wasn’t pinned….Phoenix robbed Hayes of everything!”

Brian Rentfro: “You said it right there…he Rob’d him”

The camera is still focused on Phoenix looking over Hayes as we fade out of Summer Sizzler 2012