World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Mark McNasty (c) vs Alex Wilkie vs Matthew Engel

PWA World Championship


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a three-way elimination match. Introducing first, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...

A rain of cheers and boos comes down as everyone knows who's about to come out. The lights go out, and dark green pyros shoot off into the air. We can hear over the PA system a different crowd at a different time. There is cheering and chanting, like a cult. Suddenly, a voice comes over.
A light... in the black...
or just a fear... of the dark.

A live version of "Fear of the Dark" by Iron Maiden plays over the PA system as more dark green and now teal pyros shoot off. There is chanting from the real crowd and the crowd playing over the sound system, because despite who comes out, there is a huge fan base of Iron Maiden in the crowd.

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet even...

I am the man who walks alone
When I'm walking down a dark road
At night or strolling through the park

Matthew "Virus" Engel appears from backstage. Graham Cain, Impulse, Gregory Price and Dead End are behind him, dressed in their usual black tailored suits. They have the matching sunglasses, and the evil intentions to go with. Matthew is dressed in a darker colored tuxedo, however. It's almost black, with a hint of turqoise. It's hard to explain, but you get the picture. They make their way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...and weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds...

Have you ever run your fingers down the wall
And have you felt your neck skin crawl
When you're searching for the light?

Matthew, Cain, Price, Impulse and Dead End make it to the ring. The MoA remain outside the ring as Matthew steps in. He proceeds to take off his jacket and dress shirt.

Eric Emerson: He is the leader of the Masters of Armageddon... he is "THE VIRUS" MATTHEW ENGEL!!!

Fear of the dark -- FEAR OF THE DARK!
I have a constant fear that something's always near
Fear of the dark -- FEAR OF THE DARK!
I have a phobia that someone's always there

A louder pop from the crowd, but mixed with boos and cheers. Matt removes his restricting apparel and is left with a wife-beater shirt, dress pants, and wrestling boots. It's always been that way, he's just representing a darker color, and a darker side. An unforgivable side. The music dies down and Matthew waits in his corner.

Eric Emerson: And one of his opponents, hailing from Seattle, Washington...

The crowd goes silent for a moment... around the arena everyone is buzzing... then over the speakers comes the voice of Zack De La Rocha from Rage against the Machine...

Zack: Mic check!...1... 1...2...Come wit it now!!!

Bulls on parade explodes onto the speaker, with Tom Morrello wailing on his guitar!

Zack: COME WIT IT NOW!! Bulls on parade!

The Song jumps to Tom Morrello's Scatch solo where he plays his Guitar like a DJ Scratch board... for a moment, the song stops... then Zack comes back on!


The microphone explodes, shattering the molds
Either drop tha hits like de la O or get tha fuck off tha commode
Wit tha sure shot, sure ta make tha bodies drop
Drop an don't copy yo, don't call this a co-op
The song bursts into full Chorus, Zack laying down some mad anti-political/war rhymes.

Terror rains drenchin', quenchin' tha thirst of tha power dons
That five sided fist-a-gon
Tha rotten sore on tha face of mother earth gets bigger
Tha triggers cold empty ya purse

Then from behind the Curtain comes Alex wilkie, decked out in a red leather vest. With A+ plus written across the back, he pulls off his Shades and tosses them out into the crowd as he walks down the ramp. For a moment, he stops in the middle,

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds...

He turns his back around and lets the vest fall down to the ground, he brings his Arms up and flexes them, White pyro explodes from the stage, Alex turns back around, then rolls under the bottom rope, he hops up, and just grins to his opponents.


He turns around and hops up to the nearest turnbuckle, he brings his hands up in the Devil horn salute, then hops down, doing a quick neck stretch as his music fades away.

Eric Emerson: And the champion, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia...
The lights in the arena cut to black and blue as "Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play.

Eric Emerson: Weighting in at two hundred and fifty-five pounds, and standing at six feet three inches...

Two blue pyros erupt from the stage as smoke begins to flow from the back.

Eric Emerson: ... he is "The Main Event" and PWA World Champion...

After a moment, out walks Mark McNasty, receiving a huge pop from the audience.

Eric Emerson: MARK MCNASTY!

He stops at the top of the ramp and cocks an eyebrow, as he rubs his chin. He then smiles and points to the crowd before he walks down the ramp. He slaps hands all the way to the ring where he rolls in. Mark then walks to a corner and jumps onto the turnbuckle before pointing out to the crowd, receiving another huge pop. He goes to the opposite corner and does the same, getting another huge pop. He then walks to the center of the ring, looks to his left, then his right, and then straight up. As he does, he raises his arms straight up, and pyros begin reigning down behind him. As the pyros stop, Mark makes his way to his corner as the music fades.


Brian Rentfro: All three men are ready to go... this is what we've been waiting for!

Jon McDaniel: And McNasty starts things off with a wild punch that barely misses Matthew Engel!

Engel steps aside and catches Mark's arm. He puts Mark in a hammerlock, but immediately gets caught with an elbow by Wilkie. Engel stumbles back and dodges a kick from Wilkie. Engel returns with a sweep and takes Wilkie down. Mark hits a huge clothesline on Engel. Wilkie gets up and connects with a few punches on Mark. Wilkie shoves Mark into the corner and connects with a big corner splash. Engel is on his feet and catches Mark off the splash with a huge suplex!

Brian Rentfro: A little unintentional teamwork there from Wilkie and Engel.

Jon McDaniel: Keyword, unintentional. Wilkie unchambers lefts and rights on Engel and tosses him into the ropes...

Brian Rentfro: SPINE BUSTER!

Jon McDaniel: Wilkie covers!



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Barely a two count as McNasty sits back for a moment.

Wilkie gets Engel to his feet and slams his face into the turnbuckle. Wilkie does it again, and again. Wilkie hits a huge hip toss on Engel. Wilkie springs up to the top turnbuckle and leaps off with a big senton bomb. He connects. Wilkie covers.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: McNasty is just letting Wilkie and Engel fight! Talk about laziness, Jon. That's why I'm not a fan of elimination matches.

Jon McDaniel: Perhaps Mark is letting Wilkie prove himself by letting him try to take out Engel.

Brian Rentfro: Wilkie shouldn't fall for it, he'll be exhausted if he manages to put Engel down.

Wilkie gets up to his feet. He hits a big elbow drop on Engel. Wilkie goes into the ropes and springboards off the middle rope with a moonsault. Another cover.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Engel showing his well-known resiliency.

Brian Rentfro: He needs to get a break! Wilkie's all over him!

Wilkie gets Engel up to his feet and slams him into the corner. McNasty finally moves and comes flying in with a roaring elbow and connects on Wilkie. McNasty locks up a rear waistlock and hits a big German suplex on Wilkie. McNasty is to his feet and unchambers lefts and rights on Engel. McNasty hits a big-time DDT on Engel and covers.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Close call there! Wilkie and McNasty are wearing Engel down, they simply don't want him in the match!

Jon McDaniel: It's tough to say. Engel was the first one to earn the third spot in this match, and then Wilkie comes out of left field to replace Shelley. It's hard to say which of these guys truly earned it, but they're proving it right here and now.

Brian Rentfro: McNasty gets Engel up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. McNasty leans forward for a back drop, but Engel reverses with a huge knee to McNasty's face!

Engel hits a dropkick on McNasty, which takes him down. Wilkie locks up Engel from behind, but Engel slips out and nails a huge uppercut into Wilkie's gut. Engel follows that up with a few knee strikes and then rides Wilkie down to the mat with a big-time bulldog. McNasty is up to his feet and Engel senses him. Engel dodges a big right hook and hits a spinning heel kick on McNasty, who goes down.

Jon McDaniel: And Engel finally mounts an offensive!

Brian Rentfro: He's not done yet Jon! Engel climbs the top rope and comes off with a cannonball four-fifty splash on McNasty!

Engel covers.



Wilkie breaks it up.

Brian Rentfro: Oh come on! That's Grade A Bullshit!

Jon McDaniel: Wilkie and Mark are still friends no matter what, and they clearly both hate Matthew Engel. That's a good call.

Engel gets to his feet and begins to exchange punches with Wilkie. Wilkie gets the upper hand and kicks Engel low. Engel doubles over, and Wilkie measures up him for a brain buster and connects. Mark is to his feet now and nods at Wilkie. They both ready themselves. Wilkie and Mark lock horns, and Mark gets out of it quick and uses his speed to land a kick low on Wilkie. Mark bulldozes over Wilkie with a clothesline. Mark gets Wilkie up and hits a belly-to-back suplex on Wilkie. He covers.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: It's about time these two started fighting and stopped double-teaming Engel.

Jon McDaniel: It's a three-way... there's going to be some double-teaming no matter what.

Brian Rentfro: That's what she.. and McNasty comes flying off the top rope with a big-time elbow drop! CONNECTION!

Mark covers Wilkie.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Whoa! CLOSE call there!

Mark slams the mat in frustration. He gets to his feet, but he's immediately put in a million dollar dream chokehold by Matthew Engel. Engel locks it in perfectly, and McNasty drops to one knee. Engel tightens the grip more on Mark, and Mark falls to the mat. He's on the brink of passing out, and he's in the middle of the ring. Nothing can save him, except his friend.

Brian Rentfro: Wilkie has the chance to let Mark get eliminated so he can be that much closer to winning the World Title!

Jon McDaniel: Wilkie finally comes to, and sees Mark being choked out by Engel. Can he turn on his friend and leap a step closer to winning the World Title?

Mark is turning red, and the ref picks up his arm. It drops.


The ref picks up his arm again... and it drops.


The ref reaches for Mark's arm, but Wilkie decides he's had enough. He connects with a soccer kick to Engel's back. Engel doesn't let go.

Brian Rentfro: Matt's not letting go! Pick up Mark's arm!

Jon McDaniel: Wilkie is stomping the crap out of Engel but Engel isn't letting go!

Brian Rentfro: The ref picks up Mark's arm again...

Jon McDaniel: And Wilkie delivers a sharp kick to Engel's head! Finally Engel lets go!

The ref gets to his feet and calls off the count. Wilkie picks up Engel and throws him into the ropes. Wilkie hits a devastating tilt-a-whirl slam on Engel, and covers.



3!! - No, the ref said he kicked out!

Brian Rentfro: WOW! That was so close Jon!

Jon McDaniel: Wilkie can't believe it... he looks at the ref in shock.

Mark is finally coming to.. and catching his breath. He uses the ropes to get to his feet. He begins to stomp and punch Engel out of frustration. Wilkie sits back for a moment. Mark gets Engel to his feet and hits a huge piled river on him. Mark begins to stomp on Engel some more, and then he covers him.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: They just can't put Engel down! This is unreal!

Jon McDaniel: Engel is bleeding from the nose and mouth, and the MoA members on the outside look concerned...

Mark gets to his feet and spits on Engel. He looks over at Wilkie and tells him to bring it.

Brian Rentfro: Here we go!

Mark and Wilkie exchange lefts and rights. Mark gets the upper hand and pounds on Wilkie some more. Mark whips Wilkie into the turnbuckle and follows it up with a big-time shoulder block. Mark lifts Wilkie onto the top turnbuckle and climbs to the middle rope. He puts Wilkie in a front face lock, and lifts him up into the air and down to the ring for a huge superplex. Mark covers.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: SO CLOSE!

Mark gets to his feet and argues with the ref. Meanwhile, Engel grabs Mark from behind and slams his fist into Mark's back. Engel throws Mark through the ropes and Mark lands hard on the outside. Engel hopes to the top rope. He looks down at the fallen McNasty and it seems he wants to dive to outside and take Mark out.

Brian Rentfro: Engel is gonna try a big move here on McNasty!


Engel lands perfectly and holds for the cover.





Eric Emerson: Alex Wilkie has been eliminated!

Engel gets to his feet and Mark slides into the ring. Wilkie rolls out of the ring, and injuredly makes his way backstage. Mark and Engel stand off in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: And then there were two!

Jon McDaniel: Clever...

Engel and McNasty exchange lefts and rights. Engel gets the advantage and sends McNasty into the ropes. Engel trips McNasty to the mat. Engel hops up to the top turnbuckle and leaps off with an asai moonsault. He holds it for the cover.



3 -- No! Mark had his foot on the rope.

Brian Rentfro: Mark got lucky with that bottom rope.

Jon McDaniel: Sure he did, sure he did.

Engel gets Mark to his feet and holds Mark in a headlock. Engel climbs the turnbuckles with Mark in the headlock and hits a big Tornado DDT!

Brian Rentfro: Good God! Mark's neck about snapped on that one!

Jon McDaniel: Engel sure hit that move with authority.

Engel covers.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Close call there. Mark was a millisecond away from losing his World Title.

Jon McDaniel: A millisecond? That's not much at all. You actually are able to gauge a millisecond?

Brian Rentfro: My senses are impeccable, Jon.

Engel gets to his feet, a little frustrated. He goes into the ropes and tries for a splash, but Mark moves out of the way. Engel connects with nothing but mat. Mark is up to his feet and hits a big knee drop on Engel. As Engel is down and about to get back up, McNasty readies himself. As Engel gets to a knee, McNasty dashes forward, diving before slamming his forearm into the back of Engel's head.

Jon McDaniel: LIGHTS OUT! LIGHTS OUT! McNasty might retain!

Mark drops for a cover.




Brian Rentfro: Holy CRAP! Engel kicked out of the Lights Out! Amazing!

Engel gets dragged to his feet by a frustrated McNasty. Mark begins to pound on the back and head of Engel, and sends him into the ropes. There's a ruckus in the crowd, and a man hops the barricade. Engel comes back at McNasty. McNasty hits the mat and lets Engel go over him.


Brian Rentfro: He's got Engel by the throat!

Both: PROBE!

Project X slams Engel to the mat with the Probe. The MoA immediately rush in and PX goes right for McNasty. McNasty and PX duke it out while the MoA swarm them.


Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match by disqualification... MATTHEW ENGEL!

Brian Rentfro: This isn't what Engel wanted!

Jon McDaniel: I don't think either of them wanted this!

Eric Emerson: But due to the result of the match, the title cannot change hands on a disqualification and therefore... still your PWA World Champion... MARK MCNASTY!!!!

The result doesn't really phase anyone in the ring. Engel is still laid out, PX and McNasty are now fighting off the MoA - Cain, Impulse, and Dead End are all on the offensive and trying to get rid of Mark and PX. The crowd breaks out in uproar again as someone begins to make his way down to the ring in a hurry.

Brian Rentfro: Alex Wilkie is back! He's come to help McNasty!

Jon McDaniel: And President Chamelion is right behind him! Holy CRAP! It's a madhouse in the ring!

Chamelion immediately goes right after Project X and begins to cut him down with lefts and rights. Wilkie goes after any MoA member he can get a hold of. Engel manages to roll out of the ring, but he's bleeding from his mouth and the back of his head. He tries to get to a knee, but falls back down again. EMTs rush down the ramp way and assist Engel, while security follows behind to break up the huge fight in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Alex Wilkie is just clobbering those MoA members! Where was this during the match!?

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion hits the Sweet Sound of Success on Project X!

Brian Rentfro: But that doesn't cut him a break as Mark McNasty has got his hands on the President! DDT!

Mark plants Chamelion into the mat. Security is trying to break up the fight, but they're fighting a losing battle.

Brian Rentfro: Fans, we've run out of time. We'll be back next week for more Rampage and Chaos, but I've gotta say this has been one of the better Summer Sizzlers I've seen in quite some time!

Jon McDaniel: Thank you everyone, and good night!

Fighting continues in the ring, as Engel is being put on a stretcher and wheeled up the ramp way. Fade.

The Phoenix (c) vs Shadow Starr

GWA Championship match

The crowd is roaring, the air is electric, and anticipation is high. The Sizzler is kicking into high gear as we have seen the fate of Iris Starchild, championships being retained and changing hands, the contenders named for the Grizzly Beer and World Titles. It comes down to the first of two Main Events, a match of epic proportions.

Brian Rentfro: Ladies and gentlemen, we have seen a lot tonight, and the Pantheon has made their mark on just about every match on the card. Our next match is the first of two Main Event matches, with the Pantheon looking to secure yet another championship.

Jon McDaniel: That's right, Brian. Rob "The Phoenix" Robinson, the leader of the Pantheon, looks to retain his GWA Global Championship in a match against one of the biggest names in wrestling today, the widely acclaimed Mr. PWA, Shadow Starr.

Brian Rentfro: A lot of bad blood here; Rob has been leading the Pantheon on a path of destruction, looking to put the rest of the PWA on notice of the faction's dominance, while Shadow Starr has unofficially joined the Resistance in hopes to dismantle this threat. One can only imagine the twists and turns this match will take...

The lights dim, Brian and Jon silencing themselves in preparation for the match. As the arena goes dark, only a single beam of silver light shines on the PWA stage. Eric Emerson enters the ring, mic in hand.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the GWA Global Championship!! Introducing first, the challenger....

The crowd pops as they await the entrance of their hero, but something seems different. DJ Krylon Blue's remix to "Second to None" plays, the crowd unsure of what is happening. As the music continues to play, red fireworks shoot into the air, the crowd cheering a bit but still unsure of what is happening. This only occurs for a few short moments, however, as Shadow Starr walks out onto the entrance ramp, grinning from ear to ear. He points to the right, then the left, the audience with a huge roar to back up their favorite wrestler. Shadow makes his way down the ramp, greeting the fans.

Eric Emerson: From Akron, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred sixty-three pounds, he is the Original Legend of Shadows, Shadow Starr!!!!

Shadow continues down the ramp, stopping as he reaches the ring. He looks to either side, taking in the adulation. He rolls into the ring, heading for the northwest turnbuckle. He salutes the crowd, then drops to the mat. He does the same at the southeast turnbuckle, then waits ring center for his opponent.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

Shadow's music dies as "Final Countdown" hits the PA, the crowd jeering the sound. The sound nearly drowns out Eric Emerson as he announces the entrant.

Eric Emerson: From Orlando, Florida, he is the leader of the Pantheon and the current GWA Global Champion, The Phoenix!!

The Phoenix slides down from the rafters, holding his championship with pride, as the harness glides to the ring. He slips off the harness, heading for the northeast turnbuckle, raising his championship for all to see. He turns to Shadow, who has a stern look about him, referee Alec Wilcox asking for the GWA belt. He shows it to Phoenix, then to Shadow, then raises it to the sky for all to see. He hands it to a tech outside the ring, signaling to begin the match. However, before the bells sounds, a familiar third tune rings out.

Don't fret precious I'm here, step away from the window
Go back to sleep

Lay your head down child
I won't let the boogeyman come

Brian Rentfro: What the hell??

Jon McDaniel: What is he doing out here?

Hunter Sullivan makes his way down the entrance ramp to the jeers of the crowd. Hunter flips the bird, not taking his eyes off the ring. Shadow looks to Phoenix, who is grinning from ear to ear. As Hunter circles the ring, Wilcox calls for the bell, starting the match. Hunter takes a seat at the announce table as the action begins.

Brian Rentfro: Hunter Sullivan... Well, I’m surprised to see you out here, especially after what happened with Jethro Hayes. But I have to ask, what exactly ARE you here for?

Hunter: First Brian, what happened with Jethro is something I don’t want to talk about right now! Now, normally I would be backstage, watching Phoenix beat the unholy hell out of that wannabe Shadow Starr. But I feel that in the EXTREMELY rare case that Shadow puts up a decent fight, I should be by Rob's side to assure that the title doesn't change hands on a fluke.

Jon McDaniel: Well, Hunter, you didn't get the chance at the GWA Global Championship that you and Rob both argued you fairly won. However, it appears that as a loyal Pantheon member, you're more about winning at any cost than protecting the GWA gold...

Hunter: Shut the hell up, Jon. Nobody wants to hear you.

Shadow and Phoenix circle the ring, neither one making a move on the other. They stare into each other's face, daring each other to make the first move. As they move ring center, Phoenix raises a hand, calling for a test of strength. Shadow is cautious at first, knowing that he had a definite advantage over his opponent. He begins to raise his arm to meet Phoenix's, but is hesitant as he suspects foul play. Phoenix taunts Shadow, wanting to go at it. Shadow finally decides to go for it, locking hands with Phoenix. Phoenix raises his other arm, Shadow again hesitating a bit before locking in, placing pressure on Phoenix's arms. Phoenix tries to fight back, but doesn't have quite the strength that Shadow does, and drops to one knee. Shadow knows he has this test won, until Phoenix senses Shadow dropping his guard, leaping up and dropkicking Shadow, both men releasing their hold on the other. Shadow falls back a few steps, Phoenix stalking him, leaping to the air and nailing Shadow with a leg lariat. Shadow drops to the mat, but is quickly back to his feet as Phoenix takes the offense. Phoenix hits another dropkick, Shadow taking a step back, the champion nails Shadow's left knee with a dropkick, the Legend dropping to one knee. Phoenix drops back, Shadow off base as Phoenix nails a shining wizard. Phoenix takes the cover, but Shadow kicks out after a count of one.

Brian Rentfro: Very wise of Robinson, using his speed and aerial skills to overcome the- slightly- larger Shadow, putting himself in prime position in the starting seconds of this match.

Hunter: This is why the Phoenix is the best damn champion in the PWA ranks. He's smart, he's athletic, and he's always three steps ahead of the competition.

Shadow climbs to his feet, Robinson charging at the Legend. Shadow turns just in time to see the champion, grabbing the ring ropes and dropping to the mat. Phoenix flies over the top rope, landing hard on the ground below. Shadow stands, poising at the edge of the ring, stalking Phoenix as he slowly rises to his feet. Shadow launches himself over the top rope, Phoenix turning just in time to notice Shadow closing in on him, the Legend nailing a flying cross body on Phoenix. Shadow gets to one knee, surveying the damage to Phoenix as he, too, starts to rise. Shadow jumps at Phoenix, throwing rights into the champion's skull. Alec calls for Shadow to get back into the ring, reaching a count of five. Shadow reluctantly dismounts Phoenix, walking back to the ring and rolling in. Phoenix gets to his feet as Shadow starts to roll out, charging at Shadow and driving his sternum into the ring. Shadow crumples to his knees as Robinson kicks at the side of Shadow's head, rolling into the ring. He walks to the other end of the ring, not taking his eyes off Shadow.

Jon McDaniel: Shadow managed to turn the tide there for a second, using his physical advantage to pummel on Phoenix, but Robinson using his head puts Shadow back on the defensive, and Shadow is now recovering from that rib shot into the ring.

Hunter: Y'know, Shadow can get in as many lucky punches as he wants. The point is, he's washed up. He needs to go back to wrestling jobbers and losing gracefully, and stop chasing titles that are beyond him.

Jon McDaniel: Didn't Shadow beat YOU before, Hunter?

Hunter: What did I tell you, Jon? The hell did I tell you??

Shadow is on his knees, grasping at the ring apron as he tries to climb to his feet. Robinson charges across the ring, nailing a baseball slide to Shadow as Wilcox reaches the count of six, stopping to back Phoenix away from the mayhem outside. Shadow rolls back to the ring, using the apron to get to his feet, Phoenix waiting inside. Shadow slowly rolls into the ring, breaking the ref's count at eight, Phoenix storming over and dropping to one knee, nailing Shadow in the head with lefts and rights of his own. Wilcox seems not to notice as the crowd jeers this favoritism, Alec shrugging as he begins a very slow five count. Phoenix pummels Shadow until Alec reaches four, nailing one last jab into Shadow's temple before backing away. The Phoenix takes the cover again, getting a count of two before Shadow grabs the bottom rope, Alec only indicating the break when Shadow screams at him. Phoenix nails a few more punches into Shadow's skull before backing away, heading for the nearest turnbuckle.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, boy!! The Phoenix could get an early victory right here!!

Hunter: The Ashes is what made Phoenix the champ, it's a great move, a devastating move, and it's why he's about to win this match right now.

Jon McDaniel: Shadow is in trouble now!

Hunter: I just said that, nimrod.

Phoenix pounces from the turnbuckle, soaring through the air as he drops the flying elbow... NO!! Shadow rolls out of the ring, causing Phoenix to crash and burn as he misses his mark, favoring his elbow as he lands hard on the mat. Shadow stands just outside the ring, holding the bottom rope as he measures the damage to the Phoenix. He rolls back in as Phoenix sits in the corner, the referee checking his arm. Shadow blows past the ref, picking Phoenix up to his feet. He throws a left hook into Phoenix's abdomen, the champion reeling. Shadow then lifts Phoenix up onto the turnbuckle, climbing after him. He places Phoenix into a side headlock, the Phoenix fighting back with jabs to the gut. Shadow throws a few punches into Phoenix's skull, regaining his balance and tightening his grip on the Phoenix's head, lifting the Phoenix into a superplex! Neither man moves for a moment after the move, the maneuver knocking the wind out of both of them.

Brian Rentfro: Just when Phoenix has the match won, Shadow goes and slips out of harm's way and nails a superplex on the champ.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix is one of the smartest men in the PWA ranks, but Shadow's not a bonehead by far!! This may be a match of wits as much as a match of talent!!

Hunter: Shadow got lucky, alright? Look, he's as wasted as Phoenix is, if not more so. Hell, Phoenix is probably playing possum to sell that move; everyone knows Shadow couldn't harm a two year old...

Shadow crawls to Phoenix, the champ still regaining his composure after the superplex. Shadow drapes an arm across Phoenix's chest, gaining a two count. Phoenix rolls away, climbing to one knee as Shadow does the same a few feet away. They look to each other, both waiting for a moment of weakness. They both get to their feet, not taking their eyes off each other. They meet ring center, glaring at each other but neither makes a move. They seem to be yelling at each other, both balling fists and getting steamed but still neither makes an attack. Phoenix suddenly lifts a foot, driving it into Shadow's. The referee scorns Phoenix as Shadow draws his injured foot back, taking his focus off Phoenix for a split second. This proves to be a split second too long as Phoenix nails a clothesline on Shadow, dropping the Legend to the mat. Phoenix grabs Shadow's foot, twisting it to place pressure on the ankle. Shadow tries to push Phoenix off, but fails as Phoenix drops to the mat, placing Shadow into a leg scissors hold. Shadow looks around, the nearest ring rope just inches out of reach. He reaches down, trying to loosen the scissor hold, unsuccessfully. He reaches for the ropes again, but falls short as he tries to stretch his arm out. He places both arms under himself, powering himself the few inches he needs to drop back to the mat, reaching out and just barely getting a hold on the bottom rope. Phoenix refuses to release the hold until the referee reaches a count of three, Phoenix releasing the hold long enough to drag Shadow back to the center of the ring. He attempts another ankle lock, but is shoved off as Shadow raises his free leg to Phoenix's gut and shoves him off, the champ falling across the ring. Shadow curls up, sitting as he grasps at his foot, the referee checking its severity. Shadow shakes his head, he wishes to fight on, and the Phoenix is more than happy to oblige as he rushes to Shadow, stomping on his leg. Shadow pushes Phoenix off, using the ropes to climb to his good foot. Phoenix attempts a chop block on the bad leg, but Shadow jumps out of the way as Phoenix slides under the Legend. Shadow then drops an arm to the back of the Phoenix, looking to weaken his offense and get a second wind. Shadow gets back to his feet, walking off the pain in his ankle. Phoenix gets up, favoring his back a bit as he walks up to Shadow, throwing a right hook to Shadow's gut. Shadow fires back with a left jab, the two men exchanging punches for a few moments. Chants of "PWA! PWA!" erupt from the crowd, serving as fuel as Shadow gets the upper hand, nailing a hard left to Phoenix's skull, launching a big boot into the GWA Champ. The Phoenix drops to the mat, Shadow dropping into a cover.

3!!! NO!!!

Phoenix kicks out just before the ref's hand hits the mat, Shadow's face twists in anguish at the persistence of the Phoenix. Shadow gets to his feet, dragging Phoenix up as well. Phoenix nails a haymaker into Shadow's skull, sending his opponent back a pace. Shadow throws a jab back, but is ducked by the Phoenix as he nails another haymaker. Shadow is knocked back another few paces as Phoenix charges up, nailing a leg lariat to the Legend. Shadow falls, Phoenix takes the cover this time but only gets one and a half. Phoenix is flustered now, wanting to end the match. He stands, poised behind a rising Shadow, stalking his prey. Shadow stands to his feet, the Phoenix spinning Shadow around and nailing the bigger man with a kick to the gut, placing him into a standing head scissors. The crowd jeers as they realize what is about to happen, a sick grin crossing Phoenix's face.

Brian Rentfro: Here it comes!! The Flame!!

Hunter: The move that has ended many a match, and the move that will end Shadow's dreams of championship gold.

Phoenix starts to pull Shadow up by the waist, but is blocked as Shadow plants his feet. Phoenix throws an arm across Shadow's back, stopping the retaliation from the Legend. He attempts to lift Shadow again, but again is blocked by Shadow planting himself. Phoenix throws another arm across Shadow's back, but is caught off guard as Shadow powers off Phoenix, keeping the champion in place by grasping his legs. Phoenix attempts to struggle out, but Shadow shifts his weight and drops Phoenix with an alabamaslam!! Shadow drops back, landing on his ass as he watches Phoenix writhe in pain from the sudden move, taking in the moment. Shadow crawls to the ropes, climbing to one knee. Phoenix pounds a fist into the mat, frustrated at the resilience of his challenger. He surveys the ring, scouting his challenger as he makes his way to one knee. Shadow is across the ring, raising to his feet as he watches Phoenix get to his knees. The two charge across the ring, nailing simultaneous clotheslines and sending each other to the mat. They take a moment to catch a breath, rolling to their feet. They glare across the ring at each other, charging into a collar-and-elbow tie up. They fight for dominance, the effects of the match evident on both men. Shadow overpowers Phoenix, the smaller man dropping to the mat but using the momentum to slide between Shadow's legs. They break their hold as Phoenix stands behind Shadow, nailing a dropkick that sends the Legend into the ring ropes. Phoenix walks up cautiously, assuring that the earlier occurrence does not repeat itself. Phoenix and Shadow fight their way to the turnbuckle, Shadow nailing a boot to Phoenix' abdomen. He climbs the turnbuckle, pulling Phoenix up into powerbomb position.

Brian Rentfro: Shadow's prepping for the Grim Reaper! If he nails that high powerbomb, he'll be the new champion!!

Jon McDaniel: And the crowd is on their feet, roaring for that finish!!

Shadow takes a moment to balance himself, before jumping off the turnbuckle.. no! Phoenix shifts his weight, throwing Shadow with a high hurricanrana!!! Both men crash in the ring, the wind knocked out of both of them, the devastating reversal taking both men out. The referee checks on both men, administering a ten count.







Phoenix rolls to the ropes, dragging himself to his feet. Shadow is still lifeless on the mat, Phoenix struggling to keep on his feet.




Phoenix drops across Shadow, the ref dropping to the mat beside them.



THREee... NO!!!

Brian Rentfro: My god!!! Shadow somehow digs deep down and kicks out of a pinning predicament, and the Phoenix is livid!

Jon McDaniel: But how much more does Shadow have in the tank??

Phoenix poses this same question in his mind, again going for the cover. The referee counts, but Shadow again kicks out just before the three. Phoenix is frustrated to all hell, there is no way Shadow can be this persistent with as much damage as he's taken. Phoenix rises, eyeing Shadow as he heads for the nearest turnbuckle, hopping to the top rope.

Brian Rentfro: Another attempt at the Ashes, and this time Shadow may not be able to move!!

Hunter: I'll be right back...

Jon McDaniel: Wha...? Anywho... and here comes the Ashes!!

Phoenix jumps from the turnbuckle, Shadow hip-upping to his feet. Shadow catches the champ in mid-air, nailing a spinebustaaaaaah!! Phoenix writhes in pain as Starr takes the cover.




Shadow turns to the ref, who points to Phoenix's foot. Hunter is a few steps from where the pin was, walking back towards the announce table. Shadow, pissed off at being screwed out of a win, rolls under the bottom rope and chases after Hunter. He spins the Viper around, cursing and screaming about the interference. Hunter shrugs, pointing to Alec who denies seeing anything. Shadow looks to the ref, then spins back around to Hunter, nailing him in the jaw with a haymaker!! Hunter drops to the floor, holding his jaw as Shadow turns around, heading back to the ring. Hunter proved to be a good distraction, however, as Phoenix flies over the top rope, nailing Shadow with an asai moonsault!! Shadow and Phoenix topple to the floor, Hunter walking over to his boss as Alec begins counting. Hunter helps Phoenix to his feet, pushing the Champ into the ring, as Alec begins to count faster. Shadow climbs to one knee, Hunter carefully passing him as he sits back at the announce table.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell?? Shadow had a legitimate win there, and you nonchalantly just screwed him over!!

Hunter: Jon, I won't tell you again, shut the hell up. Shadow got lucky, playing the possum card and hitting a surprise move on Phoenix. Frankly that sort of foul play should be illegal anyways...

Jon: But Phoenix just got a cheap shot because YOU distracted Shadow!!

Hunter: Hey, it's Shadow's job to keep his focus on the ring action. If he decides to wander from his goal, then he can only blame himself.

Jon: That's a load of...

Hunter: Just shut up and watch.

Shadow barely makes it into the ring to break Alec's count, the Phoenix stomping on his opponent. Shadow tries to break Phoenix's assault by grabbing the ropes, but Alec doesn't seem to notice. Phoenix stands Shadow to his feet, slapping him across the face. Shadow falls back a step, throwing a punch of his own, but it's blocked as Phoenix nails Shadow with another left jab. Phoenix looks to Hunter, laughing, as he draws back a third time, shooting for Shadow one more time... but misses!! Shadow ducks under the swing, Phoenix spinning around... SPINEBUSTAAAAH!!! Shadow and Phoenix lie on the mat, both winded. Alec Wilcox begins to count the two men out, Hunter again leaving his post at the announce table. Alec reaches a slow count of two before Hunter jumps into the ring, helping the Phoenix to his feet. As Phoenix rests against the ropes, Alec administers a faster count, the crowd jeering this obvious nepotism.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, come on!! Alec is here to make sure the PWA doesn't screw Phoenix out of the title, not to screw the challenger!!

Brian Rentfro: Hey, all's fair in love and war, and when you're in that ring, it's war!!

Shadow Starr wearily rises and sees Hunter stepping from the ring, rushes him and spears Hunter between the ropes! Hunter falls out of the ring, sprawled over the mat like spilled blood and Shadow Starr turns around, only to get blasted by The Phoenix’s Flame! Phoenix covers and Alec counts quickly.





Brian Rentfro: And Phoenix retains yet again!

Jon McDaniel: Brian, you know that only happened cause of all of Hunter’s interference! Surprising too, since Phoenix never came down to help Hunter during his match!

Brian Rentfro: Man, you gotta chill, you’re seeing problems where there are none!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and STILL GWA Global Champion; The PHOENIX!

Phoenix slides from the ring and helps Hunter up, slapping him on the back and giving him props for his efforts. Hunter nods, though admittedly he looks a bit pissed at getting battered around some more tonight. None the less, the two Pantheon Members make their way up the ramp, enjoying the jeers from the full arena.

Marxx (c) vs Scott Nash Strader vs Matthew Engel

PWA World Championship

Brian Rentfro: That was just..disgusting!

Jon McDaniel: What those two would have done had Phoenix not returned to the scene, I do not want to fathom!

Brian Rentfro: This has not been Sullivan's night in any sense of the word!

Jon McDaniel: Yet, with all this, you know the Viper and Pantheon will be seeking vengeance. Now, as we were alluding too earlier, it's time for the main event!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for tonight's main event!

"Thank God I'm a Country Boy" hits the sound system as none other than Jethro Hayes begins to make his way to the ring. The crowd erupts in a standing ovation for their hero and Jethro is all smiles. He makes his way down to the ring, walking around it, and joins Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel ringside.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro! It's an honor to have you with us buddy.

Brian Rentfro: Nobody told me he was going to be here.

Jethro Hayes: That's because it was a surprise Mr. Rentfro.

Brian Rentfro: You're not here to mess with Matt and his chances of becoming World Champion are you?!

Jethro Hayes: I'm simply here to call it how I see it, bud.

Eric Emerson: And now... the following match is a gauntlet match! Introducing first, one of two challengers, hailing from hailing from Houston, Texas and weighing in at two hundred and ninety five pounds...

##Hey man, I am cool, I am the Breeze
Haven't you heard, there's a new revolution
Gotta spread the word - too much confusion ##

Scott Nash Strader steps out from behind the curtain. The crowd erupts for the famous Strader as he confidently makes his way to the ring.

Eric Emerson: SCOTT...NASH...STRADERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

##All hell's breakin' loose - hey hey have you read the news
All hell's breakin' loose - overloadin' 'n' blowin' my fuse
All hell's breakin' loose - day and night, baby, night and day
All hell's breakin' loose - in the streets there's a brand new way, yeah ##

He reaches halfway down the ramp way, Scott wearing a white muscle shirt, blue jeans and a pair of buckled black leather biker boots.

##You know we ain't always winners, but this is the life we choose
And we won't change or rearrange, and we ain't never ever gonna lose
It ain't always easy when the goin' gets rough
When you're gettin' even, you gotta show your stuff - tell about it now##

Scott leans back as he grabs onto the ring ropes to pull himself up. He steps over the top rope, and heads to the corner awaiting his opponent.

##Take a look around, only one solution
Set the world on fire, fight the institution
Gonna stand our ground, feel the new sensation
Something's goin' down - rock the nation ##

Eric Emerson: And now... his opponent, hailing from New Brunswick, Canada...

Dark purple lasers flashes everywhere in the dark as "The End of the Line" from Metallica song plays through the arena. Pyro explodes on the ramp, starting in the middle and ending to each sides. White and purple spots circles over the crowd as Marxx appears from the entrance ramp, wearing his signature black leather coat and his right arm wrapped in his steel chain. His World Title shines brightly around his waist.

He runs to a side of the ramp, raising his chain, then goes to the other side, where he does the same thing. After, he comes back to the middle of the entrance ramp as he tilts to the left and does an X with his arms in front of his face. He stays in that position for a second before suddenly extending his arms to each sides as two spots in the air flashes on him, and 2 others on the ground flashes to the roof, creating two "X"s of light in front of the ramp.

Eric Emerson: He weighs two hundred and thirty three pounds and stands six feet two inches... he is the Heavyweight Champion of the World... MARXX!!!!!

He starts walking on the ramp, clapping in the nearest fans hands. He stops in front of the ring, then turns back by the fans as he takes off his leather coat and puts the chain around his neck. Then, he rolls inside the ring and jumps on a corner, where he does an X with his arms in front of his face before extending them to each side. He jumps off the turnbuckle and does the same thing on the opposite side before going back to his corner, where he drops his chain.

Jethro Hayes: I can feel the energy boys, this is going to be a hell of a start to this match.

Jon McDaniel: I couldn't agree more, Jethro.

Brian Rentfro: I bet you could though.


SNS goes after Marxx, but Marxx is quick to dodge the attack. Marxx sweeps SNS to the mat and begins to lay into him with lefts and rights. SNS covers up and Marxx gets him to his feet. Marxx whips him into the ropes, SNS comes back and hits a huge shoulder block on Marxx. SNS goes into the ropes and comes down with a big time leg drop over Marxx's throat. SNS gets Marxx to his feet and nails a right hook and then follows up with a kick to the mid section. SNS tries for an early powerbomb and gets Marxx up to his shoulders, but Marxx begins to resist as he connects with lefts and rights to SNS's head. SNS drops Marxx and staggers back a bit.

Brian Rentfro: Scott tried for that powerbomb but got rocked by some brawling from Marxx.

Jethro Hayes: It's power versus technical in this match, guys. Scott is all about impact moves.

SNS turns around and is met by a stiff kick to the face. SNS staggers back and falls into the corner. Marxx slams him knees into SNS's midsection. He backs up to the middle of the ring, and sprints. He leaps and catches SNS in the face with a high knee strike, and SNS staggers forward. Marxx hops up to the top turnbuckle. He leaps forward off the turnbuckle, shooting him legs out in front of him, and catches SNS with a massive bulldog! He hooks the leg...



Kick out!

Marxx is frustrated and gets SNS to his feet. He sends him into the ropes, but SNS comes back and nails him with a big boot! Marxx looks out of it, and SNS covers.



Shoulder up!

SNS gets Marxx up to him feet and tosses him easily into the corner. He slams his shoulder into Marxx a few times and then picks him up so he's upside down in front of him, and takes off to the middle of the ring. He leaps and executes a big running powerslam. He covers...



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Wow! The champion gets slammed into the mat with all of Scott's authority and still manages to kick out.

Brian Rentfro: It's early, Jon.

Jethro Hayes: You gotta give the champ credit, he is very resilient.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, he beat you didn't he?

Jethro Hayes: Yes he did, Brian. Good observation.

SNS gets Marxx to his feet and performs a rear waistlock, which quickly turns into a German Suplex. Marxx crashes to the mat hard. SNS gets to his feet and grabs Marxx by the hair. He slams his face into the turnbuckle. He does it again, and again. SNS won't stop and finally the referee gets involved to break it up.

Jon McDaniel: SNS is gonna break Marxx's head open if he keeps that up!

Jethro Hayes: Scott has more passion in the ring than nearly everybody in the locker room... he's probably picturing Matt Engel right now.

Brian Rentfro: Well he shouldn't, he should be concentrating on the Champ!

SNS lets go of Marxx and steps back for a moment. Marxx turns around and SNS charges. Marxx moves out of the way at the last second and SNS stops right at the turnbuckle, turns around, and gets met with a roundhouse kick. SNS falls into the corner and Marxx comes back with lefts and rights, attempting to cut the bigger man down. Marxx kicks SNS low and locks in a front facelock. Marxx steps back with SNS in front headlock and runs up the turnbuckles and comes back down with a huge tornado DDT. Marxx lays for a moment, and then makes a cover.



Kick out!

Jethro Hayes: A great move by the champ there, but he's going to need more than that to get a three-count on Scotty.

Brian Rentfro: Or Engel!

Jon McDaniel: Engel's not even wrestling yet, Brian. Calm down.

SNS holds his head as Marxx uses the ropes to get up. Marxx stomps on SNS a few times and then goes to the top rope. Marxx hangs up there for a moment, waiting for SNS to get to his feet. SNS gets up and looks over to Marxx who's already in midair. Marxx lands on SNS's shoulders, and then hits a twisting hurricanrana! Marxx covers SNS again.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: A close count there!

Brian Rentfro: Ref seemed a little slow on that three, Jon.

Jethro Hayes: Don't slander our referees Brian. They're doing their best.

Marxx gets SNS up to his feet and smashes SNS' face into his knee. Marxx follows that up with a toss into the ropes. Marxx telegraphs a dropkick, but SNS holds up as Marxx crashes to the mat. Marxx shoots back up, but SNS hits a running lariat on Marxx. Marxx gets back up again, but SNS is quick to scoop him up and slam him to the mat. SNS goes into the ropes and comes down with a bone-crushing elbow drop. He tries a cover.



Kick out!

SNS gets Marxx up to his feet and throws him into the corner. SNS charges and connects with a huge clothesline. SNS shoves Marxx back into the corner and puts him on the top turnbuckle. SNS climbs to the middle rope and puts Marxx in a front facelock. SNS lifts Marxx up and behind him, slamming him to the mat with a superplex. SNS quickly covers.



3 -- No! Kick out!

Jethro Hayes: Close one there boys!

Jon McDaniel: I agree, and Scott seems to be rolling on all gears right now!

Brian Rentfro: Jethro does it hurt deep down that you're not in the ring right now?

Jethro Hayes: Despite your tone Brian... yeah, it does a little bit. But, things happen for a reason, and I know I'll be back in the ring with the World Champion soon enough.

SNS gets Marxx up and throws him out of the ring. SNS climbs out and grabs Marxx by the head and smashes his face into the barricade. The ref begins to start the count.


SNS picks Marxx up and drops him throat-first onto the barricade. Marxx struggles to breathe and starts to crawl away for safety. SNS kicks Marxx in the ribs a few times, and gets him to his feet. SNS slams Marxx face-first into the ring post, as the ref keeps counting.


Marxx, now on one knee, is bleeding from his nose. SNS grabs him by the head again, but Marxx has had enough as he slams his elbow into SNS' gut. Marxx does it again, and again, and then hits a roundhouse connecting with SNS' jaw. He goes down and Marxx follows up with a moonsault off the barricade!

Brian Rentfro: Marxx hit that moonsault perfectly!


Brian Rentfro: He can't beat Scott outside the ring!

Jethro Hayes: I think he knows that Brian.


Marxx gets SNS up to his feet and slides him into the ring. Marxx wipes the blood from his mouth and climbs the top turnbuckle as Scott manages to get to a knee. Marxx waits patiently on the top rope as SNS turns around. Marxx jumps off with a flip and lands perfectly on top of SNS' shoulders. SNS grabs him to prevent falling backwards.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Marxx has other ideas! Hurricanrana!

Jon McDaniel: Marxx holds it up for the pin!



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Another close one. Are we ever going to get a winner here?

Jethro Hayes: I don't doubt it at all Brian. These guys know how to finish business.

Marxx begins to talk to the ref about that kick-out, but he isn't budging about his call. SNS gets to his feet and wraps Marxx up from behind and hits a back-to-belly suplex on him. Marxx crashes stomach and chest first to the mat. SNS and Marxx, a little fatigued, get to their feet at relatively the same time. SNS lays into Marxx with a right hook, but Marxx comes back with his own. Back and forth they go as Marxx tries to stand toe-to-toe with SNS.

Brian Rentfro: Does Marxx WANT to lose? He can't stand toe to toe with Scott!

Jethro Hayes: Hey hey - the champ is tough, Brian. He's got a mean right hook, and I know that from experience.

Jon McDaniel: And the Champ rocks SNS with a big-time right hook!

Jethro Hayes: See? Scott comes back with a right hook of his own.

Marxx tries to come back, but Scott throws his hands up and says 'Stop!' He talks with Marxx for a moment, and Marxx looks confused. Scott nods his head yes, and we can hear something along the lines of 'My career as at its end, yours is beginning. I want to pass the torch to you and I know you can take care of Engel'. Scott lays down in the middle of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell?

Jethro Hayes: Come on, Scott! Not like this!

Brian Rentfro: What a pus - THERE'S CHAMELION!

Marxx takes advantage and covers SNS.



Chamelion slides into the ring and drags Marxx off of SNS. Marxx gets to his feet, but he is met violently with the Sweet Sound of Success. Marxx falls to the mat, and SNS gets to his feet. SNS goes after Chamelion, but Chamelion nails him with another SOS! Chamelion shares some words with SNS, which we don’t hear but we do hear Jethro's headset hit the table.

Jon McDaniel: GET HIM, JETHRO!

Brian Rentfro: Oh God.. that's just pathetic, Jon.

Jethro slides into the ring and Chamelion tries for a SOS, but Jethro dodges it and clotheslines Chamelion to the mat! Chamelion rolls out of the ring and waving cheerfully to Jethro, disappears backstage. Jethro checks on Scott and the World Champion. Scott seemed to have caught a bigger blow, and isn't responding too much. Marxx gets to his feet, unaware of what just happened. Jethro slides out of the ring and goes back to the commentator's table.

Jon McDaniel: Why would Chamelion get involved here?!

Brian Rentfro: Maybe he didn't want to see Scott laying down for Marxx!

Jethro Hayes: This stinks, boys. It's got the Pantheon's doing all over it... and that just makes me so mad.

Marxx didn’t see what happened, but knows Chamelion was somehow involved. Strader stirs, his eyes glazed but his earlier comment seems to ring true, as he motions weakly for Marxx to finish the job. Marxx, though honestly not seeming too thrilled for it to end this way, drops and covers Strader.





Eric Emerson: Scott Nash Strader has been eliminated from this match and Marxx is still the World Champion!

Brian Rentfro: And the Champion has survived one out of his two contenders tonight.

Jon McDaniel: With Chamelion's help!

Jethro Hayes: Why can't those guys just mind their own business?

Brian Renfro: The World Title is their business, Jethro. Especially Chamelion's! He is the President after all!

Eric Emerson: Introducing last... the final contender for this gauntlet... hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin...

The hard bass and drums from "The God That Failed" kick in, along with Kirk's guitar riffs. Matthew Engel appears from backstage, dressed in his trademarked green tuxedo. He has a black silk dress shirt, black tie, and black wrestling boots. Newcomer Orion is at Engel's side, wearing black cargo pants, a black t-shirt, and a leather jacket on top. They begin to make their way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Standing exactly six feet and weighing two hundred and fifteen pounds...

Matthew Engel makes it down to the ring and slides in. Orion takes the steps. He takes off his jacket, dress shirt, and tie to reveal a wife-beater shirt.

Eric Emerson: He is a former PWA World Champion and Wrestler of the Year winner... he is MATTHEW ENGEL!

He begins to stretch and get ready for his match as "The God That Failed" fades.

Jethro Hayes: Hold on.

Jethro drops his headset again and slides into the ring. He asks for a mic.

Brian Rentfro: Now what?

Jon McDaniel: I think he's trying to buy Marxx some time. Matthew doesn't seem fazed.

Jethro Hayes: Engel, I think we all deserve an explanation for why Chamelion just had to stick his nose in this match.

Jethro tosses him the mic. Engel catches it, and Orion takes a step closer to Jethro.

Matthew Engel: It's not my problem, Hayes. Now, get out of my ring.

Engel tosses the mic on the ground, and Jethro picks it up.

Jethro Hayes: You want everyone to think you're a coward? You want this match to be tainted? Give us a reason. Make up something for all I care.

Jethro tosses the mic at Engel, who deftly catches it and shrugs as he answers.

Matthew Engel: Perhaps Scott shouldn't have been wildly accusing innocent people of what happened at Who's The Man last year.

Engel hands off the mic to Eric Emerson, who takes it with back near the commentator's table. Jethro looks at Engel with much disdain, and climbs out of the ring and heads back to the commentator's table. Engel has a sly grin on his face. Meanwhile, Marxx has been recuperating in the corner the whole time, awaiting his chance to go at it with Engel. Orion climbs out of the ring and remains ringside, watching Engel. Scott finally makes his way backstage, holding his head.

Jethro Hayes: Now you know why I'm here, boys.

Brian Rentfro: To ruin things for Engel.

Jethro Hayes: No, because the next Pantheon member I see get involved in this match will not be walking out of here so confident.

Jon McDaniel: Who is that guy that Engel brought to the ring?

Jethro Hayes: I don't know, but if he's aligned with Engel, he can't be too friendly.

Brian Rentfro: His name is Orion, he is the newest member of the PWA and Engel's protégé.


Marxx and Engel circle each other in the ring. Engel gives Marxx a fake, which draws Marxx back a few times. Engel takes off and hits Marxx with a running knee. Marxx flies back into the turnbuckle. Engel lays into him with rights and lefts and slams Marxx face-first into his knee. Engel takes Marxx down with a roundhouse kick, and goes into the ropes. Engel tries for a senton bomb, but Marxx rolls out of the way.

Jon McDaniel: The champion looking very much alive here, guys. Engel probably thought it would have been easy to finish off whoever won!

Brian Rentfro: Engel came prepared no matter what Jon.

Jethro Hayes: Yeah, prepared to win at any cost... and I don't agree with that.

Engel gets to his feet and Marxx nails him with a right hook. Marxx tucks his head underneath Engel's right arm and executes a northern lights suplex. He bridges it for a pin.


Kick out!

Jethro Hayes: Surprise move on Engel there didn't get the results Marxx was hoping for.

Brian Rentfro: The match just started!

Marxx gets Engel to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Marxx hits a telegraphed dropkick on Engel and Engel does down. Marxx immediately mounts Engel and dishes out lefts and rights. Marxx gets up to his feet and is taunting Engel, telling him to get on his feet. Engel obeys and Marxx swings wildly and connects. Engel staggers back, and Marxx goes for another wild punch, but Engel blocks it and quickly kicks Marxx in the stomach. Engel plants Marxx into the canvas with a vicious DDT. Engel flips Marxx on his back and covers.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Just a two-count there... as Marxx keeps himself alive. He's going to have to be smart here and let Engel make the mistakes!

Brian Rentfro: Good luck with that!

Jethro Hayes: He isn't perfect, Brian. Engel gets Marxx to his feet and slams his face-first into the turnbuckle. Engel hops on to the top rope and nails Marxx with a missile dropkick!

Engel covers again.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: The Champ is showing his resilience here boys. He's not going to go down that easy!

Marxx regains himself as Engel gets to his feet and they lock horns. Marxx hits a knee to Engel's midsection and lifts Engel high up into the air in suplex fashion, but brings him down with a brainbuster. The ring shakes violently. Marxx goes off the ropes and comes back connecting with a somersault senton bomb. He crashes on top of Engel. He stomps Engel a few times and picks him up, sending him into the ropes. Engel comes back and gets slammed across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. Engel is grabbing his back, but manages to get to his feet. Marxx runs at Engel for an attempted lariat, but Engel dodges and connects with a spinning heel kick! Marxx is on the mat grabbing his jaw as Engel hops onto the top turnbuckle. Engel comes off with a split-legged moonsault, executed perfectly.

Brian Rentfro: What a high-risk move by Engel there, showing his experience over the World Champion.

Jethro Hayes: Marxx has been an established superstar here for awhile now... and Engel was gone for over five months.

Brian Rentfro: Doesn't look like it!

Engel gets to his feet and connects a running knee into the face of Marxx. Engel gets Marxx to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle. Engel tries for a corner body splash, but Marxx dodges just in time and Engel crashes on the turnbuckles. Marxx shoulder blocks Engel into the turnbuckle and lets out a fury of fists. Marxx connects all over the place; face, ribs, arms. He puts Engel in a great deal of pain, and then sets Engel on the top turnbuckle. Marxx springboards off and connects with a severe dropkick sending Engel over the ropes and crashing to the outside.

Jethro Hayes: And down goes Engel!

Brian Rentfro: The match can’t be won on the outside! You’ve got to pin him in the ring!

Jon McDaniel: Duh...

Marxx slides out of the ring as Engel gets back to his feet. The referee starts the count.


They exchange lefts and rights on the outside, but Marxx gets the upperhand as he slams his knee into the midsection of Engel.


He grabs Engel by the head and slams him face first into the steel steps. He grabs Engel again and slams him face first into the ring post.


Engel staggers back, and then Marxx connects with a big roundhouse, sending Engel to the floor. Marxx picks Engel up and slides him into the ring. Marxx hops up on the apron and leaps up to the top rope, springboards off, and hits a huge legdrop. He crashes over the throat and chest of Engel. Marxx gets Engel to his feet and connects with a spinning back fist. This sends Engel back a little bit and Marxx runs at him trying for something, but Engel reverses with a powerslam and smashes Marxx into the mat. Engel gets up and stomps on Marxx a few times. He gets Marxx to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle. Engel gets in Marxx's face and smashes his elbow into it a few times. He picks Marxx up and puts him in the tree of woe.

Brian Rentfro: It looks like Engel is setting Marxx up for something.

Engel runs to the opposite corner and hops onto the turnbuckle. He yells out to the crowd and flips off the turnbuckle, landing leant forward, and dashes toward Marxx connecting with a violent spear. Marxx is almost broken in half.

Brian Rentfro: Engel nails Marxx with a hellacious T.K.T!

Jethro Hayes: It's an interesting move, but he's gotta think that he needs more to put Marxx down for the three count.



Shoulder up.

Jon McDaniel: Close call there, but Marxx is tougher than that like Jethro said.

Brian Rentfro: Don't have a thought of your own on this matter Jon?

Engel gets Marxx up to his feet and hits a hellacious powerbomb on Marxx. Marxx is grabbing his back in pain as he's forced to his feet again. Engel lands some right hooks and left jabs on Marxx and tries to finish him off with a devastating clothesline, but Marxx ducks and gets behind Engel, executing a huge tiger suplex. Engel cringes in pain as Marxx goes back on the offensive, stomping Engel into oblivion. Marxx backs up a few steps, and then comes in with a nasty soccer kick that hits Engel in the ribs. Engel coughs up a little blood.

Jethro Hayes: Good.

Jon McDaniel: Now it's a fair match.. both men have shed blood tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Matt's got internal bleeding, though. That was a hell of a soccer kick, I will admit.

Marxx begins to stalk Engel, and Engel hits the mat in frustration. Engel slowly gets to his feet. Marxx tries for a right hook, but Engel dodges. Marxx goes left jab, and Engel ducks. Engel tries for a sweep, but Marxx jumps over Engel's leg. Marxx goes for a clothesline, but Engel ducks underneath. Engel tries for a jumping side kick, but Marxx sidesteps at the last possible second and catches Engel in a half-nelson. He then falls back in Russian Leg Sweep fashion.

Jon McDaniel: The Bottle Buster! A signature move by Marxx... and he goes for the cover.



Kick out!

Engel kicks out violently, and turns over onto his knees. He spits out more blood. Engel wipes his mouth, but Marxx connects with a vicious kick to Engel's ribs. Engel turns over onto his back. Marxx goes into the ropes and tries to come down with a knee drop on Engel's ribs, but Engel moves out of the way. Engel rises to his feet and nails a right hook on Marxx, and then slams him to the mat with a big-time spinebuster.

Brian Rentfro: What a move there from Engel!

Jethro Hayes: Engel is climbing to the top rope...

Brian Rentfro: You know what time it is now, Jethro. You better make your move if you have one.

Jethro Hayes: My move only goes into action if the Pantheon makes a move.

With Marxx on the mat, Engel rises to the top rope, his back to the ring. He then jumps off, corkscrewing his body around while somersaulting, and lands with a body splash across Marxx's mid-section.

Brian Rentfro: EUTHANASIA! Engel could have sealed his second World Title with that great move, once again!

Jon McDaniel: Engel remains on top of Marxx and the referee begins to count!





Eric Emerson: And your winner... and the new PWA WORLD CHAMPION... MATTHEW... ENGELLLLL!!!!!!

Jethro drops his headset for the final time, and slides into the ring. Marxx tries to get to his feet, but instead just slides out of the ring to recuperate for a moment. Orion climbs into the ring to celebrate with Matt, and Jethro approaches them both. The crowd goes from an extreme loudness of boo'ing to a hushed silence to see what will happen between the hero and the villain. Jethro extends his hand to congratulate Engel.

Brian Rentfro: What is he doing?

Jon McDaniel: He's trying to congratulate Engel. Jethro is a good man and even though he has a certain distaste for Engel, he still respects the fact that he is the new World Champion.

Engel looks at Jethro's extended hand. Engel smiles, and gives Jethro a quick salute. He turns his back and him and Orion climb out of the ring. Jethro grabs a mic.

Jethro Hayes: I'll be seeing you, Matthew.

Engel turns for a moment and cracks another smile. He raises his World Title in the air. Chamelion, Raizzor, Alex Wilkie, The Phoenix, and Hunter Sullivan join Engel on the ramp way and begin to congratulate him for bringing the World Title to the Pantheon. Jethro begins to flare up, angered by the situation, but holds his ground. He shares a hateful look with Hunter Sullivan, as the crowd begins to boo the Pantheon once more.

Jon McDaniel: And once again, the Pantheon manages to find themselves on top of the PWA.

Brian Rentfro: Well, not completely. I mean, Chamelion lost his title, Hunter lost his… in truth, the Pantheon currently only holds two titles.

Jon McDaniel: And it’s only a matter of time before they find a way to steal more gold back. This is becoming ridiculous, Brian. Someone has to stop them!

Brian Rentfro: Who is left, Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Jethro! Riona!

Brian Rentfro: I don't know, Jon. The Pantheon is making a habit out of being on top, and Summer Sizzler was no different!

Jon McDaniel: Someone needs to stand up to them.. perhaps next week at Rampage, we will see justice for the Pantheon. But in the mean time, we have to wrap things up here. I'm Jon McDaniel...

Brian Rentfro: And I'm Brian Rentfro. We will see you for Rampage next Saturday night!

Scott Nash Strader & Jethro Hayes vs Simon Kalis & Matthew Engel

Singles Match

Brian Rentfro: Well folks, this is it.

Jon McDaniel: It's time to head to the prison where the following match will take place.


Eric Emerson stands in the center of the ring with the microphone in his hand and nods.

Eric Emerson: The following match is an UNSANCTIONED Death Row Prison Break Tornado Tag Team Match!

Brian Rentfro: What a mouthful.

The scene transitions over the ADCTron to the solitary confinement wing of the prison, where referee Dwayne Cross stands at the end of the hallway.

Eric Emerson: The first team to successfully escape the prison complex shall be declared the winners! All four men have had small microphones placed on their persons so we may hear them throughout this match.

"The Prisoner" by Iron Maiden begins to play over the intercom of the prison and four cell doors open slowly. Scott Nash Strader and Simon Kalis step out, staring across at each other from across the narrow hallway as Jethro Hayes and Matthew Engel join them. All four men stare at their opponents with determined ferocity in their eyes as Cross raises his arm, then brings it down to signal the beginning. Kalis rushes towards Strader as Hayes does to Engel. The four men lock horns, with Strader getting the advantadge on Kalis. Strader spins himself around to get himself behind Simon Kalis and he full nelson slams Kalis into his cell. Hayes smashes Engel's face against the cold brick walls repeatedly, but Engel sends a reverse elbow into Hayes' gut and then immediately grabs him, planting him down with a sudden facebuster. Kalis gets to his feet and is met with a serious boot to the face as he turns around by Strader. Kalis low blows Strader, forcing Strader to wince in pain momentarily. Kalis hops up and DDT's Strader into the toilet and holds him there, laughing as he flushes the toilet with Strader's face in it. Hayes is on his feet and brawling with Engel and getting the advantadge.

Simon Kalis: Eat shit Strader.

Jethro Hayes: Why do you want another singles match Engel? You aren't doing so hot with a partner now!

Brian Rentfro: Whoa. This is getting out of hand maybe.

Jon McDaniel: You can say that again.

Hayes goes for the Plow right away but Engel sidesteps him and Hayes plows his shoulder into the side opening of one of their cells. Kalis comes over quickly and starts slamming the door open and shut on Hayes head as Engel lays in a number of stiff soccer like kicks into Hayes' ribs. Engel points behind Kalis as Strader comes, not looking happy at all. Strader grabs Kalis by the neck and begins choking him as he moves him away from Hayes. Engel attempts to save Kalis but Hayes trips him sending Engel to the floor. Hayes drives his elbow hard into the back of Engel's neck repeatedly while both men remain on the ground. Strader, being much bigger and stronger than Kalis holds him up against the wall with one hand while he uses the other to lay waste with fists of steel into Kalis' somewhat injured ribs. Kalis chokes and coughs and struggles but finally latches onto Strader's mid-section with his legs, wrapping himself around Strader. Kalis uses his hands to push himself off the wall and begins pummeling Strader in the face with lefts and rights as Strader remains choking him at the same time. Hayes is on his feet and he lands a perfect leg drop on Matthew Engel on the ground. However Engel reaches into one of the open cells and grabs an empty food tray, and as Hayes comes back over to him Engel crumples the tray over Jethro Hayes' head stunning him temporarily. Engel gets to his feet, bang, spinning enziguri kick to the head with the tray still wrapped around Hayes' skull sends him to the ground. Kalis pushes Strader into one of the cells and puts his elbows forward over Strader's face as they both hit the cold cement ground. Kalis drives his elbows into Straders face, recoiling them between Strader's head and the cement floor. Kalis grabs a pillow off of the bed and puts his knees to Strader's chest and the pillow over Strader's face while laughing.

Simon Kalis: Who's dying now?!?!

Matthew Engel: Let's go!

Engel comes in and motions Kalis to come. Kalis nods and gets to his feet but as Engel turns around he's met with a thunderous clothesline by Jethro Hayes. Kalis seems shocked but Strader returns an earlier favor and low blows Kalis. Kalis' knees fold and he holds his crotch, his jaw dropped open. Strader is up and wraps the pillow around Kalis' neck and starts choking him from behind. Strader snaps a kick forward into the back of Kalis' leg snapping him to the ground as Hayes picks Engel up and irish whips him all the way to the other end of the hall towards the last cell. Strader takes Kalis head and shoves it through the food tray opening of a closed cell, and Kalis begins screaming as the prisoner inside begins attacking him. Engel is cornered now by Strader and Hayes. Engel dekes to get passed them but Hayes clotheslines and Strader big boots Engel in the chest at the same time, knocking him down. Kalis remains trapped and Strader and Hayes begin walking off towards the exit of the solitary unit.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Strader and Hayes are a few steps ahead of Kalis and Engel.

Brian Rentfro: The Glorious and The Virus are gonna make a swift comeback though, don't count them out!

Strader and Hayes make a run for it as Engel pulls Kalis' head out of the cell. His face is scratched up but both men run quickly to catch up with Hayes and Strader. They make a swift turn into the next hallway and past the security doors. Hayes is ahead of Strader and makes it past a secure checkpoint but Engel and Kalis both tackle Strader down. As they do so the door which Hayes passed shuts. Engel and Kalis get up and move toward Hayes who looks at Strader in dismay. Strader is up and already on the move towards the other end of the hallway as Kalis climbs the prison barred door which Hayes narrowly passed through. Hayes makes a run for it and Kalis slides himself through a small opening and just barely gets himself through. Engel nods and heads after Strader while Kalis chases after Jethro Hayes. Kalis turns a corner and is met with a shoulder to the head power move by Hayes as he does so. Kalis hits the ground hard. Engel turns a corner and Strader has the same idea however Engel sidesteps Strader and smashes him with a European uppercut. Lefts and rights are exchanged by both Engel and Strader until Engel superkicks Strader right into the chin sending Strader through another security door. Engel leaps forward and goes for a flying forearm smash but Strader stops him with a crossblock, knocking Engel back. "Kick A Little" by Little Texas plays over the intercoms for a little ambiance to the violence as Hayes repeatedly kicks and stomps Kalis while he's on the ground.

Jethro Hayes: Told you that I changed!

Engel gets back at Strader with a few quick lefts and rights but Strader grabs Engel and belly to belly suplexes him to the ground. Strader begins choking Engel with his bare hands while lifting his head up and smashing it against the cold cement ground below. Kalis does a breakdance spin and kicks Hayes repeatedly in the shins and stomach as he spins on his shoulders and neck, forcing Hayes to fall back. Kalis jump flips himself back to his feet and springboards himself off the wall and into a perfect thrust kick to the face of Jethro Hayes. Kalis immediately bolts down the hallway and is lost to the cameras. With Engel and Strader, Strader has Engel out cold from the strangulation. Strader gets up and begins heading down the hall but Engel's eyes shoot open right away, and he holds in a few coughs deep in his chest as he gets to his feet. He makes chase after Strader but with a methodical approach to each quick step as he turns the corner. Strader bursts into the medical bay of the prison which has been emptied and looks around for any sign of anyone else. He notices Simon Kalis just outside the opposite door. Kalis is fixed near the ceiling, his legs split across to each wall as Hayes walks right under him. Kalis drops down onto Hayes' shoulder and hurricanranas him into the medical bay through the glass doors on that side. Glass shatters, shards flying everywhere as Hayes and Kalis land in a heap. Engel sneaks up right behind Strader and jumps onto his back with a broken door handle in his hand and begins smashing it down across Strader's head. Strader stumbles around before falling back, crushing Engel beneath his back and weight.

Jon McDaniel: Jesus Christ! Kalis just pulled some Tom Clancy moves on Hayes! Whoa!

Brian Rentfro: This is like a movie! I love the music playing over the intercoms too!

"Stunting Is A Habit" by David Banner featuring Chris Brown begins playing over the intercom and Kalis gets to his feet, dancing to the music with his fists up as he looks towards Strader. Strader shakes his head and wipes blood from the top of his head, a souvenir from Matthew Engel. Kalis springboards himself off of a hospital bed and body splashes Strader. Strader and Kalis hit the ground but Strader picks Kalis up in his arms and then body slams him into the ground. Meanwhile Engel and Hayes are back up now and brawling in the opposite side of the medical bay. Hayes with a serious chop to Engel's chest sends Engel back for a moment. Hayes with another chop, and another! Engel rebounds with a spinning neckbreaker out of nowhere right over the shards of glass. Both Engel and Hayes wince as little shards slash their bodies. Strader is up and goes for Kalis but Kalis throws himself across the room, jumping back with feline-like agility. Kalis grabs a tranquilizer gun left on one of the tables and cocks it, aiming right at Scott Nash Strader.

Simon Kalis: Hahaha. Yeah, it's time I finally used a gun in a match. Don't you think?

Scott Nash Strader: You're a pathetic son of a bitch, Simon.

Strader rushes forward but Kalis lets off a single shot right into his neck. The little tranquilizer dart connects and Strader stops in his tracks, holding his neck and ripping the little dart out. Kalis quickly reloads and fires off another shot into Strader's chest before leaping forward and whipping Strader in the face with the little tranq gun. Engel has a fire extinguisher in his hands and as Hayes gets to his feet he smashes it over Hayes' head. The fire extinguisher goes off, the nozzle spraying thick foam directly towards Kalis and Strader and emptying out over both of them. They seem almost stuck and frozen in the thick foam. Engel nods at Kalis who nods back, and Engel makes a quick exit out of the med bay. Hayes is up and shakes his head and gives chase, as Strader and Kalis are now stuck facing each other in a whole lot of thick foam. Kalis slowly pulls a cigarette out and lights it. Strader pulls a cigarette out and Kalis lights it for him, and throws him a joyous smile.

Scott Nash Strader: I can't believe you shot me you little shit.

Simon Kalis: I've got a good shot. Play a lot of Call of Duty and Halo in my spare time.

Scott Nash Strader: You know, when we get out of this? I'm going to kill you Simon.

Simon Kalis: Nah. We're good! I feel like we're really bonding right now, don't you?

"Creeping Death" by Metallica begins to play over the intercoms now as Hayes and Engel battle through the next corridor in the massive prison complex. Hayes with a forearm smash on Engel! Engel with a right hook on Hayes! Hayes with a headbutt on Matthew Engel! Engel responds with a stiff kick to the shins on Hayes, grabbing him and landing a snap DDT to the ground. Engel gets to his feet and starts kicking into Hayes. Hayes grabs Engel by the legs and sweeps him off of his feet. Hayes gets to his own two feet now and holds Engel's legs as if about to put him into a Boston crab. However instead of turning Engel over and applying the move, Hayes lifts Engel all the way up into the air and then sitdown powerbombs him into the ground. A few guards watch intentively, snapping photos with their phones as they stand near the entrance to the GenPop.

Jethro Hayes: How could you give Nicole up to Simon?!

Matthew Engel: Jethro it will always be your fucking fault because of the business you chose to be in, you put her in the hospital the moment you got together with her.

Jethro Hayes: No! This is your fault! Simons fault!

Matthew Engel: No Jethro, only yours.

Kalis is holding up his lighter to the sprinklers until it sets off in the med bay. He drops his hand in diress as the foam begins washing away and he escapes its thick disgusting grasp. The effects of the two tranquilizer shots are showing on Strader as he's slow to free himself, any lesser man would've already passed out to them. Kalis circles and laughs as he throws a snap thrust kick to Strader's head, connecting hard. However Strader fights onward and grabs Kalis by the neck again. Kalis kicks and tries to free himself but Strader lifts him up and chokeslams him through a glass cabinet which holds a bunch of medical supplies. Kalis screams and winces as his back is cut up and flesh rendered slashed as he lays on the ground bleeding. Strader picks Kalis up and throws him onto one of the hospital beds. He smashes his elbow into Kalis' face and then straps Kalis wrists and ankles down to secure him to the bed. Strader searches the bottom cabinets until he finds a jar of clear liquid. He opens it up and takes a whiff, taken aback by what is obviously some doctors hidden stash of moonshine. He pours it all over Simon Kalis who screams as the pure alcohol burns his cuts and slashes. Strader reaches into his back pocket groggily and lights a match.

Scott Nash Strader: Told you I'd kill you.

Strader drops the lit match on Kalis who is immediately set ablaze. Strader wastes no time and gets out of the med bay and goes for Hayes and Engel. Luckily for Kalis the sprinklers are already on and the fire is put out quickly enough before it can really burn him. Kalis still winces in pain but the fire burned off enough of the wrist straps allowing him to power himself free. Kalis falls to the ground, his face bleeding from being chokeslammed through the drug cabinat. However he finds a small bottle of morphine and a fresh syringe. He fills the syringe up and slaps his forearm, sticking the needle in and injecting himself with a large burst of morphine. He sits there against the bed for a moment, his eyes roll into the back of his head and he smiles. He gets to his feet and rummages through more things in the medical bay, putting a bottle of painkillers in his pocket, a scalpel and a small first aid kit. He quickly wraps his body in medical gauze and begins making his way towards where Strader went.

Simon Kalis: If this was an RPG, I just got a shot of an invincibility potion Scott!!!

We move back to Matthew Engel and Jethro Hayes as they have found themselves inside GenPop. "Five Minutes Alone" by Pantera plays over the intercom now as Engel looks around and a switch on the wall catches his eye. Before Jethro can stop him, Engel hits the switch. An alarm goes off signaling the release of the inmates. Cell doors open with loud thuds, and the inmates begins to wander out. Engel looks at Jethro and smirks.

Brian Rentfro: Ahh, The Virus has opened the cells!

Jon McDaniel: This isn’t looking good.

Hayes lunges at Engel, but Engel side steps, tripping him with his right foot causing Jethro to go flying into tables that set up for free time for the inmates. The inmates are looking down from all levels of GenPop and cheering for the fight that is happening in front of their eyes. Engel stalks Hayes with a chair and lands it across Hayes back four times, taking his time with the each shot. A couple of black men come down, wearing red bandanas, and they walk around Jethro Hayes. They nod at Engel and begin feeding Hayes kicks to the side and stomach.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Kalis has friends on the inside too.

Brian Rentfro: Come on Engel, take out Hayes!

The camera switches to outside GenPop where a battered and bruised Scott Nash Strader is trying to get in, but since Engel popped the cells, GenPop went lock down. Strader slams his fist against the wall not being able to get to his partner. Strader looks around, and can’t seem to see Kalis in sight, but he is wrong Kalis is just down the hall as the camera switches to the Glorious one. Kalis has bandaged himself obvisouly and not very well.

Simon Kalis: I once knew a man named Strader, he attracted a traitor. Now he’s going to suffer, unlike no other. Hahahaha! Hehehehehe!

Jon McDaniel: I think Kalis is high off of morphine, Brian.

The camera switches back inside GenPop where a massive brawl has ensued. Members of the Outlaw MC, which are friendly with Scott Nash Strader and his brother Bandido’s, have entered the fray, as a massive prison riot is now in effect. Hayes battles back and forth with Engel trading left and rights, more blood getting on each of their fists. One of the Outlaw’s that was beating Engel joins in again. Jethro Hayes and the Outlaw begin to double team Engel.

Brian Rentfro: That’s no fair, get off Engel!

Jon McDaniel: You were fine when it was Engel and the Bloods!

Just in the nick of time, Riot Control shows up. They begin firing tear gas into GenPop and the sound of automatic rifles and firearms can be heard. Rocket nods at Jethro to get the fuck out. Hayes see’s a door open fifty steps away and bolts for the door as the Riot Control has started letting out live ammunition on the rioting prisoners. Engel noticing Hayes escaping, makes his way to the exit as well. Camera switch and we are following Strader who still seems hopped on tranquilizers . Strader has found the kitchen, and smiles as he looks around at all the possible weapons.

SNS: Oh Kalis this is going to be fun.”

"War of the World" by DJ Pablo plays over the intercom as Strader heads over to the industrial dishwasher looking for anything to grab and use as a weapon. Meanwhile unbeknownst to Strader, the deranged Kalis has snuck into the kitchen. He looks into the camera, smiles producing the scalpel he had earlier. He runs at Strader with a war scream.


As the doped Strader slowly turns around and tries to duct, Kalis stabs Strader in the top of the right shoulder. Scott is taken back as he looks at the scalpel in his arm. Before he can move Kalis has grabbed a hanging pot off the rack above the dishwasher, and hammers the scalpel down into Strader’s shoulder. Strader yells out in pain.

Jon McDaniel: This is just out of hand!

Brian Rentfro: This is so intense! Come on CHAOS!

Kalis circles Strader as he opens his first aid kit. Kalis smiles widely as he drops the first aid kit on top of Strader’s head and pours some rubbing alcohol around the scalpel stuck in Strader’s arm. Strader yells out in agony as Kalis takes a pasta stirring wand, winds up and cracks Strader right in the groin. Simon jumps ontop of Strader bringing his left hand down in a fist connecting with his face, and the other rebrandishing the ‘hammer’ pot from earlier connecting with Strader’s face.

Simon Kalis: Welcome to my nightmare Strader.

BAM! Another shot to the side of Strader’s face. Kalis gets up off of the fallen former World Champion, as Strader turns to his side slightly and spits out what look to be a few teeth. Kalis leans back against the counter and lights up a cigarette. He spits on the fallen Strader. Strader makes it to his knees, and from the mess Kalis had made earlier, and sees a two meat tenderizers that fell down. Strader grabs as he gets up. He too pulls out a cigarette, but can’t find a light.

Simon Kalis: *whistles*

Strader looks at Kalis, as Simon tosses him a pack of matches. Strader smirks as the flame ignites and lights his cigarette. Strader tosses the matches back, as Simon smiles through the blood and blue smoke. Strader takes a deep drag, and exhales slowly still dazed from the Tranq and beating.

SNS: Kalis, you know, as soon as I’m done this smoke… I’m going to fucking kill you right?

Kalis grins and exhales.

Simon Kalis: So you’ve said.

Strader, deciding he isn’t waiting sets his cigarette down on the edge of what looks to be a prep table. Scott lunges forward and begins swinging with the meat tenderizers. Kalis, quickly, grabs his pot and the long pasta wand. He blocks the shots with the pot, making loud clanking sounds as Kalis jabs Strader’s midsection with the pasta wand, like a sword. Strader catches the pasta wand in between his right forearm and bicep. He yanks his arm inward, pulling Kalis in. Kalis is met with an elbow to the side of the head, and two solid left hand shots from the meat tenderizer in Scott’s hand to Simon’s side.

Jon McDaniel: What is this, a jousting match?

Brian Rentfro: I don’t see knights or horses dumbass.

Simon falls after Scott brings his leg up into the groin of Kalis. Scott, lifts up his oversized left foot and brings it down hard on the stomach of Kalis, who folds upwards as blood spurts out of his mouth. Strader walks back over to the prep table and replaces the cigarette in his mouth. He takes a deep drag as his left hand yanks out the scalpel Simon had put there earlier. He looks at it carefully and a sneer creeps across his face. Scott walks over to Simon, kneels down and looks him right in the face while sliding the dull side the scalpel down the side of Simon’s face.

SNS: No Kalis… welcome to… MY nightmare. Haha.

Kalis screams as Strader eventually puts a literal x across his face but not before Strader caught up the defending Kalis hands and wrists. Scott, see’s the half full bottle of rubbing alcohol nearby so he grabs it and begins to pour over Kalis as Strader kneels in front of him, watching Kalis go through agony. Strader stands up as Kalis is gasping for air as the alcohol penetrates the cuts all over Kalis’ arms and face. Strader looks at the wall they are infront, and is delighted by the fact is a dry good shelf, with 3kg cans of sauce and other cooking oils and products sit.

SNS: Well Simon, see you in HELL!

Strader grabs onto the rack, and pulls it straight off the wall and the shelf with its entire heavy product crush Kalis. Strader flicks his cigarette butt on the mess Simon Kalis is underneath. The camera moves into see if Kalis is alive and is greeted by a wink from The Glorious One, but alas Strader has left and thinks Simon is done for. Kalis sticks up a middle finger and smiles.

Simon Kalis: God bless morphine.

Brian Rentfro: Haha, the Glorious One has fooled Strader!

Engel has managed to get the slip on Jethro, or so he thinks anyways, and comes busting through a set of double hinged doors to find his self in the gym of the prison as "Nietzsche" by the Dandy Warhols plays over the prison intercoms now. He looks around, but keeps the lights off. Engel’s head snaps back and looks behind him as he can hear Jethro yelling for him.

Jethro Hayes: Yout hought Cowboys Stadium was a fight... this is a fight! Come out come out wherever you are Engel. There some boys hear that wanna make you squeal like a pig! So get out here so I can give you to them. SOUEY!!!!!!!!!

Engel’s eyes widened and he ducks behind a weight machine off to the right of the doors. Hayes busts through looking for Engel. He moves over to the light switch and just as he flips it on, Engel blindsides him from the side with a loose dumbbell from the floor, and smacks Hayes across the face, blood spraying out of Jethro’s mouth. Engel gets up and kicks Hayes in the stomach.

Matthew Engel: You would know all about squealing like a pig, deliverance boy.

Engel see’s a bench press and walks over to it. He empties the weights off the barbell, and picks it up swinging it side to side as he comes to Hayes. Hayes, almost back to his feet is met with a swift upward swing to his chin lifting him a foot off the ground. Engel repeatedly whacks Jethro the barbell, not noticing that Scott Nash Strader has now found the gym as well. He stalks up behind Engel, and with one quick move catches the unsuspecting former World Champion with a reverse DDT onto the hard cement floor. Strader gets up and helps Jethro to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: Things were getting bad real quick for Jethro.

SNS: Don’t worry Jethro, I killed Kalis.

Brian Rentfro: Match isn’t over yet.

Hayes nods and goes over and picks up Engel.

Jethro Hayes: Fine, but this one is mine.

He pauses.

Jethro Hayes: Believe me now, Engel?!

Strader nods as two Blood members from the prison riot come busting in and head for Strader. Hayes takes Engel and irish whips him towards the mirrors on the wall for the weightlifters, and the glass shatters as Engel connects face first to the glass. Meanwhile two black men from the Blood’s are fighting off the big man Strader, and are able to get him down to his knees. Jethro see’s this and turns around and goes to help Strader. Engel, slowly pulls himself up, small glass fragments sticking out of his cheek and forehead. He grabs a 2 pound free-weight, and in the style of Brett Favre, launches it like a football.


Too late, as Hayes turns around the free-weight catches him directly in the chest knocking him down to the ground. Strader jumps up and takes down both blood members with a double clothesline. Engel is recuperating pulls fragments of glass out of his face as Hayes slowly begins to sir, but not quickly at all. Strader grabs a hold of the punching bag, and with a load roar pulls it right from the ceiling.


Engel turns and looks over at Strader, and his eyes widen once again as Strader approaches him holding the punching bag like an oversized baseball bat. Engel comes running at him, but Strader treats him like a curveball, and connects with a large swing sending Engel back a couple meters onto his ass. Strader walks over to him and slams the big bag down over Engel multiple times, before leaving it over top of him. Strader moves over to Hayes. Hayes tries to point Strader. Strader turns around and is met in the chin with a super kick off a bench-press from Simon Kalis. Strader stumbles backwards, falling backwards, through a pane of glass, one story up.

Simon Kalis: HAHAHA!

Kalis goes over to the pane and looks down. Strader landed on couple Death Row prisoners in the rec yard and is slowly moving around. Kalis pulls out one of those meat tenderizers that Strader wielded earlier, holds it by the handle, and aims it at Strader’s head. He throws it with a quick fluid motion and the mallet bounces off the skull of Strader, as the Death Row inmates, fans of Simon Kalis obviously, circle Strader. Kalis holds up his platinum "Pioneer Wrestling" chain and kisses it, leaving blood over it as he holds it up for the cameras and smiles.

Jon McDaniel: This is disgusting, why are allowing this on PWA airwaves?

Brian Rentfro: Don’t be a panzy. This is the Era of CHAOS! God I love it! Who knew ultraviolence could be so entertaining?!

Kalis goes and gathers up Engel from under the punching bag, and they make their way out of the gym. Engel looks back at the rising Hayes and tells Simon to hurry. Hayes, with his wind back, gets up, and runs over to the window where Strader went through. He looks down and see’s his partner fending off a dozen Death Row inmates. Strader sees him and points behind Hayes motioning him to go after Kalis and Engel.

Jethro Hayes: Which way did they go?

Hayes, picking up the scent of blood and rubbing alcohol heads out ito the hall way. He can see the two of them turning the corner in the hallway. Jethro runs after them and slides around the corner. Kalis is trying to get the checkpoint door open, and finally does but Engel gets tackled by Jethro Hayes. Kalis heads through the door, but it closes and locks automatically. Kalis bangs his fist against the door pissed off because he can’t get Engel over. Kalis stomps off down the hallway.

Jon McDaniel: Just like most of the night, the competitors have been separated again.

Hayes and Engel trade left and rights through another doorway into a new hallway as "Children of the Grave" by Black Sabbath plays over the prison intercom now. The halls are padded, so add some protection as Hayes and Engel have themselves locked up in a grapple pushing eachother against the walls with vicious force, both their heads taking many bangs off the padded walls. Engel throws Hayes back over a stretcher, and grabs a wheelchair by the wall. Engel grabs some medical tape that’s out on a cart, and heads back over to Jethro. Jethro, throws a fist up at Engel’s face, but Engel ducks and brings a elbow down hard across the brow of Jethro. He picks Hayes up and roughly puts him in the chair.

Matthew Engel: Ever wanted to be a fireball?

Engel wraps the medical tape around the wrists of Hayes securing him into the wheel chair. Engel pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid he had been hiding in his pants. Engel douses the wheels and sparks them up with his lighter. He starts pushing the wheel chair, and turns into a run, and he pushes Jethro off down the hall. The camera switches into the room at the end of the hall, where a Therapist is having a group session with the inmates in which we now know is The Psych Ward. The double doors blast open and the room is filled with smoke as Hayes comes rolling in. He hits a lip on the ground and is sent out of the chair, the medical tape melting enough from the heat. He goes straight into the inmates.

Brian Rentfro: It’s madness in the madhouse! I love it!

Jon McDaniel: Then men in there and in this match need all the psych ward help they can get!

The delusional inmates begin fighting with eachother, and the look of shock on Engel’s face is very evident at the sight before his eyes. While mesmerized by the madness in the madhouse, Hayes is back up, and hits Matthew Engel with an empty folding chair. Engel stumbles back, but returns the favor with a swift kick. Meanwhile in another hallway we see Simon Kalis sneaking up behind a security guard. He taps on a sleeperhold. He slowly but surely brings the guard down, and he passes out. Kalis drags him into a storage closet.

Jon McDaniel: Not even guards are safe! What the hell is Simon Kalis doing?!

Simon Kalis: A little snug, but it will do.
Brian Rentfro: Unsanctioned madness baby!!!!

Simon re-enters the hallway dressed as the security guard, his face half covered by riot goggles. He lights up a cigarette and leans back against the wall, trying hard to contain his euphoric stupor and joy. Footsteps and mumbled swear words can be heard as Scott Nash Strader enters the hallway. Simon casually checks to make sure his night stick is close to grab. Strader approaches Simon, thinking he’s a guard taking a smoke break.

SNS: Good to see my taxes at work. Have you seen a black piece of shit, no offense, come this way?

Simon Kalis: Yeah, I think he went that way homie.

Strader goes to continue down the hall, but the voice doesn’t seem right. He turns around to be met with the nightstick to side of his head.

Simon Kalis: Ha, you are stupider then you look! Homie! HAHAHAHA!

He removes his riot goggles and smiles at the fallen Strader. Simon may live to regret not making sure Strader was all the way out, because Scott has grabbed the pepper spray dangling off Kalis’ belt. He sprays it into the eyes of Kalis who grabs them yelling out in agony.

Simon Kalis: MY EYES!!!! My fucking eyes!!!!

Strader back to his feet, grabs Kalis, and irish whips into a wall. A rather large rolling bookshelf is in the hallway, and Strader gets an idea. He picks up Kalis, and holds up against the wall. With his other hand he grabs the shelf, and begins rolling and slamming it into Kalis by its side. Every time Kalis looks to fall, Strader holds him up and rams the book sehlf back into him. Strader lets the shelf roll away as Kalis falls to the floor.

Brian Rentfro: Come on Simon, don’t let this biker scum do you in!

SNS: Come on Kalis! Get up SOLDIER! ON YOUR FEET!

Strader swings his left leg back and sends it back forward catching Kalis in the gut and lifts him up in the air a couple feet before he crashes to the ground. Strader pulls Kalis to his knees by his guard’s shirt. He throws Kalis head between his legs, and lifts him up with Strader’s Finishing Touch. Kalis is sent crashing into the book shelf. Kalis convulses on the top of the mangled book shelf.

SNS: Now would you just fucking die already?!
Simon Kalis: Ahhhhahaha....

Strader begins to walk over the fallen Kalis as he gurgles blood curdling laughs, but Kalis still with life, has unattached a tazer from his belt and catches Strader in the leg. He convulses and bounces off the wall and falls. Kalis reaches over and tasers him right in the chest. Strader, being a big man, grabs the taser and yanks it from Kalis hand. Kalis lunges to get it back, but is met right between the eyes with a live tazer.

Jon McDaniel: Brian, I think we are going to lose four stars tonight.

Brian Rentfro: At the most two Jon. Engel and Kalis are rock and roll.

Strader and Kalis lay in the mess convulsing as "Last Ones Left(ORDER OF CHAOS REMIX)" by 2pac and The Outlawz, the original tag team theme for Masakazu and Kalis, plays over the prison intercom. Meanwhile in the loony bin, Engel finishes wrapping Hayes in a straight jacket with a sick smile over his face. Hayes struggles to get free but Engel kicks him in the head and then slams the door shut to the ward cell. Engel takes a moment to get abreast of his surroundings before running down the hall. He finds a staircase and climbs up to the top. He bursts through the door and finds himself on the roof of the psych ward, with victory in sight. He looks down into the yard and his eyes widen as he sees Simon Kalis come flying through a window pane and into a broken heap on the grass in the yard.

Matthew Engel: Come on Scott! Play nice, now!

Strader walks forward into the yard and starts cussing back at Engel who taunts him from atop the Psych Ward roof. Kalis slowly gets to his feet, biting his bottom lip in rage as he stands up. Engel points to Strader to look out, and as Strader turns around Kalis gouges him in the eyes and then kicks him in the gut following it with an impressive stunner! The Tears of Redemption! Engel takes a deep breathe and takes a few steps back as Kalis lays a few stiff kicks into Strader's head. Kalis steps out and gets on one knee, pointing heroically towards Engel as Matthew Engel comes FLYING OFF THE ROOF AND HITS EUTHANASIA ON SCOTT NASH STRADER! HOLY SHIT IS RIGHT JIM! Engel hurt himself somewhat with the stunning move but Kalis is there to help him get to his feet quickly. Both men look towards the fence a few yards away and smile, victory is at hand!

Simon Kalis: Where's Hayes?

Matthew Engel: Sipping pina collada with the crazies in psych ward.

However what Engel nor Kalis see is Hayes bursting onto the roof top from the same door that Engel used moments ago, still in a straight jacket and all. Kalis and Engel look over Strader and smile in satisfaction. Hayes has other plans however and takes a few steps back, taking a deep breath and bolting towards the edge... HAYES JUMPS OFF THE ROOF AND THROWS HIMSELF RIGHT INTO BOTH ENGEL AND KALIS, KNOCKING EVERYONE THE FUCK OUT! Hayes, Engel, Kalis and Strader now all lay in a massive heap in the yard as guards with rifles watch on from the towers in suspense. Hayes with that incredibly destructive cross body splash on both Engel and Kalis from the roof of the psych ward, annhiliating every man in the match.

Brian Rentfro: Words cannot describe what we've just seen folks.

Jon McDaniel: Hospital bills might.

Strader is the first one to get up as "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin begins to play over the outdoor speakers in the yard, almost poetically signalling the end of things. Strader looks around at the pile of bodies before him and then turns to face the fence. Kalis however gets to his feet, his veins popping and his body running on adrenaline and morphine. Kalis tackles Strader to the grass and begins pummeling away at him, but Strader reverses and throws Kalis off of him. As he gets up he kicks Kalis in the face to keep him down as Hayes gets to his feet as well. Strader and Hayes make a run for the fence and victory now. Strader is onto the fence first, ignoring the barbed wire electric current at the top. Hayes gets tackled down by Matthew Engel and Engel begins knocking the shit out of Jethro Hayes with a flurry of lefts and rights. As Strader gets to the top of the fence he is careful and methodical to avoid the electric barbed wire but Kalis is already climbing up after him. Kalis latches onto Strader's legs and pulls him down! Strader's chest gets shredded into the barbed wire and an electric current blasts through him, but it stops quickly due to the prison riot still going on inside. Kalis falls on his ass to the ground but Strader is flesh locked into the barbed wire. MATTHEW ENGEL WITH IMAGES AND WORDS ON JETHRO HAYES! Finally, Hayes is completely knocked out and Kalis begins climbing the fence again quickly. He climbs over Strader and drives his weight onto Strader's back, gnawing his chest against the barbed wire as he throws himself off and Kalis lands onto the outside of the prison fence where referee Dwayne Cross is waiting. Engel follows suit, driving his knees into Straders back before throwing himself off but not before kicking Strader in the face as he does so. Engel lands on the outside as Strader falls back into the prison yard, some of his flesh still attached to the fencing high above. A bell sounds back at the arena.


Dwayne Cross raises Matthew Engel and Simon Kalis' arms in victory, and both men look at each with satisfied smirks.

Eric Emerson: The winners of this match! MATTHEW ENGEL AND SIMON KALIS!!!

The crowd in Tropicana Field are on their feet, applausing and giving a standing ovation to all four men back at the prison.

Jon McDaniel: What these guys just did is... No words for this, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: I'm speechless, Jon. I really am. Wow.

Prison Intercom: And she's buying a... stairway... to heaven!!!

Lucious Starr vs Chamelion

Singles match

Jon McDaniel: What an evening it’s been so far, and it’s about to explode.

Brian Rentfro: Damn right it is! You’re about to see Mark Sommers finally get what’s coming to him!

Jon McDaniel: What the heck do you mean, Brian?

Brian Rentfro: It’s obvious! Lucious Starr is doing so much more than anyone else here in PWA. Every time he’s held down, he comes back, he finds ways to get to the top; he doesn’t wait on the Brass to tell him where to stand; he’s a true champion and he’s going to prove it tonight.

Jon McDaniel: Are you blind? Lucious has broken the rules, cheated the bosses and tried to end Chamelion’s career, this is a match about redemption, Chamelion’s redemption!

Brian Rentfro: Cut the bull, Jon; this is about Starr’s rise back to the top!

Eric Emerson: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is the Lead Pipe on a Pole match!

Eric Emerson: The rules of the match are as such; DQs, count outs count. Only the lead pipe will be legal once it’s brought into play by either man. A victory can be achieved by pin fall, submission, DQ or count out. Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada and weighing in at 245lbs… CHAMELION!

‘Come With Me’ strikes up, causing the arena to explode into cheers and screams as Chamelion steps onto the stage. Looking left then right, he nods and starts to make his way down to the ring.

Jon McDaniel: It’s been months since Chamelion has been inside the squared circle, and he’s back solely to put Lucious Starr in his place.

Brian Rentfro: Keep that in mind, Jon; MONTHS; so it’s likely Chamelion has the ring rust that’ll be his downfall.

As Chamelion continues his way to the ring, the crowd’s volume suddenly rises and noticing, Chamelion turns sharply as Lucious Starr bolts from the back and runs the Devious One over with a vicious clothesline on the steel ramp!

Jon McDaniel: Come on, the match hasn’t even started yet!

Brian Rentfro: Genius! See, Starr knows what has to be done to be a top Starr here in the PWA!

Rolling to his knees, Chamelion tries to resituate himself but Starr punt kicks him in the stomach, the fierce rage on Starr’s face showing that his intentions are not so much to win the match, but to finish Chamelion off permanently. Gasping, Chamelion rolls down the ramp, and Starr pursues.

Jon McDaniel: He’s out to destroy him.

Brian Rentfro: I’m sure he’s winning a lot of fans right now.

Grabbing Chamelion by his hair, Starr drags him up and throws him against the steel steps. Backing up, Starr rushes in with a high knee, but Chamelion drops and Starr strikes the steps with his knee and he flails over to the floor, clutching his knee in pain. Chamelion pulls the ring apron up and fishes underneath, finding a folded steel chair.

Brian Rentfro: Hey, weapons are not allowed in this match, only the steel pipe hanging on the pole!

Jon McDaniel: But as you know, the match has not officially started yet!

Moving around the stairs, Chamelion hefts the chair above his head, aiming for Starr. Starr kicks out harshly, clipping Chamelion in the leg and causing him to stumble. Starr then rushes forward and spears Chamelion against the rail barrier.

Jon McDaniel: Starr is all over him; Chamelion can’t get a look in.

Brian Rentfro: That Devious Son of a Bitch will find a way out of this, watch.

Getting a hold of the chair that was dropped, Starr swings it but Chamelion moves again, and Starr strikes the barrier. Chamelion then thrusts his arm up between Starr’s legs and the blue that swells in Starr’s face says it all. Now to his knees, Starr gasps and Chamelion coughs before pulling Starr up and tossing him bodily in the ring. Rolling in after Starr, Chamelion yells at the ref to start the match.


Jon McDaniel: Finally, they’re in the ring and the match can begin.

Brian Rentfro: Sure, now that Starr is at a disadvantage.

On his feet, Chamelion begins to curb stomp Lucious, aiming for every extremity he can reach. Starr screams obscenities back at Chamelion, but they do no more than fuel Chamelion’s vicious attack. Pulling Starr to his feet, Chamelion sling shots him to the corner and Starr connects chest to pole with a resounding slap. The impact forces him to step backwards, only for a sharp clothesline plummets Starr’s face into the turnbuckle. As Starr turns around, dazed, blood can be seen flowing from his nose and mouth.

Jon McDaniel: He caught him good.

Brian Rentfro: Starr is like a wounded animal though. He’ll fight this to the death.

Pulling Starr from the ropes, Chamelion then goes classic and applies a headlock. He wrenches on the headlock but Starr, rebounding from being dazed, brings up his legs and counters into a head scissors. Chamelion struggles but manages to kip out of it and get back to his feet where he runs to the ropes. Starr hops up and meets Chamelion in centre ring with an arm drag into an arm bar. Chamelion fights onto his feet and tumbles out of the arm bar, once again going to the ropes. He comes off them and gets caught with a drop kick from Starr. He pops right back up and receives another drop kick for his troubles. Starr keeps up the momentum and backs Chamelion into the corner where he weakens him with a few slugs to the jaw. Starr then runs to the other corner and charges at Chamelion in an avalanche attempt but Chamelion moves at the last second.

Jon McDaniel: Nobody home!

Chamelion keeps Starr in the corner and unleashes a barrage backhand chops, forearm strikes, head butts and kicks and finishes off with an axe kick that puts Starr on his ass. Starr is propped up and sitting against the turnbuckle as Chamelion takes a run up and attempts a drop kick to the face, but it is Starr’s turn to move at the last second, leaving Chamelion to be crotched on the bottom turnbuckle. Chamelion falls on his back holding his privates!

Jon McDaniel: That’ll sting in the morning.

Brian Rentfro: It’ll probably sting right now.

Starr grumbles but doesn’t complain as he picks Chamelion up and whips him into the ropes. Chamelion grabs hold of the ropes as he hits them to stop his momentum and Starr decides to charge at him instead. Chamelion ducks as he comes in and back body drops Starr over the top rope, all the way to the outside with a thud.

Brian Rentfro: Holy hell!

Jon McDaniel: That’s a good way to break a neck.

Starr is a little groggy from the fall but shakes it off and gets back to his feet as Chamelion comes at him with a baseball slide. Starr manages to catch him by the legs and yanks him out of the ring forcefully to the hard padding on the outside. Chamelion’s head connects with the floor to a loud thud. Starr then keeps his grip on the legs and slingshots Chamelion into the nearest barricade. Chamelion hits hard and is launched over into the crowd to big cheers.

Jon McDaniel: It’s back and forth action all over the arena.

Brian Rentfro: And we’ve still got a Battledome and a Prison Riot match to go.

Starr climbs the barricade and brings a double axe handle down on Chamelion that knocks him into the laps of the front row. He unloads lefts and rights into his face before tossing him back over the barricade, well aware of the count. Tossing Chamelion in, Starr rolls in after him but Chamelion is quick off the mark and already waiting on his feet as Starr comes in. He lifts Starr up in a vertical suplex, drops him hard and makes the cover.




Jon McDaniel: So close.

Brian Rentfro: He’s wearing him down but he can’t stop him.

Chamelion picks Starr up and lifts him for a another suplex but Starr slides right out of it behind Chamelion. Starr uses the positioning to nail a super reverse DDT! He makes the cover.



Thr... Kickout!

Jon McDaniel: My God, how did he kick out of that?

Starr growls as he picks Chamelion up and whips him into the corner. He props Chamelion up and sits him on the top turnbuckle right there the pole with the lead pipe is. He signals this is it, and starts climbing up with him. Once perched within reaching distance, Starr then pummels Chamelion in the head and the crowd counts along with him.


Starr stops long enough to look the dazed and now bloody face of Chamelion, staring him in the eye and mouths ‘fuck you!’ before rearing back with his fist. The momentary pause, however, brings Chamelion’s focus to bear and he kicks hard, sending Starr dropping face first into the turn buckle yet again, right between Chamelion’s legs. Disgusted, Chamelion shoves Starr back into the middle of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion pulls himself out of trouble.

Brian Rentfro: That’s his job.

Realizing where he is, Chamelion drags himself upright and turns, and as the crowd roars loudly, he grabs the lead pipe and drops down into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: And here comes the real weaponry.

Jon McDaniel: Because the rest of them were just icing.

Hefting the lead pipe, Chamelion cocks his head as Starr, back turned to him, struggles to his feet. Once to a vertical base, Starr turns and comes face to face with Chamelion. Seeing the pipe in his hand, Starr holds up his hands in defense. Chamelion licks his lips and then tosses the pipe gently into Starr’s hands.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell!?

Starr blinks, shock and awe replacing his worried look. He looks down at the pipe, as the arena roars with shock of its own. As Starr gets a wicked grin on his face and looks up…


A well placed S.O.S. sends Starr sprawling on his back, looking at the arena lights, as the lead pipe falls out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: NO!!

Chamelion drops and covers, hooking the leg.





Jon McDaniel: Well, I don’t really know what to say here.

Brian Rentfro: That wasn’t fair, I tell you, not fair!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, CHAMELION!

Sitting on his knees over a fallen Lucious Starr, Chamelion wipes the blood of his mouth and shakes his head. Rising, he gets his hand raised and nods to the fans as he wobbles to the ropes. Leaning on them, he rests for a few as his music plays, trying to orient himself. Meanwhile, Lucious rolls over, double vision blurring his eyes, but with sheer will power, he pushes off the canvas and before Chamelion can turn, connects with the Hade’s Flame! Chamelion crashes to the canvas and Starr rolls from the ring, shouting obscenities.

Jon McDaniel: That was uncalled for, the match is over!

Brian Rentfro: See, you just cannot keep Lucious Starr down!

Starr stomps up the ramp, to the resounding boos of the crowd, and he flips em all off before disappearing backstage. In the ring, medical crew attend to Chamelion before helping him out of the ring.

Jethro Hayes vs Panzadise

London's Burning Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen; our next match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission and is a LONDON'S BURNING MATCH!

A distorted voice is heard skipping over the loud speaker...

###New-new-new-new-new-new New Age Panzies!###

The NAP theme music begins to play as Panzadise makes his way onto to the entrance ramp.

###The biggest, the biggest, the biggest panzy in professional wrestling today!###

Dise grins as he makes his way down the aisle taunting the fans. He walks up to the cage door, climbing inside and standing in the center of the ring.

Eric Emerson: From Cleveland, Ohio. Weighing in at 275 pounds. He's a Four-Time PWA World Champion ... The leader of the New Age Panzies ... PAAAANNNZZZZ-ZZAAAHHH-DIIIIISSSSSE!

He stands in the center of the ring, points to his NAP T-Shirt, and then throws the NAP sign into the air as red pyro rains down into the ring.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

Colt Ford's special remake of this song for Jethro Hayes hits up in the arena's speakers. The youngest Grand Slam Champion in PWA history walks through the black curtain, he looks out to the crowd.

~Down the road where the black top ends, you can find Jethro Hayes with all his friends, we're used to gravel roads, and fishin' with cane poles, wasn't no swimmin' pools, jus swimmin' holes.~

Up on the screen a blacktop road begins to wind away in front of us and we travel along it as though we are in a car. Jethro holds his fisted right hand into the air and the crowd pops for. Jethro begins to walk down the ramp making sure to slap the hands of the fans along his way. Jethro goes from side to side because if they are going to respect him for what he is doing and how he is changed, he will respect them as well.

~We was dirt road poor, and cane switched raised, done came a long way since back in them days, been ‘round the world twice seen all fifty states, ate on thousand dollar china, but love sum paper plates , there aint nuthin wrong with them big city lights, but me, I prefer them slow country nights, where I can see the darkness come and then go~

Along the side of the ropes are buildings erected with the names of the Championships that he has won instead of typical names of businesses. Other such names include "Hall of Fame", "Wrestler of the Quarter", "Face of the Year", and many "Match of the Quarter" buildings are all along side the rode. He reaches the bottom of the ramp.

~Most folks is honest, and they all speak slow, you can leave your door open, aint nuttin' gunna happen, most country folks sing, but I couldn't, so im rappin, I wanna show yall where I come from, and invite yall all down to any country town~

The road winds through a small city, but the image of the very arena in which we are having the PWA show tonight comes into view around a corner. Jethro climbs through the cage door and into the center of the ring, staying focused and keeping his attention on Dise.

(Chorus with John Michael Montgomery singing)

Now before I pack and things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, to take a ride through the country.

Eric Emerson: From Lenox, Georgia he stands at six feet seven inches, weighing in at three hundred and fifteen pounds... Jethro Hayes!

~Up, dressed, and gone by 5 am, he's country, and he's rappin' we gotta play him, folks been waitin for some one like me, to give ‘em some hot beats and spit that country~

Jethro is pacing inside the ring. The blacktop road in front of us enters the arena's door and heads somewhere inside.

~His overalls don't sag, they fit, they kinda tight, got on a John Deere t-shirt, no nothin' but work. Daylight til dark, that's how I was bread, and I'll keep bein' country til the day I'm dead~

Jethro climbs the turnbuckle that faces the majority of the crowd, holding up his fisted right hand before pointing to them. Just in front of the blacktop road is a black curtain, we sit here waiting as though it is the end of our ride.

~See, country folks eat biscuits called cat heads, bar-b-q, baked beans, sweet tea, and white bread, we like to fish and hunt, aint scared of a fight, love the Good Lord and believe in doin' right,~

He drops down, rushing to the opposite side of the ring to climb up and point to that section of the crowd.

~Got 4-wheel drives, some got mud on ‘em, you can keep your rolls roice, cuz baby, we don't want 'em! So now yall all know exactly who I am, and if you aint into that, i don't give a damn!~

Jethro drops down, heading to the third corner and once again climbs up, pointing out to himself before he points to the crowd.

The chorus hits up again...

~Now before I pack my things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, take a ride through the country.~

Jethro climbs the final turnbuckle, and points to this section of the crowd.

~You might have seen me on your t.v, but honey, that don't mean a thing, you see, I'm still that same ‘ol country boy, and that's all I'll ever be, and sometime, those bright lights blind me, and make it hard for me to see, but when I need to be reminded, I take a ride through the country~

Jethro drops down, he heads to center ring where he looks down to gather his thoughts before the match.

~At about 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, them country boys head down to the local saloon, you welcome to stop in and have a cold bottle, big city boys and stuck up super models, we don't care where ya from, as long as you polite, cuz push come to shove and every one of us will fight~

Even through the roar of the crowd, Jethro nods as he listens to the song and allows it to remind him of things in the past. It reminds him of the times he's been pushed around and how he will not let it happen anymore.

~We mostly easy like Sunday morning, ol' Colt came here to give yall fair warnin', country folks wont be pushed around, and theres some of us livin' in every town, we believe in the Bible, and the U.S.A, work hard for what you want, it's the American way, no body owe you nothin' supposed to earn your keep, but in a hard days work, get a good nights sleep, I know some of yall think Colt's kinda odd, but I'm loud, proud and country by the grace of God!~

Jethro points to the crowd one last time as the blacktop view on the big screen seemingly flies through the screen, showing that Jethro considers those fans in attendance friends.(it goes back to the very first line in the first verse). Jethro turns to face the entrance ramp, raising his head up so that he can see it clearly.

Jon McDaniel: The tension between these two is arguably more violent than the cage itself, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: As big as this match is for Hayes, it's just as important for Panzadise to prove that his dominance in the ring since his return hasn't been by luck at all.

After Panzadise and Jethro Hayes are in the cage and it has been set ablaze, a voice rings out over the PA. “WHO IS THE GREATEST?! ISN'T IT EASY TO SEE?! THE BESTEST OF THE BEST! OH YES, IT'S…!” “Brass Monkey” begins to play and MONKEY MCDEE! is lowered into the ring wearing a referee shirt, a fire extinguisher strapped to his back.


Brian Rentfro: I thought he was dead, Jon!

Jon McDaniel: It seems that was just a rumor! McDee has returned to the PWA! What a historical night!

Brian Rentfro: If I remember correctly, McDee and the NAP never saw eye to eye. This can't be good for Panzadise, Jon. Shenanigans!

Jon McDaniel: If he's anything like his old self, that's true, but McDee will call it down the middle I'm sure! What a surprise!


Dise and Hayes circle each other inside the ring, both with a lot of emotion written over their faces. They look over at McDee, who's ready to go with his fire extinguisher like he's a Ghostbuster or something. Hayes charges and gives Dise a kick to the gut, but Dise swats the kick away and nails Hayes in the nose with a quick elbow. Dise follows it up with a one-two punch combo and then gives Hayes a thunderous lariat that takes him down to the mat. You can almost see Panzadise winded from those couple of moves due to the lack of oxygen inside the burning cage. It is a horrendous environment which these two probably won't last long in. Dise gets Hayes up to his feet, but Hayes counters with elbows to the stomach of Dise and then knocks Dise back a few steps with a desperation jawbreaker! Hayes gets on the attack and hits the Plow right on Dise, piercing him against the cage!!!

Jon McDaniel: Good God! Dise is the first to get burned by the unforgiving burning cage and Hayes isn't letting go!

Brian Rentfro: That dumb hick just wants another barbeque! He doesn't care about the welfare of the legendary Panzadise!

Jon McDaniel: And why should he after everything Dise has gone to him?

Dise smashes Hayes across the back several times and Hayes falls to one knee, with Dise able to move off the cage and shove Hayes on his back. Even 20 seconds up against the cage was enough to give Dise severe burns to his back. McDee takes the liberty of cooling Panzadise off with a few seconds of the fire extinguisher. McDee turns to the crowd with a smile and they applaud. Dise doesn't look too pleased.

Hayes manages to squirm around and start hitting Dise in the ribs with his elbow. Dise rakes Hayes across the eyes but rolls away and gets to his feet. Dise delivers two hard kicks to the ribs of the Southern Hero, then backs up several steps and takes a running start. As Dise starts to kick, Hayes sweeps his leg out from under him. Dise crashes down hard on his back and head. Hayes bends down to pull Dise to his feet, but Dise punches back. Hayes steps back and nails Dise in the throat with a kick. Dise collapses to the mat clutching his throat and now Hayes pulls him to his feet. Hayes scoops him up and throws him backwards with a t-bone suplex. Dise crashes into the cage and falls to the mat and rolls back toward the middle of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: I'm sure that took a lot out of Jethro to make that magnificent suplex, especially in that environment.

Brian Rentfro: Stupid, Jon. Dise is gonna let Jethro wear himself out and then destroy him, just watch.

Hayes picks Dise up and drops him down with a sidewalk slam, with Hayes's elbow driving into Dise's throat. Hayes hooks a leg...




Jon McDaniel: Looks like Hayes has a gameplan by going after Dise's throat, trying to make it harder for him to breathe while seems to be letting Hayes wear himself thin.

Brian Rentfro: And Dise's plan is working, look how much it's taking Hayes to get back up to his feet. It's gonna be close to 120 degrees in there, Jon. I'm sweating my bits and pieces off already!

Jon McDaniel: Don't talk about your bits and pieces.

Hayes stands up and measures his opponent, then hits him with a knee drop to the throat. Hayes gets back up and grinds his heel into Dise's face. Dise tries to pull himself to his feet using Hayes, but the Southern Hero shakes his head and shoves him away. Hayes delivers another knee drop and makes the cover.




Hayes pulls Dise to his feet, but Dise gives Hayes a headbutt and then a big boot to the face! Hayes gets turned around from the impact of the boot and Dise comes up behind him, shoving his face right into the burning cage! Jethro screams out in agony as the fans in the front row get a disturbing glimpse of the Southern Hero's face getting grilled on television. Jethro fights out of it by slamming the back of his head into Dise's nose. Hayes covers his face immediately after he prys himself off the cage. Hayes tries for a clothesline but Dise ducks, then kicks Hayes low and takes him down with a running pump-handle slam!




Jon McDaniel: Dise has to be wondering what it is gonna take to put Hayes away.

Brian Rentfro: It won't take much more, Jon! There's no way those two can survive in that heat much longer.

Dise slaps the mat in frustration and yells at McDee demanding the three count, but McDee stands strong and tells Dise it was two. Dise steps back, waiting for Hayes to get to his feet. Hayes struggles and only makes it up to one knee and stops, trying to catch his breath.

Brian Rentfro: Yes! Here comes the NAP!

Jon McDaniel: And they have a Nintendo. How do they figure they're going to get it in there?

Brian Rentfro: A - that's what she said, and B - they're the NAP, Jon. They'll figure it out.

Dise starts kicking at the back of Hayes's head, but Hayes manages to catch Dise's leg and trip him to the mat. Hayes rolls away and gets to his feet, taking his time and keeping his eyes on Dise. The New Age Panzy gets to his feet, but a combo of dizziness and heat exhaustion send him back to one knee.
Hayes pounces on him, locking his arms around Dise's waist and flinging him up off the mat in a german suplex. Hayes is struggling to get back up as Carlos Baega and Tony Danza are ringside, making numerous attempts to get the nintendo system inside the cage but failing because of the fire.

Jon McDaniel: Makes sense that they're wearing oven mitts.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, you normally wear those when you're dealing with heat, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: And if you're a couple of Panzies.

Brian Renfro: What's THAT supposed to mean?! You better hope Panzadise doesn't hear about that!

Hayes grabs Dise by the hair, but Dise scoops Hayes up in a fireman's carry and drops him to the mat with a death valley driver! Dise makes the cover and McDee drops to the mat!




Dise pulls Hayes to his feet by the hair and drags him towards the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: What is Panzadise doing?

Brian Rentfro: Come on, Tony! I thought you were the Boss! Get that damn Nintendo in there!

Finally Tony shoves Carlos aside and whirls the Nintendo system up and over the side of the cage by the rampway. The nintendo system lands right by McDee, grabbing his attention. McDee walks over toward Carlos and Tony who are celebrating and he sprays them down with the fire extinguisher! The crowd bursts out in laughter as Tony and Carlos stumble up the rampway covered in...whatever that white stuff is called that comes out of a fire extinguisher (get your mind out of the gutter). McDee smiles to crowd again and turns toward Dise and Hayes.

Dise pushes Hayes into the ropes and hits him with a high knee to the midsection. The Southern Hero slumps against the ropes and Dise twists Hayes's arms into the ropes, trapping him there.

Brian Rentfro: Hayes is so close to the flaming cage now! Panzadise is making HIMSELF a barbeque tonight!

Dise steps back and then charges Hayes, crushing him right into the side of the cage and holding him there. There is an audible sizzle as Hayes's back is held against the flaming bars. After several long seconds, Dise backs up as Hayes screams, then Dise rushes forward and does it again. Another few seconds pass before Dise backs up and runs forward for a third time. Hayes uses the ropes to pivot up, and Dise runs underneath Hayes, hitting the cage with his head. Dise falls backwards, his hair on fire and flails at his head to extinguish the flames. McDee has no problem spraying Dise again with the fire extinguisher. Dise gets up and heads toward Hayes, but Hayes again uses the ropes to pivot and gives Dise a boot of his own to the face! Dise falls backwards and Hayes starts trying to get loose from the ropes. Dise gets to one knee and stops, panting, as Hayes gets loose and charges Dise.

Jon McDaniel: And Hayes takes Dise down with a hell of a clothesline, Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Alright, that was pretty brutal.

Hayes' back is burned up just like Dise's was earlier in the match. Hayes' face is burned up as well and he thinks it's time for some pay back! Hayes gets Dise up to his feet and gives him a few chops to the chest. Hayes takes Dise down with a running powerslam, showing his brute strength to handle even a guy the size of Panzadise. Hayes drags Dise over to the corner and presses his boot against Dise's face. He shoves Dise's face into the flaming cage with his boot! Dise is screaming for dear life as the left side of his face sizzles against the cage!

Jon McDaniel: Oh God, that just sounds sickening.

But Dise manages to break free by nailing Hayes right where the sun don't shine! (His balls) Hayes drops to his knees and Dise pulls himself up to his feet, obviously severely burned to his face and back just like Hayes is.

Brian Rentfro: And Dise picks Hayes up to his feet and throws him against the cage!

Jon McDaniel: Oh God the impact itself caused Jethro's overalls to get caught on fire! He's going up in flames!

Brian Rentfro: And so is his chance of victory, Jon!

Jethro is desperately trying to put out the fire, so Monkey McDee sprays him down with the extinguisher, but accidently goes a little overboard and blinds Jethro because the extinguisher was sprayed into his eyes. McDee uses the sleeve of his shirt to try and help Jethro clear his eyes, but Panzadise grabs the Nintendo that was snuck into the ring earlier and lays out Jethro with it!

Jethro falls to the mat. Dise makes the cover.





Eric Emerson: And your winner of the match... PANZADISE!!!

The flames immediately stop as the cage begins to cool down and smoke rises up in the air. Dise stands up with burns all over himself. McDee tries to rise Dise's hand as the winner, but they don't suspect a rising Jethro Hayes knock Dise to the back of his head and put him on his belly. McDee is startled by this attack and Hayes locks in the Combine Seat!

Brian Rentfro: What a sore loser, Jon! Dise got the best of him tonight and he can't stand it!

Jon McDaniel: I don't know, Brian. It could have gone either way and once again Panzadise needed the Nintendo system to get an advantage!

Hayes has got the Combine Seat locked in and is wrenching it as hard as he can. However, Hayes is laid out by... MONKEY MCDEE?!

Jon McDaniel: What the?

Brian Rentfro: Finally! After all these years, he finally does something that makes sense!

McDee uses the extinguisher to cool down the cage door and kick it open. He demands a microphone from the nearest PWA ring staff. They give him one and McDee goes back to the center of the ring.

McDee (turning to an unconscious Hayes): "I’m sorry I had to do that, Jethro. I really am. But you see, I couldn’t let you continue to hurt my friend Dise here. Granted, he has a knack for getting under people’s skin. You were displeased by his actions here tonight and I get that. So you made your point. I simply provided a counterpoint. Nothing personal. I’m actually a fan."

McDee gives Hayes a thumbs up before lifting an arm up in the air, spinning to face the crowd.

McDee (shouting): "Hellooooo, P-W-A!"

The reaction is mixed from inside the PWA Dome, but the fans are mostly cheering.

McDee: "Sooooo…how ya been?"

He smiles wide.

McDee: "Let me just say that it’s great to be back home. I wish I could say it was like I never left, but…my memory isn’t so great these days. Dying is kinda tough on the old noodle. But I’m much better now…"

McDee wraps an arms around Panzadise.

McDee: "…thanks to my old friend, Dise. Now I know what you’re all thinking…how do I get my hair to look so funky, funky fresh? I’ll let you in on a little secret. You just need a pinch of …”

Panzadise taps him on the shoulder and shakes his head, whispering something to a confused McDee.

McDee: "Right! So why would Monkey McDee join the NAP? Didn’t we always used to be at odds? And to that I say…"

He shrugs.

McDee: "Meh. Maybe… I don’t remember. But I do know one thing. This man next to me took me in after I wandered the streets for over four long years, not knowing who I was or where I came from. He fed and clothed me, gave me back my life. He also got me drunk a few times on Red Monkey beer and drew obscene things on my face with a permanent marker."

Panzadise doubles over in laughter, remembering said event.

McDee: "Sure. Dise is a little rough around the edges. I won’t deny that. But at the end of the day he’s a great entertainer and a damn fine wrestler. All he lacks is a moral compass to keep him focused and on task. That’s where I come in."

McDee’s voice rises in volume and passion.

McDee: "Together, Panzadise and I will usher in a new golden era. We will bring glory back to the PWA! And Taco Tuesdays!!"

McDee raises both his arms triumphantly at the fairly impressive pop from the crowd, flashing his patented “Double M” sign with his fingers.

Panzadise looks around the arena, a smile creeping onto his face. He gestures for the mic and McDee willingly hands it over.

Panzadise: "I have just one thing to say."

He holds out his hand.

Panzadise: "Welcome to Panzadise, buddy!"

McDee accepts his hand and Dise tosses the mic away. But just as we all think the NAP Theme Song is about to hit the sound system, something else does.

Jon McDaniel: It's the PWA World Champion!

"Sympathy for the Devil" hits the sound system as Matthew Engel comes rushing down the rampway. Dise and McDee have exited the cage and Engel rushes right toward them. Engel connects with a running dropkick to Dise's chest, sending to the floor. Engel springs up to his feet and lunges at McDee, who is prepared to defend himself, but Engel looks at Hayes unconscious in the ring and simply tells McDee to "Fuck off" and goes inside the cage.

Brian Rentfro: Dise doesn't look to happy with Engel's involvement, Jon. And I don't blame him. Why does Engel care so much?

Jon McDaniel: He just saw his partner get knocked out by Monkey McDee, I imagine that's why.

Dise is charging toward the cage entrance furiously but McDee grabs his arm, telling him to hold back and wait to fight another day. Engel talks a little trash in Dise's direction and Dise retorts, but follows McDee up the rampway as the NAP Theme Song hits the sound system. EMTs come down to assist Hayes. Just then, Jojo the Million Dollar Monkey appears at the entryway climbs up onto McDee’s shoulder, and gives a little wave himself.

After the NAP disappears behind the scenes, a groggy Jethro Hayes slowly sits up and holds his head. He waves off the medical staff as he leaves the ring and heads backstage with Matthew Engel. The fans applaud him the entire way in appreciation of a great match.

Matthew Engel vs Matt Stone vs Emily Corlen

PWA World Championship

Jon McDaniel: “Here we are, what we’ve all been waiting for”

Brian Rentfro: “Matt Stone winning the World title?”

John Jon McDaniel: “We’ll see, we’ll see”

Eric Emerson: “The following contest is a triple threat match and it is for the PWA WOOOOOORLD Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first…”

The lights in the arena cut to black as the intro to "Firebird" by Dreamtale hits the P.A. As the crowd cheers loudly, green strobe lights fill the arena and "The Emerald Phoenix" Emily Corlen slowly rises up through the stage, her arms outstretched akin to wings. She sweeps her arms over her head and closes them around her mouth, screaming loudly before a single blast of pyro goes off behind her.

Eric Emerson: “She hails from Los Angeles, California by way of Rockford, Illinois... “

The strobe lights slow down as Emily begins making her way down the ramp. By the time she reaches ringside, the strobe lights have completely stopped and emerald colored spotlights have begun swirling around the crowd and ring.

Eric Emerson: “She is the Emerald Phoenix... “

After making her way around the ring once, Emily hoists herself onto the apron and enters the ring through the first and second ropes.

Eric Emerson: “She is EMILY… CORRRRRRLENNNNN!!!”

Emily makes her way to all four corners of the ring, climbing up each and posing for the fans. As the lights return to normal and the music fades, Emily slowly paces around the canvas, glancing out to the still-cheering crowd and smirking.

Eric Emerson: “Introducing next…”

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Matt Stone walks out from the back to a chorus of boos, followed by Katrina, Elizabeth Davis and Tyson Cowell. Matt rose his hands in the air looking around at the St. Luis crowd, getting all the attention of the crowd.

Eric Emerson: “He’s from Ottawa, Ontario Canada, weighing in at 215 pounds…”

Matt walked down the aisle followed by his entourage. Stone looked in the ring and glared at Emily, who was glaring right back. Stone just smirked and shook his head, showing Emily exactly what he thought of her

Eric Emerson: “He’s the reigning PWA Intercontinental champion, BWF United States Champion and AoWF King of Extreme champion…”

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Eric Emerson: “He is Maaaaatt Stooooooone!!!”

Stone got on the apron and turned around, giving last minute instructions to his three stooges, as it were. Halfway through his directions, however, the back of Stone’s head is grabbed and Emily flips him into the ring to the cheers of the crowd!

Brian Rentfro: “What the heck is that?”

Jon McDaniel: “Looks like Emily is eager to get this started!”

Stone starts to get to his feet but he’s met by Emily’s boot, straight to the face! Emily mounts Stone and starts raining blows down upon his face, over and over. Matt covers up, but some of the blows still find their mark. Lance Weston starts counting Emily to get off Matt, but Emily knows that count is meaningless and keeps up the pressure. Lance now tries to pull Emily off and has moderate success as Emily gets off Matt and Stone crawls away, starting to get up. Emily then dashes passed Lance and hits matt in the head with a knee. Once again, Matt goes down, holding his head. For his own safety, Stone rolls under the bottom rope. Emily goes to follow, but stops when the lights go out inside the arena as "Sympathy for the Devil" performed by Guns N' Roses hits the sound system. Green and silver pyros shoot off as spotlights around the PWAtron move to the rhythm of the song.

Eric Emerson: “Introducing now, hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin...”

Matthew Engel steps out from behind the curtains as one of the moving spotlights shines down on him. He is in his usual dark green tuxedo. The magnificent voice of Axl Rose comes to life.

"Please allow me to introduce myself..
I'm a man of wealth and taste.

I've been around for a long, long year..
Stole many a man's soul and faith."

The crowd gets on their feet, a mixed but incredibly loud reaction takes over the arena. Engel begins to make his way down to the ring, the recently polished PWA World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Eric Emerson: “He stands six feet tall and weighs in tonight at 210 pounds...”

"Pleased to meet you.. hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game."

Engel remains focused on the ring, and reaches the steel steps. He ascends onto the apron, and climbs into the ring between the top and middle ropes.

"I watched with glee..
While your kings and queens..
Fought for ten decades..
For the Gods they made."

Eric Emerson: “He is the current Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World... MATTHEW... "VIRUS"... ENGEL!!!!”

"Just as every cop is a criminal..
and all the sinners.. saints..
as heads is tails, just call me Lucifer..
'cause I'm in need of some restraint.

So if you meet me..
have some courtesy..
have some sympathy..
and some taste.

Use all your well learned politesse
or I'll lay your soul to waste."

Engel has removed his jacket, tie, and dress shirt, revealing his standard white undershirt. He begins to stretch in the ring and prepare himself for the match. Emily looks back at him and Lance looks to the outside and signals to the time keeper. The bell sounds

Ding Ding

Jon McDaniel: “This is not the way that Matt Stone wanted to start this match”

Brian Rentfro: “Matt Stone doesn’t have to start strong, it’s how you finish that matters.”

Jon McDaniel: “In your case, that’s prematurely, right?”

Matthew Engel and Emily meet in the middle of the ring and lock up. Emily quickly get’s behind Matthew and tries to control his right arm, but Matthew quickly drops to the mat and flips Emily over his body. Engel get’s up quickly and Emily gets up as well, running at Engel for a clothesline, however the World Champion quickly counters with a drop toe hold. Emily falls flat on her face. Matthew quickly floats over Emily’s prone body and grabs her head for a side head lock. Meanwhile, Stone is slowly getting up with the help of Katrina and Elizabeth.

Jon McDaniel: ‘Emily seems a little too eager thus far.”

Brian Rentfro: “Yeah, it appears that the Virus is set to tear her apart bit by bit.”

Jon McDaniel: “Tear her apart? The match just started.”

Stone was outside the ring looking in at the action and was quite content with standing there. Emily was trying to power out of the head lock, getting back to her feet and hitting Engel with two shots to the stomach with her elbow. Stone smirked seeing the blows but was quickly kicked in the face when Emily dashed forward and hit him with a baseball slide! Stone fell back to the ground and instantly covered his face as some red trickled through his fingers. Emily got up to admire her handy work and was quickly pulled backwards into a roll up!



Kick Out!

Brian Rentfro: “We almost had a winner that soon!”

Jon McDaniel: “Emily has to have eyes in the back of her head in this match.”

Corlen got up the same time as Matthew and was quickly caught in the stomach with a kick from Engel’s right leg. Emily doubled over and Engel caught her under the chin with a European Uppercut. Emily stood straight up from the impact as Engel span around and caught her under the chin with a vicious elbow. This time Corlen was knocked flat on her back. Matthew got on his knees and hooked her leg as Lance got down for the count



Stone shot in with an elbow to the back of Engel’s head to break up the count. Blood was coming out of Stone’s nose, but that was the least of his worries at this point. Engel looked up at Matt with a smile, knowing he might have just got the victory. Emily rubbed her jaw as Stone got to his feet, looking across at the World Champion. They locked up and Matt did a standing switch within seconds. Stone went for a hammerlock quickly, however once again Engel dropped to his knees to flip Matt over, but Stone was prepared for this and just jumped atop Matthew and caught him with a rear naked choke. Matt cranked Engel’s neck and the Virus flailed his arms for a second before Emily kicked the Matt’s to break the hold. Coughing, Engel rolled to the side and out of the ring to regroup as Matt stood to face Emily. The two locked eyes

Brian Rentfro: “Here we go, let’s see what Emily can do with Matt ready for her.”

John Jon McDaniel: “This is for the World Title, Matt should always be ready.”

Brian Rentfro: “yes, but…”

Jon McDaniel: “But?”

Brian Rentfro: “Ha, you said but”

Matt goes for a lock up with Emily, but Corlen catches him with a quick jab. Stone stumbles back and Corlen goes in for a scoop slam, forcing Matt on his back. Emily then jumps in the air, driving her elbow into the chest of The Cure. Matt coughs out and is brought to his feet by Corlen. Emily whips him into the far corner as the Virus watches on from outside, rubbing his neck. He looks over at Katrina and winks at her, which freaks her out as Engel slides back in the ring. Emily has her back to Matthew and charges at Stone, leaping in the air and connecting with Matt’s body in the corner. Stone collapses in the corner as Emily backs up to admire her handy work. She doesn’t have much time to though as Engel rolls her up from behind.



Emily kicks out at two. Engel is quick to his feet as his Emily. Matthew kicks Emily in the stomach and grabs her right arm, whipping her into the same corner as Stone is sitting, Emily crashes into Stone! Engel then runs in and nails Emily with a spin kick! Matthew rolls over the ropes after he connects as Emily stumbles out of the corner. Matthew springboards off the top rope as Emily turns to face the Virus and Engel flips over her head, grabbing it on the way over and bringing Corlen down with a huge neck breaker!

Brian Rentfro: “What a move by the Virus!”

Rather than go for the cover on Emily, Matthew turns to Stone who is trying to get to his feet in the corner. Engel approaches Stone a little more cautiously than before and catches him in the side of the head with an elbow. Engel throws another elbow that connects with Stone’s head, a bit more blood trickling down his face. Engel catches Matt in the ribs with a knee and takes a step back, looking Stone over. Matthew raises his right leg to kick Stone in the temple, but Matt gets low and tackles The World Champion, driving him down to the mat. Stone starts driving his fists down upon Matthew, but Engel is more proficient with blocking than Stone was earlier. Engel soon rolls Stone on his back and starts shooting down fists. Elizabeth and Katrina start slamming their hands on the apron trying to get Stone back into the brawl, but there is no need for it as Emily kicks Engel in the side of the head. Matthew gets off Matt and leaves an opening for Emily to mount Stone and now she starts hammering down on Matt.

Brian Rentfro: “Stone is taking all sort of punishment, but he’ll bounce back”

Jon McDaniel: “Or he’ll perish into oblivion like last year’s Summer Sizzler. Riona proved that Matt was weak to pure striking and it looks like both his opponents have done their homework”

Emily sent blow after blow down at Matt as Stone covered up. The crowd cheered as Emily pounded down, but Emily didn’t get much time for her assault as Matthew grabbed her by the back of the hair and pulled her off. Emily took a swing at Engel but the wild blow missed and Engel caught Emily in the gut with a knee lift. Corlen doubled over and Matthew picked her up, dropping her behind on the corner. Matthew set Emily up by hooking her arms behind her head and dropping her on his head with the 150%.

Jon McDaniel: “Oh my god, that could be it!”

Engel went for the pin on Emily.



The referee stopped the count as Emily Corlen’s foot was on the bottom rope. Emily didn’t do it, however, Elizabeth had put Emily’s foot on the ropes. Lance was forced to stop the count, however he saw the transgression Lance got to the ropes and stuck his head out, screaming at Elizabeth. After some talk, Lance pointed to the back and ejected Elizabeth! Liz was livid, but was forced to go to the back. The crowd cheered as Elizabeth sulked to the back. Corlen was still down, and Engel contemplates going for another cover, but he sees Stone getting to his feet. Matt seemed out of it, So Engel runs at the ropes and goes for a spring board kick to the head, but Stone drops down at the last moment and Engel is trapped in the ropes, falling out of the ring! Stone saw Emily still down and got an idea, walking over her and going to the top ropes. With his back to the ring, Matt was getting ready for a moonsault. Emily reached her foot up and kicked the middle rope, forcing Matt to lose his balance and Matt falls on the turnbuckle.

Brian Rentfro: “That’s not good”

Emily gets up quickly and goes to the top as well, bringing Stone up into a standing position. Corlen hooks Stone’s arms behind him and looks out at the crowd, the cheering is overwhelming. Emily looked around one last time and lifted Matt high in the air with a back flip Catalyst! The crowd went crazy as Stone went face first on the canvas!

Jon McDaniel: “Oh my god!”

Brian Rentfro: “That’s not good”

Emily went for a cover after slowly rolling Matt over. She hooked the outside leg as Lance got down for the cover.




Engel just makes the save, breaking up the cover or we would have had a new PWA World Champion. Emily got to her feet and looked down at Stone. Engel went a kick to Emily’s stomach, but Emily catches it. She smiles a bit and spins Engel around.

The Virus is spun around and Emily goes for her own kick, but is quickly side stepped and Engel catches Emily hard in the temple, Corlen falling face down on the mat. Engel wastes no time and quickly get’s to the top rope, glancing back before leaping off the corner, flipping in the air and landing hard across the back of Emily with the Euthanasia!

Brian Rentfro: “Emily is out!”

Matthew rolls her over and covers her, Lance getting down for the count.



Matt Stone crawls over to make the save, but he’s too late


The bell sounds and the Virus get’s off Emily, raising his arm in the air. Lance hands him his title and Engel get’s up to celebrate the victory.