World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Before this gets Out of Hand

We come in on the office of President Davis who’s sitting at her desk. There’s a knock on the door and Liz ushers the person inside. In walks PWA Grizzly Beer champion Emily Corlen.

President Davis: “Please, have a seat.”

Emily reluctantly takes a seat and Elizabeth finishes something she’s writing and looks up.

President Davis: “I'm sure you're wondering why I asked you here. Well, to be honest, I'm a little disappointed in you. I thought we were on good terms with one another until last week when you got in my face. Now I can't have my talent doing that, I'm sure you wouldn’t take that from anyone in RXW. I'd like you to apologize to me.”

Emily mumbles something to herself, Liz smiles

President Davis: “I'm sorry, you'll have to speak up dear”

Emily looks irritated at that, but plays along.

Emily Corlen: “I SAID I'm sorry.”

She glances back at the door

Emily Corlen: “Can I go? I have a match to prepare for.”

Elizabeth leans back

President Davis: “In a moment. Now I'm sure you know that there's a Battle Royal tonight to determine who faces you at Summer Sizzler and I've been thinking. Matt brought up a good point last week about the Grizzly Beer title and I'd like to grant you the same privilege I extend to him last week. I'm letting you pick the match stipulation for your match at Summer Sizzler.”

Liz smiles while Emily thinks

Emily Corlen: “Any stipulation, huh?”

President Davis: “Yes, whatever you like. You don't even have to pick now...just something to think about.”

Emily Corlen: “Hmm. You know what? You're not so bad after all, Davis. But do me a favor. Next time there's an open shot at an AoWF Championship? I better be at the top of a very, very short list of people. Do we understand each other?”

President Davis: “You were at the top of this list Emily, sadly I didn't get to make the call. Before you ask, I am not the one making the call at Sizzler, either. But I will strongly suggest you, for sure.”

Emily Corlen: “Do me a favor and tell me who is making the call.”

She cracks her knuckles

Emily Corlen: “I'll make sure they pick ME.”

President Davis: “I'd rather not see you get yourself into any more trouble. You focus on this title defense at Sizzler, kay?”

Emily leans over to Liz

Emily Corlen: “Troubles my middle name, sweetie.”

A sly smirk spreads across Emily’s face. Liz shakes her head.

President Davis: “You may still get the Sizzler shot Em, so let's wait on that. If there's nothing else, you may get ready for your match. Good luck.”

Emily Corlen: “Well, hang on…”

Corlen gets up and walks to Liz, who seems a bit apprehensive. Emily places her hands on Liz’s shoulders.

Emily Corlen: “There is... ONE thing.”

President Davis: “What would that be?”

Emily Corlen: “I have a bit of a dilemma, Liz. And I think you can help me. I can call you Liz, right?”

An innocent smile spreads across Emily’s face as Liz raises her eyebrow

President Davis: “I suppose I could. what's your dilemma?”

Emily Corlen: “Well, I've been hearing that people don't think Emily Corlen can get ratings. It's just... not true! Don't you think that the idea that I'm not money is just ridiculous?”

President Davis: “Well... I haven't really noticed a spike in ticket sales since you have returned, but there certainly hasn't been a decline, either. I guess we'll see when the PPV buy rates come out for Sizzler, but you were the highest rated match last week along with Matt, so that's something.”

Emily Corlen: “Yeah... I guess... but I still think I can do a few things differently to pull a few extra viewers in...”

Emily smirks while Liz seems genuinely interested in the proposition.

President Davis: “...and that would be?”

Emily leans in closer to Liz, their noses an inch apart. She whispers

Emily Corlen: “Use your imagination.”

President Davis: “I doubt we could get anything I'm thinking of passed the censors.”

Liz laughs as Emily grins and pulls away, grabbing a spare piece of paper from Liz’s desk, writing something down on a piece of paper and folds it, stuffing it down Liz’s top.

Emily Corlen: “Call me.”

Emily blows Liz a kiss before putting her hand on her hip and walking out of the ffice, Liz watching her go and chuckles to herself.

President Davis: “Matt was right...she does have a nice ass”

Liz takes out the paper from her cleavage and sets it back on her desk before going back to work, we fade out.

Ace, Go Be My Bitch

A big brown UPS truck pulls up to the arena, with a tall wirey guy getting out. He looks at the clipboard before walking to the back and unlocking the two swinging doors. Reaching in he pulls out two medium sized boxes, checks the labels, the clipboard, and after shrugging heads towards the arena's doors. The guard haults him before entering the building with the packages, regardless of how official he looks.

Guard: "Sorry sir, but I cannot let you enter in with those packages just yet."

The UPS guy nods, sets them down on the pavement then promptly kicks the guard in the head... and it would have worked if he had actually hit the guard.

UPS Guy: "I've always wanted to do that to an inept security guard."

The guard smiles, looking like he's gonna kill this delivery man.

Guard: "It might work on others, on television, but this is real life son, its a no go."

The delivery man gulps big time, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down rapidly.

UPS Man: "I didn't mean anything by it, honest."

The guard nods, then tases the hell out of the delivery man. After the taser strike nails home, he blows on the end of it.

Guard: "And I've always wanted to do that. I'll take them packages son."

He bends down, opens the door, and walks them in before yelling for someone else.

"Guard: "Ace!"

A gangly guard walks out of the breakroom, wearing a powdered donut mustasche and a confused look on his face.

Ace: "Uh... yeah... Andre?"

Andre(previously known as just Guard): "How long you been here?"

Ace: "About a week or so."

Andre: "How long have I been here?"

Ace: "About seven years."

Andre: "How many packages do I have in my arms?"

Ace seems to make a big show of counting.

Ace: "Two."

Andre: "Now, how many am I going to deliver?"

Ace: "Two?"

Andre: "Now Ace, go be my pet bitch and deliver these to the appropriate people."

Ace pouts for a moment before grabbing the packages and carrying them to their destination.

Battle Royal

Grizzly Beer Number 1 Contender's match

The ten competitors started in the ring, looking at one another. One of these ten wrestlers will be moving on to Summer Sizzler to face Emily Corlen for the Grizzly Beer championship. The bell sounds and the five other competitors turned to Hardcore, Beatdown, Beat and Golden Warrior and circled in. Elena and Cody worked together and eliminated The Beat, Lucious Starr single handedly eliminated the Golden Warrior and Brandon Beatdown and Mason Harrell were eliminated at the same time by Mr. Hardcore and Parker, who thought what the heck, let’s eliminate everyone. Ian was chilling in a corner waiting for the action to come to him. Elena turned on Bogard and the two started going at it in the corner. Starr grabbed Hardcore by the back of the head and tossed him out of the ring through the ropes before turning his attention to Parker, who had been looking at Ian. She approached him as Starr came up from behind and grabbed her in an inappropriate area and tossed her out of the ring! Starr then turned to Ian and sent a hard kick to his head. Elena was dazed on the ropes as Bogard took a few steps back and went for a hard clothesline, but Elena ducked down and dumped Cody Bogard over the top ropes to the floor. Elena looked around and saw Mr. Hardcore sneaking back into the ring. She caught him with a stiff kick to the chest as he was getting back in the ring as Starr picked up Ian, struggling mightily and eliminating him. Simonova swung Hardcore down with a snap neck breaker before picking him up and tossing him out of the ring. Before she had a chance to turn around, Starr came rushing up, grabbing her from behind in the same place he grabbed Parker and tossed her over the top ropes! Starr threw his hands up in celebration, however Elena had grabbed the top rope, her feet dangling inches from the floor. If she were 5’7 she would have been eliminated, but fortunately she’s not as she pulls himself back up into the ring, skinning the cat. Starr hadn’t noticed as Elena glared at him, obviously upset over the way her rear had been treated. She spun Starr around and gave him a swift kick between the legs! She then grabbed him by his effeminate hair and ran at the ropes, tossing him over the top and to the floor!

Winner: Elena Simonova at 14:27

A Delivery For You

A brown box marked "Matthew Engel" is placed on the floor as Ace, newly hired Security Guard, knocks on the door of Second 2 None.

Matthew Engel(inside the room): "Its doubtless more of my adoring fan club, or perhaps the stock tickets for my Facebook stock."

Another voice is heard inside, its probably that of Jethro Hayes, but we aren't sure until the door opens. Sure enough, inside is Jethro Hayes sitting back on a couch, a pair of earbuds in his hears; Matthew is holding his Ipod in his hand as he stares at Ace.

Matthew Engel: "Neither are you a hot female nor my stock broker."

Ace gulps.

Ace(squeaky voice): "No... sir?"

Matthew smiles, pointing at the box.

Matthew Engel: "Is that for me?"

Ace looks confused and in awe.

Ace(squeaky voice): "How... did... you... know?"

Matthew points at the label and raises an eyebrow.

Matthew Engel: "It has my name on it."

Inside the room Jethro is laughing.

Jethro: "He reminds me of C3PO, doesn't know when to stop, though he squeaks a bit like R2D2."

Matthew smiles.

Ace: "Star Wars?"

Matthew nods.

Matthew: "Imagine that, right? Two of the best discussing more movies?"

Jethro: "And how Metallica is better than Iron Maiden any day of the week."

Matthew quirks an eyebrow, then points to the other package, smiling a devilish smile.

Matthew: "That one for Jethro? Before you ask... the label says Jethro Hayes."

Ace nods.

Ace: "You will both have to sign for your individual packages."

Jethro gets up, walking over to the door, reaching down and signing his name on the delivery slip.

Jethro: "There ya go Champ, how bout handing over the goods?"

Jethro also has a devilish smile on his face.

Jethro: "The Ewoks man, there should have been more of them and more Wookies, I love me some Chewbacca."

Matthew(signing as he speaks): "The Ewoks were pointless and you already had Chewbacca in a fairly big role, what more could you ask for? Besides no one could understand Wookie speak."

Jethro: "Han could and most of the Jedi could as well. Besides, no one could understand R2D2, but yet he still communicated."

Matthew and Jethro both take their package, shutting the door in Ace's face as he stares down at the autographs; placing them in his pocket.

Matthew: "There was computer software in the droid sockets to convert the droid's beeps and whistle speak into written words."

Jethro: "True, but there still should have been more Chewbacca, he was pivotal."

The door slowly shuts.

Matthew: "Pivotal in what way?"

Jethro: Because he was Han's partner, a great co-pilot, and one hell of a laser shot... What in the hell?

Jethro holds up a original Batman suit(Like the Adam West type vintage) just as Matthew shouts something similar.

Matthew: "The original Joker?"

Jethro laughs and smiles.

Jethro: "Of course, there is never been nor ever will be a better Joker than Cesar Romero."

Matthew: "Could be argued..."

Jethro: "You know that I'm going to wear this down to the ring, just because Adam West Batman is the damn bomb."

Matthew laughs.

Matthew: "Not to show that the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Joker are going to destroy the... what are their names again?"

Jethro looks at his costume.

Jethro: "I never did like Robin from this show... so Joker and Batman team up this once, to take on the team of... Robin and Cat Woman!"

Matthew: "Cat Woman was hot."

Jethro looks at Matthew.

Jethro: "True, but..."

Matthew: "Queen of Diamonds?"

Jethro nods.

Jethro: "Bingo!"

Matthew: "Back to more important matters..."

Jethro looks at Matthew.

Matthew: "Millenium Falcon or Death Star?"

Jethro looks a bit heartbroken.

Jethro: "Tough choice... both were so awesome."


Second 2 None vs Electra/Rocky Logan

Tag Match

Second 2 None and Rocky Logan and Electra came out with their usual entrances, lighting up the arena and electrifying the crowd. Second 2 None, however, came out dressed a little differently. Jethro Hayes was dressed as TV's Batman! Adam West style. The Virus was dressed as West's nemesis, Cesar Romero's The Joker! Ha! The bell sounded and The Virus went to work on Electra, dominating the rookie for a solid five minutes with some great ground work and brutalizing striking. Virus had a suplex reversed on him and Electra took him down with a yakuza kick to the face. Electra tagged in Rocky, who went all in on a flying clothesline and missed. Virus went to work on Rocky, pummeling him as much as he could and just outright destryoing him. Rocky wasn't nearly done though, as he countered an irish whip and threw Virus out of the ring. Hayes and Rocky battled outside the ring while Virus recuperated if only for a short while when Electra got her hands on him.

Electra worked on Virus while Hayes tossed around Rocky a bit in the ring, but Rocky and Electra were working somewhat good together as a team despite it being their first time teamed up. Rocky got rolled into the ring by Hayes and Virus was trying to come to as the ref was backing Electra off. Virus got the tag to Hayes right as Rocky tagged in Electra. Hayes sets the place on fire with his dominating offense, the World Champion came out strong. Electra managed to get some offense in there and hit the World Champion with some stiff kicks and knees to the face, but Hayes made short work of her with The Plow and went for the cover.




Hayes was really surprised at that, but Electra's got heart. Hayes went and tagged in The Virus, and in an odd move they delivered a double chokeslam to Electra and managed to keep Rocky Logan at bay. Virus goes up top for the Euthanasia while Hayes watches Rocky from the apron. Rocky is making his move while Virus is midair and connects with the Euthanasia on top of Electra! Hayes gets into the ring as Virus stays on top of Electra for the cover.


Hayes managed to grab Rocky's arm and try to pull him away from Engel!



Hayes keeps Rocky away from Engel just in time!


Winners: Second 2 None in 13:14

Where ar thou, title?

The scene opens to a smashed up locker room. Debris is laying all over the place. The camera pauses as a chair goes flying in front of it followed by a familer voice...singing...

"Oh Where oh where has my world title gone...."

Suddenly the unshaven, slightly disturbed frame of Thomas Manchester Black appears in front of the camera, almost knocking it back.

"Oh where oh where could it be!?!"

"Hello boys and Girls...welcome to Mr. Black's Deadman's Candyland. Normally the place would look a little nicer, but I seem to be missing something. Can you tell me what I'm missing."

TMB smiles as he stops back and points to the poster on the wall.

"Is it my personally autographed picture of Jethro Hayes on a John Deer Tractor? couldn't be that."

He then points to the shirt hanging on the chair.

"Is it my Viva La Kumquat Shirt? can't be that."

Then he points to a set of DVDs scattered on the floor.

"And it wouldn't be my boxset of the greatest matches that Matthew Engel almost had, produced bu The Phoenix would it?'s not that."

TMB scratches the hairs on his chin.

"I know what it is!!! It's my FUCKING World Title. Can you kids say "FUCKING"? Good. Heh, congrats Mr. Hayes. You said you where going to walk out World Champion no matter what the odds and you did. Problem is me and th ekids don't really feel ready to have you walkign around as our world champion just yet, so we are going to have to take it back from you. Nothing personal, maybe a little later down the line you can have it, but not just yet. And we know what that means right boys and girl."

TMB grabs the camera and shakes it up and down.

"That's right Mr. Black has two options to take. Option one, I call in my rematch clause from my World Champion contract and I smash your fucking face in and get my title back. Or I can just remind you of what you told me."

TMB pulls out a tape recorder and hits the play button.

"I told you that I would and here I am... back in your face for the second time in two weeks. I'll still sign that contract for a one on one singles match if you want to... nothing like defending the title against a man you've already beaten three out of three times."

TMB smiles and puts the recorder back into his pocket.

"That's right boys and girls, Mr. Hayes has already made the promise...lets see if we can make him learn the mistake of The Phoenix and myself and realize that sometimes you should count all your chickens before they hatch. Heh, get it. country boy...chickens. HA!!!! All be waiting for your answer, Mr. Hayes...don't make us wait."

And with that TMB pushes the camera and crew out the door as he goes back to singing his song.

Emily Corlen vs Rowan O’Kelly

Singles match

The bell rings and Grizzly Beer Champion Emily Corlen explodes out of her corner, spearing Rowan O'Kelly hard and nearly breaking him in half in the process! The crowd boos loudly as Emily lays into Rowan with hard lefts and rights, refusing to let up. The referee tries to pull her off of the ginger haired Irish competitor, but she won't have any of it, finally only letting up on threat of disqualification. She steps back long enough for the referee to check on Rowan, but the ref quickly dives out of the way as Emily hits her boyfriend Matt Stone's I Bequeath A Boot To The Head! Rowan's body jerks violently on the mat as Emily grins sadistically before deadlifting his limp body up. She hoists him into the air, levels him with the Catalyst, and covers him for the quick 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Emily Corlen, via Pinfall

After the match ends, Emily wastes no time in locking Rowan in her Faith Breaker stretch muffler! She cranks the hold back further, Rowan still unconscious from the beating he just received. The referee tries to break the hold, but before he can, Emily cranks back once more with all of her might and an audible SNAP fills the arena. Emily finally breaks the hold and an eerie calm comes over the Grizzly Beer Champion as she surveys the destruction she has just wrought. EMTs rush the ring and check on Rowan and his newly broken leg as Emily exits, a smile on her face.

Nothing to Sneeze At

We return from commercial and find ourselves just outside the entrance to the Gorilla position backstage, where the undefeated Elena Simonova, looking good in her civilian clothing, is waiting for someone to arrive. Who she is waiting for is quickly evident as Emily Corlen emerges from the tunnel, the Grizzly Beer Championship over her shoulder. She notices Elena immediately and smirks.

Emily Corlen: Wanted to get a closer look at a real wrestler?

Elena Simonova: No. In case you were too busy preening yourself to notice, I won the battle royal earlier tonight. I was scouting the woman whose title I'm going to take at Summer Sizzler in two weeks.

Emily adjusts the title, her eyes locked with Elena's.

Emily Corlen: I'm not Cody Bogard. I'm not Parker. I'm not the Harlequin. And I'm sure as hell not Lucious Starr. I'm the Queen of Professional Wrestling, little girl, and I'm one challenge that you have no chance of surviving.

Elena Simonova: You sound like everybody else. I bet you'll fall even harder than they did.

Emily's eyes narrow.

Emily Corlen: You listen to me, you petulant little bitch! I can count the number of matches you've had on one hand! Me? I've been wrestling two years. Over a hundred matches, winning two thirds of them. Nearly a dozen Championships to my name, including three World Championships. That, little girl, is nothing to sneeze at.

Emily smirks triumphantly. Elena raises her finger to argue, but stops, her left eye twitching slightly. Emily looks a little puzzled as Elena's head jerks a slight bit, and right before Emily can say anything, Elena sneezes suddenly and loudly, right in Emily's face! The crowd cheers and laughs as Emily looks positively disgusted! She screams out in revulsion before storming off, ranting the entire way about how gross that was. Elena blushes just a bit and can't help but smirk.

Elena Simonova: Now THAT... is nothing to sneeze at.

The crowd laughs some more as Elena turns and walks the opposite way out of the frame, leaving the scene to cut back to ringside.

How Do You Like Me Now?

"Ride Through the Country" hits the speakers and the crowd immediately jump to their feet as the roof nearly lifts off its mounting. Jethro Hayes steps out, both the PWA World Title and Tag Title around his waist; he heads for the ring... doing quite a bit of glad handing fans. He climbs the steps, through the ropes, and is in the ring where he catches a microphone from a ring technician.

"I said..."

He is drowned out by the roar of the crowd as they jump back up(those few that sat down) and the noise raises another few octaves. Jethro smiles, pointing at the PWA World Title.

"I said that I would walk out of last week's match as PWA World Champion. I told Thomas that his days were numbered. I told Marvin Wood that hardwork and dedication pays."

He smiles.

"Neither of them believed me."

He points to the PWA World Title, then shouts.

"How do you like me now?!"

He smiles, but doesn't lower his voice.

"Who's the PWA World Champion?! And who's not?!"

He waves a hand, the crowd is in an uproar at this point and time.

"But I really came out here to address one pesky little gnat. I can't even call him a problem... because he's so easy to solve. In other words... I came out here to address one Thomas Manchester Black... who thinks..."

They all boo, knowing what Thomas wants.

"He thinks that even though he never successfully defended the PWA World Title, that... he's owed a rematch... because he held the PWA World Title..."

He waits a moment.

"Then by rights, Scottie Snow is still owed his rematch... why don't the two of you go out back and fight over scraps of your contracts and see who gets it first."

He smiles, he's poking fun and having a good time.

"But Thomas, I told you that the World Title was never your's, but that it only belonged to you on paper because you weren't a true Champion. I told you that you hadn't earned the Title, you hadn't earned the right to be called Champion, I told you Thomas... and you didn't believe."

He pats the belt, raising an eyebrow in question.

"Do you believe me now? Do you doubt the things, the words, the ability and want of Jethro Hayes now Thomas?"

He pats the belt again.

"I wouldn't, if I were you."

He nods.

I know what words I said Thomas, and I'm glad that you have them on tape... I mean it isn't like we keep archives of things around this place."

He and everyone laughs in the arena, those that get the joke anyways.

"But I did agree to give you a match, a one on one singles match."

He nods again.

"And I will give that to you."

He looks in to the camera, talking directly to Thomas Manchester Black.

"When you deserve it. I told you that you weren't worthy before to hold the title. Pick your ass up, pick yourself up, clean your act up, and earn the right to step in front of me in this ring..."

He motions for the entire ring, spinning around before returning to face the camera.

"And the shot is your's... until then..."

He smirks.

"Keep dreaming sunshine."

"Ride Through the Country" hits back up and Jethro steps through the ropes and down the steps before heading backstage.

Missed Her Flight

We see President Davis on the titontron as the crowd hushes to hear what she has to say.’

President Davis: “I regret to inform you that Stevie Swing has apparently slept in and thus missed her flight. She is not here to compete, so tonight’s AoWF World Title match will instead be a triple threat match. Ring the bell.”

She fades out on the titontron and the crowd cheers as the action is set to pick up again.

Matt Stone vs Anna Mathews vs Allen Chaney vs Stevie Swing

AoWF World Title Match

The three participants for the match are in the ring along with Phoenix as the bell sounds. Stone goes immediately after Allen, leaping in the air and trying to get a headlock on him, followed by several punches, but Allen is able to push him off with relative ease. Anna charges in and gets a boot to the head for her efforts. Chaney then rushes over Stone with a strong shoulder tackle, Matt flipping backwards from the force. Chaney turns back to Anna who was getting up and picks her up, falling flat on her with a power slam. Allen makes the quick cover and gets a 2 count as Stone breaks up the count. Allen gets up and grabs Matt by the back of the head, throwing him over the top and to the floor, a sick thud heard as Matt’s body makes contact with the mat. Chaney picks Anna up and backs her into a corner, backing up a few steps and rushing in, jumping as high as he can, which is about two feet, and splashing her in the corner. Anna stumbled out trying to get her feet out of the blocks, but Chaney grabbed her neck, picking her up and slamming her down on his knee, hitting the Set-Up. Stone popped up on the apron and hit the top ropes, spring boarding going for a hurricane-ranna on Chaney, but Allen as too strong and caught Stone in the air. Matt tried to push Chaney a few times, but Allen brought him down with a power bomb on top of Anna! Stone rolled out of the ring by the force as Chaney picked Mathews up and lifted her up before dropping her square on her head and neck with the Punch Line. Allen rolled her over for the cover and Phoenix shrugged before making a rather disenchanted count, giving Anna enough time to kick out at two.

Allen looked slightly annoyed at the lack of conviction if Phoenix’s count and made sure to tell him that by comparing him to some humorous object. Anna got back to her feet with the air of the ropes, and she saw Stone getting back on the apron, so she swiftly kicked him in the head, knocking him off the apron. Stone was knocked out on the outside, Allen turned back to Anna, who was not at all amused. Chaney went to grab her head, but he was caught in the stomach with a high knee, followed by a snap DDT. Rather than go for the cover, Anna thought she would have better luck with a submission move and got on Chaney’s back, locking him in a camel clutch. She wrenched back on Allen’s head, pulling it farther and farther back. Chaney refused to give up, at least for now and started fighting to his feet. He reached back and grabbed Anna’s legs, however Mathews was able to swing around Chaney’s torso and grabbed his head, this time in a front face lock. She pulled his head forward, Allen dropping to one knee from the pressure. Mathews released the hold and hit the ropes, coming back and hitting Allen with a shining wizard kick. Stone was getting back up, getting into the ring. Mathews spotted him and grabbed his head as he was heading in, dropping him straight down with a DDT off the ropes. Allen starting getting up, but Anna had the cure for that, hitting the ropes, spring boarding and hitting Chaney with the Boomerfly Kick. Anna went for the cover. Rob went down for the count after checking his nails, but Allen was able to kick out at 2.

Stone started getting back up to his feet as Anna glanced over. She sighed, and hit Matt with a heart kick! It’s was like a heart punch, but with her foot. Matt fell through the ropes and crashed through to the floor. Anna turned back to Allen, who was back up now. Chaney went for a hard punch, but Mathews performed a dodge roll like out of a video game and got back to her feet quickly. Allen turned to face her and was starting to get hit by Anna’s hand, foot and head. Yes, she was expressing Big Ball of Violence. Anna came at with Allen with every strike she was able to think of, Allen’s face getting black and blue, his chest red from chops and his nose bloody from a straight shoot, but he stayed his ground. He suddenly brought his head down and connected with Mathews skull. Anna hit the mat hard, but started getting up again, showing the tenacity fitting of a Rebel Pro Champion. Chaney backed up against the ropes and charged Anna, but Mathews ducked and Allen kept going right into a FALCON PAWNCH! Stone was up now with a pair of brass knuckles on his fist. Phoenix saw this, shrugged, and went back to playing Angry birds on his phone. Stone spun Mathews around and hooked her neck, dropping her on his back with the Stone Cutter. Matt then went for the cover on Anna, only resulting in a two count as Phoenix had to get that fat pig in between the logs first. You know the one, he has concrete on two sides of him, so you have to angle it just right? Yeah, that’s hard to do, so Phoenix had to concentrate first before he could make the count. Makes sense. Needless to say, Stone was pissed at this and grabbed Phoenix’ s phone, dropping it on the mat.. Rob frowned as Stone went back to work, Phoenix merely picking his phone back up and resuming Angry Birds. Anna was getting up again, because that’s what people do, and Matt tried to hook her with the Rolling Stone, but Anna was able to counter with a back body drop. Matt hit the mat hard, but rolled to his side and got back up. Mathews hit the ropes again, looking for a second Boomerfly Kick, but was caught with the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Matt went for the cover and as Phoenix was just finishing up his level, he got down and started counting. He got to 2 when the cover was broken up by Allen Chaney coming off the top rope with the WTFFF!!! He squashed both people, rolled Matt off Anna and out of the ring and covered Anna. Hooking her outside leg, Phoenix got down and counted the 1 2 3!

Winner: New AoWF World Champion Allen Chaney in 17:46

After the Match comes the Aftermath

As Allen is handed his title and celebrates in the ring, Stone is walking up the ramp with his King of Extreme title, holding his back. He also has a microphone in his hand. When Stone gets atop the ramp, he starts talking.

Matt: “Liz! Liz get out here!”

Allen’s theme dies out as President Davis comes on the stage with a microphone in her hand.

Matt: “Liz, I demand that you name me the as the challenger for the AoWF World title at Sizzler. That was bullshit! You know it, I know it, this entire crowd knows it, I am the best and I can crush that Elvis looking fuckface!”

The crowd boos, like Stone cares. He gets more boos than a liquor store.

Matt: “Can’t do it because of this?”

Matt holds up his King of Extreme championship. He then tosses it down the ramp without batting an eyelash.

Matt: “Fuck it, I don’t need that belt. It’s meaningless compared to the World strap, a title that I have earned. If you don’t name me as the challenger at Sizzler, I’ll walk out of this damn company and never look back, you hear me?”

Liz thinks for a moment before replying.

President Davis: “And you’re sure about this?”

Stone nods and Liz sighs

President Davis: “Alright then. In two weeks time, at PWA’s second biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, it will be Allen Chaney defending the AoWF World Championship title against…not Matt Stone.”

The crowd cheers at this and Stone looks horrified. He recovers quickly and raises a hand to smack her, but the crowd pops huge as from the back comes the returning Johnny Kennedy who stops Stone, grabbing him and rushing him towards the edge of the ramp and tossing him off the stage! Stone crashes through tables, electrical equipment and a camera. There are sparks going off everywhere as the crowd chants along “Ho-ly Shit! Ho-ly Shit!” Johnny gives a thumbs up to Allen in the ring and heads back. Liz looks stunned at what has just happened, but going back to speaking.

President Davis: “As I was saying, at Summer Sizzler it will be Allen Chaney defending the AoWF World title against….the Phoenix!”

The crowd cheers as in the ring, Chaney has his AoWF World Title ripped out of his hands. He turns to see the culprit and is laid the fuck out with a hard shot to the skull at the hands of the AoWF World Title. With Chaney down, Phoenix holds up the AoWF World title as he cut out.