World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



Jethro and Nicole both walk in to the arena, the metal door clanging as it shuts and they are whispering to each other as they walk. Jethro is carrying his duffelbag over his shoulder(ring gear) when reporter Bud Adams comes up to Jethro.

Bud: Jethro, you are in a match tonight for the PWA World Championship."

Jethro looks surprised.

Jethro: "Really? If I had known I would have prepared."

Bud: "You were unable to retort to the others' comments because of the travel, the time differences, and the fact that wrestlers are only allowed to record one promo on Saturdays because of cost and lack of any real air time."

Jethro nods his agreement.

Jethro: "And I wanted to keep it an even number, even though I technically could have recorded one anyways, I'm going to show that hard work and dedication are enough; no matter what Marvin Wood thinks."

Bud leans forward a bit.

Bud: "Speaking of Marvin Wood, he had some very harsh words for you as he practically dismantled your flash flood metaphor."

Jethro shakes his head.

"He was far from dismantling it, not even close. He like so many others saw what they wanted to see in the metaphor and that was all they could see. You know, that whole once seen or heard, it can't be unseen or unheard thing."

Bud nods his agreement.

"We were both talking about flash floods and he would have you believe that the total flood will soak in to the ground immediately... not true. A very small amount is actually absorbed, until the very end of the river that it creats broadens out. What I am saying is that I will be the flash flood, the beginning part, that will wash him away like the drought riddled desert of a career that he has already claimed is his career lately. I will roll him along until he is washed to the side like a piece of trash, like a plant, or some other detritus that gets in my way. Marvin could have understood my logic if he could only get his head out of Phoenix's ass long enough to fully listen to a promo, instead of hearing the muffled words because Phoenix's ass cheeks are covering his ears."

Bud can't stop a small smile as that visual fills his head.

"Marvin's flooding is actually that of the beginning or ending... when there is little force behind it, like its going along lazy and nonchalant because they know that they'll be coming back sooner or later. While my version of the flood is the roiling waves, the speedy current, the powerfulness of the floods that washes things away. In other words, he can and will be contained... but me... there is no containing and tonight he will realize this fact."

Jethro shrugs.

"I can't make it simpler than that."

Bud: "He said that you had the old school addage of him not being in your league..."

Jethro nods.

"Damn right, he's not. Here I am having worked hard, fought, perserveered my way back up to earn this shot. While he, on the other hand, has a friend to which he gives benefits to on a basis when there is something to be gained... hell, he might even do it to bank the benefits up."

He shrugs.

"I'm not sure how that works, you'll have to ask them. But Marvin is not in my league because of that. He claims to be so talented, then why has he been in a drought? If he is so talented, then why didn't he actually earn this shot? The talent that he is speaking of... I don't want to see it... because this show is somewhat family oriented and no mamas and daddys need to be answering the question of "What is Marvin doing to Phoenix?""

Bud with another small smile.

"Bud I've told you that I'm a simple man, that is no secret, but Marvin basically said that hard work and dedication are to be flushed down the toilet like shit from a body."

Bud nods as that is what he took from it too.

"I'm here to s how everyone that hard work and dedication do pay off and when I hold that belt up high... Marvin will understand that I've been right all along."

Bud: "How do you feel about what he said about the two of you being two mid-level performers and it making for a horrible World Title match?"

Jethro shrugs nonchalantly.

"If that is the case, he had for knowledge that I would win over Thomas and earn my World Title shot... because he was given his World Title match before the opening bell of Thomas Manchester Black vs Jethro Hayes last week."

Jethro looks in to the camera, towards Marvin Wood.

"Which I do believe was the Match of the Week."

Jethro walks off, he and Nicole heading to the locker room.


We're inside what appears to be the office of the manager of a Walmart. We can safely assume this because there is a desk and behind it sits a man in a blue polo shirt with the Walmart logo embroidered on it. As he sits there doing whatever it is that Walmart managers do in their office, there is a knock on his door. Beloved PWA icon Scottie "The Panther" Snow pokes his head into the office.

Scottie Snow: You wanted to see me?

Mr Manager: Yes. I mean, no. Actually, yes.

Scottie enters the office.

Mr Manager: The person I really wanted to see was Rob, but you might as well be here for it, too.

Scottie Snow: Ok, hang on just a second.

Scottie pulls his iPhone out of his pocket, taps the screen a few times and The Final Countdown starts to play. The Phoenix walks into the office wearing the Walmart attire of khaki pants and blue polo. He's also wearing a specially made blue mask.

Mr Manager: Yeah, see, that's kind of the thing. You can't do that.

The Phoenix: Scottie, what the hell is this idiot talking about?

Mr Manager: That, too. You can't call me an idiot. I'm right here, man.

The Phoenix: You think you've got business with the Phoenix? Just who the hell do you think you are? You're a nobody, that's who! I'm a Hall of Famer and you? You're just a fat man that wishes he could be half as great as me.

Mr Manager: I'm not really fat. I mean, I work out four or five times a week. But that's not the point. This whole... thing that you do, it's starting to be a real problem here.

The Phoenix: You hire the biggest star in the history of the business and all the sudden you're worried I might cross some sort of line?

Mr Manager: That's already happened. Several times!

The Phoenix: Well, pal, let me tell you something. You get what you pay for, and you're paying for the icon, the franchise, the legendary Phoenix. Yeah, maybe some folks don't like my style, but you can't argue that I get results. When I set my mind to something, nothing can hold me back. Like that contest where the employee with the most positive customer comments got a free blu ray. Well, I watched that new Sherlock Holmes movie last night and it was amazing.

Mr Manager: You paid all those customers $20 apiece to say something good about you.

The Phoenix: I won didn't I? And isn't that what's really important?

Mr Manager: Not... not really. And then there's the mask. That's not part of the dress code.

The Phoenix: But I'm the Phoenix.

Mr Manager: I don't know what that means, but you can't wear it anymore. I've told you several times about this.

The Phoenix: What? You think you're some fancy Board of Directors that can just overrule whatever I say? Did Mark Sommers put you up to this? That motherfucker...

Mr Manager: I don't know who that is, either. And no, I think I'm your boss and you've got to do what I say if you want to keep working here.

The Phoenix: Is that a threat? Are you threatening me? Let me tell you something, tubby. I'm the six time PWA World champion. I held that belt longer than anyone in history. You think I haven't been threatened before. Well I have and by guys that are actually scary, unlike your little girly ass. So go ahead and threaten me, tough guy. But let me tell you something. Watch your back. One night, you'll be walking down the beef jerky aisle and BAM! I'll leap off the top of the rack and elbow drop you into next week!

Scottie Snow: He'll do, it.

The Phoenix: You're goddamn right I will.

Mr Manager: Ok, that's it. I didn't want to do this, but what choice do I have? You're fired. We'll mail you your last paycheck. And before you leave, clean all those stupid Yoohoo bottles out of the break room.

The Phoenix: You're firing me!?! That's the biggest mistake you've ever made, buddy. I'm telling you, Target can't fucking wait to sign me. And when they do, you can say goodbye to any chance you've ever had of being number one in sales in this town! Scottie, my music!

Scottie taps on his phone some more, making The Final Countdown play as the Phoenix storms out, knocking a stack of papers off a filing cabinet as he does.

Scottie Snow: Sorry about that, boss. He's been hitting the bottle a little hard since he retired.

Mr Manager: He's been spiking his Yoohoo while he's on the clock?

Scottie Snow: No, he takes it straight up. Alright man, good talk. I'll be in the pet department if you need me.

Mr Manager: Wait a minute!

Scottie Snow: Yeah?

Mr Manager: You don't even work here! I hired that Robinson guy and you just started showing up too, following him around and doing all his work, from what I can tell.

Scottie Snow: That's my job.

Mr Manager bangs his head on his desk three times.

Mr Manager: Just get out.

Jack Spades vs SNS

Singles Match

Scott Nash Strader and Jack Spades both came out with cool and expensive entrances, but there was a small change in Scott's attire. He decided to dress like Jack Nicholson's The Joker from the 1989 Batman tonight, and the crowd got a good laugh out of it. That was what Scott was going for, you know, to make fun of Jack Spades and get the crowd laughing. However, it was no laughing matter when SNS destroyed Spades inside the ring for the first five minutes, proving Jack Spades was no match for Scott's new bionic knees. It isn't much, but Spades managed to get a few licks in on SNS, which only provoked him to get angrier and deadlier. Spades managed to reverse out of the Finishing Touch and nail SNS with a backstabber - something that shocked everyone. However, SNS reversed an irish whip attempt from Spades and sent him into the ropes, only for Spades to be crushed with The Memory Remains. Scott would waste no time going for the pin.




Winner: Scott Nash Strader in 8:12

Second 2 One

Get it? It's the second segment

Backstage at Rampage, we find the PWA World Tag Team Champions, Second 2 None, enjoying some cool refreshing Propel Zero before... well, before one of them has to step into the ring tonight and win a World championship. The other one... he's just here to have some fun. Maybe fight a bitch or two.

Matthew Engel: "Honestly, which did you like better: Heath Ledger as the Joker or Jack Nicholson?"

Jethro takes a minute to ponder this very important philosophical question.

Jethro Hayes: "I gotta go with Jack Nicholson. I thought he was perfect, classic Joker. He's a world class actor too."

Engel shakes his head.

Matthew Engel: "I disagree. Nicholson's Joker was great, but he seemed too easily defeated. Sure, Batman went through an ordeal, but it was over in five minutes and Joker died. At least Joker in Dark Knight isn't dead, he's just captured."

Jethro Hayes: "But the face at the end of Joker's death, the laugh... how can you not love that?"

Matthew Engel: "Oh I do, I really do. It made my skin crawl, for sure, and not many things do that. But, Heath Ledger... in that video where he's torturing the fake Batman? Come on! That made me jump out of my seat."

Jethro Hayes: "Oh shit I forgot about that. Yeah that was creepy as hell. But we can both agree that Michael Keaton is the better Batman?"

Matthew Engel: "Oh fuck yeah. Christian Bale is a great Bruce Wayne, but he's not a very good Batman. Not to mention, his Batman voice is in every single movie he does now. You think that's a coincidence? Nope."

Jethro Hayes: "It's a damn conspiracy, Matt. Just trying to get more and more people sucked into the Batman movies. Not that I'm complaining."

Engel nods in agreement.

Jethro Hayes: "I could be Batman."

Engel laughs.

Matthew Engel: "Yeah, and I could be The Joker. Let's talk to David Fincher about doing a Batman reboot. We'll top The Dark Knight and Tim Burton's Batman! Muahaha!"

Hayes laughs with him. How much more pointless is this going to be?

Matthew Engel: "When you beat Marvin Wood and Thomas Manchester Black tonight, I'm going to throw you a damn party, son. It's going to be glorious. I'll have gold confetti rain down from the rafters, half-naked bitches everywhere, and all the damn cake and beer you want."

Jethro Hayes: "Sounds like a Simon Kalis party."

Matthew Engel: "I will admit I stole a few ideas from him. What? Don't look at me like that, that motherfucker knows how to party. I can't even legally tell you some of the shit we did last year when he was running Reb Pro."

Hayes shakes his head, but laughs anyway.

Jethro Hayes: "Alright, I think these people have been bored enough. It's time to get serious, because the Southern Hero is about to bring the World championship home where it belongs: around the waist of a true champion. Not a one-hit wonder and not Rob's best friend who's heterosexuality is questionable at best."

Engel looks impressed.

Jethro Hayes: "See, I know big words too, Marvin. See you both real soon."

Hayes stares into the camera and then waves them off. We cut back to ringside.

Cody Bogard vs Elena Simonova vs Lucious Starr vs Harlequin

Fatal 4 way Elimination Match

The bell rings and all four individuals quickly go to work on one another, with Starr going after the woman who made him tap out a few weeks ago in Elena while Cody and Harlequin locked up, The Ringmaster outside the ring barking orders at his newest clown. Lucious fights furiously, refusing to let up on Elena - so furiously, in fact, that he accidentally backs right into Bogard, interrupting his attack on Harlequin. In a fit of anger, Bogard hits Starr with the Hero Time. Starr stumbles to his feet, right into Elena's Vodka Tonic! He bounces from the impact of that move right into Harlequin's Pie in your Eye followed by the cover by the clown and the 3! Lucious Starr is eliminated!

As Lucious stumbles out of the ring, Elena tries rolling Harlequin up for a close two count. Harlequin starts viciously attacking Elena, but Bogard pulls the clown off of the Russian wunderkind and starts attempting to beat manners into him. As Elena rolls to the outside of the ring and recovers from the flurry of punches and kicks, Cody keeps Harlequin in firm control, capturing a bevy of near falls following big impact moves. He goes for a German suplex, but Harlequin blocks it and counters into a jawbreaker into a clothesline! He goes for the cover and gets a two count. Back to his feet and Harlequin pulls Cody up before trying to hit the Pie in your Eye on him, but Bogard counters it and hits his Rage of the Dragons followed by the Kikosho Driver and a cover to get the three count and eliminate The Harlequin, much to the chagrin of the Ringmaster.

Cody Bogard stands up, ready to take down Elena and finish the match, but she's nowhere to be seen. He turns around just in time to see her leaping off the top rope with The KGB! She catches him and gets a two count, but Bogard gets his shoulder up and the crowd, split between these two incredible talents, cheers and boos at the same time! These two battle over a commercial break, for another fourteen minutes total, putting on a technical wrestling clinic. At the end of the match, Cody escapes Elena's Iron Curtain submission and catches her with his Hero Time -- but Elena counters it, shoving him off into the ropes! Cody stumbles back and Elena catches him with the Vodka Tonic! 1, 2, 3! Elena Simonova wins again!

WINNER: Elena Simonova

A Teaser

We see Elizabeth Davis walking down the hall with Toshi Yang running tp catch up.

Toshi: “Miss Davis! Miss Davis!”

Liz rolls her eys and stops, looking back at Toshi. Toshi catches up, breathing hard

Toshi: “Miss Davis, just who will be representing the PWA for the Alliance World Title matches?”

Liz flashes a smile.

President Davis: “Wouldn’t you like to know? No, that information will be given in the middle of the ring at the end of the night, you, just like everyone else, will have to wait and see.”

With that, Liz walks off with Toshi left standing there looking disappointed.

Justin Case vs Simon Kalis

Singles Match

We come back from commercial to find Simon Kalis and Justin Case already in the ring.


Case goes for a collar and elbow tie up, but Simon quickly punches Case in the gut. Case doubles over and Simon throws a big elbow chop, clubbing Case in the side of the head. Simon goes in for another strike but Case manages a tie up into a side headlock followed by a quick hip toss. Case holds him in a headlock for a bit but Simon is able to power out of it and stand.

Case goes for another tie up but Simon backhands him, showing no respect to 'The Legendary Legacary'. Case throws a right hand and Simon fires back with one of his own, Case hits back and Simon answers once more, and again, and again, and the two of them are exchanging fierce blows in the center of the ring!

Justin appears to be getting the upper hand in this exchange, until Simon uses a throat thrust punch and Justin falls, clutching at his throat for a moment. Simon may have slown down considerably since he's been gone but he spots his opening and takes it, locking Justin in an Indian Deathlock.

Simon has the hold applied quite well and after a few moments we hear him audibly shout a variation of 'ask him ref' with an impssible amount of swear words somehow added in. The ref does as he is asked and Justin seems quite resistant to the idea of submitting. Justin manages to escape the hold and Simon helps him to his feet, setting him up for a vertical suplex, but Justin manages to ground himself and counters with a northern lights suplex that he bridges into a pin attempt.


Simon is quick to kick out but Justin stands and starts stomping away at him while he's down. Case is trying to keep Simon down but Simon connects with a low blow that makes all the booting stop. Case is standing but woozy and Simon quickly fixes the 'standing' part of the equation by bringing Case down on his skull with a DDT.

Simon disregards going for a cover andlocks in a single leg boston crab! Justin cries out, having already had some good damage done to his back, but before Simon has a chance to say 'ask him' and a bunch of filth, Case is able to get a hand on the ropes, forcing Simon to relinquish the hold.

Case uses the ropes to help himself to his feet, clutching at his sore back.

Case bounces off the ropes and goes for a crossbody but Simon catches him and quickly slams him down across his knee with a brutal backbreaker. Simon stomps on Case's back roughly while he is down before rolling him over, grabbing his legs, and rolling through to lock in Justins own 'Tap or Snap' Sharpshooter. Justin holds on for as long as he can and tries to make a grab for the ropes, but ultimately the pain is too much and he is forced to tap out.


Eric Emerson: Here is your winner...SIMON KALIS!

Simon leaves the ring before the ref has a chance to raise his hand and walks to the back.

The Virus Don't Play That, Homey

We're backstage at Rampage! The New Meadowlands! You can smell the electricity... and you can also smell Adrian Kalis, who's walking down the hallway at this moment. Adrian adjusts his face cover, the AoWF Television Championship securely around his waist. Suddenly his named is called out behind him.

"Yo Adrian!"

Followed by laughter, and the appearance of Matthew Engel. He comes out from around the corner, still laughing.

Matthew Engel: "I've always wanted to say that. It probably completely demeans your whole... what was it you said? 'Go straight for the jugular of every motherfucker' strategy?"

Engel chuckles, lifting up his chin and scratching his neck, almost enticing Adrian. Of course, Adrian remains collected.

Matthew Engel: "You know, people don't realize this. But there are those with a name to be feared and those with a name to be mocked. That essentially makes up the people in this business who have a name worth mentioning. By now, you really should know which one is mine."

Adrian looks at Engel, a slight look of confusion.

Adrian Kalis: "I've only spoken --"

Matthew Engel: "I've got quite a name for myself, kid."

Engel looks up for a moment, almost in awe of himself. The bastard. Adrian wants to speak again, but gets cut off.

Matthew Engel: "But much to your surprise, I don't like when it's thrown around as often as you've done."

Adrian is surprised. He kind of scratches his head for a moment.

Adrian Kalis: "Like I was trying to say, I only spoke in positive regard when your name came up. But if you'd like, I can always lean the opposite way and verbally beat your name to a bloody pulp."

Engel smiles for a moment, then retorts.

Matthew Engel: "How about somewhere in the middle where you shut the fuck up and learn your place?"

Now it's getting entertaining. Adrian doesn't like that one bit. Though his mouth is covered, his eyes tell the story.

Matthew Engel: "But if you intend to keep this up, I may have to be the one to step between the ropes against you and give you a challenge that Vaxman couldn't even fucking dream of, kid. It's been too long since I've had AOWF gold around my waist."

Engel looks at Adrian's AOWF TV Community Championship for a moment, but returns his eyes to meet with Adrian's.

Adrian Kalis: "If you don't mind, old man, I'll say whatever I please and kick whoever's ass gets put in front of me."

Adrian starts to walk away and Engel scoffs.

Matthew Engel: "Old man? Sure you don't have me confused with your mute father and his bionic sidekick?"

Adrian keeps walking, but lets out a laugh. Engel shrugs his shoulders and we cut back to ringside.

Just Like The Phoenix

Jethro is standing at the cooler of Gatorade, having just pulled one out when Lean Bean Miller walks up to him, the camera already rolling.

LBM: "Jethro, how about a word?"

Jethro looks at LBM.

Jethro: "Radiator."

LBM looks confused.

LBM: "Radiator?"

Jethro nods.

Jethro: "Its a word, would you like me to pick another one?"

LBM looks blank for a moment.

Jethro: "Asphalt. That is another word."

LBM smiles, Jethro's joking with him.

LBM: "How about an interview?"

Jethro: "I've already done one with Bud about Marvin, but there are some things I'd like to say about Thomas."

LBM nods.

LBM: "Go right ahead then."

"Well Lean, Thomas wants to claim that his place is not a good place to be... well I've been in his head since I beat him the first time... and its given me two wins over him; so I'm trying to figure out how it isn't a good place to be? Its given me two wins and him two losses... he must mean it isn't a good place for him, if I'm in his head, but I'll leave after tonight... when I'm proclaimed PWA World Champion."

LBM: "You seem really confident."

Jethro nods.

"I am Miller, I'm at the best shape I've been at in a long time, healthier, been learning that Muah Thai stuff, best cardiovascular shape, and I've earned this shot at the belt. But Thomas wants the sound to stop as well... that tick tocking sound."

Jethro smirks.

"I told him that it will end and be replaced with the sound of the bell tolling for me... signaling his reign as a PWA World Champion has come to an end."

LBM: "He said that the belt was created for someone like him."

Jethro nods.

"And he would be right, in the beginning the World Title did not have a screw plate on it so that names could be changed out quickly and efficently; then people like Thomas would get lucky and the companies would have to rush around and get another belt made. So, people like Thomas are the reason for belts like we have now, the little screws that are on there to detach names... which will be changed tonight. Thomas is nothing more than a transitional champion who uses defeats to focus himself for the next match; all I've got to say is that he will be really focused next week."

Jethro swallows some Gatorade, hydrating himself before the match.

LBM: "What about Thomas' words about you... um... practically having relations with farm animals?"

Jethro laughs, spraying a bit of Gatorade.

"I have to say blatently obvious, crass, and beneath a true Champion, that of the Big C that I've mentioned before. For a person who is holding a World Title that statement is just hilarious... kind of like Marvin resorting to potty humor. Its rediculous and as meaningful as if I were to say that I didn't know his mother was a farm animal... but I should have known since he was such a jackass."

Jethro smiles, LBM laughs out loud.

"He won when it mattered, I'll give him that... once anyways; when he defeated The Phoenix. However, to start off his reign properly... he lost in a non-title match. Shades of The Phoenix if you ask me, winning when it counts most..."

He nods at LBM.

"And this week he'll be just like The Phoenix..., I don't mean winning when it counts, but without the PWA World Title. He's welcome to walk down to the ring with that sixteen pounds of gold..."

Jethro turns to look at the camera.

"But Thomas, I suggest that you listen to Eric Emerson announce your name, to the fact that he says that you are the current Pioneer Wrestling Association World Champion... because when that bell tolls signaling the end of the match... Eric will be saying... "Winner and NEEEEEEEEW Pioneer Wrestling Association World Champion... Jethro!... Hayes!""

Jethro nods at LBM before walking away from the area.

Emily Corlen vs Matt Stone(c)

Grizzly Beer Ladder Match

The lights in the arena cut to black and the ADC-Tron comes to life with slow, black and white footage of Emily Corlen as the opening chords to "Broken Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest begins playing. Emily's own voice picks up where the artist's normally would as the footage continues playing.

♬ What's that metronome I hear?
Perhaps the end is drawing near
You never hear the shot that takes you down

Now your dreams are memories
Seems more true from far away
Just like smoke that fades and makes no sound ♬

The black and white footage fades to black and color footage starts playing on the Tron. Green strobe lights fill the arena as the name "EMILY CORLEN" amidst a backdrop of flames flashes on the screen. Emily Corlen herself then walks out from behind the curtain, cracking her knuckles as the crowd boos loudly.

♬ Out of time, so say goodbye
What is yours now is mine ♬

Eric Emerson: She hails from Chicago, Illinois...

♬And I dream broken dreams
I make them come true
I make them for you
I make them for you ♬

Emily stops in the center of the stage, looking at all the fans in attendance. She sneers cockily, shaking her head in disgust at the people around her.

♬ Almost to the mountain top
You slip and fall just like a stone
Rolling ever faster to this nightmare you have sown
You had it all right in your grasp
But in a breath your minute passed
Now at last, the end has come, you are all alone ♬

Emily then begins walking down the ramp, her gaze fixed on the ring. She stands at the foot of the ramp for a moment, staring into nothingness, and then begins to circle the ring, her gaze never leaving the ring, almost as if she's stalking it.

♬ Out of time, so say goodbye
What is yours, now is mine ♬

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at 140 pounds...

♬ And I dream broken dreams
I make them come true
I make them for you
I make them for you... ♬

After making a full circle of the ring, Emily reaches the foot of the ramp where she started. She hops up and down a few times in front of the ring apron before leaping up onto the apron.

♬ All your dreams are just illusion
Based on nothing and confusion
Don't you look behind the curtain
No more time, the end is certain ♬

Eric Emerson: She is EMILY… CORRRRRRLENNNNN!!!

♬ And I dream broken dreams
I make them come true
I make them for you ♬

The crowd boos loudly as Emily steps between the ropes, then hops up and down in the corner a few times as the music fades.

I created the Sound of Madness
Wrote the book on pain
Somehow I'm still here to explain
That the darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun,
When you gunna wake up and fight?

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a chorus of boos. He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. He threatens to hit a member of the crowd who was holding up a "Canada sucks" sign and just walks on.

I created the Sound of Madness
Wrote the book on pain
Somehow I'm still here to explain
That the darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun,
When you gunna wake up and fight...
For yourself?

Eric Emerson: “And her opponent, from Ottawa, Ontario Canda…he is the PWA Grizzly Beer champion….MAAAAAATT STOOOOOONE!”

Matt gets on the apron and gets inside the ring, heading straight to a corner and mounts the middle turnbuckle raising his hands. "I'm the best there is!" He shouts out over the loud jeers being rained down on him. He shakes his head to their reaction. "You don't deserve to see me!" He shouts out getting down and taking off the hoodie. Matt get's ready for his opponent, bouncing off the ropes to loosen up as his music fades away

Jon McDaniel: “This is set to be a ladder match for Matt’s Grizzly Beer championship. Will their relationship affect this match?”

Brian Rentfro: “Relationship? No, this is for titles, not tities Jon!”

The bell sounds and we’re under way. Matt and Emily start to circle the ring, never taking their eyes off each other. The two finally lock up, Emily using her strength advantage to back Stone up into a corner. Emily plants her back foot and rams her shoulder into Stone’s gut. She does it again, and then a third time. Matt is quickly winded and Emily lifts him up on the top turnbuckle. With her hand on his throat, she tosses him off the turnbuckle towards the center of the ring, Matt sailing clear across the ring. Corlen took this time to exit the ring and acquire a ladder. She slides it in and gets on the apron to get back in the ring, but Stone springs over and knocks her off the apron! Emily crashes to the mat outside as Stone grabs the ladder and picks it up, setting it up under his title.

Brian Rentfro: “I think Matt wants t win this quick”

Jon McDaniel: “Emily’s getting back up though”

Stone starts climbing the ladder, but as he gets half way up, Emily grabs his leg and pulls him down before clocking him in the face with a hard right hand. Stone backs up and looks somewhat shocked at the blow. Emily has a smirk on her face, inciting Matt to charge at her, which Emily is prepared for. She steps into Matt and grabs him, flipping him around with a huge power slam. Matt didn’t have time to catch his breath, either, as Emily would pick him up and bounce his head off the side of the ladder. Matt crumbled down to the mat and she started to climb up.

Jon McDaniel: “It looks like they both want to end this match early”

Brian Rentfro: “It’s obvious they don’t want to kill each other, but neither wants to lose ether.”

With Corlen up near the top, Stone gets to his feet and starts shaking the ladder. Emily, looking down, senses the ladder will topple She gets down quickly and goes to hit Matt with a clothesline, but Stone ducks it and grabs Emily’s waist, lifting her up and dropping her on the back of her head with a release German Suplex. Stone gets to his feet and calls for Emily to do the same, which she does. Matt hits the ropes and goes for a tackle, but Emily picks him up and spins him around with the Spiral Twister, Matt colliding with the ladder in the process, knocking it over as he’s slammed into the mat. Stone rives in pain on the mat, but Emily knows he won’t be down for long. She sets up the ladder in the corner and turns back to Matt, seeing him already to his feet. This time it was Stone going for a clothesline, that Emily ducked under and brought her foot up high, connecting with Stone’s head, hitting him with her Skullcracker. Matt backed up against the ladder. Emily grabbed his arm and whipped him out of the corner, then reversed Stone’s momentum and forced him right back into the ladder, Matt connecting with the steel and flipped out of the ring and to the outside!

Brian Rentfro: “Stone goes sailing out of the ring! This could be the opportunity Emily’s been waiting for.”

Jon McDaniel: “Is Matt even moving?”

Despite what Jon could see, Stone was indeed moving and he was starting to get up as Emily once again started climbing the ladder she had set up. She was up near the top, her fingertips on the title as Stone got back on the apron. He quickly spring boarded off the top rope and leapt to the ladder, landing on it. Emily was surprised as Stone got to the top, ramming his head into Emily’s, slightly dazing her. Matt would grab her head and quickly leap off the ladder, hitting Emily with a swinging neck breaker off the ladder!

Brian Rentfro: “Oh my! What a neck breaker by Stone”

Jon McDaniel: “Both of them are down”

Stone gets to his feet first and he goes immediately for the ladder, starting to climb up it. The crowd starts getting into it, sensing this could be the end Suddenly, Emily starts getting up as well. Matt has the title in his hand, but Corlen has his right leg. She pulls his off with all her strength, Matt falling down to his feet. Corlen kicks Stone in the midsection, doubling him over. She hooks his arms, looking for the Down in Flames, but she doesn’t go for it right away. She looks down for a moment, and that’s all it takes for Matt to counter, giving her a back body drop over the ropes and to the floor!

Jon McDaniel: “This could be it Brian”

Brian Rentfro: “He’s not going for the ladder though, he’s out of the ring now!”

Stone had indeed gotten out of the ring, measuring Emily up. Corlen got to her feet as quick as possible and glanced in the ring, thinking Matt was going for the ladder. Not seeing him, she turned and Saw Matt running at the steps at ringside. He plants his left foot on the middle step and jumps at Emily, going for the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker, however Emily has it scouted and ducks down on one knee, Matt overshooting his mark and Emily catches his right leg, wrapping it around her neck. She stands up and Stone screams out in pain as he finds himself in the Faith Breaker. Matt cries out in pain, trying to get free, but Emily has him locked in good.

Jon McDaniel: “Stone is locked in the Faith Breaker. Great strategy by Emily here, knowing Matt won’t be able to climb a ladder without the use of his leg”

Emily wrenches more on Stone’s leg, who tries to crawl away, but it’s no good. He just screams out in pain. Emily has a bit of a confused look on her face as she looks out at the crowd, then immediately releases Stone and slides in the ring. She started climbing up the ladder, some of the fans cheering. Matt is able to get on his one good leg, but he can’t stop Emily as she reaches the top and pulls down the GB title!

Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: “Here is your winner…and NNNEEEWWWWW PWA Grizzly Beer champion….Emily Corlen!”

Emily stays atop the ladder, holding up the Grizzly Beer championship for everyone to see. Matt hobbles to the back as Emily celebrates in the ring.

An Offer You Can't Refuse

We can see Matthew Engel cautiously entering the parking lot, after putting his cell phone away. One can assume a phone call or a text message has lured him out here. It's then, from the shadows...

"Yo, Matthew!"

Adrian Kalis steps forward, the AoWF Television Championship shining around his waist in the overhead parking lot lights.

Adrian Kalis: Doesn't have the same... Oomph, does it, old man?

Matthew Engel: So this text was from you? Is this some game to you, kid?

Adrian smirks as a stretch black Cadillac Escalade limousine pulls into the parking lot. It becomes clear, very quickly, who's inside as the vehicle has two Order of Chaos flags at its head. Adrian smirks and the door opens.

Simon Kalis: ...

Tamika Nash Strader: Come in, we've got a lot to discuss.

Engel looks at Simon, then Tamika, then Adrian. He seems to smirk and gets in, Adrian right behind him as we fade to ringside...

Marvin Wood vs Jethro Hayes vs Thomas Manchester Black

PWA World Championship

After the competitors made it out to the ring, the bell sounded and things were under way. Marvin and Hayes started out by double teaming Black, making sure that he was taken care of before they turned their attention to each other. They accomplished this with various strikes, and eventually hitting Black with a double clothesline out of the ring. They then turned to each other. Marvin hitting a snap power slam when Jethro charged. Wood got a quick two count. Hayes fought back to his feet and slammed Marvin back to the mat. Jethro hit the ropes and went for a high leg drop, but Wood rolled out of the way. Marvin was quick to his feet, and while Hayes was getting up, Marvin bounced off the ropes and connected with a knee to Hayes’ head. Wood goes for a cover and its broken up by Black!

Black starts hammering down on Marvin with rights and lefts. Wood starts covering up and catches Black with an elbow to the gut. Wood then drops Black straight to the mat with a DDT. Wood got a two count after that, but stayed focused. He grabbed Black by the back of the head and started to pick him up, but Black countered with a small package! Wood just got the shoulder up. Both men got to their feet at the same time and Black went for a big boot, but Wood ducked. Marvin elbowed Black in the side of the head, but hearing Jethro behind him, he turned around and was soon taken down by Hayes, hitting the Plow out of nowhere! Wood went flying out of the ring, Hayes turning to get Black who tries to hit Hayes with the Branches of Sin, but Jethro counters it by pushing him into the ropes and when Black comes back, he’s caught with a stiff kick to the midsection. Black is doubled over and Hayes picks him up, driving him into the mat with the Planter. Hayes makes the cover and the ref gets down for the count, Wood slides in the ring but is too late to break the count!

Winner: NEW PWA World Champion Jethro Hayes at 17:21

Wanna Buy a Monkey?

Fantastic Andy Strickland's homely face appears on the PWA-Tron as the crowd quiets.

Fantastic Andy: Wow, what a week, huh? First there's an insane sale at Fantastic Andy's Side of the Road Emporium that's still going on, so head there right after the show. But besides that, in slightly less important news, the AOWF World title was vacated. What's that mean? Well, as you've probably heard, all the AOWF feds are putting a challenger into a big match to try and win the title. Since I was the only one in the office at the time, I got to pick the PWA's representative. Since he was kind enough to donate a whole truck load of "Straight Shotter" misspelled t-shirts to my store, I picked former PWA World Champion, Matt Stone!

Fantastic Andy: But wait, there's more!

Fantastic Andy: Since the PWA is hosting this little shindig, I thought I should add a little spice to the show. A little flavour, a little pizzazz, if you will. So I've decided we're going to have a special guest referee for this match. But then I thought, I thought, Andy, who is the only man worthy of such an honour? Who is the only man that can be trusted to call things right down the middle and not let any personal bias get in the way? Well, I thought long and hard and then spend quite a while trying to call this person, which wasn't easy because they screen my calls. But finally I got them on the horn, I asked them to come down, and it turns out their schedule had just opened up. So I'm proud to announce that the special guest referee is none other than PWA Legend... The Phoenix!

Fantastic Andy: But please, don't get too excited. This is a one night only event. He's still quite retired.

And with that, the screen snaps to black.


As the cameras shift backstage, we see the new PWA Grizzly Beer Champion Emily Corlen walking backstage, holding her Championship up for everyone to see. She walks past several techs, all of whom look wholly uninterested until Emily glares at them and they fake an incredible amount of enthusiasm. Pleased with the lukewarm reception, she continues walking.

Emily Corlen: Okay, you little Russian skank. Where the hell are you?

She walks past the female locker room and peers inside. A few bags, including Emily's stuff, but no Elena.

Emily Corlen: I'm gonna find that red headed bitch and show her who the REAL dominant female in PWA is.

She continues walking down the hallway, finally turning the corner and spotting President Davis' office.

Emily Corlen: Maybe Liz knows where that little whore is.

Emily begins walking to Liz's office, but before she can reach it, the door opens and former PWA competitor Rowan O'Kelly exits the office to a huge pop from the Rampage audience! He spots Emily and smiles.

Rowan O'Kelly: Well, if it ain't me old trainin' mate, Em'ly Corlen. I 'ear you been doin' right good fer yerself these past few weeks. Fine'ly 'member how ta win a match, lass?

Emily's eyes narrow.

Emily Corlen: What... the hell... are you doing here? I ran your Irish bitch ass out of PWA months ago!

Rowan grins, his red hair and beard starkly contrasting his pale, white skin.

Rowan O'Kelly: Well, lass, yer half right as usual. Yeh beat me at Genesis and I lost me contract, but I just left the lovely President Davis' office and she let me know that next week, I have a match against any one o' my choosin' in the PWA locker room, and when I win? I get me old job back!

Rowan beams, the crowd cheering along. Emily contemplates how to respond, before finally rearing back and punching him right in the face! Rowan goes down hard as Emily mounts him and begins throwing wild punches, the crowd booing louder and louder. She stands up, and then knees Rowan hard in the skull, cracking his head against the concrete wall! Emily stands above Rowan, shaking with rage as President Davis' door opens and she exits the room, quickly freezing when she spots Emily and Rowan. Emily adjusts the Grizzly Beer Championship on her shoulder and glares at Liz, walking up to her before poking her roughly in the right boob.

Emily Corlen: You and your stupid Board of Directors don't want to pick me to represent PWA for the AoWF World Championship? Fine. But until this company starts treating me with the respect I deserve? THIS -

She motions to Rowan O'Kelly, still KO'ed against the wall.

Emily Corlen: - WILL continue!

She inches in closer to President Davis, her eyes narrow, as her voice gets louder. Liz winces from the volume.

Emily Corlen: I'm not good enough to represent the PWA in the AoWF? I AM THE GOD DAMN AOWF! BELIEVE *THAT*!

Emily turns around and punches the wall opposite both women as hard as she can before storming off. President Davis rubs the spot where Emily poked her, and then watches her leave the area before calling for help for Rowan before Rampage fades off the air.