World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


The Openeer

After the opening video package, we hear the voice of PWA Rampage Jon McDaniel and Brian Rentfro

Jon McDaniel: "Welcome everyone and happy Canada Day! We're coming to you live from Scotia Bank Place in Ottawa, Ontario! What a show we have for you, we have Emily Corlen taking on Justin Case to determine the next challenger for the Grizzly Beer championship!"

Brian Rentfro: "And we have the new PWA World Champion taking on the old World Champion's thorn, Jethro Hayes!"

Jon McDaniel: "But right now, we'll take you to our college, Eric Emerson for a very important announcement!"

A Very Important Announcement

The Rampage logo is barely on the screen before we cut right to what is most likely the best part of the entire show. The blowing of a woodwind instrument declares the arrival of someone or something spectacular. The audience look towards the entrance-way, some aware of what is about to be thrust upon them and others open to such a discovery. And then, the force that is the former 3-time World Champion Marvin Wood enters through the curtain, receiving mostly a negative response as he does so. No mask, though: that change must have been a momentary whim that he has veered from, once again.

Eric Emerson: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome: a former PWA World Heavyweight Champion, Marvin Wood!”

The audience do indeed welcome him, by showering him in negative feedback. Still displaying the same dour facial expression that he has worn since entering the arena – and, to be honest, since he entered the AoWF, twenty months ago – Marvin climbs up the ring steps and into the ring. He retrieves a microphone and stands in the centre of the ring, looking out towards the hard camera side of the ring. His music, 'The Lonely Shepherd' by Georghe Zamfir, cuts out, leaving only the noises of the audience in the arena. Marvin, as always, does not seem to notice this reaction.

Marvin Wood: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. The last time you all saw me, I had defeated four of the AoWF's best in order to reach the final of the 'Who's The Man!?' tournament, only to be cheated out of winning the final due to underhanded and deceitful tactics on the part of Matt Stone.

Marvin nods, slightly, in recognition of this memory.

Marvin Wood: However, I come before you, tonight, not to speak about Matt Stone. To be honest, I believe that the topic of Matt Stone has been exhausted. It has already been made abundantly clear that Matt Stone cannot defeat me, on an equal playing field, and there is therefore nothing more for me to prove in regard to him.

Marvin Wood: No – the reason that I appear before you, tonight, is to discuss someone who, very dissimilar to Stone and others like him, is so naturally talented that the acquisition and retention of World Championships is something that he can comfortably and with ease, achieve and expect. He does not need to cheat; he does not need multiple chances; he can win any match that he wants to. Perhaps surprisingly, however, I speak not of myself. I speak, instead, of the longest-reigning PWA World Champion in history. The owner and innovator of this company. A six-time World Champion. I am speaking, of course, about my good friend 'The Phoenix' Rob Robinson.

'The Crown Jewel' looks around at the audience, as if to indicate that they are in complete agreement with his analysis of his “good friend”.

Marvin Wood: The truth is that something terrible has happened to The Phoenix, recently. And, whilst I do expect him to live up to his moniker, as he always does, and overcome this problem with the sort of dignity and courage that we have come to know him for, I have felt that it is simply such a travesty that I am unable to ignore it. You see – Rob, much like myself, is in a class of skill and ability that almost no-one else inhabits: as I have mentioned, he can do with this ability whatever he chooses to do. And yet, when he does achieve great things, he never brags about them: he never thrusts them into the gaze of his peers. Instead, he accepts his honours with dignity, respect and humility. However, whilst Rob and I do inhabit such a world of greatness, we do occassionally experience what you may refer to as 'off days'. Sometimes, usually due to extraneous circumstances, we do not remain consistent with our ability. Sometimes, we lose matches to people who are well below our threshold of ability.

'The Nomadic Sage' appears to be more intense and perturbed, now.

Marvin Wood: And, unfortunately, when this happens, we cannot depend on those lesser talents who have defeated us to treat their success with the same dignity, respect and humility. It is quite ironic, isn't it? A man such as Thomas Manchester Black, who has achieved next to nothing over the past six months, finally gets a title shot which he is clearly ill-suited for, catches Rob on an a bad day, and now, he is taking liberties with his success. He believes that his fortuitously holding that championship puts him alongside great PWA World Champions of the past, such as Rob and myself. Whilst this may be childish, it is nevertheless also insulting. And so, I am left with only one option.

A pause, allowing the persistently negative reaction to stand alone for a moment.

Marvin Wood: Last week, Rob contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in a match. I agreed. And, therefore – next week – I will defend the honour of myself, the honour of my good friend and the honour of the PWA World Title when I soundly defeat Thomas Manchester Black and win the PWA World Heavyweight Championship.

The sound of woodwind returns to the PA system, and Marvin begins to make his exit.


The scene shifts backstage, where we see former three-time World Champion Emily Corlen walking down the hall. The crowd boos loudly as she pushes her way past a few backstage techs without a second thought. She turns the corner and nearly walks into undefeated PWA newcomer Elena Simonova, who was talking to one of the PWA's makeup girls. Elena realizes someone is behind her and turns around.

Elena Simonova: Umm... can I help you?

Emily looks at the makeup girl, who quickly leaves the area, before turning her attention to Elena.

Emily Corlen: You could get out of my way, for one.

Elena Simonova: Or, you could go around. I was in the middle of a conversation.

Elena turns back around, realizes the makeup girl has already disappeared, and turns her attention back to Emily.

Emily Corlen: Hey, look, your conversation's over. MOVE.

Elena Simonova: Hey, look, there's more room in the hallway. GO AROUND.

Emily gets closer to Elena, their eyes locked on one another.

Emily Corlen: Who the hell do you think you are? Do you know who I am?

Elena Simonova: I do. Your ego's hard to miss. Of course, that's not the only thing about you that's hard to miss.

Elena peeks casually around at Emily's backside, causing the former Champion to blush. She grows angrier as Elena smirks.

Emily Corlen: Give me one reason why I shouldn't beat your ass down right now!

Elena Simonova: One reason, two words: Tic tac.

Elena smiles sarcastically before turning around and walking away. Emily continues to glare until she's out of sight, and once she is, she holds her hand up and casually checks her breath before turning in the other direction and storming off in a huff.

Cody Bogard vs Electra

Singles Match

Electra came out for a fight
Cody Bogard was her foe tonight
They fought tooth and nail
Butterfly Effect failed
Hero Time marked Electra's sad plight

Winner: Cody Bogard

The Virus Makes a Phone Call

We're backstage and the crowd bursts into cheers as Matthew "Virus" Engel is seen roaming the halls on the PWAtron. He stops at a door to an office that says "President of the PWA". Well, it's a new face these days, and Matthew - instead of barging in or kicking the door off its hinges - decides to knock!

*Knock Knock*

President: Come in!

The Virus obliges, and steps into the office. The camera focuses on Elizabeth Davis, acting President in the absence of Rob Robinson. She's incredibly easy on the eyes and a down to business type of gal.

President Davis: Oh Matthew! Please, have a seat.

Engel obliges once more, draping his tag title belt over one seat and then sitting in the seat next to it. He stretches his back for a moment and cracks his knuckles - loudly.

Matthew Engel: Oh man that felt amazing.

President Davis: It.. yeah... what can I do for you, Matthew?

Matthew Engel: You can call Robinson right now.

President Davis: He's on vacation, Matthew, surely I can help you with something.

Matthew Engel: You can help me by dialing Rob's number.

Elizabeth huffs for a moment, but hits the speed dial on her office phone. Ring ring... ring ring... ring ring...

The Phoenix: Elizabeth, what's happening?

President Davis: Nothing, Rob. I know you said to call you in cases of emergency, but I'm having trouble dealing with... well you're not even an employee are you? You're just a pest.

Engel looks at her funny, and then smiles.

Matthew Engel: Robert!

The Phoenix: Matthew? Jesus Christ, that's not even my name.

Matthew Engel: Oh I'm aware. Listen, I know you're sipping on some Yoo-hoo and playing some God awful video game right now, but this is important. I told you to expect a phone call from me.

The Phoenix: I'm hanging up, this is ridiculous. Elizabeth can take care of whatever you need.

Matthew Engel: So she can give me that AOWF World Title shot and loan me a million dollars?

Rob was about to hang up, but all we hear is a deep breath of regret on the other line. Oh, the phone is totally on speaker.

The Phoenix: What the hell, Matt? Aren't you retired?

Matthew Engel: Technically. I just wanted your attention. Listen, I don't want a PWA contract. In fact, I don't want a contract from any company in this community. I just want to make sure you do pay me for selling out your show last week.

The Phoenix: You don't want to be a PWA employee, but you want me to pay you for what... an appearance here and there until you lose that tag title and vanish again?

Matthew Engel: Precisely!

The Phoenix: Listen closely Matt, you're on a tight fucking leash in this place. Sure, you can roam around like you're some renegade AOWF free agent and protect your boy Jethro, but you will get paid about the same as Scottie fucking Snow. No bonuses for being a champion. No cut from merchandise sales. You will be receiving the bare minimum if you really want to play games with me.

Engel paused for a moment, and shrugged. Robinson was in no mood for games.

Matthew Engel: It's your show. Just give me the bare minimum and when I feel like it, I'll be out of your lives again.

Robinson paused on the other line. Elizabeth had a look of confusion.

The Phoenix: Who are you and what have you done with The Virus?

Matthew Engel: Oh it's me, Rob. Take four months off in bliss and paradise, let go of your petty stress, and you'll come back being able to appreciate things a little more. In all honesty, I'm just here to back Jethro up and have fun. As soon as that passes, it's back to the beach with my girl.

The Phoenix: The same girl you were just half-joking about wanting to fight at Sizzler for the AOWF World Title?

Matthew Engel: Wouldn't be too much different than what goes on in the bedroom, what with all the --

The Phoenix: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! I have a shot of Yoo-hoo waiting for me. Elizabeth, take care of Matthew's bare minimums and stop calling me!

He hangs up for reals this time, and Engel is pleased.

President Davis: I don't get it, Matthew. You don't want a lucrative contract? You don't want to be on top again?

Matthew Engel: Well I'll get out of your hair then... what should I call you? Miss President? The First Lady?

President Davis: The First Lady? Just call me President Davis.

Engel nods and gets up from his seat, grabbing his tag title and heading out the door. Davis shakes her head and we pan back to the ring.

The Champ is Here

The pulsing guitar riff hits the speakers as "Electric Worry" by Clutch begins to play as the smoke rises up from the entrance ramp. Out walks Thomas Manchester Black. TMB is wearing Black shoes and Black suit pants. He tops that off with a Grey button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The PWA World Heavyweight Championship resting over his right shoulder. The AOWF IC Championship around his waist.

" Well, you made me weep
and you made me moan
When you caused me to leave child,
my happy home
But someday baby,
you ain’t worry my life no more."

Jon McDaniel: Well here he comes, the newly crowned AOWF IC Champion and PWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Brian Rentfro: Say what you may about TMB, but when things were on the line, he got the job done. And you can’t take that from him. Even though Jethro Hayes would beg to differ.

Pyros spike up from the entrance all the way down the ramp. TMB begins to make his way down the rampway as Red lights flicker throughout the arena. On the screen behind him, you can see clips from Black's various MMA and Pro-wrestling matches.

" I get satisfaction
Everywhere I go
Where I lay my head
That’s where I call home
Whether barren pines
Or the mission stair
Take tomorrow’s COLOR
And give ‘em back the glare

Bang, bang, bang, bang!
Vamonos, vamonos
Bang, bang, bang!
Vamonos, vamonos"

Black makes it ringside and stops at the steel steps for a moment before walking up them. He hopes up on the turnbuckle and rises the PWA World Heavyweight title in the air and and pats the AOWF IC Championship. He looks out into the crowd before hopping off the turnbuckle. He puts the World title on his shoulder before calling for a mic. He waits for a moment before speaking.

TMB: First and foremost let me say thank you, Robinson. Because if it wasn’t for your ego..that giant size chip on your shoulders…I wouldn’t be in this ring, right now…with two of the most valuable titles in our company’s circle. Talk all you may about your reason, about your motives, but we all know the truth. I did what many have tried but couldn’t do, I ran you out of active competition. And that knowledge ranks up there with having these two belts. But allow me to address some things. A lot of people want to say now its time to see if I earned this World Title. For 189 days, The Phoenix held a death grip on this title. The longest reigning World champion in PWA history. And I dethroned him. Not Hayes, Not Engel, Not Langly, Stone or Starr…ME. In a last man standing match, after he tried to scramble my brains inside out. I walked out with not one…but two titles, because he did what everyone else has done. He overlooked me and wrote me off. But those who knew…those who knew were ready to celebrate with me.

Thomas pauses and grins…soaking in the cheers from the crowd.

TMB: Heh, but with every great victory there is always some type of lose. And that has come to me in the form of Jethro Hayes. That’s one in your corner, Hayes, no matter how close it was…its still one in your corner. I won’t pretend as if thoat win doesn’t count. So let me do this Hayes, you win tonight and you can go get the contract drawn, I’ll sign on the dotted line and give you the match for the belt that you are so hell bent on getting. Heh, I am willing to give you the shot you want in any type of match you desire. So the ball is in your court, Hayes. But I want you to remember one thing, Robinson thought that for the titles that I would falter under the light and he was wrong. Your ass better hope that you don’t make the same mistake.

TMB drops the mic and leaves the ring, leaving the crowd and everyone shocked at the challenge he just put out.

Parker vs Elena Simonova

Singles Match

The match started out in a striking fest with the two ladies battling it out. The crowd was loving it (obviously) as two hot chicks turned professional wrestlers began dazzling the audience with impressive mat work and high-risk aerial moves after the brutal punch for punch war. Elena got the advantage with her trademarked 200 Proof move and went for the first pinfall attempt, but came up only at 2. Elena got a little cocky which Parker took advantage of, nailing her in the back of the head with a superkick as Elena was strutting for the crowd. Parker took advantage of Elena on the ground and connected with a five-star frog splash from the top rope. Parker stayed on top for the cover but Elena got her shoulder up right before the three count. Back and forth the match continued to go, both ladies becoming equal forces and the winner could only emerge from what probably would end up a fatal mistake.

Parker whipped Elena into the ropes and Elena bounced back, ducking a clothesline attempt from Parker. Elena stopped on a dime and turned around, Parker doing the same only to get a boot to the gut from Elena. Elena quickly and impressively took Parker down with her Vodka Tonic move which made Parker nearly motionless after. Elena went for the cover.




Winner: Elena Simonova in 10:45

The Virus Buys Facebook Stock

We're backstage in the locker room of Jethro Hayes, where Second 2 None is currently hanging out with their PWA Tag Titles. Virus is whipping through his iPhone while Hayes is getting mentally prepared for his big match tonight against the PWA World Champion.

Jethro Hayes: Hey, Matt, did you read what Simon said about us?

Engel looks up for a moment, no reaction at all really.

Matthew Engel: I didn't see it. What did it say?

Jethro Hayes: Something along the lines of how we only show up to play when him and Adrian aren't around.

Engel starts laughing and then looks back down at his iPhone.

Jethro Hayes: We going to do anything about it?

Matthew Engel: Jethro, you gotta know that's just a vain attempt at getting our attention. Who the fuck cares?

Jethro shrugs his shoulders and stretches his back out.

Jethro Hayes: Yeah you're probably right.

Matthew Engel: I'm totally right. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm never wrong. Listen, don't worry about those two cripples. You've got a huge match tonight, dude, and you know it. TMB is on a whole different level now and you're going to have to put him away decisively.

Jethro Hayes: You damn right. This is as good as time as any to make my run back to the top.

Matthew Engel: And I would love nothing more than to have the PWA World Champion as my tag partner.

Jethro nods and Engel once again goes back to reading something on his iPhone, or navigating an app. Who knows.

Matthew Engel: Well, I just bought a bunch of Facebook shares with the money Robinson paid me for last week.

Jethro Hayes: How do you think that's going to go?

Matthew Engel: Bad, I hope. I'd love to see the look on Rob's face when he knows I'm pissing away the small amounts of money he's giving me.

Jethro Hayes: Why don't you just ask for a contract?

Engel looks up and shakes his head.

Matthew Engel: What would be the fun in that? I'm trying to have fun here, Jethro, I don't mean to get serious about this any time soon.

Hayes nods his head and we cut back to ringside.

Hell and Highwater vs Simon Kalis/Scott Nash Strader

Singles Match

Jon McDaniel: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! I have just got word that our tag team match tonight will be for the chance to face Second 2 None for the PWA Tag Team Chamionships at Summer Sizzler!

Brian Rentfro: And we are joined by Tamika Nash Strader, wife of Simon Kalis and General Manager of Rebel Pro. What brings you out here tonight?

Tamika Strader: Well don’t forget I still work here in the PWA so I have every right to be here, but I’m here to see my dad revive an old tag team name with my wonderful husband.

Jon McDaniel: Speaking of which, our competitors are in the ring ready to fight!

Eyebrows pointed down to the bridge of his nose in a scowl, SNS stepped out onto the apron, then gives Kalis a pat on the shoulder. Ready to get things started, SK ambushes Starr with a leaping forearm to the side of the head, catching the former Master of Armageddon on the temple. Kalis scores with a string of swinging rights, before a boot crashes into Starr’s ribs. SK sprung up and dropped an Elbow across the back of Starr’s bowed head.

Jon McDaniel: Starr already getting it.

Brian Rentfro: I love it when Anna Mathews bends like that.

Tamika Strader: Careful, you don’t want to piss off my sister Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah…

As JD urges him on, a snarling Starr crawls back up, holding the back of his head. Kalis flips himself up into the ropes, building up speed before exploding off the canvas with a flying cross body… only for Starr’s boot to find itself into Kalis’ abdomen. Vanessa cheers S&D on from ringside slapping on the mat.

Jon McDaniel: Starr getting back at his former friend and ally.

Tamika Strader: Jon, you should know my husband was never really friends with Starr. He’s an idiot. And who wants to be friends with an idiot? Oh wait… Brian and you… Sorry I forgot.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah Jon--- hey wait a minute!

Kalis crawls up the ropes where he was met face-to-face by Starr who greets him by smashing his head into Simon’s nose. Star keeps the effort up with a knee ploughed into his side. Then an elbow slammed into the crown of Kalis’ skull. With Kalis out on his feet, Starr tosses him overhead with a head-and-arm suplex. Looking decidedly shell-shocked, Kalis rallied to the corner, only for Starr to descend upon him with a few hard punches to the back of the skull.

Jon McDaniel: That’s gotta hurt, how can he even be cleared to wrestle?

Tamika Strader: Did you forget who your boss is?

Jon McDaniel: Right…

Tag! Pressing his foot into Starr’s grip, JD flings backwards into a rapid spin, rotating past a moonsault to land across Simon. Joshua goes for the quick pin.


2 - NO…

A trio of hard kicks to the chest sent Simon staggering back to the corner, while Danielson rushes in and connected with both knees, holding on and dropping back to impale his opponent with an inverted lungblower. As a winded Kalis rose, Joshua scores with a kick to the outside of his knee, followed by a knee to the side, then a spinning backfist across the jaw. As Kalis sways back and forth in front of him, Joshua arches back, tagging in Starr, who connects leap frog DDT combo thing. Who knew Starr was creative? Starr drops for the pin.

Brian Rentfro: I’m surprised they are doing this well.

Tamika Strader: So am I.




Starr drags him up, and then hoists him up for a powerbomb… where Simon reeled off a desperate volley of right hands to Starr’s face before taking his opponent down with a giant face plant.




Jon McDaniel: Kalis showing why he is The Glorious One.

Tamika Strader: What did I tell you Jon?

As they get up, Starr swings for a knock-out blow, only for Kalis to nimbly duck and score with a spinning heel kick into his side. Starr stoops down, clasping his abdomen, leaving him open to a Muay Thai angle kick from Kalis that almost snapped his head off at its neck. As Starr crumbles to the ground, Kalis jumps on him.



2 1/2…

Not able to put Starr down for the count, Simon, body still stinging from the earlier attack, staggers to his corner. Tag, and enter the Strader. SNS winks at his on and lends a giant leg drop across Starr. He’s up quick for an old fuck, and sets Starr up with The Finishing Touch Jack-Knife Powerbomb. He connects, the canvas shakes, and panties are wet.

Jon McDaniel: An older weaker finisher from the arsenal of Scott Nash Strader.

Tamika Strader: I’d like to see you get up from that Jon..

SNS punishes him with a stomp to the head before pulling him up into a vertical suplex condition dumping Starr stomach first across the top rope. Lining up his prone opponent, SNS drives a big boot deep into Starr’s face, almost forcing Starr off the ring apron. SNS quickly follows that up with a knee to the head of the prone Starr. SNS lines up for another shot, but thick headed Starr blocks, only to be brought off the ropes by picking him up by his tights and dropping him in the centre of the ring. SNS hits the top rope and flies off with a en elbow drop on Starr. He hooks the leg.



2 3/4…

SNS pounds the mat with his fist and pulls Starr up by the arm, SNS plants a boot to his side which drops Starr to one knee. Tag! Bounding into the ring, Kalis stings Starr’s jaw with a string of jabs, before landing a discus punch that flattens him. With Starr groggy, Kalis shuffles back and charges at Starr. This time, However, Danielson yells at Starr warning his partner, who sends Kalis overhead with an back body drop.

Jon McDaniel: Oh he got some good air on that one.

Brian Rentfro: Both men make the tags!

SNS charges into the ring.Joshua through the ropes. A clothesline from SNS is ducked by Danielson, quickly wraps SNS in a clinch and starts to fire off some knee shots. With SNS stunned, Joshua connects with a spinning back heel kick to take him off his feet, before going for a pinfall.



As SNS staggered up, an eager Joshua rushed him with a Lou thez press, but the SNS catches him in the air. Danielson pounds on Strader to let him go, but SNS smiles grabs him by the neck and choke slams him to hell. SNS picks up him onto his shoulders, Simon hits the top rope and clothesline Danielson off SNS’s shoulders with a doomsday device.

Jon McDaniel: I smell the end coming.

Tamika Strader: I smell the garbage that is your commentary skills. The both of you suck.

Brian Rentfro: No one asked you out here.

Scott goes to grab Danielson, but the old man was a tad too slow and Joshua makes the tag to Starr. Kalis rushes the ring, trying to knock Starr off the apron, but his punch is blocked and a brutal elbow is delivered to his face. Storming into the ring, Starr grabs Kalis and starts to fight with him but SNS grabs onto Starr, irish whips him into the ropes, and in two very swift motions Starr gets treated with the gorilla press slam backbreaker combination.

Jon McDaniel: The Memory Remains!

Scott hooks the leg as Simon spears Danielson out of the ring.




Eric Emerson: Here are your winners…. SEEK AND DESTROY!

The music cues up for S&D but it doesn’t faze the ‘father-son’ duo. Scott grabs Danielson by his neck as Simon has picked up Starr and taken him to the top rope. Scott lifts Danielson up and brings down with his second choke slam to hell tonight. Scott switftly steps on his neck cause him to gasp for air, meanwhile on the top rope.

Tamika Strader: I suggest leaving this announce table gentlemen.

The announcers look up and move da fuck out da way as Lucious Starr is treated to the Sentencing of the Damned right through the announcers table! The fans in the arean are going nuts and we have lost feed to our announcers and the Rebel Pro General Manager. Vanessa Strader hands Scott a spool of barbwire she had pulled out from under the ring and he in turns hands it to the rising Simon. Simon nods and Scott steps away bowing towards Lucious Starr. Simon uncoils the barbwire, holds it up to the crowd to see who are going crazy for the ultra-violence they are about to witness. Simon wraps it around Starr’s neck and begins to choke him out as the barbwire sinks into Starr’s neck. Starr is flailing about as referee’s come running down to the ring, but Scott is there to stop them. He begins levying himself some hefty fines as he begins assaulting the referees and security staff. Eventually it all becomes too much and people are to get to Starr and save him from death.

Winners: Seek and Destroy

All Hail (To The Champ)

Our new PWA World and AoWF Intercontinental Champion is inside of his locker room, preparing for the match later tonight versus Jethro Hayes. When! Suddenly!

Adrian Kalis: Hey.

Adrian Kalis opens the door, TMB looks back but Adrian puts his hands up.

Adrian Kalis: I know what you’re thinking. Jethro is Order. I am Order. I must be here to weaken you before your match with him… But.

Adrian shuts the locker room door slowly.

Adrian Kalis: I’m not.

TMB: Then why are you here?

Adrian smirks and steps forward, extending his hand.

Adrian Kalis: I wanted to congratulate you. I’m sure you’ve heard it a lot from fans, but not from peers. Everyone always has a tendency to be jealous and covet what isn’t theirs. But you did it and I wanted to congratulate you in person for what you accomplished. That’s all.

TMB pauses a moment to judge Adrian’s intention. But they finally shake hands.

Adrian Kalis: Good luck tonight man.

Adrian steps back, bowing slightly before quickly spinning around and leaving. TMB continues lacing his boots as we fade to ringside.

Tick Tock

Jethro walks out of the S2N room, dressed and prepared for his match in just a few moments; but he's accosted by Lean Bean Miller... the intrepid reporter that he is..

LBM: "Jethro, are you ready for your match?"

Jethro looks at LBM, giving him an appraising look.

Jethro: "New suit Miller?"

LBM looks up and down at his suit.

LBM: "No, what makes you think so?"

Jethro smiles.

Jethro: "I didn't think it was, looks similar to the ones that were in style back in the late Nineties."

LBM is taken aback and seems to be a bit ticked, Jethro pats him on the shoulder.

Jethro: "Just messing with you Miller, though the suit is a bit out of style... but who am I to talk... I wrestle in overalls right?"

LBM goes to nod.

Jethro: "Don't answer that Miller... I might have a bit of a warm-up match if you do."

LBM gulps; Jethro smiles.

Jethro: "But to answer your question Miller... No, I'm scared to death of facing Thomas Manchester Black. I mean he's turned over a new leaf... he's a better wrestler... he's got me shaking in my boots..."

LBM: "Really?"

Jethro scoffs.

Jethro: "No. I've prepared for this match like it is the last one in my career, like it is for the PWA World Title, like its on the grandest stage of them all..."

Jethro points out to the arena.

Jethro: "Because while this isn't Genesis... to me... each and every match is the grandest stage of them all. Its a chance for me to take the PWA by storm. Its a chance for me to wow everyone in attendence, at home, and watching on their smart devices... Its my time to shine... for everyone and show them that I mean business. But most importantly... on this particular stage Miller..."

Jethro leans down, LBM bringing the mic a bit closer as Jethro whispers.

Jethro: "Its time for Mr. Black to realize that he's got a true challenger... a true threat to his reign... someone who is going to rip that belt away from him like a bully in the playground."

Jethro stands back up, pointing to his wrist as he looks in to the camera's lense.

Jethro: "Tick tock Thomas... tick tock."

{fade to Liz's office}

This Show needs more Matt Stone

Part 1

President Davis is sitting behind a desk when the door opens. She looks up, slightly annoyed, then relieved. On screen walks PWA Grizzly Beer champion, Matt Stone. Those of you who watched TXW would know that Stone is clearly not a fan of knocking, Stone walks up and leans down on Liz’s table, a smirk on his face.

Matt: “So I hear you’re giving me the AoWF World title shot, I just wanted to thank you personally Lizzy.”

President Davis looks up, almost an amused grin on her face.

President Davis: “Oh you did, did you? And who told you that?”

Stone shrugs, pointing to himself. Liz laughs.

President Davis: “Well certainly if you impress me the most in the ring over the next few weeks, I would be happy to give you that opportunity. I think you’ve earned it over your hard work these passed three years, however as President I need to remain impartial, hence, impress me over the next three weeks and it’s yours. You can start next week when you face the winner of our next match. Here, have a seat and we’ll see who that’ll be, just for old time’s sake.”

Matt has a mixture of annoyance and bewilderment on his face, apparently he’s not just going to get what he wants for no reason, how odd for him. Matt decides to take a seat and watches the monitors as Emily and Justin make their way to the ring.

Emily Corlen vs Justin Case

Singles Match

Emily and Case starts the match out slowly, Justin not wanting to rush into anything, but Emily does. In fact, it becomes apparent that Corlen is trying to get this match over as quickly as possible. Corlen knocked Case down with a stiff clothesline, a hard scoop slam and a stalling vertical suplex. Justin was getting winded from the offense and he wasn’t able to block when Emily doubled him over and dropped him strain on his face, hitting her signature Crimson Plunge. Corlen went for a cover and was able to get a two count. Emily glared at the referee and Case took this time to roll out of the ring to catch his breath. Emily noticed and started to follow Case out of the ring, however when she poked her head out of the ring, Case grabbed her head and stun gunned her off the middle rope!

Case quickly gets on the apron and Emily backs up holding her neck. Justin sprints to the top rope and comes off, hitting Emily in the chest with a front dropkick off the top! Emily falls back and Case bounces, quickly zooming in on Emily’s shoulder Case sends several straight kicks at Corlen’s right shoulder, trying to soften it up. Emily, in pain, gets to her knees and pushes him up. Emily stands up and goes for a big kick to Case’s head, but Justin side steps it and sends a hard round house kick at Emily’s right shoulder. Emily screams out an stumbles to the left as Case grabs Emily’s head and snap mares her over, now grabbing her right arm and locking it in an arm bar. Emily reached out for the ropes with her foot, but couldn’t reach it. Case wrenched the shoulder more and Emily screams, but she doesn’t give up, she believes she can find a way out of this. She starts working her way back to her feet., being the stronger of the two, she forces Case up as well and using her right arm that he has trapped, she’s able to lift Case up off the mat and slam him down with a modified sidewalk slam!

Both competitors are down with Emily holding her arm. They are being counted down, but it’s Case who is first to get to his feet at six, closely followed by Emily. Justin hits the ropes for momentum and comes back for a DDT attempt, but he’s caught by Corlen who spins him in the air before slamming him down to the ground with her Spiral Twister! Rather than go for the cover, Emily gets up, signaling the end for Case. Justin is starting to get up, but Emily gives him a helping hand by grabbing the back of his head and spinning him, hooking his arms and lifting him high in the air, but in the process she strains her shoulder and Case is able to wiggle out of the Catalyst. Case kicks Emily hard in the midsection, doubling over the Queen of Professional Wrestling. Case hooks Emily’s arms behind her back, the crowd knows what’s next, but so does Corlen, who quickly rotates her body to the right, loosening and freeing her arms. Case tries to grab Emily’s weakened right arm in the process and he’s met with Emily’s right knee in his face as her left arm snatches Case’s head and drives it straight down. Emily Corlen just successfully hit the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Case is out and Emily goes for the cover, getting the 1 2 3!

Winner: Emily Corlen in 14:21

This Show needs more Matt Stone

Part 2

With Emily heading for the back victorious, Stone and Liz are shown again in her office. Matt is slowly clapping before turning back to Liz.

Matt: “See that? Emily just won, which means I don’t have to defend next week, she doesn’t want to take my title away. So looks like you have to give me a real match next week so I can impress you.”

Liz has a smirk on her face at that.

President Davis: “Actually, Matt, Emily seemed quite determined to take that Grizzly Beer championship from you, she even went so far this week as to say that when she beats you, you’ll be, and I quote with this, “damn happy for her”. So I would suggest that whomever wins that match will go far in impressing me.”

Matt looks stunned upon hearing that news, but quickly recovers.

Matt: “Well, if Emily wants to lose in front of everyone next week, that’s her call. But you know…I have other ways of impressing you, other than just winning matches.”

Liz looks up, somewhat amused.

President Davis: “Go on…”

Matt: “Well you must be tired from wall this work you’ve had to do, what do you say after the show we go grab a bite to eat and discuss this further?”

Before Liz has a chance to response, Emily Corlen comes barging into the office, supporting her right arm, grabs Stone by the ear with her left hand and drags him out of the office, Liz has an amused smile on her face.

President Davis: “Oh, happy Canada Day you two!”

She shakes her head and gets back to work.

TMB vs Jethro Hayes

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: The following match is your Pioneer Wrestling Association Main Event of the evening...

Time for a lil' Southern Justice"

Colt Ford's special remake of this song for Jethro Hayes hits up in the arena's speakers. The youngest Grand Slam Champion in PWA history walks through the black curtain, he looks out to the crowd.

~Down the road where the black top ends, you can find Jethro Hayes with all his friends, we're used to gravel roads, and fishin' with cane poles, wasn't no swimmin' pools, jus swimmin' holes.~

Up on the screen a blacktop road begins to wind away in front of us and we travel along it as though we are in a car. Jethro holds his fisted right hand into the air and the crowd pops for. Jethro begins to walk down the ramp making sure to slap the hands of the fans along his way. Jethro goes from side to side because if they are going to respect him for what he is doing and how he is changed, he will respect them as well.

~We was dirt road poor, and cane switched raised, done came a long way since back in them days, been ‘round the world twice seen all fifty states, ate on thousand dollar china, but love sum paper plates , there aint nuthin wrong with them big city lights, but me, I prefer them slow country nights, where I can see the darkness come and then go~

Along the side of the ropes are buildings erected with the names of the Championships that he has won instead of typical names of businesses. Other such names include "Hall of Fame", "Wrestler of the Quarter", "Face of the Year", and many "Match of the Quarter" buildings are all along side the rode. He reaches the bottom of the ramp.

~Most folks is honest, and they all speak slow, you can leave your door open, aint nuttin' gunna happen, most country folks sing, but I couldn't, so im rappin, I wanna show yall where I come from, and invite yall all down to any country town~

The road winds through a small city, but the image of the very arena in which we are having the PWA show tonight comes into view around a corner. Jethro climbs the steps and is on the apron. He wipes his feet out of respect for the legends in this sport and the respect he has for this sport before stepping through the ropes.

(Chorus with John Michael Montgomery singing)
Now before I pack and things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, to take a ride through the country.

Eric Emerson: From Lenox, Georgia he stands at six feet seven inches, weighing in at three hundred and fifteen pounds... Jethro Hayes!

~Up, dressed, and gone by 5 am, he's country, and he's rappin' we gotta play him, folks been waitin for some one like me, to give ‘em some hot beats and spit that country~

Jethro hits the ropes, bouncing off to get the blood pumping a bit before his match. The blacktop road in front of us enters the arena's door and heads somewhere inside.

~His overalls don't sag, they fit, they kinda tight, got on a John Deere t-shirt, no nothin' but work. Daylight til dark, that's how I was bread, and I'll keep bein' country til the day I'm dead~

Jethro climbs the turnbuckle that faces the majority of the crowd, holding up his fisted right hand before pointing to them. Just in front of the blacktop road is a black curtain, we sit here waiting as though it is the end of our ride.

~See, country folks eat biscuits called cat heads, bar-b-q, baked beans, sweet tea, and white bread, we like to fish and hunt, aint scared of a fight, love the Good Lord and believe in doin' right,~

He drops down, rushing to the opposite side of the ring to climb up and point to that section of the crowd.

~Got 4-wheel drives, some got mud on ‘em, you can keep your rolls roice, cuz baby, we don't want 'em! So now yall all know exactly who I am, and if you aint into that, i don't give a damn!~

Jethro drops down, heading to the third corner and once again climbs up, pointing out to himself before he points to the crowd.

The chorus hits up again...

~Now before I pack my things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, take a ride through the country.~
Jethro climbs the final turnbuckle, and points to this section of the crowd.

~You might have seen me on your t.v, but honey, that don't mean a thing, you see, I'm still that same ‘ol country boy, and that's all I'll ever be, and sometime, those bright lights blind me, and make it hard for me to see, but when I need to be reminded, I take a ride through the country~

Jethro drops down, he heads to center ring where he looks down to gather his thoughts before the match.

~At about 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, them country boys head down to the local saloon, you welcome to stop in and have a cold bottle, big city boys and stuck up super models, we don't care where ya from, as long as you polite, cuz push come to shove and every one of us will fight~

Even through the roar of the crowd, Jethro nods as he listens to the song and allows it to remind him of things in the past. It reminds him of the times he's been pushed around and how he will not let it happen anymore.

~We mostly easy like Sunday morning, ol' Colt came here to give yall fair warnin', country folks wont be pushed around, and theres some of us livin' in every town, we believe in the Bible, and the U.S.A, work hard for what you want, it's the American way, no body owe you nothin' supposed to earn your keep, but in a hard days work, get a good nights sleep,
I know some of yall think Colt's kinda odd, but I'm loud, proud and country by the grace of God!~

Jethro points to the crowd one last time as the blacktop view on the big screen seemingly flies through the screen, showing that Jethro considers those fans in attendance friends.(it goes back to the very first line in the first verse). Jethro turns to face the entrance ramp, raising his head up so that he can see it clearly.

The piercing guitar riff of "Electric Worry" by Clutch blast over the PA system, as the lights street to flicker red.

"Well you made me weap
And you made me moan
When you caused me to leave, child
My happy home
But someday baby
You ain't 'bout worry my life


Eric Emerson: Now introducing from Tokyo, Japan by the way of his hometown, The Queen City…Charlotte , North Carolina...

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing baggy Blue jeans and boots. He tops that off by wearing a Grey North Carolina Tar Heels Hoodie with a towel over his head & his forearms and fists taped up. On his fist and forearm tape you see the words “Fallen Saint”. Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air.

Eric Emerson: He is the self proclaimed "Best Wrestler In This Company" and he is your AOWF Intercontinental Champion and PWA World Champion

"I get satisfaction
Everywhere I go
Where I lay my head
That's where I call home
Whether barren pines,
Or the mission stare,
Take tomorrow's collar
And give em back the glare"

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd that are tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn't even look at the ref as he makes his way to the middle of the ring. He folds his arms as Carolina Blue and White streamers flood the ring, Japanese style. TMB bows to the fans and goes to the corner as Ring Hands start to clean the streamers from the ring.


"Bang Bang Bang Bang
Vámonos, Vámonos
Bang Bang Bang
Vámonos Vámonos"

Once the ref is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a nearby ring hand, before slinking down into a sitting position in the corner. Black eyes remain focused as he waits for the match to begin.

Ding Ding

Collar and elbow lockup, TMB with a quick side headlock, wrenching in the hold. Jethro shoves him in the ropes, TMB puts the brakes on, dragging Jethro forward a bit; Jethro reaches out for the ropes, bouncing off them again, but again TMB puts the brakes on. However Jethro lifts TMB up, a very unsuspecting move, dropping TMB on his shoulders, causing the side headlock to break. Jethro up quickly and off the ropes driving a knee in to TMB's face that lays the World Champion out.

Brian Rentfro: He's not going to do it, but this is Jethro's chance to shine against the World Champ.

Jon McDaniel: He can do it, he has done it, but you are right... this is his time to prove to everyone.

Jethro off the other ropes, leaping over TMB, then its TMB's turn to leap frog over the rebounding Hayes. Jethro slams on the brakes, spinning around delivering The Plow! TMB spins out of the way quickly, Jethro slamming heavily in to the corner post.

Brian Rentfro: Not good for Hayes' shoulder, all I got to say is... Told You So.

Jon McDaniel: The match is far from over Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Not where I'm concerned its already over.

Jethro comes out from the corner, right in to a Maui Thai kick to the leg, rising up to nail the ribs with another kick, to the arm, and capitalizing with a vicious Maui Thai kick that nearly decapitates Jethro putting him on the canvas. TMB smirks down at Jethro and at a Jethro fan in the first row, pulling the wannabe #1 Contender up to his feet, Jethro pulls a stunned TMB past him and through the ropes to the outside. Jethro shakes his head, clearing the cobwebs, before pulling himself up to the vertical base. Jethro looks at TMB pulling himself up, back to the ring, and Jethro is off the ropes. Jethro rebounds, grabbing the top rope, just as TMB spins around at the sound...

Jethro flips over the top rope to land on TMB's shoulders!

Jon McDaniel: How did he do that?

Brian Rentfro: Simple, Jethro's smoking that old crack rock, they can do anything on that stuff.

Jethro with a twist and flip sends TMB onto the announcer's table, knocking a monitor in to Brian Rentfro's lap.

Jon McDaniel: Are you ok Brian?

Brian Rentfro: I think...

Jon McDaniel: It doesn't matter!

Brian Rentfro: Funn

Jon McDaniel: It doesn't matter if it was funny!

Jethro up off his knee, heading over to TMB, who lays prone on the table as the referee begins his mandatory ten count.


Jethro reaches the table...


TMB with the loosened monitor right in to Jethro's midsection that doubles him over.


TMB ties the cable around Jethro's neck so that the monitor is below Jethro's face.


Grabbing Jethro's hair, TMB leaps off the table, driving his thigh into the back of Jethro's skull, thus causing Jethro's face to slam heavily in to the monitor, the monitor onto the floor, and the monitor back in to Jethro's face.


Brian Rentfro: There goes a few thousand.

Jon McDaniel: Thomas Manchester Black showing that he means business here in this match!

Brian Rentfro: He's the World Champion, he's turned over a new leaf.


TMB rolls off the prone form of Jethro, looking down at his handywork.


He slowly unties the cable.


He drags Jethro over to the ring, pounding his face in to the apron for good measure.


He rolls Jethro under the ropes, following him in quickly, and slowly gets up to his feet. TMB off the ropes, dropping a sharp and sudden shin across Jethro's throat cutting off the gasping Hayes' oxygen and holding the position.


The referee is right in TMB's face warning him.


TMB doesn't seen to care, Jethro's still choking.


TMB is enjoying looking at the red turning to purple color of Jethro's face.

TMB releases the hold, pulling Hayes over to the ropes and dropping his throat across the bottom rope. TMB off the ropes, leaping up and sitting down on Jethro's back which drives his throat in to the bottom rope; he holds it again.


Brian Rentfro: Brilliant move, cut off the big man's wind and he can't fight!


Jon McDaniel: I have to say that it is working and he's not broken the five count yet.


TMB pulls up sharply on the bottom rope, one last jerk of his strength.


He releases Jethro and the rope, rolling off up to his feet and kicking Jethro right in the face.

Brian Rentfro: Vicious kick to Jethro's face, maybe it'll make him look better.

A young fan is relentless chanting Jethro's name in the front row, Jethro's eyes roll to find the voice and he just shutters from lack of oxygen.

Brian Rentfro: Pin him now, he's done!

TMB goes for another kick to the face, but Jethro catches the foot rolling through and flipping TMB onto his back. Jethro pulls himself to his knees as TMB charges in for some sort of strike, but Jethro once again catches the foot shoving up to his feet. TMB with an enzeguri, Jethro ducks under, delivering a bulldog to the World Champion.

Jon McDaniel: He's not done yet!

Jethro off the ropes, elbow drop onto TMB's neck then Hayes locks on a Crippler Crossface, giving himself time to recover and causing TMB some pain. TMB in the ropes, Jethro holds on to the hold.


Jethro doesn't release, holding the submission hold.

Brian Rentfro: That means let go you stupid hick, the Champ's in the ropes!


Jon McDaniel: So, its ok for TMB to force the count, but not Jethro?


Brian Rentfro: Exactly, now you are getting it.


Jon McDaniel: If you say so.

Jethro releases the hold, pulling TMB up to his feet slamming a few forearms into his chest before sending him off the ropes. TMB rebounds, Jethro delivers a huge back body drop to the center of the ring. Jethro falls to one knee, the lack of oxygen still very much affecting him. Jethro shoves back up, TMB rolling up to his feet, they meet in the center of the ring. Jethro with a right, a left, a right, right, right, and an elbow strike puts TMB in the corner. Jethro with another whip sends TMB in to the other corner, Jethro hot on his heels. TMB slams heavily, his back hitting hard and Jethro is there with a big Stinger type splash, allowing TMB to stumble out of the corner. Jethro off the ropes with a high knee lift into TMB's face that causes him to stumble back in to the corner. Jethro slams his forearm in to TMB's chest, mounting him for some punches to the head.

Brian Rentfro: Come on ref, do your job!

Jon McDaniel: He is... and so are the fans.






Jethro falls back, flipping TMB out of the corner with a monkey flip to the center ring logo. Now Jethro is looking like a shark that smells blood in the water. He lifts TMB up.

Tarheel Suplex!(Spinning Leghook belly to back suplex)

TMB isn't able to make a cover, that move took a bit out of his energy, since Jethro is like 70 pounds heavier than himself.; but the referee begins his ten count.



He looks back and forth, neither man moving just yet.



A bit of stirring from both men, but nothing too much.



TMB up to his feet, Jethro following shortly after.



Now both are vertical, they coome together, collar and elbow. Jethro with a side headlock, TMB with elbows to the side and Jethro releases the hold. TMB with a chop to Jethro's throat cuts the oxygen off again and Jethro is forced backwards. TMB pours on the offense with a flurry of kicks to the leg, side, and finishing it off with a leaping elbow smash to the throat of Hayes. Jethro is in the ropes, TMB whips him across the ring.

Chin Check!

NO! Jethro counters with a duck which causes TMB to spin around in shock. Jethro with the Georgia Slam!

Jon McDaniel: This match is really back and forth.

Brian Rentfro: TMB must be playing with Hayes, it shouldn't be back and forth.

Jethro is gasping, TMB's working to cut off his oxygen is paying off extremely well. Jethro is up to his feet, pulling TMB up with him. Jethro hooks him up for a vertical suplex... slamming TMB down center ring. Hayes off the ropes with a leg drop, but TMB rolls out of the way just in time, narrowly avoiding the leg coming down on his throat. Jethro holds at his leg as he gets back up to his feet, TMB dives in with a quickness and grabs the leg of Hayes. TMB slams a fist in to Jethro's stomach.

Brian Rentfro: You'll lose your hand that way Thomas!

Jethro doubles over in pain, TMB with a roundhouse elbow smash to the side of Jethro's skull, causing Jethro to almost spin away, but TMB's grip on his ankle prevents it. TMB spins Hayes away from him, leaping forward and driving the point in to the base of Hayes' skull, sending him face first on the canvas with a sort of modified Chin Check; he makes the first cover of the night.




Jethro kicks out, but just barely; TMB looks unphased with the kickout, he knew it wouldn't be easy.

Brian Rentfro: Slow counting referees!

Jon McDaniel: Looked legit to me.

Brian Rentfro: Of course you'd say that, you are bias.

Jon McDaniel: And you are not?

Brian Rentfro: Of course not.

TMB has Jethro back up vertical and his back in the corner. TMB with a kick to the sides before climbing up the corner with a series of punches.





Brian Rentfro: Look at the viciousness of those shots!





Brian Rentfro: Knock him in to next week!


TMB with a leap to the top rope and a spinning toe kick right to Jethro's temple causes Jethro to fall out of the corner, allowing TMB to come down with a knee right across his neck.

Jon McDaniel: What a finish to the combo!

Brian Rentfro: Oh no you don't, don't you come join the TMB bandwagon now!

Jethro looks out of it as TMB lifts him back up and is setting him up for The Branches of Sin!

Brian Rentfro: The Branches of Sin!

Jon McDaniel: Jethro counters with an inverted DDT!

TMB spins out of the inverted DDT, shoving Jethro away momentarily. Jethro kicks him in the midsection lifting him up onto his shoulders...

Jon McDaniel: The Planter!

Jethro hooks the leg.




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Jethro... Hayes!

"Ride Through the Country" hits back up in the speakers as TMB rolls out of the ring, looking pissed off, and Jethro with his hand held high soaking in the roar of the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: "What does this mean for TMB's title match?"

Brian Rentfro: "I have no idea, President Davis has her work cut out for her next week!"

Jon McDaniel: "Speaking of Next week, please tune in!"