World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Phoenix Rising

PhoenixKalis Rising

The arena lights dim, and the REBEL Pro logo burns over the ADCTron.

Brian Rentfro: Oh what the hell is this?

Then the Barbed Wire Massacre from May 14th, 2012 comes just beneath it, as we fade to the closing moments of that show, the closing moments of The Order of Chaos' war with the Masters of Armageddon.

“Indestructible” hits once more as The Order of Chaos offers a final salute to the crowd, SNS joining in from his hospital room.

Linzi Martin: Poor Fley, he’s all dead.

We fade to one last shot of the bloody Fley… Yet as this is how the event ended, we instead return to the hospital room. Scott Nash Strader is still holding his salute, but this time we have the ample opportunity to notice the other broken man in the room.

And Simon Kalis opens his eyes.

Jon McDaniel: Oh God...

A golden arch of pyros comes over the entrance ramp as "Invasion" by Christian Poulet and Jean-Yves Rigo begins to play over the speakers. The crowd immediately rises to their feet in mass hysteria. The sillhouette of a figure steps forward amongst the arch of pyros.


We see a finished cigarette get pitched forward down the entrance ramp, the arch of pyros fades off as Simon Kalis steps forward and the roof of the building damn near comes off. He raises his head as the smoke comes billowing out of his nostrils and mouth. Kalis appears methodical with every step he takes forward, decked out in a long flowing black trench coat, a black turtleneck sweater beneath that and black dress pants with black boots to finish off the outfit. And of course, a black eye patch over his left eye which shows fresh scars from the Masters of Armageddon attempt to destroy him. The fans at ringside are almost leaping at him, yet he moves as if he is the only man in the arena.

Brian Rentfro: Uhhh Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Well I'll be a Pikachu's step sister.

Kalis circles the ring, ignoring the fear exhibited by Jon McDaniel and Brian Rentfro.

He enters the ring and points to Emerson and nods as he then points at the microphone.

Eric Emerson: Introducing. He is the President of REBEL Pro... "The Last Superstar".... SIMON KALIS!

Kalis grabs the microphone from Eric Emerson gently, and taps him on the shoulder to leave the ring. The music dies down and Simon Kalis lifts the microphone to speak.

Simon Kalis: ...

He opens his mouth to speak, but no words come forth.

Brian Rentfro: HISTORIC NIGHT! Simon Kalis! SPEECHLESS!

Simon raises the microphone again.

Simon Kalis: ...

He drops the microphone to the canvas, and looks all around at the crowd. He removes his trench coat and lets it fall to the canvas, and then he lifts off his turtleneck sweater. Beneath he is wearing a black wifebeater, but it's not his choice of clothing that the entire crowd is gasping at.

Jon McDaniel: My God.

Simon tilts his head back and points to his neck. There we see a great scar over his throat. On the ADCTron and through the speakers however...

Simon Kalis: This is the only way I can speak.

Kalis in the ring turns to the ADCTron and straightens his back.

Simon Kalis: Remnants of the attack on me by the Masters. My throat was ripped apart by the barbed wire and glass embedded into it. What you are hearing is audio of me from the past, masterfully blended together to give the appearance of speech. But for all intents and purposes, I can no longer do so myself.

The crowd gasps in horror.

Simon Kalis: Yet the Masters are dead now. As are the Charms. The war was won, and look around.

Simon lowers his head in the ring.

Simon Kalis: I'm still standing. I'm still breathing. Where is Fley? Styxx? And all their other cohorts? Enika has failed, Stryker has vanished, Starr is Starr. And so on and on. Yet here I stand.

Kalis extends his arms out and does a nice little spin for everyone to take a good look at him.

Simon Kalis: I am therefore reinstating myself to full action. Not for The Order of Chaos. Not for your love or your hate. Not even for vengeance, because there is no vengeance to be had when your enemy is already defeated. I'm back because my dad and I are going to remind people that even as two old broken down men, we're still better than all of you.

Kalis raises two middle fingers to the air and smirks.

Simon Kalis: I don't fight.


"Invasion" hits again, and Simon climbs out of the ring and begins walking up the entrance ramp. As he gets to the top, Scott Nash Strader steps out and the old timers nod in acknowledgment before disappearing backstage.

Justin Case vs Rocky Logan

Singles Match

In a classic match of technical wrestling versus brawling, this match was back and forth seeing Case nearly get the win with several unique pinning attempts, but Rocky took control when he hit the hangman’s neck breaker. Case’s head and neck were the focal point of Rocky’s holds as well as his punches, and when it looked like Case had the match won with his Just 2 Talented, Logan was able to escape and lock in his Wreckless Abandonment on Case, only to be quickly counters with a back elbow. Logan was dazed and Case caught him with the Just 2 Talented, getting the victory

Winner: Justin Case

Virus Recants Zombie Accusations

We are backstage at Rampage as Matthew Engel is making his way down the hallway. The crowd gives him an unusual uproar of cheers when they see him on the big screen. Engel is dressed in black sandals, brown cargo shorts, and a black Nike polo with the Green Bay Packers "G" on the left side of his chest. He's currently chuckling to himself as he makes a turn around a corner and nearly bumps into...

Matthew Engel: Johnny fucking Maverick!

Johnny steps back a second, his duffle bag off his left shoulder. (Insert apparel descript here.)

Johnny Kennedy: Matthew...

Matthew Engel: How the hell are you kid?

Engel gives Kennedy a pat on the right shoulder. Johnny looks a little tense, but eases up a bit.

Johnny Kennedy: I'm good, man. Just need to get ready for my match tonight. I've got -- what's so funny dude?

Engel cant stop grinning. He laughs out loud a bit.

Matthew Engel: Oh sorry man, I've just got this joke in my head now that fuckin' Rob just told me.

Engel laughs again, then regains himself.

Johnny Kennedy: Well?

Matthew Engel: Why does Irish chili only have 239 beans?

Johnny is stumped, and just simply shrugged his shoulders.

Matthew Engel: Because if it had one more it would be TWO FARTY! (Engel attempts an Irish accent.)

Johnny looks a little confused at the moment, but lets out a few chuckles regardless of how stupid he thought it was.

Johnny Kennedy: Yeah, that's a killer. I should tell Allen that. I better get going.

Matthew Engel: Oh right! You got that big match tonight against Stone. All you gotta do is kick him in the head. He goes down easy, like your ex-wife from what I remember.

That didn't sit well with Johnny. Engel is laughing it up and then notices Johnny's tension.

Matthew Engel: In the ring, dude. I don't want to know anything about her sexual activities.

Johnny relaxes a bit and tries to walk off. Engel stops him for a moment.

Matthew Engel: Listen, I'm glad I ran into you. That whole nonsense about the zombie apocalypse? It was all Norton. He owns my blog now, for reasons I can't really go into with you. Confidentialty agreements and whatnot. Cool?

Johnny Kennedy: Yeah, Matt. It's fine.

Matthew Engel: Good! I'm glad we got that settled. I was worried about it but Teresa shrugged it off and knew that it didn't really bother you. You're a good man

Johnny nods his head in a thanking manner, still a little confused by Engel's generous demeanor.

Johnny Kennedy: Retirement is treating you well I see, why the comeback?

Matthew Engel: I wouldn't call it that. Just helping out a friend. I don't even think I'm going to suit up. You got any headphones I can borrow?

Johnny Kennedy: Youre not worried at all?

Matthew Engel: About what? Chuckles McGee and the Banana Gurgler? Nonsense. I'm only worried that Rob is going to find some loophole where he can get away with paying me in pennies. You know he would do that shit, and it would be in giant ziplock bags or something.

Johnny Kennedy: Haha, that sounds like Rob. Well it was good talking to you.

Matthew Engel: l'll catch up with you after your match. There's something else I wanted to talk with you about.

Johnny nods and the camera switches back to the ring.

Parker vs Cody Bogard

Singles Match

Parker and Cody started out slow, testing each other out, but it wasn’t long before the real action started up. Bogard has the early advantage, grounding Parker fairly well with a more submission style wrestling technique, obviously adapting to Parker’s nature to hit the air, but he made one mistake in looking for the Hero Time a little early and it cost him as Parker pushed him off into the ropes and hit a reverse hurricanranna. She quickly hit the ropes with a springboard and landed a high cross body. Netting a two count, Parker was on a roll. Cody got up and blocked a roundhouse kick, but was met in the face with Parker’s other knee, knocking him down on the mat. She quickly dashed to the ropes, hitting the Classy as Fuck and hooked both legs, getting the three count just before Cody could kick out!

Winner: Parker

Watch Out, A Guy With a *REAL* Title Part ONE!

We begin panning down the hallways. The garage door to the arena opens up and that's when we see Adrian hopping off a Kawasaki Ninja 1000, all black with blue flames. He steps forward, and it's then we notice something very different. Adrian has donned his old wrestling gear, black silk face covering tight over his mouth and nose sealed in with a leather head covering, silver ornamental head piece over his forehead. A bit of silk waves off behind him as he moves forward, all black leather that accentuates the muscles over his body. He taps the AoWF Television title on his waist.

Brian Rentfro: Great. More Kalis nonsense in PWA.

Jon McDaniel: Yes, yes. We know how much you hate the Kalis's's's's.

Adrian pushes past the cameras and enters, like a BOSS.

Matthew Engel is EVERYWHERE

The fans erupt at the sight of Matthew Engel backstage at the catering table browsing sandwiches. A massive hand lands on his shoulder, he turns around and looks up and smiles. The camera pans to see who it, and the arena goes nuts as they all see it is Scott Nash Strader.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my god! This can’t be good!

Brian Rentfro: Alright, more blood!

Scott’s sneer turns to a smile and the two men shake hands.

Scott: Matt, how ya been?

Virus: Not bad Scott, enjoying retirement. I see you couldn’t.

Engel looks down at Scott’s knees and the big man shrugs.

Scott: You know me, can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Sticking around or taking off after this match to never be seen again?

Engel laughs.

Virus: Who knows old man, maybe we can get around to that 7th match.

Scott chuckles.

Scott: Fuck that, I’ll take my one victory over you and go have a scotch. Speaking of which Meghan was bringing me a bottle, you see her?

Virus adjusts his collar.

Virus: No, but if I do I’ll send her your way.

Scott shakes The Virus’ hand one more time before he heads after the beer cart rolling through the back.

Lucious Starr vs Elena Simonova

Singles Match

The match starts with Elena trying to keep Lucious disoriented with her speed. Unfortunately for the rookie, Lucy's faster than most men in the AoWF, which leads to him stopping her cold with a series of stiff shots and a near fall. As the match wears on, Elena struggles to regain any sort of momentum with Lucious in full control, gaining several more near falls but not enough to put the rookie away for the three. After a while, Lucious grows more frustrated at his inability to put away the rookie starlet, which inevitably opens him to a mistake, one that Elena is able to capitalize on as she bounds off the ropes and hits her KGB (Top rope splash into Dragonrana pin) for a near fall.

Elena takes the match over at this point, eventually trapping Starr in her Iron Curtain (Octopus Stretch) submission finisher! Lucious struggles to get out of it, dragging her across the ring before reaching the ropes, forcing Elena to break the hold! She pulls him to her feet and he rakes her eyes, and then kicks her hard before lifting her up for the Hell's Wrath (Reverse Death Valley Driver), but as he hits the move, she turns into it and lands on her feet, spinning and taking Lucious off of his feet with a leg sweep! Lucious falls to the mat and Elena locks in another Iron Curtain on the mat in the center of the ring, and although he struggles to make it to the ropes again, he falls just short of making it and has no choice but to submit!

WINNER: Elena Simonova, via Submission at 16:24

Strader Party

The fans erupt in a chorus of cheers and boos as they see Meghan Nash Strader on the PWAtron. She is walking down the hallway and bumps into Matthew Engel causing her to drop the bottle of scotch that was in her hand. Engel looks up at her and shakes his head.

Virus: Guess that 7th match will happen now.

Meghan: What?

Engel bends down and helps her pick up the broken pieces.

Virus: I ran into your father earlier, he was looking for you and this bottle of scotch.

Meghan: I see. How are you Matt?

The two stand up. Virus tugs at his collar a bit and looks a bit awkward.

Virus: Good, retirement is great. Listen I—

Meghan: It’s ok Matt. Shit happens ya know? Things work out. You have Teresa, and I have the best thing God ever put on this green earth.

Engel smiles as the fans erupt as the Dodo Queen is standing right behind Meghan. Meghan turns around and faces her.

Anna: Hai!

Meghan: Mmm, there you are..

Virus: I’ll let you two ladies have some time here, but ahh Meghan, about that bottle---

Meghan smiles as the adorable one with DAT ASS looks extra happy.

Meghan: It never showed up to the arena. Good luck tonight!

We move back to ringside

Emily Corlen vs Harlequin

Singles Match

The Harlequin was already in the ring when “Broken Dreams” by Emily Corlen started playing and before long, she came through the curtain with a determined look on her face, Stone walking behind with his plethora of championship decorating his arms and waist. Emily walked up the steps and into the ring, Stone hanging around at ringside. Harlequin seemed cautious, but it’s hard to tell with that goofy smile on his face.

The bell sounded and the two locked up, Emily having the strength and experience advantage, she was able to shove the Harlequin backwards. He rolled back and ran back at Corlen, to be knocked flat on his back from a hard clothesline! Emily quickly grabbed his green hair and picked him up, lifting him off the ground and dropped down on top of him with a power slam. Stone clapped at ringside, Emily ignored the praise and grabbed a hold of the Harlequin’s right leg, stretching it over the back of her head in the Faith Breaker! Harlequin was shaking his head and crying out, but Emily just stood straight up and with Harlequin barely touching the mat, he had no choice but to tap out, the bell sounding.

Winner: Emily Corlen

After the Match comes the After Party

The bell sounded again as Emily kept the Faith Breaker locked in. The ref tried to get her to break it up and she eventually did. On the outside, Matt Stone grabbed the steel steps and slid them into the ring. Seeing this, Emily nodded and moved them towards the center. Harlequin was on the mat clutching at his leg. Stone slid in the ring with a microphone in his hand and a smirk on his face.

Jon McDaniel: “What’s going on here?”

Brian Rentfro: “Looks like Matt and Emily are going to get a step up on the competition”

Jon McDaniel: “That was horrible”

Emily is now sitting on the top rope, Stone sets down his titles and grabs Harlequin, lifting him up, he’s unable to pout any weight on his right leg. Matt spins him and picks up up, propping him infront of Corlen, who hooks both of his arms behind his back. Harlequin is screaming no, but that makes little difference to Emily who lifts him high up and jumps off the ropes, driving him straight into the steel steps with the Catalyst!

Jon McDaniel: “Oh my god! Did you see that?”

Brian Rentfro: “Of course I saw it, I’m right here watching beside you. A Catalyst off the top rope, needless to say that clown is done.”

At this point, Stone has the microphone in his hand

Matt: “Well that clown is done…”

Jon McDaniel: “I thought that was needless to say”

Brian Rentfro: “Shut up, Jon.”

Matt continues talking, handing Emily the Revolution X World Title, keeping the King of Extreme on his shoulder and the GB title around his waist.

Matt: “Alright Johnny, come on down! You’re the next contestant on ‘Get Your Ass whupped!”

“Rise Above” by Black Flag started playing and Johnny Kennedy appears on the stage to the applause of the crowd. He has the 'I am Johnny Maverick' World title and is wearing a Chex Mis shirt. Emily kicked the clown out of the ring and took Stone’s microphone before getting out, as well. Johnny made a dash towards the ring as referee Daniel Daves came down as well to get the match started. As soon as Kennedy slid in the ring, Stone took a swing with the King of Extreme championship, but Johnny ducked. Matt spun around and tried again, but Johnny caught him with a drop toe hold, Matt hitting the steel steps!

Brian Rentfro: “Disqualify him!”

Jon McDaniel: “The match hasn’t even starts yet!”

Stone is out in the ring, the KoE title went flying out of the ring, the GB title still around his waist. Johnny pushes the steps out of the ring, stops and gives a big goofy wave to Emily at ringside, and asks Davis to ring the bell, which he does.

Ding Ding

Matt Stone(c) vs Johnny Kennedy

Grizzly Beer Championship

Brian Rentfro: “This isn’t fair, Matt’s already been attacked!”

Jon McDaniel: “Serves him right, he tried to jump Johnny first”

Kennedy makes the cover



Kick out!

The crowd booed for the kick out, thinking Stone was out. Johnny, on the other hand, seems to have expected that and is already on the move, hitting the ropes and coming back with a snap leg drop. Kennedy goes for another cover



Kick out

Stone was able to kick out a second time, and this time he rolled on his stomach to avoid any future pin fall attempts Johnny grabs him by the back of the head and picks him up, hitting Stone with a back elbow and then a spinning thrust kick, kicking the Grizzly Beer title right back into his stomach. Stone collapses to the mat, undoing the belt and it slides off, Stone gasping for air. Johnny hits the ropes and scores with a low dropkick, knocking Stone out of the ring. Emily looks on from a neutral corner, not making a move towards Matt. Davis starts the count as Stone appears to be out on the floor.



Stone is still flat on his back as Davis continues the count, Johnny is pacing in the ring



Matt looks up to see if anyone is watching, then goes back to laying flat on his back

Brian Rentfro: “What is Matt doing?”

Jon McDaniel: “He’s trying to get himself counted out! That way he keeps the title”

Brian Rentfro: “That’s genius! The title won’t change hands”




At this point, Matt looked up again and Johnny spotted him, realizing what he was doing. Kennedy gets out on the apron and jumps off, hitting an elbow on Stone, who wasn’t expecting that at all. Kennedy quickly brings Stone to his feet, bounces his head off the apron and slides him in the ring. Stone crawls away as Kennedy gets in the ring, sensing he won’t get away, Matt gets on his knees, asking for a time out. Johnny looks to the crowd as they cheer, going to grab Stone’s head, but he has his eyes rakes for his trouble. The crowd boos as Stone gets up and kicks Johnny’s right knee, dropping him down as Stone shouts out’

Matt: “Kneel before Zod!”

Matt swings his foot and connects with the side of Johnny’s head. Matt gets that confident smirk on his face for the first time in the match and grabs Johnny’s head, picking him up and sending him into a near by corner. Stone dashes afterwards and jumps, hitting a hard clothesline as his feet dangle out of the ring. Matt slides out onto the apron and grabs Johnny’s head, jumping down to the floor, snapping Johnny’s neck across the top rope as he does so, the crowd booing. Johnny’s head snaps back and he falls to the mat. Stone turns around and sees an attractive girl in the crowd holding up a sign that reads “The Maverick”. Matt grabs the sign and tears it in half, throwing the pieces back at her.

Brian Rentfro: “Where’s security? That girl said something about Matt’s mother!”

Jon McDaniel: “She did not, Matt’s just jealous she’s a Johnny fan and not a fan of his.”

Brian Rentfro: “Jealous? He has Emily! Why would he want that bimbo?”

Stone rolls back in the ring as Johnny is starting to get up. Matt measures him and leaps up, connecting with a dropkick, sending Maverick back down on the mat. After hitting the mat from the dropkick, Stone crawls over to where Emily is and points to his cheek. Emily seems a little reluctant, but leans in and kisses him. The crowd boos even more now as Stone’s smirk grows. He grabs the ropes and pulls himself up, slowly turning back ton his opponent who has taken this time to recover and runs at Stone, hitting him square in the face with his palm! Stone covers his face, leaving him open as Johnny grabs him, hooking him up and dropping him down on his head!

Jon McDaniel: “Another Body Murdered! New Champion!”

Johnny hooks the near leg as referee Davis gets down for the count, the crowd counting along



Matt gets his far leg on the bottom rope. The crowd boos when they see that. Johnny looks disappointed for a split second, but knows to stay on the offensive. He gets up, calling for Stone to do the same who needs help from the ropes to do so. Matt wobbles out to the middle of the ring and Johnny picks him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry and starts spinning him around. Around and around they go until finally Johnny drives Stone into the mat with his Sonic Screwdriver! Again, Johnny makes the cover



Kick out!

Matt is able to get the shoulder up. Johnny looks down, getting a little more frustrated as Stone rolls away to start getting up. Johnny looks up at the near by ropes, seeing where Stone is positioned. Johnny gets up and springboards off the ropes, going for the Tony Jaa, but Stone catches him in mid air!

Brian Rentfro: “C-c-c-c-c-combo Breaker!”

Johnny’s flat on his back in the middle of the ring. Breathing heavily, Stone crawls over for the cover



Th-Kick out!

The crowd erupts when Kennedy kicks out of the Breaker. Emily rolls her eyes at ringside, obviously not amused. Johnny’s still alive in this as Stone bangs his hand against the mat in frustration. Stone gets up, picking up Kennedy as well, hooking his neck and driving him flat across his back with the Stone Cutter. Matt goes for another cover.




The crowd cheers again as Johnny is able to get the shoulder up. Stone looks even more annoyed now. With a glare in his eyes, Matt picks Johnny up again and kicks him straight in the midsection, doubling him over. Stone hooks him up and blows a kiss to Emily at ringside before hooking Johnny’s arms behind his back.

Jon McDaniel: “What is he looking for now?”

Brian Rentfro: “I think he’s using Emily’s Down in Flames! This’ll put Johnny away for sure!”

Jon McDaniel: “Johnny’s struggling!”

Kennedy was indeed struggling and he was able to free his arms, using them to trip Stone up by pulling his legs forward as Johnny flips over him for the Jacknife pin!”



Thr-Kick out!

Stone forced hi shoulder up at the last possible second much to the crowd’s chagrin. Johnny quickly hits the ropes as Matt gets up and when Stone locates where Johnny is, he’s caught in the face with Johnny’s knee! The Tony Jaa strikes! Both men are down. Emily looks on with a scowl on her face as Kennedy is the first to get up, going outside the ring. Johnny slowly climbs to the top rope

Jon McDaniel: “Kennedy looks to put Stone away here”

Brian Rentfro: “Not so fast, look at Matt!”

As Johnny made it to the top rope, Stone sprung to his feet and ran at the corner, leaping up and hooking Johnny, flipping him over his head back into the ring!

Brian Rentfro: ‘Stone was playing possum, brilliant!”

Matt was to his feet first and saw his opening as Kennedy was on his hands and knees starting to get up. Matt dashed and with one smooth motion, kicked Johnny square in the temple. Kennedy collapsed on the mat and Stone rolled him over for the cover.

Brian Rentfro: Stone bequeaths a boot to the head! It’s over”




Ding Ding

Matt rolls out of the ring as the bell sounds, Emily walking over with his championships.

Eric Emerson: “Ladies and Gentlemen….the winner of the match and SSSSTTTIIIIILLLLL Grizzly Beer champion, MAAAAAAT STOOOONE!!”

Brian Rentfro: “Now Matt has four titles, He’s got the I’m Johnny Maverick World title to add to his collection.”

Jon McDaniel: “Johnny put on one hell of an effort though, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of these two.”

Hardcore Snowfall vs Second 2 None

PWA Tag Team Championship

The match starts off with Hayes and Hardcore in the ring. Hayes unleashes a Muay Thai styled angle kick with the full force of his weight behind it, showing off his new training. It sends Hardcore FLYING into the corner turnbuckle, his eyes rolling about in his head before he stumbles forward and collapses to the canvas. BUT not before Scottie Snow tags himself in. Snow leapfrogs off the top rope and hits a big body splash on Hayes but does not take the big man down. Hayes throws himself back, throwing Scottie Snow into the corner turnbuckle now. Mr. Hardcore is back up and lunges at Hayes while he's still down, stomping down on Hayes' back and neck and the referee pushes Hardcore away back to his corner. Scottie Snow keeps an eye on Engel for a moment, but Engel remains observant. Scottie Snow with a dropkick to Hayes as Hayes gets up but it only serves to put Snow down to the canvas, not Hayes.

Hayes picks Snow up and lays him down with a single arm DDT, then covers. 1! 2!! KICK OUT! Hayes tags in Engel who comes in and hits a running knee on Snow. Snow rolls to his corner and tags in Hardcore. Hardcore begins a brawl with Engel, both men exchanging big heavy blows before Snow tackles Engel by the knee. Hayes enters the ring now, the referee is trying to keep things calm and sends both Snow and Hayes to their corners. Engel tags Hayes back in who comes in with a vicious kick to Hardcore’s head. Hayes mounts himand starts reigning down blows as the referee tries to get some semblance of control, but all is lost hen Scottie Snow comes back into the ring and is met with Engel, who catches a running tackle, rolling out of the ring with Snow, whch leaves Hayes and Hardcore in the ring. Hardcore is dazed and Hayes grabs him, picking him up and nailing the Planter, knocking Hardcore out. Hayes makes the cover and the referee just shrugs, making the count 1! 2! 3! The bell sounds and Matthew Engel rolls back into the ring. He and Jethro lock eyes and shake hands as they’re each handed one of the PWA Tag Team Titles

Winners: Second 2 None

Watch Out, A Guy With a *REAL* Title Part TWO!

"Seven Devils" by Florence & The Machines hits, and the Order of Chaos emblem burns over the ADCTron.

Brian Rentfro: Here we go.

Adrian steps out and spreads his arms out, tilting his head back and basking in the cheers from the crowd. He makes his way to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans before sliding into the ring and grabbing the microphone.

Adrian Kalis: I return a conqueror. I return victorious.

He pauses for dramatic flare.

Adrian Kalis: Went to REBEL Pro, killed Fley and beheaded the Masters of Armageddon.

The crowd cheers, Adrian bows.

Adrian Kalis: Yes. The AoWF, you're welcome.

He scoffs.

Adrian Kalis: Went to TGW, picked up some AoWF gold for all of you in the PWA.

The crowd cheers as he hoists up the AoWF TV Title, before draping it over his shoulder.

Adrian Kalis: Yes. A real title belt, won in a real match. It's kind of sad to see the state of the PWA when guys like Johnny Kennedick and Justin Case walking around as pretenders.

The crowd has a mixed reaction, mostly cause everyone loves Johnny.

Adrian Kalis: Fuck you too.

The crowd is taken back, Brian Rentfro laughs.

Adrian Kalis: Saw what happens when real champions get stepped to, didn't we? All Hail Matt.

Adrian winks, but the crowd suddenly boos him all the more.

Adrian Kalis: Oh come on. Look at what we've done. The Order of Chaos.

Adrian slaps his chest and looks around.

Adrian Kalis: Matt Stone. Where is he NOT running these peasants to the fucking ground?!

Adrian moves around the ring, fire burning in his eyes.

Adrian Kalis: Jethro Hayes a Champion again! I started training him in the Muay Thai style when I welcomed him back to the Order... Look what happens. You think that was Engel who got that tonight? It was Hayes.

Adrian comes to a sudden stop and waves to the camera.

Adrian Kalis: Reece Paxton. Reece fucking PAXTON!

He takes a deep breath, calming himself down.

Adrian Kalis: YOU all looked down on him, YOU all said he was NOTHING!

Adrian slaps his chest again.

Adrian Kalis: I SAID FUCK THAT! I saw his potential. I saw the value to him. He wasn't a pawn, or a puppet to me or Matt. I threw myself on the front lines each and every week. I didn't demand anything, of anyone, but that they be successful in whatever it is they wish to do. And he did. He hit TGW main event status like THAT!

Adrian snaps his fingers.

Adrian Kalis: Came to REBEL Pro amidst the controversy they had, and I told him. I won't give you preferential treatment because we're brothers in arms. You'll earn your way. What's he do? REBEL Pro World Champion. Right out of the grubby hands of the Anna Mathews, the "Captain" of the dead Charms.

The crowd really boos him now.

Adrian Kalis: Touch a nerve, did I? WE were the ones all of you laughed at, snarked at. Jeffery Drake and Lisa Seldon called us the "B Team"! Where the FUCK are they now? Where are you Jeffery Drakes, your Lisa Seldons, your Nightstrykers and your Styxx?

Adrian lowers his head and spits on the canvas.

Adrian Kalis: And where is the Order of Chaos? The B Team in the great war the AoWF just had? Yeah. Winning. Dominating. Like we said we would, and not with crazy sith lord tactics. Or title stealing like a bitch.

Adrian stomps his foot and salutes.

Adrian Kalis: FUCK Simon Kalis! FUCK Lucious Starr!

The crowd GASPS!

Jon McDaniel: Did he just really say that?

Brian Rentfro: Looks like a month in Japan set a fire under his Blackanese ass.

Adrian adjusts the AoWF TV title and nods. We imagine he's smirking, but since his face is covered, fuck knows.

Adrian Kalis: Matt Stone and I have redefined the Order of Chaos. We have given it a rebirth... true to the nature of a "phoenix rising". So. You want to know what the future holds for the Order?

Adrian points to the camera lens and then the fans.

Adrian Kalis: You.

He throws the microphone and "Seven Devils" hits again. Adrian hops out of the ring and nods to the fans who now boo him, though there remain a loyal group still cheering.

Jon McDaniel: Who's honestly surprised he came out here and basically called everyone out? Typical Kalis madness. Power drunk madness.

Brian Rentfro: Ahhh... I did miss that.

Adrian stops at the top of the entrance ramp, stomps and salutes one more time before disappearing backstage.

The Phoenix(c) vs TMB

PWA World Title, AoWF IC Championship

Biggest night of Thomas Manchester Black’s career is about to take place in this thirty minute Avengers match. The Phoenix came out with all his glory and just as the bell sounded to start the match, the Phoenix clocked Thomas in the face with the PWA World title! Lance Weston’s eyes widened and he called for the bell.

TMB – 1 Phoenix – 0

Weston took the title from Phoenix who was waiting as Thomas struggled up to his feet, dazed from the title shot as Phoenix smacked him square in the face with the AoWF IC title! Weston has turned around just in time to see that and swore loudly before calling for the bell again, TMB laying flat on his back, blood trickling from his forehead

TMB – 2 Phoenix – 0

Phoenix shrugged at the bell sounding and went for the cover on TMB. Weston, reluctantly at first, got down and counted the three.

TMB – 2 Phoenix - 1

Phoenix would go for another cover immediately afterwards, but Thomas was able to kick out. Phoenix looked a little annoyed, but stayed on the attack, dropping TMB with a DDT, followed by a quick standing Moon Sault, but still only able to get a two count. Hitting the ropes, Phoenix tried a big splash but got nothing but knees. Manchester got up and started hitting power moves on Phoenix, a power slam, power bomb…any move that had power in it. Oh, and a boot to the face. That also happened but after all his might Thomas could only get two counts of the PWA World Champion. Black would send Phoenix into the ropes and catch him with a monstrous sidewalk slam, hooking him into the Anaconda Vice, his Wake 2 Nightmare was hooked in and though Phoenix struggled, he knew it was smarter to tap now and save his energy, so he did.

TMB – 3 Phoenix – 1

TMB quickly rolled out of the ring after Phoenix tapped to start draining the clock. Phoenix was still weakened form the hold and couldn’t give much of a chase. TMB thought he had set Phoenix up when he slid back in the ring, however Rob outsmarted him and pulled his head out of the ring as TMB went for a leg drop. Rob quickly got to the top ropes and hit TMB with the Ashes! Making the cover, Rob just barely got a three count!

TMB – 3 Phoenix – 2

With seven minutes to go, TMB was angry and started to bring the heat, so to speak. He dropped Phoenix hard with a sidewalk slam. He then connected with a snap power bomb near the ropes. Feeling confident, Thomas got to the top ropes and looked down, going for a big splash! Phoenix rolled out of the way and Thomas hit the mat hard. Phoenix got up as did Black with Phoenix grabbing him and dropping him on his head with the Flames! Phoenix made the cover and tied the match!

TMB – 3 Phoenix – 3

Phoenix would now start to play keep away, knowing he retained don a tie. He would enter, exit the ring, run around, just try and avoid Black and with the clock winding down, it looks like a tie was eminent. However, when it looked like Thomas was running out of energy, Phoenix felt it right to go in for the kill and hit a springboard dropkick out of nowhere! Black fell on the mat holding the back of his head. Phoenix picked him up and set him up for another Flame, but Thomas spun out of it, hooked Phoenix’s head and dropped him to the mat with the Branches of Sin! Phoenix was out as Manchester went for the pin! The crowd erupted when it was a three count

TMB – 4 Phoenix – 3

The timer on the tron was counting down for ten, this truly was the final countdown for the Phoenx’s title reign as Thomas stood up in disbelief, Phoenix not moving as the crowd chanted down with the clock




Ding Ding!

Eric Emerson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner and NNNNNEEEEEWWWW PWA World Heavyeweight and AoWF IIIIIIntercontinental chuampion…Thomas Manchester Blaaaaack!”

Thomas was handed the two titles and held them up triumphantly as we fade out of Rampage