World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Big Time Announcement Time

"Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys starts to play and that can mean only one thing. That's right boys and girls, the sexiest man in the AOWF is about to put in an appearance. Not wanting to disappoint his legions of fans, President Robinson wastes no time in heading out to the ring. He quickly climbs between the ropes and basks in the glory that awaits him.

President Robinson: I couldn't help but notice an appalling like of me on Rampage tonight and figured I should get that fixed. But even though I know that just me standing here is more than enough for all of you, my true fans know that I'm an efficient man, so I might as well take care of some business while I allow you to sit in my magnificent presence.

President Robinson: You may remember a couple weeks back I faced Cody Bogard in a combination PWA World title slash AOWF Intercontinental title match. Some folks asked me what the deal was with that match and the answer is simple. I'm a man of my word. See, I promised Cody that if he could beat me in a match a few months back that he could get a shot at my World title belt. Ok, so I brained Cody in the head with a title belt to get that match over with so I could move on to more pressing issues, but he still won, so I gave him his match. But Phoenix, people said, why give him two title shots? Because I'm a generous guy, for one thing. And for another, unlike the AOWF World champion, I'm not afraid of defending my title.

President Robinson: See, besides my obviously greater skill and talents, my desire and willingness to defend my title is the difference between me and Teresa Quaranta. Well, those things plus a set of balls. While she tries to worm her way out of defended her belt, I not only welcome the opportunity to prove I deserve to be the champion, I throw title shots out like candy at a parade.

President Robinson: Which leads me to my next bit of business: Thomas Manchester Black. Way back in December, the same night I won the PWA World title for a record breaking sixth time, he won a little creation of mine called the Golden Ticket. It gave him the chance for any match in the world he wanted. What did he choose? Well, he wanted an Iron Man match against me and Raizzor for the PWA World title. Yeah, you heard that right.

President Robinson: Now, normally I'd declare his Golden Ticket null and void for being a dumb ass. Who the hell takes the chance of a lifetime and uses it to decrease their odds at winning the most coveted World title in the business? I mean, I'm the same guy that when Sirus Moran dropped the PWA World title to hold the PWA Internet title, I stripped him of that too, just because he was clearly too stupid to deserve a championship.

President Robinson: But I'm a changed man since then, a better man, I like to think. So I'm not only letting TMB keep his Golden Ticket, I'm going to allow him the match he requested. Sort of. I've made some slight modifications to his request, but I think we can all agree that the changes will only benefit him. See, that's the kind of guy I am. A man wants to try and take my beloved title away and I go out of my way to help him stack the odds in his favor. It'll be a cold day in hell before you see Teresa do that.

President Robinson: So here's the deal, Tommy Boy. Next week on Rampage, you get to cash in your Golden Ticket. You get to face the Phoenix in an Avengers match for the PWA World title. What's an Avengers match, you ask? Well, it's just like an Iron Man match, only with more sponsorship money. Techincally, it should probably be an Iron Man match with multiple people involved, but Marvel paid up to sponsor the match as-is, so whatever. Or maybe that would be an Armor Wars match. I don't know. Either way, you get your wish, just minus Raizzor.

President Robinson: One last thing. I felt a little bad that TMB won't get to headline a PWA pay per view in his title defense. I'm sure he was looking forward to it. Maybe that's even why he threw Raizzor into his request, thinking a match like that would demand a PPV main event. But considering we're running a reduced PPV schedule around here, waiting on a spare main event is why he hasn't been able to cash in the ticket before now.

President Robinson: But here's what I did to make it up to you, TMB. There are two parts to this. First off, I'm making next week's Rampage a super show, a Night of Champions, if you will. Every PWA title will be defended and you get to headline the show. How's that? And secondly, because I'm such a fighting champ and because I'm clearly the best champion the AOWF has to offer, I'm giving you the same chance I gave Cody Bogard. Namely, if you win Thomas, you not only become the PWA World champion, you also win the AOWF Intercontinental championship. And that's how you cash in a Golden Ticket.

"Sabotage" starts to play again as President Robinson leaves the ring, much more slowly than he entered it.

Electra vs. Elena Simonova

Singles Match

What a debut for Elena, she came out like a spitfire and really took it to Electra, who didn’t seem to get much going in this contest aside from a few stray blows. It was a showcase of Simonova’s move’s, connecting with the Hammer and Sickle and almost getting the pinfall victory with the KGB. However, the end of the match came with a reversal from Electra of an Irish whip, where Electra set up forna back body drop, but Elena stopped herself and grabbed Electra’s waist, flipping over and drilling her into the mat with the Vodka Tonic! Elena went for the cover and got the three

Winner: Elena Simonova

A Chance Meeting

Backstage at the arena, Jethro is standing at the drink cooler, just opening up a bottle of Gatorade in preparation for his match later on. He is bringing the bottle to his lips when Cody Bogard comes from the hallway; the two nod at each other.

Jethro: "Cody."

Cody looks for a moment at Jethro and nods.

Cody: "Jethro."

Jethro takes a swallow of the Gatorade, then puts the lid back on.

Jethro: "How have things been going for you man?"

Cody shrugs a reply.

Cody: "They've been going, but nothing to brag about."

Jethro nods.

Jethro: "I know what you mean, seems as though if you aren't a pet of Robinson's, then you stay down where he doesn't need to worry about you."

Cody looks a bit confused, but interested.

Jethro: "If Robinson is worried Cody, worried about someone taking his limelight, then there is no way they are going to work themselves up in to the main event. Robinson feels that is his territory and since he owns the company, he can do things like that."

Cody is listening; Jethro shrugs.

Jethro: "I'm not trying to make this out to be some conspiracy, but just look at, he rarely competes in PWA, except usually when its been the alotted time and he is forced to defend the belt."

Cody listens, nodding as he thinks about it.

Jethro: "He will fill your head with bullshit, with promises, with words and then... he'll "forget" them."

Jethro makes quote marks with his fingers.

Jethro: "Just look at it, he tried to keep me from competing here in the PWA for months, doing his best to keep one of the highest grossing individuals out of the PWA... because I think he's worried for his PWA World Title."

Cody looks a bit like Jethro is a nut; Jethro senses this.

Jethro: "I know it sounds like a conspiracy, but if you don't believe me... go back and watch the PWA episodes from when I wasn't competing, back in the latter part of 2011."

Jethro looks at his watch.

Jethro: "As for me, I've got to get ready for my match, good luck man... and don't let Robinson keep you down."

Cody takes a drink himself, looking at Jethro's retreating back, as he contemplates the "Southern Hero's" words.

Cody Bogard vs Jack Spades

Singles Match

In what resembled more of a show of outright frustration rather than an actual match, Cody Bogard put his opponent through the ringer, beating him from pillar to post before sending him packing.

While Spades did his best to mount a comeback Cody never let up, baiting him into shootouts and beating him down throughout.

The finish come off a thrilling flurry of blows as Cody beat his opponent back with chest slaps, stuck him with a kick and then floored him with thee Excalibur Slash Lariat. By this point Jack was out of it but that didn't stop Cody taking him off the mat one final time and burying him with the Kikosho Driver for the three.

A victorious Cody Bogard stood tall post match with his face in the camera, announcing to the world that he is indeed ready to fight..

Winner: Cody Bogard

Shit Bubble

We get more Segs than Victory

We arrive in the ring where Lisa is standing by, one PWA title in her hand and the other stretched out in front of her on the mat. That’s a bad sign, but who knows, maybe it’s going to be amazing.

Lisa Seldon: You know I had a long thing about this.

Oh bugger.

Lisa Seldon: Thought about it all the way to the ring. See, I really like Anna and I really like working with her. It’s a lot of fun, so much fun that I was almost going to keep doing it, even though I know fine well I’m just holding her back. But then… then I watched Rebel Pro.

She seethes on her teeth like that was a particularly sore point.

Lisa Seldon: Let’s be honest, Reece Paxton is a complete shit bubble. So shit in fact that I figured Anna would bite through his neck, chew off all his skin and then wipe her ass with his skull, but apparently working the entire AoWF, getting sat on by WARPORK, training with me to do pointless, fuck off five minutes squash matches in the depths of the asshole of wrestling and constantly defending, sometimes several times a week. Well, apparently that takes it out of you.

The former champion of everything shrugs. Bitch had lots of belts at the same time but no one actually wanted to fight her, so it was fine and dandy.

Lisa Seldon: I don’t want to be apart of that, I don’t want to hold her back and I certainly don’t want to do it, forcing her to work with me and train with me and learn all those fucking sequences I forced her to get, for hours on end, all to prop up a division which needs the time to build itself back up.

The fans start to murmur. It’s fairly obvious where this was going, not when it wasn’t obvious when she came out holding both belts. I suppose she could have been here to tell us that she’d sacrificed Anna to her sea gods and now she was going to defend the belts on her own. Which, considering all it seems she was to do is butcher Shadow Starr once every six weeks, wouldn’t really be much of a push.

Lisa Seldon: So we’re handing these back. I spoke to Anna, she was ok with it… I guess. It’s hard to tell sometimes because she’s mental, but then I’m the Queen of the Sea, so who am I to talk.

She shrugs and then gets back on with what she’s doing, which is laying the other belt on top. Apparently she’s giving up all of them. Awful nice of her.

Lisa Seldon: So thanks for your time PWA and sorry it didn’t work out. I hope it gets better for your division here, but right now it’s suffering, and I don’t want to be the person holding it and my friend back.

Lisa takes a bow and heads for the back. Nobody likes it, but fuck you, your opinion is meaningless, as always.

Scott Nash Strader vs Thomas Manchester Black

Singles Match

The piercing guitar riff of "Electric Worry" by Clutch blast over the PA system, as the lights street to flicker red.

"Well you made me weap
And you made me moan
When you caused me to leave, child
My happy home
But someday baby
You ain't 'bout worry my life


Eric Emerson: Now introducing from Tokyo, Japan by the way of his hometown, The Queen City…Charlotte , North Carolina...

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing baggy Blue jeans and boots. He tops that off by wearing a Grey North Carolina Tar Heels Hoodie with a towel over his head & his forearms and fists taped up. On his fist and forearm tape you see the words “Fallen Saint”. Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air.

Eric Emerson: He is the self proclaimed "Best Wrestler In This Company"

"I get satisfaction
Everywhere I go
Where I lay my head
That's where I call home
Whether barren pines,
Or the mission stare,
Take tomorrow's collar
And give em back the glare"

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd that are tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn't even look at the ref as he makes his way to the middle of the ring. He folds his arms as Carolina Blue and White streamers flood the ring, Japanese style. TMB bows to the fans and goes to the corner as Ring Hands start to clean the streamers from the ring.


"Bang Bang Bang Bang
Vámonos, Vámonos
Bang Bang Bang
Vámonos Vámonos"

Once the ref is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a nearby ring hand, before slinking down into a sitting position in the corner. Black eyes remain focused as he waits for the match to begin.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent…

The lights in the arena dim as the opening riff of “5 Minutes Alone” hit’s the p.a. system. The PWAtron lights up with a headshot of Scott Nash Strader looking down, with his blonde hair hanging in his face. He slowly lifts his head as the words to the song begin.

##I see you had your mind all made up you group of Pitiful liars.
Before I woke to face the day, your master Plan transpired.
Something told me- this job had more to Meet the eye.
My song is not believed?
My words some- What deceiving? Now I'm unwhole.##

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Houston, Texas weighing in at 295 lbs accompanied by one Vanessa Strader…

Scott Nash Strader steps out from behind the curtain followed by his sister and manager Vanessa Strader. She joins at him his side as he closes eyes and looks upwards.

##But you can't crush the kingdom
Can't be what your idols are. Can't leave the scar.
You cry for compensation. I ask you please just give us...##

Eric Emerson: He’s a member of the Order of Chaos and former PWA World Heavyweight Champion…

As they begin to walk down to the ring, Scott wearing a white muslce shirt, blue jeans and a pair of buckled black leather biker boots as wears her standard beige women’s powersuit.

##5 minutes alone##
##5 minutes alone##
##5 minutes alone##


Scott leans back as he grabs onto the ring ropes to pull himself up. He steps through the second and third rope as his wife takes a seat by ringside.


The referee ref gives the cue for both men to meet in the middle. As they step to the middle of the ring, you can see a bit of a height difference between the two men. Strader smiles and nails Manchester Black with a big time right hand. The crowd reacts with a pop as SNS starts to unload on Thomas. Manchester Black quickly drops down, causing SNS to miss a haymaker and nails a dropkick to the knee. Strader stumbles back as Manchester Black tries to get on the offense by firing punches and chops. He gets Scott to the ropes and goes for the flipping dropkick, but SNS uses both hands to send Thomas down to the mat.

Jon McDaniels: SNS is a very big man with amazing cruiserweight like speed. But in a match like this he is wisely using his size to get the upper hand.

Brian Rentfro: Well, when you’re 6’10” and facing a guy 6’5”, it’s almost a given. But will it be what wins the match for him. I mean…it’s not like he has been on a roll in the past few months.

SNS picks up Manchester Black and whips him into the corner, Scott rushes in and drives his knee into the midsection of Thomas. Quickly he lift Manchester Black up on the top turnbuckle. Scott fires a few shots at Thomas before joining him on the ropes. He hooks him up in a double arm underhook before leaping back and driving Thomas’s head into the mat. Over Rye Drive!!! Thomas shakes a little as SNS floats over for the pin.




Thomas gets the arm up as SNS looks down with disgust. He picks Manchester Black and fires a few kicks to the stomach, before backing into the ropes. Strader comes off looking for the big boot to the side of the head, but Thomas dodges. SNS planets his foot and with blinding speed springs around for a clothesline. Manchester Black catches the arm and leaps up, nailing a picture perfect leaping armbreaker. Thomas backs up before leaping in the air and driving a knee into the back of SNS’ neck. Scott holds his neck as Thomas sits him up and quickly hooks in a Dragon Sleeper, leaning back trying to apply as much pressure as possible.

Jon McDaniels: Manchester Black is showing some real skill there taking down Strader.

Brian Rentfro: It’s a good thing you don’t do color commentary.

Manchester Black stands up, still keeping the hold on. In one quick motion, Thomas drops SNS’ neck right across his knee, before letting him hit the mat. Thomas steps back and is measuring SNS up. Strader gets to his knees and out of nowhere Thomas nails a swinging neckbreaker. Strader’s neck bounces up off the mat as Manchester Black looks to stay on the attack. Manchester Black hits the ropes and comes off with a rolling senton. Thomas follows through and hops up before hopping up on his feet. He steadies himself and leaps in the air, splashing onto SNS with a standing moonsault. Thomas quickly hooks the leg.




SNS powers out, still showing signs of strength as Thomas rolls off of him. Manchester Black goes for a soccer kick, but SNS catches his legs and lifts him up over his shoulder. Thomas starts to fire his knees into the chest of Strader, trying to make him let go.

Brian Rentfro: Kick his ass TMB!

Thomas nails a good elbow shot, right around the ears of SNS. Scott loosens his grip. Thomas with a knee to midsection, he steps back and sends another knee right to the temple of SNS. Not hitting hard enough to kill, but hitting hard enough for him to take Scott off his feet.

Jon McDaniels: What a crushing shot to SNS!!!

SNS rolls under the bottom rope to the outside, trying to put space between him and Manchester Black. Manchester Black, not trying to waste a moment runs towards the ropes and leaps over with a crossbody splash. Scott at the last minute moves out of the way, causing Thomas to hit the floor. SNS shakes the cobwebs out of his head and leaps on the guard railing, before twisting off, nailing Thomas with a crossbody splash of his own. SNS picks up Thomas and flings him into the ring apron. Thomas staggers back, right into the waiting arms of Strader. And Scott promptly locks in a waistlock and send Thomas up and over the guard railing with a high release German suplex. Thomas is in a pile of chairs and Security is trying to clear everyone out as Scott walks over to him. The ref is yelling at both men to get into the ring as Scott yanks Thomas over the railing back to ringside. SNS rolls Manchester Black back into the ring and slides in after him. Manchester Black is quickly back up to his feet and is coming off the ropes as SNS is up on one knee. Thomas jumps and seems to hang in the air for a moment before nailing SNS square in the face with a dropkick. SNS falls back into the seated position and before he can do anything, Thomas plants a boot dead into the jaw of SNS.

Crowd: OHHHHHHHH!!!!!

SNS doesn’t move for a moment. Thomas steps back and nails another kick to the jaw. SNS still doesn’t move. Thomas stomps his feet before hitting the ropes and coming at SNS full speed. But out of nowhere, SNS is up and grabs an unsuspecting Thomas and spins him around in a tilt a whirl backbreaker. But instead of letting Thomas drop off his knees, He holds him there and stretches him over the knee. Strader flashes a grin before driving his elbow into the chest of Thomas, making him flip over onto his stomach. SNS catches his breathe for a moment before grabbing Manchester Black by the neck and picking him up. Scott begins to back Manchester Black into the corner with a number of strikes. Elbow to the chin, chop to the chest and a kick to the mid section. Scott pushes him into the corner and starts to fire lefts and rights until the ref steps in the break things up. SNS shoots a look at the ref and as Scott turns back towards Thomas and is greet with a quick thumb to the eye. Manchester Black with a kick to the midsection and yanks SNS’ head in between his legs. He cradles SNS up for that cradle piledriver. Manchester Black tries to hold him up for a long time, but the weight is a little more then he can handle. So he just drives SNS’ head into the mat. Once again putting some impact on that neck. Thomas once again slaps SNS into a Dragon Sleeper.

Jon McDaniels: Strader is trying to fight out of the hold.

Manchester Black lifts up, looking to go for another knee neckbreaker. Somehow, SNS is able to fight and fight until he is able to reverse the hold into an inverted DDT. He lifts Manchester Black up for an inverted suplex and drapes him hard on the ring ropes. Thomas is just hanging there as Scott climbs the turnbuckle, SNS leaps from the top turnbuckle driving his elbow into the back of Thomas, causing him to flip into the ring. Strader pulls himself up, using the ropes and is waiting for Thomas to move. Strader wraps up Manchester Black while he still is on the ground, Scott hooks his feet under his arms and Manchester Black up, slamming him down on the ground two to three times.

Jon McDaniels: Cherry Whiskey Bomb from the former PWA TV Champion and it looks like SNS wants to makes sure Manchester Black stays down this time.

Brian Rentfro: This is the man that has the Golden Ticket right? He should cash that in.

SNS drops down for the quick pin.



2 1/2


Again, Manchester Black’s being pulled up by SNS. SNS fires him into the ropes. Thomas comes off the ropes and SNS bends down for the back body drop. Manchester Black stops in his tracks and starts to fire shots at Strader. Strader is down on one knee, trying to cover up from the shots. The bigger man quickly leans back and yanks Manchester Black face first into the turnbuckle. Scott sits up and turns towards Thomas. SNS is back on his feet and grabbing TMB. Manchester Black, quickly drops to one knee and nails the low blow. The ref, who is out of position, runs over to check on SNS. Manchester Black waits a second before using the ref as a springboard to take SNS down with a springboard DDT.

Jon McDaniels: The best men know how to use everything around them in order to win. That is a sign of a great wrestler.

Brian Rentfro: A great wrestler would have had this match wrapped up already!!!

Scott Nash Strader is holding his neck as Thomas Manchester Black is sizing him up. Thomas starts dropping elbows to the back of SNS’ neck, with each blow, you can see Thomas is getting ready to wrap this up. Thomas lifts SNS up and fires him into the corner. Thomas runs in at full speed,but is caught off guard by a boot to the face. As Thomas stumbles backwards SNS grabs Manchester Black, and Irish whips him into the ropes. Scott yanks Thomas in and lifts him up in a Gorilla Press Slam, but instead of dropping Thomas behind him, he brings him down into a backbreaker. Strader floats over for the pin.


Brian Rentfro: And SNS brought him down with all his might with that one.




Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match…SCOTT NASH STRADER!!!!!

A Titleless Piece Of Shit

which is a joke which works on two levels

A huge pop as Teresa Quaranta pops in backstage at Rampage.

Teresa Quaranta: Who the hell do these fucking hipster fucks think they are, okay? I invented being too cool for everything. I innovated it. I’m hanging out with Jake Norton and having sex with a guy who calls himself VIRUS, how many more irony points can I possibly get?

Norton and Engel look devastated, but keep in step.

Teresa Quaranta: I get a mean blog post because I quoted a movie a couple of times? It’s wrestling, we’re all basically a petty stream of pop culture references and sarcasm anyway.

Jake Norton: To be fair, Avengers is pretty terrible.

Teresa Quaranta: Do you know how hard it is to do an ensemble action movie? Anyway, hold this.

Teresa hands Jake Norton the PWA Global Title.

Jake Norton: Finally, a fucking championship!

She thinks about it, and plucks it out of Norton’s hands and hands it off to Matthew.

Teresa Quaranta: I promised that I was going to go out there and call Rob out and give him the chance to take the Global Title away from me. I mean, I know it’s just the Global Title, but I won it. And it’s not fair that -

Scottie Snow pops his head from around a corner.

Scottie Snow: ACTUALLY, the Global Title is –

Teresa pivots on her heel and roundhouses Snow in the jaw and steps over his corpse, barely breaking stride.

Teresa Quaranta: - some jackass can take it on a technicality.

She pauses and the camera pans around – we’re at gorilla position.

Teresa Quaranta: OK, you can stay here, I should do this on my own.

Teresa points to her lips – Matthew kisses her. Norton points to his own lips. Teresa looks at him like he’s very, very disturbed, takes the belt, and heads down the ramp. Shrugging, Norton turns to Engel as if looking for a kiss… he’s rebuffed here, too.

Jake Norton: I’d point out that The Phoenix will probably not be there alone, but she’s been kind of a bitch to us this week.

Matthew Engel: Yeah… yeah.

Meanwhile, at ringside…

Teresa Quaranta: So a few weeks ago, I won the PWA World Title, and somehow I got this.

She waves around the PWA Global Title to a big reaction.

Teresa Quaranta: I’m not here to cut 15 minute promos, and I’m not here to ask for a title shot – I could get that at any time. What I can’t get at any time is Rob Robinson. So, why don’t you come on out here and take this belt.

The Phoenix doesn’t really take a long time to respond. He comes out, with no music, flanked by the Phriends, including Snow, who is nursing a wicked headache.

The Phoenix: Teresa… first of all, you’re two months late. Let me guess, you were busy being the last person in America to watch the Avengers. That movie was terrible, by the way –

Teresa Quaranta: WAS NOT.

The Phoenix: I’m not really sure what your plan was here. See, if you were smart, you would have just stayed far away from a PWA ring, stashed the belt somewhere for a few weeks, and waited for me to get distracted with Cody Bogard. Instead, you showed up right here, in my face, making it very easy for me to have you assaulted. Really dumb. Really, really dumb. So before these guys beat you to death, I just wanted to remind you that you’ve never actually pinned me, I’m going to win all the belts, and –

Teresa Quaranta: Look. Either all those guys are going to run in, and I’m going to beat them up, and then you’ll run in afterwards, or we can just cut out the middleman. You come in here, and look me in the guy, and I’ll give you the belt.

Phoenix looks at Snow. Rolls his eyes, and rolls into the ring.

The Phoenix: Fine. I’m in the ring. Give me the belt.

Teresa winds back – and brains the PWA Champion with the Global Title. The Phriends charge the ring, but Teresa sprints out of there, vaulting over the top rope and through the crowd, laughing uproariously and waving her arms.

Brian Renfro: OH, THAT’S NOT RIGHT!

Jon McDaniel: Well, Teresa promised to give him the belt, and she did!

Brian Renfro: Well, at least Rob has the belt back. Our national nightmare is over.

Jon McDaniel: Teresa Quaranta, always making an impact when she drops by Rampage.

Emily Corlen vs. Mason Harrell

Singles Match

Mason Harrell came out all smiles and getting the crowd support, up until “Broken Dreams’ hit and out came Emily Corlen. No smile on her face, no clapping of hands, she just walked down to the ring with the Straight Shooter close behind. Emily got in the ring and immediately dropped Mason down with a stiff clothesline, the bell sounding. Mason was surrised and started getting up, but Emily grabbed him and dropped him hard with a sidewalk slam. Emily would immediately transition into a rear naked choke, demonstrating her dominance. Mason would gasp for breath, and try to fight his way to his feet. As soon as he got up there, Emily gave him a swift kick to the rear of the quadricept muscle, then picked him up high, over her head. The crowd ‘oohh’d at her strength, but rather than do anything with him, she simply took a step forward as Mason fell straight down on his face Emily just shook her head and grabbed his long hair, picking him up. Corlen would wrap her hands around his throat and lift him high in the air, his feet dangling for a few moments before Emily would drive him into the mat for the Seventh Heaven. The camera picks up Stone on the outside of the ring.

Matt Stone: “Hurry up, I’m bored”

Emily would nod and grab Mason’s leg , the one she had kicked earlier and place it over her neck, standing up straight and pushing down on both Mason’s calk and thigh, his knee torqueing over her head. Emily had locked in the Faith Breaker. Mason cried out in pain, looking for the ropes but he was too far and had no other option than to tap out! The bell rang, but Emily didn’t release the hold. Referee Scott Swindle tried to get her to break, but he was backed into a corner by Stone, who was in the ring now. Mason was still crying out as Emily shredded his knee. Matt looked back at her and smirked, before turning to Swindell and knocked him down with a hard right! Stone called for a microphone and it was quickly handed to him.

Matt Stone: Ladies and Gentlemen, do you see this? Do you all see this innocent little girl that you all enjoy picking on? Well this isn’t some ordinary girl, no, this is Emily fucking Corlen, and she’s a real bitch. Believe it!”

Stone laughs as Emily finally released Harrell’s leg and raises her hands, her theme starting to pay again. Matt and Emily just nod to eachother and head out, walking to the back as EMTs rush down to check on Mason.

Rocky Logan vs Anna Mathews

Singles Match

Anna Mathews is crazy, we can all agree with that, but after losing the Rebel Pro World title, and having her partner vacate her tag title earlier, she was even crazier here. Rocky Logan connected with a haymaker, dazing the nut for a moment, but after that is was all Anna. Knowing Rocky was a striker, Anna went technical and kept Logan grounded for the duration, hitting him with high impact moves like a snap ddt and a super plex. When Rocky looked to be making a comeback, he was brought down hard with Anna’s Boomerfly kick! Anna went for the cover and got the win

Winner: Anna Mathews

Johnny Kennedy vs Justin Case vs Jethro Hayes

Triple Threat #1 GB Title

After the competitors made it out to the ring, the bell sounded and things were under way. Kennedy and Hayes started out by double teaming Case, making sure that he was taken care of before they turned their attention to each other. They accomplished this with various strikes, and eventually hitting Case with a double clothesline out of the ring. They then turned to each other. Johnny hitting a snap power slam when Jethro charged. Kennedy got a quick two count. Hayes fought back to his feet and slammed Johnny back to the mat. Jethro hit the ropes and went for a high leg drop, but Kennedy rolled out of the way. Johnny was quick to his feet, and while Hayes was getting up, Johnny bounced off the ropes and connected with a knee to Hayes’ head. Johnny goes for a cover and its broken up by Case!

Case starts hammering down on Johnny with rights and lefts. Kennedy starts covering up and catches Case with an elbow to the gut. Kennedy then drops Case straight to the mat with a DDT. Kennedy got a twp count after that, but stayed focused. He grabbed Case by the back of the head ans started to pick him up, but Case countered with a small package! Kennedy just got the shoulder up. Both men got to their feet at the same time and Case caught Kennedy in the face with a big boot! Case smirked, but was soon taken down by Hayes, hitting the Plow out of nowhere! Case went flying out of the ring, Hayes turning to get Johnny is caught with a kick to the midsection and before he knows whats going on, he’s brought up and straight down! Another body murdered! Kennedy makes the cover and gets the 1 2 3!

Winner: Johnny Kennedy

Oh, You Really Think So?

A note is left on Jethro's door, the name on the envelope reads: "Phoenix". Jethro opens up the letter, reading the note out loud.

"Get in my office immediately upon reading this, you stinky lice infested cousin screwing inbred hillbilly hick."

Jethro smiles.

"Well, nice to see he's in a good mood."

Jethro walks down the hallway, where we do an edit and find Jethro knocking on President Robinson's door.

"If you aren't Jethro Hayes..."

Mr. Hardcore opens up the door, looking at Jethro.

MH: "Cheater."

Jethro looks at Mr. Hardcore.

Jethro: "Pussy."

MH gets a bit upset.

Jethro: "Look, I beat your ass last week, I'll beat it again this week, and if you don't let me in there..."

Jethro points past Mr. Hardcore at where he sees Phoenix sitting.

Jethro: "Then, he won't let you kiss his ass anymore."

Jethro smiles, but Mr. Hardcore was letting him go in anyways.

MH(muttering): "Cheap win."

Jethro turns his head to the side, muttering as well.

Jethro: "Couldn't get it done then, can't get it done now, and couldn't get it done in another match either."

Jethro shoulders past Hardcore, who was ready to jump up in to his face. Jethro sits down in front of Phoenix, who looks extremely pissed off, if his body language is any indication.

Phoenix: "Who in the hell do you think you are?! What do you think you are doi ng?!"

Jethro looks a bit confused.

Phoenix: "I saw that segment with Cody Bogard, are you purposefully trying to sew discord in the PWA roster?!"

Jethro leans back, folding his arms over his chest.

Jethro: "Why so mad Phoenix, are you upset because its true?"

Phoenix shakes his head, out of fury or denial we aren't sure.

Phoenix: "I'll show you what I am Jethro, you've been in a thorn in my side ever since you became a PWA employee, and now... I'm going to do something about it."

Jethro smirks.

Jethro: "What, fire me? Put me in a deathmatch with Justin Case?"

Phoenix smiles behind his mask, its evident by the curling up of the corners.

Phoenix: "No, Hardcore wants another match with you, another chance to prove himself, so... next week... you take on Hardcore Snowfall in a handicap match."

Jethro nods, figuring Phoenix would do something like this.

Phoenix: "Unless you can find a tag team partner."

Jethro leans forward.

Jethro: "I don't need help to beat you, your minions, nor do I need any assistance to defeat Scottie Snow or that joke of a fighter Mr. Hardcore."

Mr. Hardcore comes in just soon enough to hear Jethro's last words, Phoenix doesn't acknowledge anyone entering the room. Hardcore levels a lead pipe across the back of Jethro's skull... once, twice, and a third time. Phoenix looks over his desk at the downed Jethro as Hardcore looks at his handywork.

Phoenix: "But lets see how well you deal with the handicap match and a concussion... they are such tricky things."

Phoenix indicates Jethro with a wave of his hand.

Phoenix: "Take out the garbage Hardcore, after all what do I pay you for?"

fade back to ringside.