World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Parker vs Electra

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: The first match is scheduled for one fall… introducing first, making her wrestling debut hailing from Whitecourt, Alberta Canada…. PARKER!!!!

“Pretty Handsome Awkward’ by The Used plays asParker strolls out and begins trotting towards the ring. Lights flash on as she walks, each one activated as she passes it by. She walks up the steps of the side of the ring, grace in all her actions. She enters the ring, walks around the outer, one arm raised. She climbs the turnbuckle of the ropes, stands and raises both of her arms. She climbs down from the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring, waiting for her opponent.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent, hailing from Calgary, Alberta Canada… she is the Sassy Tenacity… she is ELECTRA!!!!!!!!!

‘Firework’ by Katy Perry hits up and out steps the sexiest woman in all of the AOWF! Electra walks to the ring as she blows kisses to her fans dressed in her pink wrestling tights. Once on the apron, she then steps over the first rope and lingers over it with her nice sexy booty. A great camera shot gets a good close up as Electra enters the ring and simply turns for the crowd to see. Finally capping it all off with the blow of a kiss into the camera upon her. She is ready for war.


Both Parker and the Sassy Tenacity circle the ring, looking at each other intensely. They lock up, and Electra gets the advantage with a headlock. Parker pushes her, trying to free herself, but Electra actually keeps the hold. Parker changes tactics and instead throws Electra up for a back body drop, but Electra uses the momentum and flips to land on her feet. Parker turns, and looks shocked that Electra is standing there, none the worse for wear.

Jon McDaniel: Parker didn’t expect to be this tough!

Brian Rentfro: Electra has a lot to prove, after the way Parker spoke to her this week.

They lock up again. This time Parker twists Electra’s arm behind her and wrenches. Electra reverses, and returns the favor. Parker slaps hers own shoulder, getting the feeling back and again reverses, this time hitting a sharp elbow to Electra’s head for good measure. Electra stumbles forward and Parker races back, bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Electra answers with a drop toe hold, floating over into a face lock.

Jon McDaniel: Fast moves by Electra.

Brian Rentfro: Now she just has to follow it up!

Electra wrenches back, putting torque on Parker’ back! After nearly a full minute, and Parker still not giving in, Electra changes position, pulling Parker up. She goes for her own back body drop, sending Parker to the canvas with a hard crash, and she covers.



Jon McDaniel: Too early to go for a pin, but Electra does come off with the first attempt.

Brian Rentfro: I bet Parker is re-thinking her game plan now!

Electra bounces off the ropes, but Parker speeds to hers feet and answers with a standing drop kick, and Electra is sent backwards, getting somewhat tangled in the ropes. Parker moves in, pulls her out and hits a belly-to-belly suplex, sending Electra to the canvas, and covers.




Jon McDaniel: That’s telling Electra things are not that easy here!

Brian Rentfro: A hard lesson learned!

Parker shakes hers head, grabs Electra and brings her to hers feet. She whips Electra to the ropes, but on the return, Electra ducks a clothesline from Parker, bounces off the other side and connects with a body splash and turns it into a pin!




Jon McDaniel: Close!

Brian Rentfro: I bet Parker didn’t expect that one!

Electra then whips Parker again to the ropes, and comes from the other end and flips up behind and brings Parker down with a body scissors into another pin attempt!




Jon McDaniel: Electra’s showing some real skill!

Brian Rentfro: She may overcome the odds yet!

At this point, both women realize the other isn’t a push over and they begin elevating their attacks to more vicious, power moves. Parker holds the advantage a good three minutes before Electra turns it around and takes control for nearly the same amount of time. Finally, Electra senses a chance and connects with ‘Love Hurts’ to Parker!

Jon McDaniel: Superkick!!!

Brian Rentfro: OUCH!!

With Parker down, Electra scrambles to the top rope and flies through the air, and connects with the 3.14 on the rising Parker!



Shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: Wow, what a match!!!

Brian Rentfro: I’m getting turned on here!

Electra looks frustrated, and grabs Parker, bringing her to her feet. Electra locks in a dragon sleeper, and cinches it in tight! The ref begins checking on Parker!

Jon McDaniel: Electra locks on a submission hold!

Brian Rentfro: ooh Sassy Tenacity is getting slick with a dragon sleeper!

The ref picks up hers arm, it drops once! She picks it up again, and it drops again!

Jon McDaniel: That’s two!

Brian Rentfro: One more and it’s over!

The ref raises Parker’ arm a third time, and it drops.. Only half way!! Parker holds her arm out! Electra squeezes tighter, but Parker uses hers leg strength and rolls, breaking the hold and catching Electra’s arm and driving her face first to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Awesome reversal!

Brian Rentfro: That’s where being a seasoned vet comes in handy!

Parker backs away, to get feeling back while Electra stumbles to hers feet. Parker then moves in and connects with a German Suplex into a bridged pin!




Jon McDaniel: Electra’s nowshere out of it yet!

Brian Rentfro: Parker needs to pull out all the stops now!

Parker rolls to hers feet, and as Electra stands, whips sher to tshe ropes and tshey both come off with tshe same intention of a cross body splash!

Jon McDaniel: Double splash and both women are down!

Brian Rentfro: These appear more alike than one what care to admit!!

The ref begins the count







Electra rolls to her side.


Parker pushes’ herself up.


Electra on her knees.


Parker on hers knees, and both women trade punches!! They continue as they rise to their feet! Electra then add in a swift kick to the shin, but Parker fights through the pain and Electra in the back of her leg, causing her to fall to one knee. Parker then delivers a stiff kick to Electra’s breasts, and then another stiff kick to Electra’s upper back. Parker then hits the ropes, and charges at Electra with a giant spear.

Jon McDaniel: Spear from the Whitecourt native!

Brian Rentfro: Whitecourt!? You making names up? I’m gonna say Greencourt!
Jon McDaniel: That’s a real place too Brian.
Brian Rentfro: Really?

Parker then hooks a cross-face lock on Electra, but Electra slips back and Parker is forced forward. Electra then scrambles, painfully, to her feet and locks on an ankle lock on Parker! Parker spins and kicks Electra to the ropes and as Electra comes back, Parker sends her over her own body with both feet!

Jon McDaniel: Parker isn’t letting her one slip from her grasp!

Brian Rentfro: This match is slipping from Electra!!

Electra crashes down, and Parker stumbles up, positioning Electra for the double-underhook 180 slam into a seated position known as The Class Action! She makes the cover!





Brian Rentfro: I’d let her do that to me… roar.

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, Parker!!!!

Matt Stone is here

We see a car pull up as Toshi Yang comes sprinting towards it, microphone in hand. Matt Stone comes out of the car, talking on the phone. Toshi tries to get his attention.

Toshi Yang: Missa Stone, Missa Stone, what are your thoughts on your tables match later tonight?

Stone just brushes passed, talking on his phone

Matt: Yeah, it's all set up, don't worry about it, I'll see you later

Toshi is persistent.

Tosh Yangi: Missa Stone!

Stone turns and glares at Toshi

Matt: Get out of my way before I catch some foreign disease!

Matt goes back to his phone as he enters the arena

Matt: No no, not you. Some stupid reporter

Toshi looks dejected as the scene fades away

Justin Case vs Lucious Starr

Singles Match

We begun with each men in their corner, the bell rang as each man proceeded to center the ring. Case and Starr hooked up into a grapple, right from the get go "TCO" can feel that Lucy's head is not in the match. His arms are loose and his eyes are glazed over. But Case has a job to do, and will do what it takes to further establish the new "Movement" take over that Case has introduced. With that Case whiped Starr into the ropes coming back with a huge clothesline that sends Starr inside out onto the mat! Legendary Legacary picks up his prey and proceeds with "Coin Toss" sending Lucy's head hard to the mat time and time again! With his opponent down and out, Case jumped from the top rope and landed "Shoot for the Stars"! But instead of making the pin, the Talented Icon proceeded with "The Benchmark!" Lucy is in it bad now! But Case is not done just yet. He has a message to send the whole PWA roster. And unfortunately for Lucy, his head aint in the game, and now Case will send a message to each and every man and woman watching backstage. Case proceeds with "Perfect Punishment" and follows that up with "Lasting Empression!". But instead of pinning the crippled Starr, Case goes for the kill with "Game Over!" followed by "Tap or Snap!". Again not Letting Lucy submit by unhooking the move and proceeding with "Justified!". The end in near! There is nothing more to do then to finish it off with "Just 2 Talented!"

Winner: "The Chosen One" Justin Case 5:26

Thomas Manchester Black vs Cody Bogard

Singles Match

Considering a hookup, Manchester and Bogard close in on one another, but Manchester swings instead and Bogard slid on his knees to avoid the blow. Spinning 180, Manchester allows Bogard to leap onto the middle ropes, propel himself backward to smash his elbow into Manchester’s chin! Losing balance, Manchester almost falls onto his side alone but through the sharp reply from Bogard assistance to the canvas came via hurricanrana. Pulling Manchester’s leg upward, Bogard attempts an early pin but it’s too soon. Not sticking around, Bogard sees the error and aims to correct by leaping onto the turnbuckle as Manchester collects himself. Without warning, Bogard flies for a corkscrew crossbody, but against odds Manchester slipped his arm across Bogard to devastate him with a one-knee backbreaker!

Black goes for a cover but despite the bump Bogard isn’t retiring. Instead of handling himself delicately, Bogard immediately jumps onto offense by clubbing and slugging, which isn’t ideal against Manchester who easily out-skills his adversary with three gut shots. Bending forward with a facial expression suggesting he’s about to puke, Bogard takes tiny steps forward into a knee smash that forces him almost over-the-top-rope but he stays inside a bit tangled on the ropes. Here, Manchester plucks away with explosive body shots.

You know, it should be acknowledged how diverse both competitors are; in this case particularly Manchester Black, who for an Heavyweight is not only bearing his obviously damning fists but switching up into knee-oriented moves and some slams; real good stuff, that is. Bogard came back from his jammed position earlier by changing his aerialist offense to a wild kick affair. Sometimes he’d nail Manchester appropriately but seemingly uncomfortable with this style, Manchester grabbed Bogard’s foot and twisted into an Ankle lock! Dangerous place to be, and Bogard knows this. So he kicks free before the submission hold can be properly executed, which should have freed Bogard but instead when he got up, from behind came the Diamond Cutter.

Bogard didn’t even know what hit him. Manchester quickly capitalized by covering and referee dude slapped his hand against the mat three times, but Bogard kicked out, just too late. “Electric Worry” by Clutch cues the end.

Jethro Hayes vs.Mr. Hardcore

Singles Match

Super heavyweight redneck against cruiserweight bruiser doesn’t particularly sound the sort of match full of excitement since not only are the weight differences hugely apparent, the styles disable half of Mr. Hardcore’s arsenal and turn Jethro’s basic into advance squashers. Knowing he shouldn’t fly around as he might fall into Jethro’s arms which would lead to some serious consequences, Hardcore still zooms around but aiming for legs, lower back, gut, this area since it’s Jethro’s most vulnerable(e.g. baseball slids, chop blocks, dropkick, kicks to the midsection)

Not saying Hardcore doesn’t know more but wrestling is usually acting on instinct, and this is his instinct. Seeing how basic it is, Jethro did take some damage but ultimately overpowered Hardcore to toss and plant him like an adult playing with an infant.. in a brutal way. Dazed and confused by Jethro’s Georgia Slam, Jethro chuckled as he saw Hardcore roll to the outside completely out of it, and followed. On the outside, as a last resort, Hardcore uppercuts Jethro’s groin, which bends Jethro forward similar to Bogard, and drops him face-first with a whiplash DDT to bust Jethro open.

Still, Hardcore is gassing. All the powerbombs and overhead suplexes really fucked the BWF Legend up. And it isn’t easy snapping out of contact with concrete via face either. Both lay outside trying to stabilize their breathing and get back up before the ref reaches the ten count. It hasn’t been long since he started, by the way. At the count of four, both men are at least on a knee, but Hardcore being the feather of the two, swipes at Jethro with a knee, blasting him into the apron for a lovely fan reaction. Hardcore rolls inside the ring and back out to disrupt the count and to further Jethro’s suppression.

Getting arrogant, which is somewhat deserving for he just displayed amazing strength by performing the Hardcore Breakdown, Mr. Hardcore goes onto the apron and ascends the turnbuckle, looking to pull one last incredible move before rolling Jethro back inside to have his victory, he shoots skyward for a shooting star press legdrop, but an under shot brings Hardcore onto his ass harshly though still manages to hit Jethro in the chest with his ankle!

Here, the two writhe in pain as the count gradually becomes six. At eight, Jethro and Hardcore are on their feet exchanging one last series of blows. By nine, Jethro Irish Whips Hardcore into the steel steps, sliding in before the eventual ten and claiming his victory.

Hardcore Segment

We flash to the backstage area as Mr. Hardcore comes walking through the curtains. He looks a little worse for wear, but he still has a smug look on his face. He closes his eyes for a second as he braces an arm against his back and pushes forward to strech his back. However, this causes him to bump into the girl sitting on a crate, listening to her ipod.

MH: HEY, Watch where yer...

He opens his eyes to see her staring at him with a blank look. She pulls out her ear buds.

MH: Oh...sorry. Thought you were some stage hand not looking where they were going.

Parker: Nope. That was you.

Hardcore doesn't look amused.

MH:'re that "Just Parker" girl, right?

Parker: What's it to you?

Hardcore smirks.

MH: You're fiesty. I know you're new, so you probably don't know my tag team, Hardcore Snowfall. But, I have something you might want to hear. So, I could understand if you'd want to take the long, dull, slow build way up. But I think I can offer you a business proposal to the top. Former PWA Champion Scottie Snow and myself could use managament. Robinson mostly ignores us unless it benefits him.

Parker: Whose Robinson?

Hardcore laughs.

MH: Yeah, I really need to teach you some stuff kid. Let's go get a beer.

Parker shrugs.

Parker: Nothing better to do.

She stands and they walk off.

Matt Stone vs Enika Engel

Queen of Extreme Championship Tables Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our Rampage... Main Event! Tonight's Queen of Extreme match-up shall be contested under street fight rules, in a tables match! Introducing to you first, the champion...

The house lights fade, as a very dull sky blue takes over the stage area. “Bangarang” from Skrillex jars the arena. A, slow, white series of strobing lights begin to line the entry way, straight down to the ring. This brings out Enika Engel, arms out to the side, her wrists limp and pointing down as she does a twirl out onto the main stage, stepping to the dubstep beat. Black feathers fall from the heavens as she begins her ascension towards the ring. She's receiving, as per usual, a very mixed reaction from the crowd.

Eric Emerson: Fighting out of Tucker's Town Bermuda...

She works her way down to the ring with a definite purpose, the AOWF Queen of Extreme title wrapped around her waist. Enika rolls under the bottom rope, crawls towards the middle of the ring and then kips up.

Eric Emerson: She is the AOWF Queen of Extreme - I give you - ENIKA ENGEL!

Enika holds her arms out to the sides once again as she spins around underneath the spotlight that encircles the ring. She retreats to a neutral corner, and sits Indian style in anticipation of her opponent.

Brian Rentfro: Enika Engel looking to continue cementing her legacy as one of the most dominant King of Extreme Champion's ever, here tonight.

Jon McDaniel: And given her former association with the MoA, those are big boots to fill.

I created the Sound of Madness
Wrote the book on pain
Somehow I'm still here to explain
That the darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun,
When you gonna wake up and fight?

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a chorus of boos. He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. He threatens to hit a member of the crowd who was holding up a "Canada sucks" sign and just walks on.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent for this evening - a former King of Extreme in his own right... hailing from Canada... MATTTTTTTTTTT STOOOOOONE!

I created the Sound of Madness
Wrote the book on pain
Somehow I'm still here to explain
That the darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun,
When you gunna wake up and fight...
For yourself?

Matt gets on the apron and gets inside the ring, heading straight to a corner and mounts the middle turnbuckle raising his hands. "I'm the best there is!" He shouts out over the loud jeers being rained down on him. He shakes his head to their reaction. "You don't deserve to see me!" He shouts out getting down and taking off the hoodie. Matt get's ready for his opponent, bouncing off the ropes to loosen up as his music fades away. The bell rings immediately following.

Jon McDaniel: And there's the bell... Stone and Enika meet up center stage... and Stone extends his hand? What is this?

Brian Rentfro: Sportsmanship from this guy? Get out of here.

Jon McDaniel: Enika's hands don't appear to be leaving her hips as she shoots him a grin... and wait a minute, what's that in Stone's tights?

Stone pops a pair of brass knuckles out of the back of his tights and grasps them quickly, taking a quick swing at Enika, who manages to feign just enough for him to catch the bottom of her chin - which rocks her backwards just the same. He lunges in with a bare-fisted left which catches her solid in the jaw; and then follows up with a right (packed with the knucks) straight to the temple/eyebrow - Falcon Pawnch! He was exaggerating this week when he said his "bare hands" - just the same, the boos start ringing in as he exits the ring in pursuit of a table.

Jon McDaniel: This thing may be over already! What a dirty move by Matt Stone!

Brian Rentfro: A dirty move, but a smart one. He may be collecting another championship very soon.

Enika's head begins to pour a little bit of blood, which quickly mattes to her blond locks. She uses what strength she has left to roll out of the ring and underneath the ring skirting. Stone, on the other hand, soon finds a table and slides it into the ring. He looks inside the ring for Enika, but doesn't find her. So of course he does the smart thing and follows the bloody trail left behind her. He looks under the ring apron and finds nothing. Out from the opposite side of the ring, Enika rolling and then to a staggering stance, comes up and slides back into the ring with a chair in hand. Stone drops down to all fours to look for Enika and she catches on... from there she drops the chair - and goes running towards Stone as he lifts back up; bounding over the ropes with a no-hands suicide swan dive straight across Stone!

Brian Rentfro: South of Heaven! She's wasting no time here!

Stone goes down hard as Enika rolls over onto her back to catch her breathe again. Luckily that blow from Stone earlier didn't cut her too bad, but it's enough to make her second guess immediately getting to her feet. After a moment she pushes herself to her feet, an drops down with an elbow straight into Stone's skull. She finally mounts him and starts throwing in heavy hands of her own. After a few more shots, she rolls of of him and tries to bring him to his feet. She succeeds and rolls him underneath the bottom rope, and then goes under the ring for weapons. She brings out a trashcan full of assorted goodies and rolls them into the ring, and manages to find a table herself. She rolls it in as well - then comes into the ring herself.

Brian Rentfro: It's about to finally get real!

Enika grabs a Kendo stick, just as she promised she would, and first brings them down hard across Stone's fingers. He yelps out in pain as she brings another hard shot down across his chest, instantly leaving a glowing red streak. She follows up with another as he yelps out in pain again. She goes for a third but this time he manages to get both hands up and catch the kendo stick, yanking it out of her hands and sending her off balance over into the ropes... he rolls over as quickly as he can, tripping her up into a school boy pin.

... and he realizes that he got caught up in the moment just as quickly, and that this is actually a tables match. He drops the pin attempt.

Enika and Stone both get to their feet at about the same time, and then lock-up. Stone overpowers her and whips her into the ropes - he drops to all fours on the return as she leaps over him, and upon the rebound she attempts a cross body - but gets caught, twirled, and hit with a nasty tilt-a-whirl side slam. He doesn't relent there though, immediately picking her back up once again. He sends her crashing back down hard across his knee with a backbreaker. She rolls off clutching her back as Stone goes to set a table up. He succeeds after a moment and then goes back to placing some boots to Enika's torso, and then her skull.

He continues the onslaught and finally grabs her up by her hair and throws a sharp knee into her stomach - he whips her into the ropes...

Jon McDaniel: That table is right behind him... all he has to do is flip her over his back!

... and on her rebound he manages to get in an overhead toss, which sees her; with catlike reflexes, land feet first onto the table - which luckily manages not to break. He turns around not hearing the breaking of the table; and is met with a flipping neckbreaker for all of his troubles. Enika lunges over towards the trashcan that she brought in earlier and pulls out a light tube...

Brian Rentfro: Matt Stone is back to his feet now, and... catches that light tube square across the face! Yowch!

Jon McDaniel: She isn't wasting anytime either, as he falls to a knee and covers his face; she takes a bounce off the ropes - front dropkick sends him flat! But he manages to roll through it! He comes running in now, and Enika sidesteps him.... on the rebound... Disasterpiece! Three-quarter neck-breaker!

Enika stares down at him, out of breathe, and goes back to the trash can yet again - this time she pulls out a cheese grater and a half-used bottle of rubbing alcohol. She pops him in the skull the grater one good time before dropping down to all fours. She begins to grate it across his forehead, instantly causing multiple minor cuts and lacerations... until one sharp cut manages to spurt out some blood. She laughs to herself as she wipes her own bloody hair out of her face; and then...

Brian Rentfro: She's pouring alcohol in those fresh cuts!

She does; which sends Stone into a panicked frenzy. He rolls from side to side, and jumps to his feet with a rush of adrenaline - with a short bursting run he strong arm lariats her to the mat. She hits with a heavy amount of force as Stone continues his assault, fist after fist, punch after punch. He slings blood from his own skull with every blow. Finally he lifts her up; only to lariat her down again! It doesn't stop there as he lifts her up and over his head - Snap Suplex! He held onto her and rolled through... another Snap Suplex! He picks her up one more time and lands a picture perfect Shooterplex! She rolls over in pain.

Jon McDaniel: Matt Stone's really turning this one around and quick - I'll be honest, I can see this one being decided very quickly.

Stone pulls the other table that Enika had set-up against the corner post, and eggs Enika on to get up once again - she does - just a bit too quick, as he charges in and grabs her with all of his might - thrusting both of them backwards with a belly-to-belly suplex into the table!

Brian Rentfro: It didn't break!

Jon McDaniel: This match is still going!

Enika holds her back as Matt Stone gets back to his feet - he lays in with some heavy boots as she rolls to the outside. She collects herself for a moment as the crowd begins to stir - Enika looks out to see what's going on, but doesn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Instead she runs around the ring, finds an opening, and slides in. She goes running at Stone and drops him with a spinning wheel kick. She grabs the Kendo stick from before and starts wailing on Stone's skull. Which then leads to her attempting to choke him out. The ref tries to intervene but Enika tells him to promptly fuck off, being as it's a street fight. Stone clutches at his throat as Enika pulls him to his feet. With all of her strength she mounts him up in a firemans carry - and drops him down to the side with a Death Valley Driver!

Jon McDaniel: Spikes him! And now she's eyeing the table!

Enika drags the table a little bit closer to the corner and then pulls Stone to his feet. She tosses him into the corner and hits him with a few vicious knife edge chops, while the crowd 'whoo's' out. The crowd begins stirring again as Enika lifts him to the top rope, facing towards her. No sooner then the time it takes to hook him, a familiar face slides into the ring...

Brian Rentfro: That's Emily Corlen! What's she doing here?!

Enika lifts Stone up with every tensed muscle in her body as Emily pushes the table out of the way; which still allows Enika to hit a picture perfect Superplex; sans the win that would've came with it. Emily Corlen wastes no time picking Enika up by the throat, with both hands, and hoisting her into the air - landing her down with a Fallout Powerbomb!

Jon McDaniel: This is bullshit!

Emily Corlen continues her assault on Enika as the ref tries to intervene - and receives a low blow from Matt Stone for all of his troubles. Enika gets away from Emily and bounces off the ropes - ANTE UP! to Matt Stone. She tries to roll out, but Emily gets to her first - looking towards that table in the corner. Emily grabs a handful of hair and forces her skull between her legs - and lifts her up for a Powerbomb from the turnbuckle opposite the table. Enika wails on her skull the whole way there, even managing to bust her open in the process; but it's not enough as Emily sends her through the table with a Running Powerbomb!

Brian Rentfro: So... does that count?

Jon McDaniel: Of course not, Matt Stone has to put her through the table!

Emily pulls Matt Stone over closer to Enika, and then begins helping the ref to his feet. She points at the carnage of the table and to Enika who sits conveniently in it's rubble... the ref calls for the bell.


Brian Rentfro: I can't believe this...

Jon McDaniel: He didn't even...


Emily drags Stone out of the ring, propping him up as he calls for his championship. The timekeeper brings the title over and Stone grabs it, holding it up as the crowd boos.