World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Johnny Kennedy vs Jack Spades

Singles Match

Brian Rentfro:"Jon, come on. Give Norton a round, would ya? The guy is coming all the way from REBEL Pro to do a few rounds of commentating with us. This is big stuff!"

Jake Norton:"Oh thank you, Brian. Love what you’ve done to your.. uh, hair. Nice hair, Brian. And, you Jon, spiffy as always, eh?"

Jon McDaniel:"Just sit down so we can do our job."

Jake Norton:"Yes, let’s be seated. We’ve got an important match here. Returning Johnny Maverick—"

Jon McDaniel:"Kennedy. He goes by Kennedy now."

Brian Rentfro:"Jon, don’t be a fucking cunt. You’re embarrassing me here."

Jake Norton:"No, he’s right, Brian. It’s alright. I see it more as a simple correction than a cheeky remark."

Brian Rentfro:"And the Maverick’s in-ring welcoming party is against a six foot two, two hundred twenty-five pound heavyweight juggalo with a mean appetite for shenanigans."

Jake Norton:"Jack Spades victory here could signify a potential contendership for the Grizzly Beer Championship if he can upset former Victory Wrestling champion Johnny Maverick."

Slippery Maverick slips from Spades’ attempts like a flyswatter swinging at an antagonizing fly. Zooming about, allowing Jack to waste his energy foolishly while amusing the crowd with his insults, Jack’s temper rises to the point of botching a roaring elbow. A drop toe hold brings Jack neck first onto the middle rope, and for Maverick to capitalize by jumping onto his back for his neck to bounce off sickly. Looking quite fresh here, Kennedy follows up by turning Jack onto his belly to apply a Boston crab.

Brian Rentfro:"Not sure why Maverick is working the legs. Clearly his neck is a better area to target."

Jake Norton:"Well knowing Jack is a roughneck brawler, why subject yourself to get in zone of Jack’s fists when you can work on developing him a limp so it strips Jack most of his non-hand oriented arsenal?"

Jon McDaniel:"Evidently not a wise choice after all, Jack pulls himself to the outside."

Jake Norton:"A good way to avoid a submission attempt, but now Maverick has the chance to take flight. Which he does via suicide splash soon as Jack stands, but unexpectedly Jack catches Maverick and falls forward for a bodyslam! That’s concrete welcoming Maverick’s body; not some bloody mattress."

Several minutes later, Jack has tossed Maverick into steel steps, rammed him headfirst into a corner ring post, Russian leg-sweep’d his adversary into a guardrail, and release German suplex’d Maverick into the apron spine-first. As you can tell by the summary, it’s been a crazy past six minute; just one spot after another; all because Maverick arguably foolishly relinquished his opportunity to work Spades’ neck.

Brian Rentfro:"Finally sliding Johnny-boy into the inside, Jack opts to ascend the turnbuckle instead. I knew Maverick acted fucking thoughtlessly."

Jon McDaniel:"He miscalculated indeed. Now he’s paying the price. If Jack nails this moonsault, be prepared for an upset, fellas."

Jake Norton:"On the contrary! Maverick rolls out of the way for the Heavyweight clown to crash-land! Seven hells, Jack landed on his neck and shoulder!"

Also aware of this, Maverick swiftly lifts Jack’s legs to lay across them, forcing his knees into Jack’s own face as the referee makes the three consecutive counts!

Winner: Johnny Kennedy

Order in the Chaos

After the Sirens and Choppers are heard for a while and its obvious ‘Indestructible’ has hit the p.a. and the Cowgirls From Hell enter the stage, no bikes, no thrills, just them.

Brian Rentfro: Hey it’s the former PWA Tag Team Champions to scared to go up against our current champions!

Jon McDaniels: It’s become common knowledge Meghan has grown close with Anna Matthews, you know that Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Who cares? It’s a PWA title for Rob-Rob’s sake!

Meghan and Tamika Nash Strader make their way down to the ring to a mixed reaction, the girls looking quite solemn. They walk up the ring steps and enter the ring. Eric Emerson hands both Tamika and Meghan a microphone. ‘Cowboys’ From Hell’ goes away and Meghan raises up the microphone to her lips.

MNS: When we came back from the dead we were on fire. For all of two matches.

Jon McDaniels: Wonder where this is going?

Brian Rentfro: Pity Party, party of two.

MNS: We failed to overcome Grade A Nastyness and DrakenWolf. We… wait, let me correct myself there… I turned down a shot at the PWA Tag Team titles against Dodo-A-GoGo without talking to Tamika here.

Tamika nods, staying silent. For now anyways.

MNS: I didn’t get past Pohatu in the Who’s The Man Tournament. I didn’t get past Johnny Maverick ---

Big pop for the reborn AOWF superstar.

MNS:--yes yes, welcome back Johnny. I failed at earning a shot at the Queen of Extreme Championship. Tamika and I as a team failed to back up what we laid out in our tag team match at Fall From Grace.

Brian Rentfro: Get to the point!

Jon McDaniels: Brian shut up; I’m trying to listen here.

The fans aren’t really sure what to think of this situation. Meghan lowers the microphone to her side as Tamika has decided to speak.

TNS: If anyone saw our videos to the TGW teamed of A-Squared, you would have noticed I laid out the creed of the Order of Chaos. What we as a team and my sister as a singles competitor have accomplished since coming back to the AOWF and to life, has been subpar.

Jon McDaniels: This is unusual sight for the Order of Chaos.

Brian Rentfro: I agree with them.

TNS: The Order of Chaos doesn’t stand for subpar. One of our Generals is an AOWF champion. The other? Holds two belts in this very company, and has two world title shots, one here and the other in RPW. Us? We have nothing. No title shots. No bragging rights. Not a goddamn thing.

Tamika lowers her microphone as Meghan has raised her to speak again.

MNS: We are not what the Order of Chaos represents…. So with that…

Meghan and Tamika stand in the centre of the ring now and drop their microphones. “Fight Song” by Marilyn Manson has started to play and the arena is on their feet in jeers and cheers.

Jon McDaniels: There is the rest of the Order. I have a feeling something isn’t right in the Order homestead.

Brian Rentfro: Blood perhaps will be spilled. Yay blood!

Adrian Kalis steps out on the stage, AOWF TV title over his shoulder, followed by the rest of The Order of Chaos. Meghan and Tamika look at each other and back up the ramp as The Order makes their way down to the ring. Behind all of them is Jeremy Gold, holding something under his arm that seems long and is draped in a fine black silk. Bubba J, Jethro Hayes, Reece Paxton, Jacob Figgins and Jaice Wilds surround the ring. Matt Stone and Adrian Kalis enter the ring, as does Jeremy Gold.

Jon McDaniel: What are we witnessing?

Brian Rentfro: Shush and we will find out!

Adrian smiles, almost sadly, as he looks over his aunt Meghan and step mother Tamika. He unbuttons his red, white and black urban camoflauge flak jacket and then straps the AoWF TV title around his waist, and hugs each of them warmly. Eric Emerson offers Adrian a microphone, and he accepts it.

Adrian Kalis: So...

He pauses momentarily, solemnly nodding. Matt Stone is all smiles, however.

Adrian Kalis: So this is what it has come to, is it?

He doesn't really wait for a response from them.

Adrian Kalis: I'm not going to take any pleasure, from doing this you know. Is this really what you want?

Meghan and Tamika nod sombrely, dropping their microphones to their sides.

Adrian Kalis: Jeremy.

Gold is sweating bullets, but he removes the silk covering over Adrian's barbed wire baseball bat. Adrian grabs it and holds it up for a moment, dropping his microphone in the process. Tamika and Meghan nod to each other and then drop to their knees, and look up at Adrian. Stone applauds, Adrian looks pale.

Brian Rentfro: You're kidding me.

Jon McDaniel: They can't be serious. And it's worse the girls are ASKING for this!

Adrian places the end of the barbed wire bat over Meghan's left shoulder and tees up. He doesn't hesitate now, pulling back and knocking Meghan's head right out of the ball park. Her head snaps to the right hard, and as the bat comes off the barbs on it rip flesh from her face. Her eyes shut and she collapses to the canvas, bleeding and knocked out. The crowd boos, the rest of The Order shake their heads. Stone applauds.

And Adrian wipes Meghan's blood off his AoWF Television Championship.

Jon McDaniel: This is disturbing to watch folks.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah! What the hell does he think this is?! REBEL Pro?!

Stone kneels forward and lifts Tamikas head up with is right hand, and offers her a short kiss. He steps back and smirks.

Brian Rentfro: Not sure how Simon will like that if he ever wakes up from that coma...

Jon McDaniel: A kiss of death, Brian.

Adrian tees up Tamikas head and nods to her. He pulls back, and swings, ripping flesh from her face as he completes the swing. Her eyes roll into the back of her head and she collapses onto the canvas next to her sister, both girls bleeding out. Adrian drops the bat and looks out of the ring at the rest of The Order. He does not look proud for what he did, but everyone understands.

Jon McDaniel: So the Cowgirls are no longer in The Order.

Brian Rentfro: Hopefully after Corlen, Slayton and now the Strader girls, The Order continues to implode. I don't see whats left of the Charms fighting them, and with The Masters dead, there's no one really left to kill The Order but themselves.

Adrian stomps and salutes the girls as "Fight Song" hits again, Stone and Kalis leaving the ring. The Order begins a march up the ramp, the crowd cheering some of them but Adrian is clearly getting some hate for what he's done. That's when the crowd pops HUGE!

Jon McDaniel: Uh oh.

Anna Mathews steps out on the entrance ramp, standing before the entire Order of Chaos on her own. Adrian steps forward and exchanges a few words with her, and then steps aside to allow her to pass. Stone scoffs as he steps aside to let Mathews pass. Anna runs to the ring now and slides in, grabbing hold of Meghan and lifting Meghan up in her arms. The Order, except Adrian, disappear backstage. Anna helps Meghan up as referees rush the ring to help Tamika. Tamika refuses their help and shoves them aside as she wipes the blood from her face.

Jon McDaniel: Tamika's tough.

Brian Rentfro: And Meghan has a guardian angel.

Anna helps Meghan out of the ring as Tamika wobbles out on her own two feet. Anna, while holding onto Meghan looks up the ramp at Adrian who stomps his foot and offers all three of them an Order of Chaos salute before finally disappearing backstage. Meghan stumbles but Anna is right there to catch her and hold her up. The crowd cheers them on, a standing ovation

Reece wrote a segment!

The Cameras go back stage to a black curtain with the PWA logo infront of it, Bud Adams standing by with microphone in hand.

Bud Adams: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like you to welcome at this time... Rebel Pro Star "The Coyote" Reece Paxton...

Reece walks onto the camera, the faint sound of the crowd could be heard cheering for him.

Bud Adams: "Reece, Tonight, you go up against a former world champion... and a former co-worker... how do you feel about that?"

Reece just let out a chuckle and smiled to Bud.

Reece: "Well Bud...The thing is, calling Justin Case a co-worker would imply that I ever worked with him... he went and got himself fired before I could even step into the ring with him at Barbed Wire Massacre... this man is just another joke, along with the clowns that fill up the AOWF... and I feel almost insulted that he was on Fall from Grace nine fighting a real world champion..."

He let out another chuckle.

Reece: "But it makes sense for him to be on it, every pay-per-view has to have at least on retard on the card..."

Bud Adams: "Um, I don't think you're aloud to say that on Television."

Reece looked at him funny.

Reece: "What, Retard?... hell Bud, we say alot worse over at Rebel!"

Bud Adams: "So I'm told..."

Reece: "Look pal, lemme tell you... and the world what's gonna happen... Justin Case has run his mouth for far... FAR too long, and people like The Phoenix... and Matt Stone they just couldn't seem to get the job done so tonight I'm going down to that ring and I'm going to shut his idiotic little mouth."

He looked directly into the camera.

Reece: "After tonight, everyone will be talking about how the man from Rebel came to PWA and utterly annihilated Justin Case... After tonight, everyone will be talking about The Coyote from Rebel Pro."

Reece walks off screen, leaving Bud Adams alone, the scene fades.

Justin Case vs Reece Paxton

Singles Match

Eric Emmerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall...

"Troublesome '96" by Tupac Shakur and the Outlaw's hits the P.A. and out comes " The Chosen One " Justin Case! He stands at the entrance way, with his manager beside him, as pyro shoots out on either side. His PWA TV Title around his waist. Case soaks in the boos of the crowd as they give him power. He raises his arms in the very talented air!

Eric Emmerson: “Making his way to the ring first, from Edmonton Alberta Canada, weighing in at Two Hundred and Fifteen pounds, he is “The Chosen One” - Justin Case!”

Case then struts down the ramp way, as The Wiz limpingly lingers behind, with his cane. "TCO" struts to the squared circle with a cockily arrogance that only he can endeavor upon. Once from inside the ring, he steps to the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd on hand. Whether they like him or not, it does not matter. His manager hits his cane on the apron showing his approval. Jumping off the ropes he prepares for the match while pulling on the upper rope as his music ends. Its time for some talented action, by yours truly!

Eric Emmerson: “And his opponent...”

The crowd goes silent for a moment, the cameras turn to the stage and the silence as broken as the beat for “Heavy Metal Kings” by Jedi Mind Tricks (feat – Ill Bill) hits the PWAtron, the spotlights turn to the stage as from behind the curtain bursts “The Coyote” Reece Paxton! The crowd goes nuts as he stands at the top of the stage, he takes a knee and eyes up his opponent, Justin Case.

Eric Emmerson: “From Toronto, Ontario, Canada... Weighing in at One Hundred and Seventy Nine Pounds! He his Reece “The Coyote” PAXTON!”

Reece gets to his feet and throws his arms out to his side, his eyes not leaving Justin Case as he continues down the ramp, once he gets to the bottom he runs at the ring and flies under the bottom rope, Justin Case wastes no time though and jumps on Paxton going for a couple of quick kicks to the back of his head, the music is cut short and the ref calls for the beginning of the match.

Jon McDaniel: “The Match wasn't even started and Justin Case just took advantage of Reece Paxton while his guard was down!”

Brian Rentfro: “Hey as the best man in show buisness, you gotta do what you gotta do, and Justin Case has been around long enough to know how to win!”

Case picks Paxton up only to toss him into the ropes, Reece comes back and is quickly struck back down to the mat with a hard shoulder block from Case! Case quickly bounces off the ropes opposite and tries to go for a quick leg-drop but Paxton rolls out of the way and leaps to his feet, Justin however was too far along in the leg drop and falls flat on his rear, with his back to his opponent, Reece quickly takes advantage and drives his boot into the back of Justin's shoulders! Justin yells out in pain as his whole body tenses up, Reece takes the signal of a weakness and grabs Justins arms, digging his knee into his back, and pulling as hard as he possibly could!

Jon McDaniel: “It would seem The Coyote is taking a page out of Justin Case's note book, and is now taking advantage of “The Chosen Ones” back!”

Brian Rentfro: “He seems more like a scavenger than a predator, he's far from Justin Case's league!”

Reece continues to dig his knee into the back of Justin who's looking for any possible way out, he begins to twist and tilt his body just a bit, trying to get a momentum going as he slowly begins to turn himself around. Paxton begins to lose grip of the hold as he gets to his knees, then slowly to his feet, then Justin pulls his arms down and grabs Paxton by the legs, flipping him onto his back be starts to set Reece up for his sharpshoot, but Paxton scrambles back to the ropes and the ref is forced to count Case until he lets go.

Jon McDaniel: “Smart move by Paxton, if he had been locked in that sharpshooter it would've been hell to get out of it.”

Brian Rentfro: “Thats one of things you gotta know in that ring, where the ropes are, those ropebreaks can save your life!”

Paxton gets to his feet on the apron, but is forced to quickly duck under a fast right hand coming from Justin! He shoots through the rope and smacks the chosen one right in the gut with his shoulder, Justin stumbles back and Paxton hops up to spring board off the top rope and takes Case off his feet with a sort of modified bulldog! Paxton goes for a quick pin!



Case kicks out violently, pushing Paxton off of him, he scrambles to his feet and backs up into a turnbuckle, holding his back alittle, Paxton backs off a bit too, taking in the situation, looking like he was planning just a bit.

Brian Rentfro: “Come on, Case! Don't give him a break lay it on thick!”

Jon McDaniel: “Perhaps both of them need a quick breather, It looks like Justin Case maybe thought he could put Paxton away quickly...”

Paxton moves in again, Justin Case – not wanting to be locked in the turnbuckle – moves out and they lock up in the center of the ring, Case goes for a side headlock, but Paxton wiggles out of it quickly, slipping behind Justin Case, Case turns around and Reece goes to pull him into a suplex, but case drives a couple good knees into the gut of Paxton and tosses him into the ropes, Paxton bounces back and Case delivers a hard clothesline! Paxton leaps back to his feet but is grabbed from behind by Justin Case as he delivers a hard German Suplex! He bridges the suplex with Paxton's shoulders stuck to the mat, the ref goes for the count!



Paxton flips out of it, but Case keeps the lock in tight and goes for another suplex, keeping the same bridge as he did before!


Paxton flips out, Case delivers another hard German Suplex! Three in a row, but this time he doesn't bridge the pin and sets Paxton up for another hard german suplex this time letting go so he flys across the ring!

Jon McDaniel: “Justin Case showing magnificent athleticism with those hard German Suplexs! Bridging that pin must've been hard on his back though.”

Brian Rentfro: “Case can work through any pain man! He's the top man in this buisness!”

Jon McDaniel: “Riiight...”

Paxton picks himself up with the use of the ropes, Case rushes at him and pushes Paxton's throat against the middle rope, holding his head down, choking him out with the help of the ropes! The ref rushes over and tries to pull him off before going for a five count, Case let's go right at four and backs off, the ref tells him off a bit but Case pushes the ref to the side and goes back choke out Paxton once again, however this time, Paxton rolls out of the way and pushes Justin Case through the ropes! He flies out the between the top and middle rope and crashes onto the floor, Reece gets to his feet staggering just a bit, he looks down at his handy work, Justin Case's Manager “The Wiz” already checking over Justin Case helping him to his feet.

Reece runs at the ropes opposite and bounces off, running the fastest he came he flies over the top rope and using his own body as a cannonball he crashes down onto of both Justin Case and The Wiz in a hard suicide dive!

Brian Rentfro: “Oh come on! Not The Wiz! He's Awesome!”

Jon McDaniel: “I see what you did there, Brian! I also see what Paxton did there! Putting his own body on the line to take out Case!”

Brian Rentfro: “Is he Desperate or just crazy?”

Jon McDaniel: “He is from Rebel Pro...”

Brian Rentfro: “Point proven.”

Reece is the first one to crawl from the pile as the ref begins to count both of them out!


Reece takes a knee and looks back to see if Case is stirring.


Reece stands up and grabs Justin case by the back of his neck.


Case throughs a couple of good rights into Reece's gut!


Case gets up to his feet and quickly irish whips Reece into the ring post!


Reece hits the ground as the crowd begins to boo Justin Case mercilessly.


Case rolls under the bottom rope to break the count, only to roll back out again, the ref begins his second count of the night, Case steps over to Reece and picks him up, Case pulls Paxton into a suplex like hold, he picks him up, holding him high over the crowd before Justin Case drops him down forward, his gut and body slamming down over the barricade!

Brian Rentfro: “Case has got him now! All he has to do is wait out the count and this match is his!”

Jon McDaniel: “Reece took this match outside the ring, but now Case has taken control back, maybe it wasn't the best idea for Paxton.”

Case rolls back into the ring as the ref gets to 8! but instead of waiting for the count to finish and thus winning the match, he rolls back out!

Brian Rentfro: “Oh come on! You had an easy out there Case!”

Jon McDaniel: “It seems maybe Case would like to inflict more damage on his opponent there, perhaps sending a message to anyone in the back?”

Case grabs Reece and tosses him into the ring once again, he rolls under the bottom rope himself and stands over Reece, Case poses for the crowd for just a moment before he bends down to grab reece's legs, looking to lock in the same sharpshooter he tried earlier, but this time instead of moving Reece quickly grabs Justin Case and wraps him into a small package!!



3-NO! Justin Case kicks out at the last minute!

Jon McDaniel: “Paxton perhaps playing possum almost caused and upset here tonight!”

Brian Rentfro: “No way, Case could get out of any hold anyone can put him in!”

(Since I don't know who you want to win, here are the two endings for whoever you want to win)

Reece hops up to his feet and quickly runs for the ropes, Justin case wasn't far behind running at the ropes opposite, Paxton goes for a quick clothesline off the ropes but Justin ducks under it! Reece stops mid-run and turns around, only to catch a glimpse of Justin Case as he springboards off the middle rope and bounces back at Paxton with a hard splash! They both hit the floor but only Justin Case bounces back up, heated up he lets out a yell, signalling for the end of the match, he stalks Reece Paxton, waiting for him to get to his knees.

Jon McDaniel: “Justin Case sees the end in sight!”

Reece gets to one knee and looks to see where his opponent stands, however before he can get up and out of the way, justin case is on him in mere seconds! He quickly pulls Reece's arm in and locks in his “Gamebreaker”!! (crossface!) Reece stuck in the middle of the ring has no choice but to tap out!


Eric Emmerson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner... JUSTIN! CASE!!”

The First Fall

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Jethro Hayes vs Thomas Manchester Black

Singles Match

Jake Norton:"I’ve always wanted to call a Jethro Hayes match. My favorite American southerner high-powered supersize beast of a man in action against an ideal well-rounded wrestler in Manchester Black is sure to be a clinic. Unfortunately I’m a bit biased toward Manchester. That team sucks."

Brian Rentfro:"Newcastle all the way, baby."

Jon McDaniel:"Unfunny associations aside, Manchester Black may be technically gifted but many have crossed paths with Jethro holding the same portfolio and yet he’s a two-time former PWA Heavyweight Champion among other notable accomplishments."

Jake Norton:"Aye, like I said, the guy is legit, and is my pick for that exact reason."

Brian Rentfro:"Regardless of Jethro’s reasonably successful technique, Manchester Black gots important accomplishments himself that shouldn’t be overlooked. Since he’s joined us, he won multiple Best Matches awards, rookie of the 3rd quarter, fastest rising star, former Grizzly Beer Champion, all last year. He’s been successful thus far so to count him out is extremely dumb. Look at the physique differences, too!"

Jake Norton:"Yeah but we’ve heard that stuff many times before too, and that’s the point. Jethro may not be Mark Wahlberg level of fit but he could definitely manhandle Mark Wahlberg."

Exploding out of the turnbuckle at second notice after the timekeeper’s bell tapping is Manchester Black, who almost seemingly heard the commentators doubt. He cracks Jethro rapidly with leg kicks to the thigh and knee, trying to bring him down, a few body kicks to shuffle it up, and finally a switch to hooks and jabs once Jethro caught the pattern. Smartly, Manchester continues to shuffle his cards so Jethro has a harder time blocking the Maui Thai strikes.

Ultimately, one mere boar-like clothesline flips Manchester head-over-heels onto his stomach. Watching Black pushing himself upward, Jethro assists him but only to military press him in an inverted position before tossing him from inside the ring to the outside! Manchester flies into the front row with only casual bodies to catch him! Most of the audience marks but that particularly section is displeased with the match falling on their laps.


Jake Norton:"6’7, 325lbs of godlike ability just tossed a fellow 6’5, 245lbs man like a rag doll. How fucking impressive is that? How big of a message did that send? This dude is magnificent."

Brian Rentfro:"We’re definitely getting a lawsuit thanks to him, though. That was something."

Going outside to retrieve Manchester, Jethro is greeted with a Shining Ax Kick that almost (but looked like it would have) broke his neck courtesy of Thomas Manchester Black. Falling face-first into concrete only increased the effect as Manchester ever so slowly spills over the guardrail trying to capitalize on this match-ending spot. But almost a full minute passes before Manchester can gather the strength to push this monstrously built being inside the ring.

Knowing Jethro surprisingly is still conscious, Manchester opts not to attempt a pin but further the action in-ring. A few sidesweep kicks to the midsection keep Jethro occupied as Manchester decides how to proceed. Coming to a conclusion, he pulls Jethro onto his knees, whips himself across the ring, rebounds like a dart looking to inject itself into Jethro’s eye, but PLOW! From nowhere comes a combination of spinning shoulder and head that drives Manchester downward so fast, the hook of his leg probably went undetected. And apparently so did the three count because Manchester must’ve been gored so severely, he failed to kickout making Jethro the winner!

Winner: Jethro Hayes

Matt Stone vs Lucious Starr

Queen of Extreme Challenger

Matt Stone and Starr lock up in the middle of the ring, Matt Stone gets the advantage with a go behind. Starr is now in a rear waistlock and Matt Stone lifts up and plants Starr with a German suplex. Another, and a third as Starr is sent flying across the ring. Matt Stone is quick to follow up as he stalks down Starr, who is sitting up in the corner, facing away from Stone. Matt Stone taps Starr on the shoulder as Starr looks up, Matt punches down on Starr's face and his eyes roll back into his head. Matt Stone slaps the taste out of Starr's mouth, bringing him back to consciousness. Starr obliges with a uppercut, from the mat, into Matt's downturned face. Matt stumbles backwards and Starr flips over to his hands and knees; he gets into a charging position. Matt brings his hand down across his face in order to clear the sweat from his face. Starr charges and Matt drops to the mat. As he falls, he places his two feet together and plants them right into the charging Stevenson's midsection and pushes him up and overwards with the move and Starr is sent flying once again. Matt again stalks his opponent. Starr grabs the trunks of Matt and yanks him into the corner and Matt lands face first on the padding. He bounces back, clutching at his face, and Starr lands a right hand, then spins with a back fist back elbow combination. Starr is forcing Matt into the corner, and is content to deliver some damage there. In the corner, Matt Stone is receiving high knee strikes from Starr, stiff rib shots, and Starr lands a shoulder tackle that winds Matt in an instant. Starr reaches out Irish whipping Matt across the ring, reverse from Matt Stone and Starr is sent running to the opposite corner. He runs up the turnbuckle padding to leap over the charging Matt Stone. Starr lands on his feet, grinning behind Matt Stone. Matt ducks down, hearing Starr running, and Starr runs chest first into the corner. He stumbles backwards and Matt is there with the C-C-C-Combo Breaker he gets the 1-2-3.

Winner: Matt Stone via pin fall.

The Phoenix vs Cody Bogard

PWA World Title & AoWF IC Title

Cody and Rob stood in the center of the ring until the bell rang signaling that the match had begun. Rob circled as Cody circled, neither wanting to start and be the first to make a mistake. Rob was able to get the advantage over Bogard by thumbing him in the eyes and earning a warning from the referee. Rob was able to take Cody down with a few arm drags before he locked on an arm submission. Cody reached the ropes, but seemed to be learning from The Phoenix instead of taking advantage in the early going. Rob took Cody down with a side headlock before returning to an arm submission. Rob was heard to be saying "Pick apart of the body part you want to attack you rookie." Evidently Cody didn't need the cockiness that was coming from Rob as he powered up to a vertical base and on the attack for the first time in the match. Cody sent Rob down to the mat with a hip toss before slamming his knee into Rob's masked face. Rob, having thought too less of Cody was begging for a time-out but Cody, the referee, nor the fans were having any of it. Cody locked on a side headlock to wear the champ down, locking it on really tight to try and cut off the blood to the over inflated head of Rob Robinson. Rob was able to shove Cody into the ropes, but Bogard kept a hold of the side headlock dragging Rob down to the canvas where he worked on Rob's neck from the side headlock position. Rob struggled up to his knees and was able to slam his elbow into Cody's ribs to break out of the hold. Rob was able to take Cody down to the mat, at the mid point of the match with a "accidental" low blow before turning and slamming him with a jaw breaker.

Rob worked over Cody's arm with a few arm drags, arm grapevines, and other series of arm damaging moves. Cody was able to battle back to the offensive when Rob failed to hit The Ashes as Cody managed to roll out of the way. Rob's elbow slammed into the canvas, giving Cody another body part to work on. Cody delivered some serious kicks to Rob's neck that had the veteran staggering a bit but Rob's craftiness got the advantage back in his favor as he poked himself in the eyes. The referee didn't see the action as Cody had Rob in a front face lock and Rob began to yell loudly to the ref about his eyes. When the referee ordered Cody to release him Rob's eyes were streaming water. The ref turned to Bogard and started warning him about his tactics

Bogard pushes the ref out of the way and goes to Robinson, who catches him off guard with low blow, away from the ref and hooks him up for the Flame, driving him into the mat. Rob makes the cover and gets the 1 2 3

Winner: The Phoenix

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner…..and stiiiiillll AoWF Intercontinental champion and PWA World Heavyweight Champion, The PHOENIX!!!