World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Total Eclipse of Heat

The camera pans the crowd, and the arena is in darkness.

Jon McDaniel: Welcome to a somber celebration of the life and times of Mark McNasty, a career cut terribly short by The Phoenix.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, no one cares.

Suddenly, a piano begins playing notes. Then, a spotlight on the entrance ramp.

Adrian Kalis: Turn around...

Maya Kalis: Every now an then I get a little bit lonely an you're never' comin' 'round...

It's now we see Adrian in a black tuxedo, swaying his head gently as he plays the piano. Maya Kalis is in a long black silk dress, sitting on the piano and gazing up at the rafters all sad like. The crowd instantly begins to cheer.

Brian Rentfro: Oh dear God.

Adrian Kalis: Turn around....

Jon McDaniel: SHHHHHHH!

Maya Kalis: I get a little bit tired of listening to the sound of my tears...

Adrian Kalis: Turn arouuuuuuund...

Maya Kalis: Every now and then I get a little bit nervous that the best of all the years have gone by...

The ADCTron shows a still image of Mark McNasty, smiling.

Adrian Kalis: Turn arouuuuuuuund...

Maya Kalis: Every now and then I get a little bit terrified and then I see the look in your eyes!!!

Brian Rentfro: Please stop it.

Adrian Kalis: Turn arouuuuuuuund briiiiiight eyes.....

Maya Kalis: Every now and then I fall apart..

Adrian Kalis: Turn around, Briiiiiiiiiiiight eyes.....

Maya Kalis: Every now and then I fall apart...

Maya slides off the piano and throws a fist into the air.

Maya Kalis: And I need YOU now tonight!!!!

The ADCTron shows the images of Mark McNasty defeating The Phoenix in the number one contenders gauntlet.

Maya Kalis: And I need you more than ever!

Adrian really gets into his notes on the piano, his head swaying artfully with each key stroke.

Maya Kalis: And only if you hold me TIGHT! We'll be holding on FOREVER!

Adrian Kalis: FOREVER!

Maya Kalis: And we'll only be making it RIGHT! Cause we'll NEVER be WRONG!

The ADCTron now shows Mark McNasty winning the PWA World Championship in 2008.

Maya Kalis: Together we can make it to the end of the line!

McNasty looks glorious! Maya has tears swelling in her eyes! Probably faking.

Maya Kalis: Your love is like a shadow on me all the time!

Adrian smiles, and the smile makes him look like an utter jackass.

Maya Kalis: I don't know what to do and I'm always in the dark. We're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks!

The next image shows Mark McNasty successfully defeating Matthew Engel and Project X to retain his PWA World title.

Maya Kalis: I really need you toniiiiiiiigt! Forever's gonna start TONIGHT! Forever's gonna start TONIGHT!

Maya Kalis: Once upon a time I was falling in love... Now I'm only falling apart.

We now see a final series of images. McNasty standing victorious over Raizzor, twice, in the same night.

Maya Kalis: There's nothing I can do.... A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEAAAAAAAART!!!!

Maya raises her left arm in the air, tilting her head back as she perfectly puts out the notes. The crowd is on their feet, and suddenly everything goes dark and the music stops. The spotlight returns to the stage, and Adrian and Maya stand together.

Adrian and Maya: Once upon a time I was falling love... Now I'm only falling apart.

They smile as a final image of McNasty hangs overhead behind them on the ADCTron.

Adrian and Maya: There's nothing I can do... A total eclipse of the heart!

They bow together and smile.

Adrian Kalis: Welcome to Sunday Night Rampage. The Mark McNasty Tribute Show!

Maya Kalis: YEAH!

They disappear backstage, and the crowd begins a chant.


Brian Rentfro: OH HELL NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Don't worry, I don't think there'll be an encore.

Brian Rentfro: The night is three minutes old and I already have a headache.

Jethro Hayes vs Rocky Logan

Singles Match

One of the sleeper matches of the night included former World Champion Jethro Hayes taking on Rocky Logan. The smaller Heavyweight tried to use his speed advantage against the big red hick. Using some educated feet he chopped away at Hayes' thighs and legs with some stiff shots. Hayes is able to get a few shots in, but can't really get a good grab on him due to the attack to his legs.

But Rocky Logan’s makes the big mistake of going toe to toe with Hayes, after getting him done to one knee. But a quick shot to the midsection, slows Rocky down enough for Hayes to get a good grab on him with a single arm DDT. Hayes pummels Logan with some brutal haymakers that rock the smaller man. Rocky Logan nails a dropkick to the knees to get him some breathing room. Logan punished Jethro piller to post. getting him ready for the end, however Hayes caught Logan with a big boot out of nowhere. Rocky Logan stumbles right into the waiting arms of Hayes, who nails the Wheelbarrow Driver. Hayes keeps a hold of Logan and yanks his head in between his legs. The fans explodes as they know whats coming next...THE PLANTER!!! Followed by the 3 count pinfall.

WINNER: Jethro Hayes

The New Hotness on Old and Broken

The scene moves backstage, where we see David Slayton sitting in front of a backdrop.

David Slayton: Mark McNasty? Yeah. I gave that little turd his big break back in 2004 in BWF. He was the catalyst for breaking up my marriage when he slept with my ex-wife, Jen. He and I also clashed many times, both in the ring and behind the scenes, and we both hold victories over the other. As much as I might have hated the guy outside the ring, there's no denying he had talent inside of it. He helped keep BWF afloat during a very turbulent time in the company's history and as a businessman, I'll never forget that. So, here's to ya, McNasty.

Slayton feigns flipping the camera off, but instead, offers a big thumbs up.

David Slayton: Good luck winning the World Championship of the unemployment line, buddy!

A sly grin as the scene fades.

Lucious Starr reflects

This can't possible go wrong...

The following footage was shot directly after Mark McNasty's final match in the PWA.

Lucious Starr walks up to Mark McNasty, who is putting on the last of his street clothes. He zips up his bag as Starr comes up, hitting him with a sweet monkey fist.

Mark McNasty: You sonuva bitch!!

Lucious Starr: Yes, yes you are. Look, I just wanted to say that, while we've had our differences, I totally respect you.

Mark McNasty: Well, thanks, Lucious...

Lucious Starr: ED. RespectED. I totally had an inkling of respect for you at some point in the past, but your jibber jabber on AoPWAF radio totally killed that. Also, you're a flaming douche. Although, I still hold you in higher regards than Dave Slayton or PuppetLisa, and also any of those goddamn Canadian bastards...

Mark McNasty: Sonuva bitchin' Canadian bastards...

They both ponder a sec, Lucious extending a hand.

Lucious Starr: I kid. I still respect you, man. And even though this'll be the last time we see you in the ring, I hope you do well wherever you go from here.

McNasty shakes Lucious' hand, nodding.

Mark McNasty: Thanks, Lucious. You're not a completely horrible human being. Close, but not quite. I'll see you around.

McNasty grabs up his things, exiting the locker room. Lucious takes a moment, waiting for McNasty to be out of the room before grabbing something out of his vest pocket. He applies some hand sanitizer, rubbing vigorously.

Lucious Starr: Damn. Well, guess it's time to go collect my twenty bucks. Now where did Lean Bean run off to...?

Thomas Manchester Black vs Mr. Hardcore

Singles Match

TMB looks mean
Mister Hardcore wins big time
TMB bloodied

Winner: Mr. Hardcore

Jungle Fever with Kirlia Gardevoir

The camera moves backstage again as we continue the Mark McNasty Tribute Show, and this time, the camera is centered on former two-time PWA Tag Team Champion Sarah "Kirlia Gardevoir" James, older sister of TGW highflyer Alison James.

Sarah James: So, uh, you guys finally got rid of Mark. Took you long enough.

She smirks.

Sarah James: I never thought he was all that great. Hell, I beat him for the BWF International Championship at BWF Survival of the Sickest in 2005.

She pauses.

Sarah James: Well, okay, TECHNICALLY I pinned his Italian manager slash tag team partner Joey Spumoni to win the title, due to the rules of the match. But the point is, I still took his title away from him.

Awkward pause.

Sarah James: So, you know. Go me.

She smiles.

Sarah James: Do I get paid now? Or do I have to talk to somebody in St. Louis about that?

The scene fades to black.

Maya Kalis vs Justin Case

Singles Match


Eric Emerson: The following match is schedueled for ONE FALL... Introducing first!


The bell dings as "Hard Victory" by DJ Pablo kicks up. The fans jump to their feet and Maya pops out from the back, jumping up and down as she throws her arms in the air to the applause of the crowd.

Eric Emerson: Introducing! She weighs in at one hundred and forty five pounds, standing five feet and eleven inches tall!


She begins running down towards the ring, in tight black booty shorts and a matching black wifebeater. She hops onto the apron and kisses her hand, then smacks her ass and throws a wink over her shoulder at the fans in front row.

Eric Emerson: She hails from Montreal, Quebec Canada! She is...

Maya springboards herself into the ring and blows kisses to the fans at all sides. She finally takes a stance in the center of the ring and makes a gun with her hand, she bends over all the way before shooting herself back to a standing position and "firing the gun". As she makes the BANG motion pyros explode from all four corners of the ring.

Eric Emerson: She is... MAYA!

She throws her right leg onto the top turnbuckle and licks her long leather boots, before doing the same with her left leg. She waves and smiles at the fans as she continues her stretches, in her own seductive manner, before the match.

Eric Emerson: Her opponent! He hails from Edmonton, Alberta Canada! "The Millennium Game"... JUSTIN CASE!

"Troublesome '96" by Tupac Shakur and the Outlaw's hits the P.A. and out comes " The Millennium Game " Justin Case! He stands at the entrance way, with his manager beside him, as pyro shoots out on either side. His PWA TV Title around his waist. Case soaks in the boos of the crowd as they give him power. He raises his arms in the very talented air! Case then struts down the ramp way, as The Wiz limpingly lingers behind, with his cane. "TMG" struts to the squared circle with a cockily arrogance that only he can endeavor upon. Once from inside the ring, he steps to the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd on hand. Whether they like him or not, it does not matter. His manager hits his cane on the apron showing his approval. Jumping off the ropes he prepares for the match while pulling on the upper rope as his music ends. Its time for some talented action, by yours truly!

Brian Rentfro: The bigger star comes out second, you know.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, please.


Maya begins hopping around the ring, back and forth, her eyes focused on Case. Case lunges forward and grabs her by the neck, and using his size and strength advantage over Maya throws her like a rag doll into the corner turnbuckle. He charges into the corner, landing an elbow across her head, which sends Maya crumpling in the corner in a heap. Case puts his boot across Maya's throat and begins pushing down, crushing her throat. She kicks and tries to scream, frantically grabbing onto Case's leg to try and push him off but she isn't strong enough to do so. The referee begins a five count, and as he reaches 4 Case steps back and scoffs.

Jon McDaniel: Case taking it to Maya here early, maybe she's regretting what she said to him this week?

Brian Rentfro: She's a Kalis, the only thing a Kalis regrets is that there aren't more of them.

Maya holds her throat but gets quickly mud hole stomped into oblivion by Justin Case for her troubles. Case lifts Maya up and tosses her across the ring, she lands hard on the canvas clutching her sides. Case heads to the top rope and comes flying off with an elbow drop, crushing Maya's chest in and then covering.




Case looks up at the referee and shakes his head, but the ref holds two fingers signifying it was a two count. Maya rolls out of the ring and falls to the outside of the ring, with The Wiz watching her carefully now. The Wiz moves towards Maya but she low blows him and then shoves him aside. Justin Case does not take kindly to it and slides out of the ring after Maya. He lifts her off the ground and grabs her by the back of the neck, twisting her back but Maya grabs him by his groin and winks invitingly to Case. Case pauses for a moment, and gets a face full of elbow from Maya. Maya then elbows him in the ribs and grabs his head and smashes it against the guard rail. She hops up onto the ring apron and then hits a missile dropkick on Case, sending him right over the guard rail into a mess over some fans.

Jon McDaniel: Sex is a weapon Maya always uses.

Brian Rentfro: I hate women like that.

The refs count hits 7 and Maya rolls into the ring and then back out to restart it. Case climbs back from the crowd and Maya shoves The Wiz into him then slides back in the ring. She motions him to enter, Case circles the ring then slides back in. Maya runs at him but she gets caught in a grapple. Case pushes down on her and she realizes she can't match his power, so she squirms her way out. She puts him into a wristlock, but he easily escapes it. Maya with a thrust kick to Case's thigh, then another to his gut and another to his ribs. She follows it up with a rising knee straight to his face and finally takes him down. She hits a standing moonsault and covers.




Maya rolls off of him and lifts him up to his feet. But Case with a european uppercut and he follows it up with his fishermans suplex, the Lasting Impression!!! He covers!





Case drives his elbow hard across her forehead and then gets up, flips her over so she is laying on her stomach. He locks in Tap or Snap! Maya writhes in pain and reaches for the ropes but can't make it. The ref checks on her, seeing if she'll tap. She refuses but Case continues to apply tremendous pressure. Maya grabs her head and winces, shaking her head in complete refusal.

Maya makes one last ditch effort to reach the ropes and manages to grab the bottom rope. Case is furious and lets go but he grabs her up off her feet and gives her a big knee into the gut. She keels forward, and Case grabs hold of her... JUST 2 TALENTED!!! NO!!!! Maya slips out at the last second before he can complete the move, and out of nowhere Maya hits PERDITION, her sweet chin music. Case drops like a sack of bricks and hits the canvas. Maya jumps onto him and covers.





"Maneater" by Nelly Furtado hits as Maya rolls off of Case with a smile.

Eric Emerson: The winner of this match, MAYA KALIS!!!!

Maya has her arm raised by the referee and jumps around the ring ecstatically. From backstage comes her little brother, Brian Kalis.

Brian Rentfro: Oh look, if we manage to kill all the Kalis' wrestling now we'll have him to deal with in a few years surely.

Brian Kalis slides into the ring and high fives his older sister, sticking a huge middle finger at Justin Case as he hops out of the ring with his big sis, and both leave laughing.

Jon McDaniel: Wonder what that was for?

Mark's Rocking a Shuffle

The camera moves backstage again, where we find the ex-wife of David Slayton, Jen Corlen, sitting in front of a backdrop, the same one her husband had been in front of earlier.

Jen Corlen: So, Mark finally found a fight he couldn't win, and now his career's gone to the big old wrestling arena in the sky, huh? Shame. He was good back in the day, but I think we all knew he couldn't cut it against today's crop of stars.

She chuckles.

Jen Corlen: You know, I slept with Mark a few times, back in 2005. Eventually ended my marriage. I guess that's not a bad thing. I'm sorry?

The cameraman appears to ask Jen a question inaudibly.

Jen Corlen: How was the sex?

She laughs.

Jen Corlen: Honey, I was with him for all of a month. How do YOU think the sex was?

She shakes her head and laughs as she gets up and starts to walk away. Before the scene fades, she pops back into frame and squeezes her thumb and index finger together.

Jen Corlen: If his junk were an iPod... it'd be a Shuffle.

She winks and leaves the scene as the screen fades.

Lucious Starr vs Mason Harrell

Singles Match

Mason showed some excellent skills by turning Starr's hammerlock into one of his own and taking him down with a Double Arm DDT. Harrel then began to work over Starr's arm with a armbar after a pretty rough fireman’s carry. Starr got on the offensive by reversing an Irish whip and taking Mason down with a clothesline. Starr landed an elbow drop and quickly followed it up with a leg drop and then a knee drop onto Mason's head. The tide turned again when Harrel was able to reverse a Texas Cloverleaf attempt into a cover where he managed to get a one count. Starr tried to regain the offense but Mason went for the Clothesline From Hell, but Starr caught Mason's arm, falls to the ground and quickly locks on a crossface. Starr worked over Mason's head and neck with vicious kicks and elbows. Starr wasn't finished though as he pulled Mason back up to his feet, hositing him up into a torture rack which he named ‘Hells Wrath’ Mason refused to give, so Starr drops him on his neck, rolls up, pulling on the tights for extra leverage gaining the 1-2-3 extending Starr’s streak.

Winner: Lucious Starr

Cheers to you, Old Man

Rob says stop giving Harry credit

We come in on Matt Stone sitting on a director's chair, a can of Pepsi in his hand. He holds it up to the camera.

Matt: 'Well Mark, it's been a fun ride with you in the PWA< we've had our battles, none of which you've won, and you walked around with my Intercontinental title for far too long, but in the end, you got all you deserved and more. See you in hell, jackass"

Stone takes a sip of the Pepsi and makes an audible sigh afterwords

Matt: "That is good, refreshing and satisfying all at the same time."

Matt faces the camera, which zooms in on the can.

Matt: "Drink Pepsi, it's the taste of the New Generation"

We stay on the can for a few extra seconds before fading out

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Jon McDaniel: Well folks, in a few seconds, Mark McNasty will be coming out to address the AOWF for the last time.

Brian Rentfro: Thank God.

"Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play through the arena. The fans begin to cheer as the lights dim on the ramp. Suddenly, blue pyros begin shooting up from the stage, and out from the smoke, walks Mark McNasty. As he reaches the top of the ramp, the entire arena is on their feet. The cheers are defining. McNasty smiles as he holds up his hands and waves at the crowd, mic in one hand. McNasty begins walking down to the ring. He reaches the stairs, and climbs up and into the ring. McNasty walks to the center, smiles, and holds up an arm as it begins raining pyro behind him. The crowd only gets louder. Finally, trademark smile on his face, McNasty speaks.

McNasty: Kill the music.

The music stops. The fans don't. McNasty speaks in a sarcastic voice.

McNasty: I can't talk if you won't let me.


McNasty: Yeah yeah, you're gonna make me blush. Come on guys, I want to get this over with.

The fans gradually quiet down. A few random ones yell things like "WE LOVE YOU MARK" and "THANK YOU MCNASTY!"

McNasty: You know, if this had happened anytime last year, or even anytime up the day after Genesis, I probably would have been okay with it. I couldn't get back into things like I had been doing for half a decade. But after Rob had to go and make this match, things changed. I started to get back into the swing of things. I guess in the end, it was just a bit of a tease. Things were finally starting to be fun again. It wasn't just a job like it had turned into. It was what I wanted to be doing.

McNasty lets his arm fall down. He looks out at the fans, who instantly begin cheering for him again.

McNasty: Alright alright, cut that out.

He laughs as they clap and cheer.

McNasty: I gotta get through this before Robinson comes out and puts me out. So, despite all that, it just wasn't enough the one time it really mattered. Then, we came to tonight. Am I really surprised at how the "tribute show" went? Oh Please. So, it's not like I expected a real one. All I want to say to Rob, is this. Keep throwing your talent out. Keep booking yourself against the younger guys who aren't ready; trying to make yourself look better. At the rate you're going Rob, it won't be long till PWA is Bizarro Victory.

McNasty stops talking for a second.

McNasty: Damn shame too. I used to love this place. I still love the fans. But Rob, I really, I wish you'd listen to advice. You're going to bring the downfall of your own creation. But you're too damn blind to see it.

McNasty smiles. He leans down, and lays the mic on the mat. But, before he goes, he picks it back up.

McNasty: Oh, and one more thing. Quick, I promise. As you all know, I am finishing out my previous bookings. So, look for me at Fall from Grace 9. And lastly, you'll be able to see me on the next Rebel Pro show... and the one after that....and the one after that too. Not just Aggression. Seems Adrian Kalis decided to go ahead and book me for a shit ton of future matches on the chance I lose to Rob. And since they were booked before Who's The Man, I gotta fulfill them!

McNasty smiles and shrugs his shoulders as the fans go nuts.

McNasty: So Rob, suck my balls. Once again I've proved in the end I'm better than you. When I retired you, you had to hire yourself back. I actually had someone want me. SEE YOU LATER PWA!

McNasty throws his arms up as the fans go nuts cheering. "Whatever you Became" begins to play again as McNatsy makes his way up the ramp. He stops at the top, blows the crowd a kiss, bows, and walks to the back; trademark smile on his face.