World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Justin Case vs Mason Harrell

Singles Match

Justin Case goes to with some brutal suplexes, looking to focus on the neck of Harrell. It looked as if everything was going to take a turn for the worse as Mason looked to nail a heart punch. But the former Rebel Pro World Champion & current TV Champion, Justin Case, wasn’t about to let that happen. Utilizing with well placed closed fist, Harrell uses his boxing background to slowly switch the tide in the match. But the ref would only allow so many closed fists and told Harrell anymore and he would call the match.

But Harrell didn’t let that stop him from working over Case’s ribs and back for most of the match, trying to set up for his big finish. The match came to a spill over when both heavyweights started to trade shots in the middle of the ring. Both men take turns getting the upper hand, but neither willing to budge too much for the other man to get the true upper hand. Both men start pulling out all the stops, Harrell trying to win his debut match and Case trying to show that he deserves the spotlight that he is getting. It wasn’t until Case went to the well one too many times, allowing Mason Harrell to fight his way back into the top position in this match.

Case try to get back to the top by using a Arn Anderson style spine buster, only to have Harrell wiggle out and nail The Sunset in Dixie to secure the win...


Jethro Hayes vs Vic Wagner

Singles Match

A brawl erupts immediately as these two square off. Right off the bat, Wagner uses a European uppercut to send Jethro to the canvas. Jethro rebounds by putting Vic in a wrist lock. Wagner frees himself and gets Jethro into an arm bar, and Jethro escapes and gets Wagner into a wristlock. Jethro moves it into a full nelson then suplexes Wagner to the canvas. Wagner gets to his feet and takes down Jethro with an arm drag, but Jethro rolls up Wagner as he goes down for a two and a half count. More back and forth brawling for a few moments with Wagner getting the advantage and sending Jethro into the corner turnbuckle. Jethro puts himself onto the second rope and comes off with a flying missile dropkick taking Wagner down and out. Wagner rolls up Jethro as he goes to pick him up and gets a 2 and a half count himself. The fans go ecstatic as Wagner springboards himself off the top rope, bouncing back and landing a stunning elbow drop on the downed Jethro!

Wagner moves to pick Jethro up but Jethro drops Wagner with a quick double leg takedown, and picks Wagner up! Hayes hits the ropes and Bam! The Plow!! Jethro covers for the 1! 2!! 3!!!

Winner: Jethro Hayes

I'm used to Alex and Rob just calling it something stupid

Another week, another time we find Hardcore Snowfall trying to get Mark McNasty for their boss. Scotty and Hardcore call out McNasty, and demand he fight them like a man. McNasty comes out, looking less than excited, and says he will fight on two condition. The first is that if he wins, NO ONE can interfere in the World title match at Who's The Man, or Robinson loses the title. Hardcore Snowfall has no problem agreeing to this as "There is no way we're going to lose." The second stip is,

Before McNasty can continue, Alex Wilkie comes from the crowd, and double clotheslines Hardcore Snowfall.

McNasty finishes by saying the second stip was, "This is now a Tag Match." Grade A Nastyness makes quick work of Hardcore Snowfall, ending in an epic double submission. McNasty and Wilkie celebrated as Hardcore Snowfall limped up the ramp to the back.

Pike vs Lucious Starr

Singles Match

Match begins with Pike and Starr pounding on each other until the referee breaks them apart. Finally after some time, Starr ties up Pike on the rope and kicks his left leg. Starr proceeds to connect with a shin breaker before applying a leg lock. Pike struggles to break the hold as Starr then applies an inverted Figure Four Leg Lock. Afterwards, Starr tries to yank Pike’s leg out of the socket, but Pike flips up and strikes Starr with an Enziguri kick. As the two athletes make it back to their feet, Starr charges at Pike, but Pike manages to quickly flapjack Starr onto the top rope and then proceeds to get a knee strike onto Starr’s face. After a 2 count, Pike tries for the springboard kick, but Starr ducks and grabs Pike with a half Boston Crab. Not long after however, Pike reverses this hold into a small package.

After yet another 2 count, quickly gets back up and attempts a sidewalk slam, but Pike turns around and strikes Starr down with a spinning DDT. With Starr down, Pike picks him up and connects with Chaired for the 3 count.

Winner: Pike

Raizzor vs Stevie Swing

WTM Quarterfinals Match

From a visual stand point alone, the difference between Raizzor and Stevie Swing is paramount. At 6 foot 8, 285lbs, the Soul-Taker not only dwarfed the slender petite 5 foot 7 115lb girl, but as they circled the ring looking at each other, at times Swing just simply disappeared from the camera’s view point.

Despite the differences, Raizzor attacked Swing as if she were anyone else and laid into her with lefts and rights that sent Swing spinning into the corner. Raizzor kept the volley going mercilessly, keeping his word to respect Swing’s abilities by utterly destroying her and eliminating her from competition.

The referee at this point stepped in, ordering Raizzor out and while his back was turned to Swing, she lashed out and hit Raizzor with the heel of her boot right where it counts, and even at his size and strength, the Soul-Taker was doubled over. Swing then came out with roaring elbows, echoing Riona Langly and struck hard, bringing Raizzor to his knees. She returned the favor, mercilessly, knowing full well the slightest pause would be her undoing.

Bringing his arms up to protect his face and ears, Raizzor deflected the blows and swept Swing’s leg out from under her and she crashed to the canvas on her back. Raizzor launched to his feet, hit the ropes and came back with the Guillotine Leg drop, but Swing rolled away and Raizzor landed with a thud, missing his target. Swing came off the ropes with a drop kick, precise to the Soul-Taker’s face and he hit the mat with his head with a high impact crash. Raizzor however, came back up quickly and Swing responded with The Last Dance superkick. She covered, but had a hard time pulling Raizzor’s leg up to hook it. A two count was her reward, as Raizzor tossed her off like a rag doll.

Swing didn’t blink, and as Raizzor turned to push himself up, she came in with a high knee to his chin. The crack was loud and it dazed Raizzor enough to flatter him and Swing tried to cover again, but another two count was all she could manage.

The crowd was roaring loudly, as the lithe girl lost all sense of reality as she brutally laid into the larger man, intent to down him for three long seconds.. and each time Raizzor looked to rise she did something to keep him off balance.

Still, Raizzor was able to reach the ropes and use them as leverage to get to his knees and as Swing came in for another Last Dance superkick, he caught her leg and they looked into each other’s eyes for a split second before he ripped her leg up and sent her spinning backwards, landing ass first, back of her head second into the canvas. Raizzor rose, dusting himself off and shaking the cobwebs, admiring the tenacity of the young girl. Swing moaned, clutching her head and the Soul-Taker came in, stomping her legs as if to break twigs. Swing cried out, crawling to the ropes and Raizzor grabbed her leg and pulled her to her other foot. Swing tried a inziguri but Raizzor ducked and as Swing spun around, he clutched her by the throat and crushed her with a devastating choke slam. Raizzor covered, satisfied, but the crowd exploded to their collective feet when swing shouldered out just before the three.

Raizzor pulled Swing up and hooked her into a DDT, planting her forehead first and again covered. Swing shouldered out just barely, and Raizzor with a bit of frustration and rushed the ropes and came off them with a guillotine leg drop to the back of her head. Cover, two point five count and Raizzor growled and pulled Swing up. Raizzor lifted Swing up for the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker but she raked his eyes desperately and he dropped her as he backed up, holding his face and blinking rapidly.

Swing used the ropes for momentum and came off, rushing into Raizzor and pushing with all her strength and sent Raizzor against the ropes, and with his hands on his face to clear his sight he didn’t have the presence not to catch himself and Raizzor tumbled over the top in the corner and hit the steel steps badly.

Raizzor crashed outside, now holding his left leg as Swing dove out and began kicking his hurt leg against the steel post repeatedly as the referee counted towards ten. At six, Raizzor caught Swing’s leg and threw her away, literally and hobbled into the ring at eight, and just before the ten count Swing crawled in as well. Raizzor rose, testing his balance and found his leg to be ‘ok’. Swing swallowed and rushed Raizzor to continue inflicting damage but the Soul-Taker lashed forward and hit Swing with a spear.

Raizzor then immediately scooped her up and nailed the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker, and as always, hooked both legs with respect to his opponent and scored the three count.

Winner: Raizzor

Just In Case You Forgot


Once again we are brought to you by "The Millennium Game" Justin Case inside the PWA ring.

Again another episode of "Case Closed" as the ring has been transformed into a talk show set up.

Case begins to address the booing crowd with his T.V. Title over the left shoulder of his top notch white suit. This is indeed a black tie affair.

JC: Thanks for the warm welcome, idiots. Now then, last week, if you didnt see the show. Emily Corlen appeared on the show and I ripped her a new ass hole. Play the footage!

" Emily Corlen: Part of why I agreed to come out here was to share with you the news that I just got earlier today from REBEL Pro Headquarters. As it turns out, we have a contracted rematch to challenge for the very Tag Team Titles we lost a couple weeks ago... but the more I think about it, I don't really like your attitude right now, so if this is how you're gonna treat me... if this is how "The Millennium Game" handles losing a single match... then maybe I'll find a NEW partner for the Championship rematch. You see, Justin...

Emily leans in close, the smirk on her face turning into a wide grin.

Emily Corlen: Karma's a bitch... and so am I. BELIEVE IT!

Emily's theme music hits up and she coolly leaves the ring, another "Emily" chant breaking out. She walks up the ramp, shrugging and slapping hands with a few fans, leaving Case in the ring in shock as "TMG" is pondering what the heck just happened.

Jon McDaniel: You got to love Emily Corlen, Brian! She's always on her game.

Brian Rentfro: And now, after the cold reception from what appears to be her now former tag team partner, she has left Justin Case in shock! Not a great start to his new talk show. We didn't even get a new contender for his Television Championship, never mind the REBEL Pro Tag Title situation! "

We come to view Case at the current period of time.

Some fans cheer.

JC: Now then, that may have provoked more questions than answers, however, this week is a new day. And tonight I would like to bring out yet another mark to see if he has what it takes for me to choose him as the next contender to my Television Title Belt. So, come on out......


"Fight Music" kicks up on the speakers, the crowd on their feet. However, as soon as a foot enters the entrance ramp, it's quickly pulled back and Hardcore's music stops. Lucious Starr enters the entrance ramp, laughing as he makes his way to the ring, "Fuck You" kicking up. He reaches the bottom of the entrance ramp, clapping his hands three times and then pointing to Case. He walks to the steel ring steps, hopping to the top and sliding into the ring. He walks to the opposite end of the ring, calling for a mic. Justin appears slightly confused, though decides to go with the flow.

Justin Case: Lucious fucking Starr. Nice of you to join me.

Lucious Starr: Tee Em Gee. I saw who you originally planned to come out here, but I thought maybe you'd like a challenge. So I decided to save you from the mediocrity and come out here myself.

Justin Case: Ha, yeah. Look, I appreciate the gesture, but I can handle Mr. Hardcore. In fact, I'm quite sure he'd be as simple to defeat as Scottie Sn...

Lucious Starr: That's the thing, Justin. See, I like you. Really, I do. But ya see, you've decided to just take the bottom of the barrel to grab up challengers, and... well, that's not quite right. I mean, that title used to MEAN something. Now? You're challenging Scottie Snow, Emily Corlen, Hardcore... I mean, seriously, dude. Challenge yourself. Bring in a threat.

Justin scoffs, shaking his head. He looks at Lucious, a slight grin.

Justin Case: And you consider yourself a threat?

Lucious raises an eyebrow, cracking his neck before he raises his mic.

Lucious Starr: A threat, Justin? No, no. I am THE threat. I am the one and only person on the entire AoWF roster who poses a threat to every goddamn champion, and I'll be damned if anyone speaks differently.

Justin almost laughs, getting all up in Lucy's grill. Rofls.

Justin Case: Dude, I don't know if you remember this... but I kicked your ass before.

Lucious takes a breath, one can see a vein in his forehead start to throb. He shakes his head, taking a step back.

Lucious Starr: And you've lost to every fucking body else. What's your point?

Justin Case: Uh-huh. I'm sorry; I think you have me confused with you, Lucy. I mean, you've got an overall record of what, point 200? If you count title reigns as double?

Lucious shakes his head as Justin walks off a bit, resting in a turnbuckle. Lucious takes a moment, breathing in deeply, a slight grin.

Lucious Starr: Oh, I get it. You lose Corlen, find out she passed you up to get some from Matt "Blank Shooter" Stone, and you feel all butt hurt cause everything is still turning up roses for her. So fucking sad, Case. I mean, I figured I'd give you the benefit of the doubt, really I did, but if you get this emotional over some pork bitch who likes the underbelly of the World of AIDS, maybe it was her carrying you in REBEL...

Justin Case: YOU SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH! I don't have to take this from you! You're on my fucking time, Lucy, and I swear to god I'll...

Lucious Starr: You'll what, Justin? You'll cry to your fat momma about how your dream BBW left you for the King of Fugly? You'll go piss yourself in a corner because doing anything remotely hazardous to your career will probably make you look like a bigger fucking douchebag than you already are? Or maybe...


Lucious shrugs, starting out of the ring. He stops, turning to the Millennium Game.

Lucious Starr: That's fine. I don't want your Television Title anyways. I'd only be taking something else that means nothing to anyone on the roster.

Justin Case: Says the MadeUpWord Champion.

Lucious Starr: The Made Up Word Champion who EARNED his fucking title, rather than just bringing it out and calling it something. I mean, god forbid you actually take a challenge from me, and I pull a Matt Stone simply to take it away and dump it in the nearest dumpster...

Justin Case charges up, throwing a knee into Lucious' sternum. Lucy falls to a knee, Justin firing a set of punches to the side of his head. Lucious rolls out of the ring, holding his head, Justin poised inside the ring. He launches himself over, into a cross-body to Lucious... who catches Justin and throws him with a fallaway slam! Justin arches his back, Lucious walking over and bending down over him.

Lucious Starr: Look, Justin. I'm giving it to you straight. You want to be a made man? You want to look legit for the first fucking time in your PWA career? You take me up on a challenge. You want to keep looking like the fucktard middle school dropout who got lucky practicing his Power Ranger moves, you keep ignoring me like every other worthless piece of shit on the roster. Your choice, Justin. Take on the AoWF's Most Wanted, or be the little bitch Corlen turned you into.

Lucious drops the mic, heading up the ramp. Justin gets to his feet, brushing off his TV Title by the time Lucious is halfway up, lifting the mic to his mouth.

Justin Case: YOU GOT YOURSELF A DEAL!! Its too bad you passed up a shot at my talented Championship Title Belt. You done messed with the wrong man! Yours truly will wipe the mat with you!

"TMG" paws at his own face, smoothly taking off the blood from his lip.

There is nothing more motivating than tasting your own blood.

Marvin Wood vs Matt Stone

WTM Quarterfinals Match

Upon the ringing of the bell, Marvin is the first to offense by grounding Stone with those technical moves that Marvin brags about so much. But Stone quickly rises to his feet and shows Marvin that he is not the only technical wrestler in PWA by taking him to the mat with a text book hip toss. Before Stone could capitalize, Marvin shot his legs around Matt and pulled him down into a simple guillotine choke hold. Stone was able to quickly maneuver his body to the ropes in order to force a break from Marvin. Marvin was looking pissed so far, he didn't expect Stone to play the same game as he, let alone be so successful at it. They both rise to their feet, and soon began to get into a chop battle. A “Whoo” heard from the crowd. Marvin finally tires of the striking battle and knees Stone in the gut. Marvin back up to get a bit of ground before going for the Suplex Labyrinth, but Stone counters with the Stone Cutter! 1...2...Thr-MARVIN'S FOOT IS ON THE ROPE!

Matt pounds his fists against the mat out of frustration. So he begins to pull Marvin back to his feet to nail his opponent with his finisher. But Marvin grabs the top rose, causing Stone to fall right off. Matt regains his composure from the counter and rises to his feet.

As Stone was starting to get up, Wood bounced off the ropes and dropped Stone straight o the mat with the Imperfect Tense! Matt was flat on his back as Marvin covered him for the 1 2 3

Winner: Marvin Wood

The Harlequin vs Johnny Chaos

WTM Quarterfinals Match

The opening tune of ICP's "Hocus Pocus" plays in the arena as the crown all turn their heads to see who was coming down the ramp. Out came the Harlequin looking around with a wide smile on his face. He’s got a water gun with him today and has a flag hoisted to his back.

Eric Emerson: Coming to us from the Carnival...

As he walks past some of the crowd, he stops randomly and screams at children as he passes, then laughs as they recoil. Harlequin keeps walking down, rolling into the ring. He skips to the middle of the ring, holds the water gun to his head and pulls the trigger. A moment later he pulls the gun away, waves goodbye to the crowd and fake falls dead – taking a bump to the canvas.

Eric Emerson: I give you your winner via disqualification and moving on in the Who's the Man Tournament - the HARLEQUIN!

Emerson did not seemed thrilled to have to read that aloud, but now the Harlequin demands that Eric of all people hold his arm up in victory. Emerson slowly complies, until a small joy buzzer delivers an ant size shock to his hand - still annoying him to release his grasp. The Harlequin dances around the ring as we cut away.

Masakazu vs The Phoenix

WTM Quarterfinals Match

The lights in the arena dim, with only the sounds of a long winded whooooooosh before "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters hits.


Masakazu steps out, decked in black gi pants with The Order of Chaos emblem laced onto the left leg, with a matching sleeveless black hoody. He sways back and forth to the drumline of the song as the crowd goes nuts.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Montreal, Quebec! Weighing in at 210 pounds and standing in at an even 6 feet tall!

Masakazu moves around quickly on the stage, throwing out fierce kicks with his shins and elbow strikes into the air as he continues to move back and forth to the beat.

Eric Emerson: He is THE GENERAL of The Order of Chaos!

The crowd begins an "ALL HAIL!" chant as Masakazu goes for a forward thrust kick, stretching his left leg out as far as it can go and straightening his body before slowly turning on his right foot then dropping into a fighting stance, his fists clenched and his right arm stretched out with his left arm cocked back. Pyros go off all around him, creating a red streaming arch which completely blinds us to Masakazu.


Masakazu flies out of the arch of pyros into the air with his knees to his chest, his arms stretched out as the cameras flash! As he lands, fireworks explode in quick succession behind him. He jumps up once more and pumps his fist, before throwing his hoody off and chucking it to a fan at ringside. He grabs his shoulder length hair and pulls it back as he runs towards the ring and jumps from the ground, right over the top rope and flips himself into the ring. He lands on one knee, his other knee to his chest and his right fist to the canvas with his left arm stretched out behind him. Upon the moment of impact, fireworks explode from all four corners of the ring. He jumps to his feet and bobs and sways back and forth a bit more before coming to a stop. He stomps his right foot down, slaps his chest with his right hand and then gives out a fascist Order of Chaos style salute to the crowd who all stand in unison, saluting him back.

Jon McDaniel: Whatever people may think of him, Masakazu has been on a roll since his triumphant comeback at Genesis. The only match he's lost this year has been against Thunderwolf and Jeffrey Drake in tag team action, you can't even fault the kid for that since Scottie Snow tapped to Drake.

Brian Rentfro: His hot streak ends tonight, Jon. Against your PWA World Champion...

Eric Emerson: Introducing, his opponent.

"The Final Countdown" hits as The Phoenix steps out onto the stage.

Eric Emerson: He stands an even 6 feet tall, weighing in at 230 pounds...

The crowd boos as Phoenix makes his way to the ring, sure footed and confident.

Eric Emerson: He is the Pioneer Wrestling Association WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! THE PHOENIX!!!!

Phoenix circles the ring, Masakazu swaying back and forth to Phoenix's theme music and smirking.

Jon McDaniel: Interesting fact? Masakazu's theme song had always been "The Final Countdown" until he arrived in the PWA in 2009, since The Phoenix had the rights to its use here.

Brian Rentfro: No one cares, Jon.

Phoenix fakes going onto the ring apron, quickly falling back as Masakazu seems ready to pounce. The referee pulls Masakazu back to allow Phoenix proper entrance into the ring. Masakazu nods, but the shoves the ref out of the way and leapfrogs over the top rope, cross body splash on The Phoenix on the outside of the ring. Masakazu gras Phoenix and throws him into the ring, sliding in behind him.


Masakazu immediately begins kicking Phoenix repeatedly while Phoenix is down. Phoenix covers up his face, putting his arms up to block. The referee pulls Masakazu back and with the bell having rung, Mas isn't about to shove the referee again. Masakazu hops up onto the top rope and crouches, trying to keep his balance. Phoenix rolls onto his back, catching his breath. Kaz flies off with a frog splash, but Phoenix raises his knees and crushes Kaz's ribs. Masakazu rolls off of Robinson, cluching his sides in pain. Phoenix is up now and bounces off the ropes, dropping down onto Masakazu with a leg drop. Phoenix elbows Kaz in the face for good measure, immediately Masakazu's nose begins to bleed from the impact.

Brian Rentfro: Take that. So disrespectful.

Jon McDaniel: I don't think it's disrespect, it's that he sees Phoenix as the huge threat that he is. Anybody would be a fool to take the PWA World Champion lightly.

Masakazu gets to his feet, but he seems groggy. Phoenix capitalizes, standing dropkick to the back of Mas' head sends him face first into the corner turnbuckle. Masakazu slumps over in the corner, Phoenix charges and brings his elbow down hard across the back of Mas' neck. Phoenix grabs hold of Masakazu and hits a belly to back suplex, crushing Mas' neck, shoulders and spine on the canvas. Phoenix holds position, arched, and pins.




Mas kicks out on pure instinct and rolls out of the ring. He wipes the blood off his face and leans against the barricades, fans slapping his back and shouting at him with encouragement. The referee begins a ten count.


Brian Rentfro: This idiot is going to get himself counted out.


Jon McDaniel: I doubt that, Brian.


Masakazu begins signing autographs and joking with fans. Phoenix shakes his head, raising his hands in victory.


Jon McDaniel: He's regrouping I'd bet.


Brian Rentfro: He's going to lose.


Masakazu signs a fans breasts, smirking.


Phoenix shakes his head, and turns around to once more raise his arms.


Masakazu jumps up onto the barricade, flipping over backwards onto the ring apron.


Phoenix quickly turns around as Masakazu then flips himself back up, into the ring and springboards himself off the top rope and hits a vicious flying super kick on Phoenix. Phoenix spins, Masakazu unleashes a barrage of kicks. His shins connect with Phoenix's thighs, then Phoenix's ribs. Masakazu bounces off the ropes and then runs right up on Phoenix's wobbly legs, launching himself into the air and bringing a high knee across Phoenix's face. Masakazu lands like a feline behind Phoenix as Phoenix hits the canvas finally, completely taken back. Masakazu springboards himself off the top rope again, this time landing an asai moonsault on the World Champion. Masakazu hooks the leg.




Masakazu covers Phoenix again, this time putting his feet on the bottom rope for added pressure.



T- NO! The ref sees it and then Phoenix pushes Masakazu off of him.

Jon McDaniel: That's how Masakazu cheated Silverback out of the win and got a huge upset victory.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, like a cheater.

The referee tells Masakazu that if he tries that again, he'll be disqualified.

Jon McDaniel: He's just giving Phoenix a taste of his own medicine.

Phoenix rolls up Masakazu from behind with a school boy!! He pulls on the tights!





Jon McDaniel: Seems whoever wins will have out cheated the other.

Masakazu grabs the referee to pull himself up. The ref stumbles forward. Masakazu spins around as Phoenix goes for a grapple, Adrian Kalis dropping to his knees and low blowing Phoenix square in the balls. Phoenix's knees buckle, Masakazu donkey punches him in the crotch then jumps up, grabs him and hits a spinning DDT! Kaz with the cover!




NOPE! Got'cha! Phoenix with a foot on the ropes breaks the count. Masakazu calls out to a beer vendor. Phoenix gets to his feet gingerly, still holding his groin. He grabs Masakazu and lifts him up, spins, vicious spine buster takes Mas down. Phoenix mounts Kaz and gives him a few lefts and rights, focusing on hitting directly in Mas' nose which may or may not be broken. Masakazu lifts his legs and wiggles his torso, forcing Phoenix to get more on top of him but not stopping the assault. But now Mas rolls onto his shoulders, pushing Phoenix up, his legs go up as well. Masakazu struggles, trying to get Phoenix off of him by pulling forward with his legs wrapped precariously around Phoenix’s neck. He finally gets Phoenix off of him, and then crawls away.

Masakazu keeps crawling and gets to his feet. Phoenix charges at him but Masakazu side steps him, hits him with an elbow upper cut and then swoops him up onto his back… THE MASADRIVER!!! Mas covers!


Masakazu puts his feet up on the bottom rope, applying even more pressure over Phoenix on the pin. The referee doesn’t notice this time!




Masakazu rolls out quickly, laughing.

Eric Emerson: The winner of this match and advancing to the semi-finals of Who’s the Man!?… MASAKAZU!!!!