World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


A Special Announcement

As Rampage comes on the air, we find ourselves in the backstage area in Chamelion’s make-shift office, where he sits behind his desk, neatly arranged and pristine. He smiles his Cheshire grin into the camera.

Chamelion: Welcome everyone to Rampage! I’ll get to the point. After listening to my brother’s promo earlier, and remembering the issues I myself have once had with the M.o.A. as a whole, tonight’s match between Nightstryker and Raizzor will take place inside a steel cage! Also, if any one, M.o.A. or not, proceeds to interfere in anyway, before, during or even AFTER the match against Raizzor… Nightstryker will be disqualified and eliminated from the tournament. However, in fairness should any living soul do ANYTHING to give my brother an advantage before, during or after the match, he will share in the same fate and be eliminated. These two combatants will decide their own fates inside the steel structure, with no rules and limits set there in. Good luck Gentlemen and let the evening progress!

Cut to ringside.

TMB vs Gonzo McQueen

Singles Match


Basically Gonzo wasn't ready for this match at all. TMB went on the attack earlier and never relented, punishing McQueen with brutal striking and takedowns to the mat. TMB was really making a point here that perhaps he should have been considered for the World Title match at WTM and not McNasty, because TMB essentially had his way with Gonzo. There were a couple of bright moments for McQueen, reversing a suplex from TMB and going airborne over the top rope to the floor crashing down on TMB. When the fight went outside the ring, Gonzo essentially dominated. He was going to put TMB through the announcer's table, but the referee was getting close to the 10 count. McQueen rolled TMB back into the ring and tried for a running lariat, but TMB dodged that at the last second and connected with The Branches of Sins on Gonzo!

TMB would go for the cover...





Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match... THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!

Where's All the Titles At?

Jon McDaniel: “Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting edition of PWA’s Rampage!”

Brian Rentfro: “That’s right, this week we solidify the rest of the second round matches in the Who’s the Man Tournament including seeing the PWA World Champion, my pick to win the whole thing, face off against Vic Wagner!”

Jon McDaniel: “Truth be told, I was hoping Cody would win so we could see Cody Bogard and Rob Robinson”

Brian Rentfro: “Would have been the same result as last time”

Jon McDaniel: “You Do-“

John is cut off as we hear the beginning of Matt Stone’s theme

I created the Sound of Madness
Wrote the book on pain
Somehow I'm still here to explain
That the darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun,
When you gunna wake up and fight?

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a mixed reaction, mostly boos. He heads down to the ring.

Jon McDaniel: “What’s the Straight Shooter doing out here?”

Brian Rentfro: “He’s not booked for a match, he defeated Pohatu last week to enter into the quarter finals of the Who’s the Man Tournament.”

Jon McDaniel: “I thought we would get a week off from his mouth”

Matt Stone is now in the ring and he get the microphone from Eric Emersion, who looks puzzled to Stone’s appearance. Stone pauses for everyone to pipe down before speaking.

Matt Stone: You know what I hate? Champions who hide behind their titles. I’ve been accused of doing this in the past, but nothing can be farther from the truth. I held the PWA Intercontinental championship for well over two hundred days, and I defended that title and each and every chance I had. I relished in the opportunity to defend that title and prove to the world that I was just better. I defeated the best this company had to offer for that title including names like Vic Wagner, Cody Bogard, Scottie Snow, Mr. Hardcore, Justin Case…

Wait, sorry, that’s the wrong list. People like Riona Langly, Mark McNasty and yes, even my mentor Marvin Wood. I admit I lost the match against Nightstryker at Genesis, I accept that, what I don’t accept is the fact that he has not defended that title since winning it almost two months ago. Rob Robinson has not defended the PWA World title since then, hell even Leonard Luv hasn’t defended the Grizzly Beer championship, the title I made famous in my rookie year. Tag Titles haven’t even been dusted off yet, this is ricockulous! Mark Sommers is in charge here and nothing gets accomplished, all the focus seems to be on this tournament and while yes, it is important, championships are also important, at least to me. Emily Corlen challenged Nightstryker for his Intercontinental championship and he turned it down. Emily did that very same thing to me and not only did I accept her challenge, I defeated her and proved I was superior on that night.”

Brian Rentfro: “Right now, continuity is trending worldwide on twitter”

Jon McDaniel: “What does that have to do with anything?”

Brian Rentfro: “I just thought it was worth mentioning”

Matt Stone: So to make a long story short, You people deserve to see a title match, and I’m not talking about that idiot Justin Case running around with a title that I retired twice. No, I refuse to leave here until one of those yellow champions comes out here and accepts my challenge and shut me up!”

Brian Rentfro: “Looks like we have a good old fasion sit down Jon”

Jon Brian Rentfro: “And what luck, we’re cutting away to commercial. Will Matt Stone still be here when we get back, stay tuned”

**Commercial Break**

Brian Rentfro: “He’s still here”

Jon McDaniel: “Yes, Matt Stone is still here and he’s been insulting the crowd to keep them mildly entertained in the process as we await anyone to come out here”

Fortunately for everyone, we didn’t have to wait any longer as we hear…


The tune brings Leonard Luv to the stage in his hot pink singlet and purple pants with pink stars printed on them, a matching boa around his neck, and his wrap around amber shades over his eyes. He spins Inga Lovegood and then does his patented Luv Strut on top of the ramp. He locks arms with her and walks down the ramp with an arrogant smirk on his face, the fans booing his every move. He then hands his shades and boa to Lovegood before sliding into the ring and spinning around, arms outstretched, so consumed with himself. "Luv Addict" stops playing as Luv is handed a microphone.

Leonard Luv: “Whoa, hold up there Dadio. No need to get all angry. I just came out of Chamelion’s office and he granted me this match right here, right now for the Grizzly Beer title cat”

Matt Stone: “Right now? Well…I didn’t mean to have the match right now..”

Leonard Luv: "Oh yeah daddy-o!"

A referee runs down to the ring and slides in, collecting Leonard’s Grizzly Beer championship. Stone scrambles to take his t-shirt off as the bell sounds

Brian Rentfro: “Looks like we have an impromptu Grizzly Beer championship match!”

As soon as the bell sounds, Luv is on the attack, catching Stone before he fully gets his shirt off with a double axe handle. Matt stumbles and is in the corner, where his head is bounced off the top turnbuckle several times, the crowd counting along. Matt backed up and tripped over his own feet, falling on his back. Luv just shook his head and sent a few kicks down at Stone, who finally got the shirt off. Matt looked up and saw Leonard drive his elbow down into Matt’s chest, Matt coughing out. Stone held up his hands in a ‘T’ shape, but Luv grabbed him by the head and picked him up, hitting him with a deep knee lift, doubling Matt over. Luv picked up Stone, setting him up for the Luv Potion # 9, but Matt sprung into action, bringing his knee up and grabbing Luv’s head, driving him straight down atop him with the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Luv is out and before Inga has a chance to react, Matt gets the cover on Luv 1 2 3

Ding Ding

Matt rolls off Leonard and dusts his hands off as the referee hands him the Grizzly Beer championship, Luv rolling out of the ring and going up the ramp with Inga dazed and dejected.

Eric Emerson: “Here is your winner…and NEEEW PWA Grizzly Beer Champion, the Straight Shooter Matt Stone!”

Matt Stone gets up and straps the GB title around his waist, raising his arms up. He walks over and grabs the microphone he was previously holding. He brings it up to his mouth, but before he gets one word out, he’s cut off by 'The Lonely Shepherd' by Gheorghe Zamfir

Jon McDaniel: “I recognize that song”

Brian Rentfro: “That’s Marvin Wood coming down, and he’s got a microphone!”

Indeed, Marvin Wood was making his way down to the ring, looking inside at Matt Stone, passing Luv on the way without giving him a second glance. We can’t even be sure if he received a first glance. Wood’s eyes were locked on Stone as he approached and walked up the steps. Matt looks a little confused as Wood gets in the ring and now speaks.

Marvin Wood: “Congratulations Matthew on winning the Grizzly Beer championship, however I feel that your priorities are displaced. Next week you have a match with me in the quarter finals in the Who’s the Man Tournament, yet you appear in front of us this week and talk about matters that don’t concern you. Sure, you were successful in your quest, but your quest was unworthy pursuing at this time. You’re disorganized, you’re unpredictable and, in some cases, unreliable. That is the reason why we failed in winning the Tag Team Tournament and you will not be the reason I fail to win this tournament. Stick n’ Stones, while a clever name, is a failed experiment. I never felt you truly adapted to the Treatise I proved, and while you have persevered in your career thus far Matthew, you should know… “

Matt Stone cuts him off

Matt Stone: “Perseverance is not the currency of good, yes I know that. Now you listen to me, Marvin. I am not the reason why we failed. I literally just proved that I can win a championship Marvin, and I proved that last year and London’s Burning. I am the better wrestler Marvin, not you. I will be the Man, not you and I will be the next World Champ“

Stone was caught off as he was hit from behind with the very World Title he was talking about! The Phoenix soot in the ring, looking down at Stone. Phoenix and Marvin exchanged a glance and nodded before leaving the ring to The Final Countdown.

Brian Rentfro: “Stone is out in the ring and the Phoenix has sent a message”

Jon McDaniel: “I don’t know what to think”

Nightstryker vs Raizzor

WTM Match

Eric Emerson: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is a Whose The Man!? Tournament match…

With Emerson’s announcement, the arena rose as one because they knew which match was next due to the lowering of the steel cage from the ceiling.. Emerson announced Nightstryker first, to a mixture of roaring cheers and jeers at a fever pitch… cheers for respect of who Nightstryker is, and jeers for his involvement with the infamous M.o.A. Next to thunderous ovation for his legendary status, Raizzor was announced and as he made his way to the ring, he bore a hole right into Nightstryker’s chest with his steely eyes. Nightstryker returned the gaze with his own calm demeanor, but not without respect for the man he was about to lock up with.

The bell sounded and both men with cautious with their advancements but once they locked up, stratagem took a back seat to the utter brawl and violence both men displayed to each other. Raizzor, larger, heavier and more stout put Nightstryker to task early, but the quicker, slightly more agile Nightstyker held his own against the brutality of Raizzor’s strikes. Technical prowless was forgotten as both men tumbled to the outside and proceeded to use the cage’s unforgiving steel to crack each other’s foreheads asunder, blood streaking down early in the match. Steel chairs were exchanged and welts rose with angry red along Nightstryker’s back, and sure the same could be said for Raizzor had he not adorned his black top. Advantage Nightstryker when he tossed Raizzor into the steel steps, who tumbled over and landed back against the steel. Momentum switched however as Nightstryker carelessly bolted over the same steps, but Raizzor moved so that Styker crashed hard into the same spot.

Slowly and with the encouragement of the fans, both men tumbled back into the ring and with great effort and the assistance of the ropes, found their footing and clashed dead center of the ring.. Wooos echoed through the arena as Raizzor chopped Stryker in the chest repeatedly and just as loud retributions were delivered back by Stryker with hard punches to his chin. Stryker grabbed Raizzor’s arm and whipped him to the ropes but Raizzor reversed it and hit a big boot, causing Stryker to skid ass and back across the ring, eyes glazed up at the lights. Raizzor scooped him up for the TBS but Stryker pushed out of it and shoved Raizzor chest first into the corner, where the referee happened to be.

With the ref down and out, and Raizzor stumbling to get his bearing, Stryker took to the corner and ripped away the protective covering of the steel turnbuckle. Stryker then grabbed Raizzor and pulled him to his feet to whip him again to the corner. Raizzor flew into the corner but grabbed both sides to prevent collision with the steel. Stryker came in after him, but Raizzor ducked and got behind Stryker and twisted him around and up as if going for the TBS but instead sent Stryker face first into the unprotected corner and as he bounced out, Raizzor came off the ropes with another big boot! Quickly, without mercy Raizzor lifted Stryker up and hit the TBS and covered.

The crowd roared ONE! TWO! THREE! But the referee was still not moving, and Raizzor realized his error and visibly could be seen chiding himself for such a rookie mistake. Standing, Raizzor went over and pulled the referee up to the corner and slapped his face a couple of times to get him to snap out of it. Meanwhile, Stryker regained his own senses and saw Raizzor distracted. He turned himself into position, eagerly awaiting the Soul-Taker to turn and when he did, Stryker connected with a perfect Mindbender dead center of the ring! He covered and yelled for the referee who slowly crawled over…



THRE/Shoulder up!

The delay in the ref’s count gave Raizzor just the miniscule moment he needed, and Stryker fell back angrily at being cheated out of the three. He slid from the ring and grabbed another steel chair, bringing to the ring and began to wallop Raizzor along his back repeatedly. Raizzor struggled hard, trying to protect himself from the barrage but Stryker knew that he had to go the distance to keep the bigger man down. Against the corner, Raizzor turned and struck his foot out, catching the swinging arc of the steel chair and causing it to reverb back into Stryker’s face, both blinding and knocking him loopy long enough for Raizzor to rise and charge in with a spear. Raizzor covered and a revived referee was in position, but a two count was all he could manage.

At this point, Raizzor turned animalistic and with steel chair in hand, proceeded to return the favor to Nightstyker, welting his back sides and even denting the chair over his forehead, causing Stryker to collapse in a ball of flesh. Signaling it was time to end things, Raizzor moved to the corner and climbed, the intent to strike with the Guillotine Leg Drop. The arena flashed with cameras as Raizzor flew into the air and landed his leg across Stryker’s throat with precision, and as always with respect to his opponent, Raizzor hooked both legs to lock him in tight and the ref counted the three count, giving Raizzor another hard earned and viciously fought victory.

Post match, Raizzor laid against the corner as Stryker regained his posture and both men looked to each other and despite allegiances and alignments, the two men shook hands just once, before Stryker left and Raizzor took in the fan’s adornment.

Mark McNasty vs Mr Hardcore

We find Mr. Hardcore in the ring. He has his ring gear on, a mic in hand, and a ref behind him.

MH: Last week, Mark McNasty pinned my tag partner, Scotty Snow, in a fluke win. You gave him a beatdown last week Mark. But this week, you get the Hardcore Beatdown. Bring your ass to the ring!

“Whatever You Became” by Cold plays as Mark McNasty walks out onto the ramp. He smiles at the crowd as he twirls a mic around. He finally raises it to his mouth.

McNasty: Okay Hardcore, it’s cute you’re trying to suck up to your boss. There is a problem with that though. You know, the one where you couldn’t last two minutes in the ring with me.

McNasty can’t help but laugh. Hardcore doesn’t find it funny.

MH: Get in my face and say that. At least my clothesline finisher isn’t a fucking donkey punch!

McNasty’s silly look disappears. He clears his throat.

McNasty: Alright, this little joke has been nice, but I think we’re done. I wouldn’t feel right getting in the ring with a guy whose record is like 2 and 20.

The crowd lets out an “oooo.”

MH: Why? It’s just about as good as your record from last year.

The crowd’s response changes to “OHHHHHHH.” McNasty throws the mic down and charges the ring. Hardcore’s ready for him as they begin trading blows back and forth. McNasty manages to duck under a punch though, and drills Hardcore with a brutal German Suplex. Hardcore tries to stand, but is met with several boots to the back of the head. Finally McNasty drags Hardcore up. Playing opossum, Hardcore shoves McNasty back, then clubs him across the face with the “You Got Bitched!” Clothesline from Hell. McNasty falls back so hard his legs are up by his face. Hardcore dives on him.




Hardcore is thrown off as McNasty jumps to his feet. A bit of blood drips from his nose. McNasty doesn’t even waste time seeing to it as he runs over to Hardcore, and dropkicks him in the side of the head. Hardcore crumbles to the mat. McNasty raises an arm as he points at the corner. He runs at the turnbuckle, and vaults on top of it. He stands, and goes for the Malicious Intent. Hardcore can’t move in time, and McNasty connects! He hooks a leg.



Eric Emerson: Your winner, Mark McNasty!

McNasty finally wipes his nose, and sees the blood streak him arm. He turns and drills Hardcore across the lower back with one hard boot. Hardcore cringes as McNasty rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp. He finds his mic, and picks it back up. He taps it to see if it’s still working, and finds it is on.

McNasty: That’s two of your cronies in as many weeks Robinson. You can’t hide behind them forever!

McNasty raises his arms again to a big pop, before walking backstage.

The Harlequin vs Pike

WTM Match

Eric Emerson: Our next match is scheduled for one fall and is a second round match up in the Who's the Man Tournament! Introducing first...

A series of flickering blue lights stretch their way back and forth across the arena. Eventually they group together and illuminate the entrance way, while the sharp burst opening of "Seven Devils" brings Atticus Pike out from behind the curtain.

Eric Emerson: Representing the Charms out of Santa Cruz, California...

Pike makes his way to the ring with his head down.

Eric Emerson: I give you Atticus Alexander - PIKE!

He stretches his massive frame in the corner of the ring as Emerson switches notecards.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

The opening tune of ICP's "Hocus Pocus" plays in the arena as the crown all turn their heads to see who was coming down the ramp. Out came the Harlequin looking around with a wide smile on his face.

Eric Emerson: Coming to us from the Carnival...

As he walks past some of the crowd, he stops randomly and screams at children as he passes, then laughs as they recoil. Harlequin keeps walking down, rolling in the ring.

Eric Emerson: I give you - the HARLEQUIN!

Pike moves over to him, ready to go and we get a bell.


The two lockup. Immediately Pike overpowers the Harlequin and forces him into a backside hammerlock. The Harlequin tests his shoulder and tries to wheel around on the big man to reverse the hold but eats a standing lariat to the face for his efforts. Pike drops down him immediately and focuses his attack with a headlock.

Jon McDaniel: The bigger Pike showing his cards immediately, he’s going to look to wear down the True Glory competitor – set him up for that wicked DDT displayed in Pike’s debut.

Brian Rentfro: If that big goof can get that far. He didn’t look so hot last week tagging with the two AOWF champions in our main event.

The big man angles back up on the hold, really trying to tilt the clown’s head back. The referee checks for an early submission, but he’s just not going to get it. Pike stands with the hold, bringing the Harlequin to his feet. He whips him into the ropes, looking to land another big clothesline.

Jon McDaniel: The Harlequin sure looked impressive in his first round match. He manages to get Pike here and he’ll be in the quarterfinals – establishing him as a credible threat in the AOWF almost immediately.

But the Harlequin ducks under and slides between Pike’s legs. He then rolls him up from behind for a schoolboy attempt but Atticus pushes out of it immediately. Harlequin takes a few steps back and catches Pike with a dropkick, teetering the big man. He follows up with a second and third time until Pike falls to the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: He has to get someone to take him seriously first.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think he cares about that. And right now, he’s got the big man down!

Harlequin looks to roll him over and apply a single leg crab, but Pike uses his large wingspan and easily gets a hand on the ropes. The clown tries to pull him off, but Atticus’ hand is wound tight around it, so he just gives in and releases the hold shortly after our referee reaches five.

Jon McDaniel: Pike slow to his feet, think his lower back took some harm in that exchange.

The Harlequin stays on the attack, whipping Pike into the opposite ropes this time and spearing him low to the midsection. Pike stays on his feet, but keels over. Harlequin jumps back to his feet and takes the opportunity to land a single leg DDT.

Jon McDaniel: Didn’t think he would be able to muscle him down like that.

Brian Rentfro: Just assume you’re wrong from now on.

Harlequin flips him on his back and hooks a leg.



Jon McDaniel: No! That wasn’t enough!

The clown has some words for our referee while Pike rolls over towards and empty corner. He uses the ropes and turnbuckles to assist him back to his feet. Harlequin back over looking to land some forearms to Pike’s lower back, but Atticus gets the jump on it. He swaps their position and starts to ram his shoulder into the Harlequin while he’s caught in the corner. Five times until he lifts the Harlequin up and brings him down hard with a delayed powerslam.

Jon McDaniel: Pike is new to the AOWF as well – and we’ve yet to see everything he can do. That was a big display of his power right there.

Still, Atticus is struggling with his back. Both men stagger to their feet. Pike is first over, looking to land another lariat, but the Harlequin ducks under and counters with a drop toe hold. Then he goes right back to the single leg crab.

Brian Rentfro: Again?

Jon McDaniel: Don’t let the makeup confuse you – the Harlequin knows what he’s doing in the ring. He saw Atticus favoring his lower back earlier and he’s following up on it. Making sure to angle that crab in an effort to further stretch him out and maybe dislocate a knee joint at the same time.

Pike gets his hand in the ropes, but is really feeling the pain from the various holds. Harlequin lets go at five-plus once again. But this time he manages to keep a grasp on the big man and pulls him out away from the ropes and into the middle of the ring. He starts to wrap up the legs for a Sharpshooter submission...

Jon McDaniel: He’s going for the Last Laugh! Even with Pike’s big frame – there’s no way he’ll be able to reach the ropes if the Harlequin rolls him over in that hold!

Pike doesn’t give him the chance, using his legs to power out of the Clown’s grasp. The Harlequin falls back two steps, but charges right back in as Pike is getting to his feet. A towering back body drop flips the Harlequin over and hard down on the mat.

Jon McDaniel: Big time reversal from Pike there. This match is going back and forth!

Brian Rentfro: Calm down. Not like we’ve never witnessed a match before.

Atticus adds some stomps to the fallen Harlequin and then drops down to put him in another headlock. The Harlequin already has his foot in the ropes and Pike gives an immediate releases. This allows the Harlequin to land an eye gouge followed by a common trip. Pike falls hard on his back.

Jon McDaniel: Nothing going to stop the Harlequin from wrapping up the big man in the Last Laugh this time!

And he’s right, the clown flips Pike over in the Sharpshooter and leans back. Our referee checks back on Pike looking to see if he’s ready to submit.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, just give in so we can move on!

Atticus Pike rocks back and forth, he’s not going to be able to get to a rope and the move is taking a lot out of him. He shakes off the referee asking for his submission and flips his torso around – a big show of strength that pushes the Harlequin off and separates them for a moment.

Jon McDaniel: He managed to power his way out of it, but at what cost?

Pike using the ropes to get up again and the Harlequin runs at him with a crazed psychotic look in his eye!

Pike tries to catch him with a boot to the gut, but the Harlequin catches it, jabs the inside of the thigh and the jumps up, catches Pike’s head and brings him straight down for a sitout x-factor.

Jon McDaniel: Pie in Your Eye! He’s got the big man down and out!

The Harlequin hooks a leg.





Eric Emerson: Your winner of this match and moving on in the Who’s the Man Tournament – the Harlequin!

Jon McDaniel: Big victory for the Harlequin here. He’s representing the TGW and he’s making a case that he can go quite far!

Harlequin rolls off Pike and celebrates in the ring with a psychotic dance. We cut away as he laughs it up.

Visiting Hours Are Still Open

We see Emily Corlen walking down the hallway, looking slightly concerned over something. She was walking with a purpose, though she didn’t quite seem to known what that purpose was. She stopped at a closed door and checked her phone, reading it for a few seconds before putting it away, nodding to herself and looking up, opening the door. She quickly closes it and we see the word “Doctor” on it as we fade out.

Dallas Hoover vs Johnny Chaos

WTM Match

After both men entered the ring, the bell rang and the action started off immediately! As it would. Hoover and Chaos commenced with an all out brawl, trading lefts and rights before Hoover grabbed Johnny by the neck and arm, whipping him into the ropes. Johnny came back and jumped with a spinning heel kick that took Hoover clean off his feet, Johnny immediately covered! 1! 2! KICK OUT! Chaos back on his feet first, Hoover took advantage and rolled him up in a school boy! 1! 2! KICK OUT! Chaos back to his feet as is Hoover, they both locked up and Johnny took Dallas Hoover down to the canvas with a hip toss before following it up with a leg drop on the big guy, Hoover. Johnny covered again! 1! 2!! KICK OUT! Obviously frustrated as he yells at referee Scott Swindell, Johnny wanted to bury this one quickly. Hoover took the time to climb to the top rope as Johnny argued and as Johnny turned around Hoover leaped off. Hoover with a stunning cross body takes Johnny down to the canvas hard! Hoover rolls Johnny up by the legs, placing pressure on his chest as he pins! Johnny kicks out forcefully at one. They both get to their feet when Johnny runs at the ropes and springboards off, connecting with the Tony Jaa. He covers.




Close but no cigar, Johnny doesn't bother arguing anymore as he picks Hoover up by the head. Hoover kicks Johnny in the gut in response and grabs onto him, hitting a snap suplex which has the fans cheering for him. Hoover hooks the legs! 1! 2!! KICK OUT! Johnny rolls away and uses the ropes to lift himself back to his feet. He runs at Hoover and jumps into the air, bringing his knees into Dallas Hoover's face. Chaos lands on his feet and bounces off the ropes as Hoover stumbles around holding his face. Johnny comes back to Hoover and kicks him in the gut, whipping him into the corner. Chaos points to the sky and the crowd boos as Johnny brings Hoover up on the top rope. Johnny grabs Dallas’ right leg and flips him off the top rope with a devastating ABM! Cameras flash as Johnny hooks the legs on Dallas Hoover.




Chaos jumps to his feet and has his hand raised in victory. Another one for the MoA

Winner, advancing to round 3: Johnny Chaos

People Are Talking

Coming back from commercial, we are cast upon the PWA squared circle. But it has transformed from a ring into a talented talk show set up. In the ring are two plastic maple trees on either side. In the center sits two high set black chairs. A large monitor is set up behind the chairs, and on the TV screen it reads "Case Closed". The ring itself has a feel like the "Highlight Reel".

And that's when the curiosity of the broadcast team kicks in.

Jon McDaniel: What in the heck is all this about, Brian?

Brian Rentfro: I have no clue, but Justin Case did say he had plans in the works for a new weekly talk show.

Jon McDaniel: Say it ain't so!

Just like clockwork, "Victory" by Puff Daddy hits up and out struts PWA's most talented iconic figure "The Millennium Game" Justin Case. The self-proclaimed "Legendary Legacary" begins a cocky strut to the ring as his newly attained T.V. Title is cupped firmly over his left shoulder. Once within the ring, he smiles as the boos begin to die down.

Justin Case: Cut my music! Now then, yours truly would ever so like to introduce the PWA world to my new weekly talk show called "Case Closed".

Boos ignite.

Justin Case: Shut the hell up and listen to the talented Legendary Legacary! You see, as your new Television Champion, I have come to pull a few strings and have managed to put together this stage set up that will hold many memories to come. Because what I have planned is simple. You see this nice belt across my talented shoulder? In the weeks to come, this belt will soon find a contender to see if that one person can attain this perfect title belt. But hold up, I will not be defending this title against just any Joe Blow! The one person who will get the honor to face me for this title, will first have to come on my talk show and audition for the part. Telling me why I should pick them to be the man to beat the man. So, I set things in motion and what lies before you now is my new weekly TV talk show. And what is a TV talk show without a weekly guest?! So as your TV Champion, now that yours truly has his own TV talk show, without further ado, let's bring to you, the very first guest to appear on "Case Closed".

"Paid My Dues" by Anastacia hits up and out walks none other than "The Emerald Phoenix" Emily Corlen! The fans go nuts over this chick! And she loves them too, slapping hands with a number of fans as an "Emily" chant breaks out amongst the PWA faithful. With a smile from ear to ear, she makes her way inside the boundaries of the squared circle turned talk show. As her music dies down, she is handed is mic and turns to Justin Case.

Emily Corlen: Hey, sweetie! Nice to see you have a new talk show to go with your new TV Title belt.

She goes to give him a hug, but Justin pulls away, leaving Emily looking puzzled.

Justin Case: Do not sweetie me! Just take a seat and listen good!

The boos begin as Emily takes a step back, her eyebrow raised.

Justin Case: Although we left on good terms. I thought about our last encounter, and frankly, since we lost our REBEL Pro Tag Titles, I racked my talented brain on what went wrong. And you wanna know what I came to realize? You were the problem!!

Emily momentarily sells shock before her eyes narrow and her face conveys an unsurprised look of "no, of COURSE he's blaming me... they always blame me".

Justin Case: The whole time we were Tag Team Champions, I held you up on my back, while all you did was weigh me down! And as a result, we lost our Tag Team Championship belts... all because of you!

Emily sighs, taking a moment to gather her thoughts as the crowd starts a "you suck" chant, directed at Justin.

Emily Corlen: Uh, look, Justin... I really wish you would have sought me out a little sooner, here. I'm sorry you feel that way, but honestly? That's just your opinion. C3, we were good together! We held our Tag Titles together longer than I have with any other teammate! I'll admit, I wasn't crazy with the idea of being forced to team with you at first, but over the course of our 63 day reign as REBEL Pro Tag Champs, you... earned my respect. Plain and simple. As for what happened right before Birthday Bash? You know... it happens. Sometimes, even the best team in the league loses. Look at Second 2 None, undefeated for two years, dethroned by Simon and Masakazu on a random edition of Victory Television with almost no prior build-up! No team reigns forever, but there's no reason why we can't -

Justin holds his hand up, interrupting Emily to more boos from the crowd.

Justin Case: NO! I will not stand and listen to that BS! McNasty and Wilkie were NEVER as good as you and I on their best day! In fact, if it wasn't for you, we would still be Tag Team Champions. But you see, I want to even things up. I brought you out here today to ask you if you will do me the honor of facing me for my TV title, so I can destroy you like the bitch that you are... and finally the world can see who really is the better member of C3!

The fans begin to cheer, not for Case, but likely because they'd like to see somebody shut Justin up and they know that Emily could do it. She sighs, looking more than a little disappointed in Justin's change in attitude, but ponders the challenge nevertheless.

Emily Corlen: You know, I'm not going to lie, a shot at you is... tempting. It's not exactly a secret that I haven't held gold in PWA since October of 2010, and I think I'm overdue... but... I'm sorry. I just can't bring myself to agree to a match that you have zero chance of winning. I don't have any interest in facing you for a title that means so much to you and ruining your dreams, giving you even MORE of a reason to hate me. Like I said, you've earned my respect and I would never want to take something from you that you hold so dear to your heart.

The fans boo Emily's rejection of Justin's challenge, yet many also applaud her morals. Case, meanwhile, stands up and gets in her face.

Justin Case: See, I hear you talking, and all I heard was you claiming that beating me is a guarantee! Is that it? HUH?!

Emily Corlen: Well, I mean -

Justin Case: DON'T INTERRUPT ME! You think I'm some easy victory for you? Not in a DAMN millennium! I AM better than you, and I will always BE better than you! In fact, if you don't want to respect me enough to accept my challenge, get the hell out of my ring!

Jon McDaniel: Has Justin even listened to a word Emily's said here tonight?

Brian Rentfro: It's like he's off in his own little alternate dimension!

Emily, who legitimately looks hurt by how this conversation has gone, lowers her head and starts to leave the ring to massive boos and a crowd chant of "Please don't go!" With one leg already through the ropes, she pauses... and then re-enters the ring to a huge pop! She turns to Justin, a sly smirk stretching across her jaw.

Emily Corlen: Okay, Justin, I'll leave "your" ring... but I have something to tell you before I do.

Case rolls his eyes as Emily takes a few steps toward him, her eyes narrowing.

Emily Corlen: Part of why I agreed to come out here was to share with you the news that I just got earlier today from REBEL Pro Headquarters. As it turns out, we have a contracted rematch to challenge for the very Tag Team Titles we lost a couple weeks ago... but the more I think about it, I don't really like your attitude right now, so if this is how you're gonna treat me... if this is how "The Millennium Game" handles losing a single match... then maybe I'll find a NEW partner for the Championship rematch. You see, Justin...

Emily leans in close, the smirk on her face turning into a wide grin.

Emily Corlen: Karma's a bitch... and so am I. BELIEVE IT!

Emily's theme music hits up and she coolly leaves the ring, another "Emily" chant breaking out. She walks up the ramp, shrugging and slapping hands with a few fans, leaving Case in the ring in shock as "TMG" is pondering what the heck just happened.

Jon McDaniel: You got to love Emily Corlen, Brian! She's always on her game.

Brian Rentfro: And now, after the cold reception from what appears to be her now former tag team partner, she has left Justin Case in shock! Not a great start to his new talk show. We didn't even get a new contender for his Television Championship, never mind the REBEL Pro Tag Title situation!

Jaice Wilds & Lucious Starr vs Masakazu

Handicap Match

Brian Rentfro: Adrian "Masakazu" Kalis and Lucious Starr have been spotted fighting all night, but they have an actual match tonight as well!

Jon McDaniels: But where the hell are they?

Eric Emerson: The following handicap match is scheduled for one fall! Entering first!!

"After The Flesh" hits the PA as Jaice Wilds steps out, flanked by Johnny Chaos and Silverback. He doesn't look all too pleased as his partner has been MIA most of the night. He starts down the ramp, his fellow Masters close by.

Eric Emerson: Being accompanied by Nightstryker and Johnny Chaos, representing the Masters of Armageddon, JAICE WILDS!!

Jaice stops at the bottom of the ramp, taking a running start and jumping through the middle and bottom ropes into a somersault in the ring. He pops up to his feet, watching as Silverback and Chaos make their way around the ring.

Eric Emerson: And his partner!

The crowd's booing drowns out all other sounds as the MoA await the arrival of Starr. However, the Untamed Fury doesn't seem to be around, even after the officials give him some extra time to appear. Eric turns to the timekeeper, who shares his thoughts.

Eric Emerson: And introducing his opponent!!

Again, the crowd watches as they await Masakazu's entrance. But their cheers are met with vacancy as Kalis fails to appear at the entrance ramp. However, Emily Corlen and Bubba J appear on the ramp, starting down as they seem to feel something is going on. They reach the ring as Eric turns to the timekeeper again, discussing their options. The timekeeper reaches for his headset, apparently listening in on something, and passes the word to Emerson, who rolls back into the ring.

Eric Emerson: Masakazu has failed to show for this match. Since Jaice Wilds made it to the ring to represent his team, the winner of this match is the Maste...

Suddenly, Lucious Starr is thrown through the curtains, landing hard on the stage. The Masters and the Order are taken by the sudden break, Eric stopping mid-sentence. Just as quickly as Starr, Masakazu leaps from behind the curtains and mounts Lucious, throwing a flurry of fists into his face. Corlen and Bubba charge up the ramp, grabbing Kalis' arms and pulling him up, trying to calm him down. The rest of the Masters come up from behind the curtains, flanking Starr and holding him back for a moment, as the rest of the Order join Corlen and Bubba on the ramp. Silverback charges up the ramp as Kalis launches a boot, kicking Brutal square in the jaw. The big man falls back a step, Lucious mere inches from where he was throwing a fist. Kalis moves, causing Lucious to pop Bubba square in the jaw. Soon, it's turned into an all-out brawl between the Masters and the Order, with Lucious and Masakazu jumping all over each other while Jaice and Chaos hang back in the ring. The Cowgirls break free from the chaos, charging at the ring as they notice the two men being completely vacant from the battle. Security jumps in, trying to break up the fight as Jaice dropkicks Meghan back, while Johnny sends Tamika over the opposite ropes to the floor below. Meghan charges up, Johnny stepping up and launching her into the air with her own momentum, Jaice throwing a crescent kick to her temple. Chaos rolls out of the ring as Tamika comes to, the two going at it as Lucious and Adrian are dragged to the ring by security. Adrian is rolled into the ring first, getting up and jumping to the second rope. Lucious tries to fight security off, Masakazu pushing up as he attempts a flying cross-body... but Jaice grabs his feet, causing Kalis to drop gut-first on the ropes. Lucious finally manages to break free, jumping onto the apron and grabbing Kaz around the neck, dropping his throat onto the top rope. Jaice charges at the nearest turnbuckle, running up and hitting a deadly corkscrew moonsault splash, staying in a cover.

Kick-out right before three!

Jon McDaniels: Masakazu is running on fumes here... I mean, both Kalis and Starr are drenched in blood. But you gotta wonder if he can turn this thing around before he gets to empty!

Brian Rentfro: If he's smart, he'll just lay down and take the loss. Lucy did enough damage to him as it is; with a fresh Wilds on the board, he's going down faster than Emily Corlen at an all you can eat buffet...

Starr slides into the ring, picking up Kaz. He whips Kalis across the ring, lifting him for a spinebuster as Jaice flies in with a huge kick to the chin, flooring Masakazu. Lucious rolls off, a dark look in his eye. He rolls out of the ring as Jaice drops into a cover.

Broken by Lucious?!

Lucious pulls Wilds off Kalis, shaking his head. He lifts a steel chair above his head, Jaice grabbing his arm and pleading with him. Lucious shoves Jaice off, yelling something about ending this thing like he ended Aaron. At this, Adrian seems to get a second wind, popping up to his feet like Speedy Gonzalez on crack, laying into Lucious with a flurry of kicks and punches. Starr drops the chair, Kalis throwing a high knee that knocks Lucious into the corner. Wilds bends down to pick up the chair, Kalis rapidly slapping his fist across his chest. He climbs to the second turnbuckle, laying into Lucious with balled fists.

Masakazu: THIS IS FOR MY DAD!!













Kaz drops to the floor, taking a few steps back. Jaice starts to swing the chair, but Kaz ducks under and plants a boot to his gut, dropping him with a quick DDT. He turns his attention back to Lucious, charging up and putting a boot through his face. Lucious crumples to the mat below, Adrian backing off to survey the damage he's done. He measures up Lucious, backing up a few more steps back before rushing up... he's caught! Leg trip to the mat... and an STF applied by Jaice Wilds!!

Brian Rentfro: HOLY HELL!! REBEL's resident midget just caught Masakazu in a submission hold!

Jon McDaniels: No damn way! Kaz had this in the bag, too!

Jaice holds in the move, trying to win the match for his team. Kaz swings wildly for a rope, falling at least a foot from the nearest one. He tries to struggle out, but it only causes Jaice to apply the move tighter. Kaz is about to give in, but a sign catches his eye from the crowd. "Simon Kalis Can't Be Killed" is scrawled on a black poster board in green, and a picture of Kalis accompanies it. The sight gives Masakazu the strength to pull through, pushing up with his free arm. He feels Jaice start to push back, dropping his arm and using the momentum to swing Jaice over him, Wilds releasing the hold and being flung a few feet across the ring. Kaz rolls out of the ring, heading for the crowd. He points to the sign as he leans over the crowd barrier, yelling "FUCK YOU, STARR! FUCK YOU!!" as he stumbles back off. He slides back into the ring, being met with a clothesline attempt from Lucy. Kaz ducks under, firing with a back kick that doubles Lucious over. Masa takes the opportunity, starting to lock Lucious in for a vertaebreaker, lifting the Untamed Fury.


Brian Rentfro: Wait, look!

Kaz drops Lucious out of his grip as Wilds comes up, launching a right hook. Kaz falls back, coming back with a jab of his own. Wilds fires back with a forearm, Kaz returning with an elbow to the jaw. Wilds falls back, Kaz jumping into a Thesz Press. Firing a round of punches into Wilds' face, he dismounts as Jaice starts to roll out of the ring. Kalis turns his attention back to Lucious, who lies on his belly, holding his head. Kaz walks over, stalking Lucy from behind. Starr is slow to rise, holding his head and chest. Masa turns him around... and gets clocked with a lead pipe!! Adrian drops to the mat, knocked the fuck out. Starr holds the pipe high, laughing maniacally. He slides out of the ring, heading to the announcers' booth. He grabs a chair, folding it up and throwing it into the ring. He takes another chair from the timekeeper, throwing that one into the ring as well. He runs in, grabbing up the first chair. He opens it slightly, placing Adrian's head face-down between the seat and the back. He starts for the other chair, lifting it above his head.

Jon McDaniels: NO, LUCIOUS!! DON'T DO IT!!

Lucious brings the chair down, slamming it on the back of Kalis' head. Adrian's body convulses a bit, Starr lifting the chair again.

Brian Rentfro: I'm totally for the Masters, but this has gone from violent to flat-out disgusting...

Jon McDaniels: Someone stop Lucious before he kills Adrian!!

Lucious starts to bring the chair down again... but is stopped as Maya Kalis runs out from the crowd, sliding into the ring in Lucious' way. Lucious yells at Maya to move, but she pleads with Lucious to stop. Starr grabs her arm, dragging her away and arguing with her to leave. Meanwhile, Wilds looks on in shock as Pete Ebdon and Lucas Knight jump over the crowd barrier, pulling Adrian from the ring and removing the chair from his throat. Knight takes one look over at Wilds, holding a finger to his lips and shaking his head. The two men slide Kalis under the ring, then disappear into the crowd just as fast as they arrived. Starr finally manages to convince Maya to leave, waiting for her to exit the ring before turning his attention back to Masakazu... who isn't there! Starr surveys the area, turning to Jaice, who shrugs and motions towards the space under the ring where the two remaining founders hid Kaz. Starr rolls out of the ring, dropping the chair as he lifts the apron. He drags Masakazu out, picking him up and rolling him into the ring. Jaice slides in as well, his leg wrapped in barbed wire. Lucious slides in, noting Wilds' new attire and grinning as he holds Kalis up to his feet. He starts barking at Wilds to end it, nodding furiously. Wilds looks at Adrian, who is all but lifeless at this point. He takes a few steps forward, but is still hesitant to make the final blow.

Lucious Starr: DO IT!! FUCKING END THIS!

Wilds almost seems to hold back a tear as he pleads with Lucious to just pin Kaz. Lucious shakes his head, pointing.

Lucious Starr: End this! Or I'll end him!!

Wilds looks to Lucious, who seems to shake violently as he holds Kaz. Wilds nods, stepping forward... and pulling Kaz away! Starr is caught off guard as Jaice throws a boot...


Brian Rentfro: Jaice Wilds just turned on his own partner!! WHAT THE FUCK?!

Wilds looks to Adrian, who seems to be barely coming to. Jaice looks to Starr, who lays prone on the mat in shock. Wilds spits at his partner, charging at the nearest turnbuckle, hopping up and flipping off...


Jaice rolls off Lucious, grabbing Kalis by the arm. Adrian starts to shove him away, but Jaice holds up his free arm in surrender. Masakazu nods, embracing Jaice. He falls into a cover- aided by Wilds- over Lucious, the Xtremeist rolling out of the ring.


Jon McDaniels: Jaice Wilds just gave Masakazu the win!


Brian Rentfro: What the hell is he doing?!



Gemini's "Graduation" hits the PA as Wilds slides back into the ring, picking Kalis up to his feet. Several other members of the Order swarm the ring from the crowd, starting into the ring. The sisters Strader start in on Lucious, until Kaz holds up a hand. Bubba and Emily each take an arm of Masakazu, the Cowgirls nodding to Wilds as the Order leaves the ring. Wilds turns back to Starr, calling for a mic.

Jaice Wilds: You took it too far, Lucious. Too. Far. So I did what I had to do.

The crowd seems to shift from booing to a mix of reactions, the Order stopping as they turn back to Jaice. Wilds points to the Order, taking a deep breath.

Jaice Wilds: Our opponent tonight? He gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. He gave me the chance to redeem myself. The chance to give in to the way I truly feel. The Masters don't respect me, I'm a fucking pawn to them. I'm a fucking pawn to you. So I'm leaving the Masters. Fuck you. Adrian...

Jaice turns to the injured General, who holds an arm out for Wilds. Jaice comes up, taking up Kalis' free arm and holding the mic up as Adrian notes his wanting to speak.

Masakazu: Welcome to the Masters, Wilds. Welcome... to your redemption.

Jaice and the other Order generals walk up the ramp, Lucious coming to and slamming a fist to the mat. He points at Wilds, yelling "You'll fucking pay, Jaice!" as the Order disappears, Lucious collapsing to the mat. EMT's swarm the ring, getting the Untamed Fury on a stretcher.

Jon McDaniels: And what could have ended in a brutal fatality ends instead with a tale of redemption for a man who clearly wasn't fully with the Masters to begin with.

Brian Rentfro: Jaice is gonna pay for that, but at least Kalis isn't dead right now. But we do have a few more matches to get to, so let's get the ring cleared up!

Jacob Figgins vs Cody Bogard

Singles Match

Bogard grapples Jacob and spins him around for a vicious DDT, following it up quickly with a swift kick to the head. Jacob rolls away from another kick and lands a vicious kick of his own from the canvas, straight into Bogard's knee cap. Bogard winces and falls, holding his knee in pain as Jacob follows it up with a straight strike to the throat of Bogard. Bogard holds his throat now as Jacob moves in further, but Bogard head butts him and sends him back. Bogard is on his feet now, as is Jacob. Jacob steps forward for a strike, almost lunging at Bogard but Bogard sidesteps him and takes him down with a perfectly executed Russian leg sweep. Bogard grabs a hold of Jacob, lifting him up then dropping him down with a death valley driver that sends the fans to their feet. Bogard isn't going to relent but as he goes for a snap suplex but Jacob lands on his feet and spins sending a heel kick straight into the back of Bogard's head. Bogard stumbles forward and Jacob lays precision strikes to the back of Bogard's knee, then just under his thigh following it up with a roundhouse kick to Bogard's ribs. Bogard stumbles into the corner turnbuckle and holds onto it. Jacob comes up behind him but Bogard sends an elbow out back, nailing Jacob across the face.

Cody comes in to follow up with his counter, but he’s caught out of no where with the Conspiracy Theory! Jacob powers Cody down with the hold and locks it in, Bogard reaches for the ropes but he has no choice, he taps out

Winner: Jacob Figgins

Jethro's Been Hitting the Moonshine

"Ride Through the Country" hits up in the speakers of the arena and out from the back comes Jethro Hayes to a loud building full of cheers, though there are a few boos; you can't please everyone after all. Jethro walks from side to side making sure to touch the hands of as many fans as possible on his way down to the squared circle.

Brian Rentfro: What is this hick doing down here?

Jon McDaniel: I think we are fixing to find out.

Jethro has a microphone in his hand, walking to the center of the ring and pulling it up to his mouth.


A chant of "Jethro" runs through the crowd.

"I'm here tonight, not to give excuses, not to give falsities, but to say that Stevie Swing simply beat me in the ring."

He walks slowly around the ring.

"I'm out here to say that she didn't over power me. She didn't beat me because she is a woman and I'm a man."

The crowd is hushed enough to hear some women boo at this, but it isn't the reason.

"I'm out here to give her praise for, out wrestling me in this ring. I didn't take her lightly, I gave the match all that I had, and the outcome was a lot less desirable for me than it was for her."

He continues walking the square path in the ring.

"I had plans to go on towards the finals and win the Who's The Man? tournament for the first time, but make no mistake, I never let up on my opponent... I never let up on any opponent. She, simply, out wrestled me."

A shrug as he continues pacing.

"And there is only two things to say to that... good luck Stevie in the rest of the tournament and it looks like I need to do a bit more training, hopefully becoming a better wrestler."

The continued pacing.

"I thought I was decent, better than average, but I guess that I've relied on my power, size, and all that a little too much."

He continues, this time seeming to gather his thoughts.

"Which is why I'm entering in to at least a 64 wrestler tournament for the Ultratitle tournament for the chance to be crowned its champion for bragging rights... and to bring that belt, honor, and prestige back to the AOWF and to the PWA."

He nods.

"I'm still going to continue wrestling here for you fans, for the PWA, and for the AOWF... but this is a chance to bring an honor never before obtained in the PWA... back to both it and the AOWF."

Suddenly, “Seven Devils” by Florence & The Machines hits over the speakers. Masakazu steps out, in complete military uniform fashioned in Order of Chaos style. The crowd is unsure how to react, some cheer, some boo since they love Jethro Hayes more. Hayes himself stands tall in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: This is the first time Hayes and Masakazu have been in the same place since Victory Television all those months ago, and Mas focused on Hayes’ back the whole time.

Masakazu circles the ring, and then hops up onto the apron. He faces the crowd, and salutes them Order of Chaos style. Cameras flash from all over the arena. Hayes carefully looks around the ring to see if any OoC are laying in wait for a surprise attack. He’s smarter than Starr and Johnny Chaos.

Jon McDaniel: I think Hayes has a right to be suspicious. He is the only man to ever break his oath in The Order.

Masakazu gets a microphone and steps away cautiously from Hayes.

Masakazu: I believe we have had some unfinished business Hayes, for a long time.

Hayes eyes Masakazu carefully for any sudden movements.

Masakazu: No one is coming to attack you. You are not my enemy.

Jethro Hayes: Don’t bullshit me, Mas.

Masakazu: I’m not. Please, listen to me. I come to you to right a wrong made two years ago Hayes. What we, what I, did to you two years ago… was an injustice. You stood for your principles, because you are and always have been The Southern Hero.

The crowd cheers, but for Hayes- not for Mas.

Masakazu: We wronged a lot of people, Jethro. You were one of the first, and what happened was regrettable…

Jethro Hayes: Regrettable ain’t the only word I’d use.

Masakazu nods.

Masakazu: I know. That’s why I’m out here to apologize. Jethro… I’m sorry.

Masakazu extends a hand sombrely to Hayes. Hayes looks around at the crowd for a moment.

Masakazu: You’ve seen what the Masters are doing, Jethro. You know what monsters breed. The PWA needs The Southern Hero back at the forefront. The AoWF needs The Southern Hero back at the forefront. The Order of Chaos… Needs The Southern Hero back home.

The crowd erupts into raucous cheers. Hayes looks around, and then nods at Masakazu and shakes his hand. The crowd goes NUTS!

Jon McDaniel: Who’d have thought it?! Reconciliation between Hayes and The Order of Chaos?!

Masakazu: Let me show you the way in Muay Thai, Jethro. Your size, your strength? You learn how to put your legs into these kinds of strikes and you will remind the world why you are an unstoppable force and multi time PWA World Champion. Let’s remind them. Together, my friend.

Jethro looks at Masakazu, back to the crowd, a smile growing on his face.

Jethro snaps an Order of Chaos salute in confirmation.

Vic Wagner vs The Phoenix

WTM Match

Vic and Rob stood in the center of the ring until the bell rang signaling that the match had begun. Rob circled as Vic circled, neither wanting to start and be the first to make a mistake. Rob was able to get the advantage over Wagner by thumbing him in the eyes and earning a warning from the referee. Rob was able to take Vic down with a few arm drags before he locked on an arm submission. Vic reached the ropes, but seemed to be learning from The Phoenix instead of taking advantage in the early going. Rob took Vic down with a side headlock before returning to an arm submission. Rob was heard to be saying "Pick apart of the body part you want to attack you rookie." Evidently Vic didn't need the cockiness that was coming from Rob as he powered up to a vertical base and on the attack for the first time in the match. Vic sent Rob down to the mat with a hip toss before slamming his knee into Rob's masked face. Rob, having thought too less of Vic was begging for a time-out but Vic, the referee, nor the fans were having any of it. Vic locked on a side headlock to wear the champ down, locking it on really tight to try and cut off the blood to the over inflated head of Rob Robinson. Rob was able to shove Vic into the ropes, but Wagner kept a hold of the side headlock dragging Rob down to the canvas where he worked on Rob's neck from the side headlock position. Rob struggled up to his knees and was able to slam his elbow into Vic's ribs to break out of the hold. Rob was able to take Vic down to the mat, at the mid point of the match with a "accidental" low blow before turning and slamming him with a jaw breaker.

Rob worked over Vic's arm with a few arm drags, arm grapevines, and other series of arm damaging moves. Vic was able to battle back to the offensive when Rob failed to hit The Ashes as Vic managed to roll out of the way. Rob's elbow slammed into the canvas, giving Vic another body part to work on. Vic delivered some serious kicks to Rob's neck that had the veteran staggering a bit but Rob's craftiness got the advantage back in his favor as he poked himself in the eyes. The referee didn't see the action as Vic had Rob in a front face lock and Rob began to yell loudly to the ref about his eyes. When the referee ordered Vic to release him Rob's eyes were streaming water. The ref turned to Wagner and started warning him about his tactics

Wagner pushes the ref out of the way and goes to Robinson, who catches him off guard with low blow, away from the ref and hooks him up for the Flame, driving him into the mat. Rob makes the cover and gets the 1 2 3

Winner: The Phoenix