World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


TMB vs Marco Dante

Singles Match

The ref is doing his normal pat down on Marco, when out of nowhere TMB nails him in the side of the head with a vicious looking Yakuza kick. Marco doesn’t have a chance to recover as Black is on him, wrapping him up looking for a German suplex. Marco is firing kicks back towards the legs or TMB, causing Thomas to drop him. Marco starts to work his speed against Black, making sure that he focuses on his legs. Marco almost gets a 3 count with a brutal pump kick to the side of Black’s head, but he lands too close to the ropes.

But you can see the mistake Marco makes, as he goes to the top instead of staying on the bigger man. This allows TMB to catch him and planet him to the mat with a painful looking fall away slam. This time on the attack, Thomas focuses on the lower back of Marco using a wide amount of varies suplexes. You can tell the plan of attack is working as Marco isn’t moving as fast as he once was. All looks to be over as TMB catches Marco and lifts him off the ground with a brutal looking bear hug. Marco lets out a scream as he wails away on Thomas hoping that it forces him to let go.

TMB starts to shake the smaller wrestler as the ref is starting to see if he gives up. And Black does just that, but not in the way Marco expected as he flings him over his head with a belly to belly suplex. The crowd’s excitement starts to build as TMB gives the signal that its time to end the match. Dante starts to get to his feet, looking to fight back but he is caught with Thomas’ Branches of Sin, dropping Dante straight down. Thomas makes the cover and gets the win

Winner: Thomas Manchester Black

McNasty Done Fucked Up

"Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys starts to play as our glorious leader for life, President Robinson comes out. Oh, how the crowd loves him.

Rob Robinson: Now, my BFF Mark Sommers may be running things while I concentrate on defending my mulitude of titles and winning the Who's the Man tournament, but I made sure that I still had some say in one thing. Namely, making Mark McNasty's life a living hell. Since the other Mark has no love for this Mark... I hope you can keep up with that at home... then Mark won't have any problems with what I'm about to do, although Mark is really gonna hate this.

Rob Robinson: Mark, don't call me an unfair man. Ever since I announced you would be getting this shot, your game has turned around. I like to think I'm pushing you back towards greatness! And it is in that spirit that tonight, I want to give you a warm up match for ours at Who's The Man. You will be fighting in, a Gauntlet Match. And here's your first opponent.

Robinson takes a few steps back as The Pink Panther Theme begins to play. Out from the back strolls Scotty Snow. Robinson gives a few claps as Scotty raises his arms at the top of the ramp. In the ring, McNasty looks less than entertained. He has a focused look on his face as he slips off his vest and chucks it out of the ring. Scotty charges the ring and dives in under the bottom rope, only to be met with violent stomps from McNasty. The ref pushes McNasty back and calls for the bell. Scotty stands, only to be met by a vicious kick to the mid section from McNasty that sends Scotty butt first out through the middle rope. He lands on the apron and rolls off to the floor in a heap. McNasty dives out under the bottom rope and goes to work on Scotty. McNasty stomps away, before picking Scotty up and slamming him into the apron. The ref is up to six, and McNasty throws Scotty into the ring. McNasty dives in, and lifts Scotty up. He signals to the crowd, before drilling Scotty with the M&M Reverse DDT. McNasty raises his arm to the sky which gets a huge pop from the crowd. McNasty stands with his back to the entry ramp, waiting for Scotty to get up.

Jon McDaniel: This could be Lights Out for Scotty.

Brian Rentfro: I wouldn't count any of Robinson's cronies out so easily Jon.

Jon McDaniel: You're talking about the man who tapped out to a smile a few weeks ago Brian.

Scotty is on his knees, and McNasty looks set to hit Lights Out. However, the crowd begins booing like crazy. We see why as Mr. Hardcore pulls McNasty's feet out from under him; causing McNasty to eat the mat as he faceplants.

Robinson has a huge smile on his face.

Rob Robinson: Come on Mark. I told you this was a Gauntlet match. And here's the second man in the gauntlet, Mr. Hardcore.

Jon McDaniel: And just like that, it's now Mark McNasty verses Hardcore Snowfall.

Scotty is back to his feet, and slowly walks back over to McNasty. Hardcore has rolled in and is pounding away at McNasty. Scotty begins stomping at McNasty as Hardcore pummels him.

Jon McDaniel: This is disgusting.

Rob Robinson: Come on Mark. How do you expect to beat me if you can't even handle these two.

Brian Rentfro: Robinson makes a good point.

Snow and Hardcore let up, only so Hardcore can lift McNasty to his feet. Hardcore holds McNasty in a full nelson as Scotty walks to the other end of the ring. Scotty lines McNasty up, and signals for the Snow Plow. Snow bends over, and charges. At the last moment, McNasty raises a leg between Hardcore's, causing him to release McNasty. McNasty throws himself to the side as Snow plows Hardcore. Hardcore goes out the middle rope, and crumbles to the floor. Snow stands there with a dumb founded look as he stares out at Hardcore. Suddenly, he's drilled from behind with the Light's Out. Snow bounces into the ropes, and bounces back. McNasty catches him with a roll up as the ref counts.




Eric Emerson: Your winner, Mark McNasty!

The fans are cheering as McNasty pulls himself to the second rope, and leans on it, staring up at Robinson. McNasty has the smuggest look on his face he can muster after the two on one. Robinson smiles back as he speaks.

Rob Robinson: Good job buddy. But the gauntlet isn't over. AND, since we're running short on time, I can't afford you the chance to beat one of these guys before the next one is due. To sum things up, it's now you verses Might and Magic.

"Sober" by Tool plays. Moke Doshky and The Dragon walk out from the back and begin walking towards the ring.

Rob Robinson: And heads up, I heard the boys talking backstage about how they wanted to pay you back for costing them those REBEL PRO tag belts. I tried to tell them you did them a favor; keeping them from degrading themselves with those dirty redneck belts. But, they didn't seem to want to listen.

Moke goes to one side of the ring and Dragon to the other. McNasty begins slowly backing up towards the back end of the ring. Dragon and Doshky enter the ring and walk towards McNasty. They reach him, and McNasty goes off like a firecracker. He launches lefts, rights, kicks, and anything else he can at Might and Magic. He gets Dragon down to a knee, but Doshky gets behind him, and drills him with a solid boot to the kidneys.

Jon McDaniel: And it looks like things are only going down hill from here.

Doshky and Dragon have McNasty on the mat and relentlessly stomp away. Finally, after a solid thirty seconds of this, Moke lifts McNasty up, and together they drill him with The Arockalypse. Doshky covers.




Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners, Might and Magic!

Jon McDaniel: Well folks, you have to give McNasty credit. He tried. And gave it a hell of an effort.

Brian Rentfro: Oh well. Not their fault they were given such an easy fight.

Robinson is smiling on the ramp.

Rob Robinson: Well Mark, if you can hear me, I guess you just weren't up to the challenge. Pretty much exactly the way I figure you won't be come Who's The Man. The closer we get to the match, the more I realize I'm doing you a favor. I pretty much consider myself like the boy in Ol Yeller, putting you down.

Rob sighs.

Rob Robinson: I am such a good person. Boys, he's all yours.

In the ring, Doshky and Dragon smile as they look down at the out cold McNasty. Suddenly, the crowd goes nuts with cheers as from the back darts the other half of Grade A Nastyness, Alex Wilkie. Wilkie is sporting a kendo stick, and drills Moke right between the eyes as he turns. Doshky can only blink, before Wilkie drills him in the side of the face. Doshky goes down as Dragon runs at Wilkie. Wilkie ducks a kick, and drills Dragon in the ribs. Dragon bends over, and Wilkie cracks him over the back with the kendo stick. Dragon falls to the mat, and Wilkie uses his boot to push him out of the ring under the bottom rope. With the ring cleared, Wilkie walks over to check on McNasty.

Marvin Wood vs Gonzo McQueen


Intent on keeping the pace slow and limiting McQueen’s potential to tear of his face with knees and that, Marvin did his best to keep Gonzo on his back and work a solid ground game. However, the skilled European based fighter had his work cut out for him, potentially underestimating McQueen’s submission credentials.

The result then was a mat based clinc with both men going back and forth, right up until the point that Gonzo was allowed to find his feet and tear and Wood with knees and elbows. Marvin was stunned but not out and stuck firm to his game plan, waiting for his chance to put McQueen down again.

The chance came when Gonzo became over invested his game and shot for the Fear and Loathing, allowing Marvin to roll out of it, stack Gonzo on his shoulders and hold him down for the three.

Winner: Marvin Wood

A Demon's Promise

The scene cuts to the backstage area where we find Bud Adams, mic in hand, in front of the PWA Logo. Cued, he begins.

Adams: Ladies and Gentlemen, with me at this time, The Soul-Taker; Raizzor!

The scene pans out revealing Raizzor, standing at 6’8 and ready to compete, hovering over the smaller Bud Adams, who continues.

Adams: Raizzor, tonight marks your first match since Genesis, and a chance to advance in the Who’s The Man Tournament. Do you feel your time away, coupled with Case’s experience in the squared circle will have an adverse effect on your chances?

Raizzor cocks his head to the side slightly, bemused by Adam’s query.

Raizzor: Adams. A week, month or a year away does not debilitate my chances. Even when I do not compete, I train daily, I work with my brother in our gym in skirmish matches and I never lose stride or skill. Case should be quick to understand this, for I am as powerful and agile as I was the first day I stepped inside a ring, and the only change is my experience. There is a reason I am a PWA Hall-of-Famer, and legend of the PWA. Case would be wise to accept this.

Adams: Even so, he had harsh words for you this week, citing accusations and hurling insults your way.

Raizzor: Which is the nature of this business, Adams. Unfortunately, Case falls into that category of men who churn up sludge, digging for weaknesses where there are none, and fling lies and stories with such relish, they believe their own fantasies. I set the record straight concerning the absence of one Lisa Seldon, and Case turns it around to fit his own version of the story. He thinks that by saying something is true, it is, even when it’s not his business.

Adams: When I talked to Case, he said you’ve done very little since 2008 that you have to prove yourself.

Raizzor: That is the one thing I will never, EVER have to do again, is prove myself. I will go out there to show up the critics, I will silence the neigh Sayers, because they will continue to harp on issues that do not exist to give themselves credit. But prove myself? Never. Between 2008 and April 9th, 2012, I have dominated most everything I have done, though I am not perfect and have fallen, I rise again stronger. I captured two PWA World titles since 2008, the I.C. title and the Tag-Team titles… I have faced and defeated Phoenix, Project X, Matthew Engel and Simon Kalis, and went through the Order of Chaos like a bat out of hell… and while I have not been seen of as of late, do not think that translates me into a stale has been. If anything, it has only fueled my desire all that much more. Case thinks I have to show him something ‘recently’ I have done? I told him he should ask Mark McNasty, did he not listen?

Adams: And you are doing this for Mark’s bidding, so Case says?

Raizzor: This is where I am forced to actually offer the slightest laugh, where you no humor does not suit me well, but Case will swear up and down it’s a fact I am in this tournament for my brother’s sake, actually willing to swear to God, as if he knows me and my brother better than we do? Case is delusional, and lives in a fantasy world. Yes, my brother selected me to take Seldon’s place, because he knows I am capable of going all the way, and he does root for me… but Seldon’s departure was of her own decision, no one else’s. Case mistakes nepotism for opportunity, and why should I step aside when the opportunity is my right to take?

Adams: Fair enough, but Case went on to say this was nothing more than a “Right Time, Right Place” moment.

Raizzor: And it isn’t for him? This is round one, not like I was placed in a later bracket or took the place of men who fell… look to Phoenix and Matt Stone for being more opportunistic then I. Phoenix righted his wrong, and paid for it, but he advanced… Matt Stone should not even be in this tournament anymore, so before Case cites my position as being no more than ‘luck’, he should broaden his horizons. The truth is, an opportunity was granted to I, and I gladly accepted it. Case should remember however, as I said a moment ago, we are in round one, we will both have the same FAIR opportunity to advance to the next phase… and I hold no advantage over him in that regard.

Raizzor: Case should also recognize another fact. Even though it is my brother who put me in this spot, he does not fight for me, or control my destiny or otherwise guide my fate. From bell to bell, Case does not fight Chamelion, he fights me. He does not have to deal with scripts and planned out comes unlike some companies in this business, and win or lose, the outcome is decided by the two of us, not my brother or anyone else. When I decimate Case and leave him for scraps, it will be of my own doing, no one else’s.

Adams: And Case’s comment you’re looking too far ahead to focus on the here and now?

Raizzor: Does it matter? Why would Case worry if that is .. well, the case? Would he not be pleased with my distraction of Genesis 13? As it is, knowing what the future holds for me does not in any way, detract from what I face directly in my path. I am not training for Hunter Sullivan right now. I am not cutting promos against him or worried about him, and while Case mocks me for being ‘unoriginal’, what Hunter and I have done is not the same as others have done… we have agreed that our match will be at Genesis because we both desire to compete on that stage, and we only serve ourselves to claim the spot will in advance. If anything, proper planning is a positive, not a negative. Case shouldn’t worry, today all my focus is on him. Tomorrow, it will be on next week.

Adams: Finally, Case accuses Mark of ‘sending a message’?

Raizzor: Case is concerned that my brother took credit for his claim to the ‘unsanctioned’ TV title. All My brother did was agree to let Case go forth with his ‘proclamation’. Mark had no involvement with Case’s idea, nor his inception. Case feels that Mark stepped over him, to get more credit, and that’s not the situation. Case went out there all on his own. However, while Mark stood aside and let Case do his thing, he didn’t have to ‘like it’. It is just coincidence that Seldon and Case were paired weeks ago to face off, and that it is Seldon that left the tournament… all this really is, is a timely situation that works to my favor.. as a mock champion has always annoyed me, and it is my own personal goal, not my brothers, to bash Case’s skull in for making a mockery out of the storied history of the PWA TV title.

Adams: So tonight you return to action, a chance to advance and to take out a vendetta against a man who you feel makes up his own stories and expects the world to just go with it…. All I can say, Raizzor, is that it is good to have you back, and good luck tonight in your match against Justin Case.

Raizzor: Adams… save your luck for Justin Case… for the man has mocked me, did not take my words to heart and turned a blind eye to reality.. and soon, he will learn that with The Soul-Taker… that is something you never… ever… do. This, I promise.

Jethro Hayes vs Stevie Swing

WTM Match

The match started off with a bang as Swing took down Jethro with a Russian leg sweep, sending the man to the canvas. Jethro quickly rebounded by duck and rolling himself to his feet, landing a roundhouse kick which sent Stevie bouncing off of the canvas. Swing got back up and clotheslined Hayes but he bounced back up quickly, landing a flying lariat in response. The back and forth continued, with Swing hitting a hurricanrana as she jumped off the top rope and executed the move to perfection. She went for the first pin fall but only got a 2 count as Hayes kicked out. Jethro got up, ducking an elbow chop from Stevie Swing as he then landed a Half Nelson Suplex on Swing taking her down. Swing doesn't relent as she counters immediately with an arm drag, flipping Hayes to the canvas and then dropping on him with a leg drop. Jethro rolled away and got to his feet dodging a drop kick from Swing. He then came back and hit her with a cross body block to take her down. He covered but only got a 2 count. Stevie attempted the Last Dance next on Hayes but he reverses it, sending Swing to the canvas scrambling.

Hayes hits the ropes and charges in looking to drive his shoulder into Swing’s abdomen, however Swing sidesteps and as Jethro spins back, he is hit with the Last Dance! Hayes falls down to the mat and Stevie pins him for the 1 2 3!

Winner: Stevie Swing.

Masakazu vs Silverback

WTM Match

The crowd boos Silverback as he makes his way to the ring, whilst giving Masakazu a thunderous applause as he gets to the ring. The bell rings, the match starts off quick with a lot of back and forth. Masakazu unleashes a flurry of thrust kicks, alternating between legs and striking out at Silverback tenaciously. Silverback rebounds, bouncing off the ropes and takes Mas down to the canvas with a running dropkick. Masakazu gets to his feet and elbows Silverback in the ribs, and quickly follows it up with an implant DDT that shakes the canvas. He covers, but only gets a 1 count. He’s back up but Silverback whips him into the ropes then takes Masakazu down with a lariat for his troubles. Silverback lifts Masakazu up and takes him right back down with a Belly-to-back wheel barrel face buster. Silverback covers, but Masakazu kicks out at the 1 count.

Masakazu rolls onto his shoulders, spins and strikes with a kick into Silverbacks head as Silverback gets to his feet. Silverback falls back, Masakazu flips over onto his feet and lashes out with another strike. And another, Masakazu continuously striking at Silverback to press the advantage. Masakazu hit’s a stunning angle kick in pure Muay Thai fashion and covers with a lateral press. 1! 2!! KICK OUT! Masakazu doesn’t argue with the referee, but Silverback with a knee to his gut has Mas reeling momentarily. It gives Silverback all the moment he needs, laying Masakazu out with a double underhook backbreaker. Silverback covers! 1! 2!! 3!!! NO!!! Masakazu kicks out at the last second!

Masakazu rolls away and gets to his feet, Silverback rushes him, but Masakazu with a spinning heel kick sends Silverback down to the canvas. He catches Silverback coming back up, and hits his signature spinning kamikaze: Order & Chaos!!! But as Masakazu goes for the pin, Lucious Starr appears on the entrance ramp. And Starr is not alone.

Masakazu begins to cuss out Starr, demanding he let his wife go. Starr obliges, throwing Melissa off the stage and ten feet below through a table and sound equipment. Masakazu shrieks, and Silverback rolls him up from behind! 1! 2!! KICK OUT! Masakazu reverses the pin and now has Silverback rolled up, but instead of keeping the position locked Masakazu stretches out his legs. Without the referee noticing, Masakazu puts both his feet against the middle rope and adds cheap pressure against Silverback. 1! 2!! 3!!!

Masakazu quickly rolls out of the ring, and runs to the side of the entrance ramp to check on his wife as Starr flees and Silverback argues with the referee that he was cheated. Which he was.

What an asshole Mas is.

Winner: Masakazu


We fade to Lucious Starr’s locker room, as he laces up for his match later tonight in the main event of Rampage. Suddenly, the door to his locker room is kicked in and in flies Masakazu. Without a word Masakazu swings a baseball bat and cracks Lucious Starr over the face. Starr flies into his own locker, and Masakazu swings again and cracks Starr over the face again. He grabs Starr by his hair and throws him out of the locker room.

Masakazu: Come. Get up. Get up Beta.

Mas swings the bat like a golf club, cracking Starr in the ribs.

Masakazu: Get up. Come on? Can’t you fight?

Masakazu kicks Starr across the face, then brings the baseball bat down over the back of his head. Behind a pane glass window, a few PWA officials scurry out of that room but Masakazu swings the bat and cracks one of them square over the face.

Jon McDaniel: Hey, Adrian! That’s uncalled for!

Masakazu swings the bat at the pane of glass, shattering it into pieces. Shards flying and scattering everywhere. Masakazu drops the bat, and turns Starr over, kneeling now over him.

Masakazu: You and… Hmmm. How about. Jaice Wilds. Next week. Handicap match.

Masakazu holds Starr by the head and forces a nod.

Masakazu: Against me.

Starr smirks, and even laughs at Masakazu’s suicidal request.

Lucious Starr: You really are stupid, Adrian.

Masakazu grips a shard of glass tight in his right hand, it pierces his skin and his hand begins to bleed. He holds it to Lucious Starr’s throat.

Masakazu: How stupid? Stupid enough to kill a man who kidnaps children and beats another mans wife?

Masakazu slides it, yet gently, across Starr’s throat. Gently enough it does not cut.

Masakazu: I tell you what. This time we won’t have Gabe Shelley and the idiots in TGW interfere with our business, Lucy. You and Jaice win? You can ask The Order of Chaos for anything, except that we disband.

Lucious Starr: And…

Starr eyes the glass shard.

Lucious Starr: IF you win?

Masakazu places the shard of glass back hard against Starr’s throat.

Masakazu: I get, what I want. From The Masters. Anything. Except your disbandment. I mean, that is unless you think Fley wouldn’t like you making a big boy decision without his approval?

Lucious Starr: This time Adrian, your time as General in The Order of Chaos is over.

The arena erupts into cheers, almost all in disbelief.

Jon McDaniel: A HANDICAP MATCH?! MoA Starr and Wilds versus Masakazu?! This is NUTS, Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Masakazu IS an idiot.

Masakazu chucks the shard of glass aside and grabs his bat, walking off without another word.

Matt Stone vs Pohatu

WTM Match

The match starts quickly as both individuals move in and lock up. Pohatu quickly is whipped across the ring and Matt hits the high knee off the ropes and clotheslines Pohatu over the top rope and to the floor. We take a commercial break.

Back from the break and Pohatu counters Matt and DDT's him for a 2 count. Pohatu counters again and drops Matt and gets another close count. Pohatu applies an abdominal stretch and slams Matt out of it. Matt dumps Pohatu back over the top rope and to the floor. They fight on the floor with Pohatu slamming Matt into the apron. They go back in the ring. Pohatu nails a big power slam and covers Matt for another 2 count.

Pohatu applies a headlock on the mat now. Pohatu keeps in control now as Matt tries to fight back. Pohatu goes for the big splash off the second turnbuckle pad but Matt puts his knees up. Matt fights back now and drops Pohatu for a 2 count. Right hands by Matt in the corner now. Matt hits the spine buster but only gets 2. Pohatu counters another move and drops Matt. He goes for the corner splash again and hits it this time for a 2 count. Pohatu lifts Matt for a slam and points at the Who’s the Man banner.

Pohatu bends down to pick Stone up, but Matt counters it with the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Stone makes the cover and gets the 1 2 3.

Winner: Matt Stone

Raizzor vs Justin Case

WTM Match

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a Who’s The Man!? Opening tournament contest. Introducing first, JUSTIN CASE!

" Victory " by Puff Daddy and company hits the P.A. and out comes " The Millennium Game " Justin Case! He stands at the entrance way, with his manager behind him, as pyro shoots on either side. Case soaks in the boos of the crowd as they give him power. He raises his arms in the very talented air! Case then struts down the ramp way as Hugh Aredone limpingly lingers behind. He struts to the squared circle with a cockily arrogance that only he can endeavor. Once from inside the ring, he steps to the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd on hand. Whether they like him or not, it does not matter. His manager hits his cane on the apron showing his approval. Jumping off the ropes he prepares for the match while pulling on the upper rope as his music ends. Its time for some talented action!

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, The Soul-Taker; Raizzor!

“Requiem for a Dream” takes over the P.A. system as Raizzor slowly makes his way out and to the ring, his eyes forced on Justin Case and seemingly in the zone for this very important match up.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor returns for the first time since Genesis, and this is his first time in a Rampage ring in nearly a year.

Brian Rentfro: Despite his victory over Mark McNasty, one still has to question how much ring rust the veteran has.


The bell’s sound barely finishes echoing in before the two men lock up in the center of the ring! Case puts forth all his strength to back Raizzor up, but the larger champion refuses to budge. Case bends his one knee for leverage, and stresses his muscles to push Raizzor backwards. Raizzor counters with an unexpected step to the side, and Case’s inertia forces him to tumble forward onto his hands and knees. He turns, glaring at Raizzor who merely walks backwards towards the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Now that’s unlike Raizzor, to break away like that!

Jon McDaniel: Could be part of his mind games, see how Case reacted!?

Case jumps up and comes in after Raizzor, and the Soul-Taker meets him in another lockup. Case strikes with a high knee lift that catches Raizzor in the gut! He then twists Raizzor’s left arm behind him, but Raizzor quickly counters with a short arm clothesline! Case bounces his head against the canvas, and rolls away to get his bearings.

Jon McDaniel: A forceful blow takes Case off his vertical base!

Brian Rentfro: Can't you just say he got knocked on his ass!?

Case angrily motions for another lockup, and Raizzor obliges! As they go to lock arms, Case pulls Raizzor into a standing armbar, and kicks him in the stomach again. As Raizzor buckles over Case grabs his head and goes for a bulldog. Raizzor counters by lifting him up and doing a belly-to-back suplex. Case is up on his feet soon after, but holding his back. He leans on the ropes, and Raizzor runs up and clotheslines him over the ropes. He falls to the outside and the ref starts the ten count

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor has control early in this match!

Brian Rentfro: For now, yes. Let's if Case can pull off a comeback

Case, after recovering for a minute, slides back into the ring as the ref reaches 6. He's met with stomps from Raizzor. Raizzor picks him up and whips him into the ropes. He grabs the ropes as Raizzor throws up and big boot, and avoids it. He runs back at Raizzor as his foot is coming down, and hits a jumping clothesline, knocking the big man into the corner. Case is on him, kicking him in the stomach. He pulls him out of the corner, and hops onto the second rope. He sets Raizzor up for a Tornado DDT. When he does it, Raizzor goes around and drops him into a Manhattan Drop.

Jon McDaniel: Case's trying for some high risk moves far too soon in this match!

Brian Rentfro: He's a risk taker, no two bones about it, but against Raizzor you have to pick your spots much better than that!

Case recovers and tries for a spear, but Raizzor catches him just as they collide. He heaves Case up and drops him down on his face. He rolls him over and goes for the pin.




Jon McDaniel: Like it not, the Soul-Taker still has a lot of power to deflect the moves that Case tries against him.

Brian Rentfro: He has to change his tactics against a man of Raizzor’s size.

Raizzor picks Case up, but Case stands up fast and hits Raizzor with a series of punches to the face, breaking open one of his scars and blood oozes out. He knocks him into the corner, runs up to him and monkey flips him out of the corner. Case gets back up onto his feet, hits the ropes, comes back and hits a running leg drop on Raizzor!!




Jon McDaniel: A quick strike move!

Brian Rentfro: But the lesser impact didn't get the job done!

Seething, Case drags Raizzor up by the hair, now slightly wet with his blood. Case drives his knuckles into the wound five times and then impresses the crowd by hitting a vertical suplex,, followed up by a spring off the ropes with a back elbow drop! Case, sensing a shift in momentum, skips the quick pin attempt and climbs to the top ropes!

Jon McDaniel: What could Case be planning!?

Brian Rentfro: Another high risk, I don't encourage this from him against Raizzor!

Measuring, Case comes off with Shoot for the Stars, and the crowd erupts with the impact of the connection! Case scrambles on top!

Jon McDaniel: He hits it!

Brian Rentfro: NICE!!



Raizzor throws Case off him and sits up. The crowd responds loudly, as Raizzor twists his head to glare darkly at Stevenson. In turn, Case swallows, surprised and shocked and quickly gets to his feet. He rushes in, attempting to kick Raizzor square in the head, but Raizzor catches Case’s foot and twists hard, turning him off balance and he falls flat on his face. This allows The Soul-Taker enough time to get to his feet before Case can get into position to fight.

Jon McDaniel: It's as if Raizzor just came back to life!

Brian Rentfro: Case may never admit it, but that has to put some fear into any man, to be so close and see the monster come back!

Raizzor connects with two stiff shots to the chest, with the crowd roaring WOOOO in response! Raizzor puts Case against the corner and two back elbows to the face busts Case’s forehead open, and now he’s bleeding too. Raizzor whips Case out of the corner, but Case reverses it and Raizzor is sent to the kitty corner of the ring. Case races in as Raizzor comes stumbling out, but Raizzor catches Kyke and hoists him over his shoulder. Raizzor then throws him to the corner head first, delivering a Snake Eyes move. As Case falters out, Raizzor drives him onto his back with a big boot to the face.

Jon McDaniel: Now Raizzor is dominating the match, taking it to Stevenson with no remorse!

Brian Rentfro: He lit a fire under the Soul-Taker, and that could be a very costly mistake!

Raizzor cracks his neck and raises a fist into the air, signaling the end! Raizzor picks up Case and brings him up for a Last Ride powerbomb, but Case drives his fist down into the bloody wound and Raizzor loses his grip! Case lands on his feet and pushes Raizzor against the turnbuckle. Case rushes in, and hits a high knee, stunning the Soul-Taker! As Raizzor comes out of the corner, Case hits a round house to the back of Raizzor’s head, dropping him to one knee!

Jon McDaniel: Case is meeting Raizzor’s power head on, and holding his own!!

Brian Rentfro: He’s got the big man rattled, even after all the punishment he’s taken, Case is on the verge of a major upset here.

With Raizzor on his one knee, Case grabs him and lifts him up into The Game Over, surprising the crowd and he drops Raizzor hard to the canvas! Seeing his change, Case scrambles to the top rope! He balances himself, glares at Raizzor, who has turned onto his stomach, trying to push himself to his hands and knees, and launches himself up, going for Shoot for the Stars again! As he launches out, Raizzor launches himself to his feet with the last of his energy and as Case finishes his flip, Raizzor catches him with a devastating RKO type move!

Brian Rentfro: What a counter!! Case’s neck has to be broken!

Jon McDaniel: Both men are laid out though, for Raizzor to do that he had to spend the last of his energy.

The ref begins the ten count, with the fans screaming along, encouraging both competitors to their feet… at seven, Case begins to move, reaching for the ropes and at 8 Raizzor does the same. The ref calls 9 and both men are too their knees and as the ref goes for 10, each one gets themselves up against the ropes, using them for leverage but managing to stop the count.

Brian Rentfro: Couldn’t have been ANY closer!

Case and Raizzor turn, and push off the ropes and clash in the center of the ring. Case with a hard punch, causing Raizzor’s head to whip back and the big man loses a step, but the Soul-Taker retaliates with his own right and the force knocks Case back against the ropes. Case shoots off, and Raizzor goes for the big boot but Case ducks it, comes off the other side and shoulder blocks Raizzor who barely gets his footing back in time and Raizzor’s sent reeling into the ropes. As he comes off, Case boots him in the gut and locks him into position for the Just 2 Talented! However, tired as he is, Case can’t get Raizzor’s large form all the way up and instead Raizzor back body drops Case.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think these men have it in them for any excessive finishing moves.

Picking Case up, Raizzor tries to lift him up into another Last Ride powerbomb, but he too is exhausted, and Case drops to his knees for dead weight and punches Raizzor in the gut. Raizzor steps back, holding his stomach and Case powers forward with a shoulder to the gut as well. Raizzor bends double and Case comes off the ropes for a knee lift, but Raizzor shoots erect and as Case misses, Raizzor grabs him by the throat and hits a thunderous chokeslam! As Case bounces off the canvas, Raizzor rushes the ropes and comes back with a high leg drop! Rolling back to his feet as Case lays motionless, Raizzor glares around the arena, nods once and pulls Case to his feet and scoops him up for the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker.

Brian Rentfro: It’s over!

Case however, struggles and turns it over, so that he’s standing with Raizzor up in the move and signals he’ll take Raizzor out, but Raizzor struggles back and bends back to land on his feet and has Case back in position and jumps to his a flying TBS, driving Case head first into the canvas with absolutely no mercy. Raizzor covers, hooking both legs as insurance.





Jon McDaniel: A hard fought victory for the soul-taker!

Brian Rentfro: Case came close many times, showing his skill and talent against the veteran here today!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and advancing in the Who’s The Man!? Tournament, The Soul-Taker; Raizzor!

Jon McDaniel: The legend advances, one step closer!

Brian Rentfro: And Case will have something to gloat about, how he went toe to toe with the five time PWA Champion.

The Phoenix Johnny Chaos & Pike vs Lucious Starr, Cody Bogard & Jacob Figgins

Main Event

After some deliberation, Cody Bogard begins the match for his side. On the opposite side, the fans in attendance are kind of surprised to see Phoenix start for his team. Phoenix with a waist lock but Cody with a standing switch. Phoenix with a kick to the leg followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Phoenix with a head butt and Irish whip and clotheslines in the corner. Phoenix with an STO for a near fall. Cody punches Phoenix and tries for a clothesline but Phoenix with a first clothesline and a near fall. Cody punches Phoenix and hits a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Cody with jabs to Phoenix and a roundhouse after a split. Cody with a drop kick to the knees followed by an elbow drop to the back for a near fall. Cody punches Phoenix in the corner but Phoenix with a side Russian leg sweep and both men are down. Cody with punches to Phoenix but Phoenix with a drop kick that sends Cody into the corner. Phoenix sends Cody into the turnbuckles and gets a near fall. Phoenix with a fireman’s carry slam for a near fall. Cody with a series of kicks to Phoenix but he can only get a near fall. Phoenix with an Irish whip and then he follows for a splash but Cody ducks and hits the tag to Lucious Starr.

Phoenix, bouncing off the turnbuckle is too dazed when Starr comes in and from behind, Starr lifts Phoenix up into a back suplex and then rolls on top for a near fall. Both men up and they trade punches. The splash in the corner has Phoenix more dazed then expected and Starr takes control. Phoenix with a desperate tag to Johnny Chaos. Chaos and Starr lock up. Chaos with a headlock, followed by a go behind and he lifts Starr up and around and puts him on the mat. Starr shifts his legs and gets an arm over Chaos’s head, locking him in. Chaos stands, bringing Starr with him and hits a side slam. Chaos up, followed by Starr. Punches traded, and an irish whip sends Starr into the ropes. Pike with a knee to Starr’s back as he hits the ropes, sending Starr into the ring staggering and Chaos with a leg drop over the head for a two count. Chaos tags in Pike, who goes for Starr, but Starr rolls over and tags in Jacob.

Jacob and Pike with a lock up. They break, circle, and lock up again. Jacob with a knee to the gut. Jacob with a Russian leg sweep for two. Pike pokes the eyes, and a warning from the ref. Pike goes for an underhook slam, Jacob locks his legs around Pike’s neck and flips back, sending him over to the canvas. Jacob with a leg drop, rush off the ropes and an elbow drop for two. Pike answers with an enziguri and with Jacob on the ropes, runs across the ring and comes back to jump on his back, bouncing him on the second rope. Pike goes for it again, but Cody intercepts him with a running clothesline.

Both sides urge their partners over. Jacob with the hot tag to Cody, and Pike to Johnny Chaos. Crowd is on their feet as the two go toe to toe. Chaos with the early advantage, hitting a knee lift, followed by a DDT and then a figure four leg lock. Cody gets to the ropes, and the break. Both men up, Cody limping. Chaos utilizes the advantage, thrusting kicks to Cody’s injured leg followed by a drop kick off the ropes, buckling Cody. Starr tries to come in, but Phoenix around to their corner, ripping Starr off the apron and throwing him into the steel steps. Jacob sees this and jumps down, but Pike intercedes and the two begin to brawl on the outside. Phoenix grins his Cheshire grin and sneaks into the ring behind Cody.

We see Phoenix with his World title hidden from sight and as the referee has his back turned to the action outside, Phoenix swings for Cody’s head, but Bogard ducks and Phoenix’s world title meets Johnny’s face. Chaos goes down and Phoenix, looking annoyed, rolls out of the ring with his title. Cody goes for the cover and as the ref turns around, he makes the count 1 2 3.

Winners: Cody Bogard, Jacob Figgins and Lucious Starr

Suddenly over the speakers, instead of the Cody’s music playing, “Indestructible” hits and The Order of Chaos emblem burns over the ADCTron. Chaos and Starr both immediately pay attention to the entrance ramp, wholly unaware of Masakazu and The Cowgirls from Hell rushing over the barricade at ringside behind him. They’ve all got weapons. Tamika with brass knuckles on, Meghan has a steel chair, and Masakazu has the bat he’s been using all night: except now it is covered in barbed wire. The Cowgirls flank the ring, Meghan to the right, Tamika to the left. Both of the Straders duck and stick close to the ring, as Masakazu hops up onto the ring apron and calls out to Starr and Chaos.

Brian Rentfro: The Order of Chaos has snapped, looks like it.

Jon McDaniel: The Masters aren’t the only ones who can play dirty, everyone in the PWA knows that.

Masakazu taps his shoulders with the barbed wire bat, the five stars on either shoulder reminding Starr as he points the bat at Starr. Masakazu steps into the ring now. Johnny Chaos and Lucious Starr look at each other hesitantly for a moment but nod in agreement, and begin to circle around Masakazu. Masakazu moves to the center of the ring, turning slowly with the bat held outward, his right hand gripping the handle and his left hand smoothly placed over the main shaft of the bat itself. Almost as if he were holding a sword, ready to strike.

Jon McDaniel: They have no idea the Strader sisters are flanking them.

Starr rushes forward for a clothesline, Johnny joins the rush. Masakazu ducks the clothesline, and then quickly pivots away from a spear attempt by Johnny Chaos. As Johnny moves past Masakazu, Masakazu brings down the bat over his back then pulls it back, the barbs tearing flesh out of Johnny’s back. Starr catches Johnny, and Johnny turns unimpressed back at Masakazu. Masakazu swings at Lucious Starr but Starr ducks and then puts a well placed kick into the back of Masakazu’s knee. Johnny with a spinning neck breaker attempt but Masakazu slips out just in time, and shoves Chaos into Starr and then swings the bat at Starr again. Starr leans back away from the strike.

Masakazu: NOW!

Behind Masakazu, Tamika slides into the ring and clenches her fists tight. Johnny Chaos rushes at them, but as Starr does too he finds himself tripped up by Meghan Nash Strader from outside of the ring. Meghan quickly slides in and begins wailing on Starr with the chair. Johnny ignores it and keeps running for Masakazu. Masakazu drops to one knee as Tamika runs up behind him, running up over his back and launching herself off his shoulders and bringing both her fists into a surprised Johnny Chaos’ face. Masakazu reaches into his breast pocket and throws a pair of handcuffs at Meghan, who promptly locks Starr’s wrists behind his back. Tamika wails on Johnny, lefts and rights until Chaos is bleeding all over himself.

Brian Rentfro: What a pincer attack!

Jon McDaniel: What strategic maneuvers!

The Phoenix, Cody Bogard, Pike and Jacob Figgins are all making their exit now without a hint of care for the two Masters in the ring as Johnny is handcuffed now. Meghan brings Starr to his knees, Tamika brings Johnny to his knees now, everyone in the center of the ring. Mas drops the bat and hollers at ringside, being handed the TGW Volitionary title and AoWF TV title. He kneels before Starr, strapping his TGW Volitionary title over his waist and winking. He does the same with Johnny, strapping the AoWF TV title around Johnny’s waist before grabbing a microphone and picking up his barbed wire bat.

Masakazu: I want you two to deliver a message for me. To Fley, and to the rest of the Masters of Armageddon. That we, that I… Do not take kindly to patsies and traitors.

Masakazu taps Starr on the shoulder with the barbed wire bat.

Masakazu: And that I, do not beg or plea for anyone’s assistance. You bow to me, motherfucker. You beg me to be in The Order of Chaos, you ingrate. YOU… come to ME, Johnny.

Masakazu taps Johnny on the shoulder.

Masakazu: Not the other way around. Because when I come for you? It is not to bring you an open hand in peace, but a closed fist in war.

Meghan and Tamika smile, almost proudly, at Masakazu. He nods to his new family.

Masakazu: So tell Fley. He can bring all the old timers like Silverback and Nightstryker he wants. He can bring all the no talented egomaniacal dimwits like Starr, all he wants. He can even bring the biggest whiny, bitchy, pussy motherfucker the AoWF has ever seen like you Johnny. We will crush you all.

Meghan steps back from Starr, as Masakazu throws her the microphone.

Meghan Nash Strader: Shhhh…. Do you hear that?

Masakazu puts the barbed wire bat against Starr’s head, aiming carefully before pulling back and swinging hard. He cracks Starr across the side of his head and face, ripping flesh out as he completes the swing and Starr hit’s the canvas. The crowd goes from “OHHHHHHHHHHH” to a complete, dead silence. Masakazu steps up to Johnny Chaos and aims at his head. He pulls back, swings, and rips flesh from Johnny’s face, sending Chaos to the canvas bleeding and knocked out with Lucious Starr. Meghan tosses the microphone to Tamika.

Tamika Nash Strader: The tides are turning, boys. If you think what you did at Birthday Bash was putting a nail into our coffin? You were wrong. All you did was wake us up.

She chucks the microphone back to Masakazu.

Masakazu: ALL HAIL!

He points the microphone skyward.


The Cowgirls from Hell and Masakazu stomp, and offer the Order salute to the crowd as “Indestructible” hits again and we fade to the PWA logo.