World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


A Curious Visual

We open Rampage up with fan fair, fire works and the roar of the crowd. Raw's Theme blasts through the arena and everyone is psyched for tonight's matches. The ADC tron then lights up backstage where Chamelion stands, and receives the appropriate response by the crowd. He smiles.

Chamelion: Aww, and I love you, too! So, back and charge, which come on, you know its where I should be. I did this for all your sakes, really, so lend me a little bit of your trust and curiosity, and I'll take you and the PWA to new places.

He smirks.

Chamelion: No, really, I'm working on some new venues for us to visit. Anyway, Tonight's another round of the Who's The Man Tournament. I know I said last week I wasn't going to stick my nose into the workings of the tournament, but anyone who believed that is an idiot. The fact is, I'm making a change. Miss Seldon, who already has her hands full, shouldn't be strapped so thin... and I've decided to remove her from the tournament, out right.

Major Boos.

Chamelion: In her place, and yes it's with a LOAD of nepotism, will be my brother, The Soul-Taker; Raizzor!

Major mixed reaction to this.

Chamelion: Enjoy your night!

Before the scene cuts out, Justin Case walks into the frame.

Justin Case: Boss? A Word?

Chamelion: Kleptoparasitic.

With that, Chamelion walks off screen and Justin Case blinks, before chasing after Chamelion off the screen, yelling.

Justin Case: No! I mean I need to talk to you!

Fade to ringside.

Brian Rentfro: COOL! Raizzor's in the tournament!

Jon McDaniel: I don't think it's right for Chamelion to take Lisa Seldon out, but the stakes of the tournament just changed to a whole new landscape. Raizzor is the first ever WTM winner, and has not competed in the tournament since then. This really raises things! So, let's find out who advances tonight.


Scottie Snow vs The Harlequin

WTM Match

Eric Emerson announces the next match.

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring, he is from Memphis TN, standing in at a five foot ten inches tall, weighting in at a 215 pounds........SCOTTIE SNOW!!!

The familiar intro of the Pink Panther theme starts to play as the arena lights dim slightly. Scottie ?The Panther? Snow runs out to the top of the entrance ramp, does a bad kung fu pose, then high tails it to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring, hailing from "The Carnival", standing in at a five foot nine inches tall. Weighting in at a 225 pounds........HARLEQUIN!!!

The opening tune of ICP's Hocus Pocus plays in the arena as the crown all turn their heads to see who was coming down the ramp. Out came The Harlequin looking around with a wide smile on his face. As he walks past some of the crowd, he stops randomly and screams at children as he passes, then laughs as they recoil. Harlequin keeps walking down, rolling in the ring and sitting in a corner, looking around. He grabs the middle ropes with his arms and pulls himself up, running from rope to rope to warm up, waving out at the crowd as he does, laughing all the way.

Eric Emerson exits the ring as the ref enters.

He motions for the bell.

ding ding!

The two men lock up into a grapple as Harlequin pushes Snow up against the ropes, gets him into a side headlock and pushes him into an Irish Whip. Snow comes back as Harlequin goes for a clothesline suddenly Scottie ducks the move and they both meet center ring as they both go for a standing drop kick. Both even thus far!

Jon McDaniel: These two men have made it known that they will do all it takes to make it past the first round of the Whos the Man?! Tournament in 2012.

Brian Rentfro: One is fairly new on the scene, infact his first match even in PWA. The other a former World Champion. This should be good, Jon!

Scottie Snow suddenly kicks the leg out from under Harlequin as Harlequin laughs in pain. Snow picks Harlequin up by the hair and is fore warned by the ref while doing so. Snow gets his opponent into a submission abdomenal stretch! Placing an elbow into Harlequin's ribs! After a while Scottie lets go of the move and goes for a fall away slam, landing it with ease! But just as Snow goes to lean over his opponent, Harlequin pokes the eyes of Scottie gaining the advantage with a single leg shoot take down! Followed by a single leg DDT! Harlequin goes for an Indian Death lock, but its reversed into a figure four by Snow! Harlequin laughs in huge amounts of pain! The ref looks on as Scottie locks it in! After a moment or two he lets go and knows he has to up the anti!

Scottie trys for his Snow Plow! ITS BLOCKED! Harlequin gets Scottie into a hold on triple german suplex! Snow is in it bad! Harlequin goes to the tope rope but IS CAUGHT in mid air by Scottie Snow! Boom goes the Dynamite! As Snow lands a huge lay down power slam! Snow goes over to the legs and trys for a big ankle lock! But Harlequin rolls out of the way! Then jumps Snow with a massive spike DDT! He moves to a single leg boston Crab as Scottie is about to tap! NO! Harlequin ops to let go and goes for his end move! Snow dodges the move, and goes for the PANTHER BOMB!!

But Harlequin rolls out of the way! Then jumps Snow with a massive spike DDT! He moves to a single leg boston Crab as Scottie is about to tap! NO! Harlequin ops to let go and goes for his end move! LAST LAUGH!!

Scottie has no choice but to tap out!!

Jon McDaniel: Harlequin pulls out the upset, no matter how long its been, Scottie Snow is a former World Champion. This will prove as a big statement to Harlequin and his debut in PWA.

Brain Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah, the guy is nuts! Just how I like it!

The ref raises Harlequin's arm as ICP plays on the PA.

Dallas Hoover vs Riona Langly

WTM Match

Twenty five minutes of action saw a lot of back and forth, with Riona in her usual form, and Dallas in top form. At the end, however, Riona got caught in the corner and Hoover rolled her up to score the three.

Winner: Dallas Hoover

Johnny Chaos vs Lucy Starr

WTM Match

Solid match between the two. The fans got the best match of the night with almost a dozen near falls between the two, including two with feet on the ropes due to being to exhausted to kick out. Starr scored the pinfall and rose to get his hand raised, but the ref called two. Starr turned around and picked Chaos up, went for the end, but Chaos avoided it and used the chance to hit his finished for the victory.

Winner: Johnny Chaos

Masakazu vs TMB

WTM Match

The Dark Match of the night! Masakazu with a decisive win against TMB, who seemed to be off step by a day!

Winner: Masakazu

A New Title?

We go back inside the ring, where Justin Case and The Wiz are standing center stage. The canvus is combed in red velvet carpet. Sitting on a podium inside a see through glass lies what looks to be a Championship Belt.

Jon McDaniel: what is going on here? This segment was not scheduled! What are these guys doing out here dressed in suits?

Brian Rentfro: If you shut up long enough maybe we can find out!

The boos from the fans egnite the building as Case puts the mic in his hand to his lips.

Justin Case: Thank you for that warm welcome everyone! Yours truly loves you too! Now then, let's get down to business.

I suppose you all are wondering why the talented icon and his manager are out here before you, in all our glory. Furthermore, you're probably wondering why there lays a Championship Title on this podium? There is a simple answer to that. But instead I will take the scenic route. You see, from day one in the PWA yours truly always had a dream. A dream that only someone with a talk show can achieve. I have one youtube show called "Case's Corner" and one TV show called "Case Closed". So on that fact I thought why not re-open up the PWA Television Title division?! It needed someone special like myself to egnite youth and fire back into the PWA. Alas, my dreams had then been put on the shelf when I was told that there would be no "offical" Television Title division. However! No one said that I couldn't bring in my own Television Title! And no one said I couldn't make my own Televised division for this very Title! But even so, I went to our new owner and told him my intentions and he seemed thrilled by my idea!

Cheers run throughout the crowd!

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe this jerk is for real! No one is gonna stand in line for a shot at this title!

Brian Rentfro: Never say never, Jon.

Justin Case: as I was saying, so as of now, yours truly is opening up his own TV Title division, with Chamelion's approval!

But first I need to make this title mean something.

So now I am asking the only man we could get on such short notice to come to the ring and face me for this Television Title. The winner is the new unoffical offical PWA Television Champion!

So Scottie Snow get your flakey ass out here and let's do this!

Jon McDaniel: OMG fans! Up next we have an unoffical offical PWA TV Title Championship match?!

Brian Rentfro: yep, and the winner is the NEW Television Champion!

Jon McDaniel: we will be back after these messages. You don't want to miss this!

The match begins with "The Millennium Game" pretending to lock up with scottie, as then he knee's him in the gut and Snow doubles over. Case comes down with a few forearm shots to the back of Scottie. And then follows up with a cutting european upper cut! Scottie trys to fight back but Case blocks all atempts. He lifts Snow up for a release over the top belly to belly suplex! Followed up by The Benchmark (roll the dice/crossrhodes)!! But instead of pinning Snow, Case gets Scottie up into Game Over (Rock Bottom)! He follows that up with his Canadian Destroyer set up move! The end is near as Justin Case lands Just 2 Talented(Pedigree into a piledriver)!! Case steps on Snow's chest raising his arms for the pinfall. The match is over!

Winner: "The Millennium Game" Justin Case!!

Case and his manager celebrate their new TV Title win inside the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Well folks, there you have it. The new apparent PWA Television unoffical offical Champion, Justin Case.

Brain Brian Rentfro: Why arent you standing like I am?! I dont hear any excitment in your voice!

Jon McDaniel: And you never will.

Silverback vs Marco Dante

WTM Match

Silverback, true to form, won a strong match against the mainstay Marco Dante to advance in the tournament.

Winner: Silverback

Cody Bogard vs Vic Wagner

WTM Main Event Match

Incredible main event that will hopefully see a director's cut in the near future to detail the true action both men put forth. The man everyone wants to see main event World title matches, Cody Bogard, really showed his desire, but Vic Wagner was 'in the moment' just a little bit more tonight and barely pulled out a 1-2-3, with Cody kicking out at 3.00001, but just not enough.

Winner: Vic Wagner