World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


A Rat Bastard Appears!

Pyros go off on the stage to start Monday Night Rampage. The cameras pan over the arena, showing off the sold out crowd in all their enthusiasm for tonight’s explosive event. Spotlights dance over the fans, the music pounds, all to raise the excitement to a fever pitch. A cut to ring side sees our announcers, Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel, pumped for tonight’s showcase.

Jon McDaniel: Welcome everyone to Rampage!

Brian Rentfro: And what a show we have for you! Tonight the PWA Intercontinental Champion, Nightstryker, headlines the main event against Gonzo McQueen! Then…

Rentfro is cut off, as a very familiar piece of music hits! ‘Come With Me’ blasts over the arena speakers and the fans explode to their feet in a tremendous pop, as up on the stage steps PWA Hall of Famer and former owner of the PWA; Mark ‘Chamelion’ Sommers!

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion! Chamelion’s back!

And he must really be back, as Chamelion begins his walk to the ring dressed in his familiar green and black wrestling tights and fishnet shirt. He grins his Cheshire smile as he slaps hands with the fans along the isle way, before climbing up the steel steps and entering the ring. He doesn’t pose, however, instead to immediately call for a microphone which is promptly handed to him. As his music fades, Chamelion is greeted by a loud chant.


Chamelion grins and responds.

Chamelion: Oh, come on, you’re making me blush!


Grinning more, Chamelion waits for a few moments till the chant fizzles down.

Chamelion: Thanks for the warm reception! I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve graced this very ring…. Or, at least one like it… we do have quite a few in storage…. Though, that stain in the corner does look familiar. Anyway… yes, I am BACK!

The fans pop loudly.

Chamelion: However, I am back for a very specific reason. And I’m not going to get all long winded to segue into it… straight to the point, I’m here to challenge Rob Robinson for his spot in the Who’s The Man!? Tournament!

Huge pop answers Chamelion’s declaration.

Chamelion: See, over the course of the years in the PWA, I had accusations hurled my way like shit to a fan, that because of my position, I could insinuate myself anywhere I choose, and I didn’t quite EARN the right to be where I was. Obviously that was bullshit, voiced by the jealous losers backstage who couldn’t get the job done on their own merit, but the fact remains I had to give up on a lot of opportunities to ease their tension, for the sake of keeping the PWA afloat.

The fans boo in response.

Chamelion: Right, I know. Course, I was and still am quite the Devious SOB and made good on a lot of my intentions, anyway… but to think that my success, my skills, my abilities are questioned… well, that just doesn’t sit well with me.. and I realize that by winning the largest tournament in PWA history, I could rectify that!

He pauses, his Cheshire grin returns.

Chamelion: Actually, I already did. For the forgetful, I already won a 32 competitor tournament back in 2000 to be crowed the AOWF Undisputed Champion, and this new tournament boasts the same number of competitors.. and what would be even more personally gratifying to me would to again face Nightstryker in the finals. We have history, he and I, and talk about full circle!

Pauses for the fans to react.

Chamelion: However, as we all know… I’m not in the tournament at all.


Chamelion: And Robbie… well, for some interesting reason, the man’s allowed himself a BYE in the first round so he can avoid a match… sounds familiar to his first attempt at Who’s The Man in 1999, but my brother Raizzor didn’t fall for his tactics then, and I’m not going to let him do the same today. I am here, NOW, to challenge Robbie to a match next week… the winner moves on to round two of the tournament!

Explosion of cheers.

Jon McDaniel: WOW!

Brian Rentfro: He can’t do that!

Jon McDaniel: He just did!

Chamelion: But there’s more! Act now, Robbie, and I’ve got another stipulation! See, as I said, being in charge and competing for the biggest honor in the PWA, well it just won’t sit well with the masses, will it? I mean, do you know how the people look at you, as PWA Owner and Champion? The same way they did to me… and in that regard, even if you did progress, if you did win.. you’d be with the stigma of being questioned about how legit the win was… so, to increase the prize and the risk of this match… the loser… gains full control of the PWA!

The crowd’s reaction is huge, a collective gasp followed by the biggest pop yet.

Brian Rentfro: OH, he most certainly can’t do THAT!

Jon McDaniel: Sure he can, if not for Chamelion, there wouldn’t even be an AOWF today! Everyone in the company owes their current success to him, and he deserves a chance to prove himself against the masses!

Chamelion: So, Robbie… you have a choice. Accept my proposal, and either be removed from the tournament and run the PWA without the glare of the locker room, or win and move on in a fair and unopposed way. One of us is going to go for the tournament, and the other is going to control the PWA! You got two hours to decide.

Chamelion’s music hits and he drops the mic, giving the camera one more Cheshire grin and a wink, before exiting the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion vs. The Phoenix, the main event for next week! IF Robinson accepts!

Brian Rentfro: He doesn’t have to! He has nothing to prove to Chamelion or the AOWF! He’s the PWA Champion, and deserves a spot in the tournament.

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion didn’t say that, he said Robinson doesn’t need the bye, and should earn his spot, as well as fight without having the power of the PWA behind him.

Brian Rentfro: This is wrong, so wrong! I hope he doesn’t accept!

Jon McDaniel: We’ll see! For now, we have a show to get too.. and our first match is coming up!

Justin Case vs Masakazu

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first! JUSTIN CASE!

" Victory " by Puff Daddy and company hits the P.A. and out comes " The Millennium Game " Justin Case! He stands at the entrance way, with his manager behind him, as pyro shoots on either side. Case soaks in the boos of the crowd as they give him power. He raises his arms in the very talented air! Case then struts down the ramp way as Hugh Aredone limpingly lingers behind. He struts to the squared circle with a cockily arrogance that only he can endeavour. Once from inside the ring, he steps to the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd on hand. Whether they like him or not, it does not matter. His manager hits his cane on the apron showing his approval. Jumping off the ropes he prepares for the match while pulling on the upper rope as his music ends. Its time for some talented action!

Eric Emerson: And his opponent!

The lights in the arena dim, with only the sounds of a long winded whooooooosh before "Graduation" by Gemini hits.


Masakazu steps out, decked in black gi pants with The Order of Chaos emblem laced onto the left leg, with a matching sleeveless black hoody. He sways back and forth to the rhythm of the beat as the crowd goes nuts.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Montreal, Quebec! Weighing in at 210 pounds and standing in at an even 6 feet tall!

Masakazu moves around quickly on the stage, throwing out fierce kicks with his shins and elbow strikes into the air as he continues to move back and forth to the beat.

Eric Emerson: He is THE GENERAL of The Order of Chaos!

The crowd begins an "ALL HAIL!" chant as Masakazu goes for a forward thrust kick, stretching his left leg out as far as it can go and straightening his body before slowly turning on his right foot then dropping into a fighting stance, his fists clenched and his right arm stretched out with his left arm cocked back. Pyros go off all around him, creating a red streaming arch which completely blinds us to Masakazu.


Masakazu flies out of the arch of pyros into the air with his knees to his chest, his arms stretched out as the cameras flash! As he lands, fireworks explode in quick succession behind him. He jumps up once more and pumps his fist, before throwing his hoody off and chucking it to a fan at ringside. He grabs his shoulder length hair and pulls it back as he runs towards the ring and jumps from the ground, right over the top rope and flips himself into the ring. He lands on one knee, his other knee to his chest and his right fist to the canvas with his left arm stretched out behind him. Upon the moment of impact, fireworks explode from all four corners of the ring. He jumps to his feet and bobs and sways back and forth a bit more before coming to a stop. He stomps his right foot down, slaps his chest with his right hand and then gives out a fascist Order of Chaos style salute to the crowd who all stand in unison, saluting him back.


Masakazu lashes out with a thrust kick, his shin hitting hard against Case’s thigh. Case stumbles back and rushes forward. Case goes for a clothesline, Masakazu ducks. Masakazu throws out a reverse thrust kick, sending his upper body forward as he puts his hands down to catch himself on the canvas. Case gets it in the back and then Masakazu twists himself around, spinning in the air and landing another Muay Thai styled kick into Case’s ribs. Case hit’s the ropes but puts an elbow back, catching a rushing Masakazu in the face. Case grabs hold of Masakazu by the neck, wringing his neck with his right arm around it as he delivers repeated blows to Masakazu’s chest with his left fist and knees. Masakazu struggles to get free but cannot as Justin Case is just much bigger and stronger. Case then drops, a perfectly executed DDT on Masakazu!

Jon McDaniel: Case has to use his size and power advantage on the much quicker and agile Masakazu.

Brian Rentfro: He’s JUST! 2! TALENTED! YEAH!

As McDaniel face palms for everyone at home, Case lifts Masakazu off his feet and whips him into the ropes. Masakazu gets a nice spine buster for his troubles, and Case goes for the first pinfall!



Jon McDaniel: Only one, way too early to try to end this.

Brian Rentfro: Maybe not.

Justin Case doesn’t pay no mind to Masakazu’s quick kick out as he locks in a sleeper hold on the New General. Masakazu reaches his arms out, his face wrinkling with despair as he gasps for air. He begins elbowing Justin in the ribs blindly, until Case lets go of the hold and falls back. Masakazu rolls onto his shoulders, twisting his entire body skyward, his weight carried on nothing but his shoulders and neck as he spins and kicks Case repeatedly in the face. Once, twice, thrice! Four times! Masakazu keeps spinning on his head unleashing a barrage of kicks until Case is completely down and rolls away. Masakazu then flips forward jumping right back to his feet and entering a fighting stance, smirking as he looks down at Case. Case pulls himself back to his feet and Masakazu begins striking. One shin kick, two shin kicks. An elbow uppercut and Case is bouncing off the ropes. Masakazu slips around Case and behind him, and then springboards off the top rope and lands on Case. Hurricanrana! Masakazu quickly hooks a leg!



Masakazu is quickly back on his feet but Case trips him up from the canvas and grabs on. Case quickly gets up and locks in his infamous sharpshooter, Tap or Snap!!!! Masakazu can’t believe it and shakes his head furiously, telling the referee he will not tap out. Case applies more and more pressure, his weight makes the move especially more effective. Masakazu clenches his fists, and the crowd cheers him on as Masakazu tries to move towards the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: This isn’t looking good for the young leader of The Order of Chaos.

Brian Rentfro: Why would it? He’s in over his head, especially with the Charms around now.

Masakazu reaches for the ropes, straining. Fans at the front row near him reach out as if to try and help him to no avail as Case overpowers him and moves Masakazu back to the center of the ring. Masakazu screams and punches the canvas.


Masakazu shakes his head, holding his newly braided hair in frustration as he drools onto the canvas in pain.

Brian Rentfro: And Mas was making fun of that sharpshooter earlier this week, wasn’t he? How’s it feel now baby boy?! Who’s The Man?! Not YOU!

Masakazu snaps his head up and puts his hands beneath himself and begins clawing his way back towards the ropes in incredible pain. He forces himself forward in one last ditch effort, and his hand grapples the bottom ropes firmly. Case doesn’t let go however.

Ref: 1! 2! 3! 4!

Case finally lets go and backs away, his hands in the air as Masakazu rolls out of the ring in pain. Masakazu gets to his feet on the outside as Case’s manager casually walks up towards Masakazu. Case keeps arguing with the referee and his manager swings his cane, nailing Masakazu across the face. Masakazu stumbles into the barricade as fans slap him on his back and cheer him on. Case’s manager with another swing of the cane nails Masakazu flush across the face, busting him open everywhere. Masakazu falls to his knees, his hands on the apron as he bleeds out onto it. The referee finally notices as Case’s manager quickly walks away and shrugs like “Iunno he hit his face on a Zebra’s hoof d’uh” kinda look on his face. Case pulls Masakazu into the ring and sends him into the ropes. JUST 2 TALENTED ON MASAKAZU!!!! JUST 2 TALENTED ON MASAKAZU! CASE HAS IT!





Jon McDaniel: This isn’t REBEL Pro, Justin. Rope breaks do count!

Brian Rentfro: Ugh those pesky Kalis’ and their rope breaks.

Case begins arguing with the referee again and his manager calmly walks over to the side where Masakazu is. Before he can strike from the apron on Masakazu as Mas gets up, Mas unleashes a spinning heel kick that sends Case’s dumbass manager off the apron and to the ground in pain. Case turns towards Mas who runs at him and literally, placing his feet up onto Case’s knees then gut then chest Masakazu runs up Justin Case and brings both his knees into Justin Case’s face while simultaneously bringing both his elbows down over Justin Case’s head. Masakazu rides him down into the canvas and then inverts his knees into Case’s neck. He squeezes his legs together and with his elbows raised he begins bashing Case repeatedly with them until Justin Case is bleeding from his nose and lip. Masakazu is relentless until he reaches behind himself and pulls Case’s legs up, keeping his knees firmly grinding into Case’s neck and arching his back in the craziest pin fall ever.




Brian Rentfro: Well the kid can sure stretch. I’m sure his wife loves that.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah I’m- wait, what?

Masakazu gets up and rolls right over Case. Case sits up, wipes the blood from his face and turns to Masakazu. Masakazu jumps into the air and grabs onto Case, sweeping him off his feet and suddenly locking in a triangle choke!!!!

Jon McDaniel: THE RAIZZOR’S EDGE! Masakazu has locked in The Raizzor’s Edge!

Case’s eyes widen as he attempts to escape, but Masakazu brings one of his locked legs up and back down hard over the back of Case’s neck as if attempting to decapitate him. Masakazu hooks into his leg now and applies tremendous pressure.

Brian Rentfro: The… Raizzors? Edge? What the hell?

Jon McDaniel: It’s basically Raizzor’s finishing submission, Asphyxiation. A tribute to one of the PWA’s greatest men from young Masakazu. Very honourable, if I may say so.

Brian Rentfro: Oh my Lord…

Masakazu grips and pulls as the referee checks on Justin Case. Case’s eyes begin to flutter as he slowly realizes there’s no escape. Finally his eyes shut. The referee raises his arm once. It falls.

He raises Case’s arm again. It falls.

He raises Case’s arm a third time.

It falls. He calls for the bell.


Eric Emerson: The winner of this match via knockout… MASAKAZU!!!

Masakazu doesn’t let go, as he begins talking trash at Justin Case and finally lets go, getting his hand raised. He stomps his foot and salutes the crowd, wiping the blood from his face and then making a quick exit. God forbid those Masters of Assholes dudes show up ready for another gang bang spectacle.


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Jethro Hayes vs Dallas Hoover

Singles Match

"Wedding Nails" by Porcupine Tree begins to play and three pale blue spotlights shine on the entrance to the ring area. When the drums hit, there is a pop of white fireworks on either side of the ramp and Dallas Hoover steps out, arms spread wide. Dallas has an enormous grin on his face as he strolls down the ramp. He points at a few fans that seem particularly excited to see him and then climbs the ring steps. He starts to climb under the top rope, but appears to get stuck half way. After struggling for a second, he forces himself through, rolls on his shoulder and lands in a sitting position. He throws out his arms again and laughs, then picks himself up.

"Time for a lil' Southern Justice"

Colt Ford's special remake of this song for Jethro Hayes hits up in the arena's speakers. The youngest Grand Slam Champion in PWA history walks through the black curtain, he looks out to the crowd.

~Down the road where the black top ends, you can find Jethro Hayes with all his friends, we're used to gravel roads, and fishin' with cane poles, wasn't no swimmin' pools, jus swimmin' holes.~

Up on the screen a blacktop road begins to wind away in front of us and we travel along it as though we are in a car. Jethro holds his fisted right hand into the air and the crowd pops for. Jethro begins to walk down the ramp making sure to slap the hands of the fans along his way. Jethro goes from side to side because if they are going to respect him for what he is doing and how he is changed, he will respect them as well.

~We was dirt road poor, and cane switched raised, done came a long way since back in them days, been ‘round the world twice seen all fifty states, ate on thousand dollar china, but love sum paper plates , there aint nuthin wrong with them big city lights, but me, I prefer them slow country nights, where I can see the darkness come and then go~

Along the side of the ropes are buildings erected with the names of the Championships that he has won instead of typical names of businesses. Other such names include "Hall of Fame", "Wrestler of the Quarter", "Face of the Year", and many "Match of the Quarter" buildings are all along side the rode. He reaches the bottom of the ramp.

~Most folks is honest, and they all speak slow, you can leave your door open, aint nuttin' gunna happen, most country folks sing, but I couldn't, so im rappin, I wanna show yall where I come from, and invite yall all down to any country town~

The road winds through a small city, but the image of the very arena in which we are having the PWA show tonight comes into view around a corner. Jethro climbs the steps and is on the apron. He wipes his feet out of respect for the legends in this sport and the respect he has for this sport before stepping through the ropes.

(Chorus with John Michael Montgomery singing)
Now before I pack and things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, to take a ride through the country.

Eric Emerson: From Lenox, Georgia he stands at six feet seven inches, weighing in at three hundred and fifteen pounds... Jethro Hayes!

~Up, dressed, and gone by 5 am, he's country, and he's rappin' we gotta play him, folks been waitin for some one like me, to give ‘em some hot beats and spit that country~

Jethro hits the ropes, bouncing off to get the blood pumping a bit before his match. The blacktop road in front of us enters the arena's door and heads somewhere inside.

~His overalls don't sag, they fit, they kinda tight, got on a John Deere t-shirt, no nothin' but work. Daylight til dark, that's how I was bread, and I'll keep bein' country til the day I'm dead~

Jethro climbs the turnbuckle that faces the majority of the crowd, holding up his fisted right hand before pointing to them. Just in front of the blacktop road is a black curtain, we sit here waiting as though it is the end of our ride.

~See, country folks eat biscuits called cat heads, bar-b-q, baked beans, sweet tea, and white bread, we like to fish and hunt, aint scared of a fight, love the Good Lord and believe in doin' right,~

He drops down, rushing to the opposite side of the ring to climb up and point to that section of the crowd.

~Got 4-wheel drives, some got mud on ‘em, you can keep your rolls roice, cuz baby, we don't want 'em! So now yall all know exactly who I am, and if you aint into that, i don't give a damn!~

Jethro drops down, heading to the third corner and once again climbs up, pointing out to himself before he points to the crowd.

The chorus hits up again...

~Now before I pack my things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, take a ride through the country.~
Jethro climbs the final turnbuckle, and points to this section of the crowd.

~You might have seen me on your t.v, but honey, that don't mean a thing, you see, I'm still that same ‘ol country boy, and that's all I'll ever be, and sometime, those bright lights blind me, and make it hard for me to see, but when I need to be reminded, I take a ride through the country~

Jethro drops down, he heads to center ring where he looks down to gather his thoughts before the match.

~At about 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, them country boys head down to the local saloon, you welcome to stop in and have a cold bottle, big city boys and stuck up super models, we don't care where ya from, as long as you polite, cuz push come to shove and every one of us will fight~

Even through the roar of the crowd, Jethro nods as he listens to the song and allows it to remind him of things in the past. It reminds him of the times he's been pushed around and how he will not let it happen anymore.

~We mostly easy like Sunday morning, ol' Colt came here to give yall fair warnin', country folks wont be pushed around, and theres some of us livin' in every town, we believe in the Bible, and the U.S.A, work hard for what you want, it's the American way, no body owe you nothin' supposed to earn your keep, but in a hard days work, get a good nights sleep,
I know some of yall think Colt's kinda odd, but I'm loud, proud and country by the grace of God!~

Jethro points to the crowd one last time as the blacktop view on the big screen seemingly flies through the screen, showing that Jethro considers those fans in attendance friends.(it goes back to the very first line in the first verse). Jethro turns to face the entrance ramp, raising his head up so that he can see it clearly.

Ding Ding
Referee Scott Swindell gives both men the rules before the beginning of the match. Jethro and Dallas stare at each other in the center of the ring, both reach out and shake right hands before nodding out of respect for each other. Scott Swindell calls for the bell.

Ding Ding

Collar and elbow, Dallas quickly using his amateur wrestling knowledge in a wristlock. Jethro ducks under twisting up behind Dallas into a wristlock into a hammerlock. Dallas with a foot tries to trip Jethro up, cutting under into a lift where Jethro is on his shoulders; he falls back. Jethro twists around, bringing Dallas into a bulldog, but Dallas shoves him in to the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Look at the chain wrestling from these two men here, its not expected.

Brian Rentfro: Especially from that hick Hayes.

Jethro off the ropes with a clothesline, but Dallas ducks under the arm, but manages to catch the wrist and pull Jethro in to a belly to belly suplex. Jethro with a twist, turns the belly to belly into a belly to back, but before Dallas can finish the move, Jethro leans forward dumping Dallas over his shoulder. Dallas rolls through the move, on his knees and quickly back up to his feet. Both men nod once again at each other before coming back together with another collar and elbow lockup. Jethro with a quick wristlock, but Dallas is quick to spin in to a side headlock; which Jethro lifts him up for a Saito suplex.

Brian Rentfro: That hick can't lift...

Jon McDaniel: Yes! He! Can!

And the first big offensive move of the match as Jethro completes the Saito Suplex, but the move did cost him as well.

Jon McDaniel: Dallas Hoover not used to his opponents having such strength!

Brian Rentfro: I have heard that steroids are running rampant back in Jethro's locker room.

Jethro rolls up to his feet, but Dallas is working up to his as well, nodding at Hayes for the big move. They come together, but Dallas ducks through, delivering a clothesline to Hayes' midsection before bouncing off the ropes with a lifted knee into his face and almost similtaneously spinning around delivering an elbow into his midsection before getting Hayes up on his shoulders.

Brian Rentfro: Those two men have a ton of weight between them.

Jon McDaniel: And strength Brian, don't forget that.

Dallas spins around, sending Hayes down with an airplane toss; Jethro rolls on over, using his momentum to gain a seated position in the corner. Dallas looks at Jethro, Hayes looks back at him. Now they both know this will be the match they were both hoping for. They come back together, Jethro with an elbow to his head rocks it back, Jethro with a quick side headlock. Dallas shoves him in to the ropes, Jethro back, leaping over Hoover, coming down and off the ropes again. Dallas turns around, flying clothesline from Hayes has the big man rocking. Jethro with a forearm shot, a second, a third, and Dallas is in the ropes. Jethro with a stinging chop to the chest, a second, and a third. Jethro whips him off the ropes, Dallas with a reversal and following in knees Jethro in the midsection. Dallas with a second whip sends Jethro off the ropes and a back body sends him crashing down on his back. Dallas off the ropes, leaping leg drop across Hayes' chest before rolling back up and whipping Jethro in to the corner. Dallash back and charging, before leaping in to the air with a Stinger style splash that causes Jethro to stumble out of the corner, in a daze. Dallas off the ropes, grabs a bulldog position, but Jethro shoves him on past and in to the ropes. Dallas comes back, Jethro with a big boot to the midsection. Jethro off the ropes, boot to the side of the head spins Dallas around and Jethro is there with a swinging neckbreaker taking Hoover down to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: What a flurry of moves from both men there.

Brian Rentfro: Winded, both are winded.

Jethro pulls himself, shaking his head and as he turns around, Dallas is already getting himself back up as well. They come together with a double clothesline; both duck avoiding the blow. Both off the ropes and Dallas with a crossbody. Jethro catches him! Hayes grunts and growls as he jumps up, dropping Dallas across his knee, but the move took a lot out of Jethro as he holds at his lower back and rolls very gingerly up to his knees.

Brian Rentfro: Hayes is probably hurt again.

Jon McDaniel: You'd be hurt too if you had just caught Dallas Hoover.

Brian Rentfro: Correction Jon, I'd be squished flatter than a piece of paper.

Dallas is in the ropes as well, holding at his ribs as both he and Jethro pull themselves up. Jethro turns around, Dallas with a clothesline nearly sends Hayes over the top; but it does manage to catch him off guard. Dallas with a stinging chop of his own before kneeing him in the gut and lifting him up with a vertical suplex!

Jon McDaniel: My gawd!

Brian Rentfro: Steroids.

Jethro slams hard onto the canvas, Dallas is there as well; the move took it out of him as well, though not as much. Dallas pulls Jethro to a seated position before locking his hands behind him and digging his knee into Jethro's shoulder blades. Dallas grabs Jethro in position for one of his signature moves...

Brian Rentfro: If he completes this, its got to be cause of steroids.

Jon McDaniel: What about perserveerance?

Brian Rentfro: Could be, Dallas will eat anything.

Jon McDaniel: Belly Bomb! Dallas just hit his Belly Bomb! I can't believe it!

Brian Rentfro: Neither can most of this arena, only one other person has ever lifted Jethro like this and Hayes lost to Panzadise then.

Dallas makes the cover as Scott Swindell slides in to position.




Jethro shoves a shoulder in to the air, preventing his loss and a win for Dallas. Hoover can believe it, he could see the determination from Jethro's promos.

Brian Rentfro: That hick kicked out!

Jon McDaniel: A lot of determination in that man Brian, a lot.

Dallas pulls Jethro up to his knees, then to his... no! Jethro pulls him in, shoving him chest first in to the corner. Dallas comes back around, Jethro with a boot in his gut. Jethro grabs him in position...

Brian Rentfro: He can't...

Jon McDaniel: He's gonna try!

Jethro lifts him up... bouncing his feet on the middle rope for momentum...

Jon McDaniel: Vertical suplex! Jethro Hayes with a vertical suplex on Dallas Hoover!

Brian Rentfro: Its got to be roids! Look at that roid rage!

The crowd is silent, they can't believe it, but even through that Jethro is back up. Jethro is feeding off the now extatic crowd as they are chanting his name and Dallas' name as well. Jethro pulls Dallas up to his feet, boot to the gut and a running knee to the side of his face has him in the corner. Jethro back and with a running Stinger splash of his own and as Dallas is loopy from the move, Jethro grabs his head, up the ropes and a tornado DDT on the heavier man. Jethro goes for a cover, but changes his mind, wanting to hopefully put him away with a signature move of his own. Jethro lifts Dallas on to his shoulders in a fireman's carry, spinning and somehow managing to toss him over his head.

Jon McDaniel: Calf Toss! My gawd, he lifted him again!

Brian Rentfro: I told you, its roid rage.

Jethro makes the cover.




Dallas shoves a shoulder up this time, its his turn to prevent the pin. Jethro nods, not expecting any different from t his determined man. Jethro pulls him up, but Dallas is ready as he nails Hayes in the midsection with several quick jabs and finishes the quick combo off with a shoulder in his midsection. Dallas off the ropes with a swinging neckbreaker takes Hayes down to the canvas. Dallas isn't finished though as he lifts Hayes up, piledriver on the PWA logo, but Dallas is quickly off the ropes, leaping knee drop onto Jethro's chest and he makes the cover.



Jethro with a shoulder up.

Jon McDaniel: It'll take more than that to put Jethro away.

Dallas walks to Jethro ankles, looking for a submission move, take out the big man's back and you take away his power. Dallas leans forward, Jethro with a roll up pin!



Dallas breaks the pin, rolling on up to his feet; Jethro does the same. Both men are winded and feeling the length and intensity of the match.

Brian Rentfro: Isn't there a time limit?

Jon McDaniel: I'd hate to see it end that way, but I think there is a twenty minute time limit.

Brian Rentfro: How many minutes have they gone?

Jon McDaniel: I honestly don't know.

They come together again, both shoving and looking for the advantage. Dallas with a knee into Jethro's gut doubles him over, but Jethro with a forearm into Dallas' gut doubles him over. Dallas with a fist to Jethro's head, but Jethro returns in kind.

Jon McDaniel: Come on, don't let this turn into fists, its been such a nice change.

Brian Rentfro: Fists! Hell yeah!

Well, its actually open palm strikes.Dallas catches Jethro's right wrist, but Jethro catches Dallas' wrist as well. Both with a boot to the other's gut, but neither is letting go of that wrist. Jethro drops down to one knee, shoving forward and lifting up. Dallas is tilted(not thrown) over Jethro's shoulders, rolling into the ropes. Jethro shoves up to his feet quickly, but Dallas is already off the ropes with a running knee aiming it for Jethro's ribs. Jethro spins out of the way as Dallas comes by, but is unable to miss the bump that Dallas sends his way, pushing him in to the ropes. Dallas uses the slight distraction to turn and send Jethro in to the ropes with a more powerful whip. Dallas runs off the ropes as well, rolling forward and coming up with a clothesline that sends Jethro over the top rope to the outside on the floor.

Jon McDaniel: Big time rolling clothesline from Dallas there has Jethro on the outside.

Brian Rentfro: Maybe it'll end in a double count-out.

Jethro pulls Dallas out of the ring, sending forearm after forearm into his chest and face before whipping him towards the railing. Dallas with a reversal and Jethro slams heavily into the barricade.


Jethro comes back, but Dallas with a knee stops him mid-leap and Jethro is on the ground, on one knee.


Dallas pulls him up, but Jethro falls down and backwards, using the move to send Dallas in to the railing.


Dallas turns around, front kick by Jethro sends him back against the railing.


Dallas dives forward with a single leg takedown attack, but Jethro lashes out with his free leg.


Dallashas the left leg, pulling Jethro down.


Jethro pounding down with forearm after forearm as both hit the ground.


Jon McDaniel: They ar4e going to be counted out.

Brian Rentfro: Then the match'll be over... yes!


Jon McDaniel: But this has been an excellent match.


Both men decide to break it off and roll back in to the ring, and the fans love them for it as they alternate in their chanting of their names. They come back together, Dallas going for the right leg this time, but Jethro leaping over and landing behind Dallas.

Dallas spins around.

Jon McDaniel: The Plow!

Brian Rentfro: Damn it, the hick is gonna win.

Jethro slides in to the cover as Scott Swindell falls in to position.




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Jethro Hayes!

Jethro stands up, pulling Dallas up to his feet. Dallas is a bit dejected, but the fans are all on their feet clapping for both men. Jethro sticks out his right hand and Dallas quickly accepts it as he holds up Jethro's hand and points at him. Jethro returns the gesture by holding up Dallas' hand and pointing to him as well.

Jon McDaniel: What a show of sportsmanship.

Brian Rentfro: This makes me sick.

"Ride Through The Country" picks back up as Dallas leaves the ring to allow Jethro to soak in the adoration of the fans.

Another Z Video

Matt Stone vs Violet Harper

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a thirty minute time limit.

The arena goes dark for what seems like an eternity, but it's only about fifteen seconds. Then the guitar of the Dum Dum Girls, covering the song "Play With Fire", hits the sound system as the crowd starts to boo.

-Well, you've got your diamonds and you've got your pretty clothes-
-And the chauffeur drives your car-
-You let everybody know-
-But don't play with me, cause you're playing with fire-

Violet makes her way out from backstage, wearing tight black pants that have that stitched up look to them. She's got on a tight dark blue see through long sleeved shirt rolled up to her elbows and sporting a very sexy lace black bra underneath.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, making her PWA debut. She hails from Portsmouth, New Hampshire...

Violet has a wicked smile and starts her walk down the rampway with a click of her heels, covered in dominatrix style black leather boots.

-Your old man took her diamonds and tiaras by the score-
-Now she gets her kicks in stepney-
-Not in knights bridge anymore-
-So don't play with me, cause you're playing with fire-

Eric Emerson: She weighs in tonight at 139 pounds... she is a former RPW Aggression Champion... VIOLET... HARPER!!!

Another chorus of boo's as Violet climbs into the ring. She's something sexy, that's for sure, and the thick black eye liner, crimson red lipstick and her strawberry blonde after-sex style hair certainly makes her case. The music dies down as she gets ready for her match.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent, hailing from Ottawa, Ontario...

I created the Sound of Madness
Wrote the book on pain
Somehow I'm still here to explain
That the darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun,
When you gunna wake up and fight?

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a chorus of boos. He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. He threatens to hit a member of the crowd who was holding up a "Canada sucks" sign and just walks on.

I created the Sound of Madness
Wrote the book on pain
Somehow I'm still here to explain
That the darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun,
When you gunna wake up and fight...

For yourself?

Eric Emerson: He stands 5'9 and weighs in tonight at 220 pounds... he is the STRAIGHT... SHOOTER.... MATT STONE!

Matt gets on the apron and gets inside the ring, heading straight to a corner and mounts the middle turnbuckle raising his hands. "I'm the best there is!" He shouts out over the loud jeers being rained down on him. He shakes his head to their reaction. "You don't deserve to see me!" He shouts out getting down and taking off the hoodie. Matt get's ready for his opponent, bouncing off the ropes to loosen up as his music fades away.


This match was highly anticipated as one of the latest and greatest in the PWA was taking on a very optimistic and challenging rookie from Rebel Pro. Stone would start off the match hot, keeping Violet grounded by working over her head and neck with all kinds of submission holds and throws. Stone would change it up to do some striking, but that's when Violet turned things around and started firing some of her own strikes. Violet would lay Stone out with a roaring elbow and go for a cover, but only getting a two count. Violet would continue to work over Stone's face, trying to bust him wide open and rearrange it we assume. Violet tried for a clothesline but Stone ducked underneath getting behind her and taking her down with a Stone Cutter. Stone would go for the cover but only get a two count as well. The match changed momentum several times, each competitor putting everything they had into every move, punch, or whatever they were doing. Violet ducked a kick from Stone and shoved him into the corner, then nearly taking his head off with a running knee uppercut. Violet would hop to the top rope and take Stone down with a flipping arm drag. Violet tried for a moonsault, but Stone put his knees up just in time. Stone would continue to work over Violet's neck with a dragon sleeper, but Violet would manage to get a foot on the rope and break the hold. Stone would quickly try the C-C-C-Combo Breaker! from out of no where, but Violet rolled out of the way and Stone grabbed onto nothing and landed on his back. Stone would find his way to his feet but get taken down once more by a springboard dropkick to the face from Violet. This would cause some blood to flow out of Stone's nose, and it turned Violet into a hysterical psychopath as she went literally ape shit all over Stone with punches and kicks. Stone would grab Violet's leg, Violet would counter with an enziguri, but Stone would duck underneath it. Violet dropped on her stomach and Stone went for the Wrath of Khan but Violet violently scrambled out of there and rolled out of the ring. Stone would chase her out of the ring and slam her into the ring post. The referee would start the count, but Stone rolled Violet back in the ring almost right away. Violet would try to get to her feet, and the crowd would notice she got a busted lip from that ring post action. Stone would take Violet down with a snap suplex and then go against the ropes, dropping his knee over Violet's neck. Stone however would lose the momentum once again when Violet countered out of a german suplex by landing on her feet. Violet would take Stone out with a yakuza kick after that.

Stone would get to his feet, and Violet would be right there. Stone fought with lefts and rights, but Violet was blocking them and managed a hard knee to Stone's gut. Violet tried to give Stone an axe kick to the back of his head, but Stone moved out of the way just in time and Violet flew past him. Violet turned around, got a boot to the gut, and Stone planted her with the Shooterplex and bridged it.





Eric Emerson: And your winner of the match... the STRAIGHT SHOOTER... MATT STONE!

Stone didn't even get up to celebrate and talk about how amazing he is, because he bolted out of the ring and jumped the barricade. Disappearing through the crowd, Stone was hoping to avoid any MoA shenanigans. Violet was on her knees in the ring, obviously very disappointed and took a big giant breath and let it out. She got some positive reaction from the crowd, despite her association with the Masters, and that was only because she put on a good match against Stone.

Jon McDaniel: A tough loss here, but Matt Stone is one of the best inside that ring so she shouldn't feel too bad.

Brian Rentfro: She'll get'em next time, Jon. She's got a lot of talent as we obviously saw her tonight. I just hope she's not as crazy and hateful as previous Masters have been in the PWA.

Jon McDaniel: One can only hope, Brian.

Things Get Nasty

We find Mark McNasty standing in the backstage area. He's dressed in blue jeans, a white tank top, a blue Hurley beanie, blue tinted metal sun glasses, and he has his "Nasty" pendent on its chain around his neck. McNasty lifts up the sunglasses and puts them into his pocket, before he begins talking. He speaks slowly, as his jaw is still a little swollen.

McNasty: So this is what it comes to, huh? Two world title shots in less than a few months, and both only so Rob Robinson can make a point. I lost the last title shot so someone else could make a point. It seems lately that's all I'm good for.

McNasty cracks a small smile, but it doesn't last.

McNasty: So essentially Rob, it's get a world title shot, and if I lose, game over. Well, you know what? I think I have one more ass kicking in reserve saved up for you. So if you want it, I'll be happy to gift wrap it, and deliver it in person.

McNasty puts the sunglasses back on.

McNasty: Have your people send my people the stuff, and I'll sign it. Just work in a stip that the whole Rebel tag tourney is excluded from your little "Gone from the AOWF FOREVER" thing. When Grade A Nastynes wins those belts, I'm going to bring some life back to the division. And I'll try my best to do the same for the PWA World Title division. But man, Rob, you've dug that into a hell of a hole.

McNasty walks off.

Gonzo McQueen vs Nightstryker

Non-Title Match

Eric Emerson stands center stage inside the PWA squared circle.

Jon McDaniel: For the next match of the evening, we have two PWA superstar veterans, as each man feels the need to prove something here tonight. We are certainly looking forward to an even match up.

Brian Rentfro: Speak for yourself, Jon. I just got one word for you.....GONZO!!

Jon McDaniel: Well one thing is for certain, this match will be interesting to say the least. Lets go inside the ring for the introductions.

Eric Emerson: The next match is a non title contest set for one fall. Making his way to the ring, standing in at a five foot eleven inches tall and weighting in at a 205 pounds.........GONZO MCQUEEN!!!!!

"Killing in the Name" by Rage Against The Machine blasts out over the speakers as Gonzo McQueen makes his grand entrance... well not so grand as many of the AOWF roster. He figures that they are redundant things that are repetitive and take up too much tv time as it is and no one pays attention to them. But he has one! Oh, yes he does. You are looking at it now. Somehow he gets all the way from the back to the ring and doesn't trip even once. There was probably some smoke machine bullshit or strobe lighting. Maybe some sort of interval where he made you sit through the entire song you heard last week and the week before when he did this. Viewers apparently have got nothing better to do than see him mime his own song lyrics. But, we are getting away from the point... Basically, Gonzo is in the ring and he's looking for a fight.

Jon McDaniel: This man looks ready, Brian! Things are going to heat up soon.

Brain Brian Rentfro: Yeah right, too bad its not for the title belt, McQueen would obviously be the new champion!

Jon McQueen: With that aside, this should be a great bout.

“Tomorrow” by SR-71 hits the arenas PA-system as the lights dim and a spotlight shines down on the entryway.

Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring and hailing from Chicago, IL, he is the PWA Intercontinental Champion. Weighing in at 242-pounds and standing at six-feet two-inches, he is...NIGHTSTRYKER!

Nightstryker steps out from behind the curtain and steps directly into the spotlight. He looks around the arena for a moment before walking casually towards the ring, the spotlight following as he does so. Upon reaching the ring, he hops up and rolls under the bottom rope. Heading to the far corner he removes his shirt, drops it to ringside and shares a few words with the ref.

Jon McDaniel: The ref for this contest is Dwayne Cross

Brain Brian Rentfro: Oh just great! There goes the neighborhood, Jon! This aint right! Cross is going to favor NightStryker because they drink beers together after the show!

The ref gives final instructions to both men as he calls for the bell.

ding ding!!

The two men look intensely on as they proceed to lock up in the middle of the ring. Its McQueen coming out with a knee to the gut, followed by a forearm to the back. Thats when he gets Nightstryker into a headlock and bounces off the ropes sending Stryker into an Irish Whip, coming back Gonzo holds up a knee as Stryker runs right into it and rolls over it and onto the ground. Gonzo pulls some hair as he takes Nightstryker up into a body slam but....the ref warns Gonzo not to hold the hair and that gives Stryker the opportunity to refocus as he chop blocks the leg of Gonzo, working it over for some time! Then he takes Gonzo up into a half boston crab. McQueen is in pain now!

Jon McDaniel: The Champion having his way with his opponent as of now....

Brain Brian Rentfro: Are you kidding? It was because of the ref that he even got the chance to get McQueen into that submission move.

Suddenly McQueen reaches for the ropes as the ref begins counting the longest 4 count you've ever seen! Finally NightStyker releases the move and raises his hands as the fans love this guy! Nightstryker proceeds with his onslaught lifting McQueen up and landing a beautiful fisherman's suplex for the pin




Brain Brian Rentfro: That was the quickest pin count Ive ever seen!

Nightstryker adds to his arsenal when he gets Gonzo into a nice shoulder breaker as McQueen falls in pain! Stryker gets McQueen up but suddenly Gonzo connects with a spike DDT! Both men down for the count!







McQueen gets to his feet first and proceeds with a beautiful Death lock! The ref checks on the situation but Styker wont give in. Then McQueen goes into his arsenal and runs up to the top rope while Styker is sitting up right. Gonzo dives off the top ropes and hitting Styker square in the face with his boots! Achievement Unlocked!! Gonzo quickly proceeds with his Crossface Chickenwing! Fear and Loathing! Just as Stryker goes to reach the ropes his his leg McQueen rips him into the middle of the ring!

Just as Styker is about to tap, McQueen unknowingly grabs a hold of a single thred of hair!

The ref forces Gonzo McQueen to release the hold! Thats when McQueen has had enough! He side steps the ref and trys to land THE PEN! BUT ITS REVERSED INTO THE INVERSION!!! Advatage Styker! He then LANDS THE MINDBENDER!!! He hooks McQueen up for the pin.




“Tomorrow” by SR-71 hits the arenas PA-system

The ref raises NightStryker's arm in victory!

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner.......NIGHTSTRYYYYYKERRRRRRRRR!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Some questionable calls but the winner is styker!

Brain Brian Rentfro: Im going to the GM with this B.S.!!

Pearls of Wisdom From Our Hero

"The Final Countdown" starts to play and the Phoenix comes out, wearing a white t-shirt with a picture of a Dalek saying "Victory!" on it and a pair of jeans. He's got the PWA World title fastened around his waist and is wearing a Tardis blue Phoenix mask. He climbs into the ring and takes a moment to enjoy the decidedly mixed reaction he gets. Hey, some folks love a jerk, you know?

The Phoenix: I've gotta say, I could have lived a happy life never seeing Chamelion standing in my ring ever again. But I suppose I should cut him a little slack. It isn't easy being a former World champion, a former massive star and the former owner of the greatest wrestling company on the planet. Trust me, I know of what I speak. So I can't blame him for trying to worm his way back into all of that. I can't blame him, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

The Phoenix: I especially don't like it because I'm a busy, busy man right now. I've got a company to run, shows to book, decisions to make, World titles to defend, AOWF Intercontinental titles to defend, Victory Wrestling shows to compete at, and a Who's the Man tournament to win. Plus I've got maggots in my scrotum. I'm spinning a lot of plates is what I'm getting at.

The Phoenix: So in the midst of all this chaos, Chamelion pops up not unlike herpes. And what does he do? He wants my spot in the Who's the Man tournament. And, if he can't have that, he wants to run the company that he sold to me when he couldn't take it anymore. Now, just why the hell should I agree to that? Cause the obvious answer is, if I ignore him I get to keep running my company and compete in the tournament. So the answer is simple, right?

The Phoenix: Except. Except he's got a point about one little thing. See, I've busted my ass my entire career to be accepted not just as a good wrestler, but as the best wrestler in the company. I've always had to fight for the recognition because people want to dismiss me because I've been involved in the running of the PWA for so long. Obviously I never earned anything I've gotten, they think. Never mind the fact that I'm a multiple time PWA Hall of Fame inductee. Forget about how I've won the World title more times than anyone in the history of the PWA. Ignore the fact that just the other day I surpassed Matthew Engel and set a new record for longest total World title reign. As I've said before, the only achievement left on my bingo card is to finally win the Who's the Man tournament after making it to the finals twice and coming up short.

The Phoenix: And I've been on the Tweeter and the MyBook and FaceSpace and seen the comments people have been leaving on the blog I have an intern write for me. I know that people think I'm abusing my power to hoist myself up while keeping everyone else down. Just winning the tournament, that would make me happy. But it won't be enough. I'm a vain man and I've got a massive... ego. That's not exactly news. No, the only way I'm going to be happy is when I'm acknowledged as the greatest of all time. I've got the credentials, I've put in the work and earned it, but I haven't gotten that yet.

The Phoenix: So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to put it all on the line and agree to Chamelion's match. That way I get the pleasure of kicking his sorry ass for daring to set foot in my ring, I get to win the Who's the Man tournament without any controversy, and I don't have to worry about all the mundane details of running a business so I can focus on the tournament and on retiring Mark McNasty.

The Phoenix: Just remember one thing, Cham. You claim to be the most devious SOB in the business, but you and I both know you learned all your tricks from me. And Mark, you best believe that I didn't teach you everything I know.

"The Final Countdown" starts to play as we fade to black.