World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Marco Dante vs Justin Case

Singles Match

We enter back to ringside where the announce team get set for the next match.

Jon McDaniel: Welcome back folks, next up we have a match that has been well documented as a statement match for "TMG" Justin Case.

Brian Rentfro: What kind of statement, Jon? That he sucks and cant buy a win?

Jon McDaniel: No Brian, apparently Justin Case has turned a new page in his career. No longer worried about wins or loses, he now just wants to punish his opponents and beat them down. We shall see if this statement rings true in this next match up.

Brain Rentro: The only thing ringing will be his ears when Marco Dante gets a hold of this punk!

Jon McDaniel: Time will tell. Lets go into the ring where Eric Emerson is about to announce the next match up.

Eric Emerson commands much respect as he stands inside the PWA squared circle. The crowd listens to the ring announcer.

Eric Emerson: The next match is set for one fall.....

The sound of a twisted sounding musican can be heard over the arena PA system as the lights go out in the arena and "Blood Red Sandman" by Lordi starts to play

Eric Emerson: Now Coming to the Ring! standing at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 245 lbs, Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey! He is "The Blood Red Sandman!" Marco Dante!!

Out steps the demonic frenchman as the fans cheer him on!

Jon McDaniel: He is definitely the lesser of two evils in this match, Brain.

Brain: Hell must be freezing over if I start agreeing with you. But what you say is true. Unfortunitely.

Marco Dante slithers into the ring and prepares for his opponent inside the ring.

"Victory" by Puff Daddy hits up and out struts the cocky and arrogant Justin Case. "TMG" Proceeds to the ring with his cane windelling manager "The Wiz" limping along side him.

Eric Emerson: Making his way to ring at this time, he stands in at a six foot five inches tall, weighting in at a 265 pounds. He is "The Millennium Game" Justin Case!!

Jon McDaniel: I have never seen Case look more ready and prepared in all his time in the PWA. He looks focused and centered on the task at hand. One would assume that kicking butt is what he has planned.

Brain Rentro: The day Case defeats someone is the day I owe Jon McDaniel 50 bucks.

Case enters the ring straight faced and is all business.

His manager knocks his cane onto the apron letting Case know the game plan has changed.

Justin stares a hole into his opponent as the two stare down each other from a far.

The Referee for the contest is Scott Swindell. Having came from frisking Dante and giving last minute instructions. He does the same to Justin Case.

The Ref calls for the bell

ding ding!!

The two opponents circle the middle of the ring and proceed to lock up into a grapple. Case takes no time in making a statement, as he comes up with a knee to the midsection breaking up the hold, and Case leans into a hard looking headlock as takes Marco into the ropes and throws him into an Irish Whip. Coming back its Case with a flying Belly to belly release suplex! Case follows up with a few stiff blows to the face of the Demoic persona. Loosening him up with an axe handle smash between the shoulder blades. He takes Dante up into a tilt the world back breaker and proceeds with a crossface! But Marco immediately escapes the move and rolls out of harms way.

Jon McDaniel: Case is really taking it to Dante at the moment. He is all business, folks!

Brain Brian Rentfro: Im still not a believer.

"TMG" and "The Blood Red Sandman" hook up again into a grapple but again Case capitalizes as he comes up with a few stiff forearms to the face and then to the back of his hunched over opponent. Justin proceeds with gut wrench power bomb! Then takes Dante up into a a beautiful fisherman's suplex for the pin.




Case doesnt let up! Proceeding to get Marco into an Irish Whip and throws him into the corner ropes!hard! He suddenly gets this look about him and struts over to the corner and starts laying into the fallen Dante with blow after blow, kick after kick, close fisted punches that open Marco Dante up as he starts to bleed! The ref's count is up to four when he has to physically break up the onslaught of Case's illegal arsenal! After Justin is removed from the corner, he side steps the ref and proceeds to lay into the fallen Marco Dante, with blow after blow until again, the ref has to physically remove Justin from the corner!

Jon McDaniel: Brain, now are you a believer? This man is hell bent on making a big statement here!

Brain Brian Rentfro: Marco Dante is just too good. He will bounce back in no time flat!

"TMG" then picks Dante up and power bombs his opponent into the corner of the ring! And with his legs hooked up on the top ropes, Case leans into a once again illegal move as he lays into a choke hold with his boot across his opponents throat! At the count of four, with Dante now bleeding from his forehead, Case takes Marco up and really starts going to work! Proceeding with an Irish Whip into the ropes and coming back with a huge scoop power slam! Justin Case then gets his opponent up and lands THE BENCHMARK!! (roll the dice/crossrhodes). And with the limp Marco Dante in his grips Case lands his trio back suplex's! Following up he goes to the top ropes and flys off with his SHOOTING STAR PRESS!! But instead of pinning the crippled Marco Dante, he continues his evil onslaught! Connecting with his GAME OVER! (The Rock Bottom)!! Case finally looks like he's going to end it all when he goes for his Sharpshooter! But instead of locking the move in, he changes his "talented" mind and gets Marco up proceeding with a MASSIVE CANADIAN DESTROYER!!!

Jon McDaniel: Finally we see "TMG" with his set-up end move! Finally we will see the end of this horrific match!

Brain Brian Rentfro: Come on Dante, snap out of it! I have money on you, damnit!

"The Millennium Game" motions for the end as he takes Marco Dante into a pedigree landing an inverted piledriver! With his end move JUST 2 TALENTED!!!

In the middle of the ring, with his opponent out cold, Case stands and puts one foot over the laying Marco Dante for the cover.




"Victory" by Puff Daddy hits up and the ref raises Case's arm.

Jon McDaniel: Pay up Brain!

Brain Brian Rentfro: NOOOOO!

Jon McDaniel: I'll wait until it sinks in. In the meantime, wow, Justin Case really wants to send a message to all of the PWA. He is here for blood!

Brain Brian Rentfro: .......

Justin Case and his manager are seen celebrating in the ring.

Dallas Hoover vs TMB

Singles Match

Dallas had pizza
Black did not have any pizza
Hoover’s diet proved right

Winner: Dallas Hoover

Cody Bogard vs Leonard Luv

Non-Title Match

Cody and Leonard, two up and comers one on one,
Non-title bout wouldn’t stop either of their fun,
With action both inside and out,
This was one hell of a bout,
But at the end, the Kikosho Driver hit and Leonard was done.

Winner: Cody Bogard

Let me reintroduce myself, I'm a social disease.

King of the Kill hits the PA system.

Jon McDaniel: We know that music it can’t be who I think it is. He has been gone for weeks now.

Brian Rentfro: Why the hell are they playing his music then?

Before Jon can get a chance to answer the question Vicious Vic Wagner walks down the ramp with a microphone in hand. Vic makes his way to the ring, and motions for the music to be cut.

Vic looks around the arena, and brings the Mic. up to his mouth. “Well it’s been a little while since I have stood in a PWA ring, hell any ring really. I mean the last time you saw me was a little squash match between me an Matt “I no longer work here” Stone for the PWA Intercontinental title. Which since there is no record of me being the Intercontinental champion clearly mean that I lost this match. However like many things in life there where extenuating circumstances. You see I shouldn’t have even have had to wrestle that night. You see earlier in the week I found out a family member of mine was sick. Well not just sick, but had cancer.” The crowd lets out a sympathetic sound.

Vic looks at the crowd. “Shut the fuck up while I am speaking you fucking brain dead inbred troglodytes. I mean it’s my Ex-junkie sister it’s not like anyone really that important to me has cancer.” the crowd loudly boos Vic who just stands there checking his watch. “If your quite done I will continue on with story time.” The crowd settles down a little bit. “So to continue this story I shouldn’t have had to wrestle, but Rob Robinson would have been screwed over trying to find someone to replace me. I mean look at the ratings since I have been gone.” The crowd boos Vic. Who shrugs his as if to say so what I don’t care what you think.

“Getting back to the matter at hand I didn’t have to compete that week, but I did. Because of this little fact I worked out a little deal with Rob. You see that match I had with stone did not count as my shot at the Intercontinental title that I won way back at X-mass at Ground Zero. So I have in my back pocket a shot at Intercontinental title, and that means at the moment I have a shot at the current chump oh I meant champ Nightstryker. Nightstryker what I have seen from you has been underwhelming to say the least, one could call it unimpressive even. I mean you had your pet monkey take out Stone, then you had your goon squad take out Cody.” Vic yawns, and then shakes his head as if fighting off sleep.”

“Nightstryker we should change your name to Nightquil; because your putting me to fucking sleep here. I mean you and your goon squad have won what two matches since I have been gone if I am not mistaken. Wow that is kind of impressive. Now Nightquil I am sure your getting all pissy in the back demanding to know who the hell I think I am that I can talk to you like this. Well my name is Vicious Vic Wagner, and I am the greatest technical wrestler to ever grace a PWA ring. I am the guy who has been a champion in every company he has graced. I am the guy that made the Grizzly Beer title relevant again. I am the guy that should have been the one to end Matt Stone’s title reign if not for a technicality. Lastly Nightstryker I am the guy that is now breathing down your goddam neck, and it going to throttle you for your belt.” Vic goes to throw down the mic, but then brings it back up to his mouth. “Nightstryker when I do beat you for the belt don’t worry it’s not your fault. It’s because I am just technically better then you.” Vic throws down his mic

Vic holds up his right hand with his ring and middle finger forming a V and yells "Vicious", then quickly brings up his left hand has his ring and middle finger forming a V and yells "Vic". He then places the two Vs together to form a W and Yells "Wagner", and then lowers his ring fingers to flip off the crowd. Vic then rolls out of the ring, and heads up the ramp.

Lucy Starr vs Nightstryker

Non-Title Match

The two MoA members didn't even show up, the jerks.

Who's the Man?!?

The Final Countdown starts to play and as you'd expect, the Phoenix makes his way to the ring.

The Phoenix: I've gotta say, I think Genesis turned out pretty damn well. Of course, that's mostly because I successfully defended my World title. Normally, winning a World title defense is a pretty great feeling. Doing it at Genesis is even better. But you guys want to know my favorite thing about that match? The fact that I, once and for all, got rid of Matthew Engel. I'm not too proud to admit that he took everything I threw at him and wouldn't allow me to pin him, but then again, I did the same to him. So yeah, I had to put him in a Texas Cloverleaf and make him pass out from the pain, but hey, it worked, didn't it?

The Phoenix: But that's in the past, glorious though it may be. Now its time to look to the future. And by that, I can only be talking about this year's Who's the Man tournament. Once again, we're going to pit the best the PWA has to offer against each other for the right to be crowned "The Man" and go on to face the PWA World champion.

The Phoenix: Speaking of facing the PWA World champion, let's take a second to address the outstanding Golden Ticket. TMB wanted to cash it in for the main event at Genesis. But, as I reminded him, he gets to pick whatever match he wants, but I get to tell him when and where he gets it. The details are still being ironed out, but his shot is coming.

The Phoenix: Is it coming at Who's the Man? Hell no, it isn't. Why not? Because he hasn't exactly been the most reliable guy lately, that's why. No showing promos for Rampage? That doesn't make me a happy boss man. And there's no way in hell I'm risking the main event at one of the biggest events of the year have that kind of uncertainty.

The Phoenix: So who will I be facing at Who's the Man? I've put a lot of thought into this matter, because the line of top contenders is a mile long. Of course, a lot of them will be competing in the Who's the Man tournament and since I can't read the future, that makes it pretty damn hard to book one of them in case I make them pull double duty. And then there's the whole possibility of them winning the tournament, so that means they'd get two World title matches. Nope, not gonna happen.

The Phoenix: What does that leave me? That's the question I was asking myself. Then I remembered how much fun I had at Genesis and I got a great idea. I'm going to be facing the man that's probably been my greatest opponent in the PWA. The man that I've fought time and time again and I still don't feel like things are settled between us. He's the Joker to my Batman, the Noid to my Dominos Pizza.

The Phoenix: That's right, Mark McNasty, you're going to get one more shot. But just like the Virus, this is it for you. We're going to face each other one last time to put paid to our feud once and for all. If you win, as unlikely as that may be, you'll once again hold the PWA World title. But if I win, the much more likely outcome, you've got to retire. And not just from the PWA, from the entire AOWF. Just like I ran Matthew Engel out of the business, I'm going to do the exact same thing to you.

The Phoenix: So what do you say, Marky Mark? Are you man enough to accept my challenge? I'm giving you your last chance to put a smile back on that face and gold around your waist. And all I ask in return is the chance to finally finish you like I've been trying to do for the last four years.

A Word From Our Sponsors

Wrestule Fawkd

We arrive backstage where nothing is happening. Nothing anymore. Plenty was happening before, lots of wrestly type things, but since you were watching some bullshit video segment for what is obviously some form of Blazenwing instead of here, watching Lisa Seldon get her head staved off the fucking wall, or at least that’s what we can assume we missed.

Anna Mathews: Whut tha hel happund tu u?

Lisa Seldon doesn’t so much answer as slip trying to get up, her hand sliding on the mess of brain matter coating the wall and putting her back on the floor. Anna, not really sure what to do, nudges her in the ribs with her foot.

Anna Mathews: R u gone tu dye?

By the look of her, with goo streaming out of various new orifices in her head, the answer is yes. Anna shrugs her shoulders.

Anna Mathews: O-kah, wel, aym gone tu wrestule nawe. Bu-bye!

Anna dances off. Lisa does not.

Dodo-A-Gogo vs Hardcore Entertainment

AOWF Tag Team Title Match

With little to no obvious plan in mind, Anna decides to charge in and take Bubba out at the knee with a Dropkick. Bubba goes down and Anna leaps up, turns and smacks Vincent with a right hand, almost knocking him off the apron. Anna steps back out of range of a punch and then leapfrogs Bubba, who passes right under Anna and crashes through Vincent, sending him tumbling into the barricade. Bubba then turns around and walks right into a Hurricanrana.

Jon McDaniel: Anna Mathews ties him up for the pin!

Brian Rentfro: I hear there’s a bunch of guys with a fan club who’d really envy that position.

Jon McDaniel: And Emily Corlen.

Brian Rentfro: That’s what I said. A bunch of guys.



Jon McDaniel: And Bubba forces her off!

Anna gets tossed into the ropes but comes back and smashes Bubba in the rib with a kick, causing him to double over. Anna then steps up onto his back, causing him to stand up on instinct and send Anna shooting into the air, over the ropes and down into Vincent Black with a Corkscrew Moonsault.

Jon McDaniel: And Anna puts Black out on the floor!

Anna drags her way from the wreckage, shaking the cobwebs loose as she goes. She then steps up to the apron and right over the top into a Sunset Flip. Anna doesn’t hold for the pin though and instead jumps to her feet and crashes down through Bubba’s chest with a Double Stomp.

Jon McDaniel: Anna coming at Bubba hard and fast!

Brian Rentfro: A -

Jon McDaniel: No!

Anna bounces off him, lands on her knees and pins him again.



Jon McDaniel: No! Bubba tosses her into the air!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah I’ll bet he did.

Bubba gets to his knees and eats a Superkick from Anna Mathews before he can get any further. Anna then runs for the ropes and gets up to the top before Vincent Black can stop her. Anna kicks him off and then leaps, but flies right into the grasp of Bubba J, who leaps up and shatters her against the mat with a Sitout Powerbomb.

Brian Rentfro: Boom! Break that little cunt in half!

Jon McDaniel: My God, Brian!

Bubba rolls Anna into a heap and casually makes the tag to Black, bringing him into the ring. The referee warns them off but quickly clams up when Vincent pushes him down into the corner. Black then pulls Anna up and dodges a swatting punch before drilling her in the gut with a knee. Bubba and Black then grab an arm each, step forward and send Anna all the way from one corner to another with a massive Double Hip-Toss. Black then drags her from the corner and presses her into the mat with a pin.



Jon McDaniel: And Anna kicks out at two!

Brian Rentfro: Lot of good that’s going to do her.

Black scrapes Anna up off the mat and tosses her into his teams corner. Bubba then holds her up by wrapping an arm around her throat while Black happily kicks her in the gut, using up all of his count of five. Black then turns and raises a hand to the referee, causing him to cower in fear while Bubba laughs at him. Anna meanwhile slumps to her knees and then ends up eating a knee, rattling her head off the turnbuckle.

Brian Rentfro: The stars of Rebel Pro showing their wonderful people skills.

Black then pulls her up and brings her straight back down with a Snap Suplex. Vincent spins over on top of Anna and grinds his forearm into her face. The referee meanwhile steps in to count the pin.


Jon McDaniel: Anna pushes him off…

Anna rolls onto her front while Black tags Bubba back in. Black gets Anna up and pushes her into Bubba. Black then tags her with a few punches and then steps into the big finish, only to end up eating a kick in the stomach. Anna then throws her head back and smashes Bubba in the face to break his grip. Anna then leaps forward and ducks a Boot from black, who just manages to stop himself wiping out his own partner. He then turns as Anna charges at him but manages to catch an arm and hurl Anna at Bubba, who throws an arm up into her jaw and turns her inside out with a huge Lariat.

Jon McDaniel: He almost ripped off her head!

Brian Rentfro: Damn My Throat? More like Damn My Face!

Jon McDaniel: Well done.

Anna flips head over heels and lands on the back of her neck before rolling into a heap. Bubba drops on top of her for the pin.



Anna kicks free, much to the annoyance of Bubba J who thumps her in the ribs for her troubles. Bubba then gets her up and tosses her to Black, who walks her right into a kick in the stomach. Black then spins her around and takes her up into a Wheelbarrow.

Brain Brian Rentfro: Yeah, that’s how we like it!

Black hauls Anna up and spins to Bubba who steps in for the stunner, only for Anna to wrap her hands around his waist. Bubba eventually pushes her off but Anna capitalises by whipping forward, bringing Black down and crashing into Bubba J with a Shoulder Tackle.

Jon McDaniel: The Elitist Drop! But Anna fights out!

Anna jumps to her feet and hits the ropes, firing her back at Black and right up his back. Anna then steps off, throws out a knee and shatters Bubba’s jaw.

Brian Rentfro: Shining Wizard!

Jon McDaniel: They’re both down!

Anna leaps onto the pin.



Jon McDaniel: He kicked out!

Anna tries to get him up but gets brought down by Black, giving Bubba some time to breath. Bubba pulls himself up in the corner and calls for Anna to be brought up and sent toward him before he leaps forward and wipes her out with a Big Boot. Bubba then signals to Black to finish the job. Meanwhile the fans by the entrance way let out a cheer.

Jon McDaniel: Bubba draws a hand across his throat but what’s going on up the ramp?

Brian Rentfro: It’s Lisa Seldon! She’s alive! I mean obviously she’s alive.

Jon McDaniel: You didn’t think she’d died in that attack?

Brian Rentfro: Seems unlikely in retrospect.

Lisa limps to the ring as Black brings Anna up into the air for the New Hope (I think; the Brainbustery one) only for Anna to bring a knee down into his head. Black drops her and Anna lands on her feet, drops and lets Bubba rip through Black with another Lariat. Anna meanwhile scrambles through the ropes as Lisa pulls herself up amongst them. Bubba meanwhile staggers for the ropes and reaches for Lisa, only to end up with a blast of red mist in the eyes. Bubba then staggers back as Lisa throws up a foot and cracks him in the side of the head, putting him on the mat.

Jon McDaniel: Bubba is down! And Anna is perched on the top!

Anna leaps as soon as he hits the ground and crashes through him with the 630. Black comes to and looks to move on the pin but Lisa grabs him through the ropes and holds him back.

Jon McDaniel: Crash and Burn! And she covers!




Jon McDaniel: My god!


Eric Emerson: Here are your winners… and NEW AoWF World Tag Team Champions… Anna Mathews and Lisa Seldon… Dodo-A-Gogo!

Lisa pushes herself under the bottom rope and latches onto Anna to congratulate her… and mostly as an excuse to fall over. Dressage kicks back in.

Jon McDaniel: They’ve done it! They’ve brought the AoWF tag titles to PWA… I think.

Brian Rentfro: I guess. We did give them the match. I’m sure they’re good trusting people we can rely on to do the right thing.

Lisa rolls to the outside and Anna helps her along the way, which is pretty rich of Lisa considering which of them just wrestled the match. Still, it’s a happy time, for them, with their belts. Not so much for Bubba J.

Brian Rentfro: He’s up, and he looks pissed.

The referee tries to check on Bubba J and ends up pushed to the floor for his troubles. The fans boo but Bubba J shouts over them, demanding a microphone.

Brian Rentfro: We’re going to let that toothless hillbilly speak?

Jon McDaniel: As long as there’s airtime.

Bubba J paces, spitting on the mat as he waits for their music to be cut.

Bubba J: This is some bullshit. I came here looking for a fight, we beat this retard all night and then her pussy lover girlfriend catches me off guard and that’s it? That’s some shit.

Everyone boos because he’s being a dick. Except Lisa, who displays a look of vulgar disinterest.

Bubba J: When was the last time you had a fight, Lisa? A real fight?

The longest reigningest most defendingest Rebel Pro champ of all time, currently buckling under the weight of accolades, mouths something about getting gang raped backstage but considering she’s currently nursing a concussion, we’re willing to let that one go. For now.

Bubba J: I’m sick and tired of people ducking me, sick and tired of people fucking me when I’m not looking.

Innuendo frenzy.

Bubba J: And I’m sick and tired of being cheated by people like you.

Lisa makes a face that seems to imply: what do you mean people like me? On top of that it also implies: all my bones and organs hurt and I want to go home.

Bubba J: You want a fight? You want a real fight? You wanna show that you really are a champion? Then get the fuck back in this ring and show it.

Lisa considers this as someone rushes to bring her a mic. By the time it arrives she’s already decided.

Lisa Seldon: No.

Lisa drops the mic and carries on staggering to the back.

Bubba J: Just what I thought. Chicken shit bitch.

Everyone oows. Lisa turns and offers him a stare.

Bubba J: Aren’t you meant to be the Rebel Pro World Champion? Aren’t you meant to be able to take this shit? I won those belts still walking out of a carwreck. Me and Simon went back and forth, stabbing each other in a junkyard. I picked myself up, dusted off and went right back to it. You’re walking away with a fucking scratch. Because you’re a pussy.

Lisa rolls her eyes but hobbles back to the ring.

Bubba J: When was the last time you even put that belt up? Against Hostile? In January? And you’re the best we have? Y -

Lisa yanks the mic out of his hand.

Lisa Seldon: You’re blaming me because there were two fucking shows in February now?

Bubba hollars something just out of reach of the mic.

Lisa Seldon: Look, I’m perfectly happy to set you on fire and eat the remains any other day of the week, but right now, I’ve got a belt to get cleaned and a divit in my head to get fixed. So if you’re quite done, I’m going to go.

Lisa begins walking away, but stops when Bubba spits on the back of her head.

Brian Rentfro: Oh no he didn’t!

Lisa turns back toward Bubba, sighs and then wipes him out with a Superkick.

Jon McDaniel: I guess we’re back on.

The referee calls for the bell, well aware he’s earning some over time, while Lisa catches Bubba getting up and rattles him with a knee. Bubba tries to shake her off but Lisa clamps onto the back of his head and smashes him with a series of knees before pushing him into the ropes. Lisa then throws a Push Kick at Bubba but gets her foot caught and spun away. Lisa then comes around, takes a kick in the gut and walks right into the Stunner.

Brian Rentfro: Trailer Park Trash!

Lisa lands in a heap and Bubba leaps on it.



Jon McDaniel: She’s out!

Bubba is beside himself as he pounds on the mat and curses at the referee. Eventually though he gets her back up, struggling just to get her on her feet so he can try again. Bubba then drops her with another kick and turns again, but this time Lisa takes him over into a Small Package Roll-Up.



Jon McDaniel: And this time Bubba rolls free!

Bubba rolls over onto his knees only for Lisa to leap forward and rip her heel through his jaw. Bubba then collapses and Lisa leaps on him again.



Jon McDaniel: No! Only two again!

This time Lisa drags Bubba up, barely able to stand herself. He gets up again though and takes two punches in the gut before Lisa turns and lazily leaps up into a Spinning Heel Kick.

Jon McDaniel: Heads Will Roll! But she misses!

Bubba ducks and Lisa lands on her feet, stumbles back and walks right into a Rear Naked Choke.

Jon McDaniel: Bubba with the Sleeper! He could put her out here!

Lisa swings and tries to catch him but eventually gets brought down to the mat as Bubba collapses on top of her. Lisa immediately throws a hand up for the ropes but finds them just out of reach.

Jon McDaniel: He’s got it deep! There’s nowhere to go!

Brian Rentfro: And he’s just too fat for her to move!

Lisa reaches desperately for the ropes as Bubba bares down on her, until eventually, her hand falls.

Jon McDaniel: She’s out!

The referee makes a quick check but it’s clear she’s gone, and he quickly calls for the bell.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell just happened?

Jon McDaniel: I don’t know, Brian. But if I had to guess, I’d class it as Stupid Wrestleshit.

Bubba J rolls off Lisa and throws a hand up in the air, leaving the referee to check on his opponent.

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner… BUBBA J!

“Whatever his music is” hits up as Bubba J rolls to the outside and rescues the Rebel Pro World Title from the heap. He then rolls back into the ring and goes right to the top, displaying it proud for everyone to see. No one watching knows what to think.

Brian Rentfro: Wait… did he win it?

Jon McDaniel: I guess. I mean, he made the challenge, he baited her in. If she didn’t want it, all she had to do was walk away.

Bubba J jumps from one corner and heads to another, but gets cut off by Lisa, who pushes her way out of the referee’s grasp and latches onto the Rebel Pro belt. Bubba protests but Lisa pulls it free and falls back into the ropes. In reply Bubba advances, but the referee steps in between them, trying to prevent a fight even though he’s been wildly ineffective in doing so all night.

Brian Rentfro: Is she taking it back?

Jon McDaniel: Well I don’t know, Brian, because I’m watching the exact same ring that you are.

Lisa turns from Bubba and looks to the belt, letting her eyes wash across its surface. After a moments silent contemplation, she then turns back to Bubba and lets him have it. In the face.

Brian Rentfro: In his face!

Jon McDaniel: That’s what they said.

Lisa flies right through Bubba and collapses to the mat behind him. Meanwhile he falls with a gash split across his head. Anna helps Lisa up and then steps back as Lisa takes the Rebel Pro belt and dumps it on his corpse. She then rolls out of the ring and storms off. Or at least as much storming as you can do with a person helping to carry you.

Brian Rentfro: Well… er… congrats to Bubba J?

Jon McDaniel: I guess we’re going to have to wait.

Violet, You're Turning violet, Violet!

Backstage, the camera pans down the hallway and puts a locker room door in the middle of the screen. We can see that it's reserved for visiting Rebel Pro talent, so it's obviously the smallest and shittiest locker room in the arena. The door is violently busted open by Violet Harper, and she used small battering ram in order to do it. It's much cooler that way.

Bubba J: What the FUCK?!

Bubba turns around and Violet knocks him in the gut with the battering ram. Bubba falls to a knee, and his partner Vinnie Black is no where to be found at the moment. Violet slams the battering ram a few more times into the side and head of Bubba, who falls to the ground due to being worn out from his match that he just finished. Violet gives Bubba a few kicks to the head and then uses all her might to sit him up straight. Bubba's bleeding out of his mouth, but he's smiling.

Bubba J: Little...bitch. You're dead.

Violet Harper: Maybe.

Violet slaps him hard across the face, only infuriating Bubba.

Violet Harper: But now... you're MY bitch.

Violet slams her right fist into Bubba's face and then knees him in the forehead, slamming his head up against the wall.

Violet Harper: You picked the wrong side in this, shiny.

Violet slaps the top of Bubba's bald head.

Violet Harper: You tell your friends that the Masters are coming for them. Best they hide in Rebel Pro if they want to feel safe.

Bubba laughs.

Bubba J: We're gonna take turns fucking you in the a--

Violet stops Bubba from speaking by punching him in the throat. Bubba starts choking and grasping for air. We can hear commotion down the hallway.

Violet Harper: That's my cue. See ya around, babe!

Her violent demeanor turns into innocent ignorance as she prances out of the locker room, leaving Bubba to clean up after himself and try to put himself back together. Bubba snorts and shoves a chair out of the way, struggling to get up to his feet. Fade to black.