World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


L. Luv and Special Sauce

The opening lines of "Luv Addict" blare over the PA system..


The tune brings Leonard Luv to the stage in his hot pink singlet and purple pants with pink stars printed on them, a matching boa around his neck, and his wrap around amber shades over his eyes. He spins Inga Lovegood and then does his patented Luv Strut on top of the ramp. He locks arms with her and walks down the ramp with an arrogant smirk on his face, the fans booing his every move. He then hands his shades and boa to Lovegood before sliding into the ring and spinning around, arms outstretched, so consumed with himself. "Luv Addict" stops playing and Luv poses with the Grizzy Beer Title around his waist for a few moments before grabbing a mic and speaking. The crowd boos.

Leonard Luv: Doesn’t this belt look so much better on me than that fat slob? Not only am I a delicious slice of man, but I actually did something to deserve it, even if it was just to beat some idiot that has to order his pants from Circus Tents Limited. Anyway, now that I’ve got this pretty little title around my waist, it’s time to—

“Wedding Nails” by Porcupine Tree hits the PA and Dallas Hoover steps out with a microphone in hand. Jared Locke is nowhere to be seen. Leonard Luv doesn’t look pleased to see him.

Leonard Luv: Beat it fatty. Even as close as that, I’m afraid you’re going to get loser all over me. You know how long and hot my post match shower at Genesis was? I thought I was going to have to get a skin transplant.

Dallas Hoover: It’s nice to see you too, Leonard. I know this is your time, but since you got this time at my expense, I figure that means I own it just as much as you do. Congratulations on your win, I don’t think I told you that before, but I really mean it. I hope you do more with it than I did.

Leonard Luv: Thanks. Now go away or come down here so I can smack you around again like the bitch you are.

Dallas Hoover: That’s a very generous offer, Lenny, but I’ve got an even better one. How about you let me a have a rematch at Rob’s convenience? Not for the title though, I’ve got higher stakes than that in mind. See, you’ve done everything you can to take my self-respect and stomp all over it and I’ve got to admit, for a while it worked, but you know what? Words are words. If you really want to prove that I’m nothing and you’re everything then how about this.

Dallas Hoover: I challenge to face me in a match with our self-respect on the line. If you beat me, I’ll do anything you want for a month. If you want to lead me around on a leash and make me fetch sticks I’ll do it, whatever. That’s what you get if you win. But if I win, well, I was thinking to myself, what’s the most important thing Leonard Luv has, and the answer is obvious. It’s his luck with the ladies, well, Leonard Luv, if I beat you, you’ve got to kiss me in the middle of the ring, on the mouth, for five minutes. With tongue. What do you think that’ll do to your prospects.

The crowd reacts with laughs and cheers mixed with an equal amount of “ews”

Leonard Luv: You’re deranged, Fatso. I mean seriously unhinged.

Dallas Hoover: Come on, what are you afraid of? You’ve already beat me twice, how could you possibly lose to me if we faced off again? After all, you’re the real deal. You’re not really afraid of losing to big stupid me, are you?

Leonard Luv: It’s not that. It’s the way I have to fight off my gag reflex every time I see you, much less touch you in the ring. Fine. If it means getting rid of you once and for all, I’ll do it. It’s a match. Now, if you wouldn’t mind, I was in the middle of something.

Dallas Hoover: Oh, sure. Save the music guys, let’s let Lenny do his thing.

Dallas turns around and walks backstage. Once he’s gone, Leonard has Inga hand him hand sanitizer, which he uses vigorously.

Leonard Luv: Ugh, I need a shower already. Where was I? Oh. Now that I’ve got this title, it’s time to inject some love into the Grizzly Beer scene. Ladies, a real man is finally holding onto this big, shiny belt. I know you want to touch it. If you’re not ugly or anything, the security guards are all taking numbers and if you’re lucky, you just might get your chance to get your hands on my pride.

Leonard motions at the belt, but just wide enough to give the implication that he’s not just talking about the belt, but what’s just below it. This brings a chorus of boos from the audience.

Leonard Luv: Jealousy is not attractive guys, but hey, it’s alright if you hate me. If there’s no hate, there’s no love, after all. Leonard Luv, I mean.

Luv Addict hits the speakers and Leonard and Inga head for the back.

Allen Chaney Vs. Spyke Gein

TGW Exhibition Match

'Come Out and Play' by The Offspring begins playing and Spyke pops out from behind the curtain and waves at everyone excitedly. He's like an easilly excitable green-haired human puppy. Following behind him is his father, Daniel Fitzsimmons AKA Danny Daemon. Spyke leaps into the ring and does a backflip landing a kneeling position holding up a big peace sign for everyone to see.

Scott Benjamin: Ladies and gentlemen, being accompanied to the ring by Danny Daemon: The Zen Master of Ultraviolence, SPYKE GEIN!

'Zombie Barricades' by The Company Band begins and out walks Allen Chaney, his hands on his hips and a playful smirk on his face as Johnny Maverick stands behind him, applauding his pupil and firing up the crowd for him.

Scott Benjamin: And his opponent, weighing in at 350 pounds and being accompanied by Johnny Maverick....ALLEN CHANEY!

Allen climbs in the ring and the and the bell rings. Allen in Spyke meet at the center for a handshake before thye back off and circle around each other.

We go to a... commercial break? Oh God Dammit PWA, just because it's a TGW match? Really?

Far too much time elapses and we come back, both men clearly having been through a hell of a match that we didn't get to see probably because Rob Robinson thought it would be funny.

Spyke kicks Allen in his right calf, then one to the left calf, then a kick to the midsection before he cocks his foot back to set up for his Norris roundhouse kick, he goes for it and Allen ducks under it! With Spyke turned around, Allen locks his arms around his waist and tosses him across the ring with a BEASTLY German suplex.

Allen ascends the turnbuckle and looks down at the fallen Spyke, he takes a deep breath and smacks his elbow pad a few times but Spyke kips up to his feet and quickly jumps up into a dropkick, making Allen crotch himself on the ropes. Allen cries out but no sound comes out as Spyke steps up and calls out for the HuricanrannaBananaFannaFoFana but Allen throws a punch into his ribs that causes him to lurch. Allen drops a few forearms onto Spykes back before he gets him into position for The...


For good measure, Allen puts all of his weight on Spyke as he covers him for the pin.


*Ding Ding*

Allen gets up and Spyke, bless his heart, instantly pops his shoulder up.

Scott Benjamin: Here is your winner....Allen Chaney!

Allen catches his breath and shares a hearty handshake and a hug with Spyke. After it's released, Spyke gives him a playful pat on the shoulder and steps out of the ring, letting Allen have his moment.

Allen raises his arms in triumph, taking a moment to catch his breath as his mentor enters the ring. Johnny claps a few times before raising Allens hand in victory.

It is at this point that Johnny punches Allen in the face hard. He quickly mounts the fallen Allen and drives hard elbows into his face repeatedly, no emotion on his face as he turns his students face into a bloody mess. Spyke hops back into the ring with a chair and pushes his brother off of Allen, keeping him back by threatening him with the chair. They appear to be exchanging words and it looks like Johnny has finally regained his senses.

Spyke looks down at Allen long enough for Johnny to kick the chair into Spykes face with authority. He picks up the chair and starts wailing on Spyke with it over and over again until finally it looks like he's knocked him out. Johnny turns and looks at his father Danny who is taking off his jacket and tie and stepping into the ring with his son. Danny goes for a tackle but Johnny saw it coming, catching Danny and dropping all of his weight on him before sending his knee into his fathers skull repeatedly. Johnny is quick to lock his father into a jujigatame armbar and hold it for a very very long time before we clearly see him snap his fathers arm.

People are covering their eyes in the audience and others are covering the eyes of some of the younger audience members. Johnny releases the hold, the announcers are completely silent as Johnny looks down at his pupil and pats him on the cheek reassuringly, getting Allens blood all over his hand. Johnny climbs a turnbuckle and just sits there, looking down at all of the havoc he has caused as he wipes Allens blood on his face. He smiles that million dollar smile of his as his pupils blood drips from his face and into his mouth. It's unsettling to say the very least.

Johnny looks over at the tron and nods at it as 'Yonkers' by Tyler The Creator begns to play. It's a message we saw at Lisa's First PPV, but with a little bit added.

Masakazu vs. MNS

Singles Match

Jon McDaniel: Wait Brian… something’s going on in the front row. Oh no…

A small commotion starts to build around the ringside. Many a fan can be seen jumping to their feet and moving away from their chairs. Clearing a path. It doesn’t take long for Meghan and Masakazu to become aware of the disruption. Nor does it take them long to make a decision.

Brian Rentfro: Where the hell are they going?

Jon McDaniel: Away from them!

The fans start to boo as suddenly The Masters consisting of: Lucious Starr, Nightstryker, The Brutal and Silverback spill over the railing and start to charge the ring from all sides. The only exit available to Kalis and Strader is the aisle way leading to the back, and so they go with the only path available to them.

Jon McDaniel: The Order of Chaos knew what was coming Brian! Not this time M.o.A!

Brian Rentfro: I don’t know Jon.

The Masters start to charge up the aisleway after the two fleeing members of OoC. However, with the lead that Meghan and Mas have they easily reach the curtain and start to push through…


Jon McDaniel: OH MY!

The attack comes from behind the curtain. A cane lashing out and striking MNS across the bridge of the nose, bust her open immediately and sends blood spilling down her face. In unison with this attack a metal staff cracks Masakazu across the face and drops him to his knees. In that moment the chasing Masters reach the entrance way area.

Lucious Starr and Silverback are quick to grab hold of each of Kalis’ arms and keep him pinned to his knees as the rest of the Masters push through the curtain.

Jon McDaniel: They’re all here! Fley, Enika, Fallen Angel, Violet Harper, Duncan Aries and Jaice Wilds have joined the attack on Meghan and Mas!

Fley, caring his metal staff, and Fallen Angel with his cane press their attack and swing their weapons of choice again at Meghan Strader. The powerful shots send her to the ground and then the beat down begins. The booing from the crowd grows louder.

Jon McDaniel: This is sickening Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Hey! It’s not like the OoC hasn’t pulled this same crap before Jon. What’s good for the goose right?

Chairs, bats, kendo sticks, feet, a metal staff and a cane continue to rain down on, Meghan. Mas, watches helplessly, struggling against his captors as his stablemate is beaten to a pulp. Meghan does her best to hold on to consciousness and cover up her body against the assault, and then the attack ends as suddenly as it began.

Jon McDaniel: Oh… oh good it’s over.

Brian Rentfro: Far from it, Jon.

The booing from the fans continues to fill the arena as the M.o.A look to each other, then down to the restrained Kalis and the battered Strader, and then back to each other.

They begin to laugh.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t see what’s so funny!

Brian Rentfro: That’s because you’re humorless, Jon.

Their laughing ends abruptly and pulling a mic from the back pocket of his jeans Fley squats down in front of Kalis. Putting a hand to the back of Mas’ head, Fley grabs a hand full of hair and holds his face there. Mas surges towards Fley, his teeth clamping together on air as Fley just narrowly pulls back before have his face bit into. Starr sends a hard knee shot into Mas’ ribs which causes Kalis to grit his teeth in pain.

Fley: Whoa fella! Let’s be civil about this shall we? Or should we go back to beating the living fuck out of her?

Jon McDaniel: Not now Mas. Not now.

Fley points back in Meghan’s direction. The fire in Mas’ eyes doesn’t go out, but he shakes his head once and settles down. Fley smiles and then continues. Starr pats his Mas on the head.

Fley: That’s better. Now to be honest with you Mas, this isn’t really what I was expecting. I heard all this talk of war and generals and what have you and so I came fully loaded tonight.

Fley looks over his shoulders to the mass of Masters surrounding them, smiles, and then returns his attention to Mas.

Fley: So you can imagine my disappointment when it turned out to just be the two of you. In fact up until this very moment I was still waiting for the trap to spring, but there isn’t a trap is there? No grand master plan in the works. Just Simon’s retarded son and his… girlfriend? You two are a thing right? I don’t know, really don’t want to know because your soap opera lives confuse the fuck out of me to be perfectly honest. I mean one second she’s dead and the Kalis’ are presumed dead and then… well not so dead.

Brian Rentfro: I’m still confused about all of that actually.

Fley releases Kalis’ head and then pushes back up to his feet. Mas follows Fley with his rage filled eyes. Again Starr pats Mass on the head, smiling down at him smugly.

Fley: I wish… I wish I could be there when your old man chews your ass out for disgracing the family name like this. Because this here… this would never happen if your old man were running the show. You’re not ready for this yet junior. Not to have your entire rag tag group of friends with you here at ringside tonight? And after you’ve just declared war on us?

What the fucks wrong with you?

Fley takes a moment to examine the two again and shakes his head.

Fley: We could put an end to this right here and right now. We really could. I mean there’s nothing to stop us from breaking knee caps and skulls and putting the two of you out of commission for a few months, BUT… what fun would that be, hmm? So instead we’re going to see where this little “war” thing goes. In the very least it’ll keep us entertained for a few weeks.

Fley flicks the mic over to Fallen Angel and steps back to Enika’s side. He starts to whisper something down to her and she actually smiles. Knowing the past dealings between these two that’s actually pretty significant.

Fallen Angel meanwhile steps up, snags Meghan by her throat and pulls her up to her tip toes. Blood oozes from her nose and from a slit across her temple and she reaches up weakly to wrap her hands around his wrist, but there’s not strength behind it. Nathan Kelser, brings the mic up.

Fallen Angel: Strader. I’ve taken Strader life before, but none so succulent as this.

He rotates her head this way and that to examine her face.

Fallen Angel: This will not end well for you girl. Nor your sister. Your kind is a plague upon this industry and, after all of these long years, I will finally extinguish it. But not quite yet. Not until your suffering is complete.

With that Fallen Angel hauls her all the way up and slams her down to the steel grating with a choke slam. Her body and head bounce off the ground once and then she lays motionless.

Masakazu: NOOOO!

Jon McDaniel: Oh God no Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Holy crap did you see her bounce?

“After the Flesh” by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult hits as Starr and Silverback release Kalis. He doesn’t try to attack them, or escape, instead he frantically crawls towards Meghan and starts to carefully check on her.

The M.o.A start to file out through the curtain. Lucious Starr, being the only one to spend a last glance and a sly smile on the two is the last to vanish behind the curtain.

Nick Robinson vs. Silverback

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring first from Hartford, Connecticut…

The lights dim and the opening chords to "The End is the Beginning is the End" plays through the PA system. There is a decent sized pop from the fans.

Eric Emerson: He stands at five-feet eight-inches and weighs in at 208-pounds. Please welcome… NICK! ROBINSOOOON!

Nick Robinson walks out, little care on his face as he slowly makes his way to the ring. He reaches out to the fans but doesn’t actually interact with them. His focus is on the match at hand.

Brian Rentfro: Ha! It’s Robinson’s boy. Kid looks good!

Jon McDaniel: Brian, you don’t have to suck up to Nick. He’s not related to Rob.

Brian Rentfro: Good head of hair on that boy and a charming personality.

Jon McDaniel: Listen Brian it’s just… Oh no, not again!

The Masters, consisting of Silverback, Nighstryker, Lucious Starr and The Brutal, spill out from behind the curtain and descend on Robinson. Nick, doesn’t even realize they’re coming until it’s too late and he has a chair wrapped around his head. Soon after the Masters star to pummel him on the ground. Robinson’s music shuts off.

Brian Rentfro: Don’t they know whose kid that is? They’re in big trouble!

Jon McDaniel: If only Brian.

While Stryker, Starr and The Brutal continue to pound away at Nick, Silverback steps away from the group. Pulling a mic out from the inside pocket of his leather jacket. He looks out to the booing crowd with disdain and disgust.

Silverback: I’m not going to play this game any longer, President Robinson.

He looks back over his shoulder to where the beat down is still going on. He then returns his gaze to the fans.

Silverback: You’re wasting my time and considerable talent with these matches. These… “people”, you’re putting me up against are better suited for pushing brooms than competing against former PWA World Champions. I’m starting to get the feeling that you don’t like me very much. That you don’t respect what you have in me.

He makes a little tsk-tsk sound and then slowly raises his hand. On cue the other Masters end their attack on Robinson. Adam, smiles to himself and continues.

Silverback: Rob, let’s not make this difficult. I realize how much control you have here in the PWA, and I respect that, but if you’re going to continue to insult me with these caliber of matches… well… well I just don’t think you will. You’re a business man at heart and I think you’ll make the smart business decision . I think I can expect to start seeing my name a little bit higher on the ‘ol fightcard. And I also think you’ll want to put that AOWF Intercontinental title on the line against me real soon. The buy rate for that match? Through the roof. Think on it.

The mic goes off as “After the Flesh” hits the PA-system. The booing from the fans intensify as the Masters start to make their way to the back. Leaving Nick Robinson in a puddle of his own drool and blood.

Dallas Hoover vs. Hunter Sullivan

Singles Match

Hunter must have thought this was a PWA PPV. Too bad for him that Dallas Hoover didn't think this was TGW.

Winner: Dallas Hoover

Leonard Luv vs. Justin Case

Non-Title Match

We enter the scene as Eric Emerson is center stage inside the PWA squared circle.

Jon McDaniel: Up next fans we have a non title match up between " The Millennium Game " Justin Case and Grizzly Beer Champion Leonard Luv.

Brian Rentfro: I dont know about you Jon, but I think this next match up will be a bore fest.

Jon McDaniel: How on earth can you say that?! On one side we have the upstart greatness of the champion, and then we have the upstart talent of his opponent. You cant go wrong watching this match.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, but calling it is a whole new story. These guys make wet paint interesting to watch.

Jon McDaniel: Just call the damn match and stop being crude. I have half a mind to....

Brian Rentfro: You have half a mind? Go figure.

Eric Emerson announces the next match

" Victory " by Puff Daddy hits up and out steps Justin Case, with manager The Wiz.

Eric Emerson: The next match up is set for one fall. It is a non title bout, as making his way to the ring at this time, he stands six foot five inches tall and weights in at 265 pounds, from Edmonton Alberta, Canada......... " The Millennium Game " Justin Case!!

The cocky and arrogant Case makes his way to the ring showered by boos!

Once from inside the ring, he takes off his entrance attire and prepares for the match at hand.

" Luv Addict " by Family Force 5 hits up and out from the back steps Leonard Luv accompanied by Inga Lovegood. He spins Inga Lovegood and then does his patented Luv Strut on top of the ramp.

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring at this time, he stands Six foot three and weights in at a 230 pounds. From PA, California. The current Grizzly Beer Champion.........Leonard Luv!!

He locks arms with his manager and walks down the ramp with an arrogant smirk on his face, the fans booing his every move. He then hands his shades and boa to Lovegood before sliding into the ring and spinning around, arms outstretched, so consumed with himself. "Luv Addict" stops playing as Luv dances in his corner of the ring.

Each manager stands outside the corner of their client.

Jon McDaniel: These two men hate each other just about as much as the fans do. This should be a great match, Brian.

Brain Brian Rentfro: I suppose I will enjoy this match afterall.

The referee for this contest is Scott Swindell

He prepares each man for battle as he gives final instructions to both men.

The ref calls for the bell

ding ding!

Both men come out of their corners and circle each other in the middle of the ring. They finally grapple up as each man trys to get the upper hand in the beginning stages of the match. Luv pushes Case into the corner as the ref seperates them, Luv comes back with a masterful chop to the chest of Justin Case.

Fans: Whooo!

Leonard Luv follows up with another echoing chop to the chest of Case to the fans delight. With one more chop to the red chest of Case. His chest has seen better days. Suddenly " TMG " reverses the move and gets Luv into the corner! Justin proceeds with a huge chop of his own, followed by another! But suddenly Luv connects with a massive European Upper cut sending Case back into the middle of the ring. Luv gets Case into a headlock and proceeds into the ropes. Connecting with an Irish Whip into the opposing ropes as Luv connects with a wonderful flying spinning wheel kick and Justin lands hard to the mat!

Jon McDaniel: Its Leonard Luv with the upper hand here in the beginning. What a masterful display of moves, Brian!

Brian Rentfro: For once I agree with you. Hell is truly freezing over!

Leonard Luv gets Justin Case up and connects with a perfect standing dropkick! Luv follows up with a solid piledriver and puts salt in the wound as he connects with a release german suplex! Case is in it bad! But thats when Luv proceeds to show up the fans. Gloating to the fans as he goes to pick up the fallen Justin Case. Suddenly " TMG " hooks the head of Luv and rolls into a small package! For the pin!




Jon McDaniel: Case almost had a win there, Brian!

Brain Brian Rentfro: Yeah right, that'll be the day when pigs fly.

Case is first to his feet as he gets Luv up and shoots him into the ropes, following up with a flying belly to belly suplex as Luv goes flying through the air and landing hard to the mat! Case proceeds to pick Luv up and lands a few forearms to the back of Luv, loosening him up for a massive Back suplex! But he holds on! Following up with two more rolling back suplex's! Luv is in it bad! Case takes this time to talk to his manager outside the ring. He leans in through the ropes and whispers something in his ear, but when Case turns around, its Luv with a massive Northern Lights Suplex! Advantage Leonard Luv! He holds it for the pin.




Luv gets Case into the corner ropes and connects with a big European uppercut. Thats when he picks Case up onto the tope ropes and connects with a huge Tornado DDT! For the pin!




Leonard slams his fists on the mat in rage but smartfully follows up with an Irish Whip into the ropes as he comes back with a flying elbowdrop! Case falls to the mat! Luv then picks Case up and out of no where trys for his Sexpot Super Kick! CASE DUCKS and lands a solid GAME OVER (Rock Bottom)!! Justin Case goes for the cover, hooking the leg!




Leonard Luv's manager then leaps onto the apron!

Jon McDaniel: Lovegood is trying to break up the count!

Brian Rentfro: She has succeeded, Jon.

With the ref attending to Lovegood trying to get her off the apron. Suddenly from behind The Wiz smacks Lovegood in the back with his cane as she falls to the floor outside the ring! The ref didnt see a thing! And as the ref goes back to call the action in the ring, The Wiz takes Ms. Lovegood up and brings out some handcuffs! He handcuffs Lovegood to the bottom rope as the match continues!

Case then trys for the Gamebreaker! But Luv blocks it and rolls out of the way! Getting to his feet, Luv stands up as Justin Case walks right into THE LUV HANDLE!! Case is out of it!! But Leonard is not done! He proceeds with LUV HURTS!! Case wakes up to huge pain! Near the ropes, Justin Case trys to grab the ropes! Inching closer and closer as Leonard holds the move! " TMG " is JUST about to touch the bottom rope when Leonard Luv pulls himself away from the ropes and into the middle of the ring!

Justin Case has no choice but to tap!!

Jon McDaniel: ITS ALL OVER! Luv has won the match!!

Brain Brian Rentfro: I wouldnt have expected anything less.

" Luv Addict " hits up as the ref raises the arm of Leonard Luv

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner.......LEONARD LUUUUUUUV!!!

Luv's arm is raised by the ref as then he sees what has happened and runs over to his lady!

Busting the cuffs from the ropes, the two walk off all smiles.

TMB vs Gonzo McQueen

Singles Match

TMB is a man preparing for his first World title and fights like it. He gets in tons of flashy offensive moves that make the crowd cringe in sympathy pain. But Gonzo McQueen is on so many different drugs that sympathy pain is the only pain being felt. Despite giving it his best shot, TMB can't quite get McQueen put away. And in a case of Alannis Morrisette irony, McQueen is indeed able to hit the finisher that TMB said he wouldn't be able to.

Winner: Gonzo McQueen

Nightstryker vs. Cody Bogard

Non-Title Match

A good, close match as both men have something to prove. Stryker wants to show the world that his win over Matt Stone wasn't a fluke and Cody Bogard wants to keep the pressure on the front office so they can't deny him a World title shot. They brawl. There are suplexes. Bogard targets Stryker's wounded knee. Styker fights dirty and isn't afraid to break out the Greco Roman Eye Poke. The end is pretty exciting with lots of near falls and reversals and I could go on and on, but you really just need to see it for yourself. In the end, Nightstryker pins Bogard with his feet on the ropes to pick up the win.

Winner: Nightstryker



Jon McDaniel: And they're at it again!

From the front row the Masters of Armageddon consisting of Lucious Starr, The Brutal and Silverback spill over the railing and storm the ring. Bogard, having expected this, tries to make a break for it, but Nightstryker manages to grab a hold of him long enough for The Brutal to plow into him with a big boot to the face.

Jon McDaniel: As if on cue, the M.o.A smell fresh meat and go on the attack!

Brian Rentfro: Nothing fresh about this. Everything has been spoiled so far tonight.

Jon McDaniel: I'm not sure whether that was an attempt at humor or not.

Following up The Brutal's big boot, Lucious Starr plants Bogard with a vicious DDT. And that's when The Brutal and Silverback alternate stomps to the head and back of the fallen foe. All the while, Nightstryker has rolled out of the ring and grabbed a chair from ringside.

Jon McDaniel: Someone needs to put a stop to this.

Brian Rentfro: I think the stop will be coming rather soon. Just not the sort of stop you are referring to.

Jon McDaniel: What are you talking about?

Brian Rentfro: Look.

The stomping on Cody ceases as The Brutal hefts Bogard up to his feet. Holding him with his arms behind his back The Brutal present their prey to Bryce Knight. Nightstryker, who's rolled back under the ropes, with chair in hand winds up and...


The chair makes a sick sound as it meets with Bogard's face and he crumples down to the mat. That doesn't stop the onslaught though as Stryker raises the chair high above his head and brings it down with another shot to the back.


And another.


And with that shot a grin slowly curls up on his face. Unfolding the chair he places it down on the near lifeless Cody Bogard and takes a seat motioning for a microphone.

Jon McDaniel: And we get to hear from the Masters yet again tonight. Aren't we lucky?

Brian Rentfro: We're lucky they are leaving us the hell alone. Yes.

A microphone is tossed into the ring from the outside. Probably a good idea to not get anywhere near the individuals in the ring. Silverback grabs the microphone and hands it over to Nightstryker. He flips it on and brings it to his lips as Starr, Brutal and Grey stand around him.

Nightstryker: I feel alot better now. Nothing gets the blood flowing more than a few quality chair shots. Both for myself and the recipient. Right Cody?

He looks down and there is still hardly any movement out of Cody Bogard. Just the stream of blood making a little pool at Stryker's feet.

Nightstryker: He's had a long night so we'll let him catch up on his much needed rest. So while Cody is down there dreaming of a profession he should have looked into besides wrestling, I thought I'd address a few individuals who have never had a problem with opening up their holes and letting all sorts of shit flow out.

First off is my old friend Thunderwolf. How you doing there buddy? Family good? Brain damage still in full effect? Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, let's get one thing perfectly clear. I've done quite well for myself over the years not having to listen to you run your mouth and after all this time you address the world and have to drop my name and how you don't lose to me. Was it really necessary? Were you trying to get my attention? Because let me tell you something fucko, if we never cross paths again it will be too soon. Comprende? Although thanks for the memory of the tranq dart. I had forgot about that and that was good times.

As he finishes Silverback has grabbed Cody Bogards ankle and applied the Silverlock. Bogard sparks to life a little bit as the pain shoots through his body. He flails a little in pain but can't move much as the chair with the aforementioned Nightstryker sitting above him.

Nightstryker: Am I boring you Adam? If so, please continue to amuse yourself, this won't take much longer.

Holding on to the ankle for just a few more moments he lets go and stands back up at the side of Bryce. He ignores Bryce and acts as if nothing happened.

Nightstryker:"Now the Masters are not content with just having the Intercontinental Title and that brings me to the World Champion Phoenix. The only man in professional wrestling who spends more time thinking of ways to avoid a match than actually wrestling them. Well, we're going to have to give you some incentive to get into the ring more often there champ. Because that strap you hold right now would look so much better around the waist of say, Silverback or Lucious Starr here, don't ya think? I mean, I'd take it from you myself but one match back in the PWA and I secured the IC title so that doesn't bode well for you and yours, now does it? So just be aware that we'll be in touch.

He smirks, wipes a drop of sweat from his brow and continues.

Nightstryker: And speaking of being in touch, there's one more person that needs to hear what I have to say. The so called perfect something or other Jeffery Drake. I've been thinking Jeffery, what needs to happen to bring some much needed closure to the Jeffery Drake saga that has infected the AOWF. The numerous beat downs and belittling everything you are and do are fun, and don't get me wrong, they aren't going to stop. Those things put a smile on my face that can only be rivaled by that of a small child opening up presents on Christmas morning. I do have a challenge for you that I know you won't be able to resist. This is something that has been a long time coming and needs to happen. Current events dictate that this is inevitable and necessary. So I'll be touch soon Jeffery. Real soon.

And with that, he drops the mic to the mat and the Masters file out of the ring and up the ramp to the back.

Jon McDaniel: Thank God this is over. Someone needs to get in there and check on Cody Bogard.

Brian Rentfro: The paramedics will do their job in due time Jon. You act as if they aren't on hand and prepared for this.

Jon McDaniel: That's not the point Brian. The point is...

Brian Rentfro: The point is that it's time to go home. Goodnight everyone. See you next week!

The scene fades with the paramedics entering the ring to check on the fallen Bogard.