World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


A Storm Is Brewing

Emblazoned upon the top right hand corner of the screen are the words “Recorder Earlier.” Normally, this footage of a wrestler walking from the parking garage and into the main hub of the stadium goes unseen. Filmed mostly for reasons of posterity but also for the off chance that something “eventful” may occur.

This is one such moment.

Matt Engel, The Virus, moved across the poorly lit parking garage with all of his attention engaged on the iPhone in his hand. A smile curled the corner of his lips as a sound byte of “Rising Mercury” blares from the cell. He’s not lost focus of what’s to come tonight, but instead has chosen to ignore it for this moment. Some things are almost as important.

This is a walk he’s made hundreds of times, and while his clothing may be a little finer now days then it was when he started off, the duffel bag over his shoulder is still the same. Sometimes the simplicity of a thing is still the only way to properly do some things.

His thumb hits send and he raises his head to check his direction. He’d like to keep walking, but his feet don’t want to move. He lets the duffel bag drop and it’s then that the camera view widens.

Fley: Hey there Matty. S’good to see you. Been awhile.

Two men stand together in Engel’s path. Not to block, but to intercept. The shorter one, Fley, looks a lot younger than he really is. In fact most everything about Fley is one big deception. Piercing blue eyes and handsome features betray the true nature of the beast. Engel, takes a quick look behind him and then around the garage. His eyes whip back to the two in front of him.

Matt Engel: Where’re the rest of you?

Engel’s question isn’t directed at Fley, but instead to the taller man on Fley’s right. This man looks back to Engel from behind a pair of darkened lenses. The expression on his gaunt and tattooed face is stoic, but Engel doesn’t believe the indifference.

Fley: Oh we’re around, always around, but we’re not here for that.

Engel continues to stare at the taller man in his dark suit and the hairs on the back of his neck rise. It’s not necessarily fear that grips him, but there is something here that puts him on edge.

Matt Engel: Just what are you here for then?

Fley: Well… you Matty. We want you.

For the first time Matt’s gaze moves to Fley, but then quickly back to the taller man. He takes a step back and nearly trips over his duffel bag. So intent is he on the men in front of him.

Matt Engel: What? You don’t speak anymore?

The question is directed to the taller man. He smiles, the tribal tattoo on the right side of his face creasing at the corner of his mouth, but there are no words that follow. Instead Fley steps forward covering the space that Engel had previously created for himself.

Fley: So what about it Matty? You gonna come back home? You know it’s where you belong.

Matt’s free hand balls into a fist and his grip on his iPhone tightens. An unexplained rage washes over him and he looses his composure. A finger comes up into Fley’s face as he gets uncomfortably close.

Matt Engel: Fuck you and fuck the M.o.A!

He looks over Fley’s shoulder to the taller man, hate burning in his features.

Matt Engel: Fuck you too!

Fley drops his cool too and raises a fist to strike, but a light hand on his shoulder from the man behind him once again settles him down. A small lopsided grin appears on Fley’s lips and he takes a step back.

Fley: All right, Matty. We understand. You’re a Master so… so you’re safe. No harm, no foul. But I can’t promise that to everyone.

Engel frowns, his gaze now flicking between Fley and the taller man.

Matt Engel: What do you mean by that?

“Rising Mercury” blares from Engel’s iPhone again. Fley’s piercing blue gaze cuts down to the phone in Engel’s hand and then he looks back up to Matt. All smiles.

Fley: Oh, nothing. We mean nothing by that, Matty. Good luck in your match tonight.

With that Fley and the other man turn and start to walk away. Engel stands there for a moment watching after them and then looks down to his phone which continues to repeat the same snippet of “Mercury Rising.” With a panicked expression he looks back up to the two men who have now moved out of the camera’s view.

Matt Engel: Fley! What do you mean by that!?

Silence is Engel’s only response. The scene holds on him a moment longer before finally fading out.

House of Blazenwing Battle Royal

TGW World Title Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, please welcome the original voices of the Blazenwing Wrestling Federation... ring announcer Scott Benjamin, and your commentary team for the forthcoming contest, Nick Webb and Rob "Rayne" Stratowzky!

"Headstrong" by Trapt hits the ADC-Tron and the crowd cheers as Nick Webb, Rayne and Scott Benjamin walk out onto the stage. They walk down to the ring, shaking hands, and Scott enters the ring and takes the mic from Emerson while Webb and Rayne greet Brian and Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like we're being replaced for this next match, partner.

Brian Rentfro: That's perfectly fine with me, I don't know ninety percent of these Blazenwing guys anyway! Ha ha ha!

Brian and Jon stand up and hand their headsets to Rayne and Webb, who sit down and get prepared while Brian and Jon move over to the side and sit down next to Emerson and the timekeeper.


Scott Benjamin: The following contest is a twenty man over the top rope battle royal, and per the ruling of the True Glory Wrestling Board of Directors... IS FOR THE TGW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Nick Webb: ...wait, WHAT?!

Rayne: The hell? The title legally cannot be defended anywhere but TGW!

Nick Webb: Wait a minute... D.L. Slayton put this battle royal together... and HE'S the head of the TGW Board of Dire... oh, damn him! This whole thing was a damn set-up to get himself a World title shot! Unbelievable! Well, alright, it's Slayton, it's totally believable, but come on!

Rayne: (standing and clapping) Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! The man is a genius!

The lights in the arena fade to a dark green hue as "Money" by I Fight Dragons begins playing over the sound system. The fans begin to boo as D.L. Slayton walks out onto the stage, the lovely Valerie St. Clair (in wrestling attire - and looking very hot while doing so) on his arm. Behind them, Armando Rodriguez follows, looking very timid and scared. Slayton looks to the left, then the right, smirking cockily before making his way down the ramp.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing first, ARMANDO RODRIGUEZ, VALERIE ST. CLAIR and D.L. SLAYTON!!!

As he reaches ringside, Slayton tells off a fan in the front row while Valerie climbs onto the ring apron and Armando scurries inside. Slayton makes his way up the steps, and then waits for Valerie to hold the ropes open for him before entering the ring. As the fans continue booing, Valerie rolls into the ring as well, while D.L. Slayton takes in the “adulation” of the masses. He moves to the nearest corner as the music fades and sits down, resting his head against the second turnbuckle while holding onto the ropes and Valerie kneels down next to him. Armando, meanwhile, fans Slayton off with a piece of paper.

Nick Webb: I still can't believe... (sighs) Alright, I'm not going to let corporate greed get in the way of me doing my job. D.L. Slayton, what can I say about the man? A former multi-time World Champion, Slayton is the nexus that holds this entire group wrestling tonight together.

Rayne: Respect this man. If it wasn't for him, a whole lot of what we have today wouldn't exist the way we know it. He really IS the most important wrestler of the last fifteen years!

Nick Webb: He's only been an active wrestler since 2002. Wouldn't it make more sense to call himself the most important wrestler of the last decade?

Rayne: Maybe, but let's be honest, the late nineties were pretty forgettable in terms of pro wrestling, what without places like BWF, TGW and PWA around.

Nick Webb: Very true.

The arena lights fade to a light hue of blue as "True Blue" by ZONE begins playing over the ADC-Tron. The crowd cheers loudly as Stryker Cloud slowly rises up from the center of the stage while smoke consumes him.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing next... STRYKER CLOUD!!!

Once he has risen, Cloud folds his hands and bows traditional Japanese style, causing two large pillars of flame to surround him. As the crowd cheers, Stryker Cloud slowly walks up the ring steps and bows again in the center of the ring.

Nick Webb: Stryker Cloud was a mainstay from the early days of BWF. A former World, United States and Tag Team Champion, Cloud had it all, including a legion of loyal followers.

Rayne: He's getting a hell of a response tonight... and hey! Look there, at ringside! It's former BWF star Josh McKlick!

At ringside, the camera catches McKlick, along with BWF Hall of Famers Jamal Mystic and Wacko Marko, all applauding for Cloud. Stryker nods to the three of them, smiling.

Nick Webb: Who can ever forget the legendary matches McKlick and Cloud had as both partners and rivals back in BWF? Those two put on some of the companies best matches.

Rayne: No doubt about that.

The lights in the arena fade to a deep black as the beats of "One Step Closer" by Linkin Park hits the ADC-Tron. A black light comes on over the entire arena as the band begins to sing.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing next... THE BIG O!!!

Just as the song reaches the chorus, The Big O steps onto the stage, his outfit lit up in neon from the black light. He poses and points to the fans, then runs towards the ring as the chorus plays. The Big O slides into the ring, then runs to the nearest turnbuckle and poses for the fans as the crowd chants his name. As the song fades, he jumps down and removes his Khaki overshirt.

Nick Webb: Another former BWF World Champion. Big O had a run the last few months over in TGW, and even though he didn't win many matches, he still proved that he can go like a Champ.

Rayne: Yeah. He just can't win like one anymore. HA!

"Bounce" by Sarah Connor hits the ADC-Tron and the arena turns a hue of crimson as Sarah James steps out onto the stage to a cheering crowd.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing next... SARAH JAMES!!!

Sarah rolls her head and cracks her knuckles, then heads for the ring, sliding inside. She runs the ropes, and then throws a few punches as the music fades.

Nick Webb: Another former BWF World Champion, in addition to a two time PWA Tag Team Champion, both with her sister, Katie, who we'll be seeing in this match as well, and the current AoWF Queen o' Extreme Champion, Enika Engel.

Rayne: I wish Enika would have taken up Emily's challenge to sign a TGW contract a few months back. That's one hot piece of ass I'd kill to stare at every week on Animosity!

"Smooth" by Santana featuring Rob Thomas hits the ADC-Tron and the team of El Jefe and El Jorge ride out onto the stage in a custom lowrider. El Jefe pumps the hydraulics a few times and the cousins hop out of the vehicle, slapping a few fans' hands on the way to the ring.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing next... EL JEFE and EL JORGE!!!

El Jefe and El Jorge hit the ring and roll inside, posing on the turnbuckles to a modest crowd reaction.

Nick Webb: Now, El Jefe and El Jorge never wrestled for BWF, or PWA or any of the organizations most individuals would remember here in this community. However, they were a part of the Dynasty Wrestling Alliance, the short-lived breakaway federation formed by former BWF World Champions The Executioner and Adriana Garcia in early 2006 after a series of heated backstage debates with David Blazenwing.

Rayne: Are we allowed to talk about that?

Nick Webb: Don't see why not, Exie and Adriana never saw the need to control their tongues in public. This isn't exactly secret knowledge.

Rayne: Very true. Oh, well. If they're so great, where are they now? Exactly.

A pane of glass with the initials M.S.C. appears on the stage as the opening beats of "Poem" by Taproot hits the ADC-Tron. The song reaches the chorus, and at the line "In case of fire, break the glass", the pane of glass shatters and the twin brother team of Justin Hunt and Mark Magnum make their way down the ramp to a sizeable pop!

Scott Benjamin: Introducing next... the Milwaukee Stretching Crew... JUSTIN HUNT and MARK MAGNUM!!!

The brothers reach the ring and jump onto the apron at the same time, entering the ring and posing as their music fades.

Nick Webb: The team of M.S.C. were dominant in BWF back in the day, capturing the BWF Tag Team Titles at Path To Glory on November 27, 2005. The duo also holds a pair of World Tag Team Titles from BWF, back when the company had two shows and two tag divisions.

Rayne: It's hard to imagine just how big BWF used to be. Did you know that at the company's largest, there were over seventy wrestlers on the active roster and three shows a week, not including pay-per-view events?

Nick Webb: Of COURSE I know that, I lived it, same as you. The number you're looking for is 74, by the way, in late 2005. Right around the same time these guys were the top of the tag division in BWF. If they work together, they could certainly achieve victory here tonight!

The lights suddenly cut out to black and disco style lights fill the arena. "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO hits the ADC-Tron and a single spotlight hits the stage, illuminating the body of Monoxide! The crowd half boos, half cheers the risk taker from Buffalo as he makes his way down the ramp, shuffling as he goes.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing next... MONOXIDE!!!

Mono hits the ring and slides inside, kipping up before flexing for the ladies. The lights return to normal and the music fades as Monoxide pops and locks in the ring.

Nick Webb: Monoxide's run in BWF didn't last long, but he did manage to nab the Cruiserweight Championship while he was in the company, at WrestleFest II no less!

Rayne: That was seven years ago, though. He's no spring chicken anymore. Let's see if he can still pull out the big moves here tonight!

"Come On" by Waterproof Blonde hits the ADC-Tron and the lights cut to a hue of purple as the lovely Natalie Storm walks out onto the stage, mic in hand. The music cuts as she lifts the mic to speak.

Natalie Storm: You all don't know me, but that's going to change after tonight. My name is Natalie Storm, and you've never seen me wrestle on television. Why is that? I'll tell you why... Emily FUCKING Corlen. I was set to become the next big thing in professional wrestling. Blazenwing trained me himself, and then right when I was getting ready to sign a contract, that blonde cow shows up and steals the spot from under my nose. Well, no more! Tonight, I'm taking her TGW World Championship, asserting myself as the REAL Alpha Female of this ragtag group of retards and putting my boot to Corlen's ass once and for all!

The crowd boos loudly as D.L. Slayton shrugs in the ring, loudly proclaiming "She was better than you, Nat! I'm sorry!" Natalie's music resumes as she storms down to the ring (no pun intended) and rolls inside, glaring down the other competitors with contempt.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing... NATALIE STORM!!!

Nick Webb: Well, uh... that was different.

Rayne: Certainly answers a lot of questions.

Nick Webb: Well, Emily, if you're watching this backstage, congratulations, the target on your back tonight got just a little bit bigger!

"Mother Russia" by Iron Maiden hits the ADC-Tron and the lights fade to a dark orange hue as Vladimir Karishnikov walks out onto the stage, massive sledgehammer over his shoulder. He grins as the fans cheer, swinging the hammer around with ease.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing next... VLADIMIR KARISHNIKOV!!!

Vladimir reaches the ring and, being 6'10", steps onto the apron with ease before entering the ring over the top rope. He towers over the rest of the competitors in the match and a handful of them quake in fear as Big Vlad swings the hammer around again for the crowd.

Nick Webb: This guy is another one who never set foot in a BWF ring, but he wrestled for Kyle Cross for a short time a few years back. However, he's garnered a huge fan following via his internet shoot fights and cage fighting he's done all over the country.

Rayne: You mean like Kimbo Slice?

Nick Webb: Yes, except when that bell rings, Big Vlad isn't going to crumple with a single punch. He's as legit a badass as they come, Rayne!

A huge explosion rattles the stage as “Corpse Within My Soul” by DL Token hits the ADC-Tron. Out steps BioCyde onto the stage as the crowd begins ruthlessly jeering the masked man. He merely shakes off the boos, and then continues walking down the ramp before sliding into the ring.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing next... BIOCYDE!!!

BioCyde rolls to his feet, and then starts throwing punches as the music fades, glaring at Vladimir.

Nick Webb: Oh, my! It looks like we might have a match for Big Vlad! BioCyde, standing at 7'2"! One hell of a mean streak to boot!

Rayne: Here's hoping those two bulls face off in this match here tonight!

"Arabian Knights" from the Disney's Aladdin soundtrack starts playing on the ADC-Tron and the crowd boos even louder than they did for BioCyde as the Iraqi born Mustafa waddles out onto the ramp, proudly waving the flag of Iraq to loud jeers. A roof-shaking "U-S-A!" chant starts as Mustafa walks down the ramp, loudly yelling "U-S-SUCKS! U-S-SUCKS!"

Scott Benjamin: Introducing next... MUSTAFA!!!

Mustafa starts to climb onto the apron, nearly tripping twice as his girth tries it's best to keep him on the ground. Mustafa finally manages to get into the ring and continues waving the flag of Iraq, everybody else in the ring trying not to snicker.

Nick Webb: Here's Mustafa, the Iraqi born superstar - and we use that term loosely, folks. Mustafa was a mainstay in BWF for years, only winning one match in his entire tenure with the company, against Swedish wrestler Hypetreme at WrestleFest III.

Rayne: He's my pick to win, Webb.

Nick Webb: Your pick to... are you insane?

Rayne: No way! Look at those eyes! He's got THE FIRE!

Nick Webb: Oh, Jesus. Can you imagine Mustafa as TGW World Champion!

Rayne: Oh, God, yes. Only because I want to see him compete in Hellbound this Thursday night at TGW Corrupted Dreams, only on pay-per-view!

Nick Webb: Excellent plug.

Rayne: Thank you! I felt good about that plug.

"No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn" by the Beastie Boys hits the ADC-Tron and Xander Strife walks out onto the stage, grinning. The crowd half cheers, half boos, but truthfully, most of them don't seem to care.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing next... XANDER STRIFE!!!

Xander rolls into the ring and poses as the music fades.

Nick Webb: Despite his appearance, Strife is a former BWF Tag Team Champion alongside Stryker Cloud, when Cloud was wrestling unmasked as Yoshihiro Sakai.

Rayne: He can get it done in the ring... he just usually doesn't. Perhaps Genesis XII will mark the spot for the X, eh?

"Made of Stone (Renholder Remix)" by Evanescence hits the ADC-Tron as the lights in the arena fade to a royal purple hue. A lone spotlight hits the stage, revealing a woman with her back to the crowd. She slowly turns and reveals herself as Jen Corlen, fully clad in her original Gothic Queen attire and makeup, before smirking and beginning her walk toward the ring.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing next... The Gothic Queen... JEN CORLEN!!!

The crowd cheers loudly as she grins wickedly, muttering to herself before rolling into the ring. Jen then heads to the corner and leans into the turnbuckles as the music fades.

Rayne: Holy...! Blazenwing used to tap that? DAYYYYYUMN! She NEVER looked that damn hot when she was running BWF!

Nick Webb: Jen is appearing tonight as the Gothic Queen, which is what earned her notoriety in the wrestling world when she first started out. Jen has already claimed that tonight, she plans on proving that she can go just as well as anybody else, but the added layer of this now being for her sister's World Championship has to have changed her game!

Rayne: Right. If any one person knows how much that title means to Emily, it's her own sister. Can Jen end her own sister's World title reign if she gets the opportunity? We're about to find out!

The lights in the arena cut to a bright green hue as "The Kilburn High Road" by Flogging Molly hits the ADC-Tron and the crowd comes unglued for some strange reason! Rowan O'Kelly walks out onto the stage and seems floored at the reaction the crowd gives him! Not even anybody in the ring can understand it as Rowan walks down the ramp, grinning from ear to ear.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing next... ROWAN O'KELLY!!!

A loud "ROWAN" chant starts up as the Irish superstar rolls into the ring, posing as the music fades.

Nick Webb: What a reaction from Rowan O'Kelly! We've heard the rumors this week pushing for support for O'Kelly to win this battle royal, but I never expected the fans here at Genesis to support it as well!

Rayne: There's a rumor on top of that rumor as well that former PWA World Champion Matt Stone himself endorsed O'Kelly as the winner of this contest. Let's find out if the winless Rowan O'Kelly can change his 'luck o' the Irish' tonight and walk out of Genesis a World Champion!

The ADC-Tron comes to life with a royal purple butterfly, slowly flapping its wings against darkness. With every flap of its wings, the arena lights pulse. The flapping gets faster and faster, until finally, the butterfly explodes. When it does, a stage-wide blast of violet pyro explodes across the stage and as the screen fills with the words "Stutterfly" Katie James, "Endless Possibility" by Jaret Reddick begins playing over the sound system!

This is my escape
I'm running through this world
And I'm not looking back

The crowd explodes in a flurry of cheers as Katie James struts onto the stage and points to the crowd, grinning. She moves to each side of the stage, posing for the fans, then comes back to the center of the stage before dropping to one knee and posing as a shower of violet pyro begins falling behind her!

'Cause I know I can go
Where no one's ever gone
And I'm not looking back

Katie stands up, still grinning from ear to ear, and then quickly bounds down the ramp, slapping fan's hands along the way. Towards the bottom of the ramp, she stops and turns back to the stage, then poses with her back to the ring. Katie turns back and laughs, then makes her way around ringside, high-fiving fans as she goes.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing next... "STUTTERFLY" KATIE JAMES!!!

But how will I know when I get there?
And how will I know when to leave?
We've all got to start from somewhere
It's like that for me
The possibilities are never ending

After a quick trip around the ring, Katie runs towards the ring apron facing the stage and leaps up, turning in midair and sliding from one side of the apron to the other on one knee. Katie stands up and steps over the second rope, then leans in slowly, showcasing her butt for the cheering male fans before entering the ring completely.

I see it, I see it
And now it's all within my reach
Endless possibility
I see it, I see it now
It's always been inside of me
And now I feel so free
Endless possibility

Katie then heads up to the top of the nearest turnbuckle and poses once more. With the fans still cheering, Katie does a backflip off the top rope and lands on her feet, then walks over to the corner across the ring and leans against it, rolling her head back and forth as the music fades.

Nick Webb: Katie James, the 2011 TGW Happenstance Queen, will be in action this Thursday night, competing inside Hellbound for the TGW World Title! She nearly wrested the title from Emily two weeks ago on Animosity, and if she plays her cards right, James could still be the one to enter Hellbound as the TGW World Champion!

Rayne: She's got the skills, she's got the pedigree, but can she beat Emily Corlen? Or any of the eighteen other competitors in this battle royal?

Scott Benjamin: And finally... your current and reigning TGW World Heavyweight Champion... The Standard Bearer of TGW... EMILY CORLEN!!!

The lights in the arena cut to black as the intro to "Paid My Dues" by Anastacia hits the ADC-Tron.

You can say what you want about me
Want to do what you want to me
But you cannot stop me

As the crowd cheers loudly, green strobe lights fill the arena and Emily Corlen slowly rises up through the stage, her arms outstretched akin to wings. She sweeps her arms over her head and closes them around her mouth, screaming loudly before a single blast of pyro goes off behind her.

I've been knocked down it's a crazy town
Even got a punch in the face in L.A.
Ain't nothin' in the world that can keep me
From doing what I want to do
'Cause I'm too proud, I'm too strong,
Live by the code that you gotta move on
Feeling sorry for yourself ain't got nobody nowhere

The strobe lights slow down as Emily begins making her way down the ramp, her TGW World Championship around her waist and her REBEL Pro Tag Team Championship belt over her shoulder. By the time she reaches ringside, the strobe lights have completely stopped and emerald colored spotlights have begun swirling around the crowd and ring.

So I (held my head high)
Knew I (knew I'd survive)
Well I made it (I made it)
Don't hate it (Don't hate it)
That's just the way it goes

After making her way around the ring once, Emily hoists herself onto the apron and enters the ring through the first and second ropes. Emily makes her way to all four corners of the ring, climbing up each and posing with one belt in each hand, soaking in the cheers of the crowd.

I done made it through
Stand on my own two
I paid my dues yeah
Tried to hold me down
You can't stop me now
I paid my dues

As the lights return to normal and the music fades, Emily hands off her Championships to the timekeeper begins to slowly pace around the canvas, glancing out to the still-cheering crowd and smirking before settling her gaze on her opponents.

Nick Webb: Grace under pressure, it's what the TGW World Champion is quickly becoming known for. She had no idea this match would be for her Championship when she signed on to compete here tonight, but she doesn't look rattled, and we're four days from the first Hellbound match in years!

Rayne: Emily Corlen got her start in PWA two years ago, and it's only fitting that she return here at their biggest event of the year and defend her TGW World Championship. Now, it's time to find out if she's truly the best of the best of this super group... let's get it on!


The match begins but nobody moves, as Natalie Storm screams at the top of her lungs for everybody to wait. She steps into the middle of the ring and points at Emily, motioning for her to face her. Emily shrugs and walks up to Natalie, going face to face with the angry woman. They exchange a few words, Emily seemingly apologizing and Natalie getting more worked up before finally, Natalie slaps Corlen across the face hard! The crowd "oohs" loudly and Natalie goes for a second slap, but this time, Emily catches her arm before headbutting her! The crowd cheers as Natalie stumbles back and Emily grabs her, hooking her before hitting her with the Catalyst (Glam Slam)! As the crowd continues cheering, Emily lifts Storm up and hoists her over her head before Gorilla press slamming her over the top rope and unceremoniously to the floor below!

Nick Webb: And we have our first elimination! Natalie Storm is out!

Rayne: Tonight wasn't the night for your revenge, Natalie! Better luck next year! HA!

As Natalie comes to on the outside of the ring and starts throwing a temper tantrum as the officials drag her away, the action in the ring picks up as the rest of the nineteen combatants begin fighting amongst themselves. On one side of the ring, BioCyde grips El Jefe and El Jorge by the necks, and on the other, M.S.C. tries to suplex Vladimir Karishnikov. BioCyde lifts both Jefe and Jorge up for a double chokeslam, while Big Vlad counters Hunt and Magnum's suplex attempt into a countered double suplex, sending both members of M.S.C. over the top rope and to the floor! Over on the other side, BioCyde chokeslams both El Jefe and El Jorge out of the ring!

Nick Webb: WOW! Four eliminations within a second of each other, as both giants in this battle royal show off their massive strength to this Genesis crowd!

Rayne: Note to self: don't attack a big guy, even if you have a partner!

In one corner, D.L. Slayton and Armando Rodriguez have teamed up to gang up on Stryker Cloud. A few feet away, Slayton's current love interest, Valerie St. Clair, has tangled up with Slayton's ex-wife, Jen Corlen. Slayton looks over and yells at Armando to help Valerie out, but as Armando starts to move toward her, Katie James come out of nowhere and hoists him up, sending Slayton's driver out of the ring and to the floor! Katie (and sister Sarah) quickly come to the aid of their former Bound by Blood stablemate, grabbing St. Clair and hitting a combination clothesline/leg block, taking the buxom blonde off of her feet! The crowd cheers as Katie and Sarah pose with Jen; but their celebration is cut short as Xander Strife charges the trio! Jen acts fact, though, and backdrops the charging Strife, sending him over the top and to the floor, causing him to land on Armando! Valerie starts to come to and Katie and Sarah lift her up before sending her over the top and to the floor as well, landing on both Xander AND Armando!

Nick Webb: Three more down, and this contest is quickly whittling down. We're down to twelve!

On the other side of the ring, Rowan O'Kelly and Emily Corlen have gotten into a fistfight. Rowan throws Emily over the top rope, but Emily catches herself and stays on the apron. Rowan poses and motions for the title, only to turn around and see that Emily is still on the ring apron! He runs at her and aims a running big boot, but Emily drops down, pulling the top rope with her and Rowan's momentum sends him over the top and to the floor! The crowd boos loudly as Rowan stands up, dejected, and Emily rolls back into the ring, shrugging and mouthing "Sorry!" to O'Kelly.

Nick Webb: There goes Rowan!

Rayne: Guess tonight wasn't O'Kelly's night after all...

Across the ring, Monoxide and The Big O are fighting one another. Big O goes for a punch and Monoxide ducks, lifting Big O up and sending him out of the ring to eliminate him. He runs across the ring and leaps into the air, landing on the second rope and moonsaulting off towards Vladimir Karishnikov, but Big Vlad catches him on his shoulder and dumps him over the top rope to the floor! Vlad grins and turns around, only to find himself face to face with BioCyde! The fans cheer loudly as Vladimir and BioCyde stand face to face, staring each other down!

Nick Webb: It's on now! Big O and Monoxide are eliminated, and we're going to get the showdown of the two bulls! Vladimir vs. BioCyde! Who's going to win this battle of the titans?!

Vladimir and BioCyde start throwing haymakers back and forth, trying to knock the other man backwards. BioCyde gets the advantage, pushing Vladimir back to the ropes and trying to push him over the top. He succeeds, but Vladimir catches himself on the apron, avoiding elimination. BioCyde tries to hit a wild punch to knock him off, but Vlad ducks and knees BioCyde through the ropes, before grabbing him in a suplex position!

Rayne: There's absolutely no way!

The crowd comes to their feet as Vladimir manages to lift the giant BioCyde off of his feet and over the ropes! He starts to tip backwards to eliminate BioCyde with the suplex off of the apron, but Bio shifts his weight and lands on the apron next to Vladimir instead. The two giants start throwing punches at one another, each man dangling at one point, nearly ready to fall. They finally tie up in a collar and elbow, trying to power the other man off the apron, but neither of them sees Emily Corlen charge from across the ring and hit a flying dropkick, sending both Vladimir and BioCyde to the floor! The crowd cheers loudly as Emily stands up, grinning from ear to ear!

Nick Webb: No way! The TGW World Champion just eliminated BOTH giants in this match up with a single move!

Rayne: Color me impressed! She is woman, hear her roar!

Nick Webb: We're down to seven - D.L. Slayton, Stryker Cloud, Mustafa, the James sisters and the Corlen sisters! One of these individuals is leaving Genesis XII as the TGW World Champion!


In the ring, Slayton and Emily have started fighting with one another, Katie and Sarah are double teaming Mustafa and Jen is battling with Stryker Cloud. Katie and Sarah shove Mustafa into the ropes and struggle to try and eliminate him, but his sheer girth is making it difficult for them. They finally start to lift the Iraqi-born wrestler as Slayton hits Emily with his One Percent Cutter (RKO)! The girls just about get Mustafa over the ropes when Slayton rushes over and grabs each woman by one leg, lifting and sending Mustafa, Sarah and Katie all over the ropes at the same time and to the floor! The crowd boos at the elimination of the popular James sisters as Slayton steps back, grinning.

Nick Webb: And we're down to four! Emily Corlen, Jen Corlen, D.L. Slayton and Stryker Cloud!

Emily shakes her head as she stands up and notices that everybody else is staring at one another, the final four combatants in the battle royal, one in each corner. Slayton and Jen lock up, as do Stryker and Emily. The duos battle, with Emily getting the upper hand on Stryker Cloud after blocking an attempted Storm Stryke (Osaka Street Cutter) and countering into a Catalyst (Glam Slam)! She lifts Cloud up and tosses him over the top rope and to the floor. On the other side of the ring, Slayton has Jen tied up in the ropes, berating her for probably several sins she committed while the two were married. Jen responds by spitting in Slayton's face, which enrages the former Owner of the BWF. He rears back and aims a Full Effect (Sweet Chin Music) directly at Jen's face, but at the last second, the Gothic Queen ducks, Slayton misses and his leg gets tied up on the top rope! With the split second distraction, Jen punches him as hard as she can in the testicles before grabbing him and hoisting him over the top and to the floor! The crowd goes nuts as Slayton is eliminated!

Nick Webb: Jen Corlen just eliminated her ex-husband! At last year's Genesis, Slayton humiliated Jen when he superkicked her and announced he wanted a divorce to the world, but this year, the reformed Gothic Queen enacted her revenge on her selfish ex!

Rayne: Oh, hold on, Nick...

Nick Webb: What is it?

Rayne: Look at who the final two are!

Indeed, both women still in the ring have realized the same thing...

Nick Webb: Emily Corlen and Jen Corlen! These two sisters are the final two combatants in this battle royal, and one of them will be leaving with the TGW World Championship!

Rayne: Somewhere, Johnny Maverick and Allen Chaney are watching this match together on the edge of their seats!

The crowd starts a dueling "LET'S GO JEN/LET'S GO EMILY" chant as both sisters make their way to the center of the ring, exchanging words. They shake hands and hug one another before breaking apart and tying up. The quicker Jen gets the advantage, rolling behind Emily and hitting a neckbreaker. She lays into her younger sister with several punches before lifting her up and moving her towards the ropes.

Nick Webb: We could be moments away from a new TGW World Champion here!

Jen pushes Emily up against the ropes and tries to eliminate her by shoving her over, but Emily fights back with several punches. Jen tumbles backwards and instinctually leaps up, hitting a dropkick that sends Emily over the top rope, but again, the Champion catches herself on the apron! Jen grabs the ropes and tries to shove Emily off the apron with her feet, but Emily holds on for dear life! Jen runs back to the ropes and charges as Emily rises, aiming a clothesline, but Emily pulls the top rope down just like she did with Rowan and Jen goes over the top -

- but she lands on the apron next to Emily as well! The two sisters stand up and start brawling on the ring apron as the crowd comes unglued!

Rayne: Both women are in a very precarious position here! A mistake now would be fatal for either competitor!

After a brief brawl, Jen gets the upper hand and knees Emily in the gut before going for the Corlen Crusher (X-Factor), but Emily holds onto the top rope, blocking the move! With her brief window of opportunity, Emily grabs Jen's head between her legs and hooks her arms, jumping up and landing on the ring apron with the Down in Flames (Pedigree)! But, as she lands, Emily loses her balance and collapses onto the ringside floor, back first!


Rayne: NO! Look, Nick! Her legs haven't touched the floor! She's still in this thing! UNBELIEVABLE!

The crowd is the loudest they've been yet as Emily lies there, back on the ground, her legs up in the air lying against the ring apron. With Jen still out on the apron from the Down in Flames, Emily has time to improvise. She pushes her body up with her hands, just enough to hook her legs on the bottom rope and pull herself up a little bit, sit-up style. She gets close enough to grab Jen's arm, and then using all of her leg strength to keep her hanging off the ropes, she grabs Jen's arm and pulls, dragging her sister completely onto the floor at ringside!


Scott Benjamin: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and STILL TGW World Heavyweight Champion... The Standard Bearer of TGW... EMILY CCCOOORRRLLLEEENNN!!!

"Paid My Dues" by Anastacia hits the ADC-Tron as Emily unhooks her legs from the bottom rope and lets herself fall onto the floor. She sits up, exhaling in relief as the injured Alison James, who was ringside for the match, hobbles over to Emily on her crutches and hands her the TGW World Championship. She hugs Alison, and then kisses the Championship as she makes her way up to the stage, high fiving fans along the way.

Nick Webb: I can't believe what we just saw! That has to be one of the closest finishes to a battle royal I've ever seen! Jen Corlen was very nearly the new TGW World Champion!

Rayne: Almost doesn't count except in horseshoes and hand grenades, Nick! Emily Corlen showed tonight what she shows every night in TGW, exactly why she IS the Standard Bearer of that company. This momentum is going to prove priceless heading into her Championship defense this Thursday night at Corrupted Dreams!

The crowd has started an "EM-I-LY" chant as Emily stops on the stage and hoists her Championship high in the air, taking in the adulation of her fans. She grins once more before heading back through the curtain.

Nick Webb: That's it for us, folks... it was an honor calling the action for this match tonight at Genesis. Here's Brian and Jon... enjoy the rest of the show and remember, Thursday nights on the Magee Network, catch True Glory Wrestling at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central!

Rayne and Webb stand up and hand the headsets back over to the returning Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel. They shake hands, and then Rayne, Webb and Scott Benjamin head up the ramp as the fans applaud the legendary team.

Brian Rentfro: That was a nice break, Jon. And what a battle royal! Congratulations to Emily Corlen on an impressive victory here tonight at Genesis!

Jon McDaniel: And we've still got plenty of great AoWF action still to come here tonight! Let's not waste any time in getting to the action!

Riona Langly vs Thomas Manchester Black vs Cody Bogard

Triple Threat Match

Winner: Riona Langly

Hunter Sullivan vs Lucy Starr

Singles Match

Eric stands center ring, watching around waiting for his signal to start. With thumbs up from a stage hand listening through a headset, Eric begins his announcement.

"The following matchup is scheduled for one fall, This match has a 60 minute time limit, and will end only with a count out, Disqualification, a three count, or Submission. Entering first from Corner brook Newfoundland Canada, he is the Viper, HUNTERRR SULLIVVAAAAN" (edited dependent upon entrance number and match type)
The lights begin to fade, dimming to a calming light. Green and purple start to glow and flash, the arena looking to the stage as A Perfect Circle starts to play and blare. Sullivan is waiting in the gorilla position for the lyrics to hit before bursting out onto the stage. Fans are already responding in a harsh chorus of Jeers.*

You're such an inspiration for the ways
That I'll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you

*With the signal of the beginning lyrics Hunter storms out of his position, of course to a series of discriminating chants and boos. Hunter’s artier showed off as he started moving his way across the stage. The green and purple lights reflected and caused glimmer on his body. A cool, calculating smirk seemed steady and planted on his face, an unnerving confidence, a form of malevolence shines through. The ramp was laid out before him, en route to his goal.*

Fuck your God
Your Lord and your Christ
He did this
Took all you had and
Left you this way
Still you pray, you never stray
Never taste of the fruit
You never thought to question why

*Sullivan walked calmly and professionally down the ramp. The steel ramp under Hunter's feet reacted with a clank, none of which could be heard over the music and jeers in unison. Soon Sullivan found himself on the matting surrounding the ring. He reacted quickly, rolling into the ring and heading towards the turnbuckle that was closest. Soon climbing up it he merely looked around and reacted with a combined smirk-scoff.*

It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side
Praise the one who left you
Broken down and paralyzed
He did it all for you
He did it all for you

*The music died off and Sullivan dropped back to the mat, looking around the ring, making a few last mental notes. His new music finally cutting off and settling.

Red and violet lights shine around the arena, falling at the center of the entrance ramp. Cee Lo Green’s "Fuck You" hits the arena, as white fireworks light the ramp. Lucious Starr emerges to a mix of cheers and boos, throwing up both hands- which are flicking off all in attendance. Lucious slowly makes his way down the ramp, playing to the fans as he almost dances his way down.

I see you driving 'round town
With the girl i love and i'm like,
Fuck you!
I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn't enough i'm like,
Fuck you!
And fuck her too!
If I was richer,
I'd still be with ya
Ha, now ain't that some shit? (ain't that some shit?)
And although there's pain in my chest
I still wish you the best with a...
Fuck you!

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring, from Akron Ohio!

Lucious stops mid ramp, gyrating to the tune. He points to either side of the ramp, a few female fans cheering while a few are totally not buying it, Lucious blowing a kiss to a nearby female fan.

I'm sorry
I can't afford a ferrari,
But that don't mean I can't get you there.
I guess he's an Xbox
I'm more an Atari,
But the way you play your game ain't fair.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at two hundred and sixty-three pounds...

Lucious continues down the ramp, eyeing the ring as he descends.

I pity the fool that falls in love with you
(oh shit she's a gold digger)
(just thought you should know nigga)
I've got some news for you
Yeah go run and tell your little boyfriend

Eric Emerson: He is the Untamed Fury...

Lucious circles the ring, stopping by the announce table. He salutes the announce team, then turns to leap onto the ring apron. He waves to the crowd, taking in the mixed reaction as his intro continues.

I see you driving 'round town
With the girl i love and i'm like,
Fuck you!
I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn't enough i'm like,
Fuck you!
And fuck her too!
If I was richer,
I'd still be with ya
Ha, now ain't that some shit? (ain't that some shit?)
And although there's pain in my chest
I still wish you the best with a...
Fuck you!

Lucious slides in between the top and middle ropes, climbing the nearest turnbuckle.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, he is Lucious Beta Starr!!

Now I know
That I had to borrow,
Beg and steal and lie and cheat.
Trying to keep ya
Trying to please ya.
'Cause being in love with your ass ain't cheap

Lucious again flips the bird, jumping to the mat below as he waits for the match to begin.

The music died off and Sullivan dropped back to the mat, keeping his eyes on his opponent. Lucious Starr returned the intrigued look, shifting his weight foot to foot. In response to Lucious' willingness to get things started, Sullivan returns a laugh, amused. The referee moves in and looks at both men, immediately Paul London, this match’s ref, starts to pat down Hunter. Sullivan scoffs as he spreads and lets the official do his thing. Starr is next, neither men are trusted here tonight. With a clean bill from both men, the ref called for the bell, the clang singled the beginning of the bout.

The ref moves back and keeps his eyes on the men. Lucious gets ready for a lock up, moving in cautiously and slowly, Sullivan, however, walks in calmly, extending his hand for a seemingly calm handshake. Lucious is not to be taken a fool for such a cliché and over used tactic. Starr did, however, make a movement as if he would fall pray for such a thing, only to slap the hand away! All seemed well… UNTIL HUNTER RETURNED WITH A BITCH SLAP!!! Lucious turned with a stagger holding his face, Sullivan takes the swift advantage hitting a harsh knee clip. Starr falls roughly onto his back, frustrated and irritated. Sullivan grips the leg by the knee, hooking it and seemingly going to capitalize with a submission. Lucious quickly regains his sense of mind, kicking Hunter off. Starr is successful and moves to his feet without hesitation. Sullivan, in return is still on the assault, flicking his hand and wrists for chops across his opponents chest. Lucious backs into the ropes, causing the ref to hold back Hunter who seemed intent on finishing Lucious as quickly as possible. The viper shows clearly he was not going to give any openings, and would be more ruthless than ever. Lucious only smirked realizing that the competition was better than he had imagined, this would only be another challenge for him to conquer. There styles conflicted as Sullivan has a chain technical style as Lucious had a more smash mouth, beat down style.

Jon McDaniel: Hunter not showing any signs of ring rust against TGW's Volitionary Champion tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Well, it's not like this is his first match back; he's had one or two matches to get the ring rust out.

Lucious made the first move attempting to lock up once again, but keeps his eyes open, watching for any suspicious movements. Sullivan, however, seemingly felt he didn’t need any as he moved in accepting the lock up. Hunter again kept with trend as he was the first to gain the upper hand, breaking away from the left hand and getting behind Lucious in a reverse waist lock. Starr was ready with a counter, sending harsh elbows back, pounding Sullivan’s temple. Hunter didn’t let out of the hold, attempting to lift Lucious into the air then forcing him back down to the side with an amateur style take down. Starr, however, didn’t let the move happen, using the weakening in grip to turn around, changing the hold to a front waist lock. Here Lucious is able to double axe handle into Hunters back, keeping steady ground and forcing Sullivan lower to the ground. Hunter switch’s strategies as he turns to a double legged takedown, switching to the upper hand. Sullivan returns to the knee hook he held in the previous exchange, trying to make a turn into a Single legged Boston crab. Starr holds himself steady on the mat as Hunter attempts to make the turn both ways, both unsuccessful. Lucious makes a change in movement, pulling his hooked leg, as well as Hunter, towards himself. This now allowed hard knuckle shots to be planted on Sullivan’s forehead, ending with a hard free legged kick to the abdomen. Hunter staggers back holding his stomach, allowing Lucious to capitalize upon returning to his feet. Starr locks Sullivan into a standing head scissors, quickly trying to plant Hunter is a rough POWA!-No! Hunter only allows one arm to be hooked before dropping to his knees and twirling up, the arm still hooked. Sullivan pulls Lucious into a front face lock, seemingly ready to drop into a DDT. This action, however, never happened. Lucious Starr gripped with a waist lock, planting his feet and launching with a bridged northern lights suplex! ONE, TWO, Hunter rolls his shoulder from the mat. Lucious keeps the hold in as he rolls to the side, attempting to bring both men back to their feet for a second go. The secondary northern light was ruined when Sullivan drives a harsh elbow into Lucious spine. Hunter breaks the waist lock, hooking both Starr’s arms, twirling both men and sliding Lucious down to the mat in a backslide pin. ONE TWO TH, Lucious push’s himself out of the hold breaking the pinning combo.

Brian Rentfro: Damn. That would have been sweet for Hunter to just bury Lucious right there.

Jon McDaniel: What? Lucious isn't horrible, I mean at least he's not MoA. That would be horrible.

Sullivan spins back to his feet and meets Lucious there with an arm drag! Starr rolls through and back to his feet, BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Hunter tosses Starr across the ring! Starr arches his back in pain as he rolls to his feet, still fresh and willing to stay in the game! Hunter gives chase and looks to be attempting some dashing maneuver but it doesn’t turn to his favour as Starr side steps and tosses the Viper into the turnbuckle behind him. Hunter catches himself of the second turnbuckle, spring boarding off into a back elb- DROP KICK! Sullivan and Lucious crash onto the mat! Lucy hooks the leg! 2 count! The opening stages of the match and Hunter is feeling the pain in his back. Lucious doesn’t give up and pulls Sullivan to his feet by the hair. A fling into the ropes and Sullivan isn’t given any chance to recover. Starr awaits the return with an back elbow. Sullivan hits the mat rough, quickly finding himself on the bad end of Lucious’s senton. Starr feels proud of himself as he works over his rival. Hunter shakes his head a tad trying to pull himself out of the lull he is in for the moment. Starr only taunts him kicking the side of his head, slapping him around a little. Starr pulls Hunter the rest of the way to his feet only to be suddenly pulled down into a small package! 2 count! Hunter is back to his feet and Lucious spurts back to meet him. Hunter ducks a haymaker and pulls up into a half nelson! Lucious rolls forward flinging the suplex attempt out the window. This doesn’t stop the master of chain wrestling as he turns on a dime and is back on top of Starr with an Oklahoma roll! 2 count!

Lucy gets irritated as he sputters to his feet meeting Hunter who is smiling and backing off, clapping. He dares the "Shadow of the starr’ to do something about it. Starr grunts and moves in offering a test of strength. Hunter obliges and locks one hand, only to step over it and roll forward! Lebelle lo- Starr rolls forward out of the move and is back to his feet. Sullivan doesn’t meet him there and hooks an ankle, forcing the blunt force wrestler to his back. Hooking the ankle into a heel hook brings a cringe of pain over the wrestler. He struggles for a moment before taking a very anti-elegant approach and rakes Sullivan’s eyes. The submission is released and Lucious mockingly switches into a side headlock. He nods and pulls Hunter’s hair. The ref who see’s all this threatens the wrestler out right who denies the claims. The ref is having none of it and gives a firm warning of the dirty play. Lucious shrugs it off, grinding Hunter’s head, smirking as he gives the cunt a noogie.

Brian Rentfro: Haha! Okay, I can appreciate that!

Jon McDaniel: He's showing nothing but disrespect to Hunter with that move, how could you... you know what? Nevermind.

Hunter is frustrated by being mocked like this and starts fighting to his feet. Lucious fights it a bit but still manages to be forced to his feet. Hunter backs into the ropes and flings Lucious off of him! Only for the dirty wrestler to maintain a lock of hair and twirl The Viper back into the headlock. Starr lets out a laugh and grinds the move more over. Sullivan’s face is becoming a rough red and flushes with blood. With a switch in footing Hunter stands his ground and grips Starr, lifting him up and over for a belly to ba- Lucious counter pulling all his weight forward and smashes the man into the ground with a headlock takedown! Hunter kicks the ground in frustration as Lucious interlocks his fingers. This is it though as the ground is Hunter’s friend, kicking his legs up and wrapping it around Starr’s throat. The wrestler grasps his throat as he is choked out a moment until he can reposition himself, attempting to headstand out of the hold. As Lucious balances himself and pushes himself slowly up into the air Hunter lets out of the hold and kicks Starr square in the back, knocking him onto his back and into what would look like a sit out powerbomb pinning situation. 2 count! Lucious claps his feet together and pushes out of the hold. Pushing up and out of the hold, Lucious takes the two hooked feet up and makes his own pinning attempt sitting on Hunter’s chest. Another 2 count as Hunter uses his foot strength to plant Starr back down, who this time rolls out of the hold and back to this feet, drop kicking Hunter in the fa- Sullivan lays down grabbing the legs, rolling over and standing up into a TEXAS CLOVER LEAF! Lucious is caught but immediately grabs the rope next to him. Hunter refuses the break the hold for a moment, gaining the 4 count.

Lucious holds his back in pain as Hunter backs up, again clapping.

Hunter: “You’re not going to out chain me pussy.”

Lucious spits to the outside of the ring. The move wasn’t held in long though to do serious damage, but he’s definitely feeling it. Starr doesn’t retort verbally but he offers an elbow collar lock up. Hunter only laughs as he accepts, only for a swift headbutt! Hunter staggers back and gets a body shot for his efforts. A spurt into the ropes and Lucious clobbers the chain wrestler with a clothes line, knocking him onto his back.

Lucious: “You might be right mother fucker.”

Hunter holds his head for a moment pushing himself to a seated position, looking up at Lucious who has switched up tactics and punches Sully in the forehead. Hunter goes to fall back but he is held up by the smash mouth wrestler to clobbers into him with a few closed fists that immediately sets off alarms with the ref who pulls Starr off, running him up and down over the fists. Starr shoves the ref back and mouths back to him about not giving a single shit. Imagine that. Monster. This however brings Hunter some recovery time, getting to his feet. Starr turns and gets a kick into the knee, which in turn, brings him to his knee. Flinging himself against the ropes Sullivan returns for what looks to be a shinning wizard but NO! Lucious uses all his strength to twirly Hunter up, into the air, on his shoulders, for a sit out powerbomb!

Jon McDaniel: Lucious and Hunter with some animosity, just trying to get an upper hand on each other.

Brian Rentfro: Well, look at it this way. Hunter needs this win, it's his first REAL match back in the PWA. But Lucious needs to win if he wants to turn his recent losing streak around. Their background only fuels their need to outdo each other.

Lucious sits, a sick grin as he looks at the writhing body of Hunter Sullivan. He stands, looking to the crowd and backing up. Hunter grabs at the air, possibly looking for something to help him to his feet. Lucious starts slapping a fist off his knee, begging Hunter to stand. Hunter gets to his knee, holding the back of his head. Starr leans against the ropes, vigorously tensing against them. As Hunter gets to his feet, Lucious charges up, Hunter turning around... VIPER SNAP! NO!!HUNTER DUCKS!! Lucious stops in shock, turning around... VIPER SNAP FROM HUNTER!! Lucious hits the mat, Hunter dropping beside him and yelling into his ear.

Hunter Sullivan: My move, bitch! Get your own!

Hunter starts towards Lucious' feet, grabbing them at the ankles. Hunter starts to twist Lucious' legs, looking for another clover leaf, but Lucious reacts last moment and twists around to throw Hunter across the ring. He starts to his feet, Hunter stumbling out of the corner. Lucious lunges forward, knocking Hunter off his feet and throwing a barrage of fists into Hunter's face. Hunter rolls Lucious over, firing his own barrage of fists. Referee London walks over, trying to break it up, but gets shoved back as the two men continue to pummel on each other. London starts to count, both men still switching places as fists fly from both sides. London manages to pull Hunter off, Lucious springing up and backing Hunter into the corner, slamming his head off the turnbuckle. Lucious throws a boot into Hunter's midsection, following up with a hard left jab. Hunter starts to stumble out, Lucious throwing another punch. Hunter ducks, escaping the corner and throwing Lucious into it, slamming his head off the top turnbuckle a few times. Starr manages to throw an elbow, clocking Hunter under the chin, which causes Hunter to lose some steam. Starr hops up to the second turnbuckle, twisting around into a spear into Hunter. Sullivan hits the ground, Lucious throwing a flurry of fists into Hunter's face. London tries once again to pull Lucious off, Hunter shoving him as he feels the grip loosening, Lucious and the ref falling over. Hunter rolls out of the ring, looking under the apron as Lucious shakes his head, standing. Hunter slides in with a chair, swinging for the fences. Lucious ducks under, nailing a swift kick between the legs, which causes Hunter to drop the chair. Starr glares down, picking up the chair.

Brian Rentfro: HA! I love it! It's an all out brawl!!

Jon McDaniel: Aaaaaannnnnnnndddd Lucy throws the match. Dammit.

Lucious raises the chair over his head, staring at Hunter. Sullivan holds his groin, writhing on the mat as Lucious starts yelling at Sullivan to stand. At this point, London is up and starts over, grabbing the chair and scolding Starr. Lucy argues with him for a moment, refusing to release the chair. After a few moments, Lucious manages to pull the chair back, turning to Hunter... BIG BOOT TO THE CHAIR!! RIGHT INTO LUCIOUS' FACE!!!

Brian Rentfro: THAT'S gonna leave a mark.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah, that's not gonna be good. And now it's Sullivan who's tossed the match.

London looks to Starr, then to Hunter, who is still favoring his groin. He takes a moment, shrugging and heading towards the announce table. He calls down, Eric and the timekeeper listening in. Eric nods, raising his mic as Hunter and Starr both start to their knees.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, due to the blatant disrespect of the rules, referee London has officially declared that this match is now a Street Fight!!!


Jon McDaniel: Oh, this can't end well...

Starr looks to London, shrugging. He looks back to Hunter, who has a sick grin on his face. Lucious stands to his feet, waving Hunter on. Hunter stays on his knee, still nursing his groin. Lucious smirks, turning to grab the chair. He turns back around to Hunter... SPEAR!! A BONE CHILLING SPEAR RIGHT THROUGH LUCIOUS STARR!! Lucious drops the chair as Hunter rolls off and out of the ring, landing on the floor outside. Lucious gasps for air as his arm falls across his chest, Hunter sliding various objects out from beneath the apron. He seems to be looking for something specific, throwing any other random object into the ring. He finally finds his target item, rolling into the ring with a bull whip in tow. He stands, watching as Starr gets to a knee. He starts over, cracking the whip, which catches Lucious in the forehead. Lucious is knocked on his ass as he reaches up, rubbing a mark on his head. He watches as Hunter cracks the whip again, this one slapping the top of Lucious' earlobe. He falls back a bit more, holding his ear and forehead, as Hunter reels back again. Again the whip bears down, but this time Lucious reaches out and flicks his wrist, grabbing the end of the whip. He pulls on his end, the whip tensing as Hunter tries to pull back. Lucious takes the momentum to shift forward, letting Hunter pull him to his feet before launching himself at the former G.O.D. member. Hunter barely has time to react as Lucious launches a huge leaping headbutt, knocking Hunter to his ass. Lucious slowly paces towards the mess of weapons, grabbing the first thing he can get his hands on as Hunter quickly gets back to his feet. Lucious turns around, smacking Hunter across the face with... a spatula?!

Brian Rentfro: What the hell is that?

Jon McDaniel: Who the hell puts these things under the ring? Seriously?!

Hunter is more shocked than anything, rubbing his chin as he stares at the spatula. Hunter raises an arm, Lucious shrugging. Sullivan lurches forward, looking for a clothesline, Lucious ducks and Hunter turns around... a barrage of spatula slaps to Hunter's face. Hunter falls back, trying to avoid the utensil, Lucious relentless as he continues his attack. Hunter is backed into the ropes, Lucious stepping back as Hunter wipes his face. He looks up, Lucious with a huge clothesline that knocks both men over the top rope. Hunter and Lucious tumble to the floor, Lucious rolling up to his knees and grabbing onto the announce table. Hunter rolls under the ring, grasping his head. Lucious gets to his feet, starting towards the apron after Hunter. He lifts the apron, searching beneath the ring for his foe, unable to locate him. Starr walks around to the side of the ring, lifting another piece of the apron... and gets smacked in the leg with a kendo stick!! Lucious falls to a knee, stumbling away as Hunter rolls out from under the ring, a reel of barbed wire in hand. Lucious looks up as Hunter lifts the spool... and slams it into Lucious' face!! Lucious falls back, the barbs shredding his skin and starting multiple streams of blood. Hunter raises the spool again, bringing it down on Lucious' legs, ripping apart Lucious' pant legs and causing more scars. Lucious backs away as Hunter brings the wire up again, barely rolling out of the way as Hunter brings it down, the force causing it to hit the floor and spring back up into Sullivan's own face. Sullivan stumbles back, surprised, as Lucious crawls to the nearest set of ring steps. Hunter recovers, walking up after Lucious, who fires out a right hook. He catches Sullivan square in the jaw, causing him to stumble back a few steps, Lucious retreating a bit. Hunter shakes off the punch, charging up after Lucious, ducking to avoid a boot. Lucious turns around, Hunter with a kick to the gut, followed by a suplex onto the edge of the entrance ramp. The fans are really getting into it now, watching as Hunter and Lucious have moved from trying to win to simply inflicting more pain.

Brian Rentfro: These guys are beating the hell out of each other! It's beautiful!!

Jon McDaniel: Dammit, why do these things always have to be so damn bloody?

Hunter rolls to a knee, rubbing his face a bit and looking at his hand, a sick grin as he sees the blood. He gets to his feet, walking over to Lucious, who throws some random punches as he tries to keep Hunter from attacking him further. Hunter grabs Starr by the hair, pulling him to his feet. Starr lashes out with a boot to the gut, Hunter releasing his grip as Lucious draws back, knocking Hunter on his ass with a left hook. Lucious stumbles back, grasping at his abdomen as Hunter shakes it off, starting to his feet. Lucious charges up, looking for a shining wizard... but misses as Hunter ducks! Lucious uses the momentum to land on his feet, taking a few more steps to stabilize himself before turning around, charging up for a clothesline. Hunter thinks quickly, grabbing a nearby fan's beer and throwing it into Lucious' face and ducking, Lucious stumbling forward a few more feet before stopping to clear his eyes. Hunter stands, charging at the distracted Lucious, overcoming Lucious with a full nelson. Lucious struggles to fight back as Hunter applies pressure to the move, Starr beginning to fade.

Hunter Sullivan: FIGHT ME!! FUCKING FIGHT!!!

Hunter feels Lucious go limp, releasing the hold and throwing Lucious to the floor. He laughs as he drops into a cover... AND LUCIOUS ROLLS HIM OVER!!



Lucious moves back, smiling from ear to ear as Hunter looks over, shocked. Lucious holds up his thumb and forefinger mere centimeters from each other, laughing. Hunter shakes his head, giving Lucious the one finger salute. Lucious uses the crowd barrier to stand, Hunter doing much the same thing, the two staring across the aisle. Lucious stumbles forward, a hand reaching for his head, Hunter seeing an opening. Lucious ducks as Hunter attempts a clothesline, throwing Hunter up and over the crowd barrier. Hunter lands in the crowd, who seem to part as Hunter comes close. Apparently, this crowd isn't Viper-friendly. Lucious stumbles back, leaning against the crowd barrier as Hunter writhes on the floor behind him, Starr taking a moment to catch his breath. He looks over, watching as Hunter rolls onto his stomach, Lucious turning to face Hunter and bending at the knee. Hunter pushes himself to a knee, Lucious bounces up to the crowd barrier, stalking Hunter. Sullivan stands, turning around... flying clothesline from the barrier! Lucious takes Hunter to the floor, various fans swarming the wrestlers. They seem to help Lucious to his feet, as well as Hunter, a few fans throwing food and drinks on each of them. Lucious lunges forward, throwing a right fist, Hunter barely ducking under. A fan moves just in time to avoid taking the blow, Hunter throwing a knee into Lucious' gut. He puts Lucious in a side headlock, lifting him into a suplex... but Lucious struggles, Hunter dropping Lucious to his feet. Lucious counters, lifting Hunter, but Hunter manages to grab a fan and pulls her into Lucious. Lucious releases Hunter to catch the fan, Hunter shifting his weight and landing on one knee behind Lucy, slamming a fist into the Fury's groin. Lucious falls to his knees, Hunter starting to stand... and gets kicked in the nuts by the fan he grabbed before. Hunter falls to the floor beside Lucious, both men holding their groin. The fans start to chant, calling for more blood. Lucious reaches out, grabbing the pant leg of a nearby fan. The fan helps Lucious up, holding the Fury around his waist. Hunter grabs a chair, working his way to a knee. Lucious looks around, grabbing a replica Grizzly Beer Championship belt (available only on!!) and holding it close. Hunter gets to his feet, steadying himself, then picks up the chair. He folds it up, lunging at Lucious, who barely manages to duck out of the way before getting hit by the chair. Hunter turns around, getting blasted across the face with the replica belt. Hunter hits the floor, Lucious handing the title back to the fan- who know has a blood-stained belt that's worth... slightly less now!! Lucious stumbles backwards into more fans, working his way through the crowd. He finds himself a fan with a Phoenix t-shirt (ALSO available only on!) and reaches for his nachos. The fan hesitates at first, until Lucious pulls a crisp 50 out of his pants pocket, handing it to the fan.

Brian Rentfro: Lucious just bought himself a fifty dollar tray of half-eaten nachos.

Jon McDaniel: When ya gotta eat, ya gotta eat, I guess...

Lucious puts a finger in the cheese, withdrawing it quickly. Indeed, these are fresh and thus the cheese is quite toasty. Hunter makes his way through the crowd, grabbing Lucious by the shoulder and spinning him around... GETTING A TRAY OF HOT CHEESE TO THE FACE!! Lucious stumbles back as Hunter rakes his face, trying to get the cheese off. Lucious turns, grabbing some random fan's soda, and throws it into Hunter's face.

Jon McDaniel: At least he gave Hunter something to cool it off...

Brian Rentfro: FOOD FIGHT!! FOOD FIGHT!!!

Lucious paces away, looking around a bit. He finds an elderly fan, pulling a crisp c-note out and exchanging it for his walker. He turns around, raising the walker above his head, but Hunter is nowhere to be seen. Lucious drops the walker, looking around... and gets a big boot from nowhere! Hunter grins as he catches Lucious from behind, watching as the Fury falls over the walker. The Viper picks up the walker, slamming it down over the fallen Starr, the metal bending in all directions. He tosses the walker, dropping down to lay punches to Lucious' face. Lucy tries to defend himself, but is unable to do so very well. His scars start to bleed more profusely, Hunter getting to his feet. Sullivan looks around, spotting a fan with a plastic fork. He walks over, grabbing the fork as Lucious starts up, walking back. Lucious gets to a knee, Hunter placing him in a side headlock and raking his head with the fork. Lucious yells out, shaking his head as he tries to loosen Hunter's grip. The blood from Lucious' head is flowing like a river now, Hunter finally releasing Lucious and throwing the fork into the crowd. He walks over to the crowd barrier, climbing over. He starts towards the ring, looking around underneath. He pulls out a baseball bat, nodding as he walks around the ring to the barbed wire. He starts wrapping the bat, a sick grin on his face. Meanwhile, Lucious starts to his feet, using a nearby chair to lift himself. He takes a moment to regroup, some fans offering sodas. Hunter finishes wrapping his bat, looking out into the crowd. He can't quite tell where Lucious is, but hops the barrier and starts to where they last fought. Lucious stands, noticing Hunter's weapon. He thinks better of approaching the Viper, turning and heading towards the exit doors. Hunter is en route, trying to keep up. Hunter reaches the hallway, looking each way for the Fury. He looks to the floor, following the trail of blood.

Brian Rentfro: BLOOD!! SO MUCH BLOOD!!

Jon McDaniel: The fight has been taken into the halls of the PWA Dome!! What the hell?!

A camera follows as Hunter follows the blood trail to a hot dog vendor, pushing the cart aside. He looks around, the trail of blood stopped. He turns back to the vendor... and gets blasted with a hot dog barrage! Hunter drops his bat in surprise as Lucious springs to his feet from behind the cart, grabbing the bat himself. Sullivan wipes hot water from his eyes, looking around for Lucious, who slams the barbed wire bat into the back of Hunter's legs. Hunter falls, Lucious dropping the bat and walking to a nearby display table, clearing it off. He drags it over to Hunter, pulling the Viper to his feet and throwing a punch to his temple, rolling him onto the table. He climbs up, lifting Hunter into a standing head scissors... but Hunter counters, lifting Lucious up a bit before dropping him forward, Lucious landing on his back across the table. Hunter stumbles off, landing on his feet on the floor, stalking Lucious. The Fury stands, rolling off the table and stumbles into Hunter... SPINEBUSTER INTO THE TABLE!!! Lucious gets plowed through the table and to the floor, Hunter rolling off. He regroups, wiping his face as he pushes himself to his feet. Lucious writhes on the floor, Hunter looking around for a moment before charging back into the arena floor. He screams to the ring, waving for referee London to follow. London works his way through the crowd, Hunter turning and heading back into the hallway, where Lucious is starting to move. Hunter turns back, waving London to the hallway. He turns back to Lucious, who is struggling to move out of the table wreckage. London finally makes his way through the exit, following Hunter to the table. Sullivan kicks Starr in the gut, rolling him into a cover.

3!! NO!!!

Brian Rentfro: And Lucious kicks out just before that third slap! He's still in this!!

Hunter looks at London, slapping his hands together and telling him to count faster. He turns back to Lucious, starting to his feet and using Lucious' hair to pick him up. Lucious reaches out, touching Hunter's cheek, Sullivan slapping Lucious across the face.

Hunter Sullivan: DIE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!

Hunter draws back again, but Lucious reaches out and throws a thumb into his eye. Hunter releases his grip, grasping at his face as Lucious stumbles back, falling on his ass. Hunter stumbles around, trying to clear his eye as Lucious recuperates, bracing his back. Hunter shakes his head, using his good eye to survey the hall. Lucious starts to his feet, still favoring his back as Hunter starts over, covering his eye and grabbing up the nearest item he can find... which happens to be a table lamp. He raises it above his head, charging at Lucious, who jumps out of the way before Hunter slams the lamp into the floor, bending it in several places. Lucious stumbles away, bumping into a flag stand. He grabs the flag, checking to make sure it's not an American flag- Sullivan is bleeding, and we don't wish to disgrace the flag with Canadian blood... damn Canadians- and waits for Hunter. Sullivan starts over, drawing back a fist... and is met with a flag pole to the head! Hunter falls, Lucious draping the "Rob 'Phoenix' Robinson" flag (available onl... ah, you know) over Hunter's fallen body. Lucious stumbles away a bit, taking another breather as he looks towards Hunter. Sullivan starts to show life, turning over onto his stomach. Lucious stands back up, taking a fighting stance as Hunter starts to push himself up, shaking off the attack. He gets to a knee, Lucious taking a step forward, cautious as Hunter continues to his feet. The Viper scans the hall, finding Lucious several feet away, shaking his head as he starts towards Lucious. The Fury throws a fist, knocking Hunter back a step. He throws out a second, Hunter falling back again. He gets ready to throw a third, but Hunter lifts a foot to kick Lucious' knee. Lucious stumbles back a bit, falling to his good knee as he holds the injured one... and Hunter throws himself with a spear!! RIGHT THROUGH AN ENTRANCE DOOR!!! The two men fall onto the steps of the arena entrance, London following behind. Lucious rolls up first, firing a couple shots into Hunter's face, but Hunter rolls him over, drawing back a fist... until gravity takes over, the two stumbling down the stairs to the parking lot.

Brian Rentfro: Holy hell! This thing's all over the damn place!!

Jon McDaniel: These two are just beating the hell out of each other, trying to end each other's careers... I'd be surprised if they walked out of here of their own wills...

The two men land on the curb, sprawled out across the walkway. London starts down the stair, various fans starting out of the arena as well. Hunter holds the back of his head, starting to a knee as Lucious stares blankly into the sky. Sullivan gets to both knees, starting up as he surveys the scene. He starts to his feet, grabbing his head. He looks to Lucious, the bloody mess around his head starting to congeal on his face. Lucious starts to twitch a bit, feeling the effects of his blood loss. Hunter drops next to Lucious, rolling him into a cover.

3!! NO!!

Hunter looks to London, who confirms a two count. He turns to Lucious, who is barely moving as it is, throwing a flurry of fists into Lucious' face. He covers again, yelling at London to count right.


Hunter can't believe it, Lucious just refuses to die. The Viper shakes his head, looking around. He gets to his feet, grabbing a handful of Lucious' hair and dragging him into the parking lot. He finds the nearest car, smacking the Fury's head against the hood (and subsequently raising its value!!). Lucious stumbles off, Hunter grabbing up his hair and slamming his head into the hood again. Lucious comes off again, but this time Hunter grabs him around the waist, hoisting him into a spinebuste... no! Lucious, on what must be instinct, counters with a DDT into the hood (and subsequently lowering the cost his blood put on it. Sorry, owner guy)!!! Both men slump tp the ground below, Hunter appearing slightly less damaged than Lucious.

Brian Rentfro: DAMN!!

Jon McDaniel: I don't know how much more either of these guys can take... it's crazy out there...

Hunter reaches an arm out, grabbing the bumper of the car. He starts to pull himself up, Lucious stirring. As Hunter gets to a sitting position, a bum walks by with a cart of soda cans, stopping to check on the two men (cuz bums don't have TV, they can't read, and they're disconnected from the rest of the world... like Jethro Hayes) and offer a hand. Hunter starts to his feet, the bum helping him up. Hunter shoves past the bum, grabbing his cart. The bum starts to protest, but Hunter rams the bum, knocking him over. The fans nearby help the poor guy away as Hunter stomps his foot, stalking Lucious as he starts up. As Starr gets to his feet, Hunter charges up... and misses Starr! A fan pulls Lucious away, Hunter ramming the cart into another car, falling back from the shock. Starr gets his bearings, grabbing the cart and pushing it away. He waits for Hunter to get to his knees, throwing a boot to his face. Hunter is knocked backwards, falling on his back. Lucious looks over, running to the cart and starting to push it over. He attempts to push it over, but he's lost too much blood and lacks the strength. Hunter starts to roll over, Lucious shaking his head. As Hunter gets to his feet, Lucious charges... and pins Hunter between the car and the shopping cart! He backs away, Hunter collapsing to the pavement. Lucious takes a few breaths, throwing himself into the side of the shopping card... and tips it over, right on top of Hunter!! Lucious falls on his ass, looking on as the soda cans spill all over the Viper and surrounding area, the cart sitting atop the pile. Lucious stands, slowly, and stumbles over to the mess, sprawling across the cart.

Brian Rentfro: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

Jon McDaniel: Lucious is going to win by pinning Hunter under a cart of soda cans!!

3!! NO!!

Hunter somehow manages to move around under all the weight, shifting enough to cause a break. He starts to move his arms around, clearing a few of the cans away. Starr falls off the cart, shaking his head as he tries to regroup. Hunter finally clears enough cans to get a hold of the cart, managing to shove it off and to its side. Lucious turns, placing a hand on the cart as he uses it to push himself up. Hunter reaches for whatever is close enough, using the rear bumper of a car to start to his own feet. The two stand mere feet from each other, gasping for breath as they measure each other up. Lucious seems most damaged, having lost quite a bit of blood, while Hunter seems to be suffering with an injured back. They shuffle towards each other, Hunter throwing a right jab. Lucious blocks, throwing a punch that lands less than powerfully on Hunter's chest. Hunter swings back, throwing a left hook, catching Lucious' arm.

Jon McDaniel: These guys don't have much left in the tank; this match can't go on much longer.

Brian Rentfro: Somebody hit somebody with a tank!!

Lucious backs up a bit, Hunter sensing his retreat and charging up. Lucious ducks, hitting Hunter with a back body drop into yet another car. Lucious stumbles away, falling into some fans. They help him back to his feet, Lucious grabbing something off one of the security guards who back the fans away. Hunter rolls off the car, stumbling towards Lucious...


The tazer goes off, Hunter twitching as he hits the ground. Lucious puts the tazer down after a moment or two, falling into a cover as Hunter lies prone from the shock. Paul London drops, making the count.


London stands, signaling to security. Inside the arena, the crowd is going nuts as Eric Emerson grabs a mic.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by pinfall, LUCIOUS STARR!!

The fans roar in approval (mostly from the carnage; cuz nobody really likes Lucy except Emily, apparently) as the cameras show EMT's rushing to both men. Each is lifted onto a stretcher, London grabbing Lucious' hand and raising it as he's wheeled off.

Brian Rentfro: The blood!! The gore!! The extensive damages that no doubt will get us sued!!

Jon McDaniel: Lucious and Hunter giving everything tonight, and both men were rolled out after neither had a thing left. A brutal match to end this rivalry, and one can only wonder what's next for each of these men.

Brian Rentfro: Very true!! Now, for more blood!! NEXT MATCH!!


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Gabe Shelly vs Gonzo McQueen

Singles Match

Cut to Eric Emerson. Cut to his notecards. Cut to his face as he brings the microphone to it. Cut to the finish...or, you know, to a wider shot. Cut Michael Bay from the PWA production truck. There we go. Less chaos.

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30-minute time limit!

Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name" cues up, bringing Gonzo McQueen out to a mixed reaction. He ignores the crowd as he walks down the entrance ramp, cracking his knuckles.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, he weighs in tonight at 205 pounds and stands at 5 feet, 11 inches tall...

Gonzo stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks out over the crowd, quickly pulling a handheld tape recorder out from his coat pocket, speaking into it, and sliding it away with a smirk on his face.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky...

McQueen slides under the bottom rope and rolls to his feet, quickly marching over to his corner to allow referee Dwayne Cross to pat him down.


"Killing in the Name" dies as McQueen slides his jacket off, placing it neatly in the corner under the bottom turnbuckle. The lights slowly dim down until it's pitch black and the low guitar strumming of "In Fate's Hands" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus rolls throughout the arena. Three spotlights shine and revolve around as if searching for someone, and the fans are on their feet, cheering in anticipation for the hero they know is coming. At the ten mark when the song rocks into life, red, white and blue pyros shoot outward with controlled chaos from the entrance stage for seven straight seconds. By the end of it, the three spotlights have aimed at the stage and await the arrival of a great fan favorite.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, his opponent...

~I remember a year ago~
~I was standing in the crowd~
~Waiting for my chance to break through~
~My chance to live again~

At last the marVel Gabe Shelley comes out in the midst of these lyrics from behind the curtain, the fans' cheers only growing louder, and he steps up to the spotlight. He dons his hooded vest and points out to the fans. He lifts his hood up slightly to get a view of the fans, his face peaking out. In this hype, he plays to the fans with a smile and they highly respond to him and the lyrics.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at 240 pounds and standing at 6 feet, 4 inches tall...

~Now it seems I've found some friends who~
~Finally understand what it takes~
~To make this dream come true~
~We'll be here 'til the end~

~Shake it! Break it! Get off your feet!~
~Come dance with me and don't you fake it~
~Shake it! Break it! Get off your feet!~
~Come dance with me and don't you fake it~

Eric Emerson: He hails from San Diego, California by way of Columbus, Ohio...

The fans are positively crazy about Gabe. He makes his way down the ramp, tags several hands along the way and climbs up the ring steps. He looks around one more time from his hood as he jumps up and over the ropes and spins around. Gabe picks a corner and easily jumps to the second ropes and bows down. He throws his hood back and his arms out with a smile on his face. He points outwards to the crowd as he jumps backwards, spinning and landing on his feet. He draws to the center of the ring and throws his hands out; the crowd's roar of cheers only grow louder and flashes from cameras capture photos of the marVel in all his glory.

Eric Emerson: ...and is the OWNER of True Glory Wrestling...

A few boos with that one, but Gabe ignores them, brushing his shoulder to make the point clear.

~Oh, wish I could thank you all for what you have done~
~And all of the things that you have shared with me~
~Oh, wish I could take you all too where I must go wish I could take you all~
~I'll take you with my heart~


Gabe takes his vest off before bending and stretching his back over the top ropes. After a brief warm up, he's ready to go. As the music dies die, he and the fans are ready. Dwayne Cross checks him out, confers quick with both men across the ring, and then calls for the bell as Emerson makes his exit.


Both men slowly walk out of their corners, hesitant to make the first move - the first mistake - on the biggest stage in not just the PWA but the entirety of the AOWF.

Jon McDaniel: This is Shelley's third appearance at Genesis and most definitely a rubber match of sorts. He fought Project X for the PWA World Heavyweight title at Genesis 8 and came up sort, but he returned at Genesis 10 and defeated Starl Gardevoir and Casey Campbell under...well, under DUBIOUS circumstances, to say the least.

Brian Rentfro: Chamelion was the special guest referee, Jon, and he basically knocked Gabe out with the Sweet Sound of Success before purposefully cheating to give Shelley the win and the BWF World title.

They extend hands, shake quick, and then circle one another. Gabe shoots down low for a double leg takedown, but Gonzo jumps away and throws a low warning kick that misses the mark. Shelley and McQueen circle again as Gabe starts rhythmically clapping his hands to drum up support, bringing forth a moderate applause from the pro-PWA crowd.

Jon McDaniel: A solid feeling out from both men, neither man too familiar with the other...

They lock up in the center of the ring and Gabe easily gets the go-behind and a rear waistlock, taking Gonzo up off of his feet and slamming him face-first to the mat, quickly sliding forward and locking on a side headlock. McQueen fights to his feet and shoves Gabe into the ropes, whipping him across the ring. Gabe rebounds and sends Gonzo down with a shoulderblock before hitting the ropes again.

Jon McDaniel: Gonzo goes for Gabe's legs but Shelley jumps over, off the ropes, ducks the back elbow, McQueen ducks a clothesline, Gonzo hits the ropes, QUEBRADA...GABE CATCHES HIM...

Shelley quickly spirals to keep Gonzo a little disoriented and then drops him down with a backbreaker, quickly making the cover.



McQueen kicks out, and Shelley brings him to his feet, sending him down with a snap suplex.



Gonzo kicks out again, prompting Gabe to lock on an armbar.

Brian Rentfro: This is what Gabe needs to do above all else, and that's ground Gonzo and not allow him to get up. He needs to use his height advantage, his weight advantage, and, most of all, his experience advantage, because Gonzo's faster than he is.

Jon McDaniel: He's also been quite a surprise to the PWA roster, coming from a journalism background to do an exposé on the world of professional wrestling, but has found a decent bit of success thus far.

McQueen struggles in the hold a little and fights just to sit up, slapping his shoulder to keep the feeling in it. Gabe releases the hold, boots Gonzo in the back of the head, and hits the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Shelley with a running soccer kick...GONZO DUCKS IT...ROLL-UP...



Gabe kicks out with authority. Both men quickly rise to their feet and Gonzo nails a high dropkick to Gabe's face, sending him reeling into the corner.

Brian Rentfro: Gabe shouldn't have let him get up to his feet!

McQueen charges in with a back elbow, rocking Shelley's jaw, and then sits him up on the top rope, following him up.

Brian Rentfro: It looks like McQueen may be going for a top rope 'rana...

Jon McDaniel: Shelley blocks it...!!

Gabe holds on as McQueen looks to flip back with the 'rana attempt, hoisting Gonzo back up as he stands on the middle rope, looking for a powerbomb.

Jon McDaniel: Jersey Bomb...NOOO!!!

Gonzo unloads with a fists and forces himself down to his feet, pushing Gabe to sit back down on the top turnbuckle, and then springboards off of the middle rope to connect with a STIFF enzugiri that nearly sends Gabe off of the top.

Brian Rentfro: Did you HEAR THAT IMPACT?!

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Gabe may be down and out already!!

Gonzo wastes no time and turns Gabe around, locking his leg under the actual turnbuckle itself before stepping out onto the apron, climbing up top. McQueen grabs a handful of Gabe's hair and drives right hand after right hand into his face, drawing severe admonishment from referee Dwayne Cross, but Gonzo ignores it as he stands up tall...

Brian Rentfro: What the...!!!!

...and then jumps up, driving both boots into Gabe's face and riding him down to the mat.


McQueen tumbles away, shaking out his legs, and then pulls Gabe out of the corner, covering him with a knee on his chest and a smile on his face.




Dwayne Cross calls for the bell...


...and then raises Gonzo's hand up in victory. "Killing in the Name" cues back up as Cross quickly checks on Gabe, and Gonzo slides out of the ring, grabbing his coat and producing his handheld tape recorder.

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match...GONZOOOOOOOOOOOOO McQUEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McQueen quickly spouts something off into the tape recorder and then pockets it as he strolls up the ramp. In the ring, Gabe comes to, looking out at the crowd with a look of shock and shame on his face.

Brian Rentfro: It looks like Gabe can't believe that he lost that quick to Gonzo McQueen. Or at all, for that matter.

Jon McDaniel: To be fair, Gabe's a busy man running his own company and training younger talents, so his focus was likely elsewhere.

Shelley rolls out of the ring and slowly makes his way back up the ramp, hanging his head the whole time.

Marvin Wood vs Marco Dante

Singles Match

The sound of a twisted sounding musiccan be heard over the arena PA system as the lights go out in the arena and as "Blood Red Sandman" by Lordi starts to play

They called me the Leather Apron
They called me Smiling Jack
They prayed to the heavens above
That I would never ever come back


Eric Emerson: "Now Coming to the Ring! standing at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 245 lbs, Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey! He is "The Blood Red Sandman!" Marcoooo Danttttteeeee!!"

Can you hear how the children weep?
Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep...

Marco Dante steps from behind the curtain into a shower of white pyrotechnics, and as the lights start to flicker in tune with the beat of the song, wearing a pair of Black Pants with a pair of black Converse Tactical Boots,and a black muscle shirt tucked into his pants, black tape on his hands and wrists. The big screen behind him playing highlights from his matches, in black and white, as he starts to walk towards the ring.

Once again there is pain,
I bring flames I bring cold
I'm the Blood Red Sandman coming home
On this unholy night I will make you my own
Blood Red Sandman coming home again
I'm coming home again!

As he walks, his eyes focused on the ring however, on his opponent if he's the second person out, just before reach the end of the barricade, he runs and baseball slides in under the ropes, jumping to his feet and then moving over to the turnbuckles, climbing each and thrusting both fists into the air, and then let's out a bit of a roar to get the crowd pumped.

Red drops stain satin so white
The way I sign my name
The neighborhood's pretty dead at night
And I'm the one to blame

Marco Dante then jumps down from the turnbuckle, going to the next, repeating the steps before and so one..for each turnbuckle then a one handed chest pound just before hopping down from the last turnbuckle, he walks to the center of the ring and waves for the crowd to get louder and louder.

Can you hear how the children weep?
Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep...

Once again there is pain,
I bring flames I bring cold
I'm the Blood Red Sandman coming home
On this unholy night I will make you my own
Blood Red Sandman coming home again
I'm coming home again!

Scream all you want you won't wake up when you scream!!
No-one leaves... The Monsterican Dream..

Can you hear how the children weep?
Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep...

Once again there is pain,
I bring flames I bring cold
I'm the Blood Red Sandman coming home
On this unholy night I will make you my own
Blood Red Sandman coming home again
I'm coming home again!

Once again there is pain,
I bring flames I bring cold
I'm the Blood Red Sandman coming home
On this unholy night I will make you my own
Blood Red Sandman coming home again
I'm coming home again!

He then turns to the entrance ramp if his opponent is second, or the center of the ring to await the bell.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

The first few chords of Edward Elgar's fourth Pomp & Circumstance March are played from the PA system into the arena. After a few seconds, "The Purist" Marvin Wood appears from behind the curtain with a dour expression on his face. He walks to the middle of the stage area and stands there for a few seconds, to survey the audience. He then begins walking down the entrance-way. Many of the members of the audience boo, some catcall and a few cheer. He looks at no-one as he approaches the ring, but stretches his fingers a bit. He stretches three fingers on each hand, first, and then four fingers on each hand.

Eric Emerson: From Pontefract, England... the Crown Jewel, Marvin Wood!

Marvin walks towards the ring steps, and walks up them and towards the middle of the apron, sliding his hand over the top rope as he does so. He pauses there for a few seconds, before entering the ring, right leg first and then left leg. He enters the ring with plenty of pomp and circumstance, as if he were a foot taller than he is. He then walks over to the opposite turnbuckle and waits.

Jon McDaniel: This match came about because Marvin Wood asked President Robinson for a match at Genesis and it turned out that Robinson wanted to teach Marco Dante a lesson, but didn't have time to do it himself at Genesis. So, his good buddy Marvin Wood stepped up to help out.

Brian Rentfro: Do you really think Marvin is anyone's buddy, Jon?

The two men lock up and Dante takes the lead, showing Marvin that he's not the only guy that can chain wrestle by applying a hammerlock. Of course, that's not chain wrestling. But when Marvin reverses it and the Dante flips over grabbing an arm bar, that's chain wrestling. This kind of back and forth continues until Dante decides he's tired of it and takes Wood down with a short clothesline.

Brian Rentfro: Wood didn't see that coming!

Dante dives with an elbow, but Marvin rolls out of the way and is up fast enough to hit a seated dropkick on Dante. Marvin works a standing arm bar, wrenching at Dante's shoulder while using one hand to push down and away on Marco's head.

Brian Rentfro: That's a smart move by Marvin Wood. Not that's I'd expect anything less from him. He's using one move to damage Marco in two places. Its that economy of energy that makes him so successful.

Dante gets to his feet and powers Wood to the ropes, but Marvin is having none of it and hits Dante with a shoulder block. Unfortunately for him, Dante is a bit more solid than he appears and Marvin is the one that hits the mat. Dante goes for some stomps and lands a few before Wood grabs his ankle, twisting it and forcing Dante to spin to the side, falling, rather than risk breaking it. Wood goes right back on the offensive with a camel clutch. Dante stretches his arm out, but can't reach the ropes. Instead, he somehow has the strength to get to his feet with Marvin sitting on his shoulders.

Jon McDaniel: An impressive feat of strength from Marco Dante!

Dante falls backwards, and both men hit the mat hard. The move was impressive, but backfired for Dante because Wood lands on Marco's injured shoulder. As both men lie on the mat, Wood spins his leg over Dante's torso and grabs yet another arm bar. Dante rolls over and gets to his feet, but Wood won't let go of the arm. Marco digs down and finds the strength to pick Wood up and then falls forward, landing on top of Wood. Marvin lets go of the arm, but the landing seemed awkward and it appears that Dante hurt his arm and shoulder more.

Brian Rentfro: It appears that Dante hurt his arm and shoulder more!


Jon McDaniel: Dante is circling Marvin Wood. He knows that he's got to finish this quickly or Marvin will find a way to grab a submission he won't be able to escape from.

Dante elects for brute strength and starts trading punches with the Crown Jewel. Dante gets the better of the exchange and Marvin is visibly staggered. Marco pulls his arm way back for a haymaker to the delight of the crowd. He lets the punch fly, but Wood ducks under it. The momentum spins Dante around and Wood grabs his hair and pulls him backwards into a reverse DDT over his knee, before locking his arm around Dante's neck and cinching in a Dragon Sleeper!

Brian Rentfro: The Imperfect Science!

Dante kicks wildly, but he can't reach the ropes. After the numerous arm bars, his shoulder gives out and he's forced to tap!

Eric Emerson: Your winner, by submission... the Crown Jewel, Marvin Wood!

Anna Can Haz Segmint

We interrupt your typical overbearing PWA horribleness to bring...cake. A five tier collossus of dessert that very VERY hard to walk with. Then again, it's not meant to be worn as a hat.

Anna Mathews: PuppetLisa, culd joo plz go c if'n teh coast ish klear?

The big headed voodoo doll/puppet/doll again who just so happens to be the center of the universe looks around a corner. A tumbleweed rolls by.

PuppetLisa: Looks clear to me.

Anna nods. Or she would if she could. Instead, she just does that stupid tip toey sneaky walk. Her eyes dart around as she edges closer to the Kalis room/retirement shrine/gun emporium. The cake is slowly lowered to the ground with caution. Then without warning...


Nobody's dead. She just kicked the door down. God, you guys are easy to fool. The edible prize is picked up once again and that crazy bitch starts doing her fancy footwork over a floor filled with landmines, barbed wire, unexploded hand grenades, and at least one ravenous dog. The dog growls. She blinks. They both run, causing the greatest chase sequence in the history of pay-per-view. It contains everything you'd expect from a Road Runner cartoon. Unfortunatly, it was cut due to time restraints. Instead, we're stuck watching Anna hit the dog with a big ass mallet. Satisfied with killing yet another living thing, she places her frosted delight on a table and sneaks off into the shadows.

...until it's time to win more golden things.

Silverback vs Jeffery Drake

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall and is a inter-promotional match. Introducing first, representing Victory Wrestling…

“Plush” – Stone Temple Pilots – turned a little bit louder than it should creating extra distortion over the PA.

Eric Emerson: From Manhattan Beach, California and weighing in at 240-pounds… JEFFERY DRAKE!

Drake steps out into a great basking golden light, with a glow matched only by his smile as he grins and bears half his introduction being dumped on the cutting room floor. He rolls with it though, and walks forward into positive, though slightly mixed reaction.

Lisa Seldon: And here comes the Drake. Isn’t this exciting?

Jon McDaniel: Excited are you?

Lisa Seldon: Very. These two are probably my two favourite wrestlers who I haven’t personally ruined. So all in all this is an exciting day for me.

Brian Rentfro: Dream match and the tag titles all in one day.

Lisa Seldon: I’d forgotten about those.

Drake does his best to play off the limp but it’s clear it’s the knee is still hurting as he moves toward the ring.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent…

The arena lights are cut as Far Away by Noise Therapy hits the PA-system... the white ramp lights flash rapidly in a vertical pattern as green spotlights circle the entryway.

Eric Emerson: From Seattle, Washington… weighing in at 230 pounds... Adam Gray… SILVERBACK!

Silverback emerges from backstage, ambling forward slowly with his head down. He pauses for a moment and then turns his head to side, mumbling something under his breath.

Lisa Seldon: Oh this dude is a creep. Total weirdo. Probably got a lot of weird fetishes like whipping and smelling people. And I bet he never bathes. I wonder what he’s doing after the show.

Jon McDaniel: Least you can be fairly certain he’s single.

The Brutal now appears from backstage as well and stands behind Gray - his chrome mask glaring in the spotlights that now circle around them. Silverback gives him a quick thumbs up and the giant lifts Gray onto his free shoulder.

Lisa Seldon: Well this is getting interesting.

Brian Rentfro: Who’s that?

Jon McDaniel: That’s the Brutal. He was a former Tag Team Champion here.

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah. His last girlfriend was better looking.

Gray folds his hands across his chest and stares straight ahead at the ring, completely ignoring the fans as the Brutal strides forward with his chest puffed out. Inside the ring, Drake flashes Drake-tastic grin like he knew this moment was coming all along. He probably didn’t but he’s a very good actor.

Lisa Seldon: I wish I had a ride on sidekick. Mine is too small and it’s hard to get her to head in the direction you want.

As Silverback and The Brutal approach the ring, Gray hops off the Brutal’s shoulder and onto the outside apron. He begins to duck beneath the top rope and pauses once again.

Lisa Seldon: Lazy motherfucker.

On cue, the Brutal climbs onto the apron and holds the ropes open for Gray. Silverback smirks and pats the large man on the shoulder appreciatively. He enters the ring and looks up into the lights and points to sky. The Brutal retakes his place on the ground, a hand protectively caressing the belt upon his shoulder as wild eyes scan the other bodies around ringside...

Silverback's music begins to fade as Emerson heads out of the ring leaving the two of them alone. Drake shares a few pointed words while pointing between the two of them and Silverback accepts them with a laugh and a shrug.

Jon McDaniel: It might not seem like much but this match just took on a whole new dimension.

Lisa Seldon: Not much? Dude is a fucking wall, and based on that display he has no fear or self-respect.

Brian Rentfro: You don’t have any self-respect. Why don’t you go second for Drake.

Lisa Seldon: I can’t, I have to be here to fill in for the guy who got injured.

Brian Rentfro: Who w -

Brian turns toward Lisa and gets smacked in the face with a left hand, knocking him out cold.

Jon McDaniel: Yup.


Jeffery Drake and Silverback both begin to circle the ring, with Drake occasionally casting a wary glance at the Brutal. Silverback chuckles to himself and then dives into Lock-Up, only for Drake to step under it and secure a Rear Waistlock. Drake gets his head out of the way of one elbow from Silverback but turns right into the second, clipping him in the side of the head and causing him to loosen his grip. Silverback then jerks right through it and rolls into a Drop-Toe Hold, putting Drake on the mat. Drake tries to get away from him but Silverback turns and comes up on top of him, keeping Drake on the floor as he twists up his knee.

Lisa Seldon: Silverback goes right to work on that knee and based on the look on Jeff’s face, I’m guessing he didn’t get that robo-knee implant yet… or he did but he hasn’t got a Voodoo Priest to fuse it to his body yet.

Jon McDaniel: Can’t a regular doctor do it?

Lisa Seldon: Maybe. I don’t care for medicine.

Silverback cranks back with great delight, eliciting a little grunt of pain from Drake as he pounds a fist against the mat in frustration. The referee moves in to check but Drake brushes him off with a sneer as he begins making his way toward the ropes. Silverback Gets his feet under him to try and slow it down but Drake takes this shot to turn and kick him off. Silverback falls to the ropes but shoots back, only to run right into a cradle as Drake catches an arm and drags him down into the Juji-Gatame.

Lisa Seldon: Drake suckers him in!

Silverback locks both his hands as Drake rolls him onto his back, refusing to give up his arm. Drake fights it and drops a few heels on him, but Silverback eventually manages to roll it the other way and stack him up for a pin.



Jon McDaniel: Drake rolls out but he’s forced to give up the hold.

Drake kicks his legs but Silverback slips between them and lands into a pinning position of his own. Drake keeps a shoulder up and begins trying to slip out under him but Silverback bares down on his chest to keep him at bay and then sticks his elbow into the side of Drake’s head. Drake tries to fight it but Silverback pushes him into range and then snaps up a knee, cracking Drake in the side of the head and taking the fight out of him. The referee jumps down to count the pin but Silverback gives it up, spins toward Drake’s leg and then snatches a Kneebar.

Lisa Seldon: And a beautiful transition into that move!

Jon McDaniel: Silverback catches him off guard for just a second and then dives right back on that knee. It’s clear he’s come into this match with a gameplan.

Lisa Seldon: Everyone comes into a match with Drake with that same gameplan, which is great for Drake since he knows exactly what to come prepared for. Of course on the downside it means be probably wont be walking much longer, but hey, that’s life, deal with it. Rock n’ Fucking Roll.

Silverback rolls onto his side and cranks on the knee joint but Drake rolls with it and comes up on his back to alleviate the pressure. He then sits forward and tries to wrap a hand around Silverback’s face to peel him off but Silverback thrashes around and gets the move back onto its side before tearing away again.

Jon McDaniel: Jeffery Drake keeps fighting it but this time Silverback has got it deep. And he is not letting go.

Lisa Seldon: He’s a sick man who seems to have a pain fetish. Plus he’s enthusiastic and he’s good with his hands.

Jon McDaniel: You’re thinking out loud again.

Lisa Seldon: I’m not, am I?

The referee slides in before Drake’s face and asks him for the tap, which Drake looks on the verge of giving. Drake’s hand then flirts with the mat as he starts to pale, but suddenly he shakes himself no and fights on. He then manages to get a foot in Silverback’s backside and buries it, allowing him to bear down and begin pulling his leg free. Silverback clings on as long as he can and stretches away, but Drake finally pulls it out, earning a cheer for his efforts.

Lisa Seldon: He’s free, but he was in that hold for a long time.

Drake pulls his way up in the ropes but Silverback gets up on all fours and hones in, diving for the ankle pick. Drake lets him have it but then spins and hunkers down, landing on top of Silverback and immediately dropping a Forearm on the back of his head. Silverback puts a hand up to protect his head and Drake takes it for a Hammerlock before wrapping his free arm around Silverback’s jaw. Silverback tries to buck him off but Drake hangs on and eventually manages to chain his legs to Silverback’s waist and then rolls over onto his back.

Jon McDaniel: Crossface Chickenwing!

Lisa Seldon: And by the look on his face he wants to end it here.

Drake struggles to hold onto the body lock with his bum knee and so instead switches them into a Triangle to keep Silverback locked in. The pain is excruciating hangs on and plies the pressure, looking to tear the shoulder out of the joint. Silverback looks furious as he thrashes around with his free hand, looking to stick it into Drake’s eyes. Drake keeps his head out of the way though and forces Silverback to look for another out, which comes when he begins clawing for Drake’s injured knee.

Jon McDaniel: He’s fighting hard but he can’t quite reach it.

Lisa Seldon: I know he’s in a lot of pain but he needs to take a deep breath and try and think his way through.

Jon McDaniel: I imagine that’s easier said than done when you’ve got a world class submission expert like that trying to rip off your arm.

Lisa Seldon: What he needs to do is roll to one side, put pressure on that knee joint and force him to break that body lock.

Jon McDaniel: Oh is that what you’d do all of a sudden?

Lisa Seldon: No I’d have just kicked him really hard in the face so this bit never happened.

The two go beat red as Drake cranks on the hold, looking to tear the shoulder right out. Silverback grits his teeth though and struggles, getting his feet under him and then arching up, forcing Drake onto his shoulders.

Jon McDaniel: Silverback with the pin.



Jon McDaniel: No! Drake grounds him again.

Silverback’s legs come out from under him but as they do he snaps to one side and rolls Drake onto his bad knee. Drake keeps it tight for as long as he can the pressure forces him to untwist his legs, allowing Silverback to finally tear free from the hold. Silverback then turns and bears down on him again, throwing caution to the wind as he begins firing away with Forearms.

Jon McDaniel: Jeffery Drake had that hold deep but he couldn’t put him away, and now Silverback is making him pay for it.

Lisa Seldon: Adam there wants to be careful. He’s playing right into Drake’s hands.

Silverback crushes Drake’s head against the mat with a horrid flurry of elbows that bloody up his face. Drake keeps his wits about him though and eventually catches an arm. He then spins and throws up his legs for another go at the Juji-Gatame, but Silverback feels it coming and locks his hands together again. Drake arches up onto a shoulder and tries to pry it free but Silverback manages to get his feet placed on the mat and then stands up. Drake hangs on but can’t stop Silverback dragging him into the air and then hurling him back down, smashing the back of his head off the mat to break the hold.

Jon McDaniel: Jeffery Drake came dangerously close to finishing that hold but Silverback just buried him on that slam. Drake technical expert but Silverback might have him matched.

Lisa Seldon: I don’t think he’s made a big deal out of it but Silverback’s last big match was against Marvin Wood and he worked that shoulder all night long. He might be the fresher of the two right now but if Drake catches him again like he did with that Chickenwing, this match could be all over.

Silverback clears his head and then pulls Drake to his feet and then swings in behind him in a Backdrop Driver position. Drake drops an elbow on the back of his head to try and get rid of him but Silverback brushes it off and then cradles the leg. Drake then finds himself pushes up into the air and then brought down again into a Kneebreaker on Silverback’s outstretched leg. Drake takes it bad but Silverback hangs on and then stretches out the leg, looking for a Dragon Screw. Drake feels it coming though and steps up, cracking him across the side of the head with an Enzugiri.

Lisa Seldon: And look at that spit fly!

Drake lands on his back but moves quick as Silverback drops to his knees. Drake then wraps him up and snaps back, smashing Silverback face first into the mat with a DDT before pushing him over into the pin.



Jon McDaniel: No! He is not out of it yet.

Drake drags Silverback to his feet and sends him between the ropes. Silverback hangs on though and pulls back to his feet, only for Drake to jump on him with a series of elbows, looking to put him to the floor. Drake then takes him by the head and leads him to the ropes, looking to smash him off the post. Silverback gets a foot up to block though and then drives Drake into the buckle instead.

Jon McDaniel: Drake trying to set him up on the floor but Silverback fends him off.

Drake stumbles back but Silverback hangs on and pulls him into a Front Facelock.

Jon McDaniel: Now I think… I think he’s looking to Suplex him to the floor!

Lisa Seldon: It’s cool he can just flip out of it and land on his feet, which is fine because he’s only got one leg anyway.

Silverback leans back, dragging Drake into the air. Drake wraps a leg around the ropes though and hangs on for dear life. Silverback grunts and tries again but Drake refuses to go and then fights back with a stabbing left hand between the ribs.

Jon McDaniel: And Drake saves himself from taking the plunge!

Drake drops gingerly to the mat but manages to stay on his feet. He then grabs Silverback's arm and drops to the mat, jarring it against the top-rope. Silverback drops to the floor and staggers back, holding his shoulder tight as he turns away from the ring. Drake takes this chance to bound for the ropes and fire himself back into a Tope Con Hilo, firing himself between the ropes and wiping Silverback out against the rail.

Jon McDaniel: Drake puts it all on the line with that dive, but it paid off!

Lisa Seldon: He's going out of his way to prove how much this knee injury isn't holding him back. It's brave. And stupid. Mostly stupid.

Drake pulls himself from the wreckage and then follows up with a shoulder in the gut, driving Silverback into the guardrail. Silverback answers back by hacking through him with a Chop, even despite the pain in his arm. Drake goes back though and Silverback follows up, picking him onto a shoulder and then driving him back into the ringpost. Silverback then lines him up for a Clothesline, looking to crack his skull off the post, but Drake suddenly surges forward, diving under the shot and causing Silverback to wrap his arm around the post.

Jon McDaniel: And Drake suckers him in.

Silverback goes to turn but Drake rattles him in the back of the head with a forearm. Drake then turns Silverback around and braces his arm back against the post before jumping up into the Armbar.

Lisa Seldon: Juji-Gatame in the post! Oh that's not going to feel good now, in the morning or ever again.

Silverback leans into it, trying to take off the pressure, but Drake hangs back as far as he can, levering the shoulder joint against the post at a grotesque angle.

Jon McDaniel: He can't finish him here but if he pulls off his arm then that might not matter.

Lisa Seldon: Uh, if he pulls off his arm then he can't do the Armbar. God, you're so stupid sometimes.

The Brutal starts to edge toward them but steps back when the referee charges to the corner and begins the count. Drake only gets an extra four seconds out the hold, but it’s enough to do the damage and leave Silverback on the floor. Drake pulls himself up against the apron and aims to go after him but gets distracted by the Brutal moving toward him. Drake offers him a few choice words (something about breaking his arm probably) before turning back to Silverback and rolling him into the ring. Silverback starts to stir as Drake drags himself up onto the apron, only to have his legs chopped out as Silverback sweeps him through the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Jeffery Drake took his eye off the ball and gave him too long to recover.

Lisa Seldon: To be fair, 300 pounds of Maximus Decimus Meridius is pretty hard to ignore.

Silverback steps back out onto the apron with Drake and meets him coming up with a right hand. Drake answers back with one of his own and then hangs onto the ropes while he kicks Silverback in the stomach. Drake then steps after him but Silverback answers with a shoulder in the gut and then stands up, bringing Drake with him. Silverback then cradles Drake’s legs and then jumps off to the side, slamming his knees in the ring frame.

Lisa Seldon: Oh he musta just shattered his... already shattered knee. I guess that’s not really a thing. Still hurts though.

Silverback rolls back under the ropes, shaking out his arm as he pulls Drake back in. Silverback then twists up his leg and then twists into a Spinning Toe-Hold. Drake lets out a call as Silverback baits him, leaning and begging Drake to take a swing before darting out of the shot and then coming down on his knee joint again.

Jon McDaniel: Silverback is having the time of his life out there. Really grinding that hold in.

Lisa Seldon: He likes hurting people and he doesn’t like Drake. So I figured hurting Drake is like Christmas… if they celebrate Christmas in the jungle.

Jon McDaniel: The jungle of Seattle?

Lisa Seldon: No the jungle of the Congo, stupid.

Silverback takes this moment to slap Drake in the face, only for Drake to rear up with a chop, rattling his hurt arm. Silverback reacts about as expects, bearing down and digging his fingers into Drake’s eyes, forcing the referee to get in between them. Silverback finally releases at the count of four, only for Drake to rear up when he does and strike him again, chopping him across the face.

Jon McDaniel: Drake might be going down but if he is he’s going down swinging.

Lisa Seldon: It’s a sound strategy. He’s dragging him into a fight Silverback shouldn’t be having.

Silverback grinds his elbow into Drake’s heavily torqued knee and gets another shot in the face for his troubles. Silverback thuds him in the chest with a right hand and then eats another shot from Drake, who begs him for more. Silverback tries to fight it but takes one more shot and finally gives in, breaking free out of the hold and then forcing Drake to stand. Drake struggles to keep his balance as Silverback pushes him to the ropes and then shatters his jaw with a right hand on the return. Drake takes a knee for a moment but pulls himself back up and then answers with a thudding right of his own. Silverback shakes it off though, grabs him by the head and then pulls him down into a knee, opening the cut back up on his forehead.

Lisa Seldon: KNEED!

Jon McDaniel: Drake gets out of the frying pan but jumps right into the fire.

Lisa Seldon: Yes, but with both his legs still attached. That’s half way to a victory. A moral victory but a victory none the less.

Drake cracks Silverback with a forearm and then peppers him with a couple more to send him back. Drake then presses the action but Silverback cuts his attack short by kicking out his legs. Silverback’s smile shines through now as he pulls Drake back to his feet, steps through an elbow in the chest and drives Drake back into the corner. Silverback then steps back and forces Drake to come after him, only to be cut down again as Silverback throws a Dropkick into his knee. The fans wince and Drake’s face pales a little as his leg buckles under him, dumping him to the mat again.

Jon McDaniel: This is starting to look bad. Drake clearly doesn’t want to just give up but he might have to.

Lisa Seldon: The fact that he’s comeback at all means that he’s got every intention of going out on his shield. Unless the referee steps in, Drake isn’t giving up until he peels that leg off.

Drake rolls onto his back gets pinned down as Silverback puts a foot on Drake’s knee and then squeezes. Drake eventually manages to kick him off, only for Silverback to jump down on his chest and stick his fingers deep into the wound on Drake’s head.

Lisa Seldon: At least someone is having a good time.

Silverback tears away with great and ferocious delight as Drake flails beneath him. Drake manages to catch him in the eyes though and plunges his thumb in, eliciting a pained and furious scream from Silverback, who digs into Drake’s wound for as long as he can before being forced to break. Silverback then falls back, clutching his eye and scowling, but he makes it a little better by digging his heel into Drake’s knee as he passes.

Jon McDaniel: Dirty bastard.

Lisa Seldon: Yeah…

Silverback pulls him up one more time and then takes a leg. Drake aims to shoot again but Silverback twists, putting him down with a Dragon Screw. The fans recoil as Drake’s knee gets spun out from under him but Silverback hangs on, pulls him up and then twists into a second, jarring his knee once again. Silverback piles on the pressure, looking for a third only to get pulled into a pin.

Jon McDaniel: Small Package!



Jon McDaniel: No! He’s out again!

Lisa Seldon: Drake’s still got him.

Silverback tries to pull free but Drake suddenly twists and locks Silverback in an Omaplata.

Lisa Seldon: And he pulls that submission right out his ass!

Drake contorts his arm horribly but Silverback rolls through onto his back. Drake hangs on though and swings his legs over Silverback, chaining right into the Armbar.

Lisa Seldon: Silverback slips out of one but goes right into the Juji-Gatame. And this time he’s got it deep!

Silverback does his best to sit out of it but Drake pins him down and cranks on the hold.

Lisa Seldon: He’s going to pop the bone right through the skin… with any luck. Wouldn’t that be awesome to see?

Jon McDaniel: Umm…

The fans jump to their feet as Silverback struggles in the hold. Drake keeps it tight though and arches into, putting everything he can into finishing him off. Silverback shakes his head no at the referee and fights for the ropes. Silverback can’t reach them though, even as he claws, pulling himself toward the ropes. Silverback gives that up though and arches onto his shoulders, causing the referee to dive on the pin.

Jon McDaniel: Is he trying to get himself pinned?

Lisa Seldon: Still better than giving up.



Jon McDaniel: He rolls out!

Silverback rolls onto his front but is still deep in the hold and struggling to survive as Drake arches up on his knees, even in spite of the pain. Silverback looks desperate and rolls forward again to coming up sitting. Silverback then tries to stand up but Drake pushes him down to his back again.

Lisa Seldon: He’s not letting go! He needs to finish it here!

Silverback ends up flat again but quickly, desperately rolls with the momentum and comes up on his knees again. Silverback then turns and gets a leg over Drake and tries to pull free only for Drake to arch it deeper still, pulling him to the mat. Silverback growls in pain but pushes to his knees again and then finally pulls free.

Lisa Seldon: He survives! And not only that but he’s on top!

Jon McDaniel: What a fight!

Silverback grabs Drake’s leg and tries to stand up into a Single-Leg Boston Crab but Drake hooks an ankle as he does and then twists, bringing him down with him. The two then separate and pull to their feet with Silverback shooting first. He shoots for a Clothesline but misses as Drake ducks under knee and makes him pay for it by digging an elbow into his shoulder. Silverback stumbles from the force of the blow and falls to the nearest corner. Drake then staggers after him and steps up into a Monkey Flip, only for Silverback to push him off and bring him down on his knees again.

Lisa Seldon: Every time he gets a break Adam goes right back to that knee. He’s come in tonight with a gameplan and he’s stuck to it throughout… except for when he was stabbing him in the face.

Silverback waits for Drake to force himself back onto his feet and then wades in. Drake throws a hand at him but Silverback swings to one side, wrapping his legs around Drakes and then spinning, bring Drake down on the mat. Drake tries to kick him off but Silverback holds on, wraps up Drake’s back knee, clamps his arms around Drake’s heel and then pulls it in such a way that wrenches a scream from Drake’s lips.

Lisa Seldon: Heel hook! Heel hook!

Jon McDaniel: Is that bad?

Lisa Seldon: It’s very bad. You can dislocate a knee an ankle or if you’re very lucky you can even split the shin bone right down the middle. It is not a nice hold to be a part of.

Drake calls out in pain as he rolls this way and that, desperate for the out. Silverback can feel him waning and decides to make him suffer, wrenching it again and again like a motorcycle throttle. The referee then dives in to check, practically begging Drake to tap out, but Drake answers with nothing but a call as he carries on trying to fight free. Drake then turns into it, trying to take the pressure off but Silverback sits up and pressures him back down. Drake swats at him but misses as Silverback falls back and snaps the heel again, but as he does Drake comes up on him, pressing his shoulders to the ground.

Lisa Seldon: Another roll up! And Silverback’s all tied up.




Jon McDaniel: He’s done it!

Drake hears the three and then tosses himself at the mat, desperate to get out of the hold. He then chucks himself at the ropes and tries to stand, only to collapse the second he sets any weight down on his leg. Silverback meanwhile lies flat on his back, completely worn out and clutching his shoulder.

Lisa Seldon: What a match! What a fight! Everything I’d hoped for…

Jon McDaniel: What about the bit where both careers were shortened right before your eyes?

Lisa Seldon: It’s not my career.

Brian Rentfro: That’s a shame.

Lisa Seldon: Oh hey, look who’s awake. Guess that means I should be going. Got a match you know, gotta give you guys some champs.

Lisa pats Brian on the shoulder and takes her leave, heading up the ramp amidst the sounds of “Plush” raging around the arena.

Jon McDaniel: Lisa Seldon there. Always… a thing.

Uncharted: Drake's Misadventure


Before a winner can be announced or the victors music cued, two forms burst into the ring. One of these forms, massive and chromed face plate glinting in the arena lights, is The Brutal. A chair in hand he rushes towards Drake and Silverback.

Jon McDaniel: And here comes the Brutal!

The other, having pushed his way out of the crowd is much smaller and carry’s a metal pole. This is now the second time he’s appeared on PWA television tonight. He too moves towards Silverback and Drake.

Brian Rentfro: And Fley! That’s Fley Jon!

Jon McDaniel: This can be no good.

Drake takes notice of both men as well, but despite his awareness of the situation he’s unable to get to his feet as Silverback grabs hold of him keeping him pinned down. Jeffery raises a hand to throw a punch, but a powerful chair shot from The Brutal ends his attempts at escape as he crumples.

Brian Rentfro: HA! Drake just had his life rearranged!

Fley comes in right behind The Brutal and cracks Drake over the head with his metal pole. Silverback quickly rolls out of the way as The Brutal and Fley continue to work Drake over. The fans begin to boo vehemently.

Jon McDaniel: Drake is just having the stuffing beaten out of him up there. I don’t understand why this is happening.

Brian Rentfro: Oh I do Jon. Look! Look at the top of the rampway!

The screen splits in two. On one screen the continued dismantling of Jeffery Drake and on the other…

Jon McDaniel: That’s Styx, Brian! Founder and leader of the M.o.A!

Brian Rentfro: They’re back!

The tribal tattoo covering the right side of Styx face creases around his smile as he watches The Brutal and Fley work Drake over. Again and again they hit him. By now he’s past the point of resisting. It doesn’t really matter though as Silverback finally joins the party with a chair of his own.

Jon McDaniel: Someone has to stop this, Brian!

Brian Rentfro: When Styx has seen enough he will.

Jon McDaniel: Just despicable and spineless!

Brian Rentfro: That’s the M.o.A way Jon.

Finally, Styx raises a hand. In the ring Fley notices the signal and calls the assault off. Breathing heavily Fley reaches for his back pocket and produces a mic. Silverback and The Brutal pace the ring, watching for any heroes.

Fley looks down to Drake and flips the mic to life.

Fley: It’s like you know…

The crowd boos loudly and Fley smiles wickedly. It looks wrong on his too handsome face. He rolls his eyes and looks back out to the crowd.

Fley: Would someone do me a favor and let him know, when he wakes up, that this was all personal. There’s a lot which is about to happen in the AOWF that’s all business, but this?

Fley looks over his shoulder at Drake and then back to the crowd.

Fley: This was a lot of fun. And Jeff can be assured that there’s more where this came from. It’ll be just like old times.

Fley smiles again, and closing down the mic offers it to Silverback. Adam just shakes his head. Fley shrugs and brings the mic back to life.

Fley: Genesis. What better place for a rebirth? Am I right? We’ll be seeing you all again before the nights over. M.o.A Supreme.

“After the Flesh” by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult hits the PA-system. The fans continue to boo as Fley, Silverback and The Brutal exit the ring, leaving an unconscious Drake at its center. At the top of the rampway Styx continues to look on.

Jon McDaniel: You were right Brian. The Masters of Armageddon are back.

Brian Rentfro: Ahh, but I don’t think that’s the mystery Jon. The mystery now is who else is part of this new M.o.A? And which federations will they invade?

Jon McDaniel: A Community wide invasion?

Brian Rentfro: I think this is just the start Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Well… if I were a fan of the M.o.A, I’d think this would be a good way to start.

The trio of Masters finally reach Styx at the top of the rampway and as a group they vanish behind the curtain. Down in the ring a few ring attendants have started to check on Jeff. Who will probably be just fine and saying mean and witty things tomorrow morning. For now though he’s in a lot of pain and should be happy he’s not hanging from a scoreboard.

Jon McDaniel: I’m being told we’re going to take a short promotional break and then we’ll be right back with the continuation of Genesis Twelve!

Brian Rentfro: Leave it to Drake to bring the show to a dead halt.

A Rookie in the World of Professionals

The camera fades backstage where Jethro is sitting down on a bench, his overalls up to his waist and he is taping up his wrists with green and yellow electrical tape. He looks up as he slowly winds the tape around his wrist.

"You know Lean Bean, at least the you could is knock every once in a while. I mean what if I was in here naked or something? Corse, you might like that..."

Jethro winks as Lean Bean Miller comes into the focus of the camera.

LBM: Jethro, your opponent has has many words to say this week."

Jethro holds up a hand.

"But while many words have been spoken from his camp, not a damn one of them has done anything but make him look like a less than stellar rookie playing on the Yankees. In other words Miller, he has done nothing more than flap his gums with nothing of substance coming out."

LBM: But Justin Case has said that he frightened you in to silence.

Jethro nods.

"Then in the next promo he says that he rattled my cage back in to recording another promo. I don't know about you, but it is highly confusing. Is he claiming to have silenced me with terror? Or is he claiming a victory in rattling me enough to speak again?"

A shrug from Jethro.

"Honestly, I just thought it'd be funny to have Justin Trash there doing nearly the same thing as Case does, less talking but same point is getting across. But I was doing my part in trying to hype the match, seeing as no one is going to tune in to see him... wait a second, his mom might order the pay per view in hopes that he somehow steals a victory from me... if he does, then Mama Case better buy a lottery ticket in the next instant. In other words Lean Bean, Justin Case doesn't know which he wants to run with his arguements... a rookie in the world of professionals."

Jethro smiles.

LBM: What do you have to say about his claiming that his talking gets to you, under your skin?

Jethro laughs.

"His talking constantly about nothing does get into my head, but just like a icecream spike. Know how that sharp sudden pain hurts like hell?"

LBM nods his agreement.

"Its the same thing, his voice and total lack of cohesion, rams into my head like an icecream headache and only after several minutes of silence, does the headache go away. Well, that, and a few Excederins... found at your local Rite Aid or Walgreens Pharmacy."

LBM looks at Jethro confused.

"I spent so much money over this past week buying headache pills that I figured I'd sign a deal with them, cheaper price and all."

LBM nods.

"But his talking is a bit annoying as well, just like flies to an Olympian god. But just as they'd take the Olympian Times and knock that fly outta the air, I'm gonna take my boot and knock him and the rest of the universe out of their misery. I might not can shut him up permantly, but I can knock him the fuck out presently and momentarily."

LBM doesn't smile, but moves on to another question.

LBM: What do you think about him saying that his annoying ways will help him defeat you tonight?

Jethro actually laughs.

"Just empty words Miller, he's done the same thing all week in flapping his gums, this final promo from him is nothing different. Its just flap flap flap flap; reminds me like the little piece of shit that won't go down after flushing the toilet."

LBM just stares stoicly.

LBM: He says that you can't get rid of him.

"See how that whole turd analagy works? It just spins around and around, just like a Justin Case promo."

Jethro is finished wrapping up his wrists and begins to tie his boots.

"Just like he claims me to keep bring up Bubba J, which I have brought him up. However, I was the first to say lets drop him because of his irrelevence to this match and the supposedly higher and mightier Justin Case..."

Hayes looks up from tying his boot.

"Is the one who won't let him drop. I simply use it as another point os showing the entire viewing community that Justin Case doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about."

He's finished tying his boots and sits back, reaching over his shoulder and grabbing the left overall strap.

"Who knows with Case, but I can say that he won't be talking much after our match... not in front of any cameras anyways. He'll probably be sitting on the toilet complaining to The Wiz outside of the stall while he cries to Mama Case on his cell phone, and doing his best to stop his multiple lacerations from bleeding all over his body. This guy is so over confident that he thinks that everyone talks good about him, when people I've talked to can't do more than laugh at his antics as they try to figure out which way he is going to go with an arguement."

He buckles the left strap.

"He wants to think that I care about him, that he matters to me... fact is... that he's right."

Jethro nods.

"But the only reason that I do care abot him, the only reason that he does matter to me is... he's my opponent tonight and well... I don't take any match lightly. He's got my full attention, he ain't gonna want it, but for tonight... he's got it."

He grabs the right strap.

"He then has very few original ideas, while telling me that I'm unoriginal, yet he copies my promo when I spoke 'Tard to him by speaking "Hillbilly" to me. Last time I checked, someone had to be from the hills to be considered a Hillbilly and well... their ain't no hills where I'm from."

He buckles the strap, Lean Bean just stands there.

"But Lean Mean... please excuse me..."

Jethro stands and heads for the door, upon opening it he turns back to LBM.

"Cause I've got an ass to kick... Justin Case you didn't know."

Fade back to ringside.

Jethro Hayes vs Justin Case

Super Japanese Style Deathmatch

Cut to a video package, highlighting Justin Case's ascension in REBEL Pro and his recent rise in the PWA. A few choice clips from various Justin Case promos air as he extols his own virtues, and then the announcement from President Robinson that Jethro Hayes will be returning to the PWA to face Justin Case at Genesis 12 in a JAPANESE DEATH MATCH. Highlights from Jethro's career roll, including the beatings he's taken in 2010 alone and still managing to get back to his feet, leading to a few choice words from Jethro Hayes intercut with ones from Case, both men speaking their minds on one another and the match. All in all, the video package takes up maybe 3 minutes total, ending with a graphic of Jethro Hayes on one side and Justin Case on the other, facing off against one another.

Cut to the ring as the PWA ring crew finishes up wrapping some barbed wire around itself and loading boards of goodies at ringside. The ring apron next to the entrance ramp finds itself with no ropes whatsoever, a pair of barbed wire-wrapped tables set up next to one another, and boxes of fluorescent light tubes placed atop them; the two parallel sides of the ring have their ropes remaining intact with a random vine of barbed wire snaking its way around the middle rope, a bed of lightbulbs, a bed of thumbtacks, a bed of nails, and a barbed wire board with explosive charges duct taped to them; and the ring apron farthest from the entrance ramp has had its ropes stripped away and replaced with a thick netting of barbed wire interwoven tightly, small explosive charges placed sporadically throughout the netting, a five-foot-tall pyramid made of light tubes held together by electrical tape, and a pair of trash cans containing various assorted goodies.

Jon McDaniel: This...this may be going too far.

Brian Rentfro: What do you mean? You never have a problem with stuff like this when it's the Dome of Destruction, when it's WarGames, or when it's for some huge feud or an important title match!

Jon McDaniel: But...Jethro Hayes nearly killed himself before effectively retiring from the PWA, and THIS is what he comes back to?

Brian Rentfro: If Justin Case wants to act like he's the most hardcore wrestler to ever grace a PWA ring? He's going to have to defend that honor against one of the men who can truly justify that kind of claim.

Cut to Emerson.

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with no time limit, and is a JAPANESE DEATH MATCH!!!


Colt Ford's special remake of "Ride Through the Country" for Jethro Hayes hits up in the arena's speakers. The youngest Grand Slam Champion in PWA history walks through the black curtain to an insanely deafening pop as he looks out to the crowd, pointing out his brand new custom made Genesis 12 trucker cap.

~Down the road where the black top ends, you can find Jethro Hayes with all his friends, we're used to gravel roads, and fishin' with cane poles, wasn't no swimmin' pools, jus swimmin' holes.~

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, weighing in tonight at 315 pounds and standing at 6 feet, 7 inches tall...

Up on the screen a blacktop road begins to wind away in front of us and we travel along it as though we are in a car. Jethro holds his fisted right hand into the air and the crowd pops almost as loud as they did when he walked through the curtain. He begins to walk down the ramp, making sure to slap the hands of the fans along his way, switching from side to side because if they are going to respect him for what he is doing and how he is changed, he will respect them as well.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Lenox, Georgia, he is the youngest Grand Slam champion in the history of the Pioneer Wrestling Association...

~We was dirt road poor, and cane switched raised, done came a long way since back in them days, been ‘round the world twice seen all fifty states, ate on thousand dollar china

Eric Emerson: ..."The Southern Hero"...

~But love sum paper plates , there aint nuthin wrong with them big city lights, but me, I prefer them slow country nights, where I can see the darkness come and then go~

Eric Emerson: ...JETHRO HAYES!!!

On the ADC-Tron, the image is of Jethro driving his old pickup truck down a country road. Along the side of the road are buildings erected with the names of the Championships that he has won instead of typical names of businesses. Other such names include "Hall of Fame", "Wrestler of the Quarter", "Face of the Year", and many "Match of the Quarter" buildings are all along side the road. He reaches the bottom of the ramp.

~Most folks is honest, and they all speak slow, you can leave your door open, aint nuttin' gunna happen, most country folks sing, but I couldn't, so im rappin, I wanna show yall where I come from, and invite yall all down to any country town~

The road winds through a small city, but the image of the very arena in which we are having the PWA show tonight comes into view around a corner. Jethro climbs the steps and is on the apron. He wipes his feet out of respect for the legends in this sport and the respect he has for this sport before stepping through the ropes.

(Chorus with John Michael Montgomery singing)
~Now before I pack and things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, to take a ride through the country.~

Hayes walks over to the corner, checking the strength of the barbed wire wrapped around the post and netted across the ramp.

~Up, dressed, and gone by 5 am, he's country, and he's rappin' we gotta play him, folks been waitin for some one like me, to give ‘em some hot beats and spit that country~

Jethro hits the ropes, bouncing off to get the blood pumping a bit before his match while being careful not to get caught on the wild vine of barbed wire wrapped around the middle rope. The blacktop road in front of us enters the arena's door and heads somewhere inside.

~His overalls don't sag, they fit, they kinda tight, got on a John Deere t-shirt, no nothin' but work. Daylight til dark, that's how I was bread, and I'll keep bein' country til the day I'm dead~

Jethro looks out at the crowd from the corner he's standing, holding up his fisted right hand before pointing to them. Just in front of the blacktop road is a black curtain, we sit here waiting as though it is the end of our ride.

~See, country folks eat biscuits called cat heads, bar-b-q, baked beans, sweet tea, and white bread, we like to fish and hunt, aint scared of a fight, love the Good Lord and believe in doin' right,~

He backs up and turns, rushing to the opposite side of the ring to point to that section of the crowd.

~Got 4-wheel drives, some got mud on ‘em, you can keep your rolls roice, cuz baby, we don't want 'em! So now yall all know exactly who I am, and if you aint into that, i don't give a damn!~

Jethro turns to the corner to his right and charges over to it, once more holding up his hand and pointing out to the crowd, completing his pre-match ritual on the side of the ring lacking any ropes as the chorus hits up again...

~Now before I pack my things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, take a ride through the country.~

Hayes turns and jogs over to the final corner, the one to the right of where he started, and completes his ritual with his hand in the air, finger pointing to the crowd.

~You might have seen me on your t.v, but honey, that don't mean a thing, you see, I'm still that same ‘ol country boy, and that's all I'll ever be, and sometime, those bright lights blind me, and make it hard for me to see, but when I need to be reminded, I take a ride through the country~

Hayes slides his custom Genesis 12 trucker cap off and tosses it as far into the crowd as he can before turning around, adjusting his elbow pads and the tape around his hands and wrists and forearms.

~At about 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, them country boys head down to the local saloon, you welcome to stop in and have a cold bottle, big city boys and stuck up super models, we don't care where ya from, as long as you polite, cuz push come to shove and every one of us will fight~

Even through the roar of the crowd, Jethro nods as he listens to the song and allows it to remind him of things in the past. It reminds him of the times he's been pushed around and how he will not let it happen anymore.

~We mostly easy like Sunday morning, ol' Colt came here to give yall fair warnin', country folks wont be pushed around, and theres some of us livin' in every town, we believe in the Bible, and the U.S.A, work hard for what you want, it's the American way, no body owe you nothin' supposed to earn your keep, but in a hard days work, get a good nights sleep,
I know some of yall think Colt's kinda odd, but I'm loud, proud and country by the grace of God!~

Jethro points to the crowd one last time as the blacktop view on the big screen seemingly flies through the screen, showing that Jethro considers those fans in attendance friends.As "Ride Through the Country" clips back to the start of the very first verse, Jethro turns to face the entrance ramp, raising his head up so that he can see it clearly while his music dies down.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

Puff Daddy's "Victory" cues up, rolling out the boos from the crowd at large.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at 265 pounds...

"The Millennium Game" Justin Case casually walks out from behind the curtain, adjusting the collar of his entrance jacket before running his hands over his hair. The Wiz shuffles out immediately after him, stopping to rub his client's shoulders as Justin points up at highlights of his career on the ADC-Tron before calmly making his way down the ramp.

Eric Emerson: And standing at 6 feet, 5 inches tall...

Case stops halfway down the ramp, looking around the arena from behind his sunglasses before sliding them off and dropping them onto the ramp. He does the same with his coat, revealing just his regular ring attire. The Wiz scrambles to pick up both his sunglasses and his coat, tucking his walking cane under his arm to do so, and slings the coat over his shoulder before sliding the sunglasses into the pocket of his sportscoat.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada...

Justin takes a few deep breaths as the Wiz rubs his shoulders again...

Eric Emerson: ...he is "The Millenium Game"...

...and then charges the rest of the way down the ramp, grabbing one of the boxes of light tubes off of the barbed wire-wrapped tables he passes before sliding into the ring, immediately swinging them at Hayes.

Eric Emerson: ...JUSTIN CASE!!!

Hayes ducks and peppers Justin with some jabs as he turns around.


Jon McDaniel: Neither man wanted to wait for the bell!

Brian Rentfro: In this kind of match? The sooner it's over the more likely you are to be eating solid food the next day.

Jethro stops throwing jabs and goes to whip Case to the rope-less side, but Justin slides out to the floor and then rolls back in, dodging an elbow drop in the process. Both men get up to their feet and lock up, with Hayes slamming Case down to the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: Now, Justin Case is a pretty big guy. 6'5", close to 270 pounds...but Jethro's been known as a powerhouse since the day he stepped foot in a ring.

Jon McDaniel: Smart, unbiased commentary from you, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: What he NEED to do is hit him in the balls over and over again.

Jon McDaniel: And there we have it.

Hayes puts a pair of boots into Justin's face and brings him to his feet, whipping him towards the barbed wire netting, but Case, once again, slides out of the ring, this time under the bottom strands of barbed wire. Justin grabs one of the trash cans of assorted plunder and tosses it into the ring, forcing Jethro to side step it and allowing himself time to get in.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro narrowly avoiding the trash can...

Case lands a pair of surprise rights to Hayes and snaps off a headlock takedown, locking him in a rear chinlock.

Jon McDaniel: This is some of the technical ability of Case shining through. The man has a very, very sound knowledge of technical holds and maneuvers, but his time in REBEL Pro seems to have sucked most of them away.

Brian Rentfro: Which is funny to think of, because the top talents of REBEL Pro? The most dominant ones? They've always been the best WRESTLERS first and the most hardcore second.

Justin breaks the actual wrestling hold and slams a few fists into Jethro's forehead before turning around and picking up a Kendo Stick that fell out of the trash can. Hayes gets up and turns into a wild swing by Case, knocking him down the mat.

Brian Rentfro: And there's the REBEL Pro attitude shining through!

Jon McDaniel: Well, he IS a two-time REBEL Pro World champion.

Case marches over to the box of light tubes and pulls a few out, placing them on the mat before lifting Hayes back to his feet. Justin fires off a snapmare and then soccer kicks Jethro in the lower back before placing a boot into the back of his head, grabbing one of the light tubes, and smashing it over the Grand Slam winner's skull.

Brian Rentfro: That's a whole lot of ideas that Justin just gave him.

Jon McDaniel: Those are for lightBULBS, Brian. Not light TUBES.

Justin digs the broken remnants into Jethro's forehead before smashing whatever's left over it, letting a few trickles of the red stuff run down from a wound just above the bridge of Hayes' nose.

Jon McDaniel: And Justin Case has drawn first blood!

Jethro crawls away as Justin empties the rest of the trash can's contents onto the mat - a Nintendo Wii, a mouse trap, a picture frame, a staple gun, and a model airplane - before holding the trash can high up above his head. Hayes gets to his feet, checking the blood on his fingers, and Justin charges in, looking to smash the trash can over his head.

Brian Rentfro: Why would you rush in with a trash can blinding your vision?!

Jethro ducks under it and trips Justin up, forcing "The Millennium Game" to fall face-first into the trash can.

Brian Rentfro: You just end up paying for it!

Hayes grabs the model airplane, gives it a "what the fuck" look, and then measures Justin as Case rises up. Hayes charges in and ducks down low...

Brian Rentfro: THE PLOW??!!?!

Jon McDaniel: NO!

...Case goes for a leap frog, but Hayes planned it.


Case hops up and down as Hayes continues forcing it in before Jethro gets bored, dropping it and walking away. Hayes looks at the barbed wire netting and nods, grabbing a handful of Justin's hair and dragging him towards it.

Brian Rentfro: Hair pulling, Jethro? Really?

Jon McDaniel: It's not as if Justin will just gladly shove his face into the barbed wire if asked politely.

Brian Rentfro: Have you tried it?

Jon McDaniel: Well, no, but...

Brian Rentfro: Then how would you know?

Justin reaches out a hand and grabs the wire, stiffening his arm to make it that much harder for Jethro to push him in.

Jon McDaniel: Case is trying to fight free, but it looks like Jethro's strength advantage is definitely winning this part.

Jethro delivers a pair of crossface punches and shoves Justin's head further towards the wire, within an inch or two, but Case fires off a stray back elbow to Jethro's midsection, and then another, and then another, breaking free.

Brian Rentfro: Justin Case you didn't know, Jethro Hayes got rocked by a flurry of elbows!

Jon McDaniel: ...horrible...

Justin gets to his feet and picks up another light tube, swinging it at Jethro. Hayes ducks it and kicks Justin in the midsection, catching the light tube before it drops to the mat, and then smashes it over Case's head.


With "The Millennium Game" dazed, Jethro goes to whip him into the barbed wire netting, but Justin reverses, sending Hayes in...


Jon McDaniel: HOLYYYYYYY SHIT!!!!!

A cloud of smoke and sparks rise from the barbed wire netting where Jethro's back connected as Hayes rips himself away from it, his shirt shredding and smoking as he does so.


Brian Rentfro: We haven't used explosives in a PWA ring in quite some time! I forgot how loud they were!

Hayes drops down to all fours as Justin leans against the top rope, picking tiny shards of glass out of his head.

REPLAY: Jethro manages to turn at the last second and slam back-first into the barbed wire netting, setting off a pair of the small explosive charges lying within due to the pressure of impact.

Back to live action as Justin puts a pair of boots into Jethro's face and scores a DDT, rolling him over and looking for the cover.



Jethro kicks out at 2!!!

Jon McDaniel: Jethro Hayes has been through hell and back throughout his career. I don't think anybody has the same amount of heart as Hayes does, for better or for worse.

Justin unloads a barrage of fists into Jethro's face before grabbing the remaining light tubes from the box he brought in and stacking them on top of Jethro's torso. Case walks over to the emptied trash can plunder and picks up the Nintendo Wii, marching over to Hayes and then dropping it on top of the stack of light tubes, smashing glass and adding that little extra impact before he hits the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: But he gets a little hint of the barbed wire!

The lone barbed wire vine along the set of ropes to the left of the entrance ramp apron gets caught on Case's lower back, causing him to stop running and slowly pull it away.


The Wiz digs into his pockets and produces a pair of wire cutters, hopping onto the apron and snipping the lone vine of barbed wire away, dropping it to the floor.

Justin Case: No, no, give me that!!

Case motions for the Wiz to hand him the barbed wire and he obliges. Justin quickly marches over to the rising Jethro Hayes, wrapping the barbed wire around Jethro's head, and then drops him with an Edge-O-Matic, leaning forward to hook his legs.



Jethro kicks out at 2!!!

Jon McDaniel: Still a bit too early to take out the youngest Grand Slam winner in PWA history, Justin.

Brian Rentfro: Do like I said and kick him in the balls a bunch!

Case stands up and takes a quick breather, walking over to the rope-less apron by the ramp, staring at the pair of barbed wire-wrapped tables. He smiles, nods, and then marches back over to Hayes.

Brian Rentfro: He's got a plan...!

Justin grabs a handful of Jethro's hair and drags him to his feet, pulling him over to the rope-less apron, and then hooks on a rear waistlock.


Brian Rentfro: I think he's aiming for those tables!

Case tries to get Hayes over, but Jethro keeps fighting back, shifting his weight enough to make it a huge struggle for Case. Jethro breaks free by firing off a few back elbows and turns, slamming fist after fist into Justin's head before kicking him in the midsection and setting him up.


Hayes points at the two barbed wire-wrapped tables on the floor before hoisting Justin up, but Case rains down fists into Jethro's forehead, forcing him to drop him. Justin rushes into the ring and then charges Jethro, nailing a clothesline that forces Hayes back a step. Justin does it again, nailing another clothesline, this one putting Jethro on the edge of the ring apron, practically about to fall off and through the two barbed wire-wrapped tables.

Brian Rentfro: Third time's a charm!

Though the saying is "the third time's a charm," meaning that one's third attempt at something should result in success, that proves wrong for Justin here, as Case goes for a third clothesline but Jethro ducks down and scoops him up over his head, throwing Justin through the two barbed wire-wrapped tables (thus smashing the remaining box of fluorescent light tubes placed on top of them) at the bottom of the ramp.


Hayes drops to his knees, slowly pulling the barbed wire off of his head from Case's Edge-O-Matic, and the Wiz runs over to his client, checking on him along with referee Dwayne Cross.

Jon McDaniel: We...we may need to that one again.

REPLAY: Case rushes in for his third clothesline attempt, but Jethro scoops him up over and his head and Gorilla Press Slams him through the two barbed wire-wrapped tables, smashing the box of light tubes remaining on top of them in the process.

Back to the live feed, and Cross backs away, as does the Wiz, as Hayes rips Justin out of the barbed wire, causing a small chunk of flesh from his shoulder to hang loose as blood pours from the wound.

Brian Rentro: That is fucking disgusting...

Jethro grinds his knuckle into Justin's temple and guides him over to the floor to the right of the entrance ramp, quickly suplexing him into the bed of lightbulbs.


Jon McDaniel: Jethro Hayes not walking away unscathed from that one...

Hayes picks a chunk of glass out from the back of his head, examining it briefly before shrugging and tossing it to the floor. The Wiz rushes over to Justin, helping him up out of the bed, and hands him something from his coat pocket.

Jon McDaniel: What's...what's he got there?

Jethro marches to the Wiz, causing him to run off as Justin drops to a knee, concealing what his manager gave him. Hayes turns around and goes to bring Case to his feet, but receives a FACEFUL OF POWDER instead.

Jon McDaniel: Are you KIDDING me?!

Brian Rentfro: The best managers always go to bat for their clients, Jon!

Jethro swings blindly at nothing, allowing Justin to re-position the bed of nails so that it lies next to the bed of thumbtacks, and then boot Jethro low, hooking him in, and planting him back-first onto the bed of nails with a Fisherman Suplex.


Brian Rentfro: Are you saying Jethro's a bottom, Jon? That's awfully presumptuous of you.

Hayes rolls off of the bed of nails as Case rises up to his feet, rolling around in the thumbtacks. He lets out a quick yelp of surprised pain before rolling back onto the floor, pulling himself up to his feet and limping away as he yanks tacks out of his flesh. Meanwhile, Justin and the Wiz pick up the barbed wire board, sliding it under the bottom rope and into the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Violent intentions from the Justin Case camp...

Justin reaches into the ring and grabs the last remaining light tube before stalking up behind Hayes. Jethro kicks away some of the barbed wire-wrapped table wreckage before rolling into the ring, and Case slides in after him, standing behind him as Hayes rises to his feet.

Brian Rentfro: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaatter up!

Justin hooks Hayes by the head and wraps his leg around Jethro's from the side, placing the light tube across the face of "the Southern Hero," before falling back with a Russian Legsweep, smashing the light tube over Jethro's face.

Brian Rentfro: LIGHT Russian Legsweep!

Jon McDaniel: ...what?!

Brian Rentfro: Well, a Russian Legsweep with a weapon involved is usually referred to as a WHITE Russian Legsweep, but it was a LIGHT tube, LIGHT rhymes with WHITE, and...

Jon McDaniel: Right...Justin's not done yet!!

Case takes the remaining half of the light tube and smashes it quickly over Jethro's ribcage before covering him, grinding his forearm into his face.




Case hooks a leg.




Jon McDaniel: Justin Case undeterred...

Justin hooks BOTH legs.




Brian Rentfro: How was that last one not 3?!

The force of Jethro's last kickout forces Case to roll off of him. As he sits up, Justin begins fuming, and then touches the piece of dangling meat on his shoulder, wincing from the pain of it. He motions to the Wiz on the outside, who produces a roll of duct tape from under his coat.

Jon McDaniel: ...what else does he have under that coat?

Brian Rentfro: A good manager ALWAYS comes prepared.

Justin slides out to the floor and drops to a knee as the Wiz tears pieces of duct tape off of the roll, pressing them against the wound. Piece after piece is stuck to Justin's flesh as, in the ring, Jethro rises to his feet, using the wire-less ropes for support. The Wiz finishes wrapping the roll around Justin's ribs to hold the other pieces in place as Case hurries him, and the two then begin pulling chair after chair out from underneath the ring, sliding them in.

Brian Rentfro: You've heard of Musical Chairs, right?

Jon McDaniel: Of course.

Brian Rentfro: Think of what's coming next as BRUISE-ical Chairs.

Jon McDaniel: Why all of the horrible puns tonight?

Hayes wipes blood from his eyes as Case slides in, a dozen or so chairs littering the ring mat. Justin picks one up and charges towards Hayes, smashing it over his head.

Jon McDaniel: THAT could be a concussion.

Jethro falls to a knee, his eyes loose in his skull, and Case backs up some, charging in again.


Justin falls down into a heap, the chair landing on his face, and Hayes grabs one of his own, smashing it over and over again against the chair lying atop Justin's face.


Hayes drops the chair in his hands onto Justin's head and turns, eying the collection of chairs produced by Case and the Wiz, and then begins unfolding them and setting them up.

Brian Rentfro: This...wait...didn't somebody else used to do this all the time?

Jon McDaniel: Yeah, but he's not here anymore.

With six in total set up, their seats touching each other in a 3x3 line, Hayes turns to Case. He brings him to his feet and lifts him into a fireman's carry, turning to the chairs.

Jon McDaniel: He's going for the Calf Toss!! He's going to Calf Toss Justin Case into the chairs!!

Hayes steps forward and motions to throw Justin over his head but then stops, turning, instead, to the barbed wire netting and, more specifically, to the pyramid of light tubes on the floor.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, that's just...NO!!

Hayes nods and rushes towards the barbed wire netting, throwing Case over the top strands after stopping short. Justin falls chest-first into the pyramid of light tubes, sending shards of glass and a big cloud of mercurial gas into the air.


Hayes backs up, careful not to trip any of the remaining charges in the barbed wire netting, and gets the Wiz's walking cane smacked into his back. Hayes drops to a knee from the impact as the Wiz rushes over and picks up the picture frame from the trash can plunder.

Jon McDaniel: Of all of the dirty, no good tricks the Wiz could employ tonight, outright ATTACKING Jethro Hayes?!

Brian Rentfro: Like I said earlier, Jon, a good manager always goes to bat for his client.

Hayes' eyes narrow as he rises to his feet and turns to face the Wiz, who readies the picture frame and goes to smash it into Jethro's face. Jethro catches Wiz's arm by the wrist, shakes his head, and then boots him in the midsection, doubling him over.

Jon McDaniel: Going to bat, eh?

Hayes quickly turns Wiz around and locks on a full nelson, turning to face each section of the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: He's going for it...!!!

Wiz shakes his head and squirms, trying to break free, but Jethro's too strong. He lifts the manager of "The Millennium Game" up and pivots to the set up chairs, dropping him tailbone-first onto the center of them. The chairs pry apart, some of their seats bending, and Wiz squirms, holding his lower back as he desperately rolls out of the ring.


Brian Rentfro: He's not even a wrestler, Jon! That was an entirely immoral thing to do!!

REPLAY: Hayes catches the Wiz in a full nelson, picks him up, and then throws him tailbone-first through the set up chairs with the Take-A-Breaker.

Back to the live feed, "The Southern Hero" looks around and finds Justin Case crawling to the ring apron at the side of the ring where the ropes still have one vine of barbed wire hanging from them, Case reaching under the ring. Jethro walks over to the ropes as Justin pulls something out, reaching for Case, but Justin surprises him with a shot to the head from a BARBED WIRE-WRAPPED CHAIR!!!


Hayes falls back, some strands of his hair being torn out by the barbed wire chair, and clutches at the fresh wounds on his face. Case slides the barbed wire chair into the ring and reaches back underneath, pulling out a pane of glass.

Brian Rentfro: Justin Case is going to SHATTER the glass ceiling here tonight, by either sheer determination or with Jethro's stupid hick head.

Once more, Justin goes under the ring, and pulls out...

Jon McDaniel: A WEED WHACKER?!?!!?!?

Case slides into the ring, pulling on the ripcord as he scrambles to his feet, and the engine starts up. He revs it a few times, drawing a collective gasp of shock from the crowd, and Hayes turns...


Hayes' shirt is torn up, his flesh resembling hamburger underneath as he falls back, writhing in agony before leaving the ring.

Jon McDaniel: That...

Case raises the weed whacker up above his head, revving the engine a few times before it stalls. He drops it and slides out of the ring next to Jethro, stomping on the fresh slashes on side from the weed whacker.

Jon McDaniel: That was...that was just absolutely disgusting...

REPLAY: Justin Case revs up the engine of the weed whacker as Jethro turns around, and then shoves the cutting end of it directly into Jethro's ribcage, sending bits of fabric and blood and flesh flying.

Back to the live feed as Justin grabs a handful of Jethro's hair and positions him over the remaining bed of lightbulbs with an inverted front facelock, swinging down and dropping Jethro chest-first into it. Glass shatters and Case rolls away, picking little shards of it out of his shoulder.


Hayes crawls out of the bed of lightbulbs and rolls against the crowd barrier, ripping glass out from his chest and shirt. Justin stands up, wiping blood from his eyes, and then rolls into the ring, crawling over to the nice 3x3 arrangement of chairs. He turns them so that their backs touch one another, keeping the 3x3 pattern, and rolls back out of the ring, this time with the barbed wire chair in his hands.

Jon McDaniel: How is this one not over yet?

Brian Rentfro: This will be over when Justin Case SAYS it's over.

Jethro pulls himself to his feet at the barrier as Justin stalks over, winding up with the barbed wire chair, but Hayes reaches down, grabs a cup of beer from a fan, and turns, throwing the golden adult beverage into Justin's eyes.


Jon McDaniel: Justin used powder from the Wiz's coat, Jethro used beer from one of his fans. Sounds about fair to me.

Case flails, dropping the chair, and rubs his burning eyes as he drops to a knee, allowing Jethro to pull him up into an Argentine Rack.

Brian Rentfro: I don't like where this is...!!!!!

Quickly, Hayes swings Justin out, dropping him back-first onto the bed of nails with a neckbreaker as he, himself, falls into the bed of thumbtacks, completing the Tobacco Road.

Fans: THAT WAS EVIL!! **clap, clap, clapclapclap** THAT WAS EVIL!! **clap, clap, clapclapclap** THAT WAS EVIL!! **clap, clap, clapclapclap** THAT WAS EVIL!! **clap, clap, clapclapclap**

Case squirms off of the bed of nails, blood flowing freely from dozens of fresh wounds in his back, and Jethro sits up, a few hundred thumbtacks sticking into his back and head.

REPLAY: Jethro brings Justin up in an Argentine Rack and then finishes off the Tobacco Road, planting Justin back-first into the bed of nails.

Jon McDaniel: This has to end soon...for the sake of both men's very LIVES...

LIVE FEED!! Nearly a full minute passes before either man moves again, with Hayes rising first. He grabs Justin by the back of the neck and brings him to his feet, rolling him into the ring. Hayes crawls in himself and drapes an arm over Justin's chest.




Justin's shoulder goes up and he, immediately, rolls onto his side, his back to Hayes. Jethro rises to all four's, breathing heavily, and looks at the barbed wire netting to his left.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro cannot BELIEVE that Case is still in this one!

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe Justin hasn't beaten Jethro yet!

Jethro then looks over at the inverted version of the chair setup he through the Wiz through, and then directly at Case as he rises to his hands and knees. Hayes stands up and walks over to the trash can plunder, picking up the mouse trap.

Brian Rentfro: What the!

Hayes sets it and tosses it directly at the side of Justin's head, the trap snapping shut on the top of his ear.

Brian Rentfro: WHY MOUSETRAPS?!

Case lets out a scream but, before he can remove it, Jethro pounces on him, nailing him with clubbing forearm after clubbing forearm to his upper back.

Jon McDaniel: Suplex attempt into the chairs...!

Jethro grabs Justin in a front facelock and goes to suplex him onto the chairs, but Case manages to squirm back down to his feet. A knee to Jethro's midsection stuns him, a big right hand to his face turns him around, and then Justin locks on a side rear waistlock, lifting "The Southern Hero" up and then dropping him onto a pile of broken glass from the many light tubes already smashed in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: But Justin holds on!!

Case brings Jethro back to his feet, pivots, and drops him with a back suplex onto the mat proper. Rolling back to his feet again, Case drags Jethro to his, backs up towards the chairs, and...


Jethro's back connects directly with the backs of the chairs, causing some to bend in an ungodly manner and others to tumble over themselves and onto Hayes as he lands on the canvas, clutching his back.

Brian Rentfro: Jethro left the PWA to heal up and lick all of the wounds he'd accumulated over the years, on top of other reasons I don't feel like getting into, and how's he welcomed back? With the possibility of being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The fans stand in stunned silence as Case drops to his knees, holding his hands up in the air. The Wiz pulls himself to his feet on the outside using the ring apron, and reaches into the ring, sliding the staple gun over to Justin. Case picks it up, looks at it, and then crawls over to Hayes, shoving chairs away.


Jethro sits up, a fresh staple sticking into the bridge of his nose, and Justin locks him into a chinlock, putting the staple gun flush against the top of his head.


Jon McDaniel: He just emptied that staple gun into Jethro's head!!

Brian Rentfro: That was FOUR staples, Jon. Have you never done any sort of home renovation?

Case tosses the staple gun away as Hayes scrambles and crawls towards the wire-less ropes, pulling himself to his knees.

Brian Rentfro: "The Millennium Game" back up...

Justin carefully grabs the barbed wire board and slides it into position as, outside, the Wiz convinces one of the PWA ringside attendants to help him load the other board into the ring as well.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, what the hell is going on now?!

Justin stands back, barely able to remain on his feet, and wipes blood away from his eyes and off of his shoulders. Jethro pulls himself up and backs away from the ropes, his vision clouded, and then turns to eat a boot to the midsection. Case butterflies Jethro's arms...


Justin picks Jethro up for it, but Hayes sandbags him, falling down to his knees. Justin maintains the butterfly hold, though, and goes to lift Jethro again, but Hayes fights out of it, freeing his arms and hooking the back of Justin's legs and lifting him up.

Jon McDaniel: Back body drop...! NO!!!

Hayes quickly swings Justin forward, dropping him with an Alabama Slam onto the barbed wire board.


The pair of explosive charges on the board go off, sending smoke everywhere.

Jon McDaniel: GEORGIA SLAM!!!

Case sits up, screaming in pain as the barbed wire digs into the burnt flesh on his back, and Hayes hits the wire-less ropes, coming back with stiff knee to the side of his head.


Hayes rips Case from the board and, instead of lying him down for a cover, looks at the barbed wire netting. Jethro nods to himself and then whips Justin into it...


Brian Rentfro: THIS IS OVERKILL!!!

Case leans forward, virtually lifeless, and Hayes plants a right hand into his jaw before picking up the pane of glass that Case and the Wiz slid into the ring earlier, placing it against Justin's chest.

Brian Rentfro: Oh no...what the hell is he going for now?!

Hayes limps over towards the wreckage of chairs and finds one that's not too bent, taken from an unused pile, and then tosses it away after he spies the barbed wire chair, holding it up high above his head for the crowd to see.

Jon McDaniel: Oh no...don't...DON'T DO IT, JETHRO!!!

Hayes turns to face Case, drops to a knee, takes a deep breath, and then charges forward...


Jon McDaniel: THE PLOW!!! THE PLOW!!!!

Hayes quickly backs off, tearing the barbed wire chair from his own shoulder and ripping some of his hair out in the process, pulling a 4-inch sliver of glass out from under his skin. Case is freed from the barbed wire netting due to the impact and stumbles forward, falling stomach-first into the pile of broken glass.

Brian Rentfro: This...why do we keep letting these people kill themselves like this so often?!

Jon McDaniel: Since when have you had sympathy for anybody in a deathmatch environment?!

Practically an eternity passes before Jethro finally starts crawling over to Justin, rolling him onto his back and slumping over onto him.




Brian Rentfro: THE WIZ BREAKS IT UP!!!

The Wiz puts some boots into the back of Jethro's head for good measure after breaking up the pinfall, and then shoves him away. Referee Dwayne Cross gets in his face, arguing with him, but the Wiz slaps him across the face.

Jon McDaniel: Bad move, Wiz...

Dwayne Cross fires back with a big right hand to the Wiz's jaw, knocking him down. Wiz scatters out of the ring, clutching his leg, and backs up against the crowd barrier as Cross berates him over the top rope, pointing to the stripes on his referee shirt.

Brian Rentfro: The Wiz should sue! Dwayne Cross wasn't doing his job right, the Wiz pointed it out, and then he gets punched in the mouth? What the hell kind of a professional does that to a non-wrestler?!


Brian Rentfro: Calm down there, killer. You're going to have an aneurysm.

Justin forces himself up to his knees as Hayes gets to his, mere feet apart, and the two start trading right hands.



Case, somehow, gets the upper hand, allowing himself to rise to his feet and plant right after right into Jethro's cranium.

Brian Rentfro: THIS is why he's called "The Millennium Game," folks, because Justin Case may just be one of the single toughest bastards of this millennium, or any other for that matter!

Case locks Jethro's head between his thighs and butterflies his arms.


Case steps closer to the unused barbed wire board and lifts Jethro up to his feet. He struggles to bring Hayes off of them and ends up dropping down to a knee as Hayes does the same.

Brian Rentfro: Both of these men have lost a lot of blood tonight in what just may be the single biggest gorefest in Genesis history, and that's saying A LOT.

Case powers himself back up and drags Jethro to his feet, lifting him up...


Hayes kicks his legs wildly, forcing Justin to put him back down, and breaks free. Hayes swings with a blind right that Justin ducks, but it was intentional as Jethro fires off a back elbow to Case's jaw, dropping him down to a knee. He positions him between his legs, lifts him up...

Jon McDaniel: THE PLANTER!!!

...and drills him with a Jackknife powerbomb directly onto the barbed wire board.


The force of the explosion forces Justin to sit up, much like before, but Hayes just shoves him down and collapses on top of him.





Hayes rolls off of Case and onto his side, his face completely hidden by blood as his overalls and shirt show the destruction and brutality of the match.

Eric Emerson: Your winner of the match...JETHROOOOOOOOOOO HAAAAAAAAAAAAAYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Ride Through the Country" cues up as EMTs and extra ringside attendants flock down the ramp with incredible speed, a pair of gurneys and stretchers in tow.

Brian Rentfro: That...that was just...

Jon McDaniel: Utterly insane and violently depraved.

Brian Rentfro: Exactly.

Dwayne Cross barely has time to lift Jethro's arm up in victory, though, as EMTs fit him on the back brace, lock him in a neckbrace, and then slide him out of the ring in record time as a second crew clips Justin free from the barbed wire board, doing the same to him.

Jon McDaniel: Well, the show must go on, so while the ring crew cleans this mess up, let's have a look at some of the, um, "highlights" of this barbaric display of ultraviolence.

Replays are shown, including the ones shown during the match itself, taking up about 7 minutes in total.

Mark McNasty vs Raizzor

Singles Match

The lights in the arena cut to black and blue as "Whatever You Became" by Cold begins to play.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Atlanta, Gerogia. Weighting in at 255, and standing at 6 foot 3 inches...

>>Whatever you became<<
>>Blame it on my fame<<

Two blue pyros erupt from the stage as smoke begins to flow from the back.

>>Always away from you<<
>>Sold my life for a song<<
>>Whatever you killed<<
>>The blood got on my face<<

Eric Emerson: He's "The Main Event"...

>>See it took over you<<

After a moment, out walks Mark McNasty, receiving a huge pop from the audience.

>>And your mind's nearly gone<<


>>And I can't change my ways<<
>>Sorry, it's my fault<<

He stops at the top of the ramp and cocks an eyebrow, as he rubs his chin. He forgoes his usual smile and high-five routine, opting instead of solemnly walk down the ramp, casually reaching out here and there to slap a few high fives without any effort thrown in.

>>I wasn't there to see<<
>>Whatever you became<<
>>Whatever you became<<

Jon McDaniel: If you notice, Mark's usual jester-ish demeanor is gone tonight. He wants Raizzor. He wants to be the second person to ever legitimately have beaten Raizzor at Genesis.

McNasty rolls into the ring and runs the ropes briefly, stopping and then backing into his corner as "Whatever You Became" dies. The lights return to normal, flicker...


...and then die again as the fans go insane. The striking opening riff of Dream Evil's "Vengeance" cues up as mist pours from behind the curtain.

}}I have worked for nothing, slaved in vain
All those years that I've been pushed around
They better watch their backs now, those who gave me pain
'Cause vengeance screams their names tonight{{

Raizzor solemnly walks out from the back to an even bigger pop than McNasty received. Pyro shoots off from either side of the entrance stage as steam rises from the grating beneath him, and Raizzor stands still at the top of the ramp, his eyes affixed on the ring.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

}}All of you sinners
You better run and try to hide
You've all been dreaming
So you better hide to stay alive{{

Raizzor stalks down the ramp slowly, his eyes affixed on McNasty and only McNasty.

}}Marching out now, out to kill
The rain of blood has just begun
Blocked emotions now released
In darkness you will fear my name{{

Eric Emerson: ...weighing in tonight at 285 pounds and standing at 6 feet, 8 inches tall...he is the Soul-Taker...

}}All of you sinners
You better run and try to hide{{


His entrance gear is quickly unshackled as Raizzor reaches the bottom of the ramp, dropped to the floor, and McNasty immediately dives through the ropes with a tope suicida, sending Raizzor down. The lights return to normal as "Vengeance" is cut.


Jon McDaniel: Mark McNasty just wants to get this over with!

McNasty gets back to his feet and backs up into the crowd barrier as Raizzor, stunned and surprised, rises up to his, his back to Mark. McNasty charges forward and leaps up, drilling the Soul-Taker with a vicious forearm to the back of his head.

Jon McDaniel: LIGHTS OUT!!

Brian Rentfro: Already?! Does Mark have a hot date tonight after the show?!

Mark stands up and looks down at Raizzor, the giant PWA Hall of Famer lying in a heap on the ringside floor, and then quickly rolls back into the ring, standing up and backing away as referee Scott Swindell makes the count.

Scott Swindell: 1! 2!

Raizzor's arm reaches out for the crowd barrier, his fingertips barely gracing it.

Scott Swindell: 3! 4! 5!

McNasty grows anxious in the ring, pacing back and forth, his eyes never leaving Raizzor. Outside, Raizzor fights up to a knee with the aid of the barrier, his eyes blank.

Scott Swindell: 6! 7!

Raizzor pushes off of the barrier and backs up against the apron, grabbing the top rope and pulling himself onto it.

Scott Swindell: 8!

Raizzor rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring, but immediately eats boots from McNasty.

Brian Rentfro: This match has only been going on for maybe a minute, and McNasty already looks like he's got it in the bag.

Mark stops stomping on Raizzor and drops down, grabbing the back of his head and raining a thunderstorm of fists into his skull. Swindell comes over and notices the closed fists, warning McNasty to break it, but Mark just continues pounding away on Sommers' face.

Jon McDaniel: I'm really surprised Scott Swindell doesn't try to break this up considering Mark's fists look pretty closed from here.

Brian Rentfro: You would say that, Jon. This is Genesis. Something tells me he's going to be a bit more relaxed on the rules tonight.

McNasty finally stops the onslaught of knuckles and backs away, taking a quick breather, before bringing Raizzor to his feet and whipping him into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: McNasty charges in...

Mark connects with a Stinger Splash on Raizzor, hits the ropes, and then connects with a running clothesline in the corner. Raizzor slumps down, but McNasty picks him up, sitting him on the top rope, and lands an uppercut to keep him there.

Jon McDaniel: So far, this match has been ALL Mark McNasty.

McNasty climbs up to the middle rope and hooks Raizzor, raising him to the top, and then scoops him up for a Fallaway Slam, looking out into the crowd as they stir with anticipation.


McNasty readies himself to backflip, completing his finisher of choice, but Raizzor fires off some elbows to the side of his head, breaking the hold. Mark grabs onto the top rope to prevent from falling backwards, and Raizzor takes the moment to swing his legs into the ring, landing on his feet.

Brian Rentfro: What's Raizzor going for?!

A pair of clubs to the back of the head daze McNasty enough for Raizzor to turn him around in the corner and then follow him up, hooking him for an avalanche Sault Slam of his own.

Brian Rentfro: Turn about is fair play...NO!!!

Just as Raizzor looks to have been about to backflip, McNasty throws some elbows into the side of his head, breaking his hold.

Jon McDaniel: McNasty hooks him...!!!

An inverted front facelock is applied on the top by Mark as he turns to stand on the middle rope inside the ring before he leaps backwards, driving the back of Raizzor's head to the canvas with an avalanche DDT.

Jon McDaniel: M&M!! HE HIT THE M&M!!

Mark, having rolled away due to the impact of the move, quickly turns and crawls over, covering Raizzor and hooking a leg.




McNasty, undeterred, stands up and drops a knee into Raizzor's face before he brings him back to his feet, whipping him into the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Irish whip...Raizzor ducks a back elbow...McNasty ducks a clothesline...leapfrog...

Raizzor rebounds and McNasty ducks down for a back body drop, but Raizzor responds with a kick to his face, straightening Mark out.


McNasty, clutching his jaw, rolls onto the apron, making chomping motions with squinted eyes.

Brian Rentfro: It wouldn't surprise me if Raizzor just knocked a few of his teeth loose with that one.

In the ring, Raizzor drops to a knee, holding his head, and then stands back up, brushing his hair out of his face. McNasty stands up on the apron, still holding his jaw, and Raizzor stalks towards him.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor's got a look in his eye like a shark that smells blood.

Brian Rentfro: It comes with the territory of being a 5-time World champion.

Raizzor reaches over the top rope, grabbing McNasty by the head with both hands, but Mark grabs Raizzor by the back of the head and guillotines him with the top rope, sending Raizzor falling back into the center of the ring clutching his throat as McNasty lands feet-first on the floor.

Brian Rentfro: BIG surprise from "The Main Event" right there!

Mark quickly slides into the ring and drops down with a leg drop onto Raizzor, making the cover.



Jon McDaniel: Only a 2-count off of that one.

Mark quickly locks Raizzor in a sleeperhold, lying stomach-first on the canvas to keep Raizzor from even reaching a seated position. He wrenches it in as Raizzor tries to fight it, getting his hand between his throat and Mark's forearm to alleviate the pressure on one of his carotids.

Brian Rentfro: In any match throughout his entire career, the bulk of which we've called, can you remember a single instance of Raizzor being dominated like this?

McNasty quickly raises his feet into the air and drops down, putting some torque on Raizzor's neck and cinching the sleeperhold in a little tighter.

Jon McDaniel: I...I honestly can't, Brian. Mark McNasty has been all business tonight, looking to become only the second person to ever actually BEAT Raizzor at a Genesis event, joining Riona Langly.

Again, Mark raises his legs and drops down, torquing Raizzor's neck a little bit with the sleeperhold.

Jon McDaniel: At the first Genesis, Raizzor was in a four-way for the now-retired PWA Hardcore championship that was won by B Dubbs, but Raizzor didn't factor into the finish as he and Prima Donna were too busy fighting each other to notice B Dubbs and Cinergy in the center of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Excellent history lesson. You remind me of my fourth wife sometimes. Want to know why?

Jon McDaniel: ...not really.

McNasty willingly breaks the sleeperhold, stands up, and drops another leg across Raizzor's neck, covering him again.




McNasty changes position, putting his knees on Raizzor's shoulders and hooking his legs in a Victory Roll-fashion.



3...RAIZZOR KICKS OUT, the force of which shoves McNasty down to the side.

Jon McDaniel: But Raizzor's not going down without a fight!

Mark boots Raizzor in the face and then grabs him by the head, dragging him up to his feet before whipping him into the ropes. Raizzor REVERSES, however, and catches McNasty with a massive big boot to the face upon his rebound to a huge POP.


McNasty rolls to his side, holding his jaw again, and Raizzor drops to a knee, rubbing his throat and catching his wind.

Jon McDaniel: The damage from Mark taking its toll already on Raizzor.

Raizzor gets up and brings McNasty up to his feet, driving a pair of fists into his face, and then whips him into the ropes, catching him with a sideslam. Sommers quickly gets back to his feet, hits the ropes, and then drops a leg across McNasty's throat.

Brian Rentfro: Guillotine Version 1!

He covers.



Brian Rentfro: And a kickout by Mark McNasty.

Jon McDaniel: Both of these men are not used to lying down and letting people walk all over them. Raizzor is a 5-time holder of the PWA World Heavyweight championship...

Raizzor brings McNasty to his feet and throws him into the corner, drilling him with methodical and well-placed fists into his midsection and head.

Jon McDaniel: ...having beaten Dr. Steven Remo in a tournament final in 1999, the Corpse just a month later after losing the title to him, besting Prima Donna in February of 2000 in a 4-way match along with Cinergy and the Corpse, Project X back in March of 2008, and his fifth reign coming after besting Matthew Engel in December of 2009.

Raizzor fires off a big right hand that drops McNasty down into a slump in the corner...

Brian Rentfro: But let's not forget that Mark McNasty once had his hands on that same title, Jon.

...but stands him back up, continuing the assault.

Jon McDaniel: Very true.

Raizzor whips Mark into the ropes, looking for a second big boot, but Mark ducks underneath it and goes behind him, locking on a rear waistlock.

Jon McDaniel: In June of 2008, McNasty became the fifth holder of the PWA World Heavyweight championship following the company's resurrection in January of that year after beating Corey Lazarus for the title.

Mark tries to lift Raizzor up for a German suplex, but Raizzor fires off a back elbow, breaking the rear waistlock and then hitting the ropes as McNasty drops down to a knee, rocked by the impact.

Brian Rentfro: And then he spent the rest of the year basically trying to kill our boss.

Jon McDaniel: Also very true.

Raizzor rebounds, looking for a clothesline, but McNasty ducks down and scoops him up, nailing a powerful spinebuster to the canvas. Without wasting time...

Brian Rentfro: O...

...Mark leaps back to his feet and hits the ropes...

Brian Rentfro: U...

...rolls forward with a tumble...

Brian Rentfro: C...

...quickly gets back to his feet and jumps up...

Brian Rentfro: H...

...before nailing a somersault senton across Raizzor's midsection.

Brian Rentfro: OUCH!!

McNasty rolls off of Raizzor and rests on his knees, still holding his jaw as he wipes sweat out of his eyes.

Jon McDaniel: He really may have a broken jaw...

Mark rises to his feet as Raizzor lies still on the mat and then stalks over to the Soul-Taker, grabbing him by the head to bring him up to his feet...

Brian Rentfro: SURPRISE!!!

Raizzor quickly drops back down after grabbing McNasty's arm, locking one leg behind McNasty's head and the other under his trapped arm, crossing his ankles and squeezing to cinch in the Triangle Choke.


Raizzor wrenches the hold in as McNasty struggles to stay on his feet, the fans going wild as Mark looks for the nearest set of ropes, his eyes wide with fear.


Sommers, once again, wrenches tighter with his legs, forcing McNasty to drop to a knee. His eyes practically bulging out of his skull, Mark somehow forces himself nearer to the ropes, dragging Raizzor a few inches with him in the process.

Raizzor Fans: TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP!


Mark is forced to drop his other knee down before scooching even closer to the ropes, his fingertips mere inches away as Scott Swindell looks on, checking constantly to look for the rope break. Raizzor cinches the hold in tighter, arching his back, and McNasty's arm near the ropes goes limp. Swindell notices it drop, and then checks on McNasty's, whose eyes are barely open.

Jon McDaniel: He could be out!! Raizzor may have just made McNasty pass out!!

Swindell raises McNasty's arm up, letting it drop.

Scott Swindell: 1!

A second time, and it, again, drops.

Scott Swindell: 2!!

Brian Rentfro: This looks like it's over, just ring the bell already.

A third time...

Jon McDaniel: NO!! McNASTY'S STILL IN IT!!!

Mark's eyes shoot open as his hand again reaches for the ropes, prompting Swindell to jump out of the way so as not to interfere. Mark forces himself back to a knee, and then back to his feet...

Brian Rentfro: What's he...!?

...before flipping forward into a jackknife pin in the corner!! The fans count along with Swindell.

Fans: 1!

Fans: 2!!

Fans: 3...OOOOHHHH!!!!


Mark rolls away and crawls to the next corner over as Raizzor sits up, resting his head on the middle rope.

Brian Rentfro: That...that was close for both men.

Jon McDaniel: I think that very same thought is what's going through their minds right now, actually.

The camera focuses on Raizzor's face, uncharacteristically showing a hint of surprise. Cut to a close-up on McNasty's face as he pulls himself to his feet in the next corner over, an overt sense of shock emanating from his every pore.

Brian Rentro: NOTHING is being left to chance tonight.

Jon McDaniel: And neither man can believe that the other one is still in it.

Brian Rentfro: They've both taken worse, but you can tell Raizzor thought he had McNasty out with the Asphyxiation, and McNasty thought he had the match in the bag with the roll-up to reverse it.

Both men rise up in adjacent corners, but it's McNasty who makes the first move as he charges in with a clothesline, nearly sending Raizzor over the top rope.

Jon McDaniel: HUGE clothesline from the former Malicious!

Mark whips Raizzor across the ring into the opposite corner, following him in with a Stinger Splash attempt, but Sommers steps out and catches McNasty quick, scooping him up onto his shoulder and drawing a HUUUUUUUUUGE POP from the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: TSB!! TSB!!

Indeed, Raizzor quickly drops down, drilling McNasty with the same move that has ended so many of his classic matches before, the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker. Raizzor quickly covers, even hooking Mark's leg.




Brian Rentfro: ...ican'tfuckingbelieveit...

Neither can Raizzor, as he rises to his knees, staring in disbelief at Scott Swindell. Swindell rolls his shoulder, motioning that McNasty got his shoulder up, and holds up 2 fingers. Raizzor stands up and backs up against the ropes, breathing heavily.

Jon McDaniel: Neither can Raizzor!

McNasty rolls over and pushes himself to his knees, his head bobbing a little bit. Mark gets back to his feet and scurries backwards, his equilibrium temporarily shot, and then charges Raizzor with a surprise lariat as the Soul-Taker starts stepping towards him.

Brian Rentfro: ANOTHER big surprise from McNasty!

Raizzor goes down and McNasty falls on top of him, looking for a pin.




McNasty rolls away to the ropes and pulls himself to his feet, his eyes going from showing exhaustion to narrowing in a primal focus as Raizzor forces himself up to a knee.

Jon McDaniel: Both men up...

McNasty boots Raizzor in the midsection and then scoops him up...

Brian Rentfro: OH MY GOD!! HE'S GOING FOR IT!!!


...and then drops Raizzor down with his own Tombstone Shoulder Breaker, immediately popping back up to his feet and then falling into the corner.

Brian Rentfro: Why aren't you going for the cover, Mark?! YOU'VE GOT HIM DOWN!! COVER HIM!!

McNasty pulls himself to his feet and looks at Raizzor's position, close to the corner he's in, and then steps out onto the apron.

Jon McDaniel: He's...HE'S GOING UP TOP!!

McNasty steps onto the second rope and pulls himself up so that he straddles the top turnbuckle, holding tightly onto the top ropes with his hands as he slowly steps onto them. He stands, steadies, and then leaps off with a BEAUTIFUL Shooting Star Press onto Raizzor.


The impact causes McNasty to bounce off of the Soul-Taker and clutch his ribs, rolling away in pain. Neither man makes a motion to get to their feet, and so Swindell starts the count.

Scott Swindell: 1! 2! 3!

Neither man really moves, with Raizzor lying still and McNasty only rolling onto his stomach, facing Sommers from a few feet away.

Scott Swindell: 4! 5! 6!

McNasty reaches towards Sommers, pulling himself towards him without even so much as rising to his knees.

Scott Swindell: 7! 8!

A surge of adrenaline allows Mark to leap forward, covering Raizzor with a lateral press.


Mark reaches down and hooks Raizzor's leg.


He tries to hook the other leg...



Brian Rentfro: This match is STILL going!!!

Mark rolls away from Raizzor, pounding his fist into the mat, and then forces himself up to his feet, falling against the ropes and holding onto them to keep himself standing. Raizzor rolls onto the apron, bringing himself to his feet on it.

Brian Rentfro: Smart decision by Raizzor to go onto the apron. You can't get pinned out there, it's easy to not force a count-out, and that makes McNasty have to expend energy of his own to chase you if he really wants to beat you.

McNasty turns and charges at Raizzor, connecting with a clothesline that knocks back down onto the apron. He then reaches over the top rope, grabbing a handful of Raizzor's hair, and pulls him to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: McNasty looking to suplex Raizzor back into the ring...NO!

Raizzor breaks free of the front facelock with a pair of shots to McNasty's ribs and then...


Raizzor quickly lifts McNasty up into the air by his throat, holding onto the waistband of his shorts for leverage, and slams him to the canvas, the impact nearly sending Raizzor off of the apron but he holds onto the top rope, using it to keep himself standing.

Jon McDaniel: HUGE Chokeslam from the Soul-Taker!!

McNasty rolls away from the apron - and from Raizzor - into the middle of the ring, lying flat on his back. The Soul-Taker slowly walks to the nearest corner, climbing up to the top...

Jon McDaniel: What's...what's Raizzor...?!

Raizzor steadies himself, nearly falling off the top turnbuckle, and then leaps off with a HUGE Guillotine Leg Drop across the chest and throat of McNasty, rolling away and holding his lower back after the impact.

Brian Rentfro: GUILLOTINE VERSION 2!!!

Raizzor pushes himself to his feet and stands up straight, staring at McNasty as he rolls onto his side. Sommers flips his hair back and drags a thumb across his throat, drawing a MASSIVE POP from the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: He's calling for the end!!

Raizzor grabs McNasty by the throat and brings him up to his feet before scooping him onto his shoulders, looking for another Tombstone Shoulder Breaker.

Jon McDaniel: TSB number two...NO!!

McNasty kicks his legs, throwing the Soul-Taker off-balance, and forces himself free, landing behind Raizzor. He locks on a rear waistlock and shoves Raizzor forward into a corner, slamming his chest-first against the turnbuckle pads.

Brian Rentfro: It looks like all of the wind just got knocked out of Raizzor's sails right there!

McNasty steps onto the apron and then climbs the turnbuckle, locking Raizzor into a front facelock and dragging him up to the middle ropes with it locked on.

Jon McDaniel: Mark could be going for Totally Nasty...!!

McNasty stands up on the top, holding Raizzor in the front facelock, readying himself to leap off with the avalanche Leaping DDT...BUT RAIZZOR FIRES OFF SHOTS TO MARK'S MIDSECTION, FORCING A BREAK!!!


Sommers steps down to the mat and forces McNasty's legs apart, crotching him across the top turnbuckle.

Fans: OOOOOOOOOOHH!!!!!!!!!

Raizzor wastes no time, though, and brings Mark's legs back into the ring, hooking his head like he were going for a suplex...but then reaches down, hooking the backs of both of McNasty's knees before lifting him up onto his shoulder.

Jon McDaniel: DRIVEN TO HELL...!!!

Raizzor backs up and turns, marching to the center of the ring before dropping down with a STIFF Muscle Buster, sandwiching McNasty's entire body upon itself while also driving his upper back into the canvas. Raizzor quickly rolls over, hooking Mark's leg.

Fans: 1!

Fans: 2!!

Fans: 3!!!

Raizzor rolls off as Swindell calls for the bell...


...and then raises the hand of the Soul-Taker as he sits up.

Eric Emerson: Your winner of the match...RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIZZORRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dream Evil's "Vengeance" cues up again as Raizzor crawls to the ropes, pulling himself to his feet with them. He turns as Scott Swindell checks on McNasty, nods his head, and then drops down, rolling to the floor.

Jon McDaniel: That was one HELL of a fight.

Brian Rentfro: It's Genesis, Jon. It's THE premier show in not only the PWA, not only the AOWF, but the ENTIRE SPORT of professional wrestling. If you come to the PWA Dome and don't put it all on the line? You don't deserve to be on the Genesis card.

Jon McDaniel: Truer words are rarely spoken.

Raizzor solemnly walks up the ramp (as Scott Swindell and a few PWA ringside attendants help McNasty out of the ring and up the ramp), catching his breath with his hands on his hips, and then stops just before walking back through the curtain, raising a celebratory fist as pyro shoots up from the sides of the entrance stage once more, popping the crowd huge.

What's Next?





Jon: What a great showing there by these two individuals! Raizzor shows us why he is the highlight of every Genesis with the great matches he continues to put on. This one is goi-

Don’t fret precious I’m here.
Step away from the window.

Jon: Is... isn’t that Sullivan’s music.

Raizzor looks up to the stage, battered, beaten, bruised, and honestly, confused. Pulling himself to his feet in the corner of the ring his eyes become deadlocked on the stage as the lights flash a green and purple.

Hunter: There are a lot of things I claim for myself.

With that Hunter steps out onto the stage.

I claim to be the best technical chain wrestling mothefucker to walk around these corridors. I claim to be a walking satire of these people and their stupid beliefs. I claim to be back for good, to entertain myself... to generate interest..

Hunter keeps walking slowly across the stage.

But talking about something really, really isn’t going to do much unless you go out and actually accomplish it. Much like yourself and your streak, with great interest the people talk, the men, women, boys and girls await the return of Raizzor, curious to who will be his opponent that year. To your credit, each year you’re here, win or lose, putting your namesake on the line, making yourself synonymous with the name Genesis. How cute.

Sullivan smirks.

So here I am, having wiped my hands of Starr, wrestling a classic like we all expected, and I’m already itching to do it again. But who? Who would I want to put myself against in hopes that they will push me to my limits and force the best from me? Who the hell can I get to take me on at Genesis.

Who will entertain me.

Hunter Waltz’s down the ramp and rolls into the ring. The Viper circles the ring as Raizzor moves out of his corner, maintaining a vicious and intense glare. Both men stare at each other, moving in close, an echoing sound of pure intensity flows through the audience.

Hunter: Genesis 13 Raizzor.... Consider this your notice.

Brian Rentfro: You’re kidding me! Hunter’s challenging Raizzor to a match… at Genesis!? Next year?

Jon McDaniel: It appears so.

Raizzor doesn’t move from his spot, looking at Sullivan with interest. A moment’s baited breath passes by, and Raizzor holds out his hand. Hunter passes the microphone to him and Raizzor takes no time at all in replying.

Raizzor: Agreed.

Dropping the mic, Raizzor slowly and with pain, eases himself from the ring, while Hunter stands there, smirking and the arena goes nuts over the news.

Jon McDaniel: While not exactly ground breaking anymore, this challenge, set a year in advance is a PWA first, and it assures two things….

Brian Rentfro: Our first match for Genesis 13, and Raizzor’s streak will continue. I’m anxious to see how this will all play out over the next year!

Dallas Hoover vs Leonard Luv

Grizzly Beer Title Match

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall and is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association Grizzly Beer Championship...

The opening lines of "Luv Addict" blare over the PA system..


The tune brings Leonard Luv to the stage in his hot pink singlet and purple pants with pink stars printed on them, a matching boa around his neck, and his wrap around amber shades over his eyes. He spins Inga Lovegood and then does his patented Luv Strut on top of the ramp. He locks arms with her and walks down the ramp with an arrogant smirk on his face, the fans booing his every move. He then hands his shades and boa to Lovegood before sliding into the ring and spinning around, arms outstretched, so consumed with himself. "Luv Addict" stops playing as Luv dances in his corner.

"Wedding Nails" by Porcupine Tree begins to play and three pale blue spotlights shine on the entrance to the ring area. When the drums hit, there is a pop of white fireworks on either side of the ramp and Dallas Hoover steps out, arms spread wide. Jared Locke follows behind with a frown on his face and his arms crossed. Dallas has an enormous grin on his face as he strolls down the ramp. He points at a few fans that seem particularly excited to see him and then climbs the ring steps. He starts to climb under the top rope, but appears to get stuck half way. After struggling for a second, he forces himself through, rolls on his shoulder and lands in a sitting position. He throws out his arms again and laughs, then picks himself up. Jared watches the whole thing with naked disapproval.

Ding Ding

The bell sounds and these two men square off in the center of the ring; Leonard asking for a test of strength from the much bigger Dallas. Hoover obliges with a raised hand, Luv kicks him right in the gut, slapping on a quick side headlock, going for a bulldog. Dallas with a shove sends him bodily into the ropes, Luv bouncing off with a boot to the lowered face of Hoover stands him up. Luv with an European Uppercut rocks the big man backwards. Luv presses the attack with a spin kick to the big man's knees before delivering a bitch slap to his face and a standing dropkick to his mug as well. Leonard presses his advantage with a few well placed punches to the face before bouncing off the ropes again, the big man still not having layed on the canvas. Luv slams into him with a full on body splash.

Jon McDaniel: Look at the strength of Dallas Hoover there!

Brian Rentfro: Dallas with a grab...

And slam onto the canvas that causes Luv to writhe in utter agony from the force of the impact. Dallas lifts him up, whip into the corner and he follows it up with a body splash into the corner. Luv stumbles out of the corner and the big man is there with the back body drop.

Jon McDaniel: Leonard Luv slams hard on the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: Many think that Luv is at a disadvantage, but I think its fatso that has to worry.

Dallas comes off the ropes, looking for a big body splash, but Luv manages to roll out of the way; Dallas splashes the canvas with all of his weight behind him. Luv off the ropes with a Hogan-isk leg drop on the back of his neck. Luv begins to attack Hoover's legs with stomps and toe kicks, before lifting his leg up by the ankle and driving his kneecap into the canvas with authority. Dallas rolls into the onslaught of offense, but Luv jumps over the roll, coming down with a knee into his chest to hault the possible break up.

Brian Rentfro: See? All fatty can do is roll around like he's just finished eating at a buffet.

Jon McDaniel: That's enough.

Brian Rentfro: Exactly what the owner of the restaurant told him after plate number 20.

Luv drops an elbow into the chest before following it up quickly with another series of elbows as he tries his best to keep the big man down. Dallas, not to be denied though, begins to struggle up to his feet, sending a punch into Luv's midsection. Leonard blocks the blow, catching the wrist and going into a wristlock before kicking Dallas in the face as hard as he can. Dallas' head rocks back, but he continues the struggle back up to his feet as the fans cheer him on and boos rain down on Leonard Luv.

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe that these fans are booing Dallas Hoover, thought he was their hero or something.

Jon McDaniel: I'm pretty sure that they are booing Leonard Luv.

Brian Rentfro: Even more proposterous.

Dallas is up to his feet, but Leonard with a chop to the chest sends the ringing sound of it back through the crowd as it slams into Hoover's chest. Hoover takes the blow, sending his forearm into Luv's face sending the slightly taller man falling back after releasing the wristlock. Dallas with a headbutt has Luv on the ropes, a second headbutt has him woozy on the ropes. A whip sends Leonard to the other side of the ring and Dallas with a clothesline sends him down on the canvas. Dallas off the ropes, up in the air, coming down with a body splash that he holds for a quick pin attempt.



Luv manages to get a shoulder up, somehow after that weight came down on him he gets a shoulder up. Dallas, not surprised, holds him in a bear hug before bouncing off the ropes and twisting around to slam Luv down on the canvas, effectively squishing him there.

Jon McDaniel: I'm not sure Luv knows where he is at.

Brian Rentfro: He'd better be afraid, Dallas looks hungry and the last restaurant to see that... well... they went out of business.

Dallas picks Luv up, but Luv with a knee into Dallas' thigh gets him a moment of reprieve, but Dallas with a quick thought sends Luv down with a headbutt and a forearm combo. Dallas lifts Luv up, side belly to belly suplex, but he doesn't go for a cover. Dallas off the ropes, big leg drop, Luv rolls out of the way. Leonard is up to his knees as he leans on the ropes and pulls himself up vertical as Dallas gets to one knee. Luv with a kick to the bent knee brings a grunt of pain from Dallas and Luv presses his attack with a forearm smash to his face and an elbow to his temple. Luv with a face rake, gets the ire of the referee, but the ref doesn't see the thumb to Hoover's eye that follows it up. Luv turns around to argue with the referee, giving Dallas time to regain his composure before he slams his shoulder into Luv's back which sends him chest first into the corner. Luv flips up and over the turnbuckle, running along the apron, and up the other turnbuckle to come off with a missile dropkick to the rising big man. Dallas catches the feet, spins around, launching Leonard like some sort of Olympic event. Leonard slams heavily on the mat before rolling outside for a breather.

Brian Rentfro: Isn't that move illegal?

Jon McDaniel: Not that I know of.

Dallas waits a moment as the referee begins the mandatory ten count.


Leonard is jawing with a fan at ringside.


The fan and Leonard seem to be getting near blows.


Leonard turns around, away from the fan, keeping an eye on Dallas Hoover.


He wrenches his neck from side to side.


He rolls his shoulders.


He takes a few deep breaths.


He darts for the ring, but Dallas is there.


Leonard rolls in away from Dallas and is quickly up to his feet.

Brian Rentfro: Brilliant move by Leonard there, he knows that Dallas can't move as fast as someone his own size.

Jon McDaniel: He's got a bit of speed and a lot of power to make up for what he lacks in speed.

Dallas comes charging over.

Brian Rentfro: Sexpot Super Kick!

Jon McDaniel: And Dallas is on his way down!

Luv's boot landed squarely in the mouth of Dallas Hoover, his eyes rolling up into his head as his big body fell. The fans immediately begin to boo for Leonard Luv as he struts for a moment, giving the fans a bit of his own type of love. He walks around and finally manages to get Dallas Hoover in Love Hurts, noticing that there is no way that he can hit his finisher; he must go for the submission hold instead. The pain of the move wakes Dallas up from unconsciousness and he is in intense pain, well far away from the ropes. Dallas looks at the ropes and shakes his head as the referee asks him if he wants to submit. Dallas shakes his head, as well as saying "No," to the referee. Leonard has the hold synched in as Dallas goes for the ropes, his weight doing a lot to help him here as Leonard can't lock on the hold as well as he'd like to.

Leonard manages to keep Dallas from reaching the ropes. The combination of a fairly long match, the super kick, and the submission hold finally get to the big man as he seems to pass out in the ring. The referee waits a moment as Leonard screams for him to check on Dallas.

The hand goes up once... and falls.

Brian Rentfro: The big man is dreaming about a buffet after the match.

It falls a second time...

Jon McDaniel: The fans are behind Dallas here, will they be enough?

It falls for a third time.

Ding Ding Ding

Brian Rentfro: Evidentally not!

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... and... NEEEEEEEEEW Pioneer Wrestling Association Grizzly Beer Champion... Leonard Luv!

Leonard releases the hold, pulling himself up to his feet and receiving his belt as Dallas rolls out of the ring and limps backstage.

Dodo-A-Gogo vs Hardcore Snowfall

PWA Tag Team Title Match

Lisa and Anna get together to decide who fights first and do so with a game of rock paper scissors. Anna pulls rock and so does Lisa, then again and then a third time, throwing the entire situation into anarchy. With no clear way to decide, Lisa and Anna both decide to cross the ring and knock the shit out of Mr. Hardcore.

Brian Rentfro: Well this is going about as well as planned.

Jon McDaniel: Least we’re getting some champions again.

Mr. Hardcore gets beat down into the corner before the referee can get in and separate them. Lisa decides to step aside for her team, but not before making it very clear to the referee that both of them had won the right to fight first. Anna meanwhile gets Mr. Hardcore out of the corner, takes him back down with a Snapmare and then cracks his head with a Dropkick. Mr. Hardcore clutches his head and rolls to the outside for a breather. Unfortunately for him, Lisa comes rushing along the apron, throws up two knees and drops them on Mr. Hardcore’s face.

Jon McDaniel: For a tag match, they sure aren’t putting much stock in tags.

Brian Rentfro: But they both called rock!

Lisa again points out that they did indeed both draw rock while she rolls Mr. Hardcore back into the ring toward Anna. Anna then takes over and drags Mr. Hardcore back to the corner where Lisa is now conveniently waiting for the tag. Lisa then steps in (officially this time) and helps Anna put Mr. Hardcore to the ropes. Mr. Hardcore shoots back as Lisa steps in for a Drop-Toehold, bring him right down into a Dropkick from Anna.

Brian Rentfro: They just ripped his jaw off!

Jon McDaniel: No I believe technically they erased his face. Hence the name.

Mr. Hardcore clears the way, making room for Scottie Snow to charge in and miss Anna Mathews with a Clothesline. He then turns and walks right into an Overhead Roundhouse Kick from Anna while Lisa comes around from behind and splatters him with an Enzugiri.

Brian Rentfro: That’s Scottie Snow earned his Genesis bonus.

Scottie is pushed aside and the two go back to Mr. Hardcore, with the referee having apparently bent to the rock paper scissors ruling. Mr. Hardcore gets pushed into one corner and tagged with a few kicks from both women. The two then whip him to the opposite corner and then follow, with Anna shooting first for a Handspring Back Elbow, nailing him in the jaw and sending her over safely to the apron. Lisa shoots next; stepping off Mr. Hardcore’s chest and kicking him upside the head as she lands a picture perfect Tiger Wall Flip. Before she can follow up though, Scottie Snow charges in from the side and rips through her with a Spear.

Jon McDaniel: The Snow Plough!

Brian Rentfro: That’s weird.

Lisa goes down as Anna hops up for a Springboard, only to be tripped by Mr. Hardcore, who falls back into the ropes to take her off balance and then catches her on his shoulders. Hardcore then steps forward into the ring and then falls back for the Samoan Drop, just as Scottie Snow steps in and doubles it up with a Neckbreaker for good measure.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like these two have come prepared!

Brian Rentfro: Looks to me more like Scottie Snow just hijacked his move.

Mr. Hardcore clamps on the pin.



Jon McDaniel: And Lisa makes the break.

Scottie Snow does his best to hold Lisa at bay as Hardcore gets Anna up and prepares to drop her with the Vertebreaker. He then stands up with it, only for Anna to float through and land on her feet behind him. Hardcore then turns but gets caught as Anna wraps his arm behind his head and thuds him in the chest with a Heart Kick. Hardcore winces as Anna releases his arm, drops low and then puts him on his backside with a Legsweep. Meanwhile Anna Scottie Snow finds himself at ringside as Lisa turns and tosses him through the ropes, thus leaving her free to link up with Anna and blast Mr. Hardcore with stereo Roundhouse Kicks.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah this is more like what I expected.

Mr. Hardcore flops to his back while Anna hits the ropes, returns and gets propelled into the air by Lisa, sending her straight up with a Flapjack and then stepping aside as Anna comes down from on high with a Legdrop. Anna then looks to cover but she’s pushed off by Lisa who spies Scottie Snow on the ropes. Scottie Snow leaps for a Double Axe-Handle but hits nothing but Lisa’s heel as she shoots straight up and cracks him in the jaw, sending him head over heels before flopping onto his front. Lisa then pulls him up to his knees and stands back as Anna charges in and shatters his jaw with a Bakatare Sliding Kick.

Jon McDaniel: And they are just all over him.

Scottie drops dead to the mat and Lisa finishes him off with a Standing Stardust Press, crashing down into the pin.



Jon McDaniel: No! Mr. Hardcore makes the break!

Anna Mathews jumps at Hardcore and tries to send him through the ropes, only for him to turn it around and send her instead. Anna hangs on to the ropes and only goes as far as the apron but Hardcore doesn’t see it as he turns his attention back to Lisa and sticks her with a knee in the ribs as she tries to get up. Hardcore then tags her with a few quick jabs to push her back to the right distance.

Brian Rentfro: You Got Bitched!

Hardcore then suddenly lunges forward with a Jawbreaker Lariat, only to have Lisa drop down into the Splits to avoid it. Lisa then hops up, turns and pulls Hardcore into the clinch before cracking him open with a knee. The impact causes his legs to buckle but Lisa hangs on and then pulls his head down into another, splitting a wide gash down his face.

Jon McDaniel: And Lisa with some gruesome knees from the Muay-Thai Clinch.

Brian Rentfro: Bet he wishes he’d stayed in that bar now.

Lisa rips through him with a third knee before finally letting him drop to his knees, only to wind up a Shotgun Roundhouse Kick that cracks a fracture down the side of his skull.

Jon McDaniel: The Killer! And if Scottie Snow decides to save him from that then he’s a worst friend than even the Phoenix.

Brian Rentfro: That even possible?

Lisa kicks Mr. Hardcore onto his back and then hands the floor to Anna Mathews, who hops onto the second rope, bounces to the third and then launches into a 630 Senton, crashing down into the remains of Mr. Hardcore.

Jon McDaniel: And Anna Mathews follows up with the Slash and Burn!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah it’s time to call this one a night.

Anna turns over onto the cover as Lisa forces Scottie Snow under the bottom rope.




The referee calls for the bell as Lisa jumps up onto the ropes.

Eric Emerson: Here are your winners… and NEW PWA World Tag Team Champions… DODO-A-GOGO!

“Dressage” pipes up again amidst the cheers of the fans. Lisa throws up a fist to the fans and then jumps down to be engulfed by Anna Mathews, who is apparently very easily excited. And in a moment of madness, Lisa lets her do it for a full two seconds before kindly, but firmly, putting her back on the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Couple of Dodos alright.

The referee returns to the ring looking like Adele with a veritable handful of gold for each of them. The two of them then take their belts and have their hands thrust into the air.

Jon McDaniel: Well there you have it, Brian. After three months of hiatus, the PWA once again has a set of names to attach to perhaps the most well respected tag team titles in the history of this community.

Matt Stone vs Nightstryker

PWA Intercontinental Title Match

“Tomorrow” by SR-71 hits the arenas PA-system as the lights dim and a spotlight shines down on the entryway.

Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring and hailing from Chicago, IL, weighing in at 242-pounds and standing at six-feet two-inches, he is...NIGHTSTRYKER!

Nightstryker steps out from behind the curtain and steps directly into the spotlight. He looks around the arena for a moment before walking casually towards the ring, the spotlight following as he does so. Upon reaching the ring, he hops up and rolls under the bottom rope. Heading to the far corner he removes his shirt, drops it to ringside and shares a few words with the ref.

After a few more moments, his music dies down and the arena lights come back to life.

Let Everybody See,
The future here in me
Just watch the wheel go 'round
I'll cheer as you go down!

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a chorus of boos. He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. He threatens to hit a member of the crowd who was holding up a "Canada sucks" sign and just walks on.

You're only smoke and mirrors
You're only smoke and mirrors
You're only smoke and mirrors
You're only smoke and mirrors to me!

Matt gets on the apron and gets inside the ring, heading straight to a corner and mounts the middle turnbuckle raising his hands. "I'm the best there is!" He shouts out over the loud jeers being rained down on him. He shakes his head to their reaction. "You don't deserve to see me!" He shouts out getting down and taking off the hoodie. Matt get's ready for his opponent, bouncing off the ropes to loosen up as his music fades away


Jon McDaniel: Here we go! A match that many are anticipating almost as much as the main event itself. The longest reigning intercontinental champion of all time versus the man who has the most intercontinental title reigns!

Brian Rentfro: The return of a PWA legend to the biggest stage of them all too. Set your mind to fan boy, folks.

The arena sounds like a hive of angry bees as the anticipation builds. Both men take it in. It is only a few times in your career that a stage is this grand. They both walk proudly into the centre ring and Nightstryker offers his hand to shake. Matt Stone instead decides to slap him hard across the face, a loud 'ooooohhhh!' rippling through the arena. Nightstryker smirks and looks back to Matt Stone who is looking pretty smug. Nightstryker had anticipated such a move and in that anticipation he had already hocked up the nastiest ball of spit one could imagine. He let fly with that gooey, snot filled orb of saliva and bullseyed Matt Stone right in the eye. The 'ooooohhhs!' turned to 'eeewwwwws' pretty quickly and Matt Stone turned to a heated shade of red.

Brian Rentfro: Uh oh...

For such a short distance, Matt Stone sure did tackle with a lot of force. The 'oomph!' as Nightstryker hit the mat drove all the air out of his lungs. He was still winded and gasping for air as Matt Stone mounted him and smashed an elbow hard down into his face again and again. After the fifth consecutive blow Nightstryker finally got his arms up to block, but Matt Stone wasn't satisfied. He got back to his feet and started stomping hard into Nightstryker's ribcage. Nightstryker tried to roll away from the blows but Stone was relentless. When finally Nightstryker stopped moving and started to clutch his sides; Matt Stone took the remainder of the spit that still stuck to his face and smeared it forcefully into Nightstryker's face.

Jon McDaniel: Do you think Nightstryker touched a nerve?

Brian Rentfro: More than one.

Matt Stone picked Nightstryker up by the ear, jawing into his face all the while. He slapped him once, twice and three times. When he went for a fourth Nightstryker blocked but Matt Stone quickly followed up by pulling his face down into a knee smash. Nightstryker staggered back against the ropes dazed. Stone quickly capitalised by clotheslining him over the top rope and all the way to the floor. Nightstryker hit with a hard thump.

Jon McDaniel: Nightstryker is struggling to get out of first gear tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Ring rust does terrible things to a man. If he doesn't turn things around soon then he might find himself on the end of an embarrassingly short night.

Matt Stone distracts the referee as Katrina sneaks her way around to where Nightstryker is slumped. She takes off her shoe and clocks Nightstryker with the heel as the crowd boo. She goes to do it again but this time he suddenly rises up and snatches the heel from her grasp. He pulls her by the hair, and suddenly seeing that she is in danger, Matt Stone springs into action by diving through the middle rope and crashing into Nightstryker with a flying forearm smash. Nightstryker is launched into the barricade from the force. Matt Stone grabs his Intercontinental title from the timekeepers table and rubs it in Nightstryker's face, shouting that he's the greatest. Nightstryker takes the opportunity the strike Stone across the temple with Katrina's heel. Stone staggers back as Nightstryker gets back to his feet. Nightstryker goes nuts and rains down blow after blow with the high heel as Stone does his best to defend himself.

Jon McDaniel: The referee seems a little reluctant to disqualify anyone here.

Brian Rentfro: This is one of the most anticipated matches of the biggest show of the year. If he called a DQ the crowd would lynch him.

The ref sneaks up behind Nightstryker and manages to snatch the heel from his grasp. He hands it back to a wonky legged Katrina. Matt Stone takes full advantage of the distracted referee and clocks Nightstryker with his belt. He raises his title in the air to a cascade of boos. The ref turns his attentions back to the match and tells Matt Stone to take things back into the ring. Matt Stone obliges, but he doesn't take Nightstryker with him; forcing the ref to start a 10 count. 1... 2... 3... Nightstryker starts to stir... 4... 5... 6... He gets to his feet... 7... 8... He climbs up onto the apron and Matt Stone jumps over him to nail the Rolling Thunder powerbomb on the outside. Nightstryker's head bounces hard on the ground. Matt Stone wastes no time in getting back in the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Matt Stone seems quite content to let Nightstryker rot on the outside.

Brian Rentfro: Nightstryker has to expend energy trying to get himself back inside but it takes minimal effort on Stone's part to keep him out. He just wants Nightstryker good and tired. When you have a guy that's been at the top for so long against a guy that is only just coming back after a long absence, you have to wonder if their stamina levels match up.

The ref begins the count again. The ref gets to 9 as Nightstryker shakes everything off and tries for the apron, but this time Katrina grabs hold of his foot and refuses to let him climb back in. Nightstryker turns his head distracted and Stone almost knocks his teeth out with a running boot. Nightstryker reels back in a daze but Stone catches him before he falls back outside. He pulls him in between the middle ropes and balances him there. Matt Stone then drops him for a hard elevated DDT and makes a cover.




Matt Stone rolls Nightstryker back outside and starts the process over again. The ref takes the time to give Katrina a stern warning for her interference before starting a count. Nightstryker gets back to his senses at around the 7 count and staggers back to his feet. This time he gets more tactical. Instead of trying to rush back in, he only goes far enough to break the count and hops back down before Stone can catch him at a disadvantage from his high ground. He thinks about it carefully, staring Matt Stone down. He runs for one of the other sides but Stone matches his movements and is there waiting to block off the path. He doubles back and tries to get back in the other side but Stone is there once again. Nightstryker hops onto the apron and tries to rush the ring but Stone blocks him off. He runs the length of the apron in search of an opening that won't get him clocked but Stone keeps pace. Nightstryker lays his hands on the ropes and straight away Matt Stone tries to use the ropes to slingshot Stryker into the ring, but Nightstryker wraps his leg around the bottom rope to block. Nightstryker then goes for a slingshot of his own. Matt Stone is launched from the inside and sent crashing to the outside, right on top of Katrina.

Jon McDaniel: Nightstryker finally found the opening he was looking for.

Brian Rentfro: And killed two birds with one Matt Stone by having him land on Katrina.

Matt Stone and Katrina both start to get back to their feet, but now Nightstryker has the high ground and plans to make full use of it. He climbs up to the top rope and points down at them as the crowd cheer him on. He launches himself and flies through the air, taking both Stone and Katrina out simultaneously with a high cross body to a large pop. Nightstryker jumps right back to his feet and is fired up now. He's starting to feel his old self come back. He picks Matt Stone up and smashes his head against the ring apron, and again, and again as the crowd count along... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10! Matt Stone is completely dazed, blood trickling down from his nose as Nightstryker rolls him back into the ring and continues the assault.

Brian Rentfro: Someone get a hose, because as they say in NBA Jam; he's on fire!

Nightstryker whips Stone hard into the corner. Stone staggers out holding his back and Nightstryker helps his back problems by giving him a massive back body drop. Stone gets up and is clotheslined for his troubles. He gets up a little slower and is clotheslined again, and again. As he rises again, Nightstryker bounces off the ropes and comes rampaging back to nail a vicious clothesline from hell that knocks Stone for a full loop. He makes a cover.




Nightstryker doesn't let up and climbs up to the top rope. He measures his man and drops a top rope elbow drop down upon Matt Stone. He gets back to his feet and goes to the corner where he yells at Matt Stone to get up. He does so, but very, very slowly. When he is on his feet, Nightstyrker rushes forth and connects a lung blower that knocks the wind right out of Stone. Nightstryker makes the cover and hooks the leg.



2 3/4!

Katrina pulls the ref's leg!

Jon McDaniel: No! Nightstryker almost had him!

Brian Rentfro: But he didn't. Matt Stone is still alive and kicking.

The ref shouts down at Katrina that this is her final warning. One more thing and she is out of there. Nightstryker glares down at her, which gives Matt Stone just enough time to come up from behind and chop block his knee right out from under him. Nightstryker rolls around in agony as he clutches his knee tight.

Jon McDaniel: Oh dear, this is bad news. That is the same knee that Nightstryker severely injured back in 2004 at Curtain Call against Darren Ridel.

Brian Rentfro: I bet Matt Stone knows all about that. He's watched the tapes.

Matt Stone immediately goes to work like a shark that has gotten a whiff of blood. He pummels and stomps all over that bad knee. He drags Nightstryker to the side of the ring and bends it around the ropes. Nightstryker screams in agony as Matt Stone yanks hard. The ref starts a 5 count but Matt Stone keeps holding on. The ref is forced to pry Matt Stone off and wag his finger at him. Stone keeps him distracted by arguing while Katrina sneaks around and continues to yank on Nightstryker's knee.

Brian Rentfro: Matt Stone continues to use Katrina's presence to its full advantage.

Jon McDaniel: The referee's patience is wearing thin though.

Katrina lets go right before the ref turns around and Matt Stone goes right back to stomping on that bad knee. He drags Nightstryker back into centre ring and locks in the Wrath of Khan sharpshooter as Nightstryker cries out in pain.

Jon McDaniel: Nightstryker is in the middle of the ring with no place to go!

Brian Rentfro: With the history behind that knee of his, this could be the end.

The ref gets down and asks him if he wants to quit, but he furiously shakes his head. He is not about to give in so easily. He tries to drag himself towards the ropes, but Matt Stone adjusts his weight accordingly to halt his progress. Nightstryker's hand hovers above the mat as his face goes bright red. The anticipation builds as the crowd think that he is about to tap. Instead, Nightstryker reaches out and grabs the ref by the collar. He gives the off balance ref a hard pull and he is sent colliding into Matt Stone to break the hold. Matt Stone shouts at the ref as Nightstryker retreats to the corner, using the ropes to help himself back to his feet. Stone turns his attentions back to the match but Nightstryker has gone into wounded animal mode with his back to the corner. Stone tries to grab the injured leg but Nightstryker pulls it back and clocks Matt Stone with a right hand, left hand combo. Matt Stone is staggered but not deterred. He makes another move for the leg and gets another flurry of punches for his trouble. As Stone stumbles back, Nightstryker boosts himself off the bottom turnbuckle and rolls Matt Stone up with a sunset flip.




Jon McDaniel: Nightstryker is fighting through the pain barrier to keep himself in this match.

Matt Stone rolls right back to his feet but Nightstryker is a hair too slow with his bad knee. Matt Stone takes full advantage and hit him with...

Brian Rentfro: Kneel before Zod!!!

Matt Stone makes the cover and hooks the leg tight.




Nightstryker gets a shoulder up.

Brian Rentfro: I don't believe it! I thought that was it!

Jon McDaniel: Nightstryker showing the heart of a champion to kick out of that at this crucial stage of the match.

Matt Stone is beside himself and pulling his hair out. He distracts the referee as Katrina slides some brass knuckles into the ring. He tells the ref that there is a problem with the tightness of the ropes, and while he goes to inspect he makes a move for the knuckles, but Nightstryker beats him to the punch and nails him with a brass knuck enhanced uppercut. Matt Stone's teeth clack together on impact and he falls to the mat, eyes rolled back into his head. Nightstryker uses all his strength to crawl over and drop an arm over him. The ref turns and sees the cover.



Thrreeee... NOOOOO!!!

Shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: What does either man have to do to put the other away!?

Both men are out as the ref begins the mandatory 10 count. 1... 2... 3... Both men start to stir... 4... 5... 6... they get to their knees... 7... 8... They make it to their unsteady feet. Matt Stone throws a big looping punch and connects 'Boo!' Nightstryker comes back with one of his own 'Yay!'. Boo!-Yay! Boo!-Yay! Boo!-Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Nightstryker starts to fire off one shot after another as Matt Stone backs up and concedes ground. He whips Matt Stone into the ropes and Matt Stone tries to rebound off with a high cross body but Nightstryker catches him in mid air and hoists him up onto his shoulder. He slides him down and connects with a tombstone piledriver! He makes the cover.



Thrrreee... Katrina dives on Nightstryker.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, come on! This is like a handicap match!

The referee has finally had enough of Katrina and with over dramatic hand gestures, he ejects her from ringside. She throws a big hissy fit in the centre of the ring and refuses to leave. That's where Nightstryker comes in handy. He is also tired of Katrina and seizes her by the hair. He body presses her high above his head and with a run he launches her towards the ramp like a giant dart. Her head hits with a big THUNK! sound and she is out cold.

Brian Rentfro: Holy shit!

Jon McDaniel: I think that Katrina may have been seriously hurt there. We're probably gonna need a stretcher out here.

Brian Rentfro: I know CPR if she needs mouth to mouth... you know, just in case.

Jon McDaniel: Justin Case was already earlier in the night.

The ref shows concern and goes out to check on Katrina. He makes a giant X with his arms and signals for the EMT's to come out. He puts her in the recovery position and stays to make sure that she is okay. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Nightstryker is watching this with much amusement, but he has taken his eyes off his man. All of this has bought Matt Stone enough time to recover and off camera he had gone to collect himself a steel chair. He sneaks up behind the distracted Nightstryker and targets the bad knee, WHACK! Nightstryker collapses like a house of cards. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Matt Stone goes nuts, attacking the knee again and again with the steel chair.

Jon McDaniel: Matt Stone is pissed!

Brian Rentfro: He probably saw what Nightstryker just did to Katrina!

Matt Stone opens up the chair and puts Nightstryker's knee inside the fold. He drags him over to the corner and looks to the top rope ominously.

Jon McDaniel: I don't like where this is going...

Matt Stone climbs up top and stares down at the helpless Nightstryker, malevolence in his eyes. He jumps and gets as much hang time as he possibly can and then comes crashing down with a double foot stomp right onto Nightstryker's steel chair encased knee! The roar of pain that came out of Nightstryker in that moment almost didn't sound human. He went into convulsions on the mat, his knee in pieces.

Jon McDaniel: All the surgeries he's had to get that knee back into fighting shape and Matt Stone has probably just undone all of them. I don't think there is any way back for Nightstryker after this.

Matt Stone is not done. He rips Nightstryker's ring gear and exposes his knee fully. There is a knee brace there and Stone rips it off and flaunts it in Nightstryker's face. He then drags Nightstryker over to the corner and slides outside. He wraps Nightstryker's legs around the ring post and applies a figure four leg lock around the ring post. Nightstryker has to fight to keep from passing out.

Jon McDaniel: Enough is enough, Matt. Just end it already!

Brian Rentfro: Nightstryker could well spend time in a wheel chair if this keeps up.

The move that would have normally been broken up by a five count lasted a full two minutes thanks to the lack of a referee. Nightstryker was left to fend for himself but Matt Stone was out of his reach on the outside. Then a lightbulb went off in Stryker's pain clouded head. He still had the brass knucks on his hand from earlier. He was only going to get one shot at this. He took them off his hand and took careful aim. With a great throw, the brass kucks flew and nailed Matt Stone right between the eyes. He grunted as his vision blurred and let go of the hold. Nightstryker was too badly beaten up to follow up though. He just curled into a ball and cradled his knee.

Brian Rentfro: Good thinking by Nightstryker there, but you have to think that it is only delaying the inevitable.

Matt Stone cleared his head and vision and got back into the ring, brass knucks in hand. He started to slap Nightstryker, goading him to get back to his feet so he could finish him off. Nightstryker stirred very slowly and responded to the repeated slaps by rising an inch at a time. Eventually he made it to his feet, even if the ropes were the only thing holding him up. He looked Matt Stone right in the eye and Matt Stone smiled, sensing the end. Matt Stone rushed in for the FALCON PAWNCH!!! but Nightstryker anticipated it and countered with an almighty kick to Matt Stone's balls. Matt Stone instantly doubled over in pain, all of the wind knocked out of him. He staggered around the ring, eventually stopping with his head hovering over the steel chair from earlier. Nightstryker sensed his moment. He hobbled as quick as he could over to Matt Stone and nailed him with THE MINDBENDER sitdown piledriver onto the steel chair. He makes the cover but there is no ref to count.

CROWD: 1... 2... 3... 4... 5...

Brian Rentfro: Nightstryker has the visual pin fall but that doesn't count for anything. You need a referee to make it official.

Nightstryker is in too bad a shape to go looking for a referee so he just shouts as loud as he can, hoping the one on the ramp will hear him, and luckily he does. Katrina has been strapped into her stretcher and is safe and sound. Satisfied that no further harm will come to her, the ref rushes back to the ring and makes the count.



2 3/4!

Shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: He was so close that he could taste it!

The crowd groan with frustration, a frustration that Nightstryker shares. He is all out of ideas about what he can do to win. He decides that all he can do is try for his finisher again. If the ref had been in place last time it would have worked. He staggers back to his feet and pulls Matt Stone into position. However, before he can execute anything, Matt Stone sweeps the legs out from under him and locks in the Wrath of Khan sharpshooter once more.

Brian Rentfro: That's it! It's over! No way Nightstryker can withstand this again!

Jon McDaniel: But still he continues to fight with everything he has!

The referee takes a safe distance away this time so Nightstryker can't use the same escape as he previously did. His hand hovers very close to the mat, tempted to tap. But NO! He won't! He does a press up and tries to push Matt Stone back but Stone wrenches on his knee some more and that is quickly stopped. The only option he has is to make the ropes. With everything he has, he begins to crawl. Stone tries to readjust his weight but it makes no difference this time. Nightstryker is just too determined. He closes in on his goal. The ropes are in sight. He reaches out with his hand and his fingers are almost within touching distance. He brushes a rope with his middle finger but can't grip it... just one more inch and... but Matt Stone drags him back into the middle and re-applies the hold. An audible groan ripples through the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: No one could possibly blame him if he taps out now. He must be in tremendous pain.

Brian Rentfro: Even after all this time away from the sport, he still cares enough to fight to the death.

The sweat is dripping from Nightstryker's brow and raining down onto the mat. All of his energy is being sapped fighting this. He is fading by the minute. One more try. One more and he can hold his head up high. He crawls once more. Dragging the Matt Stone sand bag with him every step of the way. He gets close once again, his finger tips brushing the goal but not quite reaching it. Matt Stone attempts to drag him back again but this time he digs his nails into the canvas and refuses the budge. Stone pulls and pulls and one of Nightstryker's nails breaks in two from his resistance. He grunts in pain but tries to block it out. He needs to make those ropes; he must. A second nail breaks, and a third but he isn't letting go. Blood from his fingers soaks the canvas. He is too close to go back now. He puts everything into one last almighty heave. All the veins on all of his muscles bulge from exertion as he reaches forth and hugs the ropes like a long lost lover.

Jon McDaniel: He did it! He made the ropes!

Brian Rentfro: But what kind of shape is he in? He's only delaying the result that everyone knows is coming.

Matt Stone refuses to accept it. He keeps the hold locked in past the ref's five count, making sure to inflict as much damage as he possibly can before letting go. The ref shoves him back to give Nightstryker breathing room. Nightstryker shakes with fury. He has been through the worst that Matt Stone has to give and he is still ticking. He starts to grow and hulk up thinking that nothing this man can do can possibly beat him. In his head he knows this as a fact. He is going to fucking win even if it kills him to do it because he is the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time. He roars to his feet and spreads his arms out wide, pounding on his chest in a Come At Me, Bro! gesture. Matt Stone smiles and obliges. He rushes in a little too recklessly and plays right into Nightstryker's hands. He almost takes Stone's head off with a vicious right hook and follows it up with a savage left uppercut. He goes nuts, hitting Stone with flurry after flurry. Stone's faces starts to mark and scratch with every blow, his face is a mess. Finally when he feels enough damage has been done, Nightstryker roars into Matt Stone's face and boots him in the gut. He quickly follows up with THE MINDBENDER sit down pile driver and makes the cover, hooking the leg.




Matt Stone: Feet of Clay


Jon McDaniel: Not again!

Before the bell has even finished ringing three figures are already spilling into the ring. Silverback, The Brutal and Fley: The Masters of Armageddon. Fley still carries his metal pole while Silverback and The Brutal each carry chairs. The trio move in quickly on Nightstryker and Stone.

Brian Rentfro: And Silverback just laid Stone the fuck out!

Jon McDaniel: And The Brutal follows it up with another vicious chair shot! And Fley is moving towards Stryker and… helping him to his feet?

The fans, albeit a bit confused because normally Stone having his ass handed to him is a reason to cheer, start to boo as Fley pulls Stryker to his feet. On the outside, Katrina is near the tears as she watches, helplessly, as Silverback and The Brutal work Stone over.

Jon McDaniel: Stone with fan support?

Brian Rentfro: And this is what happens when two evils collide.

Silverback and The Brutal cease their attacks and move over towards Nightstryker and Fley. The booing from the fans intensifies as Styx once more emerges from behind the curtain. However, this time he isn’t alone as a shorter figure in a dark hood comes to stand next to him.

Jon McDaniel: Well it doesn’t seem like they’re going to work Stone over quite as much as they did Drake. Thank God.

Brian Rentfro: They haven’t left the ring yet Jon.

Outside of the ring Katrina moves as if to climb into the ring, but a glare from the hulking Brutal backs her up. Back inside the ring Fley pulls his mic back out and offers it to Stryker. With a smile and a nod of his head Stryker accepts the mic and thumbs it to life.

Nightstryker: Come on? Be honest… how many of you saw this coming?

The crowd begins to boo again which causes the majority of those in the ring to smile. Except The Brutal, but then again no one’s really sure what he’s doing under that mask. Behind Bryce, Matt Stone begins to move.

Nightstryker: It was inevitable really. I mean we had our parting of ways for awhile there, just kind of like how Adam and I went our separate ways for a time, but eventually all roads lead back home. This is just where I belong. In fact…

The crowd pops, yes pops! as from behind Bryce, Stone has started to crawl to his feet and shout obscenities at the gathered Masters. Knight sighs, borrows Silverbacks chair and…


Again Stone drops to the canvas. The fans begint o boo again.

Nightstryker: That’s better. Now where was I? Oh yeah! Belonging. I belong here in the M.o.A, the PWA Intercontinental Championship belongs to me, Stone belongs in a puddle of his own blood and drool, and the PWA World Tag Team Championship belongs to Silverback and me. The Creatures of the Night. I’m just saying. It’s going to happen. It’s inevitable. I do however have one regret…

Again Stone starts to push himself up, shouting obscenities in the process. Once more the arena explodes into cheers cutting Bryce off. Nightstryker shakes his head and looks over to Silverback.

Nightstryker: You mind?

Adam shakes his head, and taking the chair back from Stryker delivers a shot across Stone’s face that busts him open and sends blood spraying across the canvas. On the outside Katrina screams, takes a step towards the ring and then backs away once more when Silverback glares down at her. The booing starts up again.

Nightstryker: Thanks Adam. So like I was starting to say before I was so rudely interrupted, I have only one regret from tonight. I regret that I couldn’t be there to smash Drake’s face in. I mean yeah, this was fun, but Stone’s ego is no where near as inflated as the Perfect Zero. But that’s something I’ll remedy eventually. It’s inevitable after all.

The crowd continues to boo as Bryce hands the mic off to Fley with a smile. Fley considers the booing crowd for a moment and then begins.

Fley: This…

Once more the crowd pops as Matt Stone starts to push up onto his hands a knees, blood streaming down his face and flying from his lips like spittle, he starts to berate the Masters once more. Fley raises a hand to his forehead.

Fley: Really? Are you fucking kidding me? Brutal would you please put this fuck away… hard.

The Brutal nods and moves towards Stone. Matt tries to throw a punch, but it doesn’t do much more than slap the side of The Brutal’s massive arms. For Stone’s troubles he’s hauled up into the choke slam position.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Stone is going for a ride!

Jon McDaniel: Right into the German announcers table!


In the wreckage of the table and monitors Matt Stone finally lays silent as Katrina rushes to him. The Brutal continues to glare down at Stone, possibly admiring his handiwork.

Fley: Ahem… Tonight was just the first step. You can see us tomorrow on RPW’s Aggression. You should tune in. It’ll be fun. M.o.A Supreme.

“After the Flesh” hits the PA again and the Masters start to file out of the ring and make their way to a waiting Styx. At ringside Katrina tries to make her way to Stone through the wreckage of the table. EMT’s rush out of the back past Styx and the oncoming Masters.

Jon McDaniel: Just horrible.

Brian Rentfro: Wait. I thought you didn’t like Stone?

Jon McDaniel: Well no… I mean… I’m kind of torn.

Brian Rentfro: That’s what she said.

Jon McDaniel: What’s wrong with you?

Reaching the top of the rampway The Masters move together through curtain to the back. Stryker, the last one through, takes one last glance back at Matt and smiles before he too is gone.

Having reached ringside the EMT’s start to remove Stone from the wreckage of the table while at the same time trying to keep a hysterical Katrina out of the way.

Brian Rentfro: Ya know Jon… Katrina is going to be a lonely woman for awhile. I think now might be the time to make my move.

Jon McDaniel: No really… what’s wrong with you?

Brian Rentfro: Oh what? So you wouldn’t hit that?

Jon McDaniel: Do you really think that’s the point I was trying to make?

Brian Rentfro: You mean the your gay and wouldn’t even know what to do with Katrina point?

Jon McDaniel: What? I so too would know what to do with her! She’d not soon forget the name of, Jon McDaniel! I’d have her calling me Papi by the end of the night!

Brian Rentfro: What’s wrong with you?

The EMT’s finally manage to get Stone up on a stretcher and get him headed to the back. Katrina walks alongside Stone, clasping his much larger hand in both of hers. The ring crew immediately go about putting everything back in order in preparation for the main event. Jon and Brian kill some more time.

The End of an Era?

The cameras pan the crowd, the ring is now being draped with a red carpet over the canvas and the fans are now all on their feet. A few begin chanting, and the chanting becomes infectious until the entire PWA Dome is roaring with the same words.


The lights dim.

Jon McDaniel: I guess it’s time, Brian.

“Indestructible(ORDER of CHAOS Worldwide Theme)” by Disturbed hits over the speakers, the chanting gives way to thunderous applause and cheers. Fans are screaming, yelling and some even seem to have tears in their eyes. Many, many fans are wearing a “The General is Dead. Long Live the General” t-shirt which showcases Simon Kalis with his head lowered. Finally, a single spotlight shines upon the entrance stage.

Brian Rentfro: I can’t hear myself think Jon, let alone talk.

Jon McDaniel: WHAT?

Men and women dressed in black, gray and white urban camoflauge gear line up at each side of the entrance ramp, standing at attention as Simon Kalis finally emerges from backstage. Decked in red, black and white camo gear, the five stars on each shoulder serve as a reminder of his “station” with The Order of Chaos he helped build.

Eric Emerson: It is my sincere pleasure to welcome, accompanied to the ring by sons Masakazu and Brian, daughter Maya, daughter in law Melissa and grandson Marcus…

He taps the black eye patch over his left eye socket and points to the crowd, they cheer in response. From behind him arrives Masakazu and Maya, flanking him at either side. Behind Maya stands Simons younger son, Brian, whilst behind Masakazu stands Masa’s wife Melissa holding their baby boy Marcus in her arms.

Eric Emerson: He is a former three time PWA World Tag Team, World Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion. A former REBEL Pro Aggression and Tag Team champion. One half of the former AoWF Tag Team Champions. The winner of PWA Who‘s The Man?! 2010 and the man who main evented Genesis XI last year as your PWA World Champion…

The crowd begins a new chant.


Kalis waves to them, smiling.


Pyro shoot off from the four corners of the ring, and the faux soldiers lined up along the ramp stomp their feet and offer The General one final salute.

Jon McDaniel: The whole Kalis family is here tonight. Even Masakazu’s son, 10 month old Aaron Marcus Kalis!

Simon and the family make their way to the ring, Simon slapping the hands of fans as he passes by. It seems like it takes him forever to get into the ring as he pauses for photographs and signs autographs for the fans at ringside. Finally, the Kalis family enters the ring and Maya and Masakazu sit on the middle ropes at either end for Simon to get into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Simon Kalis looks so thin and gaunt. Meanwhile look at Masakazu, jeez he seems toned and fit. But I guess what can you expect from a 20 year old kid.

Jon McDaniel: His career is truly finished, his medical records finally released to the public for the first time since his last hiatus began at the end of 2006.

Kalis removes his eye patch and chucks it into the crowd. He grabs the microphone from Emerson and makes himself comfortable by leaning against the ropes, soaking in the cheers and standing ovation from the fans.

Jon McDaniel: I think seeing him like this, the impact of this sports loss is going to become very evident.

Simon Kalis: I…

The crowd erupts into cheers, they are still standing and getting louder not quieter.

Simon Kalis: I-


Simon bites his bottom lip, forcing a smile.

Simon Kalis: Please, I-

The crowd just keeps getting louder, and Masakazu and Maya join in on the applause. Simon wipes his eye and clears his throat, holding onto the top rope to keep himself steady. He reaches behind his ear for a cigarette, his hands shake as he lights it.

Simon Kalis: Thank you.

Kalis lowers his head and nods, the cameras flashing in the crowd as he shakily takes a drag off his cigarette. Even Jon McDaniel and Brian Rentfro have joined the crowd in standing up and clapping their hands. Suddenly however, “Fuck You” by Ce Lo Green hits and the crowd immediately begins to boo. Simon turns his head up and Masakazu walks right over to the ropes and leans forward, begging Lucious Starr to come as Starr makes his way to the ring. Simon holds Brian close, and Maya steps in front of her sister in law to shield her and baby Marcus. Starr just nods as he circles the ring before sliding in.

Jon McDaniel: Oh this isn’t good. Starr wants another near death experience courtesy of Simon Kalis.

Masakazu is ready to attack and so is Simon, but Starr shakes his head and extends his had. A few words are exchanged between the two and then Simon nods, smiling and shakes hands with Starr. They embrace and the crowds boos turn to cheers. Starr salutes Simon then rolls out of the ring, heading right back up the ramp from whence he came.

Jon McDaniel: A respectful goodbye.

Simon watches Starr leave, and just nods.

Simon Kalis: I can’t turn back now.

The crowd falls silent finally, as Simon looks out to them sombrely.

Simon Kalis: I have made a career in this sport through ultra violence and blood letting. I made my name in the most extreme matches this sport has ever seen. I’ve been at the other end of this spectrum, single headedly ending the careers of six other men in this sport, most especially my idol growing up. Chaos. A man many of you may or may not know or remember from an era of this sport long gone. The man whom, when I initiated The Order of Chaos with my old friends Ebdon and Knight, was named for in his honour.

Kalis smirks, knowing no one ever knew the true origin of the Order’s name until this moment.

Simon Kalis: I have given you all my blood, my tears… My flesh and even.

Kalis taps his eye patch and smiles, the crowd cheering again.

Simon Kalis: But… I cannot give you my life.

Simon takes a drag off his cigarette, somewhat hypocritical if you think about it but stop being a smartass. Kalis holds his youngest son Brian now close to him, and points to his grandson Marcus.

Simon Kalis: They are my life. And when the doctors told me if I continue to wrestle, I risk permanent injury or death I had to finally accept that my time was done. It started when I first got severely injured in 2006 winning the DRWF Eternal championship the second time. And my suicide attempt at the end of that year which saw the end of my career abruptly compounded things. I thought with enough time, I’d be able to return and in late 2009 I did. Right here, in the PWA.

The crowd cheers. The cameras pan this sold out crowd and we find people either cheering and smiling, or wiping tears from their eyes. The camera zooms in one young fan in particular, who’s with his father and both seem saddened. The father actually wearing an “Outlaw” t-shirt from 2001, a Simon Kalis throwback.

Simon Kalis: I set out for redemption and glory one last time, one last curtain call. You gave me that. All of you, and all the AoWF. You gave me that, and through all the drama I knew in my heart I’d find my redemption here in the AoWF. And so…

Simon turns to face Masa and Maya.

Simon Kalis: I step away from the ring, knowing the dynasty that is the Kalis name lives on through my great children. And through the hearts and minds of each and every one of you who loved and hated me for over a decade. All of you who watched me bleed, watched me cry. You who watched me survive the trials and corruption I faced for most of my career to go on to win over 40 championship belts and become one of the best in this sport and business. I owe it all to you, and to everyone I’ve ever competed with. Whether men whom I’ve constantly defeated like The Phoenix or those who came to surprise me with my own defeat like Matt Stone. I’ve witnessed great men and women come and go in this sport, and I’m thankful for the longevity my career has had. Whether past greats such as Aimz to current greats like Emily Corlen. From Scott Nash Strader to guys like Matt Stone. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Kalis wipes his eye and smiles, the crowd is on their feet again and offering a standing ovation. Thousands upon thousands chanting, and saluting Order of Chaos style.

Simon Kalis: Adrian.

Simon looks towards Masakazu, who’s biting his bottom lip and trying to hold back his own emotions. Though Maya isn’t having the same luck as she wipes the tears from her eyes.

Simon Kalis: We’ve witnessed the machinations of evil men tonight, sadly. And The Order of Chaos does not die and fade to dust with me. No. The Order…


Simon smiles, so proudly and fondly as he approaches Masakazu who straightens himself out.

Simon Kalis: War is coming, PWA.

The crowd dies down from the cheers, realizing the seriousness of the matter.

Simon Kalis: The Masters of Armageddon are a vile group. Make no mistake, they will show none of us mercy. Their actions tonight against Stone and Drake speak louder than any words can. And with this new war, comes a return to the duty The Order of Chaos proclaimed when we came to the PWA. To protect. To be the elite guard that the Apostles are incapable of being. And so…

Kalis removes his flak jacket and looks at Masakazu. Mas nods and takes it, sliding it on, the camera zooming in on his smile as he looks at the 5 stars on either shoulder. Simon Kalis steps back, stomps his foot and salutes Masakazu.

Simon Kalis: The General is Dead.

Kalis now points to Mas.

Simon Kalis: Long Live The General.

Simon and Masakazu hug in the middle of the ring, and the crowd stays on their feet cheering wildly.


Jon McDaniel: So the Order is a one man army now, with Masakazu at it’s head?

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, soooooooo screwed against the Masters. Let’s be realistic.

Simon Kalis: This is a new beginning. But… With old friends. You see, we didn’t disappear just because I was too injured to go on.

Kalis hands Mas the microphone, and both smirk.

Masakazu: No. Oh no. What we did was more. But why let us tell you?

Mas turns to the entrance ramp as “John The Revelator” by Curtis Stigers and The Forest Rangers hits on the speakers and the crowd turns, unsure of who’s coming. The roar of the chopper alerts them as John Nash Strader comes out, rides down to the ring and circles it before shutting the chopper off, and getting into the ring. Masakazu nods knowingly, as does Simon, as John takes the microphone from Mas’s hands.

JNS: I think the time has come. You see we had to go on a search. Not just for answers and the truth, but for those closest to us. What we found… Well. Let me reintroduce to all of the world watching right now. The longest reigning PWA World Tag Team Champions in history…

The crowd ERUPTS into cheers before John can even continue. Simon and Mas look at each other with the biggest grins as they stomp their feet down, and salute towards the entrance ramp.

JNS: Meghan and Tamika Nash Strader… The Cowgirls From Hell!

“My Ruin’s Ready For Blood” hits, and the cheers are deafening as Meghan and Tamika roll out on their own choppers.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my God.

Brian Rentfro:

The girls ride down to the ring, all smiles as the crowd goes absolutely nuts.

Jon McDaniel: So little old Mas has no chance against the Masters?

Brian Rentfro: Uhhh…

The girls park their choppers near John’s and get into the ring. Immediately Simon and Tamika embrace in the middle of the ring, sharing a passionate kiss to the thunderous applause of the crowd. Meghan looks around, ever so stunning and tough. Masakazu calmly crosses his arms and smiles. The theme dies down and John just looks out into the crowd, a devilish smirk over his face.

JNS: And what would this family reunion be. This joining of the Strader and Kalis families… Without the big man himself. Hall of Famer. PWA World Champion. You know his name… Scott. Nash. Strader.

“Five Minutes Alone” hits and out comes SNS, beastly on his chopper. He raises a fist, and everyone in the ring, even little Brian Kalis, raise a fist back towards him. If you thought the crowd couldn’t get louder, you were wrong. Scott rides down, absorbing the tremendous love from the fans as he circles the ring. Kalis himself smiling, laughing and applauding with Tamika in his arms.

Jon McDaniel: This really is… I don’t even have the words, Brian. The Order of Chaos is back, the damn Cowgirls are back! They’re throwing the gauntlet down against the Masters.

Scott enters the ring, and immediately he and Kalis fist bump. He even looks down at Mas, towering over the young Kalis and nods approvingly followed by a fist bump for him. Mas takes the microphone back and now the Strader and Kalis familes stand together, united.

The Order of Chaos reborn.

Masakazu: We won’t sit back. We won’t fall back. You brought this on yourselves. My old man and-

Meghan leans in on the microphone.

MNS: And our old man.

Masakazu: May be standing as the horsemen of a bygone era, but we’re here. We’re the future. And we’re ready to stop you sons of bitches at every turn, and send you back to the oblivion you should’ve stayed in.

All of them in the ring now, look around the crowd and bask in the cheering and screaming. The PWA Dome is at critical mass with cheers and chanting.

Jon McDaniel: The Cowgirls and Masakazu. Interesting. But I honestly doubt Scott and Simon will be standing in the shadows for long, two juggernauts of this sport themselves.

Brian Rentfro: The Masters still have them beat. They’re all too young and foolish, being mentored by fathers who were war mongers themselves.

Jon McDaniel: I’ve never seen Mas look so confident and so… leader like. And the Cowgirls look as strong and beautiful as ever.

Simon grabs the microphone now and waits for the applause to die down.

Simon Kalis: Do not look at this night and see the Masters as nothing more than they are, brutal thugs.

Tamika leans in to the microphone and smirks.

TNS: And trust us, Simon would be one to know brutal thugs.

There’s a laugh.

Simon Kalis: Don’t even see this night as the end of me, but instead realize that Genesis XII has become the night of hope. Of courage. We will not fall. we will not let the PWA fall, or REBEL Pro, or TGW, or Victory. We’re ready for this. The common enemy has finally arrived my friends. And The Order of Chaos will finally adhere to our commitment to all of you. You can’t stop us. You can’t kill us.

Simon hands the microphone to Masakazu.

Masakazu: We are the balance. We are the resistance. We are The Order of Chaos. Reborn to face you down. ALL HAIL!



Jon McDaniel: Whoa. Wait a minute!


The lights in the arena go out, and as they turn back on we see Raizzor making his way to the ring. Simon steps forward and seems to be entering a fighting stance. Scott Nash Strader is right next to him as Raizzor now stands on the apron, entering the ring over the top rope.

Brian Rentfro: Business just picked up, Jon. Raizzor himself ensured The Order was vanquished in the end against Simon at the end of WarGames 2010.

Jon McDaniel: Not to mention after Genesis XI, Simon fought Raizzor on Rampage with the stipulation he’d get the vacated World championship if he could win and Raizzor defeated him. Which meant Simon was fired from the PWA.

Raizzor stares down at Simon and looks over eye to eye with Scott. Simon seems ready to fight. Masakazu looks like he’s ready to attack himself, circling. The Cowgirls circle opposite Mas, and now Raizzor is surrounded. Him and Simon in the center.

Jon McDaniel: This is.. Intense.

Raizzor nods to Simon and extends a hand. Simon looks at Raizzor’s hand a moment before nodding and both men shake hands. Raizzor nods to the others as he leaves over the top rope as he came.

Jon McDaniel: Just a show of respect? Or a blessing from Raizzor on the new “mandate” of The Order?

“Last Ones Left” hits and they all begin making their way out of the ring and up the entrance ramp. The Straders all on their choppers head off first, followed by Maya holding Brian’s hand and Melissa carrying baby Marcus. Masakazu and Simon are last. They stop atop the entrance ramp, and stand together one last time. An arch of pyros engulfs them as they salute the crowd, the crowd saluting them back. Eventually the golden pyro engulfs them utterly until we can no longer see them. Finally it dissipates, and now all we see is Masakazu. His head lowered, steam rising from his shoulders. He opens his flak jacket and taps his chest. It simply reads:

WHO’S THE MAN?! 2012!

The crowd erupts into more cheers as he nods and smiles, turning around and disappearing behind the curtains…

Jon McDaniel: The torch is passed. Masakazu is now the defacto leader of The Order, and the Cowgirls from Hell seem to have literally come back from hell to join him.

Brian Rentfro: And he seems to be saying he will be the winner of Who’s The Man?! This year.

The Phoenix vs Matt Engel

PWA World Title Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen... welcome... to the MAIN... EVENT!

The lights go out as we hear distorted voice play throughout the arena...

“New-new-new-new-new New Age Panzies”

Just then, red lights shine down on the entrance ramp as the speakers begin to play a synthesized beat and tribal drumming (Linkin Park’s “When They Come For Me”).

Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring at this time...

“I am not a pattern to be followed
The pill that I’m on is a tough one to swallow
I’m not a criminal
Not a role model
Not a born leader
I’m a tough act to follow”

Eric Emerson: From Cleveland, Ohio, standing six feet eight inches tall and weighing in 285 pounds...

“And I’m not a robot
I’m not a monkey
I will not dance even if the beats funky
Opposite of lazy, far from a punk
Y’all ought to stop talking, start trying to catch up motherfucker”

Eric Emerson: Your special guest referee for tonight's Main Event...


Panzadise steps out onto the entrance ramp as the crowd explodes.

“And all the people say
Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah

Try to catch up motherfucker
Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah”

Dise begins making his way down to the ring. He’s wearing black leather pants with “Dise” written down the right leg and a pair of red six-sixed dice on his left thigh.

He climbs up onto the ring apron and steps over the top rope.

“I am the opposite of whack
Opposite of weak
Opposite of slack
Synonym of heat
Synonym of crack
Closest to a peak
Far from a punk
Y’all ought to stop talking, start trying to catch up motherfucker”

Dise aggressively throws the NAP sign into the air and screams as silver pyro begins pouring down from the rafters into the ring behind him. The crowd explodes in cheers.

“And all the people say
Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah

Try to catch up motherfucker
Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah”

Jon McDaniel: Here we go, Brian! Rumors are flying that if the Virus loses tonight, it will be his last match in Pioneer Wrestling.

Brian Rentfro: Well he isn't gonna lose tonight, Jon, so those will indeed stay rumors.

Jon McDaniel: The man with the most World Title reigns going up against the man who has held it the longest... this is going to be a match for the ages. And with Panzadise calling the shots, who knows what's going to happen?

The lights go out inside the arena as “Sympathy for the Devil” performed by Guns N’ Roses hits the sound system. Green and silver pyros shoot off as spotlights around the PWAtron move to the rhythm of the song.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, hailing from Bailey’s Bay, Bermuda…

Matthew Engel steps out from behind the curtains as one of the moving spotlights shines down on him. He is in his usual dark green tuxedo. The magnificent voice of Axl Rose comes to life.

“Please allow me to introduce myself..
I’m a man of wealth and taste.

I’ve been around for a long, long year..
Stole many a man’s soul and faith.”

The St. Louis crowd gets on their feet giving Virus a mostly negative reaction as there's no love lost between St. Louis and The Virus. Engel begins to make his way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet tall and weighs in tonight at 211 pounds…

“Pleased to meet you.. hope you guess my name
But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.”

Engel remains focused on the ring, and reaches the steel steps. He ascends onto the apron, and climbs into the ring between the top and middle ropes.

“I watched with glee..
While your kings and queens..
Fought for ten decades..
For the Gods they made.”

Eric Emerson: He is the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion of all time... MATTHEW... "THE VIRUS"...ENGEL!

“Just as every cop is a criminal..
and all the sinners.. saints..
as heads is tails, just call me Lucifer..
’cause I’m in need of some restraint.

So if you meet me..
have some courtesy..
have some sympathy..
and some taste.

Use all your well learned politesse
or I’ll lay your soul to waste.”

Engel has removed his jacket, tie, and dress shirt, revealing his standard white undershirt. He begins to stretch in the ring and prepare himself for the match.
Jon McDaniel: Engel looks ready to go, and very focused.

Brian Rentfro: He's got to be. Robinson is on the brink of taking everything away from him.

Jon McDaniel: Engel didn't have to agree to this, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: But he did, because Engel never turns down a challenge.

“The Final Countdown” by Europe begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird as Eric Emerson starts the introduction

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

The crowd starts to boo the PWA World champion.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from St Louis, Missouri...

The fickle crowd gets on their feet and cheers loudly for their World Champion, who isn't above using cheat heat to get cheers.

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet tall and weighs in tonight at 230 pounds...

Eric Emerson: The founder, owner and President of the Pioneer Wrestling Association... a PWA Hall of Famer... Your World Heavyweight Champion... The only man in history to hold it six times.... THE... PHOENIX!

Without warning, the sound system cuts out just as the lights shut off in the arena, leaving it in complete darkness. The crowd murmers a bit. Several seconds pass with nothing happening, no light, no sound.


Suddenly, a banshee's scream breaks the silence in the arena, causing the crowd to gasp in surprise. Then a second one follows it. A beat passes and as the drums, guitar, and synth starts to hammer out the opening riff, the entire entrance area explodes in a massive wall of flame, Viking funeral pyre style.

We come from the land of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun where hot springs flow

Trent Reznor's version of Immigrant Song thunders throughout the arena and the flames start to lower a bit.

The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands
To fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming!

We can make out a figure standing in the middle of the fire, arms outstretched, hands holding the edges of a cape. As he lowers them, the flames in front of him go down. Hands by his side, the Phoenix steps out of bonfire, we can see he's wearing a new, gold and silver mask with a matching cape. He steps out onto the entrance ramp, advancing half way and unfastens the cape and lets it fall to the ground. As it hits the ground, the stage area explodes into a massive wall of flame again and then dies down. The champ smirks as he takes his time getting to the ring.

Jon McDaniel: That was... something.

Brian Rentfro: Rob told me he had something special planned for his entrance this year. I don't know how he did that. I could feel the heat over here!

Before climbing the ring steps, the Phoenix looks at Virus, pats the title belt and then waves his finger in a "No" gesture at him. Engel responds by making the "I want the belt" gesture around his waist and flipping off the Phoenix. Still smirking, the Phoenix climbs the rings steps and steps through the ropes.

The crowd pops loudly once more for The Phoenix, as he unstraps the World Title and hands it to the special guest referee of the evening, Panzadise. Dise raises up the World Title to the fans, even taking a few moments to look at it, and then hands it to the timekeeper on the floor. Dise calls for the bell.


The Phoenix and Virus circle each other in the ring a bit, as Panzadise steps back to let them two do their thing. Phoenix and Virus hook up, but Phoenix quickly turns it into a side headlock. Phoenix takes off and connects with a running bulldog. Virus is back on his feet as Phoenix wails on him with a few rights, then Phoenix whips him into the ropes. Virus comes back and Phoenix takes him down with a spinning spinebuster! Phoenix pops up and raises his arms to get the crowd going and they oblige him. Virus is back on his feet and The Phoenix takes him down with a running lariat. Virus pops back up, but Phoenix this time takes him down with a standing dropkick. Virus pops back up and The Phoenix tries for a spinning backfist, but Virus ducks underneath and wraps his arms around Phoenix's waist from behind. Virus plants Phoenix in the middle of the ring with a vicious german suplex. That knocked Phoenix a little stupid for a moment, but he tries to get to his feet. Virus charges and gives Phoenix a devastating kick to the head. Virus brings Phoenix up to his feet and knocks him in the face against the ropes. Virus goes chop for chop for chop against The Phoenix's chest, and the crowd responds accordingly.

Crowd: WOOO!

Virus takes Phoenix to the turnbuckles and slams him face-first on the top turnbuckle. Virus turns Phoenix around to face him and then delivers some devastating shoulder thrusts to the midsection of the Phoenix. Virus puts Phoenix on the top rope and he climbs to the middle rope. Phoenix begins to fight back with right punches to The Virus. Phoenix finishes Virus off with a headbutt and Virus gets knocked off the ropes and onto the mat. The Phoenix goes to the top rope and the crowd is going crazy!


Brian Rentfro: Holy shit!

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise can't believe it either! This could be over!

Phoenix crawls over Virus for the cover...




Jon McDaniel: DAMN!

Brian Rentfro: Wow that was too close... but The Virus kicks out of The Ashes and keeps his World Championship aspirations alive here.

The Phoenix gets to his feet, frustrated for a moment because he believed he had him. Phoenix brings Virus up to his feet and returns the favor by chopping him in the chest several times. Phoenix whips Virus into the ropes and Phoenix takes him down with a powerslam! Phoenix goes for another cover.




Jon McDaniel: Another close one, but The Virus kicks out. Panzadise is calling it down the middle here, surprisingly.

Brian Rentfro: Surprisingly? He's a damn good referee, Jon, and he doesn't like either man in the ring.

Phoenix brings Virus up to his feet again, but Virus counters with a jawbreaker! Phoenix is reeling back now and Virus takes him down with a yakuza kick to the face! Phoenix falls through the ropes and onto the apron, bouncing to the outside floor. Virus quickly goes to the top rope and The Phoenix is coming to and getting to his feet. Virus nails Phoenix with a top rope missile dropkick!

Jon McDaniel: What a move by The Virus!

Brian Rentfro: That definitely had to hurt!

Dise hasn't even bothered to start the ten count yet, and we're not sure there's even going to be one. Virus gets to his feet and starts wailing on The Phoenix. Virus whips Phoenix viciously into the barricade. The Virus follows that up with a clothesline taking Phoenix up and over the barricade and into the crowd! The Virus celebrates a little of his own, and he gets a mixed pop from the crowd. Virus hops over the barricade and grabs a plastic bottled beer from one of the fans and he smashes it into Phoenix's face! Phoenix falls to a knee, but The Virus keeps smashing the beer bottle over and over into his face.


Virus tosses the bottle away and takes his right hand and plants it as hard as he can right in the side of Phoenix's jaw. It knocks Phoenix back over the barricade and onto the ring floor. Virus hops on the top of the barricade as The Phoenix gets up to his feet. Virus leaps off, catching The Phoenix by his shoulders, and nailing him with a backstabber!

Jon McDaniel: Holy crap! That looked really painful.

Brian Rentfro: A unique move there that I think Matt's sister, Enika, uses.

Jon McDaniel: It's all in the family, Brian.

Virus gets a good reaction from the crowd from that move and rolls The Phoenix into the ring. Phoenix is holding his back and trying to use the ropes to get up. Phoenix gets to his feet and swings blindly, The Virus ducks and catches him with the SONS OF PLUNDER!

Brian Rentfro: YES! YES! The Phoenix looks out of it!

Jon McDaniel: Virus goes for the cover!




The Virus can't believe it! Panzadise can't believe it! Your mother can't believe it!


Brian Rentfro: WHAT THE HELL?!

The Phoenix is trying to get to his feet as The Virus takes a moment to have a breather. Virus shakes his head and then gives Phoenix a running kick to the stomach. The Virus puts Phoenix in a front headlock and tries to underhook both arms, but The Phoenix lifts Virus up and over him! Virus crashes on his back and The Phoenix gets fired up along with the crowd. The Phoenix brings Virus to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckles. The Phoenix charges and spears Virus in the corner, practically cutting Virus in half. The Phoenix hip tosses Virus out of the corner, then slides out of the ring for a moment. The Phoenix is digging underneath the ring for something.

Brian Rentfro: I wouldn't do that if I was The Phoenix.

Jon McDaniel: Why not? Virus cast the first stone when he maliciously beat Rob with a plastic beer bottle. It's anything goes now!

The Phoenix brings a steel chair into the ring. The Virus is up to his feet and turns around.


The Virus goes down like a sack of potatoes. Panzadise doesn't call for the bell, he just stands there waiting for what The Phoenix is going to do. Rob doesn't toss the chair away just yet.


Before he can even finish The Phoenix slams the top of the cheer down on The Virus' throat. He does it again, and again! Virus is covering his neck in immense pain and Rob tosses the chair away. He makes the cover.




Brian Rentfro: YES! The Virus is still alive!

Jon McDaniel: Just amazing awareness by Matthew Engel there, even though he probably was temporarily paralyzed from those chair shots to the throat.

Virus gets brought up to his feet and The Phoenix slams lefts and rights into his face and stomach. The Phoenix gives Virus a kick to the face, knocking him into the turnbuckles. The Phoenix mounts The Virus in the corner to deliver a ten count of punches.

Crowd: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! --

The Phoenix doesn't make it to nine because The Virus punches him in the balls.

Brian Rentfro: OH MAMA!

Jon McDaniel: That's just wrong...


The crowd is going crazy as The Phoenix lays sprawled out in the middle of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: The Virus is busted wide open, Jon! Those punches with that massive chair shot did enough damage to get the Virus bleeding rivers.

Jon McDaniel: But he's going for the win!




Jon McDaniel: A close one there. The delay between the powerbomb and the pin is probably what allowed The Phoenix to regroup enough to kick out just in time.

Brian Rentfro: FINISH HIM!

The Virus gets up to his feet, still covered in his own blood. He sees the steel chair.

Jon McDaniel: Uh oh.

Brian Rentfro: Rule number five: don't leave a steel chair lying in the ring with The Virus.

Virus picks up the steel chair and slams it against the mat a few times to get The Phoenix to wake up and get to his feet. The Phoenix is crawling up with the aid of the ropes. Matthew swings and...


The Phoenix takes it right in the face, and he falls to the mat. The Virus isn't done however, as he pounces on top of The Phoenix and begins wailing on him with lefts and rights.

Jon McDaniel: The Virus is going crazy right now, Brian. And Panzadise isn't doing anything to stop him!

Brian Rentfro: He's giving us what we all want, Jon. We want to see these two guys destroy each other!

Jon McDaniel: That could be bad for business...

The Virus gets off of The Phoenix, who is bleeding a little out of his mask now. The Phoenix's mask is torn off some at the mouth and right cheek. Bits and pieces of his mask are on Matt's knuckles, along with some blood and maybe some skin. It's a brutal, brutal fight between these two as The Virus goes back over to the Phoenix. Phoenix counters with some elbow shots to the gut of Engel and manages to shove him back into the turnbuckles. Phoenix charges for another spear, but Engel moves out of the way just in time. The Phoenix collides his shoulder with the ring post and The Virus pulls him out of the corner and turns him around. The Virus plants him with a belly to belly suplex!

Brian Rentfro: A great suplex by the Virus, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: And now he's going to the top rope. He's calling for it. This could be it!


The Virus stays on top of The Phoenix for the cover and Dise is right there to make the count...



3 --



Jon McDaniel: ...

Brian Rentfro: ...

Crowd: ....

Matthew Engel: ....FUCK!

The Virus tries to get up to his feet, a little dizzy after that move. He leans back against the ropes and he can't believe it. Panzadise's eyes are wide open.

Jon McDaniel: That is just unbelievable. Rob Robinson, The Phoenix, one of the most decorated men in PWA history... tonight the only thing he is giving up is quitting.

Brian Rentfro: Wow, I can't believe it Jon.

The Phoenix is moving now and he's getting up to his feet. The Virus comes in and nails him with a right hook, then a jumping knee to the face. The Phoenix staggers back and The Virus charges in, clotheslining The Phoenix over the top rope. But The Virus goes with him! Both men crash to the outside floor as Panzadise stands at the edge of the ring, watching on. The crowd is going crazy, as most of them are cheering for The Phoenix. The Phoenix uses the barricade to get back up while the Virus is still down.

Brian Rentfro: Hold on, Jon. I think Virus took quite a bump on the head on his way down.

Jon McDaniel: One little mistake like that is going to give the momentum back to the Phoenix, Brian. These two have to be damn near perfect in order to win.

The Phoenix finally mounts some offense as he kicks Virus repeatedly in the chest and head. He brings The Virus up to his feet and gives him a hard knee right to the gut.

Brian Rentfro: OH GOD!


The Virus looks dead after that one, and it took quite a lot of energy out of The Phoenix.

Jon McDaniel: Come on Rob! Get him in the ring! You can't pin him out there!

Brian Rentfro: Oh... Jesus. That looked really bad.

The Virus gets pulled up to his feet and rolled into the ring. The Phoenix slowly crawls in and drapes an arm over the Virus. Dise makes the count...






Jon McDaniel: I don't know about that... let's get the replay.






Brian Rentfro: See?! He got his shoulder up just before Dise's hand hit the mat a third time.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like it, but just barely. The match continues, Jon, and what an unbelievable match this is turning out to be.

Brian Rentfro: I couldn't agree more. Both men have brutalized the other and can't seem to get the win!

The Phoenix can't believe it. He begins to argue with Panzadise, and Dise isn't having it. He yells at Phoenix to finish the match and not argue with the man in charge.


The Phoenix shoves Panzadise, and Dise doesn't like that one bit. BIG BOOT FROM PANZADISE!

Jon McDaniel: OH COME ON!

Brian Rentfro: Hey, fair is fair. You don't shove the referee, Jon!

Jon McDaniel: Fair is fair? Since when is that your philosophy?

Brian Rentfro: Since about five seconds ago. Giggity!

The Virus is finally back on his feet and he looks at Panzadise standing over The Phoenix, who's down for the moment. The Virus yells at Panzadise get out of the way. The Virus springboards off the top rope and connects with a moonsault double footstomp, or High Voltage as The Virus calls it. The Phoenix clenches at his chest and begins rolling around in the ring a bit, trying to grasp for air. Meanwhile, The Virus climbs to the top turnbuckle once more.

Brian Rentfro: Yes! Do it again, Virus! You got this!

Jon McDaniel: And Panzadise with the assist!

Brian Rentfro: Oh get over it. Phoenix is getting a dose of his own medicine.

The Virus leaps off and connects again with the EUTHANASIA! He stays on top for the cover!





Brian Rentfro: GIVE ME A FU--

We can hear Brian toss his headset to the ground, and it seems Jon McDaniel is alone on commentary for the moment. The Virus gets up to his feet, his eyes wide open. He can't believe it. The Phoenix's mask is stained in blood. Blood is pouring out of mouth and cheek.

Jon McDaniel: Both men are severely hurt at the moment, but they're not quitting. Engel's face is still covered in blood and The Phoenix seems to have the same problem, but it's covered mostly by the mask still. This is.. there are no words to describe what we are seeing right now, folks. These are two men that are giving their lives for this one moment, on the biggest stage of them all.

The Virus wobbles over to the Phoenix, who surprisingly still has some fight in him. The Phoenix goes after Engel's previously fractured right ankle. He slams his fist into it, he gives it a kick. He does anything he can to get The Virus on his back. The Virus hops away from him trying to protect his ankle but the Phoenix clips him from behind and takes him down. The Phoenix gets a surge of energy and stomps on Engel's ankle repeatedly as we can hear Engel yell out in severe pain. Engel fires back by kicking The Phoenix in the gut with his left foot repeatedly. The Virus goes for the face of the Phoenix, but the Phoenix moves out of the way and drops an elbow over Engel's throat. The Phoenix brings Engel up to his feet and gets behind him.

Jon McDaniel: And The Phoenix nails The Virus with the Pink Slip! How fitting!

Brian Rentfro: Okay I'm back.

Jon McDaniel: And it hasn't gotten any better.

Brian Rentfro: God DAMN IT!!!

Brian tosses his headset away once more and takes a breather. Meanwhile, The Phoenix isn't ready to go for the cover just yet. He drags Virus back up to his feet.



The Phoenix drops to the mat and lays over a bloodied Matthew Engel, very convinced that he's got it wrapped up. Panzadise waits a moment, but drops to the mat and makes the count.




Jon McDaniel: NO.. WAY! Brian, get back over here!

Brian Rentfro: What happened?

Jon McDaniel: The Virus just kicked out of The Pink Slip slash Flame combination. He did the unthinkable, Brian. The match continues!

Brian Rentfro: Yes! Yes! THE VIRUS IS THE MAN!

Jon McDaniel: You're kinda pathetic sometimes, you know that right?

The Virus rolls out of the ring to get away, to take a moment to catch his breath. We're not even sure he knows what's going on, he might just be running on pure instinct mode right now. The Virus is up on one knee while The Phoenix stands tall in the middle of the ring. He motions to The Virus to get back inside and finish this once and for all. The Virus climbs onto the apron, bloodied as all hell. The crowd is going nuts, as loud as they've been all night. The Phoenix waits for the Virus to get inside the ring and then goes after him. The Phoenix lands a right hook then a quick european uppercut. The Virus fires back with a kick to the ribs of The Phoenix and a spinning backfist. They throw the fancy strikes aside and just start into an all-out brawl. The Phoenix landing punches, The Virus returning punches of his own. Something's gotta give.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix crushes The Virus with a knee to the gut and then takes him down with double-arm DDT!

Brian Rentfro: Oh man I can't watch this anymore.

The Phoenix drags The Virus in the middle of the ring... and... HE APPLIES A TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!

Jon McDaniel: Holy shit, that looks very painful. The Phoenix is about to break Engel's back and on top of all that he's applying pressure to Engel's bad ankle.

Brian Rentfro: Damn it Jon! Stop making it worse!

The Phoenix wrenches back as much as he can. Blood is pouring out of the face of Matthew Engel. He's not tapping... he's not tapping.


All Matthew Engel can do is mumble, and it's nothing along the lines of quitting. Engel keeps struggling and struggling, trying to reach the bottom rope. He's so damn close.

Jon McDaniel: He's inches away!

Brian Rentfro: COME ON MATT!

Matthew Engel...The Virus... his index finger rubs against the bottom rope for a split second, but The Phoenix wrenches back as hard as he can once more. Engel's eyes close, his hand falls to the mat, and the blood still pours.

Brian Rentfro: He's... no, get up Matt!

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise is checking on him...

The Virus is out cold. Panzadise calls for the bell.


Eric Emerson: And your winner of the match by knock out... still your PWA World Heavyweight Champion... THE PHOENIX!!!!

Matthew Engel is still down, still unconscious. Panzadise is checking on him, and he signals to the back for medical attention. The Phoenix struggles to get up to his feet as the PWA World Title slides into the ring from the timekeeper. Panzadise picks up the World Title and looks at it, tossing it over to The Phoenix in an angry fashion. "Final Countdown" blares throughout the arena as The Phoenix raises his arms in the air to celebrate. The crowd is going crazy.

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe it. What a damn match, Brian! The Phoenix retains his title, The Virus is done!

Brian Rentfro: He never gave up, Jon! The Virus never gave up!

Jon McDaniel: That is true... The Virus is certainly one of the toughest fighters in the community, Brian. There's no doubt about that.

Matthew Engel is finally awake as EMTs come into the ring. They're trying to restrain him and get him some help, but The Virus knocks one of the EMTs out with a right punch and climbs out of the ring. He falls to the floor, unable to walk at the moment, as more blood pours out of his face. The Phoenix requests a microphone, standing in the middle of the ring.

The Phoenix: You may be done, Matt, but you will live forever. I promise you that.

Brian Rentfro: It looks like The Virus has earned Rob's respect once and for all.

Jon McDaniel: A rarity around these parts, I assure you.

Rob tosses the mic away and gives Engel a nod, then he climbs out of the ring and hobbles up the rampway to the back with his World Title held high. A familiar face comes rushing down the rampway past The Phoenix and in Engel's direction.

Jon McDaniel: That's Victory World Champion Teresa Quaranta!

Brian Rentfro: Yes it is, Jon. I miss her.

Teresa goes over to Engel and begins helping him up to his feet. Engel is all messed up, and Teresa helps him slowly around the way toward the rampway.


Jon McDaniel: Well, The Phoenix might be the World Heavyweight Champion... but Matthew Engel gets the love of St. Louis tonight. He never gave up, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: No he didn't, and whether this is his last match or not, he will forever be remembered as one of the greats.

Teresa and Engel go up the rampway and disappear backstage.