World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Dallas Hoover vs Hunter Sullivan

Non-Title Match

The two PWA stars were set for their bout,
Winning the match, neither man would doubt.
They fought outside the ring,
Forgetting the ref was counting
And the two brawling men were counted out

Winners: The fans that got to the arena late

Wisdom For the Ages

When we return, a camera shot on the ring shows what appears to be a familiar figure. In the background, one can hear a grand chorus and stringed instruments combining to form a classic tune. Shortly thereafter, we soon realise that the music is Mozart’s Requiem and the individual standing in the centre of the ring is multiple-time World Champion, ‘The Crown Jewel’ Marvin Wood. As the music fades, the chorus of singing transforms into a familiar chorus of boos. A camera shot close up of Marvin Wood shows that he is conducting a stern and focused demeanour. After a few moments, he raises the microphone that he had previously placed by his side.

Marvin Wood: About a month ago, I decided to take some time away from professional wrestling. I could phrase the situation in a manner which is more favourable to my reputation, but the fact is that I stepped away because I had fallen below a standard that I deemed to be acceptable. I don’t need to go over each of the setbacks, because you are all aware of what they are. In truth, I had lost the passion that had driven me to dominate three different companies over the past year. But, more importantly, I had lost the passion that had driven me to be a positive influence on our profession.

A “shut the f*ck up!” chant has begun to gain some momentum, but Marvin is unperturbed, as he is absorbed in his own thoughts and words.

Marvin Wood: Believe me, ladies and gentlemen: I know how you feel. I know the journey that each of you have been on. The journey to become that what you are. The journey to discover yourself: to be able to lead yourself, rather than to follow others. I understand that. I understand that many of you will never make anything more out of yourselves than as followers who have never discovered who they are. I understand that you will hold the values of someone else dear to your heart, and defend them from outsiders. You will ridicule those who have found their own path in life. I understand that. Therefore, I understand that you are not in a position to express how you truly feel about me. The truth is, you appreciate me, but may never be afforded the opportunity to express that appreciation to me. I know. I understand. I merely ask that you do not hold yourself in disdain on my account.

He pauses, as the booing appears to be getting louder. Those who have been paying attention to what he has been saying have become more angry and defensive; those who have not have simply begun a “you s*ck!” chant.

Marvin Wood: But, it is important to not forget about who I am. Let’s reflect, now, on just that. I am not a preacher, a gloater, a martyr or an activist. Benefiting from what I have to offer to you does not require faith or trust. I am a fig tree. The figs upon me are beginning to fall. All you need to do is stand beneath my branches and catch them. With your bare hands, with a basket, with a wheelbarrow or with a skip. It doesn’t matter. The more that you catch, the more prosperous you become. Then, squeeze out their juices and feast on their sweet and ripe skins. Around me, it is always autumn. The sky is clear. The figs are ripe. And, I will stand in the same place, stoically and emphatically, whether anyone approaches me or not.

He nods in affirmation of his own comments, conveying the impression that he believes everyone knows what he is talking about and completely agrees with him.

Marvin Wood: It takes someone with a propensity for cold climates and isolation to approach me, as I am perched atop a mountain. However, the feeling of elevation and arrival more than compensates for this, for the deserving party. The willing party will soon come to the conclusion that, up to that point, he had been merely wasting time and treading water. Very few will venture to the top of the mountain to take what is given freely by nature - by my nature. Most will instead determine to shop at the supermarket of convenient thought. I do not blame them. They are people, struggling against the tide that has approached them since birth.

Marvin pauses, once again.

Marvin Wood: One such example of many of these such people is a man named, Marco Dante. This man is consistent lower-to-mid-card competitor. He has not achieved the success that he originally set out to achieve, with his rucksack of Wal-Mart-branded values. So, like many, he chooses to blame others for his shortcomings. He looks for someone - anyone - to blame than himself. He chooses my good friend, ’The Phoenix’ Rob Robinson. No-one is a more innovative businessman and, not to mention, fig harvester than this man. He has succeeded as a result of resisting the cold climate and the high altitudes. And, Marco doesn’t like this. He sees Rob as an outsider.

Marvin Wood: The world is filled with mediocre, struggling people who choose to blame their shortcomings on others, rather than on themselves. This so-called ’recession’ that ended almost two years ago is a perfect example of this. Much of the craze and furore surrounding this so-called financial crisis is that almost everyone had someone other than themselves to blame for their own failures. Bankers. Politicians. Businesses. Anyone other than themselves. They certainly never brought up the fact that the recession would have never happened if they had been more liberal with their spare change. Nor did they, or do they, bring up the fact - or even consider - that this recession would be of no consequence to them if that they had got a better education, worked harder, took their opportunities better and had more to offer the rest of society. It has never been a problem to me. And, needless to say, the analogy translates well to professional wrestling.

Marvin Wood: I have never had a problem with politics or unfavourable booking during my career. I have been a three-time World Heavyweight Champion. And, why is that? It’s because I work hard, I take my opportunities, I am constantly improving and I always have something to offer others. And yet, for some reason, politics have been a problem for Marco Dante? Why is that?

‘The Nomadic Sage’ restrains himself before he loses his composure.

Marvin Wood: The truth is, I had originally intended my sabbatical to last for several months. The reason that I have accepted a match at Genesis is because I know that, retrospectively, it will be more productive for everyone involved if I competed on Genesis. Rob offered a number of matches to me, and I took the easiest one, because I wanted to ensure that I could use the thinning consistency of my transitioning services to their fullest effect. So, I chose one of the most troubled, but also least threatening, individuals on the roster. An individual who has become so weakened by a lack of self-responsibility that I feel I could defeat him in whatever number of minutes I desired to. But, you’re not pathetic, Marco. You’re not unsalvageable. You’ve got potential. And, that’s exactly the point.

Mozart’s Requiem starts back up, and - having concluded what the wanted to say - Marvin walks over to the side of the ring and passes the microphone back to Eric Emerson.

Jethro Hayes vs Cody Bogard

Singles Match

Cody Bogard had a World title shot last week and this week he was up against a former World champion in Jethro Hayes. Hayes and Cody weren’t holding anything back, both men looking for some momentum building into Genesis. It was Jethro’s strength that gave him the early advantage, picking Cody up and slamming him into the mat. Jethro would hit a stalling suplex afterwards, the crowd cheering for their Southern Hero. Cody got up, still fighting, but he was hit with Jethro’s Georgia Slam. Jethro went for the cover, but only got a 2 count.

Cody got to his feet slowly as Jehtro approached, but Cody was able to block a right hand from Jethro and caught him in the ribs with a stiff kick. Cody quickly hit the ropes and caught Jethro with a Lou Thez Press, dropping the Country boy and hammering down on him. Cody got off Jethro, knowing he had to keep the pressure on him if he wanted to get the win. Cody would call for Jethro to get to his feet, which he did slowly. Cody would hook him up and lift him for the Rage of the Dragons, but Jethro got the shoulder up for to stop the three count.

An hour and forty five minutes later…

Both men were exhausted at this point, but they knew how important a win was. Jethro hit Cody with a punch and Cody went down. Jethro covered for a two count. Jethro, with sweat pouring from his body, got to his feet and brought Cody back up reluctantly. Jethro took a step back and went for a big boot, but Cody ducked out of the way and swept Jethro’s other leg, Jethro falling on his back. Cody went for the cover and got another two count. Cody got up again, calling for Jethro to get up. Hayes was in a daze, but still fought to his feet. Cody hit the ropes, as did Jethro and the two men came back for a mid ring collision, connecting with a double clothesline! Both men were laying on their back when the referee called for the bell.

Winner: Time Limit Draw (2:00:00)

Riona Langly vs Nick Robinson

Singles Match


Nick and Riona were ready after their entrances as soon as the bell rang. The match was fairly even in the first few minutes, as Riona Langly was testing out the PWA rookie Nick Robinson. Nick went for some head and neck submissions on Riona, but the veteran was able to work her way out of them to deliver some stiff striking and kicks to Robinson. Riona began to dominate Robinson with more striking and throws, even having him up against the turnbuckles and wailing on him with several kicks for a few minutes. Robinson fought back with classic chops to Riona's chest and then took her down with a huge spinning spinebuster. Robinson took the advantage and applied his Last Chance Power Drive (Anaconda Vice), but Riona managed to make it to the bottom rope as the rookie didn't quite have her in the best position for it. Robinson took it to the veteran as best he could, trying to wear her down some more with several holds and throws. Robinson had Riona on the top turnbuckle and tried for a belly to belly off the top rope, but Riona began to head-butt Robinson several times over. Robinson fell to the mat and Riona connected with a modified Angelic Euphora (180 Corkscrew Moonsault with no springboard). Riona would attempt the first pinfall of the match but Robinson kicked out at the last second.

Riona gets up to her feet as Robinson uses the ropes to try to get up. Robinson charges at Riona, who sidesteps him, and Riona plants him in the middle of the ring with the Tourniquet!





Winner: Riona Langly in 11:34

Yoo-Hoo Sympathizers Receive Apology, Threat Levels Lowered

"Sympathy for the Devil" by Guns 'N Roses hits the sound system as Matthew "The Virus" Engel comes out from backstage. He's dressed in a black suit and tie, sporting black Ray-Bans and a longer beard since last week. Engel walks down to the ring to a loud reaction that's mixed with cheers and boos. He climbs up the steel steps and through the ropes, and then his music dies down as he gets handed a microphone.

Matthew Engel: I'd like to take a moment to apologize.

The crowd hushes down for a moment, because this is a rare thing.

Matthew Engel: To all the employees of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. To those who felt threatened by my emotional response last week. To all you Yoo-hoo lovers out there. And yes, even you Robinson. I apologize.

Engel walks around the ring for a moment, finally stopping near the ropes.

Matthew Engel: You know, I just got crazy. Rob really pissed me off and I lost my cool. I wasn't REALLY going to burn down Yoo-hoo factories. The Matthew Engel that would have done that is gone, I assure you.

Engel adjusts his tie, trying to make himself look more presentable.

Matthew Engel: But it just goes to show just how desperate Robinson is. He puts me through some bullshit test, when he knows all too well just how fine my condition is and how ready I am going to be for Genesis. He attacks me with the belt, just like he did to Cody Bogard. He gives me a free, empty win while trying to take any momentum away from me. For what? You going to trick Panzadise next Sunday night into believing I attacked you illegally and I should lose? Rob... do you HONESTLY believe Dise is going to full for that?

Engel shakes his head.

Matthew Engel: I mean, I don't like the guy at all... but he's not some dumb, easily paid off referee that doesn't know what kind of man you are. Dise realizes just how important our match is and how important his part is in our match. He ended my record-breaking title reign. He lost to you at London's Burning. He won't be fooled by your antics and he certainly, certainly will not let me get away with anything should you attempt to do so. So whatever you're scheming, Rob, it's not going to work. You're a smart guy. You're clever. You've won dozens of matches that you shouldn't have because you were either in power or you bent the rules without anyone looking. But come next Sunday, you're going to have to stand toe to toe with the best World Heavyweight Champion in this modern era of Pioneer Wrestling and try to out-wrestle me.

Engel lowers the mic for a moment, leaning up against the ropes.

Matthew Engel: And I know that sounds tough and intimidating, but that's just the way it's going to be. You hold this event in such high regard. You hold that title in such high regard. You relish the main event, you say you're one of the best in these kinds of situations. I say fucking prove it, you asshole. If you can beat me straight up, and if you can basically end my PWA career, then every single bullshit win you've ever had in your entire career will not be continually subjected to constant ridicule against every guy that gets put against you in the ring. Stealing the World Title from Scottie Snow in some bullshit Falls Count Anywhere match after he beat you twice in less than two minutes at Genesis IX. Paying Might & Magic to beat Jamie Flynn for you later that night. Putting yourself last in the Dome of Destruction both times. Screwing over Riona Langly at Who's The Man?! 2009. Fuck!

Engel loses it for a moment, but regains his cool.

Matthew Engel: I could go on and on, Rob. I really could, but you get the point. All of that, the mockery you've made of yourself in the last four years, goes away if you can do the impossible at Genesis. And yes, I do mean impossible. I'm not talking Michael Sommers.. 'impossible'... because I don't get KO'd by little bitches in World Title matches. I don't come back for one event a year just to pick on some poor hack to get a free win. I'm on my way to winning my fifth PWA World Title in less than three and a half years since I won my first one. I've never lost a match at Genesis. When you were put in a corner and forced to wrestle me straight up, whether you were 'The Winning Phoenix' or 'The Phoning It In Phoenix', you couldn't beat me. I could give a shit less if you think you were a 'different guy' back then, because you're the same half-assing competitor today as you were back then. Tapping out to handshakes. Bulldozing worthy contenders over with the World Title. Causing disqualifications for the easy win because you realized you couldn't get it done the right way.

Engel moves toward the middle of the ring as the crowd is cheering Matthew Engel on.

Matthew Engel: You're still the same guy you were at Genesis X, only fifteen pounds heavier. You're going to lose just like you did at Genesis X. And you're going to have to be subjected to looking up to me as your new World fucking Champion once more.

Engel tosses the mic to the staff and his music hits. Engel climbs out of the ring and makes his way back up the rampway.

Jon McDaniel: The Virus making a big statement here on Rampage as we get closer and closer to Genesis.

Brian Rentfro: Jon, this is going to be a hell of a main event.

Jon McDaniel: I couldn't agree with you more. One of the most decorated athletes in PWA history colliding with one of the most dominate PWA World Champions in the last couple years... it's going to be a great night on February 19th.

Brian Rentfro: At least for one of them.

Matt Stone vs Justin Case

PWA Intercontinental Title Match

Both competitors made it to the ring unscathed, but that was the end of the easy rides in this match. Stone started the match off right, gaining a quick takedown on Justin and attacking his right leg. Stone had JC on the ground and dropped his knee across the inside of Justin’s right leg. Justin tried to fight back to his feet, but Stone got behind him with a low chop block to get him back on his feet, then Stone locked Justin in the Wrath of Khan. Justin was locked in good, screaming out, but with his big frame, Justin was able to get to the bottom rope. Matt released the hold, measuring Case as he got up, Stone would kick him in the back of the head, forcing Case to kneel before Zod. Matt went for the cover and got a 2 count.

Matt was a little annoyed, but kept the pressure on Case. Matt tried to lift him to his feet, but JC was having none of it and caught Matt in the jaw with a back elbow. Stone went for a wild right hand that Justin ducked and grabbed Stone around the waist, lifting Matt in the air and dropping him on the back of his head. Justin got back up with Stone still grabbed and lifted him high up, dropping him again with a German suplex. Justin wasn’t done, however, as he picked Stone up a third time and dropped him on the back of his head a third time! Justin released the grip and went for a cover, getting a two count.

Justin picked Stone up to his feet, measuring him. Justin doubled Stone over with a kick to the stomach and hooked Stone’s arms behind his back. Justin picked Matt up off the mat and dropped him straight on his head with the butterfly pile driver! Just 2 Talented! Justin rolled Matt over and went for the cover to win the Intercontinental championship. The referee got to the 2 count, but stopped before the three count, Katrina had put Stone’s foot on the bottom rope! Justin noticed that and rolled out of the ring, slowly approaching Katrina, shaking his head as she backed off. He started going a little faster and Katrina turned and started to run, Justin hot in pursuit. Katrina would slide in the ring and crawl across the ring, Justin getting in after her and going to grab her leg, but Stone was up and out of nowhere C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Katrina got out of the ring as Matt went for the cover, getting the 1 2 3.

Winner: Matt Stone (retains Intercontinental title and wins Internet Championship)

Contract Signing? Who does these anymore?

Let Everybody See,
The future here in me
Just watch the wheel go 'round
I'll cheer as you go down!

Brian Rentfro: “After defeating Justin Case earlier tonight and gaining the Internet championship, this will be the official contract singing for Matt Stone and Nightstryker held right here in the ring.”

Jon McDaniel: “Oh I can’t wait for Genesis.”

Matt Stone walked down to the ring with Katrina behind him. There’s a table set up in the ring with two chairs and two microphones. Matt get’s in the ring, the ropes being opened by Katrina and Stone get’s in, raising the Intercontinental championship in the air. Matt draped it over the table and picks up a microphone as his music fades.

Matt: “So it looks to be pretty official, all that’s left to do is sign this contract and I will officially be defending the PWA Intercontinental championship against Nightstryker. Well let the record book show that I fear no man. I’ve already looked over this contract with my lawyer and I won’t hesitate for another second.”

Stone reaches down and picks up the contract and signs it. Matt places the contract back down on the table.

Matt: “Now all I need is Nightstryker to come out here and make this official.”

And with that Nightstryker emerges from backstage with a smirk on his face. No music, no fanfare, no bright shiny lights. It's worth noting he is wearing a shirt that reads 'I'm about to pass a Stone'.

Jon McDaniel: “Here he comes, it’s Nightstryker!”

Brian Rentfro: “He doesn’t look intimidated at all”

Nightstryker comes into the ring and pics up the other microphone, looking across at the champ.

Nightstryker: “I'm so glad that you got your lawyer to look over the contract. Heaven forbid you just man up and sign a contract to fight a man. I mean, you aren't afraid of anyone, right? So next time you decide to waste my time, please make sure it is for something that is actually necessary. Like for instance, you got to the arena and you couldn't find your set that generally hangs between your legs. I'd completely understand then."

Stryker grabs the contract and signs it, placing it back down on the table, but he continues to talk

Nightstryker: “But I'm not going to beat around the bush here Matt. You may have fought some tough guys before to retain that title, but you have never stepped in the ring with someone who could end your career if he wanted to. And let's be honest. Who'd really miss you anyway? Deaf people in New Jersey?”

Stone looks angered by that remark and flips the table out of the way, stepping right up in Stryker’s face. The two exchange words and start to circle so it’s now Matt’s back facing the ramp. Stone takes a step back, holding his hands up to show he means no ill will, but with their new positioning Stryker’s back is to Katrina who promptly gives him a quick kick between his legs! Stryker buckles for a moment as Stone grabs his head and jumps in the air, hitting him with the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Grabbing the IC title off the mat, Stone rolls out of the ring followed by Katrina, backing up the ramp looking at their handy work.

Jon McDaniel: “Did you see that? What a despicable act that was!”

Brian Rentfro: “Say what you will, but it’s official now! Matt Stone defends the Intercontinental championship against Nightstryker next week at Genesis!”