World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



Show opens outside of the arena with a white cargo van sitting in the parking lot, the words 'Free Candy' on the side. Kids are clamoring around it, yelling.

Kids: Me! Me! Me!

Mark McNasty arrives on the scene, aching for a sugar fix.

McNasty: Out of the way pip squeaks. This candy has my name all over it.

McNasty bangs on the side door.

McNasty: C'mon, open up. I want some candy from a stranger.

The man inside the van happily obliges and pops open the doors. McNasty's look changes to one of horror as the visage he lays eyes on is that of Raizzor dressed in a white pants and shirt, decorated in red, vertical stripes. Raizzor goes all Mortal Kombat on McNasty and grabs him stiffly by the collar.

Raizzor: Get over here!

McNasty is dragged into the van and the doors slam shut behind him. The van instantly starts rocking as Chamelion happens by, whistling to himself.

Chamelion: Sheesh, get a room!

Chamelion walks on out of camera shot when the doors to the van open once more. McNasty falls out, largely unscathed but with all kinds of candy wrappers and other candy stuck to his body. He runs off before things can take a turn for the even weirder. Raizzor is the last person seen as he sits down with a huff and reaches to his inside pocket. He produces a PWA Powersauce bar and munches away as we cut to the ring.

The Long Kiss Goodnight

As the opening video package clears out and the camera pans the sold out crowd, suddenly a familiar song hits on the speakers.


Jon McDaniel: WHOA!

The crowd ERUPTS into cheers as "Last Ones Left(THE ORDER OF CHAOS REMIX)" hits over the speakers. There are flashes on the ADCTron of Simon Kalis and Masakazu before their ghostly images burn away to the hauntingly familiar Order of Chaos emblem. The lights in the arena go out, and there's pandemonium in the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: They're back! They're finally back!!!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, like we should be cheering these cowards who randomly abandoned the entire AoWF without so much as a word.

Suddenly, the lights in the arena turn back on just as some pyro shoots off from the four corners of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Wait... What?

In the ring, there is now a red velvet carpetting over the canvas with a table in the center of the ring. A chair at either end, an ash tray with two burning cigarettes and of course, the PWA Tag Team titles.

Brian Rentfro: So much for the comeback?

Jon McDaniel: They're here, I'm telling you.

Brian Rentfro: Or someone saw fit to have them return the last titles they selfishly held onto.

The crowd settles down, quite disappointed as the cameras zoom in on the center of the ring and that table. The PWA tag titles glistening in the spotlight, the Kalis and Kalis nameplates prevelant and the cigarettes in the ash tray... burning out.

Did You Know?

That Genesis is also the name of a band that featured Phil Collins. However, the original singer was Peter Gabriel of "Sledgehammer" fame.

Leonard Luv vs Lucy Starr

Singles Match

Both men are of an even size, so tests of strength get them nowhere. Leonard Luv decides to take the shortcut and rakes Lucious in the eyes like the dirty bastard that he is. He goes old school on his ass. He rakes the back, face burns him across the top rope, and even does the back heel low blow while the ref isn't looking. Lucious is struggling to keep up with the sheer amount of trickery at Leonard's disposal.

Brian Rentfro: Leonard Luv showing what he's got ahead of his Grizzly Beer title opportunity at Genesis.

Jon McDaniel: He certainly has been on a roll as of late, and even has a win over Dallas Hoover. But do you think he has what it takes to get over the finish line when it really matters?

Brian Rentfro: Hard to say. Hoover is no pushover. Unless, however, he is wearing his TGW colours. Luv better hope that TGW Hoover shows up because PWA Hoover can't lose.

The ref catches Luv in the act of cheating and gives him a stern telling off. Starr uses this as a window to get back to his feet and rally back, pummelling Luv with hard lefts and rights. He backs him up into the corner and whips him hard into the opposite side. Luv staggers out holding his back and receives a huge back body drop for his trouble. Starr goes for the cover but only manages a two count.

Jon McDaniel: Starr of course has a big match of his own against Hunter Sullivan. Lucious hasn't had the best of runs lately. Do you think he can turn it around in time for Genesis?

Brian Rentfro: Anything is possible. It probably hurts that he has gone from being a main eventer at the last PPV to filling out the mid card on the biggest show of the year. That should be motivation enough for any man to turn around a downward slump.

Luv tries to escape the Starr onslaught but Starr is not about to let him get away when he has the upperhand. Lucious Starr signals for the end and lifts Luv up for the Hell's Wrath. Luv looks as if he is about to tap when his manager Ms. Inga Lovegood climbs up onto the apron and distracts the referee by locking him in a big wet kiss. Starr drops Luv and goes over to put a stop to the shenanigans, but that is all the opening that Luv needs. He quickly pulls himself back together and when Starr turns back around, he nails him with The Luv Handle and covers.




WINNER: Leonard Luv

Lucy & Hunter, Sittin' in a Tree

We fade to a basically all white shot. The shot seems to be moving around a bit as we hear.

Doc: “You really took a good few shots man. One more stitch and you’ll be all cleaned up. I wouldn’t exactly suggest wrestling tonight, but you could. So I’ll leave this in your hands.”

With that the doctor moves out of the way and we can see a battered Sullivan sitting on a chair having his head sown shut from the harsh attack earlier that day. Sullivan seems to be a fairly good spirits though, toughing through the stitching, like a boss.

Hunter: “I can’t leave Matt Stone with an empty win? You kidding? I need to go out there and send him back here to you.”

Doc: “haha, yes, well i’m sure you will. Okay well there we go, last stic-“

Suddenly the door to the room is kicked in, smashing against the wall and knocking over a diagram on the wall. Hunter shoots himself off the table and the Doctor backs up with a yelp as Starr barges into the room with a led pipe, swinging wildly at Hunter. Sullivan dodges in what would be more accurately described as a flail. Lucious doesn’t stop, flinging through with one fluid motion smacks The Viper in the side.


Starr quickly looks to the doctor and nails the man across the face downing him from screaming out anymore. Hunter takes this opportunity and leaves the room out into the open backstage. Starr doesn’t take long to notice and takes after him, wielding his led pipe. On the way out of the room Star gets blind sided by a half full garbage can to the face. The former Shadow Starr staggers back in the hall still with the pipe in hand as stage hands rush of to get out of the way of the rampage. Sullivan follows up bu rushing his assaulter with a lu thez press, pummelling fists and more fists into Starr’s face. A whack to the ribs with the pipe changes everything as Hunter is rolled onto his back, the pipe goes up but Hunter squirms a thumb into his eye, pushing him off.

Hunter: “Mother fucker, Think you can take me on?”

Hunter grabs a broom leaning up against a wall and comes back, and with one wild shot cracks it IN HALF over Shadow’s back. Lucious squirms in pain as his back lights up a red. Hunter isn’t finished as he grabs him by the hair and pulls him to his feet, the pipe having gotten lost in the fray doesn’t help as Hunter brings the former champion back to the built up room that the doctor was using, flinging him wildly into the almost cardboard structure. Starr falls through and finds himself next to the K.O’d doctor from before.

Hunter: “Yeah, how about that you stupid cunt.”

Starr crawls away a little as Sullivan goes the long way around through the kicked in door, taking his time as the camera crew follows him in. WHAM! Chair shot brings Hunter tumbling out of the room and to the floor outside. The chair he had been sitting on earlier had been grabbed by the wounded Starr as he emerges slowly after with a slight limp.
Lucious: “ Gonna have to try harder fag muffin.”

Starr brings the steel up above his head and brings it down across Hunter’s back as he tries to get back to his feet, only to topple back down. Starr moves in and grabs Sullivan by the hair this time, pulling himself up a tad and punches the man n the stitches, tarring apart his wound and drawing blood. He seems to enjoy it, letting Hunter get back to his feet there after, ready to swing a steel chair at the bloodied man once again! DUCKED! Kick, DDT! Shadow bounces off the concrete holding his skull which is now bleeding slightly as well. Shadow however, is very lively, cursing and swearing as he brings himself back to his feet grasping at his head where there is a trickle of blood. Hunter is there to meet him with the missing led pipe to the gut, doubling over Starr with an ‘oof,’ Combined with that, is a shot to the back, knocking Shadow to his knees.

With that Hunter turns around an readies himself to set up a Viper Snap! Only for security to cut hi off and grab him by the arms, pinning him against the wall as Shadow staggers to his feet.

Hunter: “Get the hell off me you ass holes!”

The scene cuts away as Lucious makes his escape out of site.

Matthew Engel Says Stuff

And A Surprise Match Happens!

"Sympathy for the Devil" played by Guns 'N Roses hits the sound system as Matthew Engel comes out to a mixed, loud reaction of cheers and boos. Engel makes his way down to the ring with a microphone in hand.

Jon McDaniel: And so the dance continues as we get closer and closer to Genesis XII, which is turning into an amazing event Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Yes it is, Jon, mostly because we've got The Virus and The Phoenix in the main event for the PWA World Championship!

Engel gets into the ring, wearing his classic dark green tuxedo that was given to him over nine years ago. Of course he gets made fun of for it, but it's a classic. You don't throw away a classic. The music dies down and Matthew Engel begins to speak.

Matthew Engel: Robinson is one of the best at sneaking himself in at the last moment, trying to get a few little jabs in there, and then walking away. He's a last word freak. So, whatever. I'm sure Rob will come out here after a few minutes and try to get the last word in on me again, and he's more than welcome to. The fact is my jab at those superstars who left the PWA early last year weren't aimed at him. Sure, he did go to Victory as a wrestler, but he stayed in the PWA as its President - taking over for Mark Sommers - and keeping his fighting career separate from his management career. See, I actually respected that Rob. I've gone on record in the past in saying that I've respected that. But what I don't respect is the motherfucking end of 2008 all over again, when you - as President - insert yourself into the World Title scene once more and made it as easy as possible for you to win.

Some boos from the crowd on that one.

Matthew Engel: That didn't sit well with me. It doesn't sit well with these fans and a lot of guys in the back. So, whatever. I'm stepping up, when no one else will. Hayes is still struggling to come back to us. Riona can't even get a clean win over Justin Case. Matt Stone is hell bent on being the best Intercontinental Champion ever, and doesn't want to get his ass burned yet another time trying to step into the main event. So who else? Who really is going to walk down to the ring in St. Louis and beat the fuck out of you, Rob, and do it just as good as anybody ever has? That's me.

A pop from the crowd this time.

Matthew Engel: And yeah, you're right. I haven't been on Rampage much. I did split time between PWA and Victory for a few months - well after I lost the PWA World Title to Panzadise, by the way - because of my AOWF World Title aspirations. The only way of getting Lisa's attention was putting myself in her cross hairs. I could have gone to Rebel Pro, but you and I actually agree on something there: Rebel Pro is fucking garbage. And it didn't pan out, because Adam Gray fractured my ankle. That's why I haven't wrestled since Ground Zero. Yeah, you remember don't you? When I made Danny Monroe my bitch? Regardless, I was here last week. I'm here tonight. And I'm sure as fuck not tapping out to handshakes and running people over with a title because I'm too afraid to actually wrestle. That's you, fuckhead.

Another big pop from the crowd.

Matthew Engel: I hope Cody Bogard beats your ass so bad tonight, because at this rate - when you've got the World Champion racing to the back to feed his fat mouth with a Hot Pocket rather than stepping into the ring with the number one contender and giving him some answers - I'd much rather be facing the Crisis Ace for the strap.

However, "The Final Countdown" hits the sound system as President Robinson - once more dressed in his dark blue suit with his mask on - comes out from backstage. Engel shakes his head and leans up against the ropes. The crowd boos President Robinson heavily.

The Phoenix: Blah, blah, blah. Do you want some cheese with that whine, Engel? I swear it's like having Mark McNasty around.

Engel shrugs his shoulders and nods his head.

Matthew Engel: Sure, I'll take some cheese. You got any Hot Pockets left, tubby?

The Phoenix: Oh, another weight joke! You know, I have put on about... oh... fifteen pounds since Ground Zero.

Rob motions to the World Title around his waist.

The Phoenix: And amidst all of that bullshit you were spewing, you actually said something interesting. You HAVEN'T wrestled since Ground Zero. You did get a fractured ankle. I noticed you don't have the walking boot anymore, but do you honestly believe you're ready to fight me? I'm the most decorated athlete in PWA history, right up there with Sirus Moran. We're about to enter the main event of the biggest Genesis in years. Do you really believe you're ready?

Engel nods his head.

Matthew Engel: Hell yeah I am, Rob. I've been waiting for this moment for a long fucking time.

The Phoenix: Somehow I'm not convinced, maybe because you're an expert in bullshit-ology. So, I want you to prove it to me, Engel.

"Amerika" by Rammstein hits the sound system as Might & Magic come out from backstage. Engel moves off the ropes and gives them his undivided attention. The crowd has a mixed reaction for the legendary PWA tag team and the music continues to play as President Robinson discusses some fine details with Moke Doshky and The Dragon. Robinson cues for the music to stop.

The Phoenix: This is perfect. Might & Magic just had the opportunity to beat the shit out of Bubba J in Victory in a handicap match. Unfortunately Bubba's butt buddy Vinnie Black showed up and ruined the fun, but here? In the PWA? Engel, you've got no friends. Good luck and if you manage to survive, you might convince me that you're ready for Genesis.

Engel has no words, but drops the microphone as Moke and Dragon come racing down to the ring. Engel removes his jacket and tie quickly as Moke and Dragon slide in. Engel goes after Moke with a forearm smash and a quick kick to the gut. Dragon tries to come from behind but Engel nails him right in the jaw with a superkick!

The referee finally calls for the bell.


Jon McDaniel: And here we go people. Engel has been put into an unexpected handicap match against Might & Magic!

Brian Rentfro: Totally unfair, Jon. I believe Engel is ready. He shouldn't have to do this.

Jon McDaniel: If Engel is ready, then he should be fine here. It's not like they can be in the ring at the same time.


Engel tries to continue his attack on Moke, but Moke crushes him with a double axe handle right on top of his head. Engel falls to a knee, but Moke smashes his own knee into Engel's face. The Phoenix has come down to ringside to watch the action and cheer Moke and Dragon on. Moke brings Engel up to his feet and flings him into the ropes. Engel comes back and Moke plants him in the middle of the ring with a black hole slam! The Phoenix starts clapping and Moke tags in The Dragon.

Brian Rentfro: This is just unfair, Jon! A clear abuse of power by The Phoenix!

Jon McDaniel: What are you going to do about it? Nothing!

The Dragon goes to work on Engel, giving him kicks to the ribs and then scooping him up and slamming him to the mat. The Dragon climbs to the top rope and flies off, catching Engel in the ribs with a frog splash! Dragon stays on top of Engel for the cover.




Engel kicks out right after the two and Dragon begins to pummel Engel in the face and ribs. Dragon brings Engel up to his feet and toward their corner. He takes in Moke and then holds Engel's ribs open. Moke gives Engel a calculated, brutal punch to the ribs and the Dragon goes to the apron. Robinson claps some more and trash talks Engel a little bit. Moke is pummeling Engel with lefts and rights, who is surprisingly staying on his feet. Engel leans against the ropes and Moke tries for a clothesline, but Engel ducks out of the way and Moke's own momentum takes him up and over the top rope to the outside floor! Engel uses the opportunity to give The Dragon a stiff kick to the face, knocking Dragon off the apron as well!

Brian Rentfro: Engel's on the top rope... MISSILE DROPKICK TO MOKE DOSHKY!

Jon McDaniel: Engel manages to turn things around here and now he's attacking The Dragon!

The Phoenix makes sure that the referee begins the count.

Ref: 1!

Engel is pummeling Dragon with lefts and rights, and then whips him into the steel steps! Moke is back on his feet and clobbers Engel from behind.

Ref: 2!

Phoenix is laughing it up, and Moke smashes Engel's face into the ring post!

Ref: 3!

Engel is trying to get to his feet but Moke lifts him up in a gorilla press slam... and throws him through the ropes and back into the ring!

Brian Rentfro: He's a monster!

Jon McDaniel: That he is.

Moke is the legal man and he climbs into the ring while The Dragon gets back on the apron. Moke smashes Engel in the head a few times with his elbow and then sends him into the ropes. Moke bends over and tries for a lifting body drop, but Engel decides to take down Moke with a running DDT! The crowd goes wild and The Dragon enters the ring. Engel ducks a running lariat from the Dragon and delivers some hard chops to the Dragon's chest. Engel plants Dragon with an Olympic Slam! The referee yells at Dragon to get out of the ring and Moke is back on his feet. Engel delivers some kicks to Moke's stomach and goes against the ropes. Engel nails Moke with a spinning forearm smash to the head! Moke is still standing and Engel drops him with a roundhouse kick to the jaw!

Brian Rentfro: YES! Come on Engel!

Jon McDaniel: He's battling back, Brian.

Engel brings Moke to his feet, but Moke headbutts Engel right in the nose! Engel's nose is busted and bleeding, and The Phoenix begins applauding again while instructing Moke to tag in The Dragon. Moke obliges and gives The Dragon a tag. Dragon springboards off the top rope and connects with a flying elbow drop over Engel's heart. No doubt in honor of President Robinson. The Dragon covers Engel.




Engel kicks out right after the two count, and The Dragon can't believe it. Dragon pulls Engel up to his feet and delivers some chops to Engel's chest. He whips Engel into the turnbuckles. Dragon goes for a running lariat in the corner, but nobody's home! Dragon connects with the turnbuckles and stumbles out of the corner and Engel takes him down with a reverse DDT! Moke has seen enough and gets into the ring, but Engel is ready for it and connects with a running knee to Moke's face! Engel's nose is still all bloodied and bruised, but he manages to persevere.

Jon McDaniel: Engel is pummeling the big German now!

Brian Rentfro: He's got to keep both his eyes on both guys at all times. This is ridiculous!

Jon McDaniel: If anything he's getting a crash course for what it will be like against Robinson at Genesis.

Engel toe stomps Moke Doshky and plants him in the mat with a double-arm DDT. Engel is on his feet and Dragon comes running at him. Engel times a superkick perfectly and drops Dragon to the mat! Moke is getting to his feet now as the referee is screaming at him to get the fuck out of the ring, but Engel helps Moke with that and manages to clothesline Moke Doshky over the top rope! Now it's just Engel and The Dragon!

Brian Rentfro: YES! COME ON ENGEL!

Jon McDaniel: Engel is motioning for the Sons of Plunder!

Brian Rentfro: Wait! Robinson's in the ring!

Robinson CLOBBERS Engel in his busted nose with the PWA World Title! The referee sees it and calls for the bell.


But the bell doesn't stop Robinson and Dragon from kicking and beating down Matthew Engel.

Eric Emerson: And your winner by disqualification... MATTHEW... "THE VIRUS"... ENGEL!!!

The crowd is booing heavily as Robinson drills Engel into the mat with The Flame! Dragon slides out of the ring and joins his buddy Moke, as The Phoenix manages to get another microphone.

The Phoenix: You still got it, Matty, but at Genesis XII... I make sure The Virus is never PWA World Champion again.

Phoenix drops the mic on Engel's head and leaves the ring as "The Final Countdown" hits the sound system. The crowd continues to boo Might & Magic, and The Phoenix, heavily as they walk up the rampway leaving Engel beaten and battered in the middle of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Well, I guess we should have seen that one coming.

Brian Rentfro: It's a tragedy, Jon. Engel was going to beat Might & Magic and Robinson knew it!

Jon McDaniel: Yup, that's why he interfered. I don't agree with Robinson most of the time, but he's a smart guy and giving Engel any momentum going into Genesis is a bad idea.

Engel finally comes to in the middle of the ring, pissed right the fuck off. He leaves and storms up the rampway as we go to the next match.

Justin Case vs Mark McNasty

Singles Match

They fought like cats and dogs. Which one was the cat and which one was the dog is up for yourself to decide. They brawled about the ringside area and gave some lucky fan in the front row a sweaty, wrestler lap dance as they fought on top of him. When the action got back into the ring, it was Justin Case who took advantage. He used a couple of things that they call wrestling holds to get things under control. It turned out though that apparently Mark McNasty also knows wrestling holds and when the occasion calls for it, he sometimes knows the counter to said holds. I guess he was working on that when he needed a party trick for the moustache parade folk. McNasty twisted a few things and slammed a few things more. Just when a win over Justin Case looked Justin Evitable, Justin Case somehow pulled it out of the bag by hitting the Just 2 Talented for the win.

WINNER: Justin Case

Cut & Print

Leonard Luv leans against a pole backstage, chatting away on his phone. Dallas Hoover approaches him.

Leonard Luv: Yeah, Babe. No, of course. Your eyes…

Dallas gives a little wave, Leonard turns around and continues his conversation. Dallas takes a deep breath, walks around, and gives another little wave. Leonard covers up the receiver on his phone.

Leonard Luv: No, Dallas, I’m not hungry.

Dallas opens his mouth, but before he can say anything, Leonard speaks again.

Leonard Luv: Look, it’s not my fault they don’t make championship belts in your size. Try a diet.

Dallas drops his smile and snatches the phone out of Leonard’s hand.

Dallas Hoover: Hi, this is Leonard’s inner monologue. God, I can’t believe this bitch is actually buying this shit. She actually thinks I think of her like she’s a person and not just a blowup doll that provides its own lubrication. Huh, she hung up. Weird.

Dallas hands the phone back to Leonard.

Dallas Hoover: Now that I’ve got your attention, I just wanted to congratulate you on your lightning fast title shot. It took me months to get one, and even then it wasn’t a one on one.

Leonard Luv: That’s probably because Rob Robinson knows you’re as much of a fraud as I do.

Dallas Hoover shrugs.

Dallas Hoover: Even a smart guy like Rob is wrong every now and then. Let me be clear. I am not joining the ranks of champions who lost on their first defense. You pinned me last week. That puts you in a very exclusive club. You’re number five. Nobody’s done it twice.

Dallas’s grin reappears and he offers his hand to Leonard.

Dallas Hoover: Good luck.

Luv looks down at Hoover's hand, a look of sheer disgust on his face.

Leonard Luv: Hell no. Do you think I don't know how many cock-a-doodle doos and plates of hot wings that hand has touched? I'll pass, and just say I hope you've enjoyed your time as Grizzly Beer champion, because at Genesis 12, it all comes to an end.

Dallas just shrugs. His smile becoming a little more tight is the only sign of his irritation.

Dallas Hoover: Fine, have it your own way. But I still wish you good luck.

Hoover walks away, leaving Luv standing there, looking at his phone.

Leonard Luv: Great, just great, I have to find a new booty call, AND disinfect my phone of fat guy germs.

Luv shakes his head, as we cut back to ringside.

A Matt Stone Interview? What a new idea!

The scene opens with Katrina standing infront of the Rampage logo in the background of the usual interview area. She's holding a PWA microphone and is ready to speak.

Katrina: "Ladies and Gentlemen, joining me at this time is the longest reigning PWA Intercontinetnal champion in PWA history, he is the 2011 Wrestler of the Year, this is Matt Stone!"

Stone walks on screen with the IC tile over his shoulder, wearing a shut me up t-shirt.

Katrina: "So Matt, tonight you face someone whom you have yet to defeat in Hunter Sullivan. What do you have to say before going ino this important match?"

Matt smirks, looking at the camera as the microphone is moved to his mouth.

Matt: "Important? Who said this was an important match? katrina, let me explain something to you and all the people in the audience who may not realise this. Hunter Sullivan will never be important, especially when compared to me. He likened himself to me in his last little shoot and even went to far as to say we were like twins. While it's true that he and I had similiar rookie years in that we were both successful in being recognized as the best wrestlers of that year, our paths have gone in two very seperate ways since. While I have been working my way up to the top in this company and suceeding, he has been off in his own little world contributing nothing to the community that gave him his job in the first place. I have bleed for this company more times than I care to count and he has the nerve to come out and say no one cares about me? Saying no one is watching? Well here's a news flash for you, Hunter. I've got more eyes on me than you've ever had, and that's not going to change no matter how much you overly hype the matches you've been in. You want to talk about making championships relevant? No one even knew this company had an Intercontinetnal championship until I won it. I made this belt as important as it is today, and even at this very moment Rob Robinson is back here searching feverishly for someone who I haven't already decimated to face me at Genesis. It doesn't matter who he finds, either, because the result will be the very same as it will be tonight. Matt Stone on top. Nobody beats Matt Stone Hunter, nobody."

Stone walks off camera as katrina watches him leave, looking back at the camera.

Katrina: 'There you have it folks, a determined Matt Stone ready to prove once again why he is the very best."

The camera cuts out on Katrina looking after for Matt.

Did You Know?

That there is an actual Book of Genesis? It has no affiliation with the PWA, although that is a common mistake by the consumer. PWA lawyers are currently looking into how they can sue for lost income on the book that is riding high on the sales list thanks to the popularity of the PWA PPV.

Thomas Manchester Black vs Silverback

Singles Match

Gonzo McQueen was on commentary for this one since he had nothing better to do with his week. He made a drinking game with Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel that every time they mentioned TMB had the Golden Ticket or Silverback came back from the dead, they had to do a shot. Needless to say, the commentary got pretty slurred for this one. Action wise, Silverback was in fine form, hitting TMB with a succession of big moves. He was sending a clear message out to AOWF community legend Jeffrey Drake. TMB wasn't about to take this showing off without a fight however. He rallied back with a high point being when he German suplexed Silverback off the top turnbuckle and dropped him right on his head. Everyone thought that it was over then and there but Silverback somehow had enough in him to get the shoulder up and fight back. There was an obvious Lazarus line in there somewhere and uttering that line earned Brian Rentfro some tequila. Silverback pulled off the win in the end when TMB got too confident and walked right into the Neverwhere suplex.

WINNER: Silverback

Matthew Engel Ruins Someone's Day

We're backstage and the camera crew pans on the door of President Robinson. A hand comes from off camera and knocks on it, and the President responds.

President Robinson: BUSY!

The camera turns to the right and it's Matthew "The Virus" Engel! A huge pop from the crowd! And The Virus doesn't look top notch after receiving that beat down from earlier.

Matthew Engel: Too busy for Yoo-hoo?

And like two seconds later the door opens up with The Phoenix drooling out of his fucking mask. Engel has got a six pack of the delicious chocolately drink.

President Robinson: Oh... it's you.

Matthew Engel: Come on, Rob. I know we've said some harsh things, but I've got Yoo-hoo.

President Robinson: Alright, you got two minutes!

Engel comes inside right behind Robinson. Robinson takes a seat behind his desk.

President Robinson: What...what's that look for? And why are you all banged up?

Matthew Engel: ... Have you seriously forgotten already? It happened like ten minutes ago.

President Robinson: I told you, I've been busy. It's tough running a show. Ask your brother, the one that's still alive.

Matthew Engel: You dumb mother--

Engel chucks one of the Yoo-hoo bottles at Robinson, who dodges it just in time and the drink explodes everywhere. Engel leaps over the desk and smashes into Robinson and he starts wailing on him!

Matthew Engel: MOTHERFUCKER!

Engel pummels Robinson with lefts and rights, but security rushes in and peels Engel off of Robinson.

President Robinson: GET HIM THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!


Engel is being quite troublesome for the three security guards, but they eventually get a handle on him and begin dragging him away. Not to be outdone, Engel gets in the last words.


Engel continues shouting nonsense, but he fades away the farther they drag him away. Eventually Engel gets tossed outside, and we pan back to Robinson.

President Robinson: Hey, you.. fuckface!

Rob is staring a hair off the middle of the screen, talking to the guy behind the camera.

Camera Guy: Aw that's mean.

President Robinson: Get Larry Young on the phone. Tell him to add extra security to his Yoo-hoo facilities.

Camera Guy: Are you serious?


The camera immediately cuts out, and we return to the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Wow, that was bizarre.

Brian Rentfro: Who the hell is Larry Young?

Jon McDaniel: I believe he's the CEO of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, who manufactures Yoo-hoo.

Brian Rentfro: You're an odd individual, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: What? No, Robinson talks about him all the time.

Brian Rentfro: Sure he does.

The Source

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An Explanation

[Red lights shine down on the entrance ramp as we hear a synthesized beat and tribal drumming begin to play (Link Park’s “When They Come For Me”)]

###I am not a pattern to be followed
The pill that I’m on is a tough one to swallow
I’m not a criminal
Not a role model
Not a born leader
I’m a tough act to follow###

[Much to the surprise of everyone in attendance, Panzadise emerges at the top of the aisle wearing jeans, a black leather jacket, silver sunglasses, and the start of a beard. Scott Baio follows closely behind with a stack of papers in his hand. Dise reaches the ring, steps over the top rope, and throws the NAP sign into the air as the crowd explodes.]

Panzadise: “Long time, no see.”

[Dise soaks in the roar of the crowd.]

Panzadise: “But come on, you didn’t think the biggest panzy in wrestling today would miss Genesis, did you?”

“Over the last three months, I’ve been doing some soul searching, and it turns out, I’m ready to get back into a PWA ring. And what better way to get reacquainted with you then by interjecting myself into the main event at Genesis. That’s right…Panzadise has now been added to the World Title Match between Mathew Engel and The Phoenix!”

[The crowd explodes.]

Panzadise: “But it’s not what you might think. You see, I won’t be wrestling at Genesis. Scott Baio here was inspecting my contract the other day, and he noticed a special clause that states I am allowed to referee one match of my choosing per year. And let’s be honest…I can’t think of a better opportunity to practice my officiating skills than in a match with two of my closest pals…The Virus and Rob Robinson.”

“In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that I chose Robbie to referee my World Title match with Marvin Wood, and we all saw how that turned out. And hey Matthew, do you remember when you decided to “surprise” me by having Joe Boxer be our guest referee at Manitoba Mayhem? My…how the tables have turned.”

“This time around, I’m in charge. The fate of the PWA World Title is in my hands, and after Genesis…”

[Dise turns towards Scott Baio and unexpectedly levels him with a vicious boot to the face.]

“…things will never be the same.”

[Dise drops the mic and exists the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd, who is happy to see him back, but confused about him decapitating Baio.]

Matt Stone vs Hunter Sullivan

Singles Match

With Genesis just around the corner and still not knowing who his opponent is, Matt Stone was not taking any chances in this match and was looking to end it early. But Hunter Sullivan did not like this script and was determined to make Matt Stone have a seat and think about a rewrite. Hunter took control and knocked the piss and other bodily fluids out of Matt Stone. Matt Stone showed that he functioned on more than just liquids though and showed he also contained some grit which he took right to Hunter. Stone pulled off the win in the end with C-c-c-c-combo Breaker.

WINNER: Matt Stone


Sullivan staggers to his feet after a great showing against the IC champion. Leaning against the ropes Hunter smirks wiping the sweat from his brow.

Jon McDaniel: Great match here tonight Brian, Sullivan hasn’t lost a step and Stone showed exactly why he’s the IC champ around these parts. And on to-

Brian Rentfro: Oh sweet jesus not again!

With that Lucious Starr bursts out from behind the gorilla position and is making a B-line straight down to ring side. Hunter waits in the ring and meets his rival with a fury of lefts and rights that are returned in aggression and intensity.

Brian Rentfro: These two have been at each other ALL night! We cannot keep these guys apart.

Shadow and Hunter tumble to the outside with a fierce cactus clothesline. Both men are back into each other before they even get to their feet, bare knuckle brawl.

Jon McDaniel: Right out here in front of us we have battered and beaten men who will face off against each other for the first time in PWA history for nothing more than to see who is better.

Lucious brings the former Global champ to his feet and smashes his head against the announce table, flinging him into the time keeper and ring announcer, successfully bringing everyone into a mess of flesh and steel chairs. Starr begins ripping the top of the table off, throwing monitors onto the ground effortlessly.

Brian Rentfro: Someone’s about to go through this table Jon, and it’s not going to be pretty at all!

Starr goes to retrieve a broken down Sullivan but gets a ring bell to the skull for his efforts! Lucious tumbles into the apron, still on his feet but barely. Another ring bell shot to the stomach and Sullivan turns things around, rolling Starr atop the announcer’s table. Hunter looks to the apron and slaps Starr on his chest before climbing them. ASAI MOOOONSAUUULT! DODGE! Starr rolls out of the way leaving Hunter to land and CRASH through the table. Jon and Brian both lose their head sets in the process, leaving the air silent.

Starr staggers away and grabs the chair, unfolding and folding it up again. Shit’s about to go down.

Lucious: “Get the fuck up!”

Hunter hardly stirs.

Lucious: “I said get up!”

With that Hunter starts to move himself to his feet, using a steel chair that Jon had been sitting on to support his weight. Fans cheer both men on with blood thirsty “FIGHT FIGHT” chants. Finally at his feet Shadow goes to swing but it’s stopped at the pass with Hunter’s return chair shot. A clank of steel echos as the vibrations staggers both men back a moment.

Robinson: “That’s enough RIGHT THERE!”

Rob Robinson with microphone in hand walks down the ramp with security and police officer’s surrounding him.

Robinson: “I’ve had to have you guys separated twice already, this is the final straw.”

With that the security and police officers make their way to ringside surrounding in on both individuals. HUNTER KNOCKS OUT A SECURITY OFFICER WITH HIS CHAIR! Shadow swings wildly, a police officer goes DOWN! A swarm of men move on and are being knocked out left and right with brutal chair shots, Robinson’s face lightens up a red angry as neither men are allowing themselves to be taken down.

Robinson: “Arrest them both right this instant!”

Battered and beaten both men can only fight off the swarm of men so long! Quickly they are both tackles and pinned to the ground, both being cuffed. The brutality is not lacking with reopened wounds rolling down both men’s face. Pulled to their feet both men struggle but it’s futile, to many officers are keeping them at bay. Held up by his arms, Sullivan kicks out wildly trying to land a vicious kick on Shadow before it’s too late. He misses but it forces the men to jerk him back and restrain him better.

Lucious: “I’ll fucking get you at genesis mother fucker.”

Hunter: “Come and get me asshole!”

A Challenger Emerges!

*A familiar voice echoes throughout the arena.*

"I've always been told that tension can be cut with a knife."

Jon McDaniel: That voice sounds familiar. It couldn't be though, could it?"

"So if someone would be so kind as to tell me what the fuck you use to eliminate ego, we'll become fast friends."

*And with that, Bryce Knight walks through the curtain onto the stage. He's donning a pair of faded blue jeans with a dark blue t-shirt. He's got one hand in his pocket and the other grips a microphone. The fans clearly aren't sure if they should be cheering this man or letting him have it with boos.*

Jon McDaniel: "It is Brian! Nightstryker is here!"

Brian Rentfro: "So? Maybe his job let out early at the the flower shop tonight."

Jon McDaniel: "What are you talking about?"

Brian Rentfro: "The people who count will understand Jon, let's just leave it at that."

*The mixture of boos and cheers subside enough for Bryce to continue.*

Nightstryker: "Matt Stone. We need to have a little chat. You clearly aren't picking up on the subtle clues I've been leaving you to reign in your ego problem, which is a damn shame. So we're going to have to try the direct approach."

"I've been out of the game for awhile now, but that doesn't mean I haven't been keeping up on my old stomping grounds. I mean, this is where my career really took off. But for the life of me I can't keep watching you preach your same old crap week in and week out to the masses. You keep it up much longer and the whole viewing audience is going to be on suicide watch."

"Most people don't have the luxery of shutting you up so they take the next viable step and that means a quick little wrist slit action."

*He makes the motion of slitting his wrists for those who may not comprehend what he's saying.*

Nightstryker: "I'll get right to it Matt. It's simple really. You claim to be the greatest Intercontinental Champion in history, but apparently when you don't know your history, you can claim to be anything you want. So because of that, you don't deserve to taint that Intercontinental Championship any longer. So I'm going to take it off your hands and salvage the damage you've caused it over the last few months. And what you are going to do is make the world a better place and shut your fucking mouth, tuck your tail between your legs and move on."

"Genesis XII Matt. You and me."

"And no, that wasn't a request."

*He smirks, rests the microphone down on the stage and makes his way backstage.*

Jon McDaniel: "Nightstryker makes his triumphant return and goes right after Matt Stone and the IC title. Genesis just got a whole lot more interesting."

Brian Rentfro: "I'll believe it when I see it. There's been no confirmation he has even signed back with the PWA."

Jon McDaniel: "Whatever Brian. Let's just move on."

Did You Know?

That when you split Genesis into two words you get GENE SIS. If a twin brother and sister were to sleep with each other and produce an offspring, that child would also be their sibling genetically; their Gene Sis if you will.

The Phoenix vs Cody Bogard

PWA World Title Match

The bell rings and Cody Bogard offers to shake hands with the World champion. Phoenix looks down at the hand suspiciously but obliges. Once their hands are locked, Cody squeezes as hard as he can and tries to get a submission out of The Phoenix.

Brian Rentfro: This is how he lost to Dallas Hoover a couple of weeks back.

Jon McDaniel: Cody Bogard was obviously doing some research on strategy.

The Phoenix apparently stayed celibate for a couple of days in order to work on his hand muscles though and turns the tide on Bogard by squeezing back. Bogard winces in pain as The Phoenix pulls him in and clotheslines him down to the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Fool him once, shame on you, etc.

The Phoenix goes to town with a series of chops that backs Bogard up into the corner. Once cornered, a quickfire series of european uppercut has him in a daze. The Phoenix irish whips him hard into the opposite corner, comes off the ropes and nails him with a running bulldog as he comes staggering out of the corner from the impact. He makes a cover.




Jon McDaniel: With Matthew "The Virus" Engel looming over him, The Phoenix is in no mood to waste time.

Brian Rentfro: It's so close now. Genesis is almost here.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix can't get over confident though. One slip up here and we may be looking at a new World champion.

The Phoenix goes to lift Bogard up but Bogard rolls him up out of nowhere.



2 3/4


The Phoenix's heart nearly jumps out of his body as he gets back to his feet. Bogard is waiting right there though to catch him with a flying cross body. Bogard pummels him with kicks and The Phoenix rolls to the outside to catch a breather. The breather doesn't last long however as Bogard slingshots himself over the top rope, lands on Phoenix's shoulders and nails a picture perfect hurracurrana on the concrete.

Brian Rentfro: I can see buy rates disappearing right before my very eyes. The record holder vs record holder match had potential.

Jon McDaniel: The world of wrestling is a fickle beast, but this one isn't over just yet.

Bogard whips the Phoenix into the barricade and charges with a full head of steam. The Phoenix drops his head in time and back body drops Bogard over the barricade and into the front row. Bogard takes a bad landing as Phoenix rolls back into the ring and instructs the referee to count that motherfucker out... 1... 2... 3... 4... Bogard stirs... 5.... 6... he falls back over the barricade... 7... 8... 9... he just beats the count at the last second.

Brian Rentfro: That's no way to keep your boss happy.

The Phoenix drags Bogard into the centre ring and locks him into a sharpshooter. Bogard cries out in pain as he has no place to go. The crowd try to urge him on as he valiantly attempts to make the ropes, but just as he gets within reach, The Phoenix brings him back into the centre and applies even more pressure. With a burst of strength, Bogard forces himself into a push up and manages to successfully make The Phoenix loses balance and fall forward. Bogard then quickly locks in a sharpshooter of his own but The Phoenix greedily hugs the ropes before it can take effect and the ref forces a break.

Jon McDaniel: I think this is proving to be more of a test than The Phoenix expected it to be. Got to give credit to Bogard for making the most of his opportunity here.

The Phoenix gets to his feet but Bogard is already coming at him from the ropes. He swings a clothesline but Bogard ducks it and comes back at him with a flying forearm. Phoenix pops right back up but gets a dropkick for his troubles, followed by another and another until he starts to get up a little slower. Bogard lines Phoenix up for Hero Time and waits for him to get back to his feet. Kick, WHAM! He connects and the crowd erupt in anticipation. To make double sure, Bogard picks the Phoenix up again and attempts the Kikosho Driver but Phoenix still has just enough wits about him to thumb Bogard in the eye as he was being lifted. Bogard staggers about temporarily blinded and walks right into The Flame. The Phoenix only has enough energy left to make the barest of covers.




No! Cody has his foot on the ropes. The Phoenix slides out of the ring and stalks around it, clearly not happy. Fantastic Andy runs around the ring and the two consult. As they split up, Fantastic Andy hops on the ring apron and starts yelling at the ref while the Phoenix grabs the World title belt and slides into the ring. The Phoenix stands back, ready to strike when Bogard gets to his feet. As Cody rises, the Phoenix springs forward but Bogard is ready and grabs the title belt. The two play tug of war with it, but Bogard comes out the winner. The Phoenix looks at Bogard, gulps, and then immediately falls to the mat, spread eagle. As he hits the mat, the sound of the fallen body lets Fantastic Andy know to let the ref go. The ref turns around, see the apparently unconscious Phoenix with Cody Bogard standing over him holding the World title belt and calls for the bell.

Winner: The Phoenix by DQ