World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Marco Dante vs Kyle Stevenson

Singles Match


This match was a great opening contest that pleased the crowd from beginning to end. In a surprise performance, Dante pulled out all the stops to thwart the incessant barrage brought forth by the Iceman, the old new old new Kyle Stevenson. The fight even spilled out into the crowd for a few moments, giving the front row spectators a couple souvenirs to take home for the evening. What souvenirs? Well, there was blood, an piercing that got ripped out of Stevenson's face, and the book Dante's Inferno which Dante used to beat Stevenson endlessly. Dante's defense to the referee was that it was not a foreign object and thus not illegal in the match. He argued well, and the referee bought it. The match got back into the ring with Stevenson and Dante going blow for blow, throw for throw. Stevenson nearly killed Dante with a german suplex from the top rope, but Dante got his shoulder up just in time. Dante turned the match around after an irish whip reversal, sending Stevenson into the turnbuckles. Stevenson stumbled out of the corner and this is where Dante bounced off the ropes and nailed Stevenson with the Hangman's Noose!





Winner: Marco Dante in 10:56

Cuts Like a Raizzor

We cut backstage to find Raizzor walking down one of the hallways. Coming into the scene to stop him is Bud Adams.

Bud: Raizzor, can I get a word from you?

Raizzor turns sharply and forces Bud back against the wall.

Raizzor: No. But you can tell me where Mark McNasty is.

Bud stutters, unable to respond coherently. Raizzor huffs.

Raizzor: Never mind, I will find him myself.

Raizzor spins away and continues to stalk down the hallway, leaving Bud sweating against the wall.

TMB vs Leonard Luv

Singles Match

TMB was in fine form tonight. He looked like some sort of African God as he beat the piss out of Leonard 'not so loved' Luv. The man who held the mysterious and wonderful golden ticket could do no wrong as Luv was knocked from pillar to post. No wrong, except leaving his boot laces untied. When Luv saw his opening he seized upon it. He stood firmly on the laces and pushed TMB back. TMB wobbled and didn't fall, but it created just enough of an opening for Luv to hit the Luv Handle for the win.

Winner: Leonard Luv

Danny Monroe vs Mark McNasty

Singles Match

Back and forth action to start, but McNasty takes charge pretty quickly. Monroe seems off his game and McNasty capitalizes, hitting his world famous, patent pending Sault Slam for the win.

Winner: Mark McNasty

The Intercontinental Champion Speaks

Eric Emerson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the 2011 Wrestler of the Year, he is the reigning PWA Intercontinental Champion…accompanied to the ring by Katrina, this is Matt Stone!”

Let Everybody See,
The future here in me
Just watch the wheel go 'round
I'll cheer as you go down!

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a chorus of boos. He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. Katrina walks behind him, clapping for him.

You're only smoke and mirrors
You're only smoke and mirrors
You're only smoke and mirrors
You're only smoke and mirrors to me!

Matt walks right to the ring and stops, allowing Katrina to walk ahead of him and up the steps and to the apron. Stone follows, checking her out as he does with a smirk on his face. Katrina sits on the middle rope and Stone gets in the ring, unhooking the Intercontinental championship from around his waist and holding it up high in the air. The crowd boos more, but Matt just relishes in the attention. Katrina takes the microphone from Eric after entering the ring and ushers him out. Matt’s these dies out and Katrina begins to talk.

Jon McDaniel: ‘What is the meaning of this?”

Brian Rentfro: “We have the Intercontinental champion coming out to address this live crowd. More people need to show these people love.”

Katrina: “Hello Cleveland!”

The crowd booed, as we were certainly not in Cleveland

Katrina: “I want you all to keep your mouths shut as Matt Stone has something to say”

Brian Rentfro: “Just the love this Cleveland crown deserved”

Jon McDaniel: “We’re not in Cleveland, Brian.”

Katrina hands the microphone to Matt Stone, who in turns hands her the Intercontinental championship. The crowd is booing loudly, but Stone starts anyway.

Matt: “Let me explain something to you people. For Two-hundred and forty five days I have been the PWA Intercontinental champion. Since I defeated Simon Kalis at High Stakes last year I have gone through a relative who’s who here in the PWA. Lucious Starr, Cody Bogard, Vic Wagner, Thomas Manchester Black, Mark McNasty, Marxx, Riona Langly, Marvin Wood…all of those individuals have been in championship matches with me, some more than once and the one thing that remains constant? I have come out on top. Sure, there were some times when things didn’t go my way, like when I had the championship belt literally stolen from me. Or that confusion with the match involving Wagner. One thing has remained constant, and that is that beautiful piece of gold and the prestige that it carries has always belonged to me. Before I was the Intercontinental champion, we had three lackluster so called champs in Duff Côte d`Ivoire, David Blazenwing and Simon Kalis, each one held the title for more or less a month. I’m on my eighth month as champion with no sine of stoppage. But I’m not someone who waits a month for every title defense, either. Oh no, I’m a fighting champion alright and this week shall be no different. Two weeks ago I defeated Vic Wagner again to retain my championship and this week I’ll be defending it again, against the first person to come out here. I don’t care who you are, come on out here and try, just try, to shut me up!”

The crowd started cheering, looking down the aisle to see who would come out. There was no music coming out from the back, but there was an opponent. Straight from the boiler room Mr. Hardcore came out from the back, garnering some cheers from the audience. Hardcore nodded and waived to a few people as he walked up the steps and got in the ring, getting in front of Matt Stone who had a look of bewilderment on his face.

Matt: “Really? You’re the one who’s going to answer my challenge? Who let you out of the Boiler Room? Does Robinson even know you’ve escaped? Here’s something you can report in your segment for PWA Radio Hardcore, you getting your ass kicked by the best Intercontinental champion in PWA History…”

Mr. Hardcore had very little to say, nothing in fact, but he still cut off Stone with a straight clothesline right to his throat, with vicious impact knocking Stone flat on his back in a heart beat. Stone was knocked down and out by Hardcore’s You Got Bitched!

Brian Rentfro: “That was rather rude”

Katrina got out of the ring quickly and referee Scott Swindell ran down and slid in the ring, calling for the bell

Brian Rentfro: “What is he doing? This isn’t a real match!”

Jon McDaniel: “You heard what Stone said, we could have a new champion right here!”

Mr. Hardcore went for the cover on the down Stone



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: “Pheewww. That would have been a travesty!”

Hardcore kept up the pressure up, picking Stone up and dropping him back down with a suplex, followed by another cover, gaining another two count. Stone tried to fight back, hitting Hardcore with a few gut punches. Stone runs at the ring, coming back at Hardcore who jumped up and caught Stone in the face with a dropkick. Matt hit the mat and rolled out of the ring to try and get his bearings, but Hardcore was having none of it. Hardcore followed him out and bounced his head off the apron. Stone rebounded back and was caught with a foot to the midsection before Hardcore tossed him back in the ring. Stone rolled to the center of the ring and got on his knees as Hardcore got back in the ring. Stone tried calling a time out, Stone tried begging for mercy but Hardcore wasn’t having any of it. Hardcore reached down and grabbed Stone by the hair to bring him up to his feet, but Stone raked him right in the eyes, temporarily blinding Hardcore and jumped up in the air, wrapping his hands around Hardcore’s head and bringing him straight down on Stone’s knees. Hardcore rolled off, out of it as Matt went for the cover.




Matt rolled out of the ring, raising his hands in the air, Katrina rushing over and putting the Intercontinental championship over his shoulder

Brian Rentfro: “Another successful title defense by Matt Stone”

Jon McDaniel: “You were worried there for a second, weren’t you?”

Brian Rentfro: “What? No…no of course not, never bet against Matt Stone!”

Stone backed up the ramp, holding up the Intercontinental title with one hand, rubbing the back of his head with the left, still feeling the force of the clothesline that started the bout and almost ended his title reign.

Riona Langly vs Justin Case

Singles Match

Riona takes charge early, but Case fights back and keeps himself in the match. He uses every dirty trick he's got at his disposal against the Celestial Trigger and manages to keep her from really working her gameplan successfully. Even so, Riona is a PWA legend for a reason and changes things up on the fly to keep in control.

The beginning of the end comes when Langly back body drops Case out of the ring. He pounds the floor in frustration, grabs a chair and slides into the ring. Once again, the REBEL Pro legend brings some hardcore to the PWA. And once again, he gets DQed.

Winner: Riona Langly

Worst. Threeway. EVER.

We flash backstage to find Raizzor walking. He gets a large reaction from the crowd, as he seems to be occupying an empty area of the back. As he turns a corner, we see two large stacks of pallets, and slap dab in the middle of them about five feet off the ground is a large manila envelope. Written on the envelope, in huge bright letters, is Raizzor. Raizzor looks around, then walks over to the envelope. He pops it off the pallets, then goes to open it. As he pulls the piece of paper out, he looks up. His eyes widen as we hear a loud noise. Before Raizzor can react, he is pinned against the pallets by a forklift, stuck in the pallets right across his chest and elbows. The camera moves back to show Mark McNasty pop out of the driver's seat before he walks over to Raizzor, who is struggling.

Raizzor: MC

McNasty slaps him once.

McNasty: AH AH, it's the big man's turn to talk.

As Raizzor looks back, fire in his eyes, McNasty puts a piece of duct tape over his mouth before he can utter another word. McNasty leans on one of the arms of the forklift. He begins to speak in a slow, patronizing tone.

McNasty: Raizzor, what really kills me is you know better. You were there in BWF. You've been in PWA longer than me! You've seen what I do to people when I stop acting nice. Blazenwing, Robinson, Shelley, they all tried to wrong me. Blazenwing screwed me out of my US title, Robinson and Shelley wanted my world titles. And in turn? I kidnapped Blazenwing's wife, beat the crap out of Shelley in Hell in a Cell and Last Mans Standing; and, here's the kicker, threw Robinson out of a cage twenty feet above the ring.

McNasty gets a giddy gleam in his eye as a huge smile comes to his face. He isn't even looking at Raizzor anymore as he's lost in his own little world.

McNasty: Ah, memories!

McNasty turns on a dime and points at Raizzor.

McNasty: But you screwed me over pretty damn bad. You cost me my chance at the PWA title. So you have something to look forward to. IT'S CHRISTMAS ALL OVER AGAIN RAIZZOR! Because I have something special for you. And don't worry,

McNasty gets right up to Raizzor's face.

McNasty: while I will make sure I pay you back in kind for the last few months, I won't go after your wife; been there, done that. heh. I don't see the need to drag Chamelion into this. We all know he'll insert himself enough anyway. No Raizzor, I simply intend to hurt you the one way that I know will kill you more than anything. You've never been beat by a man at Genesis...that's how you like to put it, right? Well, look forward to an updated version of that statement after Genesis XI this year. That's right, you get your match.

A HUGE pop from the crowd.

McNasty: And after I beat you, and finally drill the last nail in the coffin of the one thing you were once so proud of, we'll be even. That will make things fair.

McNasty storms off, leaving Raizzor pinned to the pallets, duct tape on his mouth. Not two second later, Chamelion walks on screen, obviously who Raizzor was looking to meet at this part of the arena. Cham is looking down at some paper in his hands.

Chamelion: Ok Michael, so I'm thinking Mexican for lunch. Thoughts?

Raizzor lets out a calm grunt, attempting to get Cham's attention.

Chamelion: Not feeling Mexican? Fine.

Chamelion flips to another piece of paper.

Chamelion: How about Chineese?

Raizzor lets out a longer grunt.

Chamelion: Great!

Chamelion begins walking again.

Chamelion: I know this fantastic place down the road. I'll drive.

We are left looking at Raizzor, shaking his head back and forth.

Cody Bogard vs Silverback

Singles Match

Once the bell rings, both men circle each other briefly before locking up. Once Bogard starts to get the upper advantage, driving Silverback down to a knee, Silverback immediately breaks the hold and rakes Bogard’s eye, getting a warning from the ref - as if that’s going to do any good. Silverback tries to whip Bogard into the ropes, but Bogard reverses and hip tosses Silverback. The Crisis Ace tries to follow up with a leg drop, but Silverback rolls out of the way and immediately goes for Bogard’s leg and locks in a kneebar. The fans cheer for Bogard as he digs down deep and manages to grab the ropes.

The rest of the match sees Bogard execute some stylish impact moves while Silverback tries to slow down the match with western-style holds, trying to weaken Bogard’s limbs, the culmination of which ends in Silverback kicking Bogard in the stomach and lifting him up with a reverse waist-lock into a pile-driver position. Gray keeps on his feet, giving Bogard a few knees to the head. This turns out to be a mistake because Bogard is able to wriggle over Silverback’s head and fall to his feet. Bogard then uses the momentum to reverse their positions before hitting a Fire Thunder Driver.

Both men are laid out on the mat breathing heavily until Bogard manages to flip onto Silverback and lift the leg. The ref counts a 1…2…2 ½ …and Silverback kicks out.

A frustrated Bogard lifts Silverback to his feet, hits him hard in the chest with a chop, and whips him into ropes. Silverback replies with a textbook dropkick to chest. He then stomps on Bogard’s chest a few times before yanking him to his feet. Silverback attempts to finish Bogard off by sending him to Neverwhere, but Bogard is able to reverse, turn Silverback around, and hit the Sanada Ten Braves. He goes for the pin and gets the 1…2…3.

Winner: Cody Bogard

Wherein Exciting Things Happen

"Sympathy for the Devil" by Guns N' Roses hits the sound system, Adam Gray turns around to face the rampway. No Matthew Engel emerges from backstage.

Jon McDaniel: That's Engel's music, but I wasn't aware he was here tonight.

Brian Rentfro: I don't think anyone was. Isn't he still injured?

Jon McDaniel: Wouldn't be the first time an injured competitor showed up on Rampage when they weren't scheduled.

Gray throws his arms up and turns around, but Matthew Engel hops over the barricade by the commentator's table.

Jon McDaniel: There he is!

Brian Rentfro: Oh shit he's got a steel chair.

Engel slides into the ring as Gray goes right after him. Engel is at a small disadvantage due to a walking boot on his right foot, but Engel manages to fight Gray punch for punch. Engel brings the assault even harder and slams his walking boot into Gray's stomach.


Brian Rentfro: Holy shit! Gray's busted open!

Gray holds his head as Matthew Engel climbs on top and nails him some more with lefts and rights. Engel rises to his feet and grabs the steel chair.

Jon McDaniel: This can't be good.

Brian Rentfro: Gray slides out of the ring!

Gray senses the steel chair coming as slides out just in time. Gray hops the barricade and tries to get backstage through the crowd. Engel asks for a mic.

Matthew Engel: Hey Adam, you just got skullfucked by a guy with a walking boot. Dismantle that, bitch.

Engel tosses the mic and gets quite a pop from the crowd. "Sympathy for the Devil" hits the sound system again as Engel climbs through the ropes and walks up the rampway.

Jon McDaniel: Well even though Engel is out of action currently, he can still dish out the punishment and Silverback certainly deserved that tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Deserved it? I don't know about that. Gray said he was doing Engel a favor.

Jon McDaniel: I highly doubt Engel sees it that way, considering Gray made sure he was out of action for his AOWF World Championship match.

Lucy Starr vs Gonzo McQueen

Singles Match

The bell went ding,
as the men circled the ring.
Lucious grabbed a hold,
one that Gonzo had not been told.
He squeezed on his head until it almost popped.
Gonzo went so red that they said he was photo shopped.
But he did have a move or two, you wouldn't believe,
A reversal, a counter, for the win he was hoping to achieve.
He climbed up to the top and with an awful drop,
it was Lucy's momentum that he did stop.
The ref counted the one, the two and the three,
and with his hand he did raise it in victory.

Winner: Gonzo McQueen

After McQueen Leaves, Starr Remains in the Ring

BAM! With that Starr falls to the ground with a hooded figure standing over his body, a steel chair in hand, the item that as just used to wrap around the skull of the wrestler. The fans look on curious and baffled as the man glares at the corpse below him that stirs slightly trying to push himself off the ground. ANOTHER SMACK. Starr falls back down and continues to be grounded. A trickle of blood starts to flow from the brow as the chair is unfolded and laid atop the wrestler’s chest, pressing dangerously on the throat

He has a microphone.

-“Hey Shadow. How’s life going for you?”

That voice...

“What a wonderful story you’ve developed over these years. From your days in BTWF, to CTC, to NLS, to here in PWA, it’s been a long ride hasn’t it. Very lovely. World title reigns... or well, reign. You got some other belts under you, some accolades to brag about. You’ve changed names, directions, intentions, and your look, all to end up right here on the canvas with your head leaking red stuff. Imagine that.”

Wait a moment..

“In ways our careers parallel between each other quiet a lot. Yet, we’ve only crossed paths such a scarce amount of times. What are we at now buddy? Three to one? Four to one? I can’t exactly recall how many times I’ve trampled you under my fucking foot like the little pathetic punk you are... But I know it was a bunch.”

He looks up to the audience, hiding a smirk.

“Hey, sometimes they blend into each other, and they happened such a long time ago.”

“But the problem here, and the reason you’re on the ground, bleeding, and all that jazz, is because of that... one.”

“Knight of Kings.”

“Yes it was a long time ago, and yes it’s a pretty dumb thing to hold a grudge over, but hey, what can I say, I do what I do. Sometimes it doesn’t take me a lot to get out of the house and feel like skull fucking some punk.”

“So, this week it’s you. Congrats. Confetti for all.”

Golf clap.

“So what do I intend to do? Well I’m going to play around with you I think. I invite you to show me that vicious side you’ve grown since we last met.”

He reaches down and taps lightly on his cheek.

“Maybe keep me interested. So tonight is a challenge, not to a match. But to simply keep up. In fact, i have a match next week, or well, I’ll talk to rob about one anyway. Maybe I’ll see you then eh?”

With that the hooded man reaches up and pulls back his hood revealing none other than The Viper himself, Hunter Sullivan.

“I’ll see you then.”

The Phoenix vs Dallas Hoover

Non-Title Match

The Phoenix comes out with Scottie Snow to start the match. As the bell rings, the Phoenix offers his hand to Hoover, who shakes it. The Phoenix winces in pain and verbally submits.

Winner: Dallas Hoover

What the Hell Was That All About?

Let's Find Out, Shall We?

The Phoenix: Sorry about that, Dallas, but I've got some other business to attend to tonight. See, I've got this letter...

The Phoenix pulls a letter out of his... boot. I know what you were thinking, but it really was tucked into his boot.

The Phoenix: It seems that I've been sued by Jethro Hayes. I'm not going to get into all the ugly details, but what it all boils down to is he's willing to drop the case if I give him another shot at rejoining the PWA.

The camera cuts to ringside, where Jethro Hayes is sitting, smiling like a drunken hillbilly. Why the camera waited all night to show him is a mystery for the ages.

The Phoenix: So fine, Jethro. You get one more shot at this. I'm going to give you a match and if you win, you're back in the PWA.

We cut back to Jethro, who is grinning from ear to ear.

The Phoenix: Too bad for you, you never specified when the match was or who it would be against. So get in the ring right now you miserable piece of crap. You're facing me and Scottie right here, right now and we'r going to run your sorry ass out of the PWA once and for all!

The crowd boos. Jethro drains his beer, then the beer in his other hand, and finally the beer of the guy sitting next to him before hopping the barricade and rolling into the ring.

The Phoenix & Scottie Snow vs Jethro Hayes

Fantastic Andy Strickland runs down to ringside before the match starts, waving a cell phone and motioning to the Phoenix, who heads out of the ring to talk to him. As they huddle in conversation near ringside, the bell rings, leaving poor Scottie Snow all alone to face the wrath of a very drunken, very large man.

Jethro spears Scottie and the arena explodes. The Phoenix's head whips around when he hears the crowd and with a look of horror he sees Hayes covering Snow. He tries to slide into the ring to make the save, but he's too late: Jetho has already won.

Winner: Jethro Hayes