World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


The Stone-Nasty Connection

We come in on a closed door with the name Mark McNasty. The shot pans out to reveal Matt Stone is standing outside the door, knocking.

Mark McNasty: “Come in”

Stone opens the door and walks in, the camera following. Mark looks over with an eyebrow raised.

Mark McNasty: “What do you want?”

Matt Stone: “Now Mark, you and I have had our differences in the past, and I’m not going to say that we’re good buddies, we’re not even friends. But we both want to walk out of the Dome of Destruction as the Undisputed World champion. Now for that to happen, there will need to be alliances made within the dome, its fairly clear that Rob n’ Wood will have a team going into this Dome. That’s no secret. What we have to do is work together towards a common goal.”

Mark McNasty: “So you’re proposing that you and I work to the final two?”

Matt paused for a few seconds.

Matt Stone: “Yeah, final two…sure. We could do that.”

Mark McNasty: “Or are you saying that we would work together until you backstabbed me at the first opportunity?”

Matt Stone: “I would never do that Mark…you’re too paranoid”

Mark McNasty: “Or I’m too smart for you Stone, get the hell out before the match starts right now”

Mark looked ready for a fight and after a few seconds, Stone rolled his eyes and walked out f the room, closing it behind him

Matt Stone: “Damn, almost had him.”

Stone walks down the hall as we cut out

Matthew Engel vs Danny Monroe

Singles Match


Engel goes right after Monroe with a kick to the gut and slams his elbow into the side of Monroe's head. Monroe fights back with a shot to Engel's ribs and an european uppercut. Engel ducks underneath a clothesline from Monroe and gives Monroe a big-time knife-edge chop. The crowd responds accordingly and Engel delivers chop after chop, backing Monroe into the corner. Engel headbutts Monroe and then smashes his forearm into Monroe's face. Engel whips Monroe to the opposite turnbuckles, but Monroe reverses and Engel goes into the turnbuckles. Engel rushes out of the corner and tries for a spinning heel kick but Monroe ducks underneath. Engel rolls up to his feet and Monroe takes him down with an arm-drag. Engel back up to his feet, Monroe tries to take him down with a spear but Engel catches Monroe by both arms, underhooking them and plants Monroe with a double-arm DDT using Monroe's own momentum against him.

Jon McDaniel: What a hellacious DDT from Engel there as he tries to take control of the early goings here.

Brian Rentfro: Monroe tried to get Engel on his back with that spear takedown but Engel positioned himself nicely for the DDT. Experience versus intensity right there, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: It's amazing how you change your position on Matthew Engel from week to week.

Brian Rentfro: I'll tell you what's amazing: that gutwrench side slam from Matthew Engel!

And sure enough, Engel takes Monroe down with exactly that. Engel goes for the cover, hooking a leg.




Jon McDaniel: Danny Monroe kicks out right after 2 to keep this match alive.

Brian Rentfro: It'll be over soon enough, Jon. Engel won't be beaten twice in the same week.

Jon McDaniel: For those of you who missed Victory's Adam Gray Memorial Show, Finale cost Matthew Engel his chances to advance in the tournament.

Brian Rentfro: Yes, and Matthew Engel has made it clear that Finale is going to pay the ultimate price!

Jon McDaniel: Your attempts to sound evil have failed.

Brian Rentfro: about now?

Jon McDaniel: Just stop.

Engel brings Monroe up to his feet but Monroe nails Engel with a jawbreaker. Monroe delivers some of his own harsh chops to Engel's chest and then hip tosses Engel to the mat. Monroe goes against the ropes and runs back, crashing down on Engel with a highly elevated elbow drop. Monroe tries to lock in his armbar but Engel immediately removes himself from the situation and rolls out of the ring. Monroe follows Engel and ducks a roundhouse from Engel, tackling him at Engel's side and driving him into the barricade. Monroe slams his left and right fists into Engel's ribs and then once into his jaw. Monroe picks Engel up and drops him throat-first over the barricade. The referee finally begins to count.

Ref: 1!

Jon McDaniel: Danny Monroe is gaining some momentum here by taking the fight to Engel on the outside.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah but did you see how well Engel scouted that armbar attempt? Monroe will have to find another way to beat Engel in my opinion.

Jon McDaniel: Engel is well aware of the armbar, but if he gets worn down enough I'm not sure he'll be able to escape every time.

Ref: 2!

Monroe is kicking the shit out of Engel on the outside as the fans are roaring, going crazy for these two men to brutally beat each other senseless. Monroe brings Engel up to his feet and tosses him head-first into the ringpost. Engel bounces off and goes to a knee, trying to shake off the impact from that hit. Monroe quickly drives both his feet into Engel's head with a dropkick.

Ref: 3!

Jon McDaniel: Our referee isn't exactly counting fast here tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Perhaps Robinson wants a decisive victory in this match.

Jon McDaniel: Somehow I doubt he's even watching this match.

Brian Rentfro: Oh he better be. If he wins the Dome, Matthew Engel is his next opponent...and Matthew Engel just made short work of Rob in Victory a few weeks ago.

Jon McDaniel: Wow, I did not know that. I'm impressed, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Suck it, Jon.

Ref: 4!

Engel is trying to get to his feet, but Monroe rolls him into the ring. Monroe climbs to the apron and up to the top turnbuckle. Engel is getting up to his feet, but Monroe takes him out with a cross body press. Monroe stays on top of Engel for the cover.




Jon McDaniel: A close one there as Monroe's damage to Engel on the outside clearly has slowed him down.

Brian Rentfro: To the naked eye, yes, but Engel could be playing possum. He has been known to do that.

Monroe brings Engel up to his feet, sending him into the ropes. Monroe doubles over for a body drop but Engel slams his foot into the top of Monroe's head. Monroe stumbles back, but charges anyway and Engel flattens him with a spinning spinebuster. Engel is up to his feet and has turned the intensity up to an 11, stomping the mat and begging Monroe to get up.

Jon McDaniel: Monroe's on his feet...

Brian Rentfro: SONS OF PLUNDER!

Engel crushes Monroe with the Sons of Plunder and quickly hooks both legs.



3 -- NO! KICK OUT!

Jon McDaniel: UNBELIEVABLE! Maybe a few people have kicked out of that move since its inception and now Monroe has joined that list!

Brian Rentfro: That was bull! He had the three count!

Jon McDaniel: It was very close Brian but I believe Monroe kicked out just in the nick of time.

Brian Rentfro: No no no.

Jon McDaniel: What an appropriate response for you.

Engel couldn't believe it either, and even argues with the referee for a moment. Pleading his case, Engel gets in the face of the referee at the risk of being disqualified. The referee stands his ground, but Monroe out of no where rolls up Engel from behind.




Jon McDaniel: Almost 3! And Monroe nearly upsets Engel again while he was arguing with the referee.

Brian Rentfro: It's all part of the plan Jon!

Jon McDaniel: You sound a little nervous.

Brian Rentfro: Shush!

Monroe uses the ropes to get up. Engel is quickly back on his feet and quite pissed off. He goes over to Monroe grabbing his hair, but Monroe gives Engel a toe stomp and then a headbutt to the nose. Monroe slams Engel down to the mat with a huge clothesline. Engel is trying to get back up to his feet and Monroe slams his boot into Engel's midsection. Monroe drops Engel over his knee with a double underhook.

Jon McDaniel: And Monroe practically crashes Engel's spine with that move he calls Plastic Surgery.

Brian Rentfro: What a dumb name.

Engel is holding his back in dire pain as Monroe makes the cover again, hooking both legs.




Monroe's eyes light up as Engel kicks out at the very last possible second. Engel is trying to get back up to his feet and Monroe helps him, only to slam his fists into Engel as quickly and as painful as possible. Engel gets knocked through the ropes onto the apron. Monroe springboards off the turnbuckle and nails Engel with a dropkick sending Engel to the outside and rolling up against the barricade. Engel still being the tough SOB that he is, tries to get up to his feet with the help of fans and the barricade. Engel is stumbling as Monroe dives over the top rope...

But there's no one home! Engel moves out of the way at the last second and Monroe eats nothing but floor.

Jon McDaniel: High risk move right there doesn't pay off for Danny Monroe.

Brian Rentfro: And now Engel has got him right where he wants him!

Engel slams his knee into Monroe's face and then quickly rolls him into the ring. Monroe uses the ropes to get up, but Engel slams him to the mat with a german suplex placing him in prime position for the Euthanasia.

Jon McDaniel: Engel's going up top...


Engel crashes down on top of Danny Monroe and stays on top for the cover, managing to hook a leg.





Eric Emerson: And your winner of the match... MATTHEW "VIRUS" ENGEL!!!!

Engel rises to his feet and throws his arms up in the air as the crowd applauds the match and efforts by both men. Danny Monroe rolls out of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: A great rematch between these two gifted athletes and Matthew Engel comes out victorious. That can only mean a rubber match in the near future, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: If Monroe even gets the opportunity, Jon. Engel's got a busy schedule ahead of him and he doesn't have time to mess around with a guy like Danny Monroe.

Jon McDaniel: What're you his manager now?

Brian Rentfro: I'm just sayin'.

Jon McDaniel: Regardless, I'm sure this will not be the last match between these two.

Engel looks down at Monroe who's heading up the rampway as "Sympathy for the Devil" blares over the speakers. Monroe looks back and holds up his index finger to indicate one more match. Engel solicits for a microphone.

Matthew Engel: You want another match, Danny? Another opportunity to prove yourself to me?

Monroe shakes his head.

Matthew Engel: I'm a busy man, Danny.

Brian Rentfro: Ha! I told you, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Hold on.

Monroe doesn't look pleased.

Matthew Engel: But I'll tell you what. If Robinson approves it, the next Rampage you and I will battle in the main event for the last time.

Monroe nods his head, quickly approving of the rematch.

Matthew Engel: You want it that bad, huh? I'm glad you're on board, because submission holds during our match won't grant you victory. You want to beat me, you're going to have to beat me so bad that I won't be able to get up. Last Man Standing match, Daniel, and.. (sarcastically) may the best man win.

Engel drops the mic as "Sympathy for the Devil" kicks back up. Monroe went from anxious and excited to downright angry. He storms off and disappears backstage as Engel soaks up more of his victorious moment.

Stone is Thicker Than Blood

We come in now on a door showing Emily Corlen, however it would appear that it was a piece of paper taped to the front of a door rather than the name actually painted on. Even still, we see Stone knocking on the door.

Emily Corlen: “I’m decent”

Matt thought about making a joke, but thought better of it and opened the door. We see Corlen alone looking down at her phone.

Matt Stone: “Tweeting about your destiny again?”

Emily Corlen: “What the fuck do you want?”

Matt Stone: “I came here to tell you you’re right. The PWA really does need to be rescued from guys like Phoenix and McNasty. Especially Lucious Starr, that untalented hack of a champion. But us? We earned our World Titles. We fought long and hard to be where we are, and we shouldn’t allow those guys to come in the backdoor and take that away from us. I’m purposing we work together tonight and take them out, and at the end, we can see who truly is the better competitor, one on one like it should have been. What do you say?”

Emily Corlen: “I say you’re trying to use me to do your dirty work”

Matt Stone: “Think about it Emily, what advantage would it be if you and I started this match and just rested while we waited for the next competitor to come out. We could decimate anyone that came out, they couldn’t stop us.”

Emily Corlen: “Or I could just decimate you first, then move on from there.”

Matt Stone: “You couldn’t decimate me you talentless hack, you need four other whores just to take down Danny Monroe! Err, I mean…”

Emily Corlen stood up from the bench, clenching her fists.

Matt Stone: “I was just going…”

Matt quickly left the locker room, closing the door behind him.

Matt Stone: “How does anyone get along with that woman?”

Stone shook his head as he walked off, unsuccessful again.

Riona Langly vs Cody Bogard

Singles Match

The lights suddenly dim down as the opening intro to Naked Arms plays. Once the intro finishes and goes into the main theme, smoke emerges from near the entrance way.

A figure emerges from the smoke, standing while looking at the fans as he stands in the shadows. The figure is seen as strobe lights go off to reveal Cody Bogard posing at the entrance way. Cody makes his way to the ring.

All those dreams, all of my hope, all life come undone
In a world beaten and broken I can see a rising sun
Burning down, scorching the earth, nowhere left to hide
Try to stop all this destruction, find a way, turn the tide
Reveal the bond that's made
Between the light and the shade

Cody makes his way over to the ring, springing up to the ring apron, climbing the turnbuckle and posing with his arms open in a pose.

Shining white and hot is a moon so unforgiving
The break of day will leave a scar
Nothing we belleve can protect us from tomorrow
Enjoy today from where we are

I will believe to the end
Even with my face pressed to the fire
I won't be shaken or moved
By the heat getting closer and higher

Sink or swim
Lose or win
Hold on with my naked arms

Cody jumps from the turnbuckle as he thrusts his arm into the air to a hail of cheers.

All those dreams, all of my hope, all life come undone
In a world beaten and broken I can see a rising sun
Burning down, scorching the earth, nowhere left to hide
Try to stop all this destruction, find a way, turn the tide
Reveal the bond that's made
Between the light and the shade

Cody takes his time to prepare for the match as the theme fades out.

### Today... my name... is pain... ###
The lights dim as a haunting melody begins to play over the PA system. As the chimes play out, flashes on the otherwise blackened ADCTron show a slideshow of violence during war throughout the ages... A guitar kicks in, adding to the melody as the speed of the images picks up, more sights being added as well as almost subliminal messages of PAIN, VIOLENCE, HELL, WAR... The guitar stops it's long riff and kicks in with the drums as the lights start to pulse red, the with more violence screaming across the ADCTron... Photos of Riona Langly mix into the slideshow, showing matches against Jamie Flynn, The Phoenix, Hunter Sullivan, SNS, Corey Lazarus, Viktor Stone, Matthew Engel, Raizzor, and Marxx...
### Tonight... Tonight... ###
### Tonight... ###

A very low, angry growl as the lights flicker wildly, while remaining deeply red....
### GO! ###
"The New Ministry" from Walls of Jericho is in full force as a familiar spotlight lights up right behind the entrance way. Stepping out in front of it is of course, Riona Langly, her head hanging down as she soaks in the ambiance before a match.
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your passion ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your heart ###
Riona lifts her head up and scream, snapping off her crux pose, the Intercontinental Championship flinging out in her left arm, as criss-crossing red pyro fires off in front of her. The pyrotechnics shoot off 5 times before coming to an end, the lights in the arena returning to normal as Riona begins her walk down to the ring, slinging the title onto her shoulder.
Eric Emerson: Introducing... she comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! She weighed in this morning at 142 pounds, and stands at five foot nine inches. She is the PIONEER WRESTLING ASSOCIATION... UNDISPUTED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Now and forever ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
Riona stops at the end of the entrance ramp, rolling her fists as she stares inside the ring.
### Live out your dream ###
### With everything you have inside you ###
### This world can't hold us back forever! ###
### forever... FOREVER...###
### FORVER... FOREVER... ###
Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this is.... RIOOONNNNAAAA LANNGGGLLLLYYYY!!!
Riona dead leaps herself onto the ring apron and slings herself over the top rope and into the ring, stomping over to the nearest corner as soon as she lands.
### We Bleed Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your passion ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your heart ###

Riona climbs onto the top turnbuckle and snaps off another crux pose as red pyro flares out of the other 3 turnbuckles violently, scaring the ref in the process.
### Tonight is ours ###
### Now and forever ###
### Tonight is ours ###
Riona climbs down from the turnbuckle and starts some light stretches, her mind preparing for the match ahead of her.

Ding Ding

Brian Rentfro: “So here we go, Riona Langly takes on Cody Bogard”

Jon McDaniel: “This should be a great bout”

Brian Rentfro: “These two are both coming off a loss last week, let’s see who can get momentum leading into 2012.”

Jon McDaniel: “Riona Langly has claimed that she wants a World Championship next year, this would be her first step towards that goal.”

Cody and Riona started to circle the ring, reaching the center and locking up. Cody struck Riona in the midsection with a high knee and grabbed her head, flipping her over on her back with a snap suplex. Riona bounced off the mat, but didn’t stay down long. Riona rolled on her stomach and pushed herself up to her feet, as did Cody. Cody ran Riona for a clothesline, however he wasn’t quick enough and Riona ducked the blow, quickly striking Cody in the side of the head with her right foot. The blow knocked Cody down on the mat and Riona quickly went for a cover



Cody kicked out

Jon McDaniel: “Looks like Riona is going for a quick win”

Riona and Cody get back to their feet, however Cody looks a little dazed. Riona bounces off the near by ropes and comes back, hitting Bogard from behind with a chop block. Cody lands on the ground, holding his right leg. Riona stayed on the offense by grabbing Cody’s right leg, kicking the inside of Cody’s leg three times, each time Cody crying out in pain. Riona grabbed Cody’s right leg and quickly dropped down to the mat, extending Cody’s leg out, causing a shot of pain to shoot through his leg. Riona then got back to her feet, looking down at Cody who was trying to do the same thing. Riona grabbed Cody’s hair and kicked his legs ou from under him before Riona grabs Cody in a reverse front face lock. She then hooks her free arm under the opponent and lifts them at a 45 degree angle. To finish, she then drops the arm holding Cody and swings it outward as she falls forward, taking Bogard with her as she falls onto her back with Cody´s head cradled against her shoulder, much like the position for an Ace Crusher/Diamond Cutter, but at a sick angle.

Jon McDaniel: “Bomb Dropper Remix!”

Brian Rentfro: “Cody looks out of it”

Jon McDaniel: “What’s Riona doing now?”

Langly was standing behind Cody, calling for him to get back to his feet. Cody was slowly getting up, a slight limp in his right leg. Positioning herself behind Cody, Riona wraps her arms under Bogards arms and her hands behind their head, locking them in the back to create a full nelson. After setting this up, and maybe holding it on for a while, Riona leaps into the air and places her knees into the opponent's back while falling backwards, the impact on the mat driving her knees into the small of Cody's back as well as the impact pushing out on their neck and shoulders. Cody appears to be out of it and Riona rolls him to his back with the cover.




Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: ‘Here is your winner…Riona Langly!”

Riona gets to her feet and goes to the corner, raising her arms in the air

Jon McDaniel: ‘What a statement made here tonight by Riona”

Brian Rentfro: “Looks like the bitch is back”

Matt Stone LTD and Shining Starr productions proudly presents…

The door reads Lucy Starr which cause Stone to smile, but now isn’t the time for jokes. He’s 0 for 2 so far and needs to get serious. He knocks on the door.

Lucious Starr: “Fuck off!”

Stone looks confused and knocks again. We hear a scuffle inside and the door opens slightly, Lucious’ head pops out.

Lucious Starr: “What do you want?”

Matt Stone: “Well Lucious, as I’m sure you’re aware, we have a rather big match tonight that could make either one of us a true legend in this business. One that I don’t think you’d want to pass up.”

Lucious Starr: “Whatever you’re selling Stone, I’m not interested. Tonight you lose the World Title”

Starr then slams the door in Stone’s face as he’s about to speak.

Matt Stone: “That’s it, he’s going out first”

Matt walks off, once again unsuccessful.

Kyle Stevenson vs Gonzo McQueen

Singles Match

The bout started out with a brawl between the two superstars, Kyle Stevenson using his experience to dodge some of the oncoming attacks, which helped to slow down the offense of Gonzo. Gonzo changed up his strategy though and started grappling Kyle down to the ground, which worked out rather well. Marco Dante thought this was a great match as he watched from home. Gonzo McQueen took Stevenson down by hitting him with one of his patented move, which is odd since he’s like totally knew, regardless though Kyle was seeing stars after The Pen was executed, proving once and for all that the Pen was mightier than the sword, which isn’t actually a move. Kyle was able to avoid the three count and started mounting a comeback, but when he tried to finish if off with the EnDD, Gonzo was able to roll out of the way and quickly ascend to the top rope and hit Kyle with his awesomely named finisher, ACHIEVMENT UNLOCKED!!! Gonzoo went for the cover and got the victory.

Winner: Gonzo McQueen

Surely Marvin Wood Agree...

The door reads “The Crown Jewel, Marvin Wood”. Stone just shakes his head reading it.

Matt Stone: “How do all these people have their name on the door? Mine just says Employees only.”

Stone knocks and from within, we hear an answer

Marvin Wood: “Enter”

Stone opens the door and walks in on Marvin Wood reading a book. Typical.

Matt Stone: “What are you reading?”

Marvin Wood: “Something you wouldn’t be able to wrap your feeble mind around. I prefer to calm my mind before combat, rather than walk around annoying people, but to each their own.”

Matt Stone: “Uhuh…alright then. Anyway, I came here to talk to you about…”

Marvin Wood: “Annoy me, but carry on”

Matt Stone thought for a few seconds, seemly shaking with rage already, but he took a deep breath and continued.

Matt Stone: “Annoy you about a proposition for tonight match.”

Marvin Wood: “Your feeble attempts at rationalizations always amuse me, carry on.”

Matt Stone: “Right, so anyway, you and I had an epic match last month, no one will deny what, and while I understand that I was luckily enough to defeat you, you can’t deny that you and I had chemistry in the ring. We were opponents that night, and to a certain extent, we are again tonight. But we can also be more than that, we can be partners, teaming up to rid this match of the other riff raff, if you will. People like Lucious Starr, Emily Corlen, Mark McNasty, I know you’ll agree that none of them deserve to be World Champion.”

Marvin Wood: “They’re almost as deserving as you are.”

Matt Stone rose his eyebrow, ready to sock Wood in the face, but he doesn’t.

Matt Stone: “Whatever do you mean?”

Marvin Wood stood up.

Marvin Wood: “What I mean is that while I underestimated you once before, I shall not do it again. I don’t doubt that you’ve attempted to gain favor with each and every one involved in this match and I would wager you’ve been unsuccessful thus far. It’s of little surprise that you’ve been unable to coerce anyone into aligning with you, you’re the most un liked man here, and while I don’t fall into the superficial stereotypes of many, I already have a gentleman’s agreement leading into the Dome of Destruction, so your little peace treaty, while entertaining, does not interest me in the slightest, you may see yourself out.”

Matt opened his mouth, then closes it. He opened his mouth again and after a brief pause, he spoke.

Matt Stone: “You’re insufferable.”

Stone storms off, Wood just shakes his head as Matt walks off, closing the door.

Vic Wagner© vs Justin Case vs Dallas Hoover vs TMB

PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match
Santa's Surprise Match

Brian Rentfro: Oh, boy! This next match is that Santa's Surprise match... these are always fun as hell!

Jon McDaniel: Indeed, it is, Brian. To clarify for the viewers at home, this match is a reverse elimination match. Which means that once you've "won" by pinfall or submission, you leave the match and grab a random gift box from beneath the Rampage Christmas Tree.

Brian Rentfro: And the beautiful thing is, you never know what's inside! You could have the Grizzly Beer Title. You could have the Television Title. You could have a candy bar. Hell, it's happened before- you could get pink slipped!!

Jon McDaniel: Yes, it has happened, folks. But that's the attraction of this match- the unpredictability.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the Santa's Surprise Match, and it is for the Grizzly Beer Championship!!

"Four Rusted Horses" by Marilyn Manson starts up over the PA system, as the crowd explodes for the man known as 'The Queen City Hitman'.

"Ride this dying carousel
Four rusted horses strangled by their own rope
Where children love are singing
We'll know that their tired hearts had broke
That their tired hearts had broke"

Eric Emerson: Now introducing from Tokyo, Japan by the way of his hometown, The Queen City…Charlotte , North Carolina...

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing Black and White MMA shorts and boots. He tops that off by wearing a Grey North Carolina Tar Heels Hoodie with a towel over his head & his forearms and fists taped up. On his fist and forearm tape you see the words “Fallen Saint”. Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air.

Eric Emerson: He is “The Queen City Hitman”…

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd that are tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn't even look at the ref as he makes his way to the middle of the ring. He folds his arms as Carolina Blue and White streamers flood the ring, Japanese style. TMB bows to the fans and goes to the corner as Ring Hands start to clean the streamers from the ring.


"Everyone will come, everyone will come
To my funeral to make sure that I stay dead
Everyone will come, everyone will come
To my funeral to make sure that I stay dead, dead"

Once the ref is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a nearby ring hand, before slinking down into a sitting position in the corner. Black eyes remain focused as he waits for the match to begin.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent!

"Wedding Nails" by Porcupine Tree begins to play and three pale blue spotlights shine on the entrance to the ring area. When the drums hit, there is a pop of white fireworks on either side of the ramp and Dallas Hoover steps out, arms spread wide. Jared Locke follows behind with a frown on his face and his arms crossed.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Mesa, Arizona! Being accompanied to the ring by Jared Locke...

Dallas has an enormous grin on his face as he strolls down the ramp. He points at a few fans that seem particularly excited to see him and then climbs the ring steps.

Eric Emerson: He is DALLAS HOOVER!!!!

He starts to climb under the top rope, but appears to get stuck half way. After struggling for a second, he forces himself through, rolls on his shoulder and lands in a sitting position. He throws out his arms again and laughs, then picks himself up. Jared watches the whole thing with naked disapproval.

Brian Rentfro: Dallas has had a few ups and downs, but this man is just plain great in the ring.

Jon McDaniel: This very well could be the match where Dallas Hoover gains his first championship in the AoWF.

Eric Emerson: And their opponent!!

Puff Daddy's "Victory" hits the PA, as Justin Case and Hugh Aredone make their way into the arena. They strike a pose to a less than welcoming crowd, then start to the ring. They only get a few steps before...

Brian Rentfro: Oh, shit!

Jon McDaniel: The Grizzly Beer Champion just blasted Case from behind!

Wagner looks at the fallen Case, Hugh Aredone starting towards Vic. Vic looks up to Hugh, eyes filled with anger, and Hugh quickly retreats... into a waiting Jared Locke??

Brian Rentfro: HA! Jared just sucker punched Hugh in the jaw!

Jon McDaniel: I don't think Dallas would be too happy, but since this is between managers at the moment...

Vic drags Justin to his feet, throwing a few punches at the former REBEL. Justin falls back a few steps, but then ducks under a clothesline attempt, Vic nailing Hugh Aredone. Hugh falls, Jared looking wide-eyed at Wagner. Jared hightails it back to ringside, Vic turning his attention back to Justin, who pounces with a spin kick to Vic's head.

Brian Rentfro: Justin Case and the Champ are dueling it out on the entrance ramp, while Hoover is apparently oblivious to Thomas Manchester Black behind him!

Jon McDaniel: Well, this might hurt, then...

Hoover points to Justin and Vic, yelling something to Jared. Locke starts around the ring, Hoover turning while he watches Jared... and turns right into TMB! TMB with a belly-to-belly... can't get a grip, and Dallas plants himself. TMB struggles, but ultimately gives up, throwing a set of punches. Hoover fires back, shoving TMB off and halfway across the ring. TMB charges back up, and is met with a punch to the chin by Hoover, TMB falling as his momentum slides him out of the ring. Up the ramp, Justin has grabbed one of the presents, holding it above his head. Vic stands, Justin bringing the gift down onto Wagner. He throws the package back towards the tree, then launches into a shining wizard as Vic takes a knee. He continues down the ramp, wanting to get away from the aggressive Champion. Hoover is on the top turnbuckle, finding his balance as he gazes to a rising TMB. Case makes his way over, blasting Thomas with a hard left. TMB reels, coming back with a left of his own. Justin falls back a step, then comes back with a right, right, left, right. TMB tries to fire back, hitting a decent left. Hoover jumps, yelling something as he drops, TMB and Justin looking up as they watch Dallas fall right on top of them both. Dallas rolls off, rubbing his neck a bit as he watches Case and TMB cringe.

Brian Rentfro: HA! It's the Blimp Crash!!

Jon McDaniel: Now, that's just rude.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, come on. He calls HIMSELF the Fat Guy.

Vic is on his feet, charging down the ramp. Dallas walks over to the two men on the ground, laying in with a few kicks on Case for his words earlier in the week. Vic reaches Hoover, motioning and saying something. Hoover nods, backing up as Vic pulls Case to his feet. A left hook, Case stumbles backwards into Hoover, who clocks him with a left jab of his own. Back to Vic, who nails a right jab, back to Hoover with a right hook, back to Vic with a kick to the gut, Vic lifting Case into a suplex. Hoover comes up, Vic turning and allowing Case's legs to fall into Hoover's waiting hands, Vic falling into a reverse neckbreaker. Justin grabs his head as Hoover steps a foot over Justin's body, locking in a boston crab.

Brian Rentfro: Justin getting double teamed here by the Champion and Dallas Hoover, which is just wrong if you ask me...

Jon McDaniel: Justin walks into Rampage, attacks Hoover and Wagner, and then gets thrown into this title match? And that's not fair? Cry me a river...

Case starts slapping the floor, but it's not counted as it's outside the ring. Hoover releases the hold, Vic walking up and grabbing Justin, rolling him into the ring. Dallas looks up, nodding as Vic slides in after Case, Hoover turning his attention to TMB... who manages to knock the big man off his feet with an explosive clothesline. TMB taunts the crowd, grunting. Meanwhile in the ring, Vic reaches down to pick up Case... ROLL UP!!


Eric Emerson: Justin Case has pinned Vic Wagner, and must now leave the match!

Case slowly rolls out of the ring, Vic getting to his feet and staring wide-eyed at Case.

Brian Rentfro: SUNOVA BIT...

Jon McDaniel: Case just managed to steal a pinfall there on an unsuspecting Vic Wagner! Now Justin gets to pick a present and leave the match!

Justin crawls his way up the ramp, heading for the tree. Vic slides out of the ring, starting after Case. TMB marches up, grabbing Vic and pulling him into a short-arm clothesline. Wagner drops, Hoover to a knee. Black turns, charging up for a clothesline to Hoover, who instinctively drops backwards to the floor. TMB misses, turning around as Hoover starts to a knee. TMB charges back, Dallas dropping again to avoid another clothesline, TMB running straight into an irate Vic Wagner... who uses TMB's momentum to grab him, throwing him into the crowd barrier with a belly-to-belly! Vic stands, glaring at TMB, heading over and picking him up. TMB is pulled into a suplex, Vic turning around... into a spear from Hoover! Vic falls, dropping TMB forward as he falls into the crowd barrier, TMB landing on a knee. Hoover turns, nailing TMB with a quick clothesline. Hoover stands over his fallen opponents, turning to the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: And PWA's Dallas Hoover is starting to make himself known in this match!

Jon McDaniel: Everyone knows Hoover can do about anything he puts his mind to; many speculate his main weakness to be the ego of his manager. But Dallas has the talent to go far in this business, and he may very well be the man to go the distance here.

Hoover looks to TMB, who starts to his feet, then to Vic, who is holding his back. Hoover turns to Black, who launches out a right. Hoover falls back a step, then launches forward, jumping into a thesz press! He throws punches to Thomas, the crowd roaring as they count every fist that lands on the surprised Black.


TMB finally gets a defense up, knocking Hoover off. Dallas rolls to a knee, getting to his feet as Black shakes off the assault. Hoover starts over, TMB throwing another punch. Hoover stumbles back; this time TMB charges up... Hoover is pulled out of the way! TMB shoulder-first into the ringpost! Wagner charges up with a shoulder block that knocks the dominating TMB to the ground. Vic turns, Hoover quickly rolling into the ring. Vic turns his attention back to Black, grabbing him up and shoveling him into the ring. Vic starts up to the apron, but gets knocked off with an elbow from Hoover. He turns to TMB, then looks out to the roaring crowd. Hoover takes a moment, pointing to the corner, the crowd getting defiantly loud. Hoover starts climbing the turnbuckle, keeping an eye out for TMB.

Brian Rentfro: What the...

Jon McDaniel: We saw Hoover trying to perfect this move during his videos this week... this might be his ticket out and into the Grizzly Beer Title!

Hoover raises his arms, drawing in more cheers. He takes a deep breath, starting off the top turnbuckle... AND GETS SHOVED OFF! Hoover falls forward onto TMB, rolling off as Wagner bends down, launching over the ropes into a plancha to TMB. The ref drops, counting the pin.


Brian Rentfro: Dallas Hoover breaking up the pinfall there... why would he do that? It's reverse elimination!

Jon McDaniel: With every pinfall, the chances of grabbing the Grizzly Beer Championship box go down. Dallas is making sure he has the best chance to get the title!

Vic stands, getting up in Hoover's face. Hoover shakes his head, Vic throwing a right. Hoover grabs it, shoving Wagner a few feet away. Wagner charges up, Hoover ducking under a clothesline, Wagner rebounds, attempting a shoulder block, Hoover turning and leaning away from the attack. Wagner stops on a dime, turning around... into an elbow! Wagner turns around, Hoover grabbing Vic around the waist and hoisting him into a german suplex! Hoover releases Wagner, diving over to a still motionless TMB.


Brian Rentfro: And a kickout with authority! TMB looks like he might have been playing possum there!

Jon McDaniel: And with TMB on his feet, you have to wonder if Wagner and Hoover are in trouble!

TMB starts over, Hoover throwing a right. TMB takes it, stepping back a step before launching one of his own. He throws a kick into the reeling Hoover, then a flurry of kicks and punches. Dallas falls into the ropes, holding a hand up. TMB grabs it, whipping Hoover across the ring. Hoover rebounds, running directly into an elbow from Vic Wagner. Hoover hits the mat, Wagner launching himself at TMB, who ducks under a lariat and hoists Wagner into a german suplex. He keeps the hold, rolling himself and Wagner up, launching with another german. He continues to keep Wagner locked in as he rolls to his feet again, lifting Wagner up. Wagner wraps a foot around TMB's leg, preventing the suplex, launching an elbow to TMB's head. TMB shakes it off, attempting to finish the third german, but again Wagner locks in his feet. Another elbow, TMB loosening his grip. Vic turns around quickly, nailing TMB with the MUNICH FIRE BOMB! Hoover runs over, kicking Wagner in the head and making the cover on TMB as Wagner rolls out of the ring.


Eric Emerson: Dallas Hoover has pinned Thomas Manchester Black, and has been eliminated from the match!

Dallas rises to cheers, rolling out of the ring. He goes up to a few fans, grabbing some hands and signing a few autographs for the crowd. Wagner rises not too far away, furious. He stalks around the ring, grabbing a distracted Hoover and throwing him into the steel steps. Hoover is sprawled on his back, arching up in pain as Wagner stalks over. The Vicious Champion waits for Dallas to start to his feet, charging over with a hard boot to the head. Hooper crumples to the floor, Vic staring at Dallas with spite.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell? Shouldn't Vic be focusing on Thomas?

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Wagner is pissed about Hoover stopping his pin, and further stealing a second. I think Hoover might have raised Vic's...

Brian Rentfro: WHAT THE...?

Just as Vic pulls Hoover up by the hair, Justin Case comes running from the back. Wagner starts to lock Hoover into a side headlock, Justin charging up and using Dallas as a springboard to nail Vic with a shining wizard! Hoover is released as Vic grabs his head, falling to the floor. Hoover stumbles back, Justin turning... and throws Dallas into the GameBreaker!! Hoover is startled back to life, Case pulling tightly on the crossface. Hoover starts slapping the floor like mad, trying to get Case to release the hold. Justin only does so as a worn TMB exits the ring, the Millennium Game backing away. TMB shakes his head, grabbing up Wagner and throwing him into the ring. Case looks down at Hoover, who coddles his head, then back to the ring, grinning from ear to ear as he makes his way back up the ramp. In the ring, TMB stalks Wagner, who is still holding his head. Wagner puts one hand on the mat, starting to a knee. TMB takes a few steps back, Wagner slowly to his feet, TMB charges up... Get Down or Lay Down!!

Brian Rentfro: OH! What a beautifully executed shining axe kick! Wagner might be out of this one!

TMB goes for the cover, only getting two before Wagner kicks out. TMB looks down, then shrugs as he takes a step back to regroup. He waits as Wagner gets to his feet, grabbing Vic up and holding him perpendicular to TMB's chest. TMB starts to spin, but Vic launches an arm out, grabbing TMB around the neck. Wagner uses TMB's own momentum, swinging Black into a DDT. TMB and Wagner are sprawled out beside each other, the ref checking each one before starting to count them both out.


Brian Rentfro: Wait... if they're both counted out, how do they decide who gets what gift?


Jon McDaniel: At this point, I'm thinking they'll have to agree to disagree or something.




Jon McDaniel: The upside, though, is that one of these men could STILL be looking to walk out as Grizzly Beer Champion.


Brian Rentfro: Sure; you never know which one is which, and with Hoover and Justin taking one, there's a fifty percent chance it's still under the tree...


TMB rolls to his belly, reaching around for something to aide him in getting up. Wagner holds one hand straight into the air, the other holding his head.


TMB crawls to the ring ropes, using them to start up. Wagner rolls to his belly, placing his hands beneath him.


TMB is on his feet, stumbling off the ropes. Wagner is to a knee, starting up. TMB runs over, looking for a yakuza kick, but Vic leans back and TMB stumbles into the ropes. He falls off, stumbling backwards... into the waiting arms of Vic Wagner! German suplex! TMB grabs his head, Wagner quickly on top, grabbing TMB's legs and twisting...

Jon McDaniel: The champ with the Breaking Wheel!! TMB could tap out right here!

Brian Rentfro: Thomas!! Oh, hell...

TMB reaches out, grunting as the Full nelson deathlock STF takes its toll. He feels something at his fingertips, trying to reach out, but Wagner pulls tighter on the move. TMB tries to move his legs, but the lock won't allow for movement. Wagner seems to grin, confident that the end is nigh. Lance Weston drops, asking TMB if he wants to submit, TMB vigorously shaking his head (well, as vigorously as he can in such a hold). He tries one last time, rocking his body as much as possible, managing to inch his way over...

Brian Rentfro: Black grabbed the ropes!! It's not over!

Jon McDaniel: But Vic doesn't want to release!

Wagner continues on the hold, Weston counting him down. He takes all but a moment before five, finally releasing TMB. Wagner looks to the ref, shaking his head, then grabs TMB by the foot and drags him to the middle of the ring. He rolls TMB over, covering.

THREe... NO!

Brian Rentfro: And just a split second before Weston's hand hit the mat, TMB kicks out!

JonJon McDaniel: These two have proven their resiliency time and time again, and have even gone toe-to-toe for the Grizzly Beer Championship.

Vic looks to Weston, who confirms a count of two. Vic drops to his knees, firing a flurry of rights into the face of TMB. He goes into another cover.

Kick-out at two and a half!

Brian Rentfro: TMB is really testing Vic's nerves, while Wagner is testing TMB's limits...

Jon McDaniel: It's a battle of endurance!

Vic gets to a knee, again throwing fists into the side of Black's head. TMB manages to fight back this time, throwing up a knee to the back of Vic's head. Vic falters, allowing TMB to clock him with a clean right to the jaw, knocking Wagner on his back. Vic shakes his head, rubbing his chin as TMB starts to his feet, stumbling to a knee. He watches as Vic slowly rolls to the ropes, pulling himself up. Both men reach their feet at the same time, Vic turning to TMB as the Queen City Hitman starts over. Vic rushes out, TMB ducking a clothesline. Vic rebounds, ducking under a clothesline attempt by TMB, rebounding again. They both attempt a clothesline, but Vic switches his plan at the last moment, grabbing TMB's arm and twisting him into a hammerlock. TMB elbows Vic's head, twisting around into his own hammerlock on Wagner. Vic struggles, throwing an elbow out, TMB leans his head back and wrenches harder on the hold. He grabs Vic's head, dropping him backwards onto TMB's knee. Wagner is dropped on his stomach, holding his back as TMB stands, a sly grin creeping across his face. TMB grabs up Vic's leg, twisting into a reverse Indian Death Lock, then reaches for Wagner's wrists.

Brian Rentfro: I know this move! TMB is looking for the Queen City Stomp!

Jon McDaniel: But this looks like a submission move, not a.... OUCH! Nevermind...

Jon seems to cringe a little as TMB drives Vic face-first into the mat. TMB rolls Wagner over, making the cover.



Our announce table sits awestruck as Wagner somehow kicks out, TMB looking in shock at Weston. Lance holds up two fingers, the crowd going insane. TMB looks down at Wagner, who seems long gone. He drops for another cover.

3! NO!

Jon McDaniel: And Vic kicks out at 2 1/2! How the hell does he keep doing that?!

Brian Rentfro: TMB is furious! He has no clue how Vic keeps going!

TMB throws a flurry of rights into the side of Wagner's head, covering again.

THREee.... NO!

TMB sits up, slamming the mat. He looks back, Weston holding up two. He turns to Wagner, his eyes growing wide, pulling the Vicious Champ to his feet. He throws Wagner like a ragdoll into a corner, charging up behind him. TMB jumps, nailing a body splash- NO! Wagner drops at the last moment, TMB landing hard on the top turnbuckle! TMB falls off, stumbling backwards... Vic with a kick to the gut! Head scissors!

Jon McDaniel: And a nearly unconscious Vic Wagner is about to take this one!!


Wagner falls dead next to TMB after the devastating reverse cradle tombstone, his arm draping over TMB on instinct alone.



Eric Emerson: Vic Wagner has pinned Thomas Manchester Black! As a result of three pinfalls, this match is now over!

Wagner and TMB are still near unconscious as "King of the Kill" hits the PA, the crowd roaring. A team of medics rush down to ringside, TMB slow to take to his feet as the EMT's get him up. Another group of EMT's slide Wagner onto a stretcher, Wagner beginning to show some signs of life, though small. The EMT's slowly run the stretcher up the ramp, stopping by the tree. Two officials each hold a box, Wagner slowly turning his head. He takes a moment, then points to a box. At this point, Fantastic Andy Strickland shows up on the big screens.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: Okay, ladies and germs! It's about that time to find out who got what! So without further ado, let's get Dallas Hooper and Justin Case back out here, PLEASE!

Hoover and Justin, each with their manager, walk out to the ramp. TMB walks up the ramp, joining the other three men as Wagner sits up. Each man holds his gift close, looking up to Fantastic Andy.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: Let's do this in order of elimination.

Fantastic Andy holds up a box identical to the one Justin Case is holding. He opens it there's a flash of gold on the screen.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: Very nice!

Fantastic Andy pulls out a title belt as the crowd gasps. Case starts to celebrate as the other three men look annoyed.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: This gift comes courtesy of Fantastic Andy's Side of the Road Emporium!

Fantastic Andy flips the belt around to show it on the screen. It isn't the Grizzly Beer title.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: You've won your very own PWA Internet Title replica belt! The Internet title may have been defunct since the last century, but that just makes this baby a collector's item, am I right?

Case looks none too happy as Strickland continues.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: Next up is this one...

Stricklands pulls up a box that looks like the one Dallas Hoover is holding. He opens it and pulls out a replica Grizzly Beer title belt.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: Well, this one didn't come from Fantastic Andy's Side of the Road Emporium, but its not too bad, eh?

Senior Referee Lance Weston rushes forward and starts to strap the actual Grizzly Beer title around Hoover's waist, then thinks better of it and just hands it to him instead.

Next, Strickland pulls out a box that looks like Wagner's. At least it did until Wagner crushed the one he was holding just now.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: Well, well, well. It looks like you're going to be facing Matt Stone, Mr. Wagner. You've just won an Intercontinental title shot!

Fantastic Andy Strickland: That leaves just one more present, Tommy boy.

Fantastic Andy pulls up the last present and opens it, pulling out a large golden certificate.

Fantastic Andy Strickland: Ooooh! You've won the Golden Ticket! This entitles you to one match of your choice, TMB.

Wagner, TMB, and Case leave the stage disgusted, leaving the PWA's Dallas Hoover to celebrate.

Last Chance

Matt Stone stands in front of Robinson’s door. He knocks on it and the door magically opens by itself…or Robinson had a button to remotely open the door, whatever you choose to believe. Personally, I choose to believe Rob Robinson has magic powers. Regardless, Stone enters the room. Rob is sitting behind his desk, already dressed for the match. Matt Stone walks up to the desk.

Matt Stone: “So how about those match outcomes so far?”

Rob Robinson: “Yes, quite good, those aforementioned match outcomes. Shouldn’t you be getting ready to enter the Dome?”

Matt Stone: “Yes, about that, you know what I think would be a good idea? Something that would really surprise people? If you and I were to team up and get down to the final two, just us? We could really shock everyone.”

Rob Robinson: “You know what I think would be surprising for everyone? If I put the Intercontinental championship up as well…”

Matt Stone: “Well, nice talking to you, bye”

Stone turned and left the office quickly, the door eerily closing behind him.

Live! From The Superdome in New Orleans!

A three night event from January 13th to the 15th featuring AoWF superstars from across the community clashing in battles of epic proportions!


Pioneer Wrestling Association's own Matthew Engel will be taking on Teresa Quaranta and champion Lisa Seldon in an AoWF World Heavyweight Championship Match. Plus, the PWA will get a chance to win the AoWF Television Championship in a triple threat match!


Epic battles, AoWF Championship matches, the return of the AoWF Awards, and all the Rob Robinson you can handle! Stay tuned to AoWF programming for more details!

It's gonna ROCK your face off!

Matt Stone© v Phoenix v Lucy Starr v Mark McNasty v Marvin Wood v Emily Corlen

PWA World Title Match
Dome of Destruction

All eyes - those of the fans in the arena, those of the PWA ring crew and security, those of Rentfro and McDaniel, and those of the fans watching at home - focus on the lowering of the single most physically imposing structure in PWA history...the Dome of Destruction. The PWA ring crew finishes replacing one set of ropes with barbed wire, netting it over itself for structural support, as the Dome finally reaches the floor. A couple of good tugs from whatever members of the ring crew aren't busy with setting the ring itself up to make sure it's in place, and the cameras cut to Eric Emerson at the top of the ramp (shuffling his notecards, of course).

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING, and it is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!


Eric Emerson: The following match is to be contested under the DOME OF DESTRUCTION, and the rules are as follows...

Matching his words, graphics appear on the ADC-Tron listing the rules clearly for those in the arena, and replacing the view of Emerson for those watching at home.

Eric Emerson: The first two participants will enter the cage and have five minutes alone with one another. Following that, the third participant enters, and entrances will occur in two-minute intervals following that. There are no count-outs, no disqualifications, and eliminations can only occur by pinfall or submission once all six combatants have entered the match. Your referees for the evening are Scott Swindell to man the door and senior official Lance Weston inside the ring.

Back to the live view, cue up "Smoke and Mirrors," and the ADC-Tron comes to life with the video for...

Let everybody see
The future here in me
Just watch the wheel go 'round
I'll cheer as you go down

...PWA World champion Matt Stone, drawing a plethora of hate from the crowd.

Whoa, you're only smoke and mirrors
Whoa, you're only smoke and mirrors

Eric Emerson: Introducing first...

Whoa, you're only smoke and mirrors
Whoa, you're only smoke and mirrors to me!!

Matt Stone walks out from behind the curtain, staring at the Dome with contempt as Katrina walks at his side, rubbing the Maple Leaf on the back of his hoodie.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in tonight at 220 pounds and stands at 5 feet, 9 inches tall...

Katrina waves her purse around in front of Matt for some reason, drawing merely a smirk. Stone reaches the door to the Dome, running his hands over his hair, and then lets Katrina kiss him on the cheek before she steps off to the side.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, he is the current, reigning, and defending PWA World Heavyweight champion...

Stone walks through the Dome door, walking around to the rope-less side of the ring and rolling in, rising to his feet as he takes the PWA World title off of his waist, holding it up high over his head.


His music dies down as he hands the PWA World title off to Lance Weston, unzipping his hoodie and handing it off as well.

Jon McDaniel: And right off the bat, the Phoenix is cheating to gain an advantage.

Brian Rentfro: Jon, this is war and in war cheating is called "tactics".


Jeers, replaced only with...well, more jeers, to be honest, as a burst of static fills the arena and the lights cut to a deep hue of green. "Do It Like A Dude" by Jessie J hits the PA, a single spotlight hits the stage, illuminating the intimidating figure of Emily Corlen. She surveys the crowd with a chilling grin and poses as the lyrics to the song kick in, swinging a sledgehammer out from behind her back and tapping it into her palm.

Eric Emerson: Introducing second, she weighs in tonight at 140 pounds and stands at 5 feet, 4 inches tall...

As the song continues, Emily begins making her way down the ramp, the arena still dark green and the spotlight still fixed on her. She reaches the ring and looks to her left and right before climbing onto the ring apron.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Los Angeles, California by way of Rockford, Illinois...

Emily enters the ring through the first and second ropes, then makes her way to the corner by the ropes and lack thereof where she kneels down, facing the PWA World champion.

Eric Emerson: She is the Emerald Phoenix...

As the music fades, the arena lights slowly come back on, the spotlight remaining on Emily's unmoving figure until the arena is at full illumination.


"Do It Like A Dude" dies down as Emily stares off at Stone and Lance Weston exits the Dome, allowing Scott Swindell to slam the door shut and lock it. Weston calls for the bell...


...and Corlen jumps to her feet, meeting Stone in the center of the mat. She points the sledgehammer at him, but Matt shows no fear by simply spitting in her direction.

Emily charges in with the sledge, swinging it towards Matt's head, but Stone rolls away and hits the ropes. Corlen swings to hit him in the ribs but Stone leapfrogs over her, diving under the bottom rope to escape the ring and stare back at her.

Emily waves Matt back in and the World champion obliges, albeit slowly and with great hesitation. Corlen charges again, looking to spike the sledgehammer into Stone's mouth, but Matt ducks underneath it and rolls her up into a prawn hold. Immediately realizing that pinfalls don't count yet, Matt breaks it up himself and hits the ropes, looking for a basement dropkick as she sits up.

Corlen rolls away, avoiding the dual impact of both of Stone's boots, and then throws her sledgehammer at him. Matt ducks under it, wiping sweat from his brow as the two rise, and then they meet in the center of the ring with a collar-and-elbow tie-up.

Matt gains the advantage at first, forcing Emily towards the barbed wire with a handful of hair, but Corlen pivots her feet and looks to hiptoss him into the wire herself. Stone stops her with a rear waistlock, taking her down face-first to the mat and then floats over, locking on a front facelock with a cocky sneer on his face.

Emily breaks the facelock and twists out of it, locking Matt into an armbar that she quickly transitions into a hammerlock before locking him into a side headlock on the mat, wrenching the hold in as tight as she can.

Jon McDaniel: Remember, no matter how much pain he's in, Stone can't submit yet, not until everybody is in the Dome.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, this is a pretty good move by Corlen. She's trying to run down Stone's endurance while using the least amount of energy possible so she still has something in the tank for the end of the match.

Seconds pass, nearly a minute in full, with Emily controlling Stone with a side headlock, his poor attempts at breaking it up with aimless forearms thwarted by Corlen merely swinging him over or even just changing her angle with proper footing. The hold is eventually broken due to Matt tugging her hair hard, pulling her head down into a headscissors. Corlen fights her way out from between Matt's legs and looks to fire off a dropkick, but Stone swats her feet away and rolls to the floor.

Matt holds his hands on his hips, shaking his head as he looks up at Emily and then over to Katrina outside the Dome.

Stone walks around the floor, squeezing through the tight space between the corner of the ring and the Dome wall, and holds onto the bottom rope. He backs away as Corlen starts to move towards him, his back touching the steel of the Dome wall, and Emily backs off.

Matt rolls back into the ring, his eyes not once leaving Corlen's, and slowly pulls himself to his feet. They lock up again and Stone takes Emily down this time with a drop toehold, floating over and into his own side headlock. It's for naught, however, as Corlen quickly forces both of them to their feet, lifting Stone for a backdrop suplex and moving dangerously close to the barbed wire.

Matt scrambles, forcing his way out of Emily's grip, and then storms out of the ring, kicking the ringpost in frustration.

Corlen charges after him, sliding out of the ring, and gives chase as Stone runs away.

Matt hops onto the ring apron and pivots, diving towards Emily with a double axehandle, but Corlen catches him over her shoulder before slamming his groin onto her knee with an inverted atomic drop. She wastes no time, though, and picks him back up, charging to the Dome and slamming Matt's back into one of the vertical support bars.

Jon McDaniel: He's gonna feel that in the morning!

Brian Rentfro: What the hell, Jon? Matt Stone won the World title in a London's Burning cage match. Do you think bumping into a steel bar is going to phase him?

Matt crawls away with one hand clutching his back as Emily slowly stalks after him, putting a boot into his ribs to knock him down. Matt pulls himself up to his feet using the Dome, gasping for air, and Corlen charges in.

Stone ducks down low and picks Emily up, slamming her chest-first into the Dome before dropping her down to the floor. He immediately jumps atop her, driving fist after fist into whatever opening he can find as she covers up before standing up, dusting himself off, and giving the camera knowing smirk.

The PWA World champion brings the TGW World champion to her feet via a handful of her hair, looking to rake her face against the barbed wire ropes. Corlen fights against it, one hand on the apron and the other around a prick-less strand. Matt puts all of his weight into forcing her face towards the razor sharp barbs, stopped only from drawing first blood by a hail mary back elbow that catches him in the sternum.

Emily slams Stone face-first into the apron, unloads with a pair of rights, and then grabs him by the back of the head, guiding him away from the wire before rolling him back into the ring. She climbs the apron, holding the top rope, and slingshots herself over with a powerful shoulderblock as Matt rises back to his feet.

Emily unloads with a barrage of forearms as he holds Matt's head steady with one hand, transitioning the close-range strike assault into a body-scissors with a neck wrench.

Matt manages to plant the soles of his boots firmly on the canvas and arch his back, throwing off Emily's grasp enough to break the body-scissors and fire off a pair of back elbows to the face before rolling away. He pulls himself to his feet against the center of the ropes, holding his throat, and stares at the ADC-Tron as the countdown for the third entrant rolls.











Brian Rentfro: Here comes the next contestant on the Price is Right!

Cold's "Whatever You Became" cranks out of the PA as Mark McNasty emerges from behind the curtain, a Kendo Stick in his hand. He holds the stick high above his head, receiving a loud burst of cheers, and blows a kiss to the camera, waving coyishly at it. In the Dome, Stone and Emily trade right hands, with Matt gaining the advantage after ducking a wild haymaker, nailing her with the Stone Cutter to send her to the canvas.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, weighing in tonight at 255 pounds and standing at 6 feet, 3 inches tall...from Atlanta, Georgia...he is a former PWA World Heavyweight champion...

Swindell opens the door, allowing McNasty's entrance into the match, and Mark immediately hops onto the apron and backs into an open corner, ropes to his left and none to his right, readying his Kendo Stick as his eyes stare blankly to the center of the canvas. Matt backs away, hesitant, and Corlen rolls as far away from both men as she can, sliding under the bottom rope and standing on the floor.


"Whatever You Became" dies down as Mark...stays still. Emily brings herself up to a knee as Stone takes on a very uncharacteristic shootfighter stance, his eyes darting between both of his challengers. McNasty, however, breaks his trance, looking up at both long enough to see that their focus is, primarily, on him.

He shrugs, points the Kendo Stick at either opponent, and then waves them together.

Mark McNasty: Go on, go on...we don't have all day...

Emily then lets it be known that she picked up the sledgehammer she brought with her when McNasty entered, charging Stone and blindsiding him with a palmed shot the stomach.

She slams the wooden handle over Matt's back before reaching it around his throat, locking it in as she chokes him. Corlen smiles through gritted teeth as Stone desperately tries to fight out of it, drawing a round of laughter from McNasty across the ring. He looks behind him briefly to see the corner, climbing up and sitting on the top turnbuckle pad, applauding Emily's efforts to asphyxiate the current PWA World Heavyweight champion.

Jon McDaniel: I'm not sure that ignoring the fresh opponent in favor of the other guy is the smartest move, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: That's a tough call. On the one hand, you've got a fresh guy that you badly need to start putting a hurt on. On the other hand, the other guy is Matt fuckin' Stone so you can't let up for even a second.

Jon McDaniel: Are we allowed to use that kind of language?

Brian Rentfro: Only at Christmas, Jon.

Corlen's eyes catch Mark's joy at Stone's predicament, prompting her to release him, drop the sledgehammer, and take a few steps towards Mark in the corner.

Emily Corlen: What? You think this is one big fucking joke?

Mark nods, shrugging his shoulders, and then hops down from the top turnbuckle, draping his Kendo Stick over his shoulder. Corlen gets in his face - or as close as she can, given the 11-inch height differential - and mouths off, giving him a light shove. Mark steps back, shaking his head with a huge shit-eating grin on his face, and wags his finger at her.

Mark McNasty: Don't...don't do that.

Emily Corlen: Why not?

She shoves him again, prompting McNasty to turn and look at the crowd with a begrudged smile desperately trying to stay put. He turns, clearing his throat, but gets a large open-hand slap across the face before he can utter a word. Mark drops his Kendo Stick to the mat before he eats a pair of big right hands, and then unleashes his own.

Corlen and McNasty trade shots back and forth until Mark doubles her over with a knee to the midsection, dropping a few clubs to her back, and then stands her up straight again, driving a right hand directly into her face. She fires back with one of her own, though, and the two lock up, but nothing else comes of it as Matt Stone charges both of them, leaping into them and grabbing the backs of their heads, driving a knee into their jaws as he falls back with a dual C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!

Brian Rentfro: What did I tell you? Matt fuckin' Stone! Can't take your eyes off him for even a second!

All three participants lie on the mat for a few moments before Stone rises to his feet. He puts some boots into Corlen and then some into Mark, bringing both up to their feet as the countdown hits the ADC-Tron.


Stone hits a right hand to Mark.


And a right hand to Corlen.


Another to McNasty, rocking him towards the barbed wire ropes.


And another to Emily, forcing her dangerously close to the barbed wire herself.


Matt backs up, picks up McNasty's Kendo Stick, and holds it high above his head.


He charges forth, looking to swing for the fences...


...but McNasty and Corlen both duck down, hook him under his arms, and hip toss him...





==I see you drivin' 'round town with the girl I love==
==And I'm like, FUCK YOU==

Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You" cues up as Lucious Starr presents himself on the entrance stage, swinging his bike chain in his hand.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, he weighs in tonight at 253 pounds and stands at 6 feet, 3 inches tall...hailing from Columbus, Ohio...he is a former PWA World Heavyweight champion...

Starr wastes no time and bounds down the ramp, prompting McNasty to scramble out of the ring with his Kendo Stick in hand.


"Fuck You" dies as Starr enters the Dome, immediately squaring off at ringside with McNasty. Lucious swings his bike chain around as Mark steadies the Kendo Stick, neither man making too much of a move towards the other. In the ring, Stone touches one of the long gashes on his back, looking at his fingertips to see the traces of blood on them. Emily rises to her feet and boots him in the ribs, bringing him to his feet and whipping him into the ropes.

Starr swings the chain at McNasty, but Mark ducks back, virtually Matrixing under it. He stabs forward with the Kendo Stick, which Lucious avoids, and the two continue to trade attempted shots with their respective weapons, landing none of them. In the ring, Corlen catches the rebounding Stone with a tilt-a-whirl, holding him on her shoulder. She charges towards the barbed wire, looking to send Matt face-first into it, but Stone forces himself out behind her and shoves her forward.

Jon McDaniel: Lucious Starr enters the match like a gladiator.

Brian Rentfro: I'm not liking the looks of that barbed wire, Jon. No good will come of it, mark my words.

Emily puts on the brakes and turns around, looking for a clothesline as Stone drops to a knee, but Matt catches her with a drop toehold to the canvas, nailing her square in the jaw with a picture-perfect dropkick as she rises. He dives out of the ring, carefully avoiding Starr and McNasty as they re-enact a nuunchaku vs. kitana duel from various kung fu films with their bike chain and Kendo Stick, respectively, and walks over to the side of the Dome nearest the entrance ramp.

Katrina hands Mark her purse through the opening in the Dome, which he takes with haste as he rifles through it, producing a foot-long lead pipe before tossing her pass back at her. Starr wraps his bike chain around the Kendo Stick, disabling it, but McNasty boots him in the midsection, causing both men to drop their weapons before trading right hands.

Jon McDaniel: Is getting a weapon from someone outside the Dome legal?

Brian Rentfro: Everything is legal in the Dome, Jon. Six men enter, one man leaves!

Emily gets to her feet in the ring, her eyes scanning the ringside area. She sees Mark and Lucious battling by the side of the ring without ropes and charges, diving off with a running somersault plancha onto McNasty. Starr looks on, perplexed for a brief moment, and then gets sent down to his knees via Matt clonking him in the back with the pipe.

Stone holds the pipe high above his head as Corlen puts some boots into Mark's face, the PWA World champion pointing over to the TGW World champion, but the color drains from his face as Corlen reaches behind her into the rng and picks up her sledgehammer.

Matt sprints into the ring with Emily in pursuit, carefully sliding underneath the bottom strand of barbed wire and darting right. Corlen surprises him by sliding out of the ring and blocking his path, swinging her sledgehammer wildly. Stone narrowly avoids having his skull crushed by ducking down and jumping back, turning around to flee the other way. The Emerald Phoenix, however, gives chase, with the two World champions doing a half-lap around the ring and getting back to the starting point of their most recent race by Starr and McNasty.

Mark surprises Stone with a rising lariat, nearly taking the defending champion out of his boots, and Emily raises her sledgehammer up high only to have it ripped out of her hands by Lucious Starr. He turns, eats a boot to the midsection, and then gets a DDT onto the floor. Starr and McNasty turn back to each other, nod, and continue trading punches, the advantage gained by Starr after a kick to the groin, allowing him to slam Mark face-first into the Dome before rolling him into the ring and following him in. The countdown for the next entrant cues up just as Starr rises to a knee on the canvas.



Corlen pulls herself to her feet with the Dome, holding her ribs, and Stone crawls away, digging underneath the ring apron on the other side of the ring.



Starr pounds boot after boot into McNasty's face, stopping to drop down and choke him with both hands.


Lucious releases the choke as Emily rolls into the ring, his attention turning to her.



Stone pulls himself into the ring, the lead pipe from Katrina's purse still in his hand, and dives into Emily's right knee with it.


Corlen drops down at an awkward angle, screaming in pain as she clutches her right knee.


Matt does not let up, however, and drives the pipe into Emily's right knee a few more times before tossing it to the floor and pounding fist after fist into it.


The first few chords of Edward Elgar's "Pomp & Circumstance March #4" play from the PA system into the arena. After a few seconds, "The Crown Jewel" Marvin Wood appears from behind the curtain with a dour expression on his face. He walks to the middle of the stage area and stands there for a few seconds, to survey the audience.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, he weighs in tonight at 230 pounds and stands at 6 feet, 2 inches tall...hailing from Pontefract, England, he is a former PWA World Heavyweight champion...

Marvin then begins walking down the entrance-way. Many of the members of the audience boo, some catcall and a few cheer. He looks at no-one as he approaches the ring, but stretches his fingers a bit. He stretches three fingers on each hand, first, and then four fingers on each hand. A quick glance down the ramp later and Wood casually walks towards the Dome, adjusting the tape on his wrists as he does so.


"Pomp & Circumstance March #4" dies as Marvin passes through the Dome door, immediately lifting the ring apron up and producing a steel chair.

Brian Rentfro: Wait...he's...he's going to use...a chair?!?!

Wood slides the chair into the ring, calmly watching Stone torque Corlen's knee around his own in a simple leglock as Starr and McNasty struggle to rise to their feet against the ropes, a simple task to accomplish were it not for the constant punching of each other in the face they seem to enjoy doing so much, and slides in after it.

Marvin picks up the chair, holding it as if ready to smash it over the head of any of his four opponents, and then...

...unfolds it in the corner, taking a seat and crossing his legs with his hands cupped over his knee.

Jon McDaniel: What's he doing?

Brian Rentfro: Only the smartest possible thing, Jon. That's why he's friends with the Phoenix, they're two peas in a pod. A very, very awesome pod.

McNasty gets the better of the punching trade-off with Starr, grabbing a handful of hair and tossing in a pair of headbutts for good measure. He rakes Starr's eyes, laughs, and then whips Lucious towards the barbed wire.

Lucious reverses the whip, though, and hits Mark with a short-arm clothesline out of it, keeping hold of his arm. Marvin, meanwhile, just politely covers his mouth as he feigns a yawn, and, across the ring, Stone eats a face-ful of elbow from Corlen, breaking the leglock.

Starr brings McNasty back to his feet and locks him in for a suplex, his back to the barbed wire ropes. He lifts him up vertically, holding him there, and then turns around, lunging forward and dropping Mark gut-first across the top strand of barbed wire.

Wood adjusts his chair to be closer to the ropes, resting his hands on the back of his neck now, and watches casually as Starr slams forearm after forearm into McNasty's kidneys, simultaneously injuring his back and digging the barbed wire deeper into his abdomen. Stone wanders over to Starr and McNasty and begs off quick as Lucious turns to strike him, pointing at McNasty and then at himself and then at Starr, alternating between the three. The two men nod, and Stone backs up as Starr follows him.

Lucious whips Stone towards McNasty and Matt leaps up, connecting with both knees into Mark's back. Stone lands on his feet and immediately rolls backwards to gather his bearings as Mark rips himself off of the barbed wire, blood pooling from the dozens of lacerations across his belly and chest.

Marvin finally stands up as Corlen pulls herself to her feet, her knee giving out once or twice, and helps her to her feet. He nails a BRUTAL European uppercut that sends her down to the mat, following in with a BRUTAL sliding knife-edge chop to the upper chest that knocks her down flat.

Jon McDaniel: That was practically her throat!

Wood brings Emily to her feet, grinding his forearm into her nose, and then gets her in a side headlock, taking her down and cinching it in. Stone rises to his feet and offers a handshake to Starr but then reveals his true colors as he goes to boot him low. Lucious, however, expected it, and catches Matt's foot, shaking his head. Matt's eyes widen as Starr spins him around a full 360 degrees by throwing his foot to the side, scoops him up, and then hits a nasty spinebuster into the barbed wire ropes.

Wood arches back on the side headlock, turning it into a crossface variation, and then quickly switches his hands and tucks Corlen's left ankle behind her right knee, grabbing her right ankle with his now-free hand, and transitions the pseudo-crossface into a beautiful bow-and-arrow hold. He digs both of his knees firmly into her lower back, balancing his weight on her kidneys, and then rocks backwards, lifting her above him to fully stretch her out. Corlen screams in pain through gritted teeth, her eyes clenched tightly shut, and Wood's calm demeanor gives off a hint of glee.

McNasty crawls across the floor to the rope-less side of the ring, gathering his wits as he holds his barbed wire-scarred abs, and looks up to see Starr rip Stone off of the barbed wire and turn him around.

Lucious hoists Matt up into an inverted fireman's carry, racking him a bit over his shoulders...

Jon McDaniel: Hell's Wrath...!!

Brian Rentfro: NO!!!

...but McNasty, his Kendo Stick in hand, charges into the ring, smacking Starr as hard as he can across the ribs with it. Lucious releases Stone, who lands on his side and quickly rolls out of the ring to relative safety, but gets no quarter as Mark smacks him with the Kendo Stick over and over, from his head to his shoulder to his back to his chest and all over again.

Marvin slowly releases the bow-and-arrow hold on Emily before rising to his feet, bringing her up with him, and then casually tosses her out of the ring via the ropeless side, sending her face-first into the Dome wall. She crumbles in a heap on the floor, clutching her nose at it gushes blood, and Marvin looks on with a subtle smirk on his face. He turns, wiping his hands on his thighs, and eats the stinging shot of the bamboo Kendo Stick across his face, courtesy of McNasty.

Stone rolls back into the ring and brings himself to his feet, turning around just in time to barely graze the barbed wire. He jumps back a few feet, startled, and turns to see a few front row fans laughing at him. He shakes his head, unloads a wad of phlegm in their direction, and then turns to see Starr rising to his knees.

Matt Stone: KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!!

Brian Rentfro: I think Matt fuckin' Stone just became my second favorite wrestler of all time.

Jon McDaniel: Didn't you used be a wrestler, Brian?

Brian Rentfro: I've got self-esteem issues.

In a heartbeat, Stone unleashes a huge boot to Starr's face, sending him back down to the canvas. Across the ring, McNasty wails away on Wood with the Kendo Stick, the tape holding the shards of bamboo together giving way as the bamboo itself starts to splinter. Mark realizes this before it's too late, however, and turns, quickly snapping the Kendo Stick in half over Stone's head as the countdown returns.


McNasty brings Wood to his feet, nailing a pair of rights to his jaw.


Marvin blocks a third punch, however, and locks Mark in a standing armbar, constantly moving to avoid McNasty's reach.


On the outside, Corlen starts to pull herself to her feet as her nose, obviously broken, pours blood everywhere.


Marvin knees McNasty in the midsection, doubling him over.


Wood locks Mark's arm between his legs at the wrist and then overhooks his other arm.


Emily reaches under the ring apron, stopping to wipe blood from her face.


"The Purist" quickly drops McNasty face-first to the canvas with a picture-perfect release Pumphandle suplex before sitting up, staring into the hard camera.



Emily pulls out a case of fluorescent light tubes, sliding one out of the box and rolling into the ring.


Brian Rentfro: And the game is afoot...

Before Wood can react, the TGW World champion smashed the light tube over his head, its mercurial gas filling misting over him as Europe's "The Final Countdown" cues up, drawing boos from all over the arena.

Eric Emerson: Introducing as the final participant in this contest, he weighs in tonight at 230 pounds and stands at 6 feet tall...hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, he is a former PWA World Heavyweight champion, a member of the PWA Hall of Fame, and, in fact, the President of the Pioneer Wrestling Association...

Phoenix walks out from behind the curtain, dragging a 10-foot ladder over his shoulder with a smile so big it cannot hide from beneath his mask.


Robinson calmly walks down the ramp towards the Dome, his entrance interrupted via a half-full cup of beer thrown into his face by an unruly front row fan sporting a REBEL Pro hoodie. PWA Security quickly surrounds the man as Robinson drops his ladder, opting to throw a few fists into the fracas and the drunken slob's face.

In the Dome, Corlen limps over to Stone, dropping down and digging the broken remnants of the light tube into his forehead. Phoenix finally leaves PWA Security to do with the attacking fan as they will, picking up his ladder and casually entering the Dome. Senior Official Lance Weston enters the Dome, sliding on a pair of Kevlar gloves as he does so. Lucious Starr rolls out of the ring, holding his head, and spies the wire cutters being handed to Weston via Scott Swindell, but Lance sees Starr staring and hands them back to Swindell. He shakes his head, prompting a defiant nod from Lucious, and the Dome door closes before Swindell locks the deadbolt.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time all six competitors have entered the Dome of Destruction match, and eliminations may now occur via pinfall or submission!!!

Robinson drops the ladder on the floor and slides into the ring, helping Marvin up to his feet. Wood, however, does not realize who it is, despite "The Final Countdown" still playing, and goes to lock on a Dragon Sleeper with a leg cradle to set Phoenix up for the Imperfect Science. Before he can fully apply it, though, Marvin realizes his error, and releases his partner. "The Final Countdown" dies down as Phoenix and Wood shake hands and begin planting boot after boot into McNasty's head and ribs.

Jon McDaniel: Now come on, that's gotta be cheating!

Brian Rentfro: Why must you be such a little girl, Jon? Seriously, if this is how you're going to act, you should just leave now because this match isn't going to get any gentler. Just sit back and enjoy watching the two finest technical wrestlers in the AOWF put on a clinic.

Jon McDaniel: Kicking a guy is technical wrestling?

Brian Rentfro: Technically, yes.

Corlen smashes the little remainder of glass light tube over Stone's head, kicking him to the floor, and then rolls onto the apron, clutching at her knee. Starr saunters over to her, placing a pair of right hands into her broken nose before opting to pull her off of the apron, grating her face-first into the side of the Dome.

Robinson steps out of the ring and produces another light tube from the box Corlen introduced as Matt Stone slides into the ring, trying his best to avoid the attention of any of the other five. Phoenix, however, locks on target. He steps back into the ring and goes to swing the light tube at the current PWA World champion, but Matt ducks underneath it. Rob steps back out of Matt's range in anticipation of a counter-attack, leaving Stone prone open to a running forearm to the side of the head from Marvin.

Wood continues his assault with forearms to the head, bringing Stone to his feet, and throws him up against the ropes, drilling him with forearm after forearm before switching to some knife-edge chops.

Fans: WOOO!!! WOOO!!! WOOO!!! WOOO!!! WOOO!!!

Jon McDaniel: Look at how RED Matt's chest is turning!

Wood fires up a nasty European uppercut to Stone's jaw, nearly sending him over the top rope, but he keeps him in the ring, allowing Phoenix the smash the light tube over his head.

Brian Rentfro: If I could quote Tenacious D, "That's fucking' teamwork!"

Emily slides into the ring, holding onto the ropes to try to pull herself up to her feet, but eats the sole of Marvin's boot instead. Robinson grabs a handful of her hair, pulling her up to her feet, and holds her steady, yelling something to Wood.

Marvin hits the ropes and charges towards Corlen as Phoenix releases his hold on her, catching her with his trademark running STO, the Imperfect Tense. He immediately goes to cover, but Robinson stops him from doing so.

Phoenix: Lets take him out first, that way we KNOW the title's ours!

Brian Rentfro: Jon, did you see what just happened?

Jon McDaniel: What do you mean?

Brian Rentfro: Look at that, great minds think alike.

Jon McDaniel: Allow me to repeat. What do you mean?

Brian Rentfro: Its like I've been saying all night: you do not ignore Matt fuckin' Stone.

Wood shrugs, stands up, and rolls Corlen out of the ring with nonchalant pushing via his foot. Phoenix brings Matt Stone to a knee, peppering some fists into a fresh gash on his forehead, and then holds him ready for Wood.

Marvin hits the ropes, much as he did before, but gets tripped up on the outside by Lucious Starr. Marvin stumbles and regains his footing, though, but the damage is done as Stone now has enough time and wherewithal to send a kick behind him, directly into Phoenix's nether regions. Free, and seeing a temporarily dazed Wood, Matt quickly lunges in, taking down "The Crown Jewel" with a beautiful C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!!

Wood pops right back up, though, and Stone wastes no time, rushing behind him, locking on a rear waistlock, and nailing a beautiful release German suplex into the barbed wire.

Wood struggles to free himself, slicing open the back of his head in the process. Outside, Lucious reaches under the ring by the barbed wire ropes, producing a table, and sets it up perpendicular to the ring and the Dome.

Mark McNasty rolls into the ring as Phoenix crawls towards the ropeless apron, holding his loins all the while. Mark charges up behind Stone, popping him with a picture-perfect diving forearm to the back of his head that sends Matt scurrying out of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: LIGHTS OUT!!

Before he can do anything else but rise back to his feet and wipe his sweat from his eyes, however, Starr slides into the ring and sends McNasty face-first into the turnbuckle pads with a brutal Superkick to the back of the head.

Lucious marches over to Robinson, bringing him up to his feet, and goes to whip him into the barbed wire. Phoenix, however, reverses the whip, sending Starr in, but "The Untamed Fury" skids and slides to a stop, turning around and rising to his feet less than a foot away from the razor-sharp steel barbs. Robinson charges in, looking for a clothesline, but Starr ducks down and catches him, lifting him up...


...but he's too close to the corner...

Brian Rentfro: ...NO...

...which allows Robinson to kick off of the top turnbuckle pad and swing around with a tornado DDT, spiking Starr's cranium to the canvas.


Phoenix, seemingly hearing Rentfro from just outside the Dome, begins to crawl over, but Corlen rolls back into the ring, reaching into her bra as she does so.

Jon McDaniel: What's Emily doing?

Brian Rentfro: Is...she adjusting...?

Phoenix rises to his knees and moves towards Starr, rolling him over, but Emily produces a pair of brass knuckles from the bra of her singlet, quickly sliding them on and popping Robinson in the side of the head.

Brian Rentfro: Ok, now that? That's cheating!

Jon McDaniel: I thought it was impossible to cheat in a Dome of Destruction.

Brian Rentfro: Think, Jon. You get to bring in one weapon. (yelling to the ring)CHEATER!

Outside, Marvin grabs McNasty by his ankle, dragging him to the floor before whipping him face-first into the side of the Dome. Lucious Starr rolls out of the ring as well, crawling away from Wood and McNasty as they begin to trade forearms and fists and chops. In the ring, Corlen takes off the brass knuckles and tosses them over her shoulder, rolling Phoenix onto his back and hooking his leg.



Brian Rentfro: THE BOSS KICKS OUT!!

Starr comes across the 10-foot ladder that Robinson brought to the Dome with him, picking it up and sliding it into the ring. Corlen sees the ladder skid to a stop just inches away from Phoenix's head, wipes blood from her upper lip, and then stands up, bringing Rob up to his feet with her.

Marvin Wood gets the better of the strike exchange with Mark McNasty, laying into him with a flurry of vicious forearm strikes to the jaw. Matt Stone keeps himself standing with the aid of the Dome, slowly moving towards Lucious Starr as he pulls a second table out from underneath the ring.

Corlen locks Phoenix into a standing headscissors and underhooks both of his arms as she steps back so that the ladder is directly beneath her and Robinson, wincing from the pain she obviously feels in her right knee still.

Jon McDaniel: Oh no...not a Faith Breaker onto the could break your kneecap, for Christ's sake!!

Brian Rentfro: Forget about her kneecap, Jon, she could break the boss's face!!

Emily tightens the underhook, but it's all for naught as Phoenix drops to a knee and manages to slide out. He lunges his hand up, raking Corlen's eyes, and then locks her in a front facelock, quickly lifting her up and driving her head-first into the ladder with a picture-perfect Brainbuster.

Wood gloats over McNasty, scraping his boot lightly across his forehead as he just chuckles at him. Unfortunately for him, though, this occupies his attention too much, as Stone comes out of nowhere with a pair of light tubes in his hands, smashing one into either side of Marvin's head.

Brian Rentfro: Dammit, Marvin! Haven't you been listening to me?

Wood falls down, desperately swatting the mercurial gas and the shards of glass away from his face as Stone steps back and collapses against the side of the Dome, smiling through a crimson mask.

Starr sets up his second table at the ropeless side of the ring, this one parallel to the ring itself, and then pulls a pair of chairs out from underneath the ring as well, placing them unfolded on top of the ladder. Phoenix comes to in the ring, rolling out and diving down with a choke on McNasty, obviously not forgetting all of the bad blood between them over the last few years.

Wood pulls himself into the ring, his eyes fixed on Corlen as she, herself, starts to stir. Marvin rushes to his feet, wiping droplets of blood from around his eyes, and dives in with an Oklahoma Roll, wrapping Emily up as Weston dives into the ring to make the count.



Emily kicks out, but Marvin stays on her, hooking her legs and locking her into the textbook example of a Texas Cloverleaf, focusing on her injured right knee he leans back with it, dropping to a knee of his own.

Outside, Phoenix rises to a knee, dropping hammer fist after hammer fist into McNasty's face, but gets dropped when Stone rushes over, driving his boot directly into Robinson's temple.

Brian Rentfro: KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!

Jon McDaniel: Didn't he already do that?

Brian Rentfro: He always does it. It's one of his favorite moves, Jon. And do you know why?

Jon McDaniel: Oh, please, do tell me why...

Stone turns to face Phoenix and McNasty as he backs up, wiping more blood out of his face.

Brian Rentfro: Because it WORKS.

Jon McDaniel: Do you know what doesn't work?

Brian Rentfro: Heh, what?

Starr rushes up from Matt's blind side and shoves him into the Dome, following it up with a barrage of rights and lefts.

Jon McDaniel: Not keeping your eye on your opponents.

In the ring, Corlen reaches the ropes, but Senior Official Lance Weston explains to her that rope breaks don't count in the Dome of Destruction.

Emily reaches up and grabs the second rope as well, forcing Marvin to rise from his knee and plant his feet on the canvas to keep the Texas Cloverleaf applied. Corlen then reaches up with all of her might and grabs the top rope, pulling herself free of Marvin. Wood rolls forward and rises to his feet as, on the outside, McNasty grabs Phoenix by the head and slams him face-first into the side of the Dome...and again...again...and one more time, untying his mask a little bit each time.

Emily pulls herself to her feet, desperately trying to not put weight on her right leg, and, outside, Starr whips Stone across the two chairs he set up on the table, knocking them over. He shakes his head, laughing, and marches over, bringing Matt to his feet before laying him out on the table.

McNasty brings Robinson to his feet and whips him against the apron back-first, stunning him in place with a big right hand before he turns around. Mark climbs up the wall of the Dome a few feet, spying behind him, and then dives off, connecting with a back elbow across Rob's sternum. Mark, however, clips the back of his head on the ring apron, causing him to lie in a heap clutching at it, and Phoenix stumbles forward, gasping for breath. Lucious climbs into the ring and immediately steps onto the apron, climbing up the ropes as he faces Stone lying prone on the table by the ropeless edge of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Here comes Starr...BUT HERE COMES MARVIN!!!

Wood sprints into the corner and nails a big leaping European uppercut to Starr, almost sending him off the top towards McNasty, but catches him by the hair and the waist of his pants before tossing him off towards Matt, sending both men crashing through the table on the outside.

Mark rolls into the ring, rubbing the back of his head, and surprises Marvin with a forearm to the back and a handful of hair, whipping him chest-first into the barbed wire ropes. Wood screams in stinging pain as his flesh is torn into, causing blood to immediately seep from the fresh wounds. Marvin struggles to free himself with as little pain as possible, but Mark prevents it via a huge dropkick to his back, only furthering the depth that the barbs dig into him.

McNasty stands back up, stares directly at Wood, and backs up before charging forward, diving in with a picture-perfect LIGHTS OUT.

Emily, having watched all of this, wastes no time and rolls McNasty up in a tight school boy.



McNasty kicks out with authority and scrambles to his feet, drilling Emily with a forearm to the jaw before scooping her up as if to go for a Fallaway Slam.

Jon McDaniel: Sault Slam...!!!

Before Mark can flip over, though, Corlen shifts her weight and rolls him up into an inside cradle.



Outside, Phoenix reaches under the ring apron, pulling out the hood of a car and a 7-foot ladder. He starts to position the ladder against the Dome and then stops, turns, and stares at the hood of the car, perplexed.

Brian Rentfro: ...where the hell did that come from?

Robinson ignores his inquiries, though, and slides the car hood under the bottom rope and into the ring, rolling in with great stealth as Emily and McNasty trade shots on one another.

Outside, Lucious crawls over to the apron and pulls himself to his knees, prompting Weston to slide out of the ring and check on he and Stone. Starr falls back to the floor, grabs a light tube, and smashes it against the ring apron, quickly jumping to his feet and pressing the sharp glass up against Weston's throat as he turns to face Scott Swindell by the door.

Lucious Starr: OPEN THE DOOR!!

Swindell, bewildered, does not move at all, so Lucious digs the broken light tube into Weston's throat a little deeper, drawing a small trickle of blood.

Lucious Starr: I SAID FUCKING OPEN IT!!!

Scott hesitates a second too long, "forcing" Starr to smash some of the glass over Weston's head and rake it across his forehead, drawing blood from a few thin gashes. Matt Stone, meanwhile, pulls himself out of the table wreckage, desperately trying to get air into his lungs, and pulls himself into the ring. Swindell unlocks the deadbolt on the Dome door, swings it open, and steps back. Lucious tosses the broken light tube aside and hobbles out of the Dome, giving Swindell a quick sneer before making his way up the ramp.

In the ring, McNasty picks Corlen up and slams her back-first to the canvas with a spinebuster, immediately stepping up and hitting the ropes. Phoenix rises to his feet, the car hood in his hands, and Mark rolls forward after bouncing off of the ropes...

Jon McDaniel: He's looking for OUCH...!!!!

Brian Rentfro: AND HE'S GOT IT!!

...but gets sent down in a heap onto the mat via the car hood being slammed into his cranium by Robinson.

Before Phoenix can react, though, Stone rushes up to him and leaps up, looking for a hurricanrana into the barbed wire ropes.

Phoenix, however, proves stronger and still "with it" more than Stone likely wanted him to be, managing to stay on his feet. He hoists Matt back up, runs to the ropes, and sends him flying over the top with a powerbomb ONTO THE LADDER PROPPED AGAINST THE DOME WALL.


The ladder on the outside contorts into something resembling a crescent shape as Stone falls forward, clutching at his back with his eyes clenched shut. Phoenix raises his fists up in victory, laughing, and turns around as Marvin rolls himself back into the ring.

From behind the entrance curtain emerges Lucious Starr, pushing a shopping cart filled with a wooden crutch, a fire extinguisher, a spool of barbed wire, and a pane of glass. Around his neck, though, hangs a staple gun with a piece of rope around it. In the ring, Wood and Phoenix bring Corlen to her feet, pairing off on her after throwing her up against the ropes with forearms, chops, right hands, and kicks to her injured knee.

Lance Weston steps aside as Starr forces his way into the Dome, grabbing the fire extinguisher out of the shopping cart as he does so. Weston exits the Dome as a couple of EMTs rush down the ramp to meet him, hands his Kevlar gloves off to Swindell, and then begins walking up the ramp with the EMTs checking on the gashes on his head and neck.

Starr slides into the ring, pulling the pin on the fire extinguisher, and sprays it into the faces of Wood, Phoenix, and Emily, blinding the three of them. Corlen ducks down and quickly slides out of the ring, crawling away from the cloud of flame retardant chemicals, but Wood and Phoenix blindly swing, looking for Starr.

Lucious ducks under a wild right from Wood and brings the staple gun to his face, unloading staple after staple into his forehead and crown.


He does the same to Phoenix, ensuring that McNasty's efforts to remove his mask are thwarted.

Brian Rentfro: NO! Not his beautiful face!

Outside, Emily reaches under the ring and pulls out a pair of steel chairs, slowly setting them up across from each other before pulling out a second pair of chairs and doing the same with them. McNasty starts to pull himself to his feet with the ropes as Starr puts a few more staples into the heads of Rob N' Wood, dropping the staple gun to walk over to the car hood and place it at an angle in the corner.

Corlen grabs onto the Dome wall, using it as leverage to stand up and pull herself towards Starr's shopping cart. She removes the pane of glass from it and drags it, ever-so-carefully, over towards the quartet of chairs she's set up. Wood rolls out of the ring, desperately trying to pick some of the staples out of his skull, as Starr grabs Robinson by the back of the head, sending him face-first into the car hood. Upon impact, Phoenix desperately rolls out of the ring, clutching at his face as blood soaks through his mask.

Marvin re-enters the ring and gets caught with a boot to the midsection by Lucious, who looks to send him face-first into the car hood much like his comrade. Wood, however, stops short in his tracks with the aid of his hands pushing against the top rope, and turns around. Starr charges in, looking for a clothesline, but Marvin steps forward and nails a brutal Yakuza Kick to Starr's arm, quickly hooking him into a head-and-arm hold with a leg cradle and driving him into the car hood with a brutal sheer-drop Exploder suplex.

Wood rolls Starr onto his back, covering him and hooking a leg as Swindell dives into the ring, making the count.





Outside, Emily reaches the chairs she set up - finally - and places the pane of glass over them, spreading the chairs out just far enough so that the glass mostly has nothing underneath it save for the corners being against their seats. Stone pulls himself to his feet and begins peppering rights and lefts into Phoenix's head, forcing some of the staples in even deeper, and then whips Robinson across the floor, causing him to crash into the Dome wall right behind Corlen.

Wood stands up, readying himself for Starr to rise back to his feet and go for the Imperfect Tense, but Matt rolls into the ring behind him and surprises him with a Stone Cutter.

Emily plants a few STIFF elbows into Robinson's face before slamming his face into the ring apron, placing him onto it, and then climbing it herself in front of him. She doubles him over, underhooks both of his arms, and stares at the pane of glass she lay across the four chairs.

Brian Rentfro: Wha...NO!!! DON'T DO IT!! YOU'LL KILL THE BOSS!!!


Before Emily can try anything, though, Stone nails her with a forearm to the side of the head, causing her to loosen her grip on Robinson's arms. Phoenix takes the opportunity to nail a few uppercuts into her injured right knee, freeing himself, and then plants her face-first to the apron with a DDT.

Brian Rentfro: Give Matt Stone a bonus for practically saving your life, Mr. Robinson.

Matt walks over to Starr, placing his throat against the bottom rope and choking him with the back of his knee. McNasty comes to in the corner, staring at Wood as he lies practically lifeless on the canvas, and then steps out onto the apron, climbing up top.


Mark stands tall, facing Marvin, and flies off with a picture-perfect Shooting Star Press...


...immediately transitioning into a cover.





Jon McDaniel: What the hell is this?!

The lights come back, flickering, and McNasty stands up, turning to the ADC-Tron as his image appears on it, his face hidden behind an outline of a skull and crossbones, a countdown appearing underneath it.




Whatever action may have been occurring in the Dome stops, all eyes looking up at the ADC-Tron.








The clock fades out and in its place a video begins. It shows an old man in a rocking chair with an old gramophone next to him. His callous, boney hand reaches over and places the stylus to the edge of the record rotating on the turntable. Popping noises begin before a voice echoes a solemn chant harboring the beginning of "Requiem for a Dream" by Clint Mansell. The eerie violins begin to build as the voice continues to chant and the chants are met by live voices coming from descending figures through the arena. The fans turn as one as these cloaked figures move slowly down almost every stairway towards the Dome, each one offering their voice to the building crescendo.

The music rises like waves, the figures reach the barriers surrounding the Dome and they begin to climb over as more figures appear from the stage and begin their walk, two by two down to the bottom of the ramp as the music continues to grow. The music hits a sudden stop and the figures end their movements in time and turn in unison to face the top of the stage.

The music resumes, slow now, softly paced for about 13 seconds as the figures sway back and forth and, then as one, chant loud with the rise of the music and, from the center of the stage, a large cloaked figure rises, different from the others, its back turned to us.

The music softens and the violins take center stage of the piece, the chants growing steadily as the figure is turned slowly on a platform. The figures raise their arms, in a sort of salute as flames burst from each side of the cloaked figure. And then as the music reaches its peak...the figure throws the cloak away...


Raizzor, wearing his very first wrestling gear (black pants and a black shirt with three razor slashes going diagonal from left shoulder to right waist), his hair long and black, clouding his facial features, begins to make his descent down to the Dome as the music rides with him, the tempo seemingly carrying his every move like a creature stalking its prey. Coming to the bottom of the ramp, Raizzor steps through the open door of the Dome, his eyes seemingly boring a hole into McNasty.

The lights return to normal as Raizzor pulls himself onto the apron with the top rope in his hand, stepping over it and into the ring as Mark's lip quivers. McNasty shakes the fear away, looking to land a solid right hand, but Raizzor catches him with a hand firmly around his throat, scooping him up onto his shoulder and nailing a Tombstone Shoulder Breaker in the center of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: IT'S RAAAAAAAIIIIZZZZZOOOOORRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raizzor rises to his feet, his eyes focused on the downed McNasty, and he calmly exits the ring and the Dome, the cloaked figures that heralded his entrance slowly piling towards the back with him leading the way in a strict two-by-two formation.

Brian Rentfro: ...what the fu...MATT STONE...!!!

In the ring, Stone brings McNasty to his feet and quickly nails a C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker, covering him with a forearm in his face as a chunk of coagulating blood hangs from the tip of his noise.





EMTs and PWA Security briskly make their way down the ramp, a stretcher's backboard lying across a gurney that they pull with them, entering the Dome.

Eric Emerson: Mark McNasty has been ELIMINATED!!

Brian Rentfro: I keep telling them but they never listen. This is what happens when you take your eyes off Matt fuckin' Stone.

The EMTs slide the backboard into the ring and follow it in as, on the floor, Lucious Starr has dropped out of the ring, pulling another table out from underneath it. In the ring, Stone puts the boots into Marvin Wood's jaw as the EMTs strap McNasty to the backboard, fitting him with the neckbrace as quickly as possible. Starr slides the table into the ring as Stone brings Marvin to his feet, choking him up against the ropes. Lucious, however, produces ANOTHER table from under the ring, sliding it in to meet the other one.

The EMTs and PWA Security pull the backboarded McNasty out of the ring and place him on the gurney, wheeling him out of the Dome and up the ramp to the back. Inside the Dome but outside of the ring, Phoenix grinds Emily's face against the Dome wall as Starr pulls out a THIRD table, also sliding it into the ring. Lucious, this time, follows in after the third table, but gets a pair of stomps to the back of the head via Matt Stone.

Brian Rentfro: Oh man, I hope they don't break that table.

Jon McDaniel: Why?

Brian Rentfro: That's Mr Hardcore's bed. Hasn't the poor man suffered enough?

Phoenix reaches under the ring, pulling out a steel chair, and slides in, immediately running over to Stone and smashing him across the back with the chair, dropping him to his knees.

Robinson drops the chair onto the mat and brings Matt up, locking his head into a reverse standing headscissors, and lifts him up vertically, cradling his leg.

Brian Rentfro: The boss is going for the Flame...!!!

Starr, however, has other plans, as he surprises Phoenix with a Superkick to the back of the head, causing him to break his hold of Matt. Rob turns around, dropping to a knee, and Starr doubles to him over, lifting him up and nailing a sit-out powerbomb onto the chair.




Wood rolls out of the ring as Starr pounds a fist into the canvas, frustrated, but then pushes himself to his feet, setting up one of the tables. Outside, Marvin limps over towards Emily, but Corlen surprises him with a brass knuckles-enhanced right hand to the jaw, sending Marvin sprawling to the floor.

In the ring, Lucious takes one of the three tables and props it up in the corner, resting his head against it for a moment. Unbeknownst to him, though, Corlen slides into the ring, picking up the chair that Robinson brought in with him, and forces herself to her feet. Lucious turns around and gets the chair thrown into his face, sending him falling through the top and middle ropes to the floor.

Matt Stone slides out of the ring, crawling towards the open Dome door, mumbling to himself.

Matt Stone: ...fuckthis...fuck...fu...fuckthis...fuck this...

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe that didn't get bleeped.

Brian Rentfro: Its Christmas, Jon. Remember?

He forces himself to his feet and exits the Dome, holding onto the door before turning back to see the other four remaining participants, and then up to the top of the Dome, out of harm's way. A slight smile sets upon his face as Katrina looks at him, visibly concerned.

Stone attacks the outside of the Dome wall, climbing it with a fury previously unseen in this match as he makes his way to the top. In the ring, Emily Corlen sets up the third of Starr's tables, placing it in the center of the ring next to the first one he slid in. She brings Robinson to his feet and lies him down on them, placing the chair on top of him, and then picks up the 10-foot ladder Phoenix brought to the ring with him, setting it up near the barbed wire ropes.

Marvin Wood comes to on the outside and rolls into the ring, pulling himself to his feet with the aid of the ropes. Emily begins trying to scale the ladder, but her knee gives out on the second step, causing her to almost tumble into the barbed wire ropes. She regains her grip, however, and slowly scales the ladder.

Wood picks up the chair off of his partner, slowly walking over to the other side of the ladder.

Marvin looks at the chair in his hands, and then at Corlen, and then back at the chair before calmly scaling the other side of the ladder. Emily and Wood reach the top at the same time, and Corlen fires off a right hand, but Marvin surprises her with a BRUTAL chairshot to her head, sending her falling off of the ladder and into the barbed wire ropes, taking some of the strands down with her as she tumbles to the floor.


Marvin peers down, looking at Emily's bloody mess of a body, and just smiles, dropping the dented chair to the floor. He slowly climbs back down the ladder and helps Phoenix up off of the tables as, outside the Dome, Stone lies atop the glass surface, enjoying his break from the action. Inside the Dome but out of the ring, though, Starr comes to, picking up the broken ladder that Phoenix sent Stone into earlier and sliding it into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: You know, with moves like that, I think Matt fuckin' Stone has just announced to the world that he's the heir apparent to the Phoenix! What a magnificent cheating bastard.

Jon McDaniel: Are you screwing with me now? You already said there's no such thing as cheating in the Dome of Destruction, then you said it was cheating to bring in additional weapons. But now its also cheating to loaf around out of harm's way?

Brian Rentfro: Yeah. Because there may not be any cheating in the Dome of Destruction, but Matt fuckin' Stone isn't in the Dome, now is he?

Marvin helps Rob to his feet, the former members of the Alliance of Wrestling's Finest making sure that one another is okay, but their peace lasts for only a few seconds as Starr rushes in with the broken ladder, clotheslining both men over the top rope and to the floor.

Jon McDaniel: Did you HEAR how disgusting that ladder sounded when it hit Marvin and Robinson in their faces?!

Brian Rentfro: I'd rather not think about it, to be honest.

Starr drapes the broken ladder in the corner across the top rope and what remains of the top strand of barbed wire before looking up and seeing Stone resting atop the Dome. He shakes his head and stumbles back, catching himself on the top rope.

Lucious Starr: dumb motherfucker...

Starr rolls out of the ring and limps out of the Dome, looking to scale the outside wall himself. Katrina, however, tugs on his leg, trying to stop him, but is met with a wild boot to the face that sends her sprawling over the crowd barrier and into the front row, swarmed by PWA Security.

Lucious slowly scales to the top of the Dome as, inside, Emily comes to on the floor, pulling out chair after chair from underneath the ring and sliding them into it.

Corlen, after the sixth chair or so, slides into the ring, using the ladder to pull herself to her feet. She leans against the table propped in the corner and looks up, focusing on Starr as he slowly climbs to the apex of the Dome of Destruction to meet Matt Stone. She then turns, picks up the table from the corner, and sets it up atop the two parallel tables in the center of the ring, creating a miniature pyramid.

Emily takes two of her chairs and walks over towards the corner near the ropeless edge of the ring, setting them up facing each other, and then does the same with the remaining four, creating a three-by-three arrangement.

On the top of the Dome, Starr drives some fists into the back of Matt's skull, slamming his face into the glass platform. A few cracks start to appear, spider webbing out.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, I don't like the looks of this...

In the Dome, Corlen rolls to the floor, picking up the remaining five light tubes from the case she introduced earlier and limping over towards the rising Marvin Wood and Phoenix. SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! SMASH!! Both men go down, fragments of glass sticking out of their flesh, and Corlen backs up, holding onto the Dome wall to stop from collapsing herself.

Back to the top of the Dome our focus goes as Stone fires off with boots to Starr's face, scraping his sole across his nose. Matt takes a moment to try to start climbing down the Dome back to the floor, but Lucious grabs him by a handful of hair, pulling him back up as he rises to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiii....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: That's the Christmas spirit, Jon!

Starr drags his thumb across his throat as he places Stone's head between his knees, grabs him in a reverse rear waistlock, and then hoists him up, nailing a sit-out powerbomb onto the glass platform...WHICH SHATTERS!!! BOTH MEN COME TUMBLING 15-FEET FROM THE TOP OF THE DOME THROUGH THE THREE STACKED TABLES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!!!


Every single eye across the planet focuses on the center of the ring as neither man moves.


Brian Rentfro: SOMEONE...CALL...9...1...1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott Swindell checks on both men briefly, throwing up an X as EMTs rush back down the ramp, another backboard and another gurney in tow.

Jon McDaniel: This...I don't like the looks of this one bit...

Marvin and Phoenix pull themselves to their feet on the floor, helping each other, and Phoenix rolls himself in. He crawls over the table wreckage, falling on top of Starr almost accidently.





Phoenix quickly rolls off of Starr as PWA Security tries to clear some of the table wreckage from the ring and the EMTs check on both Stone and Starr.

Eric Emerson: Lucious Starr has been ELIMINATED!!

Lucious, like Mark McNasty before him, is fitted onto the backboard with the neckbrace and strapped down, being slid out of the ring and loaded onto the gurney. The EMTs and PWA Security rush him up the ramp as Corlen limps over to Marvin Wood, grabbing him by the head and sliding him into the ring.

Corlen walks over the shopping cart Starr introduced, pulling out the wooden crutch, and rolls into the ring as Robinson rises to his hands and knees. She shatters the crutch over his back, sending splinters everywhere, and then rolls him over, covering him with a lateral press.



Marvin pulls her off of Robinson by the hair, cradling her up for a pinfall of his own.



Corlen kicks out defiantly, but Wood just flips over, hooking both legs.



Again Emily kicks out, but again Marvin twists her up, this time rolling her into a prawn hold.



Corlen retaliates by rolling to the side, forcing Marvin onto his back, and then twisting herself as she flips over into a jacknife pin.



Jon McDaniel: Some surprise chain-wrestling right here...

Wood scoops her arms with his legs, looking for a sunset pin, but Emily manages to grab the staple gun that Lucious brought out.

Brian Rentfro: It's not really a surprise...


Brian Rentfro: ...considering Marvin Wood is an amazing...


Brian Rentfro: ...technical wres...!!


A staple goes directly into the brow of Wood, forcing him to break the pin, and Emily tosses it to the floor, pulling herself up and limping over as Marvin desperately pulls the staple out of his flesh.

Jon McDaniel: Was THAT a surprise?

Brian Rentfro: ...a little bit, yes.

As Corlen goes to lift Marvin to his feet, Phoenix rushes up behind her, grabbing her by the back of the head, tosses her through the ropes to the floor. He checks on Wood, helping him remove the staples from his head, and then turns to find Stone struggling to get to his hands and knees, blithering incoherently.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Matt Stone has been reduced to a baby due to all of the trauma he's taken tonight!

Phoenix looks over at the 10-foot ladder and then at the table on the outside beyond the barbed wire before his gaze turns to Stone, a sick smile forming on his face.

Brian Rentfro: Yes! Do it, boss! End it all!

Robinson tears off his elbow pad and stomps Matt in the back of the head before rolling him onto his back. Phoenix begins scaling the ladder on the side nearest where the broken ladder has been straddled across the top rope and top strand of barbed wire, stopping for a moment to catch his breath and adjust his mask.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, c'mon! The mask isn't going anywhere! Starr stapled it pretty tight to your head, Robinson!

From out of nowhere, however, the spool of barbed wire that was in Starr's shopping cart is hurled over the top rope by Emily Corlen and into Robinson's back, slicing open a few gashes across his spine. Phoenix clutches at his lower back, letting a yelp of pan escape clenched teeth, and Marvin Wood hits the ropes, diving through the middle and top with an elbow suicida to Corlen's face, sending both of them into the Dome wall.

Brian Rentfro: BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jon McDaniel: Emily Corlen?

Brian Rentfro: No, what Marvin did to her face! Anything would be an improvement, Jon.

Stone rolls to his feet, barely able to stand, and begins slowly scaling the other side of the 10-foot ladder as, on the floor, Wood lays into Emily with forearm after forearm, stopping only to fish hook her cheek as he rolls her into a Camel Clutch. The defending PWA World champion forces himself up the ladder, delivering a pair of right hands into Robinson's face before slamming his forehead against the top of the ladder itself, dazing him.

Jon McDaniel: If those staples were going to come undone before, they're definitely not going to now.

Brian Rentfro: What's he...

Stone climbs all the way to the top of the ladder and dives over Robinson, hooking his waist before flipping over and slamming back into the broken ladder with a sunset powerbomb.


Robinson collapses, holding his back, and Stone drops face-first to the canvas, exhausted. Outside, Marvin breaks the fish hook Camel Clutch to drop an elbow into Corlen's injured knee, torquing it into a standing kneebar.


Matt rolls over on top of Robinson, drawing Wood's attention from the outside.





Brian Rentfro: Close call, there...

Stone rolls off of Phoenix as Wood slides into the ring, immediately putting the boots to the PWA World champion. Marvin tries to bring Stone to his feet, but Matt is like a ragdoll and just collapses back on the canvas. Wood shakes his head, letting out a slight laugh, and rolls him over, placing a foot upon his chest as Swindell slides back into the ring.





Matt rolls onto his stomach, trying to get away from Marvin, but Wood doesn't let up, bringing Stone up to his feet and dazing him with a forearm to the jaw.

Brian Rentfro: It's about to be all over for the Rolling Stone, folks...

Suddenly, Emily Corlen bounds into the ring, clubbing Marvin in the back of the head with a double axehandle.

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe she's still in this!

She nails a pair of forearms to his jaw and drags him over to the corner near the six chairs she set up, lifting him up and seating him on the top turnbuckle. Before she can do anything else, though, Wood nails her with a back elbow to the jaw before locking her in a front facelock.


Corlen refuses to let him even attempt to swing her, though, and nails a straight right into his family jewels, stunning him and almost causing his eyes to bug out of his head.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, that's just not nice at all!

Corlen shifts Marvin over to his left so that he's more or less standing on the middle rope, stepping up onto two of the chairs directly behind her, and tucks his head between her thighs, underhooking both arms.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my GOOOOOOO...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corlen leaps back, bringing Marvin with her, and sends him face-first through the pile of chairs.


Corlen screams in absolute agony, clutching at her knee, and then rolls Wood over, putting all of her weight on his shoulders.





EMTs - AGAIN - run down the ramp (gurney, backboard, neckbrace, yadda yadda), entering the Dome. This time, naturally, they rush over to Marvin Wood, sliding him onto the backboard and fitting him with a neckbrace.

Eric Emerson: Marvin Wood has been ELIMINATED!!

Jon McDaniel: We're down to three people now, folks...the President of the PWA, the TGW World champion, and the defending PWA World champion, and both of those with titles actually started this match out!

Brian Rentfro: Let it never be said after tonight that Emily Corlen and Matt Stone aren't tough as nails, Jon, but I've still got my money on the boss.

Jon McDaniel: Is he giving you a bigger Christmas bonus than usual for blowing so much smoke up his ass tonight?

Brian Rentfro: comment...

Wood is pulled out of the ring and placed on the gurney, being wheeled out of the Dome as Phoenix pulls himself up to his feet against the ropes, the realization of his being completely alone in the match settling in.

Brian Rentfro: I don't like the looks of this one bit...

Emily clutches her knee, screaming in pain, and throws a few of the destroyed chairs away from her as Matt Stone slides to the floor, crawling under the ring to catch a breather. Phoenix stares over at Corlen as she tries to get to her feet and charges in from behind, clipping her injured knee and sending her to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: You've got to be fooling yourself if you think that Emily Corlen won't need extensive surgery after the match. She's probably got a torn ACL or something!!

Brian Rentfro: She may even have a shattered kneecap after how she eliminated Wood, in all honesty, but that doesn't mean the boss shouldn't target it.

Phoenix quickly locks Corlen into a Figure Four, focusing on hyper-extending her injured knee even more than it already has been. For added emphasis, Robinson drops a few hammer fists into it, wrenching the hold on even tighter as he does so.

Jon McDaniel: For the love of God, Emily, just tap! Nobody's going to think less of you for it!

Brian Rentfro: Lisa Seldon probably will.

Jon McDaniel: Lisa Seldon doesn't think highly of anybody!

Brian Rentfro: She thinks pretty highly of Adam Gray.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, shut up!

Emily writhes in pain, desperately trying to reverse the hold, but Phoenix refuses to relent. Swindell gets in Corlen's face, asking her if she wants to tap, but she refuses time and time again. Outside, Stone pulls himself up to his feet with the aid of the apron, lifting up a burlap sack as he does so.

Jon McDaniel: Oh god, what the hell does he have...

Phoenix sits up straight, talking trash to Corlen as he works her knee over, but Emily takes the opportunity to grab a nearby chair and smash it over his head, forcing him to break the Figure Four.

Jon McDaniel: Now THAT is resourceful!

Emily pulls herself away with her hands, tears welling in her eyes as she lets out a few minor yelps. Stone rolls into the ring, unties the burlap sack, and empties its contents.


Jon McDaniel: You didn't count them, you liar.


Jon McDaniel: That's more like it.

Matt backs up into the ropes, nodding as the last of the thumbtacks in the sack empty out, and then tosses it out of the ring. He spreads them out with his boot, nodding, and stares at Corlen, measuring her.

Brian Rentfro: Here it comes...!!!

Emily rises up to her good knee and eats a running boot to the face by Stone.


Corlen doesn't fall, though, and Stone picks her up into a fireman's carry, stumbling over towards the thumbtacks.

Jon McDaniel: He may be going for a Death Valley Driver!

Before Stone can do anything, though, Corlen fires off a series of elbows to his jaw, forcing him to release her. She quickly grabs him by the side and lifts him off of the mat, spinning around before slamming him back-first into the thumbtacks.


Brian Rentfro: I knew that was gonna happen. Law of the universe #67648: He who introduces the tacks falls into the tacks. Don't fuck with the laws of the universe, Jon.

Corlen leans onto Stone, hooking a leg, and Swindell clears a spot on the mat for the count.






Brian Rentfro: Law of the Universe #249.

Jon McDaniel: Anything can happen in the PWA?

Brian Rentfro: Nope. "Never take your eyes off Matt fuckin' Stone!"

Emily backs away, staring in shocked disbelief, and pulls herself to her feet with the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: He's on the top of the PWA food chain for a reason, bitch!

Corlen backs up and grabs one of the broken chairs, using it as a cane to walk towards Stone, and then readies to swing it as Matt starts to stir.

Brian Rentfro: And here comes the boss!!

Matt pulls himself to his feet with the aid of the 10-foot ladder and Emily goes to swing the chair, but Phoenix grabs it and drops it. Emily turns and swings with a right hook, but Robinson ducks underneath it, hooks her in a half nelson, and lifts her into the air before dropping to a knee, smashing the back of her neck against it.

Brian Rentfro: YES!!! THE PINK SLIP!!! THE PINK SLIP!!!

Robinson, ever the crafty veteran, wastes no time covering her, driving his forearm into her face and hooking both of her legs as Swindell drops down for the count.





Phoenix rolls off of Corlen as EMTs - AGAIN - run down to the ring, this time without a stretcher.

Eric Emerson: Emily Corlen has been ELIMINATED!!!

Brian Rentfro: GOOD!! Calling yourself "The Emerald Phoenix" makes that entirely justified! There's only ONE Phoenix in the entire AOWF, and his name is Rob Robinson!! And that's TWO eliminations for the boss man tonight!

Jon McDaniel: But one was after Starr ended up dropping himself through the top of the Dome.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, but Robinson is the one that put Starr in the match, so its like he did the work himself.

Corlen rolls out of the ring, clutching at her knee, and the EMTs catch her, helping her standing with one EMT on either side.

Jon McDaniel: I really hope that she goes to the hospital and gets that knee checked out right away.

Brian Rentfro: Do you hope that Mark McNasty, Lucious Starr, and Marvin Wood also go to the hospital immediately?

Jon McDaniel: Of course I do!

Brian Rentfro: Then why didn't you say so when they got hauled off on STRETCHERS? You're a dick, Jon McDaniel. Thirteen years and I finally said it.

Jon McDaniel: I won't lie, that stings a bit, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: I'm... I'm sorry, Jon. Its just with only Rob and Matt fuckin' Stone left in the match, my loyalties are torn and I'm all mixed up inside. Hold me?

Jon McDaniel: What?!? No!

Brian Rentfro: You're a dick, Jon McDaniel.

The EMTs help Corlen limp out of the Dome and up the ramp as the attention focuses on Matt Stone sliding out of the ring, picking thumbtacks out of his arm as Phoenix staggers to the car hood, picking it up and tossing it out of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Robinson's on the prowl...

Robinson rolls out to the floor and creeps over to Stone, smashing him face-first into the Dome wall before laying in a few right hands. Stone, however, surprises him by retaliating with rights of his own, rocking the President with a big one before whipping him into the corner post.

Jon McDaniel: Of everything we've seen used here tonight, I'm amazed it took this long for the corner post to actually come into play.

Stone drops to his knees, wiping sweat and dried blood from his eyes, and then forces himself to his feet, limping towards Robinson as he pulls himself to his feet by the ring apron.

Jon McDaniel: Boot to the midsection by the World champion...

Brian Rentfro: Be careful, Matt...the man signs your paychecks!

Matt grabs Phoenix by the back of the head and walks him over towards the table set up on the floor. He goes to slam Rob's head into it but the President has other plans, blocking the attack by planting his hands firmly on the table and then firing a backhand to Matt's ribs. Stone tries to back away, sensing the inherent danger, but Phoenix goes with the flow, slamming Stone face-first into the barbed wire ropes and grating them against his head.

Brian Rentfro: Now THIS is what is referred to as being a hands-on employer!

Jon McDaniel: What do you smell right now?

Brian Rentfro: Championship gold coming back to the man who has kept me gainfully employed the last few years, why?

Jon McDaniel: Oh, I'm just curious what Robinson had for dinner last night, is all.

Brian Rentfro: Steak and Vanilla Coke Zero with Rocky Road ice cream for dessert. That's what he eats every night. Didn't you read his autobiography?

Stone grits his teeth, refusing to scream, and Phoenix rips him away from the wire, a fresh hole spitting crimson nectar along Matt's face. Robinson walks around the table and picks up the car hood, marching over to Stone and drilling it into his face.

Brian Rentfro: Matt Stone got run over by a Phoenix...

Jon McDaniel: Give me a break...

Phoenix looks at the blood smeared on the car hood, as well as the dents from the various damage done to it throughout the course of the match, and lets out a chuckle, tossing it away. He looks up at the standing 10-foot ladder in the ring and then to the table, holding up a fist as he taps his pad-less elbow.

Jon McDaniel: If Robinson pulls this off, the belt will be his!

Brian Rentfro: What do you mean "IF"?! You better hope he doesn't watch the replay of this. If he does, you're so fired!

Phoenix brings Stone to his feet and lays him out on the table, drilling a few fists into his face to keep him there before picking the car hood back up and smashing it over him, letting it drop back to the floor.

Jon McDaniel: Back in the ring he goes...

Robinson begins scaling the ladder with confidence, stopping only to take a quick breather. He searches the ring for Scott Swindell, finding him, and then points at him.


Swindell begrudgingly nods, rushing over to hold the ladder steady as Phoenix reaches the top step. He points up to the sky as the fans' anticipation grows and grows, and then leaps off...


Swindell bails out of the ring and rushes over to the broken table remnants, finding Robinson lying a few feet away from Matt Stone, barely conscious himself.

Jon McDaniel: Both men are down and OUT!!

Moments pass like hours as the fans manage to, somehow, drum up support for both men.

Fans: PHOENIX!! **clap, clap** PHOENIX!! **clap, clap**


Finally, Robinson throws a piece of table off of him, pushing himself backwards and lying across Stone.


Brian Rentro: YES!! YES!!!


Jon McDaniel: It's all over!!!


Brian Rentfro: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!



Stone keeps his arm and shoulder raised off of the floor as Robinson sits up, burying his face in his hands, and rolls to his side up against the Dome wall.

Brian Rentfro: ...I...I don't fucking believe it...

Jon McDaniel: What is it going to take to keep him down?!

Robinson pulls himself to his feet, wiping sweat and blood (and tears?) from his eyes, and looks over to the other side of the ring...his face losing all expression.

Jon McDaniel: What...what does he...oh no...

Brian Rentfro: Oh YES, Jonny!!

Phoenix grabs Stone by the hair and brings him to his feet, rolling him into the ring under the barbed wire before following him in himself.

Jon McDaniel: Don't do it, Rob! Don't do it!

Brian Rentfro: DO IT, BOSS!!

Robinson gets to his feet and gives Matt a stomp to the back as the defending World champion tries to rise to his hands and knees, grabbing him by the back of the head and dragging him through the bottom and middle ropes onto the apron as he steps through the top and middle ropes onto the apron himself. Phoenix nods, placing Matt's head between his thighs, and then points to the pane of glass resting between four chairs that Corlen set up earlier.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, this is sick...I can't...I don't even think I can look...

Rob takes in a deep breath, nodding his head, and lets it out slowly as he wraps his hands around Stone's waist, lifting him up vertically.


Stone kicks his legs, however, and has enough strength to lift his body up, hook his legs around Robinson's head, and then flip backwards with a hurricanrana.

Brian Rentfro: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!


Glass shatters everywhere as Stone lands on his feet, his hands firmly grasping the bottom rope. Phoenix's body lies lifeless in the broken glass and bent chairs, blood pooling from fresh wounds all over his body. Scott Swindell rushes over to him, checking his neck and wrists, holding up one closed fist after doing so.



Matt smiles, his white teeth completely offset by the deep red of the blood still pouring down his face, and turns, carefully covering Robinson with both fists placed on his chest.





Stone rears back, jumping to his feet, and leans against the ring apron, his face showing complete and utter amazement.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell is it going to take to keep either of these men down?!

Stone's eyes glaze over briefly before he begins to resemble a man suffering demonic possession, forcing himself to roll back into the ring and grab the spool of barbed wire from the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: Wha...?!

Stone slides back out of the ring, pulling yard after yard of the barbed wire off of the spool, and then drops it on the floor, grabbing Scott Swindell by his collar.

Matt Stone: Wire cutters...NOW!!

Scott Swindell: I...I can't...

Stone shoves Swindell up against the Dome and reaches down, picking up a large chunk of glass from the floor before holding it against Swindell's throat.

Matt Stone: NOW!!!

Scott Swindell: O-o-okay!!!

Swindell pulls off one of his Kevlar gloves and reaches into his pocket, producing the wire cutters and handing them to Stone. Matt snatches them from his hand and snips the yards of barbed wire off of the spool, marching over to Robinson as he starts to sit up.

Jon McDaniel: Don't do it, Matt! Don't do it!


Stone completely ignores the pleas of McDaniel and Rentfro, as if he could even hear them, and goes to wrap the wire around Robinson's throat, but Phoenix ducks down and uppercuts Stone low, forcing him to drop it on the floor.

Brian Rentfro: YES!!!

Robinson picks the wire up and wraps it around Stone's head, sliding it in between his mouth and digging into his cheeks, and then trips him up, pulling back on the wire in a pseudo-Camel Clutch. Stone immediately starts tapping and Swindell calls for the bell.


Robinson releases the Barbed Wire Camel Clutch and backs up, leaning against the apron as Scott Swindell briefly raises his hand in victory, cuing up "The Final Countdown" before Swindell checks on Matt and calls for the EMTs.

Brian Rentfro: Let THIS be a message to ANYBODY who tries to screw with the boss!!!

Jon McDaniel: This man never ceases to amaze me with the depths of depravity he has no issue stooping to in order to get what he wants.

Brian Rentfro: Now you get it, Jon!

Fantastic Andy Strickland runs out from the back and over to the timekeeper's table, grabbing the PWA World Heavyweight title and running into the Dome, passing the EMTs in the process. He slaps the World title over Robinson's shoulder, holding his hand up in victory.

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match...and NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Pioneer Wrestling Association World Heavyweight champion...PHOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX!!!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Can you really be called "the winner" if you're getting wheeled out of the arena and your opponent will walk out under his own power?

Brian Rentfro: How dare you try to tarnish this for me, Jon.

EMTs rush to carefully remove the wire from Stone's face and neck as Phoenix and Andy Strickland make their way out of the Dome. At the bottom of the ramp, Phoenix turns to look at Stone as Katrina now runs to his aid, holding the PWA World Heavyweight championship high over his head as he does so.