World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



Two men stand in the shadows created by a semi-truck and the concrete wall, whispering just loud enough to be heard on a cell phone.

"I hate your black ass, but this is bigger than us, this is about Rebel Pro."

The voice is heard on the cell phone.

"Fuck yeah!"

We can't see them, but you can tell that the two men in the shadows bump fists and nod their agreement.

"Oh yeah, we gonna win tomorrow... you sumbitch."

Its Bubba J, he's the only one with that type of accent that says sumbitch instead of son of a bitch; so the other must be his tag team partner and Extreme Elite member Vincent Black.

Bubba J: Ready sunshine?

From deep inside the shadows, we hear Vincent speak.

Black: Lets go get them titles back.

The two men step from the shadows, dressed in janitor clothing with caps pulled low over their faces and Bubba J is wearing a wig to cover his bald head, but its only a fring as though he's going bald. Vincent limps heavily with a look of barely above retardation while Bubba J shuffles along like he's seventy years old or more. They walk into the arena.

A Very Important Announcement

"The Final Countdown" starts and the owner and president of the PWA, Rob Robinson comes out and heads right to the ring.

President Robinson: This week, I had a revelation. I can't believe I'd forgotten this, but I've recently remembered to enjoy one of the most joyous things on this Earth. And by that I can only be talking about proving Matthew Engel wrong.

President Robinson: You may have heard some things that Matt Engel said last week in the build up to his match against Mark McNasty. The first thing he said was that he could come and ask me to put him in the main event for Genesis and I'd have no choice but to consent. The point was that he's so important that he gets to set the terms. So guess what, Matt? Its official, you will be getting a shot at the World title in the main event at Genesis. Congrats.

President Robinson: But here's the thing. I'm giving you something huge. I'm giving you a shot to join the "Five Timers" club. I'm giving you chance to further increase your all time title reign record. I'm giving you the honor of being in the main event at Genesis, and as a guy that's done that before, let me tell you, it doesn't get bigger than that. And most of all, I'm giving you the chance to stand tall and proud at the end of Genesis as the biggest star in my company.

President Robinson: But you know what I'm not giving you? The chance to set the terms. Here they are. This is it for you, Virus. No title shots for you until Genesis and no more afterwards. You fail at Genesis? You're through, kaput.

President Robinson: Then there was that other thing he said. Something about how Mark McNasty won't even sniff a World title match again. Normally that'd be a true statement. But since I'm on a roll of proving him wrong, tonight's match between Lucy Starr and Mark McNasty will be to determine who will face Matt Stone at Xmas @ Ground Zero.

Dallas Hoover vs Cody Bogard

Singles Match

The match is a close, back and forth affair with the newcomer Hoover giving the former Grizzly Beer champion a run for his money. Hoover is looking to extend his win streak in the PWA while Bogard is looking to get things back on track after losing his title last week. In the end, experience is the key to victory as Bogard is able to adapt his usual array of moves to a much larger than normal opponent and get the win.

Winner: Cody Bogard

Where They At?

A seventy year old man walks along with a larger man, who appears to be lacking several brain cells; the larger man pushing a mop bucket that sloshes water over the sides at regular intervals while the elderly man pushes a broom back and forth. The elderly man makes a movement with his shoulder, beconing the larger man to bend down.

Elderly Custodian: Any ideas?

The larger man shakes his head from side to side, not a clue where whatever they are looking for is located.

Larger Custodian: I'd put them in a place that no one would think of.

Elderly Custodian: Ya think?

Larger Custodian: Yeah, I do think. They have to know that someone is going to come and get them, so hide them.

Elderly Custodian: Very true, very true.

They begin to walk again, the larger custodian spilling liberal amounts of water on the floor in front of a door marked "Lucious Starr". However, the elderly custodian can't help but bring out a permanent marker with a strip of ducttape and write "Lucy Starr is a deusch" and place it over the nameplate. The larger custodian shakes his head.

Elderly Custodian: Never claimed to be all intelligent like, just lets go and find that Danielson kid's quarters as well.

They don't have to go far before they come to a door marked "Joshua Danielson", to which the larger custodian replaces with a piece of ducttape and removes the marker from the elderly custodian. "Joshua Danielson" is replaced with "Jennifer Danielle's Son" The lederly custodian looks up.

Elderly Custodian: Thought it wasn't smart?

Larger Custodian: Never said it wasn't fun though.

The two continue walking on, sliding into a room from which they will have an vantage point of both locker rooms. After several moments of waiting they check their wristwatches and step out, the larger custodian swabbing a mop back and forth. Lucious Starr comes out, slipping on the water and nearly falling, but the elderly custodian manages to keep him from doing so.

Lucious Starr: Thanks man, think you and your retarded friend can clean this shit up?

He says it with an arrogant attitude, but just as Joshua steps out, he slips and falls on the floor. Lucious Starr points to the spot.

Lucious Starr: Get over there and clean that shit up too, seriously what have you two been doing? Spreading the water?

The two men shake their head and continue on.

Lucious Starr: Clean out my trashcan too while you're at it old man!

The elderly man walks into the room, the larger one on his heels playing the slow witted custodian to perfection because he is a great actor. They begin cleaning up slowly, but they are really looking for something. Joshua Danielson opens the door.

Joshua Danielson: Yeah, you need to clean out my shower and bathroom as well, smells like shit in there.

The two men nod in confirmation as Danielson walks out shutting the door. The elderly custodian opens up Starr's gym bag, promptly removing his own pants and leaving a huge brown juicy turd right on its contents; the larger man laughs hysterically, but quietly before holding his nose.

Elderly Custodian: Damn burritos and jalapeno cheese sauce.

He zips up, the two promptly destroy the rest of the locker room before spray painting "Rebel Pro... Fuck Yeah!" on the wall and then closing the door.

Large Custodian: Danielson's room?

The elderly custodian nods as the two head over there and do pretty much the same thing to his. The only exception is that the large custodian relieves his bladder into Danielson's gym bag instead of taking a crap in it, but they still spray paint "Rebel Pro... Fuck Yeah!" on the wall.

Listen to the Crown Jewel!

The first few chords of Edward Elgar’s ‘Pomp & Circumstance March No. 1’ play over the PA system. After a few short moments, the current EWO World Heavyweight Champion Marvin Wood walks out onto the stage, with the EWO World Title tied around his waist and the EWO Commonwealth Championship draped over his left shoulder. He holds a microphone with his right hand. As it becomes clear the ‘The Crown Jewel’ does not intend to get into the ring, opting to remain on the stage, his music dies out to reveal the usual brand of ovation which he receives: raucous booing. He soon begins to speak.

Marvin Wood: Gentlemen...

Another eruption of booing for the sound of his voice.

Marvin Wood: Whilst it is mildly interesting to hear the cases of Mark McNasty and Lucious Starr, regarding why they should be awarded a shot at the PWA World Heavyweight Title, I am afraid that the hole in their respective logic is too agape to be overlooked.

He pauses.

Marvin Wood: The fact is that - Mark; Lucious - the tendency of both of you to lose matches means that whomever of you two may be the challenger on X-Mas at Ground Zero, it is most likely that you will be entering said match on a losing streak. This will mean that far less people will be interested in seeing the main event of the ‘X-Mas at Ground Zero’ pay-per-view as they were in seeing the main events of the previous two PWA pay-per-views. This will in turn mean, especially during the Christmas season when disposible income is being squeezed the tightest, a far lower buyrate and poor business for the PWA. Therefore, being as I am always interested to help out my good friend Rob Robinson whenever and wherever I can, I propose that the ‘X-Mas at Ground Zero’ pay-per-view feature the return match of...

‘The Purist’ extends three of his right hand’s fingers, in a cup shape, as if to present something.

Marvin Wood: Matt Stone...versus...

He dips his head, to deliver the next point with emphasis.

Marvin Wood: Marvin Wood.

Many in the crowd do not like this, presumably as a result of the Marvin Wood element. Some catcall things which suggest conspiracy and privelege.

Marvin Wood: Now, in addition to the world-class main event which this match will provide, there will also be a one-of-a-kind element: something which has not previously occured in the Pioneer Wrestling Association. And, that is...

He gestures towards his EWO World Title belt.

Marvin Wood: ...this. For the first time in history, the PWA World Heavyweight Champion will go one-on-one with the EWO World Heavyweight Champion - and, who knows? Perhaps, even the Victory Wrestling World Champion. Officially, that has never happened, before. Of course, I won’t be able to put this title on the line.

More boos.

Marvin Wood: The EWO World Title can only be defended in its home promotion. But, I’m sure that Matt Stone will nevertheless relish the opportunity to theoretically have the notch on his belt of having defeated a different promotion’s World Champion. And, of course, for Rob Robinson, this is a win-win situation. If Stone were to win, his champion would seem to be superior to the EWO’s champion. If - or, more accurately, when - I win, Rob Robinson will have the best wrestler in the world as his World Champion.

‘The Nomadic Sage’ nods in approval of his own idea.

Marvin Wood: Thank you for your time, ladies and gentlemen.

‘The Engine of Greatness’ exits, thusly.

NAP vs Sisters of Destruction

Tag Team Match

Monkey McDee comes out and introduces his new tag team partner, Scottie "The Panzer" Snow. The Sisters of Destruction are less than impressed. McDee tries hard, but the Corlen girls are, well, sisters and this is the first time that McDee and Snow have ever teamed up. Despite doing the lion's share of the work, McDee can't actually wrestle for Scottie, which turns out to be a not good thing. Snow tries, but he's got a bit of the ring rustand the Sisters of Destruction use their team work advantage to both pin Scottie as well as cut off the ring for McDee, leaving him unable to make the save.

Winners: Sisters of Destruction

Twice Everything You Have

Jon McDaniel: Fans, we are getting told there is a disturbance backstage.

Brian Rentfro: Probably the Masked Lard out of food again.

The camera cuts backstage to find Jethro and The Phoenix face to face across Phoenix's desk, Jethro screaming at the PWA Owner.

Jethro: "Another week without a match Robinson!"

Phoenix: "What are you talking about you inbred hillbilly?!"

Jethro places the flyer for the show into Phoenix's face, shoving it so close that he is forced back so that he can see it clearly. Phoenix rips the paper from Jethro, holding it out so that he can see it clearly; he shrugs.

Phoenix: "It appears that you do have the week off, don't blame me... I'm not the booker."

He says that last with a smug satisfied sound; Jethro scowls.

Jethro: "But you are the damn owner of the PWA, you get the final say so!"

Phoenix nods his agreement.

Phoenix: "True, but this week was abnormally busy with getting lawyers prepared for the supposed lawsuit some idiot plans to file."

He blatently pokes Jethro in the chest repeatedly as he states this; Jethro pulls back, pissed.

Jethro: "Robinson, you have but one more week to book me. I've tried to be nice about it. I've tried to be the good guy. I've tried to do the right thing without carrying this to the courts."

Phoenix busts in.

Phoenix: "In all of that trying, did you ever try cologne or a bath?"

Jethro is getting more and more furious at this point.

Phoenix: "Go ahead, challenge me to the match like most employees would. But Mr. Southern Zero, let me remind you that I am twice the talent that you are. I have twice the brains that you do. I have twice the technical moves to beat you with. And pretty much anything good... I've got double of what you have... except for PWA World Title wins, in which I have five and you..."

He is going to force Jethro to say it.

Jethro(growling): "I have two."

Phoenix: "So, I suggest that you get out of here on your two legs, get in your vehicle, drive out of my parking lot, and pretty much, in general, get out of my damn face."

Jethro smirks.

Phoenix: "And don't bother coming back until you are booked, there will be places in measure to keep you from doing so next week."

Jethro goes to walk out of the office, but Phoenix just watches him until he exits. Jethro takes one step out of the office when Phoenix calls him back.

Phoenix: "And Jethro..."

Jethro turns to fill the office door.

Phoenix: "I don't like you, never have and never will, so I'm going to make this as hellacious on you as I possibly can... enjoy your time off and take a damn bath because you stink to high heaven."

Jethro's face is utterly furious as the scene fades back to ringside.

Small Request

The scene shifts backstage once again to President Robinson's office. As he shuffles through a handful of papers on his desk, the door to his office opens and he rolls his eyes as Emily Corlen walks inside the room, flanked with the rest of Bound by Blood. Emily hops onto Rob's desk, crossing her legs and turning slightly to make eye contact with the PWA President as the rest of the girls pick their own spots throughout the office. Robinson looks at Emily, then the rest of the girls, before rolling his eyes.

The Phoenix: Let me guess... you have an issue with McNasty vs. Starr being for the Number One Contendership.

Emily tilts her head, flipping her hair before chuckling rather sarcastically.

Emily Corlen: Oh, Robert. I learned a long time ago not to expect you to make the right decision, or even the acceptable one. PWA is your personal sandbox, right? Whatever you want to see is law. Careers be damned!

Robinson half shrugs, looking back at the papers on his desk.

The Phoenix: ...right, then. You know my name isn't "Robert", right? So, I trust you can see yourself out?

Emily shakes her head.

Emily Corlen: Not so fast. Just because you can't be trusted to ever make the decision that's best for PWA, that doesn't mean that you're just going to be allowed to continue to make egregious errors forever. See, my girls and I? We're on a mission from God to rid the wrestling world of people like you. People who don't know a good thing when they see it.

Robinson stands up, glaring at Corlen.

The Phoenix: Is that a threat?

Emily lifts her arm, running her hand gently across Robinson's chin.

Emily Corlen: No, sweetie... that's a promise.

Emily's mouth twists into a coy smile before she rolls off the desk and leans in close to Robinson, their noses nearly touching.

Emily Corlen: You know I can beat Matt. I've done it before. I'll do it again. Danny Monroe isn't even HERE tonight after I had my way with him at London's Burning. That can be you, Rob...

Emily leans back and stands up straight, adjusting Robinson's shirt collar for him.

Emily Corlen: ...or you can spare yourself the most painful beatdown of your life by doing the right thing and naming ME the Number One Contender to Matt Stone's World Heavyweight Championship at X-mas at Ground Zero. Screw Mark McNasty and screw Lucious Starr. I'M the future of this company, NOT them. You've got until the end of the night to change your mind and give me the shot that I've earned, Robert.

Robinson folds his arms, glaring. It's clear he isn't going to be intimidated.

The Phoenix: And if I don't?

The rest of Bound by Blood falls in line, lining up beside Emily.

Emily Corlen: Simple. We'll put someone in power who will.

Emily winks at Robinson.

Emily Corlen: Come on, girls. Let's leave President Robinson alone with his thoughts.

A sly smirk from the Emerald Phoenix, followed by the exit of Bound by Blood from Robinson's office. As the door slams shut, Robinson slumps back in his chair, quickly removing the cap from the nearest bottle of Yoo-Hoo before downing its remains in a single gulp. He tosses the empty bottle aside and lets loose a frustrated sigh as the camera cuts back to ringside.

Matt Stone vs Riona Langly

Non-Title Match

We come in from Robinson’s office to Matt Stone standing in the ring surrounded by Chilltown, Anthony Torres, Katrina and Elizabeth Davis. Stone has a microphone in his hand.

Brian Rentfro: “Looks like the new World Champion has something to say”

Jon McDaniel: “This should be good”

Matt Stone: “Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you that were living under a rock the past week, or were just too cheap to order London’s Burning, I want to inform all of you that not only am I the longest reigning Intercontinental champion in PWA history, but I am also the new PWA World Champion! You all doubted me, you all said that I couldn’t do it. Well now you’re all in my moment, my world now and things are going to go my way. I don’t care who I have to defend this title against at Ground Zero, I will be victorious much like I will be tonight against my opponent, Riona Langly. Riona came back to the PWA and thought she would pick up right where she left off, but things have changed since the last tome Riona was here at the top of the year. For starters, she has to come to the terms with the fact that I am better than she is, and in fact, I’m better than that entire roster. From Matthew Engel to Jethro Hayes to Marvin Wood to Rob Robinson himself, I have the title, I have the power and I have all the talent in the entire – “

Stone was cut off by Riona’s music blaring throughout the arena and Riona made her way out to the ring. Chilltown quickly got out of the ring with Matt’s titles around the fit waists of Katrina and Elizabeth as Riona got into the ring, staring Stone down the whole way.

Ding Ding!

Stone and Riona begin to circle each other and start to lock up when the crowd gets louder.

Brian Rentfro: “Here comes Emily Corlen!”

Jon McDaniel: “…and the rest of her crusade as well!”

Bound by Blood hit the ring and Stone and Riona braced themselves for the encounter. Emily is first in the ring, followed by Katie and Jen, and finally Sarah. Emily went straight for Stone who promptly dropped to the mat and rolled out of the ring while Riona started fighting off Katie and Jen While Sarah stayed back. Emily turned her attention to Riona as well and the three started hammering down on Riona. Antonio slid in the ring and kicked Emily’s right leg, slightly surprising her. Corlen turned back around and blocked a right hand from Antonio, kicked him right between the legs and hooked his arms behind his back before dropping him straight down to the mat with her Down in Flames! Stone and the ladies scampered up the ramp and to the back, wanting nothing to do with Bound by Blood. Riona didn’t have that luxury however as she was the victim of the assault. After some beat down, Emily picked up Riona and lifted her in the air as Jen hit the ropes and leapt up, grabbing Riona’s head and the two women brought Riona down to the mat, hitting their Beautiful Catastrophe! Riona was down as the four ladies surrounded her, then looked at each other and nodded, leaving the ring with Riona and Antonio laid out.

Jon McDaniel: “What a message from Bound by Blood”

Brian Rentfro: “But Matt got away, thankfully. That’s not how you treat a World Champion!”

Got 'Em, Asshole!

Outside the arena, the two remove their disguise and reveal themselves to be Bubba J and Vincent Black of Hardcore Entertainment, both carrying a bag with a Rebel Pro title in its' depth; we know this by the gleam as they unzip the bag.

Vincent: Rebel Pro... Fuck Yeah!

Fist bump!

Vincent: Gonna call Kalis and whats his kicked in face's name.

Bubba J: West?

Black nods as he dials and the two head towards their vehicle, a rented Cadillac Escalade.

Vincent: Hmmm.... he didn't answer, probably playing that damn game again.

Bubba J: Well, we won't be playing games with them Monday night and they'll have plenty of time to do whatever they want... after we kick their asses.

Climbing into the Escalade, they fire the engine and Vincent drives off with some rock playing.

Both: Rebel! Pro!... Fuck! Yeah!

Lucious Starr vs Mark McNasty

PWA World Title Contendership Match

During McNasty's entrance, the countdown clock came up once again. These two go all out, what with a World title shot on the line. They fight a fight that is clearly meant to rival the 90 minute classic between Joshua Danielson and Cody Bogard. And guess what? It works! They fight and fight and near fall follows near fall. Submissions are attempted, but always either too near the ropes or they just aren't enough to get the job done. After 75 minutes, the two are exhausted, but even so, McNasty pulls off a superplex. Too bad for him that after the move, both men are too tired to get up and the referee has no choice but to count them both out because, you know, rules.

Winner: No Contest

Barry, Is This How We Get Ants?

Yes, Other Barry, It Is.

"The Final Countdown" comes on and once again, our personal hero Rob Robinson comes out to address the crowd. Rather than head to the ring, he stops at the stage and stands underneath the ADC-Tron.

President Robinson: What the hell? I give you two a simple task and you manage to fail at even that. So way to put my Xmas @ Ground Zero main event in jeopardy. But I'm nothing if not quick thinking. As a special treat for all you fans, I'm going to do something I don't normally do. Namely, let you all in on the process by which I make my decisions.

President Robinson: Ok, so main event at Xmas @ Ground Zero. First, we've got PWA World champion, Matt "Nickname Forthcoming" Stone.

The Xmas @ Ground Zero logo appears at the top of the screen. Matt Stone's picture pops up on the ADC-Tron right under it.

President Robinson: Then you've got, me, the Phoenix, the guy that has to make all the decisions.

The Phoenix's picture pops up next to Matt Stone's.

President Robinson: See, I said that the winner of the previous match would get to fight for the World title.

Lucious Starr and Mark McNasty's pictures are up on the screen now, too.

President Robinson: Then, as he tends to do, Marvin Wood came out to stake his claim to the title shot. He's got a bit of a point, he was the previous champion, after all.

Marvin Wood's picture joins the other four.

President Robinson: And finally, Emily Corlen thinks she should be the top contender to the title.

Emily Corlen's picture pops up to make it a total of six, three on top, three on bottom.

President Robinson: Now most of you people would look at this and be totally lost and incapable of making a decision as to what to do. But not me, not the Phoenix. No, I look at that logo and those six pictures and I think about how to settle the World title situation and you know what I think?

The pictures fade away and in their place the words "DOME OF DESTRUCTION" appears.

President Robinson: That's what I think.