World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Special Delivery

Backstage, we see the door to President Robinson's office. Danny Monroe enters the frame, opens the door and walks in. He places a case of Yoohoo (complete with a bow) on Robinson's desk and leaves.

They Call Me Mr McNasty!

We catch up with Mark McNasty walking around the backstage area. He has the IC title over his shoulder, and smiles as he looks at it. McNasty suddenly stops, and the camera swings behind him so we see what he does; two girls that look to be twenty one-ish in very skimpy clothes. They stare up at McNasty with huge grins before talking.

Girl 1: OMG Melissa, ITS MARK MCNASTY!

The two let out a small scream as McNasty can't help but smirk.

Girl 2: We're like totally your biggest fans!

Girl 1: Totally!


Girl 1: PLEASE!

McNasty seems caught off guard, but smiles.

McNasty: Um, sure girls. You have some paper?

McNasty pulls a sharpie out of his pocket, but the girls frown.

Girls: no...

Girl 1: You can just sign these!

The girl pushes her chest together and leans forward. McNasty eyes lock on target, and after a second he turns and looks at the IC title.

McNasty: I don't think you should see this.

McNasty rotates the IC title so the face plate is on his back. As McNasty smiles and continues to talk to the girls, it's suddenly possible to hear what sounds like the James Bond theme. A man in black jeans, a white hoodie, and black gloves is suddenly standing behind McNasty. The man produces a can of spray paint, and in seconds is done. He holds up the "OK" sign up over McNasty's shoulder, and walks off scene; turning only enough for us to see his stark white chin and jaw line.

Girl 2: Thanks so much Mr. McNasty!

McNasty: Please me Mark.

The girls look at each other and scream again before running off. McNasty, completely oblivious to what just happen behind him, rotates the title back to his chest. McNasty looks down and is suddenly concerned. Written on the PWA IC title is "Rebel." McNasty spins around and looks for anybody walking around, but can't see anyone. He huffs as he walks off to clean off the IC title.

Miss Madyson vs Job

Debut of the J-O-B


This match saw the debut of Job, which didn't go very well after the first five minutes of the match. During the first five minutes, the two were scouting each other with take downs and holds, trying to wear the other down and look for that big opportunity to capitalize on. Miss Madyson did so after catching Job in the face with a high kick when she was whipped into the turnbuckles. Madyson went to work on the newcomer Job, getting the crowd riled up to open up Rampage and taking Job down with elbows and forearms. Job managed to get back up to his feet and duck a Mad Kick from Madyson, then took Madyson down with a german suplex. Job tried to keep the offense going but Madyson flipped out of a back body drop and tried for the Mad Kick again, this time connecting! Madyson finished off Job with a devastating MadDT and went for the cover.





Winner: Miss Madyson in 8:45

Marxx vs Marco Dante

Singles Match


This was a highly anticipated match up as the controversial and anti-Phoenix rising star Marco Dante was pitted against the Canadian Predator, Marxx. Marxx was coming off a big loss from Matthew Engel, and Dante was coming off a controversial loss to Cody Bogard. Both men needed to get a win here tonight to bounce back but only one could do it. The match started off with some very high impact moves as the more experienced Marxx began to take control. Marxx had Dante locked in a figure four leg lock but Dante was able to reverse it, causing Marxx to break the hold almost immediately. Dante and Marxx began to exchange strikes but Dante got the better of it and backed Marxx against the ropes. Dante clotheslined Marxx over the top rope then went to the top turnbuckle, leaping off with a flying shoulder block and connecting. Dante and Marxx battled intensely on the outside until a near 10 count, but Dante rolled Marxx back into the ring and got in himself just in time. Marxx reversed an irish whip and sent Dante into the ropes. Marxx nearly took Dante's head off with a running high knee to the face. Marxx tried for a top rope elbow drop but Dante rolled out of the way just in time.

Dante managed to get to his feet, Marxx doing the same as well. However Dante connected with the Hangman's Noose just as Marxx was turning around! Dante made the cover.





Winner: Marco Dante in 9:12

Mark McNasty vs Lucious Starr vs Cody Bogard

Triple Threat of Impending Doom Match

The three men each stood in a different corner as they waited on the bell; McNasty sort of leaned in the corner as he looked out on his two opponents. After the bell rang though, Starr and McNasty seemed to work together for a bit on Cody, tossing him over the top with a double back body. It was a short lived cooperation though as Mark kneed Starr in the gut and followed it up with a series of suplexes and a tornado DDT off the ropes. McNasty went for a cover, but Cody returned to the ring and prevented the count from reaching three, although it was at two and three quarters when he came in. Cody went on a tirade of offense with knees, kicks, and a roundhouse punch that landed Mark in the corner. Cody ran up Mark, landing on his shoulders and hurricanranaed him into the rising Starr(no pun intended) to take him out as well. Cody went on to deliver a leg lariot to Starr, who was once again getting back up and by this time so was Mark, wo received a superkick right to the mouth for his determination to win. Starr was getting back up by this time though and Cody went for a hurricanrana to him, but Starr countered with a sit out spinebuster and this was the beginning of some offense for him. Starr lifted Cody back up, delivering a reverse vertical suplex, so that Cody could land on his bent knee. Cody held his back, but it was Mark's turn to receive a move and it was a tilt a whirl backbreaker and Starr locked his signature move, the "I Claim Your Soul"(standing King Crab) onto Mark, who tried for the ropes. However Cody bounced off the ropes and Starr dropped the hold in favor of not getting his face knocked off by a leg lariat. Starr was able to avoid the move and connect with a front kick to Cody's midsection, but Cody fell to the ground. However Mark was back up now and delivered a clothesline that sent Starr into the corner where Mark delivered a shoulder block, knee to the gut, and a knee lift to Starr for a stunning, but simple, combination of moves. Mark lifted Starr up to the top turnbuckle, but Cody was back dropkicking Mark in the back and sending both men out of the ring and to the outside floor. Cody wasted no time though and launched himself over the top with a diving springboard body splash to the two men trying to get up!

The move cost him a bit though as Starr was able to move a boot in front of his face at the last instant, but all three still suffered damage. Starr delivered three German suplexes to McNasty while on the outside, after they recovered for what seemed like hours, but in actual(not virtual) reality was about two or three minutes. McNasty seemed to be out of it, but Cody was beginning to stirr, however Starr settled him back down with a clothesline from hell and then promptly rolled McNasty back into the ring. Starr locked on a sleeperhold, but McNasty was only out and this was a move to get him a breather while he could still do damage to Mark and watch for Cody to return back into the ring. The referee lifted the arm of Mark twice before Cody came back into the mix and tried to kick Starr, who caught his foot and shoulder blocked him to the canvas. Starr then locked on his signature "I Claim Your Soul" as though he is some sort of Raizor knock-off because of the name and promptly watched Cody as he did more damage to Mark's back and whatever else this move hurts as I'm blind and can't watch the video to tell what would hurt on the person. How do I know the moves being performed you ask, well I hear bumps and knocks and am imagining all of these moves being performed and as I'm an encyclopedia of people and their moves I can imagine their signatures as I check them on my computer from the PWA website. Well that is all except for McNasty who doesn't bother to create a profile and therefore gets the generic basic moves of anyone. But back to the match as I hear it.

Cody got back up and charged at Lucious who released his signature and delivered an inverted atomic drop before spinning Cody around and nailing a regular atomic drop. But here came Mark back into the mix, holding at his back as he sent Starr over the rope with a kick to the back of his skull and Starr landed on his freaking face and may have broke his nose from the crunch I heard. Anyways Mark then went to work on Cody with a snap suplex, hip toss, vertical suplex, and followed them all up with the generic elbow drop from the top turnbuckle for a count of two before Starr came back in and broke it up because that is what happens in triple threats. Mark and Lucious began to exchange moves again, but it was really Mark getting the better of Starr with a DDT, then a bulldog, following it up with a headbutt, and then another elbow, but this one from the canvas right onto his mouth. Mark got back up but Cody was there.

Mark nailed Cody with a big freaking foot to the face and then breathed the breath of the dead on him before catching Cody's leg lariat attempt and launching his elbow into Cody's throat as they both fell to the canvas. Mark went for the pin, but Starr spun him around. Starr went for Hell's Wrath, but McNasty countered before Starr got the move ready and as he came down with the reverse FU portion, McNasty rolled him up for the pin of surprise.

Winner: Mark McNasty 17:33

Riona Langly vs Vic Wagner

Shit Just Hit The Fan Match

The bell rang and these two set off in what promised to be a very brutal, but highly technical bout and it did not disappoint. Riona started off the match, after the collar and elbow tie up, with a spike DDT before continuing her offensive set with a few other moves. Riona decided to pick up the offense with a reverse facelock backbreaker to possibly set up for a submission finish to this match. Riona, known for her multitude of title runs here in the PWA began by taking the match off well against this PWA star in Vic Wagner. Riona continued the stiff technical pace with an Irish whip into the corner and completing the two move combo with an European Uppercut in the corner. Vic's head was rocked back on his neck as he was trying to find an opening in Riona's offense so that he could begin to get some offense of his own here in this contest for Rampage. Riona wasn't finished though as she managed to somehow get Vic down to one knee which allowed to complete a favored move in the shining wizard and then climb to the top turnbuckle to dive off with a double knee drop right onto Vic's face/forehead area. Riona then tried to go ahead and put the match away as she completed one of her more favored signature moves, the Angelic Euphoria, but was only able to get a count of two for her efforts as Vic Wagner kicked out at about two and three quarters. Riona then lifted Vic back up to continue her onslaught, but a face rake by Vic got him a momentary advantage that he intended to capitalize on. Riona was holding at her face and Vic was doing all of the ignoring that anyone could do to the referee who was admonishing his back(Vic had turned his back on the referee). While Riona was still blinded from the eye rake, Vic delivered a roaring elbow smash that had Riona nearly off her feet. Riona tried to charge at Vic, but he was able to hit an elevated spinebuster, but was not ready to make a cover in the contest. Riona was then lifted and locked into position for a Gargoyle suplex, which Vic hit perfectly, because he ispretty much technical perfection. Vic wasn't done yet though as he delievered a trapping headbutt to Riona before a Uranage backbreaker had him ready to hit his Munich Fire Bomb signature move. Vic hit them all, you guessed it, with technical perfection, but was only able to get a two and three quarters count as well.

Vic then whipped Riona into the ropes, going for another spinebuster, but Riona was able to capitalize with a running enzeguri to take him off his feet and to the canvas. Riona took a moment or two to catch a breather, but having just been on the receiving end of Vic's offensive, she wasn't ready to let him have too much of a breather. Riona picked him up, locking in and completing a Dragon suplex, but was still a bit too winded to really capitalize, both having took the other's moves in the opening parts of this match. Riona then showed the resolve that helped her remain champion for so long in the PWA and shoved herself up to her feet and gritted her teeth to try and put this match away. However Vic was also getting back up to his feet, his back to Riona, so that he never saw the running knee smash him in the side of the skull. Not even sure he felt it for long as his body went limp and he flipped over to land on his back, his eyes closed. Riona wasn't finished just yet messing with his head as she lifted him up for a stalling vertical suplex facebuster right in the center of the ring. Riona then climbed to the top turnbuckle for a top rope move and dived off with an elbow smashing right into his face before the crowd began to really chant her name in unison. Riona pulled herself up to her feet, realizing that the elbow drop wouldn't be enough, and delivered another one of her signatures, the 5th Round Sleeper and managed a cover. However, Vic was able to kick out, no matter how barely, at two and nine tenths to keep his hopes alive here in the match. Riona couldn't really believe it, but again gritted her teeth and pulled Vic back up. Vic managed another eye rake, but Riona was ready and backed out of the way, which gave Vic the opening he wanted as he kneed her in the midsection doubling her over. Vic then delivered a stalling brainbuster that dropped Riona solidly on her head in the very center of the ring. Vic took the moment of success to catch his breath and draw himself to a vertical base, the crowd booing him heavily. Vic pulled Riona up, smirked at the front row, and promptly sent her back down with a short armed clothesline as though he was in firm control and had dominated Riona the entire match so far. Vic was winded though and was taking a bit of time between each move to gather strength and wind into his lungs, not to mention staring at some idiotic fans in the front row with vintage Riona t-shirts on. Vic continued his offense, taking a page out of Riona's book and concentrating on the head of his opponent after that brainbuster with a hammerlock DDT that smashed her face right into the canvas. Vic was up a bit quicker now, sensing victory on the horizon delivering a hangman's neckbreaker to Riona with perfection in the very center of the ring, right on the "W" of the PWA logo. Vic then got back up, wiped his hands nonchalantly, before lifting Riona back up to her feet, her acting like dead weight, and delevered a jumping piledriver right back onto the "W", but Wagner didn't go for a pin yet. Vic decided to deliver one of his signature moves, Blood Eagle. This time he went for a pin, but only got a count of two before the ever resilient Riona managed to gather enough energy to kick out at two and nine tenths as well.

Vic couldn't believe it so he pulled Riona up for his finisher however Riona countered with a face rake of her own, drawing some ire from the referee for her actions. But seeing as he didn't disqualify Vic, he couldn't disqualify her either. Riona then delivered a knee clip to Vic before gathering him in and nailing a perfect Tiger suplex on the "A" of the logo. Riona didn't waste any time as the crowd was cheering her own in pulling Vic back up and intensifying the pace of the match with a back to back neckbreaker. Riona then decided to get a bit high flying with a springboard senton splash that she nailed solidly, but she wasn't finished just yet. Riona rolled out to the apron of the ring and waited while Vic slowly regained his feet and she dove over him, completing a sunset flip powerbomb center ring. Riona didn't make a cover, instead going for her signature Bomb Dropper Remix, but Vic managed a counter before she was able to get the move locked in to begin. Vic nailed her in the midsection, completing a double underhook DDT. Vic then collapsed beside Riona and made the referee try to remember how to count up to ten before both were able to get to their feet. Both got up at about nine and a half, and neither was willing to quit this match. Riona charged at Vic, while Vic charged at her, but it was Vic who won that exchange with a swinging neckbreaker, catching Riona off balance and down to the canvas. Vic then continued this offensive set with a double underhook jumping piledriver, a Russian leg sweep, and a picture perfect butterfly suplex to the very center of the ring. Vic then pulled Riona up for his signature Halifax Gibbet(as he was indicating by dragging her towards the corner).However, Riona blocked it with an elbow to his gut and delivered her Bomb Dropper Remix out of no where and followed it up with her finisher that she calls Tourniquet for the pin and the win.

Winner: Riona Langly 20:01

Various Goings On

We open in the locker room of Mark McNasty. He sits on a couch, IC title over his shoulder, watching the end of the Langly/Wagner match. The camera positions itself in front of McNasty, and we see a face very slowly start to rise from behind the couch. After a few seconds, we can see Matt Stone's face look at McNasty from behind the couch. His hand slowly follows his face, but he stops mid motion, and disappears back behind the couch as McNasty suddenly looks back. He scratches his head, shrugs, and turns back. Stone comes up a bit quicker this time, and reaches out for the IC title. However, suddenly, another hand comes from behind the couch and grabs Stone by the wrist. Marxx rises from behind the couch, and throws a punch at Stone. Stone ducks, but pulls Marxx down with him as he tips over behind the couch. McNasty looks back again, but sees nothing. He turns back to the tv and burps. Behind him, Marxx and Stone rise to their feet, choking each other. Marxx leans back and the two topple back down to the floor; making a small thud. McNasty grabs the IC title, pulls it to his chest, and throws himself to his knees in front of the couch. The room looks clear.

McNasty: I'm losing my mind. I need some air.

McNasty stands and walks out of the room. As soon as we hear the door close, Marxx and Stone pop up from behind the couch again. Stone has Marxx in a headlock, but Marxx leans forward causing Stone to slam his face into the couch. As Stone lets go, Marxx turns and dives at Stone, causing them to both go back down.

Panzadise & Monkey McDee (C) vs Rob N' Wood

PWA Tag Title Match

Both teams look good in this match, with Wood and McDee starting off for their respective teams. Wood holds his own nicely, forcing McDee to tag in the World champion. Both men fight like angry badgers with neither gaining an advantage, but both gaining some bruises. Dise whips Wood into the ropes and he tags the Phoenix in as he rebounds back.

The Phoenix is as good as his word, looking out for himself, and quickly takes up the Riona Langly plan of attack: take out Panzadise's legs. The champ is having none of it, though, and hammers the Phoenix to the ground. The two men fight back and forth, with Panzadise giving rather more punishment than he receives. Dise tags in McDee who keeps up the attack.

The Phoenix quickly turns the tables with a Greco-Roman low blow and goes about dismantling the tag champion. After a DDT, the Phoenix climbs to the top rope and signals for the Flame, but hesitates. After a few seconds of consideration, he once again signals for the Flame and then leaps of the turnbuckle. That moment of hestitation was enough to let McDee gather his wits and he rolls out of the way, right to his corner to tag in Panzadise. Dise wastes no time climbing over the top rope and pulling the stunned Phoenix to his feet and hitting him with the Panzadise Bomb for the win.

Winners: New Age Panzies


Mark McNasty is shown walking in the parking lot. The camera is a good couple steps behind him. He's whistling to himself as he turns a corner, but you suddenly hear what sounds like a fight. There is the thud of someone hitting a car, glass breaking, and then a person falling on the cement.

Voice: Gank!

The camera gets almost to the corner when Marxx comes walking around it; IC title in hand. The camera watches him walk away, before turning back towards the way McNasty went. We see him laying face down on the ground with a few puddles of blood forming around him.


We're backstage in President Robinson's office. The cameraman was too busy filming the IC title shenanigans and missed the first part of this conversation.

The Phoenix: Look, Marvin, again man, I'm really sorry about that. I froze up, there's no excuse for it. But look, I swear I'll have no problem being impartial at Good vs Evil.

Marvin Wood: I would hope not, Rob. Don't disappoint me.

Marvin leaves and the Phoenix notices the case of Yoohoo for the first time. Smiling, he opens rips open the plastic wrapper and cracks open a bottle.

Enika Engel (C) vs Thomas Manchester Black

AOWF Queen of Extreme Championship Match

Eric Emerson: This following match is scheduled for one fall... it will be fought under AOWF King O' Extreme rules... and is for the AOWF... KING-'O-EXTREME Championship!

"Four Rusted Horses" by Marilyn Manson starts up over the PA system, as the crowd explodes for the man known as 'The Queen City Hitman'.

"Ride this dying carousel
Four rusted horses strangled by their own rope
Where children love are singing
We'll know that their tired hearts had broke
That their tired hearts had broke"

Eric Emerson: Introducing first... the challenger... from Tokyo, Japan by the way of his hometown, The Queen City…Charlotte , North Carolina...

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing Black and White MMA shorts and boots. He tops that off by wearing a Grey North Carolina Tar Heels Hoodie with a towel over his head & his forearms and fists taped up. On his fist and forearm tape you see the words “Fallen Saint”. Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air.

Jon McDaniel: Should have an exciting one here ladies and gentleman... one of the most unstoppable forces in the history of our promotion taking on the Queen of Extreme herself!

Brian Rentfro: Looks like a man who's going to bring home the King 'O Extreme Title to the land of all things Pioneer...

Eric Emerson: He is “The Queen City Hitman”…

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd that are tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn't even look at the ref as he makes his way to the middle of the ring. He folds his arms as Carolina Blue and White streamers flood the ring, Japanese style. TMB bows to the fans and goes to the corner as Ring Hands start to clean the streamers from the ring.


"Everyone will come, everyone will come
To my funeral to make sure that I stay dead
Everyone will come, everyone will come
To my funeral to make sure that I stay dead, dead"

Once the ref is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a nearby ring hand, before slinking down into a sitting position in the corner. Black eyes remain focused as he waits for the match to begin.

Eric Emerson: And now... introducing to you from Tucker's Town, Bermuda...

The opening rifts to "Firefly" by Breaking Benjamin pick up over the PA-System... only to be replaced by something else entirely - "Machinehead" by Bush. Black lights meld over top of the house lights as Enika Engel makes her way out from the entry way, a set of spiraling laser lights guiding her path to the ring. The King o' Extreme title is thrown over one shoulder as a Singapore Cane lines out the other. Her descent to the ring is one filled with a very mixed reaction - the true PWA historians knowing this was her original home; while the new breed of fans simply know her as a traitor to the cause; and an employee of the enemy. There's also that over looming Faust pretense behind the music guiding those longtime AOWF faithful...

Eric Emerson: Standing at five feet... eight inches... and weighing in at one-hundred thirty-eight pounds...

On this eve, she wear a pink zip-up hoodie - left unzipped, with the hood up over her head - overtop of a dark blue, tight fitting Patriots Jersey - cut in a V along the neckline. Moving down a little bit, we find a pair of skin-toned pantyhose w/ black freckled design feeding into a pair of black denim booty shorts. Black, lower calf Timberlands cover the feet, and a pair of black, fingerless mesh gloves that snap at the wrist cover her hands.

Eric Emerson: She is the Queen of Extreme... ENIKA... ENGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!!!!!!!

Enika starts her descent towards the ring, slow, and methodical. Upon reaching the main floor - Enika hands her title off to the ring girl; immediately lowering her head thereafter. With cane in hand, she swings back hard - her hood falling out from around her face and loose stands of blond falling to her shoulders. She slides in... only to be immediately attacked with a stomp to the skull.

Brian Rentfro: Thomas Manchester Black wasting absolutely no time here!

And before he can ring off a second, Enika rolls to her left, kipping up to her feet. She notices that she dropped her cane by his feet - which seems to be a problem for her, as he immediately clutches it up and with a wild swing - cracks it across her jaw line.

Jon McDaniel: Her face immediately whelping from that shot! A little bit of blood by the looks of it too...

She falls to a knee as Black follows up by grabbing a hold of her arm... and immediately short-arm lariating her back the ground as he dives down to her level. He pushes a hand across the face and goes for the pin...






Brian Rentfro: Much too early for that.

Enika, upon throwing a shoulder up, immediately drops to the outside. She regroups for a second before checking in the ring apron for something. Manchester, being the smart guy that he is, begins to leave the ring himself to prevent her from getting into her element... as Enika, being the smart gal she is, crawls underneath the ring. Black immediately lifts the ring skirting - only to be met with two boots squarely to the face. He stumbles back as Enika wildly shoots back out from underneath the ring with...

Brian Rentfro: A football helmet? Really?

Swinging upwards and out, Enika manages to hit Black square in the nose with the helmet, which still doesn't manage to bring the big man down. She drops the helmet and throws a wild punch to the adam's apple, still ultimately doing nothing to bring the big man down. In one last stand, she drops back a few steps and goes for a low drop kick to his right knee, which unearths him and brings him down to a solitary knee. Enika backs up once again and comes running in, spring-boarding off of Manchester's knee, and throwing her own knee straight into his skull.

Jon McDaniel: Finally, she manages to get the big man off his feet.

Brian Rentfro: Took her long enough.

Jon McDaniel: The guy's got like a hundred pounds up on her.

Brian Rentfro: Quit making excuses for her short-comings.

Enika wipes a smear of blood away from her face before continuing her assault with a well placed kick to the side of the head that's audibly picked up by one of the boom mics in the front row. She reigns down now with a flurry of kicks, and as Manchester tries to get to his feet, she drops down with a diving elbow across the back of the neck. He's still persistent in his approach though as he pushes her away to get to his feet... only to be met with dragon screw leg whip that grounds him solid.

Jon McDaniel: Shawty Got Low!

Brian Rentfro: I guess... I mean she had to drop down to do the move after all.

Jon McDaniel: No, that's the name of the move.

Brian Rentfro: That's a terrible name for anything.

Enika runs over and scoops up the helmet... putting it on in an instant. Enika motions for a chair from someone in the front row, which is immediately given to her. In a bid to keep Manchester down for a little while longer, Enika slams the chair across his knee that took all the impact on that dragon whip. He yelps out in pain as she slides into the ring and points to the heavens, wanting to end it all right here. She props the chair out, and then takes an over-zealous bounce off the ropes and goes running in full speed, spring boarding up off the chair, flipping over and around the ropes into a shooting star press - only to be met with nothing as Black rolls out of the way at the last second. The helmet absorbs a little bit of the impact, but likely did more harm than good - as it was fully intended to be a penalty in the way of helmet to helmet contact. Black is back on and ready to assault as an almost knocked out Enika stirs and tries to push up to her knees. She rips the helmet off her head and finally pushes up to her feet as Black comes running in with a rcharging Yakuza kick that nearly rips her head off and sends her flailing into the banister.

Brian Rentfro: That didn't pay off in any sense of the word.

Jon McDaniel: She's usually pretty methodical in her execution - unfortunately for her, that was rather careless.

As she slumps down - Manchester grabs a chair of his own from one of the ringside fans, bringing it hard down across the back of Enika Engel. She crumples to the ground as Black sets the chair up behind him - quickly getting her into a wheelbarrow position. She grabs for something, anything, and comes up short as he shoots her back into a perfectly executed German Suplex, her head hitting metal with a sickening thud.

Jon McDaniel: I'm starting to think we should outlaw that move.

Brian Rentfro: Only to her - she killed a man once with it. He just knocked her out cold and likely picked himself up a community title. Total difference.

Black rolls Engel back into the ring and goes for the cover...









Thr... kick out!

Jon McDaniel: At the last possible second, Enika kicks out. I don't know how much more she can go after a move of that magnitude though. Probably should have played this one safe.

She pushes him off and rolls over onto her hands and knees again... as she begins to push up Black goes running in, hops off of her knee, and kicks down with a shining axe kick to the approval of the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: See what I mean? Get down or lay down out of no where... and this one's got to be over.

He pins with little more than a foot on the chest...






Enika snaps her shoulder over and attempts to take Black down by the ankle, but the strength just isn't there. In amazement he looks down at her, half-expecting her to be dead. He follows up with some stiff shots to the stomach. Enika rolls over in pain and Black comes back in to attempt some more shots to the stomach. Enika scurries out of the ring to collect herself as Black misses the last boot. Black picks up the Singapore Cane from earlier and motions for Enika to come back in. She spits up at him for all intents and purposes. Enika goes back underneath the ring as Black does a few mock swings, waiting for her to make the move this time. A trash can full of multiple bundles of light tubes is the next object on the chopping block as Enika grabs at the back of her head and neck. With one big heave, Enika tosses the trash can into the ring, with Black sidestepping it and coming in for the kill as she jumps up onto the apron.

Brian Rentfro: Black swings the cane...

Jon McDaniel: Only to be met by a wet kiss to the eyes from Lips Like Morphine!

Brian Rentfro: That's the same cheap pink mist she used to turn the tide on her brother!

Enika scrambles into the ring and jerks the Singapore Cane, along with Black's own hand, up this throat. With all of her strength she rares back, using the cane as a pull balance, and hits Black with a nasty backcracker - both knees solid. She's immediately back on the offensive as she empties out the trash can. She grabs a bundle of light tubes and waits for Black to stand-up... and meets him solid with four of them across the skull. He falls down in a bloody lacerated heap as Enika quickly dives in for the cover and the crowd goes nuts, mixed in nature.





Two... Kick out!

Enika jumps up as soon as the shoulder pops up, grabbing a single light tube this time and backing up into the corner. Black quickly grabs the trash can that held all the light tubes and goes charging in. Enika tries to duck but gets a face full of her own light tube combined with the trash can to the skull for all her troubles. She grabs her face, which is also now cut up, and slams a bloody hand to the mat. Black wastes no time grabbing another bundle of light tubes.

Brian Rentfro: I have a feeling this one isn't going to go nearly as long as originally anticipated.

Jon McDaniel: I was fairly certain Enika was done a long time ago.

Black comes stalking in as Enika rolls over to the side, dodging swing after swing from the bundle of glass. Finally, with a kip up, she gets to her feet, dodges one more shot, and executes a picture perfect dropkick right through the tubes and into Black's face, both cutting him up far worse than before, and knocking him down. Enika's legs are a mess as well, as she begins bleeding profusely from multiple cuts and one nasty gash in particular that she acquired through the dropkick. With a bit of logic, she knows it's do or die time - and so she quickly rolls to the outside of the ring. Black takes the moment to wipe the glass and mist from his face - anger written from ear to ear. Enika slides a long wooden sheet of plywood into the ring, followed by the game ender for one of them... much to the crowd's delight!

Jon McDaniel: Enika's bringing out a table! Someone's going to die here!

Black gets to his feet about the time that Enika brings up a gas can and slides it under. Enika slides in, between Black's legs, and turns around straight into the Chin Check!

Brian Rentfro: All of that for Nigh, this should do it!

Thomas Manchester Black, in all of his glory, lifts her up one more time into a spinning leghook belly to back suplex on top of the trashcan. It buckles with the weight as Enika lets out a whine upon impact.

Brian Rentfro: Tarheel Suplex!

Manchester holds it in for a cover...








Manchester slaps the mat in rage, pointing out to the ref that it was three... when clearly it wasn't.

Brian Rentfro: Black is pissed! So many near-falls in his favor this evening!

Manchester pops her up one more time, and almost decapitates her with a Exploder Suplex into the corner...







Jon McDaniel: Enika is as resilient as ever... but let's be honest, after all of the bumps she's taken combined with the amount of blood loss she's suffering... there's really not much more for her to give.

Brian Rentfro: T-M-B looks a little less for wear, but he's not exactly in one piece himself. His face is a mess!

Enika rolls from side-to-side for a moment as Black lays the boots to her hard and heavy. He lifts her up and goes for what appears to first be a suplex, but isn't as he bounces her forward into the ropes... quickly grabbing her head, and drapping her back into a Rope Hung DDT. He covers once again...







Manchester lifts Enika up once more, frustrated, and is met with a couple slow kidney shots, and finally a barrage of elbows to the face in a last gasp effort. Enika crouches down as Black goes in for a grapple... and gets treated to The Fake Sound of Progress, as Enika lands a nasty roaring elbow right to the side of his skull. Enika now goes back to the piece of plywood from earlier. She begins grabbing every light tube that she can find - and effectively smashes them in a heap on top of the plywood board. While it's really not clear what her intentions are, there's a nice, solid pile of chopped up glass on the board. She follows this up by unscrewing the top off the gas canister and dumping it's contents on top of the board as well. For all it's worth, she and the can both go flying about though as Manchester pipes up and hits her with a nasty (Pounce-Esque) run-shoving shoulder block that sends her flailing across the ring.

Brian Rentfro: No witty name for that one?

Jon McDaniel: Not this time.

Enika, dazed, tries to find her footing as Manchester flips her back down to the ground with a vicious spinning spinebuster. He raises an arm as the crowd lets him know they're ready for him to finish her off.

Jon McDaniel: This could be it right here!

Brian Rentfro: There's no more gas left in the tank... literally.

Black lifts Enika up off the ground, wrapping her around the neck and attempting a very violent Wake-2-Nightmare... but as he rounds the slam, Enika pushes off of him, landing on her back, as Black lands on his knees with a thud. Enika kips up again and comes charging in with a step-up off of Black's knee - which he in turn takes to the nose and skull for all his troubles. They both collapse to the ground. Tired and all but dead.

Jon McDaniel: This contest may not continue.

Brian Rentfro: Manchester isn't moving, and Enika looks like she may have a broken spine.

Both of these statements are true as Enika rolls around grabbing at the small of her back. The ref checks on her first as she pushes him away, and then goes to check on Black; who's in a fairly better state than he was - because now his eyes are open at the very least. Enika finally stabilizes in accordance to her back and pulls something out of her bra.

Brian Rentfro: What the...

Jon McDaniel: This is no time for a smoke break!

Enika fires up a Marlboro 72 and takes a hard drawl off of it. There's visibly tears in her eyes from the suffering that her back's causing her. A couple more quick drawls and she pushes to her feet and almost falls straight back down. She catches herself with a hand. She then grabs that table from before; setting it up over top of the wooden plank of death. After one last drawl, she flicks her cigarette on top of the plank as it quickly catches fire.

Brian Rentfro: This is it... one of them is going to die!

Black pulls himself to his feet and pushes Enika almost into the pit of fire and glass below the table. Enika rolls herself up onto the table and down over the other side - where the chair that she spring boarded off of earlier still sits in a seated position. Enika pops it up into the air, quickly collapsing it - as Black dives across the table himself. He's met with a NASTY chair shot on the other side that puts him comatose upon impact.

Jon McDaniel: That was a sickening chair shot! He needs to shake it off though, and fast!

He lays slumped on the table now as Enika glares at him. She hops up onto the table, almost flipping it over, and simply stands over top of black... she grabs both of his arms now, lifting him up at 45 degrees. With all of her might, she jumps into the air, and comes crashing down with both feet straight into Manchester's skull... the crowd goes nuts...


Which effectively smashes both of them through the table, and Manchester into the fire and glass. While the fire goes out almost immediately due to the combined force of Enika, Thomas, and the table, the glass digs into Thomas's skin from head-to-toe. Enika pushes herself to roll him over, and drapes the arm.











"Firefly" - Breaking Benjamin. The song cues immediately.

Eric Emerson: Your winner... and still KING 'O EXTREME CHAMPION..... ENIKA... ENGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ref tries to pull Enika to her feet to award her the belt, but she collapses back down to the ground. EMT's run down to help out TMB and Enika Engel. One man offers his hand to Enika, which she denies, instead grabbing her title and rolling out of the ring. It's obvious that she can barely walk as every few steps she falls down to a knee. Despite this... she looks back to the ring one last time as the song her song kicks into full gear. She thrusts the title into the air to nothing but cheers, even from the naysayers earlier. On the inside of the ring - Black has finally managed to open his eyes, and has managed to push up to his elbows. It takes him a moment to realize what happened before his hands collapse over his face. Enika smirks upon reaching the top of the ramp, and takes a bow, right before she disappears behind the curtain. The Queen's reign lives on.


We're backstage at the door to President Robinson's office. Again. Mr Hardcore knocks on the door, but doesn't get an answer. Shrugging, he opens the door and walks in. Sitting behind the desk is Not-Stryker, wearing a dark blue suit along with his mask. He's also snoring quite loudly.

Mr Hardcore: I thought Rob said he couldn't be at the show tonight. Huh.

Mr Hardcore sets some papers down on the desk and starts to leave. Then he hesitates and doubles back.

Mr Hardcore: What the hell...

Mr Hardcore stands between Not-Stryker and the camera and reaches down, presumably unlacing the mask. That presumption is correct as a second later, he pulls the mask off and tosses it aside as he gasps in surprise.

Mr Hardcore: What the hell!?!

Mr Hardcore steps back as a groggy Rob Robinson sits up in the chair.

Rob Robinson: What the hell? Hardcore, what are you doing in here?

Robinson looks at Mr Hardcore, then at the Not-Stryker mask on his desk. He manages to put two and two together.

Rob Robinson: What the hell did you just do?