World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Lucious Screws Himself. As Usual

The camera opens up in Rob Robinson's office, where the President sips Yoohoo while Fantastic Andy goes over some important paperwork. Rob turns to Andy, grinning.

Rob Robinson: Andy, you should really try some of this.

Andy: You really think I have time? Well... I could use a drink. Toss me one.

Rob Robinson: I said you SHOULD try some. Not WILL. If I ever catch you in my YooHoo, your ass will be fired quicker tha...

The door is kicked in, and in steps the Untamed Fury. Robinson shakes his head as Andy jumps, Lucious storming into the room.

Lucious Starr: What the hell, Rob?

Rob Robinson: Seriously, Lucy. Do you realize how much we'll have to dock your check for that door?? And what if Andy had been there? Or more importantly, my Yoohoo?

Lucious Starr: Cut the shit, Rob. You've fucked up, and it's time to pay the piper.

Robinson smirks, spreading his arms.

Rob Robinson: So what? You're going to attack me? Try to get me fired? What? I mean, what the hell have I done so wrong?

Lucious slams his fists against the desk, Robinson shaking his head.

Lucious Starr: You're running us into the ground, you fucking dimwit! Our supposed World Champion is a fucking pussy, the Intercontinental Championship is being passed around like the town whore, and the three men in control of the three top titles are chasing a damn monkey! What the hell are you going to do about all this shit?

Rob looks to Andy, who is now watching in shock. Robinson turns back to Lucy, takes a chug of Yoohoo, and replies.

Rob Robinson: I'm going to let it play out. Look, PanZadiSe and I are buddies. If he wants to throw this one, I'm backing him up as a friend and as a PWA rep. Why wouldn't I back my World Champion? And as far as the Intercontinental Title goes... I don't care. Frankly, it's getting me some decent ratings. Everyone wants to know where it's going to end up next. I love it. So I'm not going to change a damn thing.

Lucious Starr: You fucking idiot. You know what, you were right. You've forgotten more about running this place than Marxx will ever know. But you've forgotten the basics, you twit, and now you're running MY company into the ground.

Rob Robinson: YOUR compan...

Lucious Starr: DAMN RIGHT, MY FUCKING COMPANY! Fuck your power bullshit! Fuck the logistics! I have put my heart and soul into this place, and you're letting it turn into a goddamn circus!! You'd better start fucking fixing things or I'll go to the AoWF Board and get you removed, you self-centered sack of shit! The World Title I hold near and dear has become just another piece of jewelry to dangle. The IC Title... it's like a fucking piece of meat! Shitfuck, Rob! I'd have to float over to True Glory's Vacation... Vaccination... Vindica...

Rob Robinson: Volitionary?

Lucious Starr: That thing! Just to get a title that MEANS anything anymore! GODDAMNIT, ROB!

Lucious breathes heavily as Rob sits back, an idea in his head. He takes a moment, leaning forward.

Rob Robinson: That... that's not a bad idea.

Lucious Starr: ...

Rob Robinson: I've been looking for a volunteer... show TGW exactly what the PWA brings to the table...

Lucious Starr: Whoa, whoa... that wasn't...

Rob Robinson: You're loud. You're arrogant. You've got that... that ego that's just completely undeserved... you create controversy...

Lucious Starr: No, that's not what I...

Robinson picks up the phone, hitting a few numbers.

Rob Robinson: You're perfect! Lucious Starr will be PWA's representative in the Volitionary Championship Tournament!

Lucious Starr: But I didn't...

Rob Robinson: Okay, we're done here. You go ahead and get ready for your match, I'll talk to Wade and get this all set up.

Lucious Starr: No, wait... I didn't...

Security enters, grabbing Lucy's arms and dragging him to the hallway.

Lucious Starr: Wait! That's not what I meant... I didn't mean to...

Lucy is dragged away as Robinson speaks with Mason, Fantastic Andy rather confused by the whole spectacle.

Miss Madyson vs Vic Wagner

Singles Match

Vic Wagner comes out the proverbial house afire. He's out to put paid to his recent loses. Miss Madyson tries to fight back, but Vic's experience and fury can't be contained. A quick ankle lock later and Vic gets his hand raised in victory.

Winner: Vicious Vic Wagner

Lucious Starr vs Danny Monroe

Singles Match

They lock up. Starr overpowers flipping Monroe head over heels. Starr charges with a clothesline. Monroe ducks underneath. He plants Lucious with one of his own. Monroe off the ropes he leap-frog Starr. He turns around and he is met with a vicious boot that sends Danny to the canvas. A series of german suplexes has Monroe struggling to get to his feet. Starr follows it up with a series of boots to his ribs. Danny catches one and rolls him into a half crab. A few grimaces from Starr until he uses his free leg to send Monroe bouncing off the turnbuckle and on his back. Starr is to his feet first but, both guys with a back and forth exchange of strikes. Chops to the chest from Monroe met by heavy punches from Starr. Starr wins the exchange as Monroe keeps getting knocked down but, getting back to his feet. Starr winds up for a haymaker but, Monroe eludes it with a slick sidestep. A dropkick to the knees puts Starr kneeling. A huge kick to the jaw by Monroe. Starr is flat on his back. Monroe punishes him with a couple of shoulder centric elbow drops. A hammerlock produces a grunt by Starr. He quickly reverses it and turns it into a chicken wing suplex. Starr picks Monroe up and sit out powerbomb. He covers.



Kick out by Monroe.

They scramble back to their feet. Starr catches a kick to the gut by Monroe. Enzuguri sends him head over heels on the ground. Monroe goes to the top rope. A leaping double stomp on the small of Lucious’s back. He picks him up and hits Fading Star (Fishermanbuster). He hooks the leg.



A kick out by Starr.

Starr ducks under a running clothesline by Monroe. He picks him up and hits a thunderous spinebuster. Monroe writhes on the mat. Starr applies I Claim Your Soul (Standing King Crab). Monroe tries to flip to either side but, the constant adjustments by Starr make it useless. Monroe uses his elbows to crawl to the ropes. He eventually drapes his arm on the bottom rope. Starr immediately picks Monroe up and belly to belly. Starr drapes Monroe’s on the top rope. He bounces off the ropes and a vicious knee to the face sends Monroe to the outside.


Monroe crawls to the apron. Reaching through the ropes is Starr.


Starr pulls Monroe up standing wobbly on the outside of the ropes.


A few punches land to Starr’s head. Monroe ties Starr’s arms up in ropes. Monroe steps through the ropes. Monroe jumps to the top rope. Missile dropkick lands to Starr’s shoulder. Starr is still tied up. Monroe frees him up with a single arm DDT. He transitions into Californiacation (Cross Arm breaker). Starr starts reaching for the ropes. He’s almost there when Monroe ramps up the pressure. Starr taps out.

Winner by Submission is Danny Monroe.

The Terms Are Set

We're backstage in President Robinson's office. Our hero is playing a game on his Nintendo DS when Marvin Wood enters the room. Robinson jumps like he was caught doing something wrong.

President Robinson: Marvin, buddy, I'm glad you could make it.

Marvin Wood: You said you had an update concerning my match at Good vs Evil.

President Robinson: Yeah, about that... I talked to Panzadise and he's willing to go through with the match under one condition.

Marvin Wood: And that would be...

President Robinson: Now, this is just his thing, but he says that if he's going to be putting his title on the line, you have to put something up, too.

Marvin Wood: Since I obviously don't have a title to wager, what is it he wants?

President Robinson: Umm... me.

Marvin Wood: Excuse me?

President Robinson: He says that if he wins, you and I have to cut ties. No more tag team matches or anything like that. In fact, I'm not even allowed to call you up to talk about Doctor Who anymore.

Marvin Wood: That never happened in the first place.

President Robinson: Maybe it would if you were a little cooler, you know what I mean?

Marvin Wood: Not at all. But you can tell Panzadise he's got a deal. But I've got one condition of my own for him, one he shouldn't have any issues with. I don't trust a PWA referee to give me a fair match. I used to be employed here, I know how they work. For a match of this magnitude, I want someone calling the match that I know will be unbiased.

President Robinson: Of course, of course. Who did you have in mind?

Marvin Wood: The only man in the PWA I feel I can trust, of course. You.

Robinson looks shocked.

President Robinson: I, uh, I'll have to have Fantastic Andy get me a new referee shirt. I spilled Yoohoo on the last one.

Marvin Wood: I'm sure that won't be a problem for you. So you'll do it? I mean, I'd hate for your pay per view not to have a main event over something as minor as a striped shirt.

President Robinson: I guess... I guess I don't have a lot of choice. Yeah, I'll do it, Marvin. Don't worry about it, I'll call things right down the middle.

Marvin Wood: Excellent, I knew I could count on you.

Cody Bogard vs Marco Dante

Singles Match

Two great words, destined to share battle until the end of time, clash once more for possibly the thousandth or maybe forth time.

The general feeling out process is cast aside for some general running and Yakuza right at the bell from Bogie, followed by a stiff right hand back from Dante. Bogard winces but he doesn't let it slow him down, and he jumps to the side before unleashing a bevy of Roundhouse Kicks into the man's gut. Dante takes three before catching the leg and dropping him with a Dragon Screw, but it does little to put Bogard down, he rolls right through and backs Dante to the corner with a big Flying Knee.

Dante looks rocked and Bogard fires on, tagging him with rights and lefts before turning and belting him with a Spinning Back Elbow that rips a gash just above his eye. Bogard then leans into him and lifts his hand to the fans before running to the opposite corner. Unfortunately he doesn't notice Dante charging after him, and as Bogard hits the corner, he turns and gets blown apart by Dante crushing him with a Clothesline. Dante then pulls him free, tosses him up by the waist and then buries him face first with the Flat Line. He then quickly leaps onto the cover.



But Bogard kicks out, because he's the best! Dante then sweeps him to his feet and plants him with a Bodyslam before turning his attention to the ropes. He then climbs up to the second but gives Bogie too much time, allowing him back to his feet where he rushes on a desperation catch. Dante kicks him off easily enough and sends him back, but as Dante comes off with a Double Axe Handle, Bogard jumps back and rips him out of midair with a Superkick before collapsing to the mat.

Bogard then fights back to his feet as Dante crawls onto all fours, right into a foot under the jaw before Bogard spins back and drives a Solbut into his face. Dante looks spaced and Bogard capitalises, pulling him up, locking wrists and then planting him to the mat with the rather delightfully named Rage of the Dragons. Dante lands with a deep thud and Bogard pushes up on his toes to force the cover.



Dante pops his shoulder up at the last second to break the bridge. Bogard fires on though and drags both of them to his feet before making a shout for Hero Time. His over confidence gets the better of him though as after the kick and turn he finds himself wrapped into a Cobra Clutch. The fans are suddenly on their feet as Bogard kicks and flails his legs. Meanwhile Dante spins him around, trying to take Bogard off his feet and down into the Monsterican Dream. Bogard fights all the way though, and manages to get enough of an angle to blast an elbow into Dante's gut and loosen up his grip. He then drops to his back and kicks a leg up into Dante's face, sending him stumbling to the ropes. Bogard then staggers to his feet and rushes forward with a Dropkick, sending him out to the floor. The fans are then woken up again as Bogard calls for something big before hitting the ropes, only to return with an attempted Suicide Dive that sees him fly straight into a Forearm shot that wipes him out in the ropes.

The ref then tries to help Bogard back in, which is bloody convenient for the Dragon who picks that particular moment to take a run through the crowd and drive Dante into the post. At the same time the ref's attention is pulled toward Moke, who isn't hitting anyone but is quite hard to ignore as he waddles down the ramp. This leaves the Dragon free to get Dante up in a Body Press and bring him face down on the steal steps.

The crowd boo as the Dragon continues to wail away on Dante. The ref tries to call for the bell but Moke slides into the ring and makes a face that implies that wouldn’t be a very good idea. Meanwhile the Dragon has Dante up in his arms and ends his night with a Piledriver, splattering him against the ring steps. The Dragon then slides him back in and Moke throws him in front of Bogard who is just now finding his feet. Still a little dazed he initially refuses, much to the dismay of the Dragon who gives him a push and then gets one back. Bogard then turns to walk away, but Moke turns out to be a little more convincing than his partner, and cracks him in the back of the head with a forearm. Bogard scrambles to fight back but Moke holds him down while the Dragon drops kicks into his side, eventually slowing him down long enough for Moke to get him up and into the air. He then drops him to the Dragon, who snatches him out of midair and splatters Bogard with the Ace Crusher.

Despite his general uppityness, Might and Magic prove to be general good guys and throw Bogard on top of Dante for the cover.




The referee reluctantly call for the bell and Might and Magic pick the limp body of Bogard up and raise his hands to celebrate. They even go as far as to parade him around the ring, which is kind of rude because he’s unconscious.

Still, wins a win, right?

Matt Stone vs Thomas Manchester Black

Singles Match

As the bell rings TMB quickly uses his size advantage over the IC champion to force him into the corner. The ref calls for a break, but as soon as Stone comes a little bit out of the corner, Black nearly takes his head off with a vicious clothesline. Stone slumps in the corner and TMB starts to fire lefts and rights at him until the ref has to step in and break things up. TMB shoots the ref and look and goes to finish his attack on Stone, but the quicker Stone ducks a wild right and nails a dropkick to the knees, cause TMB to go face first into the turnbuckle. Stone wastes no time to stay on the offense and starts to send sharp kicks to the back and kidneys of the former GB Champion. Black is able to get his upper body on the top turnbuckle, only to have Stone ram his face into the turnbuckle. Stone quickly hops onto the outside fo the ropes. He hops over TMB nailing a awkward yet painful looking Sunset Flip Powerbomb aka The Rolling Stone.

Stone wisely wraps the les and goes for a quick pinfall. 1….2….KICKOUT. Matt is lefted up in the air with the kickout, but is able to regain his balance. Stone isn’t gonna stop his run as he hits the ropes and leaps in the air, hoping to nail a elbow drop. He, however is greeted with a big boot from the ground which put him on the mat! But Stone is able to kip up as Black sits up. And before Black can get out of the sitting position, Stone starts firing kicks into Black’s chest. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! Followed by Stone coming off the ropes and slamming both knees into TMB’s face, sending him back onto the mat. Stone slams his fist to the mat and starts to stalk TMB. Matt starts stomping on the mat and gives the signal that it’s time to end this with the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker. Black is on to one knee and the crowd is starting to roar, knowing what is about to come next. Stone gets the running start and leaps up grabbing black by the neck.

As Matt hooks Black’s neck, Black slams his foot forward, keep himself from going down. Using raw strength, he lifts Stone up and over his shoulders. Black is now back up to both feet and spins Stone around into The Branches of Sins, making sure Stone’s mid section is draped across the top rope. Black sits up and looks over at Stone’s body for a moment. Black doesn’t even bother with a pin as he picks up Stone’s body and places it on the top turnbuckle. Black wraps his hands around Stone’s throat before lifting him off the top turnbuckle and chokeslamming him back to the mat. Black rolls out of the ring and grabs the IC Championship before rolling back in. He drops the title on Stone’s chest and leans closer to Stone’s ear.

“I told you so…”

Black drops down and rolls out of the ring. He starts to walk up the rampway as the ref looks shocked at what to do. The ref starts the 10 count and the bell rings.

Winner: Matt Stone (count Out)

Mathew Engel vs Marxx

Singles Match


The bell rang and this match took off heavy right out of the gates. The returning Marxx, a former PWA World, Intercontinental, and Grizzly Beer Champion went after The Virus with intense striking and keeping him grounded. Nearly dominating the first five minutes, Marxx was giving the former World Champion all kinds of hell and trouble. The crowd was divided between cheering for Marxx and cheering for Virus, who seems to be getting a lot more cheers than jeers these days. Probably because he hasn't almost killed anyone in a PWA ring in awhile. But in Boston they love that shit. Anyway, The Virus turned the match in his favor by ducking a short-arm clothesline from Marxx and hitting Marxx on the turn around with a jumping ace cutter. Virus in turn dominated the match for the next five or six minutes, pounding Marxx in the face and stomach with elbows and punches and working on Marxx's ribs with stomps, a couple of back-to-back rib-breakers, and even nailing the High Voltage move he loves to use. Virus was weakening Marxx's ribs to set up for the Euthanasia. Virus tried for a superplex but Marxx headbutted Virus off the turnbuckles and to the mat. Marxx flew off with a shooting star leg drop and connected, making the first pin attempt of the match and Virus kicked out at 2.

Brian Rentfro: A little unorthodox style from Marxx there going off the turnbuckle like that.

Jon McDaniel: That seems to be the only way to beat Matthew Engel. Let's see if it pays off for Marxx.

Virus turned the match back around with a reversal irish whip, sending Marxx into the corner turnbuckles. Virus sprinted and connected with a vicious high knee to Marxx's jaw in the turnbuckles. Marxx stumbled a few feet forward and Virus gave Marxx a jumping side kick to the ribs instead of the usual spot being Marxx's jaw. Marxx got knocked back into the corner and the wind knocked out of him. Virus whipped Marxx into the opposite corner who hit chest first into the turnbuckles. Marxx bounced out of the corner and Virus springboarded off the top rope and connected with a missile dropkick knocking Marxx on his back.

Virus wasted no time in going up to the top turnbuckle and he leaped off with the Euthanasia, connecting and staying on top of Marxx for the pin.





Eric Emerson: Your winner of the match... MATTHEW "VIRUS" ENGEL!!!!

Mr PWA vs Not-Stryker

Singles Match

"Hero" by Chad Kroger and Josey Scott hits p in the speakers as from the back, to a somewhat mixed reaction(they like Not-Stryker and Mr. PWA) comes the masked form of Mr. PWA. He waves out to the crowd looking confident, even though he may be walking a bit odd here tonight.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen... Mr. PWA!

He walks on down the ramp and into the ring.

The arena lights dim, the Foo Fighter's "My Hero" starts to play and then white and blue pyro explodes as Not-Stryker comes out. Not-Stryker soaks up the non-existent cheers of the crowd before heading to the ring. As he makes his way to the ring, he slaps the hands of any fans near the barricades, whether they want him to or not.

Ding Ding

Collar and elbow as Mr. PWA shoves Not-Stryker backwards towards a corner. Not-Stryker ducks under the big lockup, dropkick right to Mr. PWA's back sending him chest first into the corner. Not-Stryker bounces off the ropes, reverse bulldog takes Mr. PWA down to the canvas. Not-Stryker hops up to his feet, kicking at Mr. PWA's left knee, trying to take his vertical base from him. Not-Stryker lifts the ankle, stomping away at the left side of Mr. PWA's knee.

Jon McDaniel: Mr. PWA looking on the worse end so far.

Brian Rentfro: He had so much potential.

Mr. PWA slams his right foot into Not-Stryker's ribs, doubling him over. Mr. PWA rolls up to his feet, taking Not-Stryker down with a clothesline. Not-Stryker is down on his back as Mr. PWA hits the ropes, but The masked star trips. Mr. PWA stumbles forward right into a leg sweep from Not-Stryker taking him down face first on the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: The big idiot can't even bounce off the ropes properly.

Jon McDaniel: His feet just got tangled up, it happens.

Brian Rentfro: To idiots and bafoons.

Not-Stryker hits the ropes, baseball slide into nothing as Mr. PWA rolls out of the ring. Mr. PWA is back up, easily stepping back up onto the ring apron. Not-Stryker runs at Mr. PWA, Mr. PWA slams his shoulder into Not-Stryker's midsection. Mr. PWA steps over the ropes pulling Not-Stryker back through. Front facelock, he lifts him up, letting his feet bounce off the top rope for added leverage, huge vertical suplex! Not-Stryker is down, Mr. PWA off the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Basic leg drop.

Jon McDaniel: But it may have squashed his throat.

Mr. PWA pulls Not-Stryker up, forearm to the throat. Irish whip into the corner, Mr. PWA with a big running splash squashes Not-Stryker in against the turnbuckles. Not-Stryker comes out of the corner, stumbling, Mr. PWA with a running knee lift right into his face stands him up, not moving at all. Mr. PWA off the ropes, running Bulldog! Mr. PWA rolls him over but forgets to make the cover.

Brian Rentfro: What a complete idiot, it has got to be Jethro Hayes, only he is that dumb.

Not-Stryker nails Mr. PWA from behind with a knee clip to Mr. PWA's left knee taking him down to the canvas. Not-Stryker stomps away at the left knee.

Brian Rentfro: Mr. PWA is going to be limping here shortly.

Jon McDaniel: Smart of Not-Stryker though, take Mr. PWA's height away and you also take his power away.

Mr. PWA shoves Not-Stryker back, but he bounces off the ropes. Running knee planted right into Mr. PWA's face laying him on his back. Not-Stryker climbs to the top turnbuckle, pointing to his elbow, he leaps.

Brian Rentfro: Flying Elbow circa 1988!

Mr. PWA rolls out of the way and onto the apron. Mr. PWA climbs to the top turnbuckle. Not-Stryker is kneeling and holding his elbow as Mr. PWA flies with a top rope leg drop across the back of his neck and slams him into the canvas. Mr. PWA holds at his left knee as he stands up, limping a bit more noticeably now. Mr. PWA spots Not-Stryker not moving and decides to begin a similar attack. Mr. PWA limps over to Not-Stryker, pulling him up to a kneeling position. Forearm to the back, a second, Irish whip into the ropes. Not-Stryker bounces back, tilt a whirl back back breaker, but Mr. PWA slams him on his right knee instead of his injured left one. Not-Stryker's back nearly bends in half from the impact, but Mr. PWA continues the assault by pressing down to weaken the back of him.

Jon McDaniel: Mr. PWA possibly setting Not-Stryker up for a submission.

Brian Rentfro: Mr. PWA is big and powerful, but a few more strikes to that left knee and he'll be severely weakened.

Mr. PWA releases the hold, an uppercut right to Mr. PWA's groin, the traditional low blow, causes Mr. PWA to fall against the ropes. Scott turns around, but Not-Stryker is laying on his back again, like he didn't do anything, Scott looks back at Mr. PWA. After a moment of hesitation, he shrugs his shoulders.

Brian Rentfro: Brilliant.

Jon McDaniel: What? What a low blow from Not-Stryker there.

Brian Rentfro: Didn't see anything.

Not-Stryker, seemingly shaken, gets slowly to his feet as Scott checks on him. Not-Stryker rolls Mr. PWA over for a pin attempt.





Jon McDaniel: Mr. PWA manages to get a shoulder up.

Brian Rentfro: Barely, but he is dumb and resilient.

Mr. PWA rolls over to his knees, but Not-Stryker is there with a roundhouse kick right to his temple rolling him over. Not-Stryker with a second kick towards Mr. PWA's head, but Mr. PWA is able to block this kick. Not-Stryker kicks out again, Mr. PWA catches this foot, Not-Stryker with an enzeguri sends Mr. PWA down on his face. Not-Stryker pulls the big man up, slamming the point of his elbow right into Mr. PWA's face before spinning around to deliver a back elbow. Not-Stryker grabs a hand full of hair, slamming Mr. PWA's head down into his knee as he lifts it up to increase the force of the impact.

Brian Rentfro: Get him Not-Stryker!

Jon McDaniel: Have you ever liked Mr. PWA?

Brian Rentfro: Nope.

Mr. PWA pulls Not-Stryker's planted foot bringing him down. Mr. PWA shakes his red, white, and blue masked face and head, clearing out the cobwebs. He shoves up to his feet, but Not-Stryker is already there slamming a fist right into his midsection. Chop from Not-Stryker sends Mr. PWA into the corner. Chop number two, number three, number four and Mr. PWA's chest is reddening as quickly as his mask. Not-Stryker with an Irish whip sends Mr. PWA across the ring. No wait! Reverse and Not-Stryker is sent running into the corner. Mr. PWA charges in but Not-Stryker runs up the turnbuckle flipping over Mr. PWA's head to twist in midair and land on his feet. Mr. PWA spins around. Dropkick from Not-Stryker. Caught by Mr. PWA who spins around while heading to center ring. Mr. PWA releases sending Not-Stryker slamming into the mat and sliding nearly out of the ring. Mr. PWA plants himself in the turnbuckle, gasping. Not-Stryker begins to stir, holding at his lower back in obvious pain. Not-Stryker is up, holding onto the top ropes for assistance as Mr. PWA prepares himself in the corner.

Brian Rentfro: Watch out Not-Stryker!

Jon McDaniel: You cheat!

Not-Stryker turns as Mr. PWA charges across the ring. Not-Stryker leaps up into the air flipping back over the top rope to land on the apron. Mr. PWA slams his right shoulder into the ringpost from the force of the spear!

Brian Rentfro: Dumb hick.

Jon McDaniel: His shoulder may be sprained from the impact of shoulder and steel. And what makes you think he is Jethro?

Brian Rentfro: Big, dumb, powerful, goes for the spear any time he gets a chance... oh I don't know... everything?

Mr. PWA shoves himself out of the corner as Not-Stryker leaps into the ring. Arm drag has Mr. PWA down and Not-Stryker locks in a crossface to try and dislocate that shoulder. Mr. PWA reaches back into the ropes with his leg, he's got it. Scott Swindell is right there with the count.


Not-Stryker leans back, knowing he's got a five count.


Not-Stryker rolls to the right some, tweaking a little more pain out of the submission hold.


Mr. PWA is gritting his teeth in pain, but refusing to tap.


Not-Stryker releases the hold, pulling Mr. PWA towards center ring as he drags him to his feet. Forearm to the forehead of Mr. PWA before slamming a knee into his midsection. Not-Stryker ducks back, spinning around delivering a knee right into Mr. PWA's left knee sending him to a bended knee position. Not-Stryker hits the ropes, Shining Wizard!

Jon McDaniel: Mr. PWA turns the Shining Wizard into a spinebuster!

Brian Rentfro: Damn!

Mr. PWA pulls Not-Stryker up to his feet, not putting his full weight on his left leg. Mr. PWA slams his fingers under the mask, ripping and trying to tear it off, but Not-Stryker nails Mr. PWA in the gut with his head and begins trying to rip Mr. PWA's mask off! Mr. PWA nails him in the face with a knee, before turning to celebrate to the crowd and getting a P! W! A! chant going.

Brian Rentfro: Mask for mask!

Jon McDaniel: Both are wanting to unmask the other!

Here comes Jethro Hayes from the back, walking alongside another Not-Stryker? The two men in the ring are still trying to unmask the other, paying no attention to the crowd's shock.

Jon McDaniel: What?

Brian Rentfro: I thought Jethro was Mr. PWA?

Jon McDaniel: I... guess not.

Jethro and Not-Stryker step into the ring, each going for the person portraying them in this match and both seem to be a bit upset. Not-Stryker boots the other Not-Stryker(one that has wrestled the match) in the midsection, nailing his finisher "The New Age Piledriver"(cradle piledriver). Just as Jethro boots Mr. PWA in the gut, lifting him up and dropping him with The Planter(Jacknife Powerbomb) right next to the fake Not-Stryker. Both men look at the other and begin untying the mask from the fakes.

Jon McDaniel: Not-Stryker is actually... Steve "The Birdman" Morely?

Brian Rentfro: He isn't dead?

Jethro removes the mask from Mr. PWA...

Brian Rentfro: And Mr. PWA is... Richard Kiel? The construction boss from Happy Gilmore?!

The crowd is shocked as both men toss the masks into the crowd and look at each other before nodding.

Jon McDaniel: I think we are all as shocked as everyone else here...

Brian Rentfro: You're shocked? How do you think the Birdman's widow feels?

Jon McDaniel: He was never dead, Brian. You're thinking of his career.

Brian Rentfro: I'll try to forget you even mentioned that and Richard Kiel was JAWS in the James Bond 007 video game "Everything or Nothing".

Jethro and Not-Stryker exit the ring as we fade into commercial for PWA's ppv, "Good vs Evil"

Who the Hell Let McNasty In the Arena?

We now go backstage in front of Riona Langly's locker room door. A hand reaches out and turns the knob slowly. As the door is carefully opened, we see Matt Stone lean around it to look inside the room. When he sees the coast is clear, he walks in. He doesn't waste anytime as he walks straight to a couch where the IC title sits. As he reaches for it, a smile appears on his face. It quickly fades though as an arm comes from behind and drills him in the back, sending him toppling over the couch. Marxx reaches down and grabs for the belt.

Marxx: Hope you enjoyed getting a taste of your own medicine Stone. Of course, medicine usually does taste like crap.

Marxx puts the IC title over his shoulder and turns to walk out. However, Riona Langly stands in front of him with her arms crossed; tapping a finger on one of her arms. She holds her hand out and signals for the belt. Marxx sighs and extends his arm with the belt in hand. However, without missing a beat, he looks up and goes for Riona with the belt. She manages to side step him and trip him, causing Marxx to drop the belt. Its at this point Matt Stone is back up, and the tussle for the belt turns into a full brawl. The fight spills out into the hallway, and they begin fighting down the hall until they come to the truck loading area. The large open area lets the noise of the fight echo, and everyone seems to want to know whats going on. As the three fight and a crowd seems to gather, we suddenly see a person who looks like Mark McNasty walk on screen. He has a drink in hand as he sips it through his straw. McNasty tries to peek through the crowd, and when he sees who's fighting, his eyes light up. He throws his drink down and bolts off screen. It's about at this point a few staff members and officials rush in to break up the brawl. Marxx, Stone, and Riona are all spitting profanity at each other, when suddenly everything comes to a halt as they hear...

McNasty: HEY GUYS!

The three turn to look. McNasty is standing by an exit, IC title over his shoulder.

McNasty: Hey, just wanted to make sure you saw me leave with this, this time. LATER!

McNasty bolts out the door as the three fight to break loose from the multiple people holding them, and the crowd surrounding them.

Panzadise vs Riona Langly

Non-Title Match

This match is all about two people with something to prove. After putting an end to the record breaking title reign of Matthew Engle, Panzadise has experienced some ups and downs. His opponent, Riona Langly, is arguably the greatest PWA Intercontinental champion of all time. But after a several month long disappearance from the PWA, Riona is looking to prove that she still has what it takes to be in a PWA main event.

The two lock up, which actually works in Riona's favor since the towering Panzadise has to nearly double over to do it. This puts the champ off balance and Riona is quick to capitalize. With the big man down on the mat, Riona focuses on the most apparent weak spot, his knees. Using various submissions and joint locks that she picked up during her time in Japan, Langly does her best to keep the big man on the mat.

As far as strategies go, her's is better than most. But, even the best laid plans can go awry and this is no different. The spanner in the works is the incredible strength and determination of the PWA World champion. Fighting through the pain, Dise slides out of the ring. Riona hangs on to his leg for dear life, refusing to release the hold.

Outside the ring, Dise uses the outside guard rail to pull himself to his feet. Riona is still hanging on, now upside down, doing her best to hyperextend the champion's knee. Panzadise is having none of it and swings his leg into the ring steps. The impact forces Riona to drop off the leg. Riona tries to back away, but Dise grabs her ankle and yanks her to him, then shoves her back first into the guard rail.

Using the bottom rope, Panzadise rolls himself into the ring to break the referee's count. He tries to put weight on his injured leg, but it can't hold him and he drops to one knee. Smirking, Riona slides into the ring. Even on one knee, Dise is nearly as tall as his opponent and the two trade punches, which Riona ducking the majority of Dise's.

The two fight this way, with the champion fighting off his knees, and the match manages to go back and forth. This ends with Riona delivering a flurry of kicks to Dise's head. The champ is staggered, but not dropped. Riona climbs to the top rope and leaps off, wrapping her legs around Dise's head and swings around in a flying neck scissors. As she swings around, Panzadise sticks one arm out and catches her.

Riona sits up and starts punching the champion in the head, but Dise fights through the pain, gets to his feet, grabs Riona's waist and then slams her down to the mat with a modified Panzadise Bomb. Dise covers as the referee counts. 1...2...3!

Winner: Panzadise