World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Probably A Bad Idea

Singles Match

"Sabotage" starts to play and President Robinson heads down to the ring. Mic in hand. He's clutching an empty Yoo-hoo bottle.

President Robinson: Ok, this has gone on for far too long. Someone backstage has crossed a line that should never have been crossed and the show is over unless the person responsible mans up and faces the music. Come on, you know who you are. Whoever has been stealing my Yoohoo better get their ass out here right now.

"You Know Your Right" By Nirvana hits.

I would never bother you
I would never promise to
I would never follow you
I would never bother you

Scottie "Showtime" Snow still dressing up as 2002 Showtime. Wig askew and Scottie stops at the top of the entrance ramp. He already has mic in his right hand.

Never speak the word again
I would crawl away for you

President Robinson: Whoa, cut the damn music. Scottie, what the hell? I'm busy right now, we can talk later.

Scottie Snow: I took your Yoo-hoo.

President Robinson: You mean to tell me that after everything I've done for you, after making you a legend, after giving you a career and a livelihood for over a decade, this is how you choose to repay me? But you know what? I'm going to do something I should have done years ago. You've never had any business being on the PWA roster, so let's just make it official, Scottie.

Danny Monroe appears on the PWAtron.

Danny Monroe: Before you hastily fire a guy who you forgot was on the payroll. I can get you back all your Yoo-Hoo. If you that's something you might be interested in?

President Robinson: Why do you care if I fire Scottie? What's in it for you, Danny?

Danny Monroe: I know your not accustomed to having anyone give a crap about the people who help make the PWA engine go. The off camera heroes. The cameramen, the ring set up crew or even the vendors. I am just the kind of guy who gets to know these people. And with the shitty job market out and the fact you make him walk around like Showtime from ten years ago. Humiliating him with a public firing would corner the douche market for you.

President Robinson: I'll tell you what. The thought of that chocolaty goodness may be affecting my judgement, but if you can get the Yoohoo back for me, I'll give Scottie a break. This time.

Danny Monroe: Sweet. I'll do that right now.

Danny Monroe hits a button on a remote control in his hand. The ring rains down chocolatey goodness. All over Robinson.

Danny Monroe: I love making it rain.

Robinson is drenched in Yoo-Hoo. Embarrassed. He tries to run past Snow who sticks a leg out and trips him.

Condolences, Brah

We're backstage at the Bradley Center here in Milwaukee as Joe BoXeR, former AoWF Superstar and now Chairman to the AoWF Championship Committee, and Matthew Engel are conversing when their convo is interrupted by PWA Hall of Famer Corey Lazarus. No disrespect is meant. Laz and Virus are both in their ring attire while Joe is sporting a very nice suit. Very nice indeed.

Joe BoXeR: Corey, it's good to see you. We're all really glad you could make the funeral over the weekend.

Matthew Engel: Yeah, that meant a lot to us.

Corey Lazarus: No problem, guys. It's the least I could do. And still, you guys have my condolences and anything else that you may need.

Matthew Engel: I need a win tonight, Corey. That's all I need. Your showing against Wood and Maverick wasn't that impressive. Granted, Mr. PWA and Wagner are no Wood and Maverick, but I need you in my corner tonight and I need you watching my back.

The L-A-Z nods his head, as he removes his trademark Ray-Bans.

Corey Lazarus: You got it, babe. The PWA is where I always excel and bring my absolute best and tonight you'll get everything of the Premiere Attraction, I assure you.

Matthew Engel: I'm glad. And I've got your back tonight no matter what. I mean to see this thing through and get you a Grand Slam championship, my friend. But after all of this?

Corey Lazarus: I know, I know. We gotta do the dance one last time.

Matthew Engel: If not for us, but for them out there who've been talking about our rematch for a very long time.

Corey Lazarus: It'll be a high profile match, that's for sure. I do wonder what kind of event would be worthy to withstand our greatness?

Matthew Engel: I don't know, maybe Joe can help us out with that?

They both turn toward Joe, devilish smirks on their faces.

Joe BoXeR: Really? You're gonna make me ask?

Matthew Engel: We're just thinking out-loud, brah.

Corey Lazarus: Yeah, broseph.

Joe BoXeR: Alright, alright. I'll make it official as soon as the website for RPM 3 goes up. You two will be fighting each other at a prime spot in one of the three nights.

Matthew Engel: Make it happen, Joe. You know we won't let you down.

Joe nods, and Virus and Laz shake hands before heading one way down the hallway as Joe BoXeR heads down the other. Cut to ringside.

Lucious Starr vs Thomas Manchester Black

Singles Match

TMB wastes no time attacking Starr as he lunges forward with a fury of fists, catching Lucious off guard. TMB lands each left and right with Starr unable to counter very effectively, but he does try to put his arms up to block the attacks. TMB whips Starr into the ropes and bounces himself off the opposite ropes at the right moment, springboarding himself forward and body splashing Lucious to the canvas. He covers! 1! 2! Kick out! Black is much quicker to his feet than Starr, but before Black can continue his attack Starr is up and nails him down with a belly to belly suplex. Starr headbutts him as he lays on the canvas and grabs him by the neck, lifting him up and chucking him into the turnbuckle. Black rushes forward from the turnbuckle like he's on fire but gets nailed with a clothesline sending him crashing to the canvas.

Black gets himself up and Starr attempts to hip toss TMB who lands himself on his feet and reverses the move, turning it into an armbar on Lucious Starr. The veteran winces as he slaps the arm Black has locked up, but Starr throws out a few elbows into TMB's face to get himself free from the move. He follows it up with an impact DDT that flattens Black! He quickly covers! 1! 2! KICKOUT! Black jumps up onto Starr after from behind and hits a reverse hurricanrana and the stunned crowd quickly snaps as many pictures as it can as Starr crawls away and gets to his feet. Starr throws a heavy left hook which throws TMB into the turnbuckle with force. Lucious charges Black in the corner but Black throws both of his legs up into the old man's face sending Starr stumbling back. Black charges forward, kneeing Starr in the gut. The Branches of Sin! Black covers again!





Winner: Thomas Manchester Black

To Catch a Silverback

In an odd turn of events, we join Panzadise, Monkey McDee, Not-Stryker and Tony Danza not in the NAP locker room, but backstage, where all four men are huddled together in a circle. They appear to be wearing camouflage pants and tan t-shirts. Monkey McDee is holding a large net.

Panzadise: “Okay guys, here’s we’ve got going on so far. Baio and Baerga walking the perimeter of the building and I’ll personally be patrolling the locker room area. Not-Stryker has volunteered to take the concessions area. We’ll make sure to choke off all the entry and exits points. We don’t want Silverback slipping through without us knowing about it. McDee and Danza, what’s your plan for catching this sonuva bitch?”

Tony Danza: “Yo, you’re gonna love this one, Dise. We’ve set up some nice little traps all around here.”

Panzadise: “Oh yeah? What kind of traps are we talking about?”

Monkey McDee: “Some classic bait traps.”

Panzadise: “And what exactly are you two using for bait?”

Tony Danza: “Something Silverback can’t resist…”

Danza smiles, holding up a carton of cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey. McDee holds up a bunch of bananas.

Panzadise: “The smokes and booze I get, but…bananas?”

Monkey McDee: “Jojo’s idea.”

Panzadise (shrugging): “It’s worth a shot. Alright then. Everyone ready?”

They all nods and murmur in agreement. Panzadise holds out his hand and the other men stack theirs on top of it.

Panzadise: “Let’s do this. On the count of three. One…two…three…”

All (shouting): “N-A-P!”

The NAP scatter in all different directions as we fade out.

Mr PWA & Vic Wagner vs Matthew Engel & Corey Lazarus

Tag Team Match


The bell rang and Mr. PWA and Lazarus got the tag match under way. The two even exchanged a gentleman's handshake but Corey went right after him with a left hook and a knee to the gut. Corey keep the offense going with striking and holds, trying to wear Mr. PWA down and keeping him out of his corner and away from Vic Wagner. Mr. PWA reversed an irish whip from Lazarus and took Laz down with a big-time powerslam. Mr. PWA brought him up to his feet and tagged Vic Wagner in. The referee gave them a five count as they double-teamed Laz in the corner with kicks and punches, keeping the former World Champion out of the match. Vic Wagner executed a series of suplexes on Laz ranging from belly to belly to northern lights. He was showing off his technical abilities all the while boasting to the crowd and to the former World Champion that he's the best. What a jerk. Laz managed to duck a running lariat from Vic Wagner and execute Combo #5 (series of kicks and knees that really hurts), knocking Wagner to the mat. This gave the L-A-Z some time to recover and make a tag to the former World Champion, Matthew Engel. But at the same time Wagner tagged in Mr. PWA! They two started going at it in a very familiar way, but the fresher Engel got the better end of the deal by smacking Mr. PWA back with a series of headbutts and elbows to the chest and stomach. Mr. PWA was backed up in the corner and Engel went for the ten count punch in the corner, nailing Mr. PWA all ten times and then putting Mr. PWA in a side headlock and connecting with a running bulldog. Engel immediately springboarded off the ropes with a moonsault into a double foot stomp which connected, and went for the pin.



Broken up by Wagner!

Lazarus was a second late to getting to Wagner, but he made sure Wagner paid for it with a roaring elbow and tossing him out of the ring. Mr. PWA managed to get to his feet at the same time as Engel, who then ducked a clothesline from Engel and dropped him down to the mat with a huge back body drop. Mr. PWA got Engel up to his feet and sent him into the ropes. Mr. PWA crushed Engel's back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Mr. PWA went for the cover on Engel.




Wagner managed to bring himself up to his feet and get back on the apron. Mr. PWA brought Engel up to his feet and tagged him in the stomach with some hard punches and then delivered a sharp european uppercut to Engel, staggering him back. Mr. PWA tagged Wagner back in and Wagner went to work on the former World Champion, showing off his technical abilities again and keeping Engel grounded and away from Corey Lazarus. The crowd was booing Vic Wagner and trying to cheer Engel on, surprisingly. Engel slipped out of a suplex from Wagner landing behind him and connected with a mean roundhouse kick to the back of Wagner's head. And as quickly as possible Engel thought it was time for the end. He ran over towards Mr. PWA and knocked him with a hard right to the face, knocking him off the apron and to the floor. Wagner rose to his feet - SONS OF PLUNDER ON WAGNER! The L-A-Z got in the ring to protect his partner as he covered Wagner.



Mr. PWA got in the ring to break the fall but Corey Lazarus came in for the save with a diving dropkick to Mr. PWA's left knee, taking him down for the moment Engel needed.



Eric Emerson: And your winners of the match... COREY LAZARUS... AND... MATTHEW ENGEL!!!!

To Catch a Silverback 2: Silverback Harder

Backstage we see Monkey McDee standing upright against the wall, a piece of rope in his hand. He sneaks a peek around the corner, where his trap has been set up. The bananas are tied to a small bell, hanging beneath a large wooden crate that is balancing precariously on a large stick. Tied to that stick is the other end of the rope that McDee is holding. He sighs impatiently.

Suddenly, there’s a slightly tingling sound from around the corner. McDee grabs the walkie-talkie from his belt.

Monkey McDee: “Funky Monkey to Big Panzie. We’ve got movement in section A, over.”

We can hear Panzadise’s response over the radio.

Panzadise: “Copy that, Funky Monkey. We’re on our way.”

McDee clips the walkie-talkie back on this belt and licks his licks, smalls beads of sweat breaking on his forehead. He listens as the bell jingle quietly for a second longer before pulling the rope hard. A large is thud is heard and McDee races around the corner, leaping onto the crate. It’s all he can do to hold on as it shakes back and forth.

The rest of the NAP rushes in and surrounds the crate.

Panzadise: “Huh. So the bananas did it, huh? Who’d have thought? Let’s see what we’ve got. Danza. Help McDee with the box.”

The men are all tense. Danza nods to McDee and the men jerk the crate up and throw it to the side. But instead of Silverback, all that is under the crate is Jojo, the Six Million Dollar Monkey, munching on the bananas. He looks up and offers one to Dise, who just slaps his forehead.

Not-Stryker: “Yeah, I totally saw that one coming a mile away.”

Panzadise: “Just…nevermind. Let’s get back out there. Silverback could be anywhere now.”

The NAP disburses again, but not before McDee scoops up Jojo and scolds him.

Not-Stryker vs Marco Dante

Special Referee Alec Wilcox

Not-Stryker comes out to the ring first, then heads to a turnbuckle and sits on it, waiting on Marco Dante. When Dante is announced, his music starts, but there's no sign of Marco. Eric Emerson announces Dante a second time and his music stops and restarts. This time Might & Magic come out, dragging an unconscious Marco Dante between them. They head to the ring and Moke Doshky uses one hand to toss Dante over the top rope. Alec Wilcox motions to Not-Stryker, who drops down to make the pin and pick up the win.

Winner: Not-Stryker

Earlier Today

We open on the office door of President Rob Robinson. But instead of going in, we turn to look down the hallway, and see Marxx coming this way. He has the IC title over his shoulder, and smiles as he looks at it. Marxx finally stops in front of the door, looks at the IC title he has over his shoulder, and rubs it once. He lifts it off his shoulder, and holds it out. But, it's at that moment another hand reaches out for the title. The camera backs up to show Matt Stone, staring at Marxx.

Stone: I want my belt back.

Marxx looks surprised.

Marxx: I would imagine. I was about to hand it back to Rob.

Stone looks unmoved.

Stone: Yeah right. Here's a better idea; you were about to sweet talk Robinson into letting you keep it. It wouldn't be anything new.

Marxx looks hurt almost.

Marxx: Stone, listen to yourself. Robinson wouldn't let anyone sweet talk him into keeping a belt...I'd have to pay him. Something you and McNasty know more about recently.

We get an OHHHHH from the crowd.

Marxx; You know, I really was going to turn the belt over. But now, maybe I don't feel like it.

Stone: That's how it's going to be huh?....Ok.....Fine.

Stone turns and walks away. Marxx looks at the door, shakes his head, and turns and walks the other way. After a second, Stone goes running after Marxx, arm up over his head. We hear a loud thud, and after a second, Stone comes slowly walking back with the IC title over his shoulder; huge smile on his face.

Marvin Wood vs Danny Monroe

Singles Match

The first few chords of Edward Elgar’s fourth Pomp & Circumstance March are played from the PA system into the arena. After a few seconds, “The Purist” Marvin Wood appears from behind the curtain with a dour expression on his face. He walks to the middle of the stage area and stands there for a few seconds, to survey the audience. He then begins walking down the entrance-way. Many of the members of the audience boo, some catcall and a few cheer. He looks at no-one as he approaches the ring, but stretches his fingers a bit. He stretches three fingers on each hand, first, and then four fingers on each hand.
Marvin walks towards the ring steps, and walks up them and towards the middle of the apron, sliding his hand over the top rope as he does so. He pauses there for a few seconds, before entering the ring, right leg first and then left leg. He enters the ring with plenty of pomp and circumstance, as if he were a foot taller than he is. He then walks over to the opposite turnbuckle and waits.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Scar Tissue hits A five blue spotlights with a gold star in the middle lead from the ramp to the ring.
Scar tissue that I wish you saw
Sarcastic mister know it all
Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you ’cause
With the birds I’ll share

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Reno, Nevada

With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view
With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view

Eric Emerson:Standing 6’ even and weighing 225

Push me up against the wall
Young Kentucky girl in a push-up bra
Fallin’ all over myself
To lick your heart and taste your health ’cause
With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view...

Danny Monroe emerges.

Blood loss in a bathroom stall
Southern girl with a scarlet drawl
Wave good-bye to ma and pa ’cause
Eric Emerson: Danny Monroe

With the birds I’ll share
With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view
With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view

He smiles and interacts with the kids in the front row. He let’s them back slap him on his way to the ring.

Soft spoken with a broken jaw
Step outside but not to brawl
Autumn’s sweet we call it fall
I’ll make it to the moon if I have to crawl and
With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view...

He climbs in the ring. Goes in the corner and he face goes from grateful to serious

Scar tissue that I wish you saw
Sarcastic mister know it all
Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you ’cause
With the birds I’ll share
With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view
With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view...

Music Fades

Ding Ding Ding

Danny and Wood circle the ring, into the tie-up! Wood, the bigger man by a small amount taking over. He forces Danny into
the corner, ref calls for a break... Wood with a smirk as he makes the CLEAN break. Collar-and-elbow tie-up, headlock by Marvin. Danny grabs Marvin's
leg and lifts the man up for a shinbreaker! Wood wincing in pain, trying to walk it off but Danny immediately presses the offense! Kicks to either side of Wood's torso, he's stunned --- Danny waits for it --- BIG KICK --- but Wood gets out of the ring in a hurry! Scott Swindell begins the ten count as Wood is looking to regroup on the outside!

Brian Rentfro: Wood is the best tactician in the business today, look at him forcing the pace of this match to slow down.

Jon McDaniel: But if he's not careful the slowing of the pace will turn into a loss and with him vying for the PWA World Championship, that wouldn't look so good.

Wood steps to the ring apron and eyes Danny before stepping back into the ring. Lunge for a grab, Danny steps out of the way and sends a swift kick to Marvin's gut. Wood catches the leg and pulls Danny in abruptly! Inverted Atomic Drop! Danny with a ginger step following, and Wood bounces off the ropes for
a big clothesline! Danny ducks and tries for a spinebuster, Wood shifts his weight to counter that and drives a knee into Danny's abdomen! Wood sticks
Danny's head between his legs, he's going for THE Imperfect Science! Danny far too strong hits the double-leg take down...and SLINGSHOT! Wood sent over the top rope!
Both men looking for a big maneuver so quickly! Wood now, losing some of his composure, slapping the ring apron in frustration.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Danny is heading out after Marvin this time.

Brian Rentfro: Let him catch his breath you PWA punk!
Danny not interested in waiting for his opponent this time hops outside and whirls Wood around .

Jon McDaniel: Have you forgotten that you work for the PWA?

Brian Rentfro: So I lost my head, the superb talent of Marvin Wood does that to me.

Wood was waiting! Danny rocked by right hands by the AOWF member, and now he's
got him...IRISH WHIP into the guard rail! Danny flips right over into the front row! Wood taking his time, stalking Danny even. Danny has pulled himself up
by the guard rail but here's Marvin! He pulls Danny down throat first across the guard rail! The referee is up to seven, but Wood rolls in the ring to break the count.

Brian Rentfro: See what I mean, he knows exactly what he is doing.

Danny has hauled himself back to ringside now. Wood laying in the heavy boots to Danny's midsection before tossing him back into
the ring. Marvin with a scoop, and where's he going here? Oh no! Marvin has put Danny upside down in the turnbuckle in the TREE OF WOE! Danny is hanging helpless as Marvin kicks him in the head repeatedly! The referee getting in the middle and forcing Wood to break as Danny falls out of the Tree awkwardly.
Wood back to work, suplex puts Danny down.



Wood now has Danny, and he hooks both arms. Here come the knee lifts! Repeated, REPEATED knee
lifts by Marvin into D's abdominal area... Wood still has the arms in a double-underhook, looking over the crowd with disdain.

Brian Rentfro: Suplex Labrynth!

Danny is in trouble here! There's a cover...


Danny kicks out! Marvin looking mildly surprised, but not
losing his focus this time! Wood steps back now, waiting for Danny to get to his feet. Danny in bad shape here, pulling himself up by the ropes.
Wood back to the attack, firing shots at Danny, and here's the irish whip! Clothesline from Marvin, Danny ducks and hits the opposite ropes! Danny With a
flying roundhouse punch floors Wood! Danny with a break in the assault, a chance to change the direction of the match! Wood is up quickly, shaking the cobwebs free and fires a right hand, Danny blocks it and lashes out with one of his own! Danny fires off some of those lightning quick kicks of his,
peppering Wood, and now he Irish Whips the man into the corner! Big body SPLASH! Wait! Wood catches Danny in mid-air, turns around puts him on the top
turnbuckle! SUPERPLEX COMIN' UP...Danny shifts the weight in mid-air and lands on top of Marvin! He's got a leg!



Wood kicks out!

Jon McDaniel: Dominating much of the match, Danny is on a roll now though!

Brian Rentfro: Shut up Jon, just shut up.

Danny trying to get himself revved up as the crowd gets behind the PWA wrestler! Marvin regains his feet and Danny FIRES! AWAY!

Jon McDaniel: Danny with the Plastic Surgery!(double underhook drop onto a knee)



Wood kicks out somehow, but he does it.

Brian Rentfro: Come on Wood, take this idiot to the loss pay window like you are gonna do to Panzadise!

Pulling him up, Danny begins delivering a barage of punches, kicks, knees, and tossing in a few shoulder blocks for good measure. Danny has Wood on the ropes, so to speak, as he is in firm control. Danny snaps out! He's kicking, kicking, and wait a minute...Marvin is TAKING IT. Danny with a VICIOUS roundhouse kick drops Wood down to his knees, but
Wood is SCREAMING "COME ON! COME ON Danny DO IT! DO ITTTTTT!" Danny with the stance, here it comes, running dropkick! Wood dives forward to avoid
the kick, Danny off-balance and Marvin with a HUGE clothesline! Danny tumbles out of the ring! And Marvin content to wait for Danny as the referee administers
the ten count! Danny is pulling himself up to the ring apron, he doesn't seem to have the energy to get in the ring quite yet. Wait! Marvin grabs the
pleased, Danny isn't even moving!





Marvin hears the count, and he knows - he can't win the match by count-out, while out here but Danny isn't moving! Wood rolls out of the ring and grabs him, slinging him into the ring by the tights. And now Marvin pulls Danny to his feet. Danny's eyes are glazed over as Marvin irish whips him into the ropes...THE SPINEBUSTER. Danny is NOT moving. Marvin signals to the crowd that yes, it's...OVER.

Brian Rentfro: Just a matter of polishing this off Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Danny fresh off a victory over Matthew Engel, I wouldn't count him out just yet.

Marvin grabs Danny by the hair and begins to pull him up, to a vertical base. It's time for THE Imperfect Tense...and Danny can't even remain
on his feet! Danny collapses unceremoniously to the canvas, and Marvin pulls him back up, Danny crashes down. Marvin that pity on his face or a look of disgust?

Brian Rentfro: Look at the look of disgust on Marvin's face at having to handle this unworthy opponent.

Jon McDaniel: I, for one, don't think Danny is finished just yet.

Danny is in real bad shape here as Marvin decides what to do with his beaten opponent. Wood reaches down again to pull Danny up - WAIT! Danny WITH




Marvin kicks out, just before the final tap. Danny rolls on through and up to his feet as Marvin reaches the same. Wood charging in, Danny delivering a shoulder tackle sending Wood into the corner. Wood comes back out, , arm drag takes him down as the PWA heavy crowd begins a "Danny Monroe" chant to perk their wrestler up. Marvin back up, Danny with another arm drag takes him down a second time, this one with an added slap to the side of the head. Marvin rolls back up, forearm to the face, whip into the opposite corner.

Jon McDaniel: Told you so Brian, never count out Danny Monroe.

Brian Rentfro: I hate it when you say that.

Danny with a boot to the midsection, following it up with a snap suplex before using the adrenaline and lifting Wood back up. Northern Lights suplex for a bridge pin attempt.




Wood with a shoulder up breaks the pin and the hold, rolling up to his feet. Wood with a kick to the midsection, Danny catches the foot. Wood with an enzeguri, but Danny ducks under delivering a shoulder tackle to the side of Wood sending his face onto the top rope, catapulting him backwards somewhat. Danny catches him, side suplex onto his right shoulder before spinning away and up to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: Danny is on a roll now, show him Danny!

Brian Rentfro: Do you mind being so bias? I mean we are supposed to be impartial.

Jon McDaniel: Like you are?

Brian Rentfro: Do not as I do, but as I say do.

Danny with an elevated double chicken wing, but hurriedly turns it into a chicken wing suplex, sending Wood crashing down on his right arm. Wood after that surprise small package hasn't been the same and Danny is running off the chants and cheers of the PWA faithful here tonight. Wood rolls up to his feet, holding at his right shoulder and here comes Danny! Wood catches him with the Imperfect Tense!




Ding Ding Ding

Brian Rentfro: Yes!

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Marvin Wood!

Marvin's music picks back up as Danny rolls out of the ring and Marvin raises his own hand up into the air.

Marvin Has Words

[As Marvin stands in the ring, we suddenly hear a familiar voice over the loud speakers.]

“I thought we had a deal, Marvin?”

[The PWA World Champion Panzadise steps out onto the entrance ramp with his title around his waist. The crowd explodes in cheers.]

Panzadise: “I thought we agreed that we’d both be putting our world titles on the line in a match at Good vs. Evil.”

[Marvin sighs and shakes his head.]

Panzadise: “But I don’t see the Victory Title around your waist. It looks like you weren’t able to hold up your end of the bargain.”

[The crowd boos Marvin.]

Panzadise: “I’m going to say this once, so I want you to listen closely. There will NOT be a match between Panzadise and Marvin Wood. Not tonight. Not at Good vs. Evil. Not ever!”

[Marvin looks furious in the ring.]

Panzadise: “So while my good pal Rob and I try and decide who I will be defending my title against, why don’t you do us all a favor? Go back to Victory Wrestling where you belong.”

[Marvin is now irate. The crowd breaks out into a “Nah, nah, nah, nah...nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey…GOODBYE!” chant.]

[Dise drops the mic and walks backstage leaving Marvin to contemplate his next move.]

Hallways Be Dangerous

We now see Matt Stone walking the back hallways, IC Title still over his shoulder. He seems content with himself; but he has his belt back now, so why shouldn't he. As Stone keeps walking, someone suddenly seems to be following him. They are wearing a hat with the brow low, and what looks like a huge, fake mustache. As the person catches up behind Stone, we see them raise what looks like a shovel. The person gains a little speed as they get close to Stone, before swinging as hard as they can. Buttt, Stone just realized his shoe was untied, and bends over to correct this. This is unfortunate for the guy swinging, and the stage hand he drills in the face. The man behind Stone goes down with the person he hit due tot he force, and when Stone looks up to see what that was, no one is behind him. Stone shrugs, and continues on his way. The man behind him pops up like a snake. He looks around quickly, and grabs a piece of equipment off a table. It looks heavy, as the man slumps towards Stone. The man gets a wicked looking smirk on his face as he lifts the item up, and throws it. But, not quick enough, as Stone turns down a side hallway. The heavy item goes flying forward, and we hear a scream. The man looks stunned, as he turns to bolt away. However, he collides with another man, and the two of them land on the ground. The first to pop up, is Mark McNasty.

McNasty: SONOFABITCH! What the hell was that? Dude! I almost had Stone, and MY belt back. And YOU had to get in the way.

McNasty bends over and pops back up, with the disguised man in hand, like his hips were spring loaded. McNasty looks at the man, mutters a "damnit" under his breath, and then speaks as he dusts the man off.

McNasty: Look, I'd mess you up, but you're already damn ugly man. Sorry to break it to you. Anyway, *sigh* just be more careful next time. You could get hurt back here with all this talent running around. Now, since you spoiled my plan, I must come up with another.

McNasty steps back and throws his arm in the air.


McNasty darts off as we are left with the mustached man. He looks down as he pulls the mustache and hat off, and when he looks back up, we see it's Marxx. He has a concerned look on his face as he shakes his head back and forth.

Marxx: Wow....just wow.

Marxx turns and walks off, still shaking his head.

Panzadise vs Matt Stone

Non-Title Match

Stone and Panzadise started out in the middle of the cage with a lock up, Dise used his strength advantage to push Stone off, who charged right back at the big man and met his foot right in his face. Stone went down from the blow and Dise rose his arm in the air, looking down at the fallen Intercontinental champion. Dise picked Stone up and tossed him into the steel cage wall once, then brought him across the ring and tossed him up against it a second time. Stone hit the mat and Dise smirked, sending a kick down at the prone Matt Stone. Dise lifts Stone up and throws him into the ropes, Matt comes back and ducks a clothesline, springboards off the ropes and hits Dise in the back of the head with a dropkick. Dise stumbled forward and Stone scrambles to his feet, running at Dise and catching him behind with a chop block. Dise goes down and Matt goes to work on Dise’s right leg. Stomps, inside elbow drops and a leg lock are all used to weaken the core of the World Champion. Dise fights back and gets to his feet, using his raw strength to man handle Matt and toss him into the steel cage again. Blood comes down Matt’s forehead and things look bleak for the Intercontinental champion. Mark McNasty comes out from the crowd and grabs the Intercontinental championship from the time keeper and hopes back over the barricade with the title. Dise grabs Stone and sets him up for The Panzadise Bomb, but Matt gets lower and delivers a low blow on the World Champ! Stone gets up and kicks Panzadise right in the right knee, forcing him to go down and Matt jumps up and delivers a big C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Stone goes for the cover and the referee gets down to count. 1 2 3!!

Winner: Matt Stone

Miss Madyson vs Cody Bogard

Grizzly Beer Title Match

The match started off quickly with both wrestlers going for offense off the bat. Bogard with a forearm smash forced Madyson back momentarily, but Madyson countered quickly with a hip toss sending Bogard to the canvas quickly. Bogard got back up quickly and hit a flying lariat which sent Madyson into the corner. Bogard rushed forward but Madyson moved out of the way quickly, forcing Bogard into the turnbuckle hard. Madyson hits a reverse neckbreaker and quickly goes for the pin but Bogard kicked out at the one and a half mark. Bogard got himself to his feet quickly, rolling dodging a heavy clothesline from Madyson. Bogard back up now laid out Madyson with a springboard mule kick which sent the fans into a frenzy of camera flashes. Madyson wasn't having any of it and as Bogard went for a hurricanrana, Madyson reversed the move and powerbombed Cody Bogard into the canvas hard going for the pinfall once again. Cody Bogard kicked out at the two count and rose to his feet quickly. Madyson attempted a body slam which Bogard got out of at the last second to counter with a facebuster. And as Madyson got up, Cody Bogard unleashed Last Dread Dust on Miss Madyson and hooked both legs for the 1, 2, 3. After the match Bogard shook hands with Madyson out of respect and both wrestlers raised the other's hands to the cheers of the crowd.

Winner: Cody Bogard

To Catch a Silverback 3: The Search for Silverback

The entire NAP shuffles back together backstage, all of them looking slightly dejected.

Panzadise: “I guess he’s not showing up tonight, fellas. Let’s pack up and-“

A loud commotion can be heard from off-screen. Danza’s eyes go wide.

Tony Danza: “Ay oh! That sounds like my net trap!”

They all run around the corner to see someone hanging from a net hanging from a steel girder. It’s dark in here, so we can’t see exactly who it is. Dise signals for Not-Stryker to cut the rope. He does so and the net and its contents fall to the ground with a thump. Carols Baerga and Scott Baio pull the net away to reveal…

Simon Kalis!

Not-Stryker: “Okay. That I didn’t see coming.”

Kalis stands up and brushes himself off, but instead of looking pissed, he looks amused.

Panzadise: “Sorry about that, Simon. We were trying to catch someone else.”

Kalis waves it off, smiling.

Simon Kalis: “No problem, boys. Believe it or not, this kind of thing has happened to me before. I get to keep these though, right?”

He holds up the bottle of whiskey and the carton of cigarette.

Panzadise: “Oh, yeah. Keep’em. I don’t think we’ll be needing them anymore.

Dise gives Danza a glare as Simon Kalis walks away, whistling happily.

Mysterious Mysteries

Backstage, after Rampage is over, Matt Stone has packed his bags and is walking through the halls, heading to the parking area. A mysterious figure in a trench coat is trying (unsuccessfully) to be stealthy and follow. Stone gets to a double set of doors, opens them and walks through, letting them swing shut behind him. The figure in the trench coat runs to the doors, hitting the panic bar to open them. But the doors don't budge and the trench coat man falls down in a heap.

In the parking area, Stone heads to his car, passing the various empty cars around him. From behind, a kendo stick swings down, smashing the Intercontinental champion in the back of the head. Stone buckles and a hand grabs him by the hair and smashes his face into the nearest car's hood three times. The camera follows Matt Stone as he crumples to the ground. A hand enters the frame, unzips his duffel bag and pulls out the IC title belt. Another hand brushes some imaginary dirt off the belt.

Voice: Man, since I left it looks like they'll give this baby to just anybody.

The camera pans up to reveal Riona Langly. She smirks at the camera, tosses the belt over one shoulder and walks away as the screen fades to black.