World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Intro, Bitches

The moon shines in the sky as the sound of crickets chirping is heard. We quick pan to the front of Rob Robinson's home, as he comes out of his front door; whistling and holding a bowl of popcorn. Robinson walks out from his door (wearing a sling for some reason), to the middle of his lawn, where a couch sits. He plops down, and begins looking around.

Robinson: Now where did I put that thing?

Robinson lifts one of the cushions, and smirks as he pulls out a tv remote. He aims it at the side of his house.

Robinson: Here we go!

Robinson clicks the remote, and the entire front side of his home lights up as the intro to PWA RAMPAGE plays!

Marco Dante vs Miss Madyson

Two Peeps With Something to Prove Match

As "What the Hell" by Avril Lavigne plays across the PA system, Madyson takes to center stage where she blows a kiss towards the crowd, before making her way down the ramp. She interacts with several fans before making her way to the ring step and climbs on the turnbuckle. She again poses for the fans before taking center stage in the ring.

The sound of a twisted sounding musiccan be heard over the arena PA system as the lights go out in the arena and as "Blood Red Sandman" by Lordi starts to play

They called me the Leather Apron
They called me Smiling Jack
They prayed to the heavens above
That I would never ever come back


Eric Emerson: "Now Coming to the Ring! standing at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 245 lbs, Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey! He is "The Blood Red Sandman!" Marcoooo Danttttteeeee!!"

Can you hear how the children weep?
Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep...

Marco Dante steps from behind the curtain into a shower of white pyrotechnics, and as the lights start to flicker in tune with the beat of the song, wearing a pair of Black Pants with a pair of black Converse Tactical Boots,and a black muscle shirt tucked into his pants, black tape on his hands and wrists. The big screen behind him playing highlights from his matches, in black and white, as he starts to walk towards the ring.

Once again there is pain,
I bring flames I bring cold
I'm the Blood Red Sandman coming home
On this unholy night I will make you my own
Blood Red Sandman coming home again
I'm coming home again!

As he walks, his eyes focused on the ring however, on his opponent if he's the second person out, just before reach the end of the barricade, he runs and baseball slides in under the ropes, jumping to his feet and then moving over to the turnbuckles, climbing each and thrusting both fists into the air, and then let's out a bit of a roar to get the crowd pumped.

Red drops stain satin so white
The way I sign my name
The neighborhood's pretty dead at night
And I'm the one to blame

Marco Dante then jumps down from the turnbuckle, going to the next, repeating the steps before and so one..for each turnbuckle then a one handed chest pound just before hopping down from the last turnbuckle, he walks to the center of the ring and waves for the crowd to get louder and louder.

Can you hear how the children weep?
Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep...

Once again there is pain,
I bring flames I bring cold
I'm the Blood Red Sandman coming home
On this unholy night I will make you my own
Blood Red Sandman coming home again
I'm coming home again!

Scream all you want you won't wake up when you scream!!
No-one leaves... The Monsterican Dream..

Can you hear how the children weep?
Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep...

Once again there is pain,
I bring flames I bring cold
I'm the Blood Red Sandman coming home
On this unholy night I will make you my own
Blood Red Sandman coming home again
I'm coming home again!

Once again there is pain,
I bring flames I bring cold
I'm the Blood Red Sandman coming home
On this unholy night I will make you my own
Blood Red Sandman coming home again
I'm coming home again!

He then turns to the entrance ramp if his opponent is second, or the center of the ring to await the bell.

Each move toward the center of the ring and Madyson uses her womanly wiles to catch Dante off guard, it works for a bit as she goes a gut toe kick to a snap mare, Marco lands lat on his rear as Madyson snaps a kick right between his shoulder blades, causing Marco to yell in pain, she then starts to pull Marco to his feet.

Marco then fires off a couple of stiff hand chops on Madyson and then goes for an irsh whip, sending Madyson to the ropes, she rebounds and attempts a clothesline, Marco ducks underneath and steps behind her, grabbing her chin and then drops down for a neckbreaker and just as soon as Marco is on his feet, he pulls Madyson up by her hair which earns him a scolding by the ref, Marco only gives the official a sadistic grin, Madyson takes the second to level Marco with a jaw breaker, she goes for a cover!

tw-kick out!

Marco kicks out and Madyson reaches down, but Dante is ready, he hooks her up for a small package.
th-kick out!

Madyson kicks out in a hurry at the last second, Marco rolls out and grabs the bottom rope and kips up to his feet, he crouches low and watches Madyson as she moves for him, Marco rushes forward attempting a collar-elbow tieup but Madyson has a different idea and moves around with a rear waist lock on Marco, whom is looking around and slams a couple of back elbows until Maydon lets him go to which he hits the ropes and charges back towards her, leveling her with a clothesline that looked like it might have taken her head off!

Miss Madyson writhes in pain on the mat from the impact of the clothes line, the crowd seems to be behind Miss Madyson more than they are Marco.


However, there are a few of the die-hard Marco Dante fans also mixed in.

Other part of the crowd: DANTE! DANTE! DANTE!

Marco gives another sadistic grin and once again pulls Madyson up by her hair, earning another warning from the ref, he leaves Madyson in a seated position and starts raining elbows into her trapezious region and her shoulders, finally, Madyson has hand enough and uses her flexiblity to bring a boot up and catch Dante in the face, knocking him back to the mat, Marco shakes his head as the kick caught him in the nose, dazing and blurring his vision for a few moments but Madyson seems to be in more pain due to the elbows, but being a trooper, she fights back to her feet, Dante slowly gets back up and they charge each other all of a sudden: DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!! Both are down!

President Robinson and referee Alec Wilcox come out and stand at ringside, watching the match.

The Ref starts the count.

Madyson actually starts to stir first

Marco starts to climb back to his feet as does Madyson


Madyson starts to measure up and suddenly attempts the Chick Kick, but Marco is ready and he catches her foot and tosses it aside to spin her around and once his back is to him, he goes for his Monsterican Dream, starting to wrap her up in the cobra clutch, but she is aware enough to scramble to the ropes and grabs the middle rope before Marco can fully apply the hold, causing the ref to make Dante break the hold, Dante does so, only to club Madyson across the upper back with a forearm.

Dante whips Madyson to the corner and just as soon as she hits, he rushes the same corner, going for a clotheslines, but Madyson isn't quick enough to get out of the way and falls forward into Dante's grasp, whom hooks her in for a vertical suplex, but snaps it down into a dangerous DDT! LUNATIC FRINGE!!!

Dante makes the cover, but Robinson slides in, scoops up Marco and hits him with the Flame. The referee starts to call for the bell, but Robinson screams at him to get the hell out of the ring or he's fired. The ref complies and Alec Wilcox scurries in. Robinson drags Madyson on top of Dante and motions to Wilcox. Wilcox counts...


Winner: Miss Madyson

America Wins

Backstage we're with the former PWA World Champion, Matthew Engel, as he gives us his thoughts on 9/11 and the American people. He's dressed in his ring attire, eager and ready to go for his highly-anticipated match with Danny Monroe tonight. No title over his shoulder, nothing around his waist; August 21st was a sad and happy day for Matthew Engel as he set the record for longest World Title reign officially, but it's also the first time since January 2003 that he has been completely without a championship. However, it has not deterred him one bit.

Matthew Engel: "It's no secret I'm huge on America. And today, in all seriousness, we remember the terrible events ten years ago and how that brought us closer together as a nation and for some of us it took away our naivety and made us work harder to make sure it wouldn't happen again. Both of my parents were in New York City at the time of the attack, but they weren't in downtown Manhattan. They, however, stayed in the city and did whatever they could to help. Later on they donated thousands of dollars to charities giving back to those who lost everything and everyone that day."

Matthew Engel: "And I suppose when it comes to me, the apple fell pretty far from the tree. It's a funny joke, and it's true. But today, above all else, we all show our colors and what it means to us to be a proud American. I myself have even followed in my parents' footsteps and donated money to 9/11 charity funds over the years to help them rebuild the area and give to those who, like I said, lost nearly everything."

Matthew Engel: "I love this city. I love the people here and I love that no matter what fanatical fundamentalists do, they will never topple you. They will never bring you to your knees, and you will never forgive and forget. NYC and myself have a lot in common, so tonight... I will give you an amazing match, like I always do, and I will do my absolute best to make this city proud to be here on Sunday Night Rampage and witnessing some of the best wrestling this country has to offer."

The crowd erupts in cheers for Matthew Engel, a rare occurrence we assure you.

Matthew Engel: "As far as my opponent goes tonight, I have confidence in him that he will bring just as much energy and determination to that ring as I will. It will be an amazing match and you're all about to witness the future of this sport, because as I've passed my ninth year in this business it's becoming more of a reality that I don't have many more years to give. But this young man, Daniel Monroe, he's got something. Tonight we'll find out if it's enough."

A short pause from the former World Champion. The crowd is going nuts.

Crowd: "U-S-A! U-S-A!"

Matthew Engel: "Tonight is bigger than all of us. And I won't do anything corny like dedicate my match to the thousands of lives lost ten years ago. But they are in my thoughts and what they did for us will never be forgotten. Just like Matthew Engel, America wins."

And with that, Engel disappears off-camera and we cut back to ringside.

In Which Decisions Are Made

[Rob Robinson is standing in the ring with a microphone in hand.]

President Robinson: “Last week, Panzadise was not at Sunday Night Rampage.”

[The crowd boos.]

President Robinson: “I know, I didn’t like it either. But while he was gone, someone else decided to stop by and grab the spotlight. Someone that I know very well. Mr. Marvin Wood!”

[The crowd boos even louder.]

President Robinson: “Relax people, relax. I’m not going to make the same mistake twice, so allow me to introduce YOUR PWA World Champion, and MY good friend...PANZADISE!”

[The crowd erupts as Panzadise makes his way down to the ring with the PWA World Title over his shoulder. He steps over the top rope, walks right past Robinson without acknowledging him, and leans against the turnbuckle awaiting Robinson’s next move.]

President Robinson: “Dise, Dise, Dise. Why the cold-shoulder? You know I’m only doing what’s best for this company. And honestly, having you and Marvin Wood go at it for the PWA World Title IS what’s best for this company.”

[The crowd has a mixed reaction.]

President Robinson: “You know just as well as anyone that the PWA is a sinking ship. I didn’t want to have to go to Victory Wrestling to get your next challenger, but what was I supposed to do? You’ve already destroyed everyone on the PWA’s roster. You left me no choice...”

[Panzadise walks over to Robinson and snatches the microphone from him.]

Panzadise: “I thought we were tight, Rob. I thought that deep down you were NAP.”

[Robinson shrugs and makes an NAP sign with his hand, but Dise ignores it.]

Panzadise: “I miss one Rampage, and what do you do? You go and bring in some Victory Wrestling wannabe, and let him run his mouth about Panzadise? About YOUR champion? Well I got news, Rob, I won’t be wrestling Marvin Wood, or any other undeserving scrub you find off the streets...”

[The first few chords of Edward Elgar’s ‘Pomp & Circumstance March No.3’ interrupt the proceedings. This is quickly followed up with a chorus of boos from the PWA faithful. And, predictably, out walks the Victory Wrestling World Champion Marvin Wood to the stage, microphone in hand. As his music cuts out, we can hear a ‘P-dubya-A’ chant from the audience, rather clearly.]

[Trying to get back on Dise’s good side, Robinson joins in with the crowd’s chant.]

President Robinson: “PWA! PWA! PWA!”

Panzadise: “That’s right, Rob. PWA! PWA! And I’m pretty sure Marvin Wood isn’t on the active PWA roster. So with that said, Rob, why don’t you tell this punk to get the hell out of this arena...and the hell off of this show.”

[Wood remains on the stage, rather than walking down towards the ring. He is attired in black, smart-casual clothing. Taking his time, he makes sure to convey an expression of bemusement towards the vicinity of the ring. He brings the microphone up to his mouth.]

Marvin Wood: “If anyone required further indication of Panzadise’s lack of championship merit, you need only have listened to the past five minutes of this show.”

[The crowd boos in indignation.]

Marvin Wood: “He asks why ‘The Phoenix’ would book this match? Why should it matter? He is the World Heavyweight Champion. He should be prepared to defend his title against absolutely anyone. Apparently, this is not the case. What this is really all about is, Panzadise being afraid to face me. That is understandable. However, what I object to is, the way in which he goes about addressing his fear. Like any weak-willed plebeian, he is attempting to weasel his way out of the daunting task ahead of him. If he had an ounce of greatness in him, he would see this challenge as a positive thing for his career.”

Panzadise: “You think I’m trying to weasel out of this match? You obviously haven’t been watching what I’ve done in this ring over the past three months. I could come down their right now and Panzadise Bomb you through that stage, but you know what...I’ve got an even better idea. You want a match with Panzadise? You’ve got it! But under one condition. You see that Victory Title around your waist? You put it on the line against me. That’s right, buddy, title verses title!”

[The crowd goes absolutely bananas. Marvin wears a somber facial expression, as he seriously considers the Panzie’s offer. Following a few moments of consideration, he provides a response.]

Marvin Wood: As you saw last Friday, I already have a World Title defense scheduled. Whilst it is honourable to not accept any title defences prior to a previously scheduled one, I will say this...

[Panzadise smirks.]

Marvin Wood: I am going to ensure that the Victory Wrestling World Title is defended in our match.

[There is a pop for this announcement. Panzadise nods.]

Panzadise: If you lose that title before we even have our match, you will have proven that you are not on my level.

[Marvin Wood, Panzadise and seemingly every other person in the arena shift their attention to the PWA president. They expect a decision.]

President Robinson: First off, I really need to point out that I didn't invite Marvin to the PWA. As the entire wrestling world knows, he and I are partners in the AOWF and Marvin stepped up to help a friend. I wasn't in the arena last week, so this challenge caught me by surprise just as much as it did you, Dise. But man, the prospect of a PWA World Champion facing the Victory Wrestling champion? And I don't have to share any of the profits with Lisa Seldon? Not that's what we call a no-brainer. Hell, even without the Victory World title on the line, this is still a huge match. Just think of this as a present to me, and in return I get to reward two of my best friends with some nice, fat pay per view bonuses. This all might not be orthodox, but I'll be damned if it isn't a license to print money.

Joshua Danielson vs Cody Bogard vs TMB

Match We Wish Was For The Title Match

Technical difficulties bring us right to the end of the match. Bogard is trying to powerbomb TMB, but TMB reverses it into an over-the-top rope backdrop. Danielson charges the distracted TMB, but TMB isn't fooled and nearly takes Danielson's head off with a super kick. TMB makes for the cover for the win.

Winner: TMB

The Hot Pockets Are For Employees ONLY

We are backstage in the catering area. Mark McNasty in standing in a kitchen. We pan out to show Marxx standing in front of an oven, in full chef gear. Marxx, needless to say, looks unhappy.

McNasty: Now remember, I like my omelets realll chunky. So don't go skimpy.

Marxx: But Mark, I told you, there's no eggs here, I can't do an omelet!

McNasty: Oh come on, you're French or something. You guys are supposed to be great cooks. And don't you want your job back?

McNasty smiles his trademark smile as he pats Marxx on the side of the face.

McNasty: I'm sure you'll figure something out.

Marxx: But,

Without missing a beat

McNasty: Butts are meant for sitting on. You are here to cook a feast for me. Get to it!

McNasty turns and walks off as Marxx is left looking pissed.

Matthew Engel vs Danny Monroe

Danny Monroe's Pride Match

The match was underway and was a brawl-fest at first, with Virus and Monroe taking it to each other with brutal lefts and rights. Monroe would get the advantage early with a hammerlock DDT and put Virus in the corner, mounting him and giving him the 10 punches and a hip toss out of the corner. Monroe would go to the ropes and bounce back, flying with a jumping knee drop and connecting. Monroe and Virus would battle back and forth for quite a long time as this match pushed the 30 minute time limit. Virus would get an advantage countering out of a suplex and taking Monroe down with a half-nelson suplex. Virus would make the first pinfall attempt of the match but Monroe would kick out at 2. Virus and Monroe battled each other in and out of the ring, with Monroe's viciousness coming out while outside the ring and really taking it to Virus' head and knee. Virus managed to sweep Monroe on his back on the arena floor and then suplex him onto the steel steps! Monroe came back to life reversing an irish whip and sending Virus face-first into the ring post. The ref nearly reached a ten count when both Virus and Monroe rolled into the ring. Monroe ducked a clothesline attempt from Virus and nailed him with the Plastic Surgery (Double underhook drop onto knee). Monroe would get his first pinfall attempt but the crafty veteran Virus would get his foot on the rope to break the count after 2.

Jon McDaniel: Matthew Engel is showing why he's a legend here in the PWA. His resilience is nearly unmatched by anyone who steps in this ring.

Brian Rentfro: Except Panzadise.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah, I suppose. You're just loving the NAP aren't you?

Brian Rentfro: Well duh, Jon. Who isn't?!

Monroe would go back to work and whip Virus into the corner. Monroe would charge but Virus would get his boot up just in time to catch Monroe in the face. Virus would bounce off the ropes and take Monroe down with a spinning elbow to the face. Virus would go for the High Voltage (Moonsault into a Double Footstomp) but no one would be there. Virus got caught with a jumping sidekick to the jaw from Monroe, sending him to the mat. And Monroe would waste no time locking in Californication, his patented arm-bar.

Virus would struggle and struggle, and waited out as long as he could - probably as long as anyone has ever done - but eventually The Virus would tap out.


Eric Emerson: And your winner by submission... DANNY MONROE!!!!

The crowd was half cheering, half booing for this new PWA rookie sensation who just did the near impossible and beat one of the PWA's best. Virus would roll out of the ring holding his arm and look up to Danny Monroe who had his arms raised. Virus gave Monroe a nod of respect and disappeared backstage allowing Monroe to celebrate his monumental victory.

Jon McDaniel: And in a surprise upset, Monroe picks up the win here against the best World Champion in PWA history.

Brian Rentfro: Can you stop saying that? It sounds dumb when you say it; plus it's not entirely true.

Jon McDaniel: 147 days as World Champ isn't enough for you?

Brian Rentfro: He pinned two fatties and an old man to keep that belt, Jon. I'm not impressed.

Jon McDaniel: Regardless, Matthew Engel is a warrior and I'm sure when these two meet again Monroe won't be on the good side of things.

Unwelcome Guests

President Robinson is in his office, no sling now, watching the action on TV. All of a sudden, we hear someone knocking at the door.

President Robinson: Come in!

Robinson looks towards the door.

President Robinson: There he is, the famous thief!

With that said, Marxx appears in the frame, still in his chef attire.

President Robinson: So, you're here to deliver a message from McNasty? He send you in a costume to sing me a poem he wrote? Or did you come to apologize for what you did?

Marxx: None of that Rob. I wanna talk business here.

President Robinson: Hmm... Marxx wants to talk business. That's new! Where's the statement, the crowd, there's no one around here, what's the point of trying to say anything for you right now?

Marxx: Now listen, I know I'm usually going over the top, but it never failed so far! At least, not until now. I'm just about to get that championship back, I know exactly the way of doing so. But for that, I need my job back. I wanna fight McNasty at Good versus Evil for it. He can pull all the tricks he wants outside the ring, but in the ring, he has no chance.

President Robinson: And what if you fail at the task?

Marxx: Oh trust me, I'm not going to. Remember what you said when you grouped me with Wagner and Corlen to take on Showtime? Some of PWA's best. You trusted me for one night, one little night to shut him up. I didn't want to, but I still got the job done. Now imagine what I could do if I really focus on it. Just give me that chance man, it's your only hope to get back the Intercontinental title belt.

Robinson takes his tiem to answer to Marxx's request.

President Robinson: ... I'll think about it. And in the meantime, I'd suggest you to go back to your kitchen, I can smell the burning turkey from here.

Marxx takes a second to smell the air.

Marxx: OH SH...

And he storms out of the office.

Panzadise vs Lucious Starr

Rematch of the Century Match

Back and forth, with a pissed off World champion trying to take his annoyance out on Starr. Of course, Starr is a veteran and is trying to use Dise's anger against him. So that's the story of the match. Starr does step up his game to show that he can hang with the PWA main eventers, but Dise doesn't back down either.

The ending comes when Not-Stryker comes out of the crowd and knocks Starr out with a Super NES. Starr gets the win via DQ and Panzadise does not look particularly amused.

Winner: Lucious Starr via DQ

Vic Wagner (C) vs Matt Stone

Cage Match for the IC Championship

Who robs Cave Fish of their Sight? Who rigs every Oscar Night?

Eric Emerson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a steel cage match and it is for the PWA Intercontinental Championship! Introducing first…”

A lion roars then the heavy guitar riff, and pounding drums of the song start.

Eric Emerson: Introducing Fighting out of Munich, Germany He stands at a height of 6 feet and 4 inches tall, weighing in at 256 pounds.”

Eric is cut off as the vocals of the song kick in

I rule the jungle, I rule it with pride
I'm judge and jury, your life I decide
I have awakened for my nightly feast
a reign of terror, beware of the beast

Vic Wagner appears at the top of the stage looking pissed off to be here. Vic points to himself and laughs; before moving to the top of the ramp.

Don't try to run there's no way to survive
a vicious surrender I'll eat you alive
no one is safe until I get my fill
all hear my warning I'm king of the kill

Wagner holds up his right hand with his ring and middle finger forming a V and yells "Vicious", then quickly brings up his left hand has his ring and middle finger forming a V and yells "Vic". He then places the two Vs together to form a W and Yells "Wagner", and then lowers his ring fingers to flip off the crowd begins to head down the ramp.

stalking the land for the scent of my prey
stopping for nothing don't get in my way
left to the vultures your life is denied
I rule the jungle I rule it with pride

Vic Wagner heads down the ramp trash talking fans, he almost ends up throwing punches at a few select fans some other fans he makes a jerking motion towards.

Don't try to run there's no way to survive
a vicious surrender I'll eat you alive
no one is safe until I get my fill
all hear my warning I'm king of the kill

Vic Wagner rolls into the ring, and stands up. Vic the then moves over towards his corner; where he ends up half sitting and half leaning on the second turnbuckle. Vic then stretches his arms out over the top ropes.

With referee Lance Weston in the ring along with Vic Wagner, the steel cage begins to lower. There are stagehands at the corners to ensure the cage is secured properly. When the cage is set up properly, Matt Stone’s theme began to play

Eric Emerson: “And his opponent, he is the reigning Intercontinental champion, from Ottawa, Ontario Canada, being accompanied by Elizabeth Davis and Katrina, this is Matt Stone!”

From the back comes Matt Stone along with his arm candy, Elizabeth and Katrina. Stone also has a microphone in his hand and quickly speaks

Matt: “Cut the music!”

As Matt speaks, the music ends and Stone continues to speak

Matt: “Let me explain something to you people. Standing in the ring right now is quite literally a caged animal. Now in most cases, a caged animal is something to be feared, something to avoid. But what I see is a wounded animal just begging to be put down. That’s what I’m going to do Vic, I’m going to put you down tonight.”

Vic looks angry, trying to get out of the cage, however the outside referee is keeping the door closed and Lance inside the cage pulls Vic back. Stone is now outside the door looking up at Vic

Matt: “Yeah, back up there cowboy. I’m coming for you, calm down. Geez, your breath reeks from out here. Back him up!”

Stone hands the microphone to Liz who brings it over to the time keeper as the steel cage door is opened and Matt Stone slowly gets in, eyeing Vic.

Brian Rentfro: “Matt Stone trying to get in the head of Vic before the match even starts. I love it”

Jon McDaniel: “I think it’s stupid”

Just as the door closes behind Stone, the bell sounds and Lance moves out of the way, allowing Vic to charge at Stone and catch him quickly with a running knee to the abdomen. Stone doubles over and Vic grabs his head, ramming it into the side of the cage. Matt bounces off and lands on the mat before Vic starts sending his right foot down repeatedly on Stone’s back. Vic reaches down and picks Stone up by the back of the head before Matt brings his forearm quickly between Vic’s legs!

Jon McDaniel: “Well that’s pathetic”

Brian Rentfro: “No disqualifications, right?”

Vic holds his crotch and falls to the ground. Stone mounts him, sending down punch after punch upon Vic’s covered up head. Stone gets off him after a flurry and holds his arms up in the air only to be booed by the audience. Stone shakes his head and goes over to pick up Vic, sending him across the ring into the corner. Matt charges in after him, however Vic is able to get his feet up and Stone’s face collides with Vic’s boot. Matt stumbles backwards and Vic charges, knocking Stone inside out with a vicious clothesline!

Jon McDaniel: “That one nearly took his head off!”

Stone started to get to his feet, pushing himself up off the mat as Vic grabbed his head. The two were locked up, struggling for position, Vic backing Matt up against the ropes, Stone rolling Vic’s back to the ropes, then Vic forces Stone into a corner. Matt stomps Vic’s right foot and Vic backs off, limping slightly. Stone dashes towards Vic and ducks behind him, quickly gabbing him with a rear waist lock and lifting him off his feet for a snap German suplex! The back of Vic’s head bounces off the mat and he flips to his stomach

Brian Rentfro: “Giving Wagner a bit of home cookin’ on that one”

Jon McDaniel: “What does that mean?”

Brian Rentfro: “You know, cause he’s German…”

Before McDaniel has a chance to dispute the logic, the action picked up again. Vic was trying to push himself off the mat with Stone looming over him. Matt called out “Kneel before Zod!” and swung his right foot, connecting with the back of Vic’s head. Stone quickly went for the first cover of the night, Lance getting down for the cover.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: “Matt Stone trying to make a statement, he doesn’t want to escape the cage, he wants to legitimately beat Vic Wager”

Jon McDaniel: ‘We’ll see if that comes back to bite him”

Stone grabs Vic by the back of the head and brings him over to the bottom rope, placing his throat on the rope and his foot on the back of Vic’s head. Matt then grabs the cage and uses it to pull himself up, pushing down on Vic’s head, choking him out. Stone then quickly elevates himself in the air and tries to come down across Vic’s back with a leg drop, but Wagner is able to roll out of the way, forcing Stone to land hard on the mat.

Jon McDaniel: “Well that didn’t work out”

Vic is now back to his feet, rubbing his throat as he watches Stone starting to get up. Wagner catching Matt in the guy with a thrust kick and grabs the back of his head, spinning him in place and ramming him face first into the steel cage wall! Matt bounces off and Vic grabs his head again, once again driving him face first into the steel cage wall! Wagner does it a third time and Matt just slides down the wall, blood trickling down his forehead.

Brian Rentfro: “Matt’s bleeding! This doesn’t look good”

Jon McDaniel: “Vic looks to be getting serious now”

Wagner picks Matt up and puts him in a standing hand scissors. He hooks Stone’s arms and lifts him high in the air, flipping him in mid air and driving Stone right across Vic’s knee with his patented Blood Eagle. Matt slumped off Vic’s knee and Wagner went for the cover

Jon McDaniel: “That’s the move that almost beat Stone the first time, and there’s no rope breaks inside the cage”



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: “Matt’s not done yet”

Stone attempts to create space, but Vic grabs his leg and pulls him back. Matt pins to his back and shoots his free foot right into the jaw of Vic. Matt grabs the near by ropes and gets to his feet as Vic does the same, rubbing his jaw. Stone runs at Vic and leaps in the air, going for the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker, but Vic grabs the top rope and holds on, Stone falling to the mat unsuccessful. Vic quickly springboards off the middle rope and drives an elbow right into the chest of Stone. Matt coughs out and Vic goes straight to work, grabbing Stone’s legs and hooking him up, struggling slightly Vic locks Stone in a sharpshooter!

Jon McDaniel: “I don’t believe this! Vic has Matt in the sharpshooter!”

Brian Rentfro: “This can’t end like this, how humiliating!”

Stone pushes himself off the mat, screaming in pain. He starts to crawl and makes it to the bottom rope, but Lance Weston just looks down to see if Matt will give up.

Brian Rentfro: “Rope break! Rope break!”

Jon McDaniel: “There’s no rope break in a cage match!”

Elizabeth ran over to where Matt was to encourage him to keep fighting, Katrina tries to go up the steps in the door, Lance noticing this walks over and tells her to get down. While Lance is with Katrina, Elizabeth hands Stone something, the camera can’t pick it up as Matt quickly pushes himself up again and puts what ever it was. Stone then reaches back and pulls on Wagner’s right foot as hard as he could, forcing Vic to stumble and Matt was able to wiggle free from the sharpshooter.

Brian Rentfro: “Matt Stone escapes! He’s the master of the sharpshooter!”

Jon McDaniel: “What did Elizabeth give him?”

Brian Rentfro: “What are you talking about?”

Katrina got down from the steps and Liz clapped for Matt, who was still in pain. Stone was trying to get to his feet and Vic came over with him with determination is his eyes. Matt was struggling up and Vic spun him around, Stone was reaching down though and pulled out something.

Stone tossed some powder right in Vic’s eyes, blinding him temporarily. Vic took a wild swing at Matt, but missed drastically and Matt leapt in the air, grabbing the back of Vic’s head and driving it straight down on Stone’s knee for the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Matt crawled over to Vic, but didn’t go for the cover, rather he grabbed Vic’s head and locked him in the Set in Stone. Matt pulled back as hard as he could, putting all the pressure on Vic’s head, and Wagner fought it as hard as he could, but he had no other choice than to tap out.

Ding Ding

Brian Rentfro: “He did it! He did it!”

Jon McDaniel: “Yeah, I guess he did.”

Eric Emerson: “The winner of the match…and still the Intercontinental champion, Matt Stone!”

The cage now started to raise up now and Matt released Vic and rolled out of the ring to the arms of Elizabeth. Katrina ran over and the two of them with Matt walked back up the ramp, Stone raising his arms up in the air.

Shit Gets Real

Stone celebrates in the ring. However, it's cut short as "Whatever You Became" begins to play.

John Jon McDaniel: That's Mark McNasty's music.

Brian Rentfro: We'll, we did see he was here earlier in the night.

From the back, Mark McNasty walks out in street clothes; PWA IC title over his shoulder. In the ring, Matt calls for a mic.

McNasty: Yeahhhh, lets go ahead and cut that. Stone talked enough this week.

Matt Stone raises the mic, but we can't hear a thing. He doesn't look happy.

McNasty: So here's the deal Mattie. You just won that belt back that Vic has been toting around. But the problem with that is, it's not the real PWA IC title. This is.

McNasty moves his shoulder to emphasize the belt over his arm.

McNasty: And to back me up on that, everyone's favorite PWA president; Rob Robinson. We now cut to him LIVE!

McNasty steps back and holds an arm up towards the tron. Robinson appears, standing in his office. He looks down towards McNasty from the tron.

McNasty: Hey Rob!

Robinson: Hey Mark.

John Jon McDaniel: ...Since when did these two become buddies? We've always seen them try to rip each other's throats out.

McNasty: How's the new TV Rob? I trust from the opening they installed it properly.

Robinson: Working great Mark. Your contribution to the "Rob Robinson Really Needs a Good TV" fund was much appreciated.

Brian Rentrfro: Are they saying that opening bit wasn't a bit, but some form of television McNasty bought for Robinson???? Why would he do that?

McNasty: So Rob, pal, could we go ahead and get on with it?

Robinson: Sure. Stone, I'm sorry dude. I know you busted your butt and all to win that belt. But, you might as well have been fighting over some hobos tinfoil hat. That belt is not, and has never been, recognized by the AOWF committee. Sooo, I'm afraid it's worthless. And, since Mark there has the real belt, I'm afraid I have no other choice than to name him IC champ. Possession is nine tenths of the law and all that good stuff.

The crowd is going nuts; half boos and half cheers as Stone is very displeased in the ring. He runs his hand through his hair as he leans on the ropes.

McNasty: Hey Rob, better yet, could we go ahead and retro fit me to have been champ since I got the belt?

Robinson: Ummm,

McNasty: The 3D glasses are being shipped for the TV as we speak.

Robinson: Sorry, had something in my throat. I meant to hurriedly spit out, Yes. Yes we most certainly can.

John Jon McDaniel: What are we a part of Brian? This is insane.

Brian Rentfro: John, really, as long as we've known Rob, this isn't that hard to buy.

McNasty: Fantastic. Now Rob, before Stone tears down your ring, go ahead and give him the good news.

Robinson: Matt, our kind, considerate, sweet and caring IC champ there has been kind enough to offer you a title shot for all your hard work tonight. And you'll get it at Good Vs. Evil.

McNasty: I'm a nice guy. Heh. Thanks Rob!

Robinson: Anytime.

The tron flashes off as McNasty's music begins to play. McNasty raises his belt up as Stone still looks upset in the ring. McNasty turns to walk through the curtains, but is suddenly met by a skillet to the face. He falls to the ground as Marxx, still in chef attire, runs out from the back to cheers. He throws the skillet away and starts to take his chef attire off. He bends over, and grabs McNasty's microphone.

Marxx: I'm done with the games! I'm done trying to play the nice guys with you! And most of all, I'm done being your manservant!

With that said, he drops the microphone and grabs the belt. But all of a sudden, the tron is showing Robinson again.

Robinson: Hey, Marxx!

Marxx looks up. Robinson is dying laughing.

Robinson: Anyone who does that to McNasty is pretty good in my book. Stone may have busted his ass tonight to get into the match, but what you just did was a lot more meaningful to me. And it obviously deserves some type of reward. Since you already managed to sweet talk me into giving you your job back, consider this your earning a spot in the IC title match at Good Vs Evil!

The tron dies again as Marxx jumps up, title still in his hand.

John Jon McDaniel: Well there you go folks, we just found out that at Good Vs Evil, Matt Stone, Mark McNasty, and Marxx will fight it out for the right to the PWA IC title.

Brian Rentfro: All three of these men have had this belt in their possession over the last few months, but only one of them will earn it at Good Vs Evil.

John Jon McDaniel: Good night folks!

The Rampage symbol and copyright info appear in the bottom corner as we are left looking at an ecstatic Marxx on the entrance ramp, holding up the IC title.