World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Marco Dante vs Thomas Manchester Black

Singles Match!

The bell rang and the two men went at it furiously, each delivering fistfuls of pain to each other's faces like it was a straight up boxing match. But TMB went all MMA with some impressive takedowns and threw in some good wrestling holds to wear Marco Dante down. Dante reversed an irish whip from TMB and took TMB down with a Lou Thesz press, hammering Black with lefts and rights. Marco went on the offensive and delivered some high impact moves on TMB such as a superplex and a high-angled spine buster. Dante went for a pin but Black kicked out after two. Dante brought Black up to his feet and cornered him in the turnbuckles, smashing his knees into Black's ribs and then hip-tossing him out of the corner. Black got to his feet and ducked a running lariat, then went after Dante and connected with the Get Down or Lay Down! Black went for the cover but only got a two count. The Rampage crowd was on their feet in anticipation of a winner coming soon, and Dante reversed a suplex attempt from Black and took Black down with a brainbuster! Dante climbed to the middle turnbuckle and tried for an elbow drop but Black moved out of the way! Black and Dante were getting up at the same time and both men went for their respective finishing moves at the same time and crashed into each other! Both men regained their ground and Black dodged a spear attempt from Dante, who turned around and got nailed with the Branches of Sins!

Black made the cover.





Eric Emerson: And your winner... THOMAS... MANCHESTER... BLACK!!

Next Week on Rampage!

Next week, Matt Stone and Vicious Vic Wagner face off in a steel cage to determine the true PWA Intercontinental Champion!

Also, Panzadise confronts President Robinson concerning Marvin Wood's title shot! Tune in because it will be way better than whatever crap they're showing on REBEL Pro!

Conspiracy Theory

(Danny Monroe is walking backstage. He literally walks into Scotty Snow. Scotty is still sporting his 2002 Showtime costume. Snow bounces to the ground.)

Danny Monroe: Sor...You are still wearing this shit. How many stitches did I give you last week?

(Scotty is cowering a bit against the wall.)

Scotty 'Showtime' Snow: F-f-four stitches. Rob-ob-obinson said I have to wear this outfit if I want a paycheck.

(Danny extends his hand.)

Danny Monroe: I'm not going to send you back to the hospital. C'mon, I won't bite.

(Scottie takes the hand up from Monroe.)

Danny Monroe: I get it. Times are tough. Everyone has to try to keep their head a float.

(Scottie finally looks relaxed.)

Scottie "Showtime" Snow: Why are you being so nice to me?

Danny Monroe: Because I've got a plan.

(Danny puts his arm around Scottie as they walk away.)

Lucious Starr vs Miss Madyson

Winner Buys Dinner Match!

The bell rang after their respective entrances and the veteran Starr went to work on the newcomer Madyson. Even after taking a few moments here and there to check Madyson out in a way she and the crowd didn't like, Starr essentially dominated most of the match with a lot of striking and high-impact moves. Starr was given a run for his money the first time he stopped to check her out and Madyson made a big run at winning the match after cutting Starr down and nailing him with the Mad Kick. Madyson went for a cover but got a two count. Madyson kept her momentum going by whipping Starr in a way he doesn't like into the corner turnbuckles. Madyson delivered the ten punch salute on Starr and then executed a great hurricanrana out of the corner and went for another pin, but only getting a two count. Starr reversed another irish whip and sent Madyson into the turnbuckles. Madyson tried a spinning heel kick but Starr dodged out of the way, then came up behind her and slammed her hard to the mat with a full nelson slam. Starr dominated the rest of the match mostly, but Madyson countered a powerbomb from Starr with a headscissors takedown. Madyson went for it all by attempting the MadDT (Slingshot DDT), but Starr caught her in mid air and then slams her to the mat with the Hell's Wrath! Starr made the cover.





Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match... "THE UNTAMED FURY"... LUCIOUS STARR!!!


It's night. We open on a tight shot of bushes. We see....bushes. Suddenly...movement. A man slowly peeks his head out of the bushes. He looks left...then quickly to the right. He has black paint under his eyes, and a camo helmet on. The man seems satisfied as he quickly dives out of the bushes. He raises his head again, this time in front of the camera, and we see it's...Marxx....As the camera zooms out, we see he has apparently been hiding out in the bushes in front of Mark McNasty's house. Marxx begins to tip toe around the side of the house. We are now outback. We see Marxx vault the three foot wooden fence to McNasty's backyard. Marxx has a smug look on his face as he comes to the backdoor. He bends over and pulls a key out from under the welcome mat.

Marxx: Too easy.

Marxx enters, and quietly closes the door behind him. Marxx makes his way up the stairs and into McNasty's study. It's a rather small room; couch, desk with a computer on it; and one wall is covered in replicas of all the belts McNasty has won over the years. Sitting in the corner, on a podium, is the PWA IC title. Marxx has a huge smile on his face.

Marxx: Come back to papa baby.

Sadly for Marxx, he doesn't know McNasty is smug enough to have a security system solely for his title belts. And, as Marxx trips it by walking in the room, an alarm goes off. Suddenly, a section of wall behind the podium slides up, and the podium quickly slides into the empty space. The wall comes back down as Marxx turns to run out of the room. He stops quickly though, and the camera pans backwards to show Mark McNasty blocking his path out of the room. At the same time, we hear the distinct sound of a shotgun cocking.

McNasty: Somebody gonna die.

Marxx: NONONONONO. Don't shoot!

McNasty flips on the light switch next to him. McNasty puts the gun down, and flashs an evil smirk.

McNasty: You are going to do a lot more than wash my car and get my dry cleaning from now on.

Scene fades.

Cody Bogard vs Joshua Danielson

Non-Title Singles Match of Epicness

The two men start off fighting like angry cats. And not just any angry cats, I'm talking about cats that were put into pillow cases, shaken up, dipped in a swimming pool, shaken up some more, and then released. Seriously pissed off cats. Somehow the fight stays very even. Neither man gains an advantage for very long and they keep countering each other. This leads to plenty of near falls and close counts, but each time the man in peril manages to escape a fate worse than winning.

Labor Day is the traditional end of summer, but don't tell that to Cody Bogard. After nearly 90 minutes of intense back and forth, he manages to catch Danielson by surprise and hits the Hero Time for the win to extend the Summer of Bogard.

Winner: Cody Bogard in 89:13

Marvin Wood Watches Say Yes To the Dress

We're backstage with Matthew Engel, former PWA World Champion and overall badass extraordinaire. Not that any of those losers from the NAP would understand.

Matthew Engel: You know what? I give Thomas a lot of credit, last week was a tough match and the better man won. But hey, TMB is a good fighter and there's a bright future for him if he really has what it takes to succeed in our business.

He moves on, rubbing his two day old beard a little bit.

Matthew Engel: Now what's funny is that Marvin Wood has decided to come back to Pioneer Wrestling to challenge its World Champion only a WEEK after I had been dethroned by Panzadise. Isn't that just spectacular? I had a really good laugh at that while I was picking some of TMB's face off the bottom of my boot. And of course, Robinson is going to let this play because... they're buddies. Butt buddies, tea buddies, Yoo-hoo buddies... it's all the same. Wood's back in town and he's going to show the world he's the best World Champion. And yet... why doesn't he go to Rebel Pro and challenge Lisa Seldon? She's clearly the champion of everything, but no... he wants to pick on our newly crowned World Champion who just lost to a douchebag who calls himself Mr. PWA?

Engel shakes his head.

Matthew Engel: That figures. Hey, it's not like Marvin Wood would have ever confronted me man to man and challenged me when I spent 147 days as World Champion. He had to wait until someone beat me and then he was going to slither in like the snake he has and try to capitalize on a situation better suited for his agenda because we all know if Wood ever fought me one on one in any ring he would be severely fucked in ways he can't even dream about. But that's enough about Marvin Wood, because the match I'm going to be in at Good versus Evil in October will be the one to watch, not a boring and pointless match between Dise and Wood.

Engel looks dead into the camera.

Matthew Engel: There's a lot of things I could do. I could legitimately demand a rematch for the World Title and be right in doing so. Panzadise would probably say no because he's a pussy like that, but it's not up to him. I could tell Marvin Wood that he needs to face me first before he ever gets a match against the PWA World Champion, seeing as how I'm the best World Champion in history and Marvin Wood's credibility would go up tenfold if he could manage to survive against me. You know what else I could do? Grab a partner, because Hayes is still out on medical leave despite what the paranoid NAP would have you believe, and become a tag team champion again. I could tell Danny Monroe that if he wants to know what it's like to not open up an event facing someone named Dangerous Dan, I'd put him in the main event and break every bone in that flapping jaw of his.

Engel looks away for a moment and relaxes. Then he comes back.

Matthew Engel: I could demand Corey Lazarus face me at the event he fucked me over on all those years back. You all remember that terrible night, don't you? Lazarus shows up, attacks both myself and the late great Scott Nash Strader and steals the World Championship. I still remember it like it happened yesterday, because I don't forgive and forget. The L-A-Z and I are on better terms these days, but it's lingering tension between us that needs to be settled and what other way to do it than inside the PWA ring - where arguably both of our careers hold the most success - at the event he did the most damage to me at? What do you all think?

The crowd erupts at the mention of it, easily approving of a rematch between Corey Lazarus and Matthew Engel at Good vs. Evil.

Matthew Engel: But Corey isn't here tonight. He's off in the BWF wrestling mediocre talent and holding a championship that even Matt Stone looked down upon. It's a shame, too, because he used to be fairly awesome. Now? He's just --

Suddenly, Engel stops his speech as another man shows up on camera. It's none other than the Premiere Attraction himself, Corey Lazarus, dressed to the nine in a classy suit and rocking his trademark Ray-Bans. The crowd explodes into cheers for the PWA Hall of Famer.

Corey Lazarus: Matty... take it easy, alright? That was such a long time ago, babe.

Matthew Engel: Not long enough, man. I still owe you for that.

Corey Lazarus: Maybe you do, and we have plenty of time to settle it. In fact...

Corey pulls up his smartphone and shows a clip from Manitoba Mayhem. It's the teaser trailer for RPM 3!

Corey Lazarus: January sounds like a good time for us to settle our rivalry once and for all. Do you know anything about Joe's third edition of Revolutions Per Minute?

Matthew Engel: About as much as you do, I imagine.

Corey Lazarus: Precisely. You talk to your brother, Matty, and you tell him that we're going to rock the shit out of his event in January and give the performance of a lifetime.

The crowd explodes again... can it be? Lazarus versus Engel, round three at RPM 3?!

Corey Lazarus: In the mean time... there's something that's missing around here.

Matthew Engel: An epic war of sorts? Simon is retired from that, I hear.

Corey Lazarus: No, not that. It's missing from me. Something I've never done before, believe it or not. Something I've been wanting to do for a long time and you might just be the right man for the job.

Matthew Engel: Jesus, Corey. I'm seeing someone. I'm not into that.

Corey Lazarus: What? No... listen. You mentioned going for tag gold again, did you not? You wanna know who's never won the PWA Tag Title? The L-A-Z himself. Winning that would make me not only a Triple Crown Champion, but a Grand Slam Champion all in one night. What do you say, Matt?

Engel rubs his chin for a moment as Corey pushes his Ray-Bans down to reveal his eyes, awaiting a response.

Matthew Engel: Why the fuck not?

Engel and Corey shake hands as the crowd explodes again.

Corey Lazarus: I'll go let Robinson know. I'm sure he's gonna be thrilled.

Matthew Engel: So thrilled he'll probably OD on Yoo-hoo.

Laz cracks a laugh and then disappears off camera, as we fade back to ringside.

Jon McDaniel: Unbelievable, Brian! Corey Lazarus and Matthew Engel are joining forces officially for the first time and their goal is PWA Tag Team Champions!

Brian Rentfro: Give me a break! Monkey McDee and Not-Stryker are going to be tag champs for a long time, Jon! And I hope Robinson makes them earn a chance to fight the greatest tag team in history, The NAP!

Jon McDaniel: I'm sure Robinson will put Virus and Lazarus through the ringer, but they're legends and when they put their minds to something they usually get it done.

Mr. PWA vs Danny Monroe vs Not-Stryker

Triple Threat Main Event

This triple threat started out fairly fast paced with Not-Stryker firing on all cylinders, catching Mr. PWA off guard with a kick to the back, but he wasn't prepared for Danny's ferocity as he was able to nail him in the midsection with a knee before spinning around and sending him onto the canvas with a kick to the back of his knees. MR. PWA rebounded off the ropes to boot Not-Stryker in the face, but Danny nailed him in the face with a spinning heel kick sending him onto the canvas. Danny went for the first cover of the night, but only got a count of two as Mr. PWA was able to get his shoulder up just after the two count. Danny whipped him into the ropes, but Not-Stryker delieverd a bulldog to Danny, making Mr. PWA to leap over both men as they went down to the canvas. Mr. PWA used a springboard backflip onto the duo to squash them both flat and get the announcers to say what athleticism by such a big athlete. There was not a pin attempt as they men were not in position. Mr. PWA pulled Not-Stryker up to his feet, whipping him into the corner and followed in with several shoulder thrusts before reddening his chest with several chops to the chest. MR. PWA went for an European Uppercut, but Not-Stryker ducked under kicking him in the kidneys before mounting him for a series of five punches. Danny, who had been on the bottom of the pile after the springboard backflip, finally got wind enough to come back and dropkick Not-Stryker in the back sending him into Mr. PWA. Not-Stryker turned around into a face dropkick, once again sending him into Mr. PWA in the corner.

Danny sprung to the top rope, leaping over Not-Stryker , coming down with a tornado DDt and making another pin attempt. He got a count of two before Mr. PWA broke it up with a stomp on the back of his neck. Mr. PWA pulled Danny up to his feet, but the whip was reversed by Danny, turning it into a heel to the back of Mr. PWA's knees and a shining wizard onto the big man. Not-Stryker wouldn't let him go for a pin though as he got right up in his face, but Danny wouldn't back down as the two began to exchange blows in the center of the ring. Mr. PWA got up, nailing Danny in the side with a shoulder block, sending him flipping over behind him; however Not-Stryker caught him and used his momentum to help with a bridged Northern Lights suplex. Not-Stryker held the bridge for a count of two before both Mr. PWA kicked out and Danny kicked him in the ribs to break up the pin attempt. Mr. PWA rolled out of the way and up to his feet as Danny and Not-Stryker looked at each other; beginning to exchange hold after hold. Mr. PWA returned to the action and the three exchanged several holds; neither able to go for a pin because there was always someone there to break it up before the count of one.

Mr. PWA and Not-Stryker were in the corner, with both men trying to remove the mask of the other, with no success. Danny with a superkick sent Not-Stryker over the top and to the outside. Mr. PWA turned around quickly, ducking under another one to level him with a boot to the face. Mr. PWA lifted Danny up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry, spinning him around and dropping him onto his neck and back. Mr. PWA went for the pin, getting a count of two before Not-Stryker came in and prevented the three and win for Mr. PWA. Mr. PWA began to deliver meaty forearms to Not-Stryker until he was in the corner, but Not-Stryker reversed it and began to deliver them to Mr. PWA with ferocity as well. A headbutt rocked Mr. PWA's head backwards, but Danny was there with a surprise rollup, but Jethro kicked out connecting with Not-Stryker's midsection adding momentum so that Not-Stryker was pinning Danny instead. Mr. PWA realized it as the referee's count hit two, diving forward and breaking up the pin just before the referee's count had reached three. Mr. PWA whipped Not-Stryker into the ropes, but he held onto the rope, not coming back as Danny got up behind Mr. PWA, who turned around, right into a superkick to right into the mouth from Danny Monroe. However, Not-Stryker was there and he nailed his finisher, "The Crying of a Million Shattered Souls, Yearning to be Free" (Half-Nelson Back Breaker) on the smaller Danny Monroe for the pin and win as Mr. PWA was just then getting up from the superkick from Danny Monroe.

Winner: Not-Stryker 15:46


The arena lights are cut as "Far Away" by Noise Therapy hits the PA-system loud and clear...the white ramp lights flash rapidly in a vertical pattern as mellow green spotlights circle the entryway.

Jon McDaniel: Wait a damn minute... that's... no, it couldn't be!

Brian Rentfro: Yes, yes it is - look up on the ADC-Tron! It's him! He's back! This is going to change the landscape of everything!

Jon McDaniel: First we receive reports that he's dead, then he shows back out of the blue under his old name... and now... this is just too surreal!

None other than Silverback emerges from backstage, ambling forward slowly with his head down. He pauses for a moment and then turns his head to side, mumbling something under his breath. He looks ready for business as well, dawning his old attire of black wrestling pants with gray Celtic knot designs running down the right pant leg, a silver mesh tank top, and black wrestling boots with gray trim.

Jon McDaniel: That looks like the Adam Gray of old... I've apparently lost all sense of reality.

Brian Rentfro: Maybe McDee and Silverback were always two separate people, did you ever take that into consideration?

Jon McDaniel: Don't be silly, Brian.

The Brutal now appears from backstage as well and stands behind Gray, his chrome mask glaring in the spotlights that now circle around them He's notably covered in armor from head to toe, no skin showing. Silverback gives him a quick thumbs up and the giant lifts Gray onto his right shoulder.

Brian Rentfro: The Brutal is back as well! Holy shit!

Gray folds his hands across his chest and stares straight ahead at the ring, completely ignoring the fans as the Brutal strides forward with his chest puffed out. As they approach the ring, Gray hops off the Brutal’s shoulder and onto the outside apron. He begins to duck beneath the top rope and pauses once again.

On cue, the Brutal climbs onto the apron and holds the ropes open for Gray. Silverback smirks and pats the large man on the shoulder appreciatively. He enters the ring and looks up into the lights and points to Not-Stryker!

Brian Rentfro: Gray's former not-partner in crime looks a little confused here.

Not-Stryker looks at Gray confused, knowing full-well it isn't McDee; at least in the mental sense. There's an uncanny resemblance to the Silverback of old... and that's what puzzles him even more. Silverback points over to Danny Monroe and yells something at Not-Stryker. Not-Stryker, still a bit lost on it all, looks over towards Monroe as Silverback brings out a police Baton that was tucked down into the back of his pants. With a flip of the wrist, and a twirl Gray readies himself. Not-Stryker looks back in just enough time to catch a stiff running shot from the Baton straight across the Adam's Apple.

Jon McDaniel: Old-friendships die hard, I guess.

Silverback laughs to himself as Not-Stryker grabs at the back of his head. There's a flurry of stomps that accompany the shot now, as The Brutal, with chair in hand, lumbers up onto the apron and into the ring, which obviously means something terrible is about to happen. The house lights still haven't came back on, just the mellow green spotlight squarely on the action in the ring. Silverback points down to Not-Stryker's face and screams something to The Brutal as Monroe gets up in an attempt to make a save.

Brian Rentfro: I'm fairly certain the damage is done... Monroe's just begging for trouble here.

Monroe dives at Silverback and lands a stiff elbow shot that knocks him backwards - only to turn around and be met by a BOOMING chair-shot from The Brutal. Silverback rubs at his wrist as he looks over towards Not-Stryker, motioning for The Brutal to do something with the chair.

Jon McDaniel: Things not boding too well for Not-Stryker as it would seem.

The Brutal opens the chair up just a bit and slides it over Not-Stryker's prone face. Silverback comes running in...

Brian Rentfro: With a running double-foot stomp! Oh my god!

And with that comes the blood... Silverback doesn't wish to stop there though. As the Brutal plants a solid foot on top of Not-Stryker to keep him held down, Silverback goes for the ankle... and with one big twist...

Jon McDaniel: Silverlock! He's going to break his ankle! I can't believe it, Silverback's returned and he's going after one-half of our PWA Tag-Team Champions!

Silverback is relentless as he drops down to knee, really wrenching in the hold. Not-Stryker can't fight it, having been knocked out and all.