World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Between a Stone and a Hard Place

We're backstage in President Robinson's office. A small disclaimer at the bottom of the screen reads "EARLIER TODAY". Our hero, President Robinson, is sitting at his desk, enjoying some Pizza Rolls and reading White Dwarf magazine, so it must be around lunch time. There's a knock on the door and before Robinson can acknowledge it, Fantastic Andy Strickland walks in.

Fantastic Andy: Hey, Rob. I've got a paycheck here for you.

Fantastic Andy hands Robinson an envelope.

Fantastic Andy: That's weird, I figured you'd have direct deposit set up.

President Robinson: I do.

A puzzled look crosses Fantastic Andy's face.

Fantastic Andy: But... The... You know what? Nevermind.

Fantastic Andy leaves, but within seconds there's another knock on the door. And once again, before Robinson can respond, a person walks into his office. Perhaps he should think about locking his door. This time, our visitor is former PWA Intercontinental champion, Matt Stone.

Matt Stone: We need to talk.

President Robinson: I'm kind of in the middle of lunch. And trust me, Matt, Pizza Rolls are not good unless they're hot.

Matt Stone: I couldn't care less about your lunch, Rob. You've allowed a travesty of justice and I'm here to set things right.

President Robinson: What? You losing the IC title? Hey, that's on you, pal.

Matt Stone: I think you're mistaken there.

President Robinson: Wow, really? So I dreamed the part where you tapped out to Vic Wagner?

Matt Stone: No, that happened. But I never tapped out during the match.

President Robinson: Maybe this is the Yoohoo talking, but you're not making any sense.

Matt Stone: Then let me say it slower for you: The match hadn't restarted yet.

President Robinson: I... Huh?

Matt Stone: You said to restart the match...

President Robinson: Right.

Matt Stone: And Vic attacked me...

President Robinson: Yeah.

Matt Stone: But the bell never rang. So, the match never restarted, so me tapping out couldn't end a match that never started.

President Robinson: That's... that's an interesting thought. I'll have Fantastic Andy try to find me the footage.

Matt Stone: Don't bother.

Stone tosses a DVD on Robinson's desk.

President Robinson: You've got a copy of the match on DVD? How'd you get that?

Matt Stone: I ordered the PPV replay and recorded it.

President Robinson: Well, thanks for that. But still, I'm a busy man. I'll watch the DVD, I just can't say when I'll get time to get around to it.

Matt Stone: How about right now?

President Robinson: Busy. Man.

Matt Stone: That's too bad.

Stone gets up to leave and heads to the door. He grabs the doorknob, but before turning it, he turns around and heads back to the desk.

Matt Stone: Silly me, I nearly forgot. I found this in the hallway outside your office. I guess you must have dropped it and not noticed.

Stone drops a white envelope on the desk. The envelope is stuffed nearly to the point of bursting. Robinson's eyes grow wide.

President Robinson: I see. Well, uh, I'm sure you've got things to do, so if you'll excuse me, I need to review some match footage.

Robinson picks up the envelope and the DVD and turns toward his television. Stone just smiles and leaves.

Miss Madyson vs Cody Bogard

Singles Match

The match started with the PWA veteran Bogard delivering some stiff kicks and strikes to the newcomer Miss Madyson and really taking a dominating lead in the early going. Bogard tried for Hero Time but Madyson shoved Cody away at the appropriate moment and leveled him with a thrust kick to the back of the head! Madyson would go on the offensive stringing together some wonderful moves and keeping Bogard on his heels. Madyson had Bogard in the corner and mounted him, drawing ten punches with the crowd counting along. Madyson finished off that session with a hurricanrana and covered Bogard, but only got a two count. Bogard reversed an irish whip from Madyson and took her down hard with a spinebuster! Bogard went for a pin attempt of his own, but only got a two count. The crowd was really getting into the match and excited to see this newcomer Miss Madyson giving the crowd and Cody Bogard everything she's got. And honestly, she's easy on the eyes, which also helps because all the PWA fans had for awhile was Emily Corlen. Bogard put Madyson the top turnbuckle and took her down with a superplex! Bogard with another cover but only getting a two count. Madyson went back on the offensive after slipping out of a brainbuster suplex attempt from Bogard and taking Bogard down with a reverse DDT. Madyson moved to the apron and was going for her MadDT (Slingshot DDT) as Cody was getting up to his feet, but Cody quickly leaped toward Madyson who was coming at him and spins behind her, lifting her up into a bridged German Suplex!





Wait, what's that? People should never try to bridge a German Suplex? Why the hell not?

Oh, because when that happens it is far too easy to have your own shoulders on the mat and now both people get pinned?

Winner: Cody Bogard & Miss Madyson in 9:24

Danny Monroe vs Showtime

Evil Boss Putting Two Friends Against Each Other Match

Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Scar Tissue hits. Five blue spotlights shine down with a gold stars in the middle lead from the ramp to the ring.

Scar tissue that I wish you saw
Sarcastic mister know it all
Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you ’cause
With the birds I’ll share

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Reno, Nevada

With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view
With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view

Eric Emerson: Standing 6’ even and weighing 225

Push me up against the wall
Young Kentucky girl in a push-up bra
Fallin’ all over myself
To lick your heart and taste your health ’cause
With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view...

Danny Monroe emerges. He smiles and interacts with the kids in the front row. He let’s them back slap him on his way to the ring.

Blood loss in a bathroom stall
Southern girl with a scarlet drawl
Wave good-bye to ma and pa ’cause

Eric Emerson: Dannnnny Monnnnnroeeee

With the birds I’ll share
With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view
With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view

He climbs in the ring. Goes in the corner and he face goes from grateful to serious

The arena goes black, on the PWAtron the phrase "I am no hero, but I'm so warm and confident inside"

The words start shaking growing more and more and more violent before a single bright blue firework shoots off from the middle of the ramp. It makes just a modest explosion and The Black Key's "Sinister Kid" hits.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent is weighing in at six foot two inches and two hundred and eighteen pounds.

Jon McDaniel: Where is Showtime?

Eric Emerson: Marrrrcussss “Shoowwwwtimmmmeee” Ammmmbrroooossseee

Brian Rentfro: I heard of dramatic of dramatic entrances before but, this is ridiculous.

The smoke clears and there is still no Marcus Ambrose.

The PWAtron with Rob Robinson sitting behind his desk with a half filled Yoo-hoo in his hand.

President Robinson: I like to think that the PWA is a place where a man can get a fresh start, a blank slate, so to speak. That's why I've decided that Showtime deserves a fresh start, the same as any other PWA legend. After all, when you hear the name "Showtime", you think of multiple World title wins, legendary tag teams, and the glory days of the PWA. Its just such a damn shame that the name "Showtime" is tied to a piece of human garbage like Marcus Ambrose. Luckily, I'm an idea man and this time it was quite possibly the most brilliant one I've ever had. Yep, this one is a twofer. I had a man with a reputation in need of repair and a name that needed the same. Why not combine them? You know, two great tastes that taste great together. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you...Scottie "Showtime" Snow!

"You Know Your Right" By Nirvana hits.

I would never bother you
I would never promise to
I would never follow you
I would never bother you

Never speak the word again
I would crawl away for you

I would away from here
You won't be afraid of fear
No thought was put into this
Always knew it would come to this

Things have never been so swell
I have never felt to fail


You know you're right
You know you're right
You know you're right

Scottie comes out now as Cobain’s painfully beautiful jagged screams keeps carrying through the arena which by now is in darkness aside for the music video of "You know Your Right" playing. Ambrose's release from the back comes at a walking pace that suggests no hurry. He is wearing black tights with the dragon a white dragon on the left leg.

Jon McDaniel: He’s wearing a blonde wig circa Showtime two thousand and two.

He looks at the crowd and gives off a face that suggests he doesn't know what to think of them, and the audience responds with boos.

Eric Emerson: Uhh. Umm. And his opponent coming in at 5 foot ten and two hundred and fifthteen pounds

I'm so warm and calm inside
I no longer have to hide
Lets talk about someone else
Stinging silver begins to melt

Brian Rentfro: This is great. Someone is finally making a mockery of Showtime that he always has been.

Nothing really bothers her
She just wants to love herself
You won't be afraid of fear
No thought was put into this
Always knew it come to this

Eric Emerson: He is “Shoowwwtimmmmeee”

Things have never been so swell
I have never felt to fail....

The bell rings as Monroe stomps the Snow who is sliding in. Snow gets to his back as Monroe jumps down with lefts and right and a barrage of elbow to the head of Snow. Snow manages to roll back outside. Monroe follows him. Monroe throws him into the guide rail. Scottie is leaning over the railing.

Jon McDaniel: Monroe isn't amused by Scottie Snow's antics

Brian Rentfro: I am. Freakin' hilarious.


Monroe balances himself on the guide rail. He delivers a leg drop to the back of Snow’s head. The new ‘Showtime’ flips over knocking a beer and nachos out of a close observer's hands.

Jon McDaniel: This isn't the tactician Monroe we have seen lately.

Brian Rentfro: Eh, maybe he has potential yet.


Monroe is first to his feet and belly to backs Snow back over the railing.


Danny manages to get over railing as Snow is slow to get up.


Monroe picks up Snow and sends him into the stairs head first. Monroe flashes a smile.


Jon McDaniel: I think Snow got cut on the stairs.

Brian Rentfro: Monroe is not only dominating the match. His mean streak has shown signs of awesomeness

Danny rolls Scottie back in the ring. Monroe sling shot knee drop on Snow’s forehead. Blood starts dripping down Snow’s face. Monroe irish whips Snow into the corner. Snow slumps down to on his knees. Danny runs towards Snow. He crushes the face of Snow with a knee to his face. Snow’s right eye starts to close up on him.

Jon McDaniel: Will the referee stop this brutality?

Brian Rentfro: Why? Monroe finally is interesting.

The referee is begging Monroe to pin him. Monroe sets him up for a top rope brainbuster. The ring shakes upon contact. Monroe jumps on top of Snow throwing more and more elbows. His eyes are glazing over as Danny transitions into Californiacation. He’s screaming ‘You’re not Showtime’ as the ref checks the arm of Snow. It drops once but he calls for the bell out of mercy. Danny doesn’t release right away still shouting ‘You’re not Showtime’. He finally let's go of Snow’s arm.

Winner: Danny Monroe

More Monroe

Monroe motions for Emerson to throw him a mic.

Danny Monroe: I ask for stiffer competition. You throw a change-up of a fake Showtime. I ask you to quit railroading Showtime. You get him thrown in jail. Even though, this is going on deaf ears. Even though, most of you don’t give two shits about Marcus Ambrose. Even though, Robinson walks around like the PWA is the same as it was six months ago. I fucking care about Marcus. I care that Simon Kalis is in Victory. I care that Lisa Seldon is in Rebel Pro. I care that Marvin Wood isn’t here. The top-notch talent here goes exactly like this. Panzadise, Virus, maybe Thomas Manchester Black, maybe Vicious Vic Wagner, maybe Danny Monroe.

Danny stops to wipe blood on the canvas.

Danny Monroe: You want me to put Luscious Star or Josh Danielson there? Maybe. This is the problem. We need an influx of talent. Of course Panzadise, berates me because he can hold on to the title longer. Trying to make one of his title reigns have meaning. And I’m three weeks into this place and wishing I chose Victory. Everyone single one in the locker room thinks I’m trying to save PWA. I’m not trying to save this place. The PWA will be ran straight into mediocrity. I’m trying to elevate it.

Danny smirks, turns and points at Scottie Snow who is now receiving medical attention.

Danny Monroe: This shit is the problem. Robinson dresses up a lackey as Showtime. What is happening next week? I get to wrestle a midget. I thought I was stepping into the big time. Not the greatest show on earth. And for you slower wrestlers backstage that is a circus reference to Barnum and Bailey.

Monroe has a look of disgust.

Danny Monroe: One last thing Robinson. You set up one of the few guys who put asses in the seats. He’s still in a Winnipeg jail. But, when he gets out be ready. He’s going to come right for your jugular. Robinson he wants you to know. He’s is going to finish you.

Back With Black

The scene opens to TMB sitting in his locker room, relaxing before his match.

TMB: Tonight I take on the biggest challenge of my PWA career. Win or lose you will come out of this respect me and what I can do in this win. With that being said, I'm looking to kick Engel's ass tonight.

TMB stands up.

TMB: With that being said, the Grizzly Beer championship has been out of my hands for far too long in my book. And it doesn't matter who walks out with that belt. the only thing you are doing is fighting to see who will lose to me. So as whoever wins is out celebrating, remember what is waiting around the corner. Because sooner or later...I will get my rematch. Think about it.

The scene begins to fade as TMB pushes the camera crew out of his locker room.

Marco Dante vs Vicious Vic Wagner

The Return of Marco Dante Match

The sound of a twisted sounding music can be heard over the arena PA system as the lights go out in the arena and as "Blood Red Sandman" by Lordi starts to play

They called me the Leather Apron
They called me Smiling Jack
They prayed to the heavens above
That I would never ever come back

Eric Emerson: "Now Coming to the Ring! standing at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 245 lbs, Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey! He is "The Pit Viper!" Marcoooo Danttttteeeee!!"

Can you hear how the children weep?
Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep...

Marco Dante steps from behind the curtain into a shower of white pyrotechnics, and as the lights start to flicker in tune with the beat of the song, wearing a pair of Black Pants with a pair of black Converse Tactical Boots,and a black muscle shirt tucked into his pants, black tape on his hands and wrists. The big screen behind him playing highlights from his matches, in black and white, as he starts to walk towards the ring.

Once again there is pain,
I bring flames I bring cold
I'm the Blood Red Sandman coming home
On this unholy night I will make you my own
Blood Red Sandman coming home again
I'm coming home again!

As he walks, his eyes focused on the ring however, just before reach the end of the barricade, he runs and baseball slides in under the ropes, jumping to his feet and then moving over to the turnbuckles, climbing each and thrusting both fists into the air, and then let's out a bit of a roar to get the crowd pumped.

Red drops stain satin so white
The way I sign my name
The neighborhood's pretty dead at night
And I'm the one to blame

Marco Dante then jumps down from the turnbuckle, going to the next, repeating the steps before and so one..for each turnbuckle then a one handed chest pound just before hopping down from the last turnbuckle, he walks to the center of the ring and waves for the crowd to get louder and louder.

Can you hear how the children weep?
Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep...

Once again there is pain,
I bring flames I bring cold
I'm the Blood Red Sandman coming home
On this unholy night I will make you my own
Blood Red Sandman coming home again
I'm coming home again!

He then turns to the entrance ramp waiting for Vic Wagner.

Eric Emerson: Introducing Fighting out of Munich, Germany He stands at a height of 6 feet and 4 inches tall, weighing in at 256 pounds. He is your reigning Intercontinental Champion! Eric is cut off as a guitar rift kicks in it’s not Vic’s normal intro song.

Bring forth those we have granted life
So that they...
May die
Death to life!
Break him - break him on the wheel
Death to life!

Vic Wagner appears at the top of the stage with a wicked grin on his face, and a black GWAR t-shirt on. Vic has the PWA Intercontinental Championship around his waist. Vic points to the belt and laughs; before Moving to the top of the ramp.

Worlds I have destroyed
Gods I have annoyed
Hatred makes me happy
I'm often overjoyed
Death to life!

Wagner holds up his right hand with his ring and middle finger forming a V and yells "Vicious", then quickly brings up his left hand has his ring and middle finger forming a V and yells "Vic". He then places the two Vs together to form a W and Yells "Wagner", and then lowers his ring fingers to flip off the crowd. Vic begins to head down the ramp.

Planets enslaved
Popes to find their graves
Your proudest works I grind to dust
Your ass a ham to shave

Vic Wagner heads down the ramp trash talking fans, he almost ends up throwing punches at a few select fans. Some other lucky fans he makes a jerking motion towards. Vic stops and takes off his GWAR shirt keeping it in his left hand.

Broken on the wheel
Fucked up way to die
Even worse than crucifixion
Bloated buzzards flock and fly
Broken on the wheel
This one here will do
Smash your joints with steel shod rims
Winding you into...
The Wheel
Such a marvelous invention

Vic Wagner rolls into the ring, and stands up. Vic quickly takes off his Intercontinental, and tosses towards the ref with barely a glace. Like it doesn’t even matter. Vic the then moves over towards his corner; where he ends up half sitting and half leaning on the second turnbuckle. Vic then stretches his arms out over the top ropes. Vic still has the GWAR shirt in hand.

Dwayne Cross looks at both men, and makes sure they are ready and then calls for the bell


Vic comes out of the corner, and whips the GWAR shirt in Marcos face. Vic uses the split second distraction to tackle Marco down to the mat. Vic the starts to unload punches into Marcos face. Dwayne warns Vic to stop throwing close fists, but Vic just Ignores him. Seeing that Vic isn’t stopping Dwayne puts Vic to the 5 count 1...2...3.. Vic stops punching Marco, and gets off of him. Vic gets back up to his feet, and Marco rolls over onto his hands, and knees. Vic stomps right in the center of Marco’s back, and then sits down on it. Vic locks his hands under Marcos chin making sure to interlace his fingers. Vic then pulls back on Marco’s neck completing the Camel Clutch. Dwayne asks Marco if he wishes to give up. Marco says yells no as he continues to struggle against the hold.

Jon McDaniel: Vic Wagner cheated to get himself in this great position.

Brian Rentfro: Cheated how? I think maybe he thought Marco might be a GWAR fan and wanted to give him a T-shirt. All in all I think that was a classy move by Vic.

Jon McDaniel: So what about Vic Wagner trying to snap Marco Dante’s spine in the center of the ring?

Brian Rentfro: Stuff happens.

Vic keeps ratcheting back on Marco’s neck to keep an intense level of pressure applied. Marco seeing no other way out of the hold fights his way up to his knees. From there Marco is able to get into a standing position. Vic has let go of Marco’s chin and is raining punched down on his forehead. Marco falls backwards driving Vic hard back first into the mat with an Electric Chair Drop. Both men roll away from each other after the impact. Vic is able to get to his feet slightly faster then Marco. Vic charges at Marco full steam ahead. Marco sees Vic in time, and is able to grab a hold of him. Marco turns his hips, as he grabs a hold of Vic, and then slams Vic hard back first into the mat with a Power Slam.

Jon McDaniel: A Nice Power slam out of no where for Marco Dante.

Brian Rentfro: What was so nice about it.

Jon McDaniel: Will you stop being such an downer.

Marco gets back up to his feet, and reaches down grabbing a hold of Vic’s right arm. Marco uses this to pull Vic back up to his feet. Marco goes to Irish whip Vic, but instead of letting go of Vic’s arm Marco uses it to pull Vic back towards him. Marco levels Vic with a Short-Arm Clothesline. Marco held onto Vic’s right arm, and again uses this to pull Vic back up to his feet. For a second time Marco goes to Irish whip Vic, but instead of letting go of Vic’s arm Marco uses it to pull Vic back towards him. Marco levels Vic with another Short-Arm Clothesline. Once more Marco held onto Vic’s right arm, and for a third time uses this to pull Vic back up to his feet. For a third time Marco goes to Irish whip Vic, but instead of Vic getting pulled back in. Vic stops in his tracks digging his heels in. Vic pulls Marco towards him, and hits him with a big knee that sends Marco tumbling onto his back.

Brian Rentfro: Vic was way too smart to get hit with that a third time. Marco went to the well one too many times.

Jon McDaniel: What about the other two times he got hit with it?

Brian Rentfro: Just shut up.

Marco rolls onto his side holding his stomach. Vic walks up behind Marco, and kicks him in the center of his back. Vic then grabs a hold of Marco’s neck, and uses this to pull him up to his feet. Vic gives Marco a swift kick to the gut to keep him in place. Vic then grabs one of Marco’ wrists, and yanks that arm in-between Marco’s legs. Vic then reaches over, and grabs Marco’ other arm hooking it. Vic then lifts Marco up until he is parallel with his chest. Vic then lets go of Marco’s wrist, and lifts Marco up to shoulder level. Vic jumps up, and lands in a sitting position slamming Marco back first into the mat with a Sit-Out Pump handle Bomb. Dwayne Cross counts the pin 1...2.. Marco manages to kick out of the pin.

Jon McDaniel: Marco Dante just managing to get his shoulder up.

Brian Rentfro: I have to say I am shocked as shit Marco kicked out of that perfect Munich Fire Bomb from Vic.

Jon McDaniel: Marco Dante is a lot tougher then I think you give him credit for.

Vic rolls Marco off of him, and gets back up to his feet. Vic reaches down grabbing a hold of one of Marco's arms pulling him back up to his feet. Vic spins in place going for a big Discus Clothesline, but Marco is able to duck underneath Vic's arm. Vic spins around, and gets caught with a big right that dazes him. Marco then kicks him in the stomach causing him to bend over. Marco then places Vic in a front face lock as he puts Vic's arm across the back of his own head. Then Marco quickly jerks backwards taking Vic up and over with him. Vic lands back first on the mat thanks to Marco’s Snap Suplex. Marco holds onto Vic, and rolls them both back onto their feet. Marco then lets go of Vic, and kicks him in the gut doubling him over. Marco stands beside Vic, and bends him forward all the way. Marco then grabs Vic's right arm, and pulls back between his legs. Marco holds Vic's arm here, while he hooks the other arm. Then Marco lifts Vic up over his shoulder. Marco then falls forward to slam Vic against the mat back firsts with a huge Pumphandle Slam. Marco covers Vic going for a pin. Dwayne slides into position to count the pin 1...2. Vic kicks out.

Jon McDaniel: Marco Dante is so close to picking up his first win since being back in the PWA.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah the only problem is that he is up against a guy who no one in the PWA has been able to Pin or Submit.

Jon McDaniel: You never know tonight might be the night, and Marco Dante might be the man to do it.

Brian Rentfro: Keep dreaming Pal.

Marco gets back up to his feet shaking his head is disbelief. Marco reaches down grabbing Vic by the hair pull him back up to a vertical base. Marco places Vic in a standing head scissors, and then lifts him up into the air. Marco then throws Vic hard down to the mat head and shoulders first with a power bomb Marco looks around the ring for a second then hits upon an idea. Marco grabs Vic’s arms, and drags him into position towards the nearest corner. Marco then ascends to the top turnbuckle. Marco leaps from the top turnbuckle, and slams his elbow right into Vic’s chest right into where his heart would be if he had one. Marco hooks the far leg going for the pin. Dwayne drops down to count the pin 1...2.. Kick out by Vic. Marco looks around like what is it going to take to keep him down. Marco pulls Vic back up to his feet against, and this time get behind him. Marco locks his arms around Vic’s waist, and attempts to German suplex Vic. Vic has other ideas, and blocks the German suplex. Marco goes for the Germans suplex again once more Vic blocks hit, and before Marco can try it again. Vic breaks Marco‘s grip from around his waist, and then drops to an knee, and throws a back elbow to Marco’s stomach stunning him.

Brian Rentfro: That was dumb I don’t think Vic is the guy you want to be trying to German Suplex. I think he might have seen that move once or twice.

Jon McDaniel: So what just because Vic Wagner lives in Germany he is the German suplex master.

Brian Rentfro: Duh

Vic stands back up to his full height turning around as he does so. Vic grabs a hold of Marco’s head with both hands. Vic then smashes the side of his head into Marco’s face with a headbutt. Marco is dazed, and Vic uses the to transition into a cravate. Vic uses this position to wrench on Marco’s neck. Vic keeps this going for a few seconds then drops down to a knee flipping Marco over his shoulder into a seated position with a Snapmare. Vic gets back up to his feet, and runs towards the ropes which Marco’s back is facing. Vic hits the ropes bouncing off of them, and charging head long at Marco. As Vic reaches Marco he delivers a swift and strong kick right to the center of Marco’s back. Marco screams out in agony, and Vic walks right behind him. Vic grabs a hold of Marco’s shoulders, and then swings his right knee forward slamming it into Marco’s back. Before Marco can even react to that Vic interlaces his fingers under Marco’s chin and pulls back applying a chin lock.

Jon McDaniel: Vic Wagner is really working on Marco Dante’s back and neck. This is very similar to what he did to Matt Stone.

Brian Rentfro: That’s Vic’s game plan. Most submission guys pick a limb and work on it. Like sawing one of the legs off a table. Vic says fuck that and smashes the table top.

Jon McDaniel: Well whatever the reasoning behind it. Vic Wagner has been effective with it thus far. Marco Dante is going to have to really dig deep to fight back.

Dwayne Cross asks Marco if he want’s to give up? Marco just yells no, and Vic pulls back even harder in response. Marco starts to fight to a vertical base, and is able to get there with great effort. Marco places his head under Vic’s chin, and then grabs the top of Vic’s head. Marco then falls back down to the matt in a seated position forcing Vic’s jaw to smash into the top of his head with a great seated reverse jaw breaker. Vic is still on his feet. but dazed clenching at his jaw. Marco gets up to his feet, and rushes towards the ropes Vic is facing at. Marco bounces off of the ropes charging Vic. Marco hits him in the gut with a shoulder that takes him off of his feet. Marco hist flush with the spear. Marco quickly covers Vic 1...2...Th Vic some how manages to get his shoulder up off the mat. Marco quickly pulls Vic up to his feet, and puts him in a front face lock as Marco puts Vic's arm across the back of his own head. Marco lifts Vic up into the air, and then falls backwards hitting Vic with a Vertical Suplex. Marco thinks about going for a cover then shakes it off. Marco pulls Vic up again, and scoops him up , and then slams him back down to the mat once more. Marco grabs at his back for a second, and then looks down at Vic thinking of if he should for go another pin.

Brian Rentfro: Marco is all shaken up he doesn’t know whether to pin Vic or not because he just keeps kicking out.

Jon McDaniel: I think if he didn’t take the time to check on his back Marco Dante would have gone for a pin there.

Marco drops down hitting Vic in the chest with a standing elbow drop. Marco gets back up to his feet taking Vic with him. Marco, scoops Vic up so that he is horizontal across his chest. Marco then falls backward throwing Vic over his head down Vic travels a good distance before coming back down to the mat back-first. Marco grabs at his back like maybe move took more out of him then Vic. Marco is the first to stir, and crawls over to Vic pinning him. Dwayne drops down to count the pin 1...2...thre Vic just barely manages to get a shoulder up. Marco can’t believe it, and shakes his head in disappointment. Marco crawls over towards the ropes, and uses them to pull himself up to his feet. Marco is rubbing his back trying to make the pain go away. Marco notices that Vic has gotten back up to his feet, and is facing away from him. So Marco stops rubbing his back, and sizes Vic up. Vic turns around he gets blasted with a flurry of blows to hie head. Marco is trying to take Vic out with his Black Out. When Vic is rocked, and barely able to stand on his feet Marco tries to lift Vic in a Fireman’s Carry. Marco’s back fails him, and he can’t do it. Marco is not about to give up, and digs deep, and manages to lift Vic up onto his shoulder. Marco goes to spin Vic off his shoulders.

Vic manages to push off of Marco, and lands on his feet behind him. Marco spins around, and Vic is ready for him. Vic places his left foot at the front of the Marco’s ankle and the other in the back of the shin. Vic then falls forward slamming Marco face first into the mat. and Vic then quickly crosses Marco’s legs hooking the left foot behind their right knee. Vic then hooks the right leg with his right leg to keep it in place. Vic reaches forward, and hooks the Marco’s arms in a full nelson then pulls Marco backwards completing the Full Nelson Death Lock STF.

Jon McDaniel: Vic Wagner has locked Marco Dante in the Breaking Wheel in the center of the ring. Can he get out of it?

Brian Rentfro: It’s the Breaking Wheel once your in you tap or hear a snap.

Dwayne Cross asks Marco if he wants to give up. Marco screams yes, as he nods his head. Dwayne calls for the bell

Eric Emerson: Your winner by Submission Vicious Vic Wagner!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Sabotage by the Beastie Boys starts to play and after a few seconds the ADC-Tron springs to life with the face of our hero, President Robinson.

President Robinson: Wow, that was some match. Good job to the winner. I'm sure that the loser will bust some ass next time, too.

President Robinson: Now that I've got the pleasantries out of the way, let's get down to business. Vic, buddy, pal, amigo, I've got some bad news. After exhaustive research, and at great personal expense, I've discovered that you actually aren't the Intercontinental champion. While I applaude your eagerness and lust to win, you jumped the gun a bit, attacking Matt Stone before the bell rang to restart the match.

The crowd boos at what is very clearly a man getting screwed without the courtesy of a reach around.

President Robinson: But never fear, I've got a solution. In two week on Rampage, you'll get the chance to actually win the title because you'll be facing Matt Stone in a cage match. There won't be any shenanigans or restarts, just two guys beating the hell out of each other until there is one clear and definitive winner.

The crowd cheers as Vic Wagner watches the ADC-Tron with a look of disgust.

New Age Chaos

[The scene opens in the NAP locker room, where Monkey McDee is trying to calm Panzadise’s nerves about his match with Mr. PWA later tonight.]

Monkey McDee: “Relax, Dise, you got this.”

Panzadise: “I know, I’m probably over thinking this whole thing.”

Monkey McDee: “Exactly. Just pretend it’s Nadare. You didn’t have any problems with him, and he wore a mask.”

Panzadise: “That’s a good point.”

[Just then, a man walks into the locker room wearing a blue and red mask. It looks a lot like Mr. PWA. Everything McDee had done to calm Dise down is out the window now, as Dise cowardly hides behind McDee.]

Monkey McDee: “Mr. PWA? You better leave now or we’re going to have to...uhh, take action.”

[Mr. PWA reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigarette. He lights it up and takes a drag, blowing it in McDee’s direction.]

Mr. PWA: “I don’t think you’re going to want to do that, monkey boy. You know I’m always packing heat.”

[Mr. PWA reaches around to his back pocket, causing McDee and Dise to duck and cover, but the masked man unexpectedly pulls out a beer can. The guy obviously knows how to party. He sees an empty cup lying in the NAP locker room, picks it up, and pours the beer into it. He takes a lengthy chug, and continues...]

Mr. PWA: “So you guys are scared that Jethro might be here, huh?”

[Feeling a little less intimidated, and more intrigued by his presence, Dise and McDee stand back up and chat with him.]

Panzadise: “Scared? Are you kidding me?”

Mr. PWA: “Well, when I walked into the arena tonight, I could smell the nauseating aroma of barrels of hay and horse shit from the parking lot, so I’m pretty sure he’s here.”

Monkey McDee: “Yeah, we smelt that, too.”

Mr. PWA: “But, look on the bright side. [he sips his beer] At least you know I’m not Jethro, right?”

[Dise seems happy to hear that, but then Mr. PWA begins to remove his mask. Dise and McDee are both standing in a boxing pose ready to throw down as Mr. PWA tosses his mask behind him...

It’s Simon Kalis!

And as he removed his mask, his glass eye came loose and dropped into his beer mug. He reaches in and fishes it out, and then licks the beer off of it before popping it back into the socket.]

Simon Kalis: “I hate when that shit happens.”

[Dise and McDee seem relieved, but still pissed.]

Panzadise: “You can’t be doing that shit, bro. You know I’m wigging out about this whole thing.”

Simon Kalis: “You just gotta relax man! You're the PWA World Champion now, you can't be bugging out over every over compensating asshole in a mask. I’ve got Jethro taken care of...”

[Simon reaches into his other back pocket, and pulls out a fully cooked T-bone steak. He dusts off the lint off it and sniffs it for quality control. Dise and McDee seem a little disturbed with what this guy is willing to carry on him, but impressed at the same time.]

Simon Kalis: “I’ll lure the big guy in with this, and you guys just worry about Mr. PWA.”

[Dise seems as relieved as ever.]

Simon Kalis: “Whoever in the hell he is.”

[Dise rolls his eyes and puts his hands up in the air, now completely back to being paranoid again as the scene ends.]

Thomas Manchester Black vs Matthew Engel

Two Guys That Hate Losing Match

The curious case of Matthew Engel vs Thomas Manchester Black. Here are two men that hate to lose, but are both fresh off losing their respective championships. Clearly, things will end badly here.

The two men barely wait for the bell to ring before launching into attacks. Engel dodges a Muai Thai knee but can't get out of the way from a spinning heel kick. Black tries to press his advantage, not wanting the former World champion to get the chance to regroup, and pushes Engel back to the corner. Black locks Engel into a Muai Thai clinch and continues with the knee attacks. Engel sags and Black lets go so Virus can slump to the mat. The PWA legend was playing possum and springs forward, driving Black all the way back across the ring and into the opposite corner with a shoulder block.

Now Engel attacks in the corner, using a combination of strikes to use some of Black's own medicine against him. Black is doing a good job of blocking Engel's punches with his head, though that may not be the best strategy. Realizing this, Black uses his head for something else. Namely, using it to smash Engel square in the nose. Engel staggers backwards, bloodied and with eyes watering. Black takes two steps forward and then leaps straight up in the air, swinging his legs behind Virus's head and partially securing a flying triangle choke.

Its an impressive move, but too close to the ropes as Engel easily reaches out and grabs one, forcing Black to break the hold. Being on your back in a wrestling ring is not a good position to find yourself in, triangle choke or not, something else Black soon discovers. Rather than backing up, Engel stays right where he is and starts peppering Black with lefts and rights. The PWA rookie manages to shove Virus away and roll out of the ring to collect himself.

But Matthew Engel is in a bad mood and wants to hurt somebody. Like right now. To facilitate this, Engel comes flying over the top rope with a suicide dive. The move nearly lives up to its name as Black manages to catch Engel and stagger backwards, dropping Engel throat first on the ringside barricade. The momentum of Engel still managed to drive Black into the barricade with a significant amount of force and both men are on the mat, exhausted from the intense pace of the match.

Black gets to his feet first and and starts hammering Engel with elbow drops to the back. Engel tries to crawl away, but Black punts him in the head before rolling into the ring to break the referee's count. Inside the ring, Black starts to climb the turnbuckle, but his foot slips, his boot slippery from spilled soda outside the ring. He climbs back up and works to steady himself and secure his balance. Outside the ring, Engel is on his feet and sees the upcoming danger. Engel manages to grab Black's foot before he can leap off the top rope and Black crouches down to try and punch Engel. Engel climbs to the ring apron as the two men trade punches, though neither man is in much of a position to punch very effectively.

Without warning, Engel grabs Black's wrist as he throws a punch and uses it to drag the big man across his shoulders. Engel leaps off the ring apron and his the Sons of Plunder on the arena floor! Both men are down, Black from the impact of the move and Engel from using his energy reserves to pull it off. The referee starts to count, but Engel manages to get to his feet and roll in the ring at 9 to break the count.

Engel rolls back out of the ring and tries to pull Black to his feet. He's almost successful, but Black is 245 pounds of dead weight and Engel is exhausted. Both men collapse to the ground, but Engel is back on his feet and tries again. This time he's more successful and manages to roll Black into the ring. Engel slides in right behind him and drapes an arm over his opponent.


In reality, it is less of a kickout and more of a feeble shrug that barely lifts his shoulder off the mat. Even so, it is enough to keep the match from ending. Both men get to their feet very slowly and turn to face each other as the fans cheer them both on. With a surprising burst of speed, Black leaps up, both knees landing in Engel's face! Somehow the Virus catches him and slams Black down onto the mat in a modified power bomb. Black is down, Engel is on his knees. Virus uses the ropes to climb to his feet and he manages to climb the turnbuckles and launch himself off them to execute the Euthanasia! Engel hooks a leg as the referee counts!


Winner: Matthew Engel

Marxx: McNasty's Manservant

We once again open to the home of Mark McNasty. We open out front and find Marxx busting his butt to give Mark's car the best cleaning its ever had. Marxx is covered in sweat from being in the ninety something heat for an hour. Finally, Mark McNasty walks out of his house and towards his car, IC title over his shoulder. Marxx looks up.

Marxx: There you are Mark. I think you'll find your car looks as pretty as that title...can I have it back yet?

McNasty smiles.

McNasty: Sure buddy, deals a deal.

McNasty holds out the belt. As Marxx smiles and reaches for it, McNasty suddenly pulls it back. He pulls down his sunglasses and leans towards his car.

McNasty: Oh...jeez Marxx. The deal was you clean my get the belt. But here is a spot of dirt on my driver door at least half an inch big. Such spotty work shouldnt be rewarded with a prize like the IC title. And please, don't think me a heel, but I dont want you getting in the habit of thinking people will reward you for half assing it. Im really doing this for your own good. Sorry.

McNasty opens his car, puts the IC title in, and climbs in. He starts the car and drives off, as Marxx is left is disbelief in his front lawn.

Panzadise vs Mr. PWA

Another Douche Calling Himself Mr. PWA Match

Eric Emerson: The following is a non-title match and set for one fall...

"Hero" by Chad Kroger and Josey Scott begins to play over the speakers system in the arena as from the back to a somewhat nonexistent cheer(a few cheers, but the majority is just watching without expressing anything), comes Mr. PWA.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, he claims to be bringing the PWA back to the great days of ratings, he is here to be the hero of the Pioneer Wrestling Association, he is... Mr. PWA!

A less than warm reception, but he didn't expect any different. Mr. PWA walks down to the ring, glad handing the fans there who stick their hands out just to touch a wrestler. Once in the ring, he begins to stretch and prepare himself for the match ahead.

The lights go out as we hear distorted voice play throughout the arena...

“New-new-new-new-new New Age Panzies”

Just then, red lights shine down on the entrance ramp as the speakers begin to play a synthesized beat and tribal drumming (Linkin Park’s “When They Come For Me”).

Eric Emerson: “Coming to the ring at this time, the challenger...”

“I am not a pattern to be followed
The pill that I’m on is a tough one to swallow
I’m not a criminal
Not a role model
Not a born leader
I’m a tough act to follow”

Eric Emerson: “From Cleveland, Ohio, standing six feet eight inches tall and weighing in 285 pounds...”

“And I’m not a robot
I’m not a monkey
I will not dance even if the beats funky
Opposite of lazy, far from a punk
Y’all ought to stop talking, start trying to catch up motherfucker”

Eric Emerson: “The leader of the New Age Panzies...


Panzadise steps out onto the entrance ramp as the crowd explodes.

“And all the people say
Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah

Try to catch up motherfucker
Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah”

Dise begins making his way down to the ring. He’s wearing black leather pants with “Dise” written down the right leg and a pair of red six-sixed dice on his left thigh.

He climbs up onto the ring apron and steps over the top rope.

“I am the opposite of whack
Opposite of weak
Opposite of slack
Synonym of heat
Synonym of crack
Closest to a peak
Far from a punk
Y’all ought to stop talking, start trying to catch up motherfucker”

Dise aggressively throws the NAP sign into the air and screams as silver pyro begins pouring down from the rafters into the ring behind him. The crowd explodes in cheers.

“And all the people say
Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah

Try to catch up motherfucker
Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah”

Ding Ding

Collar and elbow, Mr. PWA backing Dise backwards in the corner and releasing quickly when asked to by the referee. Mr. PWA backs up from Dise, who lashes out with a kick following up quickly with a knee ot the face and a DDT onto the canvas. Dise quickly pulls Mr. PWA back up, whip into the corner, running knee to the midsection doubles him over and an elbow on the back of the neck sends him to one knee. Mr. PWA slams a fist into Dise's knee, but Dise boots him right in the face before bringing him back up and yelling into his face that he knows who he is. Dise with an elbow rocks Mr.

PWA's head backwards. Dise grabs a side headlock, but Mr. PWA delivers an elbow into his ribs before lifting him up and dropping him on his neck with a side suplex. Dise rolls up to his feet charging at Mr. PWA, but he is ready ducking under and locking on a full nelson sweeping Dise's legs out from under him and dropping him onto his chest with the full nelson still locked on. Dise isn't the World Champion for nothing as he rolls putting Mr. PWA onto his back in a pinning position. But Mr. PWA isn't here to save the PWA by letting this happen and releases the hold. Mr. PWA is up to his feet, meeting Panzadise with another collar and elbow, Mr. PWA going behind into a rear waistlock, lifting Dise up with a German suplex attempt, but drops him quickly to spin him around delivering a DDT onto the canvas. Mr. PWA hurriedly goes to the ankle of Dise, lifting up the right ankle stomping on the right knee as he holds the ankle up. Dise rolls over trying to boot Mr. PWA in the face, but he spins out of the way, taking the ankle with him and torquing the knee just a bit more.

Brian Rentfro: You do know that Jethro is under that mask, right?

Jon McDaniel: Pardon me, but he doesn't appear to be wrestling like Jethro Hayes.

Mr. PWA drops down, slamming his knee into the side of Dise's knee to add a bit more pressure to the right kneecap wearing the big man down. Dise reaches out for the ropes and with his long reach, is only about a foot away from the hold's release. Mr. PWA sees this, pulling Dise back, but a solid foot to the face rocks his head backwards, causing him to drop the ankle/knee lock type move. Mr. PWA spins towards the ropes, but Dise is working up to his feet, showing a bit of wear early on, and goes after Mr. PWA with a renewed fury. Forearm to the face sends Mr. PWA into the corner, a second rocks his head backwards. Dise with a side headlock lifts Mr. PWA up onto the top rope.

Jon McDaniel: This could be ring shattering here with these two big men.

Brian Rentfro: And yet you still believe that is not Jethro Hayes.

Superplex takes Mr. PWA down to the canvas in what is definitely a ring shattering move and Dise makes the cover.



Mr. PWA gets his shoulder up before Dise drags him up to his feet. Dise with a whip sends him into the corner, following in with a clothesline, but Mr. PWA spins out of the way and Dise slams chest first in the corner. Dise stumbles back into a superkick right to the chin from Mr. PWA that has him seated in the corner. Mr. PWA runs to the opposite side before charging back in.

Brian Rentfro: He isn't going... he did.

Jon McDaniel: Bronco Buster from Mr. PWA!

Mr. PWA rolls out after a few seconds, pulling Dise up to his feet sending him down about four feet from the corner with a hip toss. Mr. PWA climbs up to the top turnbuckle, his back to Dise before leaping off backwards with a moonsault onto Dise and remains for the cover.



Dise throws his foot on the ropes just before the count of three and this match continues. Mr. PWA lifts Dise back up to his feet, but Dise catches him and pulls his legs out from under him, mounting him with MMA style punches, elbows, and forearms. Mr. PWA rolls Dise off of him, but Dise has a front choke hold on Mr. PWA in the center of the ring!

Brian Rentfro: This is it, Dise showing why he is superior to everyone in the PWA and in the AOWF!

Jon McDaniel: Things sure aren't looking good for Mr. PWA here at this moment.

The referee gets into position, lifting Mr. PWA's right arm up and it falls.

He lifts again and once again it falls.

He lifts for a third time, but Mr. PWA rips his arm out of the referee's grasp and clenches his fist as high as he can reach it into the air, drawing a lot of support from the crowd. Dise tries to tighten the hold, but Mr. PWA is rocking his head back and forth, preventing any tightening until Mr. PWA catches him off guard by rolling out of his grasp and towards the ropes. Dise is quick for a big man though and prevents Mr. PWA from getting into the ropes. Dise bends down, Mr. PWA nails him with a palm thrust to the chin backing him up a bit, allowing him to get to his feet. Dise comes back in, Mr. PWA kicks out catching Dise's right knee and he turns away. Dise comes back just as Mr. PWA gets up to his feet, delivering a boot to the midsection and lifting Mr. PWA up for a vertical suplex. Mr. PWA twists, coming down behind Dise, snapping off a quick German suplex that he manages to hold on to and roll through for a second time, then a third. Mr. PWA releases Dise on the third suplex, sending him nearly straight onto his head, causing it and his neck to absorb much of the move. Dise pulls himself to his feet as Mr. PWA is gathering his wits and is back on the attack charging at Mr. PWA with a clothesline; Mr. PWA with a back body sends him over the top and to the outside. Mr. PWA is in the ropes quickly, launching himself over the top with a plancha onto the rising Dise that sends both men to the railing. Dise absorbs most of the blow and Mr. PWA is on the attack Whip into the steps sends them flying and Dise, who is wrestling like this is Jethro Hayes, can't seem to find any firm footing in this contest. Dise lifts one of the steps into his hands though and here comes Mr. PWA in for a running knee to the World Champion, but steel meets him right in the masked face and he goes down heavily, his eyes rolling up into the back of his skull as he falls limply to the floor.

Brian Rentfro: Why did Mr. PWA fall like that?

Jon McDaniel: Oh don't act like you didn't know, Dise had to use the step to aid him in this match.

Brian Rentfro: Step? I saw no freaking step.

Dise stomps down on the face of Mr. PWA before rolling him back into the ring where he is hoping to dominate him now. Dise lifts him up, whipping him back first into the corner, following in with a big body splash, finishing it off with a DDT as Mr. PWA falls out of the corner. Dise makes the cover.




Mr. PWA gets his shoulder up, much to the surprise of the referee and Dise himself. Dise lifts him up, nodding that he realizes that he's going to pull out the Panzadise Bomb and finish his opponent off. Dise lifts him up, but Mr. PWA is fighting back, fists to the head to distract Dise before he rolls over his back, pulling him down into a sort of sunset flip pin!




Dise throws a shoulder up, keeping the match alive, but Mr. PWA is on the rampage now since the momentum is in his corner. Dise up to his feet, Mr. PWA lashing out with a kick that Dise catches. Mr. PWA with an enzeguri as the intensity and speed begin to rapidly pick up. Kick connects sending Dise stumbling, Mr. PWA with a rolling thunder clothesline, springing up clotheslining Dise against the ropes. Dise fires back with a right hand, Mr. PWA ducking under catches the wrist twisting Dise over with some kind of flip. Dise lands onto his back, Mr. PWA into the ropes, elevated leg drop across Dise's throat before he rolls over to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: Mr. PWA picking up the pace and intensity of the match here, really throwing off Dise's game plan.

Brian Rentfro: I think this guy's on speed, he's a big man; he can't keep it up for long and neither could Jethro, just watch.

Mr. PWA brings Dise up to his feet, stomping down on the right knee before picking it up and slamming his elbow onto the kneecap, Dise with an enzeguri of his own sends both men down to the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: See what I mean?

Jon McDaniel: Mr. PWA underestimated the World Champ there, thinking him to be too groggy.

Dise lifts Mr. PWA up to his feet, pounding his face with forearms, right palm thrusts, and an elbow combination until he's in the corner. Dise with a boot choke in the corner has the referee's count up to four when Mr. PWA kicks out, catching Dise in the right thigh.

Brian Rentfro: What a low blow!

Jon McDaniel: Clearly that was a kick to the thigh.

Mr. PWA lashes out with another kick, catching Dise right in the midsection before he goes down onto one knee. Mr. PWA off the ropes coming back and connecting with a Shining Wizard!

Jon McDaniel: Jethro has never once used a Shining Wizard in his attack, do you believe it now?

Brian Rentfro: Not really.

Mr. PWA pulls Dise up, but Dise nails him in the groin with a double fist, sending Mr. PWA's hands to cup himself in obvious and utter pain. Dise nails him with a vicious right hand, a second, a third, and a fourth until he has him backed up into the ropes. Irish whip sends Mr. PWA across the ring, rebounding into a big boot from Dise sending him down to the canvas. Dise off the ropes, leaping knee drop onto Mr. PWA's chest before making a cover.




Mr. PWA gets a shoulder up. Dise pulls him up, snapping his head back with forearm after forearm, booting him in the midsection, sending his skull into the canvas with an old school piledriver. Dise, isn't through though, and lifts him back up to his feet. Vertical suplex puts Mr. PWA on the canvas and here comes Dise with a submission hold, locking Mr. PWA's hands behind his back, jamming his knee into his shoulder blades, working over the shoulder and back, as well as placing pressure onto his neck. Mr. PWA rolls to the left and to the right, eventtually breaking the hold and struggling back to his feet, to meet the oncoming knee to the face from Dise sending him back down onto one knee. Dise presses his advantage with repeated blows of fists until lifting Mr. PWA up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry, bringing him down throat first across his throat, making the cover.




Mr. PWA manages a last second shoulder, but Dise isn't upset, he pulls him back up and continues the onslaught of offense. Dise whips him into the ropes, Somoan Drop in the center of the ring before dropping several knees onto the chest and stomach of Mr. PWA has him in firm control for the first time in this contest.

Jon McDaniel: The PWA World Champion is finally in firm control.

Brian Rentfro: And all it took was a thigh punch and look at the domination.

Dise with a series of suplexes, vertical, belly to back, and a belly to belly that has Mr. PWA's head and neck slamming hard onto canvas, turnbuckle, and every where else. Dise lifts him up delivering a snapmare to the canvas and Mr. PWA is in a bad way as Dise seems to be toying with his opponent now.

Brian Rentfro: Told you it was Jethro.

Jon McDaniel: How can you say that?

Brian Rentfro: Because Dise is dominating him.

Jon McDaniel: I do believe their only singles encounter was clearly split down the middle.

Panzadise lifts Mr. PWA up, whipping him into the ropes and going for his superkick signature, The Panzonic Kick, but Mr. PWA ducks under, nailing him in the back of the skull with a superkick of his own. Mr. PWA goes down, Dise's throat slams onto the top rope before he falls back inside the ring and both men are down. The referee looks at both men before starting to count.

Jon McDaniel: What a counter by Mr. PWA there!

Brian Rentfro: Stop the match, Dise may be hurt!



Neither man is moving here so far.



Mr. PWA and Dise are both slowly stirring, both near a set of ropes.



Dise is pulling himself up, thanks to the ropes, just as Mr. PWA is doing the same.



Both men are on their knees and appear to have been in a fifteen round boxing match; they are exhausted and breathing heavily.


They nod and the count is stopped.

Jon McDaniel: This match will continue!

Brian Rentfro: I can't wait for Dise to put this chump away again!

Collar and elbow tie up in the center of the ring, Panzadise whips Mr. PWA into the ropes. Mr. PWA rebounds and Panzadise goes for a back body, Mr. PWA flips over Panzadise to land on his feet. Mr. PWA hits the ropes, voluntarily, to come back at Panzadise and Panzadise drops down to the canvas to avoid the clothesline attempt. Mr. PWA rebounds and Panzadise lifts him up into a gorilla press before slamming him down to the canvas front first. Panzadise quickly picks up the "PWA's Saving Grace" before shoving him back first into the corner with tremendous force. Panzadise charges in with a body splash, but Mr. PWA with a charging double axe handle body block doubling the big man over before the splash is able to connect. Mr. PWA goes for a swinging neckbreaker, but Panzadise is able to counter with a neckbreaker of his own; but Mr. PWA reverses and sends Panzadise into the ropes. Panzadise comes back with a clothesline to Mr. PWA's midsection taking the masked wrestler down to the canvas. Panzadise mounts Mr. PWA with a Lou Thesz press before Mr. PWA is able to roll him over with a Lou Thesz press of his own. Panzadise back up again, but Mr. PWA takes him down with a Dragon screw leg whip and Panzadise is back on the canvas hard. Mr. PWA drops a well placed elbow on Dise's neck, aiming for a body part again in this matchup. Mr. PWA brings Panzadise back to his feet, whipping him into the corner where he delivers a series of chops to the World Heavyweight Champion. Panzadise spins around to slam Mr. PWA into the corner where he delivers a series of chops to Mr. PWA's chest that gets the crowd to "Wooing" with each chop. Panzadise with an open handed punch to Mr. PWA draws the eye of the referee, but since it was not a closed fist, it is perfectly legal; Mr. PWA's head rocks back from the contact anyways. Mr. PWA grabs Dise and delivers a crotch slam that stops Dise's momentum in its tracks.

Brian Rentfro: Mr. PWA with a crotch slam there on Dise, he's all about technical wrestling isn't he?

Jon McDaniel: He never said all he would do is technical wrestling, he's just here to build the PWA's reputation back up.

Mr. PWA goes for a leg drop, but Panzadise manages to roll out of the way just in time to avoid the blow. Mr. PWA gets up holding at his leg when Panzadise wraps his head in a side headlock, Panzadise with a side headlock takedown to the canvas and Panzadise locks the headlock in tighter putting as much pressure as possible on Mr. PWA's neck. He grunts from the applied pressure and begins to shove himself towards the ropes, but Panzadise rears back on the neck and Mr. PWA is forced to stop momentarily to catch his breath. Mr. PWA reaches the ropes and is immediately released from the side headlock, Panzadise drops an elbow onto the neck and pulls Mr. PWA back from the ropes to hook a leg and make a cover.



Mr. PWA kicks out easily before the count of three.

JON MCDANIEL: I'm afraid that Panzadise just waisted an oppurtunity there.

BRIAN RENTFRO: When you are the World Champion, you didn't get there by accident; he knows what he is doing.

JON MCDANIEL: I'm afraid that I agree with you.

BRIAN RENTFRO: Not that Mr. PWA has any real talent, but still.

Panzadise pulls Mr. PWA up to his feet and shoves him into the corner, Panzadise with a charging forearm, but Mr. PWA with a spinning leg lariat takes him down to the mat. Mr. PWA smirks as he pulls Panzadise back up to his feet and delivers a stinging slap to the face of the PWA World Champion. Panzadise with a surprise belly to belly suplex catches Mr. PWA unaware and sends him sliding across the ring. Mr. PWA back up, out of instinct, and charging at Panzadise who takes him down to the canvas with a lariat. Panzadise backs up into a corner and is setting up for a big time bull rush, he looks to the masked wrestler before getting in position for a running shoulder block. Mr. PWA gets up, shaking his head and rolling his neck. He turns and Panzadise charges in for the kill, Mr. PWA grabs the big man by the head and uses his own momentum to deliver a skull crushing DDT, Panzadise falls limply onto the mat. But Mr. PWA doesn't make a cover just yet, he pulls the big man up to his feet, lifting him up and planting him across his knee with an inverted atomic drop; Mr. PWA takes a quick breather. Panzadise falls back to the mat on his back and Mr. PWA rolls Panzadise out of the ring before following after him. The referee immediately begins to count his mandatory count. Mr. PWA dives from the apron with an elbow drop to Dise's neck and laughs as he pulls the big man up to a kneeling position. Mr. PWA plants Dise's face with a series of closed fists that rock the challenger and Mr. PWA pulls him up to a vertical base. Mr. PWA slams Panzadise backwards into the announcers' table before slamming his face into the flimsy prop. The referee's count is up to four as Mr. PWA plants Dise's face on the PWA logo with a head slam into the table. Mr. PWA whips Panzadise back first into the ringpost and follows with a forearm that sends the back of Dise's skull against the hard metal. Panzadise appears to be on Dream Street and stumbles away from the post as Mr. PWA delivers a drop toe hold sending Dise's face back into the announce table. The referee is up to eight as Mr. PWA rolls the big man into the ring, thus breaking the count. Mr. PWA with a head scissors take over sends Panzadise back down to the canvas and Panzadise hasn't recovered from that vicious DDT yet. Mr. PWA with an arm wrench as he begins to work on another body part here in the match; he has worked on the neck, skull, and is now working on the arm. Panzadise powers up from the mat to try and fight back as the crowd is beginning to grow louder and louder with chants for both men. Mr. PWA sweeps the legs out from under Panzadise and he quickly applies a Texas Cloverleaf submission hold onto Panzadise in the center of the ring, Panzadise can see the ropes, but can he make it to them and the safety they promise? Panzadise grunts either from the pain or the effort of crawling, but he grunts as he struggles forward towards the ropes. He reaches out and touches the bottom rope, but Mr. PWA quickly yanks him away and to the opposite side of the ring; Dise's hand falls in defeat or exhaustion. He looks back at the rope and begins to power up to his forearms and crawls again, this time is noticeably slower and more determined.

JON MCDANIEL: Mr. PWA has that submission locked on perfectly.

BRIAN RENTFRO: But Panzadise is too strongwilled and way too talented to give up.

Panzadise shoves his legs backwards and Mr. PWA is sent rolling forward, the submission broken, at least momentarily. Panzadise pulls himself up and as Mr. PWA is getting back up, he delivers a kick to the side of Mr. PWA's temple that sends him toppling to the mat. Panzadise walks over to where Mr. PWA is lying and begins to pull him up to a vertical base once again, Mr. PWA with a forearm smash sends Panzadise stumbling backwards away from the offensive move. Mr. PWA leaps up from his kneeling position to tackle Panzadise down to the mat before getting back up and as Panzadise rolls over, Mr. PWA with a knee drop to the back of his neck. Mr. PWA with a fist drop and another knee drop to the neck of Panzadise and the World Champion is in a bad way here in the match. Panzadise gets to the ropes and pulls himself up to a shaky kneeling position but here comes Mr. PWA with a running knee into Dise's temple driving his throat across the ropes and an elbow drop to the neck. Mr. PWA pulls Panzadise to the center of the ring, setting him up for a piledriver; he boots Panzadise and drops him on his head with a picture perfect piledriver. Mr. PWA hooks the leg and makes the cover.



Thr Panzadise kicks out just in time.

JON MCDANIEL: Mr. PWA can't believe Panzadise kicked out.

BRIAN RENTFRO: They have faced each other before, but this version of Jethro is throwing Dise off his game plan, not to mention Jethro's focusing his offensive moves on Dise's head.

Mr. PWA sends Panzadise into the ropes, but Dise reverses and Mr. PWA is sent running. Panzadise catches Mr. PWA, lifting him into the air, and dropping him with a big desperation spinebuster, both lay on the mat. Both Mr. PWA and Panzadise crawl for the ropes, each intending to be the first one to his feet and have the advantage; they reach the ropes and pull themselves up. Mr. PWA comes over with a jumping high kick that sends Panzadise out to the floor and onto his back. Mr. PWA looks down, over the top rope, but Panzadise pulls his legs out from under him before rolling back into the ring. Mr. PWA scrambles to get back up to his feet and manages to win the race to his feet just seconds before Panzadise gets to his own. Mr. PWA with vicious forearms backs Panzadise into the corner and delivers a chop that causes the big man to wince from the sharp pain.

JON MCDANIEL: Panzadise really hasn't gotten in an offensive series since earlier in the match, if then. I think he planned on facing Jethro and this guy obviously isn't Jethro.

BRIAN RENTFRO: He knows what he is doing, but he may be wishing he hadn't planned on the fatter and slower Jethro Hayes.

Mr. PWA whips Panzadise across the ring into the other corner, but Panzadise reverses and Mr. PWA slams front first into the corner. He bounces back out of the corner and Panzadise with a bulldog tackles him down to the mat, but Panzadise unable to capitalize as the crowd goes absolutely wild for a big move from Dise. Panzadise makes a cover.




Mr. PWA with a late kickout!
. Mr. PWA rolls away as Panzadise gets up to his feet, Mr. PWA up, Panzadise with a forearm smash that backs Mr. PWA into the ropes. Panzadise with an arm wrench that torques Mr. PWA's left shoulder and Panzadise with a few toe kicks to the right side of Mr. PWA's ribs. Panzadise goes for an Irish whip, but Mr. PWA counters and delivers a knee into Dise's back, the big man bends backwards and Mr. PWA with an inverted DDT drives the back of Dise's skull into the canvas. Mr. PWA drops a closed fist into Dise's forehead and hooks the leg for a cover.



Thr Panzadise rolls a shoulder up to stop the count.

JON MCDANIEL: A close call there for the World Champion.

BRIAN RENTFRO: Yeah, well, he's luring him into a false sense of security.

Mr. PWA with a knee drop to Dise's head and is back up to his feet to deliver a second knee drop to Dise's forehead. Mr. PWA gets back up, with a look of triumph on his face and in his eyes. Panzadise is pulled up to his feet and shot into the ropes, Mr. PWA with a running tackle and begins to place closed lefts and rights into Dise's thick skull. The referee is there to warn Mr. PWA about the closed fists and to count to four before Mr. PWA relents from the blows. Mr. PWA makes another cover on Panzadise and the referee is in perfect position.



Thr Panzadise kicks out a nanosecond before he would have been defeated by Mr. PWA. Mr. PWA is getting frustrated now with Panzadise and intends to make him pay for his stubborness. Mr. PWA pulls Dise up, setting him in position for a neckbreaker, but Panzadise shoves him backward, holds onto his hand and pulls him in for a boot to the midsection; Mr. PWA is doubled over. Panzadise shoves Mr. PWA's head between his legs and lifts Mr. PWA with a stump pulling piledriver and as Mr. PWA's skull makes contact, Panzadise falls back on his back. Mr. PWA rolls to the side also on his back and breathing heavily as is Dise. Panzadise and Mr. PWA both get back up at the exact same time, they go for a collar and elbow tie up, but Mr. PWA with a knee into Dise's bread basket and a European uppercut gets him the advantage once more in this match. Mr. PWA with a short arm clothesline staggers Panzadise back up against the ropes, Mr. PWA drags Dise's face across the top rope before slamming him head first into the top turnbuckle. Mr. PWA with a closed right fist to Panzadise before yanking his head back with a hand full of hair; Panzadise looks up into Mr. PWA's face. Mr. PWA with another closed right fist, the referee comes over to admonish Mr. PWA for his use of the closed fist. Panzadise with a closed fist of his own to Mr. PWA's temple. Panzadise with another, Mr. PWA with one as well; he drops the hand full of hair. Panzadise with a right, Mr. PWA with a right, these two are trading closed fists in a wrestling match, their dislike evident in each and every blow. Panzadise connects with a particularly stiff right hand that drops Mr. PWA down to one knee, Dise clotheslines him down to the canvas. Dise takes a breather of his own, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs from the head shots that Mr. PWA has made him take in this contest.

Brian Rentfro: The referee should stop this match, its obvious that the World Champion must be suffering from a concussion; but look at him soldier on.

Jon McDaniel: He may be suffering from a concussion, but its his choice to continue or not.

Mr. PWA grabs the ankle of Panzadise before stepping over to drop a knee into Dise's kneecap, but Panzadise reaches out and grabs the ropes forcing Mr. PWA to break the hold, but only after a count of four. Mr. PWA pulls him back up, Irish whip into the ropes, but Panzadise reverses and Mr. PWA is sent into the ropes. Panzadise slaps the top of his leg and lowers his head as Mr. PWA rebounds with a leg lariat. Panzadise ducks under the leg lariat, grabs the other leg, raises up, and spins to plant Mr. PWA with a ring shaking spinebuster.

JON MCDANIEL: OH! MY! GAWD! I think he broke Mr. PWA's vertebrae!

BRIAN RENTFRO: He isn't going to pay for something like that; but we'll now see if t his is really Jethro or not, as I suspect, he'll be convulsing any moment now.

Mr. PWA holds at his back as he rolls over, Panzadise pulls himself up and as Mr. PWA turns, Panzadise slams a forearm into his face driving him into the corner.

Brian Rentfro: See, he's holding at his back.

Jon McDaniel: I don't know about anyone else, but I'm sure they'd be holding their back after a hellacious spinebuster like that.

Panzadise with a front kick to Mr. PWA's ribs making him wince from the force of the kick. Panzadise pounds a forearm into Mr. PWA's face before lifting the dazed man up to the top turnbuckle and following after him. Panzadise hooks Mr. PWA's head under his arm, and stands on the top turnbuckle with him, stalling before falling back with a stalling vertical superplex! Both men lay still as they land, each sustaining about the same amount of damage from the impact. Panzadise rolls over and pulls Mr. PWA up to his feet, right from Mr. PWA sends Panzadise back a bit, Panzadise with a right of his own and these two are looking like they want to trade some major fists here in this match once again.

JON MCDANIEL: See, if it were Jethro, he wouldn't be able to keep going.

BRIAN RENTFRO: Maybe he took that magical shot he was talking about.

Dise with another right haymaker, but Mr. PWAducks back, only to be caught in the gut by a boot from Panzadise. Dise sets him up for the Panzadise Bomb! Mr PWA digs down deep and lifts the World champion up in a back body drop. Mr PWA takes a few steps back and waits for Panzadise to get to his feet, then springs forward with surprising speed for such a big dude and spears the champ to the mat and hooks the leg!



Panzadise puts his unhooked foot on the ropes, but Mr PWA makes a better door than he does a window and the ref can't see it!


Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Mr PWA!

Brian Rentfro: No! Panzadise just got robbed! Wait a second! That's a great idea! Get Rob out here, he'll fix this!.

Jon McDaniel: No matter who is under that mask, he has given our PWA World Champion a match to remember.

The New Age Panzies vs Hell & High Water (C)

Last Week's PWA Tag Team Title Match!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is your main event! And it is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association World Tag Team Championships!!


The fans shout out in unison, "MONKEY MCDEE!" and "Brass Monkey" by the Beastie Boys erupts through the arena.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first! The challengers!

Red fountain pyros ignite, horizontally, across the darkened entrance way in unison with the music as the noise volume increases...

Eric Emerson: At a combined weight of 450 pounds...

Red spotlights shoot down from the rafters, and begin to sweep through the arena.

Eric Emerson: Monkey McDee and Not-Stryker, the New Age Panzies!!

McDee bursts through the black curtains and shower of red pyros, clad in a red tank top and black wrestling tights inscribed with "Monkey" written down his left leg in red lettering and outlined in white, he looks around to the crowd, and smiles. He then thrusts his hand up into the air with the "M" symbol. Not-Stryker is close by in tow, looking out to the crowd.

The crowd responds with a burst of cheers for McDee, returning the "M" symbol themselves. They aren't so receptive of Not-Stryker, but hell, kid's new. Ish.

McDee runs down the ramp to the ring, slapping the hands of fans as he passes them. Not-Stryker walks down behind him, focused on the ring.

Jon McDaniel: PanZadiSe managed to nab the World Championship last week at Manitoba Mayhem; the question is whether McDee and Not-Stryker can parlay that win into another title reign for the NAP.

Brian Rentfro: Look, Hell and High Water had their Cinderella moment, it was fun, whatever. The NAP is going to take this match simply because they're REAL championship material.

The NAP look up to the entrance ramp, as a familiar tune hits the arena.

Won't go to heaven
She's just another lost soul,
About to be mine again
Leave her
we will receive her
It is beyond your control
will you ever meet again

Joshua Danielson and Lucious Starr step out from behind the curtains, World Tag Team Titles draped over their shoulders. Danielson charges to one side of the entrance, drawing an uproar of cheers from that side of the arena. Lucious smiles as Danielson runs past him to the opposite side, the arena again erupting. Danielson and Starr meet mid-ramp, Starr holding a hand out towards the ring. Joshua pats Lucious' back, starting down the ramp.

Eric Emerson: And their opponents! They are the current reigning PWA World Tag Team Champions!

One of eleven
Who had been rendered unwhole
As a little child,
she was taken
and then forsaken
you will remember it all
Let it fill your mind again

Joshua and Lucious stop at the bottom of the ramp, looking up into the ring. They turn, fiving before Danielson slides eagerly into the ring, Starr climbing the steel steps.

Eric Emerson: They are "the Punisher" Joshua Danielson! "The Untamed Fury" Lucious Starr! This is Hell and High Water!!

Devin lies beyond this portal
take the word of one immortal
Give your soul to me
For eternity
release your life
to begin another time with her
End your grief with me
there's another way
release your life
take your place inside the fire with her

The two men climb opposing turnbuckles, hoisting their titles high above their heads. They jump back down, turning to their opponents. The referee slips into the ring as each team determines who's going to start off.

Jon McDaniel: This should be an interesting match. The NAP have been making waves, but I'm not sure Danielson and Starr are ready to let go of their titles just yet.

Brian Rentfro: Look, Hell and High Water had their Cinderella moment. It was fun while it lasted, but it's time for a REAL championship team to take the helm.

Danielson and McDee start out, Starr and Not-Stryker head for their corners. Lance Weston calls for the bell, McDee and Danielson sharing a handshake before each taking a step back, set for the match.

Jon McDaniel: A sign of respect right there... you don't see a lot of that nowadays.

Brian Rentfro: It's McDee's way of saying "Thanks for your titles" and Danielson saying "It was fun while it lasted." You're reading too far into it, Jonny.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah... probably not.

McDee and Danielson lock up in a collar-and-elbow, each looking for an advantage. Danielson takes a step back, using the momentum of the now charging McDee to flip him over his head. Danielson kip-ups, not realizing that McDee landed on his feet. Danielson turns around, McDee with a clothesline attempt that Joshua barely manages to avoid. McDee stops mid-charge, turning around into a pele from Danielson. McDee catches Danielson's foot, spinning him around and grabbing him up into a standing head scissors. Danielson throws McDee over, taking a few steps and turning, McDee with a spear. Monkey throws lefts and rights at Joshua, who tries unsuccessfully to cover his face. Weston comes over to the pair, trying to pull McDee away but finds himself unsuccessful. He issues a count, but only gets to two before Danielson locks his legs around McDee's waist, pulling him into a pin. Weston drops, Danielson nabbing a count of one. McDee and Danielson roll to their feet, charging up into each other. Danielson attempts a hip toss, blocked by McDee who tries one himself. Danielson flips onto his feet behind McDee, popping up with a modified enziguri from behind. McDee grabs his face and side of his head, stumbling for a moment before Danielson charges up, taking McDee out at the knees with a baseball slide. Danielson crawls into a cover, but is elbowed from behind by Not-Stryker. Lucious starts in as Weston directs Not-Stryker out, Starr going after McDee. Weston turns, yelling at Lucious to exit. Lucious extends an arm towards McDee, but Weston charges up and smacks it away, ordering Starr into the corner. Lucious is hesitant, but quickly changes his mind when Weston starts counting him out. Starr throws his hands up as McDee gets to his feet, Danielson stalking McDee.

Brian Rentfro: That's Lance Weston for ya! He's not taking Lucious' bullshit!

Jon McDaniel: Possibly a little harsh, but Weston is ALWAYS good at keeping a match straight.

Danielson grabs McDee around the waist, hoisting him up into a german suplex. He keeps the hold in, ready to roll into another until McDee throws a few elbows, Danielson releasing the hold. McDee quickly turns, dropping Danielson with a DDT. He rolls to his feet, looking at Not-Stryker. Stryker nods, applauding. McDee picks Danielson to his feet, whipping him towards the NAP corner. Danielson reacts quickly, springboarding off the corner and nailing a quick chop kick to Not-Stryker, knocking him off the apron. Danielson takes a moment to laugh at a shocked Not-Stryker, but finds he's taken a bit too long as he turns into a shoulder block, which sends the Punisher over the top rope after Stryker. Not-Stryker is on one knee as he sees Danielson fall beside him, dropping an elbow to his chest and launching a few fists into Danielson's head. Weston heads for the ropes, calling to Stryker to knock it off. Stryker continues the assault, getting a count of four before reluctantly backing away. McDee laughs, nodding in Not-Stryker's direction before turning around... BIG BOOT! Lucious drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring as McDee hits the mat, wondering what the fuck just hit him. Not-Stryker turns his attention to Starr, racing around the ring...

Jon McDaniel: Starr just clocked Not-Stryker! Holy damn!

Brian Rentfro: I don't think either of the Panzies know what the hell just happened... Lucious, you cheating bastard!

Starr walks casually around the ring to his post, climbing onto the apron. Danielson starts to his feet on the outside, rolling into the ring as Weston reaches a count of six. McDee rubs his chin, shaking off the boot from Starr as he surveys the ring, finding Joshua. They lock up mid-ring in a test of strength, McDee gaining the upper hand. Danielson feels himself falling back, and dips under McDee through his legs. McDee is sent reeling, rebounding into a dropkick attempt from Danielson. McDee rolls out of the way, rebounding again. He comes back with a clothesline, Danielson ducking under and shooting out with a heel kick. McDee ducks down just in time, catching Danielson under one arm and throwing the other around Joshua's waist, throwing him up and over with a suplex. McDee gets to his feet, making his way to the NAP corner to tag in his partner.

Brian Rentfro: And here comes the cavalry! Go Not-Stryker!!

Jon McDaniel: The NAP might have just grabbed the upper hand here... unless Danielson gets the tag to Lucy...

Danielson crawls to his corner, reaching out for Starr. The two are inches from each other... until Not-Stryker grabs Joshua's leg and pulls him to the center of the ring. Danielson twists, trying to break free, but Not-Stryker merely twists Joshua's leg to make him turn back. Not-Stryker locks in an ankle lock, Danielson reaching for any out. Lucious starts into the ring, but is stopped by Weston. McDee drops from the apron, looking under the ring and pulling out a familiar object...

Jon McDaniel: Sonuva bitch! Not the damn Nintendo again!!

Brian Rentfro: Time for a lesson in old school!!

McDee glances into the ring, where Lucious has reluctantly returned to the apron and Weston starts towards Not-Stryker and Joshua. McDee casually places the Nintendo on a set of steps, climbing back up to the apron. Joshua starts inching towards the nearest set of ropes, the crowd roaring to will on the Punisher. Joshua reaches out, mere inches from the ropes. Not-Stryker starts to his feet, pulling Joshua back towards ring center, but is stopped as Lucious charges in. Stryker loses his grip as he focuses on Starr, allowing Danielson to roll out of the ring as Lucious provides a distraction. Starr hesitates to return to his corner as Not-Stryker turns his attention to Danielson, who is favoring his ankle outside the ring. Not-Stryker starts outside after Danielson, who quickly rolls back into the ring. Not-Stryker jumps onto the apron just in time for HHW to get the tag, Lucious charging across the apron and nailing a vicious clothesline to Not-Stryker that knocks the masked Panzie to the floor. Lucious smiles as the crowd gives a mixed reaction, Lucious measuring Not-Stryker before heading to a turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell is Lucious doing?!

Brian Rentfro: Cheating, probably.

Jon McDaniel: Cheating? He's got no weapons, his opponent is ten to fifteen feet below him, and he's up at a height he usually only travels when he's got someone else up there first.

Brian Rentfro: Cheating.

Lucious stalks Not-Stryker from the turnbuckle, waiting for him to get to his feet. He shouts as he leaps off, NS turning around... into a FLYING CLOTHESLINE FROM STARR! The two men hit the floor, Starr rolling to his feet before dropping an elbow to Stryker's chest. Starr gets up, sliding into the ring as Weston gets a count of four. He rolls back out, starting towards Not-Stryker. McDee drops from the apron, grabbing the Nintendo and cautiously circling the ring, heading towards an unsuspecting Danielson. Not-Stryker lashes out as Lucious grabs his mask, hitting the Fury in the gut with an elbow. Starr reels for a second, and Not-Stryker lunges at Starr, knocking him off his feet. Not-Stryker slides into the ring, heading for his corner... and realized McDee isn't there. He turns as Danielson does, McDee with the Nintendo drawn over his head and behind him. Weston turns, McDee quickly dropping it to the floor and raising his hands. Weston points to McDee, who motions his hands in innocence, trying to use his feet to slide the Nintendo under the ring out of Weston's sight. Lucious slides into the ring, having used the distraction to pull his own item from beneath the ring. He lies on his side, eyeing Not-Stryker.

Brian Rentfro: Told you. Cheating.

Jon McDaniel: Hey, Monkey McDee was about to smash a Nintendo on Danielson.

Brian Rentfro: He was making a statement.

Jon McDaniel: Maybe Lucious is about to make a statement.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah. He's a cheater.

Not-Stryker heads over, grabbing up Lucious by the hair. McDee starts away from Danielson, having hid the Nintendo before getting DQ'd. Weston's attention is still on McDee as Stryker lifts Starr...

Brian Rentfro: HOLY FUCK!


Not-Stryker drops as Lucious throws the system out of the ring, Weston turning. Starr drops, as though injured himself. He mock crawls over to Not-Stryker, draping his arm across the masked man.

3! NO!!

Brian Rentfro: Thank god, McDee with the save. How big a travesty would that have been if Hell and High Water would have retained??

Jon McDaniel: Could still happen, Brian.

Brian starts knocking away on the table.
Meanwhile, McDee is arguing with Weston, trying to explain the circumstances. Weston questions Lucious, who shrugs as though he has no clue. McDee grabs up Not-Stryker, dragging him to their corner and tagging himself in. Lucious turns, grinning as McDee charges up, throwing a fist. Lucious ducks, smacking McDee across the face open-palm. McDee's eyes grow wide, touching his cheek while glaring at Lucious. Starr laughs, slapping his knee as he turns to head for Danielson. McDee charges up, spinning Lucious around and nailing him in the gut with a closed fist, then shoots a knee right into Lucious' nose as he's bent. Lucious reels back, a slow trickle of blood starting from his nostril. McDee charges up, nailing a clothesline to Starr. Lucious hits the mat as McDee rushes the corner, flying off with a corkscrew body splash. McDee stays on the ground, twisting himself to fire lefts and rights into Lucious' face, causing the blood to flow more freely. Weston grabs McDee by the arm, but is shoved off as McDee continues the assault. Weston starts with a five count, McDee using every split second before the five to beat on Lucious. He backs off, Weston checking on Lucious. Lucious starts to one knee, assuring he can continue. Weston turns to McDee, who quickly rushes past Weston and nails a punt kick to Lucious' head. Starr goes down hard, Weston grabbing McDee's arm and scolding him. Danielson starts over on the apron, calling to his partner. Lucious is barely moving, McDee still furious. He stalks over, Weston close behind. McDee starts into a charge, dropping to kick Lucious out of the ring with a baseball slide. Lucious hits the floor hard, Danielson dropping to the floor by his partner. Weston holds McDee back, issuing a ten count.


Brian Rentfro: What the hell, Lance?! The NAP can't win the titles on a count out!


Jon McDaniel: Still, Lucious looks to be banged up pretty bad there.


Not-Stryker has recuperated from the Wii shot, stalking around the ring towards Danielson and Starr. McDee tries to exit the ring, but is held back by Weston.


Brian Rentfro: Let McDee pull Lucious back in! Dammit!


Danielson hoists Lucious up, Starr almost dead weight at this point. Danielson musters the strength to hold Lucious up, dragging him toward the HHW corner of the ring.


Not-Stryker comes flying around the corner, Danielson unable to react in time.


A tackle sends Lucious and Danielson to the ground, Not-Stryker throwing a flurry of fists into Danielson's face. McDee uses the distraction to slide out of the ring, heading for the trio.


McDee assures he is within Weston's sight, sliding into the ring and back out to break the count. He heads to the train wreck of a brawl, grabbing Lucious by the hair.


McDee starts dragging Lucious towards the ring, Danielson now has his legs wrapped around Not-Stryker's waist. He pulls him backwards, releasing his legs as Not-Stryker's head bounces off the floor.


McDee starts hoisting Lucious, realizing what 263 pounds of dead weight feels like. He struggles at first, then opts to slide into the ring and pull Lucious in by his hair. Lucious is finally inside, and McDee stomps on his head a couple times. He gets right down by the face of the Fury, whispering into his ear.

Monkey McDee: Fuck you, copycat.

McDee heads for the nearest turnbuckle, climbing to the top. He motions to the crowd, who are in uproar as they realize what's happening. McDee jumps off into a corkscrew...




Brian Rentfro: WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!

Jon McDaniel: Did Lucious kick out??

Weston holds up a two, McDee looks up in shock. Weston motions; Lucious' foot was on the rope.

Brian Rentfro: Shit, and I thought it was something big. Force of the impact must have popped his foot up there and the ref noticed right before that three.

Jon McDaniel: Maybe.

McDee shakes his head, laughing. He stands, pulling Lucious away from the ropes and making the cover.




Brian Rentfro: WHAT THE HELL?!?!

Not-Stryker and McDee look to the near lifeless Lucious, shocked as he kicks out just before the three. Not-Stryker leaves Danielson, who is leaned against the crowd barrier. McDee shouts to Not-Stryker, who shrugs. McDee goes back up to the top turnbuckle, arching off...


Jon McDaniel: Uh-oh.


Brian Rentfro: SONUVA BITCH!!

Jon McDaniel: Starr just rolled out of the way!! Starr avoided a second tailspin! Holy hell!!

Not-Stryker jumps into the ring, going after Lucious. He nails a set of lefts before Weston pulls him off, shoving him towards his corner. McDee is reeling, using the bottom rope for leverage. He's ticked as hell, turning to see Danielson starting off the crowd barrier. He turns, his eyes growing wide as

Brian Rentfro: LUCIOUS... IS... MOVING?!

Indeed, the Untamed Fury has even reached one knee, blood gushing from his nose as his hair flows over his face. McDee storms over, throwing a right hook to Lucious' head. Lucious stumbles over, but stays on one knee. McDee throws another punch, again Lucy stumbles. McDee grabs Lucious by the hair, pulling him up.

Monkey McDee: GIVE UP, DAMMIT!



McDee stumbles back a few steps, holding his eye. Lucious stands, slumped, with one fist clenched. Not-Stryker and Danielson look on from their corners, stunned. McDee's hand comes off his eye, it's already starting to darken. Lucious starts over, his fist still clenched. McDee throws a boot, Lucious using his other hand to grab it and throw another punch, this time to McDee's nose. McDee hits the floor, now it's his turn to bleed. Lucious turns, walking over and tagging in Danielson. Joshua hops into the ring, Lucious rolling under the bottom rope... and dropping unconscious to the floor outside. McDee rolls over, tagging in Not-Stryker as he rolls out himself.

Jon McDaniel: I think Starr just used up what was left of his adrenaline to even the odds with McDee...

Brian Rentfro: Good. Means it's McDee and Not-Stryker against Danielson. This should end quickly.

Not-Stryker charges across the ring, looking for a clothesline on Danielson. Joshua drops into an almost-perfect split, a tinge of pain from the sudden defensive maneuver before he hops up, nailing a returning Not-Stryker with a dropkick. Not-Stryker drops to the mat, Danielson quickly up and into a standing moonsault. He keeps the cover, but Not-Stryker kicks out before 1. Danielson rolls off, charging at the ropes. He turns, not watching as McDee pulls the ropes, causing Danielson to topple over them and to the floor. Not-Stryker nods, bouncing off the opposing ropes and rushing across the ring, flying over the top rope with a beautifully executed somersault senton. Not-Stryker rolls up, picking up Danielson and tossing him into the ring. He slides in after, making the cover.

Kickout at 2 1/2.

Not-Stryker shakes his head, we assume there's a grin. He stands, kicking Danielson in the side. Danielson recoils, Not-Stryker grabbing his head. He pulls the Punisher into a standing head-scissors, holding out his arms and taking in a breath.

Brian Rentfro: Here we go. New Tag Champs.

Jon McDaniel: What? Why would you think that?

Brian Rentfro: New Age Piledriver. It's all over.

Jon McDaniel: He hasn't even done it yet.

Brian Rentfro: Have you been listening at ALL this whole match? The NAP wins, man.

Not-Stryker pulls Danielson up, looking for the cradle piledriver... Danielson reverses! Hurricanrana! Not-Stryker is thrown across the ring!

Jon McDaniel: Not over.

Brian Rentfro: Shut. The hell. Up. Jon.

Danielson kip-ups as Not-Stryker charges, spinning on his heels to nail a quick crescent kick to Not-Stryker's head. Not-Stryker stumbles, Danielson coming up from behind, lifting Not-Stryker on his shoulders...


Brian Rentfro: It ain't over til it's over, Jonny.

Not-Stryker struggles out of the chair, flipping to his feet in front of Joshua. Josh doesn't have time to react as Not-Stryker lashes out with a quick kick to the chin. McDee is on the apron, starting into the ring as Weston works his way over. Not-Stryker notices why the distraction, picking up the Nintendo mere feet away from him. He turns, McDee still distracting the referee, Danielson to his feet...


Brian Rentfro: Payback's a bitch!!

Not-Stryker throws the Nintendo to the crowd, making the cover as McDee rushes a standing Lucious, spearing him back to the ground.



Brian Rentfro: FUCK YEAH!!

"Brass Monkey" fills the arena as Monkey McDee grabs the Tag Titles from the timekeep, rolling into the ring. Not-Stryker stands, McDee nearly tackling him as he embraces his partner.

Eric Emerson: Here are your winners and the NEEEWWWW PWA World Tag Team Champions! Monkey McDee and Not-Stryker, the NEW AGE PANZIES!!

Monkey and Not-Stryker exit the ring to a mixed reaction, holding their new titles high into the air.

Brian Rentfro: I TOLD YOU!! The Panzies win ANOTHER title!! I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT!!

Jon McDaniel: Okay, calm down. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it appears we've run over a little. So for Brian Rentfro, I'm Jon McDaniel, we'll see you next week on Rampage!!

A Challenger Emerges

A piece of music which is familiar to the mainstream wrestling audience is emitted throughout the arena. There is a brief exaggerated reaction of surprise from the crowd, as they would not expect the implicated individual to make an appearance in the Pioneer Wrestling Association. Indeed - the music is ‘Pomp & Circumstance #4’ by Edward Elgar.

After a few seconds, “The Purist” Marvin Wood appears from behind the curtain with a dour expression on his face. He walks to the middle of the stage area and stands there for a few seconds, to survey the audience. He then begins walking down the entrance-way. Many of the members of the audience boo, some catcall and a few cheer. He looks at no-one as he approaches the ring, but stretches his fingers a bit. He stretches three fingers on each hand, first, and then four fingers on each hand.

Marvin walks towards the ring steps, and walks up them and towards the middle of the apron, sliding his hand over the top rope as he does so. He pauses there for a few seconds, before entering the ring, right leg first and then left leg. He enters the ring with plenty of pomp and circumstance, as if he were a foot taller than he is. He then walks over to the opposite turnbuckle and retrieves a microphone, before returning to the centre of the ring. His music cuts out.

The reaction of the audience can now be heard to its fullest extent. There is plenty of booing. There is a moderate “PWA!” chant. There is also an isolated “Marvin Wood!” chant. After a few seconds, some other fans add “” to the end of that term. The Victory Wrestling World Champion, with his corresponding championship belt tied around his waist, takes his time and thinks carefully, surveying the audience as he does so. Of course, he is undeterred by their impetuosity.

Marvin Wood: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I present to you a special treat: a champion of higher status than has been seen in this company for several months.

The audience do not like this perceived slight on their favourite promotion.

Marvin Wood: And, why have I chosen to treat you, the people who leech off of my business partner Rob Robinson’s hard work? The fact is, since I left this promotion, the PWA World Title scene has been below the standard that it should be at. There is a hierarchy in professional wrestling, and it does not look upon PWA too favourably. And, recently, the situation has reached an all-time low. None other than...

Deep breath.

Marvin Wood: ...Panzadise is the new PWA World Champion.

The audience cheer and scream very loudly at the mention of Panzadise’s name. They then begin to chant the name in question, but Marvin continues.

Marvin Wood: This individual couldn’t lead his own feet in front of one another. The PWA needs leadership, and it currently has no such thing. What it has is a bumbling, dim-witted dope who has raw talent, but no intellectual structure to support it. I find this to all be quite bothersome. Someone needs to save the World Title scene in this company and to provide leadership to its many wrestlers and fans. And, who can I rely on more to achieve this goal than myself?

A “You suck!” chant echoes throughout the arena.

Marvin Wood: Therefore, I am officially challenging Panzadise to a match for his PWA World Heavyweight Championship.

A buzz is created throughout the audience as a result of this announcement.

Marvin Wood: Rob Robinson recognises a good business opportunity when he sees one, so I am certain that he will approve.

He pauses and shifts his weight.

Marvin Wood: So, I ask the fans and wrestlers of the PWA to keep their faith invested in this promotion, because the future is going to be brighter, now.

Marvin nods and lowers his microphone, as his music starts back up. He hands the microphone back to a ringside assistant, before exiting the ring and heading backstage.