World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Professor Danza

[We open in the NAP locker room, where Panzadise and Tony Danza are seen giving a pep talk to Monkey McDee.]

Panzadise: “This is it man. Tonight is your big moment.”

Tony Danza: “This is your chance to prove you’re not a worthless bum.”

[Dise looks at Danza with a STFU glare.]

Panzadise: “So, do you remember the three things we went over this week?”

Monkey McDee: “Yeah, I remember.”

[McDee reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small reporter’s notepad. He clears his throat and reads his notes.]

Monkey McDee: “Number one, always bring a Nintendo to the ring.”

Panzadise: “Obviously.”

Monkey McDee: “Number two, look out for the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker.”

Panzadise: “That should be an easy one. Matt Stone always telegraphs that shitty move.”

Monkey McDee: “And lastly...”

[Before McDee can finish, we hear the sound of a chain dragging on the floor coming from outside the locker room. The Panzies sneak over to the door and take a peek outside, as we see the AOWF Television Champion Vicious walking down the hall dragging his signature chain behind him.]

Tony Danza: “It’s Vicious.”

[The Panzies give Danza a “no shit” look, but just then, JoJo The Six Million Dollar Monkey scampers through the crack in the door, runs down the hallway, and grabs onto the end of the chain. He gives a little monkey salute as Vicious unknowingly drags him away.]

Monkey McDee: “Guys, I have to go get JoJo. Can you imagine what that guy might do to him...”

Panzadise: “Relax, bro. JoJo knows what he’s doing. I’m sure he just wants to do a little detective work to see what Vicious has in store tonight. He’ll be back in no time.”

Monkey McDee: “Yeah, I guess...”

Panzadise: “But more importantly, do you remember the last thing I taught you for your match tonight?

[McDee flips through his reporter’s notepad for a few seconds, and then throws it behind him. Dise and Danza seem confused.]

Monkey McDee: “No offense, guys, but I don’t think I need these tips tonight.”

[McDee slowly raises his hands up to his head, and begins tousling his hair in different directions.]

Monkey McDee: “It’s all coming back to me now.”

[McDee unexpectedly grabs Danza, and locks him in a dragon sleeper, acting like he might execute the Spunky Monkey on him.]

Monkey McDee: “Who’s the greatest? Isn’t it easy to see? The bestest of the best! Oh yes, it’s...”

[McDee lets go of Danza, who falls to the ground gasping for breath.]

Monkey McDee: “MONKEY MCDEE!”

[McDee wanders off screen as Dise and Danza are left to ponder what just happened. Danza has a pissed off look on his face. Dise on the other hand is sporting a sadistic grin, and appears impressed with the transformation we just witnessed.]

Vic Wagner vs Rowan O'Kelly

Debut of an Irishman from London!

Once the two were in the ring, the bell sounded and Rowan went straight to work, charging at Vic and knocking him flat on his back with a stiff shoulder block. Vic hit the mat, but was quick to his feet. Rowan grabbed Vic’s head and tried to hold him still for a strong clothesline, but Vic ducked it and got behind his opponent, grabbing Rowan’s trunks and pulling him backwards for a school boy. Rowan was quick to kick out at one. The both got to their feet rather quickly and Vic is caught right under the chin by a hard boot to the head. Vic landed hard on his back and Rowan covered him going for a quick win over the Grizzly Beer champion, however Vic kicked out at 2.

Vic and Rowan battles back and forth for a few minutes when it Vic got the advantage with Rowan on the mat. He transitioned from a headlock to an arm bar quite fluidly. Rowan screamed out and smacked the mat hard, Rowan started to get to his feet with Vic holding on. Rowan sent Vic across the ring and went for a clothesline, but Vic ducked down and got off his feet, wrapping up Rowan’s arms and pulled him back with a crucifix. The ref got down and went for a cover, resulting in a 2 count.

The both get to his feet and Vic kicked Rowan in the stomach, doubling him over. Vic placed his opponent in a standing head scissors, then grabs a hold of his opponent’s waist. He lifts them up for a Piledriver. He quickly hooks his right arm around his opponent’s left leg. Then jumps up spinning a full 360 before falling into a kneeling position driving his opponent head first into the mat with a Spinning Reverse Cradle-Tomb Stone Piledriver! After hitting Rowan with the Vicious Circle, Rowan is covered by Vic for the 1 2 3!

Winner: Vicious Vic Wagner

Thomas Manchester Black vs Hiro Takawa

Can Anyone Stop Him?

The pair made to pull a tremendous match kicks off actions for this week’s Rampage! The mixture of Black’s technical background as well as Takawa’s high flying tendencies mashed up to give a match that was full of surprises to the fans, from a springboard Moonsault to the outside from Hiro to the hard, strong kicks and takedowns of Black. Despite a tremendous effort from the Daredevil of the Rising Sun, it was Thomas Manchester Black who emerged victorious after catching Takawa in mid-air into his destructive submission maneuver, the Wake 2 Nightmare.

Winner: Thomas Manchester Black by submission

Its Showtime!

(Not Really)

Backstage in President Robinson's office. He's sitting at his desk, empty bottles of Yoohoo clink as he turns his chair to face the camera.

President Robinson: Well, it appears that the Democrats and Republicans have managed to come together and agree on a bill to raise the debt ceiling. In an equally unlikely turn of events, Showtime managed to show up for his match last week. Granted, he got his ass handed to him, but he showed up. I mean that literally, too. I'm pretty sure as the paramedics scrapped him off the canvas, they actually found a piece of his ass that got kicked off.

President Robinson: So, Marcus has fulfilled my first requirement toward gainful employment. But the next step, the much harder step is still ahead of him. By that, of course, I'm talking about his upcoming drug test. Some of you may not be aware, but Ambrose had a bit of a problem with pain killers in the past. And I'm willing to bet that his match last week and the damage done to him has probably got him reaching for a bottle of Vicodin.

President Robinson: Go ahead, pal, you deserve it. You got beat up real good last week and any right-thinking main would want some pain killers to, you know, kill the pain. You're only human. So go ahead, take the pills and feel better. And just as soon as you do, be sure to sign that contract I sent you giving me rights to your name and likeness. Or don't, and suffer. Either way, I win.

Cody Bogard vs Lucious Starr

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...

"Inside The Fire" hits the PA as Lucious Starr walks out, Joshua Danielson close behind. They make their way to the ring, a mix of cheers (mostly for Danielson) and boos (all for Starr) greeting them on the way down. They enter the ring, each one heading for a turnbuckle and motioning to the crowd. They drop to the mat, Starr whispering something into Emerson's ear. Eric exits the ring, Starr signaling for a pair of microphones. Lucious raises his first, shushing the crowd.

Lucious Starr: First off, Cody Bogard. I didn't shoot a promo for our match this week because... well, frankly, you're just not worth it. I mean, you're Cody "Cody Bogard" Bogard. You're about as useful as a map to a blind man. And about as important. So I'm out here not to fight you, but to talk. Which is fine, because from what I understand... you're a little busy anyways.

Lucious motions to the PWA-tron, where we find a camera backstage. It appears the Cody Bogard is in yet another fight- a fight to get out of his locker room. Apparantly, however, a large vending machine has been "accidentally" parked in front of his door. We return to the ring, where Danielson and Starr are laughing their asses off. Lucious raises the mic again.

Lucious Starr: Good luck getting out of there, Cody. And hey, when you DO manage your way out... have a candy bar. I'll buy.

Danielson and Starr share a laugh again, the crowd joining in. They settle for a moment, Joshua taking the helm.

Joshua Danielson: Last week, Lucy and I were drawn away from our Tag Team Championship belts. And during the short time our backs were turned, the belts were stolen. It's a sad thing, really, that someone would have such low self-esteem that they would sink to the level of stealing our title belts. And worse, we find out it was the Order Of Chaos. You know, the team that started the group that ended up bombing because of the original tag team? Yeah, them. And as it so happens, they had to defile the titles after they stole them. But I suppose that's what happens when you try to live in the past, right? You blame your inevitable downfall on a guy who took over to save the group and the guy who was basically only there as an extension, and try to make their lives more difficult. Ah, and how difficult it is. Lucy?

Danielson grins, Lucious nodding. They both stand on the center of the ring, raising a hand... and from the sky fall two brand new title belts. The duo unhook the gifts, throwing them over their shoulders. The camera zooms in, gazing at the new belts. The center plate is a golden picture of... Hell and High Water!

Lucious Starr: Yeah, when you have the kind of dough I do, you have yourself a fun time decorating things. And when your little brother has an artistic side, you allow him to express himself any way he desires... like recreating a set of title belts.

Lucious Starr: That's right, Aaron. You've got the defiled Tag Titles. But you've also got a bigger issue. Namely the fact that you're so un-creative that it took less than a week for me to figure out what to do about this AND have it done. What exactly have you done, Aaron? What have you done about Bria...

Joshua stops Lucious, shaking his head. He points to the title on his shoulder, saying something about it to Lucious. Starr nods, looking up.

Lucious Starr: You can take the belts, Simon. But that's all you can take. We're STILL the rightful champions, and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

Joshua Danielson: Simon, Kaz, we've got your number. If you want to throw down for real, we'll be more than happy to kick you straight back into retirement. Keep playing games, and I guarantee you will be wishing we were far more lenient.

Lucious Starr: The Order of Chaos is dead, boys. But us? We're gonna be tight forever. Because we're willing to stand side by side...

Joshua Danielson: Through Hell...

The two look to each other, a quick nod.

Both: And High Water!

"Inside the Fire" tunes up again, the two men dropping their mics and heading out of the ring. Lucious flips the bird, shouting something at the camera. The two men make their way up the entrance ramp, taking in the mixed reaction.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Hell and High Water is taking a high road.

Jon McDaniel: Meh. I'm more interested in seeing where this Hell and High Water/ Order of Chaos thing is going.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Bogard versus Starr is a draw, but that's cool, cuz it's Bogard. Who cares?

Jon McDaniel: Time to move to another match!

Marxx vs Emily Corlen

Singles Match

The bell rings as Marxx and Emily meet in the center of the ring, shaking hands before tying up. Emily powers her way into the early advantage, lifting Marxx above her head and slamming him to the mat with a gorilla press slam. Marxx rolls to his feet, almost a little shaken at this show of strength, as Emily flexes in his direction, but the former World Champion doesn’t allow his composure to be shaken as he responds with a spinebuster into an armbar.

Emily manages to fight out of the armbar and the two tie up again, this time with Marxx getting the advantage and lifting Emily over his head before dropping her with a Samoan drop and a two count. Marxx, the veteran, stays on Emily, leveling her with several punches before attempting to apply yet another armbar. This time, Emily leans back, catching Marxx between the eyes with a kick to the face, then as he stumbles back into the ropes, Emily rolls to her feet. Marxx charges forward at Emily, but the Emerald Phoenix slides behind him, lifting him with her Rolling Thunder (Three Rolling German Suplexes into a bridged pin) for a two count of her own.

A few more minutes of back and forth action and several near falls pass, with each wrestler gaining the advantage at separate points. As the contest reaches its conclusion, Emily finds herself firmly in the driver’s seat as she lifts Marxx into position for The Catalyst (Glam Slam), but before Emily can nail the move, Marxx counters it in mid-air, sending Emily flying forward into the ropes! As she stumbles backwards, Marxx catches her on his shoulders, then hits a lightning-quick Leaving Marxx (Known in Japanese wrestling as "Schwein", a move where you lift your opponent on your shoulder and grab his head under your arm before falling on the mat)! A three count later, and Marxx is your winner!

As the referee tries to raise Marxx’ arm in victory, he pulls away from him before rolling out of the ring. He approaches the timekeeper, grabbing the PWA Intercontinental Title that he had stolen several weeks before from Matt Stone, before proclaiming “Sorry, Emily, this is bigger than you or me!” and heading out through the crowd, Championship in tow.

Winner: Marxx

Wanna Buy a Monkey?

In their locker room, the NAP is busy with their weekly routine to get ready for Rampage, a Tecmo Super Bowl tournament. They are interrupted by a banging on the door. Danza rushes over to open it and is immediately flattened as it flies open. Standing in the doorway, holding Jojo the Six Million Dollar Monkey by the scruff of his neck is none other than Matt Stone. He glares at McDee.

Matt Stone: “I believe this is yours.”

Monkey McDee: “Hey! What are you doing with Jojo?”

Matt Stone: “I found this (censored) fur ball in my locker room, rummaging through my gym bag. I was tempted to ring his little monkey neck, but I decided I didn’t need PETA or whatever all up in my business. Who needs those tree hugging hippies following you everywhere, holding up their (censored) lame ass signs. Not me.”

Stone tosses Jojo to the floor in front of McDee.

Matt Stone: “But I better not catch him near my locker room again or I swear I’ll-“

McDee: “Don’t worry, Stone. He won’t ever do it again. Isn’t that right, Jojo? You bad monkey!”

McDee scolds Jojo, shaking his finger at him. Stone rolls his eyes.

Matt Stone: “Whatever. It doesn’t matter. This will be the last time the little fuzz bucket will get the luxury of hanging out in a PWA arena, because after tonight, I’m going to send you bruised and battered back to the streets where you came from, McDee.”

McDee (shrugging): “Fair enough. See you later, Matt. Nice talking with you.”

Stone storms out of the NAP locker room, muttering under his breath about the PWA and (censored) (censored) monkeys. Meanwhile, the entire NAP crowds around Jojo.

Panzadise: “So, did you get it?”

Jojo reaches into his unbelievably cute, tiny, little NAP shorts (currently on sale online at the PWA Store by the way), and pulls out Matt Stone’s wallet.

Danza: “Score!”

Everyone cheers over the fruits of Jojo’s labor as we fade to static.

Monkey McDee vs Matt Stone

Legend Against Legend

After the entrances, both parties were sent to the back leaving only Matt Stone and Monkey McDee at ringside. With that, the two began their match with a few strikes back and forth, but it was Matt Stone who got the early advantage getting a double legged take down on Monkey McDee. Stone quickly went for a leg hook and Monkey was able to quickly get his hand on the bottom rope, breaking up the hold. As the got to their feet, McDee quickly bounced off the middle rope and caught Matt in the head with a swift kick to the head. Stone went down on his back and was covered by Monkey for a two count before Stone kicked out.

The two rolled to the outside and started going back and forth outside the ring, Stone’s head bouncing off the barricade. Stone was rolled in the ring by McDee and as Matt got to his feet, from the apron Monkey did a springboard and caught Matt with a hurricane ranna, into a cover. Stone again got the shoulder up at two. Monkey was a little annoyed as Matt started getting up. McDee struck Matt with an elbow to the face, then kicked him in the stomach and doubled him over. Monkey hooked both of Stone’s arms and was flipped over and landed on Monkey’s knee with a double under hook backbreaker. Monkey went for the cover and Stone once again got a shoulder up at 2

McDee picks Stone up and send him at the ropes, ducking his head for a back body drop. Matt stopped short and kicked Money in the chest, forcing him to stand up. Matt then leapt in the air and grabbed his head, bringing him to the mat with the C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker! Stone rolled him over and went for the cover, hooking the outside leg when the ref gets down and counts the 1 2 3!

Winner: Matt Stone

Vicious (C) vs Panzadise

AOWF Television Championship Match

Brian Rentfro: And joining us tonight for the AOWF Television Championship match is none other than the PWA World Champion, Matthew Engel!

Jon McDaniel: Oh so love him again now?

Brian Rentfro: Jon, seriously, you gotta lay off the booz, like my man here.

We can almost hear Engel's eyes roll.

Matthew Engel: Shut the fuck up, Brian.

Brian hangs his head in shame and obeys.

Jon McDaniel: I assume you've got a lot of interest in this match, Matt.

Matthew Engel: Not really.

Jon McDaniel: Then what are you doing here?

Matthew Engel: Boredom.

The personification of class steps into the ring for the final time of the evening.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. Tonight's main event is scheduled for one pinfall or submission and is for the Alliance of Wrestling Federations Television Championship!

A distorted voice is heard skipping over the loud speaker...

###New-new-new-new-new-new New Age Panzies!###

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, the challenger...

The NAP theme music begins to play as Panzadise makes his way onto to the entrance ramp.

###The biggest, the biggest, the biggest panzy in professional wrestling today!###

Dise grins as he makes his way down the aisle taunting the fans. He walks up onto the ring apron and steps over the top rope.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Cleveland, Ohio and weighs in tonight at 285 pounds. He is a four-time PWA World Champion. He’s the biggest Panzy in professional wrestling today. PAAANNNNNNNNZZZ-ZZZAAHHHHH-DIIIIISSSSSEEE!

He stands in the center of the ring, points to his NAP T-Shirt, and then throws the NAP sign into the air as red pyro rains down into the ring.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois...

"Night of the Hunter" by 30 Seconds to Mars hits the sound system as Trevor Knight, known around the globe as Vicious, comes out from behind the curtain with the AOWF Television Championship around his waist. He flies alone tonight as he keeps his focus on Dise and makes his way to the ring.

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet one inch and weighs in at 250 pounds...

Vicious reaches the ring and climbs up the steel steps, entering through the ropes. He unstraps the title and hands it to the referee, settling back in his corner and keeping his eyes on Dise still.

Eric Emerson: He is your AOWF Television Champion... VICIOUS!!!!

Trevor lets out a smirk as Dise tries to yell some smack-talk from across the ring.

Jon McDaniel: And here we go, Brian. A colossal match no doubt. Vicious has made his rounds across the BWF, Rebel Pro, and Victory and no one has been able to beat him for the title. And now we've arrived in the PWA and our own Panzadise is going to give it his all.

Brian Rentfro: He's going to wipe that smirk of Trevor's off, Jon. Don't worry.


Trevor's attention is grabbed by the PWA World Champion for a moment who was making insulting gestures. Panzadise uses the opportunity to lay into Vicious with a powerful right hand, sending Vicious back into his corner. Dise crushes Vicious in the corner with a body splash and then drives his knee repeatedly into his gut. Dise puts Vicious on the top turnbuckle and delivers another stiff right to Trevor's jaw. Dise takes Vicious down with a super-plex as the ring gets shook violently. Dise hooks the leg.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Barely a two there after that massive suplex off the top rope.

Brian Rentfro: Dise has a very vicious side that a lot of people seem to forget.

Matthew Engel: He's also terrible at Super Tecmo Bowl.

Brian Rentfro: Blasphemy!

Jon McDaniel: God. Anyway, Dise has Trevor up to his feet and sends him to the ropes. Dise connects with a big boot to Trevor's face! Trevor stumbles back, but gets knocked to the mat with a thunderous clothesline following up the boot to the face.

Dise drops to a knee and pummels Trevor several times, Trevor not even making much of an attempt to defend himself. Dise pulls Trevor up to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckles. Trevor crashes in the corner and then Dise grabs Trevor by the head and smashes him face-first into the turnbuckle. Dise knees Trevor in the gut and then shoves him back against the turnbuckles, Trevor responding with a smirk again. Dise charges and smashes the back of his elbow into Trevor's head. Dise does it again, and again, and then Trevor stumbles out of the corner. Dise picks Trevor up by the waist and takes him down with a huge sidewalk slam. Another cover from Dise.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Come on ref! That was three!

Jon McDaniel: That wasn't even close.

Matthew Engel: Wake me up when Trevor starts fighting back.

Jon McDaniel: You think he's purposely not fighting back right now?

Matthew Engel: Well, it's quite obvious. He's gone minutes now without so much as an armbar attempt or some kind of grapple move.

Brian Rentfro: And Dise hits Trevor with a big leg drop off the ropes!

Dise gets to his feet and stomps Trevor in the chest quite a few times. He picks Trevor up and whips him to the ropes. Trevor ducks a clothesline attempt, Dise whips around and gets put in a hammerlock with some extra leverage. But Trevor moves around to Dise's front giving him a knee to the gut and with the hammerlock in tact with his left arm, he puts Dise in a front facelock and DDTs him to the mat! Trevor up to his feet immediately goes for Dise's left arm, but Dise scurries away to the ropes, forcing the referee to get in between them. Trevor gives Dise a mocking round of applause, before pushing the referee to the side and dismantling Dise's smile with a kick to the face.

Brian Rentfro: Come on, ref! Disqualify him!

Jon McDaniel: Then Vicious would still be champion.

Matthew Engel: Yeah, moron.

Brian hangs his head in shame again. Vicious brings Dise up to his feet and moves him back with some hard chops to the chest. Vicious clocks Dise in the jaw with a right and then sends him to the ropes. Dise bounces back and Trevor meets him with a vicious spear! Trevor turns it into a mount and wails on Dise with lefts and rights, probably getting in about five shots despite throwing eight or nine punches. Dise is brought up to his feet and Vicious goes with a standing armbar while driving his foot to the outside of Dise's right knee. Trevor brings Dise down to a knee, but Dise doesn't stay down long as he pulls Vicious toward him to break the armbar with a clothesline. Vicious ducks underneath and takes Dise down with a full-nelson slam. Cover.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: BARELY a two!

Jon McDaniel: And Vicious gets his first pinfall attempt in of the night, nearly scoring the victory off that full-nelson slam.

Matthew Engel: I'm stuck on who to root for.

Jon McDaniel: Isn't the logical choice Panzadise, considering what Trevor has done to your brother?

Matthew Engel: But Panzadise is a schmuck. I mean, at least I can get behind Trevor's abilities in the ring. Dise threw everything but the Nintendo at Vicious in the early going and Vicious just took it, then turned it around at the right moment.

Brian Rentfro: Trevor can't keep the biggest panzy in wrestling down, Matt!

Matthew Engel: It kills me every time he calls himself that. Someone didn't clue him in on what a pansy is all those years ago. You think he knows now?

Jon McDaniel: Come on guys, there's a match going on. Vicious has got Dise backed up against the ropes. Vicious kicks out the back of Dise's knee and then wraps his left arm up in the ropes. He knocks Dise in the face and then repeatedly beats Dise's left arm with fists and boots!

The referee gets back involved, trying to pry Vicious off of Dise. Vicious backs up for a moment and the ref gets Dise's arm freed. Vicious charges in but gets smacked back with a right hand from Dise. Dise feels it and starts coming back. Right hand, right chop. Kick to the gut. He's going for the Panzadise Bomb! Vicious is up and on top of Dise's shoulders, but Vicious punches Dise repeatedly in the skull. Vicious gets dropped on his feet behind Dise, grabbing Dise by the neck and taking him down with an inverted ace cutter. Dise tries to rise back to his feet using the ropes, but Vicious connects with a spinning backfist and gets dazed for a moment, just enough time for Vicious to take him down, despite Dise being 35 pounds heavier, with an Aurora Suplex!

Jon McDaniel: Amazing strength by the Television Champion! He hooks the leg!




Trevor shakes his head, getting up to his feet.

Matthew Engel: He looks like he's gonna cry.

Brian Rentfro: I bet he will!

Jon McDaniel: Does he even have tear ducts?

Matthew Engel: Yes, but they don't work. He gets specialized tears flown in from Africa for his crying sessions.

Vicious brings Dise to his feet and gives him a knee uppercut, then sends the action to the outside by the announcer's table as he dumps Dise over the top rope with a clothesline. Vicious takes a moment to think about his next move as the referee tries to get in between him and Dise. Meanwhile, Dise is searching for something underneath the ring.

Jon McDaniel: What's that he's got there?

Brian Rentfro: A black rope?

Matthew Engel: It's a nintendo controller, for the love of Jesus Fuck.

Jon McDaniel: Wow, don't hear that every day.

Vicious shoves the referee down to the mat, and because he's a weak referee he stays down for a minute, but it's long enough for Dise to grab Trevor by the neck while he was looking over the top rope to the outside and wrap the controller cord around it. Dise begins to choke Trevor with the gaming controller, clearly not using it for its intended purpose.

Matthew Engel: That figures.

Jon McDaniel: And the referee being down can't see anything!

Matthew Engel: Shocker!

Brian Rentfro: Silkk The Shocker?

Matthew Engel: Wow, really? Stop talking. You know what? I've seen enough of this crap.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell does that mean?

Dise still has Vicious around the neck when Matthew Engel slides into the ring behind him with a steel chair. Virus swings the chair up over his head and brings it crashing down on both men. The referee staggers to his feet in time to see this act of uncalled for agression and calls for the bell. Since he's not an actual participant in the match, Virus doesn't care and keeps beating the men with the chair. Once he's worked out his anger (or as much as an Engel can), he drops the chair, takes off the PWA World title belt and holds it up over his head. Virus motions for a mic.

Brian Rentfro: Just end the show already!

Jon McDaniel: Hold on, Brian. Mr. Emerson is about to speak.

Eric Emerson: Due to the involvement of the World Champion, this match has been declared a DRAW! And by technicality, still your AOWF Television Champion... VICIOUS!

Matthew Engel: Hey shut the fuck up, Eric.

Emerson looks down for a moment then exits the ring.

Matthew Engel: I'm just kidding, don't shit your pants. But seriously, you can go sit back down now.

Eric obeys. Vicious is stirring, but can barely make it to a knee after the brutal chair shots he just received. Panzadise is crawling around the outside of the ring by the announcer's table.

Jon McDaniel: Dise doesn't look too good.

Brian Rentfro: Well no crap Jon!

Matthew Engel: Who can beat Trevor Knight? Well, the answer's easy: me. And if Trevor's lucky, Lisa won't make it a Television Championship match. Lisa still holds a grudge over the fact that Trevor is the one challenge she's yet to beat.

Jon McDaniel: That was a long time ago, though.

Brian Rentfro: I beat Dise could beat her!

Jon McDaniel: Give it a rest, Brian.

Matthew Engel: An idiot would tell you since I've beaten Trevor and Trevor clearly didn't lose to Dise tonight, I shouldn't have a problem. But since the only idiot here is the one sitting next to Jon McDaniel, our match at Manitoba is going to be one for the ages. It isn't too often you see four-time PWA World Champions squaring off with the World Title on the line. But, as I've done before many times, I will still walk out PWA World Champion and continue my record-breaking reign. Dise hasn't beaten anyone this year that I haven't. Dise needed his Nintendo to escape Jethro at Sizzler. Dise.. well, for all intents and purposes, doesn't stand a fucking chance.

Jon McDaniel: It's going to be a hell of a match that's for sure.

But Engel already dropped his microphone not even giving us any real closing words. Engel walks toward the ropes, keeping his eyes on Trevor. We can see Trevor mouth some fun words.

Vicious: Your brother's doing great, Matthew!

Trevor laughs, then coughs a few times still feeling the effects of those severe chair shots. Matt replies.

Virus: Ten days, motherfucker.

Virus points to the AOWF TV Title which was draped over Trevor's stomach and motions for the belt around his waist. The champion has been called out on August 11th. Fade.